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2013 Report on Giving

We believe

There is no greater value, no greater return on investment, than an educated, empowered woman who is grounded in liberal arts and given the tools and the courage to change the world.

Dear friends,

Our fiscal year 2013 is truly one for the history books. Because of you — our closest friends and donors — College of Saint Benedict reached a fundraising milestone this year that our founders could only have dreamed of: $9.3 million in total gifts and pledges from 5,850 donors. More important than the dollars raised is the power of your collective support. Whether your contribution funds one textbook or 100 scholarships, your gift demonstrates our shared belief that empowered, educated, strong women are the way to change the world. On the following pages, you’ll meet donors, students, faculty and alumnae who demonstrate the circle of philanthropy at Saint Ben’s. Each gift fuels an opportunity that sparks a curiosity and a passion to explore and learn, perpetuating impact in our local communities, around the globe, among our families and beyond. This annual report and honor roll celebrates the contributions from each and every one of you. College of Saint Benedict has been thriving for a century, and your generosity has made this year a defining moment for our community. You have set us on a course to change the world for the next 100 years. With sincere gratitude,

MaryAnn Baenninger President College of Saint Benedict


We believe You Connect the Dots

As Saint Ben’s celebrates a Century of Connection, we remember that many of those connections would never be made without scholarships.

The Intercultural Leadership, Education and Development Fellowship

The Intercultural LEAD program provides financial and program support for talented firstgeneration students with demonstrated financial need to build on the leadership skills they are already demonstrating in their high schools and communities. Chosen scholars receive a $10,000 per year scholarship, as well as encouragement, leadership training and boundless support. Incoming scholars and their cohort of 22-26 students are linked for all four years of their college experience. They make connections and form friendships that strengthen them during their time on campus and long after.

“My dad didn’t go to college — he went to war and then never got the chance. And, to him, a program like this that makes education accessible would be important. From my perspective, anything like this program that gives people a connection to other people and the college can improve the experience. My group of friends was so important to me. They were my support. Always.” Molly McGlynn Varley ’78


Molly McGlynn Varley ’78 Molly is currently managing a 10-year distribution to Saint Ben’s from her family’s foundation per arrangements made by her father, Burt McGlynn, before his death. She is also directing funds from her own discretionary portion of the foundation to Saint Ben’s. Both donations are currently going toward funding the Intercultural LEAD fellowships. Tiffany Vang ’13 Tiffany recently graduated from Saint Ben’s, with a degree in peace studies, after spending four years as an Intercultural LEAD fellow, where she found support. “Whether it was that I wanted to go to a leadership conference, travel abroad or even just needed someone to talk to, Intercultural LEAD really supported and made me feel like anything was possible. I felt like I could do anything because of the great support from the staff and people in the program.” Jody Terhaar, CSB Dean of Students As dean of students, Jody has been connected to the Intercultural LEAD program since its inception. She’s seen the way this fellowship makes Saint Ben’s possible for deserving students like Tiffany. “Tiffany has become an advocate for justice and diversity and access. Tiffany is a risk taker in the best possible way that term can be used.”

“I grew up in a low-income background, where poverty has always influenced the way I made decisions in my life. I don’t think that is any way to live. With the opportunity to go to college because of scholarships like Intercultural LEAD, I was able to take myself out of that situation. I want to change the way we think about poverty. I’m interested in economic development, and envision a world where we really invest in people to have ‘careers’ rather than just ‘work’.” Tiffany Vang ’13

“The Intercultural LEAD program is an example of our commitment to diversity as well as our commitment to creating a welcoming and inclusive community that allows all students to be successful. These scholars make invaluable contributions with their leadership, both inside and outside the classroom. And it’s gifts to Saint Ben’s that help make the Intercultural LEAD program possible.” Jody Terhaar


We believe You Help Us Reach the Stars

Attracting top-performing students is a competitive challenge. We do it with faculty, programs, infrastructure, opportunities … and scholarships made possible by donors like you.

Cynthia and Harvey Jewett Harvey and Cynthia Jewett have a connection to Saint Ben’s that’s been more than 20 years in the making. It started in 1992, when their oldest daughter became a student. Another Bennie and a Johnnie soon followed and, in no time, Harvey began serving on the Board of Trustees — where he’s been for nearly two decades. With their own children grown, the Jewett Family Scholarship is one way Harvey and Cynthia continue to help today’s students experience what they believe to be, “a defining moment in a person’s life.”

“The experience of worrying about financial obligation is not foreign to us. It is pleasing to know that scholarships lighten financial concerns and allow students to focus on their studies. Scholarships are not simply about the years women spend in the classroom at Saint Ben’s. Scholarships are really an investment in their futures. And those futures are far brighter because they are able to get the education they desire.” Cynthia Jewett


Rachel Mullin ’14 In April 2013, Rachel was selected from a group of 629 candidates nominated by 293 colleges and universities to become a 2013 Truman Scholar. This was both prestigious and intentional. Rachel has been aiming for the Truman Scholarship since her junior year in high school. In her time “at Saint Ben’s” she has spent a semester abroad in China, studied mental health treatment in India, engaged youth groups in Bosnia, worked with Burmese border refugees in Thailand and completed a summer internship in Washington, D.C. Professor Nick Hayes Professor Hayes teaches history and serves as one of the advisors for students vying for nationally competitive fellowships. Additionally, he sponsors international faculty development seminars and teaches in the CORE and Honors curriculum of the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University. He is Rachel’s advisor and supervises her work study in his office.

“There were programs and opportunities in place that made Saint Ben’s my first choice — the education abroad options, the faculty, the depth of programming in my chosen field… Saint Ben’s is where I wanted to be. But it was important that Saint Ben’s was able to offer me enough of a scholarship package to make attending possible.” Rachel Mullin ’14

“Scholarships are absolutely essential for our ability to compete against top colleges nationwide for top students. Rachel chose Saint Ben’s despite the fact that she had more lucrative offers from other schools. But how many other Rachel Mullins have we missed out on? And the need for scholarships is even more pronounced when we’re competing for high-performing lowincome and first-generation students.” Nick Hayes


We believe You Provide the Spark

Great teaching lights a fire in the mind. But generous scholarships that train passionate teachers create the spark.

Patricia Jackson Larson ’62 and Dale Larson Patricia and Dale want to support Saint Ben’s students who are inspired to teach others. The Patricia Jackson Larson Education Scholarship is a $2 million endowed scholarship that provides $5,000 each year (renewable for four years) for up to five scholarship recipients per graduating class. Over the next four years, it will grow to award up to 20 scholarships each year. The scholarship reflects the Larsons’ belief in the importance of excellent education that not only prepares future generations, but provides rich learning experiences.

Hannah Anderson ’15 Hannah is an elementary education major and a recipient of the Patricia Jackson Larson Education Scholarship, pursuing a communication, arts and literature endorsement that will allow her to teach middle school English literature. “I think that’s an age where you can really make or break school for kids,” Hannah says. “They’re old enough to have some knowledge and some ideas and opinions and it’s fun to watch that form.”

“As a former teacher, Pat has always valued the importance of encouraging bright young people to pursue early childhood education as a vital and rewarding career. For as long as I have known Pat, she has held Saint Ben’s in the highest esteem and the college has provided her inspiration for living a caring and productive life.” Dale Larson


Diana Lam ’69 Diana has a deep appreciation for the importance of attracting and inspiring talented new teachers. As the first female superintendent in San Antonio, Texas, Diana won national acclaim for dramatic accomplishments in student achievement. Prior to her arrival, San Antonio had 42 schools rated as low-performing by the state. By 1999, none received that rating. To critics who believed she moved too quickly on reform, she says, “A child is only in the third grade one year.”

“I want the Larsons to know that, with their scholarship donation, they’re not only changing me, they’re passing it forward through everyone I’m going to teach. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them. Their good deed is going to pay off exponentially.” Hannah Anderson ’15

“Every child has dreams and aspirations. My parents were dream watchers, nurturing my dream to go to college in the United States. My teachers were dream weavers, helping me connect all the dots necessary to fulfill the dream. The College of Saint Benedict, through its scholarship and warm welcome mat, was the dream maker. Saint Ben’s and scholarship donors laid the foundation for a life filled with service.” Diana Lam ’69


Presidents’ Circle In 1970, the President’s Club (the original name of the Presidents’ Circle) was established to celebrate the college’s tradition of philanthropy and the impact of our leadership annual giving donors. The following are donors who have contributed $1,000 or more to the Annual Giving Program between July 1, 2012, and June 30, 2013, and represent the fiscal year 2013 Presidents’ Circle. Their support is among the most valuable to the college because it has an immediate impact on the lives of current students who rely on financial assistance to achieve their educational goals at Saint Ben’s. For the first time since its inception more than 40 years ago, the initial level of the Presidents’ Circle increased to $1,500 per year, as of July 1, 2013. This level, and all higher levels, includes new membership benefits which offer donors opportunities to provide feedback, experience the impact of your contributions and receive exclusive updates about the health and future of Saint Ben’s. It is our intent that these benefits provide Presidents’ Circle members the opportunity to deepen your relationship with Saint Ben’s. The † symbol indicates deceased donors; the * indicates members of the Board of Trustees.

$50,000 or more Anonymous *Dana Badgerow Patricia and Dale Larson †Burt McGlynn Peg and Greg Palen Guy and Barbara Schoenecker $25,000 - $49,999 James and Catherine Denny *Harvey and Cynthia Jewett Virginia Ziebol Lyon $10,000 - $24,999 Anonymous (2) Delbert and Bonita Allinder Annette Atkins and Thomas Joyce Mary Lou and Roger Birk Marilyn Broussard Harriet Hunstiger Campbell Thomas and Charlene Cusick Patrick and Joann Fay Willa Dean Gray Paul and Lynn Hunt Mary Buberl Knautz John and Mary Lindstrom 8

Frank and Margaret Marvin Robert and Joanne Neis Elizabeth Nilles Eugene Nowack *Judy Forstner Poferl Anne and Perry Schmidt Anne Schmidt Krump and Paul Krump *Joyce Statz and David Hogan *LeAnne and John Stewart Molly McGlynn Varley and Leo Varley Jane and Joseph Welle Jeanette and Robert Welle Margaret Welle Margie and John Wiehoff $5,000 - $9,999 *MaryAnn and Ron Baenninger Roger and Diane Click Daniel and Mabel Coborn Elizabeth Conrad Megan and Joe Deignan †Helen Walch Fitzenberger *Mark and Teresa Fleischhacker *Kathy and James Henderson Marie and Timothy Humbert Robert and Joyce Humboldt

Teresa Lahti and Richard Cook *Barbara Torborg Melsen and Greg Melsen Patricia Francis Minnis *Tom and Pageen Mohr Karen and Jerry Morris Lorre Ann Ochs Karla and Kevin Rahn Dennis and Karol Ringsmuth *Tom and Joyce Schlough †J.H. Zeleny Marcia and Jim Zrust $2,500 - $4,999 Anonymous Sandra and Steve Beulke Shirley and Roland Bosch Judy and Eric Brindley Wendy Wagner Byron Jay Cohen and Joan Giunco Clara Dolan *Terrance and Susan Dolan Mary Dombovy and Michael Johnson Kathleen and Terry Dooley *Gregory and Charmaine Duppler Kathleen and Casey Eichler Kris and Patrick Ellingsworth

Andy and Jodi Fritz Kelly Ann and Mark Giura Pamela A. Hartford Laura and Brad Helferich Lori Helmer Susan and Joe Hommes Gary and Celine Horn Valorie and Christopher Jackson Don and Rita Kainz Tracy and Adam Krasnoff Richard and Yoko LaBute Jean and John Lavelle Theresa and Tom Lydon Maryanne and John Mahowald Diane and John Malone Scott and Mary Kay May Jeanne and Timothy McIntee Patricia Schmitt Mische Jeanne Mock Margaret Murphy *Lynn Newman Mary and Dick Nigon Maria and Timothy O’Phelan Ronald Pagnucco Sue and Scott Palmer Steve and Debra Palmer

David and Susan Roberts Carol Schirmers Kitty and Donald Schumacher *Lisa Spoden Anne Stroh Oswald and Brent Oswald Susan Lynch Vento Lois Schrantz Welshons Nancy and Marc Williams Jean Withrow and James Haggerty Vicki and Jim Yanisch Marie Zaczkowski and James Becker $1,000 - $2,499 Anonymous (3) *John J. and Victoria Albert Jack and Janie Amundson Sarah and David Anderla *Ingrid Anderson, OSB Joella Voigt Anderson Thomas and Janis Atkins Karen Bachman Gordon and JoAnne Bailey Jennifer and Terry Barta Patricia Offerman Bartholomew James and Mary Bassett *Michelle Bauerly Kopel and Scott Kopel Julie and Steve Benson Timothy and Anastasia Benz Maureen Berkner Sarah Fyre Berry and Paul Berry *Scott and Kim Blattner Ann and Barry Block Sara and Brian Boevers Mary Anne Noehring Boos George and Shirley Borgerding John and Diane Borgert Mary Kay Boudewyns and Robert Sadlemire Kristina F. Brown Judy and Michael Cahill Tanya and Anthony Carlone Barbara Carlson Margaret and John Carney Noreen Muggli Carroll Christopher and Anne Chivetta

Robert Claesgens Evelyn Ochs Claiborne *Rebecca and Christopher Coborn Michael Contardo and Marilynn Olsen Mary Jo and Pete Conzemius Kathleen Cooney and Robert LaBombard *Iris Cornelius and David Washington Beverly and Michael Cote Bronwen Cound and William Brody Carol Rothstein Culp and Kim Culp Laurie and Steve Cummings Cynthia and Ronald Curran Loretta and Tom Danzl Cate and Bernie DeLaRosa Mark and Janet DeOrio Joe DesJardins and Linda Eich DesJardins Denise DeVaan and Elizabeth Bohun Ann M. Didier Dorothy Doerner Lisa and Mark Domyahn Joan and Pete Donner Charles and Shirley Drury Margaret and Gregory Dukinfield Teri and Mike Durbin Ardeth and Everette Duthoy Karol and Larry Eckel Rebecca and Bruce Emery Barbara Edwards Farley Lori-Jo Anne Fergle Mary and Kevin Fitzgerald Agnes and Robert Flynn Judy and Daniel Foley Linda and Bob Foster Cletus and Rosemary Franta Mary and James Frey Ronald and Regina Frigault Mary Jane and Kevin Gaffney Rhonda and Kevin Gaulke Mary and Mark Geller Lauren Marie Germscheid Lisa and Peter Germscheid Pam and Bob Gierke Judith and Gordon Goetemann *James J. and Julie Graves Tina and Chris Greazel

Judith Grooters Marge Gruenes James and Pauline Hall Sharon Hall and Jim Page Patricia Hamm Aliesha K. Harkess Mary and Robert Harlander-Locke Elizabeth and Edgar Harthman David and Eileen Hauff Elizabeth Hayden and Charles Flinn *Judith Koll Healey Dorothy Hebert *Michaela Hedican, OSB Mary Heinen and Andrew Jones Donald Helgeson and Susan Shepard *Annette and Edward Hendrick Annette Henkel Margaret Hinton and Robert Plantenberg John and Sharon Hite *Mary C. Holicky, OSB Michael and Barbara Hoody Daniel and Rosemary Hoolihan Chris and Dick Howard Carol and Steve Howe-Veenstra Amy and John Hueg Lori and Ron Hume Dianna and Allan Hunt Mary Kay and Robert Hunt Andrea Hunz-Halliday and Toby Halliday Sigrid Hutcheson and David Chapman Ann and Tony Hyler Diane and Thomas Iacarella Barb Jacobson and John Cretzmeyer, Jr. Sarah Halverson Jansen Kris and Jim Jarocki Kelly John Haugen and Jeff Haugen Patrice and Michael Johnson Valerie Jones and Steve Kurtz *Jean Juenemann, OSB Mary and Ted Kaul Kathy Keane and Ryan O’Neill *Laura Kelly Lovdahl and Tom Lovdahl Patricia and Christopher Kerr Barbara Lee Kirchner Caty and John Kirchner

Catherine and Michael Knapp Maureen and John Knapp Suzan-Oda Crokin Knese and William F. Knese Rita E. Knuesel Jennifer Louise Kocourek Shirley Kocur and Chris Sloan Sharon Kofstad-Spies and John Spies Debbie and Steven Koop Rebecca and William Koop Gretchen and Michael Korf Brian Kovalchuk and Mary Sue Weir Paula Koshiol Kraus and Tom Kraus Al and Yvonne Kremers Kristi and Scott Kubista-Hovis Stuart and Lynn Lang Colleen and Steven Larson Monica and Peter Lawyer Nicole and Braden Leimer Patricia Anderson Lyngen and C.J. Lyngen Colleen and Mike Malone *George and Susan Marin Connie and Kevin Matz Kathleen M. Mayer Teresa Mazzitelli Mandra and Jonathan McCue Anne McGarry Katy and Brian McGrane Mary McMahon and Alan Geiwitz Patricia and Patrick McNamara Anna and Tom McNanley Jeffrey and Madeline Meyer Rose Mary and Tom Meyer Bill and Julie Mikkelson Mary Zitur Miley and Timothy Miley Janet Miller and James Bayuk *Kathy Mock and Steven Lundquist Stacey and David Moe Karen and Jerry Morris Kimberly and David Motes Jacqueline Mrachek and Michael Huyen Ethel and Thomas Muchlinski Jane Muggli Robert and Rita Murray Lynn and Anders Myhran 9

Sheila Nelson Margrette and John Newhouse D. Michael and Judith Noonan Christopher D. Norby Marilyn and Robert Obermiller Sandra and Kevin O’Brien Kent and Michelle Olsen Deirdre and James Otis Joyce and Gregory Pappenfus Sara and Chris Parrington Amy Patton and Joe Honnold Barbara and John Phelps Marcia and Vincent Pletcher Teresa and Richard Pletcher Ruth Groebner Polta *Donald and Constance Pyatt Mary and Brian Rah Mollie and Thomas Raih Peggy Laila Raisanen Maureen Byrnes Rangen Brenda and Chip Ray James Reagan Mona and Clark Reardon Molly Renslow Joan Strom Riebel


Lucille and Chuck Rieland Elizabeth and Tom Rieser *Shari and Mike Rogalski Jennifer and Michael Rogan Joseph and Sara Rogers Bev and Dick Rooney Julie and Michael Ruether *Patricia Ruether, OSB Claudia and Calvin Ryan-Mosley Leo and Karen Sand Juli and Steve Sanders Steven L. Sanner Irma and Roger Scherer Michael and Susanne Scherer Marlys and Dave Schmitt Rachel Schmitt-Kaiser and Steven Kaiser Jane and Robert Schneeweis *Richard and Margaret Schneider James Schnepf and Connie Nelson Imelda Schulte Lindsay Schwab and Robert Zelada Mary and John Sellner Margaret and Bob Simmet Jackie and Steve Sinjem Margaret and Timothy Sitzer

Kathryn and William Stangler Nicole and Craig Steele Sarah and Jesse Stremcha Mary Ann and Thomas Sullivan Suzette Sutherland and D. Bradford Neary Daniel and JoAnn Tallman Joan and Malcolm Teare Jody and Karl Terhaar Louise Theisen Jon and Lea Theobald Romelle MacKenzie Thielman Irma Thies Leander and Mary Torborg Lisa and Joe Torborg George and Shirley Torrey Bibiana and Felix Tristani Betty Trobec Janet and Thomas Vandendriessche Sara VanKempen and Mitch Finne Margaret and Anthony Vigil Andrew Vinson and Kathy Leighton Carton Ludmila Padrnos Voelker Norbert T. Vos Anne Louise and Richard Vosika

Margaret Brand Wall Albert and Yvonne Walz Don and Jan Watkins Jo and Steven Webster †Mary and Robert Weinzierl Mary and Ben Whitney Valerie and Peter Whittle Jo Wilch Diane and Timothy Williams Bob Witte Marcia and John Woell Ann and Don Woessner Mary Flynn Worley and John Worley Ann Yaggie and Dennis Rozenboom Susan and Nels Ylitalo Gladys Ziemer Judy Zimmer and Louis Bass

Young Alumnae President’s Circle The Young Alumnae President’s Circle is an opportunity for young alumnae to give at leadership levels during the early stages of their post-graduate lives. Their contributions make a profound impact today and signify their long-term commitment to help other young women attain the same educational experience they received at Saint Ben’s. Alumnae donors who made outright gifts or sustaining commitments to any fund at Saint Ben’s at the level that corresponds with their graduation year, are listed below.

YAPC giving levels for 2012-13 fiscal year Class year 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 Monthly gift $5 $10 $10 $15 $15 $30 $40 $40 $65 $85 $85 $85 $110 $110 $125 Annual gift $60 $120 $120 $180 $180 $360 $480 $480 $780 $1020 $1020 $1020 $1320 $1320 $1500 During FY13, gifts over $1,000 qualify for membership in both the YAPC and the Presidents’ Circle.


Kaitlin E. Adams Madison A. Armstrong Stephanie E. Battista Kindra L. Boelke Jacqueline Corral Kristin E. Donner Margaret M. Engelmeier Amie M. Ernst Brenna J. Finley Kathryn E. Hauff Lauren R. Herzog Caitlin A. Hite Evan M. Lowder

Jaclyn M. Machacek Anna M. Martin Galadette Z. Moss Allison M. Plunkett Kelci A. Reiner Elizabeth A. Roberts Kayla R. Scheerle Megan J. Schutz Rachel E. Stalley Rachel C. Stobb Kathryn E. Torchia Lauren K. Varberg Adia M. Zeman Elizabeth M. Zinda


Mona L. Ackerman Megan E. Barrett Carley M. Braegelmann Anna N. Burgason Erin E. Connelly Emily A. Dobesh Madeline A. Dragich Danielle E. Fluke Kelly H. Giebel Elizabeth M. Humbert Mackenzie N. Johnson Alexandra E. Lund Melanie A. Miesen

Allison R. Muccio Lauren E. Pehler Kathryn J. Sand Peterson Jennifer L. Schwope Kelcie M. Tschida Katie M. Vogel Hannah E. Walsh


Nicole E. Aagesen Karley A. Abrahamson Breanna Auringer Allen Kathryn Tri Benson Hayley M. Berrisford 11

Alexandra P. Chapman Heather Cederholm Corcoran Sarah E. Dayton Tiffany De Leon Katelyn E. Engel Allison A. Garrity Heidi E. Golliet Lauren E. Gooley Anne T. Hylden Hallie Jackson Johnson Emma Jaynes Keeler Katie A. Million Kalene M. Morris Jacqueline Murillo Joy J. Pohland Katherine A. Schneider Anna R. Schumacher Karissa K. Storck Ashley L. Sweeting Ashley A. Ver Burg


Ann Haws Becker Jamie M. Eskuri Audrey Gabe Raquel Gudiel Alexandra L. Haider Whitney J. Hunter Rebecca Carey Jacobson Jaime Streine Lenczewski Laura N. Ubani Megan M. Vetsch



Emily A. Coborn Gretchen M. Enninga Rachael Smith Fischer Katherine C. Harlander-Locke Shannon Senn Hines Nancy A. Kuechle Michelle L. Melsen


Alina Balonuskova Emily and Raj Chaphalkar Heidi Abfalter DeMarais Jill Burgard Kranz Rachel M. Schwalbach Erin E. Wentz


Megan Sand Carr Emily Cook-Lundgren Kathryn Kalkman Susan M. Moen Jacquelyn L. Stevens


Keely Nolan DeBell Kathryn Enger Enke Lauren M. Germscheid Christina J. Valdez Meghann Green Witchger


Shannon Coen Koenig


Margaret Malone Dukinfield


Christina Schochow Greazel Michelle Kelash Hemmesch Andrea Hunz-Halliday Sarah Halverson Jansen Jessica Anselment Pocrnich Anne M. Walters


Laura Yokiel Helferich Catherine Marvin Kirchner Kristi Kubista-Hovis Mandra Pfaffinger McCue Lindsay Schwab


Aliesha K. Harkess Gretchen Adelmann Korf Deirdre McCarrell Otis Margaret Weber Utsch


Alison Behrens Hoxie Kathleen Keane Kathleen M. Mayer Sarah Spitzmueller Stremcha


Sarah Fyre Berry Nicole Kroetsch Leimer Susan Wall Ylitalo

Capital and Endowment Contributions Capital and endowment donors generously contribute from their resources to help make significant changes to the college’s physical landscape or to strengthen the college’s permanent endowment. Most endowed gifts are directed to scholarships, while others fund endowed chairs, professorships or programs. Many donors make pledges to the endowment or to capital projects over several years. This list of donors made gifts of $1,000 or more between July 1, 2012, and June 30, 2013. The † symbol indicates deceased donors; the * indicates members of the Board of Trustees.

$100,000 or More †Frank and Fran Ardolf Mary and Keith Bednarowski Charles Ehlen Patricia and Dale Larson Frank and Margaret Marvin Gene and Sheelah Windfeldt $50,000 - $99,999 Anonymous John Becker and Carole Mickschl †Marilyn Bostrom Daniel and Mabel Coborn Janet and Thomas Paul Jane and Joseph Welle $25,000 - $49,999 Anonymous †Mary Mulheran Karen and Michael Skwira

$10,000 - $24,999 Robert and Joyce Humboldt James Kertz †Delphin G. Kohler Grace Roherty Luckasen †Virginia Nicolay McGuire *Kathy Mock and Steven Lundquist Herman and Therese Ratelle Anne and David Rogotzke Anne Schmidt-Krump and Paul Krump *Joyce Statz and David Hogan *LeAnne and John Stewart Suzette Sutherland and D. Bradford Neary †Lee C. Torkelson Daisy Tsui Wu and Shien-Ming Wu *Lori and Mike Zumwinkle $5,000 - $9,999 Kathleen Cooney and Robert LaBombard Mary and Mike Donahue C. Thomas Gnewuch Bette Jayne and Louis Haak *Kathy and James Henderson

†Julie Ann Licktieg and Tom Gnewuch Thomas and Mary McKeown Margaret Scheller Wallace and Mary Ann Tintes $2,500 - $4,999 Dolores Bormann Ardeth and Everette Duthoy Elizabeth Hayden and Charles Flinn Elizabeth Nilles Sharon and James Ridgeway $1,000 - $2,499 *MaryAnn and Ron Baenninger Maureen Berkner Terry and Beth Bodensteiner Carie and Craig Braun Lyn and Charles Ceronsky Kathy and Larry Charbonneau Sara Connerty Ruth and Mike Degen Peg Donahue and Torbjorn Svensson John and Ginny Ford

†Honor O’Connell Hacker Lawrence and Mary Haeg †Barbara Recame Heiderscheidt Judith Knutson Edward and Anne Muldoon William Muldoon *Lynn Newman Ralph Opatz Robert and Luanne Paquette Mary B. Pearson Walsh Dean M. Roehrich Alan and Sally Ruvelson Mary Schlosser and Stewart Hazel Michael Schlosser Thomas and Ann Stone Ethelyn Tellers George and Shirley Torrey John and Christine Twohy Judith and William Wallenta Paul and Betty White Jane and Brian Williams Ruth and Lee Wilwerding *Theresa and Paul Wurst


Planned Giving These donors have arranged a planned gift to College of Saint Benedict, including bequests, insurance policies, annuities and real estate. The † symbol indicates deceased donors; the * indicates members of the Board of Trustees.

