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April12  ShanghaiTalk

From the Editor…


Art Talk

Around Town


The weird and wonderful happenings around Shanghai in the last month.


Five Minutes With


Iggy Pop and The Stoogees’ saxophonist Steve Mackay

COVER STORY: Oh The Places You’ll Go

FEATURE: Hey Big (Shanghai) Spender


Sport Talk


Lacrosse feature Columnist Jon Robinson offers exercise tips Sports calendar

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Chefs, features, news, reviews and more

Shanghai has more millionaires than ever before


Mat Ryan from The Shed compares Sherpa’s Pairings

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This month’s must-buys


New bars and clubs All that jazz in hotel nightlife


The latest gadgets & gizmos

Health Talk

Resident columnist Nurse Mary talks calories

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Reviews: APSARA Spa and Zen Massage

Style Talk

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Shanghai’s Night Market Where to buy… journals

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BEAN takes disabled adults bowling

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A look at Tai’an Road Qingming Festival feature YCIS’s administrator interview Family calendar Concordia youth talk



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Your monthly calendar guide to Shanghai Hotel news, offers and deals Hotel of the Month Suite Talk Hotel deals, meals and more


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The highs and lows of open mic See who went where and who wore what

The absolute essentials


Saxophonist Steve Mackay talks about playing with Iggy Pop and The Stooges and for a long time, how the world thought he’d died.


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Reviews: records, movies, books


“The Violent Femmes alerted me to my supposed death when I first met them and played with them in 1983..”


Trivia and horoscopes




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CITY LIVING What’s Hot, What’s Cool

Kerry Allen Managing Editor



New subway lines offering more to see and do in Shanghai

Travel Talk

Phuket Feature Zhouzhuang Feature


Talk’s Rupert Pupkin discusses Dreamworks’ latest venture


Night of Shanghai and Roses

Spring is finally here, and with it, changes. After one of the longest and most drizzly winters ever, it’s finally getting warmer, and new opportunities arise to get outdoors and get active, either with a game of lacrosse (page 39), a trip to nearby water town Zhouzhuang (page30) or a dart around the gardens in one of Shanghai’s many five star hotels looking for Easter eggs (page 32). We hope you enjoy our Easter supplement this month, which is packed full of everything you need to know about celebrating Easter in Shanghai. We’ve also got some interesting features lined up including our cover story on Shanghai’s newest subway destinations (page 10), the new wealthy millionaires amassing our city (page 12), the night market (page 18), as well as all the latest information on the dining and nightlife scene.

Body & Soul Yoga Centre's José Madero



“People don't really know what funk is here. People don't really know what jazz or Black American music or R&B is so we're trying to show it in its purest form and our version of it as young musicians.”

“I believe that lacrosse has potential in Shanghai because only recently, it’s become very much popular amongst the locals,”

Jazz musician Theo Croker on offering new sounds and vibes to the increasingly popular hotel jazz scene.

Corey Sorrento, co-founder of the Shanghai Lacrosse Club discusses how Lacrosse is expanding in a big way in Shanghai and China as a whole.




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April12  ShanghaiTalk



Around Town

Your news round-up for the month of March was the merger between the leading video giants, to form… Youku Tudou. Finally, all your viewing pleasures under one roof, if an unimaginatively named one…

and the landmark Oriental Pearl TV Tower being painted an Oreo blue, turning the river into one big biscuit bonanza.


Cars get stolen all the time, but not so often the bridges on which they drive. And yet the sudden disappearance of a 17.5m-long bridge in Fengxian district has been news on locals’ lips this past month, until two men from Anhui province were arrested, with stones from the century-old Fengle Bridge recovered in the back of their truck.

4 2

With Youtube blocked in China, the next destination for video viewing has long been a toss-up between Youku or Tudou. Not any longer; big news last month



Rather than targeting all those copy watch, bag and phone vendors, a big police raid last month was on a 200sqm warehouse selling knock-off branded tissue paper, with 60,000 packages being confiscated. Proof that even the most innocuous product can be a fake…



Hey there upper east siders, Gossip Girl here. And by here we mean Shanghai: there’s a Chinese version of the hit US series heading your way for early November, which will follow the lives of a group of wealthy Shanghai students and their daily trials and tribulations. You heard it here first, right? You know you love me, xoxo!


Shanghai was all over Oreo crazy last month, in response to the chocolate biscuit’s 100th anniversary. The Pudong waterfront became a monument to China’s best selling biscuit, with multistorey neon adverts,


China Mobile’s faster fourth generation (4G) wireless network expansion to nine China cities is on the agenda for April, in a bid to attract more customers to the network who like to watch TV and play games. Expect to see an influx of apps for your android this month, taking procrastination to extreme new highs…

Just visiting Shanghai and don’t want to shell out the cash on a subway card? Or just fed up of waiting on friends who don’t have one? Finally, the threeday subway pass is available, allowing both tourists and your useless friends alike unlimited subway journeys over the course of 72 hours for only RMB 48.

Think you know Shanghai? Tell us what this image is of for your chance to win a voucher worth RMB 500, courtesy of Chalet Suisse. Email: - Become a Talk Insider! - Become a Talk Insider!

April12  ShanghaiTalk



Gongfu Creatives and the Bureau of Better Entertainment Rupert Pupkin

Resident satirist Rupert Pupkin tells us why the latest box office smash will be very much a fairytale…


ines are already forming to see the maiden production of DreamWorks Animation SKG’s new joint China media venture, and the script hasn’t even been approved yet by the creative geniuses up at the bureau of better entertainment. Quite sure it’ll be an uplifting and educational blockbuster, smashing box office records and whatever hopes one might have had for a slick, satirical moviegoing experience with crossgenerational, cross-cultural and cross-dressing appeal. DreamWorks holds a 45 percent stake in the JV, which means that they will have total creative control over all catering services and equipment rentals. An intelligent script, maybe about an abandoned baby girl who is taken home at night and miraculously transformed into a feminist superhero, or a paean to a revolutionary panda that single handedly extracts fossil fuels from the depths of the South China Sea. That is perhaps what we can expect. Or maybe the heroic feat of a family



of model farmers who scrape together enough dough to send their only son to basketball camp, so that he’ll become the next Jeremy Lin. When every exquisite cultural product - be it a cartoon, talent show or novel - requires the imprimatur of the guardians of goodness, cultural consumers are in for a lot of wonderful pablum - the kind of wholesome entertainment that will win awards created for the sole purpose of

awarding awards to the otherwise unawardable. Now don’t get me wrong, China does indeed have some great stories to tell, which, in the right hands, would make excellent films. And many movies made in China (but not shown here), or made by Chinese filmmakers abroad, have wide appeal and garner box office recognition. It is however the official stamp of approval that is the kiss of death for mainland movies, and therefore it is reasonable that there be checks on the excesses of culture producers. But creative people, official thinking goes, are not capable of exercising proper control over their creative instincts and they create stuff that offends and spoofs and disturbs and disrupts and provokes. Art should serve the people, especially art intended to hold us in the thrall of socialist core values, and distract us from the reality that we’re being infantilised and abused by entertainment rather than challenged and enlightened by it. The DreamWorks JV has an obligation to history to produce a winner, so striking a balance between the demands of control,

commerce and comedy will certainly pose a creative challenge. Indeed, the progeny of this queer joint venture between Steven Spielberg and the people who brought you documentaries on the life of Lei Feng, may feature a lovely phoenix who fears containment, but it certainly won’t include anything remotely original or daring. So directors will serve audiences pastries and not wasabi, which would awaken them to the fact that, if you remove the infrastructure and the Internet, the Bentleys and the bistros, you’re sitting in a place as freewheeling, inspiring and passionate as a medieval church. The bureau of better entertainment is inhabited by people very much behind with the times; the typical middle school student is more switched-on and understands better the rhythm of contemporary life than its ideological script advisers. So, in the battle to win the culture war and end the dominance of Hollywood, the plan is to enlist the help of the enemy to generate cultural products that will have global appeal and spread the glory of Chinese culture around the globe? Well, if that isn’t the height of hypocrisy. Might make for a good movie though. - Become a Talk Insider!


Five Minutes With Steve Tom Mangione



Having collaborated with Iggy Pop and The Stooges, The Violent Femmes, and Smegma, Steve Mackay, the San Francisco-based tenor saxophone player has a lot to toot his horn about. On 17 March last month as part of the JUE Festival, Mackay came through Shanghai playing tunes from his most recent solo album, Sometimes Like This I Talk, as well as joining in on pieces with improvisational percussionist act Sikhara. He discusses music, his famous collaborators and how the world thought for a while he’d died. What’s your approach to music? Sort of passive/active: people ask me to play with them and I do what I can to add to their project or band. But I also initiate my own projects and promote my own material whenever possible. My latest CD, Sometimes Like This I Talk, is taken from several different sessions with collaborators who were kind enough to donate their efforts, including Iggy Pop, who sings my song ‘The Prisoner’. As a saxophone player, how do you think you fit into a rock band? Sax has always had a voice in rock, but I have always enjoyed playing in situations that saxes don't normally appear, like punk, or country and western. I’m happy that Iggy has included me more and more in the current Stooges – guitar, bass, drums, vocals, and sax seem to be an ideal combination. I am also happy to see more and more sax and brass in contemporary bands! The world was reporting that you were dead for a while. How did this happen?

The Violent Femmes alerted me to my supposed death when I first met them and played with them in 1983. The source was an ill-researched Iggy Pop book by Nick Kent, who confused me with the unfortunate Stooge bassist Zeke Zettner, who did die of a "drug overdose" in 1975. There was also another death report around 2000 when another Steve Mackay died of AIDS in San Francisco and turned up on a Google Search. Thankfully Iggy and the Asheton brothers knew I lived, thanks to my membership in the Musician's Union in Ann Arbor, Michigan. As a musician, what makes you keep playing? I keep playing because it is what I can do best, and I’m often rewarded with spiritual bliss! What’s the most memorable moment you’ve had playing with The Stooges? It was playing ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog’ acoustically with James Williamson and Iggy after a freak storm destroyed our stage at a festival in Pori, Finland in 2010. You can watch it on Youtube! - Become a Talk Insider!

April12  ShanghaiTalk



Oh The Places You’ll

Go ,

Tom Mangione

If last month’s newly available three-day pass wasn’t hint enough, this year promises to be a big one for the Shanghai metro. With four new lines (12, 13, 16 and 22) and three extensions to current lines scheduled to open before the end of the year, some of Shanghai’s most remote locations will soon be linked up to the grid and places already within reach of the metro will get that much closer. The following are six stations that include access to parks, shopping, historic temples and one really big lake. Charge up your jiaotong cards, Shanghai. The metro is coming… again.

NO ISLAND IS AN ISLAND UNTO ITSELF Fuxing Island Station Line 12

Fuxing Island has always been a strange, remote area at the eastern portion of Yangpu District. A notch in the belt for Shanghai’s urban trekkers, the island is notable, like much of Yangpu District, for its ageing industrial infrastructure. Once a simple mudflat along the Huangpu River, the area was developed over time into an industrial area full of warehouses and ship foundries. However, Shanghai’s urban planners have now begun to re-envision the island as a mixed-use eco-friendly complex. One plan for the area, drafted by American landscape architectural firm Sasaki includes a restoration of the Fuxing Canal as “a recreational amenity, with filtering wetlands at both outlets to the Huangpu to help naturally cleanse polluted waters” as well as incorporating “green roofs and biofiltration zones”. At the moment though,


the realisation of such plans are years away, but they’re certainly exciting prospects in terms of what Shanghai is doing to be green. The opening of Line 12’s Fuxing Island Station later this year marks only the beginning of these developments for the island, but even as it is, the island is still worth a journey. Fuxing Island Park off the island’s central promenade, Gongqing Lu offers some pleasant and quiet strolls far away from the city centre, and with the nearby shipping yards, you almost feel like you’re at the seaside. Almost. What stands as the park’s most famous site is a small white house seen from along its northern edge, which was the site of Chiang Kai-Shek’s final residence before he left the mainland for good in 1949.

the East China Sea. In the summertime, the wide promenades along the banks of the lake often find those looking to escape the city while relaxing by the water, and it’s a nice little getaway from the hustle and bustle of central Shanghai.

Lingang Xincheng Station Line 16 Lingang Xincheng Station at the end of Line 16 will soon put you only a short taxi ride away from the shores of Dishuihu (literally ‘Waterdrop Lake’). The circular, man-made lake of 5.5 square kilometres is carved out of land reclaimed near the confluence of the Yangtze and Qiantang rivers as they run into

The area’s most interesting recent development is the arrival of the Crowne Plaza Shanghai Harbour City on the lake’s south island. Designed by Atkins, the same company responsible for Dubai’s island-bound Burj Al Arab, the hotel’s striking design is meant to resemble “a flower blooming in the water,” although from our perspective the mammoth five-winged hotel seemed to resemble a spaceship more than anything else. Nearby you’ll also find the China Maritime Museum (entry RMB 50), notable for its scale reproduction of a ship from the fleet of the famous Chinese sea captain Zhang He (most likely the inspiration for the stories of Sinbad) as well as a 4D theatre (RMB 30) which adds vibrations and blasts of water to the 3D experience. Those looking to get a view of the sea can make the journey to the Nanhuizui Ocean Viewing Park though a protected wetland. Here a massive and rather impressive sculpture resembling a fish frames Shanghai’s southernmost point.

10 ShanghaiTalk 

April12 - Become a Talk Insider!

LINE FOR CRUISES International Passage Transport Centre Station Line 12


Just north of the Bund along Dongdaming Lu, taking up 880m of coastline along the Huangpu River in Puxi, you’ll find a behemoth development: the Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal. Centring around the ovoid, glass-encrusted cruise terminal capable of berthing up to three cruise liners offering services to Korea and Japan, the possibilities of taking a luxury liner to surrounding Asia will soon be very much possible. The mixed use complex will also eventually feature “a five-star hotel, SPIG [Shanghai Port International Group] tower, serviced apartments, office buildings, art galleries and recreational amenities” as well as access to the metro through Line 12’s International Passage Transport Centre Station. Whilst half of the site is still currently under construction, the sections already completed feature a 240m wide area of parkland that frames the brightly coloured contemporary buildings. Architecture fans should also be sure not to miss taking a peek at the Shanghai

Daduhe Road Station Line 13 The area around soon-to-be-ready Line 13 Daduhe Lu Station might remind one of the area around its close neighbour, Zhongshan Park has to offer. But with two five star hotels (the Guoman and a Marriott), a shopping centre full of brand names and Changfeng Park a ten minute walk from the station, Zhongshan Park may have met its match.

Sailor’s Hospital at 505 Dongchangzhi Lu across the street from the complex. Above the archways of the derelict, yet still striking Art Deco building, originally built as the Lester School and Technical Institute in 1934 one can see what appears to be the old seal of the school.

OF TEMPLES AND MEMORIALS Longhua Road Station Line 11 With the completion of the Longhua Road Station on Line 11, two of Shanghai's most intriguing tourist attractions will

Built around a 140,000 sqm lake, Changfeng Park offers a comfortable way to while away the afternoon or go for a jog around the lake – perfect with summer just around the corner. Those looking to take to the water can rent automatic four person boats (RMB 60/hour, RMB 100 deposit) to putter around. A short climb to the top of the wooded Tiebi Hill provides ample shade and a bit of respite from the many that tend to gather near the shore. The presence of couple's names etched into the railings at the top is yet another sign of its relative seclusion. Tucked inside the park's southeast corner, you'll also find much for the kids at the Changfeng Park Aquarium (entry RMB 160), complete with porpoise shows, as well as Disc Kart, one of the city's top quality spots for go-karting (8 min session, RMB 80).

soon be within easy access – the Longhua Temple and the Longhua Martyr's Cemetery. Originally built in the third century, Longhua Temple (entry RMB 10) has undergone a series of reconstructions over the years, its most recent being in 1954. Inside the temple through the waft of burning incense that greets you on a busy day, be sure to head for the Maitreya Hall (Mile Dian) and its 500 luohan, or Buddhist wise men. In the square out front of the temple, you won't be able to miss the Longhua Pagoda. In order to protect its 10th century foundations, you won't be able to go inside it, but it makes for a good photo-op nonetheless. Housed in what was once a peach orchard for Longhua Temple, the Longhua Martyr's Cemetery is notable for its grand institutional architecture and statues dedicated to those that died for the Communist Party on the site. In the back, you'll also find the jail where Communist prisoners were once housed by the Kuomintang. There's an eerie silence to the place that can't help but conjure up darker times in China's past. - Become a Talk Insider!

April12  ShanghaiTalk




Hey Kerry Allen


(Shanghai) Spender…

It was recently reported in The Economist in a worldwide cost of living survey, that Shanghai is now a more expensive city to live than New York, ranking 42nd, with the Big Apple bringing up the rear in 47th. Disposable income in urban areas has seen a 37-fold increase since the late 1970s, and the spending power of Shanghai locals has never been more fierce. A new crowd of wealthy Shanghainese are emerging, and these big rollers are setting the pace for a more commercial and cosmopolitan Shanghai than we’ve ever


n a city with GDP per capita of RMB 82,960 (US$ 12,784) and a ‘Very High’ HDI (Human Development Index) ranking, the standard of living statistics for Shanghai makes it the most enviable city to live in China, and soon, quite possibly, the world. By 2020 Shanghai’s economy is expected to expand five-fold to become the richest economic region across the globe, and efforts are being developed across the city all the time to make this goal a reality. This is no more significant than in the financial sector, where 133 companies in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock market last year reached total revenue of RMB 162,331 billion, with 13.9 billion in net profits and an astounding 64.3% yearly growth. Fang Xinghai, Director of the Shanghai Financial Service Office, says that by 2020, Shanghai will be an "international financial centre in tandem with the national economic strength and the international status of the renminbi," and as a result, more and more fresh graduates are looking to secure a career in finance, where a lot of the big money-making opportunities lie.

But this just accounts for some of those who are fast on their way to making the big bucks in China’s most cosmopolitan region. Business travellers, workers in the food and beverage industry, young investors and entrepreneurs are currently dominating the luxury scene, and putting down a tab of a thousand on one meal, or several on a night out, without so much as a second thought. Consequently, luxury business industries, particularly the car industry, have exploded in the last few years, with an estimated 8.2% rise year upon year in luxury spending within the mainland. It is estimated that some 132,000 Shanghainese have a personal wealth of RMB 10 million (US$ 1.54 million) or more, and that a surge in the buying of fine wines and classic Chinese art is becoming more prevalent. The average age of the Shanghai

12 ShanghaiTalk 

April12 - Become a Talk Insider!

What the Wealthy Want

millionaire, which is 39, is also 15 years younger than the average Westerner. 30% of those are female. “Shanghai's rapid economic development and exploding real estate market has created a situation where 1 in every 175 people in Shanghai is a millionaire," said Rupert Hoogewerf, the chairman and chief researcher of the Hurun Report. And that figure only looks to rise. In a city like Shanghai, it’s often difficult for businesses to keep up with the growing spending power of these emerging entrepreneurs and wealthy locals. However one such business that has continued to be successful in Shanghai over the last seven years is Bar Rouge, which underwent an image revamp in February to keep itself fresh for the wealthy crowds it often attracts at the weekends. Antoine Pernet, Director, says that in order to remain competitive, staff in nightclubs like Rouge need to be conscious of who to look out for as the big spenders in town. “Our doorwoman and reservation manager, as much as the global management (service, floor, bar) are trained to identify watches, luxury bags, attitude and clothing. Numbers of big sales are done by a quick identification at the door.”

representing the global luxury travel community agrees. “The new generation of Asia-Pacific luxury travellers is defining the future. The young Chinese luxury traveller appears to be following the Western trend of ‘spending for experiences’ in their travel preferences.” And the numbers only keep on growing. “The world is preparing for 100 million outbound travellers from mainland China in 2020.” Another trend that’s seen an explosion of interest in very recent years is in luxury yacht ownership. At Shanghai Double Happiness Shipyard, currently, there are 200 workers making 20 boats a year, and even then, that figure might be too small for this exploding market. The post show report of the 2011 China (Shanghai) International Boat Show saw a sale of over 50 luxury yachts, and a turnover of RMB 1 billion (US$ 153m), the highest recorded in China. “The new generation of wealthy Chinese consumers loves boating and private jets,” said Pierre Gervois, CEO of China Elite Focus, a specialised agency for VIP events targeting wealthy Chinese travellers, and as such, Double Happiness is just one of many companies looking to meet the increased demand. It is expected that by 2015, there will be 10,000 luxury yacht owners across China.

Hotels & Holiday Destinations

Best Shanghai Hotel: Pudong Shangri-La Best Domestic Destination: Sanya Best International Holiday Destination: France

Cars & Yachts

Best Super Luxury Car for Self-Drive: Bentley Best Super Luxury Car for Business Use: Rolls-Royce Best Luxury Car For Business Use: BMW Best Luxury Car For Self-Drive: BMW Best Sports Car: Ferrari Best Luxury Yacht Brand: Azimut Best Super Luxury Yacht Brand: Riva

Fashion & Accessories

Best Luxury Jewellery Brand: Cartier Best Writing Instrument: Montblanc Best Luxury Fashion Label for Men: Giorgio Armani Best Luxury Fashion Label for Women: Chanel

Drinks & Cigars

Best Cognac: Hennessy Best Whisky: Chivas Best Champagne: Moët & Chandon Best Chinese Liquor: Wuliangye Best Cigar: Davidoff

When asked how much the wealthy will normally spend in a night he cites RMB 700 as the price visitors will put down on a table, but points to those who seek the VIP treatment in town as the real money burners. “The Dom Perignon VIP area, which is 3 floors high overwatching the crowd, the DJ, and a dancing podium is where those who make the big bucks will come to show off. Here there’s a RMB 12,000 minimum spend.”

Auction Houses, Private Clubs and Golf Clubs

Best Auction House: Christie's Best Private Club: Shanghai American Club Best Private Club in Shanghai: Shanghai American Club Best Golf Course in Shanghai: Tomson Golf

Luxury travelling has also seen an influx in recent years, and is an area that is expected to skyrocket in Shanghai over the next few years, with more and more services catering for the upper-middle class. It is reported that the average Chinese national visiting London will spend an average of £1,058 (RMB 10,528) on a single spending spree, accounting for nearly a third of all luxury shoppers in the British city. Likewise, in the US, Chinese visitors’ spending has seen a 30% increase, with total expenditure according the USA Today anticipated at somewhere in the US$ 5 billion bracket. "It's astonishing," says Fred Dixon, NYC & Co.'s senior vice president of tourism and convention development. "It's one of the powerhouse markets."

With such an influx of expenditure going into the luxury market, it’s no surprise that we’re now having to pay more for taxis to get around Shanghai, that our supermarket spending is becoming more comparable to what we’d spend in the West, and that real estate within wealthy Gubei and Pudong, as well as central regions like Xintiandi, have skyrocketed. In 2011, the average price per square metre for a new residential apartment was estimated at RMB 22,432 (US$3,532).

Alison Gilmore, exhibition director for the International Luxury Travel Market (ILTM) Asia, a leading group in

So open that bottle of Moët & Chandon and indulge. You’re living in the new ‘Upper East Side,’ sweetie. - Become a Talk Insider!

The Hurun Report 2012 surveyed 600 millionaires in mainland China with more than RMB 10 million in personal wealth and turned out some interesting results in terms of what Shanghai’s rich and famous like to buy. We were particularly surprised about the success of Nokia…

Mobile Phone

Best Mobile Phone: Nokia


Best Online News: Sina Best Business Daily Newspaper: China Business News


Preferred Hobby: Travel

April12  ShanghaiTalk




what’sHOTwhat’sCOOL Melissa K Trias

Feathery Friend

With feather accents showing up everywhere these days, a cool headband from Hanalyn would be a smart purchase for any savvy fashionista. RMB 90. Hanalyn, available at Caiwei Vintage. No.11, Lane 210, Taikang Lu. Tel: 135 6470 0584.

Secret Scent

Channel the sexy vamp within you with Tom Ford’s deeply sensual Black Violet eau de parfum. The keen combination of wood and oak moss notes are intoxicatingly alluring. Use responsibly. RMB 2,280. Tom Ford. Suite A04, 1376 Nanjing Xi Lu. Tel: 6279 8388.

Flip Reverse It

As fashion moves in waves, it can get a bit pricy trying to keep up with the latest trends. Thankfully this reversible top by Finch Clothing can help alleviate that problem, acting as a two-for-one. Wear the printed side for April, solid side for May. Now isn’t that smart? RMB 420. Finch Clothing. Available at William the Beekeeper. 84 Fenyang Lu, near Fuxing Lu. Tel: 138 1809 3796

Cosmic Girl

Trying to find something quirky and otherworldly? These earrings, which remind us of the planet Mars in orbit, could very well fit that description. RMB 188. CuKimber. Available at Hummingbird Boutique. 141 Fuxing Xi Lu, near Yongfu Lu. Tel: 150 2183 1781

Pretty Little Thing

Treat yourself with a dainty ring from Alice Jewelry. The gems come in a variety of lush colours that you can match with you favourite spring outfit. RMB 3,280 – 4,280. Alice Jewelry Art Lifestyle. 824 Julu Lu, near Changshu Lu. Tel: 5234 1305.

Precious Prints

Preserve a memory of your little one forever by having your baby’s fingerprints made into cufflinks. Small Print specialises in making personalised accessories like these and more. RMB 980. Small Print. Available by appointment only. Tel: 138 1631 8734. Email:

Cake On Your Face

The winter in Shanghai has been relentlessly harsh. Show your skin some love with this Elemental Herbology Biodynamic Facial Soufflé Intensive Hydration and Repair mask. It’ll soothe, plump, hydrate and repair your dry skin and leave it kissably glowing - just in time for spring. RMB 1,350. Elemental Herbology. Available at Qin the Spa in the Four Seasons Hotel, Puxi. 500 Weihai Lu, near Shimen Yi Lu. Tel: 6256 8888 x 1880

Blocked Out

Hooded Up

Up your style factor with this edgy ‘hoodie-scarf ’ from Frau Ana. The contrasting sides of print versus solid color make this piece money. RMB 399. Frau Ana. Available at Fusion Fashion, Puxi Shop. 272 Julu Lu, near Maoming Nan Lu. Tel: 186 1678 5731

14 ShanghaiTalk 


Solid colour dresses are all the rage this season. This vibrant piece from D.I.S Shanghai hugs it all in. Très chic! RMB 650. D.I.S Shanghai, Available at Pudong Shop. 616 Biyun Lu, near Lan’an Lu. Tel: 6105 9433 - Become a Talk Insider!



GADGETS& Tom Mangione

Microcomputer, micro-priced

Imagine having a portable credit card-sized computer capable of plugging into a TV. Now imagine it only costs US$25 (RMB 158). It’s not science fiction, it’s Raspberry Pi. Founded in 2006, in the UK as a charity to help “kids all over the world learn programming”, the organisation’s latest toy, Model B has 256MB RAM, 2 USB ports, an Ethernet port as well as a built-in SD card and both HDMI and RCA video/audio support. It’s a product sure to let everyone “take a byte” out of the micro-computing revolution. Price: RMB 158. Web:

Radio (Shower) Head

Shower radios aren’t a new fad, but a shower radio powered by the shower itself is. The H₂0 Shower Radio uses the flow of the water as it travels to the showerhead to power an FM radio. Just screw it into your shower faucet, and off you go; now you can do your best rendition of Lady Gaga in private – green and guilt-free.

Extra Toppings

No matter how you slice it, the idea of grilling up your own pizza at home is a good one. Although short of investing thousands in a wood-fired grill, this idea has remained but a pie in the sky – until now. The Kettlepizza fits on top of a simple kettle charcoal grill to let you make your own crusty creations. And with its built-in thermometre, it’s a gadget that’s more than just half-baked.

Price: RMB 248. Web: www.waterpowerradio. com

Price: RMB 821. Web:

Pad Launch


Interested in taking pictures of sharks in the briny deep? Snapping shots at the South Pole in the dead of winter? Documenting your tour of a magnet factory? All these are possibilities now with the Samsung 8GB SD Card MBSP8GA. Water proof, shock proof and magnet proof, throwing one of these trusty cards in your camera when out on a snapping session will ensure that all of your images stay safe.

After months of rumours, the world’s premier technology company Apple finally launched their latest iPad product last month. Eschewing a penchant for number suffixes, Apple has settled for dubbing its newest product the “new iPad”. The new ’Pad comes complete with an astonishing 2,048 x 1,536 resolution display, voice dictation (no Siri!), as well as updates to a variety of in-phone applications. Unfortunately, you’ll have to go to Hong Kong to buy one, the release date in China is yet to be confirmed. Price: RMB 3,152. Web:

Price: RMB 189. Web:

Photography’s New Focus

Traditionally one of the most difficult and essential parts of photography has been deciding how to focus a shot – no longer. The Lytro camera allows you to take pictures that capture an entire field of light, not just a single plane like conventional cameras. The result is that you can focus and refocus your pictures after you take them. It’s like looking at a scene all over again with your own eyes. Price: RMB 399. Web:

Balancing Act

Focus Designs’ SBU (Self Balancing Unicycle) aims to take unicycles out of the circus sideshow and put them on the streets. Whilst learning to ride this particular contraption takes some practice, the battery powered balancing system makes riding an SBU easier than your average unicycle. It also allows the SBU to travel up to 15 miles (25km) per hour and up to 10 miles (16km) per charge. Ladies and gentlemen, start balancing!

App of the Month: Drop Out With Angry Birds has come a wave of ‘physics’ games where gamers use their intuitive knowledge of trajectories to whack cute objects with even cuter projectiles. Drop Out is the genre’s newest, substituting space-aged, anthropomorphic furry blocks for birds. However, the app proves more challenging, measuring the velocity of shots by how quickly the player swipes. Fans will undoubtedly drop everything as they attempt to master it. Price: RMB 6. Available online at the Apple App store ( id489900074?mt=8).

Price: RMB 11,336. Web: - Become a Talk Insider!

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Nurse Mary: Clever Calorie Counting Mary A Drobnak RN, BSN, MSN Ed

Every month, Nurse Mary offers her advice on how you can do your best to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


pring is officially here and with it comes warmer weather. This means we can no longer hide behind our bulky winter sweaters and multiple layers of clothing. Unfortunately, cold weather can be our enemy sometimes as our hibernating instincts tell us to move less and eat more. In fact, winter weight gain isn’t just an urban myth; according to scientists, it’s driven by biology and fuelled by mood. Some doctors even believe that we’re genetically programmed to gain weight when it gets cold, holding on to extra weight to keep us warm! Many moons ago our ancestors depended on extra weight because it was vital for survival, with scientists arguing that the extra weight/fat provided not only protection from the cold but also sustained life in the late winter and early spring when food supplies were historically very low. Today of course, winter weight gain is more likely due to freezing temperatures forcing us inside where we find solace in the warmth, and bulk or comfort foods! Don’t dwell on it though; winter weight gain gets the best of us. In fact, according to a lot of current literature, most of us gain between three and four pounds during the winter months (sometimes more), despite our best efforts. So spring is the time many of us set out to combat winter weight gain. According to the yearly trend reported by doctors and health experts, many people will begin spring exercise regimes this time of year in a quest to get fit for the summer. Yet, the other trend that they report is that many people do not stick with the program: the fact is that the many who do not see immediate results from their workout efforts, slowly stop partaking and simply… give up! Doctors state there is a very good reason that there are no immediate results from exercising; because many people don’t do one very important thing: change their

16 ShanghaiTalk 


eating habits too! Weight loss studies carried out by health scientists have proven that exercise alone does not shed pounds off the average overweight person. Exercise alone will not burn off the results of excess calorie intake (= over eating and eating unhealthy fat and high calorie foods). Scientific research has continually proven over the years that greater weight loss results are seen with dietary and nutrition changes; not exercise alone. Additionally there is a myth that if you exercise, you can eat whatever you want because your body ‘needs it’ and will burn it off. This is not the case at all! Your body needs to burn the basic needed calories you intake everyday to keep you balanced, but if you keep consuming more calories than your body burns off it will simply keep storing them, resulting in your maintaining that excess weight or gaining a few pounds. So, what can be done about this? Losing extra weight needs to begin with monitoring what goes in. We need to decrease unnecessary calories as well as replace fatty calories with low-calorie, healthy foods if we want to see results. When extra calories are decreased your body stops ‘storing’ them as extra pounds and your body is able to start turning excess weight into energy for you to use and lose. Unfortunately, even more healthy foods add up when we overindulge in them (think portions)! So start by consciously subtracting unnecessary calories every day. You know what they are - the chocolate bar that you “had to have”, a second helping you didn’t need and that 600+ calorie Mocha Frappuccino you could have done without. Many people also forget to account for liquid calories found in natural fruit juices, milkshakes and alcohol! By switching to water, which has no calories and is a great tummy filler, you can equally enjoy an appealing drink by adding mint, lemon or lime!

Bottom line: If you want to lose that excess winter weight faster, start by decreasing your excess calorie intake, make healthier food choices and then start a basic and simple exercise regime that will complement it and result in visible weight loss. Combining good dietary habits with

exercise is the fastest and healthiest way to see the results you desire! Just remember exercise alone is not the answer. Eat smart and stay fit! Send Nurse Mary your health questions and concerns at

A few tips on counting calories… Most people don’t know the first thing about how many calories are in the foods they eat. However, a necessary evil is that you take responsibility for what goes into your body. On average the maximum recommended daily calorie intake for women is 2000 calories and 2500 calories for men, however the general recommended daily calorie intake will depend on age, weight, height and activity level. There are a plethora of reputable internet sites that will help you gauge what your

recommended calorie intake is for a day given your height, weight, age and activity level. Alternatively, seek assistance from a nutritionist, doctor or trainer. The Internet is also a great resource for learning what foods are fat burning (proteins) and what foods simply pack on the pounds. Remember, we retain and gain weight because our body is unable to burn as much as we consume. By understanding what our body is able to burn daily and not over consume, you should take steps towards finding out your ideal calorie intake and take reasonable measures to stay within its limits. - Become a Talk Insider!



Zen Massage in Tianzifang


Kerry Allen

Nick Korjov

What: Zen Signature Massage Where: Building 6, Lane 210, Taikang Lu, near Sinan Lu. Tel: 5408 1566. Web: Why: A classic, affordable massage in a prime location How Much: RMB 398

What: Signature Royal APSARA Massage (60 min), Timeless Rejuvenation Facial Renewal (75 min) Where: 457 Shanxi Nan Lu, near Beijing Xi Lu. Why: Rejuvenate your skin’s youthfulness in time for spring How much: RMB 280 and RMB 440 respectively The philosophy at APSARA is to create a more balanced lifestyle for those caught up in the hustle and bustle of the Shanghai metropolis. As such, you find yourself a world away from the daily chaos in this Jing’an spa; transported instead – metaphorically speaking - to a tranquil Cambodian retreat within its natural wood and exotic leaf enclosure. For my massage, the Signature Royal, I was offered a choice of three unique blends of organic oils. The massage itself was a

combination of Cambodian and Swedish techniques, the result being that I anticipated the pressure of the massage being relatively strong. My masseuse however, was careful to check the intensity, before beginning with a deep tissue spine massage, to reduce aches and pains and alleviate stress. It turns out it was precisely what I needed, and whether it was the lemongrass fragrance, heated massage table, skillful technique of my masseuse or a combination of all three, I was able to completely and utterly unwind. After the massage, I tried the Time Rejuvenation facial. Truth be told, it was my first experience with facial creams and facial masks, and with my beard, I felt like Mel Gibson in the movie What Women Want. Nevertheless the blend of ginseng, raspberry and rose extract creams resulted in my having an unabashedly pleasant experience, and on leaving the spa, I felt younger, fresher and livelier. - Become a Talk Insider!

Since the success of its first spa in the former French Concession (Lane 210, Wuyuan Lu, near Wulumuqi Nan Lu), Zen has gone from strength to strength, and extended its reach to a second, larger location in Tianzifang. Hidden down one of the many alleys of this popular tourist destination, Zen’s new spa - which is currently the only spa in Tianzifang - is initially quite difficult to find, but a treasure trove away from the hustle and bustle of the busy Shanghai streets. Specialising in oil massages, you are given a choice from eight different blended oils from which to choose, the effects Courtesy of Justin Parsons of which can help relieve stress, moisturise dry skin or act against insomnia. With calming water features and relaxing The masseuse base for Zen is small, guzheng music adorning its surroundings, but with all the staff having undergone this is a classic and affordable choice, a nice a 3 month training course, you know place to bring visiting family after a day’s you’re in safe, qualified hands. During shopping in the nearby trinket streets. With the Zen Signature Massage that I chose an additional treat being nail treatments, - a 90 minute full body oil massage - the currently unavailable in its flagship masseuse was firm and attentive, but location, Zen Massage in Tianzifang offers careful to check that the applied pressure a nice additional package for ladies on an was not too strong. afternoon out with their friends.

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The Night Market: Sellers of the Night Melissa K Trias


he night market is a common tourist attraction for many surrounding Asian countries, with vendors lining the street to sell a selection of goods, including watches, bags and sunglasses. But in the city of Shanghai, where temperatures dip down into the minuses in winter, it’s taken a while to take off. A cosmopolitan city where Louis Vuitton and Gucci dominate the commercial shopping experience, the night market has long been seen as a rather exotic concept of Bohemian roots. But that’s not to say it’s not there: it’s just that not many people have known where to find it. The answer lies at Dada, where owner Michael Ohlsson, brought the concept inside in 2010, effectively launching the first Shanghai night market event. The thought of bringing together the collective talents of up and coming fashion designers seemed like a natural idea in Shanghai’s pop culture scene, and the fact that no one else had started an event like it signalled the green light for Ohlsson to make it happen. As the owner of a bar, Ohlsson was able to use his venue to (literally) set up shop while friends and colleagues, DJ Sacco and Sophia Wang took charge of organising the vendors to feature. As Ohlsson remembers it, “Back in the day, DJ Sacco had already been involved in our “Wednesday Weekly” night, playing music from 60s rock and soul. Sophia, my friend, was into collecting and selling vintage clothing, so putting it all together seemed like a good match. We wanted to

do more than just have another bar night; we wanted to mix in some culture, some community, while also educating the younger generation about this seminal music and fashion era.” The project, was further developed by fashionably smart shopper Sandy Chu, who is now the current host and organiser of the night market. She was a fan of the project from the beginning and believed it had the potential to be something great. “I saw that Dada had had a few night market events before, but they weren’t held on a consistent basis. As a fashion enthusiast, I really craved a fun and alternative shopping experience that occurred more frequently. After thinking about it for a while, it dawned on me that maybe I could ask to be involved.” She then inquired about an open position to Ohlsson and was eventually granted the responsibility of organising the entire event. “She showed great promise through her popular fashion blog [http://www.shanghaistyle.onsugar. com]. I admired her unwavering persistence and precocious talent for event management, so bringing her onboard wasn’t even a question. Because of her, the night market is on a whole other level. The variety of participants that she has brought in has made Dada very proud,” says Ohlsson. With Chu as the host, the night market has since increase its vendor participants from four to ten, in addition to taking on a stronger organisational flow. It’s up to Chu to find and book vendors, promote the Night Market to English language media and manage the layout of the tables to ensure that the night runs smoothly. “I host one night market a month, usually around the second or third Wednesday. It starts at 8pm and goes on until 12am. On average, I invite nine to ten different businesses so that less-known talents get a fair chance to display their merchandise and gain a higher following of customers.”

