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Annual Review

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We are grateful to all of the staff, volunteers, congregational supporters, fundraisers, those who pray for us and those who give ďŹ nancially who have chosen to help people change their lives through CrossReach. There is still work to be done – be part of it!

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Our Mission Statement In Christ’s name we seek to retain and regain the highest quality of life which each individual is capable of experiencing at any given time. CONTENTS ፛ CHAPTER 01: 02 – Introduction ፛ CHAPTER 02: 04 – Adult Care Services ፛CHAPTER 03: 08 – Children and Family Services ፛ CHAPTER 04: 12 – Services to Older People ፛ CHAPTER 05: 16 – CrossReach Week 2014

፛ CHAPTER 06: 18 – Getting Alongside CrossReach ፛ CHAPTER 07: 20 – Our Quality ፛CHAPTER 08: 22 – Our People ፛ CHAPTER 09: 26 – Our Finances ፛ CHAPTER 10: 28 – Our Supporters 01

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01 02

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Introduction Inspired by the 2014 Commonwealth Games, the CrossReach baton travelled nearly 3,500 miles visiting our services across Scotland last year. It was passed from one service to the next as a reminder of CrossReach’s unity of purpose – serving people in Christ’s name. Many services used the baton’s visit as an opportunity to invite local people to come and find out about the amazing work CrossReach staff are doing in their communities. The Convener and Chief Executive raised funds for CrossReach in 2014

The Commonwealth is described as a family of nations. The Church of Scotland, through the work of CrossReach, is a family within many communities across Scotland, supporting people. Our baton was created by transforming wood which was previously a church pew – a reminder of the work CrossReach does every day, supporting people to transform their lives.

Our work would not be possible without the involvement of people who are supported by our services, the dedication of CrossReach staff, the leadership of the Social Care Council and the support of Church of Scotland members. We are grateful that all of these people have chosen to be part of our story. With their help, CrossReach will have the privilege of supporting Scottish communities into the future: passing on this work to new generations, as we passed on our baton. Peter Bailey Chief Executive Office, CrossReach and Secretary, Social Care Council Dr Sally Bonnar Convener, Church of Scotland Social Care Council 03

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02 04

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Adult Care Services CrossReach’s work is about supporting people to take control, improve their quality of life and unlock their potential. We believe in support that is designed around each individual, and it is our privilege to work with people as they make strides towards independence and seek to shape our services as well as the communities they are part of. Central to our philosophy is an emphasis on recovery where appropriate. Working with local authorities, other partners and local people has led CrossReach to a better understanding of what services are needed within our communities. CrossReach’s Adult Care Services deliver sensitive, supportive and person centred services where people can expect to receive a professional service tailor-made to meet the outcomes that they want for their lives.


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፛ After spending the day with us, Scotland’s Chief Social Work Adviser Alan Baird tweeted: “Excellent visit to Morven. Small steps = great strides for those with Mental Health challenges.” “Kirkhaven is a lesson on caring for those who have been through some tough times. Loved the passion and endless determination to change lives.” Tam, Gaberston House I served 4 years in the American servicesand andI was afterinleaving Before Gaberston, I was in hospital bed for the a month military my substance misuse became very serious and for several – that’s how bad it was. By contrast, I feel that the staff here years became veryhave chaotic. Serving in prison orhelped being me with all through the years supported metime consistently and homeless a way ofThey’ve life. helped me to achieve my goal which the areas Ibecame require support. was to be independent in the community and I now bookshops, A year ago I was offered a place in Kirkhaven andvisit I have been take the bus or walk into Stirling. I also enjoy visiting historical sites like able to re-build my confidence and life skills through lots of Edinburgh Castle and Cambuskenneth Abbey with staff support.

support from staff. At long last I have stability in my life. I have nolot immediate in Glasgow people but keep in touch my laptop. A of peoplefamily don’t understand with mentalvia health problems.

