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Appendix 1. Cromwell College Students 2015

Valedictorians 2015


CHAIRPERSON’S REPORT Our Cromwell College Mission Statement is: To provide a vibrant community for students in a caring Christian environment that enables them to grow in knowledge and character and willingness to serve. During the year 2015 we have continued with great success to make our mission a practical reality. We need continually to provide a high standard of service to our students so that the College experience value-adds to their outcomes. Cromwell College is a community. As a community it welcomes and supports a diverse group of people as students, not necessarily the greatest academics or the most accomplished sportspeople but those who would most benefit by the College experience. Bursary programs have been expanded to facilitate access to the College. A team of advisors and mentors provides support to students: • Post graduate students as Student Advisors • Internal and external academic tutors • Academic mentors We are now seeing the benefits of a strategy plan which ensures an intentional direction for the College, with increased outcome throughout all areas of the College. As planned, a Deputy Principal, Mr Michael Crome, took up duty in April 2015, with specific responsibility for increased academic outcomes and pastoral care. The College’s Grade Point Average increased in both semesters during 2015. The reputational outcome can be seen in the increased applications from first year students and the increased number of students choosing to stay in the College for the final years of their degrees. Students once again visited Zambia, the “Village of Hope” near Mongu in the Western Provence, as part of our community service projects. As much as their mission had a significant impact on one of the most isolated and impoverished places on Earth, it has had an impact on the students who returned with a new understanding of the privilege so often taken for granted in Australian society. As an example of the embedding of cultural values, an Equity Policy was developed and implemented on the initiative of the Students’ Association.

It is pleasing that the Cromwell Old Collegians’ Association (COCA) has been revived and is active due to the enthusiasm of several people but in particular Daniel Baum and Foundation Chairperson Richard Shannon. COCA is now an incorporated association 3

and during the year launched itself at a Customs House function, followed by drinks on the deck at the College and a gathering in London. Alumni are involved with current students through business breakfasts and as academic tutors. We have a dedicated Board of Governors who contribute through participation in the Board, the Executive Committee, the Property Committee, the Finance Committee and the Foundation as well as personal activities. A major factor in the Board’s effectiveness is the diverse range of backgrounds, talents and interests bringing a multifaceted dimension to decision making. I thank them for their commitment to the College. There has been a rearrangement of Board meetings, to more clearly focus on its governance and strategic roles. The annual retreat at the beginning of the year has continued, in 2015 featuring a facilitator from the Australian Institute of Company Directors leading a session on Duties and responsibilities of not-for-profit directors. Regular bimonthly meetings use a consent agenda, ensuring that items of importance are given adequate discussion time while fulfilling monitoring and accountability requirements. There were three departures from the Board. Long-time Treasurer Barrie Rolleston, a Uniting Church nominee, reached the end of his latest three-year appointment in 2015 and chose not to renew. Barrie has been with Cromwell for many years, originally coming in as Treasurer to assist with financial stabilization. Dr Tanya Christa has resigned from the Board due to personal reasons. Tanya's involvement with Cromwell predates her appointment to the Board when her late husband Professor Boris Christa was Senate representative. When his term was concluded, he was invited to remain on the Board as a Cromwell nominee and after he passed away in 2008, Tanya came onto the Board. She has made a significant, thoughtful contribution to the Board over time. Regrettably Megan Long (Secretary to the Board) and Andrew Cousins have had to tender their resignations due to personal circumstances taking them outside South-East Queensland. Megan has moved to live in Goondiwindi and Andrew has taken up a promotional position in Perth. They have both made a significant contributions and we wish them well. The Principal’s contract was renewed upon completion of a successful review at the end of his five-year contract. Several staff changes have occurred which will be detailed in the Principal’s Report, but two changes, the appointment of an executive chef and outsourcing of housekeeping services, have entailed structural changes and have had positive results. I lead the list of acknowledgements with our principal Mr Ross Switzer and Mrs Jenny Switzer for their enthusiasm and commitment to Cromwell. In addition there is:  The Board of Governors for the multiple skills they are willing to use for the betterment of the College.  The staff - the Deputy Principal and Business Manager; and people associated with college services – student advisors, housekeeping, buildings and maintenance, grounds, kitchen and administration.


 

The Students’ Association who have worked with the Principal and the Board of Governors in making this a great place. Those who have given financial support to Cromwell.

