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Annual Report 2012-2013 |



Dear Friends of Cristo Rey Philadelphia,

We are off to a good start. In year two, our classrooms are full. Families know about Cristo Rey and applications

We opened the doors to our first 9th grade class on August 13,

have skyrocketed. Most importantly, the students are thriving:

2012, so, this first annual report is probably overdue.

spiritually, academically, physically and socially. Every day at work builds their confidence and self-esteem.


Opening day was not really the beginning of Cristo Rey Philadelphia, but more like the end of the beginning. The real

Opportunities to improve are abundant. We will invest

beginning was a fortunate encounter in the fall of 2006

more in teaching reading skills and professional behavior.

with Fr. John Foley, SJ, the founder of the first Cristