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As another year has drawn to a close, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone associated with Cromwell for what has been a challenging yet successful year. Although the ongoing rain in 2010, and then the devastating January 2011 floods hindered our building program by several months, and delayed the release of our enrolment offers, the academic year commenced with one hundred and eleven eager freshers and one hundred and thirty six returning students. The spirit in which all associated with the College coped with the adversity thrown up by these challenges was testament to the caliber of people here at Cromwell. The Board of Governors, all staff, the students and their families, and the wider College community, all adapted and showed incredible flexibility and patience amidst what could have been far worse. The returning students deserve significant credit for the way in which they embraced the freshers, especially those freshers who could not move in until March. Likewise, the new comers became fully immersed in College life from their first day. The new Begbie Building was tested with fifty four students, and throughout the year as more glitches were found and ironed out, the building began to take on its own character, with its culture and history commenced. Cromwell students again excelled academically, with the College GPA for 2011 being 5.01. Alongside a large breadth of diverse courses, ran a successful tutorial program. Many students were recognized for outstanding academic achievement throughout the year. In the cultural and sporting arenas, the College has excelled. By gender, Cromwell is the smallest male College and also the smallest female College at UQ. Despite this, the guys were placed 3rd in the ICC Competition, and the girls’ 6th.This result is due directly to the pride, spirit and determination of the students here. The participation rate across the College is outstanding. Socially, Cromwell lived up to its reputation for getting its students fully involved both on and off campus. The wide array of functions and activities allows students to mix and know each other better. This

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CROMWELL COLLEGE Walcott Street ST. LUCIA, QLD 4067 Ph: (07) 3377 1300 Fax: (07) 3377 1499 Email: Website: MISSION STATEMENT To provide a vibrant community for students in a caring Christian environment that enables them to grow in knowledge and character and the desire to serve. VISION STATEMENT Accept diversity Create community Strive for excellence Pursue spiritual, academic, cultural and social maturity Serve society Care for the environment. COAT OF ARMS When the College was able to adopt its arms, it secured permission from the head of the Cromwell family to bear Oliver Cromwell’s personal arms, a lion argent rampant on a field of sable. MOTTO VBI SPIRITUS IBI LIBERTAS - This motto comes from the Latin Version of the Second Letter of St Paul to the Corinthians, Ch 3, Verse 17. “Now the Lord is Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.”

Cromwell College Song Cromwell is the greatest College, Proved by every kind of test; Seeking for the highest knowledge, Aiming always for the best. Generous when we have the victory, Gracious if we know defeat, This is Cromwell’s firm tradition; Freeing Spirit, our heartbeat! God’s own Spirit brings us freedom Is the Motto we profess; It provides us inspiration, Gives us strength in times of stress. Hail or shine we stick together, Whether near or far apart; Ever caring, true and loyal, We bear Cromwell in out heart. The song is sung to the music of “Hymn to Joy” (92 in the Australian Hymn Book).

THANKS Thank you to all the staff, students and Alumni who have been contributors to this issue of COCA News. EDITOR Ross Switzer, Principal / CEO GRAPHIC DESIGN, PRINTING & DISTRIBUTION Blue Star Go cnr Hood St & Services Rd The University of Queensland ST LUCIA QLD 4072

further nurtures the sense of community spirit that is so strong here. The community service aspect of the College also flourished this year, along with a number engaged in spiritual enquiry. It has been terrific to see so many past students at the College, either for events, or informally this past year. Cromwell has a rich history spanning over sixty years, and alumni are always very welcome to visit at any time. If you have not been here for a while, please drop in, or write / email, as we would love to show you around and/or hear your stories. I would like to acknowledge the Student Leadership Team (Executive and RA’s) of 2011 who have led the College well. President Nic (Legolas) Finlay and his team have done an excellent job. Similarly, Senior RA Jordan (Finman) Herd and his team of RA’s have set a very fine example of support to the students. The staff team has worked hard to support the students. Much of their work is behind the scenes, and I applaud these people who so often go beyond the call of duty. The College is fortunate to have such a dedicated and capable Board of Governors. I thank them for their contribution to the College, and I especially thank the Chairman Ben de Jong for his personal support and guidance. Finally I hope and pray that you had a wonderful Christmas, and that 2012 will be another great year for Cromwell. Kind regards,

