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We are super excited to announce the new 2024 Cruising Companion brought to you by the publishers of Latitudes & Attitudes Magazine. The Cruising Companion is filled with inspiring cruising destinations around the world as well as cool products, gifts, and service ideas. We hope this annual supplement will serve as a useful resource for your next cruising adventure and as a guide for new products and services. Happy boating and see you on the water.

2024 Cruising Companion

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The all-new Battle Born Batteries with Dragonfly IntelLigence™

Here to revolutionize power systems and the capabilities of marine vessels while out on the water, Battle Born Batteries offers safe, reliable, long-lasting, and now intelligent electric solutions. The all-new Battle Born Batteries with Dragonfly IntelLigence™ technology was designed with safety first; and smart power in mind.

For nearly a decade and with hundreds of thousands of tried-and-tested products out in the field, Battle Born Batteries’ full product line of industry-leading deep cycle lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries has changed the game in off-the-grid and on-the-water power. As the ultimate green energy storage solution, these batteries are the ideal drop-in replacements for traditional lead acid batteries. Now, Battle Born Batteries equipped with Dragonfly IntelLigence™ offer all the same benefits lithium battery users have come to love with smart battery technology that opens the doors to full power system connectivity, communication, and on-the-water safety.

Battle Born Batteries with Dragonfly IntelLigence™ deliver groundbreaking lithium battery communication technology, designed to give users the utmost confidence in their power system by providing unparalleled access to monitoring, notification, performance, and safety tools. And with an expanding line of accessories, the capabilities are limitless. Featuring reliable connectivity

via a Wireless Mesh Network, power systems can be monitored from anywhere in the world via the Dragonfly IntelLigence™ Mobile App. And with patented error detection and warning technology, users can be notified of critical information in real time, also providing superior battery protection and optimization.

With the advanced safety and alert features of the Dragonfly IntelLigence™ technology, marine enthusiasts can now also rely on a compliant, and likely insurable, lithium power system based on the new ABYC E-13 standards for lithium-ion batteries. As the recent standards put in place by the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC), E-13 has created actionable criteria for marine technicians, boat owners, insurance companies, manufacturers, and others in the industry. E-13 states that “lithium-ion battery systems shall be installed, commissioned, and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations,” should incorporate a reliable battery management system (BMS), and include an output disconnect device capable of disconnecting the output immediately for the utmost safety and confidence for marine operators and passengers.

Dragonfly IntelLigence™ is the smart power you can depend on for your marine power system … with the safety you need for your marine lifestyle.

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GRENADA MARINE The Ultimate Caribbean Boatyard

Grenada Marine, located on the SE coast of Grenada, has been family-owned for more than 25 years. The boatyard sits on over ten acres of beachfront in the well-protected safe harbor of St. David. Grenada, one of the Windward Islands of the Lesser Antilles, has long been known as a hurricane shelter for traveling boaters in the Caribbean. It is the premiere location in the Caribbean for storage, repairs, maintenance, or a complete refit. Their technicians are ABYC and manufacturer trained and stay current with new technology.

The goal is to take care of all of your needs in one location so you can get back on the water to “live your dream and safely explore the ocean,” says Jason Fletcher, owner of Grenada Marine. In addition to maintenance, repair and storage, the property has tons of on-site amenities including a restaurant and bar; white sand beach; fuel, free wi-fi, showers, restroom & laundry facilities; transportation to a nearby shopping area and more. They can accommodate up to 200 yachts for storage with a 70 ton travelift and a 31 ft haul out well. The list of maintenance, repair and refit services is a long one and includes: mechanical, electronics, systems, rigging, woodworking, composites, metal fabrication, a machine shop hull and bottom painting.

If you are cruising the Caribbean, do not miss a stop at Grenada Marine for a day or a season. Not only will you receive excellent service from Grenada Marine but the island of Grenada is filled with many diverse activities from amazing fishing to hiking waterfalls, cocoa and nutmeg plantation tours. Along the way, you will see cinnamon and cloves growing on “The Spice Island”, locally grown produce, and the very friendly people who call Grenada their home.

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When the end of the cruising season in the southern Caribbean was upon us, we did what a majority of Caribbean cruisers do: We sailed south for Grenada. We delayed as long as we could, knowing the hurricane season was upon us but not wanting to be forced south. I had but one impression of Grenada, and that was of rotting boats and retired sailors. It was a cruisers graveyard, or so I thought, and I was far from accepting an end to our sailing days.

