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To the Cromwell Community As another successful year for this great College draws to a close, it is timely to consider the future whilst reflecting upon the collective efforts of all stakeholders, and most importantly the significant achievements of the students this year.


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I always suggest to students that over and above many other variables, experience has shown that there are two broad factors determining success here: 1. The ability to balance all of the many and varied opportunities alongside academic work. 2. The maturity to make choices of which you are proud, when your parents and the staff are not watching. On reflection I feel that a significant number of our students have successfully achieved in these two and other areas, although success is not always instantaneous or automatic as emerging adults continue to mature and develop away from home and school. The student leadership team and the staff have been instrumental as a rock of support to students in these and many other important areas. The work of Nathan Croft (Dean of Students) and Geoffrey White (Student Advisor), along with the Students’ Association Executive, Senior RA’s, RA team, Senior Tutor and All Age Coordinators has been greatly valued and appreciated. Behind the scenes we are very fortunate to have the great office staff team of Donna Howett, Sarah Brewer and Robyn Slater led by Fran Huestis (Business Manager). Their homely, caring and motherly approach does not go unnoticed by the students. The maintenance and housekeeping teams lead by Fred Deckers and Chris Raymond respectively, continue to support the students daily, regularly going over and above in many ways. I particularly thank Matthew Thurecht (Executive Chef) who as the new leader of our catering facility and its staff has quickly earned the respect and admiration of the students and staff.

A Magazine for Old Collegians, Friends of Cromwell, Current Residents and their Families


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CROMWELL COLLEGE Walcott Street ST. LUCIA, QLD 4067 Ph: (07) 3377 1300 Fax: (07) 3377 1499 Email: Website: MISSION STATEMENT To provide a vibrant community for students in a caring Christian environment that enables them to grow in knowledge and character and the desire to serve. VISION STATEMENT Accept diversity Create community Strive for excellence Pursue spiritual, academic, cultural and social maturity Serve society Care for the environment. COAT OF ARMS When the College was able to adopt its arms, it secured permission from the head of the Cromwell family to bear Oliver Cromwell’s personal arms, a lion argent rampant on a field of sable. MOTTO VBI SPIRITUS IBI LIBERTAS - This motto comes from the Latin Version of the Second Letter of St Paul to the Corinthians, Ch 3, Verse 17. “Now the Lord is Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.”

Cromwell College Song Cromwell is the greatest College, Proved by every kind of test; Seeking for the highest knowledge, Aiming always for the best. Generous when we have the victory, Gracious if we know defeat, This is Cromwell’s firm tradition; Freeing Spirit, our heartbeat! God’s own Spirit brings us freedom Is the Motto we profess; It provides us inspiration, Gives us strength in times of stress. Hail or shine we stick together, Whether near or far apart; Ever caring, true and loyal, We bear Cromwell in out heart. The song is sung to the music of “Hymn to Joy” (92 in the Australian Hymn Book).

THANKS Thank you to all the staff, students and Alumni who have been contributors to this issue of COCA News. EDITOR Editor - Donna Howett PRINTING & DISTRIBUTION Blue Star Go cnr Hood St & Services Rd The University of Queensland ST LUCIA QLD 4072

