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Here we are with our 7th edition of House Complete which, as usual, is bursting with articles and interviews. We hope you will have fun again reading this issue. After publishing 6 editions of House Complete our readers had the most positive comments on the articles where we were allowed to look inside some fascinating homes like the homes of Joe and Donna Miklojcik, Marcus and Cindy, Fred Abspoel and Jan Falcone. To comply with our readers’ interests and wishes House Complete is searching for interesting homes, kitchens and/or gardens in Aruba to feature in upcoming issues. If you are interested, please contact us.

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Noord 51-H

Great Investment Opportunity! Four apartments of 1 bedroom, 1bathroom fully funished and are all rented out, build on 800 m2 property. Conveniently located behind the Palm Village, close to the super market, gas station, restaurants, shopping area, high rise hotels hotels and beaches. The property is fully fenced & nicely landscape.

$ 440,000 MPG Real Estate el.: tel: (+297) T 593 4647


Real Estate Portal SOMBRE

Paradera 36

Large 3 bedroom house with a build up area of 289 sqm., and swimming pool. Total size lot: 851 sqm. Far below the market price!!!

$ 255.000 - Afl. 445.000 Fast Rent House Aruba NV Sabana Liber 265, Noord Tel: 587 - 1971 Fax: 587 - 3460

Palm Beach Villa

Opal 58

Spacious 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms house located close to Aruba's National Park and other tourist attractions, in a very quiet neighborhood. The house a living and dining area, kitchen, a 23 m2 front porch, covered back patio with toilet, laundry and working space. The property is completely fenced and the yard is fully bomanited. There is a two (2) vehicles garage with automatic doors. Enjoy the breeze in the porch and back patio close to Aruba's finest natural areas.

$ 336.723

ERA Solito Real Estate P.O.Box 183 Concessielaan 8 Tel.: (297) 583-7400

Washington Gardens

Very nice and spacious 2 bedroom and 1 bathroom house, situated in the quiet and upscale area of Palm Beach. Everything that Aruba has to offer is within walking distance. The perfect place to spent your holiday with friends or family

$ 650 Per Week Aruba Happy Rentals Tel. (297)592 0287 / Fax. (297)586 3031

This property has a gorgeous view when on the 2nd open floor. Close to the Tiera Del Sol golf course....with a large pool, very spacious and close to the Beach! 3 Bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms.

New gorgeous and cosy home in North (Washington Gardens). The total constructed area is 177 m2 on 605 m2 of property land. The house will be delivered fully air conditioned, fenced, landscaped garden with drip system, garage, cosy covered porch and bomanite drive- and walk way. Layout: living room, dining room, kitchen with stove, dishwasher and fridge. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and large cosy porch.

$ 437.833 - AFL 775.000 CENTURY 21 Best & Solid Real Estate Palm Beach 4-G, Aruba Tel. (+297) 586 42 42

$ 1.200.000 Advantage Realty

Paseo Herencia Mall Tel. (297) 586 4900 / Fax. (297) 739 9191

Sabana Liber

House for Sale, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms.

House for sale AFL. 132.300 House with land AFL. 205.000 Solito 100, Aruba Dutch Caribbean Phone: 582-8080



Brave New Worlds

There is no doubt that one of the greatest technological advances of the past twenty years, if not the last century, is the Internet. It has changed our lives irrevocably, advancing news reporting, information sharing and personal communication, as well as industry and finance in ways unimaginable, since its came into existence. It is still evolving and each day offers us greater convenience and ease of use. The Internet’s origins reach back to the 1960’s when the United States funded research projects of its military agencies to build robust, fault-tolerant and distributed computer networks. Standardization of protocols and commercialization during the 1990’s saw the Internet develop into the essential tool it is today; expediting daily tasks, revolutionizing educational research, providing entertainment, and allowing families to keep in touch easily, instantly and economically, even when they are on opposite sides of the world. What dismays some is that one group that can benefit best from the Internet is using it the least: senior citizens. Whether it is a general technophobia for computers or just a resistance to change is hard to pinpoint. A study of older Americans by the Kaiser Family Foundation revealed that less than a third (31%) of senior citizens age 65 and older, have ever gone online, but that more than two-thirds (70%) of the next generation of seniors, or the “mature” population, 50-64 year-olds, use the Internet regularly.

Where the Internet can be of the greatest benefit to the elderly is in the vast amount of health information available to them 24/7. Only 21% of seniors interviewed in the survey have ever gone online to look for health information compared to 53% of mature users; less than a tenth of seniors interviewed get “a lot” of health information online compared to a quarter of the younger group, who cite it as their premiere source. Seniors listed four other media sources they will turn to before researching on the Web. A very small percentage of seniors surveyed trust the Internet “a lot” or “some” for accurate health information, compared to nearly 60% of the mature group. In a study released in the fall of 2008 in the American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, UCLA researchers discovered there may be other bonuses for Web-savvy seniors: It very likely stimulates brain function and improves cognitive ability; it is long recognized that con-


s for the Elderly

stant mental stimulation is a good guard against dementia and cognitive decline. However, after what is considered the first study that analyzed the Internet's effect on the brain, researchers now count surfing the Web alongside more traditional mental stimulants such as puzzles and word games. Two groups of seniors, ages 55 to 76, participated in that study. Half had prior Internet experience, while the other half had little or none. Those with Internet experience registered a twofold increase in brain activity compared to the less technologically inclined. The areas of the brain most affected are those that control decision-making and complex reasoning. Diane Uchtmann, director of Aruba’s Kibrahacha Center for the Elderly announced they have started a program for their members to teaching Internet use and how to become more computers savvy; she states that many were very eager to learn. For Aruban elderly, not only will this provide them means to keep in touch with family far away with such conveniences as web phone use, web cams, chat and e-mail,