Anonymous (6) †Bernnes Adrian Louise Ahles-Kedziora and Jacek Kedziora Nancy and Ted Alliegro Jack and Janie Amundson Judy and Craig Anderson Cheryl Appeldorn and Thomas Schnettler †Carol and Bernard Archbold †Frank and Fran Ardolf Joseph and Kathleen Axtmann Karen Bachman *Dana Badgerow *MaryAnn and Ron Baenninger James and Mary Bassett Helen and Bob Batie †Kay and Jerry Baumgartner Mary and Keith Bednarowski †Ruth Benedict Cynthia and Roger Beuning James Bifaro Mary Lou and Roger Birk Lorraine Birskovich Mary and David Bjorklund †Dorothy Blake Fluallen Lorraine Blaylock Margaret A. Blenkush Harvey Bock †Pauline Wetzel Borg Monica Bossenmaier †Marilyn Bostrom †Ethel and Mike Boyle †Katherine Brotz-Rakowski and Michael Rakowski Gary Brown †Rose Bruener 14

†Margaret and Paul Brunton †Marguerite Tonskemper Burns †Virginia and Norbert Busch Nancy and Bill Callas Harriet Hunstiger Campbell Kathy and Larry Charbonneau Anne Cleveland Ames and Thomas Ames Aliki Coudroglou †Dolores Antony Cryder Doreen and Joseph Cullen Sharon and Michael D’Agostino Joyce Ann Davidson Margaret Foley Day †Florence DeMont †Alex and Ann Didier †Marianna and Michael Diekmann Helen Diemert Donna Jean Diepolder *Beth Dinndorf and Ted O’Connell Lucille Doffing Clara Dolan Anne and James Donaghy Mary and Mike Donahue Carolyn and Wayne Dondelinger Lynn and Frank Douma Edna Guise Doyle Ruth and Richard DuHamel Ardeth and Everette Duthoy Jennifer and Jim Dwyer †Marjorie L. Edberg †Dorothy Egeland †Donald and Helen Egr Nancy Ehlen Virginia and James Engel Shannon and Michael Enright

Joan and Robley Evans †Anne and Frederick Fandel Peter C. Fandel †Helen Walch Fitzenberger †Genevieve E. Flanagan Jon Flaten John and Ginny Ford Cletus and Rosemary Franta Bernetta and Robert Freson Sharon Froehle and Marsha Woolcott †John L. Gable Mary Jane and Kevin Gaffney Robert Garvey C. Thomas Gnewuch Dorothy J. and Benedict F. Gorecki Cara Baenen Gosse Kathleen and Daniel Goulet †Lynn Danelle Gresser Michelle Renee Gricus Gary Grooters Patricia and James Gruenke Bette Jayne and Louis Haak †Lawrence and Helen Haeg Joe and Geri Hannan Brad and Lisa Hanson †Mary and Leslie Hanson Elizabeth Hayden and Charles Flinn *Judith Koll Healey Dorothy Hebert †Barbara Recame Heiderscheidt †Geneva M. Heinen †Loraine Helfter Lori Helmer *Kathy and James Henderson Dwight and Martha Hendricks

Elizabeth Hennes †Mary Lou Herrmann Joan Viviana Hinkemeyer †Lauretta Hinkemeyer Miriam Hof †Margaret Homan Susan and Joe Hommes †Prentis and Margaretha Hotz Sally E. Hughes Robert and Joyce Humboldt Lori and Ron Hume Mary Kay and Robert Hunt Sigrid Hutcheson and David Chapman Mary and Tim Johnson Rita Johnson †Patricia Keller Johnston †Herman and Margaret Juenemann Stephanie and Bill Jussila Jennifer Abeln Kahlow and Larry Kahlow Joseph and Helenmary Kasper Jane and Michael Kathman Diane Kofstad Klersy Mary Buberl Knautz †Delphin G. Kohler †Josephine Amelia Kohler Lee and Betty Kohs Sue Traxler Koleczek and Peter Koleczek †Severin and Ruth Koop Naomi Kowalik Patricia ‘PK’ Kriha Dixie and Robert Labat Richard and Yoko LaBute Julia and Frank Ladner Joseph and Teresa Lahti Teresa Lahti and Richard Cook

Alex and Celestine Lamere †LaVerne and Thomas Landwehr Carole and James Lang †Lorene and Edward Lawler Mary Leahy Betsy and Brian Lenzmeier †Marie Gruber Leyendecker †Julie Ann Licktieg and Tom Gnewuch Kathleen and Micheal Lillehaugen John and Ginny Lindquist John and Mary Lindstrom Lois and Robert Liners Marion E. Linnemann Lawrence and Judith Litterst Rebecca Ludka †Rita E. Lukes Eric and Maria (Borash) Lund Catherine and Peter Lupori Virginia Ziebol Lyon Mary E. Lyons †Anne and Thomas Mack Annette Maggi and Dan Sweeney Mary Beth Mahoney and J.P. Kumar Norie Mahowald †Brenda Marie Maiers Colleen and Mike Malone Diane and John Malone †Pauline Bieniek Mans Larraine Matusak Scott and Mary Kay May Mary Ann Hood McCann and Kelly McCann Eileen and Fred McCormick Ann Donovan McDonald †Stanley and Eleanor McDonald Barbara Coy McGinnis Rosalyn J. McGlynn †Mildred and Richard McGonagle †Virginia Nicolay McGuire †Donald O. McKay Dolores J. McLean †William and Leona Meinz †Virginia Melton Bruce W. Menning Mary Reilly Merickel

Mary Zitur Miley and Timothy Miley Helen Miller Janet Miller and James Bayuk †Mary Louise Mitchell Jeanne Mock *Kathy Mock and Steven Lundquist †Joyce and John Moffat Jane Moline and Chip DeMann Cece and Mark Morrow Sheila and Ryan Mulcahy William Muldoon †Mary Mulheran Kristen Nairn †Anne Ford Nelson and John Nelson Marilyn Peller Nelson Ruth and Carl Nelson *Lynn Newman Orel Hublou Nicklawsky †Mary Ann Nockels Eugene Nowack †Marjorie O’Brien Michael and Celeste O’Donnell †Marlene Olsen Charles Opatz †Patricia and Ralph Opatz Mary Ann B. O’Reilley †Laura and Edward Oster Martha Otto Honer Jerry and Mary Otto †Jean and Vincent Paciotti †Hazel and N.D. Pappenfus Mary Ann Kinney Pattison †Catherine Pawelski Linda and Ken Perrington Maria Peters-Bodette and John Bodette †Laurena and Theodore Petron †Mary C. Pfeffer Angeline Tougas Pihlman Nancy Bishop Polomis and Taylor Polomis Anne Polta †Florence B. Pope Lisa Pope Mollie and Thomas Raih Donna Rajkowski Ellen Rajkowski

Herman and Therese Ratelle †Margaret and LeRoy Raupp James Reagan Mona and Clark Reardon Shelly Regan and Kim Dewey †A. Margaret Regnier Gwen and Rick Reiter Sharon and James Ridgeway Joan Strom Riebel †Eleanor A Rieland Dennis and Karol Ringsmuth Laurie A. Rivard Margaret Zuehlke Robson Carol and Willard Rohde Dolores Diepolder Rosberg Elaine and Richard Roth Monica Roy Ann Ruff and John Cooper †Kathryn Hoyer Ryan Claudia and Calvin Ryan-Mosley †Janet B. Schelberger Kathleen Trainor Schinderle Carol Schirmers Michael Schlosser Anne Schmidt-Krump and Paul Krump Marilyn and Joseph Schmit Betty Schneider †Nellie and Henry Schneider †Mary and Edmund Schnettler †Hildegard M. Schwankl †Clara-Mary Schwartzbauer Margaret and Robert Schwob †Lyle and Magdaline Shannon Sue Singer Judith Sitarz †Margaret Smart †Mary Jane Smith †Agnes E. Sohler *Joyce Statz and David Hogan Theresa and Matthew Stergios Krista and Jeremy Stock William and Marcella Stone †Mary C. Sullivan Catherine and Edward Sweere Adele Swenson

Joan and Malcolm Teare Ethelyn Tellers †Patricia and Arne Tengvall Louise Theisen Ann and Bradley Thiel Romelle MacKenzie Thielman Irma Thies Anna M. and Douglass Thompson Frances and Douglas Tieman Wallace and Mary Ann Tintes Tara Tollefson Jennifer and Guy Tonder †Lee C. Torkelson Bibiana and Felix Tristani Edward Turley and Carolyn Finley †John and Rosemary Twohy Janet and Thomas Vandendriessche †Catherine and Donald Vandergon Susan Lynch Vento Ludmila Padrnos Voelker William and Christine Walker Annella Wallen-Zekich Judith and William Wallenta †Virginia and Shelley Walsh †Dennis Watkins Don and Jan Watkins Dorothy Marie Weiss Jeanette and Robert Welle Margaret Welle †Raymond and Joan Welsh Lois Schrantz Welshons Gregory and Patricia Wesolek †Lawrence and Ruth Westkaemper †J.T. White Jr. and Leona Heckler White Jo Wilch Ted and Mary Margaret Will Bob Witte †Gladys and Clifford Wold †Mary Boeckers Wycoff †Constance Zierden Judy Zimmer and Louis Bass Dell and Jeffrey Zubkowski


Alumnae Our alumnae supporters offer their deepest commitment to the college, ensuring that other young women can experience an outstanding Saint Ben’s education, just as they did. This year, this elite group of supporters contributed more than $3.5 million toward scholarship programs between July 1, 2012, and June 30, 2013. The † symbol indicates deceased donors; the * indicates members of the Board of Trustees.


2013 Total: $300.00 Active Members: 1 Number of Donors: 1 Participation %: 100.00 Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds Anonymous


2013 Total: $15,673.98 Active Members: 1 Number of Donors: 2 Participation %: 200.00 Annual Giving Funds $250 - $499 †Pauline Bieniek Mans Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds †Virginia Nicolay McGuire


2013 Total: $1,000.00 Active Members: 4 Number of Donors: 1 Participation %: 25.00


Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds Ethelyn Tellers


2013 Total: $500.00 Active Members: 3 Number of Donors: 1 Participation %: 33.33 Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds Ursula Dominica Sweeney


2013 Total: $10,400.00 Active Members: 9 Number of Donors: 5 Participation %: 55.56 Annual Giving Funds Up to $250 Rose Marie Ebnet Hartman Marie Torborg O’Gara Mary Mahoney Roeder Josephine Zehnle Terwey Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds Grace Roherty Luckasen



Annual Giving Funds Presidents Club ($1,000 - $2,499) Evelyn Ochs Claiborne

Annual Giving Funds $500 - $999 Yvonne Schack Smith

Up to $250 Elizabeth Jude Nelson

Up to $250 Edna Guise Doyle Patricia Kolb Gunderson Edith Lagundo Messerich Verna Fritsvold Randall

2013 Total: $1,050.00 Active Members: 10 Number of Donors: 2 Participation %: 20.00


2013 Total: $655.00 Active Members: 10 Number of Donors: 4 Participation %: 40.00 Annual Giving Funds $250 - $499 Catherine Pribyl Lupori Up to $250 Dolores Heim Huber Mary Zimmer Maudal Odila Busche Myott

2013 Total: $3,800.00 Active Members: 16 Number of Donors: 6 Participation %: 37.50

Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds Dolores Bormann


2013 Total: $10,565.00 Active Members: 17 Number of Donors: 8 Participation %: 47.06 Annual Giving Funds Cecilia Kapsner Society ($10,000 or more) Harriet Hunstiger Campbell $250 - $499 Bernadette Loosbroek Taylor

Up to $250 Betty Schorey Adkins Margaret Annas Dolorez Schmitz Battaglia Joan Bauer O’Hara Marie Galama Schaefer Betty Grace Antony Traynor


2013 Total: $600.00 Active Members: 20 Number of Donors: 2 Participation %: 10.00 Annual Giving Funds $500 - $999 Jeanette Botz Wander Up to $250 Eleanore Marso Newton


2013 Total: $18,295.00 Active Members: 17 Number of Donors: 6 Participation %: 35.29 Annual Giving Funds Cecilia Kapsner Society ($10,000 or more) Jeanette Thielman Welle Up to $250 Helen Mathias Freking Mary Martin Hickner Dolores Haider Hilde Evelyn Schmidt Morrow †Mary Buche Roby


2013 Total: $81,406.43 Active Members: 15 Number of Donors: 10 Participation %: 66.67

Annual Giving Funds Cecilia Kapsner Society ($10,000 or more) Virginia Ziebol Lyon Presidents Club ($1,000 - $2,499) Louise Theisen $500 - $999 Donna Coyne Rajkowski $250 - $499 Jane Lynch Nolan Up to $250 Margaret Byrne Larson Lois Levasseur Liners Patricia Murray McAllister Elizabeth Gray Moriarity Mary Ann Kinney Pattison Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds †Marilyn Bostrom


2013 Total: $1,420.00 Active Members: 22 Number of Donors: 6 Participation %: 27.27 Annual Giving Funds Up to $250 Jeanne Krause Cumming Elizabeth Zehnle Pritchett Olive Riley-Steward Jean Zachman Salk Patricia Kidwell Zapp Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds †Honor O’Connell Hacker


2013 Total: $15,640.00 Active Members: 46 Number of Donors: 14 Participation %: 30.43 Annual Giving Funds Cecilia Kapsner Society ($10,000 or more) Margaret Welle $500 - $999 Eileen Opatz Berger Teresa Blatz Walker $250 - $499 Kathleen Wold Pusch Up to $250 †Shirley Scholz Boeser Patricia Reiten Cervenka Mary Jo Bauer Ederer Dorothy Berg Kelm Joan Reisinger Menke Frances Gambrino O’Brian Mary Pluth Palmquist Kathleen Doboszenski Peterson Jean O’Hotto Poganski Jane Moser Reber


2013 Total: $5,403.00 Active Members: 57 Number of Donors: 26 Participation %: 45.61 Annual Giving Funds Presidents Club ($1,000 - $2,499) Noreen Muggli Carroll Dorothy Hebert $500 - $999 Jeanne Sinner Bresnahan Donna Pendergast Hardwig Charlotte Brantl Shirley

$250 - $499 Ann Harvey Lynch Up to $250 Lois Kamm Adler Helen Pribyl Bailey Caroline Petsch Bardoulas Elizabeth Carter Birnstihl Irene Gleesing Borys Lorraine Westrup Cofell Audrey Mettel Fixmer Elinor Tholen Fortier Carol Fandel Francis Bernetta Stassen Freson Mary Germscheid Hanlon Marcelline Breher Kochevar Frances Torrey Marks Eileen Schwarzbauer Muelken Bernice Rewitzer Ricke Harriet Healy Welna †Lucille Schultz Welter Louise Koehnen White Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds LeMay Wagner Bechtold Helen Diemert


2013 Total: $8,365.00 Active Members: 55 Number of Donors: 23 Participation %: 41.82 Annual Giving Funds $500 - $999 Dolores Lehman Nierengarten Alice Thome Porter Up to $250 Phyllis Cook Allison Violet Moldovan Colwell Vivian Hartung Forsberg Patricia Schindler Gilchrest 17

Mary Matthews Grange Lorraine Barthel Gresser Rose Carroll Hagmann Donna Van Risseghem Henry Irene A. Kavanaugh Joan Chione Kluber Teresa Bromenshenkel Knier Barbara Coy McGinnis Jean LaBerge Mickelson Anne DeMeules Myers Marianne Tomljanovich Noble Rita Bauer Rank Mary Glatzel Stang Dorothy Marie Weiss

Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds Rita A. Johnson

Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds Ardeth Harth Duthoy



Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds Lila Diemert McDermott Eleanor Bohlin McHale Mary Simon Scheller

Luminary Society ($2,500 - $4,999) Kathleen Hughes Dooley


2013 Total: $1,385.00 Active Members: 43 Number of Donors: 14 Participation %: 32.56 Annual Giving Funds Up to $250 Jovita Beste Baker Dorothy Court Marjorie Kack Fain Mary Braunwarth Johnson Rita A. Johnson Esther Knapp Klein Mary Eckert Ludowese Joan Gardner Minette Mary McErlane Mowbray Bernice Rausch Neuer Sheila Harvey Ostrowski Mary Ann Hunt Randall Doris Bogut Simonett Leona Dullinger Theisen 18

2013 Total: $24,499.38 Active Members: 40 Number of Donors: 18 Participation %: 45.00 Annual Giving Funds Cecilia Kapsner Society ($10,000 or more) Mary Lou Schrank Birk

Presidents Club ($1,000 - $2,499) *Ingrid Anderson, OSB Mary Anne Noehring Boos Ardeth Harth Duthoy Elizabeth Boyer Harthman Ludmila Padrnos Voelker $500 - $999 Joanne Heaton Willette $250 - $499 Lyla Korb Gregg Mary Ladner Ulm Up to $250 Dorothy Waldorf Arens Eileen Bergin Bergeron La Vonne Habstritt Danzl Dora Dionne Diepolder Ermalinda A. Fiereck Alice Schmit Howard Nancy Burns Wenner Rosemary Krumholz Woell

2013 Total: $19,508.00 Active Members: 43 Number of Donors: 18 Participation %: 41.86 Annual Giving Funds Presidents Club ($1,000 - $2,499) Mary Jane Povolny Gaffney Ruth Groebner Polta $500 - $999 Dolores Elsbernd McLean $250 - $499 Jeanette Wright Schmall Up to $250 Anonymous Rosemary Fleming Barry Alyce Abel Fitzgerald Phyllis Dufault Hart Betty Mandell Heymans Dorothy Mae Fisher Kostelecky Rose Marie Drahmann Larson Irene Hauer Moser Patricia Kurth Mountain †Betty Zimmerman Paterson Irene Wagener Staiger Bonnie Colwell Young Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds Stasia Biehn Christensen Daisy Tsui Wu


2013 Total: $23,685.00 Active Members: 49 Number of Donors: 21 Participation %: 42.86 Annual Giving Funds Presidents Club ($1,000 - $2,499) Joan Whitman Teare Bibiana Schirber Tristani $250 - $499 Marlene Cummings Arnold Up to $250 Rose Dunbar Beavers Marjorie Theisen Brutger Ardith Brandt Buckley Charlotte Sitar Cotter Conchita Dominguez Charlotte Schneider Donovan Norma Winslow Harm Mary Willette Hughes †Marjorie Olsen Lebrun Charlotte Moore Miller Patricia Potter-Keays Colleen Burns Rawlings-Bernick Jane Schmid Ruether Dolores Foley Sokolowski Anna Briol Templin Lorraine Fenno Wieser Jacqueline Ulmen Zbaracki Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds Mary Davis Donahue Mary Willette Hughes


2013 Total: $3,425.00 Active Members: 42 Number of Donors: 14 Participation %: 33.33

Annual Giving Funds Presidents Club ($1,000 - $2,499) Romelle MacKenzie Thielman $250 - $499 Mary Krom Hebert Patricia Pung Bernadette Kraemer Stein Up to $250 Ida Pace Belcher Velma Smith Brown Lois Blais Ehlenz Marie Landeis Hauth Mary Schnettler Kolofsky Clare Christensen Langr Mary Lou Leisen Joan Slight Provencio Mary Wenner Reichert Viola Hoeschen Ware


2013 Total: $4,755.00 Active Members: 57 Number of Donors: 29 Participation %: 50.88 Annual Giving Funds Presidents Club ($1,000 - $2,499) Mary Kay Braus Hunt $500 - $999 Joan Nigg Baxter-Stone Rosemary Boehm Brever Ruth McCarville Nelson Up to $250 Anonymous (2) Marilyn Schepers Brown Yvonne Hall De Hart Jeanene Shoultz Doran Kathy Johnson Egan Eleanor Zent Fortuna Patricia Farley Hammell

Margaret Pattison Hels Marilyn Haviland Irvine Marilyn Gallagher Johnson Margaret Dempster Koeder Joan Latterall Kotsmith Mary Kay Heil Krueger Mary Leahy Marie Nordstrom-Larson Marvel Lee Pryor Pauline Dufault Roy Mary Schanberger Thaves Rita Tobin Joan Nelson Tuma Helen Hasling Verkuilen Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds Mary Kay Braus Hunt Loretta O’Hern Kelly Mary Leahy Philippa Gleason Lindquist Marilyn Scholl Schmit


2013 Total: $4,112.14 Active Members: 50 Number of Donors: 29 Participation %: 58.00 Annual Giving Funds $500 - $999 Suzanne Welch Dachel Gwen Stende Reiter Beverly Timmers-Lahr $250 - $499 Mary Mathew Wagner Up to $250 Anna Gaffrey Clark Joanne Klein Clark Arliss Hennen Dooley Mary Joan Krech Draxler Phyllis Rausch Eccles

Margaret Schuster Grossman Margaret Albrecht Guth Mary Raeker Hance Janis Heinz Hoy Gretchen Fandel Kresl Carole Zender Krysan Geraldine O’Brien Latterell Mary Fahey Leighton Helen Dignan Liddiard Kathryn Marcotte Nathan Mary McCullough Novak Mildred Foley O’Brien Kathleen Boggie O’Neil Joan Marthaler Pfannenstein Mary Schwappach Mary Anne Stone Stifter Theresa Kustritz Taylor Mary Kay Dietl Toninato Ann Hendrickson Tout Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds Anonymous


Karleen Wollmering Franklin Victoria A. Helwig Jacqueline Herriges Hughes Ardeth Kapsner Johnson Mary Ann Balster Joyce Janice Lebrun Kaylor Patricia Saumur Larson Jo Ann Sandal Miles Mary Sue Pexa Miller Patricia Rooney Nicolai Mary Helen O’Neil Notsch Sandra Carlson Saulsbury Rosalee Hosie Schreiner Lois Schroeder Stuart Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds Bette Jayne Youso Haak


2013 Total: $111,799.13 Active Members: 81 Number of Donors: 34 Participation %: 41.98

2013 Total: $10,695.00 Active Members: 53 Number of Donors: 23 Participation %: 43.40

Annual Giving Funds Luminary Society ($2,500 - $4,999) Rita Bieganek Kainz Jean Catherine Withrow

Annual Giving Funds Presidents Club ($1,000 - $2,499) Mary Zimmermann Kaul Irma Gentilini Scherer

Presidents Club ($1,000 - $2,499) Maureen Riley Berkner Sigrid Hutcheson Beverly Walerius Rooney

$250 - $499 Alvina Feldman Heller Kathryn Siebenand Kulas Mary Daley Meyer Mary Manderfeld Sullivan

$250 - $499 Mary Jane Sowada Hennen Valerie Wollschlager Schroeder

Up to $250 Donalee Hosie Boujikian Judith Daleki

Up to $250 Andre Nagel Anderson Cecelia Rose Burgwald Judith Veeder Christenson Judith Ehlenz Collins 19

Patricia Schlegel Daly Mary Bauer Davis Barbara Jackels Enger Rita Godlewski Gordon Helen Donahue Hintz Julie Janzen Hughes Patricia Chmielewski Klarkowski Marlene Weber Lagios Lynne Akerson Leuthe Eileen Torborg McCormick Vaudeth Utter Oberlander LaVonne Schnieder O’Connor Carol Corr Riding Mary Ann Brenny Roberts Diane Eizenhoefer Rupp Kathleen Rooney Sornsin Boucher Margaret Nowatzki Straub Marilyn Hartman Tisserand Joan Lysher Vos Elizabeth Klein Wegscheid Mary Ellen Hunt Wertzler Catherine Baxter Zdechlik Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds Maureen Riley Berkner Judith Veeder Christenson Eileen Torborg McCormick Janet Maguire Paul Catherine Baxter Zdechlik


2013 Total: $7,015.00 Active Members: 87 Number of Donors: 34 Participation %: 39.08 Annual Giving Funds Presidents Club ($1,000 - $2,499) Agnes Miller Flynn


$500 - $999 Katheryn Yvonne Briscoe Marietta Swoffer Faragalli Carolyn Moosbrugger Lyftogt

$250 - $499 Dixie Aus Labat Donna Mae Doll Schneider Up to $250 Marguerite Foley Anderson Roseanne McKeown Anderson Mary Lawrenz Bingham Marianne Hurkes Carlson Ruth Riebel Germscheid Sue Benson Hagan-Huth Ruth Zenner Heffner Joan Marie Heider Miriam Hof Marilyn Meyer Holl Patricia Casey Holmes Charlotte Speikers Johnson Maxine Kaiser Sharon Beissel Kelly Darnell Zachman Klein Carole Miller Lang Sandra Stotko Lommel Jane Opatz Lynch Sally Gahr Martie Margaret McCarty Naughton Judy Varner Nelson Frances Lyman Neubauer Patricia Louise Rengel Lucille Ruegemer Stock Irene Bates Sullivan Joan Emmel Walkowiak Phyllis Moen Weber Mary Bernaciak Wingen


2013 Total: $16,093.66 Active Members: 93 Number of Donors: 36 Participation %: 38.71 Annual Giving Funds Luminary Society ($2,500 - $4,999) Patricia Schmitt Mische Lois Schrantz Welshons

Presidents Club ($1,000 - $2,499) *Judith Koll Healey $500 - $999 Margaret Connelly Schwob $250 - $499 Roberta Ruether Baker Avis Schnieder Page Mary Werner Payn Up to $250 Jane Koenig Armon Jeanette Michels Brandt Karin Moe Broton Mary Kay Ketter Carle Viola Sadlowsky Defourneaux Rita Aksteter Dockry Georgianna Leese Fezler Arva Utter Frank Pauline Bernhardt Gerhart Elna Werner Goodspeed Maureen Costello Hildreth Barbara Malecha Jelinek Luella Reiter John Elizabeth Gallagher Kane Marilyn Fenlon Kelly Rosalie Reuter Klimisch Wilda Bridgeford Kovich Kay Hiemenz Lemke Edith Bemis Lucas Florence Wagener Lugovina Anne Condon Magruder Shirley Duclos Miller Ruth Reisdorfer Opatz Colleen Bresnahan Rios Joyce Dlugosch Sauer Mary Ann Sturdevant Sherrill Carlotta Virnig Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds Anonymous †Julie Ann Lickteig


2013 Total: $2,096,337.23 Active Members: 89 Number of Donors: 33 Participation %: 37.08 Annual Giving Funds Cecilia Kapsner Society ($10,000 or more) Patricia Jackson Larson Presidents Club ($1,000 - $2,499) Mona Boggie Reardon $500 - $999 Sally Hackenmueller Praus $250 - $499 Catherine Gillespie Dooley Rosemary Lang Roehl Mary Ann Ruhland Neidermeier Elizabeth Hornstein Sauer Judith Brandl Tembrock Up to $250 Mary Nierengarten Bjorklund Patricia Paulsen Brandl Terrie Stebbins Brandt Susanne Shimek DeFore Margaret Morgan Dyre Rosemary Leitschuh Franzese Kathleen Mulholland French Judy Kellas Gale Jo Anne Thomas Havelka Carolyn Seelen Hoheisel Nina Holiday-Lynch Rita Brummer Holm Jeanette Kersting Kappel Joyce Kaiser Leko Jane Goihl McBride Christine Hall McGeary Sharon McNamara Nilan Mary Ellen Milner Otis Geri Backes Pettitt Elizabeth Bachand Rolfson

Kathleen Wermerskirchen Tembrock Mary Sue Hall Thielman Elizabeth Smith Whipps Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds Patricia Jackson Larson Karen Tell Skwira Judith McCarty Wallenta


2013 Total: $82,620.00 Active Members: 85 Number of Donors: 39 Participation %: 45.88 Annual Giving Funds Presidents Club ($1,000 - $2,499) Marcia Weis Pletcher Anne Schommer Vosika $500 - $999 Mary Ann Bauer Meyer $250 - $499 Lynn Heard Chalupsky Mary Kay Leifeld Devine Joan Forbes Florence Tanner Wellbrock Up to $250 Anonymous Lorraine Heiling Armstrong Carolyn Offerdahl Billing Rita Reed Buckley Janet R. Coursolle Carol Topel Dagit Marlys Koch Dickmeyer Mary Jane Rabatin Doll Rosemary Prom Drevniak Rosemary Bormann Froehle Carol Christopherson Hallamek Frances Volkmuth Jacobson

Marie Bower Jirele Valeria Zimmermann Lehman Ruth Marczak Mortier Janet Mroszak Jane Fuerstenberg Nekali Patricia Hiemenz Reinardy Nancy Kelly Rodney Rosemary Salaba Sharkey Carol Beckman Slattery Madelyn Hankins Snyder Julia Hommerding Soderberg Janet Neeser Stark Kathryn LeRoux Sufka Catherine Rewitzer Sweere Susan Schoenbauer Thurin Ione Wieber Torborg Mary Malerich Williams Viola Elenor Wuebkers Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds Anonymous †Barbara Recame Heiderscheidt


2013 Total: $14,087.83 Active Members: 109 Number of Donors: 49 Participation %: 44.95 Annual Giving Funds Presidents Club ($1,000 - $2,499) Joan Strom Riebel $500 - $999 Liz Benda Anderson Carol Hughes Connelly Joyce Ann Davidson Lucille A. Dotté Kathleen Hammers Goulet Louise Muggli Kathryn Gunelson Vleck Marilyn Pink Wolkerstorfer

$250 - $499 Katherine Hayes Adams Mary Lou Backes Rose O’Neill Cyert Jane Murray Marrin Catherine Ruane Mehochko Diane Marie Reisdorfer Colleen O’Brien Sathre Karen Kloubec Westerlund Carol Stein Wright Up to $250 Kathleen Marie Barrett Kathleen Locke Bell Rosie Kahnke Blessing Carol Maslowski Brand Marie Murphy Cloutier Barbara Wilm Ellis Patricia Sedivy Fahrendorf Rita Hunn Frundt Valetta Mae Gyurci Mary Jo Bartunek Hall Diane Smith Hansen Polly Pollock Hansen Barbara Johnson Knecht Mary Kay Kunz Johnson Maureen Haviland Ketchum Kathryn Becker Lange Leslie Mahowald-Fairfield Karen Cupkie McCarthy Daniele Beauvoir Metellus Maureen LaFond Meyer Martha Otto Honer Rose Schoeneberger Prietzel Betty Bajari Schaefer Marlene Cumber Stafford Barbara Janzen Sullivan Carol Goellen Timmins Kathleen Ophoven Vleck Kay Kruger Voigt Char Kurtz Wedge

Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds Liz Benda Anderson Kathryn Anderson Charbonneau Janice Meyer Eiden Valetta Mae Gyurci Marilyn Pink Wolkerstorfer


2013 Total: $6,475.00 Active Members: 109 Number of Donors: 53 Participation %: 48.62 Annual Giving Funds Presidents Club ($1,000 - $2,499) Mollie Mulheran Raih Lucille Dufner Rieland $250 - $499 †Anne Morgan Mack Up to $250 Anonymous (2) Barbara Rieland Anderson Judith Wagner Bierman DiAnn Marcus Bormes Rita Greene Buckvold Carol Lebrun Casey Jeanette Blonigen Clancy Marjorie Welp Clough Pamela Nuffer Deuser Catherine Hobday Dey Ramona Radermacher Digre Mary Hertzog Fasching Jeanne Filiatrault Laine Diane Gieneart Flicker Rose Schmit Fowler Diane Sterner Gallagher Helen Blomme Gareri Patricia Jensen Hanson Marian Zeiner Henderson Kathleen Farah Hendrickson Kathleen Magara Herrick 21

Janice Taufen Johnson Judith Kittleson Kearney Jean Loh Kelley Carol Anne Landkamer Mary Jo Laughlin Lee Kathleen Sullivan Loegering Romana Kettler Marshall Carol Meyer Hergott Marjorie Molacek Morrissette Kathleen Scheuer Neary Jeanne Warner Nelson Mary Breiter Nolan Jean Gores Paradis Patricia Aksteter Pierson Sandra Verdeck Redding Sharon Murphy Roth Joan Hahn Schaefer Carole Uphoff Schlangen Diane Murphy Schulte Charlotte Klein Short Marie Smith Margaret M. Sullivan Patricia Weiler Sullivan Ann Barthel Tyler Barbara Smith Wacek Helen Egerman Waldschmidt Mary Weisgram Elaine Faulkner Willenbring Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds Lucille Dufner Rieland


2013 Total: $22,401.62 Active Members: 101 Number of Donors: 56 Participation %: 55.45 Annual Giving Funds Benedicta Society ($5,000 - $9,999) †Helen Walch Fitzenberger


Luminary Society ($2,500 - $4,999) Kitty Ernst Schumacher Presidents Club ($1,000 - $2,499) Mary Jo McCarney Conzemius *Patricia Ruether, OSB Imelda Schulte $500 - $999 Anonymous Karen Welle Bellmont Judy Notermann Ess $250 - $499 Patricia Mack Bierden Jane Annette Crabtree Anna Kram Johnson Mary Hughes Mathews Up to $250 Anonymous Jeanne Veeder Anderson Mary Igers Arndt Ruth Nordlund Arthur Carol Burgeson Askew Geneva Keppers Burke Joanne Meyer Cole Patricia Anne Conn Jeanne Gobeil Coonan Patricia Johnson Davis Karen Holman DeVries Bonnie Brezinski Friske Eileen Sullivan Froehle Mary Ellen Wolff Klein Karen Lahr Mary Garrity Logeland Jeanne Lutgen Anita Wertish McNulty Florence Rose Meyer Catherine Yunker Miller Kathleen Cassidy Mruz Sheila Hogan Mulcahy Carol Karn Nagan Dolores Moen Normandin Jane Wilson O’Kray

