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EDITORIAL CONTENT After House Complete came out with its third edition, we received an avalanche of compliments, critcisms, suggestions and comments. we love that, so keep them coming, please. Emails came pouring in from our readers in Bonaire, Curacao, the Netherlands and the United States as well as from Aruba, commenting on the on-line version of our magazine and the fact that the ads are linked to our advertisers websites. And what has been astonishing to us was the fact that very positive comments and compliments were posted on the message board of Our fourth edition of House Complete again is chockfull of fun articles, tips, hints and in-depth interviews. We hope you enjoy. Cross Media NV René van Norel (publisher) and Alma de Vries (editorial director)



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Real Estate Portal Calbas Plaza Residences 15

Palm Beach Villa

For Rent. Very nice and spacious 2 bedroom and 1 bathroom house, situated in the quiet and upscale area of Palm Beach. The perfect place to spent your holiday with friends or family. Palm Beach Villa is situated on walking distance from popular island activities, shops, restaurants, beach and night life.

2 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, family room, storage, apartment.

USD 650,- per week

Awg 395.000

Aruba Happy Rentals P.O. Box 5403 Oranjestad Aruba T +297-592 0287 / 594 4632

1ST Option Real Estate N.V. Tel.: 734-4550


For Rent. Nice semi-furnished house located in a quiet neighborhood with a view at the national park Arikok. Floor plan: Living room, kitchen, dining room, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, laundry and covered porch. Property is fully fenced and partial decorated with gravel and plants. Availability by July.


Sherri's Beach House. Step into paradise. The lush gardens feature a private pool, Jacqui, fountains, and BBQ grill. Enjoy your own sundeck and a view of the island. There is a spacious open living, dining, kitchen area with a large flat screen TV, and DVR.

USD 350.00 per night Phone: 733-4663


To ensure quality and trust amongst the residents of Totolica Family Residences, the developer MVM has chosen to work with the best materials andprofessionals for this community. Moreover, each residence is delivered with a complete kitchen, bathroom and landscaped garden. Please come by and have a look at our finished model home! You will be amazed!

USD 280.000 - Awg 498.400

USD 109.000

J.E. Irausquin Blvd. 12 Tel. 588 7781

KMB Realty Group N.V. Caya G.F. Betico Croes 153, Suite 6 E: T: 583-3553 C: 592-5472

CENTURY 21 Best & Solid Real Estate Palm Beach 4-G, Aruba Tel. (+297) 586 42 42

Awg 530.000 ERA Solito Real Estate P.O.Box 183 Concessielaan 8 Tel.: (297) 583-7400

Fast Rent House Aruba NV Sabana Liber 265, Noord Tel: 587 - 1971 Fax: 587 - 3460

Caya Luna # 138 This luxury home offers great relaxation. Nice finishing and elegance. This home features 3 beds, 2 baths, modern kitchen, tropical landscaping and pool with pool deck. The home is fully air-conditioned and built on a plot of 821 m2 / 8837 sq ft. Very quiet neighborhood. Total build up 207m2.

USD 539.000.- / Awg$959.400.109.000

Esmeralda 7

Beautiful spacious home located close to Aruba's finest natural areas. The house consists of 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, fully equipped kitchen, living and dining room. In addition the property houses a full one-bedroom apartment. Enjoy the breeze of the afternoon in the various patios that surround the property. Find your piece of paradise within a short drive out of town.

USD 1.315 per month

Luxury Residence

Brand new villa in Residence in North/ Rooi Santo. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, pool/ Jacuzzi, built on 781m2, with luxury kitchen, green views from the covered back porch.


Rooi Santo

For Rent at Italiestraat next to Ling & Sons , behind Super Food, excellent location, Both have a bathroom and kitchen.

Blue shop 100 m² Awg 1750 Green shop 90 m² Awg 1500 Solito 100, Aruba Dutch Caribbean Phone: 582-8080



ARCHITECT ORLANDO HOEVERTSZ There is no denying that Aruba has seen a building boom in the last fifteen years which has changed the landscape of the island. Innovation in design is something architects strive for; whether they are successful or not is debatable, especially when considering the particular environment and traditional buildings of a Caribbean island. Architect Orlando Hoevertsz, who earned his degree in Holland at the Technical University of Delft and returned to his home island to establish a successful architectural firm, is one of a cadre of young architects challenging traditions and encouraging clients to “think outside of the box,”- literally. His office building and particularly his home are excellent examples of his affection for unusual spaces; rooms with 90˚corners are hard to find. “Being my own principle for my home and business gave me the opportunity to show people there are more possibilities than what we have known“, he

observes. “When designing them I had the advantage of being able to do whatever I wanted. They are meant to be free-form; using different shapes, forms and colors; hopefully inspiring people to see there is more to building than just square boxes.” In regard to the tendency over the last ten years to more modern architecture in Aruba,

7 Orlando states he is all for it, “as long as it is done right. Some see things on TV or in magazines, but they don’t truly understand the harmony of shape and proportion when they translate it to Aruba. Also, one has to look at the surroundings. A neighborhood full of cunucu houses will not benefit from an ultramodern house.” This actually brings up a topic that is a sore point for many architects, the fact that in Aruba, individuals can hire a draftsman to make their blueprints, and literally design their own homes. They must be submitted to the DOW, which is conservative in its requirements for a stable design, but this still can be done by individuals without an education or a full understanding of the stresses of construction. “Because Public Works requires a concrete tie-beam that is overdimensioned, accidents are rare,” explains Orlando, “but when you get into two-story structures you can have problems, and what often is severely impaired are the aesthetics of the house. People are creating homes without training in the concept of the structure as a whole, which takes into account the combining of attributes to create an overall pleasing home with other aspects such as surroundings and use of the outdoor space. This has been an issue for all architects on the island for 25 years, as we end up with a hodgepodge. Some people think it is part of Aruba’s charm, but some find it a little too messy.”

