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Prayer Diary

October 2017 - January 2018

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Week beginning Sunday 1st October


WELL HALL, HAMILTON A residential home for older people with 36 places.

C Se ad aw

l Pray for our residents and the day to day struggles they have with physical and mental health issues. Bless each one that they would find peace and contentment in their home here. l Give thanks for the support we receive from the health care professionals in South Lanarkshire both from the local authority and NHS and for the day to day support, advice and training we receive from GP practices, community nurses, CPN services and Social Work department. l Give thanks for Rev. Christopher Rankine and members from Hillhouse Parish Church who regularly come and take services and enable our residents to join in regular times of worship. l Pray that God would bless our staff group with health and enthusiasm to excel in the work that he has placed us here to do; pray that we would work as a team and be able to help each other to improve in the areas that are lacking so that we are able to support our residents with excellent care and meet their every need. l Give thanks for our Friends’ Group and all of the hard work they undertake as they raise funds and organise events for our residents. Pray that they would be able to recruit new members who are willing to help them with new ideas. l Remember the families of our residents as they commit their loved ones to the care and wellbeing of the staff here. Pray that they would feel confident that their loved one is being well cared for. 152711 CRO REA 20pp p2

l th op th

l co

l ed to

l re th

l be Re fo ca

l th Ch Fo

l pe se an



m re

ho r



Week beginning Sunday 8th October CARE & EDUCATION SERVICES Services for children and young people with additional support needs who are looked after away from home. l Pray for the children in our care and for those who have recently moved on to new opportunities that the future will hold good things for them. l Pray that our new education campus will be completed soon. l Remember the staff in the care and education teams who provide such vital support to the children and young people in our care. l Give thanks for positive nurturing relationships which sustain us all and help us to thrive. l Give thanks for all of the work which is being undertaken in the Independent Care Review and pray that it delivers positive change for children who have been or are currently in care.

ay rs

l Pray for the survivors of childhood abuse that they will find solace through the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry, National Confidential Forum and national initiatives of support.


l Remember all the children and young people being cared for in our care and education services that they would be given the support and help they need for the future. 152711 CRO REA 20pp p3

Week beginning Sunday 15th October


CONFIDENTIAL CONVERSATIONS An Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) that packages the skills and expertise of our counselling services and offers it as a benefit provision to employers looking to invest in the emotional health and wellbeing of their employees.

W G A de

l Pray that the service would function as a pathway of support for employees who are struggling or going through periods of distress. l Pray that we would continue to gain knowledge and understanding about the nature of mental health and wellbeing in the workplace in order to develop services that are effective in meeting the needs of employers and their employees. l Pray that as a pilot social enterprise, the service would continue to grow and generate income in support of the overall stability and growth of CrossReach’s counselling services. l Give thanks for the excellent work of the counsellors who have been participating in this new project and for their openness to learn and develop with the service. l Pray that the service would be an instrumental voice to help reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues and raise awareness about how counselling can help improve emotional health and wellbeing. l Give thanks for the employers who have chosen to work with us and pray that the service would continue to grow and attract new opportunities. 152711 CRO REA 20pp p4

l ap co ac

l co

l an th

l sa fe

l he an pe

l Cr




Week beginning Sunday 22nd October WILLIAMWOOD HOUSE, GIFFNOCK, GLASGOW A care home for older people living with dementia. l Pray for our residents as the winter approaches. Help them to remain warm, safe and comfortable, and enjoy the winter programme of activities. l Remember our relatives, and give them the courage to remain strong for their loved ones. l Pray for all of our staff; give them wisdom and patience, and health to remain committed to their work. l Pray for our Friends’ Group, and keep them safe as they travel to Williamwood to enjoy fellowship with our residents. l Give thanks for the many benefits we enjoy here at Williamwood - good food, good company and comfortable surroundings, as so many people do not have these luxuries. l Pray for all our colleagues in the other CrossReach services that they will find the physical and mental strength to strive for the best for those who use their service. l Remember all who are suffering ill health. Pray that God would lay his healing hands on them.


