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Appendix 1. Cromwell College Students 2016

Freshers 2016

CHAIRPERSON’S REPORT 2016 Cromwell College believes in Opportunities now, benefits for life. Within the environment of a supportive community our students are given a great many opportunities: for academic success, sporting, cultural and spiritual improvement along with social and leadership development and service opportunities. They are there for the taking. They are the foundations for life-long benefits. As a community, Cromwell College welcomes and supports a diverse group of people as students, not necessarily the greatest academics or the most accomplished sportspeople but those who would most benefit by the College experience. Bursary programs facilitate access to the College. A team of advisors and mentors provides support to students: • • •

Student Advisors Internal and external academic tutors Academic mentors

This high standard of service to our students maximisestheir University outcomes and ensures that we can be responsive to the challenges that are confronting us, particularly in the current tertiary and economic environments. Our strategy plan gives an intentional direction for the College by driving continual improvement in current activities and through the introduction of new initiatives. The immediate outcomes are in a more positive university experience for our students with overall higher academic outcomes and a higher course retention rate that the general university student population. The College’s strong reputation can be seen in the large number of enrolment applications, in fact many more than there are places available. The property plan remains active with continual upgrades. We took advantage of the 201617 break for extensive refurbishments, especially in bathrooms. COCA – the Cromwell Old Collegians’ Association – is increasing its connections with College alumni through more complete databases and the widening networks of personal contacts. In addition to social functions, alumni are supporting current students through business breakfasts and as academic tutors. In accordance with the priorities on the strategic pan, the Foundation is restructuring and expanding its activities. We thank Foundation chair Mr Richard Shannon for his leadership in this. The aim which will take several years to achieve is for the Foundation to provide a range of opportunities for financial support to enhance the quality of the College. Over the next three years we will be challenged by construction works for the University of Queensland’s Student Housing Project on Hood Street, opposite the College and Walcott Street, next to Grace College. Three building are proposed to house in the vicinity of 1300 students along with associated commercial services. We will be working closely with the University to manage the immediate task of the disruptions that will come with construction and in the longer term to accommodate an increase from 500 to 2000 students on “the hill”. It is envisaged that the Student Housing Project will serve as an entry point for international and first year students who currently must seek off-campus accommodation. The Board of Governors have given of the time and diverse skills for the betterment of the College, Executive Committee, the Property Committee, the Finance Committee and the Foundation as well as personal activities. A major factor in the Board’s effectiveness is the diverse range of backgrounds, talents and interests bringing a multifaceted dimension to decision making. I thank them for their commitment to the College.


The annual Board retreat held in January took on a different aspect to previous years. As previously, the Board used the time available for a review of the strategic plan and an indepth examination of the governance of the College. On this occasion, however, the Board forwent the usual governance training to engage in a team building activity, climbing the Story Bridge. Regrettably Dr Andrew Cousins has had to tender his resignation due to having taken up a promotional position in Perth. He has made a significant contribution to the Board and we wish him well. We welcomed two nominees from the Uniting Church: Judy Young and Dayrelle Abbey, who joined us at the beginning of 2017. Our principal Mr Ross Switzer has led the College with enthusiasm and commitment. In this he has been supported by his wife Jenny. I would also like to thank: • The staff - the Deputy Principal and Business Manager; and people associated with college services – student advisors, housekeeping, buildings and maintenance, grounds, kitchen and administration. • The Students’ Association who have worked with the Principal and the Board of Governors in making this a great place. • Those who have given financial support to Cromwell. We can all be proud of Cromwell. Finally, there is my thanks to God for the goodness he has shown our College and my prayers to him that his blessings will continue.

Dr Joe Goodall Chairperson



I have pleasure in presenting the Principal’s Annual Report for Cromwell College 2016. I would like to offer my sincere thanks to all associated with Cromwell for a most successful year. The Grade Point Average of 5.02 across our 249 students in 2016 is strong. Seven students achieved the perfect score of 7.0 GPA, and there were over 60 students with a GPA of greater than 6.0. There has been a significant improvement in the academic support programs offered, with further quality programs being implemented to recognise and assist those adjusting to the school / university change. The ICC sporting and cultural competitions again saw active participation across the College with some commendable results. Each corridor of the College voluntarily participated in spiritual enquiry, coordinated from within our student leadership team, and a blend of social activities allowed people to unwind. Our Deputy Principal (Michael Crome) travelled to Vietnam to investigate a new service program. The community feel of Cromwell far outranks the physical aspects of the College, superb as they are.

