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Issue 13 2011

A Lull In The Proceedings It were reight gradely weren't it. It is not exactly a distant memory now but I remember the hot day, it was a Sunday in late June. We had one of our special golf days, where I turned out in, what some of our lady golfers described as, a picture in pastels. Later in the evening I was a picture in purple and yellow shortly after which I became a picture in purple, yellow, coleslaw, tomato and cucumber as I fell whilst carrying my plate to the table. There were dozens of onlookers but no help was forthcoming, it was obviously uproariously funny and I became the butt of much humour throughout the evening. I have to say it was like the Del-boy collapse in the bar when, whilst he was talking to Trigg, someone lifted the entry leaf to the bar and Del-boy leant on the now removed part of the bar only to disappear. I have to say I am a little older than Del-boy was and today my injuries are sorely felt. The red wine consumed was of little help. It is a bit quiet on the order front as one might expect at this time of year and goodness knows everyone needs respite from the ravages of government mistakes and those people who profit from them.

FREE POSTAGE FOR FABRIC ORDERS OF £75.00 AND OVER. Exclusions apply; please see order form. AG1 Captain Corelli This is something we certainly haven't seen at Croft Mill in my time. 56 in wide, a lightly stretch velvet, in a colour I would describe as Sherwood green, almost a Robin Hood green, with an all over but not too dense ribbon embroidery. The ribbon is made of shiny yarn with flowers and bows and the whole thing stands proud of the base cloth. What came into my mind was that it has something of a Victorian or perhaps a bit of a Moll Flanders feel. If you are into period articles this is a corker. £7.50 per metre. AG2 Harking Back Another “old' fabric that has resurfaced is this rather exquisitely Japanese made polyester habutae “silk”. It is 107 cm or 42 in wide and finely seer suckered in a) blue and white b) pink and white both with white ¼ in wide stripe. Very much a maid of the mountains/hills are alive, sort of cloth, but in its way modern. £4.00 per metre. AG3

Never throw any thing away In the

course of our day-to-day endeavours we accumulate lots of pieces of cloth any thing from scraps to a metre in length. Those less than this still remain on the premises looking for how and when we might find a use for them. For the moment however we have one big bag of lengths from ¼ metre to ¾ metre of perhaps the full range of our cloths with the exception of pretty printed cloths. This bag weighs in the region of 25 lb or 10-11 kilograms and is being added to all the time. If you think you can find a home for as big a bag as this please feel free, no not exactly free, it's £20.00, and £5.95 to send it. If you want to experiment with different types of fabric or are into costumes for amateur dramatics this could be for you. There is only one so first come first served.

AG4 Sample Bits Another bag, nothing like as large as the previous one of small pieces of mainly printed fabrics, cottons, poly/cottons, polyesters in pieces no larger than ¼ metre and much less, probably more suited to crafty things. £20.00, plus £5.95 postage.

BBQ For now I am going to pop off, there may be a break in the weather giving an opportunity for a BBQ. It's not just the BBQ that appeals; it is the outdoor eating and gathering of the clan that makes it worthwhile. We have friends from South Africa who will be visiting and bringing food ready to go on the Brie, as they call it in South Africa. They will do the cooking, being much more expert than us, due to more opportunities to practise in their glorious weather. This means I won't have the doubtful pleasure of burning everything. All good fun though eh! AG5 Bleu You may remember some time ago we had a rather pretty dark navy lightly brushed, soft cotton with a little bit of lycra, twill with an all-over tiny white leaf and spot print. Having been told that there wasn't any more another roll has been acquired. A lovely fabric for little girls' dresses or dungarees or even for bigger girls. £5.00 per metre. 60 in wide. AG6 Fire Dance Never in all my born days have I seen a more flamboyant cloth. A 60in wide peachskin finished, polyester blouse/dress fabric in wonderful bright hues of yellow, orange and blue. Many tones of those colours within the overall swirly, fiery, sort of peacocks' tails pattern. Come to think of it I have a shirt that I once bought in Spain that I am forbidden to wear, as my wife would say, “Why do you always have to show off”. Perhaps it's to make up for the dull person I really am. Wonderful cloth. £6.95 per metre. 60 in wide. AG7 Merry Men 60 in wide fine lightweight cotton chino, in what I think is a wonderful shade of Lincoln green not to be confused with men in tights green nor indeed is it that kind of cloth. Very finely woven by the best trouser maker of its kind in Europe. £5.00 per metre. AG8 Track Suiting I know these days the old fashioned heavy knitted cotton track suiting is pretty much a thing of the past and almost impossible to get hold of now one because of the price of cotton and two because of the weight of the cloth. If you go jogging in the rain in that fabric it would be

