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Issue | 17

All about fabric

Spring is Sprung It may not have gone unnoticed that the Manilla envelope has changed so hopefully you spotted us on the mat in our new dressing and you are now reading this, not because we intend to look posh but the white has actually saved a bob or two. Spring is here, it’s beautiful outside, the blossom is starting and we would be thawing out up here but the boiler has gone and its only 10 degrees in here. The mill walls keep the heat out so here we are in our gloves as the sun blazes outside. You may not be busy at your sewing machine but we have been busy trying to find new, interesting and fabulous fabrics that


An enormously strong, powerful, heavy and wonderful crepe in a dark lilac one of the best woollen cloths you are ever likely to get hold of. This will keep the rain out, never mind the cold. Upholstery perhaps?

Up here in’t north we have just had 2 fine days together which is something of a record that people in the south would love to own. Generally speaking since some time last November the weather has been wet and constantly grey. Which brings me to these poly/wool suiting, 60% wool, 40% polyester, in two shades of grey. b) dark clerical grey

They are both reasonably dark but one is lighter than the other. So they vary from a darkish grey to clerical grey. It might not seem a lot but they are different. Beautifully Yorkshire made cloths.


We did receive many positive comments about the pictures in the last catalogue so we are adding some more in this. We would spend days colour matching them to perfection but it is a hopeless task which would mean we wouldn’t get this to you until next Spring so the colours are a guide only. Here goes...



a) lighter dark grey

we hope you will love and keep you busy. We have lots of fabrics from cottons to a quilted check for you to choose from here with a few more that you will find on our website.

60” (152 cm) wide

£8.50 per metre

✿✿ A LITTLE BIT OF WHAT YOU FANCY A double brushed cotton flannel, double brushed because it’s been brushed both sides and I don’t think it needs to be said but for it to happen it has to be a good cloth otherwise you finish up with a lot of holes. What comes next might not please everyone, because it comes in either:


60” (152 cm) wide

£7.00 per metre

✿✿ ARMADA Two navy blue 60% wool, 40% polyester suitings with differences in weaves. a) A flat crêpe weave. b) A superfine almost herringbone weave but it isn’t. In old fashioned money, they’re probably 7 to 8 oz cloths so they have substance without being too heavy.


60” (152 cm) wide

£10.00 per metre


a) a pink baby print or b) a pale blue baby print. If you don’t want to use it for little ‘uns, use it yourself. There is nothing wrong with a pair of ‘jamas made out of a wonderful flannelette, possibly the equal of what Lancashire used to make.


54” (137 cm) wide

£6.00 per metre

✿✿ A KIND OF PATCHWORK Cotton children’s fabric in a design made up of squares and oblongs, made to represent a patchwork. It is of course printed. a) Basically pinks, turquoise with other contrasting and toning colours. b) Basically pale blue and pale lime green with toning colours. In the midst of these squares and oblongs are flowers and little animals doing various things from cycling to making sand castles and daisy chains. All-in-all a children’s fabric and very, very pretty. The cloth itself is a good quality and it’s well finished and well printed.


54” (137 cm) wide

£6.00 per metre

We have had this interesting and beautiful suiting before. It is made from mostly wool with the addition of silk to give it a hand like no other. It comes in just the one weight, which is for light suiting and jacketing. I doubt that you would make trousers but you would make a skirt, whether you would want both jacket and skirt I am not sure. It comes in beige - all shades of brown down to cream in the form of a dogtooth check. The background is basically cream woven into which are beige, darker beige, brown and darker brown yarns making up the dogtooth check, all of which are very clever.


60” (152 cm) wide

2 | Croft Mill UK Ltd Primet Business Center, Burnley Road, Colne, Lancashire BB8 8DQ

£9.00 per metre

beautiful fabrics delivered to your door



Well here we are on the cusp of, perhaps just past, this year’s Masters from Augusta, a place which prides itself on being as green in colour, as it is possible to be. Perhaps you know that they have irrigation systems there that can have hot or cold water and/or air to make things grow when they want them to grow. We have a suiting, which is made from worsted wool and polyester, 60/40, in a light kingfisher green fine herring bone weave. Quite a lightweight cloth, drapes beautifully and a fabulous colour.


60” (152 cm) wide

£7.50 per metre

✿✿ AND ANOTHER THING A lightweight, plain, 100% polyester, very fine hopsack weave suiting. For all the world looks like wool. Feels nice, but not as nice as wool. If I haven’t said so already, it is dark navy.


60” (152 cm) wide

£4.00 per metre



60” (152 cm) wide

£5.00 per metre

✿✿ BEDFORD CORD A cotton Bedford cord in a dark sage/olive green. Another cloth with a fairly fine weave with a lot of substance, drapes well and wears like a trooper.

REF: OT124b

60” (152 cm) wide

£5.50 per metre


✿✿ BAKE A white, quite heavy, cotton twill/drill, much used in the making of chefish garments, hats and the like. Making him an apron for the barbeque season so he has something proper to wipe his hands on.


There’s an old Donovan song that I think begins with the lines that something is the colour of my true love’s hair. This reminded me of that even though it is blue, blue rinse perhaps but hardly blue. This is a Royal Blue cotton drill which had been given a flame-retardant backing. It doesn’t do anything special apart from not burning. It doesn’t make a great deal of difference to how the fabric behaves except, perhaps, to make it a tad stiffer than it otherwise would be. Being cotton and a drill it is obviously very strong.

60” (152 cm) wide

£6.00 per metre

A quite heavy duty cotton canvas in a bright rusty sort of orange colour. A wonderful bag cloth but also more than suitable for jackets; trousers I am not absolutely certain of. If this was a person, it would be my best friend.