Orlando believes in allowing for Aruba’s consistent tropical climate as an integral part of the home’s environment, and considers a covered patio that facilitates outdoor living a necessity. “People come with designs from Europe or the U.S. which are made for areas where most of their time is spent indoors. The basic plan can be employed if this is what they want. However, they should be modified to suit our lifestyle. I personally prefer large windows and sliding doors looking out on expansive patios, thus creating an indoor/outdoor synergy.”

pictures of houses and certain aspects that appeal to them. One day, just look at windows, another day, the way the roofs have been finished, garages, landscaping, all of these things, and take note of what about them they like in particular. When they bring me this, and they have discussed it beforehand and agreed on what they want, it will smooth and speed the design process.” Most would consider Orlando’s most spectacular project to date, and of which he is rightfully proud, the building at the Divi Links which contains the club house and two restaurants overlooking the course, offering a spectacular view. This demonstrates the concept of combined shapes for a pleasing whole, and what can be accomplished when given great leeway in the conception of the building. “When done properly, this is a good example of how one can produce interesting corners, angles and views, which can be carried over to private homes as well.”

One particular piece of advice Orlando has for couples planning to build their dream house is to do their homework before entering the architect’s office. “Couples should talk first and agree on what they want,” he suggests “I have seen heated arguments in my office, which is taxing on my time and theirs. I recommend they take a camera and drive around the island taking


Fast Rent House Aruba NV Aruba Sabana Liber 265, NoordCall: +297 5871971 Fax: +297 5873460 m

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Construction and renovation The renovation and construction of these landmark buildings to house the collections of the Archeological Museum took two whole years to complete. Our local construction company ALBO took the contruction part of the project under its wing, BK Consulting did the supervision, Studio Bichara from Italy made sure that the buildings would reveal their former glory and the Monument Bureau of Aruba guided the entire process from beginning until the end. The project was a great success and the “Ecury Complex” looks absolutely stunning, inside and out, and these beautiful monuments have now been placed on the Monument Bureau’s candidate list for preservation.

OPENING NATIONAL ARCHEOLOGICAL MUSEUM ARUBA The National Archaeological Museum of Aruba was established in 1981 with the primary goal of presenting to the Aruban public, as well as our international visitors, our rich archaeological heritage. The National Archaeological Museum Aruba is dedicated to researching, preserving, interpreting and raising awareness about the history of the different cultures that inhabited the island from Pre-Historical until the Early Historical times.

A new home In the late 1980’s the Archeological Museum identified its need for adequate housing for its collection and activities and after studying various options, they decided to make the “Ecury Complex” - situated on the Schelpstraat 40, 42 and 44 - their new home. This group of single and two-story historic buildings, formerly owned by the well-known business family Ecury, date back to the late 19th and 20th century. The beautiful red brick colored, two-story building was build in 1910 and has as a typical “Caribbean town villa” style, which you will also find e.g. in the northern areas of South America (like Mexico) and other Caribbean islands, such as our sister island Curaçao. This house was the birth place of Aruba’s war hero Boy Ecury.


Permanent exhibitions “Lord Cultural Resources”, who have worked in the past with high caliber museums like the “National Museum of Egyptian civilization”, the “Hong Kong Heritage Museum”, the “Museum of Nature” in Israel and the “Centre Pompidou” in France was commissioned to spearhead the development of the permanent exhibitions.They have done an excellent job in giving special attention to one of the museum’s main target group, our children. Many interactive and multimedia features have been added to the permanent exhibit – that covers about 500 m² - to make the children’s, as well as the adult’s, visit a fun learning experience they will not soon forget. The museum also has a temporary exhibit area, on the second floor, where our local artists will be able to display some of their work in the future. Once the Museum is opened, they will start organizing lectures, educational projects and workshops for the general public.

Opening week

Aruba’s renewed National Museum of Archeology is opening its doors to the g e n e r a l public on July 26, 2009 and to celebrate this, they have put together a week full of activities. They are setting up a “Cultural Café”, where workshops, lectures and book presentations will be held throughout the week. And on the day of the big opening a stage will be set up in front of the Museum, where a spectacular open-air show will be presented with local artists, singers and dancers from 6 until 10 p.m. in the evening. Everybody is invited… For more info about Aruba’s National Archeological Museum, please contact them at tel.: 582-8979. You can find more info about their opening week’s activities on Aruba’s official website, check the tag Museums.


Aruba is a tropical island and the warm weather all year long is perfect for all kinds of bugs and insects. In nature bugs usually fill a role in the ecosystem. Some eat plants some eat other bugs and some eat dead organisms. There is a lot of activity going on, but usually this can only be seen through a magnifying glass. Arikok National Park is trying to bring this world to life through macro-photography. Let’s take for example the bees, which are very important insects to ecosystems all over the world. They fly from flower to flower pollinating them in the process. Later they go back to the beehive and produce honey to feed their larvae. If you happen to find a newly forming beehive in your garden you could do two things: call in the pest control to spray them with insecticide. Option two is to wait until dusk and carefully scrape them into a container. The bees are very calm around this time and will not become active so one can carefully remove them.

A BUGS LIFE Some insects have links to native origins. The Ironclad Beetle (Zopherus sp.) gets its name from the hard back plates which are fused together. Legend says that an ancient Mayan princess from the Yucatan peninsula fell in love with a man, but this was not allowed. A shaman hearing her cries of love turned her into a glistering beetle. This way the man could wear her as a brooch and keep her close to his heart. To this day these beetles are sold in Yucatan as living brooches with jewels glued to their backs and a little chain attaching them to clothing. This type of jewelry is called Ma’kech. The interesting part of this story to Arubans is that one of the Indian drawings in Fontein resembles this beetle which is rare but present on the island.

11 Many bugs are very specific to their host plant. This jewel bug (Agonosoma trilineatum)is found only on the Bringamosa plant, which gives them protection as it is very nasty and stings for extended periods. The males of this species are striped black and yellow and have a shiny belly. The females can look just like the males, but sometimes they have a yellow back with black dots. They feed by inserting their mouthpieces into the plant’s system to suck up the juices. Insects that look like a beetle and have these sucking mouth parts are what biologists classify as true bugs.

