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Leaning on a lamppost - lilac pg 5

blue thunder - pg 3

tomorrow is another day - pg 13

Uniformly - cerise- pg 13

refreshing - pink - pg12

the ladder- pg 13

proton and neutrons - pg 11

A little Bolly - rose pink- pg 2 bright light-pg 3

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Spring /Summer – Issue | 43

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e line and th Alan, Caro

A little bolly c) peach

A little bolly a) navy blue

A little bolly d) rose Pink

A little bolly b) beige

wing! Happy Se

✿✿arange - photo on back cover

✿✿ A ✿✿A little bolly 142cm polyester, polyamide jacquard, light weight Brocade in four different patterns. They would make nice waistcoats or jackets and dresses. a) Navy Blue – with a gold, very middle east floral decoration. b) Beige - with a gold, very middle east floral decoration . c) Peach – a floral design with taupe, peach and rose pink. d) Rose Pink –a floral pattern in deep rose pink on black with silver.

REF: 1903B03

Width: 140cm/55”

£13.00 per metre

✿✿a little bit of what you fancy Width: 140cm/55”

£7.00 per metre

✿✿all fall down- photo on back cover 150cm wide, soft very drapey fine polyester crepe in black with an all over floral spray print in pink, white, and green. Despite its fineness it has quite a bit of weight which allows the fabric to fall gently to the floor if you are not careful.

REF: 1903J06

Width: 150cm/59”

£5.50 per metre

✿✿angel of the morning- photo on back cover 150cm wide, very soft, very drapey, viscose dress fabric in a very soft white with a sparse all over floral decoration in yellow with a black spot or polka dot design. It would look nice in a frock or full skirt.

REF: 1901C07

Width: 150cm/59”

£6.00 per metre

✿✿Artic Fire 145cm wide, black 97% cotton, 3% spandex, cotton sateen dress fabric with a sparse all over floral pattern in red, yellow, white, brown and beige.

Width: 145cm:55”

£12.00 per metre

✿✿A selection box 150cm wide, 100% cotton from designer John Louden. Very small butterflies adorn the cloth, flying in all directions. The butterflies carry a bit of colour but are flying on a plain background. Very pretty. a) White – pink butterflies on a white background. b) Mustard – Pink butterflies on a mustard background. c) Pink – Mustard butterflies on a pink background.

REF: 1901O15

Width: 150cm/59”

£7.50 per metre

✿✿au printemps- photo on back cover 145cm wide, delightful Spring, early Summer like printed cotton lawn. Stunning cloth with a lovely hand. As good as it gets. a) Pink – pink and white background with a bright leave and floral spray print b) Turquoise – pale turquoise and white background with a pretty pink, green and olive floral spray print, with dark wood coloured support.

REF: 1901V14

Width: 145cm/57”

£18.00 per metre

✿✿ B

140cm wide, soft, 100% cotton, fine, superb quality lawn, dress fabric in soft white with a dark all over small floral pattern. a) Navy b) Powder Blue

Width: 140cm/55”

Width: 158cm/62”

£6.00 per metre

✿✿a pale shadow REF: 1901V02

REF: 1903J10

REF: 1901V11

140cm wide, 97% cotton, 3% lycra, jersey of an imperious quality, as good as it gets. Great for leggings. a) White b) French Navy - (Photograph on back cover.)

REF: 1903J01*

A selection of 150cm wide, lightweight, polyester suitings.The textures vary slightly but they all have a nice soft hand and are easy care fabrics.Good for trousers, dresses and jackets. a) Dark Beige b) Pale Beige c) Light Blue d) Pale Airforce e) Olive

£11.50 per metre

✿✿baby mouse - photo on back cover 150cm wide, 100% cotton, children’s novelty print, from designer John Louden, in white with a tiny all over little mouse print in grey, pink and yellow.


2 | Croft Mill UK Ltd Primet Business Centre, Burnley Road, Colne, Lancashire BB8 8DQ

Width: 150cm/59”

£7.50 per metre

beautiful fabrics delivered to your door

a pale shadow left to right - A) , b)


artic fire

a selection box top to bottom - a), b), c)

bright light

condoleeza - a), b)

✿✿Beacon 150cm wide, fine, wool, flannel in a lovely brick red, Yorkshire made and quite beautiful.

REF: 1903J02*

Width: 150cm/59”

£14.00 per metre

✿✿blue thunder - Photo on front cover 140cm wide,100% cotton, broderie anglaise in a quite lovely but not too outstanding soft blue, of fairly simple adjoining circle and rectangles, lovely cloth quite cleverly designed.

REF: 1902H50

Width: 140cm/55”

£12.50 per metre

✿✿Both sides now - photo on back cover 140cm wide, soft, flowing viscose dress fabric in what could very loosely be called an animal print. Its a very small “animal print” in lots of shades of brown from the very palest to quite dark. Not that you are meant to but if you turn this over you would fine pretty much the same print but the background is pale beige and you will find other tones of green and even pale blue. I am not sure that I don’t prefer this side but that’s by the by, I do think you have two options here.

REF: 1903J12

Width: 140cm/55”

£5.50 per metre

✿✿Bright light - Photo on front cover

REF: 1903BEG03*

Width: 150cm/59”

✿✿campanula - Photo on the back page 112cm wide, poly/cotton, soft white with an all over very pretty floral decoration in blue, violet and green.

REF: 1812E09

✿✿Brunel Width: 150cm/59”

Width: 112cm/44”

£3.50 per metre

✿✿Condoleeza 137cm wide, cotton with stretch trousering with a satin surface, not too shiny just a dull sheen. A good suiting weight. a) Black b) Baby Pink

REF: 1903J13

Width: 137cm/54”

£7.00 per metre

✿✿copper beach 140cm wide dark cotton copper coloured polyester, polyamide taffeta, with a light but permanent quite random crease effect finish. It is made up of two different coloured yarns and therefore has a slightly shot finish. One for the catwalk or the Baftas.