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Week beginning Sunday 29th October


BLUEBELL PERINATAL SERVICE,TOM ALLAN CENTRE, GLASGOW A counselling and psychotherapy service for parents and their children who are affected by ante/postnatal depression or anxiety (PND).

RA A fac

l Pray that funds would be found to be able to continue to provide our much needed community Hubs in Lanarkshire, Glasgow South and East Renfrewshire. It is vital that we provide these services so that parents and infants who would otherwise not access help can receive therapy and support from within their own community. l Remember fathers who are often overlooked by family and health professionals. Help them to gain comfort and strength to carry out their important role as a parent. l Pray that those who use our service would be able to confide in us and not feel judged, frightened or stigmatised by what a ‘good’ parent should be. l Pray for the staff and trainers who are committed to raising awareness of ante/post-natal depression and anxiety. Guide us to inform and educate others to increase their understanding and empathy for those families who are suffering (many in silence) from this condition. l Give thanks for all the volunteers who give freely of their time to help with the work of the Bluebell service - counsellors, supervisors, crèche workers, baby massage therapists and office support staff. 152711 CRO REA 20pp p6

l pr liv

l to liv

l re ad

l un G

l re an of fre ad he re

l re ev Ra

l Ra sw

h e






Week beginning Sunday 5th November RAINBOW HOUSE, GLASGOW A residential rehabilitation service for individuals facing addiction and related issues. l Pray that God would have a greater presence within Rainbow House – both in the lives of residents and staff. l Pray that residents would be more receptive to the difference that God could make in their lives and that they would embrace him. l Pray that residents would grow in their relationship with God, and that they would have a desire to be a disciple in the things of God. l Pray that residents would have an understanding of the forgiveness and healing that God can give for their emotional pain. l Pray that residents would have an understanding of the complete freedom from addiction through the help and support they receive at Rainbow House. l Pray that staff would grow in their personal relationship with God; that this would be evident in the way that they live out their lives at Rainbow House. l Pray for God’s protection and peace within Rainbow House in order that he might have full sway in the work that is carried out in his name. 152711 CRO REA 20pp p7

Week beginning Sunday 12th November


INVERECK HOUSE, SANDBANK, DUNOON. A residential dementia home for 28 older people, offered in an environment designed to enhance the quality of everyday life.

VO C Su vo

l Pray for all our residents here that they may find peace and tranquillity in their daily lives and that they may feel the presence of God supporting them in their life’s journey. l Give thanks for our community and all who continue to support our residents and our home. We are truly blessed to be remembered by all our friends and families who work alongside us in true friendship and by the volunteers who help to maintain our gardens for the benefit of all. l Pray for our staff group who are committed and dedicated to providing the best possible care. May they continue to do God’s work to the best of their ability in love, compassion and patience. l Pray for the families and friends of our residents who may find it difficult and challenging coping with the changes in their loved ones. May God bring them peace and strength in these difficult times. l Pray for more staff to fill our vacancies that we may continue to provide the best possible service. l Give thanks for this lovely home and good food and remember those less fortunate than ourselves and pray that all may find comfort and shelter wherever they may be. 152711 CRO REA 20pp p8

l 20 to

l ou fee vo

l Cr th wo st

l ou vo fo w

l vo cr an fai an

l an pr aw m




e. t

ng ay



Week beginning Sunday 19th November VOLUNTEER DEVELOPMENT TEAM, CHARIS HOUSE Supporting CrossReach services to involve volunteers. l As we prepare for the Year of Young People 2018, pray for opportunities to work with and listen to young people across our services in Scotland. l Pray that as our Volunteer Strategy is rolled out across our services that managers would feel the benefit of clear guidance to support volunteers and will enthusiastically take it forward. l Pray that the volunteers who work in all CrossReach services would know how much they are valued and appreciated and that there would be good relations between volunteers, staff and those who use our services. l Give thanks that some of the clients in our recovery based services go on to become volunteers. This is tremendous, and we thank God for each and every one of them and ask that he will use this to build their strength and character. l CrossReach Counselling Services rely on volunteers in all areas including office support, crèche work, art therapy and client counselling and supervision. Give thanks to God for his faithfulness in bringing the right volunteers to us and for their commitment and skills. l Polmont Family Hub & Bus have a small staff and volunteer team who work together to make prison visits easier for families.Volunteers offer a warm welcome and a cuppa and we pray for more people to come forward and join the team. 152711 CRO REA 20pp p9