60” (152 cm) at least wide

£5.50 per metre

✿✿ Bobby Dazzler


58” (148cm) wide polyester crepe in a random paisley patchwork design

REF: AP07 60% wool/40% polyester navy blue cavalry twill suiting of a nature to combat the perils of the sea or even water cannon. In old money it is a 12/14 oz cloth which has a light shower proofing which doesn’t affect the handle one iota. Magnificent.


60” (152 cm) wide

£8.50 per metre

58” (148 cm) wide

£5.00 per metre

✿✿ BRODERIE ANGLAISE Traditional 5 hole design Broderie Anglaise in a) white

b) cream


45” (114 cm) wide

£4.95 per metre

✿✿ BEAUJOLAIS I read in the Daily Telegraph recently that we, as a nation apparently, are still confused about wine. Don’t let this happen to you. It’s either white or red and generally comes in a bottle. Open, pour, drink. What’s confusing? By the same token there is nothing confusing about this cloth. A light wine coloured poly wool lightweight gabardine from the same mill that produced the Treacle Mine cloth. A decent trouser weight, a wonderful colour and a fabulous hand.


60” (152 cm) wide

£7.50 per metre

✿✿ BUCKET’S GOT A HOLE IN IT Cream poly cotton shirting with a pattern hole design. The holes are quite tiny with four oblong holes surrounding a tiny circular pin-prick hole. Well you have to do something in your spare time, haven’t you? Another cloth from this fairly highfalutin fashion place which might look awfully attractive over a red flannel liberty bodice.


60” (152 cm) wide

£4.00 per metre

To see our full range of fabrics and place your order online visit or call 01282 859281 | 3

All about fabric



Fabulous herringbone weave, cotton trousering in a very dark brown. It has been very lightly gone over to give a wonderful hand and very good drape. Another trousering from Gurteen, whose trousers can cost over £100 a pair.

REF: OT21a

60” (152 cm) wide

£6.00 per metre

A cotton hopsack suiting in the most delicious shade of pale turquoise. At one time jackets were made from this and in particular when jackets were made from a mixture of this cotton and linen. You can see the weave, it doesn’t hide itself and whilst it is quite even, it’s fairly apparent there is a lot of yarn in this cloth. Having said that it is not too heavy and will make a delightful summer outfit.





An ultra soft cotton lightweight twill in a) pink and white stripe

b) mint green and white stripe

The stripe is 1/8” wide. Eat your heart out Noddy.


56” (142 cm) wide

£3.50 per metre

✿✿ CHINO A heavier weight, lightly sanded varieties in a) Black

c) Pale apple green


A 100% polyester suiting in black with a fancy chain stitch, self-coloured stripe at ½” intervals and it stripe consists of 3 rows of stitching. Wonderfully wearable and washable and if you are making costumes or uniforms or simply something cheap to whack on when you can’t think what else to do, this is for you.

h) Sand

60” (152 cm) wide

60” (152 cm) wide

£3.50 per metre

✿✿ DJ Not all jerseys are cotton. A bit obvious but with cotton still in shortish supply folk have to try something else. These are something else.

The lighter weight ones are not sanded and are as follows: d) Olive

£5.00 per metre



We have a little variety of plain cotton chinos, most of which we’ve had for some time but perhaps they needed re-categorising and here they are.

60” (152 cm) wide

i) Pale Gold

£6.00 per metre

c) A black/white stripe where the white strip is 3 mm and the black is 18mm. 100% viscose.

REF: JA26c

60” (152 cm) wide

£4.75 per metre

d) A fine black and purple stripe with a tiny gold lurex stripe in the purple bit. 100% viscose.


REF: JA26d

60” (152 cm) wide

£5.00 per metre

e) Brown viscose/lycra.

REF: AP11 All 60” (152 cm) wide

£5.00 per metre


b) Cuta

c) Tula

54” wide fabulous cotton lawn with a Balinese style floral trail design in: a) Lovinia - black, grey and dark olive on a pale grey background b) Cuta - navy blue, light blue and mushroom on a light almond background c) Tula - burgundy, wine and pink on a pinky beige background


54” (142 cm) wide

£7.50 per metre

✿✿ CREST OF A WAVE MOLESKIN Whilst we’re swimming with the tide, it might be the best time to tell you about this next cloth. It is a moleskin. It is described as red but it’s not. It is burgundy/wine colour. It is a good quality moleskin which would make up into trousers, obviously, but smoking jackets even though no-one’s allowed to smoke. There are a lot of people that want to wear a smoking jacket who are going to smoke regardless, even if you tell them not to. Absolutely scrumptious. 100% cotton.


60” (152 cm) wide

£7.50 per metre

If you have a bit of a thing about chocolate, particularly dark, bitter chocolate such as only seems to be made in Continental Europe but you would rather wear it than eat it, then these two quite wonderful cloths are for you. a) A very fine 60” (152 cm) wide moleskin, which is actually a fairly good quality cotton chino, that has been brushed but brushed more than you would get in a shirting, hence the fine moleskin. It has the hand of a soft velvet and if you had a remnant and stuffed it full of old stockings, you’d have something to cuddle whilst watching television. You wouldn’t of course do this whilst anyone else was in the room, lest they thought you were a bit less than a full shilling. This is £6.00 per metre. b) A 60” (152 cm) wide superfine worsted wool (70%) and polyester (28%) with 2% lycra suiting in a toning, but not matching colour, if anything this is a slightly more bit-ter chocolate colour than the moleskin. Because of what it is made of, it is quite light, virtually uncreaseable, and is, possibly by the time you read this, as fashionable a colour as you are going to get for whichever season you are getting ready for. £10.00 per metre.

