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APRIL 2011


New Building With the majority of the delays now behind us, we are proud to announce that Cromwell’s new building finally opened for 54 of our new and returning students on Monday 7 March. Although the students are in, there is still work to be done to finish the project, and we expect this to be finalised soon.

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Editor • Anna East • Volume 13

It was certainly an ambitious task to commence such a large building program mid last year for a January 2011 opening, and the inevitable delays with such a large project, along with the floods, took their toll. This resulted in the project not being ready for the start of semester. We sincerely thank the many students who commuted or found alternative accommodation off campus until the new building was ready. Despite these temporary setbacks, as the students continue to settle into their new rooms, and feel comfortable, the benefits of the new building will rise exponentially. It is a terrific facility that adds significantly to the suite of existing, recently refurbished buildings here at Cromwell. Comprising of 12 modern four bedroom apartments and three two bedroom apartments with bathrooms and shared kitchen and common area facilities, the new building offers outstanding College accommodation featuring the most up to date and advanced surrounds and utilities. Each room is fully furnished with an extra long single bed, with mattress and protector, pillow and protector, desk, desk chair, desk lamp, wardrobe, shelving, drawers, small fridge and ceiling fan to give our residents the highest degree of comfort whilst living at Cromwell College. This addition to the College does mean though, that Cromwell has gone significantly into debt for the first time in many years and as such, we are asking you to assist in the reduction of this debt, so that Cromwell may continue to offer and provide the best residential care to you, your children and your children’s children. If you are able to make a tax deductible donation to the Cromwell College Foundation, please complete the donation form on the back page and return to Anna East at the Cromwell office. We are sincerely grateful to our current residents and their families, Alumni and Friends of the College, for their ongoing support.

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Email: Website: MISSION STATEMENT To provide a vibrant community for students in a caring Christian environment that enables them to grow in knowledge and character and the desire to serve. VISION STATEMENT Accept diversity Create community Strive for excellence Pursue spiritual, academic, cultural and social maturity Serve society Care for the environment. COAT OF ARMS When the College was able to adopt its arms, it secured permission from the head of the Cromwell family to bear Oliver Cromwell’s personal arms, a lion argent rampant on a field of sable. MOTTO VBI SPIRITUS IBI LIBERTAS - This motto comes from the Latin Version of the Second Letter of St Paul to the Corinthians, Ch 3, Verse 17. “Now the Lord is Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.”

Cromwell College Song Cromwell is the greatest College, Proved by every kind of test; Seeking for the highest knowledge, Aiming always for the best. Generous when we have the victory, Gracious if we know defeat, This is Cromwell’s firm tradition; Freeing Spirit, our heartbeat! God’s own Spirit brings us freedom Is the Motto we profess; It provides us inspiration, Gives us strength in times of stress. Hail or shine we stick together, Whether near or far apart; Ever caring, true and loyal, We bear Cromwell in out heart.

To the Cromwell Community

Despite quite a number of significant challenges impacting across Cromwell and beyond, the new year has commenced very positively indeed. The college enrolment stands at 247, with an additional 50 students residing at Campus Lodge. The January floods wreaked havoc across many areas of Queensland, and in Brisbane, St Lucia was one of the worst hit areas. The University suffered significant damage, especially to its sporting facilities, and International House was forced to completely close for semester one due to extensive inundation. Cromwell fared relatively well, with one unit at Campus Lodge flooded, however the floods greatest impact upon us, was the extensive delay caused to our new building. Although completion in time for semester Flood waters near Campus Lodge one was always going to be tight, the floods put this hope well out of reach. Fifty four students had to find alternative accommodation or commute for the first couple of weeks of semester. January also saw the completion of the full refurbishment of the Lockley Building. It now contains 11 individual deluxe rooms across the top two floors. The kitchen and late meals dining area has also been refurbished, as have all bathrooms throughout the college. The roofs of

The song is sung to the music of “Hymn to Joy” (92 in the Australian Hymn Book).

