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Ries’ Road

Rev. Tom Ries’ vocational journey has led him to CSP’s presidential post

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12 Fredstock event to raise funds to honor Rev. Dr. Fred Bartling’s 50-year ministry 15 2010-2011 Benefactor Report

Ries’ Pieces

Thoughts from the President

Concordia alumnus Rev. Arden Malotky (’45) is an interesting fellow in many respects, not the least of which is that he has personally met all nine presidents of Concordia University, St. Paul. He was a very young teenager and student at Concordia Academy when he shoveled snow outside the home of the retired and significantly advanced-in-age first president, Rev. Dr. Theodore Buenger. Rev. Malotky has subsequently met the next eight presidents, including yours truly. I find that fascinating. I also find it fascinating that I am only the ninth president in the 118-year history of this institution. That speaks of steady leadership, indomitable fortitude and long-term commitment. Having served three Concordia presidents myself at various times during the past thirty years, I’ve seen a lot at this wonderful place; how it was, how we hoped it would be, and how it is. Now I’m most interested in what it will be in the future. Just as previous generations of leaders, we have enormous opportunities to prepare students for thoughtful and informed living, for dedicated service to God and humanity, and for the enlightened care of God’s creation, all within the context of the Christian Gospel. Individuals from both new immigrant populations and established multi-generational families, representing every race, creed, color and socioeconomic background are looking for the benefits of higher education. We offer those benefits here, enriched with the love of Jesus and His saving grace. We acknowledge, of course, that higher education today is fraught with challenges. The previous eight Concordia presidents had their own headaches and heartaches, and I had a ring-side seat for some of them. Still, there is no place I would rather be. I hope that you, and the thousands of friends and alumni who share an appreciation for Concordia, feel the same and will partner with us to reach for yet-to-be-attained heights. I look forward to meeting or getting reacquainted with you at Homecoming 2011. You are a blessing to us and I hope we continue to be a blessing to you!

Rev. Tom Ries, President Concordia University, St. Paul


Ries’ Road On a sunny June morning, the 10 a.m. chime of Concordia’s Chapel bells echoed across campus. A sturdy black-suited man walked into Concordia’s Graebner Memorial Chapel and settled into his seat for daily chapel. Resting in the solid oak chair beside him was a mid-size black and light blue duffle bag, the contents of which gave evidence to an affection for Concordia that spans more than three decades.

On his first day as Concordia University, St. Paul’s ninth president, Rev. Tom Ries toted in his duffle bag a shiny new Golden Bears football helmet, a gift from his former staff at the Lutheran Church— Missouri Synod Foundation. It had been clear to them that Ries’ fondness for Concordia never wavered. The CU helmet now is perched in his office next to a Green Bay Packers helmet—evidence of his Wisconsin upbringing. Rev. Tom Ries, the youngest of four, had not even begun kindergarten when he felt the call to the pastoral ministry. As the son of a third-generation pastor, the notion to follow a family tradition of ministry was influential in determining his vocation. Throughout his school years, the youngster consistently demonstrated strong academic and leadership abilities but he struggled long and hard to fulfill his athletic aspirations. He was “undersized and definitely under-talented,” a fact he jokingly admits that many now find hard to believe. “Through very hard work and a growth spurt in my late high school years,” Ries said, “I eventually earned varsity letters in high school and college and was named captain of a number of teams on which I played.” Ries continued to develop his leadership capabilities throughout his preparation for the pastoral ministry at Concordia Senior College, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis and Concordia Lutheran Church, San Antonio. Dr. Guido Merkens, Ries’ vicarage supervising pastor and mentor, recognized Ries’ talents and identified him as someone who would fill significant leadership roles during his ministry. Not long after starting in his call as Assistant Pastor at Trinity Lutheran Church, a 1,500-member congregation in St. Francis, Minn., Ries met and quickly came to admire Concordia’s fifth president, Rev. Dr. Gerhardt Hyatt. Their association was influential in beginning the long-standing and lifechanging relationship between Concordia and its future president. Ries eagerly began working for Rev. Dr. Hyatt in 1982 in what he describes as the opportunity of a lifetime that changed the course of his vocation. “I likely would have continued to use my organizational leadership and administration gifts in congregational ministry, had Rev. Dr. Hyatt not contacted me about the administrative position at Concordia,” said Ries.

As Vice President for College Relations and Assistant to the President, Ries managed the Admission, Financial Aid, Public Relations and Alumni Relations offices. He also oversaw the construction of the $2 million Hyatt Village residence hall and presided over its dedication. Just three years in to his career at Concordia, Ries knew what the Lord had in store for him. “I believe the Lord is confirming for me a future in higher education,” said then 30-year-old Ries to Concordia’s student newspaper “The Sword.” He took an educational leave of absence to pursue his MBA degree at the University of Minnesota to better prepare himself for more responsibility in the field. While earning his MBA, Ries became the Founding and Senior Pastor at Messiah Lutheran Church in Lakeville, Minn. “My greatest joys in ministry, in addition to preaching, were financial stewardship, organizational leadership and capital construction,” he said. Ries led capital campaigns for three construction projects totaling $3 million and the congregation grew by an astonishing 500 percent. During that time, the church helped Ries complete a career assessment program which, not surprisingly, identified his strengths as leading and managing finances. Ironically though, the top two career interests that emerged were military officer and accountant. Since he was past the ideal age to join the military, Ries decided to give accounting a try. In 1995 he joined Howard Schultz and Associates in Bloomington, Minn., where he led a team of accounting professionals that audited accounts payable systems for large corporations, achieving $6 million annually in recoveries of overpayments for clients. “[This position] was a major step in helping me hone my financial management skills,” Ries said. Higher education resurfaced for Ries in 1999 when asked by Concordia’s eighth president, Rev. Dr. Robert Holst, to consider a call to become the University’s Vice President for Finance. Ries had been feeling the Holy Spirit calling him in that direction; he accepted the position. During his five years as Vice President, Ries continued to refine his financial management skills, implementing operational and financial management principles that led to a 50 percent growth in the University’s net assets and construction of the $8 million Library Technology Center dedicated in 2003. The Lord continued to prepare him for leadership. Ries accepted a call in 2004 to be the President of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod Foundation. During his seven years of service at the Foundation, Ries guided the organization to greater operational and financial strength. He learned the great potential and responsibility of a presidential post, along with the intricacies of gift development and planning.


Tom and Susie (Otte,’79) Ries, pictured with their three daughters and son-in-law, have been married for 31 years and live in Burnsville, Minn. Susie, who worked in the CSP Admission Office in the 80s, now owns and operates a residential interior design firm, Susie Ries Interiors, Inc. Jenny, pictured third from right, is the youngest and lives in Brooklyn, NY where she is the marketing director for a small family-owned clothing company. Elizabeth, pictured fourth from right, is the oldest and co-hosts KSTP’s mid-day show, Twin Cities Live. Katie, pictured on the left with her husband Adam, is the second oldest and lives in Schaumburg, Ill., where she is a buyer for Sears.

“I am very fortunate to have been able to combine into one career my love of theology and the church with organizational and financial leadership,” Ries said, “and can only explain this as the Holy Spirit putting me in the right places at the right time.” The Holy Spirit had him in the right place again when the search began for Concordia’s ninth president. Having already served Concordia for eight years, Ries says that part of him feels like he never left. He has returned to the place where, early in his career, great mentors influenced his leadership philosophy. “Under President Hyatt’s leadership and that of others, including Dr. Lou Mueller, Dr. Loma Meyer, Dean Walter Sohn and Mrs. Florence Marken, Concordia was a place that wanted to do things well,” Ries said. “I learned a great deal from these experienced leaders about having a big vision, cultivating a caring community and exercising sound financial management.” Reflecting on his own big vision for Concordia, Ries emphasizes increasing the number of students who persist to graduation, becoming stronger financially, and delivering marketable and high quality programs within the context of the Christian Gospel as priorities.

Beyond the numbers, Ries cares about cultivating a caring Christian community. He once read a sign outside a church that said, “Be kind. Everyone you meet is carrying a burden,” advice that resonated with him. “People have great potential, but often have to deal with a lot of problems in their lives,” he said. “I’ve learned to balance setting high aspirations for myself and the people in my organization, with being sensitive to the personal cares, concerns and passions of those around me.” If the community is reminded of God’s love for them as often as Ries was reminded by his parents, it too can be more secure and confident. “That simple reality changed me and continues to be the cornerstone of my life,” Ries said. “It has made me a secure and confident person and helps me, in turn, to believe in others.” His confidence is also conveyed in financial matters. “I have a real passion for Concordia and I have the ability to bring to it financial and organizational stability,” Ries said. “When that is achieved, then an organization is in a better position to pursue its mission even more vigorously.” Ries hopes that one day people can look back at his presidential era and say that Concordia “dreamed big about making a difference in the lives of people while having the fiscal and operational discipline to achieve those dreams.”

Ries stepped in and coached the offensive line for the Concordia Comets Football team in 1983 after a position opened unexpectedly just days before the season began. Ries and fellow coaches led the team to a winning season.

Row 1 (L-R): Eric Taylor, Jimmy Brown, Steve Spaudie, Steve Purzner, Scott Dye, Greg Gilmore, Phil Rogers, Jeff Bye, Scott Appleton, Steve Wilson, Anthony Bowie. Row 2: Todd Black, Kevin Meyer, Rich Edwards, Tom Wolfe, Scott Beaver, Mike Kohlmeyer, Earl Smith, Jeff Youngkin, Dave Higgins, Brad Sombke, Brian Rothas, Dave Langewisch. Row 3: Troy Frey, Tim Klinkenberg, Brian Halliday, Coach Larry Heinert, Coach Kenny Norman, Head Coach Jack Surridge, Coach Tom Ries, Coach Mark Young, John Sedlock, Joe LaBuda, Billy Brooks. Row 4: Glen Schlect, Thom Hardin, Curt Giese, Mickey Sansfield, Kevin Pattain, Prentiss Perry, Randy Brooks, Bryan Osladil, Steve Fox. Row 5: Brad Stoltenow, Ted Andrada, Tim Walther, Peter Tillman, Louis Johnson, Brian Walter, John Byers, Mike Dean.


Joy (Spitzack, ’02) Anderson Named Alumni Council President Fellow Alumni, I am Joy Anderson, your newly-elected Alumni Council President. I volunteered to help with many Homecoming celebrations since graduating in 2002 and joining the Council in 2009 seemed like a natural transition for me. It is another way for me to give back to the University. In July 2010, I began serving as Council Vice President. With Council President Clarence Jones (’92, ’02), finishing his term, I was asked to step into the position. Having just celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Alumni Association, I’m really excited to serve as president and work with the Council as we look to the next 100 years.

Joy (Spitzack, ’02) Anderson Major: Theatre Career: Office Manager at Hokanson, Gunderson & Co., Ltd Favorite campus spot: Theatre Lobby Summer job while in college: Counselor at Camp Omega Church: Holy Cross Lutheran, Prior Lake, Minn.

At recent Council meetings we have discussed what things we are proud of when it comes to having a degree from CSP and what makes us want to give back to the University through our time, talents and treasures. I often joke that my four-year Theatre degree got me my current job that is not theatre related. Even though I joke about it, it’s also one of the things I’m proud of when it comes to my degree. My boss chose me over others that had two year business degrees but he felt my having a B.A. was more important. Maybe you have a similar story. I hope you as alumni are able to find your point of pride in your CSP degree. If you haven’t been on campus in a while, I encourage you to come back. Homecoming is the last full week in September, the Theatre Department just announced an exciting 2011-12 season, and the women’s Volleyball team will defend their NCAA Division II title and work toward a 5-peat this fall. Consider volunteering at Concordia’s Minnesota State Fair booth, a Concordia Café recruitment event or being a CSP representative in your congregation. Stay in the loop by “liking” the Alumni Association page on Facebook. I hope the next time you are on campus I will get to talk to you about your Concordia story and what makes you proud to be a Concordia alum! Yours, Joy (Spitzack, ’02) Anderson

Academy Alumnus, Rusty Seltz (’67), Named CSP’s VP for Advancement Paul “Rusty” Seltz (H.S. ’67), J.D., MBA, began his post as the Vice President for University Advancement at Concordia in July. As VP, he is responsible for the overall vision, supervision, planning and implementation for the University’s Development, Alumni Relations, Church Relations and Government Relations efforts. Seltz is a member of the President’s Cabinet and provides leadership to the Board of Regents Advancement Committee. “We are extremely pleased to have Rusty’s experience and leadership skills in gift development to guide Concordia’s advancement efforts,” said President Tom Ries. “His professional abilities and values will lead the university in meeting the growing fiscal demands of higher education and ensuring the overall fiscal health of the University so students can receive an excellent and affordable education.” Seltz is a seasoned advancement professional, having worked in development for nearly a decade managing and leading fundraising teams while cultivating long-term relationships that led to high-level financial support. Most recently, he worked as Executive Director of University Leadership Relations in the Advancement office at Valparaiso University, Valparaiso, Ind., where he played a significant role in the design, execution and success of its largest-ever capital campaign to build the institution’s endowment and fund capital initiatives. Previously, Seltz worked in business internationally and practiced law. He holds juris doctorate and bachelor’s of Business Administration degrees from Valparaiso University and a master of Business Administration degree from the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul. Seltz graduated from Concordia Academy in 1967. “I highly respect the strong team in place at Concordia and appreciate the University’s mission,” said Seltz. “I enjoy working with the team to garner major support so we can continue to educate students in the context of the Christian Gospel.”


CSP to Honor Five Alumni for Distinguished Service Concordia is proud to present this year’s Alumni Distinguished Service Awards to Gerald Fiechtner (H.S. ’55), Stephen O’Hara (’02, CB294), Rev. Dr. Luther B. Otto (H.S. ’55, J.C. ’57), Barbara Porter (’03, CM019) and Fredrick Voigtmann (H.S. ’58, J.C. ’60). These alumni receive the award because of their outstanding and exceptional professional achievement while upholding Concordia’s ideals in their profession, the community and the church.



While leading the family-owned and founded business, NODAK Supply Co., in Fargo, N.D., for more than 20 years, Gerald Fiechtner was very involved in the community and church. The Fiechtners were charter members of Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church, Fargo, N.D., where Gerald served as its first organist, led the choir’s bass section and provided transportation to church members in need. Gerald served on the Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch Foundation board for eight years and was a member of the Moorhead Country Club for many years. He is a member of the community service organization, Fargo-Moorhead Cosmopolitan Club. During his 16 years of retirement living in Henderson, Nev., Gerald assisted residents of a long term care facility during weekly outings. They were also members of Christ Lutheran in Boulder City and later joined Grace Lutheran Church in Henderson. Now happily retired, the Fiechtners reside permanently in Fargo and remain avid supporters of Lutheran schools and churches.


As a branch manager for US Bank, Stephen O’Hara is known to practice servant leadership in all his endeavors. His personal approach and commitment to his work and community have earned him the respect of colleagues, clients and local leaders. Stephen was recently nominated and elected to serve as Director of Service Projects for his local Rotary Club. He also spearheaded a community leadership group, The Twin Cities Professional Network, while also supporting Project for Pride in Living. “Steve’s ‘can-do’ attitude and people skills set him above the rest of the field,” said Stephen’s colleague, Jim Plante.





Before retiring, Rev. Dr. Luther B. Otto enjoyed a long and impactful career as a pastor, professor, sociologist and researcher. His research and programming greatly influenced many organizations including Boys’ Town Research Center in Omaha, Neb., Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. Otto presented his research across the United States and abroad; was a frequent consultant to federal, state and private agencies; and wrote multiple books, refereed articles and chapters. He was active across a broad spectrum of professional associations and boards, working to improve the lives of at-risk youth, young adults and the aging. Some of his many contributions to higher education and the Lutheran church include his service as head of the Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work at North Carolina State University; as campus pastor at UW-Madison where he worked diligently to preserve Campus Ministry’s presence in the heart of the campus; and by conceptualizing and implementing a program for ministerial recruitment and scholarships.



As Assistant Dean for Academic and Student Affairs at Mayo Medical School in Rochester, Minn., Barbara Porter has helped lead the school to becoming one of the nation’s most diverse medical schools. In addition to her commitment to diversity within higher education, Porter is active in her church and community, having served on the boards for many organizations including Boys & Girls Club of Rochester, the Rochester Symphony Orchestra, the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota and the Rochester Diversity Council. She is also the president-elect of her local chapter of Black Data Processing Associates, a non-profit professional organization dedicated to helping high school students gain knowledge, skills and competitive experiences in Information Technology.