7 but also help them maintain their budget on a fixed income and save them time in every day tasks. Aruba’s utility services such as W.E.B., and SETAR now provide easy online access to accounts. Consumers can keep track of water use and discover almost immediately possible money-wasting water leaks, which also can also report immediately, online. Subscribe to “WEB Care” at SETAR, aside from online access to billing and tracking phone use has a specially prices package for “sixty-plussers.” Some believe that today’s youth may spend too much time online; they have a valid point. Ironically, the age group that can possibly best benefit from the Internet appears to not be using it enough.

We have the right home and contents insurance cover

This give us the confidence to relax and enjoy life And as 60+ we get better premiums

Paardenbaaistraat 8 - Helfrichstraat 2A Tel 528-8888

Fax 582-5297


How to create a great first impression Recent statistics from the United States demonstrate that a property that has been “staged” will sell 50% quicker than those that have not been staged. These same statistics also show that homes that have been “prepared to sell” will do so at a 5% higher price than competing homes that have not done so. Experts in the real estate market recommend you “get your home ready” well in advance, before putting it on the market. The better prepared you are, the greater your chances to sell your home quicker and at a possible better price.

Advantage Realty

Home Staging


First impression

The average potential buyer will make his or her first impression of the property within the 15 first seconds of walking through the front door. So it is essential to make the very best first impression possible. Real estate developers have known this “marketing secret” for hundreds of years; they always use the expertise of interior designers to help them present their product in the best possible light. That is why when you take a tour of a model home, most of the time you just want to move in. Staging is all about that: presenting your residence in such a way, so that its best features will be highlighted and the less strong points will remain in the background. For advice on how to stage your house, you can hire the service of a professional interior designer; get a good “Staging”-book or surf the World Wide Web for many handy tips.

Cozy atmosphere

Apart from the usual staging elements, like giving the house a thorough clean-up; eliminating the clutter; coating the walls in a soft, neutral color; creating a simple, contemporary look; minimizing the furniture; replacing unusual accent pieces for more simple ones and optimizing the lighting, you should take time to create the right kind of atmosphere in your home. Your residence should feel cozy and inviting. When people are buying a new house, they are buying a dream; the vision to live there happily ever after. So make sure that the potential buyers feel ‘at home’ the moment they walk through the front door. Go the extra mile by placing some vibrant flowers around the house and for an enjoyable smell, remember to light up some natural scented candles. Put on the air conditioner when the potential buyers are touring the house (if necessary) and get ready, because one of these potential buyers will be moving in soon…

10 On April 1, was launched to introduce a “private exchange, which is the world’s first truly global equity and commodities exchange created exclusively for the Green sector.” It is an Aruba Exempt Corporation offering membership to qualified parties to participate in offerings through its private online exchange platform. As all the world is being encouraged to “Think Green,” and the emphasis of personal action on all levels to help preserve the environment is very much on everyone’s mind, from recycling to supporting innovate green companies, which is the purported aim of Greendaq; providing start-up funds for small businesses with environmentally friendly products or services. House Complete spoke with Andrew McLean, Managing Executive Director for the UK and US, and Michael C. Ross, Director for Canada for some in-depth information clarifying Greendaq, and for whom this online exchange will prove most interesting. Andrew McLean is an entrepreneur and investor with twenty years experience. During his career, he has raised over $20 million in seed capital for two start-up companies he founded, Infinity Telecom and iSecuritas. Michael C. Ross is president of Michael Ross Consultants Ltd. in Canada, managing director of ABM Management Corp. in the Bahamas, and corporate director and investment committee chairman of the Alex Bruen Macrae group of international investment companies of the Bahamas and is a retired Canadian Chartered Accountant.

Investing in the environment: Greendaq is launched computers and before the crisis which exists in the financial markets

HC: The idea of a green market, listing small start-up companies- is today. When we first looked into what ASEX was doing in Aruba, and very daring and innovative, how did it come about?

MCR: I imagine readers will have some interest in a securities exchange which is different from what they are used to when they think of the New York Stock Exchange or Nasdaq. Aside from the usual consideration of making a profit for our shareholders, which includes a large group of international charitable organizations as well as Aruba business people, we want to have a very positive impact on the global environment, hence the name GREENDAQ. Daring and innovative usually has the connotation of being likely to fail. But we are not just interested in what is new or innovative; we are interested in any product or service which has the prospect of enhancing the environment or improving how people live. We believe that the time has come when green products will be profitable as well as providing products and services that meet the needs of today. We have grown up with securities markets for several decades, before

saw that they were doing very much of what we felt was required of a well-defined exchange, we decided to work with the people who had set up the exchange and create an exchange for the 21st century, with state of the art trading, security and global responsibility. Environmental awareness extends to creating this exchange, which will be paperless and deal only in company shares or derivatives which bring the investor close to a company’s products or services. For example, Jatropha oil is a product of farming and is quite new to the world. Rather than the farms trying to raise capital to finance their operations, a group of farms could contract with a third party to provide a percentage of their operating cash flow to investors over time and that promise could become a security which could be traded on the GREENDAQ exchange. Other examples are Green housing and construction, solar and wind power, eco friendly agriculture, eco friendly travel and transportation, etc.

