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Greetings from Santa's Helper! It's that fun time of the year of holiday cheer and special moments for all. The SOSC has many memory-making events in the coming weeks, so please carefully review this issue of The Contact and our website and ensure you mark your calendars. The December luncheon is on the morning of December 12th, followed the next day by  the SOSC annual Operation Cookie Drop and gift wrapping at the BX from Nov 23 until Dec 24. All of these events will be worldclass!  It truly is great to have so many of you Elves participating  and offering your special talents.....our club is really taking off!

After watching many of you at the "Make It, Bake It, Take It" and Weingarten events, I have no doubt that you all survived the Black Friday shopping

crowds with no problems! The SOSC has had some great programs this year and we must thank our great programs chairs! Thank you ladies:)) As we type this one of our main Elves will be retiring to Hawaii, Mrs. Diana Johns. I would like to extend a big THANK YOU from all of us for her support to the SOSC over the past few years. We wish Mrs. Diana Johns and her family all the best, and we welcome General and Mrs. Selva to the Scott family! As the ball drops in Times Square ushering in the New Year, we'll see more activities


coming our way. The current Januar y 9th function is BUNCO, which will be held at the VFW, right outside the Belleville gate. More information will be heading your way (check out the flier inside:) plan to attend for food, fun and loud yells of BUNCO!! Though we will all soon begin the countdown of the number of shopping days left until Christmas, please take a moment to remember that those deployed in harms way have left their loved ones (spouses & kids) here.  Let's be sure to reach out to them with acts of kindness and holiday cheer so that all may truly experience this season of giving! Here's wishing you & yours a very Happy Holiday Season! Happy New Year too! Deb Arquiette & the Board of Governors 2012-2013


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Operation Cookie Drop

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November Luncheon Recap

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Mini Club News & Info.

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December Luncheon

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Base-Wide News & Info. Pages 15-16

The Scott OSC is a private, non-profit organization. It is not part of the DOD or any of its components and has no governmental status.



Board Members Advisor Cathy Almand

Executive Board President

Deb Arquiette


Stephanie Price

Recording Secretary

Alice Howe

Corresponding Secretary

Kristin Gittner

OSC Treasurer

Marcie Hermann

OSCA Treasurer

Michelle McLaughlin

1st Vice President

Debbie Beasley

2nd Vice President

Beth Hopkins

Governing Board Historian - Elana Cashion Membership - Jennifer Hernandez Membership Co-Chair - Andrea Barnes Hospitality - Kelley Amodeo Reservations - Shelly Loving Associate Wives - Linda Antaya Reservations Co-Chair - Yvonne Callaway Associate Wives Co-Chair - Marsha Palmer Programs - Anita Wolcott Volunteer Coordinator - Stephanie Wu Programs Co-Chair - Amy Bogan Volunteer Co-Coordinator - Katy Cole Programs Volunteers - Nancy Muscatell, Community Liaison - Melanie Moritz Bea Donelson & Vicki Tobin Thrift Shop - Marsha Palmer Webmaster - Sarah Bennett Trivia Night Chair - Carolyn Rawson Photographers - Rosie Warner & Elana Cashion Trivia Night Co-Chair - Bri Choate Public Relations - Carolyn Rawson Ways and Means - Carol Carlson Special Activities/Mini Clubs - Katie McKim Scholarships Chair - Kelly Barrett The Scott OSC is a private, non-profit organization. It is not part of the DOD or any of its components and has no governmental status.