The Board of Governors has this year set the course for the strategic direction of the College into the future. This has rightfully considered well beyond the present day, to the emerging changing tertiary teaching, learning and residential landscapes and the likely impact of these upon our students and the competitive advantage and viability of the College long term. The Board will further develop professionally in the coming years through the work of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD). I sincerely thank the Board, especially its Chair, Dr Joe Goodall, for tireless and voluntary work for the College, and for support of me as the CEO both professionally and personally. I have continued the implementation of the vision as we strive to provide the best for our students in ever changing times. As the College continues to move forward, ethical leadership is encouraged at all levels in our community. Ethical leadership requires a leader on occasions to stand against the crowd, when there may be considerable pressure to stay silent and accept the status quo. Ongoing development of this important area of leadership within the College is essential as the best of the past continues to merge with current and future expectations. This year has seen considerable success across the student body in the many and varied elements of College life. The grade point average for 2014 across the whole College was a healthy 5.08. Dan Henalla (College President) has ably highlighted many other achievements in his report found elsewhere in this edition. From my perspective, it is the high participation rates, family feel of the College, and all things best collectively summed up as ‘crommie ticker’ that have led to such academic, sporting, cultural and social successes. Success at Cromwell is not measured purely in tabulated results but in personal bests and participation rates. This year saw the first group of Cromwell students travel to western Zambia to embark upon community service work at the Village of Hope, Mongu. They have described their work in one of most impoverished places on earth as life changing. There is a very strong and positive community spirit here at Cromwell which is difficult to quantify, but it leads to an exceptional experience here for most and long may this continue. Occasionally rare opportunities present for our students, and recently during the G20 Summit, I had the pleasure at quite short notice of taking some Cromwell students to hear the President of the United States of America speak at the UQ Centre. This was a memorable occasion for the students involved. With a number of significantly large capital projects completed over the past few years, a phase of relative consolidation will now follow. The extension of the kitchen drinks and washing up facilities is almost complete. Future planning will include an enlargement and refurbishment of the administration centre, and the removal of the old workshop with increased scope for students’ parking. Cromwell continues to enjoy a positive relationship with the other colleges and the University. The University Colleges Australia (Qld Chapter) meets monthly and this year I was able to contribute at the national conference in Adelaide. I have represented the UQ Chapter on the Inter College Council Board of Governors, and as Deputy Chair of the Colleges Information Technology (CITG) Group. I was recently admitted as a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

As 2015 dawns, I look forward to working with the Board, staff, student leadership team and students in doing all that I can to advance the cause of this great College and everyone associated with it. I hope and pray that 2015 will be another exceptional year. Kind regards,

Ross A Switzer PRINCIPAL / CEO

From the Student President With the second semester winding up, the College is preparing to go into study mode for final exams. However in the weeks leading up to SWOTVAC, Cromwell has been as busy as ever. We went into mid semester off the back of our Ball, which was planned by our social convenor Vlad Dobroskok with help from the rest of executive and the social committee. It was held at the Royal International Convention Centre and it was a stunning venue, with a live band, acrobats and a magician all for Cromwell students to enjoy. Ball was a great chance for our students to dress up and celebrate the year so far. After mid semester the social focus turned to our special dinners; Cultural, Sport and Valedictory. Our Cultural Convenor Matthew Ambrose worked exceptionally hard on our Cultural Dinner. This year was the third year it was made a charity event, with awards for our Cultural stars and a performance by up and coming comedian Troy Kinne. Students were asked to make a gold coin donation upon entry, with all the proceeds going to Ronald McDonald House Charities. Overall, Cromwell finished a solid 5th on the ICC Cultural Cup ladder, with the One Act Play performance being the best for the year placing 1st. Cromwell has done lots in terms of charity in 2014, with the most notable being close to $700 dollars raised for sufferers of ALS through the ice bucket challenge. The next week was Sports Dinner, organised by our convenors Robert Snedden and Phoebe Pincus. It was a fantastic evening, with awards showing the depth of sporting talent at Cromwell. Gordon Tallis was our guest speaker, who gave a great talk followed by answering questions from the audience, and was more than happy to pose for photos at the end. The event culminated with the presentation of the corridor cup, to Mid Dowling. Cromwell wrapped up the sporting year finishing 4th and 5th for the boys and girls, respectively. The boys also won the Weighted Shield, which is the number of points gained divided by the number of males in the College. The last formal event for the year was the Valedictory Dinner. It was a sad but fitting goodbye to the College for our departing third years, with speeches to the College, the staff and the Student Leadership team. The night finished with all Valedictorians singing to ‘Closing Time’ by Semisonic. The Student Executive presented their three annual awards; Fresher of the Year to Daniel Hoole, the Executive Award for the person who was the most helpful and dedicated throughout the year to Kayla Pett and the President’s Award which went to Annabelle Harbison. Afterwards the third years attended Third Year Cocktails to kick their feet up together one last time, ran extremely well by the Social Convenors for 2015.