AMM: The founders of GREENDAQ have been investing in Green

Energy projects for several years and saw the need for a new exchange exclusively focused on the Green Finance sector. Current exchanges are too limiting. The UN proposes US $750 billion in green investment

11 to revive the global economy. That calls for an international platform. We have found there to be tremendous interest. GREENDAQ was formed not in anticipation of a potential market but to fill a real need. The timing is absolutely exquisite.

HC: Since many of these are start-up companies, how are they vetted for investment reliability?

MCR: It is the market which determines which companies or

investments are likely to succeed. Our job is to ensure that a company and particularly their legal counsel provide full, true and plain disclosure to the market when being listed as well as continuously thereafter. Unlike other exchanges, we will place the responsibility for such disclosure fully on the legal counsel for the listed company and audit them on a statistical sampling basis. If the counsel is found not to be doing their job, they will be barred from representing companies in the future.

RK: What is the minimum investment for clients? Do you provide a prospectus of individual companies for investors?

MCR: The minimum investment for equity in GREENDAQ itself

HC: What do you consider the soundest investments – not is $100,000, but investment in the companies to be listed on the necessarily individual companies, but commodities and concepts that will likely be most viable as future green energy sources? How would you personally invest your money?

MCR: Just like the dotcom companies of a couple of decades ago, we can’t predict which companies will be successful. What we want to do is ensure that all environmentally friendly companies have an opportunity to raise the capital they need to get into the game, prove their ideas are viable, and be successful if well managed. We believe the tried and true, but largely forgotten, role of having a real underwriting function will greatly enhance the likelihood of success for initial public offerings and also provide great market stability if one or a few large financial institution acquire the entire public issue and then sell into the marketplace over time. We want to ensure there is continuing market stability for our listed companies

exchange will depend on what the market dictates for minimum investment amounts and prices per share or per unit of a combined share and warrant issue or a derivative unit issue. The GREENDAQ exchange is self-regulating and listed company share prices are determined by the free and open market. It is also different from the exchanges most people are familiar with in that there can be no short-selling, thereby removing the opportunity for many of the abuses experienced recently on the major exchanges. The listed companies provide this information which will be available to all members on our website.

AMM: We currently have 9 companies in some stage of the listing process and have several inquiries a week. The interest is vast.

MCR: The Internet is the best source of information for any

consumer or investor wanting to know more about the companies in which he has an interest. Our purpose is to provide a market, not to recommend either companies or investment advisors. I conducted a survey of investment advisors many years ago and found that they ran the gamut between those who looked at what are called fundamentals such as financial statements and management interviews to chartists who call themselves technical analysts to one who recommended buying solely on the basis of how many times a company’s name appeared in the press. Free markets imply that the consumer has the responsibility for making his own decisions. And again, there is a wealth of information on the Internet. Footnote from Jan Lamboo (AESX): Shares initially available through a placement in a small circle of investors are governed by regulations that may vary for different jurisdictions. Most common (for EU and USA) is the minimum participation of EUR50.000 or US$100,000. This is the primary or IPO market for placement. Once shares are placed they may become freely tradable in the secondary market; trading between buyers and sellers. In this case any number of shares may be traded at the price the buyers and sellers are willing to act. This may even be just a few shares at a nominal investment amount.


Caribbean Plantation living Room During the 15th and the 16th century – the Age of Discovery - many European explorers, pioneered by the Spanish and Portuguese, and later followed by the English, the French and the Dutch, started making extensive journeys by boat to discover unknown nations and island groups. During their many travels they came across many exotic destinations, like Asia, India, Africa and the Caribbean, where many of them settled and made their new home. The Caribbean plantation decorating style reflects this sense of discovery and adventure these people felt during their extensive travels. It merges the European classic sense of elegance with the casual, relaxed feel of island living to create a truly timeless Caribbean look.

For an authentic Plantation-style feel in your home, make sure your walls are coated in the right colors. The owners of these beautiful Plantation mansions liked to use muted colors, like e.g. white, beige, ivory or light yellow to contrast the dark mahogany floors that have become so typical for this interior dĂŠcor style. If you do not have wooden floors installed in your living room, and you are not planning to do so in the future, you can still create the right look by using rugs, made of natural materials, like sisal. For the furniture, like the sofa and the chairs, use the modern pieces you already own and re-upholster them, if necessary, in softer colors to create an elegant Plantation look in your living room. Make sure to invest in some classic vintage furniture pieces, made of teak, mahogany, rattan or wicker, and place them together with the more modern pieces for a truly eclectic look. For your window coverings, try to opt for lighter colored sheer window coverings or invest in some classic plantation shutters, for a stunning Plantation look.