In order to minimise competitiveness between vendors, Chu selects only one business from each of the following categories: food, accessories, jewellery, clothing, vintage, skincare and menswear. “I try to make an interesting mix for visitors. Vendors are not selected according to my taste, but instead are chosen for the kind of products that the brand offers.” The youth, making up the vast majority of the Night Market’s visitors, has come to embrace Chu’s astute business logic. Rather than being overwhelmed by a conglomerate of store merchandise and salesmen competing for profits, shoppers are able to experience the overall culture of the Night Market, often revelling in the opportunity to converse with vendors about their business, as well as being educated about what’s out there. Many fashionistas peruse the bazaar-like ambiance in search of new and unique treasures that cost anywhere from RMB 10 to RMB 1,000, while also gaining insight into the latest fashion trends. “I often see a good handful of people I recognise from the fashion circuit; usually a few designers show up as well just to see the turn-out,” says Chu. Vendor feedback has been equally positive in regards to the Night Market’s ability to increase brand awareness for start-up companies. Gene Contreras, the Creative Director and Sales Manager of Operation Chiin Chilla, which designs customised apparel, sees his upcoming April appearance in the Night Market to be a fun way of displaying the brand’s goods. “If we had found out about the Night Market before, we would have tried to be part of it every month. Shanghai has a ‘no rules’ approach to fashion exploration, which is an exciting trait. Like our brand, Shanghai thrives on connecting to the current music scene.” Cécile Cavoizy, the Program Manager of Shanghai Young Bakers, is one of the vendors who will be participating in the April night market, and expresses her enthusiasm towards being a part of the project. “We will be the only food vendors at the market, which is great because it allows us to promote our charity. What we do is give disadvantaged students the opportunity to become professional bakers, so all of our focus is put on making ends meet..” With a strong flow of visitors numbering around a couple of hundred (as long as it’s not raining outside) and a growing list of anxious businesses waiting to be featured to boot, it’s clear that expectations for the Night Market are on the rise. “In the future, we’d like to see more of a variety of local crafts and fashion brands participate. So far, the majority of participants have really benefitted by getting their brand out there and earning a lot in sales on the actual night,” says Ohlsson. “If we could accommodate three or four more vendors, that would be awesome,” says Chu, “But until then I can wait. I don’t want it to start feeling like a tin of sardines in there.” Dada Night Market. Wednesday 18 April from 8pm – 12am. 115 Xingfu Lu, near Fahuazhen Lu. Tel: 150 0018 2212

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Where to buy… Organisers

Model Home

Melissa K Trias


he old adage that reads “Time is precious,” holds its fair amount of validity. After all, killing time has a tendency to murder once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, so it would be wise to make use of every given day. But never fear! Shanghai is chock-full of schedule diaries to help get you on top of your game, whether that pertains to your social life, your travel life or your work life. No challenge is too hard to tackle, no goal is impossible to achieve. So go on, get out there, get organised and own the day!

Moleskine Weekly Diary/ Planner 2012 RMB 231 Available at Boocup in Citic Square on Nanjing Xi Lu. This legendary brand of notebooks, coveted by artists and intellectuals for its durability and high quality control standards alike, will hold all your notes, appointments and reminders neatly inside its signature black cover.

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Midori Traveller’s Notebook 2012 Diary Guide RMB 130 Available at C!ty Super in ifc Mall, Lujiazui. Record your travel adventures in this handy-dandy traveller’s diary guide. Made especially for the frequent flyer, hiker, sightseer and tourist you’ll be able to keep all your memories in one spot.

T Muji Organiser RMB 41 Available at Muji in Metro City in Xujiahui. Sometimes the most simple item is all you need to get the job done. No flashy brand name, no pictures, no distractions. It’s your daily planner, not your iPhone, so let’s keep it basic.

he Rockbund Art museum is showcasing an exhibition focused on architectural space and cultural symbolism, running until 3 June that sees collaboration efforts between Chinese artist Michael Lin, and Japanese architectural firm Atelier Bow-Wow in bringing together building workers, furniture makers and musicians, video artist and urban study researchers based in Shanghai. The exhibition includes paintings, sculptures and installations, with inspiration from the Bauhaus manifesto, and hopes to raise the debate about modes of production and social practise of art, the relationship between site specificity and the cultural landscape of its given locale. Model Home Exhibition, Rockbund Art Museum. 20 Huqiu Lu, near Beijing Dong Lu. Tel: 3310 9985. Web: www. - Become a Talk Insider!



Bowling Over for a Good Cause Albert Chang - BEAN

Disabled people often feel insecure about taking part in physical activities… but BEAN helps build confidence with a day out at the bowling alley!


eople often ask me what BEAN is. BEAN is a nonprofit organisation made up largely of young professionals who want to do more to help the community, rather than just spend their time watching DVDs and partying at clubs. Members in Shanghai often express a strong desire to give back to a city that has given them so much. As a result, BEAN holds volunteer events every weekend that focus around five charitable groups: migrant schools, orphanages, disabled adults, elder care homes and an animal shelter. For the past two years, I have served as BEAN’s Project Director for the Sunshine Disabled Home in Jing’an District. The Sunshine Home is a city-run facility where disabled adults in the immediate neighbourhood can receive education and recreation services while their families or carers are away during the day. Every month BEAN visits the Sunshine facility to hold activities that improve the motor and social skills of our disabled friends, or ‘Sunshiners’. Previous events have included: learning to wrap dumplings, making tie-dyed shirts, an outdoor picnic at Century Park, making Christmas ornaments, tug of war contests, and a visit to the Shanghai World Expo in 2010. Bowling is a relatively new activity to BEAN, but one that has proven extremely popular. Going back to last June, in lieu of a rained out picnic, we decided to take the Sunshiners bowling for the first time and it was an event that the Sunshiners continued to rave about for the rest of the year. For - Become a Talk Insider!

many of the disabled adults ranging from those in their 20s to well into their 50s, this was the first time they had experienced bowling, largely because of their lacking confidence, or simply not having access to the facilities. BEAN was offering something out of norm that could not be found in many of our disabled friends’ immediate neighbourhoods, which often becomes the ‘centre of their world’. As a result, in late February, BEAN planned another bowling excursion to the Pine City Hotel bowling alley in Xuhui, with the Sunshine Disabled Home. The Sunshiners promptly arrived at 1.45pm and after a short event overview, we were under way. Bowling is a fantastic and exciting way to meet the criteria that we set for each BEAN event with the Sunshine Home: to inspire, make our disabled friends believe in themselves and most importantly, realise their potential. Holding the ball, aiming where you want the ball to go and then finally releasing the ball requires a certain amount of hand-eye coordination, skills that with a series of aids such as the bowling bumpers, make the possibilities real for the disabled. Our volunteers provided encouragement and advice in building the Sunshiners confidence throughout the day, and the effects were noticeable with smiling faces all round, and several high fives. “Overall it was a great experience and a well-run event. I love spending time with the Sunshiners ,” expressed Amanda

Ou, a long-time BEAN volunteer. “We have been hanging out with them for three years now and it feels like spending time with old friends. Seeing how happy they are inspires everyone at BEAN to continue our efforts in improving this community.” After nearly 90 minutes of bowling frenzy, both the Sunshiners and BEAN volunteers were wiped out. There were a few more strikes compared to last year, but most importantly everyone had fun. “We are so thankful and appreciative to the BEAN members,” said one of the young adult participants, who asked for their name not to be disclosed. “We look forward to spending time with BEAN as we know that with each event we will continue having fun and learning more about what we can achieve at the same time.” BEAN holds events once every two months with the Sunshine Disabled Home. For more information about how to get involved in BEAN Shanghai volunteer events, visit shanghai. or email Photos courtesy of Rebecca Siegel

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Local Talk: Liz Grabenstein

nill style Café Cutting across both Xuhui and Changning districts, Tai’an Lu showcases some unique shops and cafés that have the characteristic ‘concession’ charm, without the negative impact on your wallet. From its humble beginning at Wukang Lu, to its exit on the major thoroughfare of Huashan Lu, Tai’an Lu offers three quiet blocks of apartments, cafés and shops that make for a lovely stroll on a sunny afternoon.

A bit of a misnomer since they don’t offer any refreshments, this tiny space is nevertheless worth trawling for the trinkets and the other oddities it sells, designed to give your home a ‘country feel’. Many of the items unfortunately succumb to typical “made (and designed) in China” spelling mistakes and nonsense sentences. You can still however pick out some rare treasures amongst the pencil cases and pouches touting the Tour Eiffel, decoupage note cards, and small jewellery chests. 43 Tai’an Lu, near Wukang Lu

Courtesy of Arnd Dewald

Courtesy of Arnd Dewald

DAGA Café This new kid on the block has been open since the beginning of February and with its charming, cosy interior, has the potential to become the new local. The service is second to none, with kind and attentive staff, and a brilliant menu (offering pastas, salads, risottos and some seriously delicious smoothies) to boot. Take advantage of the free WiFi and come with your laptop for a quiet work session and a pot of one of their teas (RMB 35) and you will be tempted to stay for a signature pear and ginger martini (RMB 48) after the sun goes down.

aroom Tucked down a quiet lane, this café isn’t a place you’re likely to simply stumble upon. Boasting an array of knick-knacks collected by Shanghainese owners that range from post cards to old cameras, there is a homely feeling to aroom that makes you feel as though you’re stepping into your friends slightly cluttered living room. Everything that’s for sale is tastefully noted so as not to deter from the charm. Have a look at the selection of local books and stay for a coffee or lime soda. 120 Tai’an Lu, Building 15, near Xingguo Lu

36 Tai’an Lu, near Wukang Lu

Le Petit Saleya


The younger sister to Le Saleya on Changle Lu, this French eatery is still pretty new, taking over the space formerly occupied by Adobo Latin Flavor last year. Simple Southern French fare is the name of the game here and the menu is an abridged version of the original, offering a selection of main courses such as grilled salmon, duck breast and roast spring chicken for RMB 88,along with some sweet treats, most noteably the lemon tart with meringue (RMB 58).

This adorable boutique by French designer Hélène Meunier offers both new and unique colourful pieces, as well as a vintage corner with some real gems. There are designs for both men and women ranging from new shirts (from RMB 300) to a nice selection of vintage accessories, such as leather purses (RMB 900) or funky wellington boots (RMB 200). Still, it’s the box of vintage ties by YSL, Dior and others that are a steal (if they’re real!) at 50RMB a pop. 29 Tai’an Lu, near Wukang Lu

Un Paysage

Courtesy of Liz Grabenstein

This Taiwanese furniture store relocated from Fenyang Lu a couple of years ago and offers a mélange of furniture and home décor from Taiwan, Germany and Japan. The owner is Taiwanese and has built up a collection of vintage furniture dating as far back as the 1930s. You can pick out flatware, vintage cushions, a cast iron teakettle and other curiosities that aren’t exactly a steal, but we can guarantee no one else will have exactly the same ones, the designs in Un Paysage are pretty unique.

139 Tai’an Lu near Huashan Lu

Helen Massage Offering four varieties of aromatherapy massage with imported German oils as well as a combination of foot and body massages (from RMB 138), Helen Massage is an affordable choice to spend an hour or so, and have those kinks and knots massaged away. They also offer four kinds of traditional Chinese massages including foot reflexology (from RMB 98). 133 Tai'an Lu, near Xingguo Lu

33 Tai’an Lu, near Wukang Lu

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Qingming Jie: Remembering the Ancestors Nick Korjov

I can’t describe myself as an inveterate tombstone tourist or a ‘taphophile’. I don’t have a strong passion to visit cemeteries for my own amusement or in search of the graves of famous people. But as Qingming Jie approaches, I find myself at Songheyuan, one of the biggest cemeteries in Shanghai, looking for the answers I seek to understanding what Qingming Jie, or Tomb Sweeping Day, really is. And who can tell more about rituals, ghost money and tomb sweeping than a cemetery worker? - Become a Talk Insider!


ingming Jie, also known as Ancestors Day or Tomb Sweeping Day, is one of the most important holidays in Chinese culture. Usually, Chinese people don’t visit their parents’ or relatives’ graves regularly, but they go to the cemetery at least once a year; often, as a rule, on 4-6 April of the Gregorian calendar when Qingming Jie is celebrated. Qingming jie has a long history, and has been in Chinese tradition for over 2,500 years. It is a festival that is taken very seriously in China, as well as in countries with overseas Chinese communities, such as Malaysia and Singapore. “On the graves we [Chinese] leave things that the person liked most of all in their life: flowers, baijiu, cigarettes, their favourite food. We also burn mingbi (joss paper or ghost money which can be bought at many street vendors in late March) for those who have passed away,” says Cun Ming. “A pack of it costs around RMB 10.” Cun Ming is a cemetery worker at Songheyuan, which is one of the biggest graveyards in Shanghai, located close to the Shanghai International Race Circuit. When asked why people burn mingbi, he smiles, as if the answer is obvious. “Money, ‘there’, they need that too . “We usually go to the cemetery early in the morning, spend at least a couple of hours sweeping and cleaning the tombs, because this ritual makes us closer to our relatives.

Sometimes we even talk to them”, he continues. “The weather during Qingming Jie often is good, and so after the morning rituals, we normally walk in a nearby park and then go home to have a meal with family.” Regarding food, many Chinese people only allow themselves to eat cold dishes on the days of Qingming Jie days, not hot food. And the most common meal is Qingtuan, a traditional Chinese dish. Qingtuan is green in colour, looks like rice balls and is made of rice flour and wormwood juice, usually filled with red bean paste. Qingming Jie is a strong reflection of how much Chinese people care about their history, but is also an integral part of history that has been incorporated into modern culture, the most striking example is of course Zhang Zeduan’s Song Dynasty masterpiece Along The River During Qingming Jie (1085 – 1145AD). To understand more about Qingming Jie, there are a variety of books available at the Shanghai Foreign Languages Bookstore, 390 Fuzhou Lu, near Shaanxi Nan Lu. Alternatively, visit the Shanghai World Expo site and see ‘The Scroll’, a 128m long and 6.5m high 3D animation of Zhang Zeduan’s ancient painting.

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Administrating Excellence Kerry Allen


ttending an international school can be a daunting process, as much so for the students as for their parents, who have the additional concern of worrying about how their child will adjust to a different culture, as well as a new school. And for the many who have these concerns when they bring their children to Yew Chung International School (YCIS), the first person they will come into contact with is Shanghai-born school office administrator Jeanette Zhang. Jeanette has been with YCIS for almost 10 years, and balancing the juggling act of answering queries, providing a personal service towards solving students’ and parents’ problems within 24 hours (is a core policy that YCIS prides itself on) and assisting the co-principal in a secretarial role, her job is a diverse one. But what is clear from the moment you meet her, is that what has kept her in this role for so long, is her particular love of engaging with the little ones, and growing with them in the school. “I feel just like I have a family here,” she says, and reflects on when she first joined YCIS back in 2001, how the students quickly came to call her jiejie – big sister. “Now they call me ayi (auntie),” she laughs. Indeed there is something touchingly motherly about her, and it’s hard not to warm to her within the first few minutes of meeting her, which has made her very good at what she does, and played a large part in YCIS’s decision to recognise her as their school achiever. Gentle and softly spoken, yet with an energy about her that hints at a very youthful sense of humour, it’s easy to see how she engages so well with those who come to her for help. She smiles and speaks enthusiastically about the time she spends with the students, in particular the jokes she’ll often share with pupils when they’re waiting for the school bus at the end of the school day. “We tease each other and share a laugh, it’s great,” she says.

24 ShanghaiTalk 


The result being that YCIS has seen the contribution that Jeanette has made to the school, recognising that more and more students are coming to feel that she is somebody they can warm to and trust. When she first joined in 2001, there were approximately 150 students at the Gubei campus. Now there are over 500. “It’s getting more and more difficult to keep up with everyone’s names,” she laughs. “I’ll find more and more that I’ll suddenly hear a small voice say, 'Jeanette, can you help me?' And I’ll take their hand and show them around, or give them a hug.” Noticeably passionate about her role, and with a confidence in providing strong customer service, taking a leadership role in supporting school assemblies and many of the events that YCIS hosts throughout the year, and yet Jeanette is touchingly modest about the impact she’s had on both parents’ and students’ lives. Despite being awarded Top 10 Excellent Staff in YCIS Shanghai twice in the last 10 years, when asked to recount a particular occasion which stands out in her mind as significant to the excellence in her role, she is at first shy to talk about what she has achieved. “I remember one family with three kids when I first started here. The youngest child was one, and because of that the mother had her concerns, and would often stand outside class in the morning. I invited her in and gave her a cup of coffee, and we spoke for an hour about what I could do to help, and promised to keep an eye on and look after her son. That was 10 years ago, and that student is still here at YCIS, speaking not only Spanish, but Chinese at full first language fluency. Since, the mother has enrolled two more of her children in the school.”

parents who arrive in Shanghai and bring their children to YCIS need information on where to find an ayi, a driver; they come to me with lots of different questions. Being patient, listening carefully to the them, and really understanding their concerns, letting them feel you are someone they can turn to is all part of what I have aimed to achieve in the years that I have been here.” And it’s not hard to see how she has been successful in her role. With strong fluency in English and Mandarin Chinese, Jeanette has been effective in instilling confidence in people from a variety of backgrounds, from the minute they arrive at the school; as a culturally-aware professional who is friendly, sociable, and can offer some of the best advice for navigating a city like Shanghai. The parents leapt at the chance to provide commentary on the role that Jeanette has played in their lives over the years. “I can’t imagine YCIS without Jeanette,” said one moved parent, “She’s like the backbone of the school. I remember when my son fell ill, and Jeanette took him herself to the hospital for me, while I was at work. For the next week, all I heard was, 'Jeanette took care of me,' and I was touched by her efforts towards looking after my son. That’s really something special about Jeanette, that she will always go that extra mile for the students, and that she provides such personal service. She really is a star at the school.” Yew Chung International School, Gubei Campus. 11 Shuicheng Lu, near Hongqiao Lu. Tel: 6242 3243. Web:

Speaking about the particular service she provides to the parents she explains the role that she fulfils in helping them gain confidence in her and the school. “A lot of - Become a Talk Insider!

Education News Shanghai Junior Rugby Finals

Family Calendar 2 - 6 April Young Chefs Cookery Class

Budding chefs aged 6-14 can try their hands at some Easter delights this April, by getting involved in Els’ Kitchen cookery classes, teaching young children how to make mini quiches, quesadillas and Easter cookies and cupcakes.

with a crowd of pickpockets in London. For tickets contact YCIS, all proceeds go to charity.

RMB 50. 11am – 3pm. YCIS Hongqiao Campus, 6242 3243 x 129,

20 April Two Stage Sisters

10am – 4pm. Els’ Kitchen,,

The Shanghai Dance Company teams up with Director Ding Wei to produce a four-act performance of the famous 1965 Chinese film classic, about a poor girl who is sold by her family to a theatrical troupe.

The Shanghai Junior Rugby season came to a finale on Saturday, 3 March, with the Under 13s at Dulwich demonstrating dominance by taking out the final in convincing fashion. The winning team had a strong squad that have been dominant all season.

Maths FOBISSEA at Dulwich

Congratulations to the Mathematics FOBISSEA team who beat off competition from twenty-one other international schools to claim first prize and the title of Mathematics FOBISSEA Champions 2012. The team, comprising Ian Teh, Zoe Soh, Helen Wu, and Zhenghe Xuan, demonstrated superb mathematical skills and excellent collaborative teamwork throughout the competition.

YCIS Charity Gala

The 4th Annual YCIS Charity Gala was held on 3 March at the Hongta Hotel in Pudong. 130 guests revelled in the evening’s “The Rhythm of Carnival” themed events. The Gala was the culmination of fundraising activities arranged by the YCIS Shanghai Parent's Organisation Pudong, which also included a bake sale,and a book sale. A total of RMB 285,000 was raised for Heart to Heart Shanghai, an organisation which provides heart surgeries to low-income Chinese children. - Become a Talk Insider!

8 April AKS Gubei Volleyball Classes

It’s Spring, and therefore the AKS Spring Volleyball Season. The new seven week spring program will teach kids fundamental techniques in playing volleyball as well as skills in teamwork and communication.

10.45am – 1pm. RMB 550. Shanghai Community International School, 6406 6757

RMB 200. 7.30pm. SAS Puxi Campus, 6221 1445 x 2551,

14 April International Family Food Festival

21 April Shanghai for Teenagers – Photographic Workshop

The IFFF is back, and with booths representing over 30 different nationalities from YCIS Shanghai’s parents cooking up a storm, this year’s Festival is guaranteed to be a whole lot of fun. This year’s challenge is to make a dish in the shape of the school’s logo using native ingredients and spices. For tickets contact YCIS.

11am – 3pm. YCIS Hongqiao Campus, 6242 3243 x 129,

17 – 20 April Oliver Twist

The YCIS adaptation of English writer Charles Dickens’ namesake novel takes you on the classic journey with Oliver when he falls in

Let your kids enjoy a one-day photography class under the guidance of experts.

RMB 300. Hongkou Football Stadium, 5696 7633,

Kids Cooking Class

This fun and hands-on cookery class is designed for little foodies, letting them try their hands at making traditional traditional Chinese cuisine. Morning includes coffee and tea break for parents.

11am – 12.30pm. RMB 98. Vizcaya Club Ajo Blanco, 5030 4519,

27 April Chinese Arts and Crafts-Tie Dyeing

Tie dyeing is a nice opportunity to spend some time with your little one, enjoying some arts and crafts together.

RMB 300. Community Center Shanghai, 3382 1770

April12  ShanghaiTalk




Youth Talk: Ultimate Frisbee Sophia Chen, Grade 12 Student at Concordia International School Shanghai


he Ultimate Frisbee Club was never meant to be a club. Really, we were just a couple of students who particularly liked the Ultimate Frisbee class that Concordia offered for J-term (underclassmen are given two weeks of “J-term,” a period where the day is split into regular classes and fun electives such as cooking or “weird science”). There were a handful of us who enjoyed the game and decided to get together at the weekend and throw a disc around. We sent out a schoolwide email inviting others to join us and somehow it became a regular event that is now in its second year. Ultimate Frisbee isn’t a hard game to play. All you need to play is a disc and a couple of friends. To score, you just catch the disc in one of the designated end zones at the ends of the field. It’s a no contact sport and the players themselves serve as the referees, making it a very sportsmanship-heavy game, I’ve been body-checked several times and ended up on the ground, laughing with the other person as they call a foul on themselves and apologise profusely. The original group of students has doubled in size since the club started

26 ShanghaiTalk 


and we have around 10 or so regular students who come every week. On a sunny day we’ve had over 20 students show up, as well as a couple of teachers. In the wintry months it’s typically reduced to the die-hard regulars. We’ve played in the snow before, and rain hasn’t stopped us either. Once the sprinklers surprised us in the middle of a game and we just ran through them (though we wouldn’t have if someone had been kind enough to tell us it was recycled sewer water beforehand)! Ultimate Frisbee is, well, a little addictive. This is one of the few clubs that was purely started by student interest and grew from there. It’s nice to be able to meet up with students once and week and know that everyone there feels exactly the same way about the game as you do. If you want to come and play Ultimate and get a good workout or maybe just meet some new people, come to the Concordia soccer field at 1.30pm to 3.30pm every Sunday! Concordia International School Shanghai. 999 Mingyue Lu, near Yunshan Lu. Tel: 5899 0380. Web: - Become a Talk Insider!



Night of Shanghai and Roses Emanuel Slavescu


t’s not hard to find impressive pieces of work by local artists on Moganshan Lu in Putuo District, a place made famous by its many art galleries and colourful graffiti streets. What is not so common however is the dedication with which some of these artists put into their work. One such example is Cong Fangzheng, who despite being the director of galleries in Israel and Japan, as well as an international name in Paris, only lives in a tiny studio room directly connected to his small, Shanghai-based gallery.“What is important to me is the quality of my work, not the size of the apartment I live in,” he says. “It makes me very happy to work here in a small room, where I am close to my art.” Mr. Cong has an impressive resume; as a graduate of Shandong Academy of Fine Arts and now the General Manager and director of Israel’s ‘Yishuhuai’ gallery and the the ‘Temptress Moon’ society in Japan, he is very proud of his achievements. “My works had been purchased by Israeli and Japanese collectors at exhibitions in the US,

France, Germany, the UK, South Korea and Japan.” The name of his current exhibition is ‘Contemporary Sino-Japanese Works - Become a Talk Insider!

of Art,’ which shows his international influences on works of art commonly displaying two themes: Shanghai at night and women surrounded by roses. His works have a hint of abstract in that they use a layering technique with oil paints, which makes certain parts of his paintings literally stand out to give an almost 3D effect. When asked about what his paintings represent, Cong stressed the

significance of his pieces in representing times both past and present with beauty being the key theme. “My every painting is a world of emotional change - a combination of classical realism and modern aestheticism. And that is the vitality of my art.” Contemporary Sino-Japanese Works of Art. Bld. 17, Gallery 109, 50 Moganshan Lu.

April12  ShanghaiTalk





The Pearl of the Andaman Tina Hsiao

Phuket is Thailand's largest island and the kingdom's premier beach destination, attracting some 4.2 million passenger arrivals in 2011. With April being the last month of high season, before the start of the six-month monsoon, now is the perfect month to visit, especially to experience Thai New Year (aka. Songkran).

Courtesy of Thai Luxury Charters

Courtesy of Tourism Authority of Thailand


he three-day celebration starts on 13 April and is known globally as a nationwide water fight, coupled with merit-making at the country's many temples. A boisterous affair, Songkran is celebrated by locals and visitors alike on Phuket and the nightlife in central Patong Beach is ground zero for the festivities. This year's festival will include traditional ceremonies, such as pouring water over Buddha images at the Mongkol Nimit Temple on Dibuk Road to bring prosperity for the New Year, as well as street parties in and around Phuket’s Old Town.

Courtesy of Banyan Tree Phuket Spa

Courtesy of Angsana Laguna Phuket



Amanresorts may have set the trend for luxe living on Phuket with the opening of its flagship Amanpuri in 1987, but since a slew of high-end properties has sprung up to cater to the ever fragmented five-star hotel sector. At Indigo Pearl, architect Bill Bensley and locally renowned artist John Underwood took their design cues from the island's century-old tin mining heritage, resulting in an industrial glam masterpiece that features exposed wooden beams made of railway sleepers, polished concrete surfaces, wrought iron chandeliers decorated with recycled stained glass and punkah ceiling fans The most convenient option is the Angsana

Laguna Phuket, and the hotel's prime location means guests can hop on inter-resort shuttle boats and buses to enjoy some 30 restaurants and bars within the grounds, as well as fitness centres, squash and tennis courts, spas, retail outlets, a golf course and even a wedding chapel. This month will see the opening of the XANA Beach Club at Angsana, where sunseekers can sample fusion ThaiMediterranean delights while lounging around by the water's edge. To escape the crowds, The Naka Island is a tranquil tropical hideaway, located just five minutes off the coast of Phuket via private speedboat. As the only resort on the 2.56 square kilometre island, the Starwood property features 67 villas, each with private pools, open-air bathrooms, and salas (open air pavilions). There are three restaurants and a world class spa on-site. Indigo Pearl. Tel: +66 (0) 7632 7006 Web: Angsana Laguna Phuket. Tel: +66 (0) 7632 4101 Web: The Naka Island. Tel: +66 (0) 7637 1400 Web: Courtesy of The Naka Island

28 ShanghaiTalk 


Visitors looking to indulge in holistic healing sessions can head to the Six Senses Spa at Evason Phuket, where for the entire month of April it is celebrating the Thai New Year with a three-hour Songkran Package priced at THB 6,000 (RMB 1,236) net per guest. Alternatively, the Banyan Tree Phuket Spa offers a wide range of treatments, such as the signature Royal Banyan package, a three-hour treatment with Thai acupressure massage and herbal pouch techniques borrowed from those traditionally practiced in Royal Thai palaces. For marine adventures, Kata Beach provides decent snorkelling opportunities off the beach, but for the most inspiring ways to experience the marine and underwater scenery, visitors have to go offshore. Siam Dive 'n' Sail offers diving trips to the dive mecca of the Similan Islands, while to appreciate the scenery above water, guided trips to nearby islands is what John Gray Sea Canoe does best. Private charter yachting is increasingly popular on Phuket and the island is home to four world class marinas, two of which cater to superyachts. Day or overnight cruises can be arranged through professional charter companies to explore the neighbouring islands, including Phang Nga Bay, Krabi, and Koh Phi Phi, the latter famed as the set location for The Beach. Most operators offer fixed itineraries, but companies such as Thai Luxury Charters provide a choice of destinations within milage limitations zones that include all the popular sites, but also come with the added advantage of providing the option of going ashore at will to enjoy a deserted beach. Six Senses Spa at Evason Phuket. Tel: +66 (0) 7638 1010 Web: Banyan Tree Phuket Spa. Tel: +66 (0) 7632 4374 Web: Siam Dive n' Sail. Tel: +66 (0) 7633 0967 Web: John Gray Sea Canoe. Tel: +66 (0) 7625 4505 Web: Thai Luxury Charters. Tel: +66 (0) 7635 0193 Web: - Become a Talk Insider!


Courtesy of Tourism Authority of Thailand

Fresh seafood is one of the most popular choices on Phuket, made evident by the rows of unpretentious seaside eateries that line Rawai and Chalong Bays. Kan Eang @ Pier has been serving up succulent seafood since 1973 with fish, lobster, prawns,and crab, delivered live by local fisherman to the restaurant every morning. The restaurant uses coconut husks (as opposed to charcoal) to grill the fresh catches, which not only give them a distinctive aroma, but with its slow burning qualities also allows for the seafood to cook evenly all the way through. Blue Elephant is synonymous with the authentic Thai culinary experience. Housed in the former governor's residence, Blue Elephant plates up elegantly prepared dishes, some recipes generations-old, others modern variations of the golden oldies. For Thai food enthusiasts who wish to bring a bit of Thailand back with them, Blue Elephant also offers twicedaily cooking classes. As a testament to the quality of Italian fare at Acqua in north Patong, - Become a Talk Insider!

California Fitness founder Eric Levine and his bride handpicked Chef Alessandro Frau and his team to cater their star-studded wedding. The multi-award winning restaurant features an extensive cellar with 300 wine labels to complement the traditional, regional and modern interpretations of Italian food. Kan Eang @ Pier. Tel: +66 (0) 7638 1212 Web: Blue Elephant Phuket. Tel: +66 (0) 7635 4355 Web: Acqua. Tel: +66 (0) 7661 8127 Web: www.

Courtesy of Serendipity Designs Co.

Travel Tips

If you're planning to find your own way to the hotel from the airport, get a taxi at the official desk inside the airport. There are plenty of non-licensed "taxis". The best way to see the island is by car, and rentals are easily arranged through the hotel concierge desk or via reputable rental firms such as Budget, Avis, Hertz, or Thai Rent a Car for approximately THB 1,200 (RMB 247) per day. Motorcycle rentals are not recommended due to the high accident rates on the island. As with the rest of Thailand, Phuket is a relatively safe place and only as dangerous as your lack of common sense.

Courtesy of Acqua

April12  ShanghaiTalk




Zhouzhuang: the perfect day trip destination Miller Wey

Looking to make a quick weekend getaway, or just need a break from the Shanghai hustle? writer Miller Wey suggests taking a trip to Zhouzhuang…


nly 60 kilometres from Shanghai, the historic water town of Zhouzhuang is a great daytrip away from the big city. Alongside nearby cities Suzhou and Tongli, it’s one of several canal towns in China to claim the mantle “Venice of the East,” and with nearly a quarter of the town covered in water, it’s a worthy contender. Sitting at the confluence of four large lakes, Zhouzhuang, like Venice, is made up of a collection of islands connected by a web of winding waterways and arched stone bridges. It was founded in 1086 when wealthy landowner and prominent Buddhist Zhou Digong donated 200 acres of land to the Quanfu Buddhist Temple. The newly formed enclave thrived on its geographical location, becoming a trade hub for food, silk and ceramics and by the early Qing dynasty it was renamed Zhouzhuang Town in honor of Digong. The picturesque grounds, lakes and pagodas of Quanfu Temple remain one of the

30 ShanghaiTalk 


town’s primary attractions today. Zhouzhuang’s potential for tourism was recognised early on and since the 1970s its landscapes and buildings have been under the protection of the local government with around 100 buildings from its MingQing heyday carefully preserved. Boats ply the emerald green canals between the whitewashed walls that back up onto the water. Along the main stone-paved thoroughfares and squares, hawkers tout trinkets and souvenirs—a mix of the usual tourist tat and more unique local wares such as woven bamboo, Zhouzhuang’s unusual stone teapots or pearls from nearby Suzhou. Restaurants entice customers with local specialties like Wansan roast pig’s trotters, a must-try Zhouzhuang dish, where pork legs are slow-cooked in a savory mix of ingredients resulting in tender trotters that have a sweet, succulent flavour. A boat ride (RMB 80 per boat) is a great way to see the town, passing under willow

trees and arched stone bridges. Much like in Venice, for another RMB 20 the boatmen or women will serenade you with local songs— it’s not Italian opera however and some visitors may prefer to catch free snatches of the ditties from passing boats instead of forking out more cash. A boat ride will take you to the junction of Zhouzhuang’s central waterways the Twin Bridges. One of the town’s most iconic images (a painting of the scene by notable artist Chen Yifei was given as a gift to Deng Xiaoping by a New York art dealer in 1984), round-arched Shide Bridge and square-shaped Yong’an Bridge cross perpendicular to each other, meeting in their shared corner. Like six of the 19 bridges in Zhouzhuang, both were built during the Ming Dynasty. The town’s oldest bridge, Fu’an Bridge, dates back to 1339 and just next to this is another of Zhouzhuang’s main attractions, the sprawling Shen Residence. Built by a descendant of Shen Wansan, a Yuan-Mingera Zhouzhuang resident famed as one of the richest men south of the Yangtze whose name was also appropriated for the

town’s favourite pork dish, its 100 rooms and interconnecting courtyards offer a glimpse into aristocratic Qing-dynasty living. Though much of Zhouzhuang’s charm lies in its picture postcard scenery, there are lots of indoor sights like the Quanfu Temple, the Zhang Residence and Chengxu Taoist Temple – musts to explore if you are unlucky enough to visit on a bad weather day. Though a little light rain can actually be a blessing in disguise lending a misty and romantic air to the narrow lanes and waterways and keeping the tourist crowds at bay! Admission to Zhouzhuang is RMB 120 including entrance to all main attractions (excludes boat tour). As part of an ongoing promotion throughout 2012, has a special one-day tour to Suzhou and Zhouzhuang departing 21 April for just RMB 199. Check http://activities.english.ctrip. com for details. Miller Wey is an editor for A sister site to, China’s leading online travel service provider, brings readers everything they need to know to enjoy their China adventure to the fullest. - Become a Talk Insider!


Easter Egg Hunts 32 Church Services 34 Easter Quiz 35 Easter Brunches 36 How to Throw an Easter Party 38

SUPPLEMENT - Become a Talk Insider!

April12  ShanghaiTalk


HUNT! Break out your wicker basket, the Easter Bunny’s back in town, and he’s hidden a selection of chocolate eggs all over Shanghai this month. So where can you go to ensure this Easter, you get your share of chocolaty goodness? Fairmount Yangcheng Lake

Following the success of last year’s hunt, the Fairmount is going all out and offering over 400 prizes in this giant Easter hunt. Bring the whole family along and you might be in with a chance of winning a trip to Beijing for two, an iPad or an iPhone. 10am-12pm. Tel: (512) 5780 0888 x 6681 See adjacent page for more information

Napa Wine Bar and Kitchen

Mums and dads can enjoy free flow sparkling wine while the kids hunt for eggs in the Napa garden. 12 – 3pm. Tel: 6318 0057

Sheraton Shanghai

If you can’t wait until Easter Sunday, the Sheraton already has an assortment of Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies of all sizes to stuff your basket with! Failing that, bring the little ones to Café Bistro on Easter Sunday where they can enjoy the Easter Egg Treasure Hunt, as well as egg painting, the rabbit farm and other exciting giveaways. 11.30am – 2.30pm. Tel: 6275 8888.

32 ShanghaiTalk 


Kerry Parkside

This one has something very much for the kids in its favour: a ball pool. Various treasures and colourful eggs can be found here and your kids can take part in the Knights of Easter Eggs special games in the Atrium. There’s also a Spring Bazaar and an organic farm visit later in the week. 12 – 5pm. Tel: 5033 2777 x 8705

The Peninsula Shanghai

There’s a range of activities here to enjoy including Easter egg and cookie decorating, and interactive story telling. The morning party begins at 11.30am and you’ll be let loose to start your Easter egg hunt at 1.30pm. 11.30am onwards. Tel: 2327 2888 x 6605 - Become a Talk Insider!

The Great Easter Egg Hunt 2012


aster is a holiday celebrated in many countries around the world. Over time it has become a favoured time for families to gather for a traditional Easter Egg Hunt, where the Easter Bunny has hidden coloured and chocolate Easter eggs around their home and yard. At Fairmont Yangcheng Lake the Easter Bunny holds three Easter Egg Hunts. Hotel guests can join us for a private hunt on Saturday afternoon at 4pm, and also enjoy a mini-hunt for children 6 years of age and under. On Sunday morning our Easter Egg Hunt is open to the public and participants can receive complimentary admission by dining with us for lunch or dinner on Friday or Saturday, prepurchasing reservations to our Easter Brunch, or purchasing Willow Stream Spa treatments. The more you stay, dine or spa with us, the more entries you receive with more chances to win prizes including a trip to Beijing for two, an iPad, an iPhone and accommodation certificates from Fairmont Peace Hotel and Fairmont Yangcheng Lake. There are over 400 prizes to be won! If you cannot stay, dine or spa with us, tickets for the Great Easter Egg Hunt can be pre-purchased for non-hotel guests at a price of RMB 198 per person or RMB 400 for a family of three. Note there is a limited amount of space available so register early to avoid disappointment!

Friday 6 April 14:00

17:00 16:00



Tel: (512) 5780 0888 x 6681 - Become a Talk Insider!

Saturday 7 April

Egg Painting Bunny Mask Making Cookie Decorating Easter Bunny Basket Making

10:00 – 22:00

Easter Film Festival – Kunshan Room

10:00 – 11:00

Face & Egg Painting

11:00 – 12:00

Junior Chocolate Egg Hunt – Lobby (for ages six and under).

Easter Film Festival – Kunshan Room

11:30 – 14:30

Easter Buffet in Essence/ Yi Feng Court.

13:30 – 14:30

Cooking Class - Yue Feng Island Organic Farm.

14:30 – 15:30

Organic Vegetable Pot Planting in the Organic Farm.