Cromwell College Regional and Town Planning students attend a business breakfast with the Lord Mayor at Brisbane City Hall as part of Cromwell College’s academic mentoring program.

The Student Leadership Team again provided exceptional support and guidance to our students. I thank our Students’ Association President (Sophie Davis) and her Students’ Association Executive for their organisation of an incredible number of student activities. Sophie and her team further developed the Students’ Association Equity Policy which was designed and implemented last year. This document, made clear the desire to hold equity for all students at the forefront of all decision making. The Resident Assistants’ (RA) group provided quality guidance, support and friendship delivering proactive pastoral care in each of their corridors. These paid employees are the backbone of our structured pastoral support program.


I am very proud of our staff team. Mr Michael Crome as Deputy Principal has been a rock of loyalty and support to me, the staff and the students. He and his wife Jenny are fully integrated into all aspects of college life for which the whole Cromwell community is very appreciative. Michael has been supported by our Student Advisors, Dominic Retschlag, Glen Thorpe and Ella Carstensen. Mr Jason March has done an exemplary job as Business Manager. His business and people skills combined have led to some great initiatives and the further building of a great community spirit here at Cromwell. The maintenance and catering staff led by Mr Fred Deckers and Mr Matthew Thurecht respectively have done a great job, often behind the scenes. The campus is maintained in an excellent manner, and our catering consistently exceeds expectations. The office team provided a homely feel and support for our students, and I sincerely thank Business Manager (Jason March) and his small staff team of Heather Egbertson (Assistant Business Manager), Tania Dempsey (Community Relations / Reception) and Robyn Slater (Registrar) in this regard.

Another Cromwell girls’ rowing crew is tunnelled off the river by their supporters after a great performance at the Inter-College Rowing Regatta . 4

The College is governed by a diverse group of volunteer Board members led by Chairman Dr Joe Goodall and Deputy Chair Dr Janet Porter. I thank them all for their interest and active support of me both professionally and personally, and for their strategic input to the College.

Olympian Alana Boyd with Cromwell students from her old school (Immanuel Lutheran College) after speaking at a Cromwell College Formal Dinner.

Cromwell continues to maintain a positive relationship with the other nine residential colleges and the University. The University Colleges Australia (Qld Chapter) meets monthly. My wife Jenny and I represented Cromwell at the Collegiate Way International Conference in Canberra. I represent the UQ Heads’ of Colleges Chapter as Chair of the Inter College Council (ICC) Board of Governors, and I am President of the Colleges Information Technology Group (CITG) of which Cromwell is a foundation member. I am a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, the Australian Council for Educational Administration, and the Australian College of Education. The Board of Governors has approved a period of Sabbatical Leave for me early next year after seven years of service as Principal. Mr Michael Crome (Deputy Principal) has been appointed Acting Principal for that time. Financially, Cromwell College returned a very healthy operating surplus this year and carries no external debt. The College, including Campus Lodge, is fully occupied. Student enrolment interest remains very strong and this year, Cromwell College received 240 enrolment applications for 117 places. Our marketing plan is very effective. Conference trade has been a source of additional income. Significantly increased bookings are currently secured for 2017. 5

I again wish to recognise and applaud every person whose dedication and commitment has combined to make such a positive difference in the lives of the 249 emerging adults who we are all so proud to serve here at Cromwell.



SECRETARY’S REPORT Five general meetings of the Board were held during 2016. Those holding office during the year were as follows: TRUSTEES: Chairperson: Dr J Goodall Treasurer: Mr A Betts Secretary: Mr B de Jong (appointed AGM 16th March 2016) BOARD OF GOVERNORS: The number of meetings attended is indicated in brackets. Ex officio:

The Principal, Mr R A Switzer (5 of 5)

Elected by the Uniting Church, Queensland Synod: Mr B B de Jong (3 of 5) Dr J Goodall (5 of 5) Rev P J Lockhart (5 of 5) Elected by the Board of Governors: The Hon Justice J A Logan (3 of 5) Mr A E McChesney-Clark (5 of 5) Dr J Porter (4 of 5) Dr S Bade (4 of 5) Mr R Shannon (5 of 5) Life Governors: Mr M J C Head Elected by Cromwell College Old Collegians’ Association: Mr D Baum (4 of 5)

Appointed by the Senate of the University of Queensland: Professor M Skidmore (0) (Resigned 18/5/2016) Mr A Betts (3 of 5) Elected by Cromwell College Students’ Association: Ms S Davis (4 of 5) Mr J Burnell (4 of 5) Visitor to the College: The Moderator of the Uniting Church, Queensland Synod: Rev D Baker