Jo Ann Vanselow Olson Kathleen Schmidt Pettit Polly Lanners Posten Patricia Tracy Renteria Monica Roy Constance Sowada Schmidt Patricia Lynn Scott Nancy Herriges Sexton Donna Fink Simek Barbara Platenberg Stender Carol Majerus Vacek Diane Thrall Waldoch Hiroko Kobayashi Watabe Susan Holzemer Weberg Lynn Ann Willkom Anne Syverson Woolsey Patricia Leonard Younghans Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds Rose Maiers Norman Ruth Osmundson Wilwerding


2013 Total: $20,430.04 Active Members: 89 Number of Donors: 36 Participation %: 40.45 Annual Giving Funds Cecilia Kapsner Society ($10,000 or more) Mary Buberl Knautz Presidents Club ($1,000 - $2,499) *Jean Juenemann, OSB Irma Thies $500 - $999 Mary Braun Huberty Mary Brau Noack Margaret Chisholm Rand $250 - $499 Virginia Blomme Bisek

Up to $250 Stephanie Sauer Altfillisch Rita Reitz Andrews Mary Ann Murphy Briguet Nanette Slaughter Dagnon Mary Louise Offerdahl Doherty Sandra Kadrmas Ficek Gloria Dietman Goth Mildred Brennan Hemmelgarn Mary Jane Elizabeth Huberty Elizabeth Pearo Jaros Florence Artz Johnson Beverly Kessler Jacquelyn Schulte Klaphake Maureen Karels Kostiuk Yvette Lebrun Krech Yvonne Lebrun Lorenz Kathleen Novotny Malecha Eleanor Betting Marquisee Virginia Waldoch Mitchell Adeline Ruhland Olmschenk Mary Ellen Bilek Olson Barbara Harrison Rand Margaret Lepinski Randel Rita Shields Saari Mary Conoboy Schroeder Kathleen Kapsner Struck Maylon Huebsch Thorstad Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds Ruth Krech Degen Mildred Brennan Hemmelgarn Mary Benedict Pratt, OSB


2013 Total: $12,640.00 Active Members: 108 Number of Donors: 35 Participation %: 32.41 Annual Giving Funds Presidents Club ($1,000 - $2,499) Elizabeth A. Hayden

Margaret Ann Hinton Rose Mary Kuyava Meyer Kate Fowler Stangler Mary Kennedy Sullivan $500 - $999 Sharon Zimmermann Pecore Mary Alice Tomporowski $250 - $499 Victoria Siegmund Amundson Rosemary Deutsch Madych Gayle Hinkemeyer Smoley Up to $250 Margie Schneider Bjorklund Alice Bauerly Coudron Jill Mooney Coudron Bernadette Heinen Couillard Meg Finnegan Davis Virginia Silbernagel Feist Susan Loegering Gutches Kathleen Jirik Hanzel Janet Leidenfrost Johnson Joanne M. Koralesky Antoinette Scholand Larson Joan Schumacher McCoy Susan Powers McKeon Sheila A. Milner Joan Scholtis Mitzel Sheila George Murray Sharon Eddleston Schemmel Lynn Huntington Schubert Margarete Caviezel Smith Carolyn Kulick Stepaniak Sharon Johnson Vanasek Mary Ann Lyndgaard Weisbrod Barbara Molacek Werlinger Jo Ann Terhaar White Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds Sue Ford Clausen Elizabeth A. Hayden


2013 Total: $39,495.00 Active Members: 141 Number of Donors: 48 Participation %: 34.04 Annual Giving Funds Cecilia Kapsner Society ($10,000 or more) *Joyce Ann Statz Presidents Club ($1,000 - $2,499) Suzan-Oda Crokin Knese $500 - $999 Carol Elvira Rueckert *Theresa Loehrer Wurst $250 - $499 Diana Lam Ellen Rajkowski Mary Hinz Rhoades Elizabeth Leifeld Zdon Up to $250 Carol Knese Arend Florine Weller Armstrong Sharon Terhaar Balcom Sharon Schlosser Barry Sharon Zehnder Beach Marilyn Myott Berg Marilyn Clancy Bierden Mary Jean Steffl Bischof Audrey Mary Buysse Jean Campbell Meda Sexton Carlson Margaret Neudecker Cedarberg Karen Ratzlaff Dittmar Joan Schreiner Doyle Ruth Roehl DuHamel Corrine Damberger Grochowski Patricia Halada Hare Janice McCue Harem Faye Schneider Heille Michelle Trenier Herman

Margaret Schaack Hicks Jane Kohl Holmquist Sally E. Hughes Renee Sickmann Jaroscak Judith Schmitt Kidder Karen Bechtold Koltes Mary Alice Igel Lyons Ruth Worms Moore Yvonne Boller Nelson Barbara Tweedy Patten Kathleen Witt Perry Audrey Lefebvre Pitts Kathryn Crawford Roberts Carol Weber Rohde Elizabeth Hollermann Schloemer Anne Peters Schneider Carol Gertken Thompson Anne Hogan Wareham Sandra Manderfeld Wixon Nancy Wyffels-Vershey Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds Ellen Rajkowski *Joyce Ann Statz *Theresa Loehrer Wurst


2013 Total: $13,945.04 Active Members: 123 Number of Donors: 36 Participation %: 29.27 Annual Giving Funds Luminary Society ($2,500 - $4,999) Kris Newman Ellingsworth Mary Zimmerley Nigon Presidents Club ($1,000 - $2,499) Loretta Whalen Danzl Marge Gruenes $500 - $999 Sharon Wyffels Engels

$250 - $499 Laurel Weydert Barklow Martha Elaine Etzell Barbara Meyer Varani Beatrice Kohorst Vasterling Up to $250 Sue Bloomquist Amidon Constance Feldman Andvik Maria Garcia Balestri Mimi Tully Denes Melisa Dick Donna Osborne Feldman Elizabeth Grant Frerich Mary Ann Barnett Gunville Jean Silvers Heying Darlene Baldus Hueser Linda Hutchinson Kathleen Janzen Kaiser Patricia Hertling Krinke Katherine A. Kunkel Eleanor Blashack McNeal Judy Muggli O’Regan Susan Askew Pearsall Mary Brandl Reynolds Beverly Bates Schmitt Juliana Kelzer Schulte Marie Mulheran Thomas Leanne Schloesser Wallace Patricia Radloff Welter Jeanne DuBois Woodward Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds Eileen Twohy Capecchi Patricia Schlosser Krekelberg Kathleen Twohy


2013 Total: $13,997.60 Active Members: 130 Number of Donors: 47 Participation %: 36.15 23

Annual Giving Funds Luminary Society ($2,500 - $4,999) Marie Terese Zaczkowski Presidents Club ($1,000 - $2,499) Judy Guild Foley *Annette Bouta Hendrick Barbara Jacobson Maureen Jacobs Knapp $500 - $999 Kathryn Knapp Hanz Lynn Regan $250 - $499 Mary Hough Backes Up to $250 Maxine Haider Backes Elizabeth Ampe Beckel Anne Matejcek Becker Mary Ellen Cotone-Hunt Jeanne Pouliot Dirksen Kathleen M. Endert Julie Roth Erickson Sharon Sharkey Ericson Rose Florek Margaret Schneider Fraik Brenda Buck Haas Cheryl Solinger Halvorson Kerry Neisen Heckenlaible Mary Fiala Heins Mary Huebsch Hogendorn Terry Linnihan Howard Ann Schneider Kingzett Rita Huls Kostreba LaDonna Schoch Kroetsch Susan Martha Leifeld Carol Shimek Lenhart Phyllis Thissen Levno Cindi R. Mankowski Anne Blashack Marrin Barbara Peck Olson Nancy Carpentier Roering Kristine Nitz Sand 24

Suzanne Cain Sandbo Jane Byron Scheidnes Katharine Beirne Schemmel Ellen Parent Shukis Mary Korf Simon Janel Koll Sullivan Patricia Sullivan Marie A. Thielen Patricia Buysse Van Nevel Joyce Windsperger-Rubio Vonnie Funk Yapuncich Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds Mary Elizabeth Leeder


2013 Total: $13,130.00 Active Members: 126 Number of Donors: 39 Participation %: 30.95 Annual Giving Funds Presidents Club ($1,000 - $2,499) Judy Yaggie Cahill Linda Mohs Foster Colleen McGeary Larson Teresa Mazzitelli Mary Brusseau Sellner $500 - $999 Linda Domeier Johnson Marcia Mae Knuttila Rebecca Ludka Margaret Gust Myrick $250 - $499 Louise Ahles-Kedziora Constance Corrigan Andrews Rose Marie Blesener Mary Kaye Zutter Fox Sharon Fordham Mullin Grace Coudron Seroka

Up to $250 Rita Marie Clasemann Mary Drexler Conway Cheryl Rian Daum Constance Werner Fleck Mary Beth Herzog Ford Jeanne Pyzdrowski Fraune Nancy Drahota Gates Jean Hornstein Hager Judith Vilina Hart Barbara Bandar Henkel Linda Manderfeld Howa Christine Hartigan Iori Margaret Schoenecker Kartak Joan Kellen Mary Noske LaRoche Ann Bullock Moeller Stephanie Sonstegard Osterberg Mary Claire Patnode Carol Campbell Schaffer Dorothy A. Schmidt Constance Grell Schutta Marie Malchow Spoden Frances Zavoral Wendorff Jean Knuesel Yager


2013 Total: $12,677.50 Active Members: 153 Number of Donors: 53 Participation %: 34.00 Annual Giving Funds Luminary Society ($2,500 - $4,999) Shirley Olson Bosch Presidents Club ($1,000 - $2,499) Anonymous Ann Scallen Block Mary Kay Miller Boudewyns $500 - $999 Mary Jane Lang Jantzer

$250 - $499 Patricia Kent Joanne Schleper Nei Joan Knothe Stein Up to $250 Lucille Diedrich Ammann Mari Lyn Ampe Pamela Schumacher Bryan Mary Carlson Cates Mary Halek Cherrico Catherine Ries Connoley Mary Rian Crea Mary Young Croffut Linda Donabauer Diez Mary Lou Horvath Fuhry Anita J. Hall Joyce Schlosser Hammerberg Joan Imdieke Henry Julia Jacobs Herdina Jane Volkenant Hoese Susan Johnson Homan Diane White Ingeman Carol Gans Jansen Debra Rice Jensen Barbara Forstner Kauphusman Sharon Walker Kemp Kathleen Neumann Kohlhaas Elizabeth Moore LaVigne Jeanne Marie Leifeld Julie Hertzog Millerbernd Mary Regina Moore Celeste Allen Novak Susan Sehr Ohnsorg SueZanne Jordan Parker Catherine Hesse Plantenberg Maureen O’Brien Rendahl Marre Vilina Sager Ann Therese Sokolowski Catherine Stemm Nancy Teggatz Taylor Harriet Helfter Terry Gloria Mary Tri Mary Pat Tschida Vicki Ederer Way

Anne Welle Weber Lenore Freking Wendorff Ruth Hinkemeyer Wimberly Mary Pat Byron Zabinski Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds Mary Halek Cherrico Kathleen Domino Ohman


2013 Total: $23,883.75 Active Members: 238 Number of Donors: 70 Participation %: 29.41 Annual Giving Funds Luminary Society ($2,500 - $4,999) Wendy Wagner Byron Presidents Club ($1,000 - $2,499) Beverly Hahn Cote Carol Rothstein Culp Judith Steele Goetemann Christine Newman Howard Janet Irene Miller Ethel Stone Muchlinski Elizabeth Wilder Rieser Janet Carlson Vandendriessche Marcia Dalseth Woell $500 - $999 Judith Gans Anderson Barbara Woxland Bundy Carolyn Harter Ceronsky Jean Lown Barbara Gray Meyer Mary Weber Nord Gigi FourrĂŠ Schumacher Paulette Carpentier Siedow $250 - $499 Debra E. Bisek Carol Berning Frenz

Joyce Volkenant Gutkowski Janet Stanoch Knoepfler Jennifer Jacklitch Oschwald Christine Ann Rose Mary Kay Schanhaar Welle Up to $250 Anonymous (2) Michelle Backes-Fogelberg Nancy Frost Bellmont Sandra Bot-Miller Deborah Berg Brandenberg Teresa Barrett Cari Susan Nierengarten Cohen Judith Nelson Dellenbach Kelly Ann deRosier Rita Beuch Deutsch Janet Genty Eggert Theresa Ashe Endler Barbara Leuthner Gerdes Sue Sweeney Griffith Judith Hebert Grimm Maureen Hyde Halpin Barbara J. Heille Cynthia Maves Hutchins Sandra Roske Kewman Kim Mulvaney Kroll Joan Bresnahan Lasslo Catherine Swendsen Laubach Suk Chee Rosa Leung Lyn Gaffaney McMurry Ramona Schleper Myott Susan Kaiser Nordquist Maria Peters-Bodette Jean Marie Rashid Rita Lauer Reissner Mary Roble Alene Richter Rudy Carol Mohs Ryczek Susan Huber Sand Shirley Sanders Sherry Fiscus Schroeder Monica Wermerskirchen Schulzetenberg Jane Churchill Sears

Dianne Doll Sikora Barbara Sobocinski Mae Schulzetenberge Tinguely Cynthia Benson Wachtler Sheila Elam Wandersee Laura Neumann Wasilowski Jacqueline Mondry Welle Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds Carolyn Harter Ceronsky Monica Wermerskirchen Schulzetenberg


2013 Total: $17,081.54 Active Members: 255 Number of Donors: 69 Participation %: 27.06 Annual Giving Funds Presidents Club ($1,000 - $2,499) Denise DeVaan Diane Emge Iacarella Rita E. Knuesel Shirley Kocur Debra Weydert Koop $500 - $999 Katherine Gernes Froemming Mary Kay Melcher Mans JoAnn Winter $250 - $499 Anonymous Marion Bisek Anderson Jean Douglas McMenimen Maureen Therese Moore Frances Brown Povolny Martha Ellen Risch Mary Schlosser Linda Lovrien Simmons Sara Boyle Trautner

Up to $250 Linda Dietman Arnold Margaret Weber Bauer Martha Terwey Benton Jane Christiansen Berens Lola Backes Blattner Julie Horvei Bock Rufina Chung Joan Hurley Debrei Lois Weller Detloff Beverly Barten Doyle Mary Steimann Gelhaus Joan Franta Grobe Julia Schirber Henry Jeanne Chastang Hoodecheck Kathleen Schmid Jude Nancy Sauer Kaczrowski Charlene O’Brien Kelzer Kathryn Jo Knoblauch Alice Kollmann Geraldine Barlage Lattimore Joan Hannah Mathieu Dianne Albrecht McMurray Rae Ann Kaczmarek Michel Rita Igel Moore Joanie Loher Murphy Anne Palmquist Olinger Geneva Marie Omann Mary Traxler Ozbun Nancy Penca Geri Coleman Peterson Mary Pettis Judith Liedl Radzicki Dianne Wolf Redman Kathryn Freidleben Rhode Bridget A. Ryan Elizabeth Kavanaugh Schlater Mary Pfefferle Schmidt Teresa E. Schneider Helen Daley Schroepfer Mary Liners Schuett Dorothy Seitz-Tegeder Ann Tschimperle Springer Lisa Kemp Stadele Jo Ann David Toussaint 25

Theresa L. Tuma Susan McIntyre Weitz Bonnie Bean Whalen Catherine E. White Mary Salter Workinger Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds Kathleen Rajkowski Kampa Rita E. Knuesel Mary Kay D’Aquila Phillips Mary Schlosser Cecelia S. Tse


2013 Total: $21,169.04 Active Members: 304 Number of Donors: 84 Participation %: 27.63 Annual Giving Funds Luminary Society ($2,500 - $4,999) Susan Lynch Vento Presidents Club ($1,000 - $2,499) Lori-Jo Anne Fergle Sharon Hall Patricia Hamm Mary Harlander-Locke Jane White Schneeweis Margaret Welle Sitzer $500 - $999 Anne Kessler Brutlag Susan Gantert Hulbert Peggy O’Brien Schley Patricia Goossens Waynick $250 - $499 Deborah Carol Amon Brenda Bozzo Mary Novak Brodersen Suzanne Day James Nancy Schoolmeesters Morales 26

Virginia Marie Rueter Lois Ann Thielen Up to $250 Anonymous Kathleen Anderson Virginia M. Anderson Wendi Thelen Balvanz Debra Flicker Baron Martha Barringer LuAnn Schumer Berg Michele M. Boulet Kathleen Brown Brockway Constance Mushinski Bromaghim Jane Bromaghim Ann Bukoskey Susan Burns Ann Beuch Cafferty Mary Lyons Camden Mary Makie Connor Maureen Mareck Des Marais Elizabeth Desy Diane Minea Devereaux Marcia Kraemer DeWerd Martha Clare Erpelding Ann Elizabeth Flom Nancy Dehen Fuller Susan Johnson Hanlon Anne Hanzel Doris ONell Harding Cynthia Nelson Hartnett Margaret Ellenbecker Jergenson Anna Maria Nicklawsky Kelly Mary Underwood Kosak Joan Ohmann Krause Mary Alice Kremer Leslie Ann Krona Mary Olsen LaValley Terry Campbell Lindeke Mary Valvoda Lunneborg Peg Achter Mann Mary Persson Meine Kathleen Moore Carrie Chevalier Mosher

Linda Des Lauriers Napiwocki Mary Johnson Nelson Mary K. Paquette Kathryn Erpelding Petri Monica Eustice Priebe Marilyn Traut Rasmussen Diane Franta Reitter Monica Kennedy Roggenbuck Maryann Rot Carol Sauer Vande J. Veronica Valdes Seivert Marthy Bishop Smoliak Dorothea Plantenberg Stockinger Deanna Dowdle Suilmann Roberta Williams Sullivan Joanne Sunquist Julie Hullerman Theismann Jane Jansen Thiegs Beverly Oelfke Thorpe Beth Garin Tomlinson Patricia Meyer Tschida Susan Hillesheim Tschida Anne Kunert Vanic Jean Kuelbs Ward Jeanne Musielewicz Welch Denise Carol Wyttenbach


2013 Total: $102,453.58 Active Members: 320 Number of Donors: 91 Participation %: 28.44 Annual Giving Funds Cecilia Kapsner Society ($10,000 or more) Margaret Engleson Palen Luminary Society ($2,500 - $4,999) Mary Lynne Dombovy Presidents Club ($1,000 - $2,499) Sara Hillen Boevers Patrice Thein Johnson Maureen Byrnes Rangen

Claudia Ryan-Mosley Diane Metzler Williams $500 - $999 Jennifer Dean Dwyer Mary Jo Klabunde Mahowald Michele Schroepfer Marrinan Joan Maloney Paulson Ann Ruff Joleen Strait Smith Deborah Stevens Yerby $250 - $499 Patricia D. Anderson Beth Wegleitner Asmussen Kathleen Robinson McClellan Lynn Campbell Montgomery Peggy Landwehr Roske Catherine Franta Schwarz Margaret Ann Volz Patricia Wolesky Regina Hervey Yitbarek Up to $250 Anonymous Nancy Kornder Adams Ellen Clausing Albares Nancy Kennedy Albertson Sally Clark Arden Leora Harren Bakk Lucy Gutchewsky Bauer Janice Karls Beckstrom Mary Loch Belshe Gwen Johnson Beneke Lynnette Norberg Blem Margaret A. Blenkush Mary McLaughlin Bowman Ann Gregory Brownell Ellen Storms Capecchi Valencia Grant Carroll Sharon Lee Casey Geri Osborne Clairmont Ann C. Cofell Patricia Wentz Ebacher

Deborah Lesnick Franklin Julie Herges Gapstur Marlene Peters Groetsch Margaret Rothstein Hebig Laurie Bachmeier Helling Mary Hughes Hynes Carol Eikens Jansky Susan P. Katner Mary Kemp King Jeanne Tuohy Klabunde Eileen Clements Krenz Colette Dick Krueger Pamela Kubesh-Huisman Catherine Fourré Lally Krista Lang-Shasky Patricia Nowak Lee Janice Schleper Lokken Jeanne Solheid Lunski Anne Lynch Marie Maes-Voreis Mary Walters McLean Barbara Fischer Miller Patricia Noehring Montplaisir Cathy Youso Mumma Debra O’Hearon Mund Sally A. Novak Marcia Enney Opatz Peggy O’Toole-Martin Jean Mikulich Peters Janet Vavrosky Peterson Beth Mary Rademacher Maribeth Nitz Radermacher Zora Radosevich Deanna Jansen Reilly Linda Ohmann Richter Teresa Ginder Richter Kathi Beavers Rivard Betsy Lehman Rosenzweig Doris Runa Susan Toumi Ruth Kathleen Henkemeyer Sauer Mary Gehlen Seifert Therese Mary Sinner Renotta Baxter Stainbrook Valerie Strand Patterson

Barbara Bowar Wagner Jean Blomme Weum Deborah Iten Zachman Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds Claudia Ryan-Mosley


2013 Total: $38,010.00 Active Members: 347 Number of Donors: 76 Participation %: 21.90 Annual Giving Funds Cecilia Kapsner Society ($10,000 or more) Molly McGlynn Varley Benedicta Society ($5,000 - $9,999) *Barbara Torborg Melsen Luminary Society ($2,500 - $4,999) Maryanne Mahowald Maria Hunt O’Phelan $500 - $999 Theresa Ahles Catherine Margaret Blashack Geralyn Olive Schroder Marie Berendt Speltz Frances Hertel Tieman Celeste Yanisch-Perron $250 - $499 Patricia Krause Balder Linda McAden Bershadsky Rebecca Groebner Capecchi Clare Veverka Coppock Michelle Swenson Drury Clare Eickhoff Elchert Jane Regenscheid Erickson Elizabeth Hawkins Evans Barbara Hallberg Kruse Katherine Baker Lauer

Linda Nistler-Schnabel Stephanie T. Palubicki Mary Jo Athmann Schmoll Linda Ribarchek Smith Up to $250 Jayne Knobbe Arvold Mary Ruth Bechtold Beverly Hinnenkamp Beckstrand Anne Budroe Benda Mary Therese Buley Colleen Geary Carter Debra Nosbush Cook Celeste Svobodny Davis Nancy Jones Dean Sarah Knoepfler DeLong Connie Kutzke Dilts Mary Bachmeier Gann Dodd Eleta Pumper Donaldson Janelle Moran Erikson Kathleen Barry Felicelli Ann Stein Forner Debra Ward Hambleton Valery Scherer Hansen Nancy Novakoske Hoogenhous Janice Klein Hylden Karla Nagle Karstens Nancy Laudenbach Kerestes Kathleen Hiti Lund Nancy Jo Dunn McDermott Kathleen Bonidy McEvoy Catherine Mooney Moe Teresa Clark Naughton Yvonne Noronha Denise Novak Notermann Jeanne Cogley Novacek Cathy McKenzie O’Brien Theresa Berghoff Orth Jean Antony Posthumus Susan Anne Riley MaryBeth Frankman Rossiter Nancy Ferguson Rousslang Beth-Anne Gruidl Rowe Laura Lodermeier Saterfield Marcia Sebasky Smieja Debora Schulzetenberg Spanier

Denise Miller Stachnik Mary Lou Dolan Thue Sheila Emily Ward Lisa Marie Wersal Marina Whight Mary McGarry Woitte Denise Hageman Wozniak Nina Gresser Writz Marcy Yelaney Young Mary Elizabeth Zabinski Jean Forst Zinda Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds Ena Albury, OSB


2013 Total: $33,877.89 Active Members: 345 Number of Donors: 78 Participation %: 22.61 Annual Giving Funds Benedicta Society ($5,000 - $9,999) Marcia Gleason Zrust Luminary Society ($2,500 - $4,999) Diane Starbird Malone *Lynn Newman Presidents Club ($1,000 - $2,499) Patricia Offerman Bartholomew Anne McGarry Mary Zitur Miley Barbara Zdechlik Phelps Julie Huebsch Ruether Mary Flynn Worley $500 - $999 Lori Birskovich Joanne Soltys Carr Cynthia Wright Koll Catherine McGinnis Elizabeth Spooner-Falde 27

$250 - $499 Marguerite Ratelle Baumer Kathleen Garry Boyle Cynthia Ann Brummer Paula Hessian Dinndorf Nancy Jo Haag Mary Leopold Julianne Pohl Melchor Cynthia Bedard Owens Margaret Diane Ryan Susan Margaret Singer Up to $250 Mary Hanzal Alink Leslie Capra Becker Colleen Sauer Bell Lisa Lorenzoni Benusa Carol Bishop Rebecca Brin-Manlove Laurie Schmid Brown Mary Kay Niva Capecchi Judith Popelka Corrigan Kathryn Dobos Cossette Beverly Volbert Decker Judith Doonan-Twohy Joyce Overman Dube Michele A. Einarson Laurie Elsen Heidi Smith Erspamer Cynthia Tschida Eversman Deborah Drews Farrell Deborah Ann Forstner Mary Schneider Franta Jan Stansberry Fuller Leslie Davis Gjerstad Deborah Walczynski Greene Karen Obermeyer Haglund Kathleen Molitor Hendrickson Carol Koscielniak Hyde Joan Bruner Jordan Julie Ann Fier Kerrigan Patricia Bosworth Libra Sharon Bullock Libresco Cheryl Keup Linneman 28

Georgia Beavers Maguire Marcia Jean Meredith Maureen Maloney Miller Cecilia Krettek Morrow Laura Tabor Mullin Mary Finley Ostlund Patricia Dysthe Pfannenstein Eileen M. Piersa Laura Jo Pletscher Lucy Joan Poole Judy Kay Regenscheid Maria Diekman Renfrew Paula Jarosh Romportl Ann Stringer Roth Julia Schmidt Joleen Margaret Soukup Theresa Schmit Stergios Mary Michels Thomas Colette Belnkush Traut Kathleen Hanrahan Urban Joyce Goeden Uselman Diane Resler Wotta Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds Joyce Overman Dube Catherine McGinnis Mary Harren Neisen *Lynn Newman


2013 Total: $53,153.33 Active Members: 377 Number of Donors: 90 Participation %: 23.87 Annual Giving Funds Benedicta Society ($5,000 - $9,999) Teresa Marie Lahti Luminary Society ($2,500 - $4,999) Jeanne Daly McIntee Vicki Rasmusen Yanisch

Presidents Club ($1,000 - $2,499) Margaret Twohy Carney Joan DesLauriers Donner Mary White Frey Sharon Kofstad-Spies Colleen McCormick Malone Mary Catherine McMahon *Kathleen Mock $500 - $999 Suzanne Jacquemart Dauck Ann Donovan McDonald Jane Kalkman Murphy Nancy Jean Owens Karen Kartheiser Schaaf Catherine Schoener Geraldine Levitan Smith $250 - $499 Ann Schmid Brown Sharon Murphy Burns Shelly Johnson Hauge Sheila McNary Hayes Cheryl Pope Long Ann Filiatrault McCann Laurie Gebhardt Rieb Shannon Riley Up to $250 Anonymous Ann Horstmann Bajari Debra E. Bates Susan Knish Bayerl Margaret White Blake Karen Carlson Bouley Margaret Dolezal Brossart Katherine Bresnahan Bruckbauer Jane Cagle-Kemp Patricia Feldhege Carruth Kathryn Lind Caudill Karen Plantenberg Christen Lori Johnson Coleman Diane Pinder Dean Joanne Tuhkanen Fleck

Susan Marie Flesch Kathleen Palen Geske Terri Hornstein Gulstad Eileen Leidenfrost Haeg Sharon Walters Hansen Patricia Dey Harvey Susan Pflipsen Hoffarth Patricia Hurd Victoria Hutson Joelle Marie Imholte Cynthia Drews Johnson Elizabeth Higgins Kerfeld Barbara Storkamp King Susan Blashack Kirsch Doreen Knott Kishel Cynthia Westbrock Koziolek Pamela Ruff Krzmarzick Noreen O’Loan Loso Mary Ann Marschall Lorinda Yurek Mathwig Sharon Miller Maurer Susan Beauchaine McElveen Leslie Sinner McEvoy Carol Farha McGlade Erin McKee Merrigan Michelle Lauerman Miller Andriette Schuhwerck Million Jane Moline Patricia Oaster Mraz Paula E. Muggli Susan Myers Julie Wenner Niebur Lisa Larson O’Brien Joy Hannon O’Donnell Ellen Kurpiers Pinkowski Jo Beth Pike Ranfranz Anna Rehmann Riegle Tracy A. Roeder Carolyn Geneva Rynders Janet Buysse Samuelson Julia Hager Sauve Elizabeth Mendoza Streich Shelby Anderson Vaske Joan Weber Vievering

Susan Waller Janet Salitros Windsperger Diane L. Winter Nina Garni Wise Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds Karen Plantenberg Christen Elizabeth Lambert Engel Mary Scott Jepperson *Kathleen Mock


2013 Total: $18,610.00 Active Members: 393 Number of Donors: 87 Participation %: 22.14 Annual Giving Funds Presidents Club ($1,000 - $2,499) *Rebecca Bergner Coborn Barbara Edwards Farley $500 - $999 Sarah Warfield Hoban Mary Knoblauch Monica Engel Marx Katheryne Vogel Moran Mary Meyer Powell Laurie Rivard Darla Theisen $250 - $499 Kirsten Hendrickson Berkowitz Marie Mingo Day Kathy Melsen Eagan Rebecca Bruggeman Harkman Janice Klett Ward Jacqueline Lantry Sharon Swirtz Maus Terese Fink Peterson Nancy Kendzora Rectenwald

Up to $250 Sonia Toth Aamodt-Schulz Mary Josette Baker Lucy Barrett Bednar Brenda Bergsrud Molly Dolan Bird Cathy Super Buggy Mary Fitch Campbell Deborah Schwartz Cleven Ann Berendt Deasey Carol Diethelm Mary Eldredge-Sandbo Pamela Fier-Hansen Margaret Fust-Olson Susan Mucha Gossman Judith Grossman Griffin Susan Baldwin Groves Amy E. Hall Nancy Knish Halpin Katie Etten Harms Linda Hartung Sally J. Hawkins Joan Larson Hoedel Diane Holliday-Welsh Julie Torborg Hussey Nancy Heyrman Jackley Judith Jeon-Chapman Rebecca Bossenmaier Johnson Anne Boyle Kennefick Gretchen Roth Kittok Jayne Kasper Lammer Colleen Lilly Rose Doll Mader Anne M. Maguire Kathleen Palmer Manning Ann S. Maresh Patricia Frie Mattos Mariann McCormally Kathleen McKenzie Patricia Milun Gail Bouley Navratil Gwendolyn Nies Elaine Nistler Omann Mary Ann O’Reilley Catherine Berg Ostlie