Enjoy an Easter inspired buffet in Essence or sample one of our many signature dishes in Yi Feng Court. Each meal gives you an entry to win a prize in the Great Easter Egg Hunt.

16:00 – 17:00


Hotel Guest Easter Egg Hunt around the hotel with many prizes to be won. Please register at the Hotel Lobby Easter Desk for the Hunt and bring your room key for entry. Easter Buffet in Essence / Yi Feng Court.

Sunday 8 April 10:00 – 12:00

11:00 – 15:00

The Great Easter Egg Hunt – Please preregister prior to 10:00 at the Hotel Lobby Easter Desk to get your passes to gain access to the Great Easter Egg Hunt . Carnival Activities in the Water Park

11:30 – 14:30

Easter brunch in Essence / Yi Feng Court. For Sunday, pre-purchase your brunch for your extra entry.

15:30 – 16:30

Organic Cooking Demonstration – Yue Feng Island Organic Farm

* Please note activity locations and times are subject to change, please reconfirm with the Hotel Lobby Easter Desk.

April12  ShanghaiTalk


Easter Services in Shanghai Looking to find an Easter service in Shanghai on Easter Sunday? No idea where to go? Below are a few of the churches offering services for all denominations on 8 April.

Pure Heart Church (Qingxin Tang) (Presbyterian) This church was founded in 1860 by an American missionary of the Presbyterian Church of the United States, John Marshall Willoughby Farnham ( 19291917 ). It was honoured by the presence of Billy Graham who held a sermon here in 1988. Language: Chinese (no passport required) 30 Dachang Lu, near Lujiabang Lu. Tel: 6377 0874

St. Francis Xavier Church (Sheng Fang Ji Ge Sha Wu Lue Tang) (Catholic)

Moore Memorial Church (Mu En Tang) (Methodist) Founded by American missionaries in 1887, this church is big enough to seat over 1,000 worshippers. Three bishops were consecrated here in 1988 and in the same year evangelist Billy Graham, gave a sermon here. Language: Latin (no passport required)

316 Xizangzhong Lu, near Hankou Lu. Tel: 6322 5069 Designated as the seat of the Bishop of Shanghai in 1946, this church is now regarded as an architectural and cultural symbol. Built all the way back in the 28th year of the Qing Emperor Daoguang (1847) and it is a replica of the Chiesa del GesĂş in Rome. Language: English (10.30am-12.30pm) Chinese (8:30-10.30am) (no passport required) 185 Dongjiadu Lu, near Wanyu Lu. Tel: 6378 7214

St. Peter's Church (Sheng Bo Duo Lu Tang) (Catholic) Built in the Byzantine style with a central dome and five chapels, this was the place where many parishioners found refuge during the war. The church is on the second floor of the building with chapels on the ground floor. Language: English (5pm Saturday, 12pm Sunday) Chinese (7am Saturday, 8:00am Sunday) (no passport required) Courtesy of Emanuel Slavescu

270 Chongqing Nan Lu, near Fuxing Zhong Lu. Tel: 6467 0198, 6767 8181

Shanghai Community Church (Guo Ji Li Bai Tang) (All denominations) One of the largest Christian Churches in Shanghai, it was built in 1925 by two Americans as a place for their choir. Initially the church was dedicated for immigrants but later Chinese Christians also worshiped here during the War. Language: English (passport required)

53 Hengshan Lu, near Wulumuqi Nan Lu Tel: 6437 6576.

All Saints Church (Zhu Sheng Tang) (Methodist) Built in 1925 under the supervision of missionary Maganlin, the church is a typical 17th century-style building with a wooden steeple, a main hall and a side hall. It can seat 500 people in the main section and around 1,000 in total. Language: Chinese (no passport required)

425 Fuxing Zhong Lu, near Danshui Lu. Tel: 6385 0906.

34 ShanghaiTalk 

April12 - Become a Talk Insider!

Easter Wordsearch Can’t wait to get Easter egg hunting? Try our Easter wordsearch and find all these Easter related words!


Talk is giving away 2 pairs of UME tickets to see the latest box office smash this April. Send an e-mail to talkback@talk.ismaychina. com and tell us which word does not feature in the Easter Wordsearch! Deadline for this competition is 10 April. - Become a Talk Insider!


































































































































































































































basket bunny chick

easter eggs find





parade rabbit

Sunday spring


April12  ShanghaiTalk


Easter Brunches Spend some quality time with your family this Easter and choose from a range of hotels offering tasty brunches that you and the family can all enjoy!

A Bubbly Easter at Grand Brasserie

The Waldorf ’s Bubbly Brunch includes oysters from the Long Bar, as well as premium seafood, roast meats and dessert buffet, completed by free flow Veuve Clicquot champagne and fine wine. RMB 328 for children, and kids younger than six dine for free.

Easter Sunday… In Pink at Le Meridien Le Bistrot Signature Restaurant’s offerings are a feast of continental favourites and traditional Easter fare. Meal includes a choice of Rose or Brut Champagne for the adults, and the little ones can win prizes in the Easter egg hunt and painting contest!

RMB 888 + 15% service. 11am – 3pm. Tel: 6322 9988 x 4441

RMB 488 upwards + 15% service. 12 - 3pm. Tel: 3318 9999 x 7001

Exquisite Easter Brunch at Pelham’s at the Waldorf

Pelham’s presents a degustation menu created by Chef Clément Pellerin, with fresh spring ingredients and traditional Easter dishes. The signature tasting menu is paired with a selection of wine from the sommelier. RMB 1,200 + 15% service. 12 – 3pm. Tel: 6322 9988 x 4441

Intercontinental Pudong’s Easter Brunch

This Easter, Level 1 features an unlimited seafood buffet as well as international cuisine and a variety of Easter themed desserts. Your children will be given special Easter eggs as an added bonus. RMB 268 upwards +15% service. Tel: 5835 6666 x 3894

California Sunday Brunch at Regal International

Highlights include prawn cocktail, Parma ham with honey melon, a Chinese BBQ meat combo and four kinds of Chinese salad. Includes Easter egg hunt in the garden for kids. Price is RMB 408 net/family (one kid under 12 years old). RMB 188 + 15% service. 11.30am – 2.30pm. Tel: 6415 5588 x 2756

A Colourful Easter at the Westin Bund Centre

With two floors of food extravaganza featuring seafood, teppanyaki, hand-made Italian pastas and Chinese dumplings, as well as free flow of fine wines, Lobby Level restaurant Prago offers a lot of choice. There will also be Easter bunnies, hot cross buns and of course, a selection of chocolate Easter eggs. RMB 250 upwards + 15% service. 11:30am-2:30pm. Tel: 6335 1888 x 7368

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Sir Elly’s Easter Brunch at The Peninsula

Diners at Sir Elly’s can try the Table d’Hôte Easter Brunch, which offers a choice of two, three and four-course brunch menus of European inspired dishes, hot and cold appetisers, main courses and desserts. Optional free-flow Moët & Chandon N/V Brut Champagne, wine, beer, juice and soft drinks. RMB 420 upwards + 15 service. 11.00am – 2.30 pm. Tel: 2327 6700. - Become a Talk Insider!

Easter-licious Brunch at Kerry Hotel Pudong The Cook restaurant offers a special brunch with plenty to keep the little ones entertained: clowns, face-painting, an easter egg hunt and egg-painting included in the mix. RMB 438 upwards + 15% service. 11.30am – 3pm. Tel: 6169 8886

The Biggest Eggs In Shanghai


Pudong Shangri-La Easter Brunches

Both Yi Café and Jade on 36 Restaurants at the Pudong Shangri-La are offering a feast at their Easter brunch, including traditional Easter pastries, chocolate postcards, chocolate CDs, puzzles and Easter bunnies as well as special ShangriLa egg selections. RMB 428 upwards + 15% service. 11.30am – 3pm. Tel: 6882 8888 x 6888 - Become a Talk Insider!

e guarantee no matter where you look around Shanghai this Easter, you won’t be able to find any Easter eggs bigger than these! Following on from their Guinness Book of Records achievement last year in creating the world’s longest Christmas Yule log, a team of 50 chefs at the Shangri-La Pudong worked in March to produce five 3.2 metre tall chocolate eggs, which will be on display until Easter Sunday. 30,000 grams of sugar and egg white, and 35,000 grams of almond powder and icing sugar were used to produce these special Easter treats. Yummy!

April12  ShanghaiTalk


How to Throw an Easter Party

Melissa K Trias

The Easter Bunny will be on his way soon, so you'd better get hopping on those party plans! We at Talk Magazine have devised a fail-proof "How To" guide to help you throw the furriest, eggiest, most Easter-ish Party possible. We give you the plan so all you have to do is hide the candy-filled eggs. Happy hunting!

Monday, 2 April: Place food orders at the beginning of the week before you forget. An Easter picnic spread would be ideal for the warm weather and it’s not too hard to arrange: We like the Raw Power salad from Kush, the macaroni and cheese from Fields, Easterthemed cupcakes from Sweet Ever After and lemonade from Amelia’s. Alternatively, book a table at one of the many restaurants in town doing a special Easter Brunch (see page 36).

Saturday, 7 April: Buy flowers.

Tuesday, 3 April: Go candy shopping.

The best place for novel Easter candy is at your local City Shop (Web: cn), which offers a wide variety of chocolate Easter eggs, colourful jellybeans and marshmallow goodies. While you’re there, also remember to pick up a carton of raw eggs for the traditional eggpainting arts and crafts!

38 ShanghaiTalk 


Wednesday, 4 April: Visit the party supply store. You’ll need

colourful tableware, party hats, balloons, egg dye and baskets for Sunday’s big event. Ruby’s Party in the Gubei area (333 Hongmei Lu. Tel: 6401 6323. Web: www. has everything you’ll need in its one-stop shop.

Nothing says ‘Easter’ quite like a fresh spring bouquet. Rose Gallica on Ferguson Lane (376 Wukang Lu, near Tai’an Lu. Tel: 2821 2241. Web: offers a gorgeous selection of the most vibrant colours around.

Sunday, 8 April: Decorate the house and hide the eggs! Today’s the

big day, but you’ve already done all the hard stuff! Enjoy your time with family and friends by having fun! - Become a Talk Insider!



Lacrosse, Lacrosse, Lacrosse Nick Korjov

A league of its own… Shanghai Lacrosse Club gets the recognition it has sought for so long, as the American sport takes off in Shanghai.


group of about twenty Chinese people are gathered around the seven-a-side field next to Hongkou Football stadium. They’re watching a group of westerners in helmets running across a synthetic lawn with long sticks, with bated breath. They had neither banners nor flags to support their favourite team, and I’m not even sure they can understand any of the rules. Still, filled with curiosity and fascination, they peer through the metal net and clap enthusiastically when someone scores a goal. For sure, they’re not long-term die-hard lacrosse fans. But they are undoubtedly captivated by a sport that is completely new to them. Lacrosse is a contact team sport, which is popular mainly in the United States and Canada. Its origin is Native American, and dates back to 1637 AD. Players use long-handled sticks with netted heads called 'crosse's to catch and pass the ball. And as with most field sports, there are two goals. In the early 90s, the US National Team came to China, and tried to popularise lacrosse, but at that time, it didn’t quite work out. The second push was made ten years later and only really made a breakthrough in the last two years, with the Chinese Lacrosse Association finally joining the Federation of International Lacrosse as recently as January 2012. This has been largely in Shanghai thanks to Mike Elefante and Corey Sorrento’s efforts in organising the Shanghai Lacrosse Club. Mike arrived in Shanghai about three years ago and is proud of his achievements in being one of the pioneers in expanding lacrosse here. He, himself, started to play in the States when he was twelve years old and not wanting to bid his favourite game farewell after moving to China, founded and establised the Shanghai Lacrosse Club two years ago in order to bring together other lacrosse lovers. The idea for the Shanghai Lacrosse Club first came about from Mike’s help in organising lacrosse games with the assistance of Active Kidz Shanghai (AKS), an organisation providing quality sports and recreational programs for children of the international community. “It’s a cool sport. It’s not only about pushing each other around with a stick as some people think. It combines elements of football, basketball and hockey. Lacrosse is also a good way to socialise, especially for kids.” But then both him and Corey recognised the potential of expanding lacrosse and reaching out to other interested adults. “Before, we were more focused only on developing programs for the local students at different universities around town. But we saw the need for an adult club and we started organising the league,” says Corey Sorrento. “Now, experienced players and beginners play at our club, both men and women. We welcome everyone who has a real passion to play.” - Become a Talk Insider!

Since its expansion, the Shanghai Lacrosse Club has seen not only Americans and Canadian participants, but many other different nationalities, curious about this new and developing sport. “The Japanese players we have are really good. We also have five Chinese guys right now in the league, and we will have ten more quite soon. I believe that lacrosse has potential in Shanghai because it's only recently, become very much popular amongst the locals,” says Corey. Now, they play every Sunday at Hongkou Stadium from 12 to 2pm. “We have only two teams in the league so far, but we are planning to expand,” says Mike. “At first, it was very difficult to organise everything. You can’t even buy the equipment here - only lacrosse sticks, but those you have to buy them directly from the factory. Usually, we have to ask someone to bring helmets, arm pads or gloves with them directly from the States. I have a lot of contacts there, but primarily everything is donated by American schools and shipped to Shanghai.” Anthony Hidell, a tall midfielder, has been living in Shanghai for only about six months, but was very enthusiastic to find out about the Shanghai Lacrosse League, and has already become an indispensable player to the team. “I started to play lacrosse when I was in the middle school. I have three brothers and we have all been

playing since childhood. I am so happy that I can enjoy the whole season (15 games) here for only RMB 800.” Lacrosse education in schools and universities, along with growing curiosity from locals indicate that this sport has real potential to expand in China in the next few months. The push for developing lacrosse, and gaining recognition in the international lacrosse community means teams in the Shanghai Lacrosse League can get support on an official level and the development process can begin. These are exciting developments for the Shanghai Lacrosse Club and for lacrosse in China as a whole. As the old proverb goes: “a journey of a thousand li begins with a single step,” and here, it has already been made. RMB 800 to join for the whole season (15 games). To join the Shanghai Lacrosse Club or gain additional information into how to get involved, visit Email: Photos courtesy of Justin Parsons

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Go Beyond Cardio Jon Robinson, BSc (Hons) Exercise Physiology


top... wait! Before you rush in and start exercising, first understand what your body is, and begin with a few basic warmups instead of rushing into a hardcore workout. You don’t have to start with investing a lot of money in a personal trainer, you’ll get permanent results if you lay solid foundations for yourself early on, forge a cast-iron routine and build it to last.

easiest mechanical way to perform a task such as exercise, which is bad because increased imbalances in the body not only put you at greater risk of injuries but also chronic aches and pains. No one is perfectly biomechanically, so you’ll favour your stronger side, increasingly so as you fatigue farther into your run, cycle, row etc. and this can have longterm impacts on areas such as your hips, spine, knees and neck.

Let’s start by looking at cardio, the best way to burn fat - proven scientifically countless times - and normally pretty high on the agenda for most of you gymgoers when it comes to exercise (not that we’re calling you fat).

Take running for example, the act of which naturally leads to a tightening of the hip complex. The hips are the true ‘core’ of the body and once they’re out of line, misalignments exacerbate above and below. Knee pain, various back pains, neck pain - nothing is isolated due to the nature of the body’s mechanical chain, and the hips are often the root cause. This matters because unless addressed, aches and pains stack up and the end result is you can’t run anymore. Age

The problem is, cardio alone will eventually ruin your posture. Fat loss is great but it isn’t free. The repetitive nature of running, x-trainers, rowing and cycling mean that your body will find the

compounds the problem. The odds of piling on the pounds are now slashed. I’m not all doom and gloom though. The good news is that elemental posture correction is actually really straightforward, at least to get you started anyway. Of course, the following recommendations are not all encompassing (there’s isn’t the space here) but practise three main exercises just one day a week and you’ll cover most of the bases. They are:

1. Squat: Back arched, knees ahead of toes, feet flat.Bending at the hips is crucial for good posture. Arguably the number one core exercise.

2. Deadlift: Back straight, arms

outside knees, bar above midfoot throughout. The muscles of the posterior kinetic chain hold the body in the right position. Arguably the number one core exercise.

3. ‘Proper’ abs exercises. The most common abs exercises are actually counter-productive. Smarter, functional moves are required.

To get you on the right path, all you need is to do these three once per week and your body will repay you with a machine that you can use pain-free, day-in dayout to keep the body fat down! Now, anyone fancy a half-marathon? Jon Robinson is the founder of webbased platform Makethisworkout. For in depth instructions on routines and durations of how to do these exercises properly, as well as information on alleviating pain and improving posture, check out his blog on

Sports Calendar Your essential guide to all the top games in April 1 April ISU World Figure Skating Championships 2012

ambitions of winning the Seria A title. If The Old Lady wins, it has all chances of reaching Milan in the race for the championship.

13-15 April Formula 1 Grand Prix Shanghai

Lewis Hamilton is the favourite to win this year’s Grand Prix, having secured his second

After his triumphal return and flawless win at the 2012 European Championships, famed Russian figure skater Evgeniy Pluschenko confirmed that he will be unable to compete at the 2012 World Championships, meaning that Canada will have a good chance of securing the gold title in the Men’s singles.

11 April Seria A, Juventus – Lazio

In case of defeat in their duel with principal rival Lazio, Juventus can say good-bye to its

40 ShanghaiTalk 


victory last year in Shanghai. We’ll see if weather or not he can be prevented.

17-18 April and 24-25 April UEFA Champions League Semifinals

30 April Barclays Premier League, Manchester City – Manchester United

The most intriguing question of this season is what Mourinho’s squad has to do to beat Barcelona. New season. Same game.

28 April NBA Playoffs begin.

Miami Heat is the overall favorite to win the 2012 NBA Championship, but the Oklahoma City Thunder, Chicago Bulls, and Dallas Mavericks follow them in the list.

The derby at the Etihad stadium will definitely be the Barclays Premier League title decider. The Blues and the Reds both smashed their opponents on their way to the trophy, and both deserve to win, but our money’s on Man U. - Become a Talk Insider!



Food For Thought Jamie Barys


fter almost a year of speculation, we can finally confirm that contemporary American restaurant Madison is moving from Dongping Lu. Their new location will still be in the former French Concession, but on Fenyang Lu (right next to the HoJo), and will double the locavore dining space in town, and include Maddie’s, a casual eatery serving

lunch, happy hour and small plates that go easy on the wallet. With twice as much room for Shanghai’s voracious brunch crowd, the good times are scheduled to start in late May – just a week or so after the original location shutters its creaky elevator for good. In more opening news, we’re happy to report that Vedas is once again serving tandoori broccoli from its new digs on

Changshu Lu. The recently closed Avalon space is now occupied by Chef Mike Solovey, best known for his work at Boxing Cat. He’s tapping into his Ukranian heritage to open Bloc with an Eastern European menu complete with pierogies and borscht. Urban Thai’s Shalah Salih is on board too, managing Bloc Catering. Like a shy late bloomer, South Bund 22 is finally filling out nicely, mostly with restaurateurs that have already proven themselves at cheaper rents. In addition to Willy Truellas’ new triumph (see our review below), the guys from Le Creperie opened French seafood joint L'Ecailler, and Va Bene’s GM is behind the new Italian eatery Bocca. Japanese heavyweight Tenya adds its sixth Shanghai outlet, bringing its famous tuna-heavy menu to the Bund. And we’re still waiting for the summer opening of the new wine-based concept from Philippe Huser of NAPA Wine Bar & Kitchen. Hopping right over to the Bund, we just had to mention a tasty little morsel we sampled at Pelham’s. The Waldorf Astoria’s fine dining restaurant is serving a business lunch this month for RMB 288 + 15%. For that you get four courses, and please make one of them the porcini risotto. Creamy, earthy, bold… This dish makes the price tag well

worth it – although the roasted duck breast with granny smith foam is nothing to sneeze at. Finally, allow me to make a bold statement: 2012 will be the year of fish & chips. You can’t cast a line down Yongkang Lu without hitting a chippy. Sailors has been serving economical portions of flounder and sea bass for the past few months, and now, Catch is dishing up imported New Zealand fish fried in a delicious (but highly unorthodox) herbal goodness, spicy Asian chili or Backwoods beer batter. And, closer to the Huangpu, The Lobby Bar at Waterhouse is serving Guinness battered fish & chips every Wednesday paired with a brew for RMB 88. Pass the malt vinegar, please. Jamie Barys is the Chief Eating Officer of UnTour Shanghai. With authentic culinary tours designed to take visitors and residents alike off the eaten path, UnTour Shanghai offers street food experiences, market adventures, cooking classes and more. For more information visit www.UnTourShanghai. com or email Jamie at info@untourshanghai. com.

New & Noted: Restaurant Reviews The Long House

What: A taste of Southeast Asia Where: The Long House. Unit 105, 1-2F, Block 7, Cool Docks, Lane 505 Zhongshan Nan Lu. T: 6131 3238 Why: Because Penang is too far away Despite their geographic proximity, Malaysia and Singapore have been underrepresented in Shanghai’s dining scene. Or, even worse, restaurateurs piggy-backing on the country’s culinary reputations have delivered unimpressive knock-offs. Enter The Long House. Named after the homes of tribesmen in the Borneo rainforest, it brings authentic Southeast Asian flavours to Shanghai. The dining room is decked out in cool green tones, with a window into the kitchen that wafts out the scent of banana leaves and roasting meats. This is the type of restaurant where Courtesy of Mike Hall you shouldn’t be afraid to go off book, ordering beyond the typical satay and laksa. Entrees come out tapas style, and you can easily make a meal out of just the first half of the menu. The sambal bilis (RMB 26), a traditional dish of dried anchovies, smacks of chilli paste that is tempered by raw red onions and julienned cucumber is a must try. Vegetarians and meat-eaters alike can also get down with the deep fried beancurd (RMB 38); the soft tofu is mixed with egg and herbs until it becomes custard-like, then battered with a light tempura-like breading. The ‘special’ calamari fillet (RMB 28) is coated in a curiously addictive combination of seaweed, cookie crumbs and curry powder, giving a taste that is both spicy and sweet.

Jamie Barys Courtesy of Mike Hall

Just Desserts: Bellagio’s Mango & Coconut Ice Audrey Courty

The texture of the breading is almost granular, a gritty sand-like texture that melts into the squid is delectable, and you’ll find yourself craving

for more. But of all the dishes, we have to give the most credit to their lemongrass tea (RMB 45) - and that’s not a slight on the menu. Just one sip of this floral elixir of pandan leaves, rock sugar and lemongrass, and you’ll be addicted too. Located right in the centre of the Cool Docks, The Long House’s rooftop terrace will be the best people-watching spot in town when the mercury starts to rise – especially if you’re into ogling the bodies down at the Bund Beach. With a jungle of banana leaves and a shaokao master grilling seasonal specialties, you’ll feel like you’re actually in Borneo. And it’ll taste like it too. - Become a Talk Insider!

No matter which way you slice it, dessert is a sweet way to end a meal. Each month, Talk serves up a deliciously decadent meal-clincher.


ellagio has been serving up Taiwanese treats for years now, and whilst you can’t beat their Three Cups Chicken or Braised Pork with Rice, the ice-blended desserts are what keep diners coming back for more, and not just because their mountains of fruit and ice are exceptionally photo-worthy, they’re delicious too. The mango and coconut ice served with fresh pomelo, mango slices and sago pearls is a must-try. Whilst this fruity dessert is more simply known as ‘mango ice’ in English, it has a much more poetic rendition in Mandarin: yang zhi gan lu or “sweet dew drops falling from a willow branch” and is as refreshing as the name suggests. The finely-shaved ice is doused with silky mango purée and creamy coconut

sorbet in a tropical mound that is then adorned with luscious cubes of golden mango and plump pomelo. Whilst the fragrant sweetness of the mango contrasts with the bursts of bittersweet pomelo, the fresh pieces of fruit add a fuller, thicker texture to this dessert. As you slip your spoon further into the velvety concoction, a delicate bed of sago pearls awaits at the bottom of the bowl, with a chewiness that complements the fluffy coconut ice, softening the palate for a satisfying mouth-feel. And with the restaurant open until 4am, this is a late night favourite for the weekend warriors. You can invigorate your taste buds for as a late as the craving hits. RMB 32. 68 Taicang Lu, near Songshan Lu. Tel: 6386 5701

April12  ShanghaiTalk




Share & Compare: Japanese Offerings on Yongjia Lu Kerry Allen

When we noticed there were three Japanese restaurants within a 5 minute walk of each other on Yongjia Lu in the former French Concession, curiosity got the better of us. Where does one go to enjoy the best Japanese food in town? Talk has the answer…


Kota’s Kitchen If you’re celebrating someone’s birthday, or looking to do dinner as a group, then Kota’s Kitchen is perhaps a good choice. However book early: at the weekends, this place packs out, and the decibel levels rising over ‘Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ and other Beatles classics reach something of a frantic high as the evenings get into full frenzy.

Courtesy of Emanuel Slavescu

Yakitori (skewered chicken) is the name of the game here, but there’s a pretty selective range of food on the barbie. And with different daily recommendations to keep the menu fresh, the crowds coming back. Prices average at a reasonable RMB 25 per skewer, but don’t expect to leave shy of RMB 100 here; the vast selection of barbecued meats, broiled fish, lush fresh vegetables and grilled cheeses offer an inventive twist to your typical expectations of Japanese barbecue – with our feeling the grilled camembert (RMB 30) and the avocado skewers (RMB 10) to be particularly worthy of mention. Still, with so much to try, you’ll find yourself wanting to experiment and take a bite out of everything, the more reason why Kota’s caters to the crowds. The menu offers a selection of ramen dishes that are pretty popular with the locals as well as the RMB 50 hot pot, but it seems that most of the westerners who pack this place out are here for the grill, and for the tall, cheap Asahi beers (RMB 20). A few classic dishes add to the mix, such as their simple but spicy fried chicken (RMB 30), but if you’re expecting to find tempura, or sushi and sashimi, then you’re out of luck here. Generally, the service is good, but take some lessons from the chefs in fighting to get yourself heard at the busiest hours. Kota’s may be small, but it’s a hive of activity, and

Fount, like Shari, offers a soothing retreat from the hustle and bustle - but at a cost. The most expensive of the three restaurants we tried, with a meal for two racking up a bill close to a thousand RMB, this is one you’ll save for special occasions, or where you’ll bring someone you’re looking to impress.

Courtesy of Emanuel Slavescu

more one for the party crowd than those looking to unwind after a busy week. Kota’s Kitchen. 335 Yongjia Lu, near Xiangyang Lu. Tel: 6481 2005

Shari After the chaos at Kota’s, the gentle quiet of Shari, set back in an old Tudor mansion against its lovely fairy-lit terrace, offers a calming respite that contributes towards it being our favourites out of the three restaurants we tried. The offerings on the menu are very different to Kota’s, however you will also find some fantastic cheese dishes here, including the mascarpone cheese tofu (RMB 48), which with its creamy texture and delicate buttery texture, has proven particularly popular and with good reason.

The restaurant, with a selection of fresh fish recipes, is definitely one for sushi and sashimi lovers alike, and with an ample selection of different maki and nigiri rolls to satisfy all your taste buds, you’ll have more than enough to meet your cravings. We tried a selection from the menu including the RMB 68 California rolls, and delighting in the freshness of the seafood, could not pass up on the offer of some sashimi, which served on ice, and with a light and soft texture, had us deceived into thinking it had just come out of the ocean. The vegetable tempura (RMB 58) is also worth a mention, which in its crunchy, breaded base, and the vegetables, much like the seafood, offered a freshness that will have us going back for second helpings. The service is impeccable and the atmosphere warm and welcoming. Popular with locals and westerners alike, this is a nice place to bring your other half or just a group of friends on a nice spring evening. And when you do, make sure you order the saikanigori, a must-try light and fruity plum wine, which is a new addition to the menu. A glass of this costs RMB 58, but we’d suggest getting a bottle for RMB 698 to share, as well as a set of the rolls, and whiling away an evening out on the terrace. Now that you can.

Courtesy of Emanuel Slavescu

42 ShanghaiTalk 


Shari. 630 Yongjia Lu, near Wulumuqi Lu. Tel: 5466 0320

The offerings at Fount much like Shari are a tribute to its fresh poultry selection with a selection of fish and sushi dishes, but there is also a good selection of meat dishes as with Kota’s Kitchen too. Still, in creating a masterpiece in terms of how your food looks, that Fount stands out from the crowd. This could not be better represented than by one of its signature appetisers, a braised pork dish which comes accompanied with radish, carrot and egg yolk (RMB 48), a vibrant splash of colour straight from the artist’s palate, served in a cocktail glass. It tastes pretty good too. The sea urchin sushi (RMB 60) is another must-try, which in equal strengths of colour and texture, has a sharpness that a kick of wasabi certainly gives the edge to and will leave you hungry for more. As with most of the dishes, the portion is small, but rich in flavour. Accompanied with a serving of the salmon sashimi (RMB 30), you’ll find yourself pretty much satisfied, leaving just enough room for one of Fount’s famous desserts. The RMB 88 dessert sampler is a firm favourite with its selection of tiny handmade puddings and fresh fruity ice creams, however we also like the berry sorbet (RMB 30) where every juicy bite is a delectable burst of bliss. The service, as with Shari is good, and you’ll be tempted to stay for a while here, but not too long as you notice the gradually burning hole in your pocket. Fount. No. 1, Building 5, 570 Yongjia Lu, near Yueyang Lu. Tel: 6073 7786


While Kota’s caters more for the young crowd, and Fount formulates excessive expense, we find in favour of Shari, which offers a little something for everyone. Friendly staff, and fantastic affordable food, this is where you’ll find us out on the terrace once we hit the mid 20s.

NICE TO KNOW Blue Marlin opened its doors on 16 March in Thumb Plaza, Pudong, offering a selection of German grub, funky cocktails, and a live band to dance away the night with! - Become a Talk Insider! - Become a Talk Insider!

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Chef Talk: Zhongshan Park Renaissance’s Jeremy Harris

Kerry Allen

High up on the 26th floor in the iconic neon-blue hotel that dominates the Zhongshan Park skyline, you’ll find American-born executive chef Jeremy Harris, once voted one of the top five most passionate chefs in Southeast Asia.


eremy Harris is relatively new to Shanghai, having only arrived as the executive chef at the Marriott Renaissance in Zhongshan Park about 10 months ago. But he is no stranger to the Marriott Group as a whole, and has been working as a chef in various Marriott hotels across the US and Southeast Asia for almost 10 years. “I started my hotel career working at a Marriott Hotel in New Orleans,” he says, and goes on to explain how it came about: after many years working in fine dining, eventually assisting the pastry chef, and starting on his path up the career ladder. Staying loyally with the Marriott, he climbed through the ranks and went on to work as an executive chef in Southeast Asian locations Malaysia and Vietnam for the last four years. Previously living in these regions, one of the things that Harris has brought with him arriving in Shanghai is his interest in South East Asian cuisine, and as such, he’s particularly enthusiastic about the RMB 208 Southeast Asian ‘street food’ buffet that the Renaissance runs every Friday and Saturday night. Not what you might expect from a hotel from the Renaissance?

44 ShanghaiTalk 


“It’s an original concept, coming from the idea that if you own a restaurant you might sell 30 dishes, and be successful in 20 if they are good. But street food vendors across Southeast Asia often only make one dish; it’s very raw, and people’s livelihoods depend on it. Therefore it has to be smart and done really well.” What he also speaks with passion about are the small buffet lunches that the Renaissance has to offer. “We use a farm just outside of Shanghai where we grow a lot of organic vegetables, and source free range chickens and eggs. Again it’s a unique concept, and that’s one of the things I like here. We don’t offer a massive buffet - instead we focus more on what goes in, on offering fresh, organic produce. When people come into a five star, they expect something special. Our salad buffet, which includes pizza (RMB 80), has proven especially popular at lunchtime. We average at least 100 heads for lunch and you have to arrive early, especially at weekends.” Asking what he’s got in store for the coming months, he talks about how he’s hoping to expand on the Southeast Asian offerings, by bringing some chefs in from Thailand and Vietnam later in the year. “We’ve brought an Indian chef in for some Indian promotions we’re running until midApril, and that’s proven successful. It goes in hand with doing what we can to provide authentic, interactive, fresh cuisine.”

Lamb and Pork Moussaka Serves 2-4 people Ingredients 3 aubergines, sliced 1cm thick 200g green bell pepper 200g ground lamb 200g ground pork 2 medium-sized potatoes, cut into small cubes 250ml tomato basil sauce 150ml béchamel sauce 4 garlic cloves 2 sprigs fresh rosemary 1 pinch cumin powder 1 cinnamon stick Feta cheese Method First caramelise the sliced aubergine in extra virgin olive oil until it turns golden brown. This is very important to bringing out the sweetness of the aubergine. Reserve the aubergine and the left over olive oil. Using the left over olive oil from the aubergine, sauté the pork and lamb. Season with garlic and cumin spice. Add a touch of salt and freshly cracked black pepper. Reserve the meat until ready to assemble the moussaka. Roast the green bell peppers over open flame, and peel of the charred skin. Slice the peppers thin and reserve. Layer the ingredients in a heavy casserole enough to serve 2-4 people the ingredients as follows: First layer: Tomato basil sauce with aubergine and roasted peppers Second layer: Béchamel sauce with potatoes,

ground lamb and pork, rosemary, cinnamon stick Third layer: Tomato basil sauce with aubergine Fourth Layer: Feta cheese and more rosemary After layering the ingredients, let it sit at room temperature for 15 minutes to let all of the ingredients settle. Then bake in an oven at 170 degrees. You want the oven nice and hot, just make sure you rotate the casserole a few times when baking to help it brown evenly on top. The dish needs to bake for approximately 30 minutes. Once finished remove from oven and let it stand at room temperature for at least 15 minutes before serving. - Become a Talk Insider!

Second Helping: el Willy on the Bund Jamie Barys

Every month, we return to a Shanghai institution to see how they’re holding up. Whether they’ve opened a new branch or just relocated, we sample the old classics and new dishes to see if they’ve stood the test of time.


uillermo ‘Willy’ Truellas has been busy. After throwing one heck of a closing party at his original el Willy outlet and opening his gourmet hot dog emporium Bikini not long after, the self-proclaimed sexy chef has re-launched his namesake restaurant at the south end of the Bund, where it maintains all the quirky qualities that made the Spanish tapas joint such a neighbourhood favourite in the first place.

The entire menu – in all its happy sexiness – survived the move, including the original pricing (despite the considerable uptick in real estate value), and there have been a few delicious additions to the tapas list. The explosive Balik salmon (RMB 88) picks up on Willy’s playful nature and runs with it: minced black truffles with honey atop a hefty pile of smoked salmon, which floats on a puffed piece of bread injected with sour cream. Sounds complicated, yes, but eat this little mouthful in one bite and the effect is hypnotic. Like the name of the dish suggests, it does indeed explode upon impact, detonating a bomb of flavour and textures that was hands down the best thing we’ve put in our mouths in 2012 – so far. Also new to the menu is the Iberico pork neck marinated in thyme and rosemary (RMB 95). Unctuous chunks of pork - Become a Talk Insider!

neck recall the textures of Cantonese char siu (barbecued pork) with layers of crispy skin atop fatty pork and lean meat, but the flavours are straight from Europe. Decked out with truffled mashed potatoes, thick pungent slices of parmesan, peppery arugula and a dash of white truffle oil for good measure, the dish expertly balances all the bold tastes. In fact, every dish we tried was artfully balanced with plays on the palate that made every mouthful fun. The grilled scallops with coconut and passion fruit sauce (RMB 98) taste like the first bite of summer. Tiny scallops balance on rounds of brioche that soak up the fruity coulis, while the crunch of fresh veggies add a textural element that showcases the kitchen’s vigilant attention to detail. Our final savoury dish, the black pudding and sea urchin ‘juicy paella’ (RMB 265) was in typical Willy fashion more of a Spanish risotto than a paella. The rice was utterly creamy and the chewy blood sausage played well with the delicate uni (sea urchin).

Unrelentlessly impressed, we carried on to the dessert course where we tried a sampler platter (RMB 85) with six bitesized options of some of the restaurant’s classic sweets. Easy favourites were the raspberry sorbet, a mint leaf-topped fruity scoop and the classic trio of Catalan cream, rice with milk and leche frita (fried milk), which comes out looking almost like a miniature bowl of cornflakes drowning in syrupy milk. Whilst some may mourn the loss of the el Willy location in the former French Concession, the spectacular views of Lujiazui through the arched windows will easily make the new spot a dining destination. And back on Donghu Lu, come summertime we’ll be getting the latest in Willy’s dining empire: Elefante. Set at a slightly lower price point, the deli /restaurant plans to deliver the flavours of the Mediterranean – and we can’t wait. el Willy. South Bund 22, 22 Zhongshan Dong Lu, near Jinling Lu. Tel: 5404 5757. Web:

April12  ShanghaiTalk




Taste Test

Aguaribay Malbec (from Baron de Rothschild), Argentina

Mat Ryan

Shanghai’s most committed dipsomaniacs get together to share and compare some of the wines around town. It’s a no-nonsense guide to the good, the great and the bloody ordinary of wine. Which wine will win this month? Attendees:

innocent, like a teenager,” said Ray. Obviously he doesn’t have any teenage kids...

Mat Ryan – Partner in The Shed

Price: RMB 180

Alan Duffy – Partner in The Shed Thomas Geffre – Wine guy Glenn Thain – Rum guy Ray Hsu – Engineer guy Ida Loh – Pool shark

Baron de Lay White Rioja – Spain

Straight away, this reminded me of a Hunter Valley (Australia) Semillon. A crisp, dry wine, which Ida and I both liked, and Ray similarly agreed with, saying, “this is my type of wine; I don’t like sweet wines.”  Glenn disagreed, pointing out that it does have a little sweet taste at the start. Thomas gave us a run down on the blend, but to be honest, none of us were taking much notice of him, preferring instead what we had in the glass in front of us. All in all, a simple, honest wine.  One of those you’d happily sit outside with on the patio or near the pool, possibly with a seafood platter. Well worth having a few bottles in the fridge at home. “Sweet and

Ravenswood Zinfandel – USA

I was already quite familiar with this wine, as it was one of the biggest sellers at a previous wine bar I owned. Being an Australian, I had not really heard about the varietal until I moved out of Australia, however I’ve since come to be a big fan, simply because they are not too dissimilar to the Australian Shiraz: big, spicy wines. The Ravenswood is definitely a big food wine, and goes very well with red meat. Ida was not as big a fan as me, but to be fair, she is more of a Cabernet Sauvignon girl.  Ray (being American) thought it very typical for a US imported wine, and Glenn thought it perfect for a frat party.  I would have thought beer was more suitable for that, but what would I know, I didn’t go to an American university.  Another very solid wine that is reasonably priced.  I was hesitant to taste this one second, thinking it would be too heavy for the Malbec coming up next, but it really did fit in well.  The mass consensus was that it is perfect for accompanying with a BBQ – just in time for spring. Price: RMB 250

I was very much looking forward to this, being a fan of the underrated Malbec varietal. Their softness makes them perfectly suited to the China market, but of course it comes down to marketing and how well the French, Australians and Americans have done in marketing their varietals. Ida was first off the bat commenting that she loved the long finish and “would drink a lot of this”.  Alan was searching for some food to go with this wine, in the end opting for a simple steak. Glenn agreed, saying it was a gamy wine, “perfect for with venison. Perhaps on the same BBQ with the Zinfandel?” I really did enjoy it, but in my opinion, it needed to open up a little. With this wine part of the Rothschild stable, you know it’s going to be well made and absolutely consistent, that the family would not put their name to an inferior product. It’s soft, yet complex with more tannins than you would expect from such a smooth wine. Price: RMB 275

Summary A dead heat between the two reds on this, but the Zinfandel just gets over the line simply because it is terrific straight out of the bottle. The Malbec needs some time in the glass (or a decanter).  Both sensational BBQ wines though, and 2 to keep in mind with the weather starting to get better. Everyone pretty much loved the white though and agreed it’s one to have a few bottles stashed of at home, for whenever the occasion arises. All wines are available through Jebsen.  E-mail or phone 159 0062 0028.  Discounts available if you mention this article: Shanghai Talk Taste Test.