Cromwell is a college of which we can all be proud. Finally, there is my thanks to God for the goodness he has shown our College and my prayers to him that his blessings will continue.

Dr Joe Goodall



PRINCIPAL’S REPORT I have pleasure in presenting the Principal’s Annual Report for Cromwell College 2015. I sincerely thank all stakeholders for their involvement in what has been a most successful year for the College. The Grade Point Average of 5.22 across our 249 students in 2015 is an improvement on previous years, and is reflective of the growing academic culture within the College. The ICC sporting and cultural competitions again saw high levels of Cromwell participation, with results beyond what might be expected from the smallest UQ coeducational college. Spiritual enquiry saw 12% of students regularly involved, and a variety of social activities both with and without alcohol provided the necessary down time from the rigours of academic work. The Zambia Service Project at the Village of Hope, Mongu, continued this year with life changing experiences reported. The home away from home feeling here at Cromwell far surpasses any physical aspects of the College, superb as they are.

Cromwell College Journalism students Morgaine Auton, Sophie Davis, Melissa Harvey, Frank Lawrence and Chris Anderson are mentored by Channel 9 TV personality, news presenter and former Cromwell College student Mrs Alison Ariotti (nee Fletcher) at an academic breakfast recently held at the college.

The Student Leadership Team provided excellent support and guidance to our students. I sincerely acknowledge and thank our Students’ Association President (Lachlan Power) and his Students’ Association Executive for their tireless organisation of student activities. A defining moment in Lachlan’s inspirational leadership this year was the drafting and publication of the Students’ Association Equity Policy. This document, made clear the desire to hold equity for all students at the forefront of all decision making. The Resident Assistants’ (RA) group once again worked with commitment to deliver


proactive pastoral care and supervision in their corridors. The All Ages Coordinators continued this year to support the growing number of students both under and over 18 for whom the drinking culture was not a priority, and to develop more ‘dry’ and inclusive activities alongside “Red Frogs” for the whole College. I am very proud of our staff team. The appointment of Mr Michael Crome to the new role of Deputy Principal in April has been thoroughly justified. He has been ably supported by Student Advisors (Geoffrey White and Ella Carstensen) and Senior RA’s (Dominic Retschlag and Glen Thorpe). The maintenance, catering and housekeeping staff led by Fred Deckers, Matthew Thurecht and Janice van Hengel respectively have done a great job. The office team provided a homely feel and support for our students, and I sincerely thank Business Manager (Fran Huestis) and her staff Sarah Brewer, Donna Howett and Robyn Slater in this regard. In November, Fran Huestis accepted a senior role in the Uniting Church Synod Office, and on behalf of the whole community I wish her well. Our cleaners accepted redundancies as we outsource our housekeeping function to Eaton Services Group from 2016, and our groundsman (Gerard Farrell) retired from work in December.

Jenyu Shaw (2nd year) and the Cromwell Choralfest team after a great performance . The College is fortunate in having a talented and supportive volunteer governing body led so well by Chairman Dr Joe Goodall and Deputy Chair Dr Janet Porter. I thank them for their vision and client focus in their work, and importantly for their professional and personal support of me.


A nationally renowned entertainer performs at the Students’ Association “Bunker” event.

Cromwell continues to maintain a positive relationship with the other nine residential colleges and the University. The University Colleges Australia (Qld Chapter) meets monthly and the Deputy Principal (Michael Crome) with his wife Jenny represented Cromwell at the University Colleges Australia National Conference in Canberra. I represent the Heads’ of Colleges group as Chair of the Inter College Council (ICC) Board of Governors, and I am Vice President of the Colleges Information Technology Group (CITG).I am a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Financially, Cromwell College returned a very healthy operating surplus this year and carries no external debt. The College, including Campus Lodge, is fully occupied. Conference trade has been a source of additional income. Enrolment interest remains strong and this year, Cromwell College received 200 enrolment applications for 99 places in 2016. I offer my sincere thanks and gratitude to every person whose dedication and commitment combined to make such a positive difference in the lives of the 249 emerging adults who we serve here at Cromwell.