THANKS Thank you to all the staff, students and Alumni who have been contributors to this issue of COCA News. EDITOR Anna East, Community Relations Manager GRAPHIC DESIGN, PRINTING & DISTRIBUTION Bluestar Go cnr Hood St & Services Rd ST LUCIA QLD 4064

New building

Refurbished Tennis Court

all buildings have been cleaned and sealed, and much landscaping work has commenced. The tennis court received a complete face lift and is now an impressive two tone court. It is testament to the terrific community spirit here at Cromwell, that so many (students and staff) did so much with immense good grace, to make the best of challenging circumstances early this semester.

was chosen as it will be fifty seven years to the day, since the first students took up residence in Thatcher Building on 5 June 1954. Details about the opening ceremony for the Begbie Building, will be available on the college website in due course. Two months on, 111 freshers and 136 returning students have settled in well, and the whole college is progressing impressively at the half way point in the semester. There is a strong academic commitment from students, balanced with healthy spiritual, sporting and cultural opportunities. The college’s social program runs parallel to these activities, allowing students to build community, and to better know each other. In short, after a challenging start, 2011 is shaping up to be another successful and productive year for all associated with Cromwell College.

New building

At its March meeting, the Board of Governors passed a motion to name the new building the ‘Begbie Building’, recognizing the work of immediate past Principal, Rev Dr Hugh Begbie. An official opening ceremony will be held at the college on Sunday 5 June 2011. This date

Ross Switzer Principal/Chief Executive

COCA News 2010 • Page 3

Report from the Student President Oh how great it feels to be back between the walls of Cromwell College. If I’m honest I spent many of the weeks of the holiday period dreaming of how good it would be to be at Crommie, enjoying college life without the hassle of Uni. But as is the case in most things in life, you can’t have everything your own way, so I had to wait, somewhat impatiently, for P-week and O-week to commence.

the first large social event of the year, Closed Bunker. This was a chance for the new students to meet the returning students as well as a chance to meet some of the past alumni. The magnitude of closed bunker however was definitely overshadowed by that of Open Bunker the following weekend. This was an incredibly successful event which for the first time ever included a balloon drop which was a huge hit with all patrons.

Cromwell Leaders 2011

I must say that I am incredibly excited to be back and couldn’t be happier with the way the year has started for the college. The year began when the leadership team for 2011 returned for Preparation Week (P-Week) on the 13th of February. There was no time for easing ourselves back into the college routine as we were put through a program that included 7am Morning Programs, Leadership and Counselling Workshops, First Aid Training, Fire Evacuation Training, Paintball and various other leadership and bonding activities. It was an excellent week and thoroughly prepared us for the influx of new freshers on the following Sunday.

Ten-Legged Fresher Race

Things are also heating up on the sporting front with Cromwell involvement in both inter-college swimming and tennis. Swimming this year was a huge improvement on past performances and saw Cromwell place 4th in the Men’s and equal sixth in the women’s. Whilst tennis has yet to commence, trials have taken place and I am pleased to say that Cromwell has a very realistic chance of retaining both the Men’s and Women’s crowns. We are very much looking forward to the tennis season and watching our tennis athletes strut their stuff. In summary it has been a jam packed first couple of weeks that have been incredibly exciting and successful. I am extremely honoured to be given an opportunity at the helm of Cromwell College and can barely contain my excitement at the year that lies ahead.

Cromwell ‘Toybox’ Bunker

I am pleased to report that O-Week went swimmingly and that the group of new students that we have this year is truly an amazing bunch of people and will only enhance the already amazing culture that exists within Cromwell. I am confident that if you were to ask any one of the freshers, they would tell you that it was one of the best weeks of their lives and one only has to come to the college to see how much that they have bonded together as a cohort and bonded with the returning students. The week was intense from start to finish and culminated in COCA News 2010 • Page 4

O-Week Completed atop of Mt Coot-tha

Nic ‘Legolas’ Finlay

President Cromwell College Students’ Association Inc.

P Week New Principal, new Dean, new building, new leadership group, New Year! The start of 2011 was nothing short of an amazing ride for all involved. Personally, I was dealing with new surroundings for myself and family and professionally, a new job and a massive learning curve to become accustomed to College life.

Mr Graham Hymen, spent the day inspiring and evoking thought about leadership at Cromwell. Other sessions involved • Team work and communication • CITG • UQ sport • Counseling • Fire and evacuation training

• Red Frogs • Staff Liaison • RSA – Responsible Service of Alcohol course • First Aid course

And of course there was the team building exercise that had both Ross and myself coming under heavy fire during a morning of Paintball.