Sherpa’s Pairings Michelle Ozier

Ordering in for the night? Shanghai’s most popular delivery service not only has the food, there’s also a load of wine that they’ll bring straight to your door. Sherpa’s wine consultant Michelle Ozier dishes on what wine pairs well with your order.


he new Sherpa’s menu book for Puxi is out now and is a bumperpacked edition with offerings from 101 restaurants, with more variety than ever. It also features plenty of new wines at superb value and is well worth a try as you wade your way through all the new menus available this season. Two of the newest additions are the Californian Bandit label Merlot and Pinot Grigio varietals that come in 1 Litre Tetra-Pak cartons (both RMB 91). At this point it is worth noting a few of the excellent features of Tetra-Pak cartons for those who baulk at their wine not coming in a traditional bottle. First, the carton is lightweight and portable and reduces packaging waste in comparison to glass bottles by 90%. Second, and most importantly, the state-of-the-art aseptic carton locks in freshness and flavour and remains airtight until the sealed cap is broken, eliminating oxidisation or “corking” of the wine. Finally, a bit of a moot point in my household, but another nice aspect is that as with a screw cap bottle of wine, you can dip in and out of your wine and easily screw the cap back on to save the wine for another day. The Merlot that we tried mirrored the dark berry hues of its blueberry-coloured carton and has a large round fruity mouth that ends with notes of vanilla toffee. Fruitpacked Merlots with a medium tannin structure that are typical of the Californian

46 ShanghaiTalk 


region go very well with grilled meats and tomato-based sauces, but are also a good compliment to omega 3-rich fishes such as salmon and tuna. We decided to sample a selection of sushi rolls (RMB 28 upwards) and tempura (RMB 88) from Celebration Palace (505 Zhongshan Nan Lu), a new Korean restaurant addition to the Sherpa’s listings, and found that the plum and caramel notes in the wine were particularly pleasing against the beautifully fresh raw salmon. The fruit in Merlot can be comprised by highly spiced and salty foods, so we veered away from anything too powerful, but we still enjoyed a good helping of kimchi pancakes and used the white rice as a balance. This month Sherpa’s are giving away an extra 500ml carton for every purchase to the first lucky customers for a limited period only – go to for more details. - Become a Talk Insider!


Adam’s Bar

Tom Mangione

What: Minimalist cocktail bar with a touch of the Book of Genesis Why: You’re looking for a nice cocktail without the pretense How Much: Specialty cocktails from RMB 60; standard cocktails RMB 40; beer RMB 30 Where: Unit 5, 448 Xinhua Lu, near Dingxi Lu. Tel: 5230 2003 Drinking, Shanghai. Drinking is what seems to be our number one sin. Your humble nightlife reviewer can remember his first two years in Shanghai only through the foggy lens of teppanyaki sake bombs and Tsingdao tallboys slugged in the backseat of a cab. Shanghai is a boozer’s paradise. And in typical Shanghai fashion, it seems that if Adam, master of Eden, paradise numero uno, were traipsing around Shanghai, codpiece frond and all, he’d be really into cocktails and Berlin-styled minimalism. Or at least this is what the folks at Adam’s Bar would like you to think. Housed in the location that once held MJ, a low-key local unabashedly obsessed with the late King of Pop, the interior has been reborn a spartan one. Wide, uniform

Courtesy of Justin Parsons

expanses of grey frame the touches that hint at the mythical garden of Eden. Slats of wood cleverly mounted on the wall give the feeling of trees. A giant mural on one wall depicts a local artist’s interpretation of Adam and Eve. You’ll also find real apples on the high wooden tables. The overall effect is a little muddled, but the owner promises more art displays in the future to fill out the décor. The bar’s obsession with sin carries over into its specialty drinks, tincture-based cocktails designed by the Alchemist’s Lu Yao. The apple flavoured Origins of Sin (RMB 80) comes in both a male and female version, complemented with cinnamon flames or cinnamon fog respectively. The God of War (RMB 60) is a strong “man’s drink” that features rum infused with cinnamon and fennel. Paradise Lost (RMB 70), a vanilla-infused bourbon with nutmeg and grapefruit has the uncanny ability to blend egg nog with a tropical cooler. All these drinks are strong, Shanghai, and many of them are stronger than they seem, ready to cause yet another lost evening, another fall from grace.

Courtesy of Justin Parsons


There’s a Rolls Royce parked conspicuously on the corner. Two large Chinese men with ear buds and long black trench coats guard the entrance of an ornate iron door. A low rumbling reverberates from four floors up out onto the midnight streets. Shanghai’s newest clubby club, Eden is open for business. Started by the folks behind Donghu Lu’s Monkey Bar and Dakota, Eden is the group’s first foray into the realm of clubdom. Despite its Biblically inspired name, you won’t find any hint of the famous garden anywhere. The interior is a gleaming array of mirrors and metal reflecting the endless array of lights scattershot around the room. And coupled with the plush leather seating from furniture retailer Casa Pagoda, the

Tom Mangione

What: DJ Mag's Top 100 DJs have got themselves a venue in Shanghai Why: You want to see a DJ with a name bigger than the venue you see him in How Much: Bottled beers RMB 40; standard cocktails RMB 45 Where: 1131 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Donghu Lu. Tel: 3469 1131 Finding Boom can be a little difficult. This is perhaps the reason that the club’s shortlived predecessor, Tantra, even in spite of its name, came and went so quickly. It's located across the street from the Donghu Hotel, but set back from the road in a \villa complex that used to house the Belgian Consulate. It doesn’t exactly scream “deejays in the hizouse” but the folks at Boom are making a valiant effort. You’ll know you’ve found it when you see videos advertising future events projected large on the façade of its entrance. Boom. You walk directly into a converted two-tiered patio, with whitewashed neoclassical ionic columns on the stairways which lead up to a warehouse-styled roof. .During big DJ

Courtesy of Justin Parsons

nights, such as the club’s grand opening with Sven Vath on 18 February , the knob twisters fiddle with their gadgetry here. Boom. The lounge area off to the right is bathed in red light and you’ll see beaded curtains and plush couches. The bar here serves a special drink called the Boom Man (RMB 200), a massive jug of gin and juice lit up with glowsticks. No joke. DJ events also take place in the lounge and one can imagine on such nights the small space also doubles as the final test for those overcoming claustrophobia. Overall, the venue claims to be able to hold 800 people, but this would make for a very packed house indeed. The manager, formerly of G+, is affiliated with DJ Mag, the folks responsible for one of the official top 100 DJ ratings, so for music expect a steady stream of hypedup, Ibiza-weary, mostly European DJs to arrive at Boom in the months ahead. On a regular night, expect house (“no hiphop, no mashups”) from resident DJ Johnny Gao of the EDM DJ school, a local DJ collective whose mixes you might have heard spinning at Phebe and G+.

Courtesy of Justin Parsons

Papaya Bar No. 2

Tom Mangione

What: The children of China’s diaspora come home to party Why: Muse is full and you’re tired of M1NT How Much: Beers from RMB 40; mixed drinks from RMB 60 Where: 4F, 760 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Shimen Er Lu. Tel: 6255 6000


place feels more like a jacked up Ivy League university club than paradise lost. One subtle, but notable innovation the club has to offer is placing a VIP area directly behind the bar, making getting more drink – often the bane of a club-goer’s evening – that much easier. Those interested in the full VIP experience can also rent out a 40-person KTV-equipped party room. In terms of the crowd, the clientele is solidly wealthy locals and foreign-born Chinese. As such, there’s an emphasis on bottle service with multi-bottle deals with gangsta names like “Ice Ballin’” and “Junior Mafia” in the RMB 2,000+ range. And of course, they have dice, although chances are you won’t hear the clatter of them so well above the roar of the stereo. The music selection isn’t limited to one genre, but switches throughout the week. Thursdays feature hip-hop, Fridays house and Saturdays funk. There are also plans to bring in international DJs once a month, although with little in the way of a dance floor, expect these nights to be crowd crunchers. - Become a Talk Insider!


What: A bigger installment from praised Japanese mixologist Why: Drinks to savour without pretense How Much: RMB 80 cocktails; RMB 80 glass of wine Where: 185 Fumin Lu, near Julu Lu. Tel: 5404 2815 Despite its conspicuous location in laowai land off of Fumin Lu, Papaya No. 2, the sequel to Nanjing Xi Lu's Japanese cocktail inspired Papaya Bar opened quietly last month. Your humble nightlife reviewer only found it by accident. Shying away from the hidden entrances de rigeur for Japanese style cocktail bars, Papaya No. 2 has a full marquee and (gasp!) large windows which give passersby a look at the goods straight away. A break with tradition? Maybe. But proprietor Kyo-san is ready to reach out. "I want to make Papaya a place where all styles of cocktail cultures mix – Japanese, Chinese and European," he says. With mentions in Chinese nightlife magazines and a stint as the cocktail advisor for The Public, Kyo-san has a growing

Tom Mangione

following in Shanghai. A taste of one of his no-nonsense cocktails reveals why. The Fresh Green (RMB 80) combining Hendrick's gin, mint, cucumber, lemon, tonic and a "hint of rose" is an effervescent and tangy libation. And the Health No. 1 (RMB 80) mixes Hendrick's gin, celery, tonic and homemade lemon syrup. Not exactly a trip to the gym, but the lightness of the chopped celery conjures feelings of freshness on the palate. As for ambiance, quirkiness fills the fifty seat room. Although your bartender is dishing out Mercedes-level drinks, the surroundings feel more like a tricked out Volkswagon. A shiny array of honeycombshaped mirrors reflect the seating area of silver and purple yinyang ottomans. In the washroom near the bar, a golden toilet and underlit marble floors sit behind a two way mirror, giving you the ability to spy on everyone whilst on the can. Sitting there, I wonder if this is a little too weird for Papaya's would-be customers, the suits and designer heels at El Cocktel or Constellation 2, but then I start thinking about my next drink. April12  ShanghaiTalk




The New Face of Hotel Jazz Tom Mangione

Hotels have long been a haven for working musicians, providing steady work and a comfortable environment to ply their craft. But with Shanghai’s increasingly wealthier and more cosmopolitan crowds, hotels are expanding their offerings, and becoming less cheesy pop venues, and more classy expansions into the nightlife scene, creating a treat for tourists, locals and expats alike. This month, Talk looks at the new offerings of hotel jazz and interviews two different musicians, one rooted in the tradition of hotel musicianship and the other a rising jazz star who's found a pied a terre in one of Shanghai's premier hotels.


eorge Butts, tenor saxophonist and singer has been engaging audiences in hotel lounges and bars for over two decades. His current engagement at the Portman Ritz-Carlton in Jing’an’s Shanghai Centre is his 16th engagement at a Ritz-Carlton property. Easy going and radiating warmth, Butts is ready to crack a smile and tell a joke, regardless of the fact he is shortly scheduled to play.

to stay. I figure out what works with people. I can do that because I don't make it about me. It's about them."


n meeting him, there's a certain impishness to Theo Croker. Sipping champagne before his set at the Peace Hotel's legendary Jazz Bar, he asks "Can I say anything I want?" And after being told that anything he doesn’t want publicised can be taken off the record, he responds with a smile and a glint in his eye, "Just promise you'll print it." Where many jazz players prefer to exude cool aloofness, Croker aims to provoke. And whilst this might come off as empty posturing, Croker's world-class talent proves that it is not. The grandson of American jazz trumpeter and singer Doc Cheatham as well as a star graduate of America's renowned Oberlin Conservatory of Music, Croker is considered by many to be a rising star in the jazz world. But he recognises the long-term stigma attached to hotel musicians, and describes his initial reluctance in coming to the Peace Hotel. "I met the GM and the head of F&B and a chef while I was hanging out at the Cotton Club. I sat in with the band and they said, ‘We want you to come play at our hotel.’ And I said, 'I don't play hotels.' But they convinced me to come check it out, so I did. And I found that it's really a club inside of the hotel. So I said, 'Okay, I'll do that’.” Calling the type of music that he plays "BAM or Black American Music", Croker follows a schedule of different types of music throughout the week, but stays firmly committed to his own style, not following the trend that many hotel musicians make of mimicking old tracks. "Our goal is not to gravitate toward playing what people already know. Like I don't care what the guy on the street thinks funk is. I play what I think funk is."

Courtesy of Emanuel Slavescu

Butts describes making the initial impact he made, when he started playing hotel gigs 20 years ago. "The Ritz Carlton is a quiet place, you know? So at most of the Ritz Carltons at that time, they had pianos. And I came in, played my saxophone and put a beat to it [using a drum machine] and spiced it up a bit."

However, Croker doesn't see the night as solely about him. He sees an educational dynamic to what he does, and in the sounds that he creates. "People don't really know what funk is here. People don't really know what jazz or Black Ameri-

Courtesy of Emanuel Slavescu

can music or R&B is so we're trying to show it in its purest form and our version of it as young musicians." After the interview, Croker and his band play an unapologetic and free-spirited set, including one of Croker's own songs entitled 'Transcend'. Much like Croker himself, the song, which vascillates between deep dischordance and straightforward melody seeks to challenge listeners, but pull them in at the same time. The result being that hotels like the Peace Hotel see returning customers to their regular jazz nights, simply because they have no idea what they’re to expect. George Butts plays Monday through Saturday, 8.30pm until late at The Ritz Bar in the Portman Ritz-Carlton, 2F, 1376 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Xikang Lu, 6279 8888 The Theo Croker Sextet plays every Tuesday through Saturday, 10pm until 1am in The Jazz Bar of the Fairmont Peace Hotel, 1F, 20 Nanjing Dong Lu, near Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu, 6138 6883

For his repetoire Butts says that he can play jazz, but nowadays prefers instead to play contemporary pop, R&B and blues music, often incorporating new songs in order to cater to local audiences and tastes. In terms of keeping things fresh, Butts remains positive about his performances in several ways. "I have a variety of different songs that I play every night to keep things fresh. And then the guests are different; I don't get the same guests every night. So that makes things fresh, too. Of course with so many people coming and going that also means there's not a lot of pressure [to change my material], but then I do it for the staff. There's nothing worse than having the staff know what you are going to play before you play it." And for all of his time playing in hotels, somewhat insulated from the outside world, Butts feels that he can keep things relevant. "Some guys go out of style, but I'm here

48 ShanghaiTalk 


Courtesy of Justin Parsons - Become a Talk Insider!



Jam On, Shanghai, Jam On Tom Mangione

Every weekend, Shanghai's livehouses are full of bands playing well-rehearsed tunes for paying crowds. However, before forming a band and leaping under the bright lights of the stage all of these musicians had to find each other first. Some met through work or school. Others met through the formality of a classified ad. But a number of them met at jams and open mics.


t's Wednesday night at Not Me. There are two guitars, two chairs, a microphone and a portable amplifer across from the bar in the small front room, currently sectioned off from the rest of the venue by a heavy curtains. A group of coworkers - teachers from a local English school - are enjoying drinks as one of them takes up the guitar and begins to play renditions of songs by the Arctic Monkeys and Snow Patrol. During the chorus, the onlookers suddenly break out into song. At its simplest, this is what an open mic is about – sharing songs that everyone knows.

“I started doing the open mic for one reason,” Nguidjol says, “I went to some music clubs and I asked 'Can I play or sing with you?' They all told me no. So I met up with Maxime and Taipei [the owners of Logo]. It took off from just a few musicians jamming together with me.”

However, add more to the mix and an open mic can become something else entirely. Across town at Beedee's every Tuesday and Thursday night, the music hall is full of amateur musicians eager to take advantage of the venue's full setup with drums, bass and guitars. It's a place where everyone comes to share the music, not just as listeners, but as players as well. “It wasn't like this when we started four years ago,” says Jeff Davis, co-owner of the bar. “Back then if you wanted to go to an open mic, most of them were the kind of thing where you could sit in with the house band at the end of a set. We wanted it to be a place where people could jam and play together. Now there are lots of places in Shanghai like this. There are a lot more musicians, too.”

As the scene continues to grow, new clubs are emerging that try to adapt to Shanghai's new environment. At DClub in Yangpu District, owner Philippe Duarte, a three year alumnus of Shanghai's jam nights has started his own club where he hopes to build on the lessons he's learned over the years. The venue proves to be friendly both to formed bands, but also to musicians looking to find other musicians to play with. Bands can record live demos for a fraction of what they'd pay for studio recording, while Duarte pushes even established bands to mix things up during one of the venue's weekend performances. He says, “It's one thing that I'm worried about – too many bands. I want people to play with different people even if they are already in a band. There's a vibe that you get when you discover that you play well with someone on stage. It's magic.”

And while musicians do find themselves on the stage at Beedee's, experimenting and trying out new sounds, it's not uncommon to see already formed bands take to the stage, trying out rehearsed tunes on the audience. During our visit, a band called The White Limos played covers of Cream's 'Sunshine on Your Love', Jimi Hendrix's 'Red House Over Yonder' and The Knacks 'My Sharona'. It's a development that Davis is not entirely happy about, thinking the phenomenon is “outside of the spirit of what a jam should be about.” When recalling the other 300 jam nights he has helped set up over the last four years, Davis says that one of his most memorable nights occurred when five musicians took the stage, each from a different continent, creating music on the fly.

While the John Shanghai jam nights are currently on hiatus due to the closure of Shanhai, at the time of writing Nguidjol said that he's already “visited six or seven venues, most of whom have contacted me” about performing, but declined to say which ones.

Photos courtesy of Justin Parsons

For jam purists looking to see musicians take on songs together for the first time, the jams led by John Nguidjol aka John Shanghai, over the years at Logo, Anar and the recently closed Shanhai, are something of local legend. Centering around Nguidjol's soulful voice and indefatigable stage presence – “I have this energy”, he says – the jams bring a slew of musicians doing renditions of classics from “No Woman No Cry” to “Knocking On Heaven's Door”. Hosting the jam in a string of venues, John's open mic has always drawn a crowd regardless of the venue. - Become a Talk Insider!

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Bar Rouge Re-opening Party

Cocktail Reception @ Yu Bar, Shanghai Marriott Hotel, Luwan

50 ShanghaiTalk 

April12 - Become a Talk Insider!

HERRO! Ft. Justin Martin - Photos Courtesy of The Ice Cream Truck

Drunken Dragon St Patty's Day Crawl - Become a Talk Insider!

April12  ShanghaiTalk





For event updates check out


1 April

JAR Animal Adoption Day Adopting a homeless animal is a huge responsibility, but it can prove to be highly rewarding. JAR invites Shanghai's would-be pet owners to meet potential companions. 11am. Papa’s Bierstube, 6465 8880 April Fool's Night with Love Bang! The only thing you have to take seriously on April Fool's Day is the dubstep party featuring DJ Caution and Heatwolves. Seriously. Dada, 150 0018 2212

5 April

7 April

ROM ‘ROM is the future – an audio/visual interpretation of a violated tomorrow.’ Shanghai's keepers of cyperpunk return to The Shelter. Expect to be 'violated' with stunning visuals, recondite lyrics and hip-hop beats. 10pm. The Shelter, www.

Alchemist Easter Brunch The Alchemist invites you to an Easter weekend brunch with a special menu including fresh strawberry waffles, Monte Cristo beignets, truffled Parma ham benedict and free flow Chandon rosé from 11am - 3pm. RMB 100. The Alchemist, 6426 0660

8 April

Easter at Paulaner The former French Concession’s home of brats and brews hosts a family friendly Easter outing – a brunch buffet for the adults and plenty of food and activities for the little ones including egg painting, three-legged races and piñata bashing contests. 11am – 3pm. RMB 68 upwards. Paulaner Fenyang Lu, 6474 5700, Easter Lunch at NAPA The NAPA Wine Bar and Kitchen kicks off spring with a tasty lunch made for the whole family. To entertain the kids they’ll also hold an Easter egg hunt in the garden. 12 – 3pm. RMB 98 upwards. NAPA Wine Bar and Kitchen. 6318 0057,

6 April

1 April

Shanghai Skyline Stroll Enjoy an architectural tour led by Fanny Hoffmann-Loss, project manager for architectural firm Gerken, Marg, & Partner. On the tour you’ll discover the challenges and opportunities for international design firms in China as well as taking in the glory of Shanghai's famous Bund skyline. 10.30am. RMB 300. Waldorf-Astoria Lobby, 138 1892 2040, publicwalks@

Glo London Carvery Easter Sunday A three course brunch includes your choice of one appetiser and desert complemented by the traditional carvery of roasts with roasted vegetables, Yorkshire pudding and more. Easter egg painting competition for the kids. RMB 208. glo London, 6466 6565

Meatballs! Party DJs Santo Chino and Mr. Stokes present the musical equivalent of mystery meat – from rare disco hits to well-known high school party hip-hop, all balled up into one juicy package. Dada, 150 0018 2212 Shut Up! Shut Down! Changchun based hardcore rockers, Shut up! Shut Down! stop by Shanghai’s house that rock built, touring their new EP We Break It Out. Expect adrenaline pumping tunes steeped in metal tradition from nu-metal Linkin Park to straight up hardcore. 9pm. RMB 50. Yuyintang, 5237 8662

7 April

The Shed’s Anniversary Party See in the weekend by celebrating an anniversary party with The Shed. RMB 100 gets you ten tickets, with each ticket getting you one drink or something off the grill. 2pm. The Shed, 6288 1189,


2 – 4 April

Xianju County Flower Tour OK Deal Club hosts a trip during Qingming Festival to Zhejiang Province’s Xianju County, where you can take in its green hillsides and bright yellow flower-covered valleys. The trip also includes a hike to a real off-the-beaten-track ancient town. 7am. RMB 880. OK Deal Club,

Puss In Boots The fairytale name says it all – chicks in sexy footwear parading around the club. We're not sure how this is different to any other club night, but hey, if the shoe fits... DJ Playmostrass on the decks. Sugar, 6215 8777 Straight No Chaser Not Me brings a night of unadulterated dance music. Dubstep, minimal house, acid jazz, tech house, funk, jungle and reggae are all on tap. Deadair and Bass Kitty pour 'em out. 10pm. Not Me, 6433 0760

4 April

5 April

Sex & The City Night Hollywood Shanghai hosts a Sex & The City party with an open bar for ladies before 11pm. DJ Jobo jumps on the decks at 10pm and spins commercial R&B, hip-hop and house music until the wee hours. Hollywood, 139 1704 8644

11 April

THOMAS SABO @ Sugar Diamonds aren’t the only thing that are a girl’s best friend any more. Charm bracelets have apparently joined the group as well. In cooperation with Thomas Sabo, Sugar presents its ladies’ night featuring dinner at 8pm, professional manicures till 11.30pm, free cocktails from 9.30 - 11.30pm and a lucky draw at midnight. Sugar, 6215 8777

Men's Underwear Fashion Show It’s Wednesday and that means it’s ladies night at Sugar. Hunky dudes parade around in their skivvies while the ladies look on. Fellas can get in before 10.30pm only if the attend the dinner. Sugar, 6215 8777

International Week at Hollywood: Turkey Hollywood hosts an official Erasmus, exchange and foreign students’ week. Every week a different country is featured with food, drink, music, shows, original language movies and much more. This night it’s Turkey. 8.30pm. Hollywood, 139 1704 8644

21 April

5 April

Shanghai Samurai The Geisha presents a bachelor's auction. Dudes will undoubtedly act bold to make the ladies weak at the knees. But really? Are you ready to be bid upon like a piece of meat, fellas? 7.30pm. The Geisha, 6403 0244

52 ShanghaiTalk 

Dirt Eater CD Release Local electronic artist and Shanghai Metro enthusiast, Dirt Eater releases his CD Ditie. All-girl electro rockers Next Year’s Love and dynamic duo iAmalam support. 9.30pm. RMB 50. LOgO. www.


I Love '80s The Alchemist presents its 80s themed party with live music from DJ T.L, film screenings of Heathers, The Breakfast Club and Fast Times at Ridgemont High, and a variety of new spring cocktails. RMB 50. The Alchemist, 6426 0660

7 April

TB Emerald Guzheng Concert Tired of music that involves fiddling with laptops or thrashing on guitars? Take a chance on the world of traditional Chinese music at this private concert. 7pm. RMB 100. Designer Club, 159 00694018, - Become a Talk Insider!

APRIL 14 April

Scampi, Chips, Dip and Campari All-female Norwegian garage rockers Scampi, Chips, Dip and Campari bring the party to YYT with the help of newly formed ‘60s rockers The Macaronians as well as Battle Cattle and DJ Snaff O’Hara. 10pm. RMB 50 (RMB 40 for students). Yuyintang, 5237 8662 Mad Hatters' Party The Fairmont Peace hotel organises an extravagant Buffet High Tea with party hats and actors reading from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. Enjoy scones with jam and cream, hand-made chocolates and an extensive tea selection. RMB 248 + 15%. Fairmont Peace Hotel, 6138 6886

8 April

A Man Escaped The final event in the Robert Bresson retrospective sponsored by the Shanghai French Consulate, Bresson’s 1956 film A Man Escaped will be screened, followed by a talk with film critic Jean-Maurice Rocher. Reservations required. 1.30 - 5.30pm. RMB 20. MoCA Shanghai,

Tes La Rock Finnish dubstep DJ and producer Tes La Rock brings his Northern European dub jams to Shanghai's underground dance hall along with a slew of reggae artists. 10pm. The Shelter, 6437 0400, Mind Puzzle Starting off as a decorator, Maud Boesen gradually made the switch to abstract painting, and her latest vibrant exhibition goes live. Noeli Gallery, 6431 9442,


Shanghai Alleycat 2012 Asia’s largest free bicycle race takes to the Shanghai streets. Participants are given 12 locations in the city that they must visit on their bikes, regardless of order, in as little time as possible. Registration begins at 10am. Race starts at 1pm. After party at 7pm. Sinan Mansions, www.peoplesbike. com/shanghaialleycat

21 April

Annual Naked by Candlelight Outdoor Concert Naked Retreats celebrates Earth Day with an outdoor event. Three bands will be playing live: Dana Shellmire, the vocalist of Shanghai's blues band The Soulcasters, Vladimir Legay, the guitarist from Shanghai's Lions of Puxi, followed by Nick Aggs, Australian saxophonist and composer. RMB 400. Naked Retreats, 6431 8901,

18 April

11 April

International Week @ Hollywood: USA Hollywood continues to travel around the world with the Erasmus, exchange and foreign students week. This week the United States is featured. America. Yeahhhhh. 8.30pm. Hollywood, 139 1704 8644

11-22 April

Culture Object II Exhibition @ Shang Xia Shang Xia's second annual culture object event invites you to discover the pure spirit of China: from Yunnan Province to Xinjiang and Tibet. The exhibition includes portraits and exclusive interviews with tea growers and pilgrims. Shang Xia, 6390 8899, www.

Oleanna This two-character play by celebrated American playwright David Mamet tells of the power struggle between a university professor and his female student. RMB 200. The Apartment, 139 1763 4907,

21 – 22 April

MIDI Festival The Midi Festival is one of the most legendary rock festivals in China, started in 2000 by the Midi School of Music. This year it looks like the organisers have snagged Century Park again. Mercy and Sorrow, Hao Yun, Twisted Machine, Brain Failure and more headline. Century Park, 40061 03721,

13 April

Education Party DJ Caution brings hip-hop and disco mixes to warm up the college crowd. Non-students welcome, but easily spotted. Dada, 150 0018 2212


Like a Virgin: Madonna party Some of us just can't get enough of Madonna. Every time you hear her, it's like being “touched for the very first time”, isn't it? 8.30pm. Hollywood, 139 1704 8644

3 April

13 April

Hell United The eighth installment of this Shanghai metal night sees Fearless, Red Spread, Six Shot, Chaos Mind and October Capricorn playing death metal tracks. Leather trousers, head banging and guttural rumblings on the microphone abound. 9pm. RMB 60. Yuyintang, 5237 8662

Sugar Terrace Reopening We've been huddling in the Shanghai cold all winter dreaming of sipping cocktails out on warm spring days. Sugar’s got one. Its terrace reopens with champagne galore. Sugar, 6215 8777

13 April

Fritz Kalkbrenner Live @ Mao Livehouse Fritz Kalkbrenner, the German DJ and producer, comes to Shanghai to satisfy the needs of a sophisticated Shanghainese audience with his mix of soul searching electro beats. DJ Ben Huang, Charp and The Horses come along for the ride. 10pm. RMB 100 pre sale, RMB 150 at the door. MAO Livehouse Shanghai, 139 8888 8888

18 April

Night Market The popularity of the night market organised by Dada continues to grow. Don’t miss your shot at micro-designer clothing and all the other locally produced kitsch. Dada, 150 0018 2212

April 19

Jane Siesta Dada hosts two drum and bass DJs from Spain, and they must be quite a surprise, because their names are – ¡Dios mio! – still a secret. Dada, 150 0018 2212

20 April

Sum 41 Sum 41, the award winning Canadian pop punk rockers from the '00s, touch down in Shanghai to prove that they are still the same, but also different, “more mature”. Whatever, we're just hoping to RAWK! 9pm. RMB 180 – 1,280. Shanghai Grand Stage

Double Happiness American Booze DJs and Johnny Goes West bring the vibes at Dada’s Double Happiness party. Dada, 150 0018 2212

14 April

Shanghai Roller Disco The Mingxin Roller Rink gets taken over by the city slickers for the evening with roller-skating, drinks and 80’s DJ sets as well as a live performance from Jolene De Palma. 9pm. RMB 50. Minxin Roller Rink, 6625 3169

Playboy Mansion Party It's a night inspired by Hugh himself. Hollywood hosts the Playboy Mansion Party with its own scantily clad bunnies strutting their stuff. 8.30pm. Hollywood, 139 1704 8644 - Become a Talk Insider!

6 April

Mirror Band Shanghai will be one of the last stops on Mirror’s tour across China. Quality, time-tested punk flips the audience the bird. Audience loves it. 8.30pm. RMB 60. MAO Livehouse Shanghai

April12  ShanghaiTalk


26 April


Leslie Thornton Solo Exhibition 'Radical Symmetry' Leslie Thornton presents her new solo exhibition 'Radical Symmetry', including video art, installation and photography. Considered a pioneer of contemporary media aesthetics, Thornton works at the borders and limits of cinema, video and digital media. Elisabeth de Brabant Art Center,

27 April

Stockholm Syndrome Dada hosts Stockholm Syndrome with dark techno and gothic house from another time. Dada, 150 0018 2212

11 April

Spring Symphony: Josep Henriquez Famed Spanish guitarist and luthier makes his Beijing début with a concert at the Instituto Cervantes. For guitar enthusiasts of any bent it’s a performance not to be missed. 7 – 9pm. Instituto Cervantes, (10) 5879 9666,

20 April

Quality Control presents Hifana Japanese breakbeat duo Hifana, known for their use of live percussion, turntablism and accompanying visual creations play Shanghai’s underground house of underground music. The Lab Crew keeps the decks warm. 10pm. RMB 80. The Shelter, 6437 0400,

12 – 15 April

27 April

China International Gallery Exposition 2012 The ninth edition of this fair for contemporary art features galleries from throughout China and around the world. For art lovers in the northern capital, this is a must see. 10am – 7pm (April 12 – 14), 10am – 5pm (April 15). RMB 30 (RMB 15 students). China World Trade Centre, (10) 5218 5188,

Kill Bill Partygothic Dress up like Bill or the Bride at Hollywood and revel in the Tarantino chic. Kungfu moves optional. 8.30pm. Hollywood, 139 1704 8644

27 April

18 April

Flower Power @ Bar Rouge Pull out your bell bottoms and grab some flowers as Bar Rouge greets the spring with the beats of 60s. Give peace a chance and maybe a glass of champagne while you're at it. RMB 100. Bar Rouge, 6339 1199

Randy Abel Stable Boozy bluegrass and country twangers, Randy Abel Stable bring the chunk, the banjo and the mandolin to one of the smallest bars in Beijing. 8pm. RMB 25. 12SQM, 6402 1554,


28 April

Acid Pony Club – It’s All Love “Electro Care Bear” DJ Laura Ingalls, “baby-making music” maker DJ Clement Pony and “angel and panda” love child VJ Tina Sprinkles – take to Dada with a unique blend of house, techno and disco. 10pm. Dada, 150 0018 2212

21 April

International Record Store Day International Record Store Day arrives for the first time in China. Live music performances, independent label showcases, food, drink and many records. During the event Chinese independent record labels will be selling CDs, records, t-shirts, and other promotional material. Uptown Record Store, 6223 8368, www.

21 April

1 April

Philharmonia Orchestra with Lorin Maazel One of the world's most respected conductors for over five decades, Maestro Lorin Maazel comes to Guangzhou with the Philharmonia Orchestra to perform Tchaikovsky's 'Violin Concerto' and Mahler's 'Symphony No. 1' featuring Chen Jiafeng on first violin. You can also catch him in Shanghai on 3 April. 8pm. RMB 180 – 2,280. Shanghai Oriental Art Centre, 6217 2426

4 April

Miserable Faith Formed in the late 90s, underground band Miserable Faith has grown a following with Chinese audiences over the years. The outfit brings its songs about travelling through China to Zhuhai. 9-11pm. RMB 80 (RMB 60 presale). Live Bar, (756) 335 2580

8 April

TNT Theatre Britain presents David Copperfield The TNT Theatre Britain presents its newest version of the beloved Charles Dickens classic to Zhongshan, complete with added scenes and a musical score from Thomas Johnson. 8pm. Zhongshan Culture and Arts Centre Small Theatre, (760) 8822 3666

54 ShanghaiTalk 


Gummy Bear California-born Gummy Bear plays his version of electro music combining shoe gaze with industrial and gothic sounds, part of a new wave of musicians being dubbed ‘witch house’ by critics. Spooky house? Judge for yourself. 10pm. RMB 50. Shelter, 6437 0400, Rock for Charity 2012 Fifteen rock bands perform at Yuyintang to raise funds for Shanghai Sunrise, an organisation providing educational funding to talented students to make their futures brighter. 1pm. Yuyintang, 135 8556 1246 We Love Saturday The name says it all. Hollywood loves this day of the week so much that it's willing to take Saturday night straight through until Wednesday, staying open past 3am. Hollywood, 139 1704 8644

24 April

Backyard Surgeons Beijing punk rockers Backyard Surgeons go acoustic for a show with Shanghai based, acoustic Americana band The Horde. They’ll also be hitting up Yuyintang the following night. 8.30pm. RMB 20. Fanfare, 150 0195 9653.

25 April

International Week @ Hollywood: Italy It’s not just about pizza, pasta and the mafia. Italy has much more to offer. Hollywood hosts another official Erasmus event. Food, drinks and original language movies. 8.30pm. Hollywood, 139 1704 8644

Every Tuesday

Sub-Cinema This month Sub-Cinema celebrates giallo, the Italian murder mystery genre: 3 April – Tenebre (1982); 10 April – The New York Ripper (1982); 17 April – Torso (1973); 24 April – Double Feature: The Girl That Knew Too Much (aka The Evil Eye) (1963) and Blood and Black Lace (1964). 9pm. Dada, 150 0018 2212

Every Thursday

Steak Night The Public gives its diners a tomahawk chop to the face, literally. A 1 kilo tomahawk steak for two, roast beef salad, potato side, mac and cheese, a veggie and a desert all for RMB 350 per person (min. 2 people). The Public, 3368 9419

All Month

Re-Reenactment Photographers Chen Nong and Wang Tong exhibit a series of photographs which blend China’s past and future in intriguing anachronistic ways. 10am – 6pm. Ofoto Gallery, 6298 5416, WHAT’S ON/ONLINE

Checking for a particular event or just looking for something to do? - Become a Talk Insider!

The Deals


Shangri-La Ningbo

Intercontinental Shenzhen

Shangri-La Hotel Fuzhou

naked Retreats Moganshan

88 Xintiandi

The Langham Xintiandi

Located at Guangzhou Tianhe CBD, Sheraton Guangzhou Hotel was awarded the ‘Top 10 Newly Open Hotels of China’ for its excellent location and great service.

In April, Kempinski Hotel Wuxi will hold an Olympic themed art exhibition. Guests can appreciate the Olympic portfolio along with oil paintings by Zhou Zhiwei.

Crowne Plaza Suzhou with its unique cruise theme was awarded the “Top Themed Hotels of China” at the seventh China Hotel Starlight Awards.

InterContinental Hotels Group offers a special promotion

Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel Shanghai hosted the famed

Shenzhen native Frank Xu, head chef of the first gourmet Chinese restaurant in the Paris Shangri-La was awarded one Michelin star last month for his restaurant Shang Palace.

Weekend package: Shangri-La Ningbo is offering a luxurious weekend stay complete with gourmet dinner. The offer includes complimentary buffet breakfasts, upgrade to Deluxe River View Room, late check out at 6pm, access to the health club and other benefits. From RMB 898 + 15%. (574) 8799 8808

Candlelight package: It’s Earth Month at the naked Retreats Moganshan hotel and on 22 April they’re hosting their third annual concert, with jazz/funk and world music. Weekend package includes entrance ticket to the concert, two nights accommodation with western breakfast and one picnic basket lunch. From RMB 2,150 + 15%. (21) 5213 3030

Mercado, ‘The Seafood of the World’ Buffet: Throughout April, Mercado offers the seasonal seafood and freshwater gourmet with international cooking styles. Offers a range of Spanish, Southeast Asian and Chinese delicacies. Free flow of fresh juice, homemade beer and French wine will be offered as well. From RMB 268 + 15%. (755) 3399 3388 x 8337

Easter Escape package: From 1 – 9 April 88 Xintiandi offers club lounge privileges including breakfast, all-day refreshments and evening cocktails. Complimentary internet and free pressing of one garment additionally provided. From RMB 1,188 + 15%. (21) 5383 8833

Cultural tour package: The ‘Exploring Three Lanes and Seven Alleys’ package includes the choice of three themed routes for a guided tour, a two-night stay in a deluxe room, breakfast, round-trip hotel limousine service and 20% discount on food and beverage at all of the hotel’s restaurants. RMB 2,460 + 15%. (591) 8798 8288

Easter Haven package: The Langham Xintiandi is offering overnight accommodation plus daily mini bar spending of RMB 200 in its Easter package from 1 – 9 April, as well as complimentary internet. From RMB 1,550. (21) 2330 2288

The News

from 16 April to 22 April 2012. Book one night and get a complimentary one for free, available for stays till end of 2012. - Become a Talk Insider!