Happy Birthday to You...2012-13 Calendar

praesent metus eget viverra ante. Natoque placerat sed sit hendrerit, dapibus velit molestiae leo a, ut lorem sit et lacus aliquam. Sodales nulla August 22 ante auctor excepturi wisi, dolor lacinia ALOHA Membership dignissim Drive eros condimentum dis pellentesque, sodales lacus nunc, feugiat September at. In orci ligula suscipit luctus, sed12 Guest Speaker: dolor eleifend aliquam dui, ut diam Mary Engelbreit mauris, sollicitudin sed nisl tempus. Ut facilisis ante in dui ac suscipit, turpis October 10 voluptatum donec, fusce suspendisse, Make it, Bake it, Take it quasi luctus amet urna tempor amet 23 sit. Cras volutpat mattis hasellus14justo November 27 massa sed, odio feugiat gravida nunc Holiday UnWINEd praesent.(night) Quam ac ligula risus lectus 28 dapibus, nunc lectus velit, vel placerat odio, vestibulum in tellus nam, eros Stephanie Wu December Sarah Bennett December 28 December 12 Ac dolor ac adipiscing amet bibendum 21maecenas mauris neque proin nisl amet fusce hasellus facilisis.Vehicula nullam, massa lacus molestie ut libero mollis. Suscipit nec nec ligula ipsum orci Paulo’s at the Joanna Carra December 21 Gerri Wilson December 29 sed, class Mansion dignissim ullamcorper eros, nec, diam et, pharetra sodales eget, nulla, in posuere ut quis ultrices, lectus mauris consequat ut lacinia. feugiat ullamcorper id tempor eget id eget primis vehicula velit hasellus vitae. Mauris pretium eget aliquet, lectus lectus, vestibulum orci laoreet inceptos Aliquam ametJanuary est, quam leo 9 maecenas BUNCO tincidunt. Porttitor mollis imperdiet vitae, at consectetuer amet et mauris turpis leo pharetra, vulputate libero senectus pulvinar. consectetuer. Congue porta scelerisque lacus. Ad (night) ornare donec, fringilla feugiat praesent at, lacus vestibulum et at augue imperdiet laoreet, ipsum enim sit Etiam molestie mauris ligula eget February 13 dignissim cras urna, ante convallis turpis lectus felis at, aliquam blandit donec us for the Holiday laoreet,Join vehicula eleifend. Repellat orciGift Wrap Fundraiser! Sweet Heart duis lectus sed aliquet, at tempus et pede, luctus platea etiamDinner mauris ut. Dui eget erat et, sem cum, ultricies (night) Eros 1981) sociis cursus nec vel diam, vitae et scelerisque erat Volunteers assemble atnullam the Scottultricies. BX (Bldg. and giftsollicitudin amet eleifend dolor hamenaeos dignissimos imperdiet, volutpat viverra velit, risus pellentesque wrap presents erat, malesuada est from leo ac.Black Varius Friday to Christmas Eve (November March 2 luctusChristmas ac eros sed cheer massa vestibulum, tellus nullam nibh, morbi posuere. 23 –elementum December natoque turpis est.24) Duisto spread Trivia Night lobortis adipiscing praesent. Nec eros montes, tellus lobortis lacus and camaraderie! amet arcu Curabitur(fundraiser) labore. Ac augue donec, sed eu ridiculus libero felis. et. In vitae vel, wisi at, id praesent gravida a dolor luctus, congue arcu id

of Events

Come Volunteer with Us!

Dec ~ 9am-1pm 9am-1pm bibendum libero14 faucibus porta egestas,| Dec Donec21 arcu~risus diam amet sit. Congue andfermentum Dec 24 ~ 12pm-3pm quisque praesent ipsum tortor cursus risus vestibulum placerat tempor. Curabitur auctor, erat commodo nisl, luctus augue amet quis to maecenas Volunteer mollis sed Register aenean sit,at: donec velit iusto, fusce, turpis morbi felis elit et nibh.Vestibulum vivamus a volutpat dui lacus consectetuer, mauris volunteersignup/ dictumst at suspendisse, eu wisi rhoncus eget congue nibh velit, eget posuere sem in a sit. Point of Contact (POC): Stephanie Wu magnis. Sociosqu netus semper aenean Aliquam amet suspendisse dictum, arcu enim conubia ullamcorper leo nulla ac nibh, purus hendrerit ut dignissim molestie, gravida mollis. Tortor mattis nec maecenas, quo ac, vivamus

Grow With Us!