Graham Hyman Leadership Seminar

Fortunately my sanity has been saved on more than one occasion by the exceptional team of professionals that run the administration in the office, the new Resident Assistants (RA’s) and the Team of Executives for 2011. This leadership group, so far, has been amazing with their planning, preparation and the execution of all aspects that makes up the start of the College year.


The year has settled down and I can see some of the benefits of a very intense week of preparation coming to fruition as the leaders find stride and settle into their roles at the College. “P” Week certainly added value by arming these individuals with the leadership skills and knowledge to really stamp their mark on Cromwell and beyond, as they make their way forth into the world.

After the morning run

Preparation “P” Week prepares the leadership group at Cromwell to complete the roles or jobs they have been selected in for the year. The work behind the scenes by the team of seniors and in particular Nicholas Finlay - Student President, Jordan Herd - Senior Resident Assistant (RA), Daniel Porep - Orientation Week Coordinator and Nicola Ward - Orientation Week Coordinator, was amazing. This group of young leaders spent a great deal of their vacation time preparing for the start of 2011 at Cromwell. On Sunday 13th February, the RA’s and the Student Executive moved into college, thus beginning their 2011 journey. A good dose of exercise such as Yoga, Pilates and walking to stimulate the senses at 7.00am each day, was in direct contrast to the lazy sleep ins and loose time constraints of their holidays. Leadership was the common theme with the information sessions that filled each day. Our first guest speaker,

BBQ at Ross and Jenny’s residence

As we all prepare to take on the year, I am confident that the students chosen to lead Cromwell College in 2011 will continue to prove to be of the highest quality and I look forward to working closely with them. Nathan Croft Dean of Students COCA News 2010 • Page 5

O Week O-week 2011 was everything that we expected it to be and more, thanks to our 2011 freshers. The week was jam-packed with challenges and activities including the Fresher Dance, Bus Rally, Closed Bunker, Inter-College meals, and of course the morning program. The leaders goal for the week was to challenge the Freshers to push themselves to bring the Freshers together as a tight-knit cohort who will watch out for each other, help each other and back each other up on the sporting, academic and cultural fields.

Casino Night

Starting out on the Sunday morning, there were many nervous and sometimes worried glances towards parents, as the Freshers were greeted by Rachel ‘Squat’ Cary backed by cheering and applause. During the day, the Freshers comfort zones began to be tested and the leaders realised that the 2011 group of Freshers were a stellar group of people from a wide range of backgrounds. Each day started with a morning program that included star-jumps, running on the spot, stretches and roll call. On the first morning there were many shocked faces but also a lot of “Crommie ticker” on display.

Team Building

Throughout the week the leaders were constantly asking the Freshers to, “Impress Me!”. From the gents chivalry to their ladies by allowing them their water first, to high knees, or taking a tumble on sunshine mountain and just rolling out of it and powering on, the Freshers did not disappoint! Excitement at OWeek

COCA News 2010 • Page 6

International House, Grace and Cromwell held a new OWeek activity, The Scribble Party, on the Tuesday night that was a raging success. The nights theme comprised of white clothing, loud music from the Red Frogs DJ and a lot of fluorescent pens.

Starting the day

O-week included many talks from various groups, active on the UQ campus including CITG (the UQ college’s internet service provider), UQ sport and a local police officer. Almost all of the UQ Colleges came together to be educated, inspired and motivated by the Youth Presentation Coordinator for the Global Poverty Project in Australia, d’Arcy Lunn. As the week progressed, we all began to enjoy the more ‘chilledout’ events such as the trips to the Gold Coast and the Wet ‘n’ Wild Water Park. It was great to see friendships blossoming between people that hadn’t even known each other for a week!

Dance Practice

I would like to once again thank Ross and Nathan for their constructive feedback throughout the planning stages of O-week. I’d also like to thank Nicholas ‘Legolas’ Finlay, Jordan ‘Finman’ Herd and most of all Niki ‘Mussels’ Ward, for their hard work and commitment to giving the Freshers a ripper O-week. Daniel Porep “O” Week Coordinator

Morning Program

COCA News 2010 • Page 7

College News Commencement Dinner The Commencement Dinner is a formal occasion to welcome our residents to Cromwell College and to formally receive the year’s freshers into the Cromwell family, by signing a register and pledging the official Cromwell promise to uphold the traditions and expectations as a Cromwell College resident. 111 residents were welcomed by their fellow Cromwellians and distinguished guests including Members of the Board, Cromwell Fellows and staff members at this year’s Commencement Dinner that was held at Cromwell College Dining Room on 22nd March 2011.

