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JULY 2011

Official Opening of the

HM Begbie Building

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Editor • Ross Switzer • Volume 13

On Sunday June 5, almost two hundred guests attended a very special ceremony to officially name and dedicate Cromwell’s newest accommodation facility, the HM Begbie building. The building is named in honor of former Cromwell Principal, Rev Dr Hugh Begbie, who served between 1995-2010. The ceremony included addresses from the Student Association President, Mr Nicholas Finlay, the Principal and Chief Executive, Mr Ross Switzer and the Chairman of the Board of Governors, Mr Ben de Jong. The Moderator of the Uniting Church Qld, Reverend Bruce Johnson, blessed and dedicated the building and Mrs Barbara Merefield, Fellow of the College and daughter of the Foundation Principal, Rev G. Lindsay Lockley, cut the ribbon and unveiled a plaque to officially declare the building open. Student led tours of the new facility followed by afternoon tea, completed a very successful event. In his address, Board Chairman Mr Ben de Jong paid tribute to the fine work of Rev Dr Hugh Begbie over fifteen years, describing both he and (Foundation Principal) G. Lindsay Lockley as the two “builders” of Cromwell College. The Chairman thanked the many people who together turned the vision into a reality. This team, including Architect (Elizabeth Watson-Brown), Project Manager (Hammond Associates), Builder (Walton Construction), the many suppliers, donors, and Cromwell Board of Governors, staff and students both past and present, were all acknowledged and sincerely thanked. Student President, Mr Nicholas Finlay spoke of the good fortune felt and respect that current Cromwell students have for this new state of the art facility. Principal, Mr Ross Switzer linked the past with the present and looked to the future. The Principal’s address follows:


On this very day, 5 June, at about this time in the afternoon, fifty seven years ago in 1954, fifteen men moved into Thatcher Wing and so began Cromwell College, the first residential college on the St Lucia campus. In his report to the Board of Governors at the time, Founding Principal, Reverend G. Lindsay Lockley wrote: “a bitter westerly wind was blowing on 5 June and had no difficulty in invading the College through many unglassed windows and through doorways in which doors had not been hung. The upper Thatcher rooms were occupied with piles of wood shavings and other builders’ debris. Floors were unsanded, blinds were un-hung, there were no drawers, louvers, light shades or

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CROMWELL COLLEGE Walcott Street ST. LUCIA, QLD 4067 Ph: (07) 3377 1300 Fax: (07) 3377 1499 Email: Website: MISSION STATEMENT To provide a vibrant community for students in a caring Christian environment that enables them to grow in knowledge and character and the desire to serve. VISION STATEMENT Accept diversity Create community Strive for excellence Pursue spiritual, academic, cultural and social maturity Serve society Care for the environment. COAT OF ARMS When the College was able to adopt its arms, it secured permission from the head of the Cromwell family to bear Oliver Cromwell’s personal arms, a lion argent rampant on a field of sable. MOTTO VBI SPIRITUS IBI LIBERTAS - This motto comes from the Latin Version of the Second Letter of St Paul to the Corinthians, Ch 3, Verse 17. “Now the Lord is Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.”

Cromwell College Song Cromwell is the greatest College, Proved by every kind of test; Seeking for the highest knowledge, Aiming always for the best. Generous when we have the victory, Gracious if we know defeat, This is Cromwell’s firm tradition; Freeing Spirit, our heartbeat! God’s own Spirit brings us freedom Is the Motto we profess; It provides us inspiration, Gives us strength in times of stress. Hail or shine we stick together, Whether near or far apart; Ever caring, true and loyal, We bear Cromwell in out heart. The song is sung to the music of “Hymn to Joy” (92 in the Australian Hymn Book).