Fredrick Voigtmann has enjoyed an illustrious career as a lawyer, serving first in the Air Force and then in private practice. Aside from his practice, Voigtmann is a strong supporter of Lutheran education. He has demonstrated his support through service on the boards for the National Capital Area Lutheran High School Association; Concordia School for Special Education, Macau; Concordia International School, Shanghai; Asia Lutheran Education Association, Hong Kong; and Lincoln American School, Taiwan. “He is an excellent example of a Christian servant, vigorously making known the love of Christ Jesus through his words and actions,” said Curt Larson, Concordia International School, Shanghai’s Chief Financial Officer.


A celebration will be held in honor of these alumni during Homecoming, Friday, Sept. 23. For more information on the award or to nominate someone, visit

Residence Life Center Renamed Holst Hall The Residence Life Center has been renamed Holst Hall in honor of 20-year president Rev. Dr. Robert Holst (H.S. ’54, J.C. ’56) the Board of Regents announced at Holst’s retirement service on Wednesday, May 11. Board of Regents member Rev. Tom Evans said the three-story, 300bed, apartment-style facility built in 2008 inherently fosters the kind of Christian community Holst promoted throughout his presidency. “He was a president of the people and his heart has always been for the students,” said Evans. “What better way to honor Dr. Holst—his vision and legacy— by renaming the heart of the campus after him.” Holst is humbled to have a building named in his honor. “I hope my name on that building enables people to celebrate what God has done here through so many wonderful people,” said Holst, who retired May 31 after having served the church for 49 years.


Come 2011Together Homecoming Celebration & Presidential Inauguration

Tuesday, Sept. 20

Volleyball Game 7 p.m. Gangelhoff Center Tickets available for purchase at the door.

Thursday, Sept. 22

Saturday, Sept. 24

Presidential Inauguration and Reception 10 a.m. Gangelhoff Center Football Game Noon Sea Foam Stadium

Cohort Connections Luncheon 11:30 a.m. Buenger Education Center

Comet’s Carnival 2-5 p.m. Sea Foam Plaza

Friday, Sept. 23

Alumni Art Show 4-6 p.m. Art Center

Alumni Distinguished Service Awards Dinner 5:30 p.m. Buenger Education Center

Soccer Game 4:30 p.m. Sea Foam Stadium

Register today!


CLASS NOTES On March 27, Pastor Roger K. Dramstad (’68) was honored by his congregation, Eternal Hope Lutheran Church, Brooklyn Park, Minn., for the 35th anniversary of his ordination. They celebrated with a worship service, meal and program. Rev. Dr. Lane Seitz, LCMS Minnesota South District President, was the preacher and Rev. Martin Langemo, EM., Princeton, Minn., was the liturgist. Pastor Dramstad has served Eternal Hope for 16 years. Judith (Krenz, ’69 ) Soo and her husband, Brian, announce the marriage of their daughter, Michelle Soo, to Brian Wright. The two wed on January 14.

1970s Marcus Gilmore, the son of Chester and Joan Kiecker Gilmore (’77), is engaged to be married to Emily Steider on October 1 at the Arboretum in Chanhassen, Minn.

1 1940s 1

Roly Mueller (’44) and his wife, Miriam, visited campus on June 8. Roly said it was wonderful to get back to campus and was impressed with all of the development and expansion. He was pleased to see the Luther statue which stood on campus when he arrived at Concordia at age 14. For 63 years, the Muellers have lived in California where Roly enjoyed a career as an aerospace engineer. He can be reached via email at

1950s Gary Schubert (’55) and his wife, Karin, plan to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary with a cruise to Alaska this fall. Gary is in the early stages of Parkinson’s Disease. Prayers help, as does the support of a loving family.

1960s An art exhibit “American Indian Portraits, Iowa to Inca,” by Judith (Ostermann, ’60) Engle was held at the visitors center at Effigy Mounds National Monument Winter Film Festival in Harpers Ferry, Iowa, from January 11- 25. 2

Gustav Friedrich (’61) retired on July 1 after 48 years of teaching. He spent one year as a 7th grade teacher, four as a teaching assistant, and 43 as a tenure-track faculty member at Purdue University; the University of Nebraska, Lincoln; the University of Oklahoma; and Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. His wife, Erena (Bakeberg, ’61) Rae, who he met at Concordia, died of lung cancer in 2006. Last year, Friedrich married a colleague, Betty Turock, whose husband, Frank, died of lung cancer a short time before Erena. Friedrich’s son, Bruce, starts law school at Georgetown this fall during which time he will work for Farm Sanctuary. Bruce spent many years working for PETA. Friedrich enjoyed seeing reunion pictures, especially those of Professor Peters and his wife. He remembers him fondly even though he once dropped a water balloon on his head from a window in Luther Hall.

In October 2010, Craig Mathews (’77) accepted a call to serve as Senior Pastor at Hope Lutheran Church in Bradenton, Fla. He and Eunice moved in December and he was installed January 9. 3 Wendy (Gutzke, ’79) Ewald and her husband, Richard, are proud to announce the marriage of their eldest daughter, Christine, to Jason Steen last August.

1980s Jackie (Yernberg, ’80) Hughes married Jay Hughes on October 31, 2010. David Wippich (’80) recently earned a K-12 License and Administration Degree/ Educational Leadership. Mark (’81) and Lynda (Dougherty, ’83) Johnson are proud to announce updates about their children. Their daughter, Laura (28) graduated in May from Indiana University. Their son, Kyle (24), is in paramedic school and currently an EMT. Their son, Todd (18), graduated from high school in May. Louis B. Carter (’82) earned his master’s degree from St. Mary’s University.

1990s Kevin Antosh (’91) is still living in Idaho and has been telecommuting to Google where he has been developing new search engine algorithms part time for the last 16 months. He said the work is fun and interesting and Google is always hiring. On June 1, Dirk Mattson (’91) became Vice President of Assessment Program Design, Development, and Operations at Measured Progress, a Dover, New Hampshire-based, non-profit organization dedicated to student learning and improving instruction in the standards-based classroom. He will provide strategic leadership to the company with an emphasis on innovative and next-generation assessment solutions. 4

Amy (’96) and Steve (’95) Larson and their daughters, Loralei and Amanda, excitedly welcomed baby Christopher into the world in November 2010.





Sara Sandstrom-Kobi (’96) and her husband Benjamin, welcomed a son, Harrison Jacob, to the world on January 21 in Boulder, Colo. They live in Rollinsville, Colo.

2000s Jake Hollatz (’00) has accepted a call to Concordia University Texas as Assistant Professor of Education. He and his wife, Brooke, are also expecting their first child November 6, 2011. The couple resides in Austin, Texas. 6

Celebrate 50th Anniversary of Rev. Dr. Fred Bartling’s Teaching Ministry


This year marks the 50th anniversary of former History professor Fred Bartling’s teaching ministry at Concordia. During those years, Concordia transformed from an all-male high school to a four-year co-ed university. Fred brought his experiences as a chaplain in Civil Rights-era Alabama to Minnesota, teaching students in traditional, MTEPs, CSAL and online programs. He pioneered classes on African-American, Women’s and Vietnam War histories at Concordia.

Josh ’01 and Leah (Matson, ’01) Beck welcomed their third daughter, Lily Katherine, on December 29, 2010. She weighed 8 pounds, 10 ounces and was 21 inches long. She was welcomed home by big sisters Grace (6) and Hope (3). Josh Whitcomb (’01) and his wife, Jenny, celebrated the birth of their second child, Eleanor Abigail, on March 26. Josh, Jenny, Miles (4) and Eleanor, live in St. Paul. 8

Jason DeBoer-Moran (’02, ’10) and his wife, Erin, welcomed their first daughter, Ellis Epiphany, on November 2, 2010. The family resides in St. Paul. 9

Bobbie (Koppinger, ’02) Fischer and her husband, Brice, welcomed their second son, Micaiah Robert, to the world on February 17. He weighed 8 pounds, 8 ounces. Micaiah was born again through baptism on March 20 at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Lakeville, Minn. Lisa Jensen ’02 received her master’s degree in Training and Development from UW-Stout in May.

If you were one of the many touched by Fred’s warmth, wit and wisdom, please join me in celebrating this career milestone by establishing an endowment for the Fred and Ruth Bartling Scholarship to honor our wonderful teacher, mentor, role model and friend. Our goal is to raise $50,000 during this 50th anniversary year so during Dr. Bartling’s lifetime, he can have the joy of seeing this scholarship awarded to CSP students who want to follow in his footsteps. You can also celebrate the legacy of Dr. Bartling’s teaching ministry at Fredstock, a ’60s theme party and fundraising event Friday, Oct. 28 at Concordia. To RSVP or for more information on the endowment, go to or contact Rhonda Behm (’88), Director of Alumni Relations, at 651-641-8894 or


Rev. Christopher Martin (’02) and his wife, Lindsay, are proud to announce the birth of their first child, Bradon Christopher, who was born Sept. 19, 2010 at Chambersburg Hospital in Chambersburg, Pa. Chris baptized Bradon on Oct. 24, 2010 at St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church, McConnellsburg, Pa., where Chris serves as Pastor.




Dr. Paul Hillmer (’83) Concordia Professor of American History Donate to the Fred and Ruth Bartling Scholarship at





Rebecca Thomley (’02) was named one of the 2011 Minnesotans on the Move by Finance & Commerce. The award honors professionals who are poised to make business history of their own during the coming years. The Orion Companies, a human services organization that provides social services to more than 3,500 Minnesotans, has grown five times its size since Thomley took over as president and CEO in 2001. Her leadership has also helped broaden the mission beyond those receiving their services to promote greater community outreach and inclusion. Audra Robinson-Murray (’03) is now the Marketing Manager for Ridgedale and Eden Prairie Centers where she leads trends and retail marketing at the shopping centers. She plans to enroll in Concordia’s MBA program soon as well.









Dustin Kalis (’04) and his wife, Gina, welcomed their son, Logan Dustin, to the world on March 25. The family resides in North St. Paul, Minn. 13

Aaron Taylor (’04) and Holly Wilson (’08) are pleased to announce their marriage. They were married on April 16 at Macalester Chapel in St. Paul. 14

Nicolas Thomley (’04) was named one of the 2011 Minnesotans on the Move by Finance & Commerce. The award honors professionals who are poised to make business history of their own during the coming years. 15

Angela (Birr, ’05) Andreen and her husband, Jason, are pleased to announce the birth of Aiden Clifford Andreen who was born March 3. Angela has been teaching Music at Red Lake Elementary School in Red Lake, Minn., for three years, and they live just outside of Bemidji, Minn.



Josh (’04, ’07) and Steph (Hodson, ’04) Deer welcomed Logan Jay Deer into the world on March 2 at 6:17 p.m. Little Logan weighed 5 pounds, 9 ounces and was 19 inches long. He was baptized Sunday, May 15 at Christ the King Lutheran Church in New Brighton, Minn.




Adam J. Bulava (’05) was nominated and selected a 2011 Senior Fellow for the James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation for the state of Nevada. On April 7, he and his wife, Kathryn, welcomed into the world their daughter, Samantha Nadene.





Janelle (Raynes, ’05) Danforth found an old picture of cohort graduates from 2005.




Rachel (Anderson, ’05) married Robert Orr on December 18, 2010 in Inver Grove Heights, Minn. Rachel is a Kindergarten Teacher at Central Lutheran School in St. Paul. 20

On May 10, Kristin (Echols, ’06) Dolby and her husband, Ben, were blessed with their first child, Lorelei Joy. She weighed 7 pounds, 2.6 ounces and was 19.25 inches long. The family resides in Newport News, Va. 21

Karen Jelinek (’06) graduated in 2006 with a degree in criminal justice. She serves as a Minnesota Reading Corps tutor at Armstrong Elementary in Cottage Grove, Minn.


Roxanne (Konkel, ’10) Fevold married Jason Fevold on June 19, 2010. The couple resides in Webster City, Iowa where Roxanne works as a substance abuse counselor at Community & Family Resources. She is developing an after school empowerment group for high school girls in Clarion, Iowa. Roxanne recently received a provisional certification for becoming a Family Life Educator. She is working on her certification to become a licensed Substance Abuse Counselor with the state of Iowa. Samantha Joy (Jensen, ’11) Gelschus and her husband, Brad, would like to announce the birth of their baby, Avery Joy, born on January 20. Renee Meyer (’11) graduated in 2011 with a master’s degree in Early Childhood Education. She is a Minnesota Reading Corps tutor in Stillwater Early Childhood Family Education Preschool at Rutherford Elementary.

Robert Meier (’06) was named 2010 leasing agent of the year for Colonial Properties Trust, a publically traded company in Austin, Texas. Ryan (’07) and Karli (Chandler, ’07) Johnson would like to announce the birth of their beautiful boy, Eli Ryan, born on December 9, 2010. Leah (Ferber, ’07) Martin earned her master’s degree in May. Scott Hanson (’08) launched North Country Golf magazine which showcases beautiful places to golf in Minnesota and Wisconsin. For more information, or to subscribe, visit www. Dr. Mark Schuler baptized Landon Edward Heiliger, three-month-old son of Cameron (’08) and Andrea (Chandler, ’08) Heiliger, on May 29 in Ankara, Turkey while connected via Skype to their home congregation, Trinity Lutheran, in Billings, Mont. See a portion of the rite at 22

Stephanie Roegner (’08) returned in July 2010 from serving two and a half years as a missionary in Taiwan. 23

Christopher Schult (’08) teaches in Racine, Wis. He and his wife, Taylor, celebrated their two year anniversary in June. Antwon (’08) and LaTwanna (Rudolph, ’07) Williams would like to announce the birth of their baby, Gabriel Edwar, born January 28. Jacob (’09) and Dalas (Miller, ’09) Mueller would like to announce the birth of their daughter, Evangeline Mueller, born on March 31, 2010.





IN MEMORY Wilbert Wegner, husband of Dorothy (Graves) Wegner ’55 and father to Bruce (Libby Boettcher ’87) Wegner and Marie (Wegner ’83) Boettcher, passed away on January 20. Charles Michael Lund (’59) passed away on December 14, 2010. Thomas Schleif (’71) passed away January 4. A memorial service was held February 12 at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Trenton, Mich. Roy Kronsbein (’70) served as eulogist and Kim Schutt (’80) was organist and choral director. Professor Emeritus Fred “Fritz” Brauer passed away July 5. He served as Professor of Music at Concordia from 1967-1989. Memorials are invited to the Friedrich A. and Ann A. Brauer Endowment Fund at Concordia. Corinne Schauer, age 84, of Inver Grove Heights went to be with the Lord on June 14. She worked at Concordia for 24 years where she primarily served as campus nurse. Corinne is survived by her husband of 61 years, Herbert E. Schauer; four children, eight grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

2010-2011 Benefactor Report

The mission of Concordia University, St. Paul, a university of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, is to prepare students for thoughtful and informed living, for dedicated service to God and humanity and for the enlightened care of God’s creation, all within the context of the Christian Gospel.

13 15

CSP Fiscal Year 2011 Financial Report As the 2010-2011 fiscal year closes at Concordia, we are pleased to report the fiscal state of our ministry is stable and poised for growth. As a tuition-driven institution, the health of our University is heavily dependent on our ability to attract, retain and graduate students. A number of factors make this challenging, some of which include our high percentage of first-generation students, a decreasing number of high school graduates in Minnesota and an ever-increasing demand for need-based financial aid. Despite the challenges, we achieved our budgeted operational surplus this fiscal year.   As our financial highlights and community accomplishments below make evident, we have much for which to thank God. We are especially grateful for those who supported us in our educational ministry. Your continued support will help us grow and provide more students a quality education in the context of the Christian Gospel.


Brad Hewitt Chair, Concordia Board of Regents

CSP Community Accomplishments • We prepared more than 2,700 students for their vocations, graduating 605. • We celebrated the 49-year ministry of Concordia’s 20-year president, Rev. Dr. Robert Holst and welcomed our ninth president, Rev. Tom Ries. •T  he Golden Bears volleyball team made national history by becoming the first volleyball team in NCAA DI or DII to capture four consecutive national championships. •T  he women’s golf, soccer and volleyball teams earned national recognition for academic excellence. •O  ur Tetra Delta Science Club registered 74 people during its third annual, “Be The Match” bone marrow registry drive. •T  he Handbell Ensemble performed on Garrison Keillor’s famed, “A Prairie Home Companion,” radio show. •S  tudents engaged in dozens of service learning opportunities including trips to Nicaragua, Jamaica, Florida and Chicago. •W  e welcomed more than 2,500 alumni and friends back to campus last October for the All-Class Reunion during Homecoming.