Week beginning Sunday 26th November


CUNNINGHAM HOUSE, EDINBURGH A homeless hostel for 23 men and 3 women which also supports service users with drug and alcohol addictions as well as mental health issues.


l Give thanks for the opportunities we have to work with those who use our service. We thank God for the knowledge we have to support service users at such a low time in their lives. Pray that God would help staff to keep learning and also to look after their own wellbeing. l Pray that service users would continue to feel valued and safe and that staff be given wisdom and compassion to meet the needs that arise. l Pray for the staff team as we move forward with new vision and ideas for the redecoration of the unit. Give thanks for the number of positive ‘move-ons’ of those that have managed to obtain tenancies. l Pray for staff members who may be unwell at the moment. Give them strength and support and restore them back to health. Thank God for all the little things he does for us every single day and for his love which never fails us. l Pray that God would refresh staff when they are weary and give them wisdom in facing challenging and complex situations. Pray that the staff team would have health in body and mind and work in unity to serve God. l Remember those who are hurting and going through some unimaginable circumstances. Pray for those who want their lives to be better and to be free from things that may be holding them back. 152711 CRO REA 20pp p10

l an fo

l W se

l op an ca ye

l W th an lo

l in an st W

l an th ho

l th co

d es.

to k



t r


or e

Week beginning Sunday 3rd December WHINNIEKNOWE, NAIRN A residential care home for older people. l Pray for God’s grace to be on all who live and work in Whinnieknowe and we thank him for watching over us daily. l Thank God today for his goodness to us. We ask that his face would shine upon us as we seek to serve him in Whinnieknowe. l Give thanks that Whinnieknowe has been operating as a care home for over 60 years and pray that it would be able to continue to care for older people in Nairn for many more years. l Pray for the residents and staff who at Whinnieknowe and give thanks for each of them. Give each of them a spirit of power, love and sound mind and may they know your peace, love and joy. l Give thanks to God for his presence in our lives; we know we cannot do anything without him. We ask for his strength and wisdom as we live and work at Whinnieknowe. l Remember our residents at Whinnieknowe, and pray that God would give them peace in their hearts. We ask for God’s joy to be in this home. l Pray they staff would be strengthened by the Holy Spirit to carry out their duties with compassion, patience, mercy and diligence. 152711 CRO REA 20pp p11

Week beginning Sunday 10th December


DAISY CHAIN EARLY YEARS PROJECT, GLASGOW Working in Govanhill, Daisy Chain uses play based interventions to improve the lives and life chances of children under 8 and also provides support to parents, giving them advice and opportunities to grow.


l Pray for the great need in the community of Govanhill which is one of the most culturally diverse areas in the country, with over 50 registered languages. Poverty and lack of opportunities puts children and their families at a huge disadvantage in society. l Give thanks to God for the ways he has been using the service. Daisy Chain has worked hard to build strong and meaningful relationships with some of the most marginalised communities in society, including the Romanian Roma community. l With a huge diversity of languages, faith and cultures, pray that staff would be able to demonstrate the love of God to the families who come through the doors. l Pray that God would bless and enrich families through their time at Daisy Chain; that parents would feel driven and equipped, and children would feel inspired and loved. l Give thanks to God for the dedicated volunteers who give their time to serve the families of Govanhill. Pray that they would continue to feel valued and motivated and pray for more volunteers as our project flourishes. 152711 CRO REA 20pp p12

l an re ap

l so fo w (M

l vo tim ho ye (L

l ev alw (H

l an fe (K

l fo du pr


Week beginning Sunday 17th December BELLFIELD, BANCHORY A residential home for 34 older people in Royal Deeside.