THANKS Thank you to all the staff, students and Alumni who have been contributors to this issue of COCA News. EDITOR Ross Switzer, Principal / CEO GRAPHIC DESIGN, PRINTING & DISTRIBUTION Bluestar Go cnr Hood St & Services Rd ST LUCIA QLD 4064

Cromwell students Nathan Flett, Melissa Hankinson, Victoria Birtles, Suzanne Stuart and Liana Gibson at the HM Begbie Building opening.

mirrors. There were toilets but without doors or partitions between them. The bathroom had one shower head nestled coyly behind a propped up sheet of galvanized iron. It rarely exuded water, either hot or cold. The builder had overlooked the provision of stairs to reach the living quarters on the upper floor, and we had access only when the clerk of works constructed a temporary set from packing case timber. The kitchen represented the sorriest spectacle of all. There were no doors to stop the wind, one small gas stove, one small sink and one fridge. There was no laundry. Many months passed before there was anything approaching residential completeness. But we moved in, and the men seemed to take a perverse pride in coping with the situation. A routine of after dinner announcements developed, during which the forecast was given of where bathing water might be available the next morning. The filth left by the builders led to rodents, and it became a custom to engage in an hour’s mouse catching after dinner. The rules included that academic gowns must be worn, and that mice must be caught bare handed”. Lockley summed up by saying: “We had difficulties. Nothing was right with the buildings. But common adversity made us an intimate and cheerful group, and I think that we probably enjoyed it, as no other student community has done since.” Nick Finlay speaking at the HM Begbie Building opening with Rev Bruce Johnson, Moderator of Uniting Church, (Qld)

The Opening Ceremony

Well ladies and gentlemen; perhaps back then in 1954 amongst the wood shavings, mice and cold westerly winds, was born the unique spirit of Cromwell, or, as the students say, ‘Crommie Ticker’ that continues today. A significant College occasion such as this today, begs reflection on our past and a glimpse of our future. Cromwell was founded on Christian Faith and Christian principles. Psalm 127:1 reminds us that if the Lord does not build the house then the labour is lost. In Matthew’s Gospel, Chapter 7 (v24-27), we are encouraged to build our house on the rock of the Lord, and not on shifting sands. 1 Thessalonians, Chapter 5 (v12-16) begs us to pay respect, be at peace, warn the idle, encourage the timid, help the weak, be patient, reject paying back wrong for wrong, and do good to one another. For fifty seven years, Cromwell has embraced Christian values, and more importantly beyond that, nurtured Christian Faith. Successive Boards, Principals, Staff and Students have embraced the College Motto VBI SPIRITVS IBI LIBERATAS “Where there is the Spirit of the Lord, there is Freedom,” the result being a College of which all associated with it, past and present, can be justifiably proud. Cromwell has a unique and enviable culture driven by successive generations of students themselves, assisted by staff. There is no doubt that Cromwell today mirrors the vision of its founders. I am sure that if Rev Lindsay Lockley was here today, and spent some time at Cromwell, he would be very proud of what he would see and feel. Today, in front of you, is the latest physical addition to Cromwell College. The 4.4 million dollar facility behind me, thankfully has no resemblance to the Thatcher building that unfortunately greeted Rev Lockley on this day in 1954. This modern, fifty four bed complex, offers supreme accommodation over three levels, for undergraduates in combinations of four and two bedroom ensuited apartments. There are three, large well appointed common rooms, and an undercroft area and basement. Ongoing landscaping will see further aesthetically appropriate areas for relaxation. The building is structured as three corridors of eighteen students each, including a Resident Assistant per corridor for pastoral and academic support and guidance. Cromwell’s philosophy is to integrate rather than segregate first, second, third and fourth year students, so what you see in front of you is not only first class accommodation, but in particular, one of the better examples of ‘fresher’ accommodation nationally. COCA News 2010 • Page 3

The future of Cromwell is exciting and positive. There is no plan to grow the College student numbers (fully catered) beyond the current 247. It is planned to use our recently refurbished deluxe Lockley Studios to attract more post graduate students to Cromwell. Our Campus Lodge (self catered) product for an additional 50 students in Hood Street, has been modified this year, to offer a greater competitive advantage in the wake of other self catered accommodation providers now and in the future. There has been heightened emphasis on securing greater utilization of our facilities in the seventeen weeks of vacation time, and continued Mrs Lyn Trumbull, Mrs Jenny Switzer and Mr Tim Trumbull (Alumni) at Afternoon Tea reinvigoration of the Foundation and Past Students Association. A major project soon to come to fruition through the work of Mrs Barbara Merefield, is the establishment and permanent display of the vast College archives, where those associated with Cromwell present and past can regularly view them, and in so doing, soak up the atmosphere, and contemplate the link between the past and the present. Although we are here today to officially open a wonderful new facility, the strength of Cromwell is really its people. Everyone associated with this College knows that we have something very special here. Something that is difficult to effectively articulate, or print in a prospectus or upload to a website. Cromwell spirit or, ‘Crommie Ticker’ pervades this place, and it is sensed by many when they first come in contact with the College. It is a powerful feeling and culture that sweeps through the corridors and around the buildings. Tangible examples of this surface in various competitions, where with just one hundred and twenty four men and one hundred and twenty three women, the College consistently punches above its weight in the sporting and cultural pursuits. Cromwell is a very social college where many varied activities are deliberately embedded into the calendar to bring people closer together. Its community service programs, pastoral and academic support programs, Board Chairman Mr Ben de Jong and Cromwell Fellow, Mrs Barbara Merefield, and opportunities for leadership at the HM Begbie Building opening