Width: 140cm/55”

£7.00 per metre

✿✿Cross hatch A 150cm wide, polyester cloth/linen look dress fabric in a sort of washed out grey. It isn’t washed out of course, it’s just the use of different shades of yarn in the weaving of the cloth. And there is a lot of weave interest as well, it is not a flat cloth by any stretch of the imagination. And being made of polyester it is obviously very easy care, virtually non-iron. a) Grey b) Blue c) Navy d) Coral

REF: 2045a

Width: 150cm/59”

£5.75 per metre

£6.50 per metre

150cm wide quite fine plain weave cloth with a slight slubbyness to the weft adding a little surface interest and this too is in dark navy.

REF: 1808J20

cross hatch l to r - a), b), c), d)

✿✿ C

REF: 1903J14*

This morning I was delayed somewhat having to take my car some 12 miles to have a little bit of work carried out. It’s quite a foul morning and so it was with some pleasure that I arrived back at work to find that I had been moved to a place where photographs were taken and almost blinded by these quite large sci fi light spiral elements with apart from being totally silent could be used in a movie set. This fabric is 150cm wide quite substantial polyester elastane scuba in white with a quite large but all over floral pattern in many shades of blue. It will obviously make things other than trousers but i imagine skinny garments is what it was intended to be used for.

copper beach

£6.00 per metre

Delivery We aim to despatch your parcel within 3 days of receipt of your order. More details can be found on our website

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All about fabric

✿✿ D

✿✿ F

✿✿dream on

✿✿flower garden

137cm wide, finest cotton lawn, which says on the label Sea Island, whether or not I can swear to this being made from Sea Island cotton, I don’t know but then again who does know what Sea Island cotton is? Is it meant to convey the finest cotton available? This certainly feels like it is in that category and comes in navy blue with an extremely pretty all over floral design in the colours of pink, pale blue, pale green, dark blue and red.

REF: 1901V01

Width: 137cm/53”

£9.75 per metre

✿✿Dragon Flying school 112cm wide, children’s novelty print on poly/cotton. Dragons in various primary colours on a pale pink background all flying about with flowers, leaves and other foliage scattered between them.

REF: 1812E12

Width: 112cm/44”

£3.50 per metre

146cm wide, very soft, cotton lawn with a large bold floral design all over the cloth, delightfully soft and very light also very striking. a) Red b) Navy

REF: 1901V12

Width: 146cm/57”

✿✿for my next trick 150cm wide, quite fine, 97%cotton, 3% spandex, quite light skirt/ trousering cloth in a pale turquoise green in a print depicting flamingos in various poses standing in water on one leg in many cases. The print is in many shades of cerise, pink, cream, black with green foliage and is different enough to warrant attention.

REF: 1901V04

Width: 150cm/59”

✿✿ E

✿✿ G

✿✿ebb and flow

✿✿geometric georgie

Many years ago ebb and flow featured in a lot of catalogues from Croft Mill. They were indomitable and were the source of lots of good feeling in the old days. What on earth has this got to with this cloth? Absolutely nothing. 140cm wide, soft printed viscose cloth in black with a beautiful all over quite imaginative floral print in lots of toned down colours of pink, purple, lilac, turquoise, blue, mustard, rust, and burnt orange. Well done somebody.

REF: 1902H47

Width: 140cm/55”

£12.00 per metre

140cm wide, soft, printed viscose cloth, in a tropical paradise sort of print in many shades of green, turquoise, pale blue, deep orange, pink and white. That’s a no man puts asunder.

£12.00 per metre

148cm wide, polyester crepe dress fabric in black and cream, that’s the simple bit. The more complicated bit is explaining how the black and cream fit together in this all over geometric pattern. First of all you have bands of cream crossing the black background in which are black dashes. In the middle of the black blocks are little cream patterns, this goes on and on all over the cloth. The long view simplifies the pattern, it might better be suited to a smaller person, but that’s really just a guess.

REF: 1812J01*


£9.00 per metre

Width: 148cm/58”

£5.00 per metre

✿✿Gone wrong

This is a fabulously 150cm wide, patterned, 58% polyester, 37% viscose, 5% spandex, substantial jersey completely covered in an abstract print in REF: 1902H48 Width: 140cm/55” £13.00 per metre black, lilac, lime green, mustard and taupe with mixtures of all these colours in splodges, squares, stripes all quite small but quite intense. A good weight, enlarged ideally suited I suppose to tight legging garments but I fancy a quite wonderful jacket could be made from this. A slightly larger than normal hounds tooth suiting in black and cream. The every little breeze fabric is a 50% cotton, 47%polyester, 3% elastane jersey, quite lightweight REF: 1810M17* Width: 160cm/62” £12.60 per metre and quite stretchy.


REF: 1901O23

Width: 150cm/59”

£9.00 per metre

dream on

geometric georgie

ebb and flow

dragon flying school


flower garden - a)

4 | Croft Mill UK Ltd Primet Business Centre, Burnley Road, Colne, Lancashire BB8 8DQ

for my next trick


beautiful fabrics delivered to your door ✿✿gypsophila 112cm wide, cotton poplin with the tiniest of tiny all over coloured flowers amidst some foliage. Lovely for dresses, skirts, shirts and craft. a) Dusky Pink b) Turquoise c) Khaki d) Dove Grey

REF: 1903B02

Width: 112cm/44”

£7.25 per metre

✿✿ I ✿✿Italian crepe

REF: 1162

b) Teal

c) Damson

Width 150cm/59”

d) Mustard

£14.50 per metre

✿✿ K 145cm wide, very soft, cotton lawn in patterns you may well find in extremely hot countries, so why are they here did I hear you ask? They are here because we wanted them here to offer them to you, hopefully you will agree that they are as good as I say they are. a) Dark Blue – mottled dark blue background with an all over, not too small abstract print in orange , lime green, and a bit of yellow. b) Red – mottled red background with an all over abstract motif desin in orange, black and pale beige. c) Aqua – fabulous aqua marine with some blue mottling in the back ground, with a red spidery design with some very pale orange flowers in the foreground.