■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■

Tuition and Fees Scholarship Aid Tuition and Fees (net of aid) Room and Board Rentals and Other Revenue Government Support Unrestricted Gifts Gifts for Scholarship Scholarship Investment Earnings Unrestricted Investment Earnings Total Revenue

$37,727,000 $-10,592,000 $27,135,000 $3,067,000 $2,355,000 $1,280,000 $1,176,000 $276,000 $160,000 $206,000 $35,655,000


Financial Highlights • 1 ,820 donors contributed a total of $4,541,046 in revenue – a 9.4% increase from last year. • $ 588,291 of the total raised was given by 386 new donors. •T  he amount of the average gift continues to increase--$1,045 in 2009, $1,093 in 2010 and $1,351 in 2011. •T  hanks to generous benefactors, a new parcel of land was acquired on Marshall Ave., adding 2.7 acres to Concordia’s footprint in St. Paul. •B  enefactors contributed $1,201,145 in traditional and realized estate gifts to the Annual Fund—a 37.5% increase from last year.

■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■

Teaching and Learning $11,342,000 Student Support Services $10,829,000 Auxiliary Enterprises $5,827,000 Institutional Support $4,973,000 Fundraising $906,000 Total Expenses $33,877,000




Operational Surplus:


2010-2011 Concordia university, St. Paul Leadership Board of Regents

Rev. Thomas Evans (’81) Carol Fehrmann Eustolio Gomez Gregg Hein (’82) Dr. Bradford Hewitt, Chair Susan Hillyer Angela (Lubbesmeyer, ’03) Hublick Darlene (Osladil, ’55) Johnson Louis Johnson (’86) Dr. Loren Leslie Charlotte Malotky Joan Miller Dr. Carl Schoenbeck h Rev. Dr. Lane Seitz Dr. Lori (Luckwaldt, ’80) Utech Rev. Dr. Karl Weber Alicia Winget


Rev. Dr. Robert Holst (’54, ’56) (1991-2011) h Rev. Tom Ries (2011-)

Vice Presidents

Dr. Cheryl Chatman, Executive VP and Dean of Diversity Rev. Michael Dorner, VP for Finance Dr. Eric LaMott, VP for Administration Lonn Maly (’81), VP for Academic Affairs


Dr. Bruce Corrie, College of Business and Organizational Leadership Dr. Donald Helmstetter, College of Education Rev. Dr. David Lumpp, College of Vocation and Ministry Dr. Marilyn Reineck, College of Arts and Sciences

Advancement Committee

Alix Behm Kenneth Behm Rev. Kevin Bonine (’75) Dale Busacker (’71) Lorraine Carlander Richard Carlander Jackie Dornfeld Rev. Thomas Evans (’81) LaVerne Fandrei Philip Fandrei (’51) H. Andrew Frerich (’99) Dr. Laura (Neal, ’98) Frerich Dr. Bradford Hewitt Jayne Jones (’97) h Darlene (Osladil, ’55) Johnson Richard Lindemeier Charlotte Malotky Joan Miller Paul Perseke (’88) Dr. Barbara Schoenbeck h Alicia Winget, Chair

Alumni Council

Joy (Spitzack, ’02) Anderson, Vice President Jerilyn Bates (’91) Robert Boyle (’09) Rev. Dennis Heiden (’79) h Sheila (Harris, ’79) Heiden Rev. James Johnson (’52, ’54) Margaret (Spomer, ’54) Johnson Robert Clarence Jones (’92, ’02), President Rev. Dr. Kenneth Kaden h Michael Korstad (’02, ’09) Charles Martin (’04) Steven Rowan (’03) Scott Ulbricht (’89) Barbara (Beauchamp, ’74) Washington Rev. Carleton Zahn (’56, ’58)

Student Alumni Council

Rico Amos (’13) Anna Barton (’11) Jatonna Freeman-Andrews (’12) Taylor Gittens (’13) Josie Gronbach (’12) Amy Jo Krivanek (’13) Derek Lavalier (’11) Kellsey Lee (’11) Haley Mahan (’14) Sara Peterson (’12) Sara (Sather, ’10) Pimental Caralyn Tignanelli (’13)

President’s Council

Kenneth Behm Darcy Dilly-Cooper Timothy Davis Dr. Betty Duda Bruce Engelsma Philip Fandrei (’51) David Frauenshuh James Giertz Dr. Bradford Hewitt Dr. Jim Storm Dr. Marvin Suomi Alicia Winget

Our Advancement staff has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this report reflecting our donors who have supported Concordia from July 2010- June 2011. If your name is misspelled, omitted or incorrectly listed, we sincerely apologize and ask you to let us know so corrections can be made for future publications and within our records. Please contact us at 1-866-GROWCSP.

St. Paul Society Members Membership to the St. Paul Society is open to those who have notified us of their future investment in Concordia through an estate plan, a life income gift or other planned gift. 19 Anonymous Eric Altenbernd (’89) Rev. Norman and Dolores Aman Gertrude Anderson Rev. David (’81) and Debra (Plath, ’81) Andrus John and Virginia Ansorge Dr. Leonard and Luella Arndt Marlyn and Joanne Avenson Minnie Bakker Robert h and Lillian Barnes Sharon (Hein, ’70) and Jeffrey Bartels Rev. Dr. Fred h and Ruth Bartling h

Harold Bartz = Ernest and Minnie Barz Lori (Arndt, ’85) and Brian Bates Kenneth Behm Kenneth and Alix Behm Rev. Larry (’68) and Judy Behnken Lee (’85) and Fran Belmas Leslie and Meredith Berg Kathleen Blakeman Frederick (’53) and N. Laverne Blank u Richard Block (’78) Derald and Gladys Blois Robert and Joyce Boche Wilmer Boeder Earl and Helen Bohlen Rev. Kevin (’75) and Pamela Bonine Irma (Hein, ’54) and Dr. Harold Brockberg Allen (’71) and Jo-Nette (Wilkening, ’71) Brogaard


= Deceased

u New

Dr. Carl and Anita Bruch Erwin and Jackie Bruesehoff Curtis and Betty Buck William and Louise = Buehrle Elizabeth Buenger = Shelah (Stender, ’94) and Robert Burandt Carla Butler Evelyn Casey Rev. Ottomar (’38, ’40) = and Elsie Cloeter Rev. Robert (’53, ’55) and Sally (Clingenpeel, ’55) Cordes Everett = and Frances Curdy Ruth Dannehl = Timothy and Barbara Davis Lorenz and Jeanette Degner Rev. Dr. Robert h and Annette (Stubenberg, ’04) DeWerff Michael and Diane Diemer Dennis (’71) and Lynn (Jurrens, ’71) Dirks

St. Paul Society Members


Henry = and Katherine Doepke Rev. Michael Dorner h Dr. Betty and John Duda Norman and Henrietta Duerr Julene (Gernant, ’84) and Jabr Dumit Rachel (Krause, ’82) and Rev. Dennis Durham Marian (Luker, ’97) and Charles Edelen Thomas Edelen (’96) Emery and Almeda Eickhoff Gregory (’78) and Adele Esala Keith (’76) and Beverly (Wolfgram, ’77) Esala David Ewald Gerald (’55) and Joan Fiechtner u Harold and Betty Fischer Michael (’75) and Ruth Flynn Clarence = and Evelyn Forsman Greg and Nancy Forsythe Francis and Yvonne Fouks H. Andrew (’99) and Dr. Laura (Neal, ’98) Frerich u Gilmer and Erna Freudenberg Rev. Dr. Brian (’79) and Laurie (Wogsland, ’80) Friedrich Delbert and Kay Gangelhoff Ronald = and Doris Gangelhoff Rev. Ernest (’36) = and Vera = Gerike u Gustav = and Augusta Germolus Rev. Frederick (’31, ’33) = and Judaea Geske Barbara Gieseler Eldon and Joyce Glessing Norman (’60) and Judith (Barlau, ’59) = Glock Audrey Golnick Herbert (’46) and Dorothy Graebner Dr. Kenneth (’66) and Beverly Graves Victor and Louise = Greier Theodore and Brenda Haar Warren and Marilyn Haganes Joan (’76) h and John Hagman Donald and Laverne Hahn Raymond Hampel Dr. Alan h and Diane Harre Lillian Heine Jerome Heinke Melvin Hellwinckel = u Robert (’62) and Marilyn Herz Anne (Salmon, ’60, ’80) and Wayne Hilchen Stanley and Ann Hillmer Kyle and Linda Hollman Rev. Dr. Robert (’54, ’56) h and Lynne Holst Marvin and Judith Hoops Charles = and Helen Hoyt Paul and Paulette Huber Dr. Terry and Christine Hursh George Ick Paul and Dorothy Ims Rev. Roland Jank (’38, ’40)


Keith (’71) and Bonnie Jerke Howard = and Ruth Jessop Edwin Johnson = u Lila Johnson Inez Johnson Rev. Dr. Kenneth h and Evelyn = Kaden Rev. David (’85) and Shelly (Haganes, ’87) Karolus Herbert Kath = Jon Kietzer Rose Kitt Rev. Michael (’78) and Holly Klatt Warren (’41) = and Marilyn Kluckman Kenneth and Annette Koehler Dr. Robert (’61) and Pauline (Ansorge, ’61) Kolb Herbert = and Gertrude = Kopischke u Rev. Jerry (’66) h and Janet (Buth, ’68) Kosberg u Roy h and Ramona (’87) Kramer u Lois Kratochwill Edwin and Genelle Krause Lawrence and Robin Kreger Rev. Martin (’35) = and Alma Kretzschmar Dr. Daniel (’66, ’68) and Carol Kriefall u Rev. George (’58) and Annette (Brauer, ’57) Krueger Elsie Kruse Gordon and Lenora Kubasch Olga Kuhlmann = u Emil = and Pearl Kurth Rev. James (’61) and Karen Laatsch Eileen (’61) Lackmann Ferman and Doris Lanning Rev. Kirk (’85) Lee and Karen (’86) Henschen-Lee Lois Lee

Ranney and Verdell Leek Elmer Lemke Wallace and Margaret Lubben Deborah Luebke Rev. Alfred (’53, ’55) and Laura Luehmann Rev. Frank and Lois Lukasiewicz Frederic (’38, ’40) and Doris Lussky Robert (’73) and Karla Lyngstad, Jr. Sharon (Nokes, ’61) and Roger Mailand Rev. Dennis (’83) and Bonnie Mann Frank and Jolynn Martin Evelyn Marxhausen Marvin and Lynette Maser Harold and Elma = Mattfeld Delmer (’68) and Jacqueline (Brandon, ’68) Mau Dr. Edward (’40) and Winifred = May Margaret (Richter, ’75) and Phillip McLain Rebecca (Duesterhoeft, ’76) = and Dennis McManus Dr. Gerhardt h = and Dr. Loma h Meyer Richard and Patricia Meyer Roland Meyer Mabel Michael Rev. Dr. Marvin h and Melba Middendorf Rev. Michael (’81) and Lana (Kinunen, ’81) Middendorf Rev. Vance (’84) and Ann Milbrath Chester and Lorraine Miller Rev. Fred (’28, ’30) and Frieda = Miller George and Colette Miller Alan (’72) and Deborah Mueller Hillard = and Viola Mueller Leroy = and Mardelle Mueller

Andy (’99) and Dr. Laura (Neal, ’98) Frerich Majors: Andy: DCE Laura: Pre-Medical Careers: Andy: Director of Christian Education at Messiah Lutheran Church, Lakeville, Minn. Laura: Doctor of Chiropractic at AcuChiropractic Wellness Center, Eagan, Minn. Why we put Concordia in our will: We met at Concordia and both of us had a wonderful experience. We put CSP in our will to continue the legacy of a Christian Education and to pass our legacy on to future generations. And, as parents of three young children, we have the peace of mind knowing that everything will be taken care of according to our wishes. How we put Concordia in our will: We found the entire process to be very straight forward. We worked with a Christian attorney who attends our church and specializes in estate planning and estate and trust administration. During the process, we made it known that we wanted to include CSP. Once the will was finalized, we communicated our wishes to Concordia. Our prayer for Concordia’s future: That it is able to provide a loving Christian environment to raise Godly men and women to work in, and further His Kingdom.

Melvin and Camillus Mueller Rev. Paul (’40, ’42) and Evelyn Mueller Sandra (Schroeder, ’79) and Nathan Mueller Erwin Nolte Ernest and Lora Norlin Ray and Sue Norlin Bertha Oehlke u Holdrein Oelke = u Dr. Stanley = and Eleanor Oexemann James and Nancy Ondov Loren and LaRee Opdahl Kim Overgaard (’74) Don and Marilyn Palmer Edward and Karen Perkins u Paul Perseke (’88) and Jackie Dornfeld Beth Peter h Dr. Carroll h and Helen Peter Richard and Joyce Peters Karen (Krubsack, ’87) and Howard Petersen Rev. Karl (’51, ’53) and Margaret Petzke David and Theresa = Pilgrim Leland and Elaine = Pohlman Rev. Donald (’84) and Sharolyn Polege Reuben and Wilhelmine Pralle Victor Proeschel Dr. Neil (’76) and Lois (Studenski, ’81) Prokosch Iva Prudlik Rev. Thomas (’89) and Karen (Buchholz, ’87) Puffe Patricia Rafftery u Gordon and Dolores Rehder Richard and Mary Reinhart Gary and Marilyn = Reinke Irene Reinking Mark (’89) and Brenda Resch Arthur (’47) = and Dorothy Ritter Roger and Jane Roberts Leona Rose Gary (’51) and LaVonne Rosenwinkel Jim and Barbara Ross u Rev. Victor and Leona Roth Rev. Dr. Milton h and Dr. Carlene (Helmkamp, ’58) Rudnick Bert and Nita Runge Rev. Dr. Palmer (’49, ’51) and Lois (Melchert, ’52) Ruschke M. Martha Ryan Bill and Eleanor Sandholm Karl Schewe (’83) Corinne (Groth, ‘57) = and Curtis Schneider Daniel and Ann Schroeder James and Susan Schroeder Shirley (Schneeberger, ’81) Schultz Rev. Mark (’82) and Nancy (Hillmer, ’82) Schulz Mark and Susan Schulz Leigh Schulze h

Russell (’83) and Suzanne Schwichtenberg Bette (Werder, ’66) and Darrell Seabaugh Dr. Donald h and Colleen Sellke Hon. Randall and Susan Slieter Ronald and Cheryl Smith Steven and Bernice Spaudie Gary (’64) and Brenda Specketer Denise Sprengeler (’81) Frank and Bernice Springer Clarence = and Marian Stark Curt (’66) and Sylvia Stoltenow u Dr. Alan (’48) and Martha Stormo Dr. Eunice (Cordes, ’52) h and Rev. Dr. Norbert (’46, ’48) Streufert Connie (Stephens, ’65) h and Rev. John (’63) Strohschein Bruno and Hannah Tesch Dorothea Tesch Ernst = and Norma Tesch Glenn h and Dolores Thiel Carol Toensing (’61) Gordon and Geraldeane Tomhave Robert and Marge Trapp Elfrieda Turnmire Walter and Meredith Ulbricht John Uldrich Ernie and Shirley Unruh Michael (’83) and Ronell (Osladil, ’86) Uran Timothy Utter (’67) h Edgar Van Vleet Gen. John and Avis Vessey Melvin and Marjorie Volkert Helen Voll Harvey = and Evelyn Wagner Gretchen (Trafton, ’89) h and Timothy (’86) Walther William (’68) and Linda Wasmund Dorothy (Graves, ’55) Wegner Alice Wehrspann Sandra (Hilbert, ’82, ’04) h and Tim Wendelin Norman = and Marilyn Wendt Rev. Jonathan (’84) and Patricia Wessel Bernice Westlund Roger and Sharon Wheeler Janice Wiening Dr. LeRoy (’72) h and Jane (Mussell, ’75) Wilke Ferdinand = and Victoria Wilken Don and Junette = Willprecht Greg and Bonnie Winn Kim (Briese, ’90) and Kevin Witthuhn Rev. Lester (’88) and Denise Wolfgram Rev. Dale Young (’48, ’50) Rev. Daniel (’54, ’56) and Joan (Boeder, ’56) Zielske


Holst Endowment Supporters of The Holst Endowment honored the legacy of President Emeritus Robert Holst and his wife, Lynne, by providing scholarship assistance for students with financial need so they have access to the opportunity for an excellent Christian liberal arts education 3 Anonymous Joy (Spitzack, ’02) and James Anderson Lois and Eugene Auringer Joseph (’01, ’04) and Marissa (Holcomb, ’02, ’06) Austin Jerilyn Bates (’91) Kenneth and Alix Behm Theodore (’58) and Caroline Beise Karen (’04) = and Carsten Bjornstad Irma (Hein, ’54) and Dr. Harold Brockberg Phyllis (Lehmann, ’69) and Bud Bronkema Kendall Bruhl (’08) Dr. David h and Joann Carlstrom Rev. Dr. Richard h and Miriam Carter Dr. Cheryl h and Rev. Kelly Chatman Wendolin Clabuesch = Dale and Alrene Connolly James Contois (’90) Philip and Eileen Crolius Rev. Dr. Robert h and Annette (Stubenberg, ’04) DeWerff Robert (’55) and Doris Dickhudt Rev. William (’53, ’55) and Patricia Dierks Rev. Hilbert (’57) and Marthlene Dorn Rev. Michael Dorner h Kristin (’06) Echols-Dolby and Ben Dolby Richard and Sharon Engdahl Bruce and Mary Jane Engelsma Rev. Robert (’56) = and Kathryn (Milow, ’57) Erickson John (’61) and Dorothy Felten Wendy (Wedo, ’95) and Thad FitzHenry Michael (’75) and Ruth Flynn Ronald (’54) and Phyllis = Frauenshuh, Sr. David and Sandra Frauenshuh Rev. Robert (’56) and Irene Friedrich Rev. Dr. Brian (’79) and Laurie (Wogsland, ’80) Friedrich Dr. Kathryn Galchutt (’93) Marvin and Roberta Garbers Jeremy Geiger (’07, ’08) Drew Gerdes (’00) James and Tamarra Giertz Kenneth Gratz (’54)

= Deceased

u New

St. Paul Society Members


Elton and Joyce = Gruenhagen

Roland Meyer

Dr. G. George and Raquel Wallin

Joan (’76) h and John Hagman

Dr. Gerhardt h = and Dr. Loma h Meyer

Rev. Herman (’53, ’55) and Carole Hannemann

Rev. Victor and Joanne Meyr

Gregory (’72) and Barbara (Beauchamp, ’74) Washington

Dr. Douglas h and Patricia Hartford

Joan Miller and Wayne Thomson

Dr. Herman h and Ruth Wentzel

Dr. Eleanor h and Dr. Erland Heginbotham

Douglas (’82) and Lynette Molin

Everett and Jean Wessels

Rev. Norman and Doris Heidorn

Kenneth Molin

Roger and Sharon Wheeler

Patricia (Prunty, ’67) and Larrie Heinzen

Dr. Karen Moroz h

Rev. Theodore (’62, ’64) and Abigail Wuerffel

Dr. Bradford and Susan (’07) Hewitt

Rhoda (Leckband, ’88) and Eugene Morris

Kraus-Anderson Companies, St. Paul

Susan Hillmer (’91)

Rev. Paul (’56, ’58) and Sandra Mueller

North Point Advisors, Inc., St. Paul

Richard Holman

Rev. Dennis (’68) and Marian (Krueger, ’68) Neels

Sea Foam Sales Co., Eden Prairie, Minn.

