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Our Sunflower Garden supports children affected by substance misuse in their families. We are grateful for the donations we receive to enable Sunflower Garden’s work to continue.

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Our Mission Statement In Christ’s name we seek to retain and regain the highest quality of life which each individual is capable of experiencing at any given time. CONTENTS     

CHAPTER 01: 02 – Introduction CHAPTER 02: 04 – Our Adult Care Services CHAPTER 03: 08 – Our Children and Family Services CHAPTER 04: 12 – Our Services to Older People CHAPTER 05: 16 – Our CrossReach Week


CHAPTER 06: 18 – Personalisation CHAPTER 07: 20 – Our Quality CHAPTER 08: 22 – Our People CHAPTER 09: 26 – Our Resources CHAPTER 10: 28 – Our Supporters 01

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Introduction Once again our Annual Review tells the story of CrossReach. A story of rebuilt relationships, of lives transformed to the extent that people in recovery are giving back through the Recovery Volunteers Training Programme. It’s a story where people throughout Scotland are supported to unlock their potential, and make their own decisions through personalised support. It’s a story of challenge in a changing and demanding environment but one of resilience as our dedicated and professional staff provide high quality support and award winning services. It’s a story of successful partnerships and of funding which is enabling us to contribute to the improved health and wellbeing of people in Scotland.

It’s a story of celebration of the support provided not only by staff but by volunteers, who for the first time we have recognised in a Volunteer of the Year Award. Above all it’s the story of the many people throughout Scotland with whom we have the privilege of working. Peter Bailey Chief Executive Office, CrossReach and Secretary, Social Care Council Dr Sally Bonnar Convener, Church of Scotland Social Care Council 03

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Our Adult Care Services Adult Care Services’ aim is that people make their own decisions, improve their quality of life and unlock their potential. We work with individuals to design a personalised support plan to prepare for the future, making tangible strides towards independence where possible. Central to our philosophy is an emphasis on recovery where appropriate; this approach promotes citizenship and participation in community.


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 This year, seven people who are in recovery from substance misuse or mental ill-health were recognised for their completion of CrossReach’s Recovery Volunteers training programme and for the time they have committed to volunteering in a number of CrossReach services.

I servedKirkhaven 4 years in the American services and after leaving the David, military my substance became very seriousand andafter for several I served 4 years misuse in the American services years became chaotic. my Serving time inmisuse prison became or beingvery leaving very the military substance homelessand became a wayyears of life. serious for several became very chaotic. Serving time in prison homeless became a way of life. A year agoorI being was offered a place in Kirkhaven and I have been

able to ago re-build confidence andinlife skills through lots ofbeen A year I wasmyoffered a place Kirkhaven and I have support from staff. long last Iand have in my life. have able to re-build myAt confidence lifestability skills through lotsI of no immediate family in Glasgow but keep in touch via my laptop. support from staff. At long last I have stability in my life. I have nospending immediate family Glasgow but guitar, keep inlistening touch via I enjoy time in myinroom playing to my laptop. music and I’ve began painting again - something I hadn’t done

 The Bungalow in Stonehaven won the Specialist Adult Care Award at Scottish Care’s National Care Home Awards, in recognition of the selfless and excellent service provision offered during a challenging time of major building works.

The Bungalow

years,spending all thankstime to the encouragement staff at Kirkhaven. Iinenjoy in my room playingofguitar, listening to I recently good news ofagain a house offer. I’m Imoving to music andreceived I’ve began painting - something hadn’ton done my own accommodation and the future looks bright again. in years, all thanks to the encouragement of staff at Kirkhaven. IDavid, recently received good news of a house offer. I’m moving on Kirkhaven to my own accommodation and the future looks bright again.” 06

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 Nan Eilean Siar Alcohol and Drugs Partnership awarded CrossReach funding to establish Dochas (‘Hope’), a housing support service in Lewis and Harris which supports people to maintain a tenancy, preventing them from becoming homeless. Thug Co-bhunntachd Dimhe is Drugaichean nan Eilean Siar ionmhas do ChrossReach airson steidheachadh Dòchas, seirbhis taic taigheadais ann a Leòdhas agus na Hearadh a tha cuideachadh dhaoine cumail taigheanmàil, gus nach caill iad an dachaidhean.

Recovery Volunteers

 The Christmas Disco and Karaoke was one of the highlights of 2013 for Sparkle Leisure. 150 people came along to enjoy the evening. For many, it was their first experience of a CrossReach service. Sparkle, and their team of trained volunteers, organise holidays and leisure opportunities for people who want support and assistance.

 Threshold Glasgow responded positively to the challenge of reduced funding and delivering personalised support. The flexibility of the staff group has reaped rewards this year with the Day Opportunities section building an enviable reputation and being a finalist at the SSSC Care Accolades.

