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Dear reader, This ninth International edition of the Crosswords magazine focuses on Red Cross humanitarian activities in the world with a special attention on volunteer humanitarian projects. We wish you a great week! International Section Contact details for the International Section and further information: T: 661 56 74 52 -


Interview with Dr. Christian Huvelle "For all of our international activities, we collaborate with volunteers essential to our work." Dr. Christian Huvelle, Head of the Humanitarian section of the Red Cross in Luxembourg, describes his service as consisting of a chain whose links, either from Luxembourg or abroad, are essential. How are the humanitarian activities organized at the Luxembourg Red Cross? "They are increasingly oriented towards emergencies, which correspond to our basic characteristics and our history. We run our international work in pre-emergency (emergency planning), in emergency itself and in the postemergency (rehabilitation). Part of our development activities are taken over by more specialized local partners for more efficiency. In what areas can you count on the support of volunteers? "We can count on the dog section, an entire voluntary team of critical importance that specializes in locating victims under the rubble. The Emergency Response Unit (ERU) Relief Benelux, which can be deployed within 24 to 48 hours, is responsible for distributing basic resources for the needs of the most affected people in catastrophic conditions." The intervention volunteers are the most known. But what about the work done from headquarters? "The intervention in the field is defined by what is done from our headquarters. In this area, volunteers are essential and deserve our recognition. For instance, one volunteer ensures that the equipment available to those who are deployed is correctly prepared and replenished after each operation. Another one is in charge of maintaining a file on precise details of each intervention volunteer (contacts, immunizations, etc.) ".

MARCH 2011

International version N°9

A variety of volunteer activities at the humanitarian service

The mobilization for emergency response In the event of major natural disasters, where the intervention of the emergency team Relief ERU Benelux (Emergency Response Unit) is required for the distribution of first aid products, the humanitarian service of the Luxembourg Red Cross is alerted by International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent, based in Geneva. As the deployment of the ERU team is generally done within 24 to 48 hours, the humanitarian service should quickly assess whether the human, logistical and financial resources are available to meet the demand of the Federation. If the deployment made by the Federation is agreed, three or four members of the Relief ERU Benelux are selected, according to local geostrategic and human criteria depending on the country, to reach the scene of the disaster. Currently, the Luxembourg Red Cross has 17 volunteers trained and supervised, of which 12 are available as soon as an alert is initiated. The humanitarian service takes care of all administrative procedures for the departure of the volunteers (VISA, airfares, equipment needed, etc.). An accurate inventory of equipment is made according to the scale of the crisis.

Management of the ERU Material ERU members must be provided for financially for at least one month. Within the humanitarian service, Andrew Hallan, volunteer, is responsible for the purchase, storage and maintenance of equipment of the ERU, which is stored in a hangar at premises of Red Cross in Bertrange. Vehicles are stored and maintained in LuxairCargo who graciously offer a free parking service. "After each mission, it is necessary to monitor the state of the equipment and replenish the stock. With a group of volunteers, we do inspections, inventory of hundreds of components, and the packaging. We ensure that the purchased equipment is of good quality and sourced at competitive prices through direct sales and vendor bidding. We also keep accurate records to ensure proper use of these funds from our donors. A real small industry!� Andrew Hallan

House constructions in Burundi Testimony of Anne Weber, delegate of the Luxembourg Red Cross Her mission is to help the socioeconomic reintegration of repressed families, returnees and deportees from Tanzania to their original region, Gihogazi (Karuzi Province), in the centre of the country. "Our main partner is the Burundi Red Cross team. The organization has 3,016 volunteers in Gihogazi village working in collaboration with the field team of the project. Their contribution is very important. They’re a workforce in building the houses (making bricks, digging canals for foundations, digging holes for latrines, etc.), helping those in need (orphans, elderly, sick, disabled, etc.), doing maintenance work on the nursery, supervising the income generating activities such as the mill and the veterinary pharmacies or contributing to the maintenance of the water spots.

MARCH 2011

International version N°9

They benefit from a weekly follow-up and meet regularly to discuss and respond to the concerns of the community (revitalizing against slackening or demotivation, disseminating the principles and values of the Red Cross at the beginning of each project, etc.) ".

Interview with Anne Reuland, lawyer and fundraiser in Luxembourg for 5 years How did you become a collector? "My husband and his family have been doing this for years. At that time, I was asked to give a helping hand due to the lack of collectors in the areas of Luxembourg City. " What motivates you? "Although volunteering was not a new territory for me, door-to-door fundraising activity was a new challenge. I admit I had to overcome some initial reluctance, being rather reserved. But what motivated me was to realize the importance of this action. " What do you enjoy in this initiative? "The activity allowed me to know my neighbourhood. Living in town doesn’t necessarily mean you know your neighbours. Usually, the people who open the door are interested, polite and nice. The vast majority of people recognize the importance of service delivered by the Red Cross. "

Events Donation Fortnight: call for volunteers While the Donation Fortnight, the Quinzaine du Don, is approaching (21/0309/04), the Red Cross seeks for volunteers. For three weeks, 2000 fundraisers will visit households and organizations in the country to collect donations. Streets, areas and towns have a shortage of volunteers. Be a volunteer for the Quinzaine! • You can show your solidarity by spending a little time to collect in your community or in a neighbouring town. • Not wishing to knock on doors, you can give a helping hand by organizing parties, stands, sports activities or other initiatives. • As a company or association, you can become a partner of the Quinzaine in finding volunteers or organizing fundraising activities. Contact us at 2755 or March 20 - Foyer Nordstadsemi The organizers will pay 2 € for each participant, in support of the activities of the Red Cross. Pre-registrations are up to Tuesday, March 15 on site where you can buy a t-shirt "Ech laafen fir d’Croix-Rouge" for 15 €. April 7 – "Families in Crisis" Conference A public lecture will be held on the theme "Families and children in crisis” at the Audimax auditorium of the university campus (Walferdange) at 6pm. Information and registration: - 27 55-2100.

MARCH 2011

Crosswords International n09 - Humanitarian aid  

Quarterly newspaper on the activities of the Luxembourg Red Cross n09

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