Width: 145cm/57”

£9.00 per metre

Returns If your fabric has been cut or washed we are sorry but we cannot accept the return. Please check your fabric is correct and has no faults as soon as your parcel arrives. Please check carefully for faults before you cut it. Please check you have the correct fabric within the 14 days. We will replace or make a refund for anything within 14 days of delivery of your fabrics as long as the terms above have been met.

gone wrong

gypsophila l to r - a), c), b), D)

italian crepe


Width: 140cm/55”

£9.50 per metre

✿✿leaves 150cm wide, fine, quite substantial polyester satin with an all over print in the same size leaf, Beautiful stunning print. a) Red – has a green background with leaves printed in red, orange, pale grey and dark blue. b) Blue – has a blue background with leaves printed in pink, turquoise, black and grey.

REF: 1901O18

✿✿kerala - photo on back cover

REF: 1901V06

✿✿Leaning on a lamppost Last night in the winds that I referred to earlier we had a situation where from our house we could see one lamppost in particular bending almost like a bow, looking for all the world like it just might topple over. However, the wind died as soon as it had a reason and left the thing standing perfectly straight. Here we have two polyester embroidered organza's in daisy like floral designs in a) Cream b) Lilac - Photo on front cover

REF: 1903J15*

Italian 3%poly,33%viscose, 4%spandex crepe dress fabric In 4 colours. A medium weight, stunning quality with some give to make those well fitted dresses. a) Silver Grey

✿✿ L

Width: 150cm/59”

£8.50 per metre

✿✿loose yourself 140cm wide, soft, fine, fabulous quality viscose dress fabric with an all over, and I do mean an all over print in black, grey, brown and white. That’s the simple bit the pattern itself is a leafy abstract one where everything melds together in a hidden puzzle. You may not find it but I urge you to look for it. There is plenty of ink to hide all manner of mis-demeanours.

REF: 1902H44

Width: 140cm/55”

£12.00 per metre

✿✿Luxury satin backed crepe Superb quality polyester satin backed crepe dress fabric that can be worn either way crepe side or satin side up. a) Red d) Teal g) Dusky Pink j) Ivory

REF: 945

b) Royal e) Black h) Silver k) Champagne

c) Jade f) Navy i) Light Dusky Pink

Width: 150cm/59”

leaves top to bottom - a), b)

leaning on a lampost

£12.25 per metre

loose yourself

luxury satin backed crepe l to r - a), b), c), d), e), f), g), h), i), J), K),

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All about fabric

cs i r b a f n o t t o craft c


Crossing The Bridge - nAVY ref: 1802003c

Fantastic Jurassic ref: 1808B02c

Cotton Canvas - Red ref: 1809O17

VW Campervan ref: 1992b

John Louden tropicana ref: JL7243b

John Louden Mesmerizing ref: 1810O01


dIGI LINEN BUNNY HOP - ref: 1809C908e


c) petal

g) take your pick



£9.95 per unit


Width: 140cm/55"

Baby Blue - ref: 1809O17A


£15.00 per metre

f) which way

a) llamas

B) Handbags and glad rags




sweetness and light ref:1808BN01D

northfield - ref: 6425

per unit


ton poly/cot


cotton ester 35% 65% poly HOWN CES AS S metre REFEREN £3.25 per m ro F " 4 /4 m idth: 112c

evening surprise ref: 6439d

ditto lilac - ref: 6440d

6 | Croft Mill UK Ltd Primet Business Centre, Burnley Road, Colne, Lancashire BB8 8DQ

pocket full of posies ref: 1807BN10

Poplin prints

beautiful fabrics delivered to your door

hand. ven and a lovely Poplin on Dyed Cotton e beautifully wo ar ain Pl ns r pli ou po in e e es th All thes of t os m to match We have plains . k us to match page 9, just as .95 per metre de - From £6 45” (114cm) wi N OW SH AS REFERENCES

sewing room pirate party - ref:5012c

sewing room joplin REF: 6330r 20

caroline - a) pink, D) chartreuse, B) delph, c) navy, f) Aqua, - REF: 701a

conran a) blue b) pink, c) yellow, d) navy, - REF: 1062

sewing room strawberry splash - ref: 5021e buttons multi - REF: 5601b

english rose a) pink, b) Blue- REF: 20

hobo pink - REF: 1673d

megan - REF: 1807O05

black beauty - REF: 1807O20

franky - REF: 1677b

celine navy - REF: 1677b

sitting pretty - a) ivory b) blue - REF: 8161

persian leopard REF: 1902O03

felicity - a) mustard b) grey c) beige - REF: 1902O02

pretty polly passion - REF: 7206

Disco Dino - REF: 1808BN02

tiny rose a) blue b) pink c) yellow, d) navy, - REF: 1062

palm beach a) black, b) navy, c) turquoise - ref: 1902O01

wat spot a) dark grey b) red - REF: 7208 sewing room flamingo a) blue b) navy c) grey - REF: 1805B02

e on l t t e k e h t Put

tton ter/ 35% co 65% polyes NW O SH ES AS tre REFERENC £3.25 per me m o Fr wide ) cm 12 ” (1


pretty polly sailing - REF: 1805021

dino and friends REF: 1805o20

mini iris - ref: 6427

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All about fabric

S tock c i r b a f

Broderie BroderieAnglaise Anglaise 33hole hole

sentials Fabric Es Broderie Broderie Anglaise Anglaise 5 5 hole hole

A nice quality 3 or 5 hole Broderie Anglaise fabric in either cream or white. 80% poly, 20% cotton. a) White - 3 hole b) Cream – 3 hole c) White - 5 hole d) Cream – 5 hole