Wasps are the kind of flying bug we do not like to have around our houses. Especially when guests are invited one does not want them to be scared away or even be stung by one of them. Paper wasps (subfamily Polistinae) make their nests out of a paper like material and fly around looking for water. In your garden this could be a guest’s refreshment. A tip is to try to lure them away from the guests by placing a bowl of sugar water in teh garden to attract the wasps away from your guests drinks. We advise not to spray them with insecticides, as they have their ecological role in the garden. They feed on different insects, like small beetles and caterpillars, so having them around is good for the garden. Bugs are found everywhere, so go on a safari in your garden and see what you can find. Don’t forget to bring along a magnifying glass, because the wildlife is there, but it is small.

Phone: 592 0287

Text: Diego Marquez Photography: Wim Wijering, Jimmy Mijer, and Diego Marquez

Home Maintenance


STENCILING Give your bedroom a personal touch

Stenciling has always been very popular among professional interior designers, who use this special painting technique into their designs to help them achieve a truly personal and unique look for their clients. The great news is that you do not have to be a design professional to be able to use this art form. Anybody with a bit of creativity and flair can use this art form to create a fresh new look for any room in their home.

Popularity stenciling

Stencils are sheets of material in which a design or lettering has been cut so that ink or paint applied to the sheet will reproduce the pattern on the surface beneath. This painting technique has been popular throughout the ages. The earliest examples of stenciling were found in pre-historic cave paintings in different parts of the world, dating back as far as 9,000 BC. Stencils were also used in ancient Greece to outline mosaic designs and in classical Rome they were used to paint letters on signboards to direct the people to the Games. Since the late 1970s this art has gone through a revival here in the West, especially among people that love to DIY (do it yourself) and nowadays this technique is used by people of all ages around the world.

Following are some practical tips to help you on your way.

Visualize. Stenciling is applied on the walls

with permanent paint, so before you start it is important to spend some time thinking about the kind of look or theme you would like to create in your bedroom. Choose a design that will really bring out your own personality. Pick one or more spots for your design, like e.g. the headboard of your bed, or the four corners of your walls and determine what you would like to create. You can use for example a favorite quote, a poem, your name, silhouettes, abstract shapes, flowers, special symbols or characters. Walt Disney used to say: “If you can dream it, you can achieve it!�. So just use your imagination.

Research. Get yourself informed before you start. Do some research on the internet or get some good advice from people at your favorite hardware store or arts & crafts store. Check out what is available and make the final decision. Make sure you get special stencil brushes, which are rounded at the tip and have short, stiff bristles, which make them perfect for "pouncing" or tapping the paint into the stencil. Stencil experts recommend the use of matte or satin finish paint in colors that either complement or contrast the existing colors of your bedroom.


Prepare. Try to practice your design on paper or a piece of board, before you place it permanently on one of your walls. For a more textured effect you can also apply the paint on a sponge. Tape your stencils in place with special painter’s tape - at the top and bottom - so they will not move as you are busy painting. Cover your tiles, furniture and accessories with old sheets or plastic covers and you are ready to begin. Just do it! Start painting your design from the outside first, to avoid that the paint will get under the edges of your stencil. For maximum result, paint one coat at a time - with sufficient drying time in between painting - for the desired color depth. Having excess paint on your brush will increase your chances of it running under the edges of your stencil, so try to dab your paintbrush first onto a dry paper towel to remove the extra paint.

We wish you a lot of success with your stenciling project!


We invite you to visit our Open House Events. Visit to view our updated Open House Schedule. A great way to view the different�homes�on�the�market�and�to�learn�more about�buying�and�selling�a�home.��See�you�soon!

ARUBA�REALTY J.E.�Irausquin�Blvd.�12 Phone:�588-7781



What is a hurricane?

According to the “National Hurricane Center Miami” ( a hurricane is a type of tropical cyclone, which is a generic term for a low pressure system that generally forms in the tropics. Tropical cyclones are classified as follows:

After the devastation hurricane Katrina caused four years ago, everybody around the world started paying more attention to the hurricane season. Still hurricane experts on the island say that we need to become more aware of the damage that can be caused to our home, garden or even loved ones if we fail to take the necessary precautions for this season. The hurricane season in the Tropical Atlantic and the Wider Caribbean region starts on the first day of June and ends on the last day of November. If you own a home or apartment on the island, it is important that you start taking safety measures now. To help you accomplish this we have put together some F.A.Q’s and a checklist to help you on your way.

Tropical Depression

An organized system of clouds and thunderstorms with a defined surface circulation and maximum sustained winds of 38 mph (33 kt) or less.

Tropical Storm

An organized system of strong thunderstorms with a defined surface circulation and maximum sustained winds of 39-73 mph (34-63 kt).


An intense tropical weather system of strong thunderstorms with a well-defined surface circulation and maximum sustained winds of 74 mph (64 kt) or higher. Hurricanes are categorized according to the strength of their winds using the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale. A category 1 storm has the lowest wind speeds, while a category 5 hurricane has the strongest. Hurricane Katrina was a category 5 hurricane.

Can a hurricane pass over the island?

The ABC islands are situated in an area in the Caribbean region where the occurrences of hurricanes are very rare. But every 100 years these group of islands have been hit by a hurricane. This happened in year 1605, 1784 and 1877. We have been very lucky since then.

What can I do to protect my property? a. Review your insurance against wind and

water damage. b. Your roof should be well anchored in its columns and in the walls of the house. c. Repair all the leaks in your roof. d. Exterminate termites. There are a lot of reputable local companies that can do that for you. e. Make sure all your windows and doors close and lock properly. f. Trim all the trees above your roof. g. Always keep your yard free of loose and dangerous objects, such as cans, glass and corrugated metal.


What can I do to protect myself and my family?

Make sure you have in your home: a. A complete FIRST-AID KIT. b. A good quality portable AM/FM radion. c. Enough emergency lights and candles. d. Matches and a manual can opener. e. Sufficient cups, plates, knives, spoons and paper towels. f. Toilet paper and trash bags. g. Tools, nails, 2� wide tape and enough plywood or corrugated metal sheets (preferably cut to fit) to protect at least your glass windows and doors that are most exposed to the wind, i.e. facing the street or open areas.