British classical conductor Daniel Harding, who is known as one of the brightest conductors of our new generation.

April12  ShanghaiTalk



China Hotel, A Marriott Hotel Melissa K Trias


pril’s Hotel of the Month boasts its fair share of international visitors and you could blame it on the food. Guangzhou, a food-lover’s paradise, should alter its age-old saying about itself to read: ‘Eat in Guangzhou, stay at China Hotel, A Marriott Hotel’, because there is no better hotel to accommodate a visitor’s every craving. China Hotel, A Marriot hotel features seven different restaurants and bars from which to choose: Prime Steakhouse, Four Seasons (Cantonese cuisine), Café Veranda (international buffet and authentic Asian and Western a la carte dishes), Food Street (Chinese cuisine), Sapphire Lounge

56 ShanghaiTalk 


(a Martini bar), Shisha on 4 (Middle Eastern Shisha lounge) and Bar (a cocktail bar). The recently launched ‘Sunday Family Brunch’ at Café Veranda has been a particularly big hit with guests due to its focus on family-friendly activities and amazing food. Classic favourites on offer include made-to-order omelettes, Sunday roasts, pancakes and waffles. For the little ones, there is a special Kid’s Zone, complete with an activity area, colouring booth, game zone, and even cupcake decorating competitions. It’s delicious and fun all wrapped up in one! In addition to the noteworthy fare, guests from Europe, the Middle East, Africa, South America, the United States and Australia are known to flock to China Hotel, A Marriot Hotel in the Spring months of April and May to enjoy the sights of China’s Baiyun Mountain and to experience the Spring China Import and Export Fair (CIEF) that takes place in Guangzhou. And why not? The China Hotel, A Marriott Hotel offers 850 elegant and functional guest rooms and suites that beautifully capture the design of Eastern and Western elements. Guests can rest on a King or Queen sized bed and enjoy

the standard high definition LCD TV, MP3 outlets and separate rain shower and bathtub. World-class facilities, such as Health Club, aim to give you what your body needs to make your stay as pleasurable and relaxing as possible. Located in the capital of Guangdong Province, also known as the ‘City of Trade’, China Hotel, Marriott Hotel is within easy access to public transportation, helping you get where you want to go. Use your visit to experience the Pearl River Night Cruise, Canton Tower, Guangxiao Temple or the Temple of the Six Banyan Trees. You can even take a relaxing walk around Liu Hua Lake Park, which is majestically beautiful on a sunny day. But if the focus of your trip to

Guangzhou is to get work done, then China Hotel can do that, too. The hotel offers 2,300sqm of total meeting space with a large ballroom, 15 function rooms and 3 boardrooms. Basic necessities, such as an LCD projector and screen, a sound and lighting system, wireless internet and a central control system are all at your hands to help you run your event smoothly and efficiently. And after a hard day’s work, let China Hotel, A Marriott Hotel bring out the fun and excitement in your life. The hotel regularly hosts large community events, such as Halloween by Carbon, and Guangzhou’s Annual Oktoberfest that features the best in music, food and beer. Now how cool is that? - Become a Talk Insider!


Grand Central Hotel Shanghai

Pullman Shanghai Skyway

Renaissance Shanghai Zhongshan Park

InterContinental Shanghai Puxi

Kempinski Hotel Shenzhen

China Hotel, A Marriott Hotel

Le Royal Meridien Shanghai

Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel

International Buffet Dinner: The brand new coffee shop in the Grand Central Hotel launches its “Bringing healthy hot pot into the buffet dinner” concept. Enjoy a range of international hot dishes, delicious snacks, traditional homemade French desserts and all you can eat ice cream. Unlimited soft drinks and select beer are also included. RMB 168 +15%. (21) 5396 5000 x 80826

Woo Bar: InterContinental Shanghai Puxi is offering a selection of elegant, delicate champagnes. The bubbly is available every Monday to Sunday from 4pm to 2am. RMB 788 +15%. 5253 9999 x 6327

The Courtyard by Marriott Shanghai Pudong

Daily Seafood Buffet Dinner: Spice Café offers a great selection of seafood and shell fish, which include imported oysters, shrimps, clams and mussels complimented by salads, meat dishes, a live cooking station, Japanese foods and desserts. 3887 4500 x 8132


Malaysia Food Festival: Zaffraan Restaurant brings the Malaysia Food Festival to Shanghai showcasing authentic specialties and bringing a new culinary experience to the dinner table. Chicken rice, nasi goreng, nasi lama, stir fried crab in curry and a selection of satay skewers included. (21) 3318 9988 x 7777

Buffet Frutti di Mare: The Seasons Restaurant hosts an Italian evening featuring a splendid buffet selection: live pasta stations with a large selection of Italian style sauces, homemade fresh Lasagna with fillings from smoked salmon to prime beef, and tuna carpaccio. RMB 298 + 15% per person. (755) 8888 8888 x 8318

Starting on 6 April, Master Chef Rembrandt of Le Royal Meridien's Allure restaurant takes guests on a dining odyssey with a three course seafood lunch or dinner topped off with brioche du creme for dessert. 3318 9999 x 7022

The Ritz-Carlton Suite Kerry Allen Jamie Barys - Become a Talk Insider!


Wok This Way Asian Street Food Buffet: The restaurant’s chefs invite you to take a remarkable culinary journey through the back streets of Asia. Featuring great urban cuisine from Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, India and Shanghai. From RMB 188. (21) 6115 8888

The Prime Lunch: The Prime Lunch menu features fresh spring ingredients, speciality cuts and Chef Manfred’s signature dishes. It’s great for a business lunch or a casual bite by the pool. RMB 158 + 15%. (20) 8666 6888 x 3468

The Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel returns to its Middle Eastern roots with the Marhaba Weekend. Feast on roasted lamb and other Arabian delicacies while exotic belly dancers entertain. RMB 188 + 15% (lunch), RMB 268 + 15% (dinner), 3858 0888

hen the Portman Ritz-Carlton, Jing’an do suites, they do them in style, and their incredible 5382ft Ritz-Carlton Suite, which has previously seen the likes of American President Obama, is the biggest in the city and one of the biggest in the world. Designed by architects John Portman & Associates of Atlanta, not a detail goes spared in this suite: the décor is modern and fashionable, and yet going with the classic hues and shades that the Ritz Carlton has been known for and loved. At RMB 120,000 a night, a night in this room doesn’t come cheap, but then you’re guaranteed the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had in your life. Imagine the envy on your friends’ faces when you tell them you’ve spent a night there. Personalised concierge service, special in-room amenities including private

gym and bar, goose down duvet with 100% Egyptian cotton sheets, as well as one of the biggest bathtubs we’ve ever seen. Not forgetting the fantastic views overlooking central Jing’an, a night in this hotel and you’re guaranteed to remember it for the rest of your life. Still, if you can’t afford the big one, the standard club suites also provide most of the same excellent facilities, including a private lounge serving six complimentary food and beverage presentations daily, private 24 hour check-in and late checkout, high speed internet access, and use of one of Shanghai’s largest health clubs. The Portman Ritz-Carlton. 1376 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Tongren Lu. Tel: 6279 8888. Email: Web:

April12  ShanghaiTalk



Listings If you think you've got something we should know about, email Shanghai TALK at or fax to 6083 1119. Café 1188 •Lobby Level, InterContinental


Shanghai Expo, 1188 Xueye Lu, Pudong (near Nanmatou Lu). T: 3858 1208

American BISTRO BURGER •A Mansion Building, 291 Fumin Lu, (entrance on Changle Lu). T: 6170 1315

Real handmade burgers with fresh ingredients. Hours: Sun-Thu 10ammidnight, Fri-Sat 10am-4am

BLUE FROG •102-103A, Block 6, Daning Life

Hub, 1918 Gonghe Xin Lu. T: 6631 3920. 207-6 Maoming Nan Lu. T: 6445 6634. Room 3, Green Sports & Leisure Center, 633 Biyun Lu, Pudong. T: 5030 6426. GF, Super Brand Mall, 168 Lujiazui Xi Lu. T: 5047 3488. 30 Hongmei Entertainment Street, Lane 3338 Hongmei Lu. T: 5422 5119. Lower Level, Unit 12, Novel City, 131 Tianyaoqiao Lu (149 Xingeng Lu). T: 3368 6117 The ever-reliable Frog.

茂名南路270-6; 浦东金桥, 碧云 路633号-3; 浦东新区陆家嘴西路 168号正大广场GF27(1楼); 虹梅路 3338弄30号; 天钥桥路131号永新坊 地下一层12室(辛耕路口)

KING •132BURGER Yuyuan Lu (near Jiaozhou Lu). T: 6255 2144

Ooh we love a Whopper.

汉堡王: 愚园路132号,近胶州路

ROOM •1M,GRILL Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel, 1108 Meihua Lu, Pudong. T: 3858 0888 The steak is great but we love the antipasto and condiment bar!

California Grill •40F,JW’s JW Marriott Hotel, 399 Nanjing Xi Lu. T: 5359 4969 x 6455

Hours: 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30-10.30pm 加州扒房:南京西路399号, 万豪酒 店40楼

Interactive kitchens and live cooking stations make this brunch a feast for the eyes too.

咖啡厅1188:浦东雪野路1188号, 近南码头路,上海世博洲际酒店一楼

House of Flour •1228C byBeijing Xi Lu. T: 6289 3083 More magic, melting mouthfuls from Brian Tan. 北京西路1228号

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf •Unit 140-141, Shanghai City Centre,

100 Zunyi Lu. T: 6237 1458. Block B, 1F, Jinlinghaixin Building, 666 Fuzhou Lu (near Yan’an Lu). T: 6391 7971. House 10, Lane 181 Taicang Lu, Xintiandi North Block. T: 6387 4248. 915 Huang Jincheng Lu. T: 6209 9212. Azia Centre, 133 Yincheng Bei Lu. T: 5877 9558. 168 Lujiazui Xi Lu, Unit GF02, Super Brand Mall. T: 5047 1012. No 2, 99 Xikang Lu (near Nanjing Xi Lu). T: 6289 2163. Unit 1, Basement, Plaza KIC, 270 Songhu Lu. T: 6533 3103. Unit 1051B, 1F, Cloud 9 Mall, 1018 Changning Lu. T: 5237 1781. Zendai Thumb Plaza, No.18, 199 Fangdian Lu. T: 5833 0801. INFINITI Plaza ,138 Huaihai Zhong Lu. T: 6375 6167 香啡缤: 遵义路100号虹桥上海城一 楼140-141单元; 福州路666号金陵 海欣大厦1楼B座, 近延安路; 太仓路 181弄新天地广场北里10号楼; 黄 金城道915号; 浦东银城北路133号 汇亚大厦101室; 陆家嘴西路168号 正大广场GF02商铺; 西康路99弄2(南京西路,近恒隆广场2座); 淞沪 路270号创智天地广场地下一层 01单元,创智天地店; 长宁路1018号 1051室龙之梦店; 芳甸路199弄证 大大拇指广场; 淮海中路138号无限 度广场2楼

Steakhouse •2F,Manhattan Marriott Hotel Hongqiao, 2270 As fantastic as the steaks here may be, we had a mighty fine lobster dish one night too.

曼哈顿扒房:虹桥路2270号万豪虹 桥大酒店2楼

500 Steak House •3F,Prime Hotel Main Tower, InterContential

Bakery & Deli

Café •1F,Gourmet Shanghai Center, 1376 Nanjing Xi Lu. T: 6289 5733

•2F,Bauernstube Sheraton Shanghai Hongqiao Hotel, 5 Zunyi Nan Lu. T: 6275 8888 x 3104

One of the best places in Shanghai to get cold cuts. 农夫之家食品店:上海市遵义南 路5号,虹桥喜来登上海太平洋大 饭店2楼

glo London Bakery Cafe •1 Wulumuqi Nan Lu (near Dongping Lu) T: 6466 6565

Freshly-baked goodies await carb lovers here, and there's fresh roasted coffee for a pick-me-up. Hours: 7am-10pm. www.

陕西北路455号; 南京西路1376号上 海商城111室

Costa Coffee •Shop B, 1F, Ramada Plaza, 719

Nanjing Dong Lu. T: 6351 2916. Ciro's Plaza, 388 Nanjing Xi Lu. T: 6334 6035. 545 Pudong Dadao. T: 6888 1773. Metro Tower: 1111 Zhaojiabang Lu. T: 6426 7854. 15 & 17 Xiangcheng Lu (near Dongfang Lu). T: 5081 1182. Joy Plaza: 9 Zhenning Lu. T: 5238 2901. 3196 Hongmei Lu. T: 6406 5909. 269 Wujiang Lu. T: 6136 1403. 638 Huaihai Zhong Lu. T: 5306 5231. 588 Nanquan Bei Lu. T: 5190 6295

Costa cafés are springing up all over town. (华美达店) 南京东路715号; (仙乐斯 店) 南京西路388号仙乐斯广场; (港汇 店) 虹桥路1号港汇广场2楼; (Eton 裕 景店) 浦东大道545号; (美罗城办公 楼) 肇嘉浜路1111号; 向城路15号和 17号; 九尊,镇宁路9号; 虹梅路3196号

Bakery •1F,Madeleine Hotel Sofitel, 505 Nanjing Dong Lu. T: 6351 5888 x 4186

Chocolate éclairs and other Parisian goodies. Hours: 7am-9pm

玛德莱娜西饼屋: 南京东路505号, 海 仑宾馆1楼

Cafes, Coffee, Ice Cream

•C-6,BECA Red Town, 570 Huaihai Xi Lu. T: 6280 7232

The perfect place to contemplate life over a latte.

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A great place to stop and smell the coffee. Sit back, relax and choose from a range of 60 coffee varieties from around the world. 长宁路1018号上海龙之梦万丽酒 店25楼

Chinese - Cantonese

•8F,AiLeMei Royal Méridien Shanghai, 789 Nanjing Dong Lu. T: 3318 9999 x 7700

Cantonese haute cuisine, contemporary Chinese décor and marvellous city views. Hours: 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30-10pm

Crème Milano •434LeShaanxi Nan Lu. T: 6433 5208

The Lobby •Lobby Level, The Peninsula Shanghai, 32 on the Bund. T: 2327 2888 All-day dining and the celebrated Peninsula Afternoon Tea with live entertainment.

大堂茶座: 中山东一路32号上海半 岛酒大堂

Qbake •原味坊

家乐福古北店:水城南路268号古北 家乐福1楼. 淮海中路店:淮海中路 138号无限度广场商场1楼107室. 宜 山路店:宜山路700号84栋新宜街 1号楼113室. 家乐福金桥店:浦东新 区金桥碧云路555号. 井亭店:虹泉路 1078号1-07单元

Court •1F,Palm The Langham, Yangtze Boutique, 740 Hankou Lu. T: 6080 0743

Serving the Signature Langham afternoon tea with live classical music in the afternoons. 廷廊:汉口路740号朗廷扬子精品酒 店1楼大堂

Alley •NewPeacock Tower Lobby Level, Waldorf Astoria Shanghai on the Bund, 2 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu. T: 6322 9988 Hours: 9am-11pm

羿庭:上海外滩华尔道夫酒店,上海市 黄浦区中山东一路2号

Beacon Café •500Red Beijing Xi Lu (inside Jing'an Sculpture Park)

北京西路500号 (静安雕塑公园二 号门)

Salon de Ville •Waldorf Astoria Club L Level, Waldorf Astoria Shanghai on the Bund, 2 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu. T: 6322 9988

CAFÉ •488SERENA Yan'an Xi Lu, Hotel Nikko

Wulumuqi Lu. T: 5404 7610. Hours: 7am9pm. Corporate Avenue Shop: Shop 10. Level 2, 222 Hubin Lu. T: 6386 7779. Hours: 7am-8pm. Ramada Shop: Shop 6, 719 Nanjing Dong Lu. T: 6351 3303. Hours: 7am-1am. Binjiang Shop: 60 Weifang Xi Lu. Pudong New Area. T: 5047 0357. Hours: 7am-9pm. Citic Plaza Shop: 501A, Level 5, Citic Square Plaza, 1168 Nanjing Xi Lu. T: 6253 5675. Hours: 7am-10pm. The Exchange: Lobby 101, 299 Tongren Lu. T: 6288 7308. Hours: 7.30am-7pm. World Financial Center: Shop 219, Shanghai World Financial Center, 100 Shiji Dadao, Pudong New Area. T: 5877 0995. Hours: 7.30am-10pm. Changde Lu Shop: 535 Changde Lu. Beijing: Central Park Shop: Shop 107, Building 16, Phase 2, Central Park Apartment, 6 Chaoyang Menwei Dajie, Chaoyang District Beijing. T: 010

(Renaissance Shanghai Zhongshan Park Hotel). T: 6115 8810

Shiji Dadao, Pudong. T: 5047 1234 x 8779

Famed for its traditional high tea indulgence, presented on tiered silver tea stands. Hours: 8am – midnight.

Jamaica Blue •Shanghai: Chevalier Shop: 82

•25F,Zpark 1018 Changning Lu

Canton •Grand Hyatt, 55F, Jin Mao Tower, 88

中国上海南京东路20号 200002

豫园咖啡厅:河南南路159号豫园万 丽酒店大堂(近福佑路)

艾美中餐厅:南京东路789号上海世 茂皇家艾美酒店(8楼)

Talk likes to enjoy an afternoon reminiscing at the former news room where Shanghai Club members read their papers and smoked their pipes. Hours: 12pm-11pm

JASMINE LOUNGE GF, Fairmont Peace Hotel, 20 Nanjing Dong Lu. T: 6321 6888

Hours: Noon-11pm

Traditional Cantonese, with innovative presentations. Hours: 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30-10pm

Shanghai Puxi. T: 5253 9999 x 6336

恒丰路500号,上海浦西洲际酒店 3 楼

亦园店:乌鲁木齐中路82号;上海企 业天地店:湖滨路222号1号楼2层 10号铺; 南京东路店:南京东路719号 6号商铺; 滨江店:上海浦东潍坊西路 60号(近浦城路); 中信泰富店: 南京 西路1168号中信泰富广场5层501A; 东海广场店:铜仁路299号东海广场 101; 环球金融中心店:上海浦东新区 世纪大道100号上海环球中心219商 铺; 常德路店:常德路535号 北京:新城国际店:朝阳区朝外大街 6号新城国际B期16号楼107号商铺; 公园大道店:朝阳区公园南路6号院 4-3号;顺义优山美地店: 顺义区后沙 峪镇榆阳路4号

Carrefour Gubei Shop:268, Shuicheng Nan Lu. T: 3211 0230. Room 107, Infiniti Plaza 1F, 138 Huaihai Zhong Lu.T: 5888 8993. Room 113, Building 1, Xinyi Street, Building 84, 700 Yishan Lu. T: 3469 0036. Carrefour Jinqiao Shop: 1F, 555 Biyun Lu. T: 5888 8993. Jinting Shop: Unit 1-07,1078 Hongquan Lu. T: 3468 7598

Hongqiao Lu. T: 6237 6000 x 6633

Slabs of meat are complemented by a collection of premium vintages from the wine cellar.

6533 6556. Hours: 7am-9am. Park Avenue Shop: Shop 115 Park Avenue, 6 Chaoyang Park Nan Lu, Chaoyang District, Beijing. T: (10) 8587 4568. Yosemite Shop: Lobby 1 Yosemite Club, 4 Yuyang Lu. T: (10) 8041 3301 Hours: 7am-9pm

上海外滩华尔道夫酒店上海黄浦区中 山东一路2号

Shanghai. T: 3211 9999

A la carte menu with Asian and Western specialties for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Hours: 6.30am–11.30pm 赛丽娜: 延安西路488号上海日航 酒店一楼

Whisk •1250 Huaihai Zhong Lu (near

粤珍轩: 浦东世纪大道88号金茂君悦 大酒店55楼

•30 cha Sinan Lu (near Huaihai Zhong Lu). T: 6093 2062

Hong Kong-style canting straight out of the 1950s.

Bistro •3F,China Renaissance Shanghai Yuyuan

Hotel, 159 Henan Nan Lu (near Fuyou Lu). T: 2321 8888 Capturing the essence of great home cooked provincial Chinese cuisine. Hours: 11am-2.30pm, 5-10pm

万丽轩: 河南南路159号豫园万丽酒店 3楼(近福佑路)

Crystal Jade •Unit 2F-12A & B, House 6-7, Lane

123 Xingye Lu, South Block Xintiandi. T: 6385 8752. 7F, West Gate Mall, 1038 Nanjing Xi Lu (near Jiangning Lu). T: 5228 1133. 507B, 5F, Grand Gateway, 1 Hongqiao Lu Fave of Hong Kongers looking for some good hometown cooking.

翡翠酒家: 兴业路123弄新天地6-7号 楼F-12A-B;南京西路1038号梅 龙镇广场7楼;虹桥路1号港汇广 场507B

Dragon Phoenix 8F, Fairmont Peace Hotel, 20 Nanjing Dong Lu. T: 6321 6888

•BundTan18,Wai5F,Lou 18 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu. T: 6339 1188

Gourmet Cantonese by the Bund. Hours: 11am-2.30pm, 6-10.30pm

滩外楼中餐厅: 外滩18号5楼,中山东 一路18号

Hao •39F,Wan JW Marriott Hotel, 399 Nanjing Xi Lu. T: 5359 4969 x 6436

Li Restaurant •2F,Wan Renaissance Shanghai Pudong

338 Huangpi Nan Lu, Xintiandi. T: 6311 2323


Hotel, 100 Changliu Lu. T: 3871 4888 x 6612 Hours: 11am-2pm, 5-10pm 万丽轩: 浦东长柳路100号淳大万丽 酒店2层

Yue Xuan •Tower 2, 1F 1116 Hongsong Dong

Chinese - Shanghai 599 •LaneChateau 599, 1 Fangdian Lu (near Jinxiu Lu). T: 5033 9113

Exclusive access to luxury private lounge with Huaiyang cuisine. 上海市浦东新区方甸路599弄1号 (近锦绣路)

Club Jin Mao •Grand Hyatt, 86F, Jin Mao Tower, 88 Shiji Dadao, Pudong. T: 5049 1234 x 8688

Club Jin Mao of Grand Hyatt Shanghai, one of the most exclusive authentic Shanghainese restaurants. Hours: 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30-10pm

金茂俱乐部:浦东世纪大道88号金茂 君悦大酒店86楼

1039 •1039FuYuyuan Lu (near Jiangsu Lu). T: 5237 1878

Crazy villa with nooks and crannies. everywhere. 愚园路1039号,近江苏路

House •221Full Shimen Er Lu (near Xinzha Lu) T: 6209 1686

Yum... hongshao rou!

COURT •TheMING Langham Xintiandi, Level 5, 99

Madang Road, Xintiandi. T: 2330 2288

If you crave contemporary Chinese cuisine, then Ming Court is your choice. Specialising in Shanghainese and Cantonese dishes, creating an innovative mix of traditional favourites and modern delicacies.

Yuyuan Hotel, 159 Henan Nan Lu (near Fuyou Lu). T: 2321 8888

Contemporary café with open kitchens.

Yongfoo Elite •200The Yongfu Lu. T: 5466 2727

Set on the grounds of the former British Consulate, a haven of fine food, exquisite antiques and peaceful gardens. 雍福会: 永福路200号

Chinese - Sichuan Chuan •47PinTaojiang Lu. T: 6437 9361.

5F, Plaza 66, 1266 Nanjing Xi Lu. T: 6288 8897. Hotline: 400 820 7706, Delivery: 6209 6209

品川, 桃江路47号, 恒隆广场5层南京 西路1266号

Sichuan Citizen Restaurant •& Bar 30 Donghu Lu. T: 5404 1235

This Sichuanese restaurant, cocktail bar and tea house is an expansion of the popular Citizen Cafe. 龙门阵茶屋川菜馆:东湖路30号

新天地朗廷酒店: 马当路99号五层

Quintessential Cantonese and Shanghainese specialties. Hours: 11.30am-2pm, 5.30-10pm. www.


Garden •2F,Emerald Sheraton Shanghai Hongqiao Hotel, 5 Zunyi Nan Lu. T: 6275 8888 x 4910

Hours: 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30-10pm

翡翠园中餐厅:上海市遵义南路5号, 虹桥喜来登上海太平洋大饭店2楼

Lam Moon •2F,Fook River Wing, Pudong Shangri-La, 33 Fucheng Lu. T: 6882 8888 x 25

Specialises in shark’s fin, abalone and bird's nest. Hours: Mon-Fri 11.30am-2.30pm, Sat-Sun 11.30am-3pm. Daily 5-10pm 福临门: 浦东富城路33号上海浦东香 格里拉大酒店浦江楼

Chinese Restaurant •5F,Jade Hotel Main Tower, InterContential

Garden •6F,Paradise Jin Mao Tower, 88 Shiji Dadao, Pudong. T: 5047 7773

Hours: 11.30am-3pm, 5.30-11pm

天萃庭: 浦东世纪大道88号金茂裙 房6层

CUISINE •6F,SHANG-HIGH Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel

Shanghai. 1108 Meihua Lu, Pudong. T. 3858 0768 / 0760 Regional Chinese dishes with seasonal, organic ingredients.

迷•上海餐厅:梅花路1108号上海卓 美亚喜玛拉雅酒店6楼

Shanghai Puxi. T: 5253 9999 x 6399 Cantonese, Shanghainese and other regional specialties.

上海恒丰路500号,上海浦西洲际酒店5 楼

@ F.C.C. •BldgMANCHURIA 11-12, 3-4F, 889 Julu Lu, near Changshu Lu. T: 6445 8082  

上海市巨鹿路889号(11-12幢3-4层) 靠近常熟路

1188 Xueye Lu (near Nanmatou Lu). T: 3858 1172

盛会堂:浦东雪野路1188号,近南码 头路 上海世博洲际酒店2楼

Court •2F,T’ang The Langham, Yangtze Boutique, 740 Hankou Lu. T: 6080 0800

In Hong Kong, T’ang Court enjoys an envied reputation and two coveted Michelin stars. 唐阁:汉口路740号朗廷扬子精品 酒店2楼

Court •39F,Sichuan Hilton Shanghai, 250 Huashan Lu. T: 6248 7777 x 1890

Offers an upscale Sichuan dining experience. 天府楼: 华山路250号希尔顿酒店39楼

Beauty •5F,South Shanghai Times Square, 93

Huaihai Zhong Lu. T: 6391 0890. Unit 1, 28 Taojiang Lu. T: 6445 2581. Unit B7-B8, Shanghai City Centre, 100 Zunyi Lu (near Xianxia Lu). T: 6237 2885. 881 Yan’an Zhong Lu. T: 6247 5878. 3F, Citic Square, 1168 Nanjing Xi Lu. T: 5292 5331 Great Sichuan classics served with flair in fantastic surroundings. Hours: 11am-10pm

A new Cantonese restaurant with a modern design.

Fancy pants Cantonese at the Waldorf - what's not to love? www. Hours: Lunch 11.30am-3pm, Dinner 5.30-11pm.

Yi Garden Café •Lobby Level, Renaissance Shanghai

夜上海: 黄陂南路338号新天地


We love it for its interactive show kitchens and live cooking stations.

浦东富城路33号, 上海浦东香格里拉 大酒店紫金楼二楼

Modern Shanghainese with a solid dim sum spread and live jazz every weekend. All cards. Hours: 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30-10.30pm

Seriously authentic Cantonese, and the Singaporean chef throws in some great Southeast Asian specialties too!

Café •2F,YiGrand Tower, Pudong Shangri-La, Talk reckons the Yi Café offers the best Sunday brunch in Shanghai.

• Ye Shanghai

Lu.T: 3323 6666

Jing Ge •5F,Wei Waldorf Astoria Club, 2 Zhongshan

Shanghai, 33 Fucheng Lu. T: 6882 8888 x 210

Deserved reputation for traditional Shanghainese food. Hours: 11am-2pm, 5-10pm

小南国:虹梅路3337号; 银城西路 17号; 南京西路1398号;长乐路161号 新锦江大酒店三楼

Hui Tang •2F,Sheng InterContinental Shanghai Expo,


17 Yincheng Xi Lu. T: 5887 7000. 1398 Nanjing Xi Lu. T: 6289 1717. 3F, New Jinjiang Tower, 161 Changle Lu. T: 6472 1982 / 6415 1188 x 80306

Cantonese creations with stunning city views. Hours: 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.3010.30pm

10.30am-11.30pm. cn.

Changshu Lu). T: 5404 7770 Hours:

Xiao Nan Guo •3337 Hongmei Lu. T: 3208 9777.

Dong Yi Lu. T: 6322 9988

蔚景阁 中山东一路2号外滩华尔道 夫酒店5楼

Club •5F,Whampoa Three on the Bund, 3 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu. T: 6321 3737

Superbly inventive food with a dedicated following. Hours: 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30-10pm 黄浦会: 中山东一路3号外滩3号5楼

俏江南:淮海中路93号大上海时代 广场5楼;桃江路28号一座;遵义路 100号虹桥上海城外围街B7-B8单 元,近仙霞路; 延安中路881号;南京 西路1168号中信泰富广场3楼

Chinese - Yangzhou Restaurant & Tea Garden •BldgSOAHC 3, Lane 123, Xingye Lu, Xintiandi. T: 6385 7777

It’s chaos spelled backwards! Go figure. 鸿禧茶居: 兴业路123弄新天地南 里3号楼

Du Lac •383Villa Huangpi Nan Lu (near Xingye Lu). T: 6387 6387

湖庭: 黄陂南路383号(近兴业路) - Become a Talk Insider!


Element Fresh T: 5116 9887

Laowais love EF! Minimum order RMB 40. No delivery fee. Delivery service covers downtown, Lujiazui and Jinqiao area.

La Creperie •1 Taojiang Lu (near Dongping Lu).

T: 5465 9055 A great selection of galettes, crepes, traditional cakes and cider. Hours: 10.30am until late, last order 11.30pm 桃江路1号,近东平路

TABLE •8F, LA 35 Shaanxi Nan Lu, near Changle Lu.

T: 6215 8777 French twins and chefs Jacques and Laurent Pourcel have Michelin stars. Hours: Daily, 5.30-10.30pm 陕西南路35号8楼近长乐路

Tour •5F,LaJinmao Tower Side Building, 88 Shiji

Munchies 974 Wuding Lu, (near Jiaozhou Lu). T: 6218 4616. 563 Shunchang Lu (near Yongnan Lu). T: 6311 3616

Free delivery within 1km. Hours: 10am-10pm

Dadao, Pudong. T: 5047 5859 Fine French fare in the shadow of the Jin Mao Tower. Hours: 11.30-2pm, 5.30-11pm 拉图餐厅: 浦东世纪大道88号金茂 裙楼5楼

Petit Franck •376LeWukang Lu, inside Ferguson Lane. T: 6437 6465

Avenue •100100ShijiCentury Dadao. T: 6888 1234 x 4560

One of the highest restaurants in the world, and it has multiple show kitchens? Too many views to choose from!

Atrium Café •Lobby, Hilton Hotel, 250 Huashan Lu.

Serving hungry people in Shanghai since 1999, Sherpa's now works with over 100 international and Chinese restaurants.


Ginger •299 Fuxing Xi Lu. T: 6433 9437.

Different buffets available through the week, and a Champagne brunch every Sunday.

Blue Marlin Bar & •Restaurant

689 Lantian Lu, Green City Jinqiao. T: 5030 9676

Features a live band, outdoor seating, happy hour, pool table, catering, company events and family days.

蓝枪鱼餐厅:浦东金桥碧云社区蓝天 路689号(迪卡侬对面)

CATHAY ROOM •9F,THE Fairmont Peace Hotel, 20 Nanjing Dong Lu. T: 6321 6888

CACHET The Langham Xintiandi, Level 1, 99 Madang Lu, Xintiandi. T: 2330 2288

6F, Bund18,18 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu (near Nanjing Dong Lu). T: 6323 9898 Classy, but not stuffy. Relaxed, without sacrificing the chic factor. Hours: Mon-Fri:11.30am-2.30pm Tue-Sat: 6.30pm-4am Sun-Mon: 6.30-10.30pm

All day dining with a global spread of Chinese, Pan-Asian and Atlantic favourites.

T: 6248 0000 x 1860


Mr & Mrs Bund •Modern Eatery by Paul Pairet

Hilton Shanghai Hongqiao. T: 3323 6571

全日制餐厅-元:上海红松东路 1116号,上海虹桥元一希尔顿酒店 二号楼一层

Sparkling Bund views and European home-style dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Open daily from 6am -11pm.

Sherpa's •T: 6209 6209

-- All Day Dining •1F,Essence Block 2, 1116 Hongsong Dong Lu,

Delivers an innovative assortment of international and Asian dishes. Open for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner, guests can indulge in the Cachet’s global epicurean delights throughout the day. 新天地朗廷酒店: 马当路99号五层

House 47, Lane 248 Taikang Lu. T: 5465 7355

Healthful fusion food and revitalising ginger-infused teas. 复兴西路299号

Grand Brasserie •New Tower Ground Level, Waldorf

•56F,Grill Grand Hyatt, 88 Shiji Dadao, Pudong. T: 5049 1234 x 8907

Tempts your taste buds with succulent steaks and fresh seafood. Hours (dinner only): Sun-Thu 5.30pm-10pm, Fri-Sat 5.30pm-10.30pm

烧烤: 浦东世纪大道88号金茂君悦大 酒店56楼

on 36 •36F,Jade Pudong Shangri-La, 33 Fucheng

5 tables bistro •210The Danshui Lu (near Zizhong Lu). T: 3304 1205

Five tables with bistro fare, just like the name says.

Lounge & Restaurant •842842Hengshan Lu (near Tianping Lu). T: 5466 0842

A three-story villa that serves contemporary French cuisine. Hours: SunThurs 3pm-2am, Fri-Sat 3pm-late 上海衡山路842号,近天平路

Allure •Lobby, Le Royal Méridien Shanghai, 789 Nanjing Dong Lu. T: 3318 9999 x 7022 The menu of traditional French dishes comes highly recommended.

艾露:南京东路789号上海世茂皇家 艾美酒店(大堂楼)

Nougatine Jean Georges, 4F, Three on the Bund, 3 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu (near Guangdong Lu). T: 6321 7733

As the casual sibling to Jean Georges, Nougatine features the same top-notch cooking and a menu suitable for all budgets. Hours: 6–11pm

Room •87F,Dining 100 Shiji Dadao, Park Hyatt

BistroT •376Franck Wukang Lu, Ferguson Lane. T: 158 2167 6767 / 6437 6465

As French as it gets in Shanghai. Hours: Tues-Sun from 6-10.30pm, Sat & Sun from 12-2.30pm

Paulaner Brauhaus •150 Fenyang Lu. T: 6474 5700.

Xintiandi North Block, Lane 181 Taicang Lu (near Madang Lu). T: 6320 3935. 2967 Lujiazui Lu. T: 6888 3935

Serves bountiful plates of authentic German food and jugs of German grog. Hours: Mon-Fri 5pm-2am, Sat 12pm2am, Sun 11am-2am

宝莱纳:汾阳路150号;太仓路181弄 新天地广场北里19-20号;陆家嘴西 路2967号

•TheStiller's Cool Docks, 479 Zhongshan Lu, near Fuxing Dong Lu

On top of hosting one of the city's most professional cooking class, Stiller's fine dines with the best.

Global CAFE & LOUNGE •1F,ARTE Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel Shanghai 1108 Meihua Lu, Pudong. T. 3858 0718 x 0710 International buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner. House •137Hamilton Fuzhou Lu (near Jiangxi Lu).

郁▪全日餐厅:梅花路1108号上海卓美 亚喜玛拉雅酒店1楼

T: 6321 0586 French comfort food with classic dishes such as French onion soup and tarte tatin.

•4F, Three on the Bund, Zhongshan Dong Jean Georges

Yi Lu. T: 6321 7733 Regularly voted the best dining in town. Hours: 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30-10pm 让乔治法国餐厅:中山东一路 3号4楼 - Become a Talk Insider!

The perfect outdoor lounge and terrace for a casual lunch, dinner or after-work drinks. Opening mid-March 新天地朗廷酒店: 马当路99号五层

One of the most extensive selections of Asian and Western cuisines in the city. 上海龙之梦丽晶大酒店二楼

Pelham’s •Waldorf Astoria Club L Level, Waldorf

新元素:南京西路1376号112室;淮 海中路1028号嘉华中心4&5楼;浦东 陆家嘴正大广场一楼;虹桥路1号港 汇广场; 红枫路331号; 西藏南路228号 永银大厦6楼;延安西路2088号虹桥 嘉顿广场一层;花木路1378号浦东嘉 里城1楼

Voted as one of the best Italian restaurants in Shanghai, Danieli's has a stunning interior design and panoramic views of Pudong. Hours: 6-10.30pm. Set Lunch: Monday-Friday 11.30am-2pm. Sunday Brunch: 11.30am-2pm


Ecco All Day Dining •3F, Hotel Main Tower, InterContential Shanghai Puxi. T: 5253 9999 x 6338 Features live preparation of pizza and pasta and a wide range of continental favourites.


Gennaro Italian Restaurant •1F, Mandarin City Clubhouse, 1129 Guyang Lu. T: 2428 6507

Indian on the Grille •505Kebabs Zhongshan Nan Lu. T: 6152 6567 The cheapest free flow brunch in town. 中山南路505号

Punjabi •Thumb Plaza, Lane 199, 43

Students flock to the all-you-can-eat-anddrink deal in the evenings.

VEDAS •3F,No.83 Chang Shu Lu (near Julu Lu) Vedas is regularly voted as one of the best Indian restaurants in the city. Hours: 11.30am-2pm, 6-10.30pm T:64458100/64041551 常熟路83号3楼,近巨鹿路


A blend of old-world charm and modern convenience with an “indimenticabile” (unforgettable) atmosphere. Hours: noon10pm (Sun-Fri); noon-11pm (Sat).

Gioiamia Italian restaurant •92 Xuanhua Lu. T: 3250 7188 Italian dining and aperitivo venue with a chic bar, a cosy lounge loft and a pool table.宣化路92号

•27F,Giovanni’s Sheraton Shanghai Hongqiao Hotel, 5 Zunyi Nan Lu. T: 6275 8888 x 4276

Sample authentic cuisine from various regions of Italy. Hours: 12-2pm, 610.30pm

吉范尼斯意大利餐厅:上海市遵义 南路5号,虹桥喜来登上海太平洋大 饭店27楼

The Kitchen Salvatore cuomo Suite D, 2967 Lujiazui Xi Lu. T: 5054 1265 浦东陆家嘴西路2967号D座

La Gondola •16 Henan Zhong Lu (near Yan’an Dong Lu). T: 6321 9803

If mid-priced homestyle pastas and pizzas float your boat, Gondola’s your ticket. 贡多拉意式餐厅:河南中路16号, 近延安东路



La Piazzetta Italian Restaurant Basement B02, Shanghai Bay, 1138 Pudong Nan Lu (near Zhangyang Lu). T: 6888 2993 Serves delicious and healthy Italian food and top quality wine. Hours: 11.30am–2.30pm; 6pm–midnight

•226Osteria Jinxian Lu (near Shasnxi Nan Lu). T: 6256 8998


Italian eatery lauded for its hearty prix fixe menu and oyster fetish.

