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Eclipse Vape

It’s the original, it’s efficient and it’s one of the best plug-in-andplay items around. $98.99

Dab Essentials Domeless Titanium Nail

If smoothness, flavor and minimum heat transfer are important to you, put Dab Essentials’ nifty nail (comes with a built-in diffuser) on your “nice” list. $179.97

Vector Nitro Butane Torch

Holiday Gift Guide! Shade Glass DabSaber

Strong enough for a Jedi . . . but made for that special patient (and Star Wars fan) on your wish list. $50


When you need to crank it up to 2,400 degrees Fahrenheit, let this chromed out little number from Heady Glass heat things up. $64.99

For those who are serious about their meds . . .

Illadelph Hot Hit Slide

A cunningly designed slide with three small holes instead of the usual central hole—innovative! $60 14.5mm and 18.8mm)


From the Scoop Dogg to the Flexy, Skilletools’ line of dental-grade stainless steel utensils are made to last all year. $12.99 each


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