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like heading an old fashioned leather football with the laces in it which as the game wore on became sodden and required the neck muscles of a fighting bull to head the ball home. No, this is a polyester version, which is very light, in a rib pattern and the colours are a) Black b) Pale grey c) Bottle green All £3.00 per metre. All 60 in wide.

AG9 Leaves Nothing to be Desired 60 in wide 100% cotton, soft corduroy in two delicious autumnal colours, a) Light wine b) Golden brown They have a sheen to the finish; it is of a decent weight, 8 whales to the inch, ie ribs to the inch. Made not far from here, but it must be said, not recently. £7.50 per metre.

AG10 And Another Thing Variety is the spice of life and no two cloths could be much further apart than the last ones and these. 60 in wide, lightweight and drapey, polyester fabrics in dark navy. a) Plain very fine hopsack weave cloth. b) Crepe, not as fine but it still has a good drape From an impeccable source, good looking, easy care, beautiful fabrics. You won't go wrong with either of these. Both £4.00 per metre. AG11 The Land Of The Bong Tree T'is many a year since I was lost in the land of the Bong tree and if memory serves me right it was cloth that saved me, saved me from going barmy that is, because as we all know there are no aeroplanes or boats going to the land of the Bong tree. It was there that I made myself a raft from this finely sculptured heavy weight cotton canvas, almost a double cloth in the way that it is woven. Aside from the fact that it would sink when exposed to water for too long I knew that I could make it nearly to the nearest land before having to swim like mad. What is this cloth I hear you say, it is 60 in wide very heavy, due to the amount of yarn and the fineness of the weave, cotton canvas, in a very pale stone colour. A cloth that only comes along once every Preston Guild. I am sure if you were able to do log rolling this would be as good as a tree trunk. £6.00 per metre. AG12 A Right Royal Mix They have tried all sorts through the years to improve on the properties of cotton and never really come up with anything that comes close, so what is the next best thing? To mix cotton and linen and possibly add a third. This 60 in wide lightweight herringbone weave suiting is made from wool, linen, and silk, almost in equal proportions. It will wear well because of the wool and the linen and silk give it a soft hand. The colour might not be to every one's taste, which is just as well because we only have 33 metres of it. The green is a sort of pea green, which is lightened somewhat by the white in the warp yarn. Made in Ireland by Magee. £8.00 per metre.

AG13 Gone Funny Just as I came to the end of that piece on the last fabric my dictating machine went on the blink. It started skidding, which made me sound as though I was talking under water which might have been apt really, as this next fabric is a very fine worsted wool/polyester suiting, light in weight and fairly drapey, in a deep sea bluey green colour. Even though it isn't all wool it has a beautiful hand and is £7.50 per metre. 60 in wide.

AG14 Fanny Grey 60 in wide, woollen, ”birds eye” tiny check, in two shades of grey, ie two shades within the one 2

cloth, dark and light, the birds eye being paler. Good drape and a lovely hand. Although tightly woven, has an element of looseness about it that lends itself to fuller garments as well as tailored ones. I used my get out of jail free there didn't I. Fabulous cloth made by Magee. £9.50 per metre.