COCA News 2010 • Page 4

development are considerable. There are a growing number of students involved in spiritual exploration and growth. So although we are here today to witness the official opening of the latest of Cromwell’s excellent facilities, we are here today primarily to give thanks to God for everything that is Cromwell College. There is no question that here at Cromwell, the Lord has built the house, and that the house is built on rock and not shifting sands. Let us Pray. Almighty God. We acknowledge your presence here with us on this special occasion. We give you thanks for this magnificent building which we are officially First Year Student James Duffy in a Modern Room opening today, and the years of useful service that it will bring to the Cromwell community. As we look to the future, we ask that this building be a place of learning and growth in every facet of life. May it be a safe home away from home, a place of laughter, of friendship, and of lifelong happy memories. We give You the glory Lord, for all your many blessings. In Christ’s name. Amen

Ross A Switzer PRINCIPAL / CEO (Sunday 5 June 2011)

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From the


To the Cromwell Community With second semester approaching, it is timely to reflect upon the many successes of the half year just past. After the unprecedented events of the January flood and its impact on our building program and families, the College has bounced back positively. The HM Begbie Building is complete and officially opened, and 111 first year students and 136 returning students have successfully settled into University and College life. In particular, it is encouraging to see new students gain confidence and emerge further as adults, as they become more settled in their new environment at Cromwell. There has been a very positive feeling around the College as all things “Cromwell” swing into action. Many students have availed themselves of the regular academic tutoring program, and the cumulative GPA for Cromwell students after first semester, sits at 5.02. ICC sporting and cultural events such as AFL, Fresher Rugby, Soccer, Netball, Volleyball, Tennis, Bandfest and Choralfest have occurred, with Cromwell (despite our size) once again being placed in the top half of the ladder for many activities. There has been a growing number of students involved in weekly spiritual enquiry in the Chapel, under the guidance of our Senior RA, Jordan Herd, past student, Grant Linneman, and the UQ Chaplaincy Centre. Major social events such as Bunker and At Home have occurred, along with a number of the special “corridor dinners” hosted by Mrs Jenny Switzer in our home. It is encouraging to observe a growing number of students responding to the academic and pastoral initiatives, leading to more students appropriately balancing their academic work alongside many other competing goals. I have been impressed with the student leadership teams, as they continue to grow into their respective roles. Their transparency, and their desire and ability to proactively liaise fully with the Dean and myself over issues and events, along with their genuine care and concern for the other students has been terrific. In particular, the College President, Nick (Legolas) Finlay, Senior RA, Jordan (Finman) Herd, and Senior Academic Tutor, Caitlin (Diego) See have been exemplary. I have also been impressed with the staff here at Cromwell, who always have the welfare and interests of the students as their touchstone. Their flexibility, hard work and patience, especially very early this year with seemingly insurmountable obstacles with the flood and the building program, shows professionalism of the highest order. Despite the many successes, Cromwell is not perfect and it never will be. Providing best practice academic. pastoral and domestic care for almost three hundred emerging adults aged between 17 and 21 is not an exact science. There is, however, an atmosphere of optimism at Cromwell, as we all (students and staff) move forward together. The bleak global backdrop of increasing mental illnesses in young people, pressures at University both academically and socially, and a myriad of other “life” issues facing many emerging adults, make the role of a modern tertiary residential College complex. The skillful marketing machines of alcohol providers successfully persuade many students towards an escapism, which is a fool’s paradise. Despite all of this, we do our very best to provide an environment here at Cromwell where people know that people care, and that doors are always open to listen and offer whatever is needed at any time. I look forward to second semester unfolding……and just over twelve months into my role as Principal, I would not be anywhere else!

