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Hello! Are you at a crossroads? Are you thinking about applying for professional development funding? Are you balancing lots of activities and need a chance to reflect on how you spend your time and your energy? Do you simply need to know what to do next? If so, this guide will help you reflect upon your career milestones so far, and plan the future.

what you’d like to achieve what motivates you your existing skills and strengths areas you wish to develop strategies to overcome obstacles an action plan to make your dreams come true resources to help you move forward

Print out the following pages, find a quiet place and give yourself an hour to answer the questions‌

In no more than three sentences, describe what you do.

Examples: ‘I’m a graphic designer interested in the digital games sector.’ ‘I write plays, and want to develop a series of site-specific plays about immigration.’ ‘I’m a graduate in photography with a keen interest in anthropology.’ ‘I’m a performance poet with a special interest in feminist work.’ ‘My job is in in arts administration but I want to be a singer songwriter.’

Write, Draw, Doodle, Graph your journey and the specific successes along the way. Use this space as you wish to represent your path and milestones to date.

Think of the stars as the highlights of your professional journey so far. reflect on the good times, celebrate and enjoy adding more stars.

Now that you’ve captured your journey thus far ask yourself… • When have I most enjoyed my working life? • When have I been most committed, creative and/or productive? • When have I achieved despite the odds being stacked against me? • Who and/or what helped me? • Who and/or what made those successes special?

Draw, write, and/or graph what you/your practice looks like in your creative sector landscape‌

How do you currently divide up your time? Let’s measure how you spend available time and what you get from the things you do. 1. For each activity think about the: • Time you spend on it • Income it generates 2. For each activity assign a value from one to three (one being highest value)

How would you prefer to divide up your time? 1. Does this highlight any issues? What can you do about these issues? 2. What’s the highest priority for you at the moment? (work/life balance, more income, developing new work, increasing profile, etc.)

In three years time, where would you like to be professionally? 1. Identify three to five goals. 2. Prioritise them in order of importance. 3. Ask yourself what is standing in the way of achieving this? 4. Who can help?


e.g. Set up a business bank account

What’s your number one priority at the moment? Don't worry, this can and will most likely change as your practice grows and/or develops. Just focus on what you need now.

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Now let’s chat about how we can help you achieve these goals. Call us on 0333 999 7989 to get things moving in the right direction‌

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Professional Development Planning Tool  

Professional Development Planning to help you prepare and plan for a happy, successful career.

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