AG15 Carluccio 60 in wide poly/wool medium weight suiting in delicious shade of taupe/mushroom with a texture in the hand that makes it just that little bit different even though it is a plain weave it does have some weave interest. £6.50 per metre. AG16 Talking to Trees I know that talking to anything helps and if there is nothing else available talk to yourself. This pure new wool suiting is a 60 in wide brown and black, Prince of Wales check with the faintest of over-checks in a darkish blue. The over-check takes some finding but if you stand back from the cloth you can see it's there. Supreme cloth. £10.00 per metre. AG17 Now is The Hour I have saved this cloth till late in the day because that's when I need to feel soothed. Another Irish cloth by Magee in a lovely shade of green which is a woven wool and silk cloth with a myriad of other green and blue colours in it giving a heathery appearance over which is woven a beige and dark lilac 2 in square check. Just how good this is, is reflected in the fact that we only have 12 metres or so. I would love a jacket made out of this. If I could buy one it would probably cost a veritable fortune. £12.50 per metre. 60 in wide. AG18 Moleskin We have a selection of moleskin and moleskin type cloths, some heavier than others. I will start with the heaviest. All 60in wide. a) A sumptuous fabric in a light mushroom/ brown colour, traditional hunting shooting fishing weight. £10.00 per metre. I know that might have made you wince, but you need to see the cloth. I have, it's beautiful. We have approximately 35 metres. b) Not nearly so heavy, is a brown and darker brown twill weave moleskin, which I suppose looks like a fine diagonal stripe even though it isn't. You get diagonal stripes in the weaving process using different coloured yarns. Only 10 to 15 metres of this. £7.50 per metre. c) Reasonably heavy moleskin, and a staggering colour, dark mustard. I have seen trousers in this colour in very posh shops at up to £70-£80 a pair when reduced. Be different. £7.50 per metre. d) An extremely dark brown in an average weight cloth of which we have about 20 metres. £6.00 per metre. e) A tanny brown of which we have only 10 metres. £6.00 per metre. f) A navy blue, of which we have only 10 metres. £6.00 per metre. g) A scrumptious light appley green. £6.00 per metre. AG19 Sadie 50 in wide, fern green, it says on the label 98% cotton 2% lycra, lightweight moleskin made up of finer yarns than all the others and brushed slightly less. Possibly more in the way of a shirting moleskin. Don't let that put you off; it is still a good weight. £5.00 per metre.

AG20 I Had A Dream Following on, many years after the famous speech by Martin Luther King come announcements from Carmen at Croft Mill, who is prone to

Offices 5 & 6, Primet Business Centre, Burnley Road, Colne, Lancashire BB8 8DQ T:01282 859281 email: website:

premonition. On this occasion she thought something good was going to happen and oddly enough it did. This cloth came in, which is 100% fine cotton trousering/shirting in delicate shades of duck-egg blue. Woven into which is a sort of Prince of Wales check in taupe and cream on top of that is a fine line chain stitch in a darker brown forming one-inch squares. The whole thing is quite muted and the quality is of a bygone era. A lovely soft hand. £5.50 per metre. 60 in wide.

AG21 Melton A 60 in wide pure new wool Melton, of a suiting/jacketing weight in a not very dark navy blue. A Yorkshire made cloth for a Yorkshire tailor who has decided not to bother anymore. We have the princely amount of 33 metres and I promise you it is wonderful. £12.50 per metre. AG22 Chambray A 56 in wide, 100% cotton, very finely woven Chambray. The overall colour is a pale blue but it is made up of very pale blue and white yarns. It is heavy shirting/summer trouser weight and has enough yarn in it to give it substance. £6.00 per metre.

AG23 Finesse 60 in wide, cotton chino with the finest of Madras stripes in brown and beige. Only when you get close to the fabric do you see the fineness of the stripe, from a couple of metres away it just looks not to be plain. From a German trouser maker, we have only 27 metres. £5.50 per metre.