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Mid Dowling - Winners of Corridor Cup 2014

RA Team 2014 At End Of Year BBQ

Every day here has been great and I’m more than positive that I, along with everybody else leaving Cromwell this year, will find it hard to let go in some regards. We will all take for granted what it is like to be constantly surrounded by your best friends and the friendships we have made here I feel will be lifelong. Cromwell is the most amazing place, where you get out what you put in. If you give to Cromwell, it will give back, unconditionally. To those students staying on, I wish you all the best and I urge you to make the most of the rest of your time here. Outside these walls lies the real world, a place where it is not deemed acceptable to walk to a lecture in pyjamas. College, especially Cromwell, is a truly unique experience we are so lucky to have been a part of it. Thank you for the memories Cromwell. Daniel “Samwell” Henalla President Cromwell College Students’ Association

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Academic Dinner This year’s Academic Dinner was held on Tuesday 26 August. Cromwell students performed very well academically with the College Grade Point Average in First Semester being 5.09. There were 6 students who achieved the perfect score of 7 (GPA 7.0) for every course they studied in Semester One and congratulations go to these students: Miss Beth Dunbabin Little Swanport, TAS (Arts) Mr Joshua Sheehy Woombye (Science) Miss Jemimah Thompson Strathdickie (Science / Arts) Miss Claire Zhang Beaumont, SA (Speech Pathology) Mr Mitchell King Buderim (Science) Mr Roy McCutchan Rockhampton (Mathematics) In Semester One there were 109 grades of 7 awarded to Comwell students with a further 244 grades of 6 awarded. 54 Cromwell students achieved a GPA greater than 6.0.

Academic Excellence (GPA 6.5 – 7) Miss Kate Brazier B Food Technology 03 6.50

Mr Edward Brazier B Engineering



Miss Georgia Chin B Speech Pathology 01 6.75

Mr Bodhi Connolly B Engineering



Mr Vladyslav Dobroskok B Science 03 6.50

Miss Beth Dunbabin B Arts



Miss Megan Finlay B Medical Laboratory Science 02 6.66

Mr Reece Harms B Science



Mr Daniel Henalla B Science 03 6.75

Mr Jeremy Hensel B Engineering



Miss Natasha Hunt B Physiotherapy 01 6.50

Mr Mitchell King B Science



Miss Kelly Kirkland B Psychological Science 03 6.50

Mr Luke Liu B Science



Miss Kate Marsden B Nursing / B Midwifery 02 6.67

Mr Roy McCutchan B Mathematics



Mr Nicholas Page B Science / B Arts 01 6.50

Mr Jenyu Shaw B Science



Mr Joshua Sheehy B Science 01 7.00

Mr Joseph Spearritt B Engineering



Miss Jemimah Thompson B Science / B Arts 01 7.00

Miss Claire Zhang B Speech Pathology



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High Academic Achievement (GPA 6.0 – 6.49) Miss Morgaine Auton B Journalism / B Arts 01 6.00

