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Annual Report 2015-2016

Croydon BID making a difference

About Croydon BID Created, funded and managed by the town centre business community since 2007, our ambition is for Croydon to be increasingly regarded as one of the premier destinations in south London in which to work, live, visit and do business. Geographically, we are one of the largest Business Improvement Districts in the country, covering virtually the entire town centre. We represent around 580 levy-paying organisations which include many well-known brands and businesses in the retail, office, leisure, hospitality and public sectors. Our activities focus on five priority areas that businesses tell us are important for ensuring Croydon’s success, namely: • Ensuring everyone feels comfortable and safe • Raising the town centre’s profile and enhancing people’s experience of it • Maintaining a clean and attractive environment • Promoting Croydon’s accessibility and helping people find their way around • Representing the interests of businesses and keeping them informed All our work is funded through a mandatory 1% levy collected from businesses in the BID area with a rateable value of £40,000 or more. In 2015-2016, this generated an income of £951,000. This income was supplemented by additional cash and in-kind contributions raised, worth around £356,000, bringing the total invested in the town last year to approximately £1.3 million.

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Chairman’s Statement

Chief Executive’s Statement

The evidence of Croydon’s economic renaissance has grown steadily over the past year, with a number of major construction schemes now either well under way or close to completion and several blue chip organisations having announced their plans to relocate here.

With Croydon’s renaissance increasingly in our sights, our focus over the past year has been on continuing to deliver initiatives that make a real and positive difference to Croydon town centre, while ensuring that the BID is well placed to meet changing needs in future – a role that undoubtedly will grow in importance as the pace of re-development accelerates.

These are positive developments indeed for all those with a vested interest in our town centre and especially those who, five years ago, may have doubted that change of the kind now being witnessed, was ever likely to happen. What is more encouraging still is the realisation that this is only the start of the journey, with £5.2 billion worth of public and private investment set to transform our town centre over the next five years and on a scale not seen since the 1960s. Croydon BID is proud to be at the heart of many of the changes being planned as well as those that have already occurred here. In 2015-2016, the penultimate year of our second five-year term, we continued to work hard to ensure that Croydon is regarded as one of the premier destinations in south London in which to work, live, visit and do business. Under the strategic direction of our business community, we continued to invest in projects and services designed to make our town centre cleaner, safer, more attractive, better promoted, more accessible and a more vibrant place to be and these are described in more detail in this report. I would like to place on record my thanks to you for your continued support of Croydon BID and to mention in particular the members of our Board, who offer their time, expertise and knowledge freely and

voluntarily, so that Croydon BID continues to make a difference. The Board works tirelessly with the executive to review progress and budgetary expenditure to ensure that resources are allocated judiciously and with due governance to achieve maximum impact for the town centre. There are extremely exciting times ahead for our town centre but, clearly, there is still a long way to go and many physical and economic challenges will need to be faced before our future vision for the town is fully realised. As this report went to press, all eligible businesses within the Croydon BID area were being invited to help us continue making a difference in the town centre over the next five years, as we asked them to vote in favour of a third BID term. We look forward to working with you both in the year ahead and hopefully beyond in order to deliver projects and services that add value to your business and ensure that as a levy payer you have all the support and information you need as the town experiences its transition to become south London’s primary economic powerhouse.

Andrew Bauer Chairman

Working at both a strategic and day-today operational level with the business community and key partners including Croydon Council, the Metropolitan Police and British Transport Police, we have continued to deliver projects and services designed to add value to the town, so that it increasingly is regarded as one of the premier destinations in south London in which to work, live, visit and do business. To support that ambition, we introduced a team of roving Street Ambassadors into the town in September, with the primary aim of providing a warm welcome and assistance to everyone using the town centre and in anticipation of a rise in demand for advice, information and guidance from those who need it. In their highly distinctive pink uniforms, the Street Ambassadors have already proved to be a tremendous hit with the public and businesses alike, meeting and greeting people as they arrive here and acting as the BID company’s ‘eyes and ears’ when it comes to patrolling the streets and spotting issues of potential concern so that they can be quickly remedied. The launch of our interactive website, has also led to the creation of a fantastic new platform from which we are able to showcase everything that the town centre has to offer and