SECRETARY’S REPORT Five general meetings of the Board were held during 2015. Those holding office during the year were as follows: TRUSTEES: Chairperson: Dr J Goodall Treasurer: Mr A Betts (appointed AGM 18th March 2015) Mr B M Rollason (resigned AGM 18th March 2015) Secretary: Ms M Long (resigned 18th November 2015) BOARD OF GOVERNORS: The number of meetings attended is indicated in brackets. Ex officio:

The Principal, Mr R A Switzer (5 of 5)

Elected by the Uniting Church, Queensland Synod: Mr B B de Jong (3 of 5) Mr B M Rollason (present at AGM) Dr J Goodall (5 of 5) Rev P J Lockhart (4 of 5)

Elected by the Board of Governors: Dr T Christa (3 of 5) Dr A J Cousins (2 of 5) Ms M Long (4 of 5) The Hon Justice J A Logan (3 of 5) Mr A E McChesney-Clark (5 of 5) Dr J Porter (4 of 5) Mr A Betts (4 of 5) Life Governors: Mr M J C Head Elected by Cromwell College Old Collegians’ Association: Dr S Bade (4 of 5) Mr R Shannon (5 of 5) Appointed by the Senate of the University of Queensland: Prof M Skidmore (1 of 5) Elected by Cromwell College Students’ Association: Mr L Power (3 of 5) Mr Z Brown (4 of 5)

Visitor to the College: The Moderator of the Uniting Church, Queensland Synod: Rev D Baker


OFFICERS AND COMMITTEES: At the 64th Annual General Meeting held on 18th March 2015, the following officers were elected: Chairperson: Deputy Chairperson: Secretary: Treasurer:

Dr J Goodall Dr J Porter Ms M Long Mr A Betts

Executive Committee One Executive Committee meeting was held during the year. Mr R A Switzer ex officio (1) Dr J Goodall (1) Mr B M Rollason (1 – elected for 2014) Mr A Betts (0 – Elected for 2015) Dr J Porter (1) Mr A E McChesney-Clark (1) Ms M Long (0) Mr Z Brown (1) Mr L Power (1) Mr R Shannon (Observer – elected for 2015) Mr B B de Jong (1 – elected for 2014) Property Committee Six Property Committee meetings were held during the year. Mr A E McChesney-Clark - Chairperson (6 of 6) Dr J Porter (4 of 6) Mr R A Switzer (6 of 6) Mr Z Brown (4 of 6) Mr L Power (4 of 6) Mr R Shannon (1 of 6) Finance Committee One Finance Committee meeting was held during the year. Mr A Betts (1) Mr R A Switzer (1) Ms M Long (0) Mr Z Brown (1) Mr L Power (1)

APPOINTMENTS: Grant Thornton was appointed as College Auditor.


TREASURER’S REPORT During the year ended the 31st December 2015 the College achieved full occupancy at the College and was nearing full occupancy at the Campus Lodge facility. This combined with strong financial management and sound governance saw the College achieve a healthy operating surplus of $1,051,583 for the year (2014: $1,047,764). Full details of income and expenditure can be found in the attached audited Financial Statements for the College. Components of overall income and expense, in percentage terms, are shown in the following pie charts. For comparison purposes, the previous year’s percentages are shown in brackets.

INCOME SOURCES - 2015 *2014 Comparison Appears in Brackets Campus Lodge Rental 13.4% (14.4%)

Student Fees 81.8% (80.2%)

Accommodation & Function Charges 3.4% (4.5%)

Interest Received 0.8% (0.4%) Sundry Income 0.6% (0.6%)

EXPENSES - 2015 (Excl Depreciation) * 2014 Comparison Appears in Brackets 6.9% (3.2%) 5.3% (6.3%)

22.2% (22.3%) Salaries, Wages & Associated costs Catering

1.5% (1.6%) 2.1% (2.4%)


7.0% (6.9%)

Interest Expense

4.4% (5.0%)

Gas and Electricity Rates - General & Water Cleaning

5.6% (5.5%) 0.0% (0.0%) 15.7% (16.8%)

29.3% (30.1%)


The College continued to substantially reinvest in the College facilities by undertaking $720,820 of capital expenditure during the year, which included upgrading the airconditioning and exhaust systems in the kitchen, updating the College’s wireless network and refurbishment of the Principal’s and Deputy Principal’s residences and is well placed to ensure that its facilities continue to be well presented in the future. The College is in a sound financial position as at 31st December 2015 with net assets of $13.7Millon and generated cashflows from operations of $2.17Million during the year, which enabled the College to fund its capital expenditure programme and increase cash reserves at year end to $3.5Million.

Andrew Betts Treasurer



2015 Annual Report  

Cromwell College 2015 Annual Report

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