13 Your plantation living room will not be complete with all the right accessories. For a worldly look that invokes a sense of discovery and adventure. Try incorporating some exotic art pieces you have collected during your voyages to far away destinations, like Asia, India or Africa and combine these with beautiful art you have purchased from one of our gifted local Caribbean artists. Other accessory pieces that will help you create the right look are an antique compass, a vintage globe, a large contemporary or antique mirror, a few distinct lamps, some vintage botanical prints, and a few potted plants, like palms, ferns and orchids. Try connecting your living room with the outdoors by installing large (glass) doors that will either open up to your veranda (in front) or your backyard. Create a special spot that you can use to gather with your family and friends to relax and enjoy each other’s company while sipping an ice-tea on the rocks or an ice-cold Mojito‌


The only way is up! The Art of vertical Gardening

Vertical gardening has been around for hundreds of years, but lately it is becoming increasingly more popular in the world of garden design. One key person who helped spark this new trend is French botanist and artist Patrick Blanc, who upon returning from a trip to some tropical rainforests in Malaysia and Thailand, two decades ago, began experimenting with different techniques to try to replicate the beauty he had seen in these forests. Now his “living walls” can be admired all around the world, where they continue to inspire people to draw closer to nature, wherever they happen to be…

Great products

There is a great assortment of products on the market nowadays that will help you create something truly unique both inside and outside your home. Fences and exterior walls, made of bricks or stone, can easily be used to create a beautiful vertical garden. All you need to do is select some beautiful vines that will attach themselves to these structures .

15 After a while you will be able to start enjoying the beauty of your own “green” wall. Some plants need a little more help than that. For added support, you can use for example fishing lines, mesh fabric or wooden trellises. Trellises are a perfect solution when you want to create an easy privacy barrier between your residence and your neighbors’. You can also use hanging planters or baskets, which can be hung practically anywhere around the house: your porch, your deck, your upstairs balcony. There is a very innovative product on the market nowadays that uses eco-friendly modular panels to help you build a “living wall”. Check out the internet or your local garden shop for more information on the latest vertical garden products.

Organic art

There is a great variety of plants you can choose from to create a striking vertical garden. What you need to take into account is the type of soil and fertilizers they need to thrive and the amount of water and sun they can handle. It is always recommendable to go for those that are low maintenance and are fast growers. Some examples of outdoor plants you can use are: English ivy, Bougainvillea, Clematis, Jasmine, Honeysuckle (these will attract hummingbirds to your yard), Dipladenia and Mandevilla. A few examples of indoor plants you can use are: Dracena Sanderiana, Button fern, Green prayer plant, Croton Petra, Spider plant and African violet. Nowadays they are using also different colored Succulent plants to create true organic master pieces (see picture) that you can place either inside or outside your home. We wish you a lot of “Exito” (which means ‘success’ in Papiamento) with your own “living wall”…



garage doors

These days garage doors come in all shapes and styles. Most of them will complement the look of your home or the neighborhood you live in. But if you want your garage door to really stand out from the crowd, why not purchase one of these photo tarpaulins - waterproof canvasses - that “”, a German-based company, is offering for about $285. There are a number of unique 3-D motif designs you can choose from that will help you create a “Wow-look” for your garage. Ever thought about coming home to a country field of Provence, or your very own Wine Bodega or Beach bar? Or what about having your very own subway in your front yard? All this is now possible with these extraordinary garage door designs.


At ERA-Solito Real Estate,our team of local pr ofessionals can help you pur chase your desir ed dr eam home.We know that it’s impor tant for you to find the pr oper neighborhood,so please let our staf f of r eal estate pr ofessionals pr ovide you with an insight of all the local schools,public tr anspor tation and amenities for your needs of the perfect location. Concessielaan 8 Or anjestad - Ar uba Tel: (297) 583-7400

Fax: (297) 582-0241 Mobile: (297) 734-8000 Toll Fr ee: 1-866-978-5664


Caribbean B O H E M I A N


Your dream of owning your own habitat in the Caribbean has just become a reality and now you’re facing a brand new challenge: “What should I do with this blank space?”. While browsing through interior decorating magazines or surfing on the internet, you may have come across hundreds of innovative ideas you may be able to apply to your bedroom, but did you consider turning this special room into a Caribbean inspired Bohemian retreat?

Boho inspiration

Boho essentials

The “Bohemian” look (“Boho” in short) was extremely popular in the 1970s and 1980s, and nowadays it is becoming very in style again; this design you will find not only in the wardrobes of many ladies, but it is also becoming a new trend with interior decorators that use this décor style to create something really distinctive for their clients. The term “Bohémien” was first used by the French to describe the non-traditional, “gypsy” life-style of many upcoming artists, musicians, actors, journalists and writers living in key European cities. The “Boho look” can be created by merging different interior decorating styles, like e.g. the Beach Cottage style, the Modern Minimalist style and the Ethnic style to create something unique, laid-back and elegant at the same time.