Ross Switzer Principal/Chief Executive

Board of Governors The College is seeking expressions of interest from alumni who may be interested in serving on the Board of Governors of the College. The Board determines College Policy and then delegates its implementation to the Principal. The Board’s focus is therefore strategic, and it does not deliberate on operational matters which are the domain of the Principal. Although the greatest prerequisite as a Board member is a passion for the College, alumni with qualifications and experience in the areas of accounting and finance, project management, human resource management, risk management, business management, fundraising and law would be highly regarded to complement the current skill set of members. All members are required to actively support the Christian ethos of the College. Expressions of interest can be forwarded to the Chairman, Mr Ben de Jong at the College.

Academic Dinner This year’s Academic Dinner was held on Tuesday 23 August 2011. The guest speaker was former Cromwellian and Channel 9 “Today” News Reporter, Mrs Alison Ariotti (nee Fletcher). Alison spoke of her time at Cromwell (1998-2000), linking her experiences here to what has become a very successful career in Journalism. This year, Cromwell students studied a number of different degrees in various faculties at UQ, QUT and Griffith University. The breakdown of students in each Faculty is Arts19, Business/Economics/Law 49, Engineering/Architecture/IT 65, Health Sciences 42, Science 36, Social & Behavioral Sciences 31. In addition there were 4 students from Dickinson College (Pennsylvania), who joined us for a semester exchange. Cromwell had a Cumulative GPA of 5.02 in Semester 1 2011 and an overall GPA for the year of 5.01. In first Semester there were 57 students who received a grade of 7 for an individual course, and 25 of these students received a grade of 7 for more than one subject. Three students received grades of 7 for every course they studied. Almost one third of all Cromwell first year students in semester 1, received at least one grade of 7. The students who received straight 7’s were Edward Brazier (Nhulunbuy NT) Engineering 1st year GPA 7 (4 x 7’s), Matthew Ennever (Uralla NSW) Engineering 2nd year GPA 7 (5 x 7’s), Hanika Patel (Kenya) Health Science/MBBS 2nd year GPA 7 (4 x 7’s). The College is deeply indebted to a number of generous benefactors who donate prizes at the Academic Dinner.

Academic Dinner Awards In Semester 2 there were 55 students who received a grade of ‘7’ for an individual course. 23 of these students received a grade of ‘7’ for more than one course. Again, there were three students that received straight ‘7’s. They were:

Edward Brazier - 1st year Engineering GPA 7 Matthew Ennever - 2nd year Engineering GPA 6.94 Thomas Ennever - 1st year Arts GPA 6.75

High Academic Achievement (GPA 6.0 - 6.49)