Names for Atlantic Basin Tropical Cyclones

When the the winds from these storms reach 39 mph (34 kts), the cyclones are given names. The names alternate between male and female names. List of hurricane names for this year:

Ana Bill Claudette Danny Erika Fred Grace

Henri Ida Joaquin Kate Larry Mindy Nicholas

Odette Peter Rose Sam Teresa Victor Wanda

For more information on how to prepare yourself properly, please consult our local telephone book. On the community pages (middle of the book) you will find exactly what to do before, during and after the event of a hurricane. Source: National Hurricane Center Miami, Bureau Rampen Bestrijding (checklist phonebook).




Also new development a! in SaliĂąa Cerc !! Beautiful view solito 100 / tel 582 8080 /


OLD PICTURES OF ARUBA In the 1930’s airlift between Aruba and the outside world was realized with the opening of an airfield in 1935. An aloe plantation, owned by the government, in Dakota was the place of choice for this; the area was called Baca Morto. On January 1935 KLM’s `Snip’ was the first plane to open up the regular airlift between Aruba and Curaçao. The Dakota airfield had a wooden shed as its airport building at the time.

From Dakota Airport... Queen Beatrix International Airport In 1933, five years after the first landing of a seaplane on Aruba, Lt. Governor Mr. H.E. G. Wagemaker decided to build an airport. This airport was located at Dakota, or Wayaca, which had been named after a former aloe plantation. On January 19, 1935 the first scheduled flight took place between Curaçao and Aruba. A passenger terminal and a radio station for air traffic control were built in 1937. In 1942 a new terminal was built on the south side between 1965 and 1972. The airport was given a new name: it went from being Dakota Airport to Queen Beatrix International Airport and the runways were enlarged to accommodate the latest turboprop and jet planes. In 2000 a huge renovation and expansion of the airport took place and two new terminals were erected: one for United States-bound passengers and one for passengers headed for other parts of the world. In 2007 a separate terminal for private planes was built.

The difference difference isis inin the thedetails details The 17

Chevrolet Ultimate Automobiles

Chevrolet Ultimate Automobiles

Tanki Leendert

Solito Oranjestad

Tanki Leendert


Wan Boy Supermarket


Wan Boy Supermarket

Kitchen cabinets supplied by: Kitchen cabinets supplied by: Solito #120 s Tel.: 582-0129 s Fax: 588-0799 Solito #120 s Tel.: 582-0129 ss Fax: 588-0799 s



KITCHENS European innovation and modern technology is changing the face of Aruban kitchens Fifteen years ago, Eurokitchen Design Tonk was the first to bring made-to-order modular European kitchens to Aruba, starting a revolution in home design on the island. Today, they are the largest supplier of custom designed quality kitchens and their showroom located in Solito is a goldmine of design ideas and culinary inspiration.

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home; a family center where not only the furniture, but major appliances are a key factor in completing the décor. “The most innovative styles are out of Italy, they are the fashion leaders,” reveals store manager Roger van Riet, “but for quality of manufacture, German kitchens cannot be beat, and that is why we are the Caribbean agents for Alno Kitchens and their subsidiaries, which include Pino, Impuls and Wellmann. We also find that German efficiency is an important asset when waiting for the completed kitchen or replacement parts, which makes a world of difference our customers have come to appreciate.”

19 European styling is usually sleek and modern, but ample “ classic country kitchen” designs can also be found, as well as a variety of cabinet and counter fashions that bridge the two trends. The shop employs the latest virtual computer programs to allow patrons to custom design every aspect of the room, with endless choices. Roger is very enthusiastic about the latest ceramic countertop material which is absolutely indestructible and remains looking like new for generations. One of their featured set-ups, which is a working kitchen, was the set for the weekly cooking program “Ban Cushina” on TeleAruba, and demonstrates numerous aspects of how conveniently and efficiently one can arrange their work space. “European kitchens are the vanguard of innovation,” explains Roger, “designers are always looking for the best way to utilize every bit of space and make daily chores easier for the homeowner. The newest thing

is elevated dishwashers, so one does not have to lean over or bend down. Cabinets without handles that can open with a knock are becoming more popular. Stainless steel appliances have been the rage over the last decade, but now designers are turning to black and white glass for a truly contemporary look.” Touring the shop is a revelation, as homeowners will realize that the art of kitchen decor has

come a long way in the last decade, as well as the “difference in the details,” as Roger likes to call it. “I know it is something of a cliché, but you really do see that little things, such as quality hardware that prevents the slamming of cabinet doors, or inset lighting over the countertops and in cabinets make a huge difference in how you enjoy using your kitchen.” “Most importantly, customers must realize they are not bound by the model kitchens they see in our store,” emphasized Roger, “as they are only concepts. Alternate colors, cabinet tops, appliances, everything is changeable to suite anyone and everyone’s taste and allotted expense. Most importantly, they must also realize we have four levels of quality and price from one company under our roof. That means that if they love a particular design they think is beyond their finances, we can provide one just like it or nearly so, for a more affordable price. Here at Eurokitchen Design Tonk customers will find a kitchen to fit any budget; no one should think they can’t afford the stylish kitchen of their dreams.”


How to create a butterfly garden

Butterflies are the most exotic, beautiful and colorful little creatures on the earth. Worldwide there are some 24,000 different species, 80% of which live right here in the tropics. There are some beautiful butterfly gardens in different parts of the world and when you get the chance to visit one, you always end up leaving the place with a feeling of serenity and a sense of awe by the beauty you have seen. Here follow some practical tips to help you create your very own butterfly garden.

The life cycle of a butterfly

The life cycle of a butterfly consists of 4 different stages. First the female butterfly lays her eggs. Out of these eggs will come (after 5 to 10 days) tiny caterpillars which will eat and grow for the next 2 to 4 weeks. After this time, the caterpillars will wrap themselves into a pupa (chrysalis), and after no seeming change for 10 to 15 days a brand new butterfly will emerge, early in the morning, to start a new life on this earth. This magical transformation we call a metamorphosis.

The first step

A butterfly, much like a child, has distinct needs during the different stages of its life. When the eggs of the butterflies hatch and the caterpillars emerge, they will need food from a host plant to eat and grow. And when they have been transformed into butterflies they will need nectar flowers to thrive. So it is important to do some research in the beginning to find out what type of butterflies you would like to attract to your garden and what their specific needs are.