Mental health can be a frightening thing because you don’t know I enjoy spending time in my room playing guitar, listening to the minute it’s going to come on you. I think the government is music and I’ve began painting again - something I hadn’t done beginning to understand what mental illness means. I don’t get a lot in years, to theSometimes encouragement staff atand Kirkhaven. of money all butthanks I’m happy. I have of bad days so when I wake up in the morning it’s a bonus. I say to myself ‘I’m still I recently received good news of a house offer. I’m moving onhere to and still breathing.’ The doctor told me the best thing to keep fit is to go my own accommodation and the future looks bright again. out for a walk so I do an awful lot of walking.

Alan Baird visit

David, Kirkhaven

I’ve lived here for nearly 25 years and I consider Gaberston as my home. I hope I can continue living here for many years to come.” 06

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I enjoyed my stay at Dick Stewart Service because I utilised support from the staff. I got real satisfaction from making garden furniture for Dick Stewart at Glasgow Wood Recycling Project. It’s something I would recommend to anyone looking for structure and purpose in their lives. The staff at Dick Stewart helped me improve my life. There’s nothing wrong in accepting support, which in the past is something I never did. This time I did - it made all the difference. – Joe

፛ Belly dancing, circus skills and drumming are not workshops you would find at a typical conference – but then, the National Forum is not a typical conference. The annual event is planned by a committee of people supported by CrossReach’s Learning Disabilities services.

Joe, Dick Stewart Service

National Forum

፛ In Dundee, our Axis Forward Project and Coldside Parish Church have collaborated to open the R & R Café, run by people in recovery from substance misuse. The café is a place to develop community, take part in training, learn new skills and gain work experience.

፛ Some people at our Learning Disability services told us they want to apply for jobs, but find interviews difficult. The Scottish Consortium for Learning Disability delivered a 2-day training course on presentation skills to help people gain confidence in getting across their knowledge, skills and experience during a job interview. Axis Forward Project


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03 08

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Children and Family Services CrossReach delivers a range of services to over 2,500 children, young people and their families every year in a variety of different settings. We believe that with the right support and encouragement children and families can build on their own resources and be enabled to thrive and succeed. Most of our support is delivered in the communities where the children live and is tailored to meet speciďŹ c needs where we know children and families are at their most vulnerable. We offer specialist perinatal depression services and generic counselling services, including family therapy, relationship counselling and school-based clinics. We are also able to support children and young people affected by parental substance use or parental imprisonment. Some of these services have been amongst the ďŹ rst of their kind and have shaped policy and practice on a national level. 09

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Getting it Right for Every Child Getting It Right For Every Child (GIRFEC) is the Scottish Government strategy to make Scotland the best place to grow up. The strategy is now underpinned by statute within the Children & Young Peoples Bill 2014. As children and young people progress on their journey through life, some may have temporary difficulties, some may live with challenges and some may experience more complex issues. Sometimes they – and their families – are going to need help and support. No matter where they live or whatever their needs, children, young people and their families should always know where they can find help, what support might be available and whether that help is right for them. CrossReach is committed to working with the Scottish Government to help promote GIRFEC principles both within our own organisation and the wider Church.


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፛CrossReach is one of only 2 organisations in the UK to have been accepted by the Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy Institute to start the process of Organisational Certification. This process is a means to a far more important end: we want to be better able to support the children and young people at our services to deal with traumatic experiences so they can start to see the world around them not as a place of chaos and danger, but as a place of opportunity and potential.

፛Some of our Daisy Chain families took part in a European-wide photography project designed to challenge the stereotypes surrounding the Roma community, working with a professional photographer to capture ordinary moments. The resulting exhibition was welcomed as a positive way to combat racism and promote good community relationships. ፛The official launch of the Edinburgh Befriending Consortium took place in the City Chambers in October. This is an exciting collaboration between CrossReach’s Sunflower Garden Project, Children 1st and Broomhouse Befriending Project.