2011 Freshers

New Building Opening To celebrate the completion of the new building, Alumni, Friends of the College, residents and their families are invited to attend the Official Opening to be held at 2.30pm on Sunday 5th June 2011. To attend, please contact Anna East Community Relations Manager before 20th May 2011 on (07) 3377 1232 or email a.east@cromwell.

College Photos College photos are taken annually and record all residents in the College together with the Freshers, Resident Assistants and the Student Executive. Photos for 2011 are available for purchase by phoning Anna East, Community Relations Manager on (07) 3377 1232 or email

COCA News 2010 • Page 8

Shave for a Cure Thousands of patients are suffering from leukaemias, lymphomas, myeloma and related blood disorders. Being diagnosed with these diseases greatly affects the lives of patients and their families during and also post both chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Having experienced these effects first hand Caitlin Vizcay-Wilson the Vice President and Fundraising Officer of the Cromwell College Students Association, together with the Cromwell Fundraising Committee coordinated the Cromwell College Shave for a Cure event, held on 15th March 2011. With the strong support from current Cromwellians and their families, Alumni and Friends of the College, more than $4,000 was raised for the Leukaemia Foundation. This generosity will help change the lives of so many cancer patients.

Ross showing off his multicoloured look

Being such a worthy cause and with the set targets attained, Dean of Students, Mr Nathan Croft agreed to have his head shaved, the Principal, Ross Switzer had his hair coloured pink and purple and a number of male residents were brave enough to have parts of their body hair waxed (ouch!).

Thank you to those who were able to donate to this event and help the Leukaemia Foundation to fund research and free services for people with blood cancer.

Nathan Croft before the shave

All in the name of charity!

Lode ‘School of Maverick Thinking’ Competition Victoria Sing, a third-year resident at Cromwell College and a Commerce undergraduate, recently entered Lode ‘School of Maverick Thinking’ Competition, hosted by leading employer PriceWaterhouseCoopers (the largest professional services firm in Australia). After being selected as one of ten finalists from over 5000 entries across Australia, Victoria was announced as the winner of the prestigious 4-week paid internship with the Brisbane based firm and will commence in December 2011. Congratulations Victoria. COCA News 2010 • Page 9

Renovations and Upgrades Throughout the University vacation period, Cromwell College undertook a plethora of maintenance projects, to continue to provide best practice accommodation and facilities for our residents and guests. We thank Fred and all College staff for their hard work and commitment to Cromwell College over this extremely busy time. Despite earlier soil testing on site for the new building, once construction commenced, the substructure on site was found to be of inconsistent quality, inadequate to build upon. The building was redesigned to suit the conditions with huge quantities of inferior substructure dug out at considerable cost. The redesigned building was then set lower to fill this void. Further uncertainties about substructure and rising associated costs, meant that the old Cromwell Cottage could not be effectively relocated, and it was demolished. Dean’s Residence, upstairs in Steele Craik Lodge

The entire Lockley Building was refurbished, ready for the students to move in for the first semester in February 2011. Rooms were completely stripped and refurbished with new walls, ceilings, new bathrooms and air-conditioning fitted. There were also a number of twin rooms that were converted into deluxe single rooms. The terracotta roof tiles on all buildings were pressure cleaned and sealed by professional roof cleaners. This work had never been done before. The bathrooms throughout the College have been fully refurbished. Servicing the kitchen and the Lockley Building were five electric hot water systems that were located at the rear of Lockley. The systems have been replaced with two gas hot water systems and have been fitted on the roof of the JCR. As noted in the previous edition of the COCA News, the second stage of the kitchen refurbishment has been completed and the dry storage up and running. Sliding doors between the kitchen and the dining room have also been installed. New dry store in the kitchen

The student accommodation rooms on the top floor of SteeleCraik Lodge have been refurbished to provide appropriate, quality family accommodation for the Dean of Students, Mr Nathan Croft with his wife Jo and son Kai. Various furniture and utilities have been replaced including the desk chairs in every room throughout the College, single and double bed frames and mattresses in both towers of Campus Lodge and the analogue antennaes have been upgraded to digital. The IT data speed has also been increased and updated.