Monarch butterfly

Here follows a short list of some native butterflies: the Monarch butterfly (host plant: milkweed), different types of Sulphurs (host plant: Cassia), different types of Fritillaries (host plant: Passi flora) and different types of Hairstreaks (host plant: grasses). Some local nectar flowers loved by these butterflies are: Dwarf Poinciena, Lantana, Raspa, Pentas and Duranta.

The next step

Find a good sunny spot in your garden - sheltered from the wind where there is sunshine for at least 5 to 6 hours a day. If your garden does not have good soil, try to use ‘raised beds’, which you can build using wood, stones, rocks, etc. This is a very popular and economic way for growing plants. Raised beds require less space, less water and less fertilizer (avoid using pesticides and insecticides in your butterfly garden). Try to keep the width of the beds to about 4 feet, so you can easily reach the center of the bed from either side. Find out what plants are available on the island and start visualizing and planning what you would like to create with this special spot in your garden.


The third step

Put your plan into action and try to make it extra special for these little ones. Butterflies need water, so it is best to create a butterfly puddle. An easy way to do this is by digging a shallow ceramic dish ground level, fill it up with some sand and moisten it regularly with water. Butterflies also love to bask in the early morning sunshine on sun-warmed rocks, so try to incorporate some medium sized rocks into your garden. And if you want to give them a special treat so now

conservation of Aruba’s butterflies, which are quickly disappearing. And when you place your favorite outdoor furniture on a spot where you can easily spot these colorful creatures, you and your family will get to enjoy their company for many, many years to come‌



Raised beds

orange bard sulphur butterfly Caterpillar

and then, you can make a butterfly feeder. You can either use a glass or ceramic pie plate, a plastic or terra cotta plant saucer, or a dish with a sloping rim. Try to place your feeder on a higher level where house pets cannot reach. Fruits butterflies love are: overripe bananas, strawberries, cantaloupe melons, peaches, mangos, oranges and lemons.

The final step

Once you have created your own butterfly garden, be proud that you have created a special habitat for them, because this will help in the


Q: Tell me a bit about yourself.

A: I was born and raised on the island of Aruba. My father is Dutch (from Suriname) and my mother is from Venezuela, so I was raised speaking Dutch and Spanish. On Aruba we speak Papiamento, so I can speak this too. And my husband Dennis is from Trinidad & Tobago, so we speak English in our home also. I have 3 grown children: Samantha, 28, Roger, 27 and Derek, who is 25. I moved together with the family to Holland for about seven years and after that we lived for a while on the island of Mayorca, Spain where my love for mosaic art was reborn.

Q: What motivated you to start creating mosaic art?

A: I have always been fascinated by ‘bits and pieces’ of everything. I used to make puzzles of a 1,000, 5,000 and up to 10,000 pieces. I would put them together and break them up again. I was so dedicated to my puzzle hobby that I sometimes forgot about my household chores. My very first mosaic art piece I made in 1997. It was a bird on a bright orange board. The bird was made of lima beans and various other beans and peas. This became my first kitchen art! Later on while visiting Mayorca with my daughter Samantha I got truly inspired when visiting a cathedral there called “La Seo”, which is one of the most distinctive landmarks in Palma de Mayorca. The interior of this cathedral was done by the highly creative mosaic artist Antoni Gaudi. His creations are fascinating and original at the same time. Since this time I started learning everything about mosaic art and I am still learning.

Q: Where do you get your inspiration for your art?

A: When I was living in Europe I would get a lot of inspiration while visiting one of their many museums and art galleries and I used to spend hours just browsing around the local libraries and book shops.

23 Some years ago I started collecting mosaic art books and now I have my own library. I’ve come to know many mosaic artists from around the world and they also inspire me a lot. Here I get inspired from Aruba’s nature, which is very unique. I like going to Arikok National Park and I love going to the beach, both for the tranquility it gives me and also for the beautiful things that I always find on the beach, like shells and small pebbles, that I then try to incorporate in my art pieces.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: I get a lot of commissioned work to do for local companies and private homes and I also like to participate in local art exhibitions. I also give workshops for children and adults at the Artesania Arubano and in the future I will continue doing these things. I would like to start giving workshops at the hotels as well for the tourists that are visiting our island. And I am currently busy working on my first mosaic art book for children. This book will hopefully be on the market at the beginning of next year. Omaira Silva’s beautiful mosaic art pieces can be seen at the “Toyota Art Gallery”, “Artesania Arubano”, “Scol di Arte San Nicolas” and at her own private home studio in St. Cruz.

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Aruba offers some of the best shipwreck and scuba diving sites in the Caribbean and each year some 40,000 divers – both locals and people visiting from abroad – get to witness the incredible beauty that is just waiting to be discovered a few feet below the island’s warm, turquoise blue waters. But while the majority of Aruba’s reefs are in a fairly good condition, a lot of damage can be caused if proper action is not taken to protect and preserve this precious, yet fragile and easily disturbed underwater eco-system. Castro Perez, currently working at the Aruba Tourism Authority as the Eco Tourism Manager and known on the island as one of Aruba’s environmental pioneers, had this in mind when he started picking up debris he found on the reefs, while on one of his many diving trips. Some time later, while at a dive show in the United States, he got the knowledge he needed to organize Aruba’s first Reef clean-up weekend in 1994.

What started one day as a simple concern in the heart of one man to keep the reefs of Aruba clean, so that the next generation would get to enjoy them, has now grown some twenty years later into a whole army of environmentally-conscious people that are willing to give up one or two days each year to help preserve the island’s vibrant and colorful marine environment.

25 This initiative, now called the “Aruba’s Reef Care Project”, primarily sponsored by the Aruba Tourism Authority, has now grown some 16 years later into the island’s biggest environmental project that is held annually on the first weekend of July. Last year they celebrated their 15th birthday with a record amount of volunteers, over 850, and contributing sponsors. The main aim of this project is not only to clean up the island’s most popular beaches, dive and snorkel sites, but more importantly to inform the local population, especially our children and youth, about the importance of sustaining our marine environment year round.