d ps

l Give thanks for the year that has passed and we ask for your blessings on all our staff and residents during this special season and as we approach the New Year ahead. l Give thanks for all our caring staff who do so much to make our lives as easy as possible for us. Be with them as they go about their work with smiles on their faces to brighten our days. (Margaret, resident) l Thank God for our Friends’ Group and volunteers who have given so generously of their time and skills to give us a beautiful summer house for everyone to enjoy throughout the year and for their continued support. (Lynne, staff) l Pray for all the staff who provide for our every need, especially the good food which is always healthy. (Helen, resident) l Pray for all our residents, their families and friends and ask that they would always feel welcomed and supported here at Bellfield. (Kathleen, staff) l Ask that God would give travelling mercies for all the staff, residents, families and friends during the winter and pray for their safety and protection on the roads. 152711 CRO REA 20pp p13

Week beginning Sunday 24th December


CALE HOUSE, INVERNESS Cale House provides supported accommodation for 22 people experiencing homelessness in an alcohol and substance-free environment.

ST PO St liv

l Remember all those who are lonely and sad during this Christmas season due to events that have happened in the past.

l th G

l Give thanks for the privilege of working with those who use our service. Pray that through our words and actions they may be encouraged to make lifestyle changes. l Give thanks for each new day that we would use it wisely and that our words and actions will glorify God’s name. l Pray that Cale House will continue to provide a safe house for all our service users. l Pray for all those who have moved on from Cale House. Give them guidance and strength to cope with life’s everyday challenges. l Give thanks for the daily blessings we receive from God and for the things we so often take for granted. l Pray for wisdom, compassion, health and unity for our staff team as we support those who use our service in the best way possible. 152711 CRO REA 20pp p14

l be of

l gr ba

l wo pr hi

l sh to G co to

l th ca di da

l ha co jo


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ld ll

m o


Week beginning Sunday 31st December ST. MARGARET’S CARE HOME, POLMONT St. Margaret’s is a care home for 36 older people living with dementia. l Pray for the families and friends of residents that they may know the strength and peace of God in difficult circumstances. l Give thanks to God for the privilege of being involved in our residents’ lives and those of their families on a day to day basis. l Pray for the health and vitality of our staff group, that they would have a good work/life balance as health issues can take their toll. l Pray that as a service we would attract workers who are passionate, committed and professional, and who desire to provide the highest quality of life for our residents. l Pray for unity amongst staff, that we would share one vision for the home and continue to provide the highest quality of care for all. Give thanks for the Circle of Friends and the commitment, dedication and support they offer to residents and staff. l Pray that we would grow as a staff group in the knowledge and goodness of God so that we can prayerfully support each other through the difficulties and challenges we might face in our day to day lives. l Pray for our residents and that we would have deeper empathy and understanding of the complex issues and challenges they face in their journey through dementia. 152711 CRO REA 20pp p15

Week beginning Sunday 7th January 2018


TOM ALLAN CENTRE, GLASGOW The Tom Allan Centre houses two counselling services, a generic service and a specialist service, Bluebell PND.

SU C H lik w

l Pray for all who volunteer at the Tom Allan Centre that they may be sustained in their generous giving and find reward in enabling the centre to continue to provide a service that touches many lives. l Pray for the staff, as they return to work after the festive period that the rest and refreshment they have enjoyed will enable them to give themselves wholeheartedly. l Pray for the PND service and for all who support it by volunteering or fundraising that parents and their families may be helped to flourish. l Remember all the clients who come here to find a way through their own personal distress; that they may be sustained in hope and courage and that the service received here may contribute to their wellbeing.

l us pr ric

l wo giv Pr to pr

l sk ap co to

l Pray for all families at this time, particularly those who find themselves under strain after the holiday season, whether from spending or through conflict in relationships. Pray that the coming of Christ that we celebrated at Christmas may be known through freedom from anxiety and the reconciliation of enemies.