Grenada is the southernmost group of islands in the Lesser Antilles archipelago as well as the name of the main island within a cluster of eight smaller islands and about a dozen smaller islets and cays. The only thing I knew of its geography prior to arriving was that it was one of the few island groups in the Caribbean far enough south to be considered out of the hurricane belt. It was with supreme irony, therefore, that we had to shelter in the mangroves on our first day in country from a category 1 storm. As we lashed Ātea’s bow to densely-bound tree roots and secured lines to the cleats of yachts on either side of us, our small unit became a part of the larger, unified collective. Little did we realize that this interconnection would be representative of our Grenadian experience.

Grenada’s coastline contains many large bays, but the majority of yachts head for safe anchorage behind one of the many narrow peninsulas that spit up the southern coastline. As we pulled into Prickly Bay, the first of Grenada’s southern harbours, I knew from the crowd of yachts that I would be escaping to the interior as soon as possible. As it turned out, I didn’t get that chance. As soon as we dropped anchor we were invited ashore for a cruiser’s jam session, reconnecting with friends from past seasons. The following day we found ourselves crammed into the back seat of a taxi on our way to an event for the annual Chocolate Festival, and our schedule quickly filled after that: Tours of cocoa plantations, cocoa grinding competitions, chocolate tastings and chocolate drawing contests. In addition to the island’s cultural events, we were also immediately drawn into the cruiser’s social scene. Our first week of arriving, our mornings were already booked into early morning yoga and

GRENADA: Where Friendships are Forged and Yachts Restored

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Grenada: Where Friendships are Forged and Yachts Restored

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bootcamp on the beach, and the kids joined a cruiser’s homeschooling collective and regular extracurricular activities that were held under the shade of the trees. If we weren’t listening to live music or joining the beach barbecues put on by the locals in the evenings, we were sitting poolside and sipping beers from a $5 bucket with a crowd of other cruisers at Le Phare Bleu, a boutique hotel who’d opened their amenities and their services to cruisers during the pandemic. Every morning there was an activity and every evening there was a social get-together, and the weeks flew by in a social extravaganza unlike any we’d experienced. As yachts gather in Grenada every year for the hurricane season, it was clear that the regularity of this influx of boats had resulted in a solid cruising community and a variety of services and events that have arisen from it. Far more than a collection of retired boats and sunburnt seamen, my preconceived notions of Grenada didn’t come close to the reality of the vibrant cruising network that existed on this popular island.

As we made new friends and reconnected with old ones, we found that we really enjoyed the buzz that the tight community offered. Pulling myself out of the continuous activity took a concerted effort, but I eventually dragged the family off the beach and up the mountains. After our trip into the interior, I knew

I had a new passion for my time in Grenada: Exploring waterfalls. A short bus journey followed by a hike into the forest would lead us to one of Grenada’s many waterfalls, and unlike other tourist destinations where fees were handed over and you’d stand under falls next to groups of other tourists, we had the rivers free of cost and all to ourselves. Some of the trails were a short distance from the road, and we’d hop on and off a bus to walk the short distance to the falls. Others, such as Seven Sisters and the Concord Falls, required planning as it took a full day to hike in and out of the forest, clambering up steep banks and criss-crossing the river to wind through deep forest to get a view from the top. Each part of the river that ran down from one of the six inland lakes had its own magic and I was enthusiastic to see what each had to offer. After exploring Grenada’s secluded, remote interior in search of every natural waterfall, I can say that they are unparalleled in their isolated beauty to falls in so many other countries — they are not to be missed.

In addition to nature, we explored some of the historical roots of Grenada’s past. Grenada’s original economy was based on sugar cane and indigo, and with that came the importation of slaves in the midseventeenth century to work and harvest the crops. We set out to search for some of the old plantation

2024 Latitudes & Attitudes CRUISING COMPANION • latsatts.com 9

houses and slave pens that remained from that period, which took us on a wild tramp through the backstreets of quiet neighborhoods and into unmarked bush to find these lost relics. It was quite the education for our children to see the small, dank, windowless stone slave quarters set behind grand old houses, a potent reminder of darker times in this beautiful and vibrant country. We also smelled and sampled some of Grenada’s more current crops, nutmeg, mace and cocoa at the top of the list of exports, and enjoyed local culinary treats such as oil down, a vegetable stew that is the country’s national dish. Thanks to these excursions we can say that Grenada is, both figuratively and literally, full of sugar and spice.