Miss Briana Davis B Arts

01 6.33

Mr Ross Van Der Werff B Physiotherapy

Miss Melissa Hankinson

Miss Nicola Ward

Mr Maxwell Braddick

Mr Alan Wrigley

B Nursing/B Midwifery 02 6.33 B Medicine, Surgery & Science 02 6.25

Miss Celina Cacho B Science/BArts

B Arts/BSocialScience 02 6.25 B Arts/BLaws

01 6.25

Miss Jocelyn D’Cruz Ms Alana Dinsdale B Physiotherapy

B Medicine, Surgery & Science 01 6.25

Mr Ryley Lawson

B Engineering/BCommerce 01 6.25

B Arts/BSocialScience 01 6.00

Mr Brad Gallant

B Commerce/BLaws

Mr Samuel Grimes

Ms Alyssa Miskin

Miss Kate Kowitz

03 6.25 02 6.25

03 6.00

Miss Chloe Dinnison

Mr Christopher Michalak


01 6.25

B Psychological Science 04 6.00

Ms Shae Frawley

B Engineering

03 6.25

B Engineering/BArts

Miss Alix Lee

B Journalism/BArts

Miss Allison Llewellyn

B BusMan/BCommerce 01 6.00

Mr Robert Michalak B Engineering

B Psychological Science 02 6.00

Mr Stuart Sharpe

B Engineering/BCommerce 01 6.00

Miss Samantha Tregea Miss Eloise Winch B Science

01 6.00

B Arts/BEducation(Sec) 01 6.00

02 6.00

Miss Gianni Ribeiro

B Social Work 03 6.00

01 6.00

02 6.00 02 6.00

Miss Sophie Wen

B Science/B Journalism 01 6.00

Miss Siobhan Yorkston B Arts

02 6.00

COCA News 2011 • Page 3

Academic Excellence (GPA 6.5 - 7.0)

Mr Edward Brazier B Engineering

Miss Rochelle Chin B Pharmacy

Mr Matthew Ennever B Engineering

01 7.00 01 7.00 02 7.00

Miss Genesta Nicolson Miss Hanika Patel

Ms Nicole Tomsett B EnvMan

02 6.75 01 6.75

Mr Mark Thompson Mr Dominic Retschlag Mr Thomas Ennever B Arts

B Health Science/MBBS 02 7.00 B Science

B Commerce/BArts

B Music/BArts

B Psychological Science 04 7.00

Mr Lewis Chambers

Miss Heidi Hunter

Mr Benjamin Healey BCreativeArts


01 6.67

Mr Duncan McGrouther

B Arts, Medicine & Surgery 01 6.50

Mr Thomas Pegoraro B BusMan/BInfTech

01 6.50

Miss Jessica Walker

B International Hotel&TourMgmt 02 6.50

Mr Kieran Wood

01 6.50

B Engineering/BScience 02 6.50

01 6.50

01 6.75

Cromwell College Prizes Uniting Church Investment Service Award First year student(s) with highest GPA result in Semester 1, 2011 Mr Edward Brazier B Engineering 01 Mr Lewis Chambers B Science 01 Ms Nicole Tomsett B EnvMan 01 Mr Mark Thompson B Engineering 01 Edwin Hobart Lockley Prize Consistent distinguished results in Faculty of Arts Miss Siobhan Yorkston B Arts 02 Rod McElhinney Prize Highest GPA over three semesters in Faculty of Science Mr Christopher Fillmore B Science 02

VE Hancock Award Most distinctions in Business, Economics, Law Miss Heidi Hunter B Commerce/BArts 02

College Governors Prize Distinguished results in Faculty of Health Sciences Miss Hanika Patel B Health Science/MBBS 02

Cromwell College Prize Highest GPA over three semesters in Faculty of Social & Behavioural Science Miss Genesta Nicolson B Psychological Science 04

Old Collegians Prize Academic distinction over three semesters in Faculty of Engineering, Architecture & IT Mr Matthew Ennever B Engineering 02

Yvonne Rogers Memorial Prize Second year student achieving the greatest improvement in rank Miss Jessica Walker B International Hotel&TourMgmt 02 6.50

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Cromwell College Foundation Scholarship Exceptional performance over five semesters in any field Miss Caitlin See B Medicine, Surgery & Science 03 0.00

Mr Andros Zhu B Arts, Medicine & Surgery 03 0.00

Senior Tutors Award Outstanding contribution to the Academic Tutorial Program Matthew Ennever B Engineering Cromwell Students’ Association Prize Outstanding Academic Achievment and Contribution to College Life Miss Shae Frawley B Medicine, Surgery & Science D.C. Gale Shield Top Han 5.79 1st Top Dowling 5.50 2nd Top Cock 5.47 3rd Bottom Thatcher 5.43 4th Bottom Dowling 5.22 5th

Alison Ariotti presents Caitlin See (B.Medicine,Surgery,Science) with the Foundation Scholarship for ‘Exceptional Performance in any Field of Academic Study’.