Ross Switzer Principal/Chief Executive COCA News 2010 • Page 6

Report from the Student President The first semester of 2011 for the 2011 cohort of Cromwell College was an incredible 15 weeks, jam packed full of sporting, cultural and social awesomeness, that culminated with an intense and somewhat stressful SWOTVAC and exam period. After what was a very well earned break, we have all now returned to the halls of Cromwell, to commence what is bound to be yet another unbelievable semester in the life of a Cromwell College Student. Over the holidays, some of our students were lucky enough to experience Cromwell Bandfest performance adventures to all different corners of our globe, gracing places such as Europe, New Zealand, Greece, Canada, Thailand and Bali with their presence. Needless to say there is many a photo to be shown, and story to be told of our holiday adventures, and dining hall conversations are anything but dull. There is little time for reflection, as we dive head first into the semester that awaits. CRO Week commenced immediately upon our arrival and the Crommie students have been able to enjoy many social events to reconnect after the break. We have also had the pleasure of welcoming seven new students into our midst within these first

Cromwell Men’s AFL Team with coach (and former student) Nick (Wood) Brook

COCA News 2010 • Page 7

“Top Cock” girls enjoy their Corridor Dinner hosted by Mrs Jenny Switzer”

days, and it has been a pleasure to see each of them slip so seamlessly into the fabric of the Cromwell Community. The new students include three new domestic students, as well as a new wave of exchange students from Dickenson College in the United States. On the sporting front, there is much to look forward to this semester, with a plethora of different sporting events set to take place. Although we are only within the first week of semester, training has already commenced for the Rugby and Rowing Teams, whilst students are also making preparations to destroy our competition in table tennis, squash, hockey, basketball and alike. Things seem to be shaping up well, even in these early stages, and it gives me great pleasure to be able to report that Cromwell currently sits in third place in the Men’s Sporting Competition, behind Kings and St John’s, whilst our girls are currently placed fifth. We are all very keen to continue our good sporting form, and hopefully this semester will be another very successful one. There is also much to be done within the realms of culture this semester, with our students set to take part in events such as One Act Play and Dancefest. Dancefest is the biggest event of its kind in Queensland, and our choreographers have already begun forming what will no doubt be another amazing routine, that we can take and hopefully use to improve that little bit more on the 2nd place Crommie received in last year’s competition. In summary, the first semester of 2011 was yet another incredibly good one at Cromwell College, and following a well earned break, the student body is poised dominate this semester, in the fields of academia, sports and culture, as well as enjoying the social life and camaraderie that exists within this place. It has been an honour and a privilege to work with the other student leaders, as well as with the administrative staff, and I am twitching in anticipation of what this semester will hold. Warm Regards,

Nic ‘Legolas’ Finlay President Cromwell College Students’ Association Inc. COCA News 2010 • Page 8

College Photos

Cromwell Lion’s Den

Cromwell Gazebo

COCA News 2010 • Page 9

Cromwell Courtyard and Dining Room

Cromwell Tutorial Room

Cromwell Junior Common Room

COCA News 2010 • Page 10

Cromwell Campus Lodge

Cromwell Grounds along Hood Street

Griffith Memorial Chapel

COCA News 2010 • Page 11

College News Rhoda Hooper Farewell A rich chapter of Cromwell history closed last month when long serving staff member, Mrs Rhoda Hooper departed after eleven dedicated years of loyal service to Cromwell College. Rhoda commenced as a bookkeeper on 11 September 2000. Her role further developed into assisting the Business Manager with many varied tasks. Rhoda as well became the PA to the Principal, managing the enrolment process for new students. Rhoda was always willing to help out with other tasks, including the conference and visitor trade in student vacation periods. Rhoda finally hung up her calculator and departed Cromwell on 1 July 2011. She was a great servant to Cromwell over many years and we all wish her every success for the future. Rhoda at her farewell