providing an easyto-navigate guide for those looking for the latest news and information on how to make the most of their time here. Croydon’s future looks extremely bright and through our extensive consultations with the business community, we have worked hard over the past year to ensure that we are well positioned to support you and your business throughout the potentially challenging times ahead. As ever, our aim is to ensure that our plans remain on track in order to meet business needs both now and well into the future in order to achieve our shared goals of a thriving local economy, strong and sustainable business growth, additional inward investment and providing people with the sort of positive experience that keeps them coming back for more. If ever there was the need for a Business Improvement District in Croydon, that time is now. We look forward to continuing to work with you both now and in the future and are counting on your support at the ballot to enable us to continue working in your best interests over the next five years.

Matthew Sims Chief Executive


Safer Streets

Making a difference

When it comes to changing perceptions of our town centre and improving Croydon’s image, providing a safe and comfortable environment for all those who work, live, visit and do business here is of paramount importance.









reduction in robberies

reduction in shoplifting

To that end, our close working relationships with the Metropolitan Police, Croydon Council, British Transport Police and other key agencies have served us well over the course of the year and resulted in the successful delivery of several important initiatives that have helped to increase security and feelings of safety. We sustained our match-funding arrangement with the Metropolitan Police for the eighth successive year, which meant that the town centre once again benefited from an increased dedicated police presence, helping to deter and cut crime and disorder. Our match-funding of extra British Transport Police patrols on the tram network and at stations also continued, enabling practical support and reassurance to be provided to the travelling public at key times, including Christmas and Bank Holidays. The Croydon Business Crime Reduction Partnership (CBCP), our award-winning intelligence-sharing network went from strength to strength, spearheading a

reduction in grievous bodily harm

increase in CBCP membership

number of important initiatives, growing its membership by 17% and adding a new operational arm to its arsenal for combating business crime and anti-social behaviour. The CBCP now has 307 active members representing 142 town centre businesses benefiting from the support that the Partnership provides. In addition, following the formation in May of BettingWatch to support the town centre’s bookmaking community, it has further expanded its network for tackling crime and dealing with prolific offenders in the town centre, supplementing the sector-specific work already carried out through its BusinessWatch, PubWatch and TransportWatch schemes.

individuals officially warned about their drunken and disorderly behaviour

late night revellers assisted through our financial support for Croydon’s Street Pastors

reduction in cases of anti-social behaviour

prolific offenders banned from members’ premises in the town centre


people attended our business workshops and briefings

As a result, over the year, robberies in the town centre have reduced by 25.2%, grievous bodily harm has reduced by 15.8% and cases of anti-social behaviour and shop theft have also fallen by 12% and 11.1% respectively.


21,000 extra hours of town centre policing funded

To ensure everyone’s experience of our town centre is a safe and positive one, over the year we: • Increased membership of the CBCP by 17% and boosted use of its secure intelligence-sharing website resulting in increased awareness of and exchanges between members on over 650 known offenders. • Organised over 20 intelligence-sharing meetings between the Metropolitan Police, Croydon Council, businesses and other key partners to develop and sustain a co-ordinated, proactive approach towards deterring and detecting crime. • Continued to support development and expansion of Croydon Council’s Safer Croydon Radio scheme, through the promotion and facilitation of business visits to the borough-wide CCTV control centre to highlight the benefits of membership and strengthen operational relationships. As a result, there are now 167 active radio users in the town centre and the number is steadily rising. • Our BusinessWatch and PubWatch exclusion schemes together led to 56 individuals being banned from members’ premises in the town centre as a result of serious or repeat offences while a further 260 people were issued with warning letters about their unacceptable behaviour. An exclusion protocol was also developed during the year, which all betting shop operators in the town have signed up to.