Kathleen Neil Palmer Ann Lien Peyton Barbara Hejny Rabe Lorie Reller Janet Ridge Vicki Hassing Rothstein Ann Lynch Ruschy Julie Samuelson Paula Seifert-Koktan Sheila Kilbride Shusterich Peggy Miner Stookey Mary Tadich Julie Thoreen-Birkedal Dawna Lichtscheidl Tierney Bridget Tompkins Carol Anne Weiss Wall Lisa Brewers Walther Christel Ogren Webber Catherine Polta Winkelhake Becky Bisek Wolf Louise Wolf-Novak Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds Lori Ziegler Humbert Sharon Pugil Ridgeway Catherine Spaeth Rosanne Uschold


2013 Total: $81,740.37 Active Members: 411 Number of Donors: 110 Participation %: 26.76 Annual Giving Funds Cecilia Kapsner Society ($10,000 or more) *Judy Forstner Poferl Anne Schmidt-Krump Luminary Society ($2,500 - $4,999) Kathleen Murray Eichler Valorie Stein Jackson Jeanne Mock

Carol Schirmers Nancy Maloney Williams Presidents Club ($1,000 - $2,499) Laura Lawler Cummings Lisa Theisen Germscheid Mary Heinen Lori Lowe Hume Ann Mingo Hyler Kristin Blakeslee Jarocki Sandra Boes O’Brien Peggy Laila Raisanen Brenda Zimmerman Ray Mary Farnham Whitney $500 - $999 Annette M. Ernst Margaret A. Hanegraaf Penny Schmitz Moorse Renee Tushaus Wurm $250 - $499 Betsy Coy-Burgeson Margaret Anne Donohue Katherine Sandkamp Harris Kate Brass Hentges Margaret Perrault Knack Grace Klassen Lambert Heidi Tabor Myers Dorine Meyer Ross Up to $250 Jennifer Underwood Armitage Jeanne Gantert Auron Susan Mary Bartoletti Kathleen Sando Berland Becky Johnson Boyle Mary Schantzen Bucher Anne Hoey Carlson Kimberly Ebert Colella Cynthia Lynch Conger Kathleen Ulm Crandall Debra Crane-Lance Judith Nistler Dallman Linda Terhaar Davis 29

Margaret Foley Day Mary Hessian Des Lauriers Debra Schuster Dingmann Judith Gross Lundberg Dinsmore Cheryl Drahos Dixon Karen Schaefer Eherenman Bernadette Robinson Elhard Susan Meuwissen Ergen Sandra Pfefferle Forster Susan Kay Geiser Paula O’Brien Germscheid Katherine Michels Geske Margaret Rose Gilligan Connie Heitz Grausam Beth Ryshavy Greenberg Sieglinde Nelson Grivna Anne Wehlage Groetsch Joyce Moran Halstrom Susan Lloyd Harper Sharon Brin Hathaway Angela Rosenberg Hauger Jonelle Spanier Heinen Kathleen Linder Herbers Carol Hogan-O’Keefe Ann Buley Hough Julie Hallaway Jensen Mary Jane Rohe Kalina Jane Novak Kelly Julie Conrad Klein Janet Ann Kluzik Eileen Kurpiers Dorothy Margaret Lauer LynnSheree Lynch Lesmeister Ann McRaith Lipowski Catherine Coughlin Lundberg Karen Marie Martin Nancy McLaughlin Tarara Diane Vriezen Nelson Marilyn Peller Nelson Lori Nilson Jarnot Anne Fogarty Oberman Mary M.L. O’Brien Mary Elizabeth Olk Sharon Cogley Paulson 30

Ann Petri Pearson Michelle Ann Plombon Cynthia Popp-Cronin Mary Raeker-Rebek Jean Ziegenhorn Renner Mary Kennedy Richie Jane Schultz Ruprecht Martha McCabe Schermer Therese Bonner Schneider Elizabeth Wasko Schweich Marianne Bishop Shay Lisa Fox Silbernagel Brenda S. Silkman Lynn Ertl Staricka Elizabeth Meyer Theisen Elizabeth Lawyer Tomten Nancy Vidmar Torrison Margaret O’Connor Tressel Tamara Otto Wettin Lisa Marie Wisdorf Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds Anonymous Anne Diekmann Condon Margaret Mary Donahue Margaret Perrault Knack Anne Schepers Rogotzke Anne Schmidt-Krump


2013 Total: $37,737.45 Active Members: 408 Number of Donors: 85 Participation %: 20.83 Annual Giving Funds Benedicta Society ($5,000 - $9,999) Marie Brand Humbert Patricia Francis Minnis Karen Torborg Morris Luminary Society ($2,500 - $4,999) *Lisa Spoden

Presidents Club ($1,000 - $2,499) Anonymous (2) Mary Giebenhain Fitzgerald Monica Milbert Lawyer Teresa Hilk Pletcher Margaret Brand Wall $500 - $999 Peggy Gottwalt Beaudoin Jane Filzen Bornhoeft Janet Setter Dryer Mary Cassidy Lenker Kathryn Peller Woodley $250 - $499 Anonymous Clare Schmitz Bjork Pamrica Coakley Ferguson Elizabeth King Keenan Debra Kay Kirst Ronda Rolfes-Dever Linda Walczynski-Louie Up to $250 Anonymous Claire Pawlak Adachi Anne Poston Annis Natalia Albers Armitage Mary Halloran Bartek Sonia Mercedes Boon Kari Erpelding Bunkers Colleen Byron Nancy Johnson Calderon Margaret Elizabeth Cashman Mary Manderfeld Clark Monica Seiler Cofell Jeanne Marrinan Cooley Julia Holm Deetz Margaret A. Demmer Marguerite DeSpain Jill Dubbledee-Kuhn Carolyn Ruskamp Elaison Lori Schollmeier Esselman Maureen Buckley Fletcher Susan Leedahl Flynn

Therese Buhman Forster Janine M. Frericks Mariana Geralyn Ginder Lisa Meierhofer Hanowski Virginia Louise Hansen Mary Heer-Forsberg Angela Teiken Heitzman Laura Marszalek Hudalla Melissa Byersmith Jirikovic Amy Wolak Jowers Laura Torborg Kakach Kathryn Berkemier Kayser Margaret Hauptmann Kenney Teresa Ryan Lassegard Jean Busch Laue Mary McKee Lehman Jeanne Anne LeMieur Mary McCarney Lipinski Deborah Hausladen Lofquist Suzette Otto Neumann Michelle Brewers O’Leary Theresa Peterson Omdahl Linda Marie Paulson Michele Grande Piechowski Lisa Pope Margaret Uphus Raitor Kristina Krause Rashedi Deborah Chaney Rupar Greta Hendrickson Schertler Kaye M. Schimnich Marietta Haeg Schwartz Patricia A. Seitz Martha Higgins Smith Kristi Ann Valente Stotz Linda Strommen Janice Jarocki Terry Barbara C. TeVogt Beth Votca Hersman Mary Annala Weigel Margaret Stanley Wentz Sarah Jaeger Youngblood Ann Herzog Zettel

Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds Margaret A. Demmer


2013 Total: $60,257.05 Active Members: 436 Number of Donors: 84 Participation %: 19.27 Annual Giving Funds Cecilia Kapsner Society ($10,000 or more) Margaret Engerski Wiehoff Benedicta Society ($5,000 - $9,999) Lorre Ann Ochs Presidents Club ($1,000 - $2,499) Bronwen Cound Amy Schindler Hueg Ann Reim Woessner Jacqueline Fritz Sinjem Suzette Elisabeth Sutherland Judy M. Zimmer $500 - $999 Beth Claar Azcona Nancy Holm Callas Nora Virkus Lonnquist $250 - $499 Judy C. Aydt Anne M. Biedscheid Patricia Hoban Flynn Barbara Higgins Mary Beth Farley Liska Maureen Garry Maus Jamie Stanton Moloney Nancy Bishop Polomis Jane Kapphahn Rymanowski Nancy Tuschhoff Terseck Mollie Gruidl Tobias Ann Sokolowski Wilson

Up to $250 Megan Haas Adam Mary Wilhelm Anderson Mary Mallinger Ankerstjerne Kathleen Garrett Bassett Karen Reinhardt Benson Luann Hanson Berger Susan M. Besst Julie Schueller Brewers Teresa Anderson Callahan Celine Bernard Campbell Margaret Condon Hansen Donna Berge Davis Monica Hall Davis Maria Ricci Dols Linda Cogley Evenson BethAnn Garni-Wagner Joan O’Connor Goossens Deanna L. Haeg Gina Rethlake Hagen Debra Jean Hartung Jeanine Henry Dimperio Cynthia Wilharm Irrgang Janelle Hullett Johnson Lisa Wicktor Johnson Kassy M. Kenney Lisa Kosak Knops Mona Vieau Lehman Debora Lowe Jacqueline Harthman Lunde Sheila Sieben Lungstrom Susanne Marchek Maggie Bartek McCaslin Sarah Guimond McDermott Kimberly Schmidt McNabb Nancy Mertens Meier Julie Hoffner Meyer Regina Walther-Brooks Mohs Mary Palmer O’Keefe Shelly Reveland Otto Susan Erlandson Rockers Linda Shinehouse Saupe Pamela Carlson Schleif Susan Bresnahan Schwieters Mary Beste Seng

Karen Twohey Sheehan Mary Kay Evans Sinner Joan Vogel Skluzacek Mary Ratelle Spence Sandra Fier Steichen Terese Swindells Thielen Lisa Valentini-Lilly Theresa Marie Voss Patricia Lindquist Walsh Kimberly Fenske Wass Leanne Theisen Wattenhofer Ann Wingert Williams Anna Ditter Williams Melanie Rosella Witte Mary D. Zelenak Lisa Verkinderen Ziemann Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds Jean Detke Kelly Suzette Elisabeth Sutherland


2013 Total: $54,337.48 Active Members: 482 Number of Donors: 107 Participation %: 22.20 Annual Giving Funds Cecilia Kapsner Society ($10,000 or more) Anne Cummings Schmidt Benedicta Society ($5,000 - $9,999) *Kathleen Kurvers Henderson Karla Beste Rahn Luminary Society ($2,500 - $4,999) Lori Helmer Presidents Club ($1,000 - $2,499) *Laura Kelly Lovdahl Marlys Hauser Schmitt Margaret Bazal Simmet Jo Welter Webster

$500 - $999 Ann Beckman Hall Megan Mary Kalina $250 - $499 Christine Melsen Campbell Elizabeth Ward Ellman Christina Marie Keferlis Mary Miller Klinker Jacqueline Gosline Meziani Susan M. Moore Suzanne Weinzierl Raddohl Angela Pearson Sandersen Carla Shey-Osborne Up to $250 Anonymous (2) Ann Pryor Andersen Julie Landwehr Archbold Kristine Nuessmeier Bach Antoinette Baraga-Samson Kathleen Wentz Bartemes Susan Carol Baxter Catherine Luzum Bedford Therese Blaine Katherine Ann Blohm Catherine Dean Brown Amy Jaeger Clancy Kathleen D. Crombie Susan Klick Cron Michaela Pfefferle Cruikshank Paulla Rae Dechmann Cindy Drew Dockendorf Michele Villaume Driscoll Connie Eggermont-Eggers Jill Mayer Ellingson Elizabeth Schrupp Farley Elizabeth Lenhardt Finch Patricia Flock-Johnson Karen A. Frericks Nancy Johnson Fuchs Mary Gabriel-Hirstein Marie Smith Gorham Laurie Hennen Haeg Anne Machtemes Hayden 31

Kathleen Wilken Hejl Robin Kadlec Henrichsen Catherine O’Kane Hill Karen Gillard Hodgman Laura Ann Hollinrake Barbara Jane Houle Patricia Chabot Hughes Patricia Becker Jennissen Margaret Murray Joas Celeste Kersey Marlene Klett Jeana Koenig Denise Savageau Lahn Laurie Miller Levandoski Linda McKenzie Lintz Monica Masek Loye Joan Marie Ludowese Madonna Pohl Maas Maria Bernauer Mann Mary Sullivan McCue Katherine Kryshak McHugh Cynthia Rekowski Mord Anne Therese Mulcahy Laurie Swanson Munns Allyson D. Mycklewhyte Laura Denise Nabity Dawn Renee Nelson Kristi Elliott Nelson Julia Ahlers Ness Jeanne Marie Notsch Linda Hesse Ollenburg Natalia O’Reilly-Holm Eileen Larkin Peterson Karen Plante Polta Martha Scheffler Probst Katherine Raskob Tracey L. Reinert-Adams Lisa Roggenkamp Rakotz Sara Marie Rohe Lisa Dold Schaar Sara Bayerl Schaefer Mary Ellen Schill Nancy Nelson Sieh Mary Kay Ryan Snee Virginia Lynn Jepson Sneltjes 32

Deniz Aksoy Stanton Shawna Denise Stevenoski Elizabeth Traen Swords Susan Weyer Symanietz Marie McDonnell Thorpe Andrea Misgen Vogel Melissa Hauck Vorderbruggen Deborah Griffin Wagner Randi Zegan Wherley Jan Rykhus Willaert Elizabeth Shaeffer Wissler Debbie Zenk Swanson Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds Jean Marie Diekmann *Kathleen Kurvers Henderson


2013 Total: $15,898.02 Active Members: 426 Number of Donors: 68 Participation %: 15.96 Annual Giving Funds Luminary Society ($2,500 - $4,999) Theresa Zimmer Lydon Presidents Club ($1,000 - $2,499) Joella Voigt Anderson Theresa Weller Durbin Jacqueline Mrachek Jane Muggli $500 - $999 Laura Swanson Hirschberg Melissa Jo Kaus Mary Lytle Kennedy Ann Nicklawske McGee $250 - $499 Anonymous Monica Gross Patricia Keffeler Gruenke

Catherine Harty Kight Mary Miller Madigan Jennifer Nash-Wright Kathryn Otting Up to $250 Amy Ollmann Anderson Mary Therese Becker Ramona Hegstad Benson Christine Morris Boerner Diane Blenker Braun Meghan Gallagher Breen Danette Horky Bucsko Kathryn Gallagher Christensen Charlotte Kramer Cleveland Christina Kokesh Dagen Mary Seykora Drew Sue Coppens Engel Julene Faber-Andrusick Ranette Simdorn Fischer Patricia Weber Gersch Maureen Graham Mary Margaret Healy Winifred A. Herda Bridget Hogan Hoye Julie Karels-Treinen Deborah Gerster Kinney Amy Kuebelbeck Jennifer Ann Lambert Lori Beth Lundstrom Mary Wiener Martin Anne C. Mattison Martha Ann McDonell Joni Serra Metz Rita Krakow Meyer Patricia Harvey Miles Amy Reiff Minea Carol Mueller-Leavitt Theresa Filzen Neddermeyer Karen Rene Nikolai Vicky Olston-Smith Helen Hufnagle Osterkamp Virginia Paulson Tracy Butler Pederson Anne Noble Phinney

Elizabeth Schaak Plessel Rose Wieland Quaday Elizabeth Knapp Rosenberg Pamela Ament Schmit Andrea Wynveen Sebenaler Ann Skemp-Cook Susan Lawyer Smolders Barbara Weinzierl Sorensen Judith Borchlewicz Symalla Pamela Simon Tietz Shelley Engel Torvinen Jeannette Koithan VanDenberg Carolyn M. Will Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds Ann Nicklawske McGee


2013 Total: $71,443.08 Active Members: 440 Number of Donors: 79 Participation %: 17.95 Annual Giving Funds Cecilia Kapsner Society ($10,000 or more) *LeAnne Matthews Stewart Luminary Society ($2,500 - $4,999) Pamela A. Hartford Presidents Club ($1,000 - $2,499) Sarah Welle Anderla Rhonda Prasnicki Gaulke Dianna Symalla Hunt Juli Bunn Sanders Ann Yaggie $500 - $999 Tracy Marie Meyer May Biedscheid Munson Pamela Marie Pletcher Susan Moser Teggatz *Lori Bodensteiner Zumwinkle

$250 - $499 Susan T. Arnold Amelia Busse Cheever Jane Young Farley Marie Rollins LaForce Sheri Pfeiffer Langfield Up to $250 Maria Amelse Mary Schwieters Athmann Karen Sieben Backes Danise Walthers Beirne Joan Lang Bertram Julie Boser Jeanine Brand Teresa Forster Burns Elizabeth Callan-Noble Theresa Skluzacek Carlisano Caryn Coller Suzanne Rivard Collins Jody Kohlhof Curtin Julie McGannon Dingmann Gloria Duban-Reuvers Pamela Jean Dudziak Anne Sorteberg Edwards Barbara Erlandson Mary Stoner Feyereisn Angela Feyereisen Flynn Ann Gross Friederichs Amy Sullivan Gaffney Jeanne Boyle Gathje Lori Condon Grams Kelly Osten Gueldner Patricia L. Haarman Kim Mockenhaupt Harman Anne Jasper Hinrichs Karen Janisch Lori Jahn Jost Pamela Cervenka Kalkhoff Anna Joerger Kinsella Susan Kubicek Kuefler Lisa Anderson Leininger Mary Margaret Machulda Jennifer Karpan Marshall

Ann Smith McGlennen Mary McKiernan Kerry Jonas Meyer Susan Meyer Munshower Mary Bartlett Nemanich Jennifer Zobitz Palo Mary Catherine F. Pasquesi Michelle Klein Pelkey Mary McManimon Peterson Lisa Magnan Pettitt Sharon Krause Puchalski Ann Laumann Rogers Molly Schiller Rohlik Bonita Jungels Ryshavy Jacalyn Marie Sauer Teresa Pierret Schillo Meg Lafferty Schuller Cheryl Blonigen Sladek Susan Kalthoff Sovada Jean Rademacher Sperl Mary Giebel Sucher Maria Isaacson Sullivan Karen Peterson Telega Cynthia Hejlik Utley Mary Billig Van Thomme Jane Uschold Wasell Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds *LeAnne Matthews Stewart *Lori Bodensteiner Zumwinkle


2013 Total: $17,465.22 Active Members: 461 Number of Donors: 86 Participation %: 18.66 Annual Giving Funds Presidents Club ($1,000 - $2,499) Karol O’Connor Eckel Kelly John Haugen Margrette Nemanich Newhouse

$500 - $999 Jeannette Witham Hill Karen Keffeler Maria Borash Lund Anna Joseph Pribyl Maureen Schulte-Wirrer Carrie McAndrew Sellner Lora Rice West $250 - $499 Lisa Moonen Arrington Doreen Mohs Cullen Monica Pletcher Dougherty Susan Marie Eiden Mary Gillen Fenske Gretchen Schmit Flynn Denise Kuechle Gathje Jennifer Eliason Hylla Susan Pogatshnik Kolb Kathryn Ann Kriha Kim Peterson Mary Beth Schmidt Cheri Vermeersch Williams Up to $250 Anonymous Michele Murphy Barrett Linda Gadbois Bernard Julie Brady Lori Olson Brink Kathleen Roehl Campbell Catherine Lang Colling Casandra L. Cooper Cheryl Ann Cyert Carla Dabel-Krcmarik Jana Landkammer Dengel Michele Schultz Dorst Guilette Allen Douvier Lisa Winningham Eltgroth Nancy Guckeen Erkenbrack Miriam Franta Evaristo Stacey Schmidt Evens Mary Ann Rohwer Fairbank Maureen Roers Frank

Jeanne Mondry Freier Amy Dom Fritsch Catherine Gag-Russell Janet Wilson Haas Tracey A. Hartmann Rhonda Lee Hilk Michele Isaacson Isais Kristin Skjeveland Johnson Ellen Weyer Jones Amy Langer Kroeten Mary Gogala Kunze Jennifer Srnec Kutzke Kari Lemmon Larsen Brigid McRaith Laske Pauline Maki Beth Manske-Behnke Kelley Margo-Hengel Rita Bot Masat Irma Mayorga Mary Ann Hood McCann Zenaida DelaCruz McCoy Connie Meyers Meeker Diane Fay Nilson Elaine Burk O’Keefe Joan Borman Olson Michelle Belland Oquist Christine Rettler Page Beth McCaghy Papacek-Kovach Theresa Ann Paulsen Elaine Lorraine Pelzer Angela S. Peterson Brenda Buggert Ploen Gwendolyn Sue Rouleau Ann Lura Smith Rebecca Chicoine Stamp Kathryn Angulski Stifter Joy Kuechle Swearingen Sue Lang Tambornino Carrie Aitken Troske Julie Lynn Vetter Jenelle Jacoboski Vidal Amy Garvey Wasik Mary Weber


Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds Jane Kuebelbeck Williams


2013 Total: $34,968.52 Active Members: 502 Number of Donors: 100 Participation %: 19.92 Annual Giving Funds Luminary Society ($2,500 - $4,999) Kelly Ann Panchot Giura Susan Wolkerstorfer Hommes Anne Stroh Oswald Presidents Club ($1,000 - $2,499) Annette Henkel Kimberly Ferlaak Motes Lynn Skaja Myhran Sara Unger Parrington *Shari Lamecker Rogalski Rachel Schmitt-Kaiser Margaret Marchwick Vigil Valerie Hart Whittle $500 - $999 Anonymous Stefanie Meyer Frickey Suzan Tomczik Hall Mary Amann Murphy Christine Schlough Klimpel Michelle Rice Will $250 - $499 Elizabeth Belland Aldrich Carrie Alger Just Shelley Cartier Kueppers Patricia Marie Mayer Ruth Ritter Primus Ann Weske Thiel Rae Ann Prasnicki Vandeputte


Up to $250 Anonymous Sarah Abraham Murnane Shannon Anderson Jennifer Bankers-Fulbright Ann M. Barta Janell Monk Bethke Katrina Akhavan Binstock Ann Hoen Boelke Mary Lucke Butner Arlene Judith Casey Paulette Mary Como Pamela Germscheid DeMorett Catherine Diekmann Michelle Dusek Izaguirre Deborah Abraham Ebert Debra Forsberg-Ubben Colleen McConnell Fowler Christine Koch Glavas Kathleen Bruton Gora Jayne Greeney Schill Karen Utecht Harbeck Lori Hejlik Harris Carolyn Yaggie Heinen Saundra Kozlak Hocks Valerie Knutson Hoffman Judith Mary Hughes Theresa McGraw Izen Carole Ann Jacobs Yvonne Marie Jarrett Angela Schmitz Joy Catherine Thole Kempf Karen Bendzick Kleinschmidt Patricia Tix Kopp Pamela Albers Langenberger Michelle Lasswell Kari Skeen Lenzmeier Maria Mannella Linders Anne Feess Lundstrom Jennifer Ann Maes Elizabeth Lamm Marin Patricia Marie Mattern Lori Wells Meath Amy Hogan Nelson Amy Elizabeth Norha

Lesa Wick Nugent Barbara L. O’Gorman Jodi Fogelman Olson Brenda Marie Otto Janelle Katchmark Petrusa Michele Sue Pietrowski Christine Poff Kerry Kurvers Putzke Mary Rascop-Peterson Laura Rivers-Kleppe Rita Rosenberger Kristine Schlangen-Lindquist Katherine Krize Schliesman Jeanne Gleason Schmelzer Mary Koupal Schmelzer Theresa Bernadette Schmidt Teresa Hess Seifert Patricia Cousins Shields Laura Smith Stoddart Sharon Voigt Stoick Julie Foley Straka Patricia Joanne Sullivan Lori Skluzacek Sydes Lisa Hennen Tupy Shannon C. Turner Wendy Klein VanRavenswaay Michele Jacobson Wagener Lori Lovsted Weaver Carmen Brezinka Welinski Sabrina D. Wright Catherine Ryan Young Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds Kimberly Ferlaak Motes Lisa Pettitt *Shari Lamecker Rogalski Kristine Schlangen-Lindquist


2013 Total: $25,582.51 Active Members: 419 Number of Donors: 80 Participation %: 19.09

Annual Giving Funds Luminary Society ($2,500 - $4,999) Sandra Zurcher Beulke Margaret Murphy Presidents Club ($1,000 - $2,499) *Michelle Bauerly Kopel Julie Mayers Benson Tanya Spande Carlone Catherine Cantleberry Knapp Rebecca Saffert Koop $500 - $999 Anonymous Karen Humboldt Hoffman Terri Giyan Kallsen Colleen Deignan Koll Rose Marie Raleigh Rachelle Randolph Smith Brenda Joan Thurmes Diane Weyer Van Beck Margaret Rose Welch Carla Anne West $250 - $499 Jennifer Mary Brill Karen Louise Kustritz Ann Thurk Langer Jean Thamert Levandowski Lisa Marie Lust Maureen Joan McRaith Rita Helen Miller Kristen Catherall Nicklawske Jean Skluzacek Noack Amy Braham Olson Amy Hemesath Schroeder Up to $250 Lisa Kalthoff Anderson Julie Klinkhammer Baker Suanne Drews Barthol Christine Bodick-Nord Karla Heins Booth Lisa Kopetzki Christensen Renee Elizabeth Dauplaise

Karen Sawyer Dewing Theresia Frances Dixon Marla Ogaard Dressen Ann Luetmer Erickson Stephanie Bengford Giachino Ann Knobbe Gillach Kathleen Kloubec Granger Naomi Nyquist Gray Mary McGargill Grenier Nicole Denne Gross Colleen Schultz Hamilton Cheryl Sullivan Holst Mary Kuklock Hoppe Monica Vermersch Huntoon Cynthia Inzauro-Moir Elizabeth Schmidt Jennings Christine Coller Kelly Anne Hinnenkamp Kenney Kathleen McDevitt Klinkhammer Maria Schiltgen Koskie Kathleen Borash Lang Tamara Moriarty Murr Cheri Kasper Nelson Lori Bernadette Neutzling Tonya Schulte Praus Ellen Hartman Rademacher Ruth Radermacher-Yurick Jessica Romaniak Randall Christine Blake Read Dayna J. Rethlake Jennifer Schreiner Ridgeway Kristie Rocky Tonya Peterson Rude Doreen Thelen Runquist Susan O’Connor Schommer Patricia Villalta Schwob Colleen Ann Sexton Mary Ellen Condon Staelgraeve Christine Magalska Steinlage Rebecca Bunkers Tonn Janet Hance Tritch Kari Carr Tschider Jill Tschida Wallace Elizabeth Mingo Waterloo Theresa Hennemann Winter


2013 Total: $20,405.33 Active Members: 448 Number of Donors: 85 Participation %: 18.97 Annual Giving Funds Luminary Society ($2,500 - $4,999) Tracy Hanson Krasnoff Presidents Club ($1,000 - $2,499) Kristina Brown Catherine Condon DeLaRosa Paula Koshiol Kraus Amy Patton Lisa Olson Torborg $500 - $999 Jennifer Matlock Chamberlain Denise Malecha Kane Patricia ‘PK’ Kriha Lynda Haag Savard $250 - $499 Robin Balder-Lanoue Amy Kramer Brenengen Marne Schmid Brooks Amy Richmond Edwards Bobbi Beavers Helmers Karen Cloud Linn Lisa Geissler Narloch Sally Rhude Pernat Melissa Gamble Primus Carol Myers Santiago Michelle Powell Strobel Michelle Paripovich Thompson Catherine Mary Zelenski Up to $250 Suzanne Otte Allen Sheila Cronin Anderson Erin Naughton Berg Kelli Lynn Birk Bobbi Blackwell

Mary Pexa Blaschko Lea Magat Bloomquist Kristina Full Bowar Martha Byron Buntrock Christine Busby Catherine Coldren Callison Victoria Casey Larson Candra Castle-Roth Mary Johnstone Corrigan Nancy Stodolka Danculovich Janice M. Deleveaux Kimberly Svoboda Devlin Lynn Jackson Douma Brenda Wilson Espelien Felicia Ann Fahnhorst Elizabeth Feltl Frye Anne Golden Anna WonSavage Grannes Amy Tschida Hegge Susan Ostendorf Heying Kari Bartz Hollencamp Cynthia Urbashich Johanson Michelle Jurewicz-Gruenheid Laurie Sommerfeld Keene Shannon Kelly-Schug Natalie Lage Kennedy Tanja Krohn-Goering Carol J. Lee Theresa Leifeld-Lieser Joan Rebecca Loven Megan Keffeler Luke Margaret Schueller May Carol A. McCarthy Elizabeth Ann McKay Jennifer Baumhover Merthan Jennifer Morrissette-Hesse Susan Bongaarts Murray Renee Miller Neuharth Colleen Cunningham Orne Michele Arens Passe Erika Perrault Joann Marie Pfeiffer Sarah Keller Rowley Rainelle Rikhus Sawyers

Elizabeth Hodges Scanlon Kim Regnier Schneider Molly Sullivan Schoonover Ann Ackerman Segner Lori Ann Sellner Janice Kegley Sieg Kathleen Osland Stehr Brandy Thompson Franson Lisa Rivard Walker Nancy Schiffler Wehseler Sharon Arnold Wenner Kathleen Meneghelli Weyer Donna McKenzie Zipf


2013 Total: $22,195.84 Active Members: 440 Number of Donors: 70 Participation %: 15.91 Annual Giving Funds Benedicta Society ($5,000 - $9,999) Elizabeth Conrad Presidents Club ($1,000 - $2,499) Jennifer Schweich Barta Pamela Fiedler Gierke Patricia Colwell Kerr Jennifer Louise Kocourek Patricia Anderson Lyngen Sara Jane VanKempen $500 - $999 Kathleen Regnier Mortenson Susann Zeug-Hoese $250 - $499 Susan Kay Brott Ann Germscheid Dixon Mary Fehringer Drake Lisa Brettin Henderson Deborah Lynn Kolar Kathryn Welshons Mensen 35