Resident Mentor Appointment – Geoffrey White Cromwell employs very few academic, pastoral and supervisory staff per capita relative to some other colleges. Over the years, there has been a rightful reluctance to employ hall porters and security staff, in favour of the ‘family’ feel of a resident Principal and Dean of Students to provide the day to day and night time supervision of our students 24/7. This will continue, but from next semester, Mr Geoffrey White (39) has been appointed as a Resident Mentor to join the team. As a current postgraduate student of Arabic language, Geoffrey brings a wealth of qualifications and experience to this role. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree (UQ) majoring in Peace and Conflict Studies / Studies in Religion, with a GPA of 6.74. He has received the UQ School of History, Philosophy, Religion and Classics Dean’s Commendation for High Achievement 7 times, and as well, has been awarded a UQ Excellence Scholarship each year since 2008. Geoffrey’s resume is impressive, but in short, he is involved in numerous UQ activities including the work of the Multi Faith Chaplaincy Geoffrey White Centre. His extensive and diverse volunteer work includes being a Red Cross Telecross caller, training at the Romero Centre for refugees, and providing assistance at soup kitchens for the disadvantaged. Geoffrey has worked in different social work environments, and specifically as a youth worker at Barnardos, Canberra. His other roles have been as diverse as band manager, DJ, cleaner, barman and security person, taxi driver, and ‘laugh-a-gram’ deliverer. Geoffrey’s appointment is initially for this coming semester, where he will live in Lockley (Room 174) and receive his board and lodging, in return for his academic, pastoral and supervisory work with our students. Geoffrey is extremely keen to become involved in the Cromwell community, and we feel certain that our community will be the richer for his presence.

COCA News 2010 • Page 12

COCA News 2010 • Page 12

College Memorabilia Please contact Mrs Donna Howett (PA to Principal) on 07 3377 1232 or to order or for any queries.

Sponsor Dining Room Furniture Sponsoring the College’s Dining Room Furniture offers you the chance to contribute and have your name in perpetuity within Cromwell College. Dining Room chairs with engraved plaque are only $215.00 per chair, or each table with engraved plaque is $1600.00. Please contact Mrs Donna Howett (PA to Principal) on (07) 3377 1232 or email to sponsor Cromwell Dining Room Furniture or for further information. SPONSOR CROMWELL COLLEGE DINING ROOM FURNITURE With new furniture being added to the Dining Room, to cater for the additional residents and guests in 2011 and beyond, you have the opportunity to contribute to the College and have your name in perpetuity within the grounds of Cromwell College. Name__________________________________________________ Phone Number___________________________ Postal Address____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Email Address_____________________@______________________Past Association with Cromwell_______________________________________ … I am pleased to sponsor furniture in the Cromwell Dining Room and my gift is enclosed for $________ Quantity__________ x Dining Room Chair(s) $215.00 each

Quantity__________ x Dining Room Table(s) $1600.00 each

Would you like a plaque included? YES / NO If yes, please include text_______________________________________________________________ OR … I am pleased to send a gift to Cromwell College Foundation to help support young people now and for generations to come for $________ Please indicate payment type CHEQUE



Name on Card_____________________________________________________

Card Number__ __ __ __ / __ __ __ __ / __ __ __ __ / __ __ __ __ Expiry Date __ __ / __ __ Signature____________________________________ Please make cheques payable to Cromwell College Foundation and post to Walcott Street, St Lucia Q 4067 or fax to (07) 3377 1499 or email to

COCA News 2010 • Page 13

Sponsor Framed College Photographs Every year since the college was founded has seen a full college photograph taken. These have all recently been framed and hung in chronological sequence in the Junior Common Room and they look superb. Many of these already bare the names of generous sponsors. There are 26 photos yet to be adopted by a sponsor. To sponsor a photo will require a once off investment of $90. If you are interested in having your name etched in Cromwell history by sponsoring a full college photo, please contact Mrs Donna Howett (PA to Principal) on 07 3377 1232 or email College Photographs in the Junior Common Room

Formal Dinners The College has continued the centuries old University tradition of Formal Dinners. On Tuesday evenings this past semester, different Cromwell musicians and singers have entertained their peers, followed by a succession of excellent, inspiring speakers. These have included, Graham Hyman (Youth Specialties Australia) on Leadership, Andy Gourlay (Founder of Red Frogs), Clint Ramsay (Entrepreneur in Residence), Superintendant Tonya Carew (Qld Police Oxley District), Tim Reed (Ironman Athlete), Graham Hyman Leadership Professor Fred D’Agostino (Associate Dean Academic, Arts), and current Cromwell student, Hanika Patel (Commonwealth Games Athlete 2010). Formal Dinners bring the College together regularly in a meaningful way, and are a wonderful showcase of student talent, whilst simultaneously exposing students to the wisdom and life journeys of other prominent people.