COCA News 2011 • Page 5

Professor Rod Rogers presents the Yvonne Rogers Memorial Prize, “2nd Year Student Accomplishment Award” to Jessica Walker.

Ross Switzer presents Edward Brazier (1st Year B.Engineering) with an Academic Excellence Certificate”.

Rod McElhinney presents the Rod McElhinney Prize for the “Highest GPA over 3 Semesters” to Christopher Fillmore (B.Science).

Barbara Merefield presents to Edwin Hobart Lockley Prize for “Distinguished Academic Results over 3 Semesters” to Siobhan Yorkston.

COCA News 2010 • Page 6

Valedictory Dinner The Valedictory Dinner was celebrated on Tuesday 25 October 2011. This moving occasion gave Board members, staff, friends, and fellow students the opportunity to formally acknowledge and farewell 40 third, fourth and fifth year students who departed Cromwell at the end of this year. It was great that so many of the Cromwell community came along to show support of this year’s Valedictorians. Several departing students spoke of their Cromwell years, while incoming student leaders reflected upon the achievements of those departing. The Principal’s Valedictory Address was followed by a special presentation to each Valedictorian. A number of special prizes were awarded on the night. The Frederick North Prize was awarded to Sam Grimes, and the NC Duong Memorial Prize was awarded to Hanika Patel. The Cromwell College Medal was awarded to Jordan Herd, who was also the recipient in 2010. A final farewell by the Principal, was followed by the traditional “valedictorian’s cocktails in the den” which topped off a great night. Ross Switzer presents the College Medal to Jordan Herd (5th Year Business/Commerce)

The Valedictorians of 2011 assemble at the Stage for their Farewell.

COCA News 2011 • Page 7

College News Chris Woodhouse Plaque Past and present students recently laid a plaque in memory of former Cromwell student (2009) Chris (Bam Bam) Woodhouse. “Christopher John Woodhouse was born in Darwin on 14 July 1990. He attended Parap Primary School and Darwin High School (2001-2007). He completed Year 12 with excellent results and was accepted into several southern universities to study Engineering, however he decided to defer one year and spent 2008 working in Darwin. During that year, he applied to study Mechanical Engineering at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane. He then chose Cromwell College, in the grounds of the University of Queensland, as his first choice of a residential college. To his joy he was accepted into Cromwell College and spent 2009 boarding there. He was Chris Woodhouse Memorial. extremely proud to be at that College and loved the way of life. He had numerous friends there. He participated in sports, College functions and parties, but still passed all his first year’s exams with credits. He was so looking forward to returning in 2010. Devastatingly, our wonderful son, brother and grandson died tragically on the evening of Sunday 31 January 2010. He was drowned while helping a friend who was in trouble in the stormy waters off the cliffs at East Point. He was 19 years old.” Chris’s family has set up a scholarship in association with Darwin High School, to assist a suitable student each year to make the transition to Cromwell. Chris’s friends at Cromwell have funded a plaque so that his memory is not lost over time. The plaque has been set onto rock and placed in a garden at the northern end of Dowling. On Friday 28 October 2011, a small ceremony was held to commemorate the plaque. This was followed by a function for past and current students at the Regatta Hotel, where Chris’s mother Lucille attended, along with Ross and Jenny Switzer.

Chris Woodhouse Plaque.

COCA News 2011 • Page 8

Darwin Parents’ Function A function was hosted in Darwin on Sunday 26 September by Ross and Jenny Switzer, to bring together the families of Cromwell students who live in Darwin. Realizing that not all families can be as involved in the College as those close to Brisbane, this is the first of a number of regional functions that will enable parents who live a long way from Brisbane, to maintain personal contact with Cromwell. The evening gave parents the chance to meet the Principal, and to reflect upon the many positives for students surrounding their 24/7 life at Cromwell, so far away from home.