AG24 Utterly Buttery 60 in wide at least. A poly/wool suiting in a plaid design made up of a green and navy blue check, which would normally be the basic check similar to the Black Watch tartan and then with a woven over-check in pale blue and red. The over-check is made of fine lines, a double fine line in the case of pale blue and a single in the case of the red. The red is not a bright red. A beautifully soft cloth with excellent wearing properties. £7.50 per metre. AG25 A Good Year We have a small amount of this splendid 60 in wide wool gabardine in a sort of pinot noir shade of burgundy. A blazer weight fabric of impeccable pedigree. £10.00 per metre.

AG26 The Spice of Life

Four 60 in wide or

thereabouts, woven check cloths. a) A plain weave, the checks are in shades and tones of cream, green and mustard with fine line over-checks in all these colours plus a pale blue. A poly/wool fabric made entirely in Yorkshire, with a lovely silky soft but still firm hand. £9.00 per metre. b) An ultra fine “tropical” weight poly/wool plain weave, blouse/ shirting, or a posh lining for jackets. Maybe even a lightweight jacket with a lining. It is in shades of beige, taupe, pale yellow with a fine line over-check in black, white and orange. £6.00 per metre. c) Poly/cotton “hoe down” checked seersucker. Wonderfully colourful in blues, red, turquoise, beige and green. £5.00 per metre. d) A cotton rich poly/cotton in a sort of lumberjack/viyella check in green and taupe with blue and red in the secondary check. £5.00 per metre.

AG27 Tweedy 60 in wide poly/wool/viscose mix fine tweed weave cloth in heathery tones of green, mustard, beige, orange and black. A light suiting weight with a fairly soft hand. £6.50 per metre.

Ag28 Unannounced This cloth arrived without so much as a by your leave all the way from Magee so you would have thought it would have rung first. A fine medium weight black wool/polyester suiting with a fine diagonal weave pattern. Very crease resistant with a lovely hand. £7.00 per metre. AG29 Red Bull 60 in wide 60% wool and 40% polyester bright red cavalry twill suiting. Born and bred in Yorkshire so quite firm and a bit awkward. £8.50 per metre. AG30 Linen 60 in wide, not too pale a blue, feint herringbone weave Irish linen. Good weight for suits, shirts and whatever else you fancy. Sublime. £8.50 per metre. AG31 Pretty Polly 45 in wide half decent poly/cotton cloth with the following prints: a) A pink, green, pale blue, white, yellow tiny all-over floral design on a navy ground b) Pretty much the same as above except on a cream ground c) A pink, burgundy, sage green, blue and beige floral spray design on a white ground d) The same design as c) but in shades of blue, green and pink on white e) As above except in blue, turquoise, wine and lemon on white. All very pretty and £4.00 per metre. AG32 Grandma's Featherbed Just why this should remind me of a song I remember I don't know. Perhaps a happy memory. Anyway this 57 in wide pale lemon cotton lawn has a sprawling embroidered flower and leaf design in green, brown and gold, Very pretty. £6.00 per metre. AG33 Spice of Life 60 in wide cotton madras stripe trousering in white/cerise pink. A very good cloth woven just down the road from here a fair while ago by Carrington Viyella. £5.50 per metre. AG34 White Mischief 60 in wide beautifully made fine cotton crêpe in off-white. Georgeous. £5.50 per metre.

Soft as the proverbial.

AG35 Embroidery 58 in wide white cotton lawn with a delicate and gentle floral embroidery in pale blue. £6.00 per metre. AG36 Agatha 50 in wide cotton/lycra satin finish fine twill trousering in very pale blue with a large floral design in darker blues. It's different. £5.00 per metre. 60 in wide cotton/lycra bold strip trousering in oranges, beige, lemon, pink and white. Good summer weight cloth in which to make a statement. £6.00 per metre.

AG37 Be Bold

AG38 What a Gay Day Superb cotton lawn with a bold and positive large floral “African” design in dark brown, white, orange, cerise and purple. Stunning. 60 in wide. £6.00 per metre. Due to our new location it is not possible for large groups to visit, however, if only a few want to come we welcome you but please call us to make Thank you! an appointment.

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