Dr. Robert (’50, ’52) h and Lois (Brakenhoff, ’66) Holtz

Dr. William h and Carol Niebergall

St. Paul Foundation, St. Paul

Rev. Dr. Rodney (’63) and Phyllis (Foreman, ’65) Otto

Elizabeth (Luehmann, ’56) and Lyle Hoppe

Rev. Ruclare (’54, ’56) and Patricia Pauling

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Foundation, Appleton, Wis.

Carol (Walz, ’58) and William = Hutter

Beth Peter h

Eileen Imsdahl

Rev. Theodore (’58) and Mary Predoehl

Frances Ingemann

Rev. Dr. Mark h and Connie Press

Rev. Clark (’57, ’72) and Loy Jaeger

Thomas Quint

Brian Jamros (’05, ’09) h

John and Ardis Radintz

Rev. Immanuel (’48) = and Jean Janssen

Cher h and Gerry Rafftery

Inez Johnson

Joan (Schramm, ’56) and Jerome Reckdahl

Darlene (Osladil, ’55) and Ernest Johnson

Gary and Marilyn = Reinke

Jill Johnson h

Charles = and Geraldine Resch

Rev. James (’52, ’54) and Margaret (Abel, ’54) Johnson

Ferdy and Ethel Rodriguez

Andrew (’05) and Jennifer (Mills, ’04) Johnson Lynette (Wolfe, ’61) and Warren Kindt Dr. Robert (’61) and Pauline (Ansorge, ’61) Kolb David (’87) and Theodora Kothe Norman = and Ollie = Krabbenhoft Roy h and Ramona (’87) Kramer Rev. Howard (’66) and Linda (Baule, ’67) Krienke Rev. George (’58) and Annette (Brauer, ’57) Krueger

Rev. Robert (’33, ’35) and Ruth = Rolf Howard and Dorothy Rosenwinkel Edwin (’51) = and Thelma Ross Donald and Carol Sandberg Rebecca Schaffer (’01) Andrew Schatz (’95) Sharon (Biel, ’56) Schlichtmann Victor and Harriet Schmidt

Rev. David (’63, ’65) and Peggy Jean Kuerschner

Rev. David (’55, ’57) and Gladys (Matasovsky, ’57) Schmidt

Delano (’54) and Emily Kulenkamp

Rev. Verdell (’55, ’57) and Elaine Schramm

Casey (Darmody, ’03) Kunard

Clarence = and Leona Schultz

David and Joanne Laird

Rev. Joshua (’97, ’98) and Kelli (Strehlo, ’97) Schunk

Dr. Eric LaMott h

Joann Schwichtenberg (’61)

Janet (Emanuel, ’57) and Ralph Landgraf

Mildred h and Melver Sjostrand

Rev. Martin and Carol Langemo

Douglas Slater (’74)

Rev. Dr. Wayne (’64) and Lois (Spomer, ’64) Lehrer

Rev. John (’59) and Kathleen Stelling

William (’56, ’60) and Pearl (Lejchar, ’57) Lieb

S. Keith and Christine Stout

Rev. Alfred (’53, ’55) and Laura Luehmann

Marilyn (Ziemann, ’57) and Rev. Ray Stuckwisch

Elmer Luehrs

Glenn h and Dolores Thiel

Rev. Edward and Ellen Lutz

Doris (Holz, ’59) and William = Timmer

Dr. Kay h and Gregory Madson

Stan Tordsen

Rev. Arden (’45, ’47) and Charlotte Malotky

Elfrieda Turnmire

Lonn (’81) h and Julie (Pulse, ’81) h Maly

Marguerite (Walburg, ’72) and Gary Vance

Karl and Vina Marquart

Peter Vang (’03, ’07)

Misty (Nelson, ’09) and Joel McKinley

Rev. Gordon Vogt (’50, ’52)

Kathy (Wessel, ’08) and Rev. Dr. Peter Meier

Lydia Volz

Leroy (’54, ’56) and Rosemary Merkel


Thrivent Choice Dollars Donors Thrivent Choice Dollars donors are qualifying members of Thrivent Financial for Lutherans© who selected Concordia as their annual non-profit of choice to receive part or all of their Thrivent Choice Dollars, which range from $25- $500. Anonymous Brenda Acers Rev. Jeffrey Anderson (’64, ’66) Jonathan Asmus (’80) Joshua (’01) and Leah (Matson, ’01) Beck Gretchen (Gienapp, ’67) Beecroft h Sarah (Roth, ’69) Behring Denise Belland (’91) Jacob Blakeborough Scott Bloomquist (’97) Diane (Heintz, ’76) and Randall Borchardt Mary Boyd Allan Bradshaw Dr. Frederich h = and Ann Brauer Marilyn (Forster, ’58) Bremer Joanne (Lueders, ’54) Brockopp Rev. John Buegel (’53, ’55) h Virginia (Krinke, ’67) Buehring Dr. Frederick Buelow (’46) Chad Bukowski (’02) Inez (Schulz, ’54) Campbell Steven Christoffer Rev. Robert (’53, ’55) and Sally (Clingenpeel, ’55) Cordes Rev. Dr. Paul Dorn (’54, ’56) Richard Doty Vernon Downing Steven Dreyer (’73) Anna Ellingworth Gary Engelhardt Elaine Fuss Lori (Peterson, ’94) Gangle

Willard Gerlitz Margie (Bunkowske, ’74) Gilles Rev. Dr. James Gimbel (’81) h Bernard Gratz Bradley Gratz Brian Grieger Rev. Gerald Grimm (’63) Geoffrey Gronewold (’09) Sarah Grose Jeffrey Gully Dr. Douglas Hartford h Steven Heinbuch Lori (Haugland, ’08) Henning Susan Henning Rev. Timothy Heupel (’74) Stanley Hillmer Rebecca Hoffman-Senkus Sandra Holtz Margaret (Spomer, ’54) Johnson Judith Kalbus Nancy Kee Brad Kempfert (’06) Emily (Tlusty, ’06) Kennell Nancy Kile Suzie (Hansen, ’71) Klosowski Dr. Charlotte Knoche h June Koch Dennis Kunkel (’58) Roland Lambrecht (’58) Vickie Larson Jill Lee Rev. Dr. Wayne (’64) and Lois (Spomer, ’64) Lehrer Jeffrey LeMunyon Michael Loween Dr. Kay h and Gregory Madson Rev. Arden Malotky (’45, ’47) Katherine Mennicke Patricia Milbrath James Moline Dr. Dennis Nelson Loren and LaRee Opdahl Lela Peterson David Petrick (’71) Rev. Dr. David Preuss (’57, ’59) Kathleen Priess Sharon (Gall, ’65) Rassbach Daniel Reese Donna Roemen Barbara Sandberg Helen Sandersfeld David Schmidt Kurtis Schneider Bradley Schultz William Schumacher (’50)



Marilyn Shearer Eric Spandl Rev. Mark Spelzhausen (’66) Ronald Steinkraus Dr. Carol Stellwagen h Jesse Stremcha (’02) Dorothy (Wagner, ’68) Sutton Elaine Taggatz Bruce Tagge Glenn Thiel h Ramona (Reinking, ’76) Trebesch Bruce Voeltz (’66) Craig Voth (’78) Craig Waryan h Joyce Weiler Monte Weiler Richard Whetsel Donna Widenhoefer David Wiegert (’96) Sharon (Lehrer, ’68) Wuggazer Herbert Zabel John Zacho (’65) Janet (Jensen, ’09) Zastrow Ardine Zimmer

$1,000,000 + Sea Foam Sales Co., Eden Prairie, Minn.

$100,000 to $999,999 Anonymous l Kenneth and Alix Behm l Edwin Johnson = l Dr. Leon h = and Irene (Prieb, ’66) = Titus The Eagle Foundation, Eden Prairie, Minn. Kurt Sandt Estate, Watertown, S.D. l

$10,000 to $99,999 Gary (’64, ’66) and Gloria Behm l Susan (Prellwitz, ’77) and James Berson l Melvin and Lois Bode l Lorraine Buesing = Richard and Lorraine Carlander Ruth Dannehl = Timothy and Barbara Davis l Pansy Drake l Bruce and Mary Jane Engelsma David and Sandra Frauenshuh Doris Gangelhoff = Deceased


Melvin Hellwinckel = Dr. Bradford and Susan (’06) Hewitt l Rev. Dr. Robert (’54, ’56) h and Lynne Holst l Gwen (’72) and Beck = Horton Donald Johnson = Herbert Kath = Olga Kuhlmann = l Lois Lee l Robert (’73) and Karla Lyngstad l Dr. Loma Meyer h Roland Meyer l Holdrein Oelke = l Paul (’88) Perseke and Jackie Dornfeld l Rev. Thomas h and Susan (Otte ’79) Ries l Roger and Jane Roberts l Bradner and Janet Smith Gregg and Carlene Smith l Robert and Marge Trapp Anonymous 3M Foundation, St. Paul Alliss Educational Foundation, Minneapolis Athwin Foundation, Minneapolis Boston Scientific Foundation, Natick, Mass. The Bush Foundation, St. Paul Kraus-Anderson Companies, Minneapolis LCMS Minnesota South District, Burnsville, Minn. Life Innovations, Inc., Roseville, Minn. Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod, St. Louis l Lutheran Community Foundation, Minneapolis Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul Minnesota Private College Fund, St. Paul St. Michael Lutheran Church, Bloomington, Minn. l The Saint Paul Foundation, St. Paul Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Foundation, Appleton, Wis. l Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, Minneapolis l Trinity Lutheran Church, Crown Point, Ind. Twin Cities Housing Development Corporation, St. Paul Woodbury Lutheran Church, Woodbury, Minn. l

$1,000 to $9,999 7 Anonymous Dr. Marilyn Barr Luella Behm l Theodore (’58) and Caroline Beise Leslie and Meredith Berg l Frederick (’53) and N. Laverne Blank l Wilmer Boeder l Rev. Kevin (’75) and Pamela Bonine l Nate (’01) h and Judy Bostrom l Robert Boyle

Annual Fund BOLD= 5 years of Consecutive Giving


Dr. David h and Adena Bredehoft l Clyde (’51) and Patricia Brink l Rev. Keith (’63) and Dorothy Brutlag Rev. Dr. Eugene (’53, ’55) h and Bernice Bunkowske Dale (’72) and Janel Busacker l Richard and Dr. Jean Clarke l Rev. Richard Claybaker and Dr. Judith h Klingsick l Rev. Dr. David Coles l Rev. Robert (’53, ’55) and Sally (Clingenpeel, ’55) Cordes Lorenz and Jeanette Degner Shirley Derleth l Rev. Dr. Robert h and Annette (Stubenberg, ’04) DeWerff l Michael and Diane Diemer l Darcy Dilly-Cooper and Harris Cooper l Lois (Bode, ’56) and Donald Ditzler l Dr. Betty and John Duda Philip (’51) and LaVerne Fandrei l Michael (’75) and Ruth Flynn James h and Sue Found l H. Andrew (’99) and Dr. Laura (Neal, ’98) Frerich l Rev. Ernest Gerike (’34, ’38) = l James and Tamarra Giertz l Keith Golke Alfred Grages = l Raymond Hampel l Robert and Charlotte Hanpeter Dr. Eleanor h and Dr. Erland Heginbotham l Brian (’94) and Lisa Helleland l Theodore (’81) h and Sharon (Reske, ’81) Hinck l Lyla Hirsch l Ervin Hoevener Marvin and Judith Hoops Donald and Donna Hustad l Rev. Clark and Loy Jaeger (’57, ’72) l Raymond Joeckel Inez Johnson Rev. James (’52, ’54) and Margaret (’54) Johnson l Lila Johnson Phillip (’82) h and Sandra (Schlobohm, ’80, ’10) Johnson Jayne Jones (’97) h l Rev. Dr. Kenneth h and Evelyn = Kaden Gertrude Kopischke = l Richard and Mary Ann Krafft l Roy h and Ramona (’87) Kramer l Dr. Daniel (’66, ’68) and Carol Kriefall Burdell and Jolene Kuhl l Rev. Wesley Kuhn (’38, ’40) David and Joanne Laird Dr. Eric LaMott h l Rev. Kirk (’85) and Karen (Henschen,’86) Lee Rev. Dr. Wayne (’64) and Lois (Spomer, ’64) Lehrer l Dr. Loren and Arlene Leslie



Richard and Judith Lindemeier Walter and Darlene Luedtke Rev. Dr. David Lumpp h and Dr. Shirley Miske Frederic (’38, ’40) and Doris Lussky Corinne (Brockopp, ’60) and Peter Magnoni l Rev. Arden (’45, ’47) and Charlotte Malotky Tootie Martin (’04) h and Yordanos (’04) Kiflu-Martin Gary and Jane Meyer John and Barb Meyer l Rev. Dr. William (’58, ’60) and Sharon Meyer Joan Miller and Wayne Thomson l Wendell and Betty Morfitt l Judith (Baneck, ’73) and Thomas Mueller l Rev. Dr. Paul (’77) h and Joy (Blasingame, ’77, ’98) Mueller Lynn and Pamela Nagorske l Douglas (’75) and Patricia (Weinhold, ’74, ’10) Neal Donald and Betty Newman l Erwin Nolte l Suzanne (Stender, ’66) h Norris Rev. Dr. Jan and Evelyn Pavel l Edward and Karen Perkins Dr. Carroll h and Helen Peter l Richard and Joyce Peters l Christine (’00) Peterson-Borscheid and Chad Peterson l Karin Peterson l Rev. Dr. Mark h and Connie Press l Gary and Marilyn = Reinke l John (’84) and Denise (Orton, ’85) Richter l Dorothy Ritter l Bradley Rixman l Orvil and Arlis Roetman Jim and Barbara Ross l Thomas h and Barbara Rubbelke M. Martha Ryan Shirley (Friede, ’73) and Rev. Dr. David h Schmiel l Dr. Carl h and Dr. Barbara h Schoenbeck l Elmer Schulz l Jacob (’01) and Rachel Schunk l Edward Shirley = l Jill Simon h l Douglas Slater (’74) l Thomas and Susan Smithson Rev. Dr. Arthur (’56, ’58) and Constance (Rawerts, ’58) Spomer l Peter and Janet Steinhagen Dr. Jim and Candi Storm S. Keith and Christine Stout l Rev. Dr. Norbert (’46, ’48) and Dr. Eunice (Cordes, ’52) h Streufert Neil and Carol Stuhr l Dr. Marvin and Mariclare Suomi Rev. Dr. Philip h and Ruth (Hoffmann, ’74) Tesch l Glenn h and Dolores Thiel l Nicolas Thomley (’04) l