Miss Cara Barker B Nursing



Miss Emily Blauberg B Commerce 01 6.25

Miss Taylor Burgess B Arts / B International Tourism Management



Miss Meagan Burt B Business Management / B Commerce 02 6.00

Miss Nicole Charles B Nursing / B Midwifery



Mr Charles Coverdale B Economics / B Science 01 6.00

Mr Christopher Davis B Fine Arts



Miss April Dingle B Science 02 6.00

Miss Rebekah Dolan B Commerce



Miss Maddison Dovey B Business 02 6.25

Miss Louise Evans B Physiotherapy



Miss Emily Fleming B Occupational Therapy 01 6.25

Miss Lucy Gordon B Occ Hlth & Safe Sc (Hons) 02


Miss Annabelle Harbison B Science 03 6.00

Miss Alice Hay B Speech Pathology



Miss Katelyn Hooworth B Physiotherapy 02 6.00

Miss Allison Llewellyn B Business Management



Miss Michaela Marcus B Business Management / 01 6.25 B Journalism

Miss Sally McGrouther B Science



Mr Benjamin McNamara B Engineering / B Science 03 6.00

Miss Sophie Phillip B Arts / B Law



Miss Phoebe Pincus B Psychological Science 03 6.00

Mr Hugh Poulton B Science



Mr Alexander Prideaux B Science / B Arts 02 6.25

Miss Lauren Sambell B Physiotherapy



Mr Thomas Shannon B Medicine, Surgery & Science 03 6.00

Mr Jeremy Somerville B Information Technology



Miss Dannielle Thomas B Arts 03 6.25

Miss Emily Travers-Jones B Arts / B Law



Miss Hailey Williams B Physiotherapy

COCA News 2014 • Page 6



Cromwell College Prizes Uniting Church Investment Services Award First year student(s) with highest GPA result in Semester 1, 2013 Miss Beth Dunbabin B Arts 01 Mr Joshua Sheehy B Science 01 Miss Jemimah Thompson B Science / B Arts 01 Edwin Hobart Lockley Prize Consistent distinguished results in Faculty of Arts Miss Sophie Phillip B Arts / B Laws 02 Rod McElhinney Prize Highest GPA over three semesters in Faculty of Science Mr Mitchell King B Science 03 Mr Roy McCutchan B Mathematics 03

Mr Rod McElhinney presenting award to Mr Roy McCutchan

COCA News 2014 • Page 7

Mr Thomas Shannon receiving the Cromwell College Prize

COCA News 2014 • Page 8

VE Hancock Award Most distinctions in Business, Economics, Law Miss Allison Llewellyn B Business Management 03 College Governors Prize Distinguished results in Faculty of Health Sciences Miss Claire Zhang B Speech Pathology 02 Cromwell College Prize Highest GPA over three semesters in Faculty of Social & Behavioural Science Mr Thomas Shannon B Medicine, Surgery & Science 03 Old Collegians Prize Academic distinction over three semesters in Faculty of Engineering, Architecture & IT Mr Edward Brazier B Engineering 04 Yvonne Rogers Memorial Prize Second year student achieving the greatest improvement in rank Miss Margaret McKewen B Speech Pathology 01 Cromwell College Foundation Scholarship Exceptional performance over five semesters in any field Mr Mitchell King B Science 03 Mr Roy McCutchan B Mathematics 03 Senior Tutors Award Outstanding contribution to the Academic Tutorial Program Mr Isaac Chesters B Science 02 Cromwell Students’ Association Prize Outstanding Academic Achievement and Contribution to College Life Miss Nicole Charles B Nursing / B Midwifery 02 Miss Emily Fleming B Occupational Therapy 01 D.C. Gale Shield Top Han 5.72 1st Top Dowling 5.55 2nd Bottom Han 5.37 3rd

COCA News 2014 • Page 9

Valedictory Dinner The Valedictory Dinner was celebrated on Tuesday 28 October 2014. The Frederick North Prize was awarded to Mr Benjamin Goulter and the Cromwell College Medal was awarded to Miss Allison Llewellyn.