l Pr an of an re wo w

l Pray for those who have asked us to remember them in prayer, that they may find the solace they seek and that the healing and peace of God may be theirs.

l fin w as

152711 CRO REA 20pp p16




d y


he e

Week beginning Sunday 14th January SUPPORTER DEVELOPMENT, CHARIS HOUSE Here to thank and guide you and the many others like you who faithfully support CrossReach’s work with your time, talents, gifts and prayer. l Give thanks for all those who walk alongside us in our work by giving, volunteering and praying. Pray that God would bless them with a rich and full life. l Give thanks for the trust shown in our work by the many local authorities and grantgiving organisations who provide us with funding. Pray for areas of our work where it is less easy to secure funds, trusting in God’s generous provision. l Thank God for granting the relevant skills to all those involved in writing powerful applications for funding. Pray that they will continue to work well together in giving a voice to those we support. l Give thanks for Volunteer Regional Speakers. Pray that they would know God’s presence and joy as they go and speak about the work of CrossReach in churches, schools, groups and guilds. Pray for meaningful conversations, rewarding experiences and that more people would feel called to support us in this exciting way. l Pray for those who are experiencing financial difficulty, that God will give them the wisdom they need to seek the right support and assistance. 152711 CRO REA 20pp p17

Week beginning Sunday 21st January


ESKMILLS PROJECT, EDINBURGH & EAST LOTHIAN Eskmills Project supports adults who have a learning disability and provides accommodation for 18 service users in East Lothian and Edinburgh.

D Su ow th

l Give thanks to the hard-working team at Eskmills especially in this time of change. Pray for their continued health and well-being as they support those who use our service. l Pray for service manager Graham Stewart as he leads both Eskmills and Threshold Edinburgh. Pray that God would give him guidance and wisdom as he makes decisions about the two services. l Remember those who used our service who passed away last year and pray particularly for their families. l Pray that God would be with those who use our service and may they enjoy a great quality of life and enjoy all the wonderful activities that they attend on a weekly basis. l Give thanks for our talented artist Colin Robertson for the wonderful art group he provides enabling those who use our service to communicate through art and embrace their creativity. l Give thanks to God for enabling Eskmills to come together on the second Tuesday of every month to share a meal together and provide a Forum for those who use our service. Give thanks for the laughter, happiness and joy this brings. 152711 CRO REA 20pp p18

l str sh su

l al pr dif

l by su

l str ad

l on pe to

l lon wo wi

l cu Pr wo

Week beginning Sunday 28th January


DOCHAS PROJECT, STORNOWAY Supports people with alcohol problems in their own home helping them to maintain and sustain their tenancy.


l Pray for people staff work with who are struggling with their addiction and help staff to show them that there is another way and offer support to them.

as h.





l Pray for a client who has recently lost a loved one in a house fire and help staff to provide the correct support needed in that difficult situation. l Pray for the families of those that are affected by their loved ones’ addiction that they would be supported just as much as those they love. l Pray for the workers at Dochas as they strive to help those in need and deal with their addiction issues and problems. l Pray for the funding of the project as it is only short-term that it would become more permanent so that this vital work would be able to carry on. l Pray for a client who is in bad health and lonely, that through the work of Dochas he would know there are people that care and are willing to help and provide company and support. l Give thanks for one of our clients who is currently doing well in their recovery journey. Pray that through the work of Dochas they would continue to do well. 152711 CRO REA 20pp p19

CrossReach (Church of Scotland Social Care Council) employs around 2,000 staff in 70 care and support services from Shetland to Ayr. Our staff offer care and support to thousands of people every day of the year. This Prayer Diary contains weekly prayers about some of our services.

Charis House, 47 Milton Road East, Edinburgh EH15 2SR. 0131 657 2000

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CrossReach Prayer Diary: October 2017 - January 2018  

Pray for our services and staff

CrossReach Prayer Diary: October 2017 - January 2018  

Pray for our services and staff