= Deceased


Dr. Dale Trapp h l Gen. John and Avis Vessey Evelyn Wagner l Denise h and Michael Wehr l Dr. Herman h and Ruth Wentzel l Everett and Jean Wessels l Roger and Sharon Wheeler Dr. LeRoy (’72) h and Jane (Mussell, ’75) Wilke l Keith h and Kristina Williams Lee Pao h and Yer (’99) Xiong Carmel Lutheran Church, Carmel, Ind. l Concordia Consulting Ltd., Taipei, Taiwan l Crossing Borders Inc., Bloomington, Minn. l Family of Christ Lutheran Church, Houlton, Wis. l General Mills Foundation, Minneapolis l Gustave and Hilda Bierlein Foundation, Cleveland, Ohio l Hosanna Lutheran Church, Mankato, Minn. l Immanuel Lutheran Church, Brownton, Minn. l Immanuel Lutheran Church, Ormsby, Minn. l McNichols Company, Tampa, Fla. North Point Advisors, Inc., St. Paul Peregrine Capital Management Fund, Minneapolis Redeemer Lutheran Church, Willmar, Minn. l St. Matthew Lutheran Church, Eau Claire, Wis. l St. Peter Lutheran Church, Afton, Minn. Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation, Sioux Falls, S.D. l South Shore Trinity Lutheran Church, White Bear Lake, Minn. l Zion Lutheran Church, Hopkins, Minn. l Zion Lutheran Church, St. Charles, Minn. l

$500 to $999 Dr. Steven h and Mary h Arnold Sally h and James Baas Sharon (Hein, ’70) and Jeffrey Bartels l Stephanie Bartling Mary Kay (Andrus, ’91) and Theodore Bensen Mary (Grimm, ’65) and Darwin Bettmann l John and Mary Boeder Andrew (’01) and Ellen Bosl Rev. Alan (’60, ’62) and Rosemary h Braun Donna (Schultze, ’68) and John Burman l Katherine Doepke l Barry Dunleavy Robert (’43) and Jean Duwe l Fred (’54, ’56) and Nancy Ebel l Marvin Ehrenberg l Rev. Edwin (’44, ’45) and Diane Eifert l Christine Eilers (’77) l Elmer Epke l Rev. Thomas (’81) and Lee Ann (Meyer, ’81) Evans l

Annual Fund BOLD= 5 years of Consecutive Giving

Gerald (’55) and Joan Fiechtner Rev. Dr. Brian (’79) and Laurie (Wogsland, ’80) Friedrich Willard Gerlitz l Norman Glock (’60) l Eustolio and Karen Gomez l Elmer and Ruth Gottschalk John (’59, ’61) and Ardelle (Wilken, ’62) Gottschalk Daniel and Diana Graff Kenneth Gratz (’54) l Dean (’88) and Michelle (Kranz, ’92) Gratz George and Annette Grever l Dr. Douglas h and Patricia Hartford l Rev. Norman and Doris Heidorn Helen Hoffman l Dr. Robert (’50, ’52) h and Lois (Brakenhoff, ’66) Holtz l Ardis Horn l Brian Jamros (’05, ’08) h Dr. Joseph and Susan Jamros James and Virginia Jensen l Larry Johns Darlene (Osladil, ’55) and Ernest Johnson Leonard and Connie Johnson R. Clarence (’99, ’02) and Debra Jones l Rev. Harvey (’56, ’58) and Norita (Willner, ’58) Kath l Dr. Charlotte h and Dr. Carl Knoche l John and Nina Koeppen Caroline Kohrs l Dr. Robert (’61) and Pauline (Ansorge, ’61) Kolb Alma Kretzschmar Delano (’54) and Emily Kulenkamp

Rev. James (’61) and Karen Laatsch l James and Karen Laddusaw l Donald and Cheryl Lindeman l Rev. Alfred (’53, ’55) and Laura Luehmann Joanne (Kuehne, ’69) and Edwin Lundgren l Lonn (’81) h and Julie (Pulse, ’81) h Maly l Kathy (Wessel, ’08) and Rev. Dr. Peter Meier Maj. Gen. Kenneth Meyer (’57, ’59) l Rev. Dr. Gerhard (’57, ’59) and Joan Michael Christine Mueller Dr. William h and Carol Niebergall l Loren and LaRee Opdahl l Julius and Anita Ost l Rev. John (’96) and Jill Otte Thomas and Brenda Palkert Beth Peter h Rev. Eugene (’57, ’59) and Miriam Reddel l Allen Reich l Geraldine Resch l David Ries h l James (’63, ’65) and Barbara Roegge l Marletta (Stahn, ’66) and Dr. John (’72) = Rohwer Thelma Ross l Rev. Gary Schaper (’60) l Herbert h and Sharon h Schewe l Edwin and Janice Schoening Rev. Norman (’43, ’45) and Mildred Schramm l Leona Schultz l Robert (’68) and Sharon (Neimor, ’66) Schulz l Joann Schwichtenberg (’61) Ronald (’57) and Loretta Stahlberg l

Rev. Michael Dorner Career: Concordia University, St. Paul Vice President for Finance and Assistant Professor teaching undergraduate Accounting courses Year started: 1998 Favorite memory of helping a student: My favorite memories from the classroom are seeing the students beginning to understand the accounting material. Accounting tends to be a subject that some students believe they will never understand, but somehow by the end of the semester understanding has replaced the fear. Why I support CSP: My desire to support CSP has grown through the years as I have reflected on my own education and life experiences. Much of what I have done in life has been the result of having various degrees. Having a college degree opens doors to opportunities. Seeing the difference my degrees have made for me caused me to think that there are many CSP students who come from a background not all too different from my own and now I have the opportunity to help them in the same way that others helped me. Plus, you have a university education provided “in the context of the Christian Gospel” which is definitely worthy of support. I look at my support of CSP as a way of giving thanks for the people who helped me with my college education and now I am helping a new generation of students.

Rev. John (’59) and Kathleen Stelling l Allen Stoeckman (’79) l Rev. Dr. Stephen (’62) h and Jeanette (Zabel, ’71, ’94) Stohlmann Martin and Gladys Strobel l David Stueber h l John Sullivan (’66) Jan Susee l Nao Thao (’06) h Merlin Timm l Harold and Ardella Triebenbach l Rev. Dr. William (’81) and Dr. Lori (Luckwaldt, ’79) Utech Dave and Barb Vann Rev. James (’58, ’60) h and Jane Vehling Dr. Barbara (Gieser, ’65) Wippich l Lucinda (Hahn, ’76) Wright l Herbert and Deloris Zabel l Ardine Zimmer l Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Minneapolis l Boeing, Chicago, Ill. l Concordia University, Irvine, Calif. l Ecolab Foundation, St. Paul Emanuel Lutheran Church, Hamburg, Minn. l Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Elk River, Minn. Emmaus Lutheran Church, St. Paul l First Lutheran Church, Chattanooga, Tenn. l Fountain of Life LWML, Tucson, Ariz. Germanic Genealogy Society, St. Paul Our Savior Lutheran Church, Nashville, Tenn. l Our Savior Lutheran Church, Newton, Iowa l Peace Lutheran Church, Fort Wayne, Ind.l Peace Lutheran Church, Robbinsdale, Minn. l St. Paul Lutheran Church, Chicago, Ill. l St. John Lutheran Church, Austin, Minn. l

$247 to $499 3 Anonymous Edith (Yaeger, ’57) and Jack Anderson l Gertrude Anderson l William (’54) and Margaret Anderson Serene (Coulthart, ’67) and Robert App l Alvin and Marguerite Arndt l Joseph (’01, ’04) and Marissa (Holcomb, ’02, ’06) Austin l Gary Austin l Frederick (’59, ’62) and Mary Bauck l Ronald and Lois Behm l Jerome Boeder Dr. Londa (’61) Borer-Skov and Luther Skov l Susan h and Derald Borscheid l Sara (Wahl, ’99) and John Boss l Jonathan (’97) h and Heidi (’04) Breitbarth


Dr. David h and Joann Carlstrom l Bruce (’52, ’54) and Carol (Schempf, ’55) Casper l Dr. Cheryl h and Rev. Kelly Chatman Rev. David (’53) and Doris (Grimm, ’57) Cloeter l Jeffrey and Melinda Cotton l Catherine (Asimakopoulos, ’69) Davis l Charles (’80) and Nancy Deckert l George and Shannon Deer Judith (Eifert, ’59) and Richard Dorn l Rev. Michael Dorner h l Marion Drees l Richard and Kristin Dreyer Norman and Henrietta Duerr l Yunge Dutton Shirley Ebel l Dr. James (’65) and Elizabeth Eggert LuVerne Erickson l L. John and Kaisu Fisken Wendy (Wedo, ’95) and Thad FitzHenry l Kathryn (Day, ’68) and Ernest Freudenburg l Robert and Alice Ganskop l Dr. Victor h and Marilyn Gebauer Dr. Ralph and Anita Geisler l Dr. Boyd and Rhonda George l Michael Gerner (’96) l Rev. Eugene and Patricia Glade l Elton Gruenhagen l Dr. George Guidera h Rev. Vernon (’55, ’57) and Betty (Lorenz, ’58) Gundermann l Richard (’86) and Nyla Gutekunst Joanna (Braun, ’94) and Tom Hall l

David Hanpeter and Rosalie Maxwell l Dr. Alan h and Diane Harre Joyce (Ebel, ’80) Hetletvedt l Matthew Hewitt (’09, ’11) h l Dr. Paul (’83) h and Janet Hillmer Donald Horn George Horneber (’80) l Dwayne (’75) and Ann (Biberdorf, ’77) Jobst l Theodore and Linda Johnson Harland Kelm l Clayton Kilber David and Monica Kilber Philip (’90) and Alyssa (Chase, ’92) Klemp Judith Koch l Duane and Nancy Kohrs l Rev. Howard (’66) and Linda (Baule, ’67) Krienke l Elsie Kruse Jacob LaCroix (’03, ’06) l Kathleen (Remund, ’78) and Richard Lane l Susan Lawrenz-Smith Ranney and Verdall Leek l Ralph and Ruth List l Gilbert Luker l Thomas Mauer h Mark Michael Janice (Kaden, ’86) and Rev. Timothy Moe Frank and Judith Moore l Wayne Mory Roland (’42, ’44) and Miriam Mueller l Tim and Tammy Murphy l Robert and Margaret Nelson Wilbur (’49) and Jane Nemitz l

Theodore (’81) & Sharon (Reske, ’80) Hinck Majors: Ted: Director of Evangelism Outreach Sharon: Director of Christian Education Careers:Ted: Managing Producer at Twin Cities Public Television Sharon: Published Novelist Favorite CSP Memories: Ted: Band tour with Prof. Norris, infamous canoeing on Lake Concordia and working in the AV department with Dr. Burkart. Sharon: Being involved in theatre, and the various directors who encouraged me, particularly in choreography work. Dr. Kolb’s theology classes, and his “Why do you want to know,” approach to sticky theological questions. I continue to quote him to friends even after all these years. The couple: We loved the small group married-student fellowship we were part of during our last two years at CSP. Why we support CSP: We believe in the value of Christian education and the Lutheran tradition. Our most recent gift was made in honor of Ted’s mom, Verna Hinck, who shared the same values and loved attending various Bible classes with President Holst and President Hyatt. So when she passed away last fall, it made sense to give to CSP.

Joyce Nuernberg l Steven and Peggy Oehlke Dr. Glenn h and Marilyn h Offermann l Brian and Carole Olson Charlene (’96) and Harold Ostendorf l Norman and Jane Ott l John Pieper (’41) l Benjamin and Barbara Powell Rev. Theodore (’58) and Mary Predoehl l Judy Pugh Cheryl h and Gerry Rafftery Wes and Lois Rearick Dr. Marilyn h and Dr. Robert Reineck l Ferdinand and Ethel Rodriguez l Howard and Dorothy Rosenwinkel Rev. Harold (’54, ’56) and Edith Ross l Rev. Dr. Milton h and Dr. Carlene (Helmkamp, ’58) Rudnick Elaine (Michael, ’61) and Rev. Roger Ruff l Rebecca Schaffer (’01) l Helmuth Schmidt Amy h and Rev. Michael Scholz l Glen and Lois Schultz l Randy and Kathy Schunk l Richard and Rosalie Seltz Steve and Patricia Shelton l John and Susan Stejskal Douglas and Karen Stoltzmann Rev. Carl (’44, ’45) and Thea Streufert l Mabel Thompson l Sandra (Deetz, ’82) and Rick Thorington l Carol Toensing (’61) Timothy Utter(’67) h Heather (Meyer, ’97) and Brian Vanderpool l Janice Wiening l William and Mildred Wilcoxson Sharon (Lehrer, ’68) and Robert Wuggazer Rodney and Joyce Young Boulanger and Thorpe Families, Minnetonka, Minn. Emanuel Lutheran Church, Milbank, S.D. l King of Kings Lutheran Church LWML, Roseville, Minn. Medtronic Foundation, Minneapolis l St. John Lutheran Church, Alta, Iowa l St. John Lutheran Church, Arlington, Minn. l St. John Lutheran Church, Red Lake Falls, Minn. l St. John Lutheran Church, Stewartville, Minn. l St. Paul Lutheran Church, Green Isle, Minn. l St. Paul Lutheran Church, Lester Prairie, Minn. l Trinity Lutheran Church, Fisher, Minn. l Trinity Lutheran Church, Saint Louis l Trustmark Insurance Company, Lake Forest, Ill. l Wells Fargo Foundation, San Francisco, Calif. l Zion Lutheran Church, Seymour, Ind. Zion LWML, Detroit Lakes, Minn. l

Up to $246 46 Anonymous Charles and Delores Aakre l Dale and Cynthia Abrahamson Deanna (Schultz, ’65) and Larry Acord l Lois Affeldt l Donald (’59) and Lillian (Kuzma, ’68) Ahlman l Jolene (Juedes, ’70) and Rev. Gary Albert l Rev. Brad Aldrich Joseph Alianiello Tony and Christine Alianiello John and Luann Alleman Billie Bob and Sharon Allen Nelson and Merna Alleshouse l Rev. William (’69) and Paulette (Huber, ’71) Allwardt l Thomas Alvarez and Deborah Kulinski James (’93) and Paula (Vrieze, ’94) Aman l Kimber (Wilkie, ’89) and Richard Ampt l David Anderson l David and Nancy Anderson l Elizabeth (Engelhardt, ’67) and Lee Anderson Elwood and Judith Anderson Emmett Anderson l Gary and Loiry Anderson Harold Anderson Rev. Jeffrey (’64, ’66) and Kay Anderson Joy (Spitzack, ’02) and James Anderson Kathleen Anderson (’98) l Owen Anderson Paul Anderson Roger and Francine Anderson Russell Anderson l Valarie Anderson Vincent and Vickie Anderson Wayne (’60, ’63) and Sandy Anderson l John and Virginia Ansorge l Lawrence Archbold Greg Argo h Marvin and Kathleen Armstrong Wayne (’69ß) and Ruth Arndt l Anne Arthur Rev. Erland (’73) and Wendy (Baumgart, ’75) Asmus David Asmussen (’60) l Kenneth and Terese Atzmiller Eugene and Lois Auringer Raymond and Rachel Avikainen l Rev. Paul (’61) and Annette (Voth, ’62) Bacon l Linda (Fasching, ’83) and Lee Bailey l John and Linda Baker l Shirley (Splinter, ’56) and Allwyn Bakken l Clark and Alison Balcom Joel and Emily Barker l


Stephen (’61) and Anita Barlau l Linda Barnes (’01) l George and Lynnan Barr Gregory Barr John Barrow Thomas Bartelt (’71) Kenneth Bartlett Wilford and Arlene Bartley Rev. Dr. Fred h and Ruth Bartling Dr. Frederick h and Susan (Wolf , ’80) h Bartling Victoria Bartling Keven Bartness and Caragh O’Brien-Bartness Catherine Bartz l Betsy (’01, ’03) and Scott Baste l Jerilyn Bates (’91) Jean-Paul and Elizabeth Baudhuin Char Bayer l John and Jo Anne Beaman l Rev. John and Judith Beck l Rev. Paul (’45, ’47) and Gail Beck l Sally (Hoffmann, ’68) and James Beckendorf l Louis and Agnes Becker l Gretchen (Gienapp, ’67) h and James (’67) Beecroft l Walter and Marion Beehler Herbert (’42, ’44) and Amanda Beer l Donald and Gladys Beese Constance (Rengstorf, ’69) and Kenneth Behm l Dr. Charlene Behne l Brent (’66) and Judy Behrens Wayne and Christine Bell l Jeffrey (’04) and Sarah Bellach Denise Belland (’91) l Moshe and Dahlia Bellows Carline (Jackson, ’86) and Lars Bengtsson l Mary Benson Steven Benson Amy Bentz (’91) l Todd and Terri Bentz l Ann Berger l Lavonne (Hesemann, ’69) and Darrell Berglund l Joshua (’04) and Leah (Duxbury, ’04) Bernau l Rebekah (Braun, ’92) and Rev. Timothy Berner l Daniel and Elaine Besser Gary and Gloria Bethke l Beverly Betker (’61) l Brian (’92) and Wendy Betts l John and Glenda Betts l Rev. Dr. Philip h and Julie (’91) Bickel Rev. Paul and Joan Biegner l Dr. Walter and Marie Biesenthal l David (’70) and Barbara Bipes l Joshua (’97) and Tracy Birkholz l Dale and Delores Bishman Michael Bishman