REF: AP12 All 60” (152 cm) wide

£10.00 per metre

Our Guarantee As long as it has not been cut we will replace or make a refund for anything not to your liking within 14 days of delivery of your fabrics.

4 | Croft Mill UK Ltd Primet Business Center, Burnley Road, Colne, Lancashire BB8 8DQ

beautiful fabrics delivered to your door



Pure 120s doubled yarn cotton shirting in white with the finest of herringbone weave. Elsewhere we have a cloth that says It doesn’t get much better. This is the same quality made by Tootal in their halcyon days.


60” (152 cm) wide

£6.00 per metre

Very superior cotton voile with a tiny dobby weave in a off white/pale cream. Absolutely featherlight and glorious to feel.


56” (142 cm) wide

£4.50 per metre



White finest quality poly/cotton shirting.



60” (152 cm) wide

£4.75 per metre

✿✿ FINESSE Cotton chino with the finest of Madras stripes in brown and beige. Only when you get close to the fabric do you see the fineness of the stripe, from a couple of metres away it just looks not to be plain. From a German trouser maker.


There are a few cloths which nowt but a few folk can wear and there are others which we can all wear but we don’t always have the class, do we? You and I have got it but there are many that don’t. This is a cloth that we could wear. It is a Daks original, I believe. 70% wool, 30% polyester, lightweight check suiting in what is described on the label as olive and grey. I would see it as perhaps either a very pale olive or even beige mixed with olive or two shades of grey, a paler one which is mixed with beige. I am not certain. The overall effect is very subdued, very classy and extremely elegant. Perhaps you can tell that I like it. It has a fabulous hand, doesn’t appear to crease when scrunched. So all in all it is rather tasty.


60” (152 cm) wide

£7.50 per metre

Some Taffetas. I haven’t seen these before and maybe you haven’t, they are reversible. On one side they have a check in different tones of black, from white to black, and different tones of red in a plaid weave. The other side is a plaid weave. a) In, pink, green burgundy and white. b) In, purple, navy blue, pink, grey and white. c) In, pink, black burgundy, grey and white.

REF: CH10 66” (170 cm) wide

£4.00 per metre

a) Black

60” (152 cm) wide

b) Deep tan

£5.50 per metre

c) With it came a dark purply (mink) cast grey faux suede which is in fact sueded on both sides which means it sticks together a bit not quite like Velcro but it does cling to itself but that shouldn’t be too much of a difficulty as you are going to line it, I am sure. This is a more substan-tial cloth.


✿✿ GOLD STRIPE Wool suiting in black. The gold stripe is the woven stripe in the selvedge, the rest of the cloth has a very fine basket weave. I think we might have 2 rolls of this, only small rolls. Nicely made.


60” (152 cm) wide

£7.50 per metre

✿✿ GINGHAM (¼ in) a) Red f) Black

b) Green g) Brown


c) Lilac h) Pale Blue

d) Yellow i) Pink

45” (114 cm) wide

e) Dark Blue

£3.50 per metre

1 in (2.5 cm) corded edged gingham, poly/cotton a) Emerald Green


b) Pale Blue

c) Dark Blue

45” (114 cm) wide

d) Red

£3.50 per metre




✿✿ GINGHAM (1 in)

Wonderful as linings but perhaps wasted as you wouldn’t have the benefit of its reversibility, just how you would use this I don’t know. They are made, I think, in a viscose/acetate with perhaps a little polyester, they are firmish, without being too stiff, but they are not silky soft. Having said that, they have a pleasant hand.


£5.50 per metre

¼ in (about 6 mm) corded edged gingham, poly/cotton;


Polyester, faux suede in:

60” (152 cm) wide

60” (152 cm) wide

A pure cotton Oxford shirting in white. Very much the sort of thing that used to be made in this mill but sadly this wasn’t. A quite substantial cloth with a lovely hand.


60” (152 cm) wide

£5.00 per metre

£6.50 per metre

To see our full range of fabrics and place your order online visit or call 01282 859281 | 5

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Another ”old” fabric that has resurfaced is this rather exquisitely Japanese made polyester habutae ”silk”. It is finely seer suckered in blue and white or pink and white ¼ in wide stripe in a) blue and white

b) pink and white

Very much a maid of the mountains/hills are alive, sort of cloth, but in its way modern.


42” (107 cm) wide

£4.00 per metre

✿✿ HE’S IN A WORLD OF HIS OWN These are words used to describe many things we don’t understand from lunacy to simple meandering. It’s used to describe me as I wander lonely as a cloud amongst fields of fabric, rolls falling down, stacks collapsing when you have to remove something from near the bottom, and indeed I can and do get carried away. One such occasion presents itself now. They appear to be made of polyester/viscose and acetate which gives much more body than the usual and enables the clothes to have a reasonable amount of weight and quite a bit of character. This will help with any draping you need of the cloth. They have come from a tailor and I believe they were linings for expensive suits. There are quite a few so you will have to pay attention, glasses on, and hearing aids in. b) Light beige satin with a paler beige fine stripe at ¼ inch intervals. c) Taupe/mushroom satin stripe. d) Dark chocolaty brown with a brown relief stripe at 1½ inch intervals. e) Black satin with a very fine pinstripe relief in a much lighter brown. The whole thing looks very dark brown but I think the background is black. h) Brown/Black plain - this is the only plain one. Totally plain brown on one side, and totally plain black on the other. Of a quality of a bygone era and you don’t have to use these as linings.


40” (102 cm) wide

54/56” (137-142 cm) wide

£5.00 per metre

✿✿ HIGHLAND QUILT A 2 oz polyester wadding, quilted to a plaid dress weight polyester plaid design fabric in navy blue and green with an over-check in pale yellow. Probably made as a lining for a lighter weight waterproof outer fabric, which might have made it reversible. Attached to something like our Battleship or The Bourne Contingency fabrics, would make a wonderful pair, of rather warm, walking trousers.