Lorem ipsum dolor sit vitae eros wisi facilisis. Consectetuer amet, ligula suspendisse nulla arcu ipsum ornare pellentesque Dolores December 2 vehicula, in vehicula diam, ornare magna pretium,McConnell rhoncus tempor placerat fermentum, enim integer ad vestibulum erat felis wisi a risus. Justo fermentum Patricia Keithley December 5 id. Malesuada eleifend, tortor molestie, volutpat. Nisl rhoncus turpis est, vel elit, congue wisi enim nunc December ultricies sit, 8 a fusce a vel et. Mauris at suspendisse, Debbie McNutt magna tincidunt. Maecenas aliquam neque aliquam faucibus adipiscing, Lisa Vaira December maecenas ligula nostra, accumsan taciti. 9 vivamus in. Wisi mattis leo suscipit nec Sociis mauris in integer, a dolor netus amet, nisl fermentum tempor ac a, Dede Peterson December 10 non dui aliquet, sagittis felis sodales, augue in eleifend in venenatis, cras sit id dolor sociis mauris, vel eu December libero cras. 11in vestibulum felis in, sed ligula. In Alice Howe Interdum at. Eget habitasse elementum sodales suspendisse mauris quam etiam est, ipsum Layman purus pede porttitor class, ut12erat, quia tellus convallis eros rhoncus Carolyn December Jennifer Cavanagh December adipiscing, aliquet sed auctor, imperdiet diam orci, porta lectus esse adipiscing Meg December Priscilla Whisler December arcu perGilster diam dapibus libero duis. Enim 15posuere et, nisl arcu vitae laoreet. eros in vel, volutpat nec pellentesque molestie, ametDecember gravida Marissa Mordente December 20Morbi integer Amy Bogan leo, temporibus scelerisque nec. suspendisse morbi, amet maecenas, a

March 13ullamcorper diam praesent, pretium ac, non hac inHigh quisque Tea hac. Magna amet libero maecenas justo. Duis montes, 10arcu et. In tellus lobortisApril lacus amet BLINGO vitae vel, Hollywood wisi at, id praesen. Nam at (night) lorem ipsum dolor wisi donec amet nam, quis nulla euismod neque in enim, May 8 libero curabitur libero, tempus arcu Scholarship Scholastic egestas molestie pede & lorem eu. Awards Posuere tempus porttitor odio urna et gravida, hasellus sed sit sodales laoreet integer, in at, leo nam in.Vitae et, nunc

The Scott OSC is a private, non-profit organization. It is not part of the DOD or any of its components and has no governmental status.


THRIFT SHOP NEWS The Thrift shop will close on Friday, December 14th at 2:00pm for the holiday break and will reopen on Wednesday, January 2nd at 9:00am. We would like to wish all of our customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

AIR FORCE VILLAGE Air Force Village Annual Meeting By Annisa Chesnut 2nd Vice President - AFOWC Every other year, Air Force Village, located in San Antonio, Texas, invites spouse clubs worldwide to send delegates to their annual meeting in October. President, Sue Brown and I had the honor of representing the AFOWC at their annual meeting las month.  Thirty four other delegates from 11 different OWC/OSCs were also in attendance.

Air Force Village is a fully accredited Continuing Care Retirement Community. AFV provides independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing, Alzheimer/Dementia, and Hospice care to retired and honorably separated Officers and spouses aged 62 and above, widowed spouses, and parents and grandparents of Active Duty Officers.  Also, Families of Officers who die on Active duty are allowed a one year stay.    During our stay, President and CEO, Lt General (ret) Chip Utterback, briefed the delegates on the history, the mission, and current needs of Air Force Village.  We toured the state of the art facilities, visited with the residents, and learned about the benefits of living in a retired community setting.   On Thursday evening, we attended the Chairman's Dinner where General Mark Welsh, Chief of Staff of the Air Force, was the guest speaker. AFV was founded in 1964 by spouse clubs to provide a home for Air Force Officers' widows or widowers in financial need.  On Thursday, we were honored to attend the Legacy Luncheon with Mrs. Betty Welsh and several widows.  These women have fascinating stories of their time in the Air Force and it was such an privilege to spend time with them.  These widows are the embodiment of why Air Force Village was created and the need to provide financial support for them continues today.  Over the past 5 years, AFV has provided 4 million dollars in order to care for those widows who are in financial need.   Unfortunately, the need for financial support has increased, while the charitable contributions have decreased.  In 2008 worldwide donations from OSCs totaled $72,800.  In 2011 worldwide donations from OSCs only totaled $59,000.  The AFOWC continues to be a leader in supporting the vision and mission that Mrs. LeMay founded in 1964.  This year the AFOWC proudly contributed $10,000 to Air Force Village to support Widows in Need and the Freedom House, which cares for the residents who need specialized Alzheimer/Dementia care.   For more information or to contribute please go to or call 210- 568-3211. 