LuAnne Kinney Pederson Linda Knudson Pesch Alyson Frances Sweeney Up to $250 Laslie Schultz Boyer Kristin Brang-Petrie Laurie Swanovich Broghammer Kathryne Marie Cooney Dawn Zipf Daley Deborah Heinzmann Dickson Cynthia Thurk Froehling Christine Muehlbauer Ganley Kim Rewitzer Hines Robin Evavold Honken Kristin Neis Jamison Melissa Thompson Johnson Tracy Wigen Johnson Nancy Kilzer Paulette Moudry Krawczyk Gerilyn Jacobs Kusnierek Sherri Dinndorf LaRue Nancy Dockendorf Lauer Bridget Tighe Link Myriam Mansell Beth Kadow Marlette Denise R. Martineau Paulette Wojtalewicz Marty Ann M. Mayer Terri McCargar Tracy Burns McCartney Julie Reitmaier Moseng Mary Beth Burke Neal Nancy Baker Nelson Ann Muellner Panian Bonnie Paulsen Susan Weidner Pietrowski Michele Montbriand Pomonis Dianne McLaughlin Robinson Christine Rock Hantge Margaret Mary Schlangen Lori Simmons Schumaker Sandy Dorn Schutz Claire Meysenburg Smith 36

Angela Collins Smolke Sara Marlow Staples Jennifer Steck Ann Douvier Sura Kathryn Ross Tinguely Melissa Tempel Trebesch Lucy Fischer Warren Megan Brennan Wedl Nancy Opstad Weldon Jennifer Hohn Witcraft Danna Grebinoski Woods Rebecca Nelson Zwilling Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds Jennifer Schweich Barta Carie Schulte Braun


2013 Total: $13,851.20 Active Members: 500 Number of Donors: 88 Participation %: 17.60 Annual Giving Funds Presidents Club ($1,000 - $2,499) Kathleen Deignan McGrane Patricia Shannon McNamara $500 - $999 Megan Adams Brooks Christine Cerkvenik Imdieke Shannon Kay Pettitt Carrie L. Scherer $250 - $499 Christina Kathleen Anderson Dana Auth Fretheim Erin Lee Holman Jean Abler Kelly Sarah Green Navis Gloria Angela Piche Michelle Holschuh Simmons Justine Engle-Polk South Amy Peters Wentworth

Up to $250 Sarah Zirnhelt Alt Christina Valentine Arend Kari Ann Henry Azevedo Dovis A. Berkel Joanne Bongaarts Kristin Ludwick Bryson Angela Sonntag Burgess Heather Herron Christenson Sarah Lindquist Cranny Gail Peters Curtis Pamela Fasching Cwach Lynn Nielsen Dahlin Rene Peterson Davis Karen Weber Dieleman Tonya McNamara Dolezal Amy Lapatka Dornbach Jodelle Slade Dueber Dorothy Hageman Duquette Cynthia Straub Gables Beth Wegscheid Gaetz Jennifer Klein Genereau Karla Gengler-Nowak Karen Sheeley Gfroerer Wendi Moline Giuliano Michelle Greenleaf Heidi K. Hansen Tracy Hand Henn Michelle Carlson Imholte Jacqueline Hess Jager Darla Schoo Klementz Susan Engesser Kletscher Trinette Nordstrom Langner Beth Marie Lencowski Sarah Larson Lendt Betsy Bialy Lenzmeier Jodi Christine Lillemoen Sandra Rae Longhorn Dawn Annis Maine Christine Jahnke Majeski Jeri Spanier Mathison Carroll Ann McDurmott Susan Michael McGoldrick Amy Hergott Meath Janelle Melgeorge Anderson Jackie L. Notch

Tonia Schemmel Olsen Jameen Kratochvil O’Neill Jennifer Muyres Palmer Gina O’Rourke Peschel Colette Peters Tamara Skillings Petersen Karen Kenyon Peterson Elizabeth Krick Prather Melissa Jean Prindle Pam Lenertz Pundsack Melissa Auers Ramberg Jennifer Fess Regensburger Carol Rentz Heidi Moulzolf Ruth Kelly Lynn Schmitt Tracy Schuldt Helixon Heidi Wagner Schuster Lynn Gustafson Schwob Theresa Schons Skrove Anne Garbee Smith Sarah Hanson Sorenson Elizabeth Stattelman-Scanlan Randi Jean Valencia Patricia Koob Walker Lisa Wurm Weiss Katherine Bendix Youngberg Peggy Mernin Zimmer Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds Kelly Jean Mahlum


2013 Total: $10,125.50 Active Members: 392 Number of Donors: 67 Participation %: 17.09 Annual Giving Funds Presidents Club ($1,000 - $2,499) Lisa Dopp Domyahn Valerie Jones Stacey Gerlach Moe

$500 - $999 Amy Illg Solinger $250 - $499 Sara Davenport Miller Nicole Perry-Mareck Rachel Baraibar Sande Beth Schorr-Ratzlaff Elizabeth Farrell Smith Up to $250 Anonymous Rebecca Lutzke Anakkala Kirsten Aurelius-Jagoe Lisa Gapko Barker Chrislyn Benjamin Mia Boom-Ibes Cheryl Schumacher Borgen Lynnae Schmitt Bosch Tina Lieser Burbach Kristen Williams Cibulka Lisa Worden Conzemius Theresa M. Coskran Jennifer Magel Cummings Janel Patrice Daley Julie Rasset Danielson Pandora Darville Shannon Hemmesch Ficker Joy Hanson Fischer Carmen Flanagan-McShane Lexi Peichel Granberg Marie Berg Guggisberg Stacy Abner Hanson Sheila Beales Harnack Allison Heimer-Kollofski Barbara Ramacher Hoppe Anne Battig Kaluza Mary Kociemba Kimberly Beuning Kockler Melissa Herbst Lage Kathryn Schmidt Leary Molly Kilian Lindenfelser Mary Bajari Maier Nichole Heggerston Matuska Jennifer Fontaine Modeen

Dona Malm Mulrooney Paula Thurston Pogreba Katherine Middleton Politis Jodi Boerboom Reddan Jennifer Retka-Wallace Tanya Michel Reynolds Michelle Loecken Roiger Tanya Bjorge Ruth Amy Marie Shambarger Kari Dreger Sorenson Mary Dobbs Stein Tracy Ann Sterk Kathleen Sullivan Goeddeke Jennifer Rau Sunder Jennifer Simon Theis Stacy Lynn Thier Tamara Ann Thomas Mary Tollefson Treakle Jeanette Culhane Vance Kristin Suzanne Vickers Colleen Ziegler Warmka Amy Welberg-Rongstad Jill Kedrowski Witham Kelly Wolfe-Bellin


2013 Total: $15,260.08 Active Members: 378 Number of Donors: 52 Participation %: 13.76 Annual Giving Funds Benedicta Society ($5,000 - $9,999) Megan Kelly Deignan Presidents Club ($1,000 - $2,499) Jennifer Schulte Rogan $500 - $999 Diana Bauler Flannery Nichole Hecimovich Schaefer Anne Sticha-Anderson Lara Grove Zuleger

$250 - $499 JoAnn Kannas O’Rourke Elizabeth Morris Otto Bernadette M. Steele Molly Huber Sweetman Marlo Weber Turcotte Nicole Polipnick Ward Up to $250 Anonymous Pamela Zeimetz Bowman Mara Zell Brandenburg Sara Jo Burnett Constance Fernholz Carlson Anicia Martinez Criscione Linda Ricke Dietz Shannon Welch Dostal Stefanie Krech Gunelson Michele Riel Haus Jennifer Eckman Heinecke Stacey Gleeson Isaacson Tina Marie Kampa Suzanne Zobitz Kelly Michele Catherine Kieke Leslie Gentz Kirkpatrick Angela Hawkins Klinefelter Marcia Penkert Koepp Heidi Skundberg Kram Molly Jean Lahn Brenda Rieland Larson Jacqueline Longley Jennifer Nathe Lopez Kathryn Allen Martin Margaret Ann McGlinch Megan Cassidy Meuli Schalleen M. Nelson Cynthia Blissenbach Pfannenstein Erin Liess Reagen Anastasia Sullwold Ristau Teresa Heimer Shaw Anita McNamara Sonnek Jennifer Holton Tacheny Terri Perrizo Terry Ann Doherty Timmerman Melissa Lynn Weber

Brenda Eikmeier Werwie Janell Hubley Wesenberg Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds Colleen Adella Layne Jennifer Goering Tonder Lara Grove Zuleger


2013 Total: $7,660.06 Active Members: 421 Number of Donors: 45 Participation %: 10.69 Annual Giving Funds Presidents Club ($1,000 - $2,499) Rebecca Jeskey Emery Nicole Wagner Steele $500 - $999 Molly Bergstrom Berg Sara Ann Lindquist $250 - $499 Kathryn Terwey Brothers Laura Wolff Brown Laurie Wolfe Heather A. Zenk Up to $250 Anonymous Sherry Christenson Amelse Marcie Betker Andrews Maren Anne Bassett Kelly Boys Bertram Dawn Gallett Biren Gretchen McLellan Bordson Dona Marie Boschee Jodee Lee-Frank Butkowski Deborah Chaika Margaret Cooper Chastain Jacqueline Benning Daley Jennifer Lynn Dickinson 37

Judy Darlene Eibensteiner Kerry K. Fierke Amy Erickson Grant Bridget Moen Hamak Amy Klisch Kramer Nicole Theisen Lang Sandra Bauer Lang Jennifer Sykora Lasko Kelly Connelly Lawler Jennifer Splan Lawrence Kimberly Salzer Lyngen Karen Wood Mackey Marcia N. Mahlum Theresa Ledermann Morey Alicia L. Peters Elaine Prom Alexis Brunner Puerta Jodi Rademacher Radel Gayle Rhineberger-Dunn Elaine Wilson Santiago Jennifer Scegura-Gerads Kirsten Wright Tatge Deborah Schumacher Toren Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds Maureen McConnell


2013 Total: $8,924.27 Active Members: 464 Number of Donors: 59 Participation %: 12.72 Annual Giving Funds Presidents Club ($1,000 - $2,499) Anna Signorelli McNanley Mary Casey Rah $500 - $999 Sarah Swenson Kilibarda


$250 - $499 Louise Geyer Rachel Ludowese Maiers Sara Lanz McKeever Susan Simcox Steinhagen Up to $250 Michelle Zimmer Acheson Gina Shields Armada Bridget Penfold Bahneman Corie Dumdie Barry Lisa Schmitz Brennan Mary Watson Bright Lori Koetter Burg Erin Finn Burggraff Heather Winkels Collins Shelley Ziwisky Eckmann Peggy Fehlen-Quizon Linnea Louis Finney Barbara Gerads Fischer Nichole Fontaine-Vonesh Amy Susanne Fredregill Tracy Lepper Gilbert Mary Pat Schilling Gohmann Erin Logan Gonyea Bridget Weber Gruby Jennifer Jerabek Hasslen Jill Sieben Heinen Lisa Ann Hellickson Paula Eisenschenk Heydman Emily Bedford Jagodzinske Noelle Kuitunen Johnson Sara Boerboom Johnson Jennifer Lerdahl Koenig Jacquelyn R. Kubitschek Jennifer Arnold Kuechle Lynn Vanheel Lamott Laura Leonard Olsen Jody Schindele Martinson Sarah Anne McCormick Melissa McGinty-Thompson Mekel Wiederholt Meier Julie Menden Mercer Norah Swartz Morris

Anastasia Kapphahn Nathe Tiffanylee Omann-Bidinger Gail Persons Onderak Sharon Thome Penne Amy Perrizo Nahoko Ito Person Lani Ulwelling Pettebone Jennifer Pflueger Reider Rachel Stokman Brown Barbara Jean Tindle Melissa Valiant Sackett Carrie Schuster Valland Jodi Winkels Verhelst Angela Schmidt Whitney Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds Emily Maybelline Osadebay


2013 Total: $13,390.00 Active Members: 461 Number of Donors: 78 Participation %: 16.92 Annual Giving Funds Presidents Club ($1,000 - $2,499) Sarah Fyre Berry Nicole Kroetsch Leimer Susan Wall Ylitalo $500 - $999 Ann Dirkes Collins Juliane Russomanno Nilsson Jennifer Margaret White $250 - $499 Kay Buytaert Bechtold Georgia Dinndorf-Hogenson Jennifer Holly Wells Eleanor Mamer Kiel Kelly Officer Kubicek Jennifer Faber Lund

Nicole Kalan Nelson Colleen Marie Schwartz Nicole Needham Welle Up to $250 Megan Dahlen Antoine Jennifer S. Barrett Joy Knapton Benson Shana L. Bischof Molly Schiltgen Bonnett Gena Edwards Borgmeier Tessa A. Brandt Susan Buermann Brickweg Tessa Honer Capelle Kari Hanson Capra Alissa Haller Carlos Angela Wood Davenport Alice Coverston DeLane Stephanie Sether DeRuyck Sara Wartman Dooley Allison Keable Driggins Elizabeth Fogarty Jill Frey Courtney Patnode Frieler Elaine Ann Garbe Janelle Ziwisky Hahn Elizabeth Dooley Hankey Christine Blanchard Hartnett Ema Urness Hartung Sarah Wanner Henry Angela Marie Imdieke Elizabeth A. Jensen Kelly Davis Jirschele Kara Peske Jones Jeanne Bykowski Kenevan Melanie Koll Kern Joan Muehlenbein Krueger Sarah Henderson Larsen Carly Jarva Lease Stephanie Jeanne Lindahl Janet Britton Lund Margaret Herdina Lynch Erika Edberg Manternach Joyce Mauel

Jodi Montgomery Mayers Bridgett Wagener McNulty Karen Neidermeier-Gill Christina Megan Nitti Rebecca Tusa Parker Amanda Faye Peloquin Brooke Davidson Pfister Jenny Davis Poynter Sally Swanstrom Raih Jennifer Pecore Ramp April Olsen Reibestein Stacy Marie Rooney Kellie Nelson Roth Ana Elizabeth Schmidt Jennifer Loos Schneider Ann E. Shallbetter Nicole Rebecca Stob Tamera Tesky Ausen Heather Wolney Thompson Michele Timp-Pilon Christina F. Tuohy Cynthia A. Vanderpoel Amber Nelson Walsh Anne Bebak Welle


2013 Total: $11,122.00 Active Members: 480 Number of Donors: 49 Participation %: 10.21 Annual Giving Funds Presidents Club ($1,000 - $2,499) Kathleen Elizabeth Keane Kathleen M. Mayer Sarah Spitzmueller Stremcha $500 - $999 Laura Huehn Mogren $250 - $499 Michelle Huss Dumonceaux Krisann Kleibacker Lee Amy Haupert McBroom

Kellie Schoenecker Migliaccio Melissa Sheehan Rott Robyn Ruschmeier Courchane Sarah Athman Thompson Up to $250 Andrea N. Casey Amanda Heinz Collins Angela McGuiggan Demeny Ellen Louise Doherty Sarah Marie Fastner Amy Arndt Fedie Amy Aubin Fielding Sara McElmury Freid Erin B. Hamilton Charitie Meyer Herbst Anne Rohe Holmberg Sabrina Marthaler Hoppe Cheryl Palm Hyk Sarah McLeroy Jacobs Karen Mary Jakubowsky Megan Junius Michelle Williams Kramer Angela Taylor Langenfeld Katherine Petersen Lenius Hanni Megaw Lommel Jody Peterson Manderfeld Shannon Erikson Martenson Joslyn Sheridan Mathison Jennifer Sexton Miller Sally Roering Nathe Melissa McCabe Osland Heather Davis Rafshol Shirley Richardson Rebecca Maly Schimming Laura Marti Schotzko Anne Sumangil Kimberly Switlick-Prose Shannon Muchlinski Tempel Karen McLean Tengwall Catherine Bell Wolfgang Stephanie N. Haen Young Sally Koering Zimney


2013 Total: $15,665.50 Active Members: 496 Number of Donors: 79 Participation %: 15.93 Annual Giving Funds Presidents Club ($1,000 - $2,499) Aliesha K. Harkess Gretchen Adelmann Korf Deirdre McCarrell Otis $500 - $999 Angelena Hayes Blattner Lisa Marie Grefe Heather Schmitt Johnson Marie Seiler Lentz Laura Bruzek Meiners Margaret Weber Utsch $250 - $499 Stacy Kluck Best Krista Cleary Carroll Colleen Fosbury Frank Michelle Renee Gricus Amanda Louise Hawley Jennifer Beech Lohse Jennifer Hemmesch Ring Up to $250 Sarah Fleegel Averbeck Jill Susanne Bartish Christina Lee Baune Amber Dryden Briggle Jennifer Blaser Femrite Alicia Foulk Fisher Heidi A. Graczyk Jessica Odenthal Hammerberg Catherine Schweizer Hansen Trisha Kubes Henning Dawn Anderson Hill Elizabeth LaVoie Huselid Melisa Sue Illies Mary Anderson Jenniges

Katie Yeo Kastan DeAnn Kautzmann Molly Budzien Keim Jennifer Tastad Kimball Renee D. Knowles Kristina Kelly Laliberte Katherine Dekarski Lamecker Katie B. Larkin Robyn Magalska Liebl Susan Liess Liesland Lavon Lietha-Hormans Kari Jo Lingl Erin Moe Lundin Kristin Sawyer Lyman Emily Nitti Macias Heather Moe Marcus Jolynn Schlichting Markison Sarah Devereaux Matthews Maria Ervasti Mau Laura Wendorff Meyer Erin E. Miller Patricia Larson Moen Deborah Elizabeth Morris Dawn Mosbrucker Christine Devereaux Nelson Rachel Reuter Nelson Heather Mace Novak Sara Olson-Smith Meagan Conlin Phillips Caren Rocco-Skov Mary Hokanson Ruhland Rebecca Dick Saffert Amy Hartmann Schneider Naomi Johnson Schneider Christine Mitchell Schutta Maxine Storr Seymour Anne Panian Sinna Andrea Rohla Telega Kelly Tousignant Senesac Jennifer Leigh Valorose Amy Sevcik Walstien Kathryn Neunsinger Walter Andrina LaBelle Weis Ann Josephson West Betty Zollner 39

Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds Leigh Degiovanni Klaverkamp Renee D. Knowles Monica Milbert Sloan Mara Mohs Stelzer Ampusam Symonette Jennifer Leigh Valorose


2013 Total: $12,769.61 Active Members: 518 Number of Donors: 69 Participation %: 13.32 Annual Giving Funds Luminary Society ($2,500 - $4,999) Laura Yokiel Helferich Presidents Club ($1,000 - $2,499) Catherine Marvin Kirchner Kristi Kubista-Hovis Mandra Pfaffinger McCue Lindsay Marie Schwab $250 - $499 Desiree Zimmerman Ahlstrand Bonnie Wittkop Jordan Barbara Joy Wagner Up to $250 Anonymous Therese Annette Albertson Emilienne Kishel Anderson Melissa Werner Anderson Angela Sinner Begnaud Allison Marie Borman Suzanne Kuboushek Britton Suzanne Coffey Busch Laura Caldwell Carlson Katherine Young Carney Emily Ann Christianson Angela Benson Conn Jessica Ann Dickau 40

Jackie Cronin Dols Sarah Young Erickson Mary Ebnet Fitzpatrick Amanda Albers France Mindy Fradin Gallagher Janna Winter Galloway Jennifer Kockelman Goulart Barbara Walden Gruenhagen Leah Jean Gustafson Catherine Weldon Houghtaling Marah Jacobson-Schulte Kathryn Jeffery Elizabeth Pribyl Johnson Gretchen Schulte Kampshoff Kathryn Ann Kaproth Ellen Marie Kennedy Alisha Minchow Klein Tami Schuelke Koosmann Brooke D. Kreitinger Stacy Werner Lux Rachael Aesoph Majorowicz Rachel Giannotti McCarthy Shana Marie Mengelkoch Marjorie Milbert Homstol Susanna Cook Miller Rosalyn Dahlman Obando Janell Maruska Oesau Elizabeth O’Leary Shannon Altrich Olson Maria Claire Opitz Rebecca Penfold Murray Kelly Mcsherry Rowan Marcy Hochhalter Rowland Jessie Ahlschlager Sandoval Julie Marie Schmitz Kari Pfannenstein Scholz Shannon Marie Schroeder Rina Lee Shockman Christine Helen Smeby Kelley Connor Stangler Haley Rekucki Stender Trina Rothstein Stephens Tina Kortenbusch Streit Angela DeVaan Strunk Alison Kern Triebenbach

Margaret Nelson Webster Rachel Schreiber Windschitl Adrienne Zeller Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds Janna Winter Galloway


2013 Total: $13,324.59 Active Members: 547 Number of Donors: 77 Participation %: 14.08 Annual Giving Funds Presidents Club ($1,000 - $2,499) Christina Schochow Greazel Andrea Hunz-Halliday Sarah Halverson Jansen $500 - $999 Jana Viramontes Gaffaney Elizabeth Dupont Norman Jessica Anselment Pocrnich Katie Studer Roers Anne Walters $250 - $499 Elizabeth Grace Deziel Dana Kelly Fitzpatrick Krista Johnson Hagen Michelle Kelash Hemmesch Theresa Brine Hennis Kristin Marie Melsen Kathleen Ellen O’Connor Jennifer Sayler Stender Up to $250 Rebecca Cole Ahlstrom Katherine Stumvoll Aligada Amy Michele Anderson Nichole Hedlund Arbour Ann Popowski Bailey Susan Carrier Baird

Julie M. Bartels Laura Stork Beirne Megan Morrison Bisek Kate Herges Blumhoefer Eden Contardo Boyer Kristen Maria Bromenshenkel Jill Carlson Butson Katherine Conlin Ann Marie Dean Polly Spielman Fleming Alicia Sellheim Gomez Amy Flaherty Gorn Stephanie Marie Hart Cheryl Arceneau Hellerman Renee DeCosse Hilliard Jessica Weber Horning Kristen Lynn Howa Angela Rae Jackson Brianne Edblad Johnson Marie Saumweber Johnson Sara Anderson Krieg Stephanie Braegelmann LaBine Georgia Lavoie Lane Michelle Stangeland Lanz Christina Bauer Lindstrom Anne Marie McCarney Melanie LaComb McMahon Julie Tellinghuisen Murphy Melissa Boeckers Nelson Kelly Blommel Neu Kristina Depauw Noble Sarah Miller Novak Mary Schwarz Oakland Jamie Laurich Omann Jennifer Maza Otremba Heidi Eversman Paulson Brianne Parker Peroutka Alexis McDonald Render Katherine Langer Robertson Shannon Beth Savageau Rebecca Rachelle Schafer Molly Goers Schorr Sarah Campbell Sevigny Lora Harris Smith Megan Qvale Stepaniak

Catherine Prindle Sternberg Kendra F. Stuart Linda Marie Studer Christine Sullivan-Althaus Tricia Crowley Tempel Erin Janet Truhler Anne Ceronsky Warrington Rebecca Ann Weber Julie Hanson Zimny Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds Stephanie Lee


2013 Total: $7,671.00 Active Members: 534 Number of Donors: 66 Participation %: 12.36 Annual Giving Funds Presidents Club ($1,000 - $2,499) Margaret Malone Dukinfield $500 - $999 Geraldine Nefzger Clark Angela MacDonald Marsh $250 - $499 Emily Drake Bauer Jennifer Bruns Myers Valerie Smith Olson Natalie Scheidt Zeigler Up to $250 Maureen Eukel Alexander Erica Erickson Berry Kate Rasmussen Blessing Jacqueline Bye Boldt Darcie Waldvogel Boogaard Tanya R. Brothen Anne Headrick Clark Erin Elizabeth Clark Danielle Needham Corley

Lynn M. Cornell Stephanie M. Djerf Jennifer L. Flake Karolanne Hoffman Foley Sarah Ruth Gebeke Heidi Schmitz Goodreau Krista L. Gustad Elizabeth Sturm Harvieux Laura Eileen Hauff Jessica Haidet Hill Kristin Ann Hlavka Melinda Schumer Hoefer Christine Johnson Holt Jesse Honsky Jessica Foster Imdieke Emily Keifenheim Jacobs Angela Marie Jordahl Jennifer VanGuilder Kelby Erin Przybilla Koshiol Jill A. Lorenzini Nicole Menard Natalie Powers Miller Amanda Zimmerman Neal Elise Shea Nelson Chauntae Ruppe Nichols Nicole L. O’Brien Alicia Bossen Peterson Kelly Sherman Peterson Kimberly Piche Radel Erica Lindquist Rademacher Kate Elizabeth Ritger Stacy Roers-Irmen Amanda A. Schnabel Mary Slabinski-Schmidt Radhika Lal Snyder Katie Holloway Sowieja Joanna T. Stone Kathryn DesLauriers Sullivan Michelle Marie Svihel Kristin Rogers Trembley Katrina Maria Viegas Katie A. Wanner Therese Ann Way Jennifer Weum Novak Tiffany Wagenbach White

Jennifer Ann Wiberg Amanda Kelly Winter Amy Stocker Wittak Katherine Braun Wolf Gabriela Fosado Wydhooge


2013 Total: $6,075.00 Active Members: 522 Number of Donors: 57 Participation %: 10.92 Annual Giving Funds $500 - $999 Judith A. Dockendorf Shannon Coen Koenig $250 - $499 Angela Krtnick Complin Kenna Caughey Dooley Lindsey Hoffman Sheveland Up to $250 Nicole Frances Anderson Christen Bauerly-Carron Megan Colleen Baxter April Louise Becker Rachel Bestick Susan Matthees Blum Genevieve Schneeweis Bohlman Sarah Sumers Brandt Katherine Johnson Brown Maria Louise Capecchi Aimee Suzanne Cupelli Gina Fasching Danielson Katie Knewtson Deibele Kelli Ann Doschadis Courtney Ann Drake Yen Doan Fasano Emily Franklin-Brooks Laura M. Furda Sally Larson Hagen Kathryn Mcnary Hayes Samantha R. Henningson

Tamara Woidyla Huston Angela Wiering Kaczrowski Julie Oxley Kazeck Anna Marie Koktan Laura Dawson Kolar Cami Ann Kost Laura Brunckhorst Krueger Janelle Heitzman Loehlein Rachael Elizabeth Lundby Margaret Kane Masica Kassandra K. Mauch Kathleen Marie McCarney Sonja Marie Nyberg Juliet Govern O’Keefe Lisa Wienhold Overman Angela Prindle Palen Courtney Kathleen Paulson Heather Hendrickson Peters Jennifer Darline Roers Amy Marie Schwarz Jenny Louise Stephenson Ashley Brown Stevens Heidi Anderson Symons Nicola Zotalis Viana Sarah Wash Kelly Crow Webster Teresa Nadine Werth Shannon Verly Wiger Catherine Brownell Wykoff Molly Jane Zauhar Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds Hoa Thi Nguyen


2013 Total: $7,990.34 Active Members: 579 Number of Donors: 65 Participation %: 11.23 Annual Giving Funds Presidents Club ($1,000 - $2,499) Lauren Marie Germscheid 41

$500 - $999 Keely Nolan DeBell Meghann Green Witchger $250 - $499 Bryana Malner Andert Kathryn Enger Enke Susannah Ashcroft Kallaus Lindsay Huerd Meyers Christina Jessica Valdez Up to $250 Shelli Estrem Allen Monica Schneider Anderson Sarah Kopischke Ashton Stephanie Burgess Breckenridge Meghan Orgeman Crumb Emily Hesse Dalbec Jennifer Schei Disterhaupt Jocelyn Johnson Domeier Andrea Lynn Dowd Jean Markusson DuBay Jessica Anderson Dumm Lindsay Fredeen Ebeling Megan Glady Evens Meghan Marrinan Feliciano Ellen Hunter Gans Erin Marie Gulden Megan Hunt Hallenberg Melissa Johnson Hammer Johanna Hatch Elizabeth K. Hedin Christine Johnson Henken Jessica Guentzel Himmerick Katie Ploeger Hoffman Nicole M. Holm Rachel Deutz Holmgren Katherine Wilcox Jahnke Michelle Marie Johnson Maria Salo Jurgens Kathryn Grace Kaltsas Michelle Lynn Klatt Kathleen Maus Kroschel Rhonda Mary Kuechle Alecia Boser Larson 42

Denise Chambers Lecher Marian Studer Lyndgaard Rachel Gadberry Mack Elizabeth Siebenaler Marinac April D. McClellan Katie Beth Notch Sarah Ryan Olsen Julie Hall Orman Michelle Matters Petz Melissa Sue Pierskalla Lisa Marie Pintok Jill Marie Randall Michelle Briana Rezac Kathryn Winzenburg Salvner Meghan Rose Scully Alyssa Donna Simmons Katherine Furniss Smith Ann Mailander Steingraeber Tiffany Alicia Taylor Kathrine Joan Walter Ashley Krenz Wendlandt Ruth Marie Wentz Rachel Gruber Young Keely Young-Dixon Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds Kathryn Enger Enke


2013 Total: $6,583.45 Active Members: 503 Number of Donors: 54 Participation %: 10.74 Annual Giving Funds $500 - $999 Emily Cook-Lundgren $250 - $499 Jessica Rasmusson Bruns Nicole Stewart Carey Megan Sand Carr Caitlin Jean Ebbets

Kathryn Kalkman Susan Marie Moen Danielle Johanna Purcell Jacquelyn Lee Stevens Up to $250 Kathleen Anderson Abernathy Marie Therese Alton Gail Catherine Anderson Kathleen Utley Babcook Abby Christine Campbell Megan Anne Clairmont Nicole Ryane Eicher Shantelle Needham Findlay Sarah Spaanem Foehrenbacher Sara Lieser Goltz Jennifer Anne Gorrell Suzanne Conlin Gorski Rachel Marie Haney Carin Willette Hanson Elizabeth Sieh Henderson Elizabeth Leslie Housman Bridget Helen Javorski Olivia Ingalls Jewett Elise Helene Johnson Kaley Alyssa Kosak Emily Claire Lewis Karen Andrea Lundby Elizabeth Poleski Matarazzi Carrie Ann McConville Nicolette Marie Ney Angela Moeller Nolan Barbara Novak Emily Felton Pearson Leslie Pesarchick Katy Jo Pfannenstein Jody Roers Powell Leah Christine Pustovar Elizabeth Ann Reisdorf Tamara Hoese Retka Amanda Crosby Schaefer Brittany Mrozek Schou Elizabeth Schiller Schroeder Marissa Ann Skuza Elizabeth R. Twohy

Andrea Osborne Weyer Kelsey Robinson Wiechman Laura Michelle Wilant Stacy Jean Wurm Kelly F. Ziegler Erin Zrust