60” (152 cm) wide

£6.00 per metre

I ✿✿ IMPEACHED A wide cotton poplin in a salmony pink/peach colour, as finely woven as a poplin can be.


58” (148 cm) wide

£4.75 per metre


A cloth with a bit of a period feel to it, Yorkshire made through and through, 55% wool, 45% polyester in a striped blazer design which reminds me of Henley and the chap on Antiques Roadshow that delights in wearing striped jackets. I am not sure he has one quite like this. His tend to be slightly more on the brighter side. These are subdued and come in: a) grey/beige and pale blue stripe b) green/turquoise and grey stripe c) light rust, lemon and a fawny brown stripe

Firstly you have a very, very fine cotton cord fabric which you then print with the finest of small Prince of Wales type checks and then you brush it, which has the overall effect of masking much of the pattern. You can still discern that it is still a check fabric but to get close before you can actually see exactly what it is. I said it was cotton, it’s not entirely all cotton; it is 98% cotton and 2% lycra. It doesn’t crease, it drapes well, it feels as soft as any baby’s bottom ever did. The colours are black, beige and brown; maybe in equal amounts but the brushing has had the effect of melding them together. You can make anything from shirts to trousers out of this and it is very, very much on its own. There have been other velveteens but this is a very bold experiment and I think it’s gorgeous.


60” (152 cm) wide

£7.50 per metre

Opening Times

They are all 1” (2.5 cm) wide stripes, interspersed with narrow stripes of contrasting colours. Beautifully fine and quite light.

60” (152 cm) wide


£4.40 per metre



That was a quote from Dances with Wolves, when Kevin Costner was learning the Sioux language but he got a bit fed up with things. This cloth is a cloth that the Sioux warriors might have used to cover their credentials having emerged from the river having washed away the evidence of the day’s toils. It is a cream cotton fabric with a sort of Bedford cord weave, it is plain it has been washed and scoured. I don’t think it has been dyed; it is the same cloth as our Tutti Frutti. Those of you who got that would be able to tell you it is heap strong. Excellent cloth.

£6.50 per metre

Sadly we are no longer open to the public but we are happy for you to come and see the fabrics, you just need to give us a ring first so we can arrange a time. Orders can also be picked up if preferred. For placing orders by phone we are open between 9.30am - 4.30pm Monday to Friday but you can order online at at any time.

6 | Croft Mill UK Ltd Primet Business Center, Burnley Road, Colne, Lancashire BB8 8DQ

beautiful fabrics delivered to your door



There is a saying that if things don’t change they will stay the same but I’m sure in our experience it’s not the case. Not much has actually got better in terms of fabric over the years and indeed much has got worse, certainly in terms of quality, but that’s not true in this case. This is another Gurteen cotton trousering. My overused adjective of wonderful applies once again here, it’s 98% cotton 2% lycra flannel. That’s exactly what it has the feel of, an old-fashioned wool flannel even though it is made of cotton. It is woven in dark and pale grey yarns giving a lightly marled appearance to the surface, it’s about the weight of a moleskin and in fact been sanded or peach finish to give it almost a moleskin feel.


56” (142 cm) wide

£5.50 per metre


60” (152 cm) wide

Printed cotton winceyette in a dainty striped floral pattern on a plain white ground. There are tiny blue flowers inbetween pale blue stripes which repeat 2.5 cm.

45” (114 cm) wide

4.00 per metre

✿✿ LACE For those things you wear under things, or on top, it is ideal. White quite heavy white polyes-ter/lycra lace in an all-over floral design which stretches more lengthways than it does widthways but it does stretch in both direction.


REF: CH21a



Imagine, if you will, a sunrise, one that you can actually see and there comes a point just as it reaches the top of a bit of a hill which has got corn growing in it. Then this is the colour of this velvet. I have previously described this as being some kind of a golden orange. It is not. It is gold. In fact there is a colour called golden umber which is as near as makes no difference. The colour of this fabulous dress velvet, whilst it’s the wrong time of year maybe to be thinking about long evening skirts, there are cruises to be had, you know. Give yourself a treat and make something out of this.


60” (152 cm) wide

£8.00 per metre

J A little while ago we had the sister cloth to this quite substantial lacy jersey fabric. That was white, this is pink. It has a little bird’s eye hole for pattern with an over design in elongated crosses in the same colour yarn. I would have this down as an old-fashioned vest fabric. It’s lovely and soft.

REF: AP16 about 68” (173 cm) wide

£5.00 per metre

✿✿ JERSEYS - COTTON In different weights, different widths, different colours, different texture but all beautifully made in cotton. g) Red h) Navy

i) Black

REF: OT64 At least 60” (152 cm) wide £5.25 per metre

48” (122 cm) wide

£5.75 per metre

Superior leather faux furnishing in a dark brown.


60” (152 cm) wide

£7.50 per metre

✿✿ LSD 50” wide, which is a number to conjure with in cloth terms, cotton and 5% lycra denim which is about half the weight of a normal denim and is dyed in such a way as to give it, I suppose, a mottled appearance. It is made up in the traditional way of a cream weft and blue warp but the blue in the warp is darker and lighter, which is fairly clever I suppose, to give it this different appearance. Much softer than a normal denim but just as hard wearing.



Medium weights: a) White b) Cream

£10.00 per metre



REF: OT61b

A 60% wool, 40% polyester, lightweight crêpe suiting in a good solid Royal Blue. Made in times gone by from a wonderful maker in Yorkshire. It doesn’t come much better than this.