Cottage being demolished

COCA News 2010 • Page 10

The Late Meals Area has been upgraded and refurbished with a new kitchen and new floor tiles. All TVs in the common areas throughout the College are now flat screens.

Roof cleaning

Maintenance Manager Lives on Campus We welcome Mr Fred Deckers, Maintenance Manager and his wife Elizabeth to residential life. Fred has been working with Cromwell College for the last four years and he and Elizabeth recently moved on site into an apartment at Campus Lodge in January 2011. This enables Fred, to more effectively respond to maintenance issues out of hours.

2011 Floods Throughout the flood disaster that inundated Brisbane in January 2011, there were 30 guests staying at Cromwell College, including summer scholarship students, visitors and residents. Due to the seriousness of the event, the Principal sent all staff home on Tuesday 11th to be with their families. Ross, Jenny, Nathan and Jo continued to provide exceptional residential care, including cooking and serving meals to our guests for the week that the College was surrounded by water, with most of the streets leading into the UQ St Lucia campus closed off to severe water damage. One of our guests at the time, Mrs. Tracey Burley writes “I just want to thank you Ross, your wife Jenny, Nathan and Jo for the kindness and support shown to me, my mother and my son during our stay at Cromwell College last week. It was no doubt a Unit 17, Campus Lodge during the floods difficult and stressful time for you and your staff but your ‘nothing was too much trouble’ attitude was much appreciated by me and my family. I will certainly speak very highly of Cromwell College in the future and would recommend it to any of our students here at Toowoomba Grammar as a wonderfully caring place for them to stay for their post school studies.” Fortunately, Cromwell fared well considering the utter devastation caused to the many families, properties and businesses throughout Brisbane. With a loss of power for several days, the basement in Jarvis Tower, Campus Lodge was flooded, and our visitor residing in the apartment there was evacuated. We are in the process of rebuilding the apartment and the laundry that was located in the Jarvis Tower basement.

Flood waters near Cromwell College between Campus Lodge and Hood Street

COCA News 2010 • Page 11

College Memorabilia Please contact Anna East on (07) 3377 1232 or to order or for any queries.

Sponsor Dining Room Furniture Sponsoring the College’s Dining Room Furniture offers you the chance to contribute and have your name in perpetuity within Cromwell College. Dining Room chairs with engraved plaque are only $215.00 per chair, or each table with engraved plaque is $1600.00. Please contact Anna East, Community Relations Manager on (07) 3377 1232 or to sponsor Cromwell Dining Room Furniture or for further information.

Guest Speakers The Cromwell College Formal Dinner, a longstanding College tradition throughout the world, is held every Tuesday evening in the Dining Room. These dinners are a great opportunity to not only provide a regular formality to our residents by encouraging formal comportment through academic dress and processional procedures, it is also a vehicle to engage their young minds and challenge them to think beyond their standard academic focus. The Dean of Students is looking for suitable guest speakers to address our residents on topics that will connect with College life and/or the transitions Cromwell College residents will in time, experience throughout their journeys through College, University and beyond. If you are interested in presenting or would like further information about the Cromwell College Formal Dinners, please contact Nathan Croft, Dean of Students on (07) 3377 1234 or COCA News 2010 • Page 12

Chit Chat Round Up Thank you for your Christmas wishes, and please convey these sentiments to the Principal, Residents and the entire Staff of Cromwell, which I still, have very fond memories. I am still doing great with my private practice in my local town Moshi, Kilimanjaro Region, Northern Tanzania, after I retired from Public Service in 1976. If any one of you is/are thinking of coming to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, you are welcome. I will be just too happy to host you. Best Regards,

Shauri Wilfred Marealle (1961-1962)