The first area you need to cover in this room are the walls; try to go for the lighter shades like e.g. white, beige or ivories to create the feeling of airiness and space in this room. For a truly Caribbean Bohemian look, make sure to use a selection of the more vibrant colors like e.g. mustard yellow, ocean blue, bright orange, bright red, and highlights of silver or gold to contrast the colors on your walls. When choosing the furniture for this room, try opting for the ones that will give this room an earthy, down-to-earth feeling. Natural colored furniture made of materials like teak wood, rattan or wicker will help you create the right look. Make sure to invest in some

19 high-quality bed linens, made of organic cotton, done in the lighter shades, like e.g. white, cream or ivory to accentuate the feeling of space in your room. And for an authentic Caribbean villa look, don’t forget to acquire a large, light-colored mosquito net to hang around your master bed.

Boho accessories

Conclude your “Bohemian room” with the right Boho accessories. Place one or two soft, natural looking rugs around the bed area. Make a selection of your most treasured ethnic art pieces - collected during your faraway travels - and find a good spot for each one. Do your best to find some different sized decorative pillows (made of soft organic cotton or silk) in different shades and textures and place them on the bed and on the lounge chairs. For a great tropical effect, get some large tropical plants and finish off this bedroom by hanging one or two large, Caribbean paintings done in the same vibrant colors you have used for this room. We wish you many “sweet dreams” in your Caribbean inspired Bohemian retreat…


Four dogs and a Chihuahua, chickens, nine adult land turtles and three new-born ones, a parrot and a baby rabbit in a carton box live happily together with Joa Beke and daughters Rowi and Ava at Alto Vista. House Complete’s telephone call with the question if we might take a look inside the adorable cunucu house was answered with a spontaneous `yes’.

A tour of the 80-some year-old house provides much more than a few nice photographs: it states that a home does not need to be `designer’ stylish and neat, but that it can be a lived-in place where hobbies and surrounding nature are allowed to play starring roles. Joa’s mosaics are wonderful, her passion for zebras is evident in the living room and her recently painted still-life brightens up a wall.

21 Seven years ago graphic designer Joa bought this house. Former owner was Sieuw Jadoenathmisier, a teacher of Dutch at Colegio Arubano high school. The color scheme of the exterior of the house is still his choice; after the upcoming replacement of windows and doors and other renovations, the outside as well as the inside will get a color make-over. Joa is also in the process of laying a new floor of the old, original porch, which will then be turned into Ava’s room. The coming months will see a lot of work done and the house will get a more modern look as soon as the old shutters and wood are gone.

``It is a pity in a way,’’ says Joa. But the traditional, wild-patterned tiles will stay: they belong to the house and its history. Joa’s mother lives in an apartment in the garden. The former outhouse, now painted bright green, is the only brick part of `her’ building. It testifies to the respectable age of the Alto Vista house, which also still sports a `fogon’ (a kind of oven). The rest of the house has changed throughout the years when rooms were added onto the `hadrei’, but the feeling of being in a house in which a lot of people have lived throughout the years, pervades. Joa’s cunucu house has many nooks and crannies and a lot of small rooms. It makes for a terrific home with many personal touches. The view is just terrific: the cunucu side in optima forma.

View all our listings at Residential, commercial, land, condominiums and apartments Kuquisa straat 8A, Ponton

Tanki Leendert 217

Sabana Liber 23-H

Malmokweg 22-R

Salina Cerca 45-D

Beautiful 2 story house with 4 bedroom, 4 bathrooms. High ceiling living, dinning & kitchen area. Closed garage. Excellent location & neighborhood!

Nice home of 3 bedrooms, 2 bath rooms and maids quarter. Land scaped garden ( 525m2 prop.Land), double carport and a side patio with a pergola.

Nice neighbor hood & fully furnished. 3 bedroom, 2bath rooms. High ceiling living, dinning and kitchen area. Land scaped garden, covered front & back porch. Fully fenced on 742m2 land.

Nice house only minuets walk to the beach. 3 bedroom, 3 bathrooms on 663 m2 land with views across the lagoon to Arashi beach. A view to live for.

Beautiful fully furnished, modern Island life style home of 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms on 643m2 land. Wide French doors open to the patio. Landscape garden with a Jacuzzi. Fully fenced with alarm system and 2 car garage.

AFL. 338,200 / US 190,000

AFL. 373,800 / US 210,000

AFL. 445,000 / US 250,000

For Sale: US 475,000 For Rent: US 1,800

Morgen Straat 35-C

Malmokweg 18

Opal 133

Opal 144

Magnificent home build on 3961 m2 Property land. 4 bedroom, 4 bathrooms with a one bedroom apartment. Double garage and huge tropical garden. Fully fenced & alarmed. Ample room for a large swimming pool.

Beautiful Villa of 4 bed rooms only 10 minutes walk to the beach & across from the golf club TDS. 995 m2 land. High ceilings, french doors. European Kitchen. Covered patio & ample space to build a large swimming pool.

Beatuful 2 Story Ocean View Villa Near Marriott Resort! Newly-built 4 bed room, 4 bathrooms on 938 m2 property land with custom materials from Spain & Italy. Gourmet kitchen. Open terrace overlooking pool & backyard perfect for Island entertaining.

2 story sea view villa of 4 bedroom, 4 bathrooms on 600 m2 property land. Fully furnished and equipped with the finest materials from Europe. Large swimming pool & covered patio. The villa offers total comfort & Luxury one can ask for.