Darwin Parents’ Function

2010 Alumni BBQ On Saturday 5 November, Jenny and Ross Switzer hosted a function at their home for the Class of 2010. Approximately 40 alumni enjoyed a BBQ, drinks, and the chance to catch up, reminisce, and reflect upon their time at Cromwell.

Jillian Stuart, Alison Duguid, Joanne Landmark and Fleur Hopkins

COCA News 2011 • Page 9

Monty Summers, Linda Hancock, Michael Krisanski, Nick Brook, Robert Ford and Ross Switzer

Jessica Butler, Kristy Glynn and Anna Durance

John Flett and Jessica Foster

COCA News 2011 • Page 10

Student Executive Team 2012 The Annual General Meeting of the Cromwell College Students’ Association was held on Sunday 16 October 2011. At this meeting the 2012 Student Executive was elected. President: Hayley Canton Vice President: Tom Mitchell Board of Governors Representative: Matthew Goulter Treasurer: Heidi Hunter Secretary: Kristy Hogan Social Conveners: Ben Durance, Michael Hanella Sports Convener (Female): Lisa Palmer Sports Convener (Male): Mark McCutchan Cultural Convener: Stephanie Patterson Media Representative: Tom Kearney ICC Representative: Tom Kearney (Semester 1) International Representative: Nicki Thomsett O Week Coordinator: Joshua Abbott Shop Boys: Nic Davis, Jack Murray, Jack Green, Kyle Reardon, Matt Hemsworth

Resident Assistants (RA’s) 2012 NAME CORRIDOR Mark McCutchan LOCKLEY Alan Wrigley BOTTOM NORTH Marilla Reid TOP NORTH Robert Michalak BOTTOM THATCHER Stephanie Pattinson TOP THATCHER Sam Grimes BOTTOM DOWLING Matthew Ennever MID DOWLING Morgan Lees TOP DOWLING Bryce Leath BOTTOM HAN Jon Nimmo BOTTTOM COCK Ellen Jones MID HAN Katrina Hoiberg MID COCK Cecily Chandler TOP HAN Kate Rawlins TOP COCK Peter Harding BOTTOM BEGBIE Liana Gibson MID BEGBIE Alyssa Miskin TOP BEGBIE Senior Tutor:

Amber Jaa-Kwee

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College Memorabilia Please contact Mrs Donna Howett (PA to Principal) on 07 3377 1232 or to order or for any queries.

Sponsor Dining Room Furniture Sponsoring the College’s Dining Room Furniture offers you the chance to contribute and have your name in perpetuity within Cromwell College. Dining Room chairs with engraved plaque are only $215.00 per chair, or each table with engraved plaque is $1600.00. Please contact Mrs Donna Howett (PA to Principal) on (07) 3377 1232 or email to sponsor Cromwell Dining Room Furniture or for further information.

College Photographs in the Junior Common Room

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Sponsor Framed College Photographs

Every year since the college was founded has seen a full college photograph taken. These have all recently been framed and hung in chronological sequence in the Junior Common Room and they look superb. Many of these already bare the names of generous sponsors. There are 26 photos yet to be adopted by a sponsor. To sponsor a photo will require a once off investment of $90. If you are interested in having your name etched in Cromwell history by sponsoring a full college photo, please contact Mrs Donna Howett (PA to Principal) on 07 3377 1232 or email COCA News 2011 • Page 13