፛Counselling Service Managers Jacqui Lindsay and Anne Goldie completed a research project with Abertay University capturing people’s experience of counselling. They found that many people saw their lives differently developing new coping skills and strategies. They were invited to present their findings at both the British and European Associations for Counselling & Psychotherapy conferences.

Paul Gilroy, DDP Lecture

Daisy Chain photography

CrossReach counselling

It is designed to support young people across Edinburgh who are affected by substance misuse in their family and who may be particularly isolated and unable to take part in activities.


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04 12

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Services to Older People At CrossReach we recognise people’s uniqueness as individuals. This fundamental premise is at the heart of our work and shapes our approach. We have many years’ experience in providing care and support to older people - we have been involved in this work since 1928 – and continue to be passionate about developing new, creative and innovative services along with the people we support. Our staff work alongside and support each person to write a personal plan which enables each individual to live life the way they choose with the appropriate level of care and support. This support is delivered in a variety of ways including residential care, dementia care, day care, respite care, community based care and support and also through creative arts. We aim to enable people to realise their dreams and aspirations and attain the highest quality of life possible. 13

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Playlist for Life During CrossReach Week broadcaster Sally Magnusson launched a partnership between CrossReach and her ‘Playlist for Life’ initiative which encourages people who have dementia and their families to create music playlists which are meaningful to them. She said: “It’s wonderful to discover that CrossReach and Playlist for Life are doing exactly the same thing which is celebrating the individual – the person inside somebody with dementia remains that person till the very end of their life – and can be brought back.”


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፛Following a major refurbishment Bellfield Care Home in Banchory was given a completely new look with 34 en-suite bedrooms and a full decoration makeover! Everyone was impressed with the new surroundings as these comments from staff, residents and families reflect: “It’s finished to a high standard, the lift is much better and it’s easier to take mum out now she’s closer to us”; “It’s most enjoyable and makes me feel treasured. I’m very pleased to live here.”; “Tremendous! Just like a 5 star hotel.”

Cameron House

፛Cameron House in Inverness – which offers enhanced support for people who have dementia – has established an innovative partnership with their local Gaelic primary school, Bun Sgoil Gàidhlig Inbhir Nis. Pupils visit to chat with Gaelic-speaking residents, improving their language skills and breaking down barriers between generations. The success of the initiative was recognised at Scotland’s Dementia Awards, winning “Best Innovation in Continuing Care”. ፛A wonderful exhibition of work by participants in our ‘Heart for Art’ project was held in House for an Art Lover, Glasgow. The event showcased Heart for Art

the talents of over 40 artists from around Scotland who have dementia, demonstrating that dementia does not signal the end to anyone’s participation in their community, or to their opportunities to live a fulfilling life. ፛Gwen Anderson, Activities Co-ordinator at Queens Bay Lodge in Edinburgh, was named ‘Instructor of the Year’ by Oomph (Our Organisation Makes People Happy). Oomph’s inclusive and interactive exercise and dance classes have been introduced across our services by our Activity Coordinators.



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05: CrossReach Week During CrossReach Week in November, the Moderator of the General Assembly Rt. Rev. John Chalmers visited a number of our services. Here are some of his reflections on his week with CrossReach: I see it as a real privilege to do this on behalf of the church, but it’s a double privilege to enter into and see at close quarters the kinds of things CrossReach’s services are providing. Service users themselves are regarded as people of full value (and are given full value) and the people who deliver that service are doing it with a real sense that this is a vocation – something that God has called them to do and you can see that in their eyes. I can see that the CrossReach services are geared up to provide a social care service, but not necessarily geared up to share its story. It’s delivering a professional service so that is what its priority is. So we need to find a way in which

alongside that we provide the greater opportunity for knowledge of its work to be shared across the church – and further afield. It’s faith in action – and it’s also a way to allow members of the church to be brought into the community of the church and to belong to it; I think it’s when you begin to feel you belong to the community of the church that your faith is activated – that you find faith, and through the work that lots of congregations are doing it’s a way of bringing people into the community. And you don’t need to preach to them in words to express the gospel – you let them see it in action.”