= Deceased


Jerald and Tony Bisping David and Ruth Bittner Carsten Bjornstad Rev. Kristian (’89) and Monica Bjornstad l Robert Blanc Philip Blank Dorothy Blankenbuehler l Rev. Marvin Blaske (’51) l Donald and Coreen Blau l Marilyn (Brammeier, ’56) Bliese Barry (’71) and Donna Blomquist l Rev. Rodney (’76) and Tamra Blomquist l Kathryn Bock Bert and Beverly Bode l Rev. Gerhard and Patricia Bode Keith Bode l Gregory and Anna Boeder Rev. Philip (’66) and Kathleen Bohlken l Oradell Bolland l Dr. Eugene and Lois Bolliger l William and Phyllis Boltz l Rev. Terrance (’63) and Janet Borchard Marcella Borgschatz l Rhoda (Boehnke, ’69) and Lloyd Bork l Janis (Pflantz, ’78) and Richard Bourgeois l Judy Bouts Mary Boyd Rev. Richard (’48) and Joann Braem l James and Gwen Brainard l Joyce Brandes l Rev. Gary Brandt l Helen Brandt l Marylouise (Jaech, ’69) and Edgar Brandt l Rev. Victor (’37, ’39) and Irene Brandt l Dr. Paul and Mary Lou Brandvik l Rev. Joel (’84) and Susan Brandvoid l Kristen (Bode, ’74) and Mikel Brantley l Arland and Leanda Brase l Ruth Brauer Janice (McGorman, ’64) and Hal Brautnick l Marilyn (Forster, ’58) Bremer l Ardella Brenner l Earl and Espenna Breuer l Rev. Walter (’59, ’61) and Ruth Brill l Helen Bringewatt l Judith Brinkman l Rev. Paul (‘59, ’61) and Janice Brinkman l Irma (Hein, ’54) and Dr. Harold Brockberg l Leroy Brockberg l Joanne (Lueders, ’54) Brockopp Neal Brockschmidt Allen (’71) and Jo-Nette (Wilkening, ’70) Brogaard l Phyllis (Lehmann, ’69) and Bud Bronkema l Gordon and Sharon Broske

Annual Fund BOLD= 5 years of Consecutive Giving


William and Elizabeth Brostrom Eric and Lyla Brown l Dr. Carl and Anita Bruch l Peter and Frances Brueckner Kendall Bruhl (’08) Heather Brune (’03) l Ryan and Leslie Brunner Steven and Karen Bruns Leland and Lois Bruss Roger (’60) and Margienel (Garland, ’60) Buck l Rev. George and Dorothy Buck l Dr. Allan (’59) and Carol Buckman l Dr. Frederick (’46) and Lois Buelow l Edward and Pat Buerkle l Kenneth and Ruth Buetow l Robert and Linda Buffington l Helen Bunge Naomi Bunke l Rev. Dr. Willard (’43) and Elinor Burce l Dorothy Burdett Sylvia (Gunderson, ’68) and Dennis Burmeister l Barbara Busch Jayne (Miller, ’70) and John Cambronne l Inez (Schulz, ’54) and Stanley Campbell C. Keith Campbell Daniel and Teresa Campbell Daniel and Sharron Capece l Arthur and Tamara Carlson l Joyce Carlson Richard Carlson Russell and Joanne Carlson Therese Carlson John and Ruth Carr Rev. Dr. Richard h and Miriam Carter Florence Christiansen l Ruth (Block, ’74) and Richard Christensen l Carroll and Janae Clausen l Roxanne Cline Rev. Paul (’73) and Nancy Cloeter l Rev. Joel (’71) and Karen Cluver l John and Patricia Coffey Bruce and Cynthia Cohen Elizabeth h and Rev. Gerald Coleman Paula Colford Michael Colgrove l Kenneth (’74) and Jane Colyer l Steve and Maureen Connelly Bruce (’77) and Debra Connolly l Dale and Alrene Connolly l Warren Consoer l James Contois (’90) Karen Cooper l Paula (Becker, ’72) and Jeff Cooper l Martin and Elvera Cordes l



Mike and Sharon Cornelius Sharon (Bock, ’74) and Keith Corso l Jill Corson Pam Cottrell (’98) l J. Randolph Cox Brenda (Neumeyer, ’79) and Mark Crane l Philip and Eileen Crolius l Carol (Gunderson, ’72) and Bob Crosby l Richard and Barbara Crouter Bret and Mary Cummings Luke Dahl (’95) l Thomas and Gwen Dahl l Robert Dalluge l Rev. Richard (’67) and Kara (Alspaugh, ’85) Dannenbring l Bradley Davis (’06) l Rev. Daniel (’80) and Elizabeth Deblock l Mike and Rebecca Decet Dorothy Decker Joshua Deer (’04, ’08) h LaVerne and Jane Dehlin l Victoria Delmar Rev. Steven (’67, ’69) and Donita Delzer Rev. Curtis (’81) and Jo Ann Deterding l Kristine Deutsch Mary Deyoung (’90) l Jeanne Dicke (’06) l Mark Dicke (’90) l Jeanne (Hilyer, ’04) Dickhausen l Robert (’55) and Doris Dickhudt Colleen (Erdman, ’86) Diepolder l Elaine (Juers, ’56) and John Diercks Rev. William (’53, ’55) and Patricia Dierks Mary (Vogt, ’69) and Steven Dobberstein l Linda (Sommers, ’86) and Bruce Donnay l Sherry (Eggert, ’79) and Dale Dopp l Steven and Karen Dopson Rev. Hilbert (’57) and Marthlene Dorn Rev. Roger (’68) and Mary Dramstad l Annette Draves Leon and Martha Drebes William and Mary Drebes Vivian Drebes-Donelson Rev. David (’62) Dressel and Dr. Janice HartickDressel l Delores Drewes l Jeff and Kris Dubay Mark and Lori Dubay Lavonne (Woelber, ’56) and Edwin Duer l Colleen (Aakre, ’90) and Tod Duffy l Rachel (Krause, ’82) and Rev. Dennis Durham l Marsha (Anderst, ’72) and Rolland Durst l Luella Dusterhoft Daniel Dutton and Marilyn Leifgren


= Deceased


Elizabeth Duval (’61) l Jacqueline Easton Dr. William (’50) and Dorothy (’77) Ebel l Elaine (’66) Ebert l Kristin (’06) Echols-Dolby and Ben Dolby l Marian (Luker, ’97) and Charles Edelen l Thomas Edelen (’96) l Paul Eggebraaten l Edgar and Helen Eggers Paule Ehmcke Saundra (’66) and Richard Eichacker l Judith (Bode, ’64) and Leland Eilert l Melvin (’40, ’42) and Ruth Ellinger l Anna Ellingworth l Bernard Emkes Donald and Nancy Endicott l Richard and Sharon Engdahl Rev. Donald (’83) Engebretson l William (’53, ’55) and Jean Engelmann l Christopher and Joan Ennis David and Marion Erdmann Kathryn (Milow, ’57) Erickson l Scott Erickson (’92) l Kenneth (’85) and Toni Erlandson l Carol (Raedeke, ’62) and Bob Ernst Austin Ertelt (’12) l Andrew Everard (’97) l Nancy Fagely Timothy and Tamara Fagely l Barbara (Krueger, ’65) Fallert John Fandrey l William and Jacolyn Feeser l John (’61) and Dorothy Felten l Charlotte Ferlic Paul Fessler h William and Patricia Feyo Donald Fick (’56) l Elizabeth Fick l Richard Fick Ronald (’62) and Gale Fiebig l Susan Fiehler l Marko Fields h l Carolyn (Froh, ’76) h and Robin Fink l Florence Finke l Rev. Arnold (’50, ’52) and Marjory Fischer l John and Maureen Fischer l Rodger Fischer l Charles and Helen Flaherty Carroll and Delores Flaten Steven (’88) and Pam Flaten l Mary Fleming Frank and Gay Flock l Shawn (’01) and Angela (Piché, ’01) Fondow Rev. Curtis (’60) and Sandra (Buffington, ’60) Foreman l

Annual Fund BOLD= 5 years of Consecutive Giving

Grant and Memory Forsyth l John and Audrey Fox James (’67) and Rhoda Frank l Irma Franke Dr. Alvin (’50, ’52) and Sylvia (Wenger, ’56) Franzmeier l Timothy and Debra Fraser Ronald (’54) Frauenshuh Gertrude Freidinger Rev. Henry (’48) and Evelyn Friedrich l Rev. Robert (’56) and Irene Friedrich Carole Frier Eileen (Cordes, ’67) and Larry Fringer Gary (’88) and Rebecca (Wiegert, ’88) Fritz l Ruth (Krueger, ’52) Fry Clarence Funk l Mark and Jeannine Furukawa Gene and Karen Fussy Dr. Kathryn Galchutt (’93) Delbert and Kay Gangelhoff Scott and Marilyn Garbarino Deanna Garbers (’93, ’04) l Marvin and Roberta Garbers Tom and Carol Garvey l Jeanine Gatzke h James and Cheryl Gaylock l Duane (’62) and Mavis Gehl l Jeremy Geiger (’06, ’08) Drew Gerdes (’00) l Rev. Everett (’48, ’50) and Beverly Gerdes l Elmer and Phyllis Gernant l Steven Gerth and Jocelyn Reiling Gerth l Paul and Ann Gesme Anita Gibson l Larry and Lorayne Giff l Darlene (Ziesch, ’54) and John Giger l Anna Gilbert Diana Gilbertson Margie (Bunkowske, ’74) Gilles Susan Gilman Hasenwinkel l John and Mabel Gimbel l Ole and Sue Ann Gladhaug Edith (Rottmann, ’58) and Dale Glende l Bernadene (Wormer, ’54) Gnan l Virgil and Delores Goebel l Betty (Bokelheide, ’65) and Roger Goetz l Gregory Gogins Rev. Gordon Goldammer l Mary (Brockmann, ’56) and Arthur Goldgrabe l Dan and Paula Goligoski M. Lorraine Goligoski Rachel Goligoski Rev. Fred and Mary Golke l Audrey Golnick Rev. Darrell (’71) and Mary (Schultz, ’71) Golnitz

Conrad and Mary Goodwin Joel and Linda Goodwin Catherine Goset Helen Gottman Robert and Darlene Graff John Graham l Pamela (Heupel, ’74) and Rev. Craig Grams l Rev. Timothy (’61) and Mary (Walz, ’60) Grassinger l Joann (Benson, ’94) and Bradley Gratz l Tom and Kathryn Gray l Brenda (Sunness, ’02) and Ron Green l Rhonda Greenstone l Darla Mae Grefe l Richard and Robin Grenfell Dss. Diane (’69) Greve l Thomas and Lois Griffiths l Milton and Judith Grimm l David (’58) and Arlene Groll l Laura (Kelley, ’02) and Mark Groppoli l Thomas (’91) and Pamela (Rutz, ’89) Gross Mary (Laatsch, ’66) Gruett l Nicholas Gulden l Janet (Wuerffel, ’69) and Arlen Gullickson l Mark (’58, ’60) and Phyllis Gully l Betty Gunnary l Barbara (Brockmann, ’70) Gurney l Neil and Jeanne Gustafson David and DeAnn Haake Rhoda Haas l Rev. Donald and Linda Hackbardt l Dr. Nancy Hackett h Kent and Carol Hadrits l Marian Hagel l Paul (’87) and Corrine (Johnson, ’87) Hagen l Sharon Hagen l Ruth (Wagner, ’80) and Carl Hagenow l Joan (’76) h and John Hagman Jeanne and Arthur Hahm Gerald Hall Robert and Sara Hall Norman and Eleanor Halverson l Robert and Martha Hamann l Rev. Daniel (’56) and Nancy Hamlin l Lynn (Auringer, ’89) and Gregory Handzel l Rev. Herman (’53, ’55) and Carole Hannemann l Marshall Hansen Thomas Hansen (’80) and Mary Diedrick Hansen l Leona Hanson l Sheila Hanson (’04) l Ruth (Augustin, ’57) and Larry Hanusch l Roger Hardy and Jo Ann Donnelly l Marian Harmening l Joyce Harms l Elisabeth Harris l

Nancy h and Keith Harrower Loren and Phyllis Harste l Paul (’92) and Elisa Hartman l Louis Hass Lawrence and Nancy Hasse l Marion Hastings Robert Hathaway (’62, ’64) Dennis Hauge (’54, ’56) l Aletha (Kratzke, ’53) Haugen l John Hauser l Beverly (Swanson, ’65) and Herbert Havera l Louise Hawke l Wayne Hecht l Michael and Kimberly Hecht Margaret Heglie l Steven and Merry Heilmann Jeffrey and Sheila Heiman l Larry (’73) and Miriam Heinert Patricia (Prunty, ’67) and Larrie Heinzen Bruce Heitkamp (’81) l Gary and Pamela Helke Donald h and Linda Helmstetter David and Mathilda Hemme l Mary Hendrickson Rev. Barrie (’69) and Patricia Henke l Sharon (Kietzer, ’64) and David Herbst l Kathy Hering Kay Herrmann l Andrew (’07) and Katherine (Bessinger, ’07) Herzberg l Marilyn Heuer Rev. Timothy (’74) and Vicki Heupel l Eugene (’79) and Lynne Heuton l Lyle and Shirley Hight l W. Elden and Stephanie Hildebrandt Ron (’73) and Miriam (Schedler, ’74) Hilk l Eddie and Aleta Hill Robert Hill (’51) l Susan Hillmer (’91) Rev. William h and Susan Hillyer l Suzanne (Roslansky, ’68) and Bert Hilmer l Thomas Hingeveld l Wilfred Hinrichs (’47) l Frances Hirsch Robert Hoch (’76) l Hubert and Maxine Hoenes Dr. John and Stephanie Hoffman l Rebecca Hoffman-Senkus l Rev. Paul and Jane Hoffmann LaDonna Hoffmann l Jay and Jana Holle Rev. Peter (’72) and Marlene Holm l Richard Holman Brad and Teresa Holmer Elof Holmquist


Rev. Lowell (’56) and Janet Holstein l Rev. Allen (’67) and Barbara (Warnke, ’67) Holthus Rev. Arlin and Ardis Holtz l Robert Holz l Elizabeth (Luehmann, ’56) and Lyle Hoppe Marilyn (Duval, ’67) Hopper l Rev. Charles (’80) and Marsha (Pankow, ’78) Horkey l Bettie Horn-Bendewald l Rev. Russell (’50, ’52) and Cecile Howen l Barbara (Manz, ’71) and Clark Howland l Rhonda (Prahl, ’85) and Fredrick Hrdlicka l Mary (Bilawskyj, ’85) Hrynewych l Howard Huber l Lois (Schroeder, ’72) and David Hudak l Rodney and Kathi Hughes Rev. B. Steve and Grace Hughey l Michael (’94) and Amanda (Hoffman, ’95) Hunter l Janice (Fehlandt, ’71) and Carl Hutchison l Carol (Walz, ’58) Hutter Rev. Ralph (’44) and Barbara Huwe l Dr. Samiha Ibrahim h l Delbert Ihns (’83) l Eileen Imsdahl Frances Ingemann David (’77) and Kim Ingwerson l Teresa Irving Rev. John (’49, ’51) and Jeanie Israel l Denise Jackel-Bartness l Norma Jacob Rev. Robert (’57, ’59) and Ann Jacobs l Glenn (’85) and Sandy Jacques l Rev. James (’60, ’62) and Janice Jaekel l Rev. Orville (’49, ’51) and Arlene Jank l Marva (Feddersen, ’73) and Roger Janke l Robert and Jeanne Janney l Jean Janssen Rev. Laverne (’70) and Betty (Kangas, ’72) Janssen l Herbert (’61) and Janice Japs l Donald Jenkins Rachel (Kruse, ’90) and Russel Jeppesen l Sandra (Otto, ’61) Jerke l Andrea (Marecek, ’67) Johnson l Andrew (’05) and Jennifer (Mills, ’04) Johnson Jill Johnson h l Katherine (Erickson, ’06) and Jeffrey Johnson l Linda (Mueller, ’58) and Lee Johnson l O. Walter and C. Bette Johnson l Perry (’98, ’01) Johnson l Phyllis Johnson Robert (’88) and Karen Johnson l Stephen and Laurie Johnson l Susan Johnson Hanlon h l Wendy Johnson (’95) l Wesley Johnson l