Bull Durham Bull Durham

REF: 15 Width: 44”/112cm £4.95 per metre £3.75 per metre (30m) roll

REF: 011 Width: 60”/152cm £7.50 per metre £6.00 per metre (20m) roll

100% cotton unbleached but finished 'bull denim' fabric. A heavy weight twill.  Approx 381gsm

Black Out Out Curtain Curtain Lining Lining Black

Blackout lining fabric, which comes in white in spite of its title. REF: X1 Width: 54”/137cm £6.00 per metre £4.50 per metre (50m) roll

fancy Dress Satin


Unbleached cotton calico fabric. Approx 208gsm REF: X2 Width: 60”/152cm £5.00 per metre £4.00 per metre (25m) roll

Polyester satin fabric comes in a range of colours, Great for fancy dress. fancy Dress Satin a) Black b) Lime c) Pale Lemon White Polyester satin fabric comes in a range of colours, Great for d) fancy dress. Pale Peach f)d)Red a) Black b) Lime c) Palee)Lemon White g) Claret h)h)Cerise e) Pale Peach f) Red g) Claret Cerise i) Turquoise i) Turquoise REF: 8138 Width: 59”/150cm £4.50 per metre

REF: 8138 Width: 59”/150cm £4.50 per metre

1 inch Gingham

1 inch edged 80%poly, 20% cotton gingham fabric: 44” wide. a) Green b) Pale Blue c) Royal d) Red e) Pink REF: 50 Width: 44”/112cm £3.50 per metre £2.75 per metre (30m) roll


I should be so lucky

A 78% polyester mix suiting with 18% viscose and 4% elastane. A good weight, about 260gsm this twill suiting cloth has good 2 way stretch. a) Black b) Grey

duchess ivory

REF:1066 Width:58”/147cm £5.95 per metre

REF: 6210 Width:59”/150cm £7.50 per metre

Lovely quality polyester ivory duchess sating firm and soft to handle, most popular for brides and bridesmaids dresses.

Knitted polyester lame in gold and silver. A fairly substantial cloth, quite stretchy, and importantly keeps its shape does not ladder. a) Gold Lame b) Silver Lame REF: 1620 Width:59”/ 150cm £7.50 per metre £6.00 per metre (20M) roll

¼ inch Gingham

¼ inch corded edged gingham fabric in all the popular colours: 80% poly, 20% cotton, 45” wide. a) Black b) Yellow c) Red d) Green e) Pink f) Pale Blue g) Royal Blue h) Lilac REF: 49 Width: 45”/114cm £3.50 per metre £2.75 per metre (30m) roll

Luxury Satin Backed Crepe

Beautiful 50% Cotton, 50% Water Resistant Canvas Water ResistantLightweight Canvas

Lightweight waterproof canvas, 202gsm a) Royal b) Black c) Red d) Yellow e) Bottle g) Fluorescent Pink h) Navy REF: 3401 Width: 59”/150cm £4.50 per metre £4.00 per metre (20m) roll

f) Purple

PU coated polyester canvas: Very strong and water resistant in various colours. Approx 225gsm. a) Black b) Navy c) Grey d) Khaki e) Forest f) Lime g) Turquoise h) Beige i) Purple REF: 1780 Width: 56”/145cm £9.25 per metre £8.25 per metre (20m) roll

8 | Croft Mill UK Ltd Primet Business Centre, Burnley Road, Colne, Lancashire BB8 8DQ

polyester fabrics of aCotton shirting Superior White Poplin weight suitable for dressmaking and also any crafts. a) Black b) Raspberry c) Cherry Superior 100% brilliant d) Yellow quality e) Ivory f) White white cotton poplin. Perfect for f) Lagoon Mint sewing and crafts alike.  REF: 6140 Width: 44”/112cm REF: Width: 59”/150 cm £3.5026A per metre £7.50 £3.00 per per metre metre (20m) roll

beautiful fabrics delivered to your door

Plain Cotton Poplin curtain Lining

Paisley Linings

Sol proof superb cotton satin, curtain lining fabric in ecru. Will probably last as long as your curtains.

Here we have a fabulous collection of our new Paisley Changeant linings in 8 colours! a) Blue b) Purple c) Gold d) Black e) Rust f) Grey g) Slate h) Champagne Pink i) Red j) Mustard

REF: X3 Width: 56”/142cm £7.00 per metre £6.00 per metre (20m) roll

REF: 990 Width: 58 /145cm £5.00 per metre £4.50 PER METRE (25m) roll

100% Cotton Fabric- Plain Dyed Poplin, Beautiful fabric approx. 121gsm suitable for all purposes. a) Emerald Green b) Lime Green c) Black d) Dark Navy e) Light Navy f) Turquoise g) Royal Blue h) Sky i) Pale Blue j) Aqua k) Palest Grey l) Pale Buttercup m) Bright Yellow n) Pale Pink o) Mid Pink p) Iris q) Purple r) Claret s) Red t) Palma Violet REF: 86 Width:45”/114cm £5.70 per metre - £4.50 PER METRE (25m) roll

Poplin Print – The Crafty Spot Poplin Print – The Crafty Spot

This is a really nice quality cotton fabric perfect for quilting, craft and dressmaking. Approx 121gsm  a) Grey b) Dark Navy c) Light Navy d) Dusky Blue e) Pale Blue f) Ice Green g) Aqua h) Mint i) Apple j) Sage k) Soft Lime l) Old Green m) Yellow n) Candy Pink o) Sienna p) Red q) Dusky Pink r) Baby Pink s) Cerise t) Taupe REF: PP10 Width: 44”/112cm £6.95 per metre


Cotton seersucker fabric. a) Pink b) Blue REF: 97 Width: 58”/148 cm £5.50 per metre £4.50 per metre (30m) roll

Sienna Sienna

Percale sheeting Sheeting

Fine polyester crepe in black, just soft and melts in the hand silkiness.

Glorious percale cotton sheeting.