Cruising often leaves you tied to the boat and, therefore, the sea. Grenada was a wonderful period of enjoying the most of both land and sea in equal balance, and in doing so we were able to get the most of what the country has to offer. To see the beaches but not the forest, lakes and rivers is to get only half the experience; likewise to spend time inland but not explore the coast leaves only half an impression. As Grenada offers safe anchorage throughout the hurricane season, cruisers remain in close proximity for an extended period of time, sharing experiences and building friendships. This is unique for a community that is typically very transient, and offers plenty of opportunity to create a home away from home atmosphere. In addition, there are suitable yacht services available so that the period of time spent waiting for the next season gives everyone a chance to get much needed repair work done. Far from being the end of the line, Grenada offers an interim rest stop where friendships are forged and yachts are restored on an island that offers a wide range of activities and opportunities both on and above the waterline.

Grenada: Where Friendships are Forged and Yachts Restored
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Smart LiFePO4 Batteries

Battle Born Batteries with Dragonfly IntelLigence™ are designed to provide the utmost confidence in lithium power systems with monitoring, notification, performance, and safety tools.


Custom Embroidered BBQ Covers

Fits most popular brands of rectangular boat grills. Available in Black, Tan, Pacific Blue and Captain Navy WeatherMAX® performance fabric.


Sail or Cruise with Safety and Comfort

Our non-slip boat pads keep your glasses, plates and phones in place, so you can enjoy every moment worry-free.

Safeguard your boat and passengers from the Danforth anchor with AnchorSuit

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is the ONLY patented tool to clean and lubricate metal snaps found on boats, RVs and outdoor equipment.

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Introducing the ugo® 100% Waterproof Messenger Bag That Floats - the first of its kind, the only bag you’ll ever need when water’s involved.


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Boeshield T-9®’s waterproof formula provides durable, long-lasting lubrication as well as protection from rust and corrosion on all metals above and below deck.


Endurance Quart Clock & Barometer in Chrome

This 5” Quartz Clock & Barometer (sold separately) feature a maintenance-free, ultra-hard Chrome finish, Slide-nLock™ mounting system, weatherproof construction, and Lifetime Warranty.


There's Only One Kanberra®

For over 20 years Kanberra has led the revolution in all-natural, pure Tea Tree Oil clean air & surface solutions. Rid your lifestyle of harsh chemicals. Choose the best. Choose Kanberra.

OGM Series of LED Navigation Lights

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Bacon Sails Marine Supplies

TShirt - $20

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Hoodie - $39 Hats - $27 Canvas Bag - $19

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Rugged, Compact, Waterproof... and Environmentally Safe. "Life Tested Tough," Rescue Lasers allow you to signal for hours in an emergency. Buy Now: Rescue Laser Flare® Magnum emergency signaling device.

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Shop Bitter End Provisions Dritek Hoodie

Made from recycled ocean plastics & UPF 30. Ideal for a day of racing Hobie Waves!

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When was the last time you walked into a place that was like one of those pictures on a postcard? I mean, LITERALLY. The crystal clear blue waters, the white sand beaches, palm trees swaying in the wind, and your worries are the farthest thing from your mind. That’s what it’s like to pull up to the Four Seasons Bora Bora. Fun Fact— the view from their property is what most tropical postcards use when looking out over Bora Bora. So why wouldn’t you want to be there and see it all for yourself?

As someone who’s been fortunate enough to visit Bora Bora three times in my life thus far, and getting to experience it from the Four Seasons Bora Bora was one of the very best, and as you might imagine, nicest experiences I’ve had traveling to-date… and I used to host a show called Private Islands where I visited places like this for a living. Why was it so nice? There is attention to every detail of the property, and to enjoying your day.

Let’s start with the flight over, which I always find exciting. A direct 8-hour flight from Los Angeles on Air Tahiti Nui gets you to Papeete. They start the flight with a monoi flower that really brings the essence of the islands before you even step foot on land. And once you land, you’re greeted with a warm welcome by a ukulele and some friendly faces before making your transfer to Bora Bora on a hopper flight. On that hopper flight, make sure and sit on the left side of the plane so you can see Bora Bora from above as you approach.

