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Propose Apply Propose Apply

Propose Apply Propose Apply

Workshop contents • Defining your reasons and ideas

• Researching and planning your approach • Presenting your idea and supporting your application

• Final check and follow up

Defining your reasons and ideas • What are you trying to get done? • What do you want support for?

Does your offer fit the opportunity?

Convey the passion

• Conversational • The why - motivation, inspiration

• “My/our idea is…

In 25 words

In 25 words Please give a brief summary of your project in no more than 25 words. (We will use this wording in reports and as the basis for news releases)

Example • I will create a European Parading Orchestra consisting of musicians from four European countries and compose a body of work ready for performance. • To compose a new musical score for a European Parading Orchestra of musicians from four European countries and musical traditions, to be performed at festivals.

In 25 words

Convey the passion

Explain the nuts and bolts

• Conversational

• Written

• The why - motivation, inspiration

• The what, who, where, when, why, how

• “My/our idea is…

• “This would enable me/us to…

In 25 words

Are you seeking support for all, part, or a step towards?

• What are you trying to achieve • What are they trying to achieve

Explain why you want to do it (understanding why they should want to work with you to achieve this)

Researching & planning your approach • Knowledge • Interest • Compatibility • Benefits

What sort of work / individuals do they support?

Overall aims & impact

Specific aims & outcomes Objectives & outputs

Longer term effects

Changes and differences you want to make

Activities you will undertake

How do you find out about them? annual reports



competition & award guidelines


industry & social forums





social & professional networks

policy documents


Research • Where do you fit? • Are you approaching the right people?

Presenting your idea and supporting your application • What are they looking for?

What are they looking for?

“Can’t see the

for the trees”

“Can’t see the

for the trees”

25 word proposal statement Introduction and/or cover letter Explanation of why you want to be doing it How it will impact on your practice and / or others’ experience

i.e. what difference it will make

Visuals and samples of your practice CV / biography / artist’s statement Evidence of your skills and commitment

Your plan and proposal details (1 page) Visuals and samples of idea Evidence of research Demonstrate understanding of the context

Costings and budget Existing support CV and profiles

Basic budget Expenditure


how much it will cost to undertake

how you plan to cover the costs

A detailed list of the costs of everything needed to deliver your project;

Own contribution: any costs you will cover yourself

all identified services, resources, materials, fees relating to your project.

Sponsorship / donations / other: e.g. gallery or business sponsorship of publicity, travel scholarship, exhibition fee etc. In kind support: goods or services you make no financial payment for e.g. donated materials or use of a space Funding / investment requested: areas which match funding / investment criteria

Total Expenditure

Total Income

3 budget plan: A negotiation tool

Timeline Schedule Deadline & milestones


Have you demonstrated how your offer fits the opportunity?

Double check • The guidelines

• The selection criteria

“We assess your motivation, how achievable your project is, and the potential impact of your project. The list below outlines what we look at when evaluating your project.

Are your plans achievable? • Do you have, or can you develop with available support, the relevant skills needed for your project? • Do you have evidence of relevant experience or community action? • Can your project achieve what you are trying to do within a year? • Operate within the budget you have given us? Will your project make a difference? • Have you thought about your aims and the community benefits of your project? • Does your project: improve life within the community? provide a new service in your community? meet social or community needs in a new way? Are you motivated? • Do you have determination and enthusiasm?”

Applicants will be assessed against the following criteria: Extent to which proposal reflects purpose of fund • Challenging their practice, research, development, innovation, ambitious? Quality of the applicant’s work • CV, previous projects/exhibitions, commitment to practice Expected impact of support • Ways monies will benefit applicant's creative development, appropriate use of fund Clarity of purpose behind the submission • reasons given for applying for an award, clear written proposal, clear and appropriate budget Quality of the supporting material • CV, statement of practice, visual material

Peggy Ramsey Foundation Applications should [state] the amount requested and how it would probably be spent.

What are they looking for? • Fit with opportunity, strategy or brief • Clarity of vision • Achievable aims • To make a difference / have an impact • Quality work and quality application

• Commitment to the idea

Have you demonstrated how your offer fits the opportunity?

Double check • The guidelines

• The selection criteria • You’ve conveyed the passion • You’ve shown the idea’s sound • You’ve demonstrated you’re competent and qualified to deliver

Dry run & final check • Who can you try your presentation out on? • Who will act as an editor and sounding board?

Follow up • Continue relationship • Monitor them before you need them • Mailing lists

• Check who did get the funding

Next steps • Making Applications & Proposals

• Funding Sources • A Guide to Funding & Financing • Budgets Guide • Legal Structures Guide

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Please note: Clients and other organisations have kindly given permission for Cultural Enterprise Office to use some content only within the workshop. Therefore some of the slides shown in the workshop are not reproduced in this document. Where possible we have attributed the source of the content in the presentation for clients to research further.

Making Applications & Proposals  

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