REF: 6152 Width:59”/150cm £5.50 per metre

REF: 804 Width: 92”/233 cm £14.00 per metre £9.00 PER METRE (35m) roll

50/50 Poly Cotton

Supersonic Supersonic

Superfine superb cotton lawn with a calendared satin finish. a) Ivory b) Black c) White REF: 303 Width: 53”/135 cm £12.00 per per metre metre £9.50 per per metre metre (15m) (15m) roll roll

Beautiful 50% Cotton, 50% polyester fabrics of a shirting weight suitable for dressmaking and also any crafts. a) Black b) Raspberry c) Cherry d) Yellow e) Ivory f) White f) Lagoon Mint REF: 6140 Width: 44”/112cm £3.50 per metre £3.00 per metre (20m) roll

Ponte roma

We have a selection of decent quality 70% poly, 27% viscose, 3% elastane. a) Charcoal Marl b) Silver Grey c) Navy d) Royal e) Dark Teal f) Purple f) Damson REF: 754 Width: 59”/150cm £7.00 per metre

Triple Triple Crepe Crepe Black Black

Voile Voile

Deepest black and teal polyester woven heavy triple crepe dress fabric of the best quality.

100% Cotton Voile in a a) Black b) White REF: 684 Width: 58”/148 cm £5.00 per metre for White £5.75 per metre for black

REF: 1570C Width: 60”/150 cm £14.75 per metre

Water Resistant Canvas

Mechanical stretch crepe –Kate Moss

Black polyester mechanical stretch double crepe fabric. White, quite heavy, cotton twill/ Fabulous quality with great drill. draping REF: 438qualities. Width: 60”/152 cm REF: Width: 60”/152 cm £7.00381B per metre £11.95 permetre metre(20m) roll £5.00 per

Plain Poly / Cotton White Cotton Lawn

Good quality 65% poly 35% cotton dress and craft fabric. a) Black b) Dark Marl c) Silver Marl e) Navy f) Royal g) Mint i) Sage Green j) Yellow k) Red REF: CM1530 Width: 45”/115cm £3.95 per metre

d) Pale Blue h) Emerald l) Pale Pink

Lightweight waterproof canvas, 202gsm White Drillc) Red a) Royal Cotton b) Black d) Yellow e) Bottle f) Purple g) Fluorescent Pink Navy White, quite heavy, cottonh) twill/drill. REF:438 3401Width: Width: 59”/150cm REF: 60”/152 cm £4.50per permetre metre £7.00 £4.00per permetre metre(20m) (20m)roll roll £5.00

PU coated polyester canvas: Very strong and water resistant in various colours. Approx 225gsm. White Cotton Lycra Drill a) Black b) Navy c) Grey d) Khaki e) Forest f) Lime Fine white cotton lycra twill. g) Turquoise h) Beige i) Purple 1780 Width: Width:60”/152 56”/145cm REF: 370 cm £9.25 per metre £8.75 metre £8.25 (20m) roll £6.75 per per metre metre(25m) roll

To see our full range of fabrics and place your order online visit or call 01282 859281 | 9

All about fabric

✿✿Moon River

✿✿ M ✿✿Mercerised Cotton Jersey So here we have one of many new fabulous mercerised cotton jerseys that we have just received.... possibly the finest jerseys I have ever seen, in fact there cannot be a finer jersey anywhere. They are all superfine mercerised cotton of a fineness and density it is almost impossible to understand. Being a chap who thinks he knows, I hope you agree. a) Lava -144cm b) Space – 160cm d) Bubblegum – 160cm f) Shadow – 162cm h) Duckling – 164cm j) Ballet Slipper – 160cm

REF: 1807J23

c) Punch – 160cm e) Anchor – 170cm g) Sapphire – 160cm i) Fossil – 158cm

Width as stated

£6.75 per metre

160cm wide, French Terry almost wider than a mile, marled grey, 98% cotton, 3% elastane, fine knitted jersey, with an ever so slight fancy knit which is not apparent on the surface.

REF: 1903BEG01*

Width: 160cm/62”

£6.00 per metre

✿✿ N ✿✿Not too delicate Quite fancy, made in polyester This is a large, sparse floral design, embroidered in cream.

REF: 1903J16*

Width: 140cm/55”

£9.00 per metre

✿✿Naughty but nice ✿✿mojave 150cm wide, Poly/cotton “Poncho” cloths a) Aztec – black and white Red Indian / Aztec print in rows up and down the cloth, which do resemble to some extent railway lines. Inbetween the railway lines are abstract graphic joined up shapes in black, on a white background. b) Andian – print in lots of pale colours and shapes, typical of what you might see in Peru, and this is in browns, pinks, yellows, pale orange, grey, turquoise and blue. Coat of many colours. (photo on back cover)

REF: 1903B07

Width: 150cm/59”

£14.00 per metre

112cm wide, cotton poplin in three colours with a very pretty all over intricate floral pattern. Good for dresses, shirts, skirts and craft. a) Grey b) Peach c) Turquoise

Width: 112cm/44”

£7.25 per metre

Width: as stated

140cm wide, beautifully soft, great quality, viscose dress fabric in black with an all over floral print, if fact it is a bit abstract rather than just floral and in pale turquoise, cerise pink, lilac, purple, white, burnt orange, with lots of little shooting star like things falling from the flowers. Very pretty.

Width: 140cm/55”

£12.00 per metre

£5.50 per metre

✿✿Nearly there 160cm wide, fine, 97% viscose, 3% elastane jersey. The design is a mass of thin leaf fronds in rust, dusky pink, beige green and khaki on a cream ground.

Width: 160cm/62”

£7.00 per metre

✿✿Note between the ears - photo on back cover This 145cm wide fine polyester georgette comes in white with a double border, floral print in a dark grey and pale lilac. There are butterflies in various stages of flight and in between these 25cm or so borders there is not a lot. An expanse of white with the odd flower and butterfly hither and dither but altogether in it’s own way is quite stunning. Apparently made for JPG.