• Continued to support the Croydon Safer Streets initiative, working with the Police, Croydon Council, Turning Point and other drug and outreach services, to provide a holistic approach to the twin problems of persistent street drinking and begging and associated anti-social behaviour. • Reinforced our efforts to ensure everyone is able to have a safe and comfortable night out by continuing to provide financial support to the Croydon Street Pastors. As well as providing general assistance to those enjoying a night out, through our funding, the team was able to provide practical help and support to 138 pub and club-goers who were either worse for wear or had fallen victim to crime and had difficulty getting home safely, handing out over 270 items, including flip flops, bottled water and foil blankets. • Organised and supported a range of business briefings, training sessions and workshops covering topics such as anti-terrorism awareness, conflict management, personal safety, fraud and retail crime in order to share information and promote best practice amongst audiences totalling approximately 350 people.

• Delivered a series of crime prevention and personal safety campaigns and three personal safety events to raise awareness of the wide range of security initiatives in place in the town centre and on public transport in order to increase feelings of safety. Staged in conjunction with the Metropolitan Police, Croydon

Council, British Transport Police, London Fire Brigade and other key agencies, the personal safety events attracted an average of 1,000 visitors who received free advice, support and security giveaways including purse bells and property marking equipment.


Cleaner & Greener

Making a difference

As the pace of development accelerates in the town centre, ensuring our streets continue to look their best and maintaining Croydon’s appeal will form an increasingly important part of our agenda.

31,000+ square metres of pavement deep-cleaned (equivalent to 4½ football pitches)

240 Over the course of the year, our focus has been on keeping our town centre clean and easy to navigate, while adding extra vibrancy to the area through the introduction and maintenance of colourful floral displays and planted areas that help to soften the town’s appearance. Ridding urban streets such as ours of litter, grime and worse is, inevitably, an on-going battle. To supplement the work statutorily carried out by Croydon Council and keep the town centre looking as fresh as possible, we once again funded a two days per week deep-cleaning programme, focused particularly on priority routes in heavily used parts of the town. As a result, our specialist cleaning contractors, Community Clean, deepcleaned over 31,000 square metres of pavement - an area equivalent in size to 4½ football pitches – and spent almost 1,900 extra hours transforming the appearance of our streets to help create a great impression.

To supplement the deep-cleaning programme, a wash-down, disinfection, gum and graffiti removal service was also provided and efforts were made to smarten up the unsightly appearance of neglected areas of land as well as to clean up underpasses and areas of high pedestrian traffic. In addition, we continued to transform the appearance of our streets, providing bursts of colour along the town’s main thoroughfares and in planted areas by funding an abundance of year-round floral displays to give the town extra appeal. In recognition of our efforts, we were proud to receive a bronze award in the 2015 London in Bloom awards.

year-round award-winning floral displays installed


environmental issues reported by our Street Ambassadors with an 83% fix rate


extra hours of deep-cleaning and gum removal delivered

3,725 individual plants purchased to provide yearround colour


hours spent maintaining colour and vibrancy on the town’s streets


cleansing issues reported by our Street Ambassadors with a 99% fix rate


31,000 sq.m To help keep the town centre looking its best and create a clean and attractive environment, we: • Maintained our twice-weekly deep-cleaning and gum removal programme, covering an area equivalent in size to 4½ football pitches and focused particularly on improving the appearance of priority routes in heavily used parts of the town centre. • Delivered a ‘grot spot’ wash-down, graffiti removal and disinfection service to tackle eyesores around the town and improve the appearance of some of its grimiest and most heavily soiled areas, including the underpasses beneath Wellesley Road, the walkway between East Croydon station and Lansdowne Road and through St George’s Walk.

of pavement deep-cleaned

• Improved the appearance of unsightly, neglected areas of land, clearing and cleaning up instances of fly-tipping and dealing directly with the consequences of anti-social behaviour. Projects included working with employee volunteers from the local business community, Croydon Council and key agencies to transform the appearance of the piazza adjacent to Green Park House in Wellesley Road, by helping to rid the site of tons of discarded rubbish, deep-cleaning paved areas and pruning shrubs. • Brightened up the visual appearance of our streets by continuing to fund the installation and maintenance of hundreds of year-round, branded floral displays and planted areas at key locations.