Sparkle Leisure

Threshold Glasgow

Director of Adult Care Services, Calum Murray, said “staff are to be commended for the exemplary way in which they responded, working together with individuals in imaginative ways to achieve their outcomes”.


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Our Children and Family Services Positive Change through Positive Partnerships Rose’s Story Post Natal Depression is difficult and confusing to verbalise and to make sense of. I was well educated with a happy, secure relationship. I had never suffered from any kind of mental illness. Immediately after my daughter’s birth, I could not cope with the change and responsibility of parenthood and unexpectedly went on a downward spiral of depression and anxiety. Nothing gave me enjoyment and I couldn’t laugh. I would randomly cry at nothing and not know why. I didn’t want anyone touching me. I felt lonely, unhappy and utterly ashamed.

When a mother suffers from this kind of mental confusion, it inevitably affects the child. Children are sponges who soak in their environment: When I cried, she cried. When I was angry at myself, she was scared. When I was non-communicative, she wasn’t learning to communicate … the list could go on… If I had followed through with ‘the act’ it would have affected my daughter in the early years, and scarred her for life. Thankfully I didn’t because of the support received by the Bluebell PND Service at the Tom Allan Centre.”

As I stood staring into my medicine cabinet that thought entered my mind. It was easy. Simple… 09

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Working in partnership with local groups, churches and social services the Daisy Chain Early Years Service, Govanhill supports people from all ethnicities to recognise and build on their knowledge and skills in parenting and to make their community a positive place to grow up in. The Romanian Roma Group provides specific services to some of the most marginalised families in the area. Parents and children enjoy learning English together through play and drama. Partnerships with Money Matters and local health workers also support families to manage their finances and make healthier choices. Families report feeling less isolated, more able to have control in their lives, and better supported to make positive relationships within the community.


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Thanks to counselling I finally feel like the person I was before and am enjoying my family instead of just worrying about them all of the time.” PND Counselling Client I blamed my wife for ‘not being good enough’. The biggest single turning point in her current slow recovery was MY awakening, when I was able to give her my 100% love and support without attaching any blame to her condition.” PND Counselling Client Lord High Commissioner Visit

 Our Children and Family services were delighted to receive a grant through the Scottish Government Third Sector Early Intervention Fund to help us to work better together within CrossReach, the Church and wider partnerships to improve health and wellbeing for Scotland’s children and their families. The initiative leading on this work is called ConneXions. As part of this initiative we are working with Evaluation Support Scotland to show how we can support and monitor change for some of the country’s most vulnerable children.

 Two boys from Ballikinrain joined over 250 children and young people at the launch of Who Cares? Scotland’s campaign: ‘It’s Time to Listen’. The campaign aims to end the stigma endured by children and young people who are in care. CrossReach has committed its support and is working closely with Who Cares? Scotland to take the message: “It’s Time to Listen” around Scotland.


It’s Time to Listen

 The Lord High Commissioner’s visit to the Vocational Skills Training for children leaving care, Geilsland, which supports young people to find employment.


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Our Services to Older People We have many years experience in providing care and support to Older People in Christ’s name. Our staff work alongside people to develop a personal plan which enables each individual to live life the way they choose, with the appropriate level of support. This support is delivered in a variety of ways including residential care, dementia care, day care, respite care, community based care and support and also through creative arts.


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Jane, Balmedie House Jane had been a resident at Balmedie House from 2012. Early in 2013 she had put a wish into the service’s special wishing well and on it said she would like to visit the Trump International Golf Links. This seemed like a fantastic idea as Jane had loved playing golf earlier on in her life and had tried out many of the courses in Scotland. Jane’s health meant planning ahead wasn’t possible – a “seize the moment” approach was needed. On a warm summer morning, with June feeling strong enough to sit up, Balmedie’s events coordinator suggested making the trip. Christopher Campbell, Head Professional at the course, took time to chat with Jane who, despite her health challenges and diagnosis of dementia chatted enthusiastically about her golfing experiences. After seeing around, Jane enjoyed a coffee in the club house, her happiness evident in her smile. 14

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 The Elms received an £8000 grant from City of Edinburgh Council to create a sensory garden for residents to enjoy. Deputy Manager Kelly Ireland: “We have been working closely with RNIB and Action On Hearing Loss, who have helped staff support residents in a more effective way”.  The Oasis in Garelochhead supports people to live independently in their own homes and to actively participate in their community. The service achieved the highest grade, ‘Excellent’, in every area after an inspection from the Care Inspectorate, and has done so every year since 2007. Sensory garden

 Summer 2013 saw a group of volunteers from Crown Church of Scotland Guild in Inverness helping residents at Cameron House makeover their garden. The residents decided on the flowers and colour schemes choosing plants like mint and lavender, inspired by gardens they had created in previous years.