Hope you are all high and dry there. I was a resident at Cromwell in 1974 and was able to live in for a few days immediately following the floods to assist in the clean up along with a few other Cromwell students. International House was our first stop. Then we made our way along Sir Fred Schonell Drive, lending a hand wherever we could. Guess these places may have had problems again this time around. My family and I were unaffected directly by the Toowoomba tsunami, but are shocked by what we saw a week ago in our streets. I have amalgamated my practice (Munro Law) with Trilby Misso. The new firm was supposed to have its first day of operation today, but with the floods we have delayed the implementation for a few days. Hope to catch up with you and the College some time soon. Kind regards

Bill Munro

I left Cromwell and UQ in 1984 after completing B.Comm. and returned home to Fiji. I worked for Price Waterhouse and then commenced my own business as Accountants and Tax Agents. In 1992 I migrated to Brisbane and settled here since with my wife and two children, my son Jayshil who is currently working for Ernest and Young and completing his B.Com Llb at UQ and my daughter Niha who is a podiatrist. I commenced my own accounting and tax firm in 1994 and am still in it. Otherwise, life moves on...hoping to catch up with friends from past. Please email me at Jitco@powerup.

Jitendra Prasad (1982 – 1984)

COCA News 2010 • Page 13

Dear Cromwell mates, Thank you very much for your kind messages and support. I have been shocked by the news of disasters in QLD and New Zealand, and now are experiencing harsh one here in Japan, as well. I hope all of you have been safe from flood and cyclones. I had worries to hear the news of drought and forest fires, so it was a little hard for me to imagine the rain disasters. Most of the TV news we saw here were about the flood in Rockhampton, so I am not aware of the degree of the damages to Brisbane City. I just hope the hard time is going away. Today I would like to let you know that people in Tokyo are doing OK with little panic. Tokyo does not face directly to Pacific Ocean, so have no tsunami damage here, though we have great heartache to hear much sad news in the north-east regions. One of our colleagues in the Tsunami-attack region lost his house and his parents are missing. We are busy to support the colleagues and clients of the region. We are finding that damage by tsunami is far beyond those by the tremor itself or fire. A big earthquake hit the north-east region of Japan on Friday, around 3pm. I was working in the office in Tokyo and felt the tremor. We are sort of used to earthquakes and know that most of buildings are earthquake resistant, so we did what we had been taught how we should react first - get under the desks for at least 10 seconds to protect our head. What was different from what we had been used to was the length of the tremor. Usually tremor lasts for 10 seconds or so, but this time last for more than a minute, so most of us instantly noticed that this earthquake is special. Through Internet and TV we soon knew that the seismic center was off the coast of north-east Japan, and fortunately only a few buildings collapsed by the tremor itself. But at that time few expected the size of the tsunami would be that large and powerful. We started working in the office but in a little different way as usual Monday morning. I was ready to walk to office and back home on foot, with running shoes on. Fortunately subways run and so came to the office with no difficulty. Because some power station, including troubled nuclear ones, are not working, intentional black out is planned. Tokyo has a huge urban area with 30 million people living and working. 25% reduction of power usage seems necessary, so some big shops and suburban commuting trains do not run today. About half of colleagues stay home for today. The size of the quakes are the biggest in the past several centuries. We have big ones periodically, once in 50-100 years. This time the majority of the stress accumulated underground may have been released. In other words we are likely to have no similar big ones in the next 50-100 years. Maybe we should think positively and make it a good time for us to fight back to make the country more sound. And we all thank to the people outside of Japan for heartfelt messages. Best regards,

Mikio Hayashi (1987) COCA News 2010 • Page 14

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COCA News 2010 • Page 15

Cromwell College is extremely proud of the role we play supporting our residents academically and pastorally, in their transition from school and home, to university and beyond. We are committed to maintaining and enhancing the Cromwell College experience, supporting our residents to realise their full potential in all facets of life. To achieve our vision, we are asking for your support. With your financial assistance, the College can continue to: • endow Scholarships, Bursaries and Fellowships to students who would not otherwise be able to live in College. • preserve, develop and improve College buildings and facilities • develop and improve the standards of student facilities and services Your investment, promotes learning, education and collegiality, and has the potential to change and shape the lives of our residents. This is a vital investment in your future too, that will add value to individuals, professions and the wider community. Cromwell College needs and strongly values your continuing support. For further information please contact the Community Relations Manager on +61 7 3377 1232 or

COCA News April 2011  
COCA News April 2011