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Logo Development Color Variation and Logomarks Area of Non-encroachment Logo Usage (negative logo) Typography Corporate colors

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Stationery Package Letterhead 10 Business card 11 Envelope 12 Folder 9

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Powerpoint Trade show booth Desktop website Mobile website Package Paper bag 2

Overview The Cezanne brand book is developed through the vision to develop a brand identity system for Cezanne Cosmetics company in order to revive the brand spirit of providing safe, simple, high-quality, affordable cosmetics that modern female can "have on hand and use every day.� The Cezanne rebranding process has a future aspiration toward the goal of a long-selling brand aiming at inherited from mothers’ generation to the daughters.

Color Variation and Logomark




- The CEZANNE logo is comprised of graphic elements and text. -

The Cezanne logo symbol and wordmark are both registered marks of Cezanne. The logo symbol, colors, type, and size ratio create a recognizable visual identity for Cezanne and should not be recreated and/or altered in any way. To ensure a consistent and accurate usage of the Cezanne logo artwork, always use approved reproduction files.


Area of Non-encroachment Wherever the Cezanne Logo appears, it should always be clearly visible. In no instance should text or any other visual element overlay the logo.

- Logotype -

The area of non-encroachment for the Cezanne logo is the height of the "O" in "COSMETICS" of the logotype.

Logo Usage (negative logo) When printing on a dark solid color background in both full color and B&W printing a white logo should be reversed out of the background as demonstrated here.

- B&W and Color version of negative logo -

- Glowing version -

- Logotype -


Typography The logotype applies Alta font for its typeface with variation of light, regular, and caption. Cezanne uses the typeface Japan Sans for all collateral pieces. It is a contemporary, highly legible font in 70, 80, 90 and extended counterparts. Refer to the individual spec page for each type of collateral piece for specific sizes. The typeface Roboto is use for PPT, Webpage with light, regular, Italic and bold.



Japan Sans

Japan Sans 70 Japan Sans 80 Japan Sans 90


light regular Italic bold

Corporate Colors The main colors for Cezanne are PANTONE P65-4C and PANTONE P65-1C. Neutral accent colors used by Cezanne are Black and PANTONE P179-7C, PANTONE P179-2C. These are the ONLY colors for Cezanne. The exact color is dictated by Pantone PMS (Process Match System).

HEX #F598A4




R 245 G 152 B 164

C0 M 50 Y 20 K0

HEX #999B9E

PANTONE P179-7C R 153 G 155 B 158

C0 M0 Y0 K 47

HEX #000000


C0 M0 Y0 K 100

R 252 G 220 B 219

C0 M 16 Y7 K0


PANTONE P179-2C R 228 G 229 B 230

C0 M0 Y0 K 11


Stationery Package - Letterhead The Cezanne letterhead is used for inter-company communications as well as letters sent to customers and other companies with brand recognition and infomation of the company.


Full color logo at the top, (flush left) .3''from top of the page, .3'' from the left side of page Pantone P65-4C

Size: 8.5" x 11" Color: 2/2 Bleeds: 0

221B Baker St. Marylebone, London, NW1 6XE UK

Contact placed center on top, Return address at the right top, Black. The Japanese brand name, Website URL is in Pantone P65-4C color.

Business Card The double-sided business card is modified and used by any employee in the company, prints in three colors: Pantone P65-4C, Pantone P65-1C and black.


japan 1964

Back Black color text Address knocks out Japan Sans 70 website Pantone P65-4C

Front Full color logomark, Logotype above Pantone P65-4C filled background

Paul Cezanne CEO President

415.335.0507 221B Baker St. Marylebone, London, NW1 6XE UK

Size: 3.5" x 2" Color: 2/2 Bleeds: 4 sides


Envelope The Cezanne envelope is used to send company letters. Cezanne logotype and company's main address information should not be modified to contain employee information. CEZANNE

221B Baker St. Marylebone, London, NW1 6XE UK


Back Filled in Pantone P65-4C color bakground. White logomark is placed in the top center.

#10 envelope Size: 9.5'' x 4.125'' Color: 2/2

Front Full color logotype (flush left) Return address .5'' from top and .5'' from left edge of envelope. Pantone P65-1C color element of logomark on the right.

Folder White logotype is placed in the center above the Pantone P65-4C color bakground with Logomark elements in the upper left and lower right corners. Two inside pockets with Pantone P65-4C color edge around. Business Card and letterhead are placed in the pocket inside.

Size: 9'' x 12'' (folded) 2 Inside Pockets Color: 2/2


Marketing Materials - Powerpoint Cezanne may use the following PowerPoint templates designed for different uses to when giving a presentation.

Title Slide

Title Only

Title with Bullets

Text with Visual Aid

Title with Text

Blank Slide

Trade Show Booth Cezanne trade show booth - includes elements of logo, color and elegant style that match the company's image for marketing promotion uses.

- Booth size: 10' x 10' -


Desktop Website Cezanne desktop website will feature the latest cosmetic products information as well as online shopping for customers. The selling feature is highlighted on the most updated, popular makeup trends, company's local events and shop lists for the user visiting the site.

Laptop screen size Min-width: 1025px Max-width: 1280px

Mobile Website Cezanne mobile website is designed to be a minature version of the desktop website. It will have the same feature and information as the desktop website with the function aids for mobile users.

Menu bar extension

Mobile screen size Min-width: 320px Max-width: 480px

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Package This is a mockup of small-size and medium-size Cezanne package boxes for the cosmetic products such as face powder and perfume.

Package size 100ml box: 6'' x 5'' x 8'' 50ml box: 7'' x 6'' x 5''

Paper Bag This is the design of small-size and medium-size Cezanne paper bags to contain the makeup products of sample makeup bags.

Paper Bag size Large bag: 13'' x 7'' x 13'' Small bag: 8'' x 5'' x 10''


[CEZANNE] Brand Book  

The objective of this project is to develop a brand identity system for Cezanne Cosmetics company.

[CEZANNE] Brand Book  

The objective of this project is to develop a brand identity system for Cezanne Cosmetics company.