SOSC Monthly Service Project Did you know? The SOSCA donates $300 a year to Air Force Village.

At the December luncheon we will be collecting cookies for the Airmen Appreciation cookie drive, as well as unwrapped toys for Toys for Tots. Check out pages 8-9 & 15 for details!

The Scott OSC is a private, non-profit organization. It is not part of the DOD or any of its components and has no governmental status.


We Love Our Vendors!


Thank you to the vendors that have appeared at our functions so far - it’s been great shopping! Miche Purses - Candi Miner

The SOSC charitable association is pleased to announce the launch of the 2013 scholarship and scholastic applications. Starting Dec 15th, please visit our website for details.

Mary Kay Cosmetics - Kathi Sheppard

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at:

Scrapbook Factory - Ann Farnen

~ Kelly Barrett

Gillian Harrel Art - Gillian Harrel Sweet Katie Bees' Cupcakes & Coffee Bar Beth Hendrix Just Jewelry - Jennifer Borsch

Namely Yours - Lisa Wenkel Retro Aprons - Ruth Bickline Thirty-One Gifts - Renae Hardt

3rd Annual Veterans Vigil Run Thanks to ALL of the following SOSC members for volunteering at the Veteran’s Vigil Run:

Katie McKim ~ Kelly Born ~ Deb Arquiette ~ Cathy Almand ~ Kim Schatz ~ Jen Jayme ~ Shellie Daniels ~ Alice Howe ~ Tracy Lake ~ Jen Baker The Vigil Run included 726 participants, running/walking a total of 134 miles!

Chainmaile & Stam Punk Jewelry -Ann Goodwin Body Focus Massage Therapy - Jennifer Oplt Japanese Obi Designs - Debbie McNuttt Stampin' Up! - Peggy Davide Pampered Chef - Chris Boemecke Rodan and Fields Dermatologists Christy Gilliland Deziner Doors - Stacy Long Also, thank you to our SOSC Ways and Means Chair: Carol Carlson

Thanks also to everyone that donated cookies. All leftover cookies were frozen and will be used for the upcoming Operation Cookie Drive on December 13th!

The Scott OSC is a private, non-profit organization. It is not part of the DOD or any of its components and has no governmental status.


Holiday   UnWINEd    November Social Highlights

The Un-Wined event was a wonderful night for our members. We had 80 of you

explaining all of the wines to our many tasters. Thank you!

PHOTO HIGHLIGHTS Find more photos on

in attendance! It was fun to see many of your spouses sitting with you and enjoying the evening as well.

The wine door prizes were a huge hit...thanks to Anita's Dad for his great handy work The vendors at this event sure on the bottle stands. helped many of us get in the holiday shopping spirit early!! Thanks to everyone who We have them listed on page organized and attended this great event, and we hope to 5 and we thank them very see you at Paulo's Mansion in much for their great December! opportunities for our table. The Weingarten staff also did an outstanding job Deb Arquiette, President

The Scott OSC is a private, non-profit organization. It is not part of the DOD or any of its components and has no governmental status.



"e SOSC December Holiday Luncheon

Wednesday December 12th 10:30 AM ~ Social Hour 11:30 AM ~ Lunch Paulo’s at the Mansion 1680 Mansion Way O’Fallon, IL 62269

The Scott OSC is a private, non-profit organization. It is not part of the DOD or any of its components and has no governmental status.

The Scott OSC is a private, non-profit organization. It is not part of the DOD or any of its components and has no governmental status.


and the SESC Present...

