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Croydon BID Renewal Consultation 2016

The results are in! In February, we invited you to take part in our renewal consultations to help us identify how best Croydon Business Improvement District (BID) can continue to support you and your business over the next five years, as Croydon town centre faces the biggest transformation - and possibly the lengthiest period of disruption - it has seen since the 1960s. The feedback that we receive directly from businesses is vital in determining our strategy for 2017 - 2022 which, in turn, provides the basis on which businesses will be invited in October, to vote in favour of Croydon BID continuing for a further five-year term. All eligible businesses within the Croydon BID area were asked to complete a four page postal or on-line survey, to enable us to capture the business community’s views and suggestions on the future priorities for Croydon town centre and the projects and services you would like to see delivered over the next five years. To supplement the survey findings, three consultation workshops were held, to which all Croydon BID levy payers were invited, as a means of generating discussion and securing qualitative feedback about the town centre’s future. Well, the results are in and we’re pleased to share the top line findings with you here so that you can see, at a glance, what businesses have told us will be important in future if we are to ensure that Croydon increasingly is regarded as one of the best places in south London in which to work, live, visit and do business. A big thank you to all those who completed the survey and took time out to attend our workshops! The feedback you have provided is essential in helping us to shape our proposals for the next five years. Please help us to continue the valuable work carried out by Croydon BID in making a difference. Without your support and a majority ‘yes’ vote at the Croydon BID renewal ballot in October, all of the projects and services that we currently deliver will end in March 2017. We would like to count on your support.

Andrew Bauer Chairman

Matthew Sims Chief Executive

Croydon BID Renewal Consultation 2016

What you told us In February 2016, Croydon Business Improvement District (BID) embarked on a renewal consultation exercise with all eligible businesses within its operating area to obtain their views on how best Croydon BID can continue supporting the town centre business community over the next five years. Qualitative and quantitative research was carried out via postal and on-line surveys and through three independently-facilitated workshops, to help identify priorities for future action. A total of 135 surveys were completed and 52 delegates participated in our workshops. An outline of the results is presented below, along with some of the qualitative comments received. CURRENT PRIORITIES

Two-thirds (66%) of respondents believe that our current priorities should not change in future. Of our five current priorities, ‘making Croydon safer’ is ranked highest in importance by businesses. Making Croydon safer


Improving Croydon’s perception and image


Improving the town centre’s cleanliness and appearance


Representing the interests of the town centre business community on matters of common concern Improving accessibility and way-finding around the town centre

16% 12% 0%







Compared with five years ago, all aspects of the town centre targeted for attention by the BID are thought by more businesses to have much or slightly improved than declined, with the town centre’s cleanliness and appearance most widely felt to have improved. Cleanliness and appearance

73% 65%

Safety and security Communication and networking events


Ease of access and way-finding


Outdoor events and activities


Perception and image

40% 0%







When asked to indicate the level of priority that should be given to continuing with projects and services in the future, on average, all areas were rated as high or medium priority by the majority of respondents.

Cleaner and greener


Accessibility and wayfinding


Perception and image


Safer streets


Business engagement

76% 0%






The continuation of the following projects and services were rated as ‘high priority’ by businesses:

SAFER STREETS Comments include: “Keep police funding” “Continue driving out anti-social behaviour in Croydon” “Anti-social behaviour and large congregations of young kids in North End putting customers and shoppers off re-visiting”



Funding, extra, dedicated town centre police officers

Targeting of beggars, rough sleepers and street drinkers



Funding extra police patrols on the town’s public transport networks at key times

Funding and delivery of the Croydon Business Crime Reduction Partnership

CLEANER AND GREENER Comments include: “Continue to improve the look and feel of the town centre” “Lighting projects” “Big screens” “A lot more greenery and places to linger, e.g. plazas or parks”


Targeting neglected areas for improvement


Deep-cleaning and powerwashing of the town centre’s streets


Responsive wash-down, disinfection, gum and graffiti removal



Comments include: “Tie up marketing with other agencies” “Talk up the changes” “More events and live music” “Promotion of what’s on offer in Croydon and further events to help attract people to come”

Advertising, marketing, PR and promotional campaigns to promote the town centre


Family focused events and activities, including continental markets

39% Using innovative ways to brighten the streets

ACCESSIBILITY & WAY-FINDING Comments include: “Ensure measures are in place to minimise the disruption to travel and pedestrians during regeneration” “Accessibility with real-time information will be key to the town centre performing to its optimum capabilities during its transitional/ development phase.”



Negotiation of discounted parking rates at key times

Enhanced signage around the town centre



Comments include: “More networking events to share ideas and work together. Good speakers to ensure people turn up” “Lobbying and securing rate reductions for all Croydon businesses during the Westfield build”

Working together with the local authority to ensure agreed standards are maintained

40% Travel disruption updates

40% Representing businesses at key strategic stakeholder meetings


Out of five suggested ideas on ways to support the town centre business community over the next five years, businesses rated the top three as:

Initiatives to enhance people’s experience of the town centre

Innovative approaches to brightening up the appearance of hoardings/ prominent spaces and active support for the positive use of vacant premises

Seek to reduce business costs through joint procurement of services such as recycling and commercial waste

We welcome your comments or questions on these findings. If you would like to discuss this report or would like more information, please contact Matthew Sims, Chief Executive on 020 8603 0050 or email

Formal Consultation 2016: The Results are in!  

In February 2016, we consulted widely with all of our levy payers to obtain their views on how best Croydon BID can continue supporting the...

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