This event is becoming increasingly popular on the island and its participants include schoolchildren, youth groups, tourists, environmental groups, government officials, dive operators, local companies, church groups, scouts, etc. The area where the clean up is held is from “Arashi”, a public beach on the northwest coast of Aruba all the way to

the “Baby Beach”, situated in San Nicolas on the southern part of the island, as well as 24 popular dive sites along the southwest coast. You can give a helping hand by either walking on the beach, by snorkeling or diving and the whole family is welcome. As a registered participant you will receive an “Aruba Reef Care Project” t-shirt and a light lunch free, plus you will get the opportunity to meet some of Aruba’s friendly people. But above all you will get the satisfaction of knowing that you have contributed to a worthwhile environmental cause while away on vacation. On the last day of the event, a “Thank you party” is organized for the participants, during which you will receive an official “Aruba Reef Care Project” certificate of appreciation and you will also get the chance to win some great raffle prizes. This year’s event is held on Saturday, July 4th and 5th, and if you want to join, you can sign up at your favorite dive operator, the activities desk of your hotel, or call Mr. Castro Perez, Mrs. Jasmine Maduro or Mrs. Amaira Boekhoudt at the Aruba Tourism Authority at tel.: 582-3777. Or you can also e-mail them at: c.perez@aruba. com, or

Sunday, July

International Collection H-235 Siribana

H-250 Seroe Biento

H-260 Esmeralda

4-bedr.,4-bathr., TVroom, maidr.

3-bedr.,3-bathr., spectacular view

3-bedr.,2-bathr., covered porches,fenced

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US$ 495,000

H-265 Seroe Blanco

5-bedr.,4-bathr., equiped kitch

H-268 Pavia

2-bedr.,2-bathr.,full guesthouse,pool, equiped Kitchen

US$ 415,000

Price US$ 535,000

H-278 Tanki Leendert

H-281 Tanki Leendert

H-282 Ponton

H-284 Marawiel

H-285 Salinja Cerca

4-bedr.,5-bathr., jacuzzi

2-bedr.,2-bathr., 4x apts.

4-bedr.,3-bathr.,pool, fenced.

3-bedr.,2.5-bathr.,full apt

4-bedr.,4.5-bathr., maidr., pool

Price US$ 440,500

Price US$ 310,750

Price US$ 550,800

Price US$ 536,750


Price US$ 600,000


¨Brand New¨ house



Interior decorating on a budget 1. Repaint.

You may not have a big budget to redecorate your entire living room, but did you know that you can give your living room a dramatic new look by simply repainting, rearanging, recovering and doing some treasure hunting around your house?

Choose one wall in your living room as the primary focal point and give this wall a splash of new paint. The trend in living room colors these days is toward the warmer end of the color spectrum: warm shades like mocha and gold, and the more vibrant tones of red and orange. These colors help you create an energetic living room, well suited to entertaining your guests. Many people prefer to use the more cooler tones instead, like light green, light blue or light gray for their wall. This can also be an excellent choice, especially if you are planning to finish it off with unique Caribbean art with lots of vibrant colors.

Following are some easy steps to help you create a brandnew look for your living room: 2. Rearange.

You can change the whole feel of a room by simply moving your furniture pieces around the house. Try to reuse unique furniture pieces that you placed someplace else or have not used for a while, like that beautiful antique chair you inherited from your grandparents. Thist will help you add a very special touch to your living room. Try involving the entire family in this rearanging process, you might be surprised by how artistic they truly are.

3. Recover.

If your current furniture looks a bit faded and outdated, but you don’t want to stretch your budget by buying new ones, then give a few of your furniture pieces a new look by simply taking them to a good re-upholstery store. You could also create or buy slipcovers with unique patterns for your decorative pillows. Choose colors that either complement or contrast the colors you have already used in the color scheme of your living room. Make sure that there is a good balance between the bolder, warmer colors and the more neutral, cooler colors in your living room, otherwise your living room will end up looking like a real Caribbean Carnival.


4. Treasure hunt.

The best way to find accent pieces to finish off your project is to use what you already have in the house. Look around your house for real treasures that you have displayed someplace else or have stored away in boxes, and try to reuse what you already have, like art-deco glass vases, rustic candle holders, large vintage mirrors, art your children have made and try to find a unique spot for every piece in your ‘brand new’ living room.

your ch art ild

really old mirror

rustic candle holder

LEEN BAKKER comfortable living

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BMW Baby Racer II:

Who wouldn’t want the safety and quality of a BMW when choosing an auto? Wouldn’t this standard apply even more so for our little ones and their first play car? The BMW Baby Racer II features actual rubber tires which provide extra grip and handling in the corners, greater stability, and are considerably quieter than their plastic counterparts. The upholstered bright red seat is spill resistant, and a low center of gravity ensures the racer stays on all 4 wheels even in tight curves. Certified by the German Technical Inspection Association, it is not only one of the safest of such toddler toys, and with its sleek black finish it has a definitive snob appeal! Find it at for $104; a steal for a BMW!

iShower Curtain

Digital Measuring Tape

You have heard of the “Me” generation; get ready for the “i” generationipod, iphone and all the other Apple-inspired gadgets that have converted technophiles to the “i” brand philosophy. For the truly dedicated, there is now the ishower curtain, gaily comprised of traditional, bright neon colors and black silhouettes of the infamous iPod ads. However, instead of the signiture silhouettes of people listening to their ipod while dancing, this curtain is decorated with people singing in the shower. No, it does not play music or have a pocket for your MP3 player, certainly the next step, but its attractive design is sure to liven up the lavatory and inspire some attempts bathroom opera! Find it for $20 at

Anyone who has ever gone through building or remodeling a home has likely experienced the frustrations of incorrect measurements and the subsequent difficulties which then unfold. No longer will distractions have you forget what you just calculated or having to determine slight fractions create big problems. A simple solution is the Digital Measuring Tape device, which is the ultimate in accuracy and with only the push of a button memorizes everything. A large easy-to-read display provides exact dimensions in either feet and inches or metric units, with quick conversion between the two. There is also a setting for adding the case length for taking inside measurements. It uses two LR44 batteries, which are included, and can be found for only $24.99 at