2024 Latitudes & Attitudes CRUISING COMPANION • latsatts.com 15

The greetings at the Four Seasons leaves you blown away before you even get a chance to explore. The water is that “Gatorade” blue, the staff is also so very friendly, and there’s another round of sweet music playing once you get off the boat. This property is EXACTLY as you imagine. They have overwater bungalows, beach estates, and villas— none of which will make you feel “too shabby”, and all transport you so far away from home, yet into a space that makes you the most comfortable you’ve probably ever felt being so far away from your own everyday. I’m trying to set the scene for you, but also take a look at some of the pictures to give you a feel for the place. There are two lagoons, a pool with cabanas, spa and fitness center, outdoor theater, chef’s garden, a private island you can swim to, and even tennis and volleyball courts, and activities like coral planting, cultural storytelling, kayaking/ snorkeling, a separate pool/play area for kids, hammocks around the property, and pretty much anything and everything you can think of when planning your ULTIMATE trip.

Now, don’t think I don’t know my audience here, this is a cruising magazine– so why am I telling you about a hotel on an island— because I’ve been sailing in some of the most incredible places all around the world, but I know sometimes on these trips you want a place to stop, relax, and perhaps have your socks knocked off for a long weekend. Four Seasons Bora Bora is that place for more than just the fantastic property.

So what was the real day-to-day like? It was magical start to finish. I happened to get the opportunity to stay and travel to the Four Seasons Bora Bora because I was putting together a piece on what it’s like to take a professional mermaid course with PADI (yes, the scuba diving certification program). But I had plenty of time to explore the property, the island, and learn a lot more about Bora Bora.

So give me a minute to tell you more about the things we did while staying at the Four Season Bora Bora.

The Cultural Lagoon Tour: They’re literally called the “Bora Bora Cultural Lagoon Tour”. On this tour we were picked up bright and early on a private boat that took us all the way around Bora Bora and back. We stopped at three fantastic places to jump into the water, two of which we could swim and enjoy little black-tip reef sharks, and rays. Once we got our morning fill of riding around Bora Bora, we stopped at

2024 Latitudes & Attitudes CRUISING COMPANION • latsatts.com 16 FOUR SEASONS BORA BORA
2024 Latitudes & Attitudes CRUISING COMPANION • latsatts.com 17

their docks to have a delicious fresh and local lunch, which included desert and some rum punch. And just when you think you’re done, the tour finishes off with local jewelry making and leaf-crown making before heading back to the Four Seasons. Our guide was named “Manta” and the entire operation is run by his family.

Private Dinner and Storytelling: On our second day we got to soak in more of the history of Bora Bora and French Polynesia. Learning more about their navigation techniques, their ancestry, and facts about their culture will blow your mind (like the fact that polynesian explorers made it as far as Santa Barabra well before previously thought). The storytelling also helps you learn and read the stars in a way you would have never been able to before. Afterwards, if you arrange in advance, you can have a private dinner out on the beach looking at those same stars, in your villa, or in your overwater bungalow.

Necklace, Flower Crowns, and Perfume Making: There is so much of the property to enjoy and relax. This is exactly as it sounds. You start the morning off with a fantastic breakfast before learning to make a traditional flower crown. Once you’ve completed that and are proudly wearing it on your head, you then can make your very own shell necklace, much

like the locals do, and pick your own colors and patterns, and finally, the oils of Tahiti are some of the most popular gifts of ALL, and you guessed it, you get to learn to make your own oil as well–whether it be vanilla or monoi, or a combination of a few other ingredients.

Coral Planting: This was one of my favorite things we did while staying at the Four Seasons Bora Bora. There is a WiseOceans located on property for anyone looking to learn more about ocean conservation and the different species of animals around the islands. You can also help in conservation efforts by planting corals in the ocean that can eventually be grafted to start their own coral heads that will help rebuild corals where they are the most damaged around Bora Bora and the surrounding islands. Pretty neat right?

And when you’re not doing any of that you can maybe take a short swim out to their private island that is just a little paddle out from the pool and cabanas, and overlook Bora Bora on your very own little spit of land. This was hands-down one of the most fabulous trips I’ve ever taken, and since I’ve been gone, all I can think about is a way to make it back— but next time with my husband. Because as much as I loved everything we did, I always find travel is the most fun when you get to share it with the people you love most.

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Switching from Liquid Fuel Brings Solid Benefits


Recent electric inboard size and weight savings have been astonishing. In a repowered Newport 30 sailboat, Elco’s new EP-20 electric inboard measures only one half the overall length, one half the overall height, and about one third narrower than the Universal Atomic 4 gas engine the boat was designed with. Batteries have equally slimmed down. The Newport’s 140-pound 9.6 kilowatt hour battery bank, plus just 72 pounds for Elco’s motor, together weigh one third less than the Atomic 4 or common diesel alternatives.