REF: 1903J04

✿✿midnight in the night garden

REF: 1902H45

REF: 1903J17*

REF: 1901C06*

✿✿mixed bunch REF: 1903B01

Soft and lacy very gentle in appearance and texture. Made in polyester. a) Navy – 150cm wide, b) Black – 160cm wide, c) Pale Green – 155cm wide d) Dusky Pink – 150cm wide e) Burgundy – 150cm wide

Width: 145cm/57”

£5.50 per metre

samples If ordering by post, please send us the part number and name of the fabric you want, plus the following depending on your requirements. Where there are a number of items with the same reference, please specify your preference: a,b, c,etc. 1-5 Samples: please post your request and enclude a SAE

mixed bunch left to right - a), b), c)

top to bottom a), b),c), d), e), f), g), h), i), j), mercerised cotton jersey

moon river

midnight in the garden

mojave aztec - a)

not too delicate

10 | Croft Mill UK Ltd Primet Business Centre, Burnley Road, Colne, Lancashire BB8 8DQ

naughty but nice - c), d)

nearly there

beautiful fabrics delivered to your door ✿✿plaiding along

✿✿ O ✿✿oh my word 145cm wide, broderie anglaise in a fine cotton with an all over vivacious quite large floral print in beautiful, pinks, red, lilacs, turquoise, mustard, purple, pale orange, it shouts black but is still very elegant.


Width: 140cm/55”

£18.50 per metre

✿✿open wide 160cm wide, super fine, viscose, elastane jersey in a dramatic abstract print. Black with cream and two shades of taupe in quite a large design but because of its abstract nature it does not appear as large.

REF: 1901C02*

Width: 160cm/62”

£6.50 per metre

✿✿owl magic 112cm wide, poly/cotton, children’s novelty print in navy with an owl print in white with some black decoration.

REF: 1812E13

Width: 112cm/44”

£3.50 per metre

150cm wide, soft, quite substantial slightly brushed cotton plaid shirting cloths, stupendous quality from a wonderful maker. a) Green - in green and black. b) Royal – in blue and black.

REF: 1903J08

Width: 150cm/59”

£7.00 per metre

✿✿Prancing Prunella 150cm wide, 100% cotton from designer John Louden. Tiny ballerina print in shades of pink on a mustard background with little red hearts scattered hither and dither.

REF: 1901O22

Width: 150cm/59”

£7.50 per metre

✿✿Prestige This beautiful polyester crepe cloth doesn’t crease and is of a weight suitable for dresses and trousers. a) Dragonfly Teal b) Gun Metal c) Nude d) Royal Blue e) White

REF: 1537

Width: 150cm/59”

£14.50 per metre

✿✿protons and neutrons - photo on front cover ✿✿ P ✿✿penguin party 112cm wide, poly/cotton, children’s novelty print in white with an all over tine penguin design in black, yellow and grey.

REF: 1901O13

Width: 112cm/44”

Width: 140cm/55”

£13.50 per metre

✿✿ Q

150cm wide, quite heavy polyester jersey with the finest of crepe finishes. Basically a crepe scuba. I don’t see anything wrong with actually using it to the wear end with the smoothes side out, but that’s not how it was made. As the title suggests it comes in a deep pink with perhaps a hint of mauve in it and stretches every which way. Great for comfortable garments.

Width: 150cm/59”

REF: 1810M24

£3.50 per metre

✿✿Pinkest - photo on back cover

REF: 1812E18*

140cm wide , fine but fairly dense cotton, cheesecloth, in white with an all over linked shape design which could be construed with being a bit scientific, the sort of thing Brian Cox would draw in seconds and suddenly you would have a universe. The colours involved are grey, blue with some solid shapes in the blue colour.

£6.00 per metre

✿✿Quilt of many colours 145cm wide, polyester quilted fabric with a black lining and a multicoloured soft abstract print outer. An absolutely fabulously coloured article which has gone into expensive, and I do mean expensive children’s gilets and coats.

REF: 1902H46*

Width: 145cm/57”

oh my word

owl magic

prancing prunella

penguin party

open wide

quilt of many colours

£18.00 per metre

plaiding along top to bottom- a), b)

prestige left to right - a) , b), c) d), e)

To see our full range of fabrics and place your order online visit or call 01282 859281 | 11

All about fabric

road narrows top to bottom - a), B)

roman holiday

strictly pink

rosalia left to right - A), b)


superior sation crepe - l to r a), b), c), d), e), f), g)

150cm wide, quite substantial, bright cerise pink, polyester jersey for whenever you might want to show off. A heck of a cloth.

✿✿road narrows For the first time for a long time here we have a 112cm wide cloth, all 65% polyester, 35% cotton all pretty in their own way. a) Cream – plain cream, lightweight shirting, with the tiniest of little self coloured motifs woven in lines all over the cloth. b) White – soft white blouse fabric with an all over tiny motif, self coloured design.

Width: 112cm/44”

£4.50 per metre

✿✿refreshing 150cm wide, label says lawn but this in my mind is slightly too heavy for a lawn and I would say is a superfine cotton poplin, both in a soft white with a beautiful medium sized floral pattern, with green foliage, very pretty and very Summery. a) Pink - Photo on front cover b) Lemon - Photo on back cover

REF: 1901V05

Width: 150cm/59”

£18.00 per metre

✿✿Roman Holiday 160cm wide, soft, fine, polyester, ITY, elastane jersey, in a glorious shade of teal blue. Doesn’t so much as drape, but falls, and will make lovely soft fall some garments.

REF: 1812E19*

Width: 160cm/62”

£6.50 per metre

✿✿rosalia Width: 140cm/55”

£5.50 per metre

Width: 150cm/50”

£6.00 per metre

✿✿stripes together 145cm wide, 65%cotton, 35% rayon, printed in a striped design with some patterning on some of the stripes but not all. The stripes read as follows, pale mustard with blue dots, pale mustard, peach with blue dots, plain peach, plain blue, and so on across the cloth. The stripes are in various widths and the cloth itself has the propensity to sort of sag, it is exactly the sort of thing you could wear in the Summer for travelling. It is not likely to show marks, it doesn’t matter if it creases and it will wash and when it comes out of that you can wring it i.e. with your hands and it might even add to the cloths properties. I imagine extremely comfortable to wear.