Ronald and Janice Johnston l Donald and Arlys Jolstad Douglas and Mary Jones Guy Jones (’94) l Heather (Krusemark, ’07) and Joshua Jorde l James Jorgenson l Stephen and Tamara Joslin Janis (Diers, ’82) and David Judd l John and Lorraine Juergens l Muriel (Hoffman, ’55) Juers l Ronald Jurisch l Harold and Barbara Kaden Jeff and Barbara Kalvik Rev. Harold Kamman Stephen (’66) and M. Diane Kamnetz Franklyn and Ruth Kandt Kevin and Valerie Kandt Robert and Margaret Kanuit l John and Patricia Kark Rev. Dr. Robert (’79) and Deborah (Brandt, ’85) Kasper Elda Kastner l David (’91) and Susan (Bell, ’92) Katzke l William and Dee Kavouras Bradley and Sara Kay Elspeth Keables Tricia (Magedanz, ’91) and George Kedaitis l Brad and Eden Keefe Timothy and Kathryn Keehn Carol Keller Elmer and Dorothy Kellner l Patrick (’00, ’06) and Christine Kelly l George (’71) and Nadine Kelm l John (’74) and Jill (Boeckenhauer, ’76) Kelm l Jacob and Sonja Kemen l Robert and June Kempson l Marilyn Ketter l Charles and Ruth Kiecker l Janice (Hansen, ’57) Kienas l Allison Kietter Rachelle (Bittner, ’71) and John Kiletico l Viki Kimsal Lynette (Wolfe, ’61) and Warren Kindt l Carl and Marilyn Kirkendall Jane (Witt, ’71) and Rick Kirschenmann l Ralph and Elaine Kirshbaum l Kathleen (Krenke, ’70) and Neil Kirst l Diane (Person, ’66) and Wayne Kittleson l Elaine Klaustermeier l Arland and Eileen Klein l Rev. Roger and Helen Klemz l Minnie Klone l A. Bernard (’52) and Barbara Kluge l Ruth Knaack (’73) l


= Deceased


William (’68) and Katherine (Boschee, ’68) Knea l Rev. Sergei (’55, ’57) and Ann Koberg l Rev. Edward (’53, ’55) and Patricia (Weckop, ’55) Koehler l Rev. James (’50, ’52) Koehler l Mr. Arnold and Shirley Koehn l Rev. Larry and Sarah Koehn Theodora Koeppen William Koglin Matthew (’02) and Sarah (Wolf, ’01) Kohl l John and Jeanette Kohnen l Rev. Dale (’70) and Sharilyn Kohrs l Rev. Dr. Alvin (’47, ’49) and Jacquelin Kollmann l Maynard and Elgaard Koopmann l Karl and Melanie Kopperud David (’87) and Theodora Kothe l Nanette Kottke Mary Jane (Schwieters, ’93) and Thomas Kowal l Keith and Orma Kraai Anthony and Beverly Krall Anna Kramer (’09) Carlyle and Mary Kramer James Kramer (’07) Janet (Seibel, ’66) and Rev. Charles Kramer l Korinne Kramer Llewellyn (’82) and Julie (Craven, ’81) Kramer l Alan and Mary Krause Rev. Martin (’50) and Elda Krause l Dorothy Kreider Kay Kreider Robert Kreiger and Ruth Sohl-Kreiger l James and Norma Kretzmann Lambert (’61) and Jean Krinke Francis Kroeger Lou Krohn (’01) h l Corinne Kroonblawd l Rev. George (’58) and Annette (Brauer, ’57) Krueger l Rev. Robert (’63, ’65) and Linda Krueger Dr. Robert h and Rachel h Krueger l Gordon and Maureen Krumrey l Donna Kruse l Rev. Loren (’63) and Dianne (’92) Kruse l John (’90) Kruzel l Daniel (’92) and Jodi (Johnson, ’90) Kuball Aaron (’84) and Patricia Kubasch l Junelle Kubik l Diane (Lyons, ’73) and Larry Kuchenbecker l Rev. Larry (’56, ’58) and Sandra Kudart l Rev. David (’63, ’65) and Peggy Jean Kuerschner John (’63) and Shirley (Schimelpfenig, ’62) Kuerschner l Lyle Kuhlmann l Casey (Darmody, ’03) and Todd Kunard l Marlys (Gierke, ’57) and Wesley Kunz l Thomas (’68) and Cherice (Carrigan, ’68) Kuseske l

Annual Fund BOLD= 5 years of Consecutive Giving

Bessie (Pakan, ’55) Kuske l Barbara (Wuertz, ’60) and Clifford Kuxhaus l Emily (Kitzman, ’83) and Terry Lafrentz l Terry (’93) and Sheila Lambert l Roland Lambrecht (’58) l Donald and Connie Landecker Dan and Shanda Landes l Janet (Emanuel, ’57) and Ralph Landgraf l Robert and Judith Lange Rev. Roger (’56) and Ginny Lange l Rev. Martin and Carol Langemo l Victoria (Cloeter, ’88) and Donald Langewisch l Beatrice Langford Brian and Kelly Larson Ruth (Haase, ’59, ’72) and Claude Larson l Rev. Scott (’79) and Carla Larson l Donna (Schlinsog, ’57) and Wayne Lau l Robert Laudon l Rox Ann Lauer (’94) l Carol (Krenz, ’71) and Kermit Lauterbach l David (’67, ’69) and Tammy Lawrenz l Marlo and Carol Lean l Eric LeBlanc (’08, ’09) l Arlin and Nancy Leder l Chao Lee Chao and Thao Lee Paula Lee Dawn (Shiell, ’77) and Bruce Lees l Jean (Kazeck, ’74) Legge l Rev. Kurt and Janice Lehmkuhl l Gary (’76) and Gayle Lehmkuhl l

William and Louise Lehnherr l Wanda (Biel, ’61) and Merlin Leiding l Robert h and Phyllis Leininger Waldo and Avis Leistico l Norvel and Roberta Leistiko l Anthony and Jessie LeMay Elmer Lemke l Rev. Layton (’57) and Melba Lemke l Jeffrey and Ingrid LeMunyon l Rodney (’79) and Tina (Hoyt, ’79) Lenz l Rev. Ronald (’65) and Charlotte LePere l Connie Lewis William (’56, ’60) and Pearl (Lejchar, ’57) Lieb Rev. Steven Liechti (’68) l Richard and Sharon Lillehaug Chong (’67) and Judith Lim Fern Lindemeier Donald and Sharen Linder l Donna Lindstrom (’66) l Dick Lineweaver Sandra Linville Keith Lippincott Mary (Gurenhagen, ’59) and Alvin Loesel l Randy Long Fong Lor David (’88) and Brenda (Garbers, ’90) Lovhaug l Dr. Miriam h Luebke and Ernest D’Anjou l Elmer Luehrs l Janice (Jacot, ’73) and David Luhrs l Thomas and Jill Lund Joanne (Singstock, ’58) and Charles Luther l

David and Suzanne Marvosh Parents of Michael Marvosh ’06 Our favorite memory of Michael attending Concordia: His theatrical performances, especially Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Also, we enjoyed seeing him conduct the orchestra at graduation ceremonies. The most important thing Michael learned while at Concordia: He developed his God given talents, those he was aware of and those he was unaware of. Why we support Concordia: To support students as they learn how to get along with others. And, to support students in an environment that encourages them to pursue altruism in their lives.

Rev. Edward and Ellen Lutz l Nicole Lyman (’09) h l Rev. Dennis (’62) and Katherine (Wiese, ’62) Maaske l Herbert and Marsha Madlung l Wendy (’95, ’99) and Dion Madsen l Dr. Kay h and Gregory Madson Gregory and Mary Kay Mages l Rev. Myron (’60) and Dorothy Maltz l Leon and Elizabeth Markgraf l Rev. Clarence (’64) and Jody Marquardt l Rev. Martin (’54) and Dorothy Marquardt l James and Ann Martinson David and Suzanne Marvosh l Lois (Schaefer, ’60) and Eugene Marxhausen l Ardis Mathews l Joel (’82) and Kathleen Mathews l Carolynne h and William Mathis l Richard and Patricia Mattson l Cheryl (Glaser, ’68) Matzke l Marilyn May (’88) l William and Margo Mayer l Renata Mayrhofer h l Sandy McClelland Eunice (Kurth, ’64) McColister l Steven and Brenda McCormick Daniel and Ann McDonald Leo McFarland Stephen and Debra McGarth Misty (Nelson, ’09) and Joel McKinley Robert and Kathleen McNaughton l Kimberly Medick Rev. John (’84) and June (Reinboth, ’84) Meehan l Peggy Meerse Albert Meier Paul and Joyce Melchert l Rev. Theodore (’55, ’57) and Mary Melinat l Dr. David h and Katherine Mennicke l Joyce Mennicke l Leroy (’54, ’56) and Rosemary Merkel l Carol (Abraham, ’52) Meyer l Donna (Galster, ’61) and Verdonn Meyer l Ernest and Carol Meyer l Eugene and Rose Marie Meyer l Gail (Goulett, ’71) Meyer l Karen Meyer (’66) l Ken and Mavis Meyer l Kenneth Meyer (’59) l Mildred (Guthmiller, ’59) and Robert Meyer l Rev. Victor and Joanne Meyr Rev. Craig (’90) and Amy Michaelson l Robert and Judy Mickelson l Rev. Dr. Marvin h and Melba Middendorf Rev. Michael (’81) and Lana (Kinunen, ’81) Middendorf l


Patricia Milbrath l Margie Milczarek-Ritter (’01) l Clarence and Helen Miller l Rev. Fred Miller (’28, ’30) Marveen Minish Judith Minning (’99, ’01) l Rev. Wallace (’46, ’48) and Dorothy Misterek l Rev. Steven (’83) and Teresa Moberg l Janet Moede Mary Mohlke (’90) l Anita (Stellwag, ’68) and Rev. Donald Mohr l Jennifer Moje (’83) l John and Elaine Moje l Douglas (’82) and Lynette Molin Kenneth Molin Mary Jean (Borer, ’56) and Donald Montag l Dr. Karen Moroz h Rhoda (Leckband, ’88) and Eugene Morris l Sylvester and Ruth Morschen l Cindy Moynihan (’98) l Karen Mueller l Lyle and Judith Mueller Patra (Pfotenhauer, ’90) and Peter Mueller l Rev. Paul (’40, ’42) and Evelyn Mueller l Rev. Paul (’56, ’58) and Sandra Mueller l Viola Mueller l Joseph and Noreen Mullen Rev. Lyle and Marlene Muller Robert and Lynne Mulso l Allen and Hazel Mumm l Harold and Ruth Mundschenk l Leonard Munson Robert and Marilyn Murphy l Oscar Mussman l Jason Muzik (’01) Douglas and Cynthia Myers l Rev. Edwin (’52) and Ellen Narr l Ted and Shirley Naumann l Rev. Dennis (’68) and Marian (Krueger, ’68) Neels Clyde and Cathleen Nelson l Gayle Nelson l James and Marie Nelson l Nancy Nelson l Rev. Paul (’77) and Judith Nelson l Robert Nelson Dale Nepp l Robert and Julie Neuhaus Theodore Neuhaus Robert and Larayne Newton James and Ellen Nielson Rudolph and Jean Niemiec l Muriel (Goetsch, ’57) and Richard Niss l Dennis and Betty Noel Janice Noerenberg (’74) l


Rev. Dudley (’69) and Elizabeth Nolting l Victoria Nordquist David and Evelyn Nordstrom l Nancy Norris-Weber (’91) l Rev. Robert and Bonnie Nowak l Barbara Nymark John and Lori Obermeyer Thomond O’Brien Thomond and Demaris O’Brien Daniel and Jan Ochsner Marvin and Joan O’Donnell l James (’00) and Donna (Isaacson, ’80) Oesterreich l Wallace and Irene Ohland l Delbert and Sue Oldenburg l Derlen Oldenburg (’79) l Janet (’94) and Ken Olderness l James (’73) and Betty (Wiger, ’80) Oloff l Peter and Cheryl Olofson l Arlen and Martha Olson Glenn Olson Mary (Bode, ’55) and Harlan Olson l Kerstin (’88) and C. Jack Oman l Gene and Lisa Opatrny l Douglas and Kimberley Opsal Shirley Opsal Michael and Kimberly Orr l Darlene (Heuton, ’59) Osier l Rev. Bryan (’84) and Julie (Pechous, ’87) Osladil l Ronald and Veloren Osladil Dale and Pamela Ott

Rev. Daniel (’54, ’56) and Audrey (Gehl, ’56) Otto Rev. Dr. Rodney (’63) and Phyllis (Foreman, ’65) Otto Marlys (Schaetzke, ’61) and Donald Overlie l Lloyd and Judy Palmer Mark and Beth Palmer Loretta (Steffen, ’60) Palmer l Edith Pankow l Terry (’70) and Cheryl Pankow l Dorothy Panning l Michele Patraw (’04) Rev. Gary and Beverly Paul l David Pauling (’57) l Rev. Ruclare (’54, ’56) and Patricia Pauling Greg and Susan Pawelk l John and Beverly Pearson Clifford and Sylvia Perez l David and Ann Peter l Henry and Lorraine Peters l Lisa Petersen Donald Peterson (’50) l Terri Peterson Timothy and Joan Peterson l Vern (’92) Peterson l Paul and Lisa Petterson Jamia Pettinger M. LaMai Pettit l Rev. Karl (’51, ’53) and Margaret Petzke l Peter Pha and Be Vang Eileen Phleger l

Anna Barton (’11) Major: Marketing How I plan to impact the world: Be ethical in all my business practices. How Concordia has helped me prepare to impact the world: The professors have taught us what is right and wrong and they’ve shared realworld examples to help us better understand how to act ethically. Why I will support CSP: Concordia has prepared me so much for life. I’d like to see it grow and change for the better to benefit students and I know my contributions will be essential to that growth.