Basilico •3F, InterContinental Shanghai Expo,

Pane e Vino Ristorante •207-7 Maoming Nan Lu (near Yongjia

They have a marble table shaped like Italy. 'Nuff said.

Owner/chef Antonio Sciaraffa serves authentic Italian food in a friendly, home setting.

1188 Xueye Lu (near Nanmatou Lu). T: 3858 1172 巴赛利意大利餐厅:浦东雪野路 1188号,近南码头路 上海世博洲际 酒店三楼

Lu). T: 5465 2177


Bistrot •1023Pomodoro Kangding Lu. T: 6218 3798

Authentic Italian food with simple, fresh, healthy ingredients.

Astoria Shanghai on the Bund, 2 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu. T: 6322 9988


Prego •2F, The Westin Shanghai, 88 Henan

This New York-style fine dining restaurant is elegant without being too formal.

上海外滩华尔道夫酒店:上海黄浦区 中山东一路2号

Zhong Lu. T: 6335 1888

Faultless Italian in the classy atrium setting of The Westin.

帕戈意大利餐厅:河南中路88号威斯 汀大饭店2楼

Fresh •NoElement 112, Shanghai Centre, 1376

Healthy and tasty food and great service. Hours: Sun-Thu 7am-11pm, Fri-Sat 7am-midnight

Lu, Pudong. T: 5050 4567

法沃莱:南京东路789号世茂皇家艾 美大酒店


Nanjing Xi Lu. T: 6279 8682. 4-5F, Kwah Centre, 1028 Huaihai Zhong Lu (near Donghu Lu). T: 5403 8865. GF, Northwest corner, Super Brand Mall, Luijiazui Xi Lu (near Fucheng Lu) Pudong. T: 5047 2060. Shop 163, GF, Grand Gateway Mall, 1 Hongqiao Lu. T: 6407 5992. 331 Hongfeng Lu, Jinqiao, Pudong. T: 3382 1700. 6F, 228 Xizang Nan Lu. T: 6334 3598. 1F, Gubei Garden Plaza, 2088 Yan'an Xi Lu. T: 5116 9887. 1F, Kerry Parkside Pudong 1378 Huamu Lu (near Fangdian Lu, opposite Century Park South Gate)

•39F,Danieli's The Hongta Hotel, 889 Dongfang

Chic Italian restaurant featuring food from various regions of Italy.

Walk inside and be transported to the culinary heart of Italy, where you will indulge in authentic Italian cuisine with a modern touch.

Yan’an Xi Lu. T: 6115 9988 x 8220

大马可:东诸安浜路103号1楼;虹桥 路1号港汇广场1楼(新元素对面)

Nanjing Dong Lu. T: 3318 9999

Shanghai. T: 6115 9988 x 8230

•2F,OTheon2Longemont Shanghai,1116

classic dishes.

Favola •8F, Le Royal Méridien Shanghai, 789

Amici •2F, 1116 Yan’an Xi Lu, The Longemont


Buffet with city views of Nanjing Lu. Hours: 6am-10pm

Shanghai. T: 6888 1234 x 4560



进贤路222号, 近陕西南路


Called The Door because it’s full of antique doors. It's certainly unique.

Bringing wine experience and enjoyment to a new level in a historical setting.

Cosy relaxed European decor, first floor coffee house and lounge with wi-fi. Hours: Mon-Fri 11am-12.30am, Sat-Sun 10-12.30am

Comely Buffet 2F, Majesty Plaza Shanghai, 719 Nanjing Dong Lu. T: 6350 0000 x 208

Good French fare with even better service.

Door •1468TheHongqiao Lu. T: 6295 3737

Wine Bar & Kitchen •1-2F,NAPA 57 Jiangyin Lu (near Huangpi

Bierstube •UnitPapa’s 22-24, Hongmei Food Street,

T: 6418 6389

世纪大道100号上海柏悦酒店87楼, 近东泰路

万豪咖啡厅:南京西路399号, 38楼


Brasserie la fourchette •1 Xiangyang Bei Lu (near Julu Lu).

With Chef Gerhard at the helm, we've had some great meals here.

Xi Lu. T: 5359 4969 x 6422.

Bei Lu). T: 6318 0057

德国乡村酒吧:虹梅路3338弄, 虹梅 休闲街22-24号 (靠近延安西路)

Madang Road, Xintiandi T: 2330 2288


玛利亚西餐厅:九江路700号/南京东 路719号南新雅大酒店二楼

Decent German food for reasonable prices in a cosy, hearty atmosphere. Hours: 10.30am-late.

elevated •TheXTDLangham Xintiandi, Level 5, 99

the Bund •7F,M5 on on the Bund. T: 6350 9988

Spectacular city views, fresh a la carte and elaborate buffets.

3338 Hongmei Lu. T: 6465 8880

上海市松江区泗泾镇泗陈公路3388弄, 上海东方佘山索菲特大酒店1楼


Chez Marie 2F, Majesty Plaza, 700 Jiujiang Lu / 719 Nanjing Dong Lu. T: 6350 0000 x 201

T: 6258 1620

Dine in style with tranquil lagoons and fresh seafood.

Fangdian Lu (near Yingchun Lu). T: 5033 2642. Peace Square, 12-20 Shuicheng Lu (near Hongqiao Lu). T: 6278 8626

Lu. T: 6882 8888 x 280

Marriott Café •38F, JW Marriott Hotel, 399 Nanjing

Bar and Café •222Citizen Jinxian Lu (near Shaanxi Nan Lu).

3388 Sichen Lu, Sijing Town. T: 3761 8888 x 1911

百味园:上海外滩华尔道夫酒店, 上 海市黄浦区中山东一路2号



All Day Dining •1F,Vie Sofitel Shanghai Sheshan Oriental,

Wine alcove? Check. Barista bar? Check. Courtyard garden? Check. And it's part of the Waldorf's great brunch tour! Hours: 6.30am-11pm

The sort of restaurant you read about in Conde Nast magazines and other glossies. Hours: 11.30am-2.30pm, 6.15-10.30pm

Fantastic Australian filet and sirloin steak  and much more.


Astoria Shanghai On the Bund, 2 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu. T: 6322 9988

World-class. What else can we say about Jade on 36?

Justifiably labelled world class. Hours: 11.30am-2.30pm, 6.30-11.30pm.

Brasserie •2F,Renaissance Renaissance Shanghai Pudong Hotel, 100 Changliu Lu. T: 3871 4888 x 6622

A la carte menu and dinner buffet. Hours: 6.30am-11pm

万丽咖啡厅:浦东长柳路100号上海 淳大万丽酒店2楼

Restaurant •1F,Saints The Hongta Hotel, 889 Dongfang Lu, Pudong. T: 5050 4567 x 6312

圣思园:浦东东方路889号1楼上海瑞 吉红塔大酒店

The COOK •1388 Huamu Lu, Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai. T: 6169 8888

International a la carte restaurant featuring 11 live theatre kitchens, with a gourmet deli and food hall. Don't miss the laksa! Hours: 6:30am-11pm 厨:上海浦东嘉里大酒店上海浦东新 区花木路1388号

THE HOUSE OF ROOSEVELT, SKY •Restaurant 27 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu. T: 2322 0888 Continental delights are the order of the day at this restaurant, along with the impressive Bund view. 中山东一路27号

T8 •House 8, North Block Xintiandi, Lane 181, Taicang Lu. T: 6355 8999

Bacaro Italian Restaurant & Vinoteca Lane 155, 18 Jianguo Zhong Lu (near Ruijin Lu). T: 6473 0774 Traditional Italian food with a touch of Venice.


Rosso Italiano •1-218, 10 Shajing Lu (near Jiulong Hotel). T: 6513 8708

Hours: 12-2.30pm; 6.30-10pm

红意意大利艺术餐厅: 虹口区沙泾路 10号1-218(九龙宾馆旁)

Trattoria Isabelle •19 Ji'an Lu, (near Hubin Lu).

Bella Mia •10 Baoqing Lu (near Fuxing Lu).

T: 6384 2322

Some of the best Neapolitan pizzas in town!

•1F,SABATINI South Annex,Wheelock

T: 3461 9627

•913Casanova Julu Lu (near Changshu Lu). T: 5403 4528

Hands down one of the best Italian joints in town. 巨鹿路913号, 近常熟路

Ciao Dining Room and Ciao Bambino 1F, The Langham, Yangtze Boutique, 740 Hankou Lu. T: 6080 0800 x 7744

Isabelle serves simple Italian food that keeps people coming back for more. Hours: 11.30am-2pm, 5.30-11.30pm

Square,1717 Nanjing Xi Lu. T: 3127 8577

An authentic dining experience best ended with its delicious pear and ricotta dessert. Hours: Lunch 11.30am-2.30pm, High Tea 3-5.30pm, Dinner 6pm-10.30pm 南京西路1717号会德丰国际广场南 院一层

A haven of authentic Italian & Mediterranean dining

•56F,Cucina Grand Hyatt, 88 Shiji Dadao, Pudong. T: 5049 1234 x 8908

A stylish trattoria that serves traditional Italian favorites. Hours: 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30-10pm 意庐: 浦东世纪大道88号金茂君悦大 酒店56楼

•1F,Da103Marco Dongzhu'anbang Lu,

Golden Bridge Garden. T: 6210 4495. 1F, Grand Gateway, 1 Hongqiao Lu. T: 6447 7577 Genuine Italian feel emanating from the management, the clientele and the

Va Bene Shanghai •House 7, North Block, Xintiandi, Lane 181, Taicang Lu. T: 6311 2211

This is Xintiandi chic, with some of Shanghai’s very best Italian food, at high-end prices. 太仓路新天地北里181弄7号

April11  ShanghaiTalk



•150AMBROSIA Fenyang Lu. T: 6431 3935

Former home of legendary General Bai set in immaculate gardens. Japanese and Korean cuisine cooked on smoke-free grills. 仙炙轩:汾阳路150号

SUSHI BAR •630SHARI Yongjia Lu (near Wulumuqi Lu). T: 5466 0320

Casa 13 •Building 7, Lane 155 Jianguo Lu


Eduardo Vargas's take on Mediterranean classics.

More sushi options than you can shake a stick at.

Flavourful falafels! And don’t miss the take-home dips. Hours: 10am-10pm

Xi Lu. T: 3211 9999

弁庆日餐厅:延安西路488号上海日 航酒店三楼

DOZO Izakaya Dining Bar •2F, Wheelock Plaza, South Annex,

1171 Nanjing Xi Lu (near Huashan Lu) Sumo sized lunch sets and late night eats with a buy one get one free special on Asahi draft and select sake from 9pm on weekdays and 10pm on weekends. Hours: Everyday 12-2.30pm, Sun-Thurs 6pm-2am, Fri-Sat 6pm-2am

中国上海市静安区南京西路1717号 会德丰国际广场南院2层. 营业时 间:午餐12:00~14:30,晚餐 18:002:00 (周日~周四), 18:00~3:00 (周五,周六). 宵夜场优惠活动:周 日~周四:21:00~2:00, 周五~周 六:22:00~3:00,Asahi生啤酒及壶装月 桂冠/松竹梅清酒 买一送一优惠 订位专线: 3127 8558


•803SHINTORI Julu Lu (near Fumin Lu).

Leonardo’s •1F, Hilton Hotel, 250 Huashan Lu.

Uber-smooth eatery that takes some finding. Hours: Mon-Fri 5.30-11pm, SatSun 11.30am-11pm

Open for dinner only. Hours: 6.3010.30pm

T: 5404 5252


WITH AQUA •2F,SUN 6 on the Bund, Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu (near Guangdong Lu). T: 6339 2779

Immaculate interior and open kitchen, with an emphasis on delicate seafood dishes. 中山东一路(外滩)6号2楼

ABUSE •98 SUSHI Yanping Lu (near Xinzha Lu). T: 5175 9818

An attempt at sustainable all-you-caneat sushi. 延平路98号(近新闸路)

INC •2F, SUSHI, Citigroup Tower, 33

Huayuanshiqiao Lu (near Fucheng Lu). T: 5877 6551 Haiku's sister restaurant is a solid choice for a sushi lunch in Lujiazui. 花园石桥路33号2楼, 近富城路

OYAMA •20 SUSHI Donghu Lu (near Huaihai Zhong Lu). T: 5404 7705

20 course omakase menu served by Oyama-san himself

Japanese restaurant •BldgHikari 10, 3911 Hongmei Lu. T: 6242 9186

慕光日本料理: 虹梅路3911弄10号楼

Itoya 24 Ruijin Er Lu. T: 6467 1511. Lane 19, 6 Ronghua Xidao. T: 6219 2286. 3F, Central Plaza, 381 Huaihai Zhong Lu. T: 5382 5777. Great sushi, a classic favourite.

伊藤家:瑞金二路24号;荣华西道 19弄6号;淮海中路381号中环广场3楼

I.Z.K.Y. •Guoson Center, Block 1, 1F, 388

Daduhe Lu. T: 6095 8888 x 7052

They've got all the s's covered: shabu shabu, sukikyaki, sushi and sashimi.

J-MIX 1MF, Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel, 1108 Meihua Lu, Pudong. T: 3858 0888 Its private teppanyaki rooms make for good grilling.

TEPPANYAKI •28DKAGEN Taojiang Lu (near Hengshan Lu).

•1F,Tairyo 139 Ruijin Yi Lu. T: 5382 8818.

15 Dongping Lu. T: 6445 4734. 2F, Hengshan Hotel, 543 Hengshan Lu. T: 6433 0899 / 6437 7050. 3F, South Building, Hong Kong Plaza, 283 Huaihai Zhong Lu. T: 6390 7244. 943 Hongxu Lu. T: 6242 2190. 1288 Hongqiao Lu. T: 6278 3105 / 6278 3106 RMB 160 all you can handle. What more could you want? 瑞金一路139号1楼;东平路15号; 衡山路543号衡山宾馆2楼;淮海中 路283号香港广场南座3楼;虹许路 943号;虹桥路1288号


T: 6466 6565.

International favourites straight out of London, guv'nor! Hours: Mon-Sun 11amMidnight.

The first bar/restaurant/nightspot that this writer ever visited in Shanghai. Still going strong in its great Xintiandi location. Hours: 11.30am-2am



Cal Kitchen B1 Carrefour, Thumb Plaza, 185 Fangdian Lu, Pudong. T: 5033 6637. B1-03, Multi-Media Plaza, 999 Changning Lu (near Zhongshan Park). T: 6340 1923 We are big fans of the Super Burrito sets. It's Mexican food, California-style.

Agave •A Cantina Mansion, 291 Fumin Lu (near

Changle Lu). T: 6170 1310. 357 Hongfeng Lu (near Biyun Lu). T: 6886 0706

Big burritos, tacos and a salsa bar to fill you up, and Shanghai's widest selection of tequilas to wash it down. www.

Maya •2F, Shanghai Grand Plaza, Club

House, 568 Julu Lu (near Shaanxi Nan Lu). T: 6289 6889

Our pick for the best mid-range Mexican in town.

Lindo •UnitMexico 39, Lane 3338, Hongmei

Entertainment Street. T: 6465 9336 虹梅路3338弄虹梅路休闲街39号

Middle Eastern

T: 6473 1178 / 6473 8289


of Persia •B1F,Prince 855 Pudong Nan Lu (near Shiji

Hours: 11am-2pm, 5-11pm

Lu). T: 6466 7855

Five generations of deep frying later, this renowned tempura house branched out to open its Shanghai shop.

Xintiandi, Lane 181 Taicang Lu. T: 6336 1717

Restaurant •ShopShiraz 8, 3338 Hongmei Lu. T: 6465 9993

Kappo yu •33 Wuxing Lu (near Huaihai Zhong

Nan Lu)

•UnitLuna 1, House 15, North Block,

波斯王子餐厅:浦东南路855号世界 广场B1楼,近世纪大道

桃江路28D号, 近衡山路

•BldgKARUKA 4, 2421 Xietu Lu (near Wanping

李奥纳多:华山路250号希尔顿酒 店1楼

Dadao). T: 6887 3007 / 6887 3006

Upscale all-you-can-handle teppanyaki - think filets and foie gras.


T: 6248 0000 x 1850

glo London Gastro Grill •1 Wulumuqi 1001 Nights Restaurant •4 Hengshan Nan Lu (near Dongping Lu). Lu.

T: 6433 3232

Kaiseki ryori eatery that changes its menu almost daily.

Haya’s Mediterranean Cuisine 415 Dagu Lu (near Chengdu Nan Lu). T: 6327 0897 / 6295 9511

Benkay Japanese Restaurant •3F, Hotel Nikko Shanghai, 488 Yan’an Under the culinary direction of Japanese Chef Kato-san, Benkay offers sushi, tempura and teppanyaki.

(near Ruijin Lu). T: 6473 0820

glo London Rooftop BBQ 1 Wulumuqi Nan Lu (near Dongping Lu). T: 6466 6565. F: 6466 8484 Oak burning smoke BBQ pit and open rooftop skyline views. Hours: Thurs-Sun.


Nepalese Nepalese Restaurant •500Himalaya Dongchang Lu (near Pudong Nan Lu). T: 5877 2262

喜马拉雅尼泊尔餐厅:东昌路 500号,近浦东南路


•56F,Kobachi Grand Hyatt, Jin Mao Tower, 88

Kitchen •LaneNepali 819, 4 Julu Lu.

Sushi, sashimi and yakitori in a stylish interior. Hours: 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30-10pm

Hours: 11am-2pm, 6-11pm

T: 5404 6281

Shiji Dadao. T: 5049 1234 x 8907

日珍: 浦东世纪大道88号金茂君悦

•2F,Koi InterContinental Shanghai Puxi Hotel, 500 Hengfeng Road T: 5253 9999

Japanese Restaurant provides authentic Japanese flavours. Hours: 11:30am –10pm


Malaysian House Restaurant •TheLong Cool Docks, Bldg 7, 505

Zhongshan Shan Nan Lu. T: 6131 3238


•376Acote Wukang Lu (inside Ferguson Lane). T: 6437 6465

0809. 5F, 15A/B, Super Brand Mall, 168 Lujiazui Xi Lu. T: 5047 0835 / 5047 0836. SB02, City Plaza, 1618 Nanjing Xi Lu. T: 6288 2477 / 6473 9994

长宁路890号中山公园1B50;淮海中 路1111号105;延安西路3032号;芳 甸路38号199弄大拇指广场1-43;陆 家嘴168号正大广场5楼15A/B;南京 西路1618号

a vast selections of wines. For all their talk of tapas, the very best thing on the menu may just be the ultra-cheap beef burger. Hours: 10am-2am 虹梅路3338弄,虹梅休闲街;浦东红枫 路259号,近碧云;茂名南路207-4号

浦东新区大拇指广场芳甸路199弄 19号3楼;卢湾区泰康路248弄 14号;徐汇区湖南路285号 ;静安区 南京西路1376号109室


You can never order too many pieces of their excellent shrimp toast.


Singaporean Crossroad •B5-B6, Shanghai City Centre, 100 Zunyi

Martin •811Restaurant Hengshan Lu (near Yuqing Lu). T: 6431 6639

Martin Berasategui is known for inventive, modern Spanish cooking and this new venture, in an historic villa within Xujiahui Park, reflects that.

Tapas Spanish Bar •1928Siempre Gonghe Xin Lu. T: 2602 2222 x 6028 Hours: 3pm-midnight

Supermarkets Carrefour •185 Fangdian Lu. T: 800 820 0871.

Cuisine •BF, Singapore 1515 Nanjing Xi Lu (near Tongren

家乐福: 芳甸路185号; 碧云路279号; 水城北路268号

Lu). T: 5298 6126

It won’t win prizes for the most inventive restaurant name in Shanghai, but at least you know what you’re getting.

新加坡佳肴:南京西路1515号嘉里中 心底楼(近铜仁路)


•B1,Aurora Infiniti Plaza, 138 Huaihai Zhong Lu. T: 6375 6770

Scandinavian fine dining, from seafood platters to shashliks.

Southeast Asian Asiatique The Flavors of Asia •2F, 369 Xianxia Lu, Grand Mercure Hongqiao. T: 5153 3300 x 3700

With a graceful and cosy dining ambiance. Hours: 6am-10.30pm 泛亚风情餐厅: 仙霞路369号虹桥美 爵酒店二楼

Laguna •189Bali Huashan Lu (inside Jing’an Park). T: 6248 6970

Romantic atmosphere with authentic Indonesian cuisine to boot.


•26F,Celadon 1018 Changning Lu

(Renaissance Shanghai Zhongshan Park Hotel). T: 6115 8817

Regional specialties of Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia, especially noodles. 长宁路1018号上海龙之梦万丽酒店26楼

Nyonya •417MyDagu Lu (near Shimen Yi Lu). T: 6327 0800.

Neat little Malaysian in the middle of Dagu Lu's strip of restaurants. Hours: 11am-10pm

娘惹情马来西亚经典风味餐厅咖啡 屋:大沽路417号,近石门一路

Pin •ShopTang 7, Novel Place, 133 Tianyaoqiao Lu (near Xingeng Lu).

279 Biyun Lu. T: 5030 4415. 268 Shuicheng Bei Lu. T: 6278 1944

City Shop •Times Square Store: B1, 99 Huaihai Zhong Lu. New World Department Store: B1, 939 Huaihai Zhong Lu. Shanghai Centre Store: 1376 Nanjing Xi Lu. Hongmei Store: 3211 Hongmei Lu Office. Riverside Shop: 1F, West Side Citigroup Tower 33, Huayuan Shiqiao Lu, Lujiazui. T: 6232 7070. Yong Xin Store: Lower Level,131 Tianyaoqiao Lu (near Xingeng Lu). T: 6215 0418 / 6267 4248

城市超市:淮海中路时代广场店 B1层;淮海中路香港新世界百货 B1层;南京西路1376号;虹梅路 3211号;浦东陆家嘴花园路/石桥 路33号1楼;天钥桥路131号永新坊 B1楼(近辛耕路); 闵行区纪翟路550号 华漕国际生活社区万科红郡别墅西翼

•80Metro Gudai Lu (near Hongmei Lu),

T: 6415 1666

None of those prissy paper-thin crusts here. CJs delivers great big tomatoey pizzas.

Tom yum goong at Ma Boon Krong, anyone? Hours: 10am-10pm

玛满矿:南京西路1168号417商 铺;淮海中路300号香港新世界大 厦L401室

Simply Thai •Dongping: 5C Dongping Lu.

Xintiandi: 159 Madang Lu (near Xingye Lu). Hours: 11am-12am Hongmei: 28 Lane 3338, Hongmei Lu Entertainment Street. Hours: 11am-11pm Jinqiao: A6 Jinqiao Pudong Green Sports & Leisure Center, 600 Lantian Lu. Hours: 11am-11pm IFC: 4F, IFC Mall, 8 Shiji Dadao. Hours: 10am-10pm Hotline: 400 880 7729, Delivery: 6209 6209 Hours: 11am-11pm

The first choice for many discerning Thaifood-lovers in Shanghai. Delivery service now available.

Pines The Market Place •633 Biyun Lu, Pudong. T: 5030

Thai Gallery •127-1 Datian Lu (near Beijing Xi Lu).

麦德龙: 闵行区顾戴路80号(近虹梅 路); 浦东花木镇白杨路383号

6971. 427 Jinfeng Lu. T: 5226 4137. 1983 Huamu Bei Lu (Inside Season Villa), Pudong. T: 5833 2204. 18 Lane 896 Jianhe Lu (near Kele Lu). T: 6262 9055. 322 Anfu Lu (near Wukang Lu). T: 6437 6375 Wal-Mart Supercentre •Nanpu Bridge Branch: 252-262 Linyi Bei Lu, Pudong. T: 5094 5881

沃尔玛超市(南浦大桥分店):浦东临 沂北路252-262号

Swiss Suisse •1582Chalet Kangding Lu (near Wanhangdu Lu). T: 3353 3887

Features typical Swiss delicacies in a Chalet style atmosphere. Hours: Tue-Sun, 5.30-11pm 上海市静安区康定路1582

T: 6217 9797

Don’t miss the aesthetics while enjoying the authentic Thai food in a tatami seat. Hours: 11am-2.30pm, 5.30pm-12.30am 大田路127-1号,近北京西路

Thai House •Room 205, Lane 657, 12 Wuding Lu. T: 5169 9217. 518 Jiashan Lu (near Zhaojiabang Lu). T: 5169 9217

This Thai eatery has come to be known as one of the most authentic in town. 泰国家: 武定路657弄12号205室, 近 西康路; 嘉善路518号(近建国西路和 肇嘉浜路)

Table •664Thai Baole Lu, Huacao Town, Minhang. T: 6221 2953. Hours: 11am-10pm 闵行区华漕镇保乐路664号

Turkish Restaurant •4-7Anadolu Hengshan Lu. T: 5465 0977.


No 1, 156 Xingye Lu (near Madang Lu). T: 5306 7765

Bocado 2F, 47 Yongfu Lu (near Fuxing Lu). T: 180 1727 1340

Tasty original dishes like hummus and other starters, Turkish pizzas, plus wellpriced, fresh kebabs. Hours: 10am-2am.

Go for the tapas, stay for the sangria.

衡山路4-7号; 兴业路156弄1号1层 (近马当路)


Lu (near Jinling Lu). T: 5404 5757

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza •1636CJBeijing Xi Lu (near Jiaozhou Lu).

Ma Boon Krong Thailand Restaurant Shop 417, Citic Square, 1168 Nanjing Xi Lu. T: 5292 9238. Room L401, Hong Kong New World Tower, 300 Huaihai Zhong Lu. T: 6335 4337

东平店: 东平路5号C座; 新天地店: 新 天地马当路159号 (马当路与兴业路路 口); 虹梅店: 虹梅路3338弄 虹梅休闲 街28号; 金桥店: 蓝天路600号 碧云体 育休闲中心A6; 国金店: 世纪大道8号 上海国金中心四层

Brian Tan (of hoF fame) creates Southeast Asian desserts, heavy on the durian.

The eponymous restaurant of Guillermo "Willy" Trullas packed up its tapas, paellas and other Spanish treats and moved to the Bund. Expect Willy's trademark quirkiness in the decor and yin yang structured menu! Hours: Mon-Sat: 11:30am-2:30pm and 6-10:30pm, Saturday Brunch 11:30am3:00pm

Shanghai Centre

Minhang. T: 6480 8888. 383 Baiyang Lu, Huamu Town, Pudong. T: 6892 8888

El Willy Tapas & Rice •South Bund 22, 22 Zhongshan Dong

鲤鱼日餐厅:恒丰路500号上海浦西 洲际酒店2楼

The Rooftop

衡山路811号,徐家汇公园内 近余庆路

Lu (near Xianxia Lu). T: 6237 2916

淮海中路918号淮海百盛广场5楼(陕 西南路口); 遵义路100号虹桥上海城 外围街B5 6单元(近仙霞路)


Lapis Thai provides various indoor and outdoor venues which can hold 200 people. Hours: 11:00 am - Late

We love Marzano’s diabolo pizza, cooked in the ‘signature’ open kitchen.

Zhejiang Zhong Lu). T: 6351 7717. 466 Xikang Lu (near Kangding Lu). T: 6255 0092

Consistent performer with a wonderful garden for al fresco Thai dishes.

Fangdian Lu, Pudong. T: 5033 9223. Lane 248. 14 Taikang Lu. T: 6473 3989. 285 Hunan Lu. T: 5466 3026. Shanghai Center, Room 109, 1376 Nanjing Xi Lu. T: 5252 0082

South Block. T: 5383 3999. 1F, Shanghai Centre, 1376 Nanjing Xi Lu (near Xikang Lu). T: 6289 8733

Macau Portuguese Restaurant •6-7F, 635 Nanjing Dong Lu (near

T: 6248 1998

Thai •3F,Lapis Lane 199, Thumb Plaza, 19

Pizza Marzano – Pizza Express •380 Huangpi Nan Lu, Xintiandi


Coconut Paradise •38 Fumin Lu (near Yan’an Lu).

kush •98 Yanping Lu, near Xinzha Lu.


•2F,Puli Lane 199, Thumb Plaza, 19

T: 5175 9822

Fresh take on veggie food. The menu leans decidedly Californian. 延平路98号(近新闸路)

de Provence •4F, L’Arbre Metro City, 1111 Zhaojiabang Lu


Fangdian Lu, Pudong. T: 5033 9221

KOTA'S KITCHEN •2905 Xietu Lu (near Lingling Lu).

•777Melrose Biyun Lu. T: 5030 3872

上海市浦东新区芳甸路大拇指广场 199弄19号2楼

Late night chef haunt - they come for the ramen and stay for the Beatles soundtrack. Hours: 6pm-1am


普罗旺斯的树:肇家浜路1111号美罗 城4楼,近漕溪北路

New York Style Pizza •Huashan Lu, inside Jing'an Plaza

New Age Veggie •5F, Super Brand Mall, Lujiazui.

斜土路2905号, 近零陵路. 永嘉路 335号, 近襄阳路.

In addition to the teppanyaki tables, Moonsha provides an excellent Bund view. 中山东一路,外滩5号三楼

NADAMAN •2F, Tower 2, Pudong Shangri-La, Shanghai, 33 Fucheng Lu. T: 5888 3768

A delightful eating experience.

富城路33号浦东香格里拉大酒店 2座2楼

60 ShanghaiTalk 


Hours: 11:00am-11:00pm

This is just one of the many, many Melrose pizza places in the city.

T: 6481 2005. 335 Yongjia Lu (near Xiangyang Lu). T: 5466 6355

MOONSHA TEPPANYAKI & LOUNGE 3F, 5 on the Bund, 5 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu. T: 6323 1117

中山东路22号 (近金陵路)

•26F,Azur 1018 Changning Lu

(Renaissance Shanghai Zhongshan Park Hotel). T: 6115 8888

Fitness fiends love the healthy lunch and long salad bar. 长宁路1018号上海龙之梦万丽酒 店26楼

Pudong’s answer to Puxi’s slew of nonmeat-eating options. Hours: 11am-10pm 陆家嘴路正大广场5楼

Hours: 10am-midnight

华山路静安广场内,近南京路; 南京 西路1699号静安寺广场J16

Pizza Italia 1B50 Zhongshan Park Metro Town, 890 Changning Lu. T: 5241 4870 / 5241 4878. Unit 105, 1111 Huaihai Zhong Lu. T: 6473 9994. 3032 Yan'an Xi Lu. T: 6209 9129 / 6406 9426. 1-43 Thumb Plaza, Lane 199, 38 Fangdian Lu. T: 5033 0102 / 5033

French-named, fusion-style, vegetarianemphasis restaurant in Xujiahui. Hours: 10am-10pm

T: 5047 1880

(near Nanjing Lu). T: 3214 0024. Lane 248 Taikang Lu (near Sinan Lu). T: 5466 0969


(near Caoxi Bei Lu). T: 6426 7698

Las Tapas •House 33, Lane 3338 Hongmei Lu. T: 6465 8345. 259 Hongfeng Lu (near Biyun Lu), Pudong. T: 3382 1686. 207-4 Maoming Nan Lu. T: 6415 9567

Las Tapas is a casual and relaxed Spanish bar and restaurant where authentic Spanish tapas are offered daily, along with

Thai Mai Thai Cuisine •1019Chiang Kangding Lu (near Yanping Lu). T: 5228 1588

Hours: 11.30am-2pm, 5-11pm.

清迈府泰国料理: 康定路1019号(近 延平路)

Vegeatery •3F, 381 Huaihai Zhong Lu. T: 6391 5589

Fantastic faux-meat dishes – plus they serve beer, because it’s good for you.


Vegetarian Life Style •258 Fengxian Lu. T: 6215 7566.

1F, 77 Songshan Lu. T: 6384 8000. 848 Huangjin Chengdao. - Become a Talk Insider!

T: 6275 1798

Highly commendable chain.

汾阳路258号;嵩山庐77号1楼;黄金 城道848号


at park 97 •2Aupstairs Gaolan Lu, Fuxing Park (near

5-9pm. Get the party started with just RMB 100 for 12 shooters or tequila shots.

Hours Sun-Thu 8pm-2am,Fri-Sat 8pm-4am.

CJW •House 2, Lane 123 Xinye Lu, Xintiandi.

Sinan Lu).T: 5383 2328


CLUB VIETNAM @ F.C.C. •1-2F, Bldg 11-12, 889 Julu Lu. Located in an old villa on Julu Lu and serving some of the best Vietnamese cuisine in Shanghai.

Mekong River •5F, Metro City, 1111 Zhaojiabang Lu. T: 6426 8256


Golden Bull •Central Plaza Shop: 3F, Central Plaza,

381 Huaihai Zhong Lu (near Madang Lu). T: 6391 5589. IFC Shop: L3-19, IFC, 8 Shiji Dadao, Pudong. T: 6190 8170 Golden Bull has been in HK for 30 years and has now arrived in Shanghai, with an elegant environment and delicate dishes.

中环广场店: 淮海中路381号, 中环广 场3楼; 国金中心店: 浦东新区世纪大道 8号国金中心L3_19

Lu. T: 6339 1199

Bund-side bar with world class terrace and great music. Not cheap, but still jampacked with classy folks on Friday and Saturday nights. Hours: 6pm-late 中山东一路外滩18号7楼

Barbarossa Restaurant & •Lounge

Club G Plus •Room 428, Xingye Lu, Lane 123, Xintiandi Block 6. T: 5386 8088 新天地兴业路123弄428室

Tian Di •3F,Club Bund 6, Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu. T: 6329 7333

A decadent place to unwind while listening to the live band playing a mix of jazz and classic Chinese songs. Hours: 8pm-late 中山东一路6号3楼

Romantic three-story Moroccan themed lounge on a lake hidden in People’s Park. Hours: Sun-Thurs 11am-2am, Fri-Sat 11am-3am. www.

上海浦东金桥碧云国际社区蓝天路 689号

Cigar Bar •2F,CO2 1116 Yan’an Xi Lu, The Longemont Shanghai. T: 6115 9988 x 8250

The CO2 Cigar Bar is where cigar connoisseurs and those who indulge occasionally gather to share their love of the finer things in life.

Bar & Restaurant •267Crossroads Huashan Lu (opposite the Hilton). T: 6248 1588

Relaxed environment with food upstairs and friendly bar staff. Special events on Friday nights. All cards. Hours: Noon-4am 华山路267号,希尔顿酒店对面

•1F,Cuba Shanghai JC Mandarin, 1225

Nanjing Xi Lu. T: 6279 1888 x 5232

T: 6474 3216 岳阳路28号,近东平路 Stone Irish Pub •5A Blarney Dongping Lu. T: 6415 7496

Give the Blarney Stone a kiss and breathe in the Celtic aromas of mutton, onions and potato. Hours: 10am-1am 东平路5号甲

Bounty Rhumerie Bounty Jing’an ,Wuding Rd. 550 near Shanxi Rd.(N) T: 26619368 Bounty Xuhui, Yongfu Rd. 47 near Fuxing Rd.(W)T: 13764510616 Bounty X@ Sinan Mansion, 3F & Terrace, Sinan Rd. Unit 33,  No. 47 near Fuxing Rd.(M) T: 18917197641 64183209;64181060

武定路550号近陕西北路,永福路 47号近复兴西路,思南路47号33单元 3楼&天台近复兴中路

Excellent decor, fine wines and – obviously – a wide range of quality cigars. Hours: 5.30pm-12.30am 南京西路1225号1楼

Martini Bar •1F,D&G 6 on the Bund, 6 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu. T: 6339 0268

Yes, that D&G. Cocktails and couture, darling. Hours: 5-10:30pm 中山东一路外滩6号

•289D’Venue Weihai Lu (near Chengdu Bei Lu). T: 6327 3733

Hours: 8.30pm-3am


Bar •115Dada Xingfu Lu (near Fahuazhen Lu). T: 150 0018 2212

Dada is a small bar that specialises in affordable drinks, art and film events and electronic indie music.

上海 DADA 酒吧,幸福路115号,法 华镇路与平武路之间

Shanghai •GF,Drop 55 Yuanmingyuan Lu. T: 6329 1373



Exchange •2F,Dublin HSBC Building, 101 Yincheng

3D Art Bar •House 11, Lane 3338 Hongmei Lu (near

Dong Lu, Pudong. T: 6841 2052

Yan'an Xi Lu). T: 6465 9833

An Irish pub (who’d have guessed it?) for the lads and lasses who live east of the Huangpu River. All cards. Hours: Mon-Fri 10am-11pm, Sat 5-11pm

Hours: 5pm-2am

虹梅路3338弄虹梅休闲街11栋,近 延安西路

都柏林:浦东银城东路101号,汇 丰大厦2楼

789 Nanjing Lu •64-66F, Le Royal Méridien

•1877Eddy’s Huaihai Zhong Lu (near

Shanghai, 789 Nanjing Dong Lu. T: 3318 9999

Tianping Lu). T: 6282 0521

Upscale hotel bar featuring spectacular 360-degree views of the city. Hours: Mon-Thurs 5pm-1am, Fri-Sat 5pm2am, Sun 3pm-1am

Shanghai Puxi, 500 Hongfeng Lu. T: 5253 9999 x 6311

The stylish lounge and bar houses a first class selection of fine wines and cocktails. 恒丰路500号,上海浦西洲际酒店1楼

Lounge •5F,Backroom Shanghai Art Museum, 325 Nanjing Xi Lu. T: 6327 2221 Hours: 5.30pm-2am


Bar •2F,The The Langham, Yangtze Boutique, 740 Hankou Lu. T: 6080 0734

An art deco inspired cocktail bar with intimate seating and an impressive list of classic cocktails, vintage wines, fine champagnes and whiskeys.



Bridge •253Jasmine Jiashan Lu (near Jianguo Xi Lu). T: 5465 2680

Terracotta warriors overlook the proceedings from niches in the walls. Hours: 11.30am-2am 嘉善路253号,近建国西路

Jazz Bar •GF,The Fairmont Peace Hotel, 20 Nanjing Dong Lu. T: 6321 6888

Jazz music and classic cocktails remain the star attractions at this newly revived Jazz Bar. Enjoy the legendary Old Jazz Band as well as Theo Croker’s Sextet. Hours: 5pm-2am.