REF: 1901V09


Width: 145cm/57”

£9.00 per metre

satin crepe

A very superior fine polyester ‘silk’ luxury satin crepe. It just hangs there. a) Royal e) Emerald

b) Cerise c) Red f) Kingfisher Teal g) Black

REF: 1989

Width: 150cm/59”

d) Ivory

£12.00 per metre

✿✿Spanish Eyes a) Black d) Rose Pink

b) Navy e) Dusky Pink

REF: 1044

c) Dragonfly f) Champagne

Width: 145cm/56”

g) Ivory

£18.00 per metre

✿✿Simply Lace This lace has a soft substantial feel although it is very delicate in a lovely teal green

✿✿ S


✿✿Stephenson 150cm wide in a very light brown plain weave and also with a very fine water repellent coating.

REF: 1808J13

REF: 1903BEG02*

Beautiful rayon/nylon corded lace in a fine but dense enough pattern to hide all that you want to hide.

Softly drapey viscose dress fabric in two different colourways with a medium sized, not too dense black floral decoration.140cm wide and quite splendid. a) Red b) Cerise

REF: 1903J07

stripes together

✿✿Strictly pink

✿✿ R

REF: 1903J11

spanish eyes - l to r a), b), c), D0, e), f), g)

Width: 150cm/59”

£6.00 per metre

Width: 150cm/59”

£6.00 per metre

✿✿smudge - photo on back cover 170cm wide, 97% viscose, 3% elastane jersey with an all over animal print design. Good for dresses and tops.

REF: 1901C04*

12 | Croft Mill UK Ltd Primet Business Centre, Burnley Road, Colne, Lancashire BB8 8DQ

Width: 170cm/66”

£6.00 per metre

beautiful fabrics delivered to your door

The i's to the right

the continuation party top to bottom - a), B), c),

sunshine lollipop

sweet afton

uniformly -l to r - c), d), b), a)

tomorrow is another day - b)

✿✿sunshine lollipop Width: 150cm/59”

£6.00 per metre

As we speak I am trying to ascertain the origins of this particular cloth, which doesn’t really have any bearing on the outcome, but one does like to know these things. It is a polyester, made to look like wool, medium weight jacket cloth, in a black, red and pink sort of ladder check. Ideal to be worn with a skirt or trousers.

REF: 1903J03

✿✿sweet afton 140cm wide, very soft and flowing polyester lawn like floral printed dress fabric in off white with a floral decoration in shades of pink, green, mustard. With a lovely soft silky hand, it would hide any wine spills and wash clean over night.

REF: 1903J05

Width: 140cm/55”

£5.00 per metre


Width: 140cm/55”

£18.00 per metre

✿✿tomorrow is another day 140cm wide, 97%cotton, 3% elastane, light weight trousering / dress fabric. a) Navy- rose like floral design in pinks and reds, lilac, white with a little green. b) Black – all over quite large fairly sparse floral design in white lilac and grey, equally stunning.

REF: 1810M26


£13.50 per metre

✿✿the continuation party Width: 145cm/57”

£6.00 per metre

Width: 150cm/59”

£7.00 per metre

✿✿ W ✿✿wild one - photo on back cover REF: 1902H42

Width: 140cm/55”

£12.00 per metre

✿✿ U ✿✿uniformly

✿✿THE i’s to the right 150cm wide, fine, black, polyester crepe dress fabric with a fairly striking and noticeable largish floral pattern in cream. Nothing complicated about the design, a rather splendid cloth.


REF: 1809J06

140cm wide, soft, drapey, lovely quality viscose dress fabric in black, with a quite vivid, arch floral decoration in orange, pink, a quite vivid green and white. Something of a head turner.

145cm wide, polyester elastane jersey in black with a lovely bit of sparkle. a) Silver Sparkle b) Gold Sparkle c) Blue Sparkle (no elastane)

REF: 1812C09*

£9.00 per metre

150cm wide, brilliantly white, fine, cotton poplin cloth with a very different stripe design in long thin canoe like shapes made up of fine individual threads in dark blue, light blue and white. It is quite different.

I am not sure why this 140cm wide should remind me of Tess, but it is something I must of seen on television at some point, whatever, it is a rather splendid, poppy and other floral print in vibrant shades of cerise pink, pale orange, lime green, yellow and turquoise with quite a few black stalks supporting the flower heads. The background is pale grey and it’s wonderful. It is a very fine cotton canvas from John Louden.

REF: 1812J04*

Width: 150cm/59”

✿✿top marks

✿✿ T

REF: 1901O14

Tomorrow is another day - a)

✿✿The Ladder - Photo on front cover

150cm wide, polyester suiting in the most beautiful shade of aqua marine, and the slightest of straw cloth weave, a lovely hand and a very easy care linen look material.

REF: 1903J09

top marks

£6.00 per metre

150cm wide, stretch polyester, 98% polyester, 2% elastane, not an awful lot of stretch, fabulous, but I am sure as much as you need to keep skirts and trousers looking smart. a) Chartreuse

REF: 1812C08*

b) Cherry Red

c) Cerise

Width: 150cm/59”

d) Deep Turquoise

£6.75 per metre

To see our full range of fabrics and place your order online visit or call 01282 859281 | 13

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X9 DRESS LININGS - SUPERIOR QUALITY We have good quality polyester linings to match: 1) White, 2) Ivory, 3) Biscuit, 4) Dark Beige, 5) Light Brown, 6) Dark Chocolate, 7) Pale Grey, 8) Grey, 9) Battleship, 10) Dark Grey, 11) Black, 12) Pale Mint, 13) Mint, 14) Apple, 15) Pale Sage, 16) Moss, 17) Bottle Green, 18) Baby Pink, 19) Dusty Pink, 20) Magenta, 21) Dark Red, 22) Cerise, 23) Amethyst, 24) Dark Amethyst, 25) Lilac, 26) Cloud Blue, 27) Turquoise, 28) Pale Aqua, 29) Royal Blue, 30) Navy Blue, 31) Lemon We happy to match or contrast the lining, just give us the instruction and we £2.75 per metre can pick one for you. 60” (152 cm) wide.