Report from the Student President What a year to be a member of Cromwell College. Another year has passed and I can scarcely believe that it is gone. At the risk of being cliché, it seems like only yesterday that we were greeting a bunch of fresh new faces into the college and re-aquatinting ourselves with much missed friends. The year in the life of a Cromwellian has been an amazing one and one filled with fun, frivolity and success. One of the great successes of the year was the opening of the Begbie Building. At the start of the year we were faced with adversity as the floods that ravished Brisbane halted construction on the Begbie Building and forced many to wait a few week before moving in. Eventually however the building was opened and it is a wonderful new addition to the college, allowing extra students to join the Crommie family. The year also brought great success in the sporting arena. As is always the case the Crommie students showed huge amounts of ticker through the year and were fearlessly led by the enthusiastic sports conveners, Daniel ‘Frithy’ Beatty and Courtney ‘Sophio’ Pointon. Highlights throughout the year include the gents winning both the cross country and athletics championships whilst the girls manage to claim a comprehensive victory in the tennis. Consistent quality performances throughout the year have meant that the Crommie girls managed to place 6th overall whilst for the first time in the memory of anyone we can ask, the gents manage to place 3rd overall in the ICC. This is a huge effort and one that must be contributed to the efforts of the boys but also to the efforts of Daniel ‘Frithy’ Beatty who brought a level of energy to the Sports Convenor position that hasn’t been seen for a long time. Another highlight of the year was Cromwell Ball, which was held at the Tivoli. The Tivoli is a venue filled with huge amounts of music history and provided the perfect backdrop for what was a night that will never be forgotten. To say that we scrub up alright would not do justice to my peers who turned out an eye catching array of beautiful dresses and well cut suits. It was a fantastic night and holds memories that many will cherish for many years. I would like to thank Nathan ‘Omma’ Flett and Laura ‘Secrete’ Boullier for organising the event and doing wonderful job with the social events throughout the year. Perhaps the biggest highlight of the year however was finally finishing exams. However this also means that the year is over and that we must sadly leave the halls of Cromwell College. It has been more than a privilege to be given the opportunity to serve as the President of such a quality bunch of young people and experience that hold close to my heart forever. In my three years I have made more memories and close friends then I could ever have imagined when I was first greeted by crazy cheering and applause on my first day as a fresher. I would like to thank all of the staff who work so hard to make these halls a home, and Ross Switzer (Principal) and Nathan Croft (Dean) for putting up with me in the countless meetings throughout the year. I would also like to thank Mum and Dad for giving the opportunity to make the memories that I have made at Cromwell. Most of all however, I want to thank the students. Not anywhere have I ever witnessed such a tight knit bunch of people and I genuinely doubt that I ever will again. It has been a privilege to make the friends and family I have made over my three years and I hope not to neglect any of you as we go our separate ways. I wish each of you the very best and I sincerely hope that Cromwell’s future is as bright as its past. May many more young people experience the joys that experienced in my time at Cromwell College. Warm Regards,

Nic ‘Legolas’ Finlay President Cromwell College Students’ Association Inc.

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Advertise in COCA News Do you want to target over 5000 COCA News readers throughout Australia and the world by advertising your product, service, event or position vacant? COCA News is the free quarterly print magazine for Old Collegians, Friends of Cromwell, Current Residents and their families to keep them up to date and informed about everything Cromwell. Cromwell College would like to include in each edition of COCA News, a business directory of our COCA News readers. Whether you are an established business or starting out and seeking brand awareness we look forward to discussing your advertising requirements. From single ads to long term campaigns, COCA News can offer a budget conscious advertising option targeting a world wide audience.

Contact Donna Howett today on (07) 3377 1232 or for further information including rates, publishing dates and specifications.

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Cromwell College is extremely proud of the role we play supporting our residents academically and pastorally, in their transition from school and home, to university and beyond. We are committed to maintaining and enhancing the Cromwell College experience, supporting our residents to realise their full potential in all facets of life. To achieve our vision, we are asking for your support. With your financial assistance, the College can continue to: • endow Scholarships, Bursaries and Fellowships to students who would not otherwise be able to live in College. • preserve, develop and improve College buildings and facilities • develop and improve the standards of student facilities and services Your investment, promotes learning, education and collegiality, and has the potential to change and shape the lives of our residents. This is a vital investment in your future too, that will add value to individuals, professions and the wider community. Cromwell College needs and strongly values your continuing support. For further information please contact Donna Howett on +61 7 3377 1232 or

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COCA News December 2011