T: 6415 7019 Hours: 1pm-2am 东湖路7号,近淮海中路

•142Judy’s Tongren Lu (near Nanjing Xi Lu). T: 6289 3715

Shanghai’s longest running party venue – famous for hard drinking and hot bar girls. 铜仁路142号 (近延安西路)

Lounge •40F,JW’S JW Marriott Hotel, 399 Nanjing Xi Lu. T: 5359 4969 x 6864

Still the same expansive city views, great music and an emphasis on champagne. Hours: 5.30pm-2am JW's酒廊:南京西路399号40楼

KABB •House 5, North Block, Xintiandi, Lane 181, Taicang Lu. T: 3307 0798

Often a refuge for tourists who tire of the Xintiandi circus, but it’s worthwhile for locals too. Hours: Sun-Thu 7am-midnight, Fri & Sat 7am-late 新天地太仓路181弄北里5号

Kaiba Unit 101, Building D, 528 Kangding Lu (near Xikang Lu). 739 Dingxi Lu (near Yan'an Xi Lu). Taikang Terrace, Room 202, 169 Jianguo Zhong Lu. T: 6280 5688 Bar •280Koala Huaihai Xi Lu (near Panyu Lu). T: 5258 8779


Liquor Factory •InterContinental Shanghai Expo, 1188 Xueye Lu (near Nanmatou Lu). T: 3858 1188

Now a retro British pub, this villa used to house liquor factory workers. 酒坊:浦东雪野路1188号,近南 码头路上海世博洲际酒店一楼花园 及别墅区

Long Bar •Waldorf Astoria Club L Level, 2

Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu. T: 6322 9988 For a taste of Old Shanghai, look no further than the Waldorf's Long Bar. Hours: 2pm–1am

Lounge & Bar •2A Lux Gaolan Lu (near Sinan Lu). T: 5383 2328 / 5383 2208

Downstairs lounge and bar in the Park 97 complex.


Club •4F,M2 Hong Kong Plaza, 283 Huaihai Lu

(near Huangpi Nan Lu). T: 6288 6222 Large club featuring international DJs playing house and hip-hop. Hours: 9pmlate.

•2F,el47Cóctel Yongfu Lu (near Fuxing Xi Lu). T: 6433 6511

glo London Lounge Bar:   •1 Wulumuqi Nan Lu (near Dongping

T: 6339 2779

Avenue •1F,The The Podium, InterContential

Fuzhou Lu). T: 6321 5398 Hours:


Bar •2F,Aquarium 6 Bund, Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu.


Bar •4F,indigo 6 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu (near

Popular, long-standing and mostly gay bar. Mon-Thu 8pm-2am; Fri-Sun 8pm-3am

789 南京路: 南京东路789号(64-66楼)

If we’ve seen a bigger fish tank in a bar, it was in a Bond film. Mon-Thurs, Sun 6pm-1am, Fri-Sat 6pm-3am


Jenny’s Blue Bar •7 Donghu Lu (near Huaihai Zhong Lu).


Beaver •28 The Yueyang Lu (near Dongping Lu).

T: 2322 0888

爵士吧 和平饭店中国上海南京东路 20号 200002

芭芭露莎会所餐厅:南京西路231号 人民公园内, 上海美术馆旁

Jinqiao Pudong shanghai T: 021-5030 9676


This rooftop bar features a great Bund view.

231 Nanjing Xi Lu (next to Shanghai Art Museum). T: 6318 0220

Marlin Shanghai •No.Blue 689 Lantian RD. Green City

of Blues & Jazz •60 House Fuzhou Lu. T: 6323 2779

9 •87F,Cloud Grand Hyatt, Jin Mao Tower, 88 Shiji

浦东世纪大道88号金茂君悦大酒 店87楼

•BundBar18,Rouge 7F, 18 Zhongshan Dong Yi

Hours: 11am-1am.

Bar, THE HOUSE OF ROOSEVELT •8F,SKY 27 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu.

Entertaining visitors in Shanghai? Take them here for a tipple. Hours: Sun-Fri 6pm12.30am, Sat 10am-9.30pm

Bay •15Halong Lujiazui Lu (inside Lujiazui Park).

3699. 39 Taojiang Lu. T: 6431 2668

For quality jazz and an impressive wine list.

Dadao, Pudong. T: 5049 1234 x 8787

巨鹿路889号(11-12幢1-2层) 靠近 常熟路

陆家嘴路15号,陆家嘴公园内;虹桥 路1号港汇广场5楼,近肇家浜路

T: 6385 6677 / 6385 2277 新天地兴业路123弄2座

T: 6445 8082  

T: 5877 1231. 5F, Grand Gateway, 1 Hongqiao Lu (near Zhaojiabang Lu). T: 6447 9690 Hours: 10am-10pm


BRIX •South Bund 22

Table top taps turn this drinking hole into a chugging competition.

Lu). T: 6466 6565.

Cosmopolitan cocktails, flavored mojitos and a tapas menu suitable for sharing. Private hire available. Hours: Daily 5pmlate.

Bulldog •1 Wulumuqi Lu (near Dongping Lu).

T: 6258 1090 Hours: 10pm-late 南阳路145号,近西康路

T: 6255 6318

Daily Happy Hour with buy one get one free cocktails and Carslberg drafts runs from - Become a Talk Insider!

•154Manhattan Nanyang Lu (near Xikang Lu). •145Mela Nanyang Lu (near Xikang Lu).

乌鲁木齐南路甲1号(东平路路口,美国 领事馆对面)

The Camel Sports Bar •1 Yueyang Lu. T: 6437 9446 Bar and Restaurant •528Crocus Kangding Lu (near Xikang Lu).


南阳路154号, 进西康路

Live sports on multiple screens, daily live music and wholesome European pub food.

Lu). T: 6415 1088

T: 6247 6656

T: 6445 9464

The Bund Brewery The Custom House, 11 Hankou Lu (near Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu). T: 6321 8447

Factory •172MMaoming Nan Lu (near Yongjia

Melting Pot •288The Taikang Lu (near Ruijin Er Lu). T: Glamour Bar •6F,The 5 on the Bund (near Guangdong Lu). T: 6329 3571

With M on the Bund, Michelle Garnaut (the M) set a new standard in Shanghai. She's done it again. 外滩5号6楼,广东路口

Hofbräuhaus Shanghai •309 Jinyan Lu (Pudong). T: 6163

6415 8180


Club •24F,M1NT 318 Fuzhou Lu. T: 6391 2811

Hours: Wed - Sat 9pm-late. bookings@ 福州路318号24楼

Lounge •24F,M1NT 318 Fuzhou Lu. T: 6391 2811

April11  ShanghaiTalk


Hours: Every day from 6pm - late. 福州路318号24楼

98 •333Mini Hengshan Lu (near Wuxing Lu). T: 6433 2896 Hours: 2pm-4am 衡山路333号,近吴兴路

Bar •2F,Monkey 807 Zhaojiabang Lu (near Gao’an Lu). T: 6438 9148

The cycle of life: from monkey bars to Monkey Bar. Hours: 10pm-late 肇家浜路807号2楼,近高安路

Lounge •3F,Moonsha 5 on the Bund. T: 6323 1117

Relaxed lounge with an extensive martini menu, wine selection and an array of Japanese snacks. Hours: 9.30pm-1am. 中山东一路外滩5号3楼

Hours: 1.30pm-1.30am

透明思考餐厅:太仓路181弄北里 11号楼2单元; 牡丹66:南京西路 1266号恒隆广场502

Upstairs at Park 97 2A Gaolan Lu, Fuxing Park (near Sinan Lu). T: 5383 2328

Hours Sun-Thu 8pm-2am, Fri-Sat 8pm-4am 皋兰路2号甲, 复兴公园内

Vista •Lobby level, InterContinental

Shanghai Expo, 1188 Xueye Lu (near Nanmatou Lu). T: 3858 1188 Live entertainment, DJ, a cigar lounge, cheese room and rum and wine tasting room add up to a great evening out. Closed Sunday and Monday.

东雪野路1188号,近南码头路 上海 世博洲际酒店一楼

Bar •32F,VUE West Tower, Hyatt on the Bund,

Entertainment •68 Muse Yuyao Lu (Tong Le Fang).

T: 6218 8166 (同乐坊) 余姚路68号

199 Huangpu Lu (near Wuchang Lu). T: 6393 1234 x 6348 Revel in the view from this rooftop bar while sipping cocktails. Hours: Sun–Thu 5pm-1am; Fri & Sat 5pm-2am

非常时髦酒吧: 黄浦路199号上海外滩 茂悦大酒店西楼三十二楼

Underground •698Windows Nanjing Xi Lu (near Wujiang Lu). Room •ParkMusic Hyatt, 91F, 100 Shiji Dadao. T: 6888 1234 x 4560

Ladies get free flow bubbly Monday to Saturday from 8:30-10:30pm

Narcissus •4 Hengshan Lu (near Wulumuqi Nan Lu). T: 5465 4755


•162Nelly’s Maoming Nan Lu (near Fuxing Zhong Lu). T: 6473 7838 Hours: 7pm-3am


•2F,Niche The Westin Shanghai, 88 Henan Zhong Lu. T: 6335 1888 x 7342

A bar-cum-nightclub, perfect for evening soirees of cool cocktails and hot jazz. Happy Hour: 5.30-9.30pm 河南中路88号威斯汀大饭店2楼

Nanjing Xi Lu (near Xikang Lu). T: 6279 1888 x 5306

Elegant lounge and wine and tapas bars, plus restaurant. Hours: 11.30am-2pm, 6.30-10pm 南京西路1225号3楼

Red •393Wine Dagu Lu (near Shimen Yi Lu). T: 6327 1800

Live bands, “special beers” and cocktails. Hours: 1pm-2am 和韵:大沽路393号

Bar •300Wunder Liaoyuan Xi Lu (near Dalian Lu). T: 3377 3373

Hours: Mon-Fri 2pm-late, Sat-Sun noon-late 辽源西路300号,近大连路

46 •46F,X 889 Yanggao Nan Lu, Pudong.

Popular with Hilton guests looking for some local nightlife but not willing to walk far to find it. Hours: 5pm-5am

T: 6466 4098

46 floors up in Pudong’s Sofitel. Hours: Sun-Thu 6pm-2am, Fri-Sat 6pm-4am

(Yin Yang) •125YYs Nanchang Lu (near Ruijin Lu). Small bar crammed with artsy types until the wee hours. 南昌路125号,近茂名南路

British social pub with relaxed environment (you'd be relaxed after an eight hour Sunday happy hour as well). Hours: 11am-2am, Happy Hour Mon-Sat 4-8pm, Sun noon-8pm 奥斯卡:复兴路1377号(近宝庆路)

Papa’s Bierstube •House 22-24, Lane 3338 Hongmei Lu. T: 6465 8880

Go along for eins steine or two.

虹梅路3338号虹梅休闲街22-24号, 近延安西路

Paulaner Brauhaus •150 Fenyang Lu. T: 6474 5700.

19-20, North Block, Lane 181, Taicang Lu, Xintiandi. T: 6320 3935. Riverside Promenade, Binjiang Dadao, Pudong. T: 6888 3935 Perfectly gluggable, restoring German grog. Hours: Mon-Fri 5pm-2am, Sat noon-2am, Sun 11am-2am 宝莱纳 :汾阳路150号;太仓路 181弄北里;浦东滨江大道富都段 滨江风光亭

Zeal •South Bund 22

Turns out there is room for another Bund Bar with Lujiazui views.

Bar •25F,Zpark Zpark Bar, Renaissance

Shanghai Zhongshan Park Hotel, 1018 Changning Lu. T: 6115 8818

Get your drink and your groove on at this hotel bar.


ASC Fine Wines •Room 808, Tian An Centre, 338 Nanjing Xi Lu. T: 6445 3214

China’s largest importer/distributor of quality wines, representing 800 wines and 80 winemakers from 13 countries, online purchases and delivery available. 南京西路338号天安中心大厦808室

T: 6433 5710 Hours: 2pm-2am

Bo Bo Jiu Lounge •LaneShile 599, 1 Fangdian Lu, Pudong

Millesimes •415Aux Shaanxi Bei Lu (near Beijing Xi

A Western-style lounge and outdoor cigar bar. Hours: 9.30am-9.30pm


(near Jinxiu Lu). T: 5033 9113

十乐薄薄酒:浦东新区芳甸路599弄 1号(近锦绣路)

•6F, SUGAR 35 Shaanxi Nan Lu (near Changle

Brachetto d’Acqui •2000 Jianhe Lu. T: 6262 1377.

218 Changde Lu. T: 6279 3551

剑河路2000号; 常德路218号

Club Lounge •LaneT8181, 8 Taicang Lu, Xintiandi.

Australian wine specialist with the city's only free tasting section.

T: 6355 8999

A sophisticated place for drinks with friends. Few people even know it's there, just above the T8 restaurant. Comfortable sofas, a great selection of unique cocktails and an excellent wine list. 太仓路181弄新天地广场北里8号

Passage •LaneTime 1038, 183 Huashan Lu (near Fuxing Xi Lu). T: 6240 2588

A perfectly comfortable and nicely unexceptional pub up an alley.


•UnitTMSK 2, North Block, Lane 181, 11 Taicang Lu, Xintiandi. T: 6326 2227

A coloured glass extravaganza of a bar bang in the middle of Xintiandi.

62 ShanghaiTalk 


Reserve •383Napa Weihai Lu. T: 6340 0418

Retailer specialising in wines from Napa Valley and Sonoma. Free wine tastings every Friday. 威海路383号

Summergate •T: 6329 4433 x 109

Free door-to-door delivery from a climatecontrolled warehouse within 24 hours of order, from Monday to Friday.

T: 5466 6936


Cheese & Fizz •119 Madang Lu, North Block,

Xintiandi Plaza. T: 6336 5823. Unit 111A, Shanghai Centre, 1376 Nanjing Xi Lu. T: 6279 8298. Unit GF28, 168 Lujiazui Xi Lu, Pudong. T: 5041 1695 French gourmet food and bottles of bubbles and table wines.

新天地店: 新天地北里马当路119号; 上海 商城店:南京西路1376号上海商城111A; 正大广场店: 浦东陆家嘴168号GF28

East Meets West Fine Wines •Room 202, Man Po International

Business Centre, 660 Xinhua Lu (near Dingxi Lu). T: 6282 4966 www.


Dental Care •3040Hygeia Yan’an Xi Lu (3721 Hongmei Lu, 延安西路3040号,虹梅路3721号

Asia •3F,Orthodontics Ciro’s Plaza, 388 Nanjing Xi Lu. T: 6473 7733


Dental •7FProShine JH Plaza, 2008 Huqingping Lu T:5988 5898

Shanghai United Family •Hospital - Dental Clinic

8 Quankou Road (near Linquan Road), Changning District. T: 2216 3909

Hours: Mon-Sat, 9am-5pm, www.ufh.

2F, 27 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu. T: 2322 0888

House of Roosevelt has one of the largest wine cellars in Asia.

Torres Wine Trading Co. •Room 301, Building 4, 990 Changping

Discoveries •TheWine Cool Docks, Room 101-111, No. 13, 505 Zhongshan Nan Lu. T: 6152 6680

Wine Discoveries offers you a great selection of South African, German, Australian and French wines. Free delivery for one case or six bottles. www. 黄浦区中山南路505号老码头,13号 楼101室

Wine-Link •House 18, Lane 228 Anfu Lu (near

Wulumuqi Lu). T: 5403 6548 / 5403 0594 安福路228弄18号(近乌鲁木齐路)

•UnitYangjiu 5A, 1375 Huaihai Zhong Lu (near Fuxing Lu). T: 6431 6275

A website that distributes imported wines, Champagne, spirits, food and wine accessories. They can deliver to your door in 24 hours. 淮海中路1375号5A座,近复兴路

HEALTH Dental Art Dentistry •Room 801, Oriental Centre, 21 Wujiang Lu (near Nanjing Xi Lu). T: 5211 0521 吴江路21号801室

BYER DENTAL •Gubei Clinic: 4F, St Michael

Hospital, 388 Hongbaoshi Lu (near Gubei Lu) T: 5212 3795 / 138 1671 2008. Cloud Nine Clinic: 5F, 1018 Changning Lu. T: 133 8622 2169 (24 hours). Pudong Clinic: Room 201204, 1275 Yingchun Lu. T: 133 8622 2169 (24 hours) One of Shanghai's largest dental groups, Byer imports its digital detection and treatment systems as well as its dentists.

Dr. Harriet Jin's Dental Surgery •Room 1904, Hui Yin Plaza, 2088 Huashan Lu (near Hongqiao Lu). T: 6448 0882 华山路2088号汇银广场1904室

Showroom: 3F, 60 Xinle Lu (near Xiangyang Bei Lu). T: 5404 3135. Hotline: 4008 111 683

Yoga clothes for an active lifestyle that are health and wellness inspired. Also available online., www. 新乐路60号3楼

• Body & Soul Yoga

Building 12, 470 Shaanxi Bei Lu. No 401, Oneluijiazui Building, 68 Yincheng Lu, Lujiazui. T: 3218 0009

One of the best international yoga centres in Shanghai.


Health Care Medical •andGlobal Dental Centre

Room 301, Kerry Center, 1515 Nanjing Xi Lu. T: 5298 6339 Hours: Mon-Fri: 8am-7pm; Sat-Sun: 9am5pm.

Lu). T: 6431 8899

A well-equipped fitness centre featuring personalised training programs, plus a sauna, steam room and yoga room. 恒丰路500号,上海浦西洲际酒 店6楼

Global Nutra-Express •Room 606, 261 Yunnan Nan Lu.

T: 138 1848 8508 / 139 1826 5447 Hours: 10am-5pm.

• Health Club

Level 4, InterContinental Shanghai Expo, 1188 Xueye Lu, Pudong (near Nanmatou Lu). T: 3858 1188

健身中心:浦东雪野路1188号,近南 码头路,上海世博洲际酒店四楼


Kerry Hotel Pudong Shanghai, 4F, 1388 Huamu Lu. T: 6169 8856

A massive 24-hour gym with amenities galore and something for the entire family.

Xinzha Lu). T: 6267 1550


Pure Tai Chi •Jing’an Centre: 402, Building 12, 470 Shaanxi Bei Lu


Raja Yoga •Xujiahui Club: 3F, 88 Xingeng Lu.

T: 6427 4318. Caobao Lu Club: 7F, 93 Caobao Lu. T: 6484 9557. Wanda Club: 3F, 189 Zhengtong Lu. T: 3511 1093

The first international member of IHRSA in China, Raja has more than seven clubs in Shanghai. 珞迦瑜伽会所

SoFit •Sofitel Shanghai Sheshan Huanghe, 3388 Sichen Lu, Sijing Town, Songjiang. T: 3761 8888

A fitness facility that embraces a holistic approach to physical and spiritual well-


International Hospital •525Shanghai Hongfeng Lu. T: 3871 9999 x 1222 上海国际医院:上海市浦东新区红 枫路525号

Landseed Hospital •7F,Shanghai 937 Yan'an Xi Lu Internationally trained medical team provides family medicine, gynaecology, general surgery, pediatrics, and more. 延安西路937号7楼

Shanghai United Family Hospital •1139 Xianxia Lu. T: 2216 3900 (hospital) / 2216 3922 or 2216 3936 (appointments) / 2216 3999 (24 hour emergency hotline)

A purpose built, full service, internationally accredited hospital that offers a full 24/7 emergency room. Hours: Mon-Sat, 8.30am5.30pm.

Huashan Pudong Hospital International Division Managed by United Family Healthcare Ground floor, Area A & B, 525 Hongfeng Lu, Pudong. Appointments: 5030 9907

United Family Minhang Clinic Shanghai Racquet Club, Ground Floor Clubhouse. Lane 555 Jinfeng Lu, Hua Cao Town, Minhang District. T: 2201 0995 A comprehensive clinic that offers family medicine and counselling services for the whole family. Hours: Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm.,

Body & Soul – Medical Clinics •Huangpu Clinic: Suite 5, 14F, Anji

Plaza, 1 Jianguo Xin Lu (760 Xizang Nan Lu). T: 5101 9262. Minhang Clinic: 211 Chengjiaqiao Lu (near Hongmei Lu). T: 6461 6550

German-managed clinic for integrative medicine, treating acute and chronic diseases in internal medicine, gynaecology, acupuncture, etc. English, German, French, Spanish and Chinese consulting. 黄浦门诊: 建国新路1号14楼5室, 近 西藏南路; 闵行门诊: 中谊路880号, 近七莘路

Shanghai Puxi. T: 5253 9999 x 6268

state-of-the-art facilities. Dentistry, family medicine, general surgery, gynaecology and more. Hours: Mon-Fri 8.30am-5.30pm. www.

Hours: Mon-Sun, 8:30am-5:30pm

Centre •6F,Fitness Hotel Main Tower, InterContential

China’s first carbon neutral gym offers an exclusive club environment and the latest innovations in fitness from Technogym.

Family Hospital and Clinics 1139 Xianxia Lu. T: 5133 1909

Shanghai Clinic •LaneBioscor 89, 5 Xingguo Lu (near Hunan

Canadian Evergreen Family •Health Centre

General and Cosmetic Dental •Centre of Shanghai United


溢修瑜珈: 陕西北路470弄12号, 浦东 银城中路68号4楼,陆家嘴环路路口

Wellness •2F,One Block C, 98 Yanping Lu (near


Hours: 8am-8pm.,


Dental Clinic •7F,Care Room 9, Super Brand Mall, 168

Hengshan Lu (next to the Pacific Department Store, Xujiahui). T: 6447 0390

Hospital, 12 Wulumuqi Zhong Lu (near Changle Lu). T: 6249 3246

Fitness & Yoga

Thai boxing studio run by tough-guy Tomer Oz.

Dr. Zhou’s Dental Clinic •Room 3001B, Jianhui Mansion, 922

Ob/Gyn Service •14F,American-Sino Complex Building, Huashan


Xikang Lu). T: 6288 5278 / 135 6424 0374


International 24 hour Alarm Centre for medical emergencies that require evacuation. First aid kits and training available.

OZ Body Fit •Room 103, 528 Kangding Lu (near

T: 5115 4575

AEA •T: 6295 0099

Suite 208, 1275 Yingchun Lu, Pudong District. T: 3868 5118 / 139 1890 7562

Classes for kickboxing, yoga and more

Cidi Dental Clinic •Room 706-708, 495 Jiangning Lu.

Health Services

The Shanghai international •aesthetic clinic

668 Huai'an Lu (near Xi Suzhou Lu). Web:


SofitTM健身中心: 上海黄河佘山索 菲特大酒店,松江区泗泾镇泗陈公 路3388弄


•Me WellNess

Lujiazui Xi Lu. T: 5047 1790

being. Hours: 6am-10pm

International clinic with Australian, American and Chinese doctors specialising in plastic/cosmetic surgery, medical skin treatment, natural hair regrowth and cosmetic dentistry.

Roosevelt Wine Cellar, THE •HOUSE OF ROOSEVELT

Lu). T: 5213 7883

Beautiful bar for the beautiful people. Hours: Daily, 11.30am-1am 陕西南路35号6楼近长乐路

骏德酒业:威海路409号 (近石门一路)


Cellar Door Wines •1-103A, 508 Jiashan Lu.

Lu). T: 6215 8777

Representative office and retail store.

Cellar •2F,Aussino 147 Weihai Lu. T: 5118 1299

Over 800 wines from 200 wineries. Wine club membership, exclusive discounts, tastings and events. Hours: 10ammidnight.

Bar •237QHengshan Lu (near Gao’an Lu).

Fine Wines •409Jointek Weihai Lu. T: 6340 0955

Lu. T: 6267 7979 x 807

Manhattan •231Old Huashan Lu (across from Hilton

Oscar’s 1377 Fuxing Lu (near Baoqing Lu). T: 6431 6528

Hongqiao Pearl City). T: 6406 1866 / 137 6127 5978

Bar & Grill •3F, Wine Shanghai JC Mandarin, 1225



安福路53-57号(近常熟路); 太仓路 58号(近济南路)

T: 5404 0050. 58 Taicang Lu (near Ji'nan Lu). T: 5306 3400


T: 5050 4888

Shanghai). T: 6248 2777

上海全康医疗中心: 南京西路1515号 上海嘉里中心301室

Cheap drinks, heavy bass and lot's of space for wacky dance moves.

Me •21 Not Dongping Lu (near Hengshan Lu). T: 6433 0760 东平路21号, 近衡山路

EnoteCa Wine Lounge and Boutique •53-57 Anfu Lu (near Changshu Lu).

1286 Hongqiao Lu. T: 6270 6265 虹桥路1286号

Asia •21F,Healthline HSBC Tower, 101 Yincheng Dong

Sino United Health •Shanghai Centre (Portman) Clinic:

Suite 601, Shanghai Centre, 1376 Nanjing Xi Lu. T: 6279 8920. Jinqiao Clinic: Lane 300, 16 Hongfeng Lu (by Biyun Lu), Jinqiao, Pudong. T: 5030 7810. Gubei Clinic: 491 Yili Nan Lu, Gubei. T: 6124 9979 Specialists from around the world in the fields of orthopedics, physiotherapy, sports medicine, and neurology. www.

European and US style insurance plans. 银城东路101号汇丰大厦21楼

上海城门诊部:南京西路1376号上海 商城西峰601室; 金桥门诊部:浦东金 桥红枫路300弄16号(近碧云路); 古北 门诊部:伊犁南路491号(近黄金城道)

Huashan Worldwide Medical •Centre

WHS •Shanghai Centre: 1F, 106D, 1376

Hours: 8am-10pm (out-patient clinic), 10pm-8am (night emergency)

One-stop-shop health store chain providing professional guidance on imported health & wellness products from around the world.

Lu, Pudong. T: 6215 3513

12 Wulumuqi Zhong Lu. T: 5288 7250. Out-patient clinic: 8F, Building 1. Night Emergency: 15F, Building 6. T: 6248 3986 / 6248 9999 乌鲁木齐路12号

Peace Maternity •andInternational Child Health Hospital of the China Welfare Institute 910 Hengshan Lu (near Tianping Lu). T: 6447 0399 / 6407 9476.


Vision Eye Clinic •12F,New New Outpatient Building, Ruijin Hospital, 197 Ruijin Er Lu. (near Shaoxing Lu). T: 6437 7445

Comprehensive eye care clinic. Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-5pm. 瑞金二路197号瑞金医院新门诊12楼

Nanjing Xi Lu (across from HSBC Bank). T: 6289 8511. Kerry Parkside, 1378 Huamu Lu, B130B (across from Watsons). T: 4006 110 212


Active Kidz shanghai Room 601, 3211 Hongmei Lu (near Chen Jiaqiaozhi Lu). T: 6406 6757. Pudong: Ramada Plaza, 18 Xinqiao Lu (near Biyun Lu). T: 3872 6770 (Wed-Fri) Community-run, non profit organisation that provides quality athletic programs for expatriate children.

Parkway Health Medical Centers Parkway Corporate Office, 7F, 108 Zhaojiabang Lu. Gleneagles Medical and Surgical Center, 4F, 389 Nanjing Xi Lu. Shanghai Centre Medical and Dental Centers, 203-4 West Retail Plaza, 1376 Nanjing Xi Lu. Specialty and Inpatient Center, 2/3F, 170 Danshui Lu. Hongqiao Medical Center, 2258 Hongqiao Lu. Jinqiao Medical and Dental Center, 51 Hongfeng Lu. Mandarine City Medical Center, Mandarine City, Suite 30, 788 Hongxu Lu. 24-hour appointment service. T: 6445 5999

AKS是一个对外籍儿童提供优质体育 活动的非营利性的社会组织。活动包 括足球,棒球,篮球,体操,芭蕾, 网球等。浦西:虹梅路3211号601 室 (陈家桥支路) ;浦东:新金桥路 18号华美达大酒店1楼, T: 38726770 (周三至周五)

Shanghai Children’s Medical •Centre

School •2F, Brain 126 Ronghua Dong Dao.

百汇(上海)医院管理有限公司: 肇嘉浜路108号7楼;南京西路389号 明天广场裙房4楼;南京西路1376号 203-204室;淡水路170号2-3楼;虹 桥路2258号;浦东金桥红枫路51号; 虹许路788号名都城30号底层

1678 Dongfang Lu. T: 5873 2020 东方路1678号

Shanghai Gleneagles •International Medical, Dental & Surgical Centre 4F, 389 Nanjing Xi Lu, Tomorrow Square (same building as the JW Marriott Hotel). T: 6375 5588

Internationally-trained medical staff and

T: 6295 0461 荣华东道126号2楼

The British International School •Pudong: 600 Cambridge Forest New

Town, 2729 Hunan Lu. T: 5812 7455. Puxi: 111 Jinguang Lu, Huacao Town, Minhang District. T: 5226 3211

沪南路2979号600; 闵行区金光 路111号 - Become a Talk Insider!

children's technology workshop Hongqiao: Unit 504, 3211 Hongmei Lu (above City Shop). T: 6446 6766. Pudong: Unit 46-47B Thumb Plaza, 199 Fangdian Lu. T: 5033 3053

•999Concordia Mingyue Lu (near Yunshan Lu), Jinqiao. T: 5899 0380 浦东金桥明月路999号 复兴中路1195号(陕西南路路口); 青海路90弄50号(近南京西路);

•Academy Montessori Children

56 Lingshan Lu, Jinqiao, Pudong. T: 5075 5472 浦东金桥灵山路56号2000弄

•T: 5228 New Concept Mandarin 2950

•International Rainbow Bridge School

2381 Hongqiao Lu (inside Shanghai Zoo). T: 6268 9773 / 6268 3121

Preschool, kindergarten, and elementary grades one to six.

•Minhang Shanghai American School Campus: 258 Jinfeng Lu, Dulwich College Shanghai •(DCS)

DCS Main Campus: 266 Lan An Road, Jinqiao, Pudong DUCKS Campus: 425 Lan An Road, Jinqiao, Pudong T:5899 9910

上海德威英国国际学校:主校区:上海 浦东金桥蓝桉路266号 幼儿园:上海浦东金桥蓝桉路425号

Zhudi Town. T: 6221 1445. Pudong Campus: 1600 Lingbai Gong Lu

闵行校区: 金丰路258号; 浦东校区: 凌白公路1600号

•International Shanghai Community School

Hongqiao ECE Campus: 2212 Hongqiao Road, Shanghai.T: 6261 4338. Hongqiao Campus: 1161 Hongqiao Lu. T: 6261 4338. Pudong Lower School: 800 Xiuyan Lu. T: 5812 9888. Pudong Upper School: 198 Hengqiao Lu. T: 5812 9888. Hangzhou Campus: 78 Dongxin Lu, Hangzhou. T: (571) 8669 0045

虹桥ECE校区:虹桥路2212号 ;虹 桥总校:虹桥路1161号 ;浦东小 学部:秀沿路800号 ;浦东初高中 部:横桥路198号;杭州校区:东 新路78号



Room 101, Lane 980, 3 Shilong Lu. (near Lao Humin Lu). T: 5206 6273

A multi-disciplinary practice focusing on the educational setting, with a genuine understanding of the challenges faced by schools, teachers, parents and children. They assist in identifying and treating academic, communication or social problems using evidence-based systems. 徐汇区石龙路980弄3号101室(近老 沪闵路)

International School •384Fudan Guoquan Lu. T: 6511 1292 / 6433 1258

I Mandarin •Shanghai Centre: Suite 721,

Shanghai Centre. T: 3222 1028. Xintiandi: Suite 1906, Hong Kong Plaza South Tower. T: 3308 0508. Hongqiao: Suite C207, Shang-Mi Ra Commercial Centre. T: 3223 1046. Xujiahui: Suite 2008, Grand Gateway Tower. T: 5451 0234. Dongfang Lu: Suite 11D1, Purple Mountain Hotel. T: 6867 1330

• Shanghai MeiMei Montessori Kindergarten 1129 Zhuguang Lu. T: 3319 9422

上海美美双语幼儿园: 徐泾镇诸光路 1117弄20弄


KINDERGARTEN Qingpu Campus 1230 Zhuguang Lu. T: 5988 6688 诸光路1230号

•International Shanghai United School

Hongqiao Campus: 999 Hongquan Lu, Minhang. T: 3431 0090. Gubei Secondary Campus: 248 Hongsong Dong Lu, Minhang. T: 5175 3030. Pudong Campus: 48 Xueye Lu, Pudong. T: 5886 9990. Shangyin Campus, 185 Longming Lu, Minhang. T: 5417 8143. Jiao Ke Secondary Campus: 55 Wanyuan Lu, Minhang. T: 6480 9986

上海协和双语学校 虹桥校区:虹泉 路999号,近金汇路。 古北中学校区:红松东路248号。 浦东校区:浦东新区雪野路48号。 尚音校区:龙茗路185号。 教科实中校区:万源路55号。

•School Yew Chung International

Gubei Campus: 18 Ronghua Xi Lu. T: 6219 5910. Hongqiao Campus: 11 Shuicheng Lu. T: 6242 3243. Pudong Campus, Regency Park: 1817 Huamu Lu. T: 5033 1900. Pudong Campus, Century Park: 1433 Dongxiu Lu. T: 5045 6475

Lu). T: 6291 2509

www. 天山路177弄29号

•Language Mandarin Family – The Centre of Chinese

Jinqiao Campus: Room 302, Lane 199, 40 Biyun Lu (near Biyun Carrefour). T: 5030 9916

金桥校区:碧云路199弄40号 302室

•Plaza Mandarin House 66 Centre. T: 6288 2308.

Xintiandi Centre. T: 6390 6979. Pudong, Lujiazui. T: 5054 0033


• Miracle Mandarin

Xuhui Campus: 1195 Fuxing Zhong Lu (Shanxi Nan Lu Metro Exit 1). T: 6474 9716. Jing’an Campus: Lane 90, 50 Qinghai Lu (Nanjing Xi Lu Metro Exit 2). T: 6218 3629. Room 1103, 59 Shuicheng Nan Lu. T: 6219 8030

清云居: 浦东陆家嘴银城中路68 号时 代金融中心403

•3F,Banyan Tree Spa The Westin Shanghai (Westin

Residences), 88 Henan Zhong Lu (near Yan’an Lu). T: 6335 1888


•Shop Beauty Farm 210, Central Plaza, 381


Huaihai Zhong Lu. T: 6391 6789. Shop 332, Plaza 66, 1266 Nanjing Xi Lu. T: 6288 4646

BILINGUAL Kindergarten 1481 Huqingping Lu (near Zhuguang Lu). T: 5988 6116 沪青平公路1481号

• Sunflower International

Professional aromatherapy by certified practitioners. Expert skincare and beauty treatment by certified practitioners. 淮海中路381号210店铺;南京西路 1266号恒隆广场332店铺

Kindergarten 418 Yunjian Lu. T: 5030 3681

•Room Beauty Salon 1701, Kun Yang Business

肇家浜路798号1701室 云间路418号

TINY TOTS PRE-SCHOOL AND KINDERGARTEN 50 Gumei Lu (near Lianhua Lu). T: 6480 8933. 43 Fuxing Xi Lu (near Yongfu Lu). T: 6431 3788 International pre-school and kindergarten for children aged 20 months to 6 years. Tiny Toddler class for children aged 12-24 months every Monday, Wednesday and, Friday afternoon. 闵行区:古美路50号(靠近莲花路) 徐汇区:复兴西路43号

75 Wuxing Lu (near Hengshan Lu). T: 6474 4595 吴兴路75号,近衡山路


Centre, 798 Zhaojiabang Lu. T: 6473 8572

•Puxi: Benson’s Salon 778 Jiangning Lu (near

Keyuan Lu (near Longdong Da Dao). T: 2898 6078. 266 Ruijin Er Lu (near Taikang Lu). T: 5465 7291. Nanchang Lu (near Yandang Lu). T: 6384 2033

•2F,Dragonfly Crossroads @ Donghu 218 Xinle Lu, Xuhui District (near the crossroads of Donghu/Fumin/ Xinle Roads) T: 5403 6133 Hours: 12pm-12am


•Xintiandi: Green Massage 58 Taicang Lu (near

Shunchang Lu). T: 5386 0222. Xujiahui: 88 Xingeng Lu (near Tianyaoqiao Lu). T: 6468 7076. Shanghai Centre: 202 West Retail Plaza, Shanghai Centre, 1376 Nanjing Xi Lu (near Xikang Lu). T: 6289 7776. Lujiazui: 304, 3F, The Shops & Restaurants, Shanghai World Financial Centre, 100, Shiji Dadao (near Dongtai Lu). T: 6877 8188. Hours: 10:30-2am. Jinqiao Branch: T: 2023 6727 Hours:10am-12pm.


•Retreat Dragonfly Therapeutic

20 Donghu Lu. T: 5405 0008. Villa 5, Lane 3911 Hongmei Lu. T: 6242 4328. 206 Xinle Lu. T: 5403 9982. 386 Hongfeng Lu, Jinqiao, Pudong.T: 3872 6996. 2F, 218 Xinle Lu. T: 5403 6133. Pudong Kerry Parkside, Retail L119, 1378 Huamu Lu. T: 2025 2308. 646 Baole Lu. T: 6221 9770. Room 202, 322 Anfu Lu. T: 5406 0680

•208Glamour Nail Salon Nanyang Lu (behind Shanghai Centre, between Big Bamboo & Malone’s). T: 6279 0170

Friendly, professional, high quality service in a convenient location. Hours: 10am-10pm

Contemporary Asian retreat. Hours: 10am-1am.

东湖路20号;虹梅路3911号5号别 墅;新乐路206号;浦东金桥红枫 路386号;新乐路218号;浦东花木 路1378号;保乐路646号;安福路 322号202室

Haifang Lu). T: 6277 8778. Pudong: 1208 Biyun Lu, Jinqiao (near Hongfeng Lu).T: 5030 3878

Specialising in Western colouring and Japanese hair straightening techniques.

浦西店:上海市江宁路778号(海防 路口);浦东店:上海市浦东金桥碧 云路1208号(红枫路)

•209A, Bronze Bodies Infinity Plaza, 138 Huaihai

• GIn One Spa

No. 15 Entrance, 1F J-life, Jin Mao Tower, 88 Shiji Dadao. T: 5103 6767

Zhong Lu, Luwan District , Shanghai. T: 6335 3091. Suite 1FB, Silver Tower, Jiu An Plaza, 258 Tongren Lu. T: 6247 7377


• Just BB

上海市卢湾区淮海中路138号无限度 广场209A;铜仁路258号1楼B室

T: 400 8202 203

Just BB is a new generation of nude makeup for beautiful women.


15 Wujiang Lu (next to the Shanghai TV Station). T: 5213 5823. 1071 Meihua Lu, Pudong (near the International Expo Center). T: 6093 6068. 1078 Pudong Nan Lu. T: 2023 5935

•Essensuals Salons

Essensuals Hangzhou Shopping Centre I. T: (571) 8678 6560. Essensuals Hangzhou Shopping Centre II. T: (571) 8510 2126. Essensuals Kunming. T: (871) 363 3950. Essensuals Ningbo. T: (574) 8389 9868 Essensuals Fujian. T: (595) 8391 9999/8366 6789

南京西路店:吴江路15号,近上海电 视台;浦东店:梅花路1071号,近国 际博览中心;浦东南路1078号


457 Shanxi Bei Lu (near Beijing Xi Lu) T: 6258 5580

ESSENSUALS 杭州大厦一店;杭州 大厦二店;昆明店;宁波店;福建店。

Adopting from ancient Cambodian wellness philosophies, APSARA SPA brings you a heavenly experience that rejuvenates your body and mind with spa rituals & facial care. Services include signature Royal spa rituals, relaxing massages, rejuvenating facials, pampering body therapies (body scrub, wrap and Jacuzzi), nail spa, waxing and pre-natal treatment.