OFFICERS AND COMMITTEES: At the 65th Annual General Meeting held on 16th March 2016, the following officers were elected: Chairperson: Deputy Chairperson: Secretary: Treasurer:

Dr J Goodall Dr J Porter Mr B de Jong Mr A Betts

Property Committee Five Property Committee meetings were held during the year. Mr A E McChesney-Clark - Chairperson (5 of 5) Dr J Porter (2 of 5) Mr R A Switzer (5 of 5) Ms S Davis (4 of 5) Mr J Burnell (2 of 5) Mr R Shannon (3 of 5) Mr M Crome (5 of 5) Mr J March (5 of 5) Mr F Deckers (2 of 5) Finance Committee Two Finance Committee meeting was held during the year. Mr A Betts (2 of 2) Mr R A Switzer (2 of 2) Mr M Crome (2 of 2) Mr J March (2 of 2)

APPOINTMENTS: Grant Thornton was appointed as College Auditor. Short Statement Cromwell College continues to be an exceptional college and this has not happened by accident. It has taken good governance, careful planning, prudent investment, wise counsel and excellent staff to achieve these goals. Student academic levels continue to rise, satisfaction level of students is very high, demand for places is strong and financial management is comprehensive. In a time where the media likes to portray University Residential Colleges in a negative way, Cromwell College achieves its aims as stated in our Mission Statement, “To provide a vibrant community for students in a caring Christian environment that enables them to grow in knowledge and character and willingness to serve.� Thanks to the Principal Mr Ross Switzer, his staff, the Board of Governors, the students and Cromwell supporters for a wonderful year.

Ben de Jong Secretary


TREASURER’S REPORT During the year ended the 31st December 2016 the College achieved full occupancy at the College and was nearing full occupancy at the Campus Lodge facility. This combined with strong financial management and sound governance saw the College achieve a healthy operating surplus of $971,490 for the year (2015: $1,051,583). Full details of income and expenditure can be found in the attached audited Financial Statements for the College. Components of overall income and expense, in percentage terms, are shown in the following pie charts. For comparison purposes, the previous year’s percentages are shown in brackets.


The College continued to substantially reinvest in the College facilities by undertaking $705,067 of capital expenditure during the year, which included upgrading the airconditioning systems and audio visual capabilities in the dining hall, kitchen equipment including new dishwasher, oven and upgrade to the cold storage rooms as well as commencing refurbishment of the North and Thatcher bathrooms and the Steele Craik Lodge rooms and is well placed to ensure that its facilities continue to be well presented in the future. The College is in a sound financial position as at 31st December 2016 with net assets of $14.67Millon and generated cashflows from operations of $1.33Million during the year, which enabled the College to fund its capital expenditure programme and increase cash reserves at year end to $4.3Million.

Andrew Betts Treasurer


Cromwell College - 2016 within the University of Queensland

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6th Row: 7th Row: Sth RO\\'; 9th Row: 10th Row, 11th Row:

Ta:,·lor Burgess. Emma Curro, Saskia ,vass, Billie-Lee Fuller. Daniel Hoole, T yler Lawrence. Zachar y Brown. Sophie Drffis. Ella Carstensen. Dominic Retschlag. Jenny Crome. Ylichael C'romt-. Ross Switzer. Jenn:,· S"·itzer. Glen Thorpe. :vfelissa Morshead, Jeremy Hensel, Benjamin Goulter. Zane Jhetam. Daniel Sanor. Audrey MclnnerneY. Madison Powell. Tayla Hansen. :\1adison :\1atschoss, Brodie JohnsOn, Morgan sa,·age, Emma "'right. �faegan Cass, Sacha Robinson. :.\1onica Collins. Alison :\Jackie. Erin Carson. Roxane :\futschler. Grace Vogler. Luke Liu. Emma Sartor. Georgina Bo,Yl:,·. I'\are Christopher. Rosemary Brewsrer, Georgina Braun. Shenae :.\farsden. �ladeleine Oag. Hannah Pa.,·ne. �fadeline GraC'e, Ashton Hansen. Romany '.\1artin. Gracie Troy, Georgia Harrison. Jessica Fleming. Phoebe Hilton_ Lauren Adsett. Tessa Ladd. Tre\-or !bell. l,ir Carruthers. Renee \\"akley. Lochlan '.\k..\.rthur. Penn,- Fisher. Scarlett Raine. ,Vladison '.\luller. Lili Carmichael. Emily \Villiams. Carly Br,·an. VeritY Tador. Bianca De Sousa. Henry Henshaw, Brittan\' Tapiolas. Grace ::'vfantheY, Jessica Griffiths. '.\lariida \Ya,•te. Kristie Krieger. '.\'ladeline O'Sulli,-;n. Ariane Dol. Mollie Harding. Eliza Parn--Okeden. Taisha Paterson-Burr. Ellie Price. Clarissa Dharmaseta. Jannikka Balko. Lilli Hay, Rebecca Kolbe. Caitlin Finegan. '.\lelissa Han-eY. Alexina Bishop. :\faddison Batchelor. Fiona Hurre,-. Jesse Do\\·nes. Tahnee Pignara. �1adalyn Thomson. ::Vladeline Grice. Phoebee �ew. Sophie Jones. Corey Cheung, Dana Larkin. Carla Xewlands. Carolyn Cormack. Alison Brown. Elyse Rich, Megan !Ye): Rianna Dorey. Bailee �furra): Chelsea \Vood, _-\my Price, Lauren Jamieson. Louise Burler. Ky le Surron, Anna \Villiams, Moll:· Fa.nniloe. Jemimah Thompson, Rachel :vfelYi..n. ;\[eredith \[eh-in. Jillian \fcl,ewen. Sarah '.\'ilsson. Carissa Pickering. Sean '.\lei. Jared FO\der. Jeremy Burnell. :-lathan Squire. Charlie (Ya) Li. OliYer Fr,·e. Jamie Goodridge. Paige Bedford. _.\.my Hitchener. Xaomi Hurrey. '.\lichaela OakleY. Sarah Jhetam. Mardia Ebert, Jessica Thompson. Chelsea Hannay. :-licholas Sue Se<'. Hannah Gunn_ Sarah :V!atthews. _.\.nnika \\"em,-. Brenna Shannon-Dear, Anronia O"Flahert\', Adriana Di Bella. Hayden \Yen. Joshua Sheeh,-. Andre"· Pirrinan. Conrad Zewe. Patrick :VkCahill. Tim Pope, James Preston. Elliott '.\leelen. Andrew '.\lc'.\lahon. Patrick '.\feh-ille. Keelan Smith. Mark Fisher. Jack Carey. Colin Hitchener. '.\fatthew Griffin. Christopher DaYis. Jamieson ..\.prile, Jack :\1cKinstry. Samuel DufI:y. E ,·an geline Greywall, Cassandra Burtenshaw, Sarah Bailey. Jaymin Prat l. Jaryu Shaw. Jack Gibson. Daniel "litschke. Reece Reed. Jonry Morrison. Alice Leighton. Luke Vaughan. Laura Brown. Jake _.\.lhrnod, Craig Land. Oli\-er Dan·as. Joel Rasmussen. Samuel Morrison. Jack Fuelling, Tia Robinson. Stephanie Tapara. Christopher Nilsson. Justin Di Bella. Lang :\frKenzie. Robert Coelli. \\'illiam Cornish. '.\lattl1e"· Pearce. Cameron I,roon. Swan Benn. Daniel \\'hire. Jacob Dalton. Joshua Moy. Olajuwon ('.\lanny) Matthews_ Bethany Egan_ \\- illiam :VkCarth,·. Zachary Grady. Tobias Henalla. Ddan Rudorfer. DYlau \\"allace. Jessica Hausheer. Rile,- de Jong. Rhett \\- illiams. _.\.lexander "loYy. I,a_rne Croft. Parker Hayes. Vikram Vakil, Louise Youles. Alexandra �ewron. SreYen Laing. Ben Townsend. Jake Humz_,-. Toby '.\lungomery. Jesse Tador. \latthe\\· Powell. Roland Langford. Andre\\· Douw. Goch,-in Shorland. Gregor Tims. Patrick Nolan. Bradley Fuller. Zoe BesleY. '.\litchell Jones. Joe Haines. !,de Williams. BraYden Fearby. Joshua Krieger. Jacob Hobbs. OliYer Armstrong. Isaac Baldry, Da,·id Hilder, Joshua Brownsey, Troy Stark. Lara Carringron, Hamish Lai1:d. K0en �fookhoek. Herberr Huskisson. Lachlan Jackson, Geoffrey Lyhne, .-\nthony Hansen. .-\den Tranenr, Connor Pollock. Alexander Simpson, Daniel .-\sh. Just Photography

Cromwell College Annual Report 2016  

Annual Report 2016