2014 Valedictorians Matthew Ambrose 2012 - 2014

Michael Hankinson 2012 – 2014

Roy McCutchan 2012 – 2014

Edward Brazier 2011 - 2014

Annabelle Harbison 2012 – 2014

Ben McNamara 2012 – 2014

Mikahlia Brown 2012 - 2014

Daniel Henalla 2012 – 2014

Thomas Pegoraro 2012 – 2014

Kelsey Brumpton 2012 - 2014

Kate Humzy 2012 – 2014

Phoebe Pincus 2012 – 2014

Kelly Burgess 2012 – 2014

Madison Isles 2012 – 2014

Shannon Pool 2012 – 2014

Michael Dillon 2012 – 2014

Tessa Jackson 2012 – 2014

Stuart Ross 2012 -2014

Vladyslav Dobroskok 2012 – 2014

Mitchell King 2012 – 2014

Thomas Shannon 2012 – 2014

Alex Flett 2012 – 2014

Kelly Kirkland 2012 – 2014

Verity Smith 2012 – 2014

Joseph Frigerio 2012 – 2014

Brigette Landers 2012 – 2014

Robert Snedden 2012 – 2014

Jessica Fuller 2012 – 2014

Olivia Lisetto 2012 – 2014

Thomas Snow 2012 -2014

Kathryn Gilbertson 2012 – 2014

Allison Llewellyn 2012 – 2014

James Stanway 2011 – 2014

Zachary Greenhalgh 2012 - 2014

Timothy Lloyd 2012 – 2014

Brodan Tanner 2012 – 2014

Jack Haines 2012 – 2014

Tamasin McArthur 2012 – 2014

Ryan Webb 2012 - 2014

COCA News 2014 • Page 10

College News Student Executive Team 2015 The Annual General Meeting of the Cromwell College Students’ Association was held on Sunday 12 October 2014. At this meeting the 2015 Student Executive was elected. President Lachlan Power Vice President Emily Fleming Secretary Emily Travers-Jones Treasurer Matthew McMahon Female Sports Convener Nicole Charles Male Sports Convener Pearson Hart Cultural Convener Christopher Anderson Media Rep Robert Strong Social Conveners Evan Morgan Ramey Othman Samuel Grace ICC Representative Hannah Bindon

Board of Governors Rep Zachary Brown O Week Coordinator Christopher Davis O Week Committee Tyler Lawrence Alex Beatty Brandon Sue Cara Barker Beth Dunbabin Sophie Davis Shop Boys Andrew McMahon Daniel White Daniel Burns Brandon Sue Bini James

Resident Assistants (RA’s) 2015 Senior Resident Assistants Dominic Retschlag Glen Thorpe NAME CORRIDOR Chris Anderson BOTTOM BEGBIE Hannah Bindon TOP THATCHER Meagan Burt MID HAN Nicole Charles TOP HAN Patrick Chesters MID DOWLING Charles Evans BOTTOM HAN Megan Finlay MID BEGBIE Emily Fleming TOP DOWLING Katelyn Hooworth TOP BEGBIE Michael Jamieson BOTTOM COCK Margaret McKewen TOP COCK Greg Milne BOTTOM DOWLING Bradley Nichols LOCKLEY / HOUSE Charles Powell BOTTOM NORTH Madison Simmons BOTTOM THATCHER Emily Travers-Jones TOP NORTH Claire Zhang MID COCK

Senior Academic Tutor O Week Coordinator All Ages Representatives

Joshua Sheehy Charles Powell Michael Jamieson Morgaine Auton Tyler Kersnovski

COCA News 2014 • Page 11

“Back to College” for Cromwell’s 1950’s Students! Early afternoon on Thursday 5 June marked sixty years to the day and time since the first fifteen men moved into “Thatcher Wing” in 1954 and so began student life at Cromwell College. This historic occasion was marked by a celebratory and nostalgic lunch in the Dining Room. Alumni from the 50’s and their wives were invited, along with Board members, staff and students. A relaxed and informal atmosphere was sought where past and present students could chat over experiences and memorabilia while sharing in the normal College lunch meal for the day. In essence it was “back to College” for the afternoon for our 1950’s cohorts! Many stories were told of “the olden days” as the guests mingled. Some of the 1950’s students described their somewhat liberal interpretation of the “males only” and “no alcohol” rules that existed in the College back then! Foundation student, Mr Graham Hall, spoke of Cromwell in June 1954, and Mr Ross Switzer (Principal) described the College today. It became evident that Cromwell’s sense of community spirit, belonging and mateship has stood the test of time as a common thread back then and now.

Photos from the 1950’s

COCA News 2014 • Page 12

College Students’ Association President, Daniel Henalla, presented each “old boy” with a commemorative Cromwell tie and wine glasses and following this, tours of the College were conducted. The afternoon concluded with afternoon tea in the Junior Common Room. It was truly special to have so many of the original Cromwellians present for this special occasion and to see the old and the new students mix so well.