 Heart for Art provides an opportunity for professional artists and art students, like Emma (pictured), to give their time and skills as volunteers to create artwork along with people who have dementia.

Cameron House

Emma, from Heart for Art

Our services throughout Scotland are supported by 47 dementia ambassadors, ensuring best practice in every area of dementia support.


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CHAPTER 05: Our CrossReach Week The second annual CrossReach Week took place in October. The Moderator of the General Assembly Rt. Rev. Lorna Hood visited our services to raise awareness of the work being done on behalf of the Church of Scotland. The week launched with a service in Davidson’s Mains Church in Edinburgh. Over the next 5 days the Moderator managed to take in 10 CrossReach services in Glasgow, Kilmarnock, Balfron, Stonehaven, Broughty Ferry, Dunbar and Edinburgh. Commenting on her time with CrossReach the Moderator said: “Before CrossReach week, I knew something of the work the team undertakes. It was a real privilege to spend time with those who benefit from the services provided and those whose Christian service brings them alongside

some of the most vulnerable people in Scotland. The Church reaching out to the margins – exactly where we should be demonstrating God’s love in practical ways.” Following CrossReach Week, a DVD of the Sunday service along with the music and words to the CrossReach anthem ‘Bring Me In’ was sent to all parish ministers. Also included were highlights of the rest of the week, plus ‘Volunteers Stories’ featuring people who give up their time to volunteer in some of our services.

You can watch these videos by scanning the QR code below. CrossReach Week 2014 will be from 2nd – 7th November.


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Coalition of Care and Support Providers in Scotland Progress and Possibilities event in May celebrated the progress that third sector providers have made towards delivering personalised services and Self-directed Support. Margaret Winchcole, along with some of the staff who support her at Threshold Glasgow, led seminars on CrossReach Learning Disabilities Planning Tree. CCPS recognised the Planning Tree is an example of excellent practice in designing services around what the people who use them want, and wanted other providers to learn from CrossReach’s experience.

The philosophy of Personalisation is that support should be designed around what each person wants from their life, recognising that everyone has the right to make their own decisions and to choose the kind of support they want to enable them to be active citizens in their community.


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CHAPTER 06: Personalisation  The values of Personalisation support fit very well with CrossReach’s ethos, so our services are well-placed to deliver personalised support to the people they work with. Personalisation is giving staff the opportunity to work with each individual connected to their service to design creative and innovative support that enables people to live their lives to the full.

 We have been using a nationally recognised assessment, developed by Progress for Providers, to find out how prepared we are to deliver personalised support. The assessments are based on input from people who use our services and our staff, and we have been asked by Scottish Care to share what we have learned across the independent sector.

 Mari Rennie, Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development, contributed to research led by CCPS on the role of inspection and regulation in light of Self-directed Support. We hope this research will influence the Care Inspectorate’s practice as it develops in response to the SDS Act.

The assessments have shown that, while there is work still to be done, our services demonstrate a focus on each unique individual and a commitment to enable people to be active citizens in their community – ideas which are at the heart of Personalisation. We can be encouraged that CrossReach is in a position to successfully deliver quality, personalised support.


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CHAPTER 07: Our Quality This place saves lives. Saved my life without a doubt as I was suicidal and in a dark place. This centre helped me work through my problem. Thank you.” As a Dad I cannot thank the service enough for helping my son become his own person, especially his own team which are brilliant.” I have been using the service for more than 20 years and have more confidence than I have ever had.”

92.4% 90.6% Care Inspectorate




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98.4% 97.2% 98.7% 98.1% Customer Survey






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Our People We are committed to continuous learning and ensure that a plan is in place for all employees to achieve the right qualification which will equip them to carry out their role and offer quality support to the people they work with. At our annual Staff Awards ceremony 127 staff achieved new qualifications including SVQ, HNC, PDA and an Honours Degree in Social Work. 21 staff were recognised for achieving 20 years service. 2 for achieving 30 years service.

Ian Manson Award for Excellence Adams House, Namaste Care Project Staff Team Ian Manson Award for Adult Leaner of the Year Emma Fleming, Eskmills CrossReach Employee of the Year Award Dorothy Swan, Balmedie Volunteer of the Year Award David Lloyd, Morven Day Services


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The Volunteer of the Year was awarded for the first time in 2013, and was won by David Lloyd. Journalist David began volunteering at Morven Day Services in 2009, facilitating the Creative Writing Group and going on to resurrect the centre’s newsletter. David was also an integral part of the ‘See Me’ project. 5,000 booklets were distributed throughout the area with the Kilmarnock Standard, which helped challenge stigma in the general population about mental health. David has had two articles published in CrossReach News. Liz Twigg, Manager of Morven Day Services considers David to be a model volunteer and said the recognition was more than deserved.