Perception & Image

Making a difference

With £5.2 billion worth of public and private investment already earmarked for the town centre over the next five years, Croydon increasingly is being cited as an attractive place in which to invest and several blue chip companies are already in the process of relocating here.

Nevertheless, the town still struggles to shake off poor and often unwarranted perceptions of it. To counter this, our energies focus on utilising high-impact, marketing, advertising, PR and social media campaigns to raise awareness of the commercial vitality and cultural diversity of the area and to highlight the many positive developments that have taken place as well as those being planned. In October we launched our new interactive website featuring the latest news and information on what’s on, where to go, special offers and getting around Croydon. The site provides a comprehensive and easy-to-navigate guide to everything the town has to offer and is a solid platform on which to build as the town’s transformation progresses and more businesses are established here.

Our Check Out Croydon loyalty scheme continued to grow in popularity throughout the year as increasing numbers of people took advantage of the wide range of exclusive offers marketed by the 79 shops, bars, restaurants, clubs, hotels and service providers signed up to the scheme. As a result, the number of businesses benefiting from the increased trade that the loyalty card delivers has risen by 23.4% over the last year and there are now over 8,000 activated loyalty cards in circulation – a year-on-year increase of 19.4% - bringing shoppers estimated savings of £120,000 since launch.

7 million+



reached via our national and local press coverage

communications despatched promoting Check Out Croydon offers with a unique average opening rate of over 20%

of estimated savings achieved since launch of our loyalty card in 2013




dedicated marketing campaigns promoting Check Out Croydon offers

Check Out Croydon cards activated by shoppers



people reached via our digital campaigns with a unique average opening rate of 34%


businesses benefited from our loyalty scheme during the year

digital marketing and promotional campaigns generated

increase in Twitter followers


7 million+ reached To promote initiatives already under way in the town centre and show how it is changing for the better, we: • Delivered 35 digital marketing and promotional campaigns reaching around 28,000 people, to help underline all the benefits Croydon has to offer to those working, living and doing business here. The campaigns achieved an average unique opening rate of 34%. • Launched, our new, easy-to-navigate, interactive guide to what’s on, where to go, getting around and special offers available in the town centre, creating a unique platform for showcasing everything the town has to offer. • Generated over 30 media relations campaigns to raise awareness of the projects and initiatives under way in the town centre and help improve perceptions of it. The resulting national and regional press coverage reached in excess of 7 million while our stance on regulating ‘chuggers’ in the town centre reached millions more as a result of national and regional TV and radio coverage, including on the BBC, ITV, LBC and others.

via our press coverage

• Further developed and enhanced our website, highlighting the latest news and developments taking place in Croydon and providing an insight into all the projects and services that the BID delivers to add value here. • Continued to introduce colourful, eye-catching promotional material across the town via our branded lamppost banners, floral and window displays, maps and guides, helping to provide a warm welcome to all those using the town centre and emphasising the positive changes taking place. • Added extra sparkle and colour to the town for the ninth consecutive year by introducing a dazzling Christmas lights display in North End and 16 adjoining streets for seven weeks over the festive season, supplemented by colourful season’s greetings banners.


Festivals & Events

Making a difference

Putting on something new, exciting and unexpected is one sure fire way of creating a lasting impression and that is precisely what lay at the heart of our festivals and events’ strategy for 2015-2016.