AFL. 1,299.400 / US 730,000

For Sale: US 1,200,000 For Rent: US 3000

US 1,300,000

For Sale: US 1,350,000 For Rent: US 6000

AFL. 1,112,500 / US 625,000

Muna Habash tel: (+297) 593 4647


with Feng Shui in your bathroom No, Feng Shui is not a Chinese guy or girl with whom you are supposed to relax in your bathroom. It is the name of ancient Eastern customs and beliefs, which can best be described as `acupuncture for the house.’ It involves the balancing of invisible lines of energy.

n our Western world, the color white is associated with cleanliness and it is a good color for a bathroom. However, white should be `warmed up’ with color accents, like peach, salmon, pink or red. A towel and a glass or a vase could work wonders. Simplicity in the bathroom is important, so one or two color accents would be enough. You can get great results as well with mixing diverse materials in the same color, like ceramics, wood, glass and cane. Also the combination of flowing lines with straight ones, circles and sharp corners can make for a bathroom that is pleasing to the eye, yet soothing. Energy is constantly sucked away through the drains, but the harmful effect of that may be counteracted by putting in a few plants. A large, oval mirror with an elegant frame does not only enlarge the space, but also the self awareness of the person who is looking in the mirror. Good ventilation and lighting are very important here. A bathroom should be a place of cleansing and purifying.


In the bathroom we are in close contact with ourselves: in the early morning and before we go to sleep we look at ourselves. In a small bathroom you get a narrow view of yourself, so use bright lights and mirrors to create more space. A wide, high mirror that reflects as much of you as possible, is perfect. Avoid mirrors with a cupboard inside: they often are split in the middle, so you look at yourself with a line through your face, which is bad energy. Drains mean draining energy – the more bathrooms and toilets there are in a house, the more energy flows away. To avoid that you can lower the top of the toilet seat after use. Flowing water is symbolically linked to the stream of riches and chances. Keep in mind that problems with your water supply may have a direct effect on your bank account.




The Waboba Ball

What is it about the Waboba Ball that is so special? This toy is taking the world of beach games by storm, it seems. Made of polymer gel and elastane, the weightless ball bounces right off the water, making for a terrific pastime and loads of fun.

The Sun Jar

You do not need to say a word when you hand over the Sun Jar as a gift: the sentiment is clear. The Sun Jar will be a memory of the fantastic, sun-filled days you spent on Aruba and it will undoubtedly bring a smile to the face of the person you love who lives in colder climates. The Sun Jar soaks up sunlight during the day and throughout the night it dispenses a warm, orange, sunny glow. Basically the Sun Jar consists of LED lights with a solar charging panel and solar cell batteries in a frosted jar. Warm and sunny, the Sun Jar is much, much more than just a gadget. It is the thought that counts!

.95 US 44

Clean Mop Slippers

This is a fantastic idea: slippers that clean the floor while you walk, dance or shuffle through your house. The underside picks up lint, dog and cat hairs and any dust that comes in their vicinity, making them multi-tasking in a relaxed way. 10-inch long, with open toes, these slip-ons are one-size only and machine washable. Just tear off the Velcro underside, wash it, and put it back on, and voilĂ , your inner housekeeper is back on track.

US 8 Remote Control Duck

US 10

Bath time has never been as much fun as with this remote-controlled, lovely yellow ducky. It is keeping you company and it entertains you, as it effortlessly swims around obstacles. Your Duck has rear propellers.


Ambigram Door Hanger

You do not need any words when you have this 10 dollar door hanger gracing your doorknob. Are you in the mood for company, then change it to a welcoming `Come In’; are you busy, in a bad mood or not in the mood for chit chat, then change it to `Go Away.’ The message will be clear either way!

US 9.99

Air fork One

US 10

No more tantrums from your child about eating his veggies with this cool, flying fork. Shaped as an airplane, this fork makes getting essentials into that tiny mouth a whole lot easier. Dishwasher safe it makes for happy landings.


Think Pink Girl’s bedroom Pink is the color that symbolizes playfulness, sweetness and youth and it is most girls’ favorite color. If you are in the process of doing a make-over in your “tween” girl’s bedroom, why not make it a “Think Pink” bedroom?

Color the room

Set some time apart with your “princess” to brainstorm about what you would like to achieve. Check out some interior decorating magazines, surf the internet, do some “window shopping” together and create a plan of action. Pink comes in a variety of hues, from pale pink to fuchsia. These shades can easily be used in combination with colors like lime green, pastel blue or soft purple. Create some spice in the room by creating unique art on the walls. One easy way to do this is by applying “wall decals” (vinyl stickers) to the walls. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, like e.g. flowers, polka dots, hearts and butterflies. You can get these ‘on-line’ or check your local home & hardware store for more information.