Elco’s motor easily pushes the Newport 30 near its theoretical 6.6 knot hull speed. Range at 5.8 knots is about 11 miles, while slowing to 5 knots extends that range past 25 miles. This likely meets the needs of many boaters, but adding more battery capacity is simple.


Elco’s inboards require no seawater plumbing, no exhaust system, no marine transmission, and receive no scheduled service for thousands of operating hours, which mitigates maintenance and enhances reliability. There are no concerns or odors from spilled or leaked fuel, and no exhaust fumes to smell. Elco’s outboards, with their waterproof motor assembly mounted above water in a traditional outboard chassis, only require routine service to their simplified lower unit.

Both inboard and outboard electric motors are always at the ready, requiring just a quick key twist to instantly access propeller thrust. Electric propulsion is nearly vibration free and typically less than half as loud as combustion engines — most noise actually comes from propellers and shafts. This enhances conversation underway and communication while docking.

Electric boat motors and batteries are smaller, lighter and more powerful than ever. While liquid fuel still edges out batteries for going fast over long distances, the fact is most boaters can easily operate within today’s electric propulsion capabilities. Going electric also brings practical benefits, so right now is a great time to consider switching to clean, green electric propulsion.


Options like Elco’s EP-5, meant to replace 5 hp gas outboards, easily clamp onto a tender’s transom yet store within a lazarette without worry of spilled gas. Elco’s portable 24-volt battery runs the EP-5 for more than an hour at full throttle, which is similar to gas outboards running from portable tanks. Considering electric propulsion’s inherent efficiency at slower speeds, boaters typically cruise for several hours.

Where more power is needed, Elco’s EP-9.9 places 20 percent less weight on the transom than similar gas outboards. In fact, Elco’s EP20, intended to replace 20 horsepower combustion engines, weighs about the same as most 9.9-model gas outboards. Required 48-volt battery packs, sized for adequate runtime, place weight where it’s most beneficial.


Rapid chargers draw from household or marina 240-volt circuits, and most also run at half capacity without tripping breakers when plugged into 120-volt common outlets. Elco systems can connect to roadside charging station standard J1772 cords as well.

Less noise, no exhaust or fuel odors, near zero maintenance, and far less stress — maybe now is the time to switch to electric and find out what boating should be missing.

This Elco EP-20 requires no seawater plumbing, no exhaust system, no marine transmission, no scheduled service for thousands of hours, and lacks odors from spilled or leaked fuel or exhaust fumes.

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Let’s Set Sail!

Whether you are learning to sail, are an experienced cruising sailor or an avid racer, we have lots of resources and opportunities for you.

We provide robust educational tools, certified instructors, and top-notch experiences for both first time and experienced sailors. Our instructors and sailing schools follow national guidelines and standards as well as curriculum that is developed by leaders in training and education.

Our instructor courses are the best in the business:

•Level 1 and Level 2 Instructor, Level 3 Head Instructor, Level 3 Coach, and Sailing Counselor courses all teach instructor candidates how to best impart knowledge and skills to sailors in smaller dinghy style boats using drills, demos, and hands on practical activities.

•Our Keelboat Instructors teach teens and adults in slightly larger, more stable boats. These courses range from the Basic Keelboat course (as an introduction) to Performance Sailing (sail your boat better!), to Spinnaker Endorsements, Basic Cruising, Bareboat Cruising and more!

For the coastal cruising community, blue water sailors, or offshore racers, US Sailing is the only organization that can and does issue certificates for completion of Safety at Sea Courses. We share information and skills that are key to open water sailing like personal safety gear, getting into a life raft, giving assistance. crew overboard rescue, emergency communications, fire safety, cold exposure, marine weather, damage control, and more. These courses are both online and in-person.

For recreational and racers of one design boats, come and check out One Design Central, our key resource pages for finding fleets near you, locating places to sail, finding out information about boats both large and small, foiling boats and boards, radiocontrolled sailing, and ice boating.

In addition to working with individual sailors, US Sailing also hosts networking events and symposiums for sailing programs and one-design sailing organizations that bring together experts who address the latest developments in these areas of the sport. Young sailors who are just starting out in the sport can learn about sailboat racing through one of the many USA Junior Olympic Sailing Festivals organized by US Sailing and host organizations every year.