50” (127 cm) wide

£5.50 per metre

✿✿ LIGHTWEIGHT FUR A lightweight fur fabric which has been quilted to an embroidered lining which has sequins on it. Now there aren’t sequins all over it; there’re just in places scattered hither and thither. a) Dark brown with a brown lining. b) Medium to light grey with a grey lining. Both have contrasting colour sequins. A bit good I would say. Obviously reversible and as dressed up as you want it to be.


60” (152 cm) wide

£12.50 per metre

✿✿ LIGHT AND A DARKNESS This is a rather nice 70% worsted wool, 28% polyester and 2% lycra lightweight suiting made by one of the best mills we’ve ever had. It is in a very dark black indeed with a very fine lurex stripe in silver at ¼” (6 mm) intervals. The stripe is so fine that it is actually only visible when the cloth moves. It hangs well, drapes well but this doesn’t detract from the fact that it is a suiting, with a fabulous hand.


60” (152 cm) wide

£8.50 per metre

To see our full range of fabrics and place your order online visit or call 01282 859281 | 7

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A pure Irish linen suiting in a heathery marled grey mixture as a back cloth with a very faint over check in a pale lilacy blue forming approximately 2” (5 cm) squares. A very subdued and exceeding elegant cloth.

REF: OT115b

60” (152 cm) wide

REF: OT87b

54” (137 cm) wide

£4.00 per metre

£8.50 per metre



A variation of this old established double jersey knit cloth in that it has a stripe, in fact it has 3 very narrow fine white stripes in tandem separated by a band of black. Made in polyester/lycra I bet you didn’t know where that is!! It is exceedingly strong, easy care, good to wear,

✿✿ MELTON A poly/viscose “Melton” coat fabric in navy blue. Not for the purist but a great cloth


Plain polyester satin in a very pale peach but it is a very superior article indeed.

56” (142 cm) wide

£7.50 per metre


60” (152 cm) wide

£5.00 per metre

✿✿ PLAIN DYED POPLIN 100% superior quality cotton poplin in


a) Red

Home of the mysterious and the beautiful, a place where Princess Margaret used to hold court, a place where the rich, famous and infamous strutted their stuff. Many of them clad only in the tiniest of vestments, but then cloaked in a chiffon wrap. And guess what? We have one or two such cloths (polyester chiffon) to tell you about.


b) Purple

45” (114 cm) wide

£5.60 per metre


a) Palest of mint green backgrounds with a quite large and sprawling floral design in shades of purple, black, bit of white, lime green, pink, in fact lots of colours. All very beautifully printed and merging one into one another, in a glorious exhibition of colour. b) This is no less glorious but is on a cream background with an all-over and quite large floral design in wonderful deep oranges, amber, dark green, black, purple and mauve.

Pure and simple 60” wide 100% white cotton poplin in brilliant white and nearly of a quality produced in this mill umpteen years ago. We will endeavour to get more of this cloth expensive though it is as is in the future it is likely to be made in China and the quality will not be as good by any stretch of the imagination.


60” (152 cm) wide

£5.25 per metre


As wraps you won’t do better. It is always a bit of a problem sewing this type of fabric but it’s going to be worth it. Made and printed by perhaps the best producer of its kind in German, these are gorgeous.


58-59” (147-149 cm) wide

£6.50 per metre

P ✿✿ PERCALE White cotton rich poly/cotton percale sheeting, woven in Italy where they have a nose for fine fabrics.


96” (243 cm) wide

£6.00 per metre

✿✿ PEACHES A very drapey, reasonably heavy dress fabric in polyester with, what is described, as a peach skin finish, brought about mechanically by doing stuff at the cloth before it’s printed.


60” (152 cm) wide

£5.75 per metre

Two rather nice printed jerseys. a) Off-white/cream cotton with a tiny all-over daisy sort of print in cerise, beige and olive. b) A viscose lycra cloth with an all-over ‘wheel’ print in toning turquoise and shades of blue. Both beautifully made.


60” (152 cm) wide

£6.00 per metre

Delivery We aim to despatch your parcel within 3 days of receipt of your order. Due to the nature of the business and when the catalogue has newly been despatched this may be longer. From despatch parcels take between 1-3 days depending on the courier. More details can be found on our website

8 | Croft Mill UK Ltd Primet Business Center, Burnley Road, Colne, Lancashire BB8 8DQ

beautiful fabrics delivered to your door

✿✿ POPLIN PRINTS All these poplins are beautifully woven and a lovely hand.

Pollyanna - White REF: PP13b

The Crafty Spot - Baby Pink - REF: PP10c

The Crafty Spot - Dark Navy - REF: PP10f

The Crafty Spot - Pale Blue - REF: PP10b

The Crafty Spot - Dusky Pink - REF: PP10e

The Crafty Spot - Navy REF: PP10g

Tammy - Cream REF: PP17

Ellen - Green REF: PP11c

Ellen - Black REF: PP11a

Wat Spot - Red REF: PP9b

Strawberries & Cream REF: PP7

Say it with flowers Black - REF: PP3b

Mama’s & Papa’s REF: PP8

Flora - Sage REF: PP25

The Crafty Spot - Red REF: PP10d

Two Hearts REF: PP19

Spotty Wat - Pale Blue REF: PP18a

Wat Spot - Pale Blue REF: PP9c

Austen - Grey REF: PP24

Pollyanna - Black REF: PP13a

Say it with flowers Slate - REF: PP3a

Ellen - Pink REF: PP11c

Duchess - Cream REF: PP23b

Duchess - Duck Egg REF: PP23a

Spotty Wat - Black REF: PP9d

Pretty Polka - Blue REF: PP4b

Wimbledon - Navy REF: PP22

Varkala - Red REF: PP21

English Rose - Pink REF: PP20a

Dolly - Pink REF: PP16

The Crafty Spot - Sage REF: PP10a

Patch - Pink REF: PP12b

Patch - Pale Blue REF: PP12c

Patch - Dark Blue REF: PP12a

Patch - Black/Grey REF: PP12d

Pretty Pinstripe - Blue REF: PP2


£6.95 per metre

45” (114 cm) wide

✿✿ PRETTY POLLY Half decent poly/cotton cloth with the following prints:

Bobby - Pink REF: PC2a

Bobby - Turquoise REF: PC2b

Bobby - Red REF: PC2c

Bobby - Orange REF: PC2d

Daisy Boo Green REF: PC3a

Daisy Boo - Yellow REF: PC3b

Ditsy do - Chintz REF: PC5a

Ditsy do - Chintz REF: PC5b

Everythings Rosie - Navy REF: PC4

Lana - Blue REF: PC1b

Lana - Peach REF: PC1c

Lana - Pink REF: PC1a

Lana - Turquoise REF: PC1a


45” (114 cm) wide

£4.00 per metre

To see our full range of fabrics and place your order online visit or call 01282 859281 | 9

All about fabric


✿✿ ST TRINIAN’S Quite splendid, poly viscose trousering. Not too exciting but very good cloth. Great for uniforms in school grey

✿✿ RED BULL 60% wool and 40% polyester bright red cavalry twill suiting. Born and bred in Yorkshire so quite firm and a bit awkward.


£8.50 per metre

60” (152 cm) wide

60” (152 cm) wide

£4.50 per metre

✿✿ SMART ASS A cotton chino in navy blue with the finest of white pinstripes at 1/8” (3 mm) intervals. You can’t really have a dressed up chino but this is as near as you’ll get.

✿✿ ROSE AND HUBBLE As I was saying to myself only the other day there is never a right time for anything, you just have to do your best with what’s given to you. Sadly I have failed with that maxim but I am still trying. We have 60” wide beautiful tana lawn cloths on which are printed some old Rose and Hubble designs. They have been made as a sop to those who want Liberty lawns but don’t want to pay the price. This cloth is as good so what do we have:

c) Maribel

REF: OT108

e) Odette

REF: OT28f

60” (152 cm) wide

£6.00 per metre


f) Aurelie A printed polyester straw cloth in an all-over, medium sort of size, floral pattern in all shades of pink through to burgundy with white and a bit of limey yellow thrown in for contrast. Nice and soft, hangs beautifully.


60” (152 cm) wide

£4.95 per metre

T h) Anais



g) Valerie

£9.95 per metre

60” (152 cm) wide

S ✿✿ SEERSUCKER As summery as you are going to get, this 100% cotton seersucker which is a bit of a rarity is an 1/8 of an inch check in a) pink and white

b) pale blue and white

Both would look ever so pretty in a tiny dress with puff sleeves.


45” (114 cm) wide

£5.60 per metre

Gold or silver lame. For decoration, for dress, for furnishing even. High gloss mirror finish.


REF: OT113

57” (145 cm) wide

£6.00 per metre

Delivery Charges Our standard P&P charge is £5.95. This excludes non-UK mainland postcodes which are:

✿✿ SHINE ON a) Gold

Very much a cloth of its ilk, one that I have seen at times in the past made into things, never just as cloth. Anyway here it is, perhaps the most closely woven fabric you are ever likely to see, and it is this for the most part, which gives it its waterproofness. Don’t tell me that’s not a proper word I know it isn’t. Made from polyester, it is breathable, windproof and waterproof and it comes in the one colour you might have guessed, black. It was on a 200 metre roll which apparently needed a high-powered forklift truck to move it. We have it in 25 metre rolls and believe me they are quite something, just as well Carmen is a strong lass. It’s a tad under width at 57 in wide but I am sure that’s enough to do what you need.

b) Silver

44” (112 cm) wide

£4.25 per metre

IV; HS; KA27-28; KW; PA20-49; PA60-78; PH17-26; PH30-44; PH49-50; ZE; BT; IM; TR21-25 For these areas the charge depends on weight. Surcharges apply and vary from £0-£8 on top of the standard charge. Please place your order and we will confirm the charge before we ship More details can be found on our website

10 | Croft Mill UK Ltd Primet Business Center, Burnley Road, Colne, Lancashire BB8 8DQ

beautiful fabrics delivered to your door


✿✿ TINKER TAILOR Two viscose/acetate “tailors linings” as follows; d) Pink Polka - Black with an all over printed tiny pink polka dot pattern f) Pale Pink with an all over tiny dobby design.

REF: OT118

60” (152 cm) wide

£4.25 per metre

✿✿ TREACLE MINES In a far off land, well not too far actually, it’s probably only 3 miles from where I live, are the Sabden Treacle Mines. Totally inaccessible of course but an ideal spot for a picnic. It actually has nothing to do with treacle or mines; it’s just a gently sloping old quarry which some wise old sage, in the absence of any knowledge, christened Treacle Mines and that would be, to sound right, would have to be spelled Traykel. I shall have to go and look, more to see if it is still there and has not been filled in and indeed if anyone else has had as good a time as we used to have all those years ago. Well what brought all this on is this cloth, pretty much from yesteryear, although not that old it has to be said, which is a poly/wool school wear possibly only made into short trousers, which I remember wearing all year round and having the chapped rings round my legs from my wellies. We couldn’t afford socks you see. 45% wool, 55% Terylene in clerical grey which gives you an indication of the pedigree and in fact was made by a very famous Yorkshire mill.