Delivered with support and financial assistance from key partners both within and outside the town centre, our events once again succeeded in galvanizing the business and local communities and helped to foster a sense of pride in the town. We also supported the delivery of several high profile events throughout the year, helping to raise the town’s profile as a great venue for sports, arts and cultural activities. From the unusual and exotic offerings of our three four-day continental street markets to the crowd-pulling spectacle of some of the world’s biggest sporting events and seasonal celebrations, our dynamic events brought free fun and entertainment to the centre of town, creating a lively, memorable atmosphere and increasing footfall by as much as 20%. Our Street LIVE! entertainment moved up a gear during the year, following the launch of a new, collaborative initiative between Croydon BID, Croydon Council and local

licensed venues, designed to support the delivery of live quality music entertainment in the town centre in the evening. As a result, the sounds of music filled the air on twelve separate occasions across the year, as some of the country’s best street musicians around treated shoppers and visitors to a vast and varied range of foottapping music, while audiences also had the chance to try their hand at a range of sporting challenges and fun and games, organised to coincide with the 2015 Rugby World Cup and in support of Sport Relief. As ever, the highlight of the year was our star-studded Christmas lights switch-on event, marking the official start of the festive season here in Croydon. Headlined, once again by stars from the Fairfield Halls’ Christmas pantomime, the event featured an array of talented local performers and street entertainers, helping to attract increased footfall of up to 12% in the town’s shopping centres.





days of events programmed during the year

increase in footfall in the town’s shopping centres at lights switch-on

in town for the Christmas lights switch-on countdown


increase in footfall as a result of some of our events

spectators turned out to watch the Croydon leg of the Pearl Izumi Cycle Tour


raised through our fund raising efforts in aid of Sport Relief


20% increased To create a positive, lasting impression and attract more visitors and increased investment into the area, we: • Staged 12 ‘Street LIVE!’ events across the year, combining the show-stopping talents of some of the UK’s best street musicians, alongside a series of wild and whacky sporting challenges organised to coincide with the Rugby World Cup and in support of Sport Relief, raising £780 for the charity in the process. • Organised another fabulous, Christmas lights switch-on event, which once again brought North End to a standstill as performers from the Fairfield Halls’ Christmas pantomime, led by TV celebrity Stephen Mulhern, were joined on stage by Croydon’s Mayor Councillor Patricia Hayes-Justice for the official switch-on countdown. The ceremony was the climax to an afternoon of free family entertainment, featuring an array of local musicians, singers and dancers as well as professional street performers and contestants from TV’s ‘X Factor’ and ‘The Voice’ programmes.


through some of our events

• Facilitated the delivery of a series of major crowd-pulling events, including the Croydon leg of the international Pearl Izumi Cycle Tour Series, Croydon Heritage and Croydon Ambition Festivals, all of which attracted thousands of extra people into the town and helped to reinforce Croydon’s credentials as a great venue for sports, arts and cultural events. • Arranged three four-day continental markets which once again gave visitors a taste of the unusual and the exotic as people were able to sample the delights of an array of foods and produce from across the globe plus handmade arts and crafts.


Wayfinding & Accessibility

Making a difference

Croydon’s excellent transport links help to set it apart from other destinations and the ease with which people can continue to get to and find their way around the town will grow in importance as re-development of the centre progresses.

16,000+ people welcomed since our Street Ambassadors’ debut in September

600+ Over the course of the year, our focus has continued to be on highlighting all of the benefits that Croydon’s accessibility brings to those working, living and doing business here through promotion of the commercial vitality and cultural diversity of the town as well as the new and exciting changes taking place and planned. Mindful of the potential impact of the town’s future re-development on those who already use it and in anticipation of an increase in demand for information from those new to the area, a new roving Street Ambassadors service was launched in September, following the closure of the Croydon Visitor Centre. In their highly distinctive pink, ‘I’m here to help you’ uniforms, the Ambassadors are deployed nine hours a day, five days a week, with the primary aim of meeting and greeting people in the town centre, handing out maps and guides and providing general assistance to those who need it.

