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A Message from Jean-Marc Le Coq, Communication & Fundraising Manager In this international edition of the Crosswords magazine you can find some of the main humanitarian activities of the Red Cross, with a special feature regarding the international blood transfusion initiative. This year, the Luxembourg Red Cross starts a new collaboration with the Nepalese Red Cross and the National Blood Center in Kathmandu. Some other newsworthy Red Cross actions relate to the new International Section with the organization of the Social Day, which took place at the holiday center in Berg on the 5th of June and the Red Cross International Day on the 27th of June. Jean-Marc – 45 02 02 426 –

The Red Cross International Day On Saturday, June 27, the Luxembourg Red Cross held the first International Day at the holiday center, Am Bongert, in Berg. This party, organized by the International Section of the Red Cross, was attended by about forty people. There was a barbecue, stands, animation, like the Luxembourg Red Cross canine section display, and a tombola. This event was organized to facilitate the exchange between the members of the International Section and potential new volunteers. This was done in a warm atmosphere even if the rain storm disturbed the party. The remaining food and drinks were donated to the Center Am Bongert in Berg and the Red Cross Welcome Center, Norbert Ensch (for about 100 kids and teenagers). The event was kindly supported by Clearstream Deutsche Börse Group, the American Chamber of Commerce, and Deloitte. Additionally funds were collected to support specific Red Cross projects (the Dog Section and a Blood Donation Center in Nepal).

The Social Day The Luxembourg Red Cross organized, on Friday, 5 June, 2009, a planting day at the holiday center "Am Bongert" in Berg. Based on financial support offered by Clearstream, dozens of volunteers from the Red Cross and employees of Clearstream worked together the whole day, so that feet of grapes were planted at the rear of the building and ivy and clematis at the front. Additionally, fruit trees were planted in the garden for the children at the care center. In total there were 44 new plants and trees, and appliances within the holiday home were upgraded! Together, the volunteers from the Luxembourg Red Cross, the employees of Clearstream, succeeded in making this holiday center a more welcoming place for all the children who spend their summers here.

JULY 2009

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Nepal: Support for the Nepalese Blood Transfusion Service The Nepal Government gave the blood transfusion service of the Nepalese Red Cross a national mission to establish a reliable link between blood donors and patients. However, the lack of financial resources in Nepal, has limited the modernization of transfusion practices and proper functioning of the system.

The Action of the Luxembourg Red Cross The project consists of strengthening the blood service of the Nepalese Red Cross through material and financial support over the next 3 years. This will cost approximately 272 000 Euros. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs gave its approval to provide the financial support to the Luxembourg Red Cross in this project in December 2008. Five main objectives were defined in collaboration with the Nepalese Red Cross: promoting the collection of blood, restructuring the blood service establishments, writing good transfusion practices, training of specialists in blood transfusion in Nepal, improve the ability to trace blood through computerization

Interview with Dr Manita Rajkarnikar the Nepalese Blood Transfusion Service Director 1. How is the supply of blood products organized? What does the Red Cross? Since 1991, the Nepalese Red Cross was mandated by the Nepalese Government to run the blood management program in the country. In 2008, it provided 154.107 blood units to hospitals and clinics in the country. 95% of blood donations were collected through mobile camps (2 653 collections in 2007 / 2008). The remaining 5% was collected from the 26 blood transfusion centers - one national center (CBTS), 3 regional centers and 22 district centers. 16 emergency storage units and 19 hospital storage units hold all the supplies for the country. 2. How well does your blood transfusion service function? Besides of the distribution of blood and packed red blood cells, the supply of blood components is increasing each year by more than 19%. Needs in Cryoprecipitate, platelets concentrates (e.g. cancer) and packed red blood cells (e.g., anemia) are the highest. Today, we are only able to separate 13% of donated blood into its components because our preparation capacity is limited to the CBTS and a few regional centers. Self-sufficiency remains a goal which, I hope, can be achieved.

JULY 2009

International version N°2

Red Cross Dog Section Dog rescue section of the Luxembourg Red Cross was founded in 1996. Among other things, its task is to locate the victims, alive, if possible, beneath rubble in case of a natural disaster like an earthquake. The rescue teams are sent on mission only after a very thorough and intensive training and after passing several tests focused on working at earthquake sites. Each team consists of two dog handlers with their dogs and one coordinator. Immediate intervention on site is a key factor, as the chance of a victim survival decreases considerably after 72 hours. Basic training of a rescue dog takes more or less two years. It is obvious that teams which are sent to natural disaster sites have to be experienced and an intense connection between the dog handler and his four-legged rescuer is a fundamental pre-condition in order for success. Finally, the section operates exclusively on a voluntary basis.

Appeal to Volunteers for the International Section The International Section: A Dynamic Team and different interesting Projects During the last few months, the Luxembourg Red Cross has launched a new International Section. It is a group of international volunteer people working together on several projects. Missions: • To develop communication between different cultural communities in order to increase awareness regarding humanitarian issues • To raise funds for national and international Red Cross activities • To encourage more volunteers to participate in Red Cross services • To create, and participate in new projects and events for the Red Cross (stands, bazaar, etc.) Current activities: • The creation of a new blog for the Luxembourg Red Cross • The creation and writing of an international newsletter (in English) • The translation of the Luxembourg Red Cross website • The Social day – annual event (see above) • The Red Cross International Day - annual event (see above) • Public actions (Big Bazar, Bazar international, business games, etc.) All the new projects are welcome! To become a volunteer in the International Section or to get more information, please contact:

Contact: Ms Muriel Morbé Email: Phone number: +352 661 56 74 52

JULY 2009

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