Jamanota 19D Santa Cruz, Aruba

Aruba Beach Club

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Magno Wooden Radio

Environmentally aware and socially conscious will love the Magno Wooden Radio; buying it indulges both these politically correct states of mind. A definitive retro look consists of two tones of wood constructed by hand by carpenters in an Indonesian village. Designer Singgih Kartono claims he is "redefining the relationship of the user between the product while revitalizing craft industries and local skills and using native sustainable materials.” (For every tree used, a new one is planted.) Even the packaging is designed to be simple, minimal and reusable for transporting. Winner of the Design Museum's Designs of The Year Awards 2009, this unique item is a new twist on modern boomboxes, and completely MP-3 compatible. Price is $250 at

MyCuppa Mug

“A cup of coffee commits one to forty years of friendship”-Old Turkish proverb. The eternal search for the perfect cup of coffee has inspired devotees of the brew to poetic heights, and failure to deliver a descent cup sown the seeds of divorce or at least ruined a romance or two. Now the beverage that is such an essential part of so many a morning can be tempered by milk or creamer to perfection with the sample guide provided on the lip of MyCuppa Mug. A perfect gift for the coffee fanatic or the hostess who must always be the one with the mostest at the neighborhood koffieklatch. Ł7.95 at; comes in a tea mug for Brits that must have their proper “cuppa.”

Slide Light Photo Display

A unique way to demonstrate your photographic artistry while providing a stylish background lighting to your contemporary style abode is the Sidelight Photo Display from Suck UK . If you are trying to find a use for that fine quality film camera you can’t part with, load it with some 100 ASA slide film for particularly vibrant color, and let your imagination run wild. Lights can be mounted either vertically or horizontally and come it varied sizes to perfectly accent that unusual space you have been wondering to do with, while providing the perfect romantic mood. Photo labs can also convert your favorite digital shots to slides as well. Slide Light is available at for $199.00.


Aruba, along with the rest of the world, is abuzz with the concept of conserving energy and reducing dependency on oil. The groundbreaking in June for the Vader Piet Windpark is a major step in making the island less dependent on fossil fuel as an energy source, but Aruban energy management expert Francisco de Mey thinks that even though stronger efforts should be made by the government and W.E.B., Aruba’s water and power provider, major strides can be made towards energy conservation by consumers on a daily basis.

Mr. de Mey is a graduated of the Technishche Hogeschool Eindhoven in Holland, where he earned an engineering degree qualifying him to design power plants. During his illustrious career he has been a “troubleshooter” for the Research & Development departments of numerous companies when they were stalled for solutions. At present, his many pastimes include teaching in the technical section of Aruba’s EPI professional training facility, designing industrial IT for Valero Refinery Aruba, and evaluating the merit of new businesses related to energy conservation for Aruba’s Chamber of Commerce. “Conserving energy and drastically reducing your utility bill begins with the initial design and construction of the home,” asserts Mr. de Mey. “In Aruba, one of our most costly uses of electricity is air-conditioning. Designing and positioning homes to take advantage of the consistent trade winds, as they used to do, will cut one’s energy consumption enormously. Additionally, concrete blocks are superconductors for the tropical heat. Constructing homes with two walls and an insulating space between can mean as much as 60% off the monthly expense of cooling the home.” In the past, houses were built with the bedrooms and principle living spaces freshened by winds coming from the northeast, with kitchens positioned at the far end so the wind took the heat and cooking odors out the house.

“People should keep this practice in mind when laying out the house and pouring their foundations,” he explains. A key design element that will produce a marked savings is to install shutter windows high up, just under the eaves of the roof. Not only does this freshen the house, but the position will greatly reduce dust and the shutters allow one to control the amount of breeze. Double paned glass will also insulate the home from the tropical heat. Roofing insulation is something not traditionally used in Aruba, but is another initial expense that will pay for itself in a short time with a sharply reduced monthly utility bill. Another money saver is the kind of air-conditioner which does not fully shutdown the compressor when it is in idle mode, but keeps it operating at about 10%. If one is not prepared to make these larger investments at present, you can still notice a difference energy costs by investing in timers for all the air conditioners in the home, particularly the bedrooms. This allows you to turn them off two hours before rising in the morning and leaving for work. The rooms will still stay cool enough until departure, and utility bills are markedly reduced. Purchasing only energy efficient appliances, replacing incandescent bulbs with Light Emission

Diode, or LED long life bulbs all may require a slightly greater initial expense, but pay off in the end. “Not only do they cut energy cost for the consumer, but when the entire community makes this effort to reduce consumption it is beneficial to Aruba, as it makes us less dependent on oil, and that is the long-term goal. Ideally, as in the U.S. and Europe, we would hope the government would eventually offer subsidies for these home improvements, making them a reality for all income groups.”

“At present, fuel prices are down, but they are certainly not going to stay that way, and we must anticipate that prices could fluctuate as they did in the early summer of 2008,” concludes Mr. de Mey. “It is an imperative for the island to be as oil independent as possible, and each of us can contribute to that when we plan and build our homes, remodel or add on, and in our daily usage. We don’t have to be only dependent on outside agencies to make an effort to reduce Aruba’s oil consumption; we each can play our part and save ourselves a lot of money at the same time.”



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Top 10 most outrageous celebrity houses

os•ten• ta•tion

“ a showy display, as of wealth or knowledge; pretentious.”

A perfect example of ostentation are these over-the-top, indulgent abodes, according to International Listings, a global cooperative of real estate agents specializing in marketing luxury properties. These domiciles are so “ridiculous, obnoxious, and occasionally, just plan ugly,” as to render marketing them a major challenge.

Of course, one man’s tacky is another man’s treasure, so if someone else wants to show off their affluence by demonstrating they have the funds to purchase a multi-million dollar monstrosity, then realtors will continue to believe there is always a buyer for any property, as long as they’ve got the gelt!