They also play a crucial role in supporting the local business community, as well as acting as the BID’s ‘eyes and ears’, patrolling the streets to spot any areas of potential concern such as street cleansing issues, so that remedial action can be swiftly put in place. As a result, since their debut in town and working alongside the BID’s specialist cleaning team, our Street Ambassadors have helped to identify over 1,400 instances of fly-tipping, graffiti and fly-posting all of which have been quickly targeted for attention. In October, we launched our new website, providing visitors with a fantastic, interactive on-line guide to getting around and making the most of Croydon. As well as featuring a comprehensive directory of where to go and what’s on in the town centre, the website incorporates helpful tools for planning a journey, whether by car, train, tram or bus.

cleansing issues reported by our Street Ambassadors with a 99% fix rate


detailed interactions between our Street Ambassadors and members of the public


interactions between our Ambassadors and the business community


graffiti and flyposting issues reported with a 83% fix rate since September 2015


maps and guides distributed by our Street Ambassadors


16,000 people To highlight the town’s fantastic commercial offering and help people find their way in and around, we: • Introduced a roving Street Ambassadors service operating nine hours a day, five days a week to provide visitors with a warm welcome and offer advice and guidance on getting around the town. • Delivered a friendly smile and warm welcome to over 16,000 people at key gateways into the town, since our Ambassadors took to the streets in September 2015.

welcomed into the town since September 2015

• Distributed way-finding maps, guides and information about Croydon to assist those new to the town and help people make the most of their time here. • Launched our new interactive guide to getting around and what’s on and available in the town centre. • Provided travel updates and alerts via digital and social media.

• Increased monitoring by our Street Ambassadors of environmental and cleansing issues on the streets led to swift remedial action being put in place in order to tackle over 1,400 matters of concern, including graffiti, fly-tipping and fly-posting. • Increased day-to-day liaison between our Street Ambassadors and the business community to provide practical support in tackling operational issues and assist with the promotion of events and activities, resulting in nearly 900 interactions with businesses since our Street Ambassadors launched in September 2015.


Business Engagement

Making a difference

Virtually everything we accomplish is as a result of effective partnership working and this will undoubtedly grow in importance, as re-development of the town progresses.

Whether it is on day-to-day operational matters or on strategic, development and policy issues affecting the town centre, our continuing aim is to keep businesses updated and ensure their views and interests are strongly represented. Through our quarterly newsletters, e-bulletins, social media, face-to-face meetings and regular stakeholder events, we provide businesses with a regular flow of information on progress and developments taking place in the town, as well as creating opportunities for networking and providing two-way feedback. Issues of strategic importance including updates on Croydon town centre’s regeneration, plans for Boxpark Croydon, re-development of the Whitgift and Centrale Shopping Centres and Policing in Croydon and the London context have topped the agenda at the business engagement events we have staged throughout the year, attracting over 240 delegates.

In February, we embarked on an extensive consultation programme involving quantitative and qualitative research and independently facilitated workshops to ascertain the business community’s priorities for the town centre over the next five years and to help us to begin shaping our proposals for a third BID term from 2017-2022. Our town centre loyalty scheme, Check Out Croydon continues to grow in relevance and value to the business community as people increasingly recognise the twin benefits it brings in helping to reach wider audiences through regular targeted promotions as well as building employee engagement. First launched in October 2013 to help boost trade by rewarding loyal customers with exclusive offers, the scheme saw a 23.4% rise in the number of businesses signed up to it last year and there are now over 8,000 activated loyalty cards in circulation – an increase of 19.4% over last year.









communications despatched promoting Check Out Croydon offers with a unique average opening rate of over 20%

Check Out Croydon cards activated by shoppers

quarterly newsletters distributed throughout the year

businesses actively engaged with via our business groups, forums and partnership working

digital communications issued to around 28,000 people with an average unique opening rate of 34%

responses received to our consultation communications

delegates attended our six business briefings

businesses benefited from our Check Out Croydon loyalty scheme



loyalty cards To keep businesses updated on progress, developments and plans and ensure their voice was strongly represented we: • Continued to refine, extend and increase the frequency of our communications with businesses to include quarterly newsletters, monthly e-bulletins, regular e-communications and our key stakeholder meetings programme.

• Embarked on an extensive consultation programme with town centre businesses to determine their future needs and priorities over the next five years in order to help us shape our proposals for a third Croydon BID term.