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Social Care Sunday The first CrossReach and Social Care Sunday was held on Sunday 2nd November 2014. Congregations were encouraged to reflect on and celebrate the social care initiatives across Scotland which form part of the mission of the Church. We were grateful to the Moderator Rt. Rev. John Chalmers for his support in promoting this across the Church in advance of the day and for his involvement in a national service in St George’s Tron Church, Glasgow which also launched CrossReach Week. We set ourselves a challenge to try and reach as many people attending a Church of Scotland on that day. A leaflet was produced on the work of CrossReach and 115,810 copies were circulated. We are grateful to Ministers, our many congregational contacts and other volunteers who distributed the leaflets. Since this was the first such initiative we were encouraged by those people who completed a return slip offering to pray for our work, fundraise, volunteer, work for us or support us financially.

Getting Alongside CrossReach is about finding ways in which local churches, individuals and groups can ‘get alongside’ locally based CrossReach projects to support the mission of the Church.

Youth Assembly


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06: Getting Alongside Crossreach ፛Since 2012, the Church of Scotland Guild has been supporting Heart for Art, a creative arts project for people who have dementia. By February 2015, the Guild had raised more than £132,000 for the work. Heart for Art currently runs 7 groups across Scotland with further expansion planned. This would not have been possible without the financial and prayerful support of the Guild. ፛In 2014, Dalgety Parish Church in Fife decided that their Harvest Appeal would be in aid of Perth Prison Visitors Support and Advice Centre.

A cheque for £3,220 was presented to the Centre just before Christmas – a great example of a church getting alongside CrossReach. ፛CrossReach and the Church and Society Council joined forces for a day conference in Motherwell: ‘Inside Out: Faith Driven Action’. Paul Morrison from the Joint Public Issues Team spoke about how changes to the benefits system had impacted negatively on the poorest in society. Delegates from churches across Scotland listened to panel discussions on ‘Social Care – A Government Dalgety Parish Church

Responsibility?’ and ‘Money, money, money: the way we use our wealth’. The Moderator of the General Assembly Rt. Rev. John Chalmers welcomed the collaboration between the two Councils. ፛We were pleased to be invited to the Church of Scotland’s National Youth Assembly. Members wanted to focus on our work supporting people who have family members involved in the criminal justice system, and they made a generous donation to our Perth Prison Visitors’ Support and Advice Centre. Joint Conference


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07: Our Quality: The Service is a fantastic place to be. It has given me the tools to get my life back. The staff are great, easy to approach. You get what you put in, so thanks.” Without this service I wouldn’t be here. They give me a reason to get up on the days I attend.” The service provided has been crucial and greatly appreciated in helping me to cope and understand the challenges life has presented. I can only compliment and express my gratitude for the service my counsellor and your organisation have provided.”

What the Care Inspectorate say:



JGrade 1 unsatisfactory: 0

JGrade 1 unsatisfactory: 0

JGrade 2 weak: 0

JGrade 2 weak: 0

JGrade 3 average: 2

JGrade 3 average: 6

JGrade 4 good: 16

JGrade 4 good: 14

JGrade 5 very good: 32

JGrade 5 very good: 29

JGrade 6 excellent: 2

JGrade 6 excellent: 3


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What people who use our services say:

99% 97% 96% 99% Agreed they feel supported and well cared for in the service

Agreed their quality of life is better because of the service

Agreed they get to choose the kind of support they receive

Agreed they are treated fairly


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08 22

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Our People CrossReach is committed to learning and continuous improvement. This means that we support employees from induction through to gaining a professionally recognised qualification. Quality is one of our strategic goals and an important way to achieve this is to support employees to gain Scottish Vocational Qualifications through our own SVQ accredited centre. Further support is given through regular supervision augmented by an annual Personal Quality and Development process which not only gives feedback on job performance based on the previous year but also identifies and plans for any new training required. At our annual Staff Awards ceremony, 108 staff achieved new qualifications including SVQ levels 3 and 4, HNC, PDA and a BA in Education & Social Services. In addition, 16 staff were recognised for achieving 20 years’ service and 1 for 30 years’ service.