2013 Total: $4,191.00 Active Members: 519 Number of Donors: 49 Participation %: 9.44 Annual Giving Funds $500 - $999 Erin Elizabeth Wentz $250 - $499 Alina Balonuskova Heidi Abfalter DeMarais Up to $250 Leah Boyer Asp Molly Elizabeth Asp Bethany Sieren Bauer Alissa Carrow Brummond Emily Tohal Chaphalkar Michelle Marie Crea Mary Louise Dellenbach Rachel Dougherty Laura Ann Eggerichs Michelle Marie Flicker Anna Borys Flory Ashley Blake Ford Megan Tiegs Forliti Alison Mary Frank Terril B. Germscheid Kiersten Anne Gjerstad Keely Schallock Hendrickson Angela Sigl Janson Christine Ann Jasken Katherine Carlson Johnson Molly Herzog Johnson Abby Jo Johnstone

Kellie Bruckbauer Knodel Jill Marie Kranz Catherine Ann Krause Tricia Rosemarie Lund Jennifer Busse Luu Karen Annette Lux Holly Breeggemann McMahon Monica Eiden Pack Naomi Sumers Passe Molly Malone Patil Megan Marie Peterson Rachel Mary Peterson Carliene Sloot Quist Crystal Darlene Rausch Alicia Althaus Reif Katie Marie Rindahl Jennifer Clair Saffert Nicole Noel Schlangen Rachel Marie Schwalbach Krista Mary Sheehan Jennifer Webber Smith Allison Elizabeth Stephens Margaret McClellan Varpness Kathleen Jane Zabinski


2013 Total: $3,529.98 Active Members: 482 Number of Donors: 35 Participation %: 7.26 Annual Giving Funds $500 - $999 Nancy Ann Kuechle $250 - $499 Emily Anna Coborn Up to $250 Megan Duppler Appelwick Jennifer Kohout Bjork Katie Ranallo Boegel Mackenzie O’Neil Brink Natalia Anna Calderon

Hanaka Nanette Coache Gretchen M. Enninga Robyn Ng Chow Erkel Raeleen Fandrich Rachael Smith Fischer Amy Wolf Gubbels Katherine Claire Harlander-Locke Shannon Senn Hines Elizabeth Marie Hird Melissa Hund-Cerna Jessica Lee Jensen Jamie Lynn Johnson Kymberly Therese Koenig Kenzie Marie Kraemer Michelle Lee Melsen Megan Marie Mollner Kathleen Jane Murphy Jenny Vuong Ng Dhanita Ramlochan-John Andria Manz Ruehl Amanda Marie Sell Meghan Conway Selvik Bridget Sitzer Kelly Marie Smith Mallory Lundeen Swierk Alison Marie Thorsness Sarah Christianson Tucher Leah Pleiss Zimmerman


2013 Total: $4,087.77 Active Members: 560 Number of Donors: 49 Participation %: 8.75 Annual Giving Funds $250 - $499 Laura Ngozi Ubani Up to $250 Ann Haws Becker Stephanie Marie Blanda Jolene Marie Brink Katherine E. Davis

Jamie Marie Eskuri Katie Nicole Eversman Audrey Elizabeth Gabe Ashley Salfer Goche Raquel Gudiel Alexandra Lynn Haider Ann Dressen Hanstad Sarah Jepperson Harvey Samantha Jo Heintzelman Rachel Meredith Horn Whitney Jean Hunter Rebecca Carey Jacobson Sarah Pokorny Johnson Chelsea Leigh Korth Tai Ping Lee Jaime Streine Lenczewski Caitlyn Lothian Meghan Sue Lynch Kathleen Ann McClellan Charlotte Ann McGuire Jillian Rigg McKenzie Bridget Daly McLoone Caitlin Elizabeth Meyer Catherine Bouska Nelson Jessica Naomi Nelson Leah Rose Niebur Lynsi Marie Pasutti Angela Ballman Punton Nicole Danielle Sand Rebecca Schleicher Sauerer Anna Kate Schoeneberger Kathryn Carlson Schultz Cynthia Jewell Swanlund Alexandra Nicole Topp Jenna Elizabeth Uselman Megan Marie Vetsch Jessica Rose Vining Jennifer Shannon Wegner Alyssa J. Weyrauch Erica Hanson Winegar Lindsay Kelly Zeman Marie Frances Zettel Marie DeMars Zimmerman

Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds Megan Rose Ryan


2013 Total: $5,196.00 Active Members: 541 Number of Donors: 53 Participation %: 9.80 Annual Giving Funds $500 - $999 Kalene Marie Morris $250 - $499 Nicole Ellen Aagesen Heidi Elaine Golliet Joy J. Pohland Up to $250 Karley A. Abrahamson Breanna Auringer Allen Kathryn Tri Benson Maia E. Bentz Hayley Berrisford Shayla Swartz Blaschko Jennifer Mary Boran Lauren Neal Broxterman Emily Eris Buggy Laura Jacqueline Buggy Alexandra P. Chapman Heather Cederholm Corcoran Bryn Aaberg Davis Sarah Elizabeth Dayton Tiffany De Leon Abigail Burgason Deignan Carolyn Haupert Drazich Amy M. Durheim Laura Kinowski Eiden Katelyn Elizabeth Engel Nicole Lisa Gagnon Hibes Galeano Allison Anne Garrity Lauren Elise Gooley 43

Kelsey Jeanne Gustafson Kathryn Anne Holt Anne Theresa Hylden Halyce Jackson Johnson Emma Jaynes Keeler Stephanie Ann Lahr Sarah Elizabeth Mikkelson Emily Ann Miller Katie Andriette Million Nicole Magedanz Morris Lee Moua Jacqueline Murillo Daisy Nevarez Rebecca Lee Peichel Stephanie Wegmann Peterson Katherine Ann Schneider Susanna Jule Schroeder Anna Rose Schumacher Megan N. Sinner Amy Therese Steiner Karissa Kelli Storck Laura Ann Suhr Ashley Lorell Sweeting Ashley Ann Ver Burg Abby Marie Walch


2013 Total: $3,371.10 Active Members: 555 Number of Donors: 54 Participation %: 9.73 Annual Giving Funds $250 - $499 Anna N. Burgason Up to $250 Mona L. Ackerman Martha E. Anderson Megan E. Barrett Carley M. Braegelmann Megan E. Buermann Jenna C. Clark 44

Erin E. Connelly Faith K. Dammann Emily A. Dobesh Madeline A. Dragich Rachel M. Fenske Danielle E. Fluke Roxanne C. Franta Kelly H. Giebel Alison M. Gresback Katherine M. Hellmann Anna J. Hoeschen Allison M. Homstad Michelle K. Horn Elizabeth M. Humbert Sarah F. Hupperts Catherine G. Johnson Mackenzie N. Johnson Katherine A. Kenefick Mollie L. Land Melinda M. Lawson Alexandra E. Lund Kaia E. Lundin Nicole A. Maslowski Melanie A. Miesen Molly M. Miller Allison R. Muccio Molly H. Noel Jessica E. Norman Abby L. Olson Jennie A. Olson Lauren E. Pehler Kathryn Sand Peterson Ann Soo Mee Renner Megan Kelsey Rodriguez Bridget L. Saladin Jennifer L. Schwope Katherine M. Sheehan Sarah B. Skolte Abigail C. Spaniol Brita M. Thielen Alisha A. Thill Karen Kudrna Toepfer Kelcie M. Tschida Katie M. Vogel

Hannah E. Walsh Amy C. Weum Tiana M. Woitas Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds Jennie A. Olson


2013 Total: $3,030.00 Active Members: 512 Number of Donors: 41 Participation %: 8.01 Annual Giving Funds $500 - $999 Caitlin A. Hite Up to $250 Kaitlin E. Adams Madison A. Armstrong Stephanie E. Battista Erin A. Berrisford Kindra L. Boelke Megan N. Conlon Jacqueline Corral Colleen L. Cummings Kristin E. Donner Margaret M. Engelmeier Amie M. Ernst Brenna J. Finley Natasha E. Harr Kathryn E. Hauff Lauren R. Herzog Jennifer A. Josephs Evan M. Lowder Michelle E. Lurquin Jaclyn M. Machacek Anna M. Martin Shannon H. McEvoy Ashley A. Meagher Alyssa Sinner Meuwissen Galadette Z. Moss

Allison M. Plunkett Kelci A. Reiner Elizabeth A. Roberts Kayla R. Scheerle Mary L. Schmidt Megan J. Schutz Rachel E. Stalley Rachel C. Stobb Kathryn E. Torchia Lauren K. Varberg Amy N. Vogel Kristin A. Wegner Anna K. Wigtil Adia M. Zeman Gretchen Leyendecker Zilka Elizabeth M. Zinda


2013 Total: $891.13 Active Members: 602 Number of Donors: 42 Participation %: 6.98 Annual Giving Funds Up to $250 Rita B. Allen Shannon K. Bassett Sarah M. Berkowitz Lindsay K. Brull Paidamoyo Chikate Megan E. Coleman Kaitlin E. Cossette Mackenzie A. Diekmann Jenna M. Franklin Margaret E. Free Emily Bendickson Gunderson Stephanie K. Hall Laura C. Hey Riley E. Johnson Natalie R. Keane Courtney A. Kelley Sophie C. Kem Courtney C. Kimball

Kirsti M. Klaverkamp Breann N. Kluck Kyra T. Knoff Jill M. Kraemer Savannah D. Kuester Rhiannon M. LeGarde Melissa L. Mehaffey

Brenna M. Miland Ellen C. Newkirk Laura A. Nierengarten Katherine E. Nystrom Madeline R. Page Mara E. Pieper Catherine M. Pollock

Hannah L. Prososki Christine B. Schneider Meghan E. Simmet Jennifer J. Simonton Rochelle K. Taus Dumdie Alivia M. Tison Alison C. Toering

Thanh Tu T. Tran Thu Trang Tran Joan C. Van Grinsven

Parents Parents put their utmost trust in us to provide their daughters with a supportive, Benedictine-rich community experience. We are honored to be your partners on the journey to coach, nurture and educate future women leaders. The following donors made gifts between July 1, 2012, and June 30, 2013. The †symbol indicates deceased donors; the * indicates members of the Board of Trustees.

2013 Total: $1,465,040.81 Number of Donors: 1965 Annual Giving Funds Cecilia Kapsner Society ($10,000 or more) Anonymous Thomas and Charlene Cusick James and Catherine Denny Patrick and Joann Fay *Harvey and Cynthia Jewett John and Mary Lindstrom Frank and Margaret Marvin †Burt McGlynn Robert and Joanne Neis Elizabeth Nilles Anne and Perry Schmidt Anne Schmidt-Krump and Paul Krump Jane and Joseph Welle Jeanette and Robert Welle Benedicta Society ($5,000 - $9,999) Daniel and Mabel Coborn *Mark and Teresa Fleischhacker

Marie and Timothy Humbert Robert and Joyce Humboldt *Barbara Torborg Melsen and Greg Melsen *Tom and Pageen Mohr *Tom and Joyce Schlough Marcia and Jim Zrust Luminary Society ($2,500 - $4,999) Jay Cohen and Joan Giunco Clara Dolan *Terrance and Susan Dolan *Gregory and Charmaine Duppler Gary and Celine Horn Richard and Yoko LaBute Maryanne and John Mahowald Jeanne and Timothy McIntee Sue and Scott Palmer David and Susan Roberts Kitty and Donald Schumacher Lois Schrantz Welshons

Presidents Club ($1,000 - $2,499) Anonymous Thomas and Janis Atkins Gordon and JoAnne Bailey Patricia Offerman Bartholomew James and Mary Bassett Sara and Brian Boevers John and Diane Borgert Judy and Michael Cahill Tanya and Anthony Carlone Barbara Carlson *Rebecca and Christopher Coborn Michael Contardo and Marilynn Olsen Laurie and Steve Cummings Mark and Janet DeOrio Joan and Pete Donner Charles and Shirley Drury Mary and Kevin Fitzgerald Cletus and Rosemary Franta Ronald and Regina Frigault Mary Jane and Kevin Gaffney Judith and Gordon Goetemann Dale and Lynn Grewing

James and Pauline Hall Mary and Robert Harlander-Locke Elizabeth and Edgar Harthman David and Eileen Hauff John and Sharon Hite Michael and Barbara Hoody Daniel and Rosemary Hoolihan Amy and John Hueg Kris and Jim Jarocki Patrice and Michael Johnson Barbara Lee Kirchner Rebecca and William Koop Brian Kovalchuk and Mary Sue Weir Al and Yvonne Kremers Colleen and Steven Larson Jeffrey and Madeline Meyer Bill and Julie Mikkelson Ethel and Thomas Muchlinski Robert and Rita Murray D. Michael and Judith Noonan Kent and Michelle Olsen Sara and Chris Parrington Marcia and Vincent Pletcher 45

Ruth and Jacob Polta *Donald and Constance Pyatt Lucille and Chuck Rieland Claudia and Calvin Ryan-Mosley Leo and Karen Sand Michael and Susanne Scherer Jane and Robert Schneeweis Margaret and Bob Simmet Margaret and Timothy Sitzer Mary Ann and Thomas Sullivan Daniel and JoAnn Tallman Jon and Lea Theobald Leander and Mary Torborg Bibiana and Felix Tristani Janet and Thomas Vandendriessche Anne Louise and Richard Vosika Albert and Yvonne Walz †Mary and Robert Weinzierl Jo Wilch Marcia and John Woell $500 - $999 Anonymous (2) Robert Aesoph Bruce and Laura Anderson Judith and Craig Anderson Liz and Rich Anderson Barbara A. Bentz Eileen Berger James and Phyllis Bjork Jeanne and Ellery Bresnahan Rosemary and Donald Brever Karen and Brian Buermann Diane and Ralph Calabria John and Susan Capecchi Greg and Nancy Carlson Joanne and Kevin Carr Lyn and Charles Ceronsky Suzanne and Rodney Dachel Thomas and Patricia Daly Roger and Ginger Delles Henry and Barb Desnoyers John W. and Margaret Faber Robert and Mary Foley Mark and Linda Goeden 46

Kathleen and Daniel Goulet Sue and Pat Hall David and Jeane Havemeier Chris and Nancy Heckman Norbert and Suzanne Hemesath Jeannette and Todd Hill Laura and Robb Hirschberg Mary Jane and Mark Jantzer Thomas and Janice Jordan Ellen and William Kain Megan Kalina and Mark Lasswell Dwain and Mary Kasel Noel and Mary Lais Jeff and Kathy Laschen Tim and Mary Cassidy Lenker Jeffrey and Nancy Lurquin Joyce and Robert Lynn Michele and Thomas Marrinan Cate McGinnis and Jim Allen Sean and Karen Miller Jane and Daniel Murphy Marianne Murphy Patrick and Mary Needham Dolores and Roger Nierengarten Mary and Howard Noack Michael and Maureen Opitz Joan and Kent Paulson Sharon and Gary Pecore Tony and Leanne Peters Vernon and Shirley Peterson Ernest and Joanne Piche Mary and Len Powell Anna Pribyl Richard and Margarita Probst Timothy and Marilyn Pryor Donna Rajkowski Bonnie Reim Bifulk James and Joan Rhude John and Catherine Ries Richard and Jean Rolando Randall and Sandra Roskowiak Dennis and Catherine Rothstein Michael and Peggy Schley Cathy and Jerrold Schoener

Gigi Fourre’ Schumacher and Tom Schumacher William and Joyce Sexton Charlotte Brantl Shirley Steven and Patricia Sprague Michael and Gloria Thurmes Robert and Dottie VanDerHagen John and Anne Walbrun Teresa Walker Bruce and Marcia Wilda Joanne Wilette Marilyn and John Wolkerstorfer Renee Tushaus Wurm and John Wurm $250 - $499 Anonymous (5) Carol and Alan Abell Brian and Ann Abrahamson Marion and Roger Anderson Richard and Tamra Anderson Terry and Shelley Arnhalt Laurel and Robert Barklow John Barnett Stephen and Mary Battista Joseph and Carolyn Bellissimo David and Cheri Berrisford Jeffery and Sylvia Berry Al and Marjorie Beste Clare and Kevin Bjork Ed and Peggy Bonach Milosh and Jane Bozanich Chuck and Barb Brandes Mary and Thomas Brodersen Jim and Mary Fran Brown Sharon and John Burns Timothy and Michaela Burns James and Janice Bykowski David and Lisa Byron Dennis and Ann Callahan James and Mary Camber Mario Castro David Cavallaro Peter and Stephanie Christianson Paul and Sara Colosimo David and Susan Cooke

Jon and Mary Crook Rose and Bob Cyert Timothy and Laurene DeMuth Georgia Dinndorf-Hogenson Catherine and David Dooley Kathy and Tom Eagan Elizabeth and Martin Ellman Pamrica and Asa Ferguson Jay and Becky Fladebo Sharon Froehle and Marsha Woolcott Robert and Beverly Geraets Betty L. Gonsorowski Tracy L. Gust David K. Hackett Peter and Beth Hanlon Roy and JeanAnn Hanson Edward and Margo Harter Sheila and Thomas Hayes Charles and Rebecca Heikenen Mary Jane and Robert Hennen Alan and Sandra Herbst Timothy and Kathleen Hesse J.B. Hidding William and Sandra Horlitz Jennifer and Scott Hylla Martin and Amy Janning Bernardine Jaspers Amy Jaynes David and Peggy Johnson David and Joanne Johnson Patricia Kent and John Menard Cathy and Randy Kight Mary and Ron Klinker Daniel and Cheryl Knapek Tyler and Julie Kohl Michael and Paula Koshmrl Jeffery and Jeanne Kramer Anthony Krulc and Jody Guy-Krulc Kathryn and Paul Kulas John and Meredith LaLuzerne Jacqueline Lantry and Pete Yelle Katherine and Joseph Lauer James and Mary Jane Lauerman Andre and Elizabeth L’Heureux Mary Beth and Dan Liske

David and Karen Loegering Harold and Cathleen Machesky †Anne and Thomas Mack Russell and Melea Marple Peter and Barbra Mauch Maureen and Paul Maus Sharon and William Maus Kathleen and James McClellan Mike and Pat McFarlane Robert and Donna McGarry Michael and Renae McKimm David and Sharon Medvecz Mary and John Meyer Kevin and Darlene Morris Mary Ann Ruhland Neidermeier Darlene Nemanich Thomas and Elinor Nicklawske Kevin and Ann O’Connor Jennifer and Bob Oschwald Avis Page Kathy and John Parker Dean and Therese Patterson Dale and Melinda Pederson George and Mary Peichel Glenn and Sandra Pence Teri and Douglas Peterson Donald and Beth Piepenburg Michael and Laura Queenan Vincent and Elizabeth Quinones Nancy and David Rectenwald Mary and John Rhoades Laurie Gebhardt Rieb Arnold and Jane Rohe Robert and Susan Rose Peggy and Michael Roske Peg Ryan and George Baboila Jane and David Rymanowski Eddie and Marion Ryshavy Samuel and Irene Saunders George and Diane Schaenzer Jeanette Wright Schmall Adrian and Mary Schneider Donna and William Schneider Erich and Lynn Schroeder Catherine and Donald Schwarz

Joseph and Susan Segeleon John and Linda Shields William Simon Karen Sinner Leonard and Jane Slade Robert and Cynthia Smith Thomas and Melissa Steck Bernadette Stein Paul Stein Jerry and Kathleen Stephens James and Catherine Stevenson Gregory and Gia Stubbs Mary Manderfeld Sullivan Patrick Sullivan and Kathleen Pfleghaar Shawn and Susan Sullivan Kevin and Julie Sutter Lillian L. Thibodeau Mollie and Richard Tobias James and Catherine Triggs George and Elsie Tupy Mary Ulm Beatrice and Gregory Vasterling Paul and Lucille Vermeersch Emilio Viramontes Patrick and Louise Wachter Robert and Colette Warner Douglas and Sharon Wartner Michael and Carol Weber Patrick and Patricia Welle Clair and Ginny Wilcox Richard and Donna Wood Matthew and Sue Worms Up to $250 Anonymous (17) Linda and Dale Aaberg Sarah Abraham-Murnane and Tim Murnane David and Carol Abrahamson Corinne Adamietz Conrad and Denise Adelmann Jonathan and Celes-Christy Adofoli Sheri and Robert Affeldt James and Debra Ahmann Nancy and Allan Albertson

Edwin Albrecht Mark and Anita Albrecht Efrain and Rosa Alcala Ashmad and Lisa Ali Mary Alkire Galen and Geraldine Allen Thomas and Elaine Allen Patrick and Mary Anderly Ann and Tony Andersen Donald and Rose Andersen Leslie A. Andersen Amy and Jeremy Anderson Craig and Rebecca Anderson Craig and Vicky Anderson Jeanne and Michael Anderson John and Christine Anderson Kathleen Anderson Marguerite Anderson Mary and Scott Anderson Michael and Carol Anderson Michael and Barbara Anderson Milo and Marilyn Anderson Robert and Kerry Anderson Paul and Barbara Angermeier James and Maxine Antoine Douglas and JoAnn Apland Kevin and Nicole Arbach Nancy A. Arbeiter Val and Bernie Arceneau Jane and Terry Armon Mary and Gary Arndt Linda and Robert Arnold Mary Lou Arnold Terry Artmann and Elizabeth Hampton-Artmann Gary and Ruth Athmann Robert Axtmann Timothy and Patricia Babineau Kristine and David Bach John and Joan Bachman Kenneth and Elizabeth Backe Debra and Craig Baggenstoss Derek and Marcela Bagwell Michael and Helen Bailly Mary Baily

Ann and Jerry Bajari Julie and Christopher Baker Paul and Kristin Bakos Douglas and Gretchen Bancks Debra and Richard Baron Dale and Barbara Barrie Rosemary Barry Lawrence and Delores Barta Robert and Anne Marie Bartlett Richard and Joyce Bartusch Kathy and Tony Bassett Bruce and Margaret Bates Margaret and Michael Bauer Roger and Kathleen Bauer Nicholas and Barbara Bauler Richard Baumert, Jr. Daniel and Linda Baun John and Linda Bavier Robert and Pamela Beach Sharon and Richard Beach John and Mary Beaty Carolyn Beauford Rose Beavers Bruce and Pat Bechtold Anne and Richard Becker David and Lisa Becker John and Karen Becker Leslie and Jim Becker Fred and Patricia Beckman John and Bonita Beckman Beverly and Philip Beckstrand Daniel and Patricia Beddow Cathy and Tom Bedford Kathleen Bell Theodore and Sharon Belter Brian and Jenifer Benes Stephen and Diane Bennett John and Bonita Benschoter Paul and Ann Berendes Patt Berendt LuAnn Berg Eileen and Ernest Bergeron Leroy and Carol Bergstrom Terry and Dorothy Bernardy Lois Berns 47

Bradley and Dorinda Berscheit James and Katheryn Besst James and Mary Besst Thomas and Ann Beuckens Mary and Clifford Bingham Karen and Jerry Bird Mary Jean and Charles Bischof Betty Creadon Bishop Steven Bitker Robert and Dawn Bitzan Mary and David Bjorklund Chester and Pamela Black Henry and Elizabeth Blackburn Robert and Kristine Blaida Michael and Julianne Blaine Stan and Julie Blanda Kristin A. Blazek Greg and Lora Blevins Allen and Lovey Bliss Leroy and Margaret Blohm Loren and Brenda Boeckmann Robert and Kristine Boehm Ann and Rodney Boelke Robert and Bonnie Boerboom Benedict and Deborah Boerner Vern and Lois Boes Patricia Bogard John and Kathleen Boone James and Marie Borchardt Viola Borgerding Steven and Sonja Bornus Doug and Eva Borys Monica Bossenmaier Alice Bot Karen and Floyd Bouley Joseph and Mary Bouska Gary and Marguerite Bowen Arthur and Catherine Boylan Thomas and Bonnie Boys Mary Bozzo Dennis and Marjorie Brackin Joseph and Victoria Braegelmann Gene Brand Michael and Elizabeth Brandes Patricia and Donald Brandl 48

Carol and Robert Brang Karleen and Mike Braun Meghan and Charles Breen Dennis and Catherine Bresee Douglas and Margaret Brettin Matt Brine and Marianne Thole Marty and Angela Brink Elmer and Barbara Brinkman Patricia Broderick Michael and Karen Brogan Christopher and Wendy Brown Darren and Leyann Brown Lawrence and Tamara Brown Michael and Roxanne Brown C.J. (Kip) and Katherine Browne Mary Jo and Donald Browne Ann and Thomas Brownell Katie and Mike Bruckbauer Rita and Robert Buckvold Thomas and Mary Budnik Cathy and Jon Buggy Wallace and Julia Bunnell William Burggraff Michael and Colleen Burgoyne Darrel and Violeta Burk Lee and Marguerite Burke Bruce and Janet Burnes Ruth and Gary Burns Paul and Marlene Busch Thomas and Cynthia Busse Jerome and Janet Butkowski Allan and Lori Butler John and Karen Buytaert James and Rita Byron Nancy Johnson Calderon Patrick and Mary Callahan Teresa and Mathew Callahan Celine and Scott Campbell Gary Campbell Kevin and Lois Campbell Natasha Campbell Christopher and Lori Canavati Mary Kay and Mark Capecchi Robert and Catherine Carbaugh James and Molly Carey

John and Gail Carey Michael and Susan Carey Mary Kay and Daniel Carle Jeffery Carlson Mark Carlson Ronald and Barbara Carlson Verna J. Carlson Robert and Agnes Carrier David and LuAnn Carter Gary and Judy Carver Janice Carver Carol and Jerome Casey Kathleen Casey Jim and Billie Cashman Mary and Dwayne Cates Wayne and Jeanette Caughey Patricia and Stanley Cervenka Deborah and Dennis Chaika James and Bonnie Chan Patrick and Jessica Chapman John and Sally Chatelaine Mary Chmielewski Karen and Larry Christen Kim and Barbara Christensen Judith and James Christenson Geri and Mike Clairmont Jeanette Blonigen Clancy Thomas and Linda Clancy Timothy and Carrie Cleary Thomas and Jean Clifford Lee and Yvonne Clintsman James and Ellen Close Gregory and Elizabeth Closmore Raymond and Yuki Coache Leonard and Roxanne Cochran Lorraine and Bill Cofell Samuel Cohen Kevin and Majella Coil Elwyn and Teresa Cole Joanne and Thomas Cole Lori and Michael Coleman JoAnn Coller Raymond and Loretta Colwell Kristi Commers Tim and Connie Connell

Anthony and Susan Connelly Debra and Maurice Cook Sanborn and Phyllis Cook Jeanne and Pat Coonan Merl and Nancy Core Robert and Lisa Cornell Luke and Kathy Cossette Charlotte Cotter Clayton and Darlene Coughlin Michael and Mary Court Donald and Sheila Coy Frederick and Beverly Coyne John Coyne Douglas and Linda Cramblit Sue and Bob Cron Joseph and Mary Crosby Patrick and Joan Crowley Jeanne Krause Cumming William and Judith Cunningham Ed and Eileen Curley Richard and Mary Kay Curtis Raymond and Carolyn Cushing Douglas and Melinda Czaplewski Tina and Jerry Dagen Carol Dagit Randy and Tambra Dahlheimer Doris Daiker Patricia and Daniel Daly Tony and Lyne Daniels Fred and Wanda Danzl Bradley and Barbara Anne Darling William and Mary Davenport Celeste and Keith Davis Dale and Maureen Davis George and Catherine Davis Marilyn and Neil Deden Douglas and Michelle Dehmer Gary and Gloria Deick Marty Deignan Patrick and Carol Deignan Carroll and Kristine Delfs Judy and Tom Dellenbach Edmond and Patricia Delwiche Denny and Christine DeNio Mary and Richard Des Lauriers

Michael and Carol DeSmet Lois and Jerome Detloff Duane and Katherine Deutsch Mark and Brenda Deutz Richard and Debra Deutz Diane and Kevin Devereaux Karen and John DeVries Thomas and Linda DeWitt Roy and Sally Dick Norma and Bruce Dickau John and Joyce Dickerman Gary and Julie Dietman Anyce Ditter Joseph Diver Jeffery and Jill Dobesh Bill and Laurie Dockendorf Elaine Dockendorf Mary Louise and Patrick Doherty Ernie and Marcy Dold Romane and Patricia Dold Maria and Jeff Dols David and Mary Dommer Tom and Evelyn Donnelly Kathleen and Andrew Doom Terrance Doonan Judith Dooney-Twohy and Joseph Twohy Lorainne Doroff Tracy Dorr Paul and Gail Dougherty William and Cathie Dougherty Steven and Brenda Douvier Beverly and Paul Doyle Mike and Jan Drahozal Dick and Kathy Drew Denise Drews Fosado Palmer and Bernadette Drews Jill Dubbeldee-Kuhn and Tom Kuhn Jeffrey and Deborah Duclos Kenneth Dudek and Janet Reuter Ruth and Richard DuHamel Ken Dumdie Robert and Evelyn Dumonceaux Timothy and Patricia Dusbabek Elsa Dutan and Manuel Romero Patricia and James Ebacher

Mark and Mary Ebben Ronald and Crystal Ebnet Michael and Colleen Eckman Mary Jo and James Ederer Peter and Joan Edward Darrell and Irene Eiden Steven and Theresa Eiden James and Catherine Eiselt Eugene and Dottie Eisenschenk Thomas and Deborah Eisenschenk Bernie and Russ Elhard Elias and Christy Elias Pat and Jacqueline Ellingson Richard and Louise Eltgroth Kathleen and Thomas Emond John and Joyce Engel Bruce and Sherry Engelbart Barbara and Theodore Enger Wayne and Amy Enger Clifford and Laureen Entingh J. Hendrik and Engelene Erenstein Grant and Donna Erickson Julie and Dennis Erickson Lori and Thomas Esselman Joseph and Jean Etten James and Janice Etter Gary and Mary Evans Rita Evans Bernice Evens Cynthia and Richard Eversman Ronald and Mapuana Evjen Kenneth and Lois Ewertz Dean and Lynn Exsted Jason and Ericka Ezell Scott and Jeanne Fahlstrom Patricia and Donn Fahrendorf Stephen and Colleen Fallon William and Bernice Farmer Dorothy Farnham Martin and Mary Farrell Gary and Cynthia Fasching Kenneth and Claudine Fasching Mary and Roger Fasching Jerry and Jeanie Faue Brian Faust