• Le Spa

10F, Le Royal Méridien Shanghai, 789 Nanjing Dong Lu (near Xizang Lu). T: 3318 9999 A contemporary, urban day and wellness spa. Plus, sauna, steam rooms, gym, aerobics, plunge pools and indoor pool with outdoor sun deck. 南京东路789号艾美皇家酒店10楼

• The Living Room Day Spa

55 Xiangyang Bei Lu (near Changle Lu). T: 5404 6007

Holistic day spa in Shanghai, in a 70 year old colonial house. Hours: 10am-10pm 襄阳北路55号,近长乐路

• Make-Up by Kate Noble for MAC Cosmetics

An Australian make-up artist, Kate Noble has 10 years experience in Shanghai. In 2006 she started her own company, which provides make-up, hairstyle, body painting, and wardrobe services. Her work has appeared in ads for Crocs, Shangri-la Hotels, Colgate, and KOHLER, as well as in magazines like Esquire (China), Estetica Protagonist (Italy) and Talk. www.

馨园水疗: 陕西北路457号(近北京西路)

•158Browhaus, The Brow Salon Xinle Lu (near Xiangyang Lu).

古北校区: 荣华西道18号; 虹桥校区: 水城路11号; 浦东校区御翠园: 浦东花 木路1817号, 浦东校区世纪公园: 浦 东东绣路1433号

T: 5403 0011

Hours: 11am-9pm.

新乐路158号 (东湖路与襄阳路之间)

•29Butterfly Massage Wuxing Lu. T: 6466 5882. Lane 88, Huichuan Lu (near Changning Lu). T: 5273 5525 Hours: Noon-2am 吴兴路29号

•3F-C1, BAMBOO 7 37 Shuicheng Nan Lu. T:

•Shanghai International Division of International Studies

•AlleyLivingston American School 177, 29 Tianshan Lu (near Xiehe

科苑路88号德国中心3号楼(近龙东 大道);瑞金二路266号, (近泰康 路);南昌路66号, (近雁荡路)


上海商城721室; 香港广场南座 1906室;C207港汇广场2008室; 紫 金山酒店11D1室

上海外国语大学附属外国语学校:中 山北一路295号,近广中路

Massages, waxing and manicures by experienced, well-trained therapists with complimentary sandwiches. They also offer a therapist's training course, if you’d like to massage your family members.

kindergarten Xuhui Campus 21 Donghu Lu. T: 5403 7699

University 295 Zhongshan Bei Yi Lu (near Guangzhong Lu). T: 6516 0844

•Tower Diva Life Nails & Beauty 3, German Centre, 88

Yincheng Zhong Lu, Lujiazui. T: 5010 6656

• Shanghai montessori

闵行校区: 极地路288号; 闵行校 区: 朱建路301号; 徐汇校区: 华泾路 1455号

•No. 403 Bamboo Leaf Oneluijiazui Building, 68

Highly regarded spa in the Westin, for massages and spa treatments.

•International Shanghai Singapore School


• Xuhui Art Kindergarten

Minhang Campus: 301 Zhujian Lu. T: 6221 9288. Xuhui Campus: 1455 Huajing Lu. T: 6496 5550

Suite 604, 1851 Xinzha Lu (near Jiaozhou Lu). T: 6253 2235 / 5213 1815.

Kindergarten 592 Wanping Nan Lu (near Lingling Lu). T: 6469 0445

•Training Shanghai Melody Mandarin Centre T: 6228 0588 / 6228 0586

easyMandarin •Xinzha Lu Campus (Main Campus):

• Little Eton Bilingual


A future-orientated school with a diverse and compassionate community. Its goal is for its students to enter the world as wellbalanced, global citizens. 青浦区联民路555号


•T: 6482 Creativity Kindergarten 0881

Comprehensive and total care for children. Children from all over Shanghai are welcome.

•1361Fortune Kindergarten Dongfang Lu. T: 5458 0508



Play group and Edu Drama programs for children from 6 months to 8 years in English and Mandarin. Preschool, nursery and kindergarten classes also available. 吴兴路75号 - Become a Talk Insider!

6209 8400. Huaguang Shop: 3308 Hongmei Lu. T: 5422 1271. Biyun Shop: 1198 Biyun Lu. T: 5030 8406. Jiuzhou Shop: 3F, 3219 Hongmei Lu. T: 5175 9168. Meihua Shop: 985 Meihua Lu. T: 5059 9059. Luocheng Shop: 12 Shuicheng Lu. T: 6295 0300. Pucheng Shop: 708 Pucheng Lu. T: 5877 1788. Xintiandi Shop: 586 Madang Lu. T: 3331 7117. Yingchun Shop: 1130 Yingchun Lu. T: 6856 7122. Huangjinchengdao Shop: Room201, 735 Huangjinchengdao Lu. T: 6208 9200. Dapu Shop: 550 XuJiahui Lu. T: 5465 9959. Dagu Shop: 508 Dagu Lu. T: 3366 2778

•Room 106, 308 Anfu Road (near  Charme Hair Sculpture Wukang Lu). T: 6433 9929

A trendy salon set in the midst of the  French Concession offering a high level of professional standards. 

•LaneChang Massage 177, 183 Fumin Lu (near Julu Lu). T: 5403 6919 Hours:11am-2am

•51 Chengcheng Massage Fumin Lu (near Yan’an Lu). T: 6289 3210

Uses fragrant oils combined with traditional Chinese massage. House calls available. Hours: 11am-2am 富民路51号

•3F,Chuan Spa The Langham, Yangtze Boutique. 740 Hankou Lu. T: 6080 0722

Facilities include infinity baths, steam showers, body spray, wet and dry saunas.

• Eurosun Tanning

B1, 376 Wukang Lu (inside Ferguson Lane). T: 6126 7628 Dedicated to delivering a smart tan, Eurosun boasts state-of-the-art tanning beds. Hours: 9.30am-9pm 武康路376号(近湖南路)

• Evian Spa by Three

2F, Three on the Bund, 3 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu (near Guangdong Lu). T: 6321 6622 Hours: 10am-10pm 中山东一路外滩3号2楼

• Franck Provost

3182 Hongmei Lu, T: 6446 6928. No 466, 4F, Grand Gateway, 1 Hongqiao Lu, T: 6407 3172. GF, 35 Shaanxi Nan Lu (near Changle Lu). T: 6267 5171 Global leading hair salon features highly trained stylists and colourists. Hours: 10am-10pm

虹梅路3182号;虹桥路1号港汇广场 4楼466铺;陕西南路35号,1楼4号 商铺(长乐路)


MIC Channel One. T: 3131 5145. MIC Hongqiao Parkson. T: 6237 0083. MIC Cixi Zhejiang. T: (0574) 6393 3555. MIC Shaoxing Zhejiang. T: (0575) 8511 6660

MIC上海调频壹店;上海虹桥百盛 店;浙江慈溪店;浙江绍兴店。

• M20 Nail Salon

Unit 21-22F Building, Lane 123 Xingye Lu at Xintiandi Plaza. T: 5306 1955 Professional manicurists. 新天地兴业路123弄F座21-22

• Oh’s Chiropractic

T: 6262 8077 虹梅路3911号2室

Centre Room 1202, Mingzhu Building, 55 Shuicheng Nan Lu (opposite Carrefour Gubei Store). T: 6209 5546

T: 5466 0505 Hours: 10am-10pm.


•House Club Mayson Shanghai 2, 3911 Hongmei Lu.

•598CMM Spa Hengshan Lu (near Wanping Lu).

•2F,COLORISTE Diage Complex, 20 Donghu Lu. T: 5404 7861

Founded by Asia’s hair colourist master, Jun Laung, COLORISTE is set to be a stylish and chic choice for hair colour, styling and care.

Adjustment, neuromuscular, spine, joint, exercise and relaxation. Hours: 9.30am8pm.

• Olden Resort Massage

678 Shanxi Bei Lu (near Wuding Lu). T: 6217 8628. Hours: 12pm-2am. 636 Yongjia Lu (near Hengshan Lu). T: 6445 1729 Hours: 12pm-3am 陕西北路678号(武定路路口); 永嘉路 636号, 近衡山路

April11  ShanghaiTalk


• Oriental Taipan Massage and Spa 39 Donghu Lu. T: 6415 8880

Indulge in the pleasure of luxurious massage. Seek out the perfect balance of body, mind and spirit through the caring hands of our trained masseuse. And find yourself utterly relaxed and rejuvenated! Free serving of healthy fruit juices and snacks.Hours: 12pm-1am. www.taipan. 东湖路39号

• Sensations Spa

B3, Hong Kong New World Tower, 300 Huaihai Zhong Lu. T: 5383 6633. 3F, Jinqiao Megafit Sports Club, 600 Lantian Lu, Pudong. T: 5030 6005 Comprehensive day spa. Hours: Mon-Fri 10am-9pm, Sat-Sun 10am-9pm.

淮海中路300号香港新世界大厦B3; 浦东蓝天路600号3楼

• Senses

Shop 413, Plaza 66, 1266 Nanjing Xi Lu. T: 6288 2188. Shop 202, 1138 Pudong Nan Lu, Pudong. T: 6888 2995

• Shui Urban Spa

5F, Ferguson Lane, 376 Wukang Lu (near Tai’an Lu). T: 6126 7800

• Quan Spa

21F, 159 Henan Nan Lu, Renaissance Shanghai Yuyuan Hotel. T: 2321 8888 With gymnasium, infinity edge pool, juice bar, indoor spa garden and relaxation areas. Hours: 10am-10pm 河南南路159号

A classy contemporary sanctuary – enjoy the tree-top view of the French Concession in Moroccan-style daybeds. Hours: 11am-9pm, 11am-7pm (weekends) 武康路376号五楼(近泰安路)

Shanghai Wonjin Medical •Beauty Hospital

Floor 3-4, No. 111 South Yili Road

T: 5116 0088

Painless hair removal,TCM Message, IPL,Yellow Lazer

青籁水疗: 南京西路1376号上海商 城东峰8楼

Village Retreat •2F,The 6 Dongping Lu (near Hengshan Lu). T: 6466 5123

BCN •614GRISS Julu Lu (near Xiangyang Lu).

This cute little boutique located in the heart of the former French Concession stocks authentic Italian, French & Spanish styles, including hot brands like Etxart & Panno, IKKS, Sita Murt, Siste's and Guarapoall.

Office Tower, 138 Huaihai Zhong Lu. T: 400 888 6628 / 400 881 3368 (real-time flight information)

Spa •7F,Vita Hotel Sofitel, 507 Nanjing Dong

• Sino Spa

5F, Regal Jinfeng Hotel, 318 Jingang Lu, Jinqiao. T: 5899 3838 x 3374 An enjoyable and relaxing indulgence. Hours: 7am–10.30pm

水疗:浦东金桥金港路318号富豪金 丰酒店五楼


Sofitel Shanghai Sheshan Oriental, 3388 Sichen Lu, Sijing Town. T: 3761 8888 × 1555 Offers the ultimate experience in luxury and relaxation, allowing guests the ability to unwind and indulge their senses, while conveniently remaining within 35 minutes of downtown Shanghai.

上海市松江区泗泾镇泗陈公路 3388弄,上海东方佘山索菲特大酒店 SOSPATM水疗中心


Lu. T: 6351 5888 x 59


NAIL STUDIO •123VILLY'S Wulumuqi Bei Lu (near

Yuyuan Lu and Beijing Xi Lu). T: 3255 8131

With the comfiest chairs and some of the best base coat in town, Villy’s offers the whole package (which includes complimentary wifi and wine or tea. SPECIAL PROMOTIONS 1) Book Manicure or Pedicure get Paraffin wax 50 per cent off. 2) Come Mon-Fri during lunch break (11AM-2PM) get free sandwich (Reservations only). Hours 10am-10pm 乌鲁木齐北路123号,近愚园路和北 京西路口

Kerry Hotel Pudong Shanghai, 4F, 1388 Huamu Lu. T: 6169 8856

Emirates Airlines •Room 3302, Zhong Xin Buliding,

1466 Nanjing Xi Lu. T: 3222 9999

Travel Agencies B Plus Travel •Room 7A, Block A, Jiafa Building, Lane 129 Datian Lu (near Beijing Xi Lu). T: 6289 9090

Country Holidays •Silver Block, 5F, Unit 5A, Jiu An Plaza, 258 Tongren Lu


Ctrip •T: 400 820 6666 China's leading online travel services provider.

Flight Centre • •T: 5108 7090 Your personal travel


assistant in China is here! Still fed up with searching hotels and booking air tickets for your business trip or family vacation? Tell them your request and let them do the rest.

Travelzoo •Room 1601, Centro, 568 Hengfeng

SPA InterContinental •Shanghai Expo

Lu (near Shanghai Railway Station). T: 6056 1000

Level 4, InterContinental Shanghai Expo, 1188 Xueye Lu, Pudong (near Nanmatou Lu). T: 3858 1460

恒丰路568号恒汇国际大厦1601室 ( 近上海火车站 )

Highly skilled professional therapists incorporate the wisdom of natural healing to invigorate and restore harmony to your body.


Annabel Lee – Exquisite •Chinese Silk

洲际水疗馆,浦东雪野路1188号(近南 码头路),上海世博洲际酒店四楼.

Ministry of Waxing •158Strip, Xinle Lu (near Xiangyang Lu).

T: 5403 0011 Hours: 11am-9pm daily.

新乐路158号 (东湖路与襄阳路之间)

Spa •4F,The 250 Huashan Lu (in the Hilton Shanghai). T: 6248 0000 x 2600

Combining traditional Asian therapies with modern techniques, The Spa offers a full range of fitness classes, body work, amenities and services. All cards. Hours: 6am-11pm 华山路250号4楼,希尔顿酒店内

• TONI&GUY Salons

TONI&GUY Times Square. T: 5351 3606. TONI&GUY Shanghai Centre. T: 6279 8806. TONI&GUY Green City Jinqiao Shanghai. T: 5030 5521 / 5030 8022. TONI&GUY Super Brand Mall. T: 5047 2298 / 2828 6691.  TONI&GUY Cool Docks Shanghai. T: 5098 8016 TONI&GUY Taikoo Hui Guangzhou. T: (20) 8754 2113 / (20) 8754 2116. TONI&GUY Sinopec Guangzhou. T: (20) 38922110 TONI&GUY Gingko Shopping Mall Kunming. T : (871) 5264 262. TONI&GUY Wuhan Tiandi. T: (27) 8270 1115. T: (28) 8665 0277  TONI&GUY Mixc Mall Shenzhen. T: (755) 2290 9505 TONI&GUY上海时代广场店;上海商

T: 6247 2964


Fully equipped gymnasium and professional massage facilities. All cards. Hours: gymnasium 6.30am-11pm, sauna 6.30am-2am, spa 9am-3am

A multidisciplinary and holistic approach to well-being including physiotherapy, restorative massage, skincare and body treatments inspired by Wudang wushu. Hours: 10am-11pm

Earn good money - commission plus basic - representing the city's most read, most known, and most loved monthly city-life magazine - Talk! New vacancies exist for educated, persuasive, talented, ambitious young people looking to break into media, or to take the next step in their media careers. Send resume to to arrange interview.

Dragonair •Room 2101-2104, Shanghai Square

Massage •370YuWuyuan Lu (near Wukang Lu). T: 5403 9931

House calls available, taxi fare payable by the client. Hours: 11am-2am 愉庭保健会所: 五原路370号(近武康路口)

Yuan Spa •Lower Lobby, Hyatt on the Bund, 199 Huangpu Lu. T: 6393 1234 x 6527

Includes 12 spa treatment rooms, a 24 hour fitness centre, swimming pool, whirlpool, steam and sauna rooms, a beauty salon and a juice bar. shanghai. 源Spa:黄浦路199号上海外滩茂悦 大酒店底层大厅

Palace Massage •41Zen Mengzi Dong Lu (near Liyuan Lu). T: 3308 0893


Zen Massage •Lane 210 Wuyuan rd. (by Wulumuqi

rd) T: 3368-1227 Lane 210 Taikang rd. (in Tianzifang), Building 6 T: 5408-1566 Open Daily:11am-11pm 五原路210弄1号,泰康路210弄6栋 (田子坊内)

城店; 上海金桥店;上海正大店;上 海老码头;广州太古汇店;广州中石 化店;云南昆明店;武汉天地店;深 圳万象城店

Bund Flagship Store: Lane 8, 1 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu. T: 6445 8218. Xintiandi Store: Unit 3, House 3, North Block, Lane 181 Taicang Lu. T: 6320 0045 Linen and embroidery. Hours: 10am10.30pm.

Au Nom de la Rose •122 Jianguo Xi Lu (near Shanxi Nan Lu). T: 6415 3686. The Village, 6 Dongping Lu (near Hengshan Lu). T: 5465 9125 Hours: 10.30am-9pm.

建国店:建国西路122号(靠近陕西南 路); Village店: 东平路6号(靠近衡山 路) Village二楼

• Barefoot Portraits

4F, 668 Huai'an Lu. T: 136 3649 9378 淮安路668号4楼

• Jamy Yang & Associates

Design Inc. Room 307, Design Center, East China Normal University, 896 Zaoyang Lu. T: 6280 2294 Fashion, stationery, furniture and homewares, digital products, information directing systems, public facilities and retail display.

杨明洁联合设计机构: 淮海西路570号 上海红坊商务社区C3-203/204

• Jin Xuan Antique Furniture 50 Huashi Lu. T: 5425 0613

Traditional artworks, plus centuries-old antique furniture. 锦轩古董家具:华石路50号

• Lanson Place Jinlin Tiandi

Residences Lane 168, 3 Xingye Lu. T: 2306 1888 A home away from home.

• Lanson Place Jinqiao

Residences Lane 399, 18 Zaozhuang Lu, Pudong. T: 5013 3592 These one- and two-bedroom homes are close to expatriate communities, international schools and European supermarkets.

Lemon Zest •1 Taojiang Lu. T: 6466 9099

Lemon Zest offers factory direct prices up to 40 per cent below the brand names and a lifetime warranty against defects. Hours: 10am-9pm (10pm Fri, Sat). 品厨:桃江路1号

Lingerie & Me •Room 28, Building 5, Lane 1173, Nanjing Xi Lu. T: 6253 3076

Ultra-luxury private apparel for modern chic women. Visitors by appointment only. 南京西路1173弄5号楼28室

LZ LifeZtore •Yi-Shan Store: Room 1-5, 1F, Living

Design Center, 407 Yishan Lu. Huaihai Store: Room B002B/B002C, Infiniti, 138 Huaihai Zhong Lu. Designer furniture and home accessories that are functional with a twist of fun. 生活经艳:宜山路407号筑园1层 1-5号近裕德路

•Crown CROWN RELOCATIONS •86Lollipop Worldwide Building, Lane 729Wulumuqi Zhong Lu. 75, 59 Suide Lu.  T: 6250 8820

Crown Relocations, a division of the Crown Worldwide Group, serves over 10,000 customers from over 250 locations in 55 countries, providing domestic and international transportation of household goods, transit protection, storage services, home and school search, inter-cultural training, expense management, policy consulting, program administration and other relocation services. The company serves corporations, diplomats and private customers., shanghai@ 嘉柏(中国)国际货运代理有限公 司:上海市普陀区绥德路729弄75支 弄59号嘉柏大厦

T: 5403 2582. Hours: 9am-9pm. 3211 Hongmei Lu, Suite 606 T: 6406 8220. 566 Biyun Lu. T: 6105 9581

Stock up on baby gear, apparel, furniture and toys at this kid-friendly store. Hours: 9am-6pm

Collection •60 Marrow Tianlin Dong Lu. T: 6481 0027

One of the brands owned by the Nacor group, famous for luxury home furnishings. 美雍家居:田林东路60号

Putuo Shanghai •LaneModena 58, 1 Tongchuan Lu, Putuo. T: 6117 7668.

TRAVEL Airlines Air France •Room 3901, Ciro's Plaza, 338 Nanjing Xi Lu. T: 6350 9268

Cathay Pacific •Room 2101-2104, Shanghai Square

•Water’s Edge

85F, Park Hyatt Shanghai, 100 Shiji Dadao. T: 6888 1234 x 4250

FIve star TCM and aromatherapy make for one heady spa trip!

•SpaUrban Retreat Wellness &

8F, Shanghai Centre, 1376 Nanjing Xi Lu. T: 6289 7007

Hours: 10am-12am.

64 ShanghaiTalk 


Office Tower, 138 Huaihai Zhong Lu. T: 400 888 6628.

Fraser Suites Top Glory Shanghai Lane 600, 1 Yincheng Zhong Lu, Lujiazui. T: 6378 8888

Long stay accommodation for both singles and families. Fraser Suites offers a more flexible way to stay in Shanghai.


Apt 101, Block 5, Huaihai Xi Garden, Lane 288 Huaihai Xi Lu. T: 138 0195 5944



21F, Room 2107, Information Tower, 1403 Minsheng Lu, Pudong, Shanghai. T: 5269 4890

Created in 1978, GL events is today a major player in the event market through its three main activities: venue management, event management and services. They have a presence in over 15 countries through almost 80 establishments. 浦东新区民生路1403号上海信息大 厦2107室

上海品尊名致精品酒店公寓: 普陀区铜川路58弄1号

Simply Life •Unit 101, Xintiandi, 159 Madang Lu, (near Taicang Lu). T: 6387 5100. 9 Dongping Lu (near Taojiang Lu). T: 3406 0509 逸居生活:马当路159号新天地 101单元

Fang Maison de Thé •227Song Yongjia Lu. T: 6433 8283

Specialises in fine quality Chinese teas and premium blended French teas. 宋芳茶馆:永嘉路227号

Clothes Spa •1156Sophia Kangding Lu. T: 6231 7736

Free pick up and delivery (next day service available). 康定路1156号

life •ShopVedic 104, Building 5, Highstreet Loft, 283 Jianguo Xi Lu. T: 5466 0715  

A complete lifestyle store with products from India, Indonesia and Vietnam., 建国西路283号5号楼104商铺 - Become a Talk Insider!




April Trivia Quiz If you think you’ve got what it takes to beat our monthly brainbuster, take our quiz and prove your brainy talents! Be sure to answer the Sherpa’s Bonus Question for your chance to win RMB 800’s worth of free food from Shanghai’s number one delivery service.

Mercury goes direct on the 4th , Mars on the 14th and Pluto goes retrograde on the 11th – yes, it’s going to be a busy month. Things should start moving forward, the pain you may have suffered will now show a reward – you have a greater understanding about who you are and what you need to be successful and happy. Linda Joyce

TAURUS (April 20 - May 20): With Jupiter in your sign and a part of a grand trine, it’s important to push your boundaries into the unknown; just don’t stay there too long. Come back to Earth every so often so that you can keep yourself grounded. Open yourself to new increments; this way you can choose what gets in.

SCORPIO (Oct 24- Nov 21): It is your planetary ruler, Pluto, that brings about transformation in individual lives and on a global scale. It goes direct on the 11th. You live with an inner intensity that others don’t understand. Accept your own power and you will have the ability to change your life and the lives of others.

GEMINI (May 21–June 21): As a Gemini, you tend to rely on your mind more than your instincts. This month it’s important to add a bit of intuition to your decision making. You are being asked to expand your vision and have faith in your need for change. You are the sign of adventure and to embrace it requires some risk.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22- Dec 21): With Mars retrograde in your 10th house and Uranus residing in your 5th, whatever semblance of patience you had is gone. It’s time to call forth your inner wisdom and don’t let others who are out of control throw you off your course. It’s just a temporary distraction. Stay focused.

CANCER (June 22- July 22): You both love and hate change, but this month you have no choice. The new is coming to you with or without your consent. When you expand, you have to let go of old attachments so that you can move forward. So welcome the Full Moon on the 6th and accept what it brings you with faith.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22Jan 19): Pluto stations retrograde in your sign on April 11th. It’s time to work on a project or prepare for the future, so that when it goes direct in September you are ready to reap the real rewards. I’m not just talking about a paycheck, but an opportunity that will assure your success for a long, long time.

LEO (July 23 - August 22): It’s all happening just the way you wanted it to. If it doesn’t make you happy, then you are now face to face with the Leo dilemma: “there’s got to be more.” You once thought success would answer your questions but it only adds more responsibility and burden to your life. Look inside yourself.

AQUARIUS (Jan 20 - Feb 18): Your adaptability is less agile with your ruler, Uranus in Aries. Aries is about vision and it can be unwavering when it believes in what its doing. The moment requires strength and perseverance; so dig in and hold on to what you know to be true. You can manifest your beliefs; have faith and keep going.

VIRGO (August 23 - Sept. 22): Mars is retrograde in your sign and so the focus is on you and your old patterns. You do try and control things, always believing that you’re doing the right thing for others. But they need to make their own mistakes. So stop trying to save others from themselves and focus on you.

PISCES (Feb 19 - March 20): Stop measuring yourself against what others are doing and pay attention to your own dreams. With Neptune in your sign it is easy for you to fluctuate between winner or loser, happiness and despair. Be supportive of yourself and your own uniqueness, you’ll keep the faith and stay on top. - Become a Talk Insider!

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

For a long time April was the second month of the year. Which empire changed it to its current position in the calendar? The origin of the name of ‘April’ is still disputed. Some say it comes from the Latin word ‘aperire’. What does this word mean? Another hypothesis is that it is named in honour of the Greek goddess Aphrodite. What was she the goddess of? What is the birthstone of April? What did England adopt officially on 12 April, 1606? What is the official flower of April? What famous ship sank on 15 April, 1912?

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Where did April Fools’ Day originate? Easter is always celebrated in April, true or false? ‘Fish of April’ is the literal translation of what French people call April Fools. True or False? On 1 April, 1957, the BBC played a practical joke on its UK viewers. A program showed a certain food product being falsely harvested in Switzerland. What was it? What month has a day dedicated to pranks in Mexico? Which famous Russian was born on 22 April, 1870? What do Buddhists celebrate on 28 April? On 23 April is St. George’s Day. Which country is he the patron saint of?


LIBRA (Sept 23- Oct.23): Saturn is making your life uncomfortable as it shows you what you could have if you just let go. It’s time to stop pleasing others and focus on your own dreams. See yourself where you want to be in the future and start making practical choices to move forward. There is always an excuse to not take the next step.

1) The Roman Empire. 2) To open. 3) Beauty. 4) Diamond. 5) The Union Jack. 6) The daisy or the sweet-pea. 7) The Titanic. 8) France. 9) False. 10) True. 11) Spaghetti. 12) December (28th). 13) Lenin. 14) The birth of Buddha. 15) England

ARIES (March 21 – April 19): With Uranus in your sign and Mars, your ruler retrograde in Virgo until the 14th, there has been a battle going on between a need for speed and a need to slow down. Take a deep breath and prioritise what’s really important here, and if something is not working -- let it go for now.

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Journey 2

Puss in Boots

My Week with Marilyn

Journey 2 is a loose sequel to 2008’s 3D special effects adventure Journey to the Centre of the Earth. Though the entire cast of the original is absent save for Josh Hutcherson as Sean Anderson, the storyline is still based around Jules Verne’s fantasy world. As a “Vernian”, Sean is obsessed with the mystical places described in Verne’s novels, and devotes his time to discovering their origins. Despite being unhappy with Sean’s preoccupations, stepfather Hank (Dwayne Johnson) agrees to help crack the encoded messages which Sean believes are from his missing-andpresumed-exploring grandfather, and so off they go to Palau in search of the truth, where we are introduced to helicopter pilot Gabato (Luis Guzman) and his daughter Kailani (Vanessa Hudgens), providing equal measure of bumbling mishaps and one-liners that border on irritating. Action sequences should be just right for the young crowd, but won’t hold much suspense for adults, aside the occasional light-hearted banter between Hank and Anderson’s grandfather (Michael Caine). Jungle scenes are enhanced nicely in 3D and offer some distinct eye candy, however most of what you get is your standard ‘in-your-face’ fare, and one particular sequence involving The Rock bouncing berries off his pecs is humorous, if a little unnerving. Overall Journey 2 is a quickly paced adventure that is family friendly, sufficiently funny, and enjoyable despite its predictability. However, when it comes to keeping audiences of all ages engaged, it falls short of the golden standard set by Pixar films. Justin Parsons

When faced with adversity at the hands of criminals, there’s one little kitty that never backs down. Puss in Boots (voiced by Antonio Banderas), the notoriously cute and doe-eyed creature from Shrek, stars in his own self-titled film that follows our feline hero’s journey to far off lands in search of redemption for the crimes he committed against his people in San Ricardo. It’s a tale of brotherhood, loyalty and trust that cleverly weaves into the lives of other fairytale creatures (a la Shrek) and explains the origins of how Puss in Boots came to be a notoriously fierce swordsman. Banderas with his trademark sensual voice, does an – as ever - fantastic job of voicing Puss in Boots. Throughout the film, Banderas’s inherently suave and debonair charisma is adequately balanced by laugh-aloud quirks that characterise Puss in Boots as a cat, such as the feline manner of sipping milk with quick flicks of his tongue, his affinity towards chasing spots of light and of course, those gosh darn adorable eyes. Kitty Softpaws, voiced by the equally seductive Salma Hayek, is a perfect match for Banderas’s magnetism, and Zach Galifianakis, voicing the character of Humpty Dumpty, brings equal measure of talent through his portrayal of a misfit egghead that just wants to belong. The result of which is an enjoyable lighthearted comedy film for all ages which manages to offer something for everyone, with some adorable furry felines to boot. Melissa K Trias

My Week with Marilyn delivers a gorgeously poignant cinematic take on Colin Clark’s memoirs as the third director’s assistant on the production set of Sir Laurence Olivier’s The Prince and the Showgirl (1957). A newcomer to the movie industry, Clark (Eddie Redmayne) finds himself enchanted by Marilyn Monroe’s (Michelle Williams) delightful charm, pouty lips and contagious laugh, and like every other man on-set, he becomes hopelessly besotted with her. The plot follows Monroe, who having just married playwright Arthur Miller before beginning production on the film, begins to experience regret. Wrestling with her unhappiness, Monroe becomes incapable of functioning at work: she arrives late to the set, forgets her lines and sometimes just doesn’t show up altogether. In the midst of her personal chaos, Monroe finds solace in an unexpected friendship with Clark, and despite the audience seeing “Marilyn Monroe: sex pot, blonde bombshell and Hollywood starlet” reduced to a raw and disarming fragility, the beauty of their companionship shines through. Redmayne,’s portrayal of the film’s frecklefaced hero is touching in his youthful naïvity, yet he has a shining charisma that the audience finds infectious, and through him they rekindle their crush on Marilyn Monroe, aching to hold her hand through her obvious despair. Williams delivers a bewitching performance as Marilyn. The result being that despite the optimistic ending, you are left with a bittersweet taste in your mouths, knowing how this heroine’s life will tragically end. Melissa K Trias

The Stag and Hen Weekend


Dirt Eater

Love at the Bottom of the Sea

Shanghai is a city notable not just for its sights, but its sounds as well. Any resident can pinpoint the city's unique sounds when played back for them, even if they go somewhat unnoticed in daily life. Locally based electro DJ and producer Dirt Eater's release Ditie focuses on the sounds of an integral part of Shanghai life – the subway. With tracks labelled according to trips taken along the Shanghai system and subtitled with grandiloquent phrases such as 'Monuments to Sagacity and Gloom' and 'Prelude and (Elegy to) Chaos', there's an earnestness to the project. Using field recordings taken on the Shanghai Metro, the album elevates the noises of the underground transportation network to objects of aesthetic worth. On 'Changshu Road to People's Square: Quest for a New World' we hear Putonghua station announcements. 'Shanghai Railway Station: Citadel of Pamplisest (Death Letter)' begins with the shrill whistle of a station attendant. 'Jing'an Temple to Century Avenue: Young Girl's Introspection' distorts and remixes the all-too-familiar piano solo heard while making a mobile phone call. The whir of trains slowing down and speeding up winds through every track. Conceptually, Ditie is intriguingly rich. However, in execution it fails to live up its lofty pretenses. Its melodic interludes and beat patterns come across as contrived and uninspired, running alongside the field recordings, distracting us from them, instead of adding further dimensions of meaning. Still, Dirt Eater seems to be on the track to something; he just hasn't reached the station yet. Tom Mangione

The American indie pop group fronted by Stephin Merritt, returns with their 11th album Love at the Bottom of the Sea, a selection of ditties on love from all angles. Making up the mix are ballads on an incensed lover hiring a hitman (‘Your Girlfriend’s Face’), a religious avocation of abstinence from one lover to another (‘God Wants Us to Wait’), a helpless declaration of infatuation for someone with his/her smartphone (‘The Machine in Your Hand’) and a woman who only cares about mariachi (‘All She Cares About is Mariachi’). Merritt’s signature clever lyrics are in this album, as always, on display. Fans of the band’s seminal work, 69 Love Songs will find a deep resonance in Love at the Bottom of the Sea. Much like 69 Love Songs, the overall effect of the songs varies greatly by inspiring admiration (or at least chuckle), but perhaps falling short of finding a place in your heart. And while 69 Love Songs gives listeners plenty to choose from, Love at the Bottom of the Sea gives us just 15 tracks to latch on to. The result is that a couple of songs stand out brilliantly, such as ‘Andrew in Drag’, a song about falling for a male transvestite, and the Duran Duran-inspired ‘Infatuation (With Your Gyration)’, undoubtedly an indie dancehall hit.The rest of the songs however can only be described as fillers – yet incredibly clever fillers. Tom Mangione


The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Director of Fight Club and The Social Network David Fincher’s English-language remake of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is a dark film, where humanity’s most sinister motives are on display and violence, both real and imagined looms. And while serial killers, rapists and corrupt businessmen stand in the wings, our protagonists, the world weary investigative journalist Mikael Blomkvist (Daniel Craig) and the oft-maligned computer hacker and researcher Lisbeth Salander (Rooney Mara) keep a flicker of hope alive in the encroaching gloom. The film begins with Blomkvist losing a libel case to crooked businessman Hans-Erik Wennerstrom, draining his life savings and ruining his career. After this debacle, Blomkvist is hired by Swedish magnate, Henrik Vanger (Christopher Plummer) to investigate the disappearance and possible murder of his grandniece, Harriet, from 40 years ago. As the duo grow closer to finding out Bromkvist's family’s dark secrets, they grow closer to each other, even as a cold blooded killer stalks them. Cinematographically, it’s a Fincher fest. The green glow of Fight Club finds itself here. The researchmade-interesting of Zodiac is present here. However, what makes the film are the performances of Craig and Mara, tentatively forging an off-kilter romance even as the world looks to swallow them up. Tom Mangione

Life Without Limits: Inspiration for a Ridiculously Good Life By Nick Vujicic Doubleday, 238 pp

By Mike Gayle Hodder & Stoughton pp 416

Nick Vujicic tells his story from the very beginning. His parents were shocked and refused to accept him at first when the doctors diagnosed him with phocomelia, an extremely rare condition resulting in his being born with no limbs. Despite this, he tried to be as “normal” as he possibly could be throughout his childhood, and instead of going to a special school for the disabled, he learned how to write, type, swim, surf, and play golf at a regular school. Life Without Limits is an unbelievable example of one man's willpower, strength of character and desire to live a productive life against all odds. Nick's main goal, as he defines it, is to encourage people to “overcome challenges and hardships” in order to find their “own purpose and pathway to a ridiculously good life.” Positive attitude along with faith in God has helped Nick to reach many people over the years. As a motivational speaker and the president of the non-profit organisation ‘Life Without Limbs,’ he travels the world and inspires millions of people with his story. What distinguishes this book from other selfhelp books? It is that Nick doesn’t hide behind the cover of his book, he blogs on Youtube, and answers messages from followers on Facebook. Admittedly, there’s not much extra that you’ll find in his book, but it will inspire you. And for that it’s no surprise that it has been leaping off the shelves in Shanghai.Nick Korjov

The Stag and Hen Weekend, the latest from chick-lit king Mike Gayle, contains all the elements expected from the leading male voice in the genre. Following the celebrations of soon to be married Phil and Helen and taking place over the same weekend, the book is split into two with each story presented as a separate novella, giving the reader the choice in which to follow first. Phil’s weekend takes his party on a not quite so typical lads’ tour of Amsterdam while Helen and her hens are off to a hotel retreat. In three days, revelations and old flames threaten the stability of not just the lead couple but also the relationships of their inner-circles and, as in real life, not everything is wrapped up neatly. Both of the leads are sympathetic and likeable and Mike Gayle provides an honest glimpse into a 30-something’s stag party. Compared to this the hen party sometimes feels a little bit cliché but is enjoyable to follow nonetheless. Where the book does fall down is in the innovative layout which feels constricting, and side-plots which are wrapped up too quickly and may have been better developed in a more traditional format. Despite this The Stag and Hen Weekend is a sweet and funny book for those looking for something different. Robyn Hughes

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Talking To: Body and Soul Yoga Centre's José Madero Nick Korjov

You never know what's going to happen sometimes. José Madero, a former business management course student, could hardly picture himself sitting in ‘Agnistambhasana’ (a fire log pose) five years later, teaching a yoga class at Shanghai’s Body & Soul Yoga Centre.


n his third year of university, José was going through a difficult time in life: he was under a lot of pressure studying hard and also working quite a lot. Feeling completely beat, he looked around for some energy and inspiration, and had always been curious about martial arts, but first wanted to focus on improving his flexibility. José enlisted in a yoga class, which subsequently changed his life. “I am from Mexico and I first started to practice yoga there. I first started with ashtanga vinyasa, which is very dynamic and fast, but when I travelled to India, I got more interested in hatha yoga. It’s slower, but you can still develop key strengths. I spent five months in India, and stayed in three cities: Delhi, Varanasi, and Rishikesh. Most of my time, I was in Rishikesh.” There, in the so-called world capital of yoga, he took a training course at a registered yoga school. He learned a lot of new things and during this time tried to find just regular people around who could offer him wisdom on various yoga techniques.

used to this kind of nutrition quiet fast. It helped me a lot and I felt really better”, he claims. It’s a huge responsibility to be a yoga instructor. “After India, I came to Shanghai, and took the International Yoga Teacher Training Course. It’s a 200 hours course, which teaches not only yoga exercises, but also anatomy. What is the lymphatic system, the digestive system, our muscles? It’s all very important to build understanding as a yoga instructor and I learned about it here. It is the most complete and systematic way to learn what yoga is”, says José.

now, largely because of yoga. When I was studying business I couldn't say that. Now as a yoga teacher here in Shanghai, yeah…I am extremely happy”. Judging by a confident tone and smile on José's face, nothing remains but to trust him. Body & Soul Yoga, Tel: 5213 8366, Web:

“Yoga is not only about bending over and touching your toes so other people call you flexible. It's about finding harmony, inspiration, and emotional balance. I am really happy right

When he started practising yoga in Mexico, all his friends treated him as a weirdo. But after his hobby turned into a real passion, they asked him to show them some exercises. At the first yoga centre he went, almost everyone was a vegeterian, so José decided to try to exclude meat from the diet only for a week, eventually becoming a vegeterian. “In my country, it’s almost impossible not to eat meat. But I got - Become a Talk Insider!

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