Ian Manson Award for Excellence The Bungalow Staff Team, Stonehaven Ian Manson Adult Learner of the Year Mary Therese McCabe, Rainbow House, Glasgow CrossReach Employee of the Year Douglas Freeland, Threshold Edinburgh CrossReach Volunteer of the Year Millie Evans, Threshold Glasgow 23

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01/05/2015 30/04/2015 09:33 14:06

My name is Yvonne. I relocated from London to Edinburgh at the end of 2013. For 6 months I have been volunteering for CrossReach ConneXions, working with other volunteers from various backgrounds, helping ConneXions build foundations. Based on my experiences I was given the role of Digital Media Co-ordinator. This involved me travelling to various services and re-filming their website videos then edit them to be uploaded on their website. I feel that my time volunteering has helped me to build friendships, reach out to the community, learn new skills, and even advance my career. I feel that the benefits of volunteering can really help with progressing further in life and really help define one’s skills. It has been a pleasure to help such a wonderful cause, by showing people through my films just how valuable the work CrossReach is to the people of Scotland.”


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01/05/2015 30/04/2015 09:33 14:06

፛Elaine Waugh, manager of Perth Prison Visitors’ Support and Advice Centre, was presented with Perth Rotary Club’s Cairncross Award for service within the community by President Mike Hope. Elaine and her small team work with prisoners and their families – 6,166 adults and 1,077 children last year – to increase self-esteem, reduce social isolation, motivate, encourage and maintain communication. Elaine has managed the Visitors’ Centre since 2007. The £250 cheque was used to buy food vouchers for those who use the Visitors’ Centre.

፛Allan is supported by Threshold Edinburgh, one of our Learning Disabilities services. Accompanied by Douglas Freeland (CrossReach’s Employee of the Year 2014), Allan visited Queen Margaret University to meet some of the students and share information about working for CrossReach. Patrick Lambdin, a Music Therapy student at QMU and part-time support worker at Threshold Edinburgh, arranged the event for his fellow Music and Art Therapy Students.

፛Gwen Anderson, Activities Co-ordinator at Queens Bay Lodge in Edinburgh, was the winner of the Meaningful Activity Award at the Scottish Care Awards in Glasgow. Janis Grubb, Manager at Bellfield care home in Banchory, was a finalist in the Management and Leadership category. CrossReach Chief Executive Peter Bailey said: “I am delighted at this recognition of the inspirational commitment Gwen and Janis give to their roles in supporting the residents in both of their services. To have a winner in one category and a finalist in another is a marvellous accolade for CrossReach.”

Elaine Waugh

Queen Margaret University

Scottish Care Awards


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09: Our Finances JTransport 2% JSupplies and Services 11% JPremises 12% JStaff 75%



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01/05/2015 30/04/2015 09:33 14:06

JLegacies < 1% JFundraising 1% JInvestment Income 1% JMinistries and Mission Fund 2% JGrants 7% JSelf-funders 24% JLocal Authorities 63%



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01/05/2015 30/04/2015 09:33 14:06


Our Supporters We Thank Everyone Who Supports Us Recently, CrossReach was awarded £2,000 by the STV Appeal which is committed to making a difference in the lives of children and young people living in poverty in Scotland. We were also awarded grants from the Third Sector Early Intervention Fund and Scottish Government Self-directed Support Innovation Fund. Support comes in many different ways: volunteering, prayer support, reading CrossReach News, using our 118 599 directory enquiries number, organising fundraising events, making donations and financial support from

companies and trusts. The list seems endless and we are extremely grateful for the time, commitment and energy our supporters give to our work. We also would like to say ‘thank you’ to those who remember us in their wills. Together with other donations received, Gift in Will donations help CrossReach invest in new ideas, improve services and contribute to our work being sustainable in the future.