Louis and Barbara Faust Steven and Ann Felton Ken and Doris Fennell Jeffrey and Caren Fenske James and Elaine Fergle Carmen and Sally Fernholz Charles and Carole Fernholz Pamela Fier-Hansen and John Hansen Jeanne Filiatrault Laine and Terry Laine Bruce and Susan Finnesgard Lawrence Firner Luverne and Lois Fischer Peter and Pamela Fischer Randall and Jillena Fischer Randy and Theresa Fischer Jeffrey and Lisa Flaig Michelle Flannery Scott and Linda Flesch Angela and John Flynn Patrick and Susan Flynn Susan and Tom Flynn Gary and Bonnie Foede LaRae and Thomas Foehrenbacher Thomas and Mary Fogarty Mary and Bruce Fogle John and Carla Foley Michael and Jo Ann Foley John and Bernadette Ford Raymond and Gloria Ford Vivian Forsberg Richard Forster Clarence and Leone Fowler Tommee Mount Fox Tom and Karen Francis Bruce and Christine Frank Elmer and Marion Frank Richard and LeAnn Frank John and Ruth Franta Mary and Daniel Franta Peter and Cheryl Franta Earl and Maria Franz Gregory and Deborah Franzen Becky Fredregill Steve and Jody Freese Helen Freking

Elizabeth and Steve Frerich Barb and Marc Frie Joseph and Kathleen Friedrich Margaret Froehling Rita and Charles Frundt Bob and Jackie Fulton Patrick and Christine Furlong Gary and Mary Gabe Matthew Gaffy and Lisa Scott Gregory and Kay Garaas Steve and Anjani Garibsingh Michael and Margaret Garrey Michael and Elizabeth Garry Patricia Gartner Jeanne and Jim Gathje James and Pamela Gauer Kevin and Beverly Gausman Richard and Linette Gavin Drew and JoAnn Gaydos Greg and Deb Gebeke William and Joan Geenen Barb and Tim Gerdes Jeffrey and Terri Gerdes Rueben and Valeria Gerding Stephen Gerlach Ruth and Edward Germscheid Brian and Marcia Gibson Jeffrey and Kathleen Gideon James and Melissa Giebel James and Gerry Giebenhain Sheila Gift Jane Gilbert-Howard and Ken Howard Thomas and Deborah Gillis Delores and Peter Giroux Jim and Ellie Giyan Leslie and Bruce Gjerstad John and JoAnn Glady Robert and Jean Glass Donna and Dan Goede John Goettl Nancy Goettl John and Marilyn Gogala Michael and Susan Gonia Danilo and Rosa Gonzalez David Goodman 49

Susan and Tim Gossman Nancy M. Gottfried Brian and Lori Gould John and Susan Grabowski Michael and Vickie Graczyk Steven and Gretchen Grandgenett Bill and Becky Graske Connie and Steve Grausam Kevin and Maggie Gray Thomas and Kathryn Gray James and Kathleen Green Sharon Green Deborah and Kevin Greene Thomas and Joleen Greene Stephen and Rosario Greenwood Roger and Barbara Grefe Mary Jane Greising Lorraine Barthel Gresser George and Pamela Griffith Gary and Christine Grinsteinner Sieglinde and Edward Grivna Mary Ann Groetsch Margaret and Jim Grossman Gary and Frieda Grove Susan and Pat Groves Dale and Dianne Gruber Bernie Gruenes Julie and Thomas Gruska Debra and Chuck Guertin Gary and Barbara Gunderson Mary Ann and James Gunville Doug and Sarah Gustafson Thomas and Sondra Gustafson Melvin and Marianne Guza Carl and Katherine Haagenson Janet and Anthony Haas LeRoy and Harriet Haeg Terry and Carol Hafemeyer Richard and Mary Jo Hafner Gina and Roger Hagen Bruce and Pamela Hahn Jeffrey W. and Mary Jo Hall Keith and Ellie Hall Ronald and Lisa Hall Joyce Moran Halstrom 50

Darnell and Mary Halverson Joyce and Knute Hammerberg Mary Raeker Hance Kathleen Haney John and Sandra Hanna Kieran and Colleen Hannigan Lisa and Tom Hanowski Jim and Renee Hansen Lilia Hansen Valery and Gary Hansen Dan Hanson and Mimi Barzen Darrell and Coleen Hanson David and Paula Hanson Patricia and Russ Hanson Steven and Diane Hanson Doris Harlow-DiNello Judith and Mike Hart Phyllis Hart Robert and Susan Hart Leslie and Kelly Harter David and Jane Hartman Gary and Laurel Hartmann Patricia and John Harvey Christopher and Kimberli Hassel Karen Haubrick Mark and Joan Hauck Jane and Ron Haugen Angela and Bruce Hauger Bruce Hauger Milton and Franchetta Haupert Gerald and Lisa Haus Irene Hauser Anne and Kevin Hayden Sharon Hayes John and Mary Hayne Michael and Janet Healy Darryl and Brenda Heck Thomas and Donna Hegstad Colleen and Mark Hegstrom Barbara and Tom Hein Earl and Donna Heinen Jonelle and Roger Heinen Mary and Doug Heins James and Sara Heintzelman Richard and Paula Heinz

Duane and Jane Heitz Gary and Marcella Hejlik Jerome and Colleen Hellickson Lynn M. Helmbrecht Carleton and Shirley Helseth Kevin and Jody Hemann Frank and Patricia Hemmesch George and Joni Hemmesch James and Barbara Hemmesch Michael Hendricks Richard and Donna Hendricks Julia Hendrickson Robert and Beth Hendrickson Ray and Marilyn Henningson Vang and Soua Her Julia and Raymond Herdina Jenny Herman Joyce Hertaus Philip and Elizabeth Hessburg Gregory and Becky Hetrick Betty and Philip Heymans Mary and George Hickner Gerald and Mary Hicks Charles and Yvonne Higgins Kimberly Hilback Maureen Hildreth Marcus and Georgeanne Hilker Fred and Robin Hille Florence Hinnenkamp Martin and Linda Hirte William and Diane Hlavka Allen and Ruth Hoeschen Dick and Ginny Hoeschen David and Dianne Hoffman Edward and Joan Hogan John and Mary Holbrook Cara and Kerry Holloway Ruth and Roy Holm Michael and Mary Holt Susan and David Homan Howard and Mary Hoody Alvin and Mary Lou Houle Linda and Deward Howa Julie and Jerry Howard Thomas and Deborah Howell

Jeffrey and Theresa Huber Laura Hudalla Roger Huerd Jeanne Huggins Julie and Keith Hughes Kieran and Maxine Hughes Mary and Mark Hughes Scot and Michelle Hultberg Roy and Nellie Humbert Larry and Shelley Hutchins Janice and Jeff Hylden Clarence and Bernice Hynes Mary and Patrick Hynes Mary Iverson William and Nancy Jackson Cynthia Jacobs Stephen and Sue Jacobs Noel and Kathryn Jacobson Anita Jacquemart Norman and Beth Jagger Gregory and Diane Jans Carol and Jerome Jansen Carol and Bruce Jansky Warren and Dianne Janzen Lori and Duane Jarnot Audrey Jarosh Jon and Colleen Jasken David and Sharon Jasper Stanley and Dolores Javorski Michael and Cheryl Jedlicka David and Linda Jeffery Annamary Jeffery Herther Richard and Margaret Jellinger Tricia and Bob Jennissen Debra and Gary Jensen Larry and Terri Jensen Kenneth and Maretta Johannes Luella and Dennis John Ardeth Kapsner Johnson Brad and Bonnie Johnson Brian and Marcia Johnson Carl and Jeanne Johnson Cliff and Patricia Johnson Craig and Debra Johnson Cynthia and Alan Johnson

Dennis and Robin Johnson Kitty Johnson Mary Braunwarth Johnson Rita Johnson Steve and Debby Johnson Sylvia Johnson Dianne and Tom Johnstone Nicole and James Joos Dorothy Joseph Michael and Sherry Josephs Lori and Mike Jost Ronald and Mary Lynn Joswiak Angie and Ray Joy Jerome and Dianna Juelich Marty and Denny Junius Alfred and Maetta Jurewicz William and Dorenne Just, Jr. Anne Juster Herbert and KayAnn Kahilainen Mary Jane and Dave Kalina Joseph and Catherine Kalkman Bonnie and Joseph Kalla Rodney and Geralyn Kampa John and Elizabeth Kannas Dolores Kantor Jeanette and Jean Kappel Mary Lou Kapphahn Andrew and Kathleen Kaptain Joseph and Carol Karpik Joseph and Rose Ann Karst Joseph and Helenmary Kasper Arlyne and Gerald Kaus James and Susan Keane Kathryn Keane David and Nancy Keeley Robert and Jean Kehrwald Gary and Mary Keifenheim Jeffrey and Diane Kellar Bernard and Debbra Keller Harvey and Linda Keller Joseph and Denise Keller Charles and Cathy Kelley Michael and Camilla Kelley Daniel and Ronda Kelly Daniel and Molly Kelly

Thomas and Denise Kelly Dorothy Kelm Frank and Ricarda Kelso Charlene and George Kelzer Theary Kem and Marida Chan Michael and JoAnn Kemp Sharon and William Kemp Dorothy Kenefick Thomas and Veronica Kennealy Kassy Kenney and Mike Adam Larry and Connie Kenyon Kevin and Mary Kaye Keohen Pamela Kerber Lisa and David Kermode Julie Ann and Mike Kerrigan Celeste Kersey and James Bronec Kathleen Kersey Harold and Mary Keske Charles and Ann Keskey Jean Kessler Jerry and Bonnie Kettleson Mary Anne and Don Kieser Phillip and LaDonna Kiesner Paul and Margaret Kilkus Mary and Michael King Terry and Peggy Kingston Kathleen Kinney Debbie and John Kissner Manuel Kissner and Laurie Seifert Jeffery and Margaret Kitterman Pat Chmielewski Klarkowski Darnell Zachman Klein Esther Klein and Thomas Justin Teresa and Clifford Knier Michael and Celeste Knoff Arlo and Martha Knoll Gustave and Irene Knott Virgil and Gloria Knott Renee and Cyril Knowles James and Shirley Kobs Curtis and Anna Koch Mark and Margaret Kochevar Lawrence and Ann Koenig Lyle and Kathleen Koerner Norma and David Koetter

Hank and Vicky Kohorst Gerald and Geraldine Kokesch John and Carolyn Kolar John and Linda Kolb Loyette Kolbinger James and Karon Kolles Lori Kolstad Marilyn and Richard Koltes Bernard and Carol Koopmeiners Mary Jane and Stanley Kortenbusch Mary Kosak Daniel and Therese Kosch Thomas and Sheryl Kost Patricia Kostelnik Rita and Jerome Kostreba Joan and William Kotsmith Lucille Koval Frederick and Joanne Kovall Wayne and Karen Kragseth Theresa and Glenn Kranz Thomas and Jeanne Kranz David and Leslie Krause Joan and Michael Krause Roger and Mary Claire Krause Steve and Sue Krawiecki Jack and Peggy Krech Yvette and David Krech Marie and Arden Kreft Thomas and Mary Krick Darrell and Patty Krieger Leo and Jeanette Krippner Dennis and Patricia Krize Wayne and Barbara Krohn Bruce and Monica Kruger Pamela Kubesh-Huisman and Harlen Huisman Chris and Joanne Kudrna Duane and Christine Kueber James and Colleen Kuhl Timothy and Karla Kuisle Emmett and Patricia Kuklock Joseph and Ruth Kunkel Victor and Mildred Kurpiers Geraldine Kustelski Irene Kustritz

Rosemary Kuth Twaddle Jennifer and Michael Kutzke Janet Kuznia Jerry Kvasnicka and Lori Shaw Roy and Peggy LaBrosse Kerry Lafferty and Peg Murphy Randel and Judith Lage Joseph R. LaGue Michael and Julie Lahr Catherine and Richard Lally Jayne and Patrick Lammer Helen Landkammer Tom Landwehr Carole and James Lang John and Rosanne Lang Steven and Debra Lang Mark Langmade Thomas and Sandra Lanz Benedict and Dianne Lapos Marion L. Larsen Gloria Larson Michael and Suzanne Larson Geraldine O’Brien Latterell Patricia Laue Dale and Judi Lauer Richard and Mary Lauer William and Jeanine Lauer Brian and Therese Laufers James and Paula Lavelle Stephen and Janette LaVoy Mark and Melissa Lecy Ann Leedahl James and Darlene Leinen Lisa and Gregg Leininger Glenn and Tori Leitch Jeanne LeMieur Donald and Betty Lencowski Alice Lenhardt David and Elizabeth Lentsch David and Joan Lenzmeier Richard and Louise LeSavage Marge and Ollie Lesnick Samuel and Mary Levis Mark and Ann Lewandowski Lawrence and Bonita Lewis 51

Norine Lieser Gary and Katherine Liess Diane Lill Terry and Albert Lindeke Leon and Judith Lindenfelser Mary K. Lindquist Lois and Robert Liners Frank and Marcella Linn Cheryl and Joe Linneman William and Jean Livingood Barb Loch Christopher and Mary Loetscher Mark and Kathleen Lomauro Sandra Lommel Stephen and Barbara London Jacqueline Longley Patrick and Jacqueline Louwagie Virginia Low Mary Lown Monica and James Loye Franz and Barbara Lubenow Robert and Linda Lucio LeRoy and Elaine Lucking Genevieve Ludowese Mary and Jim Ludowese Valerian and Jo Ann Luetmer Walter Luke Dale and Jeanne Lund Kathleen and John Lund Roland and Constance Lundby Russell and Cynthia Lundeen Irene Lust Dave and Deb Lutz Dean and Peggy Lux Kenneth and Annette Lux Charles and Lynnae Lynch Barbara and David Lyndgaard Jim B. Lynner Kevin Maas and Debra Severin-Maas Richard and Christine Macy Richard and Josephine Maday Rose and Gregory Mader John and Mary Magnan Charles and Marilyn Magnuson Thomas and Deborah Magnuson 52

Joel and Christine Magruder Gerard Maguire and Donna Severson Neil and Thriesa Mahlum Mark and LouAnn Malecha Catherine Mamer Scott and Sara Maney Chris and Sharon Manternach Susanne Marchek Stephen and Theresa Mareck Anne and Casey Marrin William and Patti Marrin Peter and Laurie Marthaler Cris and Patricia Martinez Maggie Martinez Pat and Peggy Mastel Mark and Kathleen Masters Thomas and Mary Matejcek Michelle Mathias Lorinda and Bruce Mathwig Patricia and David Mattos Richard Matzen Gaylord and Mary May Mark and Elizabeth May David P. Mayer Ozzie Mayers Donald and Jeaninne McAllister Richard L. McCabe Terrence and Mary Ellen McCabe Michael and Diana McCarney Dick and Regina McCarthy Eileen and Fred McCormick Bennett and Janice McCoy Donald and Constance McCoy Mary and Joseph McCue Sarah and Daniel McDermott John and Sue McElmury Leslie and Frank McEvoy Barbara Coy McGinnis Thomas and Mary McGovern Steve and Julie McGrath Timothy and Lee McGrath R.J. and Rosemary McGraw Patrick and Kathleen McGreevy Kim McGregor Patrick and Anne McKenzie

Susan and Mark McKeon Margaret McLaughlin Mary and Tim McLean Bob and Pam McLellan John and Patricia McLeod, Jr. Michael and Nancy McLoone Murray McMurray Anita and Bion McNulty Joseph and Karen McQuillan Gary and RaVae Megaw Gerald and Mary Kay Meier Lisa Meier Stephen and Sandra Meinholz Michael and Deb Melby Thomas and Arlene Menden Linda Menke and Ken Zarling Stanley and Cynthia Mensen David and Gloria Mensing John and Lorrayne Mettling Ben Meuwissen Bradley and Shelley Meyer Norman and Rosemary Meyer Carol Meyer Hergott and Patrick Hergott Kelly and Mary Michel Douglas and Jane Mick Robert and Kathryn Mickus Robert and Sandra Miland Patricia Milbert Harvey and Ida Miller Maggie and Daniel Miller Robert and Gwen Miller Shirley and Joseph Miller Andriette and Steve Million John and Rita Mills William and Dorothy Minnich Colleen C. Minturn James and Joanne Mock Catherine and Ronald Moe Blake and Kathy Mohr George and April Moir Dennis and Rose Molitor James and Susan Moll Maynard and Susan Monroe Norma J. and Thomas Monson Paul and Nancy Moran

Christine and Terrance Morgel Betty Moriarity Allen and Mary Mork John and Doris Morris Ramona Morris Marjorie and Royce Morrissette Duane and Joan Moser John and Kim Motschenbacher Len and Kay Mrachek Roger and Diane Mrnak Eileen and Frank Muelken Todd and Michele Mueller Richard and Virginia Muellerleile Roger and Roberta Muellerleile John and Lois Muggli Laura and Michael Mullin Michael and Carol Mullin Garrett Mulrooney John and Marcia Munshower Philip and Rosemary Murphy William and Darlene Murphy Sheila and Philip Murray Mark and Ann Myers William and Helen Myllykangas Odila Busche Myott James and Marie Nachtsheim Mary and Stan Nagorski Gail and Daniel Navratil Duane and De Nawrocki Kathleen and Ira Neary John and Karen Neenan Roger and Bonnie Neeser Jeffrey and Lori Neitzke Bruce and Connie Nelson Charles and Susan Nelson Daniel and Susanne Nelson Jeanne Warner Nelson Mary Helen and Jan Nelson Stephen and Dawn Nelson Winton and Kristine Nelson Mary and George Nemanich James and Ellen Nester Suzette and Dean Neumann Janet and Norbert Neuwirth Jeffrey and Margi Newkirk

Patricia and Richard Nicolai Julie and Ed Niebur Mitch and Jeanne Nielsen Kate Nienaber Joyce Nikolai James and Devota Nilson Richard and June Niznik Marianne Noble Walter Nocito Greg and Rae Nohner Eugene and Mary Ellen Nord Marie Nordstrom-Larson (Marchessault) Charles Norton Joe and Mary Nosek Joyce Notsch Mary and Ralph Notsch Barb and William Novak Randy and Pamela Novak Lawrence Novakoske Margaret Novakoske Dale and Elizabeth Nugent Stephen and Randi Nunnink James and Loretta Nykodym John and Shelly O’Brien Tom and Therese O’Brien William and Sharon O’Brien Peter and Carolyn Ochsner Brian and Patricia O’Connell LaVonne and Bill O’Connor Michael and Nita O’Connor Wayne and Mary O’Connor Gary and Susan Odenthal Joy and John O’Donnell Thomas and Diane Offerdahl Eugene and Virginia Ohmann John and Ann O’Leary Daniel and Barbara Olinger Benedict and Rita Olk Dave and Amy Olson Jo Ann and David Olson Kathryn and Wayne Olson Neal and Marianne Olson Mary Ellen and Donald Olson Ray and Gloria Olson Patrick and Peggy O’Malley

Jameen and Sean O’Neill James and Nancy O’Neill Michael and Joan O’Neill Patrick and Karyl O’Neill Patricia Opstad Natalia O’Reilly-Holm and Willard Holm Todd and Joan Ortgiesen Daniel and Suzanne Ortmann Bruce and Patricia Orud Ken and Lori Orwoll Mary Kay and Richard Ostlund Sheila Ostrowski Susan A. Otting Anna and David Otto Frederick and Michelle Otto Diane Pahl Kathleen and William Palmer Mary Palmquist Jennifer and Brian Palo Jeffery and Kathleen Palodichuk Robert and Luanne Paquette Reuben and Mary Lou Patnaude Alvin and Joan Patton Patrick and Beth Pederson Paul and Kati Pehler Randy and Nancy Pelletier Rene and Barbara Pelletier Dwight Penas and Kathryn Thurston Paula Pendleton Jim and Kathleen Penfold Ronald and Pamela Penkala Cynthia Penkert John Pennings and Terese Fandel James and Elaine Pepin Charles and Susan Percival Mike and Ann Percuoco Leland and Kathleen Petersen Brian and Laura Peterson Cindy Peterson Craig and Noreen Peterson Gordon and Anne Peterson Janet and John Peterson Mark Peterson Mark and Pamela Peterson Richard Peterson and Lisa Lane

Norman Petrik and Joyce Tesarek Kathleen Pettit Geri and James Pettitt Ann and Jim Peyton Loretta Pfannenstein Patricia and Joseph Pfannenstein JoAnne Pfeifer Tom and Jean Picard Judith Pieper Michael and Diane Pierce Ellen and Jim Pinkowski Patricia Plombon Jeanne Plonski Glenn and Joanne Pohland Lawrence and Janet Poleski Kathleen Polikowsky John and Kathleen Pollock Rick Pollock and Virginia Lord Richard and Sandra Pope Jean and Dirk Posthumus Toms and Margaret Pothen Patricia Potter-Keays and John Keays Richard and Jeanne Poulton Rich and Elizabeth Powers Dave and Susan Pratt Anthony and Mary Proell Elaine and Mark Prom Frederick and Patricia Prom Kenneth and Lorraine Pumper Adonica M. Purkapile Joyce Quinn Barbara and Ron Rabe Ronald and Victoria Rabe Frank and Margaret Racek Michael Racette and Patricia Wright David and Roberta Radaich Ruth Radermacher-Yurick and James Yurick Dean and Judy Radil Daniel and Maria Raeker Peggy and Mark Raitor Dean and Elaine Randall Mary Ann Randall Jerry and Pam Ranvek Stephen and Jennifer Rapatz-Harr Chris Rasmussen

Marilyn Traut and Peter Rasmus Alfred and Nancy Rausch Colleen Rawlings-Bernick and Roy Bernick Charles and Tina Reaves Mary Raeker-Rebek and Daniel Rebek David Reese Thomas Reger and Karen West Reger Dennis A. Reglin Pete and Judy Regnier Luann Reif John and Lisa Reilly Margaret Reimer Timothy and Tammy Reinert Jon and Joyce Reininger Wayne and Robin Reinking Jim and Cynthia Reisdorf Kaj and Corinne Reiter Mark and Jodie Reith Martin and Karen Reker Jean and David Renner Marc and Mary Ann Renner James Rensch Timothy and Justine Rethlake Eugene and Sharon Retka Thomas and Mary Rettler Michael and Constance Ricci Michael and Audrey Ricci Michael and Mary Richie James and Vernette Richmond Wayne and Mary Richmond Bernice Rewitzer Ricke Dennis and Kathleen Rients Michael and Miriam Rieth Paul and Barbara Rigstad Karen K. Rinke Edward and Stephenie Ritger Clayton and Mary Rivard Terrance and Karen Roach Joseph and Jane Rodriguez Michael and Gretchen Roe Mike and Ava Roeder Steven and Pamela Roehl Leonard and Katherine Roering James and Rose-Marie Roessler Robert and Nadeen Rolfe 53

Garrett and Mary Rolfs Monica M. Rominski Daniel and Mary Rommelfanger Michael and Laurel Rooney Bill and Gloria Rose Mark and Karen Rosen John and LaVaun Rosenberg William and Kathryn Ross Roman and Irene Rossmeisl Loren and Mary Rothstein Vicki and Lawrence Rothstein Mark Roubik and Kris Rowan-Roubik Diana M. Rubendall Jane Schmid Ruether Robert and Betty Ruhland Carol Rumpel Margaret Rundlett-Doom Deb and Daniel Rupar David and Monique Rupp David and Jeannine Ruschmeier John and Donna Ryan Charles and Michele Saad Elaine Saber Kenneth and Jeannie Saffert David and Mary Sahr Mark and Mary Saladin Virginia Salfer Jean and Richard Salk William and Rita Samsa Brian and Sharon Sand Susan and Michael Sand James Sandwick and Laura Moe-Sandwick Kathleen and Erwin Sauer Steve and Mary Lynn Sauer Stephen and Linda Saupe Stephen and Linda Saupe Julia and Steve Sauve Richard and Sharon Savageau Craig and Lisa Schadow Joan and Jon Schaefer Willard and Barbara Schafer Tom and Deb Schams Rebecca and Donald Scheele Robert and Linda Scheeler John and Phyllis Schei 54

Diane Scheierl Richard and Deborah Scheil Bryan and Lynn Schiffler James and Mary Schiltgen Pamela and Douglas Schleif James and Kim Schlender Wallace and Denise Schmelz Mary and Peter Schmelzer Bradley and Shari Schmidt John and Margaret Schmidt Robert and Nancy Schmidt Roger Schmidt Stanley and Jean Schmidt Vincent and Anita Schmidt Susan Schmidt-Bolland Fred and Dorothy Schmidtke Richard and Mary Katherine Schmit Sharon and Kenneth Schmitt Jerome and Mary Schmitz Randol and Kay Schmitz David and Marsha Schneider George and Joan Schneider Robert and Lois Schneider Therese and Gerald Schneider Robert and Lynn Schoenbauer Max and Molly Schott Bob and Norita Schottler James and Elizabeth Schroeder Tom and Nancy Schroeder Lynn and John Schubert Thomas and Cynthia Schuelke Diane Murphy Schulte Jacqueline Schulte Jon and Nancy Schulte Michelle and David Schultz Sylvia and Henry Schulzetenberg Steve and Alison Schumacher Stephen and Ann Schwalbach Bob and Paula Schwartz Carl and Beverly Schwartz John and Rose Schwartz Joe and Mary Schwebach Beth and Leonard Schweich Kevin Schwendinger and Lynn Keffeler Tom and Bonnie Schwichtenberg

Susan and Gary Schwieters Dennis and Kelley Schwietz C.E. and Patricia Scott Russell and Gail Scott Jane and Kenneth Sears Terence and Colleen Sebora George and Diane Sedivy James and Joan Segel Dorothy Seitz-Tegeder and Thomas Tegeder Veronica and Gregory Seivert Marvin Sellner Phillip and Barbara Selmecki Eric and Lori Severson Jeffrey and Karen Shanley Tom and Margaret Shannon Rosemary Sharkey and Jerry Kipp Ed and Jane Shea Karen and Jerome Sheehan Michael and Marilyn Sheehan Robert and Jeannette Sheehan Thomas and Tracey Sheehan Patrick and Carol Sheridan Charles and Judith Sherman Don and Bernice Shipley Douglas and Mary Shockman Connie Sias Mark and Joan Sidla David and Bernie Sieben Steven and Theresa Siembieda Lee and Margaret Sietsema Loras and Rosemary Sieve John and Marsha Signorelli William and Diane Simmons Jane and Robert Simon Kevin and Jane Simonton Craig and Gail Sinkel Mary Kay and Philip Sinner Richard and Irene Sinner Tom and Lois Sinner Michael and Patricia Sirek Steven and Debora Skalbeck Joseph and Lisa Skemp John and Kathleen Skolte John and Minnie Sloot Ann and Theodore Smith

David and Alicia Smith Francis and Mary Lynn Smith Lawrence and Lorna Smith Martha and Jeff Smith Ronald and Mary Smith Thomas G. Smith Barbara A. Sobocinski Dolores and Spencer Sokolowski Lyle and Sharon Solberg Eric and Mary Beth Solum Bruce and Gloria Soma Robert and Rosemary Soukup Arthur and Lola Sousa Susan and Richard Sovada Ron and Ellen Sovick Debora and Ted Spanier Keith and Theresa Speltz Nicholas and Margaret Sperides Jean and Steve Sperl Charles and Rose Mary Spielman Robert and Patti Spinner Roy and Debbie Spitzer James and Dianne Spoden Ann and Thomas Springer Jeff and Karla St John Denise and Anthony Stachnik Thomas and Fran Stadelman George and Linda Stadther Roger and Connie Standal David and Jeanne Stanek Mary Stattelman Thomas and Janice Steck Steven and Theresa Stegora Karl and Michelle Stein Greg and Gayle Steiner Ramona Steinke Stephen and Nancy Stelzner Carolyn and Michael Stepaniak Theresa and Matthew Stergios Tim and Connie Stevens Russ and Sandra Stobb John and Jeanie Stocker Michael and Donna Stockstead Colette Stone William and Patricia Stork

Kristi Ann and Kyle Stotz Jeannette S. Streefland Julie and Bradley Strelow Janet Strommen Pete and Phyllis Strong Mark and Nancy Studer John Studts Larry and Mardell Stueber Steven and Linda Stumvoll Gary and Joyce Sturm Steven and Glynis Sturm Lauretta Stutsman James and Therese Styers Donald and Terri Suhr Maria and Jim Sullivan Michael and Mary Ellen Sullivan Patricia and John Sullivan Brad and Toni Summers Cary and Jean Sundlof Eris Super Robert and Laura Swanson Stephen and Karen Swartz Leah Swenson Val Swentik Charles and Nancy Tacke Donald and Mary Tadich Bryan and Victoria Takata Steven and Nancy Takle James and Mary Tate Joel and Mary Tauer Arnett and Madonna Taylor Nancy Taylor Rebecca and Gary Terhaar Josephine Terwey Rebecca and Noel Terwey Linda Tessar James TeVogt Len and Emmy Therres Paul and Leah Thielen Michael and Louise Thole Donn and Pat Thurk Michael and Patricia Tillman David and Lynn Timm Mae and Stephen Tinguely Greg and Lisa Tinucci

George and Cheryl Tischbirek Edward and Jean Tison Daryl and Gloria Tobias Ralph and Sharon Toenies Allan Toering Jim and Elaine Tohal Bruce and Sharon Tollefson David Tollefson Rodney and Lynn Tollefson Liz and Roger Tomten Nancy Tong Johnson Mary Kay and Leo Toninato Hung and Tina Tran Colette and Daniel Traut John and Linda Traxler Steven and Ann Tripp Cecilia Trobec Jay and Jeanine Trofholz Lawrence and Karen Trojak Robert and Nancy Trone Patricia and Gregory Tschida Raymond and Jean Tuchner Michael and Rita Tuck John and Barbara Turner John and Laurie Turner Michael and Laurie Umphress Herman J. Urbasic Joyce and Bruce Uselman Randi and Ernesto Valencia Jon and Karen van der Hagen Cynthia Van Kirk Dolores Van Orsow Terry and Marsha VanDenburgh Theodore and Rebecca VanErp Jackye Vang and Pakou Lee Ralph and Lorraine VanHeel Scott and Cynthia Varner Michele Vecchia Wayne and Susan Vedder Larry and Marie Veek Richard Vielguth and Graciela Cuadrado-Vielguth Joan and Michael Vievering Charles and Bernadine Vilina Carlotta and DuWayne Virnig