Furniture & cool stuff

When purchasing the furniture, it is important to take into account that your lovely “tween” is going to grow into a teenager in 2 to 3

years. Her taste may radically change, so try to get furniture that have a classic or simple modern design, which can be updated later in a different color (repainted or re-upholstered), so they can continue eing used (by her or her siblings) for many years to come. Make sure to create enough storage space, so she can keep her room neat and organized at all times. Finish off your make-over project with some cool accessories, like crystal or beaded lamps, Chinese lanterns, a few soft rugs, colorful Art she has created and some unique decorative cushions. We wish your “tween” many sweet moments in her new “Think Pink” bedroom… for our complete listings


True blue

Boy’s bedroom Blue is the color of the sky and the ocean and it has always been a favorite among boys of all ages. If you are considering redecorating the bedroom of your “tween” boy, why not make it a “True Blue” bedroom…

Color the room

Before starting on this special project with your “tween” son, take some time to discuss what can be done with the room, considering your budget. The color Blue is said to have a calming effect on people, which is good news when you have a hyperactive “tween” boy in the house. The color blue comes in a variety of shades, from baby blue to navy blue. Consider using one wall as the “focal point” of the room. Paint this wall for example a calming ocean blue color and use this as the background for a super-sized action poster of his favorite “Extreme Sports”-hero. Coat the rest of the walls a softer shade of blue and contrast these with more vibrant colors, like red and yellow.

Furniture & cool stuff

When thinking about the furniture for the room, take into account that every “tween” boy needs a special spot where he can just relax and enjoy his favorite comic book or “Extreme Sports” magazine. Try to get him a big “chill out” chair or sofa, which can be transformed into a bed for when he has one of his buddies over. What he will probably also need is a place where he can stack his prized CD collection. Make sure that his room has enough storage stuff, so he can keep his room tidy and organized. Finish off the project by hanging up some of his favorite toys on the wall, like his skating board, body board or guitar. We wish your “tween” boy many happy “extreme” moments in his new “True Blue” bedroom… for our complete listings


Logic makes sense with fire prevention Your tea towel catches fire when you use it to lift a heavy saucepan, spilled drops of oil ignite when deep-frying or for one obscure reason or another, your lovely caramel pudding goes up in flames: yes, mishaps occur. The thing is how to react in such a situation and how to prevent such occasions. One solution has always worked wonders: have the lid of a saucepan ready and as soon as flames start shooting upwards, put the lid on them and smother them. A wet towel works the same way.

When reading the following tips, you might think that these are so logical, no one needs to list them. But read them anyway; you might have missed one or two.


Do not use light bulb wattage that is too high for the fixture. If a circuit breaks, trips or a fuse blows often, immediately cut down on the number of appliances on that line. When using appliances, check that they are at least three feet away from things that might burn. When small children explore the kitchen while you are cooking, one of the things that might happen is that they want to see what smells so good and they get badly burned with a scalding hot fluid. To avoid that, turn the handles sideways when the saucepans are on the burners. The above are just a few tips and hints to make you better aware of the pitfalls that lie in wait for you in the house, tripping you up and catching you off guard. And keep in mind that prevention is always better than cure. The first ones concern the kitchen: always stay in the kitchen while cooking and keep any lighters and matches at least 3 feet away from open fire. Strike your matches before turning on the gas. And never keep spray bug repellent or any other spray near the burners when you are cooking; do not use them anywhere close to a fire. Store flammable chemicals outside the living area and have a working fire extinguisher in or near the workshop, laundry room or kitchen. Keep smoke alarms clean and vacuum them to remove dust. Never paint over smoke alarms and test them regularly.


Old Pictures of Aruba History of Cars and Roads on Aruba

The arrival of the first car in 1915 must have been as big a miracle as the appearance of the first Spaniard to the Indians on Aruba. That’s how Aruba’s premier historian Johan Hartog describes the start of the automotive era on our island. Transportation on the island used to be on horseback, on a donkey or mule. The first carriage came on Aruba around 1880; it was locally named Kitoki. It was pulled by a horse and made it possible to reach San Nicolas in two or three hours. In 1915 doctor George Hopkins imported the first automobile, a Metz. It took him and his friend Johan Beaujon months to assemble the car that arrived in pieces, packed in crates. While people were in church one Sunday morning, Hopkins and his friend tried the vehicle out on the road to Ponton. It produced a lot of noise and smoke and it was the talk of the town that year. The second car on the island was a Ford, imported by doctor Horacio Oduber, the third was another Ford, owned by businessman Nicky Ecury: the first Aruban to sell cars on the island. But for many years cars remained the exception on the Aruban roads, which were in very poor condition. The Oranjestad Main Street, the Nassaustraat, was the first road to be covered with asphalt and lined with sidewalks in 1929. Other streets followed soon and the bridge across the Spaans Lagoen at Pos Chiquito was built, still in use to this very day. In the early thirties, one street after another was covered with asphalt and so was the road to the Eagle Refinery. In San Nicolas, things went less rapidly, due to a lack of planning of



Jamanota 19D Santa Cruz, Aruba

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streets or roads at the time. It would not be until the early forties that Lago President Lloyd G. Smith succeeded in convincing the island government to take charge of the development of the island’s Oil City. The import of American cars was stimulated by the presence of Exxon employees living inside the Lago Colony. They brought their cars from the States, usually only used them inside the Lago Colony confines and often even took them along on their months-long holidays abroad. Development of the road network on Aruba has been slow; the first 4-lane high-way, the Sasaki Road, linking Oranjestad to Malmok, was only constructed in the eighties. The first traffic lights were installed in 1977, at the La Fama intersection of the Nassaustraat. Roundabouts are only recently being constructed at various busy intersections. Pictures show early 20th century automobiles and their proud owners, mainly Lago employees.