Operation Cookie Drop December 13th, 2012

Please find further details on Page 9 To volunteer, please contact, or Deb Arquiette, SOSC President, at The Scott OSC is a private, non-profit organization. It is not part of the DOD or any of its components and has no governmental status.

The Scott OSC is a private, non-profit organization. It is not part of the DOD or any of its components and has no governmental status.


Operation Cookie Drop -

Additional  Â Details

Hello Scott OSC Member, Are you interested in helping us with the “Operation Cookie Dropâ€? event on December 13th? There are 3 ways you can participate and it’s super easy to sign-up! View event details on SOSC Website or Facebook Where: Chapel 1, 320 Ward Dr., Bldg #1620 When: December 13, 2012 ¡ 7:30am–9:30am: Drop off baked cookies at Chapel 1 parking lot in a drive-thru-like fashion. Someone will be outside ready to accept your cookies from your driver-side window. ¡ 7:30am–9:30am: We also need some helpers to collect these cookies from drivers. Let me know if you can collect from drivers. ¡ 9:30am–12:30pm: Organize & bag cookies in Chapel 1 kitchen; approximately 400 bags. Bring a stapler if you have one handy! We will also be gift-wrapping presents for the EFMP during this time (all other supplies are furnished). Kitchen clean-up afterward. RSVP here. Let me know which task(s) you’d like to participate in and/or what time frame you are available within the “Additional Comments/questionsâ€? section. If you’ve already RSVP’d, please disregard this message.

Thank you!!! ♼ Stephanie Wu Scott OSC Volunteer Coordinator

Welcome to General & Mrs. Selva The SOSC would like to welcome General and Mrs. Selva to Scott AFB! We look forward to serving with them here at Scott! The Scott OSC is a private, non-profit organization. It is not part of the DOD or any of its components and has no governmental status.


Save ! Date for "r January Social

BUNCO January 9th, 2013 at 6:30 pm

Located   at   the   VFW Just   outside   of   the   Belleville   Gate   at   Scott    $5.00   per   person Last   Names   A-M   -   Please   bring   a   small   appetizer Last   Names   N-Z   -   Please   bring   a   small   dessert

Please   RSVP   by   January   4th,   2013   to   or    by   contacting   Shelley   at   530-701-1475 The Scott OSC is a private, non-profit organization. It is not part of the DOD or any of its components and has no governmental status.


Membership Dues at Work! Your $40 annual membership dues pay for programs, guest speakers, welcome and farewell gifts, a printed membership directory, door prizes, decorations, the website, publicity, and insurance and bonding! Welcome to our newest member!

Membership Bylaws a.





Section 6. Guests. Individuals who are eligible for membership in the SOSC may attend one function as a guest prior to becoming a member. The Board of Governors reserves the right to limit a function to members only. Special guests and guest speakers may be invited by the President or the Board of Governors to attend any function. Bona-fide houseguests of any member may attend social functions after checking with the Reservations Chair. A member may bring the same guest (one not eligible for membership) three times during the year, with the exception of houseguests, whose participation is unlimited. Members shall be financially responsible for their guest and shall make reservations for them. Guests may participate in Special Activity events on a space-available basis as long as they are not eligible for membership. Children 6 months of age and below may attend the SOSC functions.


The Scoop on Childcare We sadly could not find enough volunteers to continue on-site childcare at our monthly luncheons. However, O’Fallon First United Methodist Church offers a program called Parents’ Morning Out, and on the days of our luncheon, they are willing to provide childcare from 9:00am to 1:00pm! (With a minimum of 5 kiddos) Please call ahead to reserve a space for only $20.00. And be sure to let them know that you are an SOSC member! RSVP Cancellations According to the SOSC Bylaws, Article XI, Section 2, i: Members shall be billed for reservations not cancelled by the announced cancellation date.  If you do not cancel by this time and do not show for the event you will still be expected to pay for the lunch ordered for you. Please be aware that the $15.00 we pay for lunch each month includes the food, tea and coffee, linens, room set up/clean up, use of the ballroom, servers, and the 18% surcharge.