Wilfred and Alice Pieper l Kimberly (’90) and John Pilarski l Sharon Pinney l Cynthia Pitts Dr. David and Dr. Helen Piwnica-Worms Ruth Pochucha l Rev. Lynn (’59, ’61) and Karla Podoll l Rev. Raymond (’56) and Joann Pomplun Justina Pope l William and Jean Porter Eudora Post l John Post l Ruth Pralle l Steven and Wendy Press David and Lavon Priebe l Lee Priebe-Spomer l Dr. Neil (’76) and Lois (Studenski, ’81) Prokosch l Paul (’61) and Carla Puckett l Carolyn (Dey, ’70) and Rex Pugmire l Willard and Dorothy Pulkrabek l Stephanee Putnam (’71) l Anastasia (Bartling, ’87) and Charles Pydych Paul and Susan Quam Ronald and Lorriane Quandt l Bruce and Ruth Quimby Brian and Catherine Quinlivan Thomas Quint Kathy (Klein, ’90) Radde l Paul Rademacher (’91) l John and Ardis Radintz Samuel (’00) and Elizabeth (Neels, ’96) Rahberg l Rev. Dr. Robert (’54, ’56) and Donna Rahn Michael Raimondi Rev. George (’51) and Lavonne Rattelmuller l James and Rebecca Ratz l Rebecca (Wiebold, ’94) and Jon Rausenberger l J. Rodney and Judy Reck l Joan (Schramm, ’56) and Jerome Reckdahl Renee Rerko h l Betty Richter l Carol Richter l David and Suzanne Richterkessing l Robert h and Thelma Rickels l Heather Riddle and Michael McCue l Rev. John and Julia Rieck l Ruth (Meier, ’64) and Herbert Riederer l Rev. Dr. Hilbert h and Joan Riemer Donna (Hampel, ’63) and Donald Riess l Lawrence Riesselman (’04) l Rev. Jonathan (’01) and Jocelyn (Redemann, ’03) Riggert Michael and Kay Rindal David (’67) and Doris (Bremer, ’68) Robbins l Richard and Ruth Robertz Donald and Verona Robinson l h

Timothy and Sharon Rock Jonathan and Katherine Rockey Keith and Ladona Roelfs Arthur Rohe (’44) l Rev. Robert Rolf (’33, ’35) Luann (Schroeder, ’73) and Robert Roman l Diane (Buttenhoff, ’68) and Virgil Rose l Martha Rosenberg l Gary (’51) and LaVonne Rosenwinkel David and Jeanine Roth l William and Sue Rudy Nancy (Anderson, ’69) and Glenwood Ruff l Russell and Susan Ruggles l Glenn (’61) and Jacqueline (Schulz, ’62) Rullman l Bill and Judith Rummel l Dorothea (’71) and George Rummel l Warren and Peggy Rumsch l Bert and Nita Runge l Lawrence and Margaret Runtsch l Rev. Timothy (’86) and Ann Runtsch l Constance (Musselman, ’99, ’02) and Douglas Ruth l Lillie Rutz Brenda Rydeen Judith Rydeen Paulette (Turner, ‘78) and Robert Saatzer l Calvin (’53) and Kathleen Sailer l Rev. Scott (’81) and Sarah (Meyer, ’83) Sailer l Richard and Sandra Saliny Robert Sallstrom l Jayna (Casper, ’60) and Lawrence Saltz l Jarred Sampson h Donald and Carol Sandberg Charles (’61) and Suzanne Sandstrom Mildred Sargent Candace Sather l Todd Savage Clinton and Patricia Sawinski Rev. Kenneth (’68) and Diane Schamber l Andrew Schatz (’95) Wilmer = and Fae Schewe l Steven and Mary Schier l Rev. John and Helen Schildwachter Christian (’95) and Karla (Severeid, ’96) Schiller l Rev. Glen (’85) and Katherine (Johnson, ’84) Schlecht l Rev. John (’71) and Carol Schleicher l Sharon (Biel, ’56) Schlichtmann Dana (Christoffer, ’91) and Kevin Schmid l Rev. John and Ethel Schmid Rev. David (’55, ’57) and Gladys (Matasovsky, ’57) Schmidt James and Connie Schmidt l John Schmidt (’75) l Mark and Cheryl Schmidt l Paul (’49) and Doris Schmidt l


= Deceased


Robyn Schmidt Victor and Harriet Schmidt l Wilmer and Virginia Schmidtke Donald and Mary Schneider Ruth Schneider l Don and Roselyn Scholz l Dell and Judy Schomburg l Alton and Ardyce Schroeder l Dr. Joel (’82) h and Stacey (Bartelma, ’92) Schuessler Rev. Deane and Julie Schuessler Cheryl Anne Schuette (’84) l Darlene Schuette l Kathleen (Okerlund, ’68) and Wilmer Schuettpelz l Richard Schuetzler l Dr. Joel (’78) and Mary (Hertwig, ’77) Schuldheisz l Rev. Dr. Mark h and Dr. Rhoda h Schuler Nancy (Luschen, ’67) and William Schuller l Donald and Sara Schult Rev. Oliver (’67) and Dolores Schultz l Mark Schultz (’78) l Shirley (Schneeberger, ’81) Schultz l Lawrence and Lola Schultze l Rev. Joshua (’97) and Kelli (Strehlo, ’97) Schunk Adam (’00) and Rachel (Noennig, ’99) Schutte Leah (Anderson, ’71) and Keith Schwan l Rev. James (’50, ’52) and Donna Schwandt l Sharon Schwarz H. Schweigert l Alaine h and Rev. Brian (’96) Scoles Harold and Marjorie Sell l Annamary Seltz (’77) l Rev. Martin and Joanne Seltz l Paul and Millie Seltz Todd and Carolyn Sharp Victor and Gladys Shepperd l Bonnie Sherman Greta Shewan l Richard and Myrtle Shira l Marlice (Bratrud, ’61) and Bill Shirley l Emily (Heine, ’09) Siegel l Ilene Siemers (’68) l Elizabeth Siemion Lorraine (Johnson, ’56) Siewert l Suzanne (Novakowski, ’00, ’05) Sjoselius l Mildred h and Melver Sjostrand Joy Skelton l Vang Skibbie Lonnie and Carolyn Slaughter Jordan and Ashley Slominski Howard and Dorothy Sloneker l Michael Smeby l Ann (Reddel, ’59) Smekrud l Denise Smith l Harold and Aurelia Smith l Joan Sohn

Annual Fund BOLD= 5 years of Consecutive Giving


Isabella Som (’11) Linda Sons Rev. Marvin (’71) and Lynn Soulek l William (’73) and Connie (Hopp, ’73) Souza Rev. Mark (’66) and Barbara Spelzhausen l Clarence and Helen Spitzack James (’63) and Nancy (Schloman, ’74) Spitzack l Chap. Herbert (’50, ’52) and Carla (Farrell, ’52) Spomer l Richard and Marjorie Springer Keith and Janet Springer l Ruby St. Martin (’65) l Charles (’65, ’67) and Cindy Stanga l Everett and Doris Stark l Brady Starkey h Jerry and Barbara Stearns Joan (Schuman, ’58) Steese l Ryan (’05) and Katherine (Moulds, ’04) Steffen l Harold and Evelyn Stener l Sandra Stenzel Lawrence and Donna Stepien l William and Virginia Steuber l Robert and Kathy Stinson Jan Stockman (’78, ’04) l Rev. William (’48, ’50) and Wilma Stockman l Rev. Robert and Chyeral Stohlmann l Rev. Brian and Sarah Stolarczyk Kristin Stolte Christopher and Katherine Stone Jeffry Storey (’06, ’08) l Norbert (’61, ’63) and Sharon Strecker l Pamela (Manitz, ’84) and Paul Strehlo l Dr. Daniel and Dr. Stephanie Streitz Thomas and Chari Strelow Jesse (’02) and Sarah Stremcha l Ruth Stresow (’58) l Karen (Mielke, ’73) and Rev. David Strohschein l Brad and Donna Strong Horace and Shirley Strong James and Carla Struble l Karl and Elaine Stubenberg Duane (’67) and Alison Stucke l Rev. Ray and Marilyn Stuckwisch l Marianne Studer l Ronald and Jane Stuedemann Rev. Dr. Arlyn (’67) and Karen (Nasby, ’68) Sturtz l Dee Suter Dorothy (Wagner, ’68) and Chester Sutton l Rosemary (Tolzman, ’70) and Alvin Swanson l Richard and Joyce Swedean l Daniel and Sally Swenson Gordon (’53) and Jane Swenson l Christopher and Sharon Swentkofske William (’69) and Carol Swope l



Vanessa Sypara Raymond Takeuchi l ReNae (Kaelberer, ’88) and Robert Tangen l Hillary Tanke l E. Kathryne (Hallin, ’61) Taralseth l Arlene (Syrjala, ’56) and Russell Tarvainen l Luellyn (Roth, ’67) and Ronald Tausan l Elizabeth (Bartling, ’86) and Michael Taylor l Jill Teetzel Rev. Victor and Fern Tegtmeier l Janice Templin l Joseph and Rae Ann Tewinkel Fue and Mai Thao Tougeu Thao and Hlee Lor Xouada Thao Lorraine Thomas l Richard and Rhoda Thompson l Rev. Jeffrey (’91) and Jeanne Thormodson l Robert and Ruth Tienor Patrick and Theresa Tierney l Rev. Bruce (’84) and Valerie (Behling, ’84) Timm l Connie Timm (’90) l Robert and Eunice Timm l Doris (Holz, ’59) Timmer l Valerie (Rydell, ’66) and Keith Toelle l Jill Tollefson Gordon and Geraldeane Tomhave l Gladys Tonn l Janelle (Goettsch, ’79) and Mark Tonsager l Stan Tordsen Darlene Toth l Glenn and Claudia Trapp l Rev. Dr. Thomas h and Kathleen Trapp Ramona (Reinking, ’76) and Douglas Trebesch l Imogene Treichel (’78) Elaine Trimberger (’54) l Douglas and Shirley Triplett John (’70) and Laurie Tritabaugh l Rev. Carl (’82) and Carol (Swanson, ’85) Trovall l Elizabeth Truman Tim and Lisa Truman Michael and Genevieve Turk Steve Turk Elfrieda Turnmire l Bill and Sharon Tvedt Kelly Ubel Myron Uecker (’64) l Shelly Ulrich Eugene and Nadine Ulring Joel and Diana Ulring Richard and Jean Unrath l Michael (’83) and Ronell (Osladil, ’86) Uran Pamela Uran (’91) l Roland and Judith Uran


= Deceased


Cathleen Urbain Richard and Ginger Urmanski Susan Van Cleaf l Marguerite (Walburg, ’72) and Gary Vance l Peter Vang (’03, ’07) Som Vang and Sandy Pham-Vang Melanie (Moore, ’08) and Richard Vasterling David and Janet Veith l Betty (Lindemeier, ’55) Velzke l Cate Vermeland h Kirk and Cynthia Verseman l Norman Vig and Carol Oliver Gary and Monica Voegtli l Wendy (Gates, ’89) and Miles Voehl l Judith (Albers, ’70) and Rodney Voelker l Rev. Leroy (’54, ’56) and Gloria (Gerike, ’57) Vogel l Rev. Gordon Vogt (’50, ’52) Ron Vogt l Nichole Voigt Rev. Robert and Phyllis Volkert Lydia Volz l Ruth Volz Donald and Molly Vomhof l Hubert and Audrey Voth l Daniel and Lesley Vrudny Joseph Vrudny Paul and Myra Vrudny Robert Vrudny Marilyn Wachholz l Bryan and Dianne Wachsmuth l Lorette h and Roger Wachter l Sara (Potratz, ’84) and Daniel Wacker l Alan and Laurie Wagenbach l Richard (’60) and Kathy Wagenknecht l Tim and Carol Wagner Jerry Wahlert (’66) l Robert and Aileen Wahlstedt Jeffrey (’84) and Monika Walcheski l Judy Walter John and Jacqueline Walther l Timothy and Gretchen Walther Steve and Julaine Waltner Larry and Lynn Walz l George Wangen Ella Warnke h Gregory (’72) and Barbara (Beauchamp, ’74) Washington Gladys Weber-Klein l Lawrence and Lucille Wehrs l Rev. Arthur (’57) and Angeline (Jacobs, ’58) Weidner l Dr. George and Rosemary Weir John and Lorri Weix Rhoda Wellbrock l Floyd Wentz l

Annual Fund BOLD= 5 years of Consecutive Giving

John and Vera Wenzel Lillian Werling Rev. Waldo (’39, ’41) and Ruth Werning Rev. Robert (’59) and Karen (Rosen, ’62) Westad l Guy (’84) and Marilyn Westphal l Marilyn (Erdman, ’73) and Kevin Westrum l Dennis Wetzel (’69) l Benjamin (’00) and Nicole Wibstad l Michael and Virginia Wickens Linda (Hanson, ’76) and Howard Wiebold l Michelle Wiebold (’94) l Agnes Wiedrich l Karen (Kruse, ’62) Wiegert l Donelda (Karnopp, ’57) and Glenn Wildung l Jeff and Mary Williams l Donald (’91) and Lynnae Winnes l Max Wipperman (’58) l Thomas and Debra Wiprud Eunice Witry l Jay and Joan Wittman Yvonne (Lemke, ’76) and Arlen Wittrock l Margaret (Greene, ’62) Wolfe l Marvin and Pamela Wolfmeyer l Gayle Woller Marie Woller (’69) l Dale (’79) and Donna (Schuenke, ’80) Woock l Dr. David Woodard h Rev. Jon (’64, ’66) and Lola (Narr, ’67) Wuerffel l Rev. Theodore (’62, ’64) and Abigail Wuerffel Molly Wurst Ken and Kristy Xayabout Richard Yakir l Bruce Yang and Chue Thao Chavang and Chue Yang l Ralph and Carol Yellick Arthur and Margaret Young Rev. Kenneth and Mildred Young Norman and Annette Young Susan Young l Rev. Carleton (’56, ’58) and Zelda Zahn l Rev. Carl Zahrte Edwin and Rhea Zarn l Kathryn (Hamann, ’79) and Gene Zettler l Gil (’71) and Mary-Ellen Zimbelman l Rev. Dr. Giles and Margaret Zimmer Curtis and Deb Zimmerman Dennis Zimmerman h l Melvin and Elizabeth Zimmerman l Rev. Bruce (’60, ’62) and Mary Zimmermann l Rev. Timothy (’62, ’64) and Carol Zimmermann l Lorraine Zuehlke l 651media, St. Paul l A. Johnson & Sons Florists, St. Paul l Advisors of America, Inc., St. Paul

All Saints’ Episcopal School, Fort Worth, Texas l Ameriprise Financial Services, Minneapolis Bern Family Foundation, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Minnetonka l Bethlehem Lutheran Church, St. Paul l Capital Tax Consulting, St. Paul Christ Lutheran Church Christian Women’s Fellowship LWML, Eagan, Minn. Concordia Lutheran Church, South St. Paul, Minn. l Everything’s Possible LLC, St. Louis Park, Minn. Faith Lutheran Church, Pierre, S.D. l First English Lutheran Church Joanna Circle, Faribault, Minn. First Lutheran Church LWML, Glencoe, Minn. l First Lutheran Women in Mission, Waldorf, Minn. l Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Circle Pines, Minn. l Grace Lutheran Church, Carrington, N.D. l Grace Lutheran Ladies Aid, Correll, Minn. l Hmong ABC, St. Paul IBM Corporation, Research Triangle Park, N.C. l Immanuel Ladies Aid, McIntosh, Minn. l Immanuel Lutheran Ladies Aid, Parkers Prairie, Minn. l King of Glory Lutheran Church, Blaine, Minn. Klinger Ladies Aid, Readlyn, Iowa l Krueger Law Firm, St. Paul LCMS North Wisconsin District, Wausau, Wis. l Longcheng Inc., South St. Paul , Minn. L.W. Meyer Inc., Madison, Wis. LWML, New York Mills, Minn. l Macalester College, St. Paul The Macy’s Foundation, Cincinnati, Ohio l Messiah Lutheran Guild, Mounds View, Minn. l Mt. Zion Lutheran Eventide Guild, Minneapolis l Our Savior Lutheran Church, Brownsdale, Minn. l Our Savior Lutheran Church, Ceylon, Minn. l Our Savior Lutheran Church, Eyota, Minn. l Our Savior Lutheran Church, McGregor, Minn. l Our Saviour’s Lutheran Guild, Pipestone, Minn. Paharpo Studio, St. Paul Peace Lutheran Church, Barney, N.D. l Peace Lutheran Ladies Guild, Faribault, Minn. l Pella Rolscreen Foundation, Pella, Iowa l Ryan Companies US, Inc., Minneapolis l Securian Foundation, St. Paul l St. James Lutheran Church, Shawano, Wis. l St. John Lutheran Church, Buffalo, Minn. l St. John LWML, Wheaton, Minn. l St. John’s Ladies Aid, Barnesville, Minn. l St. John’s Ladies Aid, Elmore, Minn. l St. John’s Ladies Aid, West Bend, Wis. l St. John’s Lutheran Ladies Aid, Atwater, Minn. l St. John’s Lutheran Ladies Aid, Park Rapids, Minn. l St. John’s Lutheran Ladies Aid, Villard, Minn. l St. John’s LWML, Sherburn, Minn. l

St. Mark’s Lutheran Women’s Guild, Benson, Minn. l St. Matthew Lutheran Church, Max, N.D. l St. Matthew’s LWML, Worthington, Minn. l St. Paul’s Lutheran Charity Club, Fairmont, Minn. l St. Peter Lutheran Church, Gibbon, Minn. l St. Stephanus Women’s Ministry, St. Paul l Stellar Kent Corporation, North Branch, Minn. Thomson Reuters, St. Paul l Toro Company, Bloomington, Minn. l Trinity Lutheran Church, Waseca, Minn. l Trinity Lutheran Ladies Aid, Twin Valley, Minn. l Trinity Lutheran Ladies Aid, Jasper, Minn. l Trinity Lutheran Ladies Aid, Morristown, Minn. l Urban Academy, St. Paul Urban Cross-Cultural College Consortium, Minneapolis VHired Inc, St. Paul Wallace and Irene Bronner Family Charitable Foundation, Frankenmuth, Mich. Wilbert Lutheran Ladies Aid, Ceylon, Minn. l Zion Lutheran Church, Alexandria, Minn. l Zion Lutheran Church, Green Isle, Minn. l Zion LWML, Warren, Minn. l


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Presidential Inauguration and Reception

Concordia’s Ninth President, Rev. Thomas K. Ries Homecoming Weekend • Saturday, September 24, 10 a.m. • Gangelhoff Center

Alumni, students, faculty, staff, family and the greater community are welcome to join Concordia University, St. Paul during Homecoming weekend as it inaugurates Rev. Thomas K. Ries as its ninth president in the institution’s 118 year history. A reception will follow the ceremony.

Concordia University, St. Paul Gangelhoff Center 235 Hamline Ave. N. St. Paul, MN 55104 More at

Concordia St. Paul Magazine | Fall 2011  

Ries’ Road: Rev. Tom Ries’ vocational journey has led him to CSP’s presidential post

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