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most jaw-dropping bridges in the world Bridges encompass feats of modern and ancient engineering, admirable examples of genius and artistry by those seeking to solve the problem of traversing a seemingly impossible abyss or body of water with style that inspires and endures imaginable physical demands. These marvels of construction that attract tourists and photographers do not only represent advances in technology, but blend harmoniously or even enhance their environment, and Tripadvisor, a website with hundreds of thousands of members casting their votes, gives them top marks. Do those who use them to commute daily stop to consider these remarkable achievements?

A large cable-stayed road-bridge that spans the valley of the river Tarn in southern France. Designed by structural engineer Michel Virlogeux and British architect Norman Foster, it is the tallest vehicular bridge in the world, with a summit at 343 meters (1,125 ft.) December 16, 2004 it opened to traffic. In 2006, it won the Outstanding Structure Award from International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering, IABSE, a non-profit organization. Its construction broke three world records: the highest pylons, masts and road bridge decks in the world. The Royal Gorge Bridge in Colorado is 20 ft higher at 321 m (1,050 ft), and is considered the highest bridge in the world, but is principally a pedestrian bridge over the Arkansas River, rarely used by motor vehicles.

Tower Bridge – London, England Completed in 1894, Tower Bridge was instantly hailed as a London icon and one of the great engineering marvels of its age. Designed by Horace Jones, the City Architect. His engineer, Sir John Wolfe Barry, devised the idea of a bascule bridge with two towers built on piers. A busy and vital part of London’s commuter system; 40,000 people cross it daily, and the lower bridge opens to allow boat traffic. The high-level walkways were reopened in 1982 as part of the Tower Bridge Exhibition, now located in the twin towers, walkways and the Victorian engine rooms. They boast stunning views of the River Thames and many famous London sites; visited annually by over 380,000 tourists.


Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic A Gothic bridge spanning the Vltava River, it was originally dubbed Stone Bridge, commissioned by Czech king and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV in 1357. The architect was Petr Parléř, and it has withstood devastating floods, believed due to a mixture of egg yolks into the mortar. 30 Baroque statues were placed on either side since the17th century; however, replicas now stand in their places and the originals reside in museums. Most popular is of St. John of Nepomuk, a Czech martyr who was thrown from the bridge during the reign of Wenceslas IV. The plaque on the statue has been polished to a shine by countless visitors touching it over the centuries, believing it brings good luck and ensures a return to Prague.

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco The “Golden Gate” is the opening between San Francisco Bay and the Pacific, and was the longest suspension bridge in the world when it was completed in 1937. Though now #9, it is still the second longest in the U.S. to the Verrazano Narrows in NYC. In 2007, it was ranked #5 on the List of America’s Favorite Architecture by the American Institute of Architects. Originally proposed in 1916, it took a decade to begin, as the project suffered enormous opposition and generated great controversy until approved in 1923. Credited as truly responsible for the final design is Charles Alton Ellis, project engineer, collaborating remotely with famed bridge designer Leon Moisseiff. The unique orange color comes from the original sealant, which proved so striking it was kept, rather than conventional silver or grey.

Henderson Waves Bridge, Singapore, Malyasia Henderson Waves’ is Singapore’s highest pedestrian bridge and can be found at the Southern Ridges. It is a beautiful 9km stretch of gardens and parks which has frequently drawn comparisons to New York’s central park. The bridge itself is absolutely stunning is a unique engineering concept. The deck is made from thousands of balau wood slats, perfectly cut and arranged, and the length of the deck is in the form of a huge snaking, undulating shell which cleverly forms sheltered seating areas on every upward curve.


Aruba was discovered by Alonso de Ojeda – the leader of a Spanish expedition – on the ninth of August 1499 and since then the island has gone through many changes. But the things that have always remained the same are the kindness of its people and the beauty of its natural environment. Every month we’ll present you a small selection of some native animals you may discover while hiking through Aruba’s National Park or taking an “off-road” trip with a 4 x 4 through Aruba’s rough countryside.


This dragon-like animal is called “Yuwana” in Papiamento and while they may look somewhat dangerous, they only eat plants. Most of the hotels In Aruba keep them as pets, so they can be admired by their guests. But you may also spot them while taking a hike through Aruba’s nature, although they tend to be somewhat shy when living in the wild. In the past the Iguana was caught on a large scale for their delicious chicken-like meat used to make “Iguana Soup”, but nowadays this is prohibited, because they are in danger of becoming extinct.

Blausana. These little creatures can be spotted everywhere

around residences in Aruba, but they can also be seen while taking a nice hike in Aruba’s beautiful nature. And they have bright blue dots all over their bodies; they cannot be easily spotted through the vegetation. On Aruba they are called “Blòblò” or “Kododo Blau”, (‘blau’ means blue in Papiamento). When the sun is at its peak, they like to go to a cool spot, e.g. underneath a nice rock where they can enjoy the shade and maybe take a quick “siesta” (which means ‘nap’ in Papiamento).

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