Britney Spears purchased her $6,300,000 “Love Shack” in Malibu through her trust of that name. 7 bedrooms and 6 ½ bathrooms occupy 9200 sq. feet along with a pool, complete home spa, tennis court and gym, and a separate maid’s quarters. She purchased it in 2004 and then put it on the market in 2007 for $13.5 million. According to realtors, “the gated estate was too overly-customized to Mr. and Mrs. Spears’ tastes with a bar in every room, which is too overthe-top for the average potential buyer in that price range - not to mention the lavish poolside bar built over which once was the tennis court.” Located in the very exclusive Serra Retreat, home to many stars, the price has dropped on the gated estate by nearly 2 million dollars, but is still up for grabs. John Travolta’s house might be mistaken for an airline terminal, according to critics, as the certified pilot prefers to commute by his own private jet rather than luxury automobile whenever the opportunity presents itself. Located adjacent to a main airstrip in Ocala, Florida, their extended private runway allows him to taxi right up to two outbuildings connected to the main structure, which is shaped like a truncated aircontrol tower, allowing the family to be able to see when “Daddy’s home!” The family’s enthusiasm for aviation extends to the interior décor, where the dining room mural duplicates a 1937 Fortune magazine ad, allowing guests to pretend they’re eating in the lobby of a 1930’s Paris airport. “To infinity and beyond!”

¨25-06-2009¨ - Topping everyone’s charts is Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch, a private amusement park located near Olivos, California on 2800 acres. Named for the home of Peter Pan, where little boys never grow up, the estate contains a private zoo, theme park with Ferris wheel, merry-go-round, zipper, spider, sea dragon, wave swinger, super slide, dragon wagon kiddy roller coaster, and bumper cars. Purchased from golf course entrepreneur William Bone, it opened in 1988 and in 2004 news media estimated Neverland Ranch valued at approximately $120 million, though the Santa Barbara County assessor's office assessed its value at $96 million “for tax purposes.” The beleaguered pop star faced foreclosure proceedings in 2007, but was able to come to a financial arrangement with Sycamore Valley Ranch Company and still maintains a partnership in the property, where he no longer reside.

33 Ira Rennert, the publicity-shy founder of Renco Group, does not extend his reticence for attention to his home. Fair Field, his Sagaponack, South Hampton mansion is considered one of the largest occupied residential compounds in America, and, most likely, if put on the market, will be valued as the most expensive home on earth. 110,000 sq feet of built-up area is located on 63 acres of prime property, with the main house measuring a whopping 66,000 sq feet! It contains a 91-foot long dining room, 29 bedrooms and 39 bathrooms, - no waiting! The estate also boasts a bowling alley, tennis and squash courts, and a $150,000 hot tub. Estimated building cost was over $100 million dollars, and its construction angered his neighbors, inspiring author James Brady’s 1999 novel, “The House that Ate the Hamptons.” Aaron Spelling, with 218 credits to his name, was America’s most prolific television and TV producer. He tore down Bing Crosby’s home in Holmby Hills, California to replace it with a 123 room, 56,500 sq ft estate on 4.3 acres that critics describe as “ridiculous,” and is pompously named “The Manor.” His widow, Candy, now reigns over the largest private estate in Los Angles country, which sports a room dedicated entirely to gift wrap. At the time of construction, The Los Angeles Times asked: "What's bigger than a football field, smaller than Hearst Castle, has a bowling alley and an entire floor of closets, and is making some people very annoyed?” Performer John Perry composed a calypso/ rap novelty song about the house called "The Ballad of Aaron and Candy.” Sale price: $150 million, making it the most expensive listing in the U.S.

Hollywood Power couple Will Smith and wife Jada Pinkett had to wait 7 years and spent $20 million to realize their dream mansion, but critical realtors consider it a nightmare. The California home has its own private lake, full basketball court and a pair of par three putting greens out back. The money invested in Calabasas Castle meant little when they had to evacuate because bush fires threatened to burn it down along with several other large homes in the area. Smith is quoted as saying the house took so long to finish, half of the couple’s six children were of an age to have their own homes by the time they were able occupy it.

How can a list such as this be compiled without at least one Donald Trump domicile? A 62,000 sq ft mansion described as looking like a Civic Center, his Palm Beach home is located on an 80,000 sq ft estate and contains a ballroom, media room, art gallery, beauty salon, and a 4,100-square-foot conservatory. Trump purchased the estate for $41.35 million in a 2004 Florida bankruptcy-court auction. He then renovated Maison de l’Amitié, which also boasts 425 ft of prime Florida oceanfront real estate and reportedly sold it in 2006 for $125 million, making it the most expensive home ever sold in the U.S., though attorneys for the Russian mogul who purchased it, Dmitry Rybolovlev, state it was only $95 million on the deed. Remarkably, it is reported the buyer is considering tearing the house to build a new one!

34 His Royal Highness Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz maintained a home in Aspen, Colorado because of his position as Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the United States of America from 1983 to 2005. The mountain top retreat sits on 95 acres, and the main portion of the home is larger than the White House. Along with 15 bedrooms and 16 baths the estate included stables, a tennis court, an indoor swimming pool, outdoor water features and a snowmelt driveway. When he was appointed to the United Nations, HRH decided to sell his U.S. palace, which was rarely used. At the time, the asking price was $135 million, more than what Trump asked for his Palm Beach estate. The Prince took the house off the market in November of 2007 after a lack of offers.

Martha Stewart may be the sultana of style, but critics balk at the $8.9 million dollar price tag of her Westport, Connecticut home called, appropriately to some, “Turkey Hill.” The comparatively simple Georgian style house contains nine bedrooms, three baths, several outbuildings and “the nicest garden in town,” of course. However, our realtors consider that given Martha’s gift for creativity, the house really is a turkey. There is lots of room to roam and ride on its 4.03 acres, but they feel that famously tasteful Martha could have done a much better job on the décor; “That wall paper in the dining room has GOT to go,” they pointed out. The house finally sold after a one third discount on the asking price, which left Ms. Stewart, “depressed.”

A list such as this is not complete without Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion (West.) The Holmby Hills manse boasts 29 rooms with a wine cellar, game room, zoo and aviary (and related pet cemetery), tennis courts, waterfall and swimming pool with patio and barbecue area, as well as grotto, sauna and bathhouse. A separate “games building” on the northern side of the 5.3 acre property has two sections; one a room with television and stereo, soft cushioned floor and mirrors running all around(!) The other equipped with vintage and modern arcade games, pinball machines, player piano, jukebox, and billiard tables. Hefner split his time between the original Chicago mansion and its western counterpart until occupying the California house full time in 1974. The Chicago mansion boasted a brass plate on the door with the Latin inscription, Si Non Oscillas, Noli Tintinnare ("If you don't swing, don't ring").


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