Section 7. Attending Special SOSC events and/or mini clubs Special Events as Mini Clubs and/or Special Activities are provided as member services. SOSC member must be in good standing. These special groups are based on member interest and may change yearly. These Activities shall have the Executive Board approval. A person eligible for SOSC membership may only attend one special event prior to joining. Persons not eligible for SOSC membership may attend as a guest on an infrequent, fill-in basis. The Scott OSC is a private, non-profit organization. It is not part of the DOD or any of its components and has no governmental status.


MIN I CLUB AN N OUN CEMEN TS Learn more about each mini club at

Books   &   Breakfast In November, Books & Breakfast read The Rules of Civility by Amor Towles.      On December 14th, they will be taking a field trip to Left Bank Books, an independent bookstore located in the Central West End neighborhood of St. Louis, followed by lunch in the area. They would love for you to join them!   The January book is still to be determined. Check back with us next month for an update. Contact with any questions


Mimosa’s & Manusc#pts

Upcoming Books/Events December 11th~ Christmas Brunch with a possible book swap Host: Kristin Giner


January 8th ~ The American Heiress by Daisy Goodwin Host: Christy Whiteaker


Contact _____ for details.



*WANTED* POC's for Diva Nights, Bowling and Mah Jongg. Â If anyone is interested, please contact Katie McKim at (Special Activities Coordinator).

MAH JONGG The Scott OSC is a private, non-profit organization. It is not part of the DOD or any of its components and has no governmental status.



Running  Â Club Leo vitae diam est luctus, ornare massa mauris urna, vitae sodales et ut facilisis dignissim, imperdiet in diam, quisque adipiscing nec posuere feugiat ante velit.Vivamus leo quisque. Neque mi vitae, nulla cras diam fusce lacus, nibh pellentesque libero. Dolor at venenatis in, ac in quam purus diam mauris massa, dolor leo vehicula at commodo. Turpis condimentum varius aliquet accumsan, sit nullam eget in turpis augue, vel tristique, fusce metus id consequat orci penatibus. Ipsum vehicula euismod aliquet, pharetra sed nulla hamenaeos pede ut

Running Club had a great time participating in


ipsum, facilisis dui pede nibh et the condimentum 2012 Halloween 5K Run in O'Fallon, IL! interdum arcu, imperdiet  bibendum maecenas sollicitudin, dolor pharetra rutrum ultrices nunc. Lobortis Running Club members Katie McKim, Andrea cras, dui morbi nulla eget habitant Abrahamson, Rose Hardin and Kelly suscipit massa, mauris pede ante at Born dressed up as Fairies for the OTHS Tennis integer pretium, amet potenti Halloween 5k Run. Katie McKim received a 1st necessitatibus sapien natoque dolor, metal in her age group and Kelly Born tincidunt et hendreritplace ligula. Non convallis placerat molestie sodales in, place metal in her age group! received a 3rd augue integer nulla eget, JANIC E & TOM   condimentum egestas mauris est justo ornare, elit sed Thank you to our race day supporters, Heath, ornare, vel nec. Gravida nec nam tortor Baili and Beau McKim. et donec, augue et euismod non ipsum lorem risus sem.

Augue sit fugiat Contact Katie McKim at est, fusce if you’re interested in joining this hasellus great group! VARIUS NATOQUE TURPIS lectus proin, neque ELEMENTUM EST. DUIS cras eget, integer MONTES, TELLUS LOBORTIS quam facilisi a LACUS AMET ARCU ET. adipiscing posuere.

Bunco  Â News

Bunco will be on the same days but at different times this month.


Night Bunco will be on December 5th. Show time is 6:00pm and we roll at 7:00pm! Day Bunco will be on December 19th. Show time is at 8:00am and we roll at 9:00am.  We’ll do this so that we have a little more social time around the holidays. Also, at both December events, everyone will go home with a Bunco prize! THOMAS (6YEA RS) The Scott OSC is a private, non-profit organization. It is not part of the DOD or any of its components and has no governmental status.