X4 ELASTIC a) 5 mm wide, white: b) 7 mm wide, white: f) 7 mm wide, black: c) 10 mm wide, white: e) 20 mm (1” wide), white: f) 30 mm (1.25” wide), white: g) 30 mm (1.25” wide), black: h) 40mm wide, white: i) 50mm wide, white j) 50mm wide black

10p per metre 15p per metre 15p per metre 20p per metre 26p per metre 30p per metre 33p per metre 40p per metre £1.50 per metre

X4i Elastic - Clear 3metres of 9mm wide lightweight elastic - by the pack

£6.00 per pack

X23 Dress Making Elastic d) Drawstring elastic, white e) Drawstring elastic, black f) Round cord elastic, 4mm wide, white

£1.25 per metre £1.25 per metre 70p per metre

X5 INTERFACING - IRON ON 36” wide white iron on interfacing. a) Medium weight (Vilene type): b) Light weight (Vilene type): c) Lightweight Voile Cotton Interfacing, white: d) Lightweight voile cotton interfacing, black (width 35”/90cm):

£2.00 per metre £1.80 per metre £6.75 per metre £6.75 per metre

X29 Buckrum a) Double Iron On - Double sided iron on heavy stiff white buckrum. 160cm wide

b) Single Iron on - Slightly softer and lighter than the double iron on. 150cm wide

£4.25 per metre £4.25 per metre

A mix of cotton/viscose/horsehair/polyester substantial woven £5.00 per metre traditional interfacing 32” (81 cm) wide:

X20 WADDING £3.50 per metre £8.50 per metre

X13 SEWING MACHINE NEEDLES - Standard Pack of Assorted Sewing Machine Needles: (

£2.00 per pack

X7 HAND SEWING NEEDLES Pack of 12 assorted hand sewing needles.


£2.00 per pack

X15 TROUSER HOOK AND BARS Trouser hooks and bars, 3 pairs per pack: a) Silver

£1.20 per pack

b) Black

X17 THREAD - REELS (Ask us to match, we have Lots of colours.) 1000 yard coats moon 120's spun polyester thread.

£1.20 each

X18 THREAD - CONES 5000 metre cones of 120’s polyester thread. a) Black b) White c) Cream

£3.00 each

xtc tailors chalk 90p each

Tailor chalks in either yellow, red, blue and white.

X16 TAPE MEASURES Best Quality Fiberglass tape measures in metric/imperial one side, imperial only on the other:

£1.50 each

X219 9" concealed zips 9” (23cm) nylon, quality concealed closed end dress zips

£1.25 each

a) Black f) Cream j) Lipstick n) Salmon r) Grey s) Dark Red

d) Beige i) Pink m) Candy q) Purple

b) Bottle Green g) Navy k) Turquoise o) Cerise

c) Brown h) White l) Ivory p) Damson

X22 22” Concealed Zips 22” (56cm) nylon, quality concealed closed end dress zips a) Black b) Dark Navy c) Pale Pink f) Puce g) Wine h) Cerise i) Light Stone j) Pale Blue k) Red m) Purple n) Ivory o) Bottle Green

£1.75 each d) Beige l) Pink

7” (18 cm) nylon good quality closed end skirt zips: 40p each a) Black b) White c) Cream d) Beige e) Ivory f) Brown g) Grey h) Pale Pink i) Green j) Navy Blue k) Pale Blue l) Red m) Burgundy n) Claret o) Dark Grey p) Jade

X12 ZIPS - DRESS 22” (56 cm) nylon good quality closed end dress zips: £1.00 each a) Black b) White c) Ivory d) Beige e) Navy f) Cream g) Grey h) Brown

X25 sewing tape White cotton bunting crafting and sewing tape ¾”(19mm) wide a) 25p per metre or b) £8.00 per 50 meter roll.

X27 Bias Binding 19mm bias binding 70p per metre a) Cotton – This comes in the following colours: Royal blue, grey, baby pink, yellow, black, dusky pink, turquoise, red, emerald green, lilac, pale blue, ivory, white. b) Satin – This comes in the following colours: Red, white, pale blue, beige, pink, ivory

Approx 200 per box

Perfect box of 2.5cm pins for holding fabric together.

£1.20 each

Stitch rippers:



a) 54” wide (2 oz in old money) polyester wadding, the quilter’s favourite weight it would appear: b) Cotton Wadding – 100% British Made Cotton Bump, Width: 140cm:

70p each

4 metre cards of white hemming web:

£2.00 per box

14 | Croft Mill UK Ltd Primet Business Centre, Burnley Road, Colne, Lancashire BB8 8DQ

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pinkest - pg 11 kerala - pg 5

note between the ears - pg 10 smudge- pg 12

tess - pg 13

campanula - pg 3 angel of the morning - pg 2

flower garden - pg 4

mojave Andian - pg 10

all fall down - pg 2

both sides now- pg 3

wild one - pg 13

baby mouse - pg 2

a Little of what you fancy - pg 2

a selection box mustard -pg 2

simply lace - pg 12

au printemps - pg 2

arange - pg 2

refreshingly lemon- pg 12

brunel - pg 3

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Spring/Summer 2019 Catalogue Issue 43  

A catalogue of fantastic fabrics of all types, something for everyone. Order online, by post or over the telephone. Sampling service availab...

Spring/Summer 2019 Catalogue Issue 43  

A catalogue of fantastic fabrics of all types, something for everyone. Order online, by post or over the telephone. Sampling service availab...

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