• Staged six business briefing events with keynote speakers throughout the year, giving businesses the opportunity to learn first-hand about some of the important issues and latest developments affecting the town as well as the chance to raise questions.

• Continued to build support for our Check Out Croydon loyalty card scheme, as a means of boosting trade and building an affinity towards doing business in the town centre by rewarding loyal customers with exclusive offers. To help promote the scheme and raise awareness of it, a series of ‘Employee Activation Days’ were organised with a number of the town’s biggest employers and a VIP shopping night was arranged with special offers and promotions for store customers.

• Continued to provide a strong collective voice for the local business community on key strategic groups as well as organising key stakeholder meetings and attending a wide range of strategic forums, including the Safer Croydon Partnership, the statutory body responsible for co-ordinating Croydon’s Community Safety Strategy.


• Continually reviewed and monitored baseline agreements drawn up with Croydon Council to ensure that Council services are routinely delivered, standards are maintained and projects and services delivered by Croydon BID are always additional to, rather than replacing, local authority services.


Financial Summary 2015/2016


Croydon Town Centre Business Improvement District is a not for profit company limited by guarantee. It operates in a transparent way within the regulations set up by the government on Business Improvement Districts.

The BID Board provides strategic direction and input and is responsible to stakeholders for the conduct, performance and due governance of the BID Company.

INCOME 2015/16


Croydon BID is funded by a combination of the BID levy from local businesses and voluntary contributions.

It is also responsible for setting the annual budget and monitoring finances throughout the course of the year. Membership of the Board is voluntary and directors are unpaid.

Bid Levy


Croydon Council additional contribution


Other income




Safer Streets


Cleaner & Greener


Wayfinding & Accessibility


Festivals & Events


Perception & Image


Business Engagement


Levy collection


Professional fees


Management costs


Operating costs




Martin Corney The Whitgift Foundation

Net profit/(loss) for the year before tax


Brian Hart Lark Insurance

Net profit/(loss)for the year after tax


Net surplus brought forward from 2014/15


Net surplus carried forward into 2016/17


The Board’s structure reflects the number and types of business in the town centre and consists mainly of BID levy-paying businesses or statutory service providers as dictated by the BID Regulations 2004. The Board held six meetings during the course of the year. The Chief Executive of the BID leads a small dedicated team responsible for planning and delivering all of the BID’s projects and activities.

Members of the Croydon BID Board as at 31st March 2016 were : Andrew Bauer Chairman Whitgift Shopping Centre

Max Menon Croydon Cathay Development

David Ordman Vice-Chairman Centrale Shopping Centre

Cllr. Steve O’Connell Greater London Assembly

Janet Borrow Company Secretary Ormerods Nigel Evans Stiles Harold William Don Niven NatWest Bank

Trevor Morgan Marlowe Investments

Graham Reeves House of Reeves Carolyn Spencer Home Office Steve Yewman Westfield Chloe Southorn House of Fraser

Tony Middleton AIG Cllr. Toni Letts Croydon Council Stephen Coker Mott MacDonald Phil Crawley Marks & Spencer Simon Thomsett Fairfield Halls Chief Superintendent Andy Tarrant Metropolitan Police

Frances Wadsworth Croydon College Jeremy Gray Evolve Housing + Support Nick Baker London Tramlink

The following directors resigned and/or were replaced during the year:

In addition, substantial ‘in kind’ support was received from businesses during the year which enabled Croydon BID to deliver an enhanced programme of activities, estimated to have a value of around £356,000.

A copy of Croydon BID’s audited accounts may be obtained by contacting 020 8603 0050 or via email at

Lisa McCance Croydon Council

Carron Schusler Metropolitan Police

To find out more about Croydon BID and the benefits of membership, please call 020 8603 0050 or email 31

Croydon Town Centre Business Improvement District Cambridge House Lower Ground Floor 16 – 18 Wellesley Road Croydon, CR0 2DD T: 020 8603 0050 E: W:

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