For racing sailors, US Sailing provides an equal level playing field by training and certifying race officials, judges, and umpires and by ensuring standardized rules and sailing instructions. For sailboat owners who enjoy competing in offshore events, US Sailing provides rating certificates such as IRC and ORR to enable boats of various sizes to compete against each other.

US Sailing hosts 14 National Championships annually at sailing organizations around the country. These championships offer various disciplines of racing so sailors can test their skill level at a national level. For sailors aiming to represent the USA at the Olympic and Paralympic Games, US Sailing trains, selects, and manages these great athletes.

We are your go to organization for everything sailing! To learn more and find a course near you, visit www.ussailing.org

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Anchors Aweigh on Long Island Sound

Millions of years ago, glaciers buckled, folded and fractured the bedrock shores of what is now Long Island Sound. This ancient activity underlies the crook-and-cranny beauty that attracts boaters from around the world. It's a popular body of water, yet you can still find quiet pockets surrounded by the bounty of nature, particularly with the right timing. Here are some of the anchorages that many enjoy and suggestions for when it may be best to hoist the anchor, secure a mooring and gunkhole by dinghy while boating on Long Island Sound.

2024 Latitudes & Attitudes CRUISING COMPANION • latsatts.com 24


From Algonquin Indian paddlers to Great Gatsby-style parties in the Roaring '20s to the current protected bird colonies, these islands have held the hands of time. While boating on Long Island Sound, pay careful attention to the many hazards and substantial tide swings. Most of the islands are privately owned, but Chimon and Sheffield are part of the Stewart B. McKinney National Wildlife Refuge and open to the public (except for nesting restrictions from April 1 to Aug. 15). There is an anchorage bowl southeast of Chimon Island. On the island's northwest, shallow-draft boats anchor at the beach while others stay farther out. Northwest of Sheffield Island, which is exposed to the southwest, is still a nice place to drop the hook.


Swallows swarm in fall, bald eagles nest in winter, and shad school in spring. In summer, the Connecticut River is all about boating on Long Island Sound. The southernmost towns provide some nice spots to anchor. Grab a mooring or gunkhole in your dinghy. Old Saybrook has several special anchorages, one of which is above the highway bridge between Ferry Point and Calves Island. The town of Old Lyme has two transient moorings in the anchorage north of Calves Island (two-night maximum). Near Essex,

Connecticut Shores

there is a short-term spot east of Nott Island (shoaling has been reported so watch your depths). ‍For a longer stay, bypass the anchor and contact Saybrook Point Marina in Old Saybrook.



The shores become even more bucolic as you continue up the Connecticut River. Stunning Hamburg Cove in Lyme has always attracted those looking for a quiet place or hoping to rendezvous with friends. It is currently filled with moorings, so you should contact the harbormaster (860-434-0028) for your best options. To the north, Selden Creek makes you feel like you've gone back in time. Its natural protection makes it a popular hurricane hole for locals. The creek runs around Selden Island and has deep water for anchoring, yet many find it too narrow for room to swing. To truly appreciate the environs, stay at a marina in Deep River or Chester Point Marina and gunkhole around the island by dinghy.


World-renowned seaports, fresh seafood and quaint villages define Noank and Mystic. One of the quietest anchorages is east of private Ram Island (it can get lumpy

2024 Latitudes & Attitudes CRUISING COMPANION • latsatts.com 25 // DESTINATION

from easterlies). If you're up for a two-mile ride, you can dinghy to the municipal dock at the Mystic drawbridge. An anchorage closer to shore is across the channel from Ford's Lobster (860-536-2842), which also offers transient moorings. The anchorage just above Mystic Seaport holds about 4 feet of water, according to the harbormaster. The maximum stay is seven days, and there is a dinghy dock if you are visiting the Seaport. Moorings are available at Noank Village Boatyard or Noank Shipyard. Nearby Bebee Cove and Palmer Cove are beautiful shallow water gunkholes to visit by dinghy.


Nine-mile-long Fishers Island has a storied history as a retreat for the rich and famous and is still predominantly private. Often associated with nearby Connecticut, it is actually a hamlet of New York. You can enjoy the beauty of this little island by anchoring in the designated anchorage at West Harbor outside the mooring field. You usually

find ample room, and transients are welcome to use the dinghy dock at the Fishers Island Yacht Club. The east side of uninhabited Flat Hammock is a nice spot, and you can dinghy to shore for a swim. East Harbor can be a serene place for smaller boats.