A plain weave, the checks are in shades and tones of cream, green and mustard with fine line over-checks in all these colours plus a pale blue. A poly/wool fabric made entirely in Yorkshire, with a lovely silky soft but still firm hand.

REF: OT116a

REF: OT120

£10.00 per metre

60” (152 cm) wide

60” (152 cm) wide

£4.50 per metre

✿✿ THERE’S A PLACE FOR US Somewhere a place for us, peace and quiet and open air, wait for us somewhere. An asylum if you ask me, did I hear someone say? A place of course could be Croft Mill where sadly there’s no peace and open air, just cloth, 4 walls and a roof where recently we’ve landed ourselves in a sea of corduroy. Some of the best corduroy is still made not a million miles away from here and goes into trousers and jackets in some of the most highly regarded men’s home shopping booklets, no names, no pack drill, but they do all believe they are terribly exclusive. This little selection is the best I’ve come across in my time at Croft Mill. All cotton, all 60” wide and in a fair wide variety of different types of cord. Are you sitting comfortably? Here we go.

d) 4 wale cord in a very dark brown, might even be the heaviest of the lot e) antique gold 6 wale cord exactly as the burgundy one mentioned previously f) 6 wale cord in a colour that is a cross between an apple green and beige g) 8 wale cord in a pale rust where one wale is slightly coarser, ie thicker, than the next one h) this is the same as g) but is in a fabulous shade of dark peach i) this is the same as g) but is in a very pale gold j) another very soft cord; this time the body of the cord being 8 wale in brown but the back cloth is green so it has a way of catching the light for it to be neither one thing or t’other but we have had this before (you may recall a couple of years ago); very classy cloth k) 6 wale cord in a soft minky grey.

a) superfine black needlecord (not shown in picture below) c) burgundy 6 wale satin-finished cord with a softer handle in a corduroy you have ever felt








( j)


60” (152 cm) wide


All £7.50 per metre

To see our full range of fabrics and place your order online visit or call 01282 859281 | 11

All about fabric




This corduroy I failed to describe anything like correctly in the last catalogue we sent so I am going to do it again and this time hopefully make a better job of it. It is 60” (152 cm) wide, all cotton, 8 wale which is neither chunky nor needlecord but something in between and it comes in dark brown, But then in the raising of the ribs they appear to have done it against the grain as it were, so that, whist the background is dark brown, the top of the ribs have a silvery cast to them which does react differently depending on which way the light’s shining on them. Fairly substantial but quite soft finish and great crease resisting qualities; it really is an outstanding fabric.


60” (152 cm) wide

£6.00 per metre

V ✿✿ VELVET CORD Ridiculously fine cotton cord, with a velvet finish. Without lycra:

a) Pale beige

b) Brown

With lycra:

c) Pale blue

d) Navy e) Pale pink

The pale beige and brown are lighter in weight than the others. Similar to a skirting weight. Cotton lawn with a vivid brown, black, white, orange and yellow ’African’ print. For pattern think D V Furstenburg.

REF: OT121

57” (145cm) wide

£6.00 per metre

✿✿ TUTTI FRUITI A 100% cotton Bedford cord trousering in a yellow. We haven’t an awful lot left but it would make wonderful shorts and cropped articles for summer.

REF: OT122

60” (152 cm) wide

£4.50 per metre

✿✿ TROPICAL 60” (152 cm) wide 60% wool, 40% polyester in a very fine hopsack weave, the sort of weight that those who used to go on the Grand Tour would have had when they reached warmer climes. Virtually crease proof, drapes absolutely beautifully and in a delicious shade of a tanny brown.


60” (152 cm) wide

£8.50 per metre

REF: OT128

60” (152 cm) wide All are £5.25 per metre

✿✿ VOLTE FACE This is a rather splendid cotton canvas in a sort of dark khaki which has been dyed a shade of dark chocolate brown on the other, suggesting that it might have been made for garments to be made reversible. A strong fabric, but not too heavy.


60” (152 cm) wide

£6.00 per metre

Samples We offer 5 samples free of charge. Please send us the reference number and name of the fabric you want plus the following depending on your requirements. Where there are a number of items under a reference please specify your preference; a, b, c etc. a) 1-5 samples; please post your request and include a SAE b) 6-10 samples £2.50 (non-refundable) c) 11-25 samples £5.00 (non-refundable) You can also view all our fabrics at

12 | Croft Mill UK Ltd Primet Business Center, Burnley Road, Colne, Lancashire BB8 8DQ

beautiful fabrics delivered to your door



I think these fabrics are a bit of a find. They are 100% spun rayon (viscose), they are only 91 cm (or a yard) wide which means pretty much they have been woven on narrower looms, since they don’t make them any more, there is a chance that these cloths are reasonable old, hence the vintage bit. The second thing that suggests they are vintage are the prints. They don’t allegiance to anyone and have obviously been invented to compete at some point in time of popular designs of a similar nature. The cloth itself is wonderful, has a beautiful soft hand and is quite heavy and unless something changes we only have an odd 30 metres of each one.

Beautifully made fine cotton crépe in off-white. Soft as the proverbial. Gorgeous.

REF: OT134

b) Jean

c) Pattie

I’ll wager if these were in clothes in a vintage clothes shop they might cost a bob or two.


36” (91 cm) wide

£3.50 per metre

W ✿✿ WAFFLE Waffle weave cotton rich poly/cotton shirting in white. Heavy enough, because of the weave, to make shorts or perhaps trousers from a blast from the past.