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CHAPTER 09: Our Resources


Outgoing Resources


1% Transport

Supplies & Service

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1% Fundraising

Investment Income



Local Authorities

Self Funders


Other Income

Church of Scotland Mission and Renewal Fund

1% 2%

1% 3% 9% 22%

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Incoming Resources

61% s


Our Supporters We Thank Everyone Who Supports Us Support comes in many different ways: Volunteering, prayer support, CrossReach literature distribution, using our 118 599 directory enquiries number, fundraising and awareness raising events, individual and group donations, regular donations and financial support from companies and trusts. The list seems endless and we are extremely grateful for the time, commitment and energy our supporters give to our work.

We also would like to say ‘thank you’ to those who remember us in their wills. Together with other donations received, Gift in Will donations help CrossReach invest in new ideas, improve services and contribute to our work being sustainable in the future.

For a list of our supporters visit our website: 28

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I’ve managed to rebuild relationships with my family and friends, especially my dad as we had hardly spoken in the last 15 years. I realise now that family, friends and freedom mean a lot more than drink and drugs. Onwards and upwards for me and hopefully by the end of 2014 I will be in full time employment and settled into my own place.� Barry, who worked with our Dick Stewart Service

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I wish to support CrossReach by donating £................................. on a single / monthly / annual basis (delete as appropriate) If single: Please post us a cheque (payable to CrossReach) or donate online at If monthly: I would like to make my donation on the 1st/15th (delete as appropriate) of each month starting: ........../........../................ If annually: I would like to make my donation on: ........../........../................ and each year thereafter

Your account details Name of bank: ........................................................................................... Address of bank: ........................................................................................ ...................................................................... Postcode: ............................. Account number:........................................................................................ Sort code: ...................................................................................................

Your personal details Name (inc title): .......................................................................................... Home address: ............................................................................................. ................................................................... Postcode: .................................. Phone number: ............................................................................................ Email address: ..............................................................................................

To the manager (Bank/Building Society): Please pay Bank of Scotland, 38 St Andrew Square, Edinburgh, EH2 2YR on the date indicated above and thereafter until further notice the sum indicated above for the credit of CrossReach Account No 00227186, Sort Code 80-41-21 If you pay tax, please sign this form and the tax office will give us 25p for every £1 you donate. I confirm I have paid or will pay an amount of UK Income Tax and/or Capital Gains for each tax year (6 April to 5 April) that is at least equal to the amount of tax that all charities that I donate to will reclaim on my gifts for that tax year. I understand that other taxes such as VAT and Council Tax do not qualify. I understand that the charity will reclaim 25p of tax on every £1 that I give. Please notify CrossReach if you want to cancel this declaration, change your name or home address or no longer pay sufficient tax. Signature: .................................................................. Date: ...../...../........... If you have any questions, call our Supporter Relations team on 0131 657 2000. Please send this completed form to: Supporter Relations, CrossReach, Charis House, 47 Milton Road East, Edinburgh, EH15 2SR

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1936 Deaconess Hospital


CrossReach Commences as: “The Committee on Christian Life and Work”

The CrossReach Legacy timeline

HRH The Duke of York opened “The Princess Elizabeth Ward” for Children.


1995 The Mallard for Children & Young People with Physical & Learning Disabilities

The Bungalow residential service for adults with learning disabilities and complex needs



Eastwoodhill Residential Home for Older People

Well Hall - New Build Residential Service for Older People

1916 Simpson House: Substance Misuse Counselling and Training

Where are you in the CrossReach timeline?

The CrossReach Legacy Timeline has been possible because people gave. They gave their time, skills and they gave a legacy. Your legacy can help CrossReach provide a caring future for the most vulnerable people across Scotland in any of our service areas:

• Adult Care Services • Children and Family Services • Services to Older People At CrossReach, we believe in life-changing work. Let your legacy work to change a life. For more information or call 0131 657 2000

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CrossReach Charis House 47 Milton Road East Edinburgh, EH15 2SR t: 0131 657 2000 e:

Social Care Council

Operating as CrossReach Scottish Charity Number: SC011353

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CrossReach Annual Review: 2013-14  

A story of rebuilt relationships... A story of lives transformed... A story of recovery... A story of unlocking potential A story of challen...

CrossReach Annual Review: 2013-14  

A story of rebuilt relationships... A story of lives transformed... A story of recovery... A story of unlocking potential A story of challen...