Northern Shores of Long Island


Port Washington has honed the art of welcoming boaters. Cruising boaters rave about this place. Tucked well into Manhasset Bay, you can anchor in the federal anchorage outside the mooring field or use one of the 20 town mooring balls (free for two days). Check in on VHF 9 or with Port Washington Water Taxi (VHF 9 or 516-455-0411), which services the entire harbor. Amenities abound, whether stocking up on supplies or heading over for a meal at the landmark dock-and-dine Louie's Grill & Liquors, you will have access to it all.


This protected dual-basin just north of Huntington was dredged into the spit and is surrounded by Caumsett State Park with the exception of one private 20,000-square-foot Tudor mansion. It attracts many a mariner on weekends. The surrounding area is largely a bird sanctuary and private property, so be sure to heed the signs if you explore in your dinghy. The entrance is tricky. Deeper draft vessels should enter at high tide only, and you may want to follow another boat in if it's your first time. Watch for the bar north of the entrance. The two basins inside are joined by a narrow channel. There is good holding ground in both but more depth in the southern basin. Depths in the narrow inside channel can go as low as three feet.


Not far from the Sand Hole, you may want to head past the fun little hamlet of Oyster Bay and into West Harbor, a wellused protected anchorage. The enforced 5 mph speed limit in the harbor maintains safety. These waters are part of the Oyster Bay National Wildlife Refuge, a winter migration area for waterfowl such as black ducks, canvasback and longtailed ducks. In summer, they are replaced by another type of water-lover boaters. Although you won't find much in the way of shore access, the surroundings are tranquil. Even in the warmer climes, you see plenty of feathered friends, the protected piping plover likely among them.

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As you approach Huntington Bay, to port is a long prong of beach that wraps around Eaton's Neck Basin, a lovely anchorage bordered by nothing more than nature and one of the oldest Coast Guard stations in the country. You cannot go ashore as the land is now a bird sanctuary. Both the Coast Guard station and the historic Eaton's Neck Lighthouse remain active. The entrance is narrow, and buoys are not charted (be sure to pay attention to them, though). There are good depths inside. The Coast Guard station and lighthouse horn that blasts above you in fog add a lively twist to this gunkhole.


South of Eaton's Neck Basin, round the West Beach spit and anchor in Price Bend, also known as Sand City. The area is popular with local boaters. Anchoring is possible around Sand City Island all the way up to the cove, but be mindful of shallow spots and shoals and rocks. The area is home to Hobart Park, which is reachable by road and has a large parking lot and public boat ramp all the way up in the most protected part of the cove.


The waters near Port Jefferson have plenty of action with ferries that transit hourly to and from Connecticut. Note that MountMisery Cove on the east side of the harbor, which used to be a popular anchoring spot, is now largely

filled with moorings. A better bet for anchoring is to head west behind Old Field Beach where you find deep water, but you have to watch for a number of areas where mounds can bring depths as low as three feet. If the bustle in town is enticing you, bypass anchoring and head straight to Port Jeff where you can get a transient mooring from either the Port Jefferson Launch Service (631-796-4462) or the Port Jefferson Yacht Club. Call ahead or contact either on VHF 68. For longer stays, dock at Danfords Hotel & Marina.


Mattituck Creek is a lovely winding waterway with marshland, wading birds and osprey. However, don't get too caught up in the surroundings, as you have to pay attention to the buoys in the narrow channel. The end of your journey boating on Long Island Sound brings you to the charming hamlet of Mattituck. There is a federal anchorage just off Strong’s Water Club & Marina. You can land your dinghy at the town dock or opt for transient dockage at the resort-like marina. The area is just on the other side of Peconic Bay, and a short walk or bike ride gets you to the village with restaurants and shops; wineries are nearby.

This article was previously printed in the Marinalife magazine, visit www.marinalife.com.

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the largest international water sports trade fair in the world!

JANUARY 20 – 28, 2024 in Düsseldorf, Germany

With almost 237,000 visitors from over 60 countries and more than 1,500 exhibitors from 68 nations on 220,000 sq m (figures from 2023) in 16 exhibition halls, boot Düsseldorf is the largest water sports trade fair in the world. Both sailors and motor boaters will find their perfect boat here – whether dinghy, sailboat, yacht or luxury yacht. For water sports, equipment for diving, surfing, kite surfing, stand up paddling, canoeing and sport fishing will be shown. The exhibits will be complemented by an attractive stage program with interesting interview partners from the industry, the latest trend sport offers and a high-caliber combination of workshops and meetings for both leisure sports enthusiasts and experts, making this event unique worldwide.