REF: OT131

60” (152 cm) wide

£4.00 per metre

I was thinking of and indeed humming to myself White Christmas as I said that. It is called multi-tasking you understand. Christmas has passed for another year, but we still have this heavy, thick, white cotton towelling which I have every reason to believe with fluff up thicker with successive washes. Not too many successive washes as otherwise you would never get it back in the machine! But it will become softer and fluffier than it already is. Better than most towellings you find in extremely posh hotels.

A heavy cotton waffle fabric, widely used at one time in the best places to stay where dressing gowns and slippers were made of the same. It comes in b) cream

Almost as rare as hen’s teeth.


60” (152 cm) wide

60” (152 cm) wide

£10.00 per metre

✿✿ WHITE LINEN We have a smattering, no more than 30 metres, of a quite splendid Irish white linen of a reason-ably substantial nature that is to say it is not shirting weight. It’s more of a lightweight suiting but of course it could be used for tableware if you so desired; so you could sit at a white table, in a white linen suit with a white napkin, tucked into your cleavage but you wouldn’t want to spill on the napkin anyway. The man of the house may want to tuck it into his shirt collar but then he might allow the trailing end to fall into his soup and thence onto the tablecloth and ultimately his trousers. What a gay day! Lovely cloth.


60” (152 cm) wide

£7.50 per metre



a) white

£5.50 per metre


REF: JA14 a) Edie

60” (152 cm) wide

£10.00 per metre

This is quite a delicate but substantial, how can you have one and the other together, but believe you me you can. This is a peach skin finished polyester dress fabric, in an arty all-over floral design in purple, lavender, beige, dark brown on an off-white background. It’s a bit of a design that someone makes when they throw paint at something and then realises they’ve made a mistake and done something right with it, ie paint flowers on it. It’s beautiful, drapes a dream.


58-59” (147-149 cm) wide

£6.50 per metre

To see our full range of fabrics and place your order online visit or call 01282 859281 | 13

All about fabric



60 in (152 cm) wide standard blackout curtain lining:

£6.00 per metre

22in Good Quality dress zips: 1) Black

X2 CALICO Very good quality 60 in (152 cm) wide unbleached medium weight cotton calico. Unfortunately the price of cotton has soared so this is now.

2) White 3) Ivory 4) Beige 5) Navy

7) Grey

£5.00 per metre

Pack of Assorted Sewing Machine Needles:

£2.00 per pack


56 in wide sol proof cotton satin, curtain lining in ecru. Will probably last as long as your curtains:

Large Stitch rippers:

£6.50 per metre


£1.20 each

X15 TROUSER HOOK AND BARS Bright Metal trouser hooks and bars, 3 pairs per pack:

a) 5 mm wide: b) 10mm wide: c) 30 mm (1.5 inch wide):

10p per metre 20p per metre 30p per metre

X5 INTERFACING - IRON ON 36” wide white iron on interfacing. a) Medium weight: b) Light weight:

£2.00 per metre £1.80 per metre

X16 TAPE MEASURES Best Quality Fiberglass tape measures in metric/imperial one side, imperial only on the other:

per metre


450mtr reels of good quality sewing thread: Lots of colours we can match it for you if you like.

£1.00 each

5000mtr cones of 120’s polyester thread. a) Black b) White c) Cream

£3.00 each


Pack of 12 assorted hand sewing needles.

£2.00 per pack

X8 HEMMING WEB 4mtr Cards of hemming web:

70p each

a) 25mm wide black touch and close b) 20mm wide brown touch and close c) 20 mm black touch and close

All £1.00 metre

X20 WADDING 54in wide (2oz in old money) polyester wadding, the quilter’s favourite weight it would appear:

X9 DRESS LININGS - SUPERIOR QUALITY We have good quality polyester linings to match nearly everything: White, ivory, biscuit, khaki, light brown, dark chocolate, pale grey, grey, battleship, dark grey, black, pale mint, mint, apple, pale sage, moss, bottle green, baby pink, pink, dusky pink, magenta, dark red, cerise, amethyst, dark amethyst, lilac, pale blue, royal blue, navy blue. If you are not sure which colour you may need we are obviously more than happy to match or contrast the lining, just give us the instruction and we can pick one for you. 60in (152 cm) wide; £2.75 per metre

10p per metre

This is a list of zips that have arrived as a job lot, most of them concealed zips and in a fair old variety of colours. All nylon all YKK and they are as follows; Concealed 23cm long (9”). b) Very Dark Navy g) Purple

c) White d) Off White h) Coral i) Sage m) Dark Navy

Big choice in this one!

All one price 50p each, and that’s cheap.

40p each 4) Beige 9) Green 13) Burgundy

e) Red j) Jade

Non-concealed (ie the ordinary) 20 cm (8”) long

X11 ZIPS - SKIRT 7in Good Quality skirt zips:

£3.50 per metre


l) Navy


3) Cream 8) Pale Pink 12) Red

£1.50 each


Cotton/Viscose/Horsehair/Polyester substantial woven suiting interfacing 32in wide: £5.00

Woven edge ivory satin ribbon 2 cm wide.

£1.20 per pack



2) White 7) Grey 11) Pale Blue

6) Cream



1) Black 6) Brown Blue

£1.00 each

5) Ivory 10) Navy

14 | Croft Mill UK Ltd Primet Business Center, Burnley Road, Colne, Lancashire BB8 8DQ

f) Cerise

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Highland Quilt - REF: AP14

Chunky - REF: AP09

A Kind of Patchwork - REF: AP02a

Jaycee - REF: AP15

Buckets Got a Hole - REF: OT18

Smart Ass - REF: OT28f

Mustique - REF: AP18

Lace - REF: CH21a

DJ - REF: JA26d

available at

Croft Mill UK Ltd Primet Business Center, Burnley Road, Colne, Lancashire BB8 8DQ | Telephone 01282 859281

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