More Alumni News for Future Editions We are very keen to follow the journey that our students take after Cromwell, and in so doing, also encourage past Cromwellians to stay in touch. We would like to add a new section to COCA News. It would record information about alumni engagements, marriages, births and deaths. For example, the “births” section might say “To Oliver Cromwell (99-02) and Elizabeth, a son Robert (25/4/11)”. People could also send information to be included in a Vale section for deceased alumni. To get this new section started, we really welcome information from past students which would fit into the above categories. The section “Chit Chat Round-Up” will still continue, so please keep sending stories in of what you have been up to. Information can be forwarded to Mrs Donna Howett (PA to Principal) at 07 3377 1232 or

COCA News 2010 • Page 14

HM Begbie Building Challenge Cromwell College is extremely proud of the role we play supporting students academically and pastorally in their transition from school and home, to University and beyond. We are committed to maintaining and enhancing the Cromwell College experience, supporting our students to realize their full potential in all facets of life. To help achieve this,$4.4 million was borrowed to build the HM Begbie building so we now have a challenge. The repayment of the principle and interest for this loan will significantly deplete our financial resources for much of this current decade, reducing what we can realistically allocate each year to student programs.

HM Begbie Building

I am asking for your tax deductable financial support if you are in a position to do so. Every single dollar that can be donated to the Cromwell College Foundation (ABN 26 282 868 309), and paid off this loan ahead of time, will directly see better outcomes for our students. This will also enable greater financial resources to be available to fund the scholarships, bursaries and fellowships which enable disadvantaged students who would not otherwise be able to join the Cromwell community, to do so. At this time, more so than ever before, Cromwell needs and strongly values your support to beat down this loan for the HM Begbie building. If you are in a position to assist us with the HM Begbie Building Challenge, please either complete the form below and send it to me, or contact me directly. Sincere thanks in anticipation of making a great college even greater.

Ross A Switzer PRINCIPAL / CEO

COCA News 2010 • Page 15

Help Cromwell .....without paying a cent! Most would agree that Cromwell has excellent facilities. In the past five years, all rooms have been refurbished, and as well, much has been done to improve the bathrooms, other internal common areas and the grounds. There is no doubt that our students have an excellent base here for the 35 weeks of semester time each year. For the other 17 weeks each year where the students are on vacation, the College facilities lie dormant, unless they are made available and utilized for conference groups and visitors to book and stay in the excellent, modern facilities, close to the Brisbane CBD. Even though attractive, tailor made packages are offered for groups and individuals involving accommodation and meals, and many groups of varying sizes and duration do come and stay, for some time now, Cromwell really has been underutilized in student vacation time. It makes little sense to have large capital facilities semi dormant, when the income generated from their potential use in vacation times, could be put directly into further improving the resources and academic and pastoral programs for our students, and advancing our loan repayments on borrowings for the HM Begbie building, The College is now prioritizing its search for potential conference or visitor groups to reside at Cromwell in 2011 and beyond. As a valued friend of Cromwell College, and reader of COCA News, if through your own business or social networking, you know of any groups coming to Brisbane that may benefit from what Cromwell can offer in student vacation times, then please encourage them to contact me personally (0422 226 867 or for further information. Our website also contains general information under the “Conferences / Visitors� link at the top of the home page. For your information, the inclusive vacation dates in which we are seeking interest for the next few years are as follows: 21 24 18 23 17

November 2011 June 2012 November 2012 June 2013 November 2013

to to to to to

9 February 2012 20 July 2012 17 February 2013 19 July 2013 16 February 2014

Any assistance that you can give by promoting Cromwell in this way, will lead to greater use of our facilities in vacation times, and consequently more funds being directly available to improve our student programs. Sincere thanks for your support in spreading the word. Ross A Switzer PRINCIPAL / CEO

COCA News 2010 • Page 16

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