The layout of the 16 halls at the Düsseldorf fairgrounds is according to exhibit categories. A highlight for sailing enthusiasts will be Halls 15 and 16 with more than 140 manufacturers, sailing associations and regatta organizers. Dinghies, catamarans and sailing yachts, the latest trends and inspiration for exciting trips will be on display here. All budding fans of sailing will receive valuable tips and tricks from experienced experts in the new “start sailing” area, while kids can enjoy the boot Sailing School.

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New at boot 2024 will be the Multihull Village in Hall 15 with a special lounge and renowned producers of multihull boats.

For everyone interested in investing in a sailing yacht, Hall 13 will also be very attractive. This is where visitors can talk to brokers and get advice on yacht ownership programs.

Sailing Center Stage

A special attraction at boot is traditionally the stage of the Sailing Center. The Sailing Center will present the entire world of sailing and offer top-class lectures by ocean sailors, regatta participants and around-the-world sailors.

Sustainability forum blue innovation dock in hall 10, “Ocean Tribute” award and “Love Your Ocean” campaign – focus on marine conservation

Marine conservation and innovative, sustainable technologies will also be an important focus at boot 2024. Following its successful launch at boot 2023, the blue innovation dock (bid/Hall 10) will be further developed into a sustainability forum. In cooperation with the European Boating Industry (EBI), a unique

dialogue format with political, economic, technological and media expertise will be offered. In addition, with the presentation of the renowned "Ocean Tribute" award and the "Love Your Ocean" campaign - jointly organized with the German Ocean Foundation - boot 2024 will highlight marine conservation efforts.

boot.club and tickets

To keep up to date about boot 2024 news or take part in attractive prize drawings, becoming a member of the boot.club is a good idea (currently 166,000 members!)

Tickets for boot 2024 can be purchased online for €21 and €19 for boot.club members.

With the innovative and technically sophisticated products of the exhibitors, boot is the international innovation platform for its sector. With its comprehensive range of products for water sports and vacation activities on, by and in the water, boot Düsseldorf will again be the first address for water sports enthusiasts and international experts in 2024.

For more information, tickets and boot.club: www.boot.com

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Wichard is excited to announce the launch of the new Facnor FXE4500 & 7000 Electric Code Sail Furlers. This range of furlers can now handle sails up to 2690 Ft². This puts the ease of electric code sail furling into the hands of boat owners from 38’-65’.

The code sails have grown in popularity over the past years, but they can be difficult for a solo sailor or shorthanded crew to handle. The introduction of the code furlers has helped more sailors utilize this powerful sail. The size of this sail can be intimidating thereby relegating it to be left below. The advent of electric code furlers adds new a level of simplicity and safety while using this sail. The Facnor FXE can furl from the safety of your cockpit in as little as 45 seconds just by pushing a button. Hopefully making your code sail the new go to tool.

This system is designed for simple installation in either a new application or simply replacing an existing continuous loop code furler drum. The compact design allows for a virtual swap out of the existing manual system. The electric furler is delivered as a complete kit (furling unit with snap shackle attachment, relay box, circuit breaker, deck socket, storage bag, protective cover). The system is easily fitted into the boat’s current electrical system. You will be proudly flying your code sail once again!

Wichard, a French company with a rich history spanning over a century, has been manufacturing exceptional stainless-steel products. Collaborating with Facnor, the global frontrunner in high-performance furling systems, Wichard Group now encompasses renowned brands such as Profurl, Sparcraft, Facnor, Lorima, and Peguet. These brands are well-established in North America, with the company's US headquarters located in Charlotte, NC. Facnor stands out for its cutting-edge, race-winning furling systems.

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By Susan By Ray Muzika - Chill Time Johns Pass Madeira Beach, Fl By Michael Elliot – Race Day on San Francisco Bay By Paul Cleary, America the Beautiful. Shot on the ICW in South Carolina By Robin Stout
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By Tim, on the York River near Seaford, VA from onboard SV Morning Breeze. Gaff-rigged schooner is SV Alliance


A visitor following us off the Delaware Seashore State Park By Dr. Bret RibotskyO'Brien's Cay Captiva Island, Florida Rod Porter and Mary Thole Cave dive
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Paul Moseley, Port Ludlow, WA
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