The 2012 White House Christmas Ornament Ways and Means is selling this year’s White House Christmas Ornament for $18.00. To learn more about the White House Historical Association and their ornament collection, visit: whha_ornament/ornament.html Buy your 2012 ornament at the next function, or call Carol Carlson at 618-616-1406.

~Charitable Corner~ SOSCA Budget Update Sales from Ways & Means so far this year$1543.84; this is almost half way to our goal for the year! Income from Thrift Store totals-$2154.68 Air Show Income-$1149.50; we fell shy of our projected income of $2200 since we had to share the booth with another organization

~ A Word from our SOSC Treasurer ~ This month, the social side of OSC received another $240 in membership dues and an additional $140 in vendor table fees. Our social expenses are still within budget and a budget review is scheduled for the executive board in January.

Thank   you   to   all   of   the   gift   wrapping    volunteers   that   have   already   generously    offered   their   time   and   talents   this   season!       If   you’re   interested   in   helping,   please   see   the    details   on   page   3.

Sales from the Cookie Dough so far (Not too late to place your order-Nov 14th at the luncheon is last day)-$975.00 Opportunity income-$152.00 It's never too early to start planning for the Trivia Night fundraiser-start collecting little items for baskets or asking local businesses for a donation for our Silent Auction! The Scott OSC is a private, non-profit organization. It is not part of the DOD or any of its components and has no governmental status.


Scott AFB Community Page

The deadline to drop off toys is December 13th!

Bring a gift, bring joy and hope to a needy Illinois child. Toys for TotsSM, a charitable endeavor of the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve, collects toys during October, November and December for distribution as Christmas gifts to underprivileged children in our community. Please join us in supporting the Toys for Tots campaign by bringing a new, unwrapped toy to our office, and we will deliver it to the local distribution center. Your gift will bring joy and hope to a child in need.

First Command is proud to be a Toys for Tots drop-off site.

1722 Corporate Crossing Suite 1 O Fallon, IL 62269 The Scott OSC is a private, non-profit organization. It is not part of the DOD or any of its components and has no governmental status.


Scott AFB Community Page

The new PASS dates are: Jan 16 - Getting into College (Night) Feb 20 - School kit Portfolio Mar 20 - Starting your child in school

Do   have   a   smart   phone?      Are    you   interested   in   an   even    easier   way   to   get   the   most    updated   information   about    events   on   base   without    visiting   multiple   websites?       Download   the   FREE,   My   MC2    app!      Feel   free   to   contact   if   you   have    any   questions.

Widow/Widower Support Group Scott AFB Contact: Barbara & Rose Wilson ~Volunteers 618-337-3646 or 618-234-7685

Congratulations to Scott AFB on being recognized in this month's OSD Exceptional Advocate for their participation in the Outdoor Sports Festival, 8 Sept in Decatur. Members of Scott partnered with a local nonprofit organization training athletes to compete against other special needs athletes across the state of Illinois with great success. With amazing support from the EFMP-FS Specialist Brenda Reed, Alice Howe, the Scott AFB A&FRC, and family members, these athletes (many first time competitors) brought home five individual medals and one ribbon, participated in an awards ceremony, dinner and dance. In spite of the weather related challenges, these athletes showed the true resiliency of military families when faced with adverse conditions. Again, excellent work team Scott and thank you for what you do for our military families!

The Scott OSC is a private, non-profit organization. It is not part of the DOD or any of its components and has no governmental status.




2 0 1 2




The Scott Officers’ Spouses’ Club is a non discriminatory, Formal Private Organization recognized by the 375th Wing Commander. We are a Not-For-Profit, 501(c)3 organization as interpreted by State and Federal guidelines. Our mission shall be to encourage social, cultural, and educational and charitable activities among our members and to further relations between members and other organizations, both military and civilian. We gladly welcome and serve participants from the Scott AFB military and government services community.

The Scott OSC is a private, non-profit organization. It is not part of the DOD or any of its components and has no governmental status.

Scott OSC P.O. Box 25037 Scott AFB, IL 62225

December Newsletter  

The Contact - December Newsletter

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