Mr Graham Hall

Cromwell Community Mourns MH17 Victims Among those lost on Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 were Toowoomba couple Dr Roger Guard and Dr Jillian Guard. They and their family have a strong connection with Cromwell College. Roger Guard attended the College (1964-1968) and Jillian Guard (nee Craik) was the daughter of the second Principal of Cromwell College, Alexander Steele-Craik. Their children also attended Cromwell. Paul Guard (1998-1999), Amanda Guard (1999-2001) and David Guard (2001-2002). The extended Cromwell College community has been deeply saddened by this news and extends its condolences to the Guard family, and to all families impacted by this terrible tragedy. Dr Roger Guard and Dr Jillian Guard

COCA News 2014 • Page 13

Rev Dr Hugh Begbie and Mr Eric McChesney-Clark attended the Memorial Service and have provided us with their thoughts below. It is with sadness but with enduring respect that I contribute to this COCA News some brief thoughts on the Guard family. As you know Roger and Jill were killed in the Malaysian Airline shot down in the Ukraine and I on behalf of the College, attended the memorial service in Toowoomba. The service was extraordinary and a tribute to a most remarkable family. The Guards have had a long association with the College, beginning with Jill whose father was Principal here for a time, but also with Roger who was a resident as were their three children, Paul, Amanda and David. Roger and Jill made an extraordinary contribution to the world and were great parents and grandparents. So it is with great sadness but enduring respect that I say farewell to them both and express our care to the family at this time. Rev Dr Hugh Begbie Former Principal (1995-2010) Dr Roger Guard attended Brisbane Boys’ College (1960-1963) and Cromwell College (1964-1968), and Dr Jillian Guard (nee Craik) was the daughter of a former Principal of Cromwell College, Rev. Alex Steele-Craik. Roger and Jill lived and worked for about fifteen years in Cairns, before moving to Toowoomba, where they remained until their untimely deaths on 17th July 2014. Roger was a highly regarded Senior Medical Officer in the Qld Health Department for forty-four years, being the Head of Pathology at Toowoomba Hospital for many years. In between raising a family of three, Jill worked as a GP in Cairns and Toowoomba. Their children attended Cromwell College - Paul (1998-1999), Amanda (1999-2001), and David (2001-2002). There was extensive footage in the media in July and early August of Paul and Amanda talking sadly about their parents, and the horrendous circumstances of their tragic passing. A memorial event to celebrate the lives of Roger and Jill Guard was held at the Empire Theatre, Toowoomba on Sunday August 3, 2014. The Mayor of Toowoomba, current and former politicians, and many hundreds of citizens of Toowoomba and south east Queensland attended the memorial service to hear tributes to their profound influence and service in many areas of life in their local community. Following the recovery and repatriation of the remains of Roger and Jill to Australia, a small memorial service was held for family and friends in Toowoomba on Sunday 21st September, 2014 (the day of Roger’s 68th birthday). There is a video recording from the funeral that was held on 21st September. The memorial website also includes links to the video recording of the public memorial, and the photo slideshow that was played at the funeral. The family has raised over $80,000 so far for Medecins Sans Frontieres, which is a wonderful legacy for Jill and Roger. The website is also still available for those who would like to leave additional tributes. Mr Eric McChesney-Clark Current Board Member (1964 – 1967)

VALE David Tow We have been advised of the passing of David Tow who died at his home at the age of 74 on 10th November 2014. David was a student of Cromwell College in 1958.

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Cromwell College is extremely proud of the role we play supporting our residents academically and pastorally, in their transition from school and home, to university and beyond. We are committed to maintaining and enhancing the Cromwell College experience, supporting our residents to realise their full potential in all facets of life. To achieve our vision, we are asking for your support. With your financial assistance, the College can continue to: • endow Scholarships, Bursaries and Fellowships to students who would not otherwise be able to live in College. • preserve, develop and improve College buildings and facilities • develop and improve the standards of student facilities and services Your investment, promotes learning, education and collegiality, and has the potential to change and shape the lives of our residents. This is a vital investment in your future too, that will add value to individuals, professions and the wider community. Cromwell College needs and strongly values your continuing support. For further information please contact Donna Howett on +61 7 3377 1232 or

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2014 Valedictorians

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COCA News December 2014