Andrea and Paul Vogel Michael and Jane Vogel Todd and Pauline Vogl Rich and Jan Voller Jennifer VonBank-Busch Sharon Voto Thomas and Jana Vucetich Sidney and Ann Vuong Bruce Waage and Helene Waage Ranweiler Barbara and Robert Wacek George and Sara Wacek Barb and Rick Wagner Richard and Bernel Wagner Roger and Laura Wagner Diane and Laurance Waldoch David H. Waldschmidt David and Deborah Waldvogel Allen and Elaine Walter Kevin and Elizabeth Walter Harold and Deborah Walters David and Diane Wanner James and Joanne Ward Jean and Steven Ward Phabe and Rita Wartman Kenneth and Janice Wash Amy and Michael Wasik Mark and Rebecca Waters Albert and Julie Watkins Vicki and Charles Way Christel and Paul Webber Robert and Diane Webber Christian and Catherine Weber Jeffery and Brenda Weber Raymond and Linda Weber Vincent Wegscheid Ronald and Dianne Weiers Steven and Sondra Weinberger James and Janice Weingartz James and Veronica Weiss Susan and John Weitz Jeanne and Timothy Welch Rita Welch Douglas and Mary Beth Weldon Carmen and Donald Welinski Jacqueline and Paul Welle

Harriet and Donald Welna Philip and Katherine Welter Brent Wendlandt Frances Zavoral Wendorff Lenore and Rick Wendorff Romie and Dianne Wenisch Maurice and Paula Wenker Bruce and Heidi Wenner Nancy and Charles Wenner Sharon and Jerome Wenner Jim and Carole Wentz Peg Wentz Alan and Barbara Wessel Paul and Carol Westberg Gordon Westendorf and Cindy Roden Robert and Valerie Westhoff Jon Westrum Jean and Michael Weum Hugo and Rita Weyrens Donna and John Wheeler William and Margaret Whetham Dale and Diana White Louise White Richard and Amy White Mark and Joan Wick Robert Wicker Ralph and Mary Widmer Paul and Joan Wieneke Donald and Sandra Wienhold Peter and Anne Wildenborg Jan and Jeffrey Willaert Elaine and Roys Willenbring DePaul Willette and Judith Willis James and Jane Williams Philip and Lois Williams Gregg and Lisa Willkom Charles and Sandra Wilson David and Virginia Wilson Janet and William Windsperger Diane Winter William and Diane Winters Elizabeth and Paul Wissler Joseph and Michelle Witchger Charles and Kelli Woehler David and Cathy Wogen 55

Marlene Woitas Mary and Richard Woitte Sandra Wolcott Ruby Wolesky Becky and Bruce Wolf Robert and Cynthia Wolf Debra and Douglas Wolford Doug and Lynn Woltjer Ken and Judy Woodle Kurt and Barbara Woodruff Ronald and Marian Wrolson Paul and Candace Wuebben Pat and D. Dennis Wulff Bernard Wurm Jean and Terry Yager Xao and Shoua Yang Jacob and Mary Jane Yockers Robert and Laura Young Roger Young Patricia and Thomas Younghans Mary Pat and Edward Zabinski Mark and Nancy Zallek Dennis and Colleen Zenner Marlys Zetah Ann and John Zettel

Barry and Maureen Ziegler Edward and Betty Ziegler Mark and Janice Ziegler Charles and Eileen Zimmer Erwin and Gail Zimmer Roger and Loretta Zimmer Dean and Sharon Zimmerman Leonard Zimney Patrick and Jean Zuroski Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds Anonymous (3) Liz and Rich Anderson LeMay Wagner Bechtold John Becker and Carole Mickschl Lyn and Charles Ceronsky Karen and Larry Christen Judith and James Christenson Daniel and Mabel Coborn Thomas and Mary Darnall Cynthia and Dwayne Dockendorf Mary and Mike Donahue Thomas and Merlicita Eberhard Charles Ehlen

Janice and Neil Eiden Elizabeth and Gregory Engel Lisa and Timothy Fursa Lawrence and Mary Haeg James and Jane Hileman Mary and Mark Hughes Lori and Terry Humbert Robert and Joyce Humboldt Mary and Craig Jepperson Jean and Joe Kelly Renee and Cyril Knowles Judith Knutson Mary Jean and James Kramer Diane Lill Anne Liners Brett and Duane Brett Dale Lungwitz Frank and Margaret Marvin Eileen and Fred McCormick Lila McDermott Cate McGinnis and Jim Allen Eleanor Bohlin McHale Thomas and Mary McKeown †Mary Mulheran Elizabeth Nilles D. Michael and Judith Noonan

Michael and Maureen Opitz Sue and Scott Palmer Robert and Luanne Paquette Herman and Therese Ratelle Luann Reif Richard and Mary Ann Renner Sharon and James Ridgeway Lucille and Chuck Rieland Claudia and Calvin Ryan-Mosley Margaret Scheller Clemens Schlosser Anne Schmidt-Krump and Paul Krump Marilyn and Joseph Schmit Tom and Margaret Shannon Karen and Michael Skwira Ernie and Mary Stelzer Wallace and Mary Ann Tintes Michael and Patricia Torchia John and Christine Twohy Kathy Twohy Judith and William Wallenta Jane and Joseph Welle Marilyn and John Wolkerstorfer

Friends We are blessed with an abundance of supporters who believe in our mission to serve and educate the next generation of women leaders. The following donors made gifts between July 1, 2012, and June 30, 2013. The † symbol indicates deceased donors; the * indicates members of the Board of Trustees.

2013 Total: $1,534,685.67 Number of Donors: 317 Annual Giving Funds Cecilia Kapsner Society ($10,000 or more) Anonymous (2) 56

Delbert and Bonita Allinder Annette Atkins and Thomas Joyce *Dana Badgerow Marilyn Broussard Willa Dean Gray

Paul and Lynn Hunt Eugene Nowack Guy and Barbara Schoenecker Benedicta Society ($5,000 - $9,999) Roger and Diane Click

Dennis and Karol Ringsmuth †J.H. Zeleny Luminary Society ($2,500 - $4,999) Anonymous Judy and Eric Brindley

Andy and Jodi Fritz Jean and John Lavelle Scott and Mary Kay May Steve and Debra Palmer Presidents Club ($1,000 - $2,499) *John J. and Victoria Albert Jack and Janie Amundson Karen Bachman *Scott and Kim Blattner George and Shirley Borgerding Christopher and Anne Chivetta Robert Claesgens Kathleen Cooney and Robert LaBombard *Iris Cornelius and David Washington Ann M. Didier Dorothy Doerner *James J. and Julie Graves Judith Grooters *Michaela Hedican, OSB Donald Helgeson and Susan Shepard Stuart and Lynn Lang *George and Susan Marin Christopher D. Norby Marilyn and Robert Obermiller Joyce and Gregory Pappenfus James Reagan Joseph and Sara Rogers Steven L. Sanner *Richard and Margaret Schneider George and Shirley Torrey Betty Trobec Andrew Vinson and Kathy Leighton Carton Norbert T. Vos Don and Jan Watkins Bob Witte Gladys Ziemer $500 - $999 Ellery and Jeanne Bresnahan Jeffrey Brunner and Jill Dalager Brunner Leigh Dillard and John Taylor Elizabeth Galbraith and Michael T. Hemesath Meeghan Gideon and Michael Inzitari

Bob and Patti Imholte Linus and Marina Koopmeiners Thomas L. Macy David and Kathrine Matthew Beverly Pattee Richard Kenny and Lynn Regan Marie and Marc Sanderson Lee Storbeck and Sue Wahl Storbeck Kirsten Vosen $250 - $499 Anonymous Margaret and John Arnold G.F. Baumgartner Ruth Brattensborg Paul and Maureen Brinkman William J. Doll Michael A. Fahey L. Michael and Mary Hall Rodger Narloch Beverly and Emil Radaich Jonathan and Joy Ruis Thomas Sibley and Jennifer Galovich Luella Simon *Carolyn and Carey Smallwood Joseph A. Wenker Gina and Stephen Wolfe Up to $250 Anonymous (3) Abel Ahyi and Margaret Dean-Ahyi James and Susan Alberts Beverly and Cullen Alexandra Norman and Roberta Allan Gary Barrett Jim and Abby Bartels Jean E. Berger Ronald and Patricia Berns Joan Bestgen Cynthia and Roger Beuning Gary and Jan Bowar Mary Jo and Paul Burgoyne Susan and Timothy Burriss Jennifer M. Burrows Jean and Wayne Butterfield

Kathleen Cahalan and Donald Ottenhoff Gina and Eric Carlson Shannon and Timothy Cayler Joseph A. Cella Frances and Robert Chammings Rajiv Chaphalkar Samuel W. Chatt Michael and Elizabeth Colaizy Jeanmarie Cook and Richard Ice Thomas P. Costello Michael and Beth Cummings J. Michael Dady and Kim M. Dady Kevin and Marlys Day Catherine Dech Linda and Philip Dech Rick Denny Diane and Scott Dunagan Evelyn M. Durkee Susan and Steven Dzubay Liz Elicerio Mary Ann Emanuelson Margaret C. Engelmeier Joseph Epping Michelle and Todd Erickson Terri and Randall Fischer Darrell and Sally Foell Bill Foley Rich and Ramona Foore Robert Fossum and Christine Thompson Sheila and Randy Frank Marietta Franulic Margaret and Wade Freeman Mike Froelic Rachna Ghuman Dianne and Ryan Gideon Katherine and Kevin Green John J. Gust Tina Gust Marie E. Hanson Joyce E. Harvey Kevin and Suzanne Hedican Jean and Alan Heimer Marty Heine Bill and Christa Herr Jillian L. Hiscock

Don and Jeanne Hoodecheck Beth and Donald Hoppe Matthew J. Horning and Monica K. Lee Greg and Roxanne Hoye Margy Hughes Ray and Betty Hyser Rev. Kenneth E. Irrgang Ron and Cheryl Jirsa Nikki Jochman Beth Edith Johnson Earl and Shirley Johnson Edward L. and Nancy L. Johnson Jay S. Johnson Stuart and Barbara Johnson Kenneth and Diane Jones Mary and Paul Juntunen Stephanie and Bill Jussila Megan and Larry Kaduce Rev. Bernard W. Kahlhamer Rita Kampa Chris and Cynthia Karrick Brenda and Steve Kempenich Michael and Teresa Kohlnhofer Mary Korman and Kenneth Peterson Derrick and Cynthia Krause Thomas and Helen Krebsbach Barbara Kubicek Peterson and Eldon Peterson Bernadette Kuefler George A. Kueppers, Jr. Barbara Jo Kujak Rebecca J. Kulzer Tom and Jeanne Lacy Doris and Roger Landwehr Frances Landwehr Harry and Linda Larson Stephen and Susan Lavigne Cindy and Donald Leen David and Jane Leitzman Judy M. Lifgren Steven and Sarah Linder John and Mary Linnemann Charleen and Dennis Litz Dale and Linda Lokkesmoe Midge and Phil Lord 57

Rosemary and James Maher Kirk and Mary Malnor Ruth Martin McQuillan Todd and Jody Martinson Donna Matthews Eric and Susan Mayer Kate and Timothy McNeil Pepper and Mark Meyer Brian Millberg Nancy and Jeffrey Miller Carole Miner Ryan D. Minnehan George and Patricia Morey Carole A. Mottaz Ann G. Murray Clair D. Nelson Tony and Juliana Neumann Eugene Thomas O’Brien Doug and Linda Olmscheid Jean Olmscheid Sean and Karen O’Malley David and Mary Pedersen Lee H. and Linda M. Pell Stuart and Lissa Perry James and Barbara Platten Mary W. Pomeroy Ken and Cathy Quick Patricia A. Reasbeck Patti T and Tom J. Riley Roger and Barb Rodning Dora M. Rohl Susan K. Rosckes *Rosetta Ross Michael Runk Angie and Dan Ryan


Justin Sattler Laurel and Richard Sauer Gwen Schimek David L. Schlough Ronald Schmidt Kris J. Schmitt Allen and Sherri Schmitz Laura Schmitz James M. Schultz Laurie Slagle Hamen and William Hamen Jeanne Soleim and Timothy Chirhart E. Marguerite and Ellerd M. Solfest Jean and David Solheim Jerry and Lucille Sparby Linda and Paul Steven Daniel and Anita Storie William and Melissa Storie Michelle and Charles Super Marlin R. Swanson Bruce and Patricia Thielman Janine Thull Dan and Susan Tideman Herb and Linda Trenz Patricia and Dennis Truax Dianne C. Tuff and Murdoch Johnson John P. Tursi Norm and Susan Valentine Annette and Patrick Verdun Jason M. Vievering John and Joyce Voxland Nancy Walbek Bernard and Jeanne Walch Shauna and Gregory Walch Carol Weller Molly I. Weyrens

Tom and Jeanne Witty Mary Lou and Barry Wold Kathy Wolter Kampa and Raphael Kampa Robert Youngers Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds †Frank and Fran Ardolf Donna V. Bari Mary and Keith Bednarowski Frederic Beumer Terry and Beth Bodensteiner Theodore and Joan Brinkman Chet Buckley Joan and John Colwell Sara Connerty Kathleen Cooney and Robert LaBombard Joe DesJardins and Linda Eich DesJardins Dale Duthoy and Janet Newberg Mark J. Duthoy Karen L. Erickson Molly and Keith Ewing John and Ginny Ford †Michael and Rose Ford C. Thomas Gnewuch Denis and Barbara Gregory Barbara P. Heinemann Donald Helgeson and Susan Shepard Michael and Karel Helgeson Stephen and Jody Imdieke Dwight and Audrey Jaeger Larry and Susan Jentoft Patricia and Brian Johnson Jane and Michael Kathman Joanne E. Kendall

Richard and Mary Kerber James Kertz †Delphin G. Kohler James J. Kramer Phillip and Kathryn Larson Michelle E. Li-Kuehne David and Geri Marquardt David and Kathrine Matthew James and Lynn Metcalf Edward and Anne Muldoon William Muldoon Bret Musser and Eileen Costello Musser Mary and Edwin Nakasone Charles Opatz Ralph Opatz Gary T. Orwick Mary B. Pearson Walsh Charlotte and David Philp Kurt and Jane Piernot Leonard Porcello and Victoria Smith Dean M. Roehrich Alan and Sally Ruvelson Michael Schlosser Thomas and Ann Stone Susan G. Thompson Lee C. Torkelson George and Shirley Torrey David and Dena Walz Paul and Betty White Gene and Sheelah Windfeldt

Employees Our faculty and staff dedicate endless hours serving our students with their time and talents. In addition, their financial support demonstrates their ongoing commitment to ensure that young women have the opportunity to experience the Saint Ben’s community they support each day. The †symbol indicates deceased donors; the * indicates members of the Board of Trustees.

2013 Total: $78,193.05 Number of Donors: 173 Annual Giving Funds Benedicta Society ($5,000 - $9,999) *MaryAnn Baenninger Luminary Society ($2,500 - $4,999) Ronald Pagnucco Scott Palmer Susan Palmer Presidents Club ($1,000 - $2,499) Timothy Benz Cynthia Curran Joe DesJardins Michael Durbin Mary Geller Mary Harlander-Locke *Mary C. Holicky, OSB Carol Howe-Veenstra Steve Howe-Veenstra Rita E. Knuesel Connie Matz Kimberly Ferlaak Motes Sheila Nelson Molly Renslow Calvin Ryan-Mosley Jim Schnepf Jody Terhaar $500 - $999 Amanda Anderson Karen Buermann

Diane Calabria Carolyn Finley Brian Jose Chad Marolf Jon McGee Tammy Moore Amy Olson John Olson Maureen Opitz Michael Opitz Heather Pieper-Olson Catherine Stoch Edward Turley Margaret Weber Utsch Diane Weyer Van Beck Anne Walters $250 - $499 Anonymous Robin Balder-Lanoue Wendy Bechtold Warren Bostrom Jonathan Bruns Amelia Busse Cheever Georgia Dinndorf-Hogenson Nelsy Echavez-Solano Kathryn Enger Enke Louise Geyer Diane Hageman Darrel Halverson Michelle and Michael Hemmesch Nicole Hess Jennifer Eliason Hylla Camilla Krone

Janna LaFountaine Terrance Loso Beverly Overman Kathy Parker Joy Pohland Barbara Ries Peggy Landwehr Roske Stephen Sinn Up to $250 Anonymous (2) Sarah Abraham Murnane Nicole Frances Anderson Theresa Anderson Pamela Bacon Shawn Beckers Laura Stork Beirne Matthew Beirne Michael Beltinck Deb Blitvich Patricia Bogard Carley Braegelmann Michelle Brisk-Wallace Rachael Click Mark Conway Jacqueline Corral Clark Cotton Steve Crandall James Crumley John Doman Donald Fischer LaRae Foehrenbacher Mary Fogle Robert Gazich

Jackie Gertken Curtis Gullickson Leslie Hanlon Barbara Hein George Hemmesch Bill Hickey Deanne Hollermann Carrie Hoover Merry Hoppert Brooke Horejsi Marah Jacobson-Schulte Carol Eikens Jansky Kenneth Johannes Dennis Johnson Dianne Johnstone Nicole Joos Bonnie Kalla Anne Battig Kaluza Debbie Kissner Karen Knutson James Koenig Jennifer Kranz Colleen Lommel Kristin Sawyer Lyman Marcia Mahlum Cynthia Malone Jillian Rigg McKenzie Susan Powers McKeon Erin Miller John Miller Christine Morgel Kristen Nairn Anastasia Kapphahn Nathe Janet Neuwirth 59

Barbara Novak Heather Mace Novak Miranda Novak Anne Fogarty Oberman Anna Lisa Ohm Kathryn Olson Ganard Orionzi Deb Paulson-Weiss Alicia Peters Alicia Bossen Peterson Judy Purman Erica Lindquist Rademacher Luann Reif Jessica Reiter Julie Reitmeier Peggy Retka Shirley Richardson Cathy Robak Mary Hokanson Ruhland Stephen Saupe Diane Scheierl Alex Schleper David Schneider


Lisa Scott Laura Sinville Katherine Furniss Smith Susan Kalthoff Sovada Stephen Stelzner Julie Foley Straka Tina Kortenbusch Streit Julie Strelow Anne Sumangil Michael Tangredi Bruce Thornton Diane Veale-Jones Courtney Walter Susan McIntyre Weitz Carmen Brezinka Welinski Dale White Richard White Richard Wielkiewicz Debra Wolford Adrienne Zeller Adia Zeman Kari-Shane Zimmerman

Endowed Scholarship and Capital Funds Anonymous Theresa Anderson *MaryAnn Baenninger Warren Bostrom Mark Conway Joe DesJardins Cynthia Dockendorf Kathryn Enger Enke Vicki Ganley Diane Hageman Mary Scott Jepperson Rita E. Knuesel Derek Larson Jon McGee Kimberly Ferlaak Motes Sheila Nelson Kathleen Domino Ohman Amy Olson John Olson Maureen Opitz Michael Opitz

Ganard Orionzi Beverly Overman Scott Palmer Susan Palmer Luann Reif Molly Renslow Calvin Ryan-Mosley Jody Terhaar Kathleen Twohy Mary Jo Waggoner Richard Wielkiewicz David Zoeller

Corporations, Foundations, Government Grants and Organizations Corporate gifts typically originate from individuals who are friends of College of Saint Benedict, while other corporations match gifts from employees. Corporate matching gifts are always directed to the funds designated by the employee. Foundation gifts include contributions from national organizations as well as family foundations established by donors. The list of government grants includes programmatic support directed to College of Saint Benedict. It does not include the funding received from the state of Minnesota or the United States government that is incorporated in students’ financial aid packages.

$50,000 or more Alliss Educational Foundation Central Minnesota Community Foundation The Coborn Family and Coborn’s, Inc. McGlynn Family Foundation Minnesota State Arts Board National Science Foundation The Saint Paul Foundation U.S. Department of Education Yamamoto $25,000 - $49,999 Annexstad Family Foundation Ayco Charitable Foundation James and Catherine Denny Foundation General Electric Foundation Philip Halenbeck Charitable Trust Maas Foundation Manitou Fund Minnesota Private College Fund J. Fred & Anna Pitzl Krost Charitable Trust $10,000 - $24,999 3M Foundation Bernick’s Pepsi-Cola, Inc. Birk Family Foundation Robert and Dolores Buril Foundation Stanley and Marvel Chong Foundation Chubb & Son Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Humboldt Family Foundation

Peter and Dorothy Lapp Foundation The Minneapolis Foundation National Endowment for the Humanities St. Cloud Orthopedic Associates John and Margie Wiehoff Foundation $5,000 - $9,999 Central Minnesota Arts Board Central Minnesota Credit Union Colgate-Palmolive Company El-Jay Plumbing and Heating, Inc. Ernst and Young Foundation ExxonMobil Foundation General Mills Foundation KPMG Foundation Mahowald Insurance Agency New England Foundation for the Arts The Muriel Pollia Foundation Sisters of Saint Benedict TCF Foundation Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program Wells Fargo Foundation $2,500 - $4,999 American Library Association Arts Midwest Catholic Community Foundation Centrasota Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, P.A. Collegeville Communities John F. and Clara Dolan Foundation Hispanic Cultural Association of Central Minnesota IBM Foundation Medtronic Foundation Palmer Printing The Presser Foundation Herman and Therese Ratelle Foundation Sand Companies, Inc. Schwab Charitable Fund Trobec’s Bus Service Inc. $1,000 - $2,499 Ameriprise Financial Army ROTC Bailey Nurseries Inc. Bank of America Foundation Bell Mortgage Bremer Bank, N.A. Capital One 360 Cargill Foundation Michael F. Contardo, D.D.S., LTD Culp Family Foundation D.J. Bitzan Jewelers Deloitte Foundation Donlar Construction Company DuPont Pioneer Ecolab Foundation Gary’s Pizzeria, Inc. Health Partners Holy Trinity Orthodox Church

Marco Business Products Inc. McGough Construction Microsoft Foundation Minnesota Community Foundation Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference Multiple Concepts Interiors, Inc. National Collegiate Athletic Association Nova Consulting Group Inc. Securian Foundation St. Cloud Surgical Center Texas Instruments Foundation Thomsens Greenhouse and Garden Center Thomson Reuters Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Foundation True Hero Inc. Truist U.S. Bancorp Foundation Verizon Foundation Viking Coca-Cola Bottling Wilkie Sanderson Xcel Energy Foundation


COLLEGE OF SAINT BENEDICT ALUMNAE BOARD Judy M. Zimmer ’84, chair Jennifer Schweich Barta ’92 Christina Lee Baune ’00 Sara Hillen Boevers ’77 Megan Sand Carr ’06 Emily Tohal Chaphalkar ’07 Angela Krtnick Complin ’04 Theresa M. Coskran ’94 Gretchen M. Enninga ’08 Nancy Johnson Fuchs ’85

Mindy Fradin Gallagher ’01 Bobbi Beavers Helmers ’91 Kathryn Jeffery ’01 Valerie Jones ’94 Gretchen Adelmann Korf ’00 Chelsea Leigh Korth ’09 Meghan Sue Lynch ’09 Jodi Montgomery Mayers ’98 Tracy Marie Meyer ’87 Chauntae Ruppe Nichols ’03

Juliane Russomanno Nilsson ’98 Mary Olk ’82 Ann Lien Peyton ’81 Lisa Pope ’83 Sally Swanstrom Raih ’98 Jennifer LeGrand Reiter ’93 Janet Buysse Samuelson ’80 Rachel Marie Schwalbach ’07 Bridget Sitzer ’08 Kathryn Angulski Stifter ’88

Maria Stommes ’01 Anne Sumangil ’99 Suzette Elisabeth Sutherland ’84 Margaret Engerski Wiehoff ’84 Mary Flynn Worley ’79 Ann Yaggie ’87


Lynn Newman ’79, chair John J. Albert Ingrid Anderson, OSB ’53 Dana Badgerow MaryAnn Baenninger Michelle Bauerly Kopel ’90 Scott Blattner Becky Bergner Coborn ’81 Iris Cornelius, Ph.D. Beth Dinndorf ’73 Terry Dolan


Gregory Duppler James Graves Judith Koll Healey Michaela Hedican, OSB Kathy Kurvers Henderson ’85 Annette Bouta Hendrick ’71 Mary Catherine Holicky, OSB Harvey C. Jewett Jean Juenemann, OSB Laura Kelly Lovdahl ’85 George Marin

Barb Torborg Melsen ’78 Kathleen Mock ’80 Tom Mohr Judy Forstner Poferl ’82 Donald Pyatt Shari Lamecker Rogalski ’89 Rosetta E. Ross Patricia Ruether, OSB ’66 Thomas L. Schlough Dick Schneider Carolyn Smallwood

Lisa Spoden ’83 Joyce Statz ’69 LeAnne Matthews Stewart ’87 Theresa Loehrer Wurst ’69 Lori Bodensteiner Zumwinkle ’87 Pam Bacon Judy M. Zimmer ’84 Tu Tran ’13


The bold leadership and pioneering determination of our Benedictine foremothers set us on this course. Today, we are: • A Tier 1, top 100 liberal arts college • The only Benedictine college for women in the U.S. • A member of Phi Beta Kappa • One of two Minnesota private schools named to President Obama’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll, with distinction • Globally engaged—together with our partner, Saint John’s University, we send more students abroad than any other baccalaureate institution in the U.S. • A recipient of Senator Paul Simon Award for Comprehensive Internationalization Now, it’s our turn. We must write our story for the next 100 years.


2012-13 2011-12 2010-11 2009-10 2008-09

Full-time equivalent enrollment (Fall) 2054 2059 2057 2078 2090 Degrees conferred

514 454 470 490 489

Entering first-year class averages


Combined ACT scores

25.6 25.6 25.9 25.7 25.9


3.68 3.72 3.71 3.72 3.75

Student/Faculty ratio

12:1 12:1 12:1 13:1 13:1


28.96% 28.96%

Fiscal Year 2013 in Review 1.00% 1.00% 3.14% 3.14%

Government Grants $$1,743,834 Government Grants 1,743,834 Net Investment Income $$2,098,867 Net Investment Income 2,098,867 Other Sources $$670,369 Other Sources 670,369

Total: Total:

$ $

2.61% 5.31% 2.61% 5.31%

66,846,320 66,846,320




$ $ Tuition & Fees 39,420,463 Auxiliary 19,361,212


$ Auxiliary 19,361,212 Private Gifts & Grants $3,551,575


$ Private Gifts &Grants Grants$1,743,834 3,551,575 Government


$ $ Government Grants 1,743,834 Net Investment Income 2,098,867

10.35% 10.35%

19.04% 19.04%

$ $ Other 670,369 Total:Sources 66,846,320

2.61% 5.31%


22.81% 22.81%

12.37% 12.37%

Net Investment Income $2,098,867 Other Sources $670,369

1.00% 3.14% 1.00% 3.14%

Operating Expenses

35.43% 35.43%

Instruction $$22,204,449 Instruction 22,204,449 Auxiliary $$14,293,307 Auxiliary 14,293,307 Institutional Support $$11,935,181 Institutional Support 11,935,181 Student Services $$7,749,542 Student Services 7,749,542 Academic Support $$6,488,015 Academic Support 6,488,015

Total: $$62,670,494 Total: 62,670,494



*Data is unaudited

2.61% 5.31%




Operating Expenses

Instruction $22,204,449


$ $ 35.43% Tuition and fees 74,597,501 69,962,251 Instruction 22,204,449 Instruction 22,204,449 Auxiliary 14,293,307 Less: Scholarships and Grants (35,177,038) (32,309,439) Academic Support 6,488,015 $ $ 10.35% Auxiliary 14,293,307 Institutional Support 11,935,181 Net tuition and Fees 39,420,463 37,652,812 Student Services 7,749,542 $ $ 22.81% Institutional Support 11,935,181 Student 7,749,542 Government Grants 10.35% Services Auxiliary Enterprises Federal 1,575,742 1,495,237 Residence Halls 4,190,396 $ $ 22.81% Student Services 7,749,542 12.37% Academic Support 6,488,015 State 168,092 161,723 Food Services 5,988,119 Academic Support $6,488,015 Private Gifts and Grants 12.37% 19.04% 3,551,575 2,453,811 Other Auxiliaries 4,114,792 Total: $62,670,494 Other Investment Income 177,514 164,738 Support Expenses $ 19.04% Total: 62,670,494 Net Gains (Losses) on Investments 162,179 (1,870) Institutional Support 11,935,181 Long-Term Investment Income Total Operating Expenses 62,670,494 and Gains Allocated to Operations 1,759,174 1,597,398 Other Sources 670,369 604,979 Change in Net Assets from Sales and Services of Auxiliary Enterprises Operating Activities 4,175,826 Residence Halls 8,060,961 7,091,936 Food Services 7,258,346 6,951,125 Other Auxiliaries 4,041,905 4,079,807 Total Operating Gains, Revenues and Other Support 66,846,320 62,251,696


2012 21,511,185 6,498,241 7,228,736 3,365,282 5,805,961 3,997,489 10,789,247 59,196,141 3,055,555

Statement of Activities

ENDOWMENT BALANCE Endowment Balance as of June 30

NON-OPERATING and long-term investments



Endowment Income Inclusive of Interest Gains and Losses



Private Gifts and Grants



Endowment Draw for Operations Other Net Asset Changes Change in Net Assets in Non-operating Activities Total Change in Net Assets Net Assets Beginning of Year NET ASSETS END OF YEAR

AS OF JUNE 30, 2013







(1,759,174) (1,597,398) 388,953




7,016,074 (1,152,444) 11,191,900





1,903,111 $






10M $









Fiscal Year 67

Fiscal Year 2013 Philanthropy Overview Nearly 6,000 donors made gifts and pledges totaling $9.3 million to College of Saint Benedict in fiscal year 2013.


Including the first year-over-year increase in number of alum donors since 2007

Average annual gift size increased over fiscal % year 2012





Presidents’ Circle


370 68

with 211 already contributing at the new $1,500 LEVEL which went into effect July 1, 2013

Young Alumnae President’s Circle




in annual operating and scholarships for students




total gifts and pledges for fiscal year 2013


Your legacy of generosity can live long into the future. When you gift a portion of your estate, life insurance policy, retirement plan assets, real estate or other investment to Saint Ben’s, you ensure the next generation of Bennies will share in the same rich experiences we’ve been giving our students for 100 years. Contact Bill Hickey, director of gift planning, at or 320-363-5480, for more information.

CSB 2013 Honor Roll of Donors  

College of Saint Benedict 2013 Honor Roll of Donors

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