For a list of our supporters visit our website: 28

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The set of skills I learned, that I didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have before, are completely priceless. I bring them into my life every day and I feel comfortable again in my own skin. Mairi, Recovery Volunteer CrossReach_Report 1114_FINAL.indd 5 34pp.indd 5

01/05/2015 30/04/2015 09:33 14:06

I wish to support CrossReach by donating £................................. on a single / monthly / annual basis (delete as appropriate) If single: Please post us a cheque (payable to CrossReach) or donate online at If monthly: I would like to make my donation on the 1st/15th (delete as appropriate) of each month starting: ........../........../................ If annually: I would like to make my donation on: ........../........../................ and each year thereafter

Your account details Name of bank: ........................................................................................... Address of bank: ........................................................................................ ...................................................................... Postcode: ............................. Account number:........................................................................................ Sort code: ...................................................................................................

Your personal details Name (inc title): .......................................................................................... Home address: ............................................................................................. ................................................................... Postcode: .................................. Phone number: ............................................................................................ Email address: ..............................................................................................

To the manager (Bank/Building Society): Please pay Bank of Scotland, 38 St Andrew Square, Edinburgh, EH2 2YR on the date indicated above and thereafter until further notice the sum indicated above for the credit of CrossReach Account No 00227186, Sort Code 80-41-21 If you pay tax, please sign this form and the tax office will give us 25p for every £1 you donate. I confirm I have paid or will pay an amount of UK Income Tax and/or Capital Gains for each tax year (6 April to 5 April) that is at least equal to the amount of tax that all charities that I donate to will reclaim on my gifts for that tax year. I understand that other taxes such as VAT and Council Tax do not qualify. I understand that the charity will reclaim 25p of tax on every £1 that I give. Please notify CrossReach if you want to cancel this declaration, change your name or home address or no longer pay sufficient tax. Signature: .................................................................. Date: ...../...../........... If you have any questions, call our Supporter Relations team on 0131 657 2000. Please send this completed form to: Supporter Relations, CrossReach, Charis House, 47 Milton Road East, Edinburgh, EH15 2SR

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01/05/2015 30/04/2015 09:33 14:06



CrossReach Commences as: “The Committee on Christian Life and Work”

The CrossReach Legacy timeline

Deaconess Hospital: HRH The Duke of York opened “The Princess Elizabeth Ward” for Children.



The Mallard for Children & Young People with Physical & Learning Disabilities

The Bungalow residential service for adults with learning disabilities and complex needs



Eastwoodhill Residential Home for Older People

Well Hall - New Build Residential Service for Older People

1916 Simpson House: Substance Misuse Counselling and Training

Where are you in the CrossReach timeline?

The CrossReach Legacy Timeline has been possible because people gave. They gave their time, skills and they gave a legacy. Your legacy can help CrossReach provide a caring future for the most vulnerable people across Scotland in any of our service areas:

• Adult Care Services • Children and Family Services • Services to Older People At CrossReach, we believe in life-changing work. Let your legacy work to change a life. For more information or call 0131 657 2000

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01/05/2015 30/04/2015 09:33 14:05

CrossReach Charis House 47 Milton Road East Edinburgh, EH15 2SR t: 0131 657 2000 e:

Social Care Council

Operating as CrossReach Scottish Charity Number: SC011353

CrossReach_Report 1114_FIN 1114 1114_FINAL.indd _FINAL.i AL.indd ndd 2 34pp.indd 2 Š COS1114 4/15

01/05/2015 30/04/20 30/0 30/ 0/0 /04/ 4/2 4/2015 /2015 15 14:06 14: 09:33 06

CrossReach Annual Review: 2014 - 15  

An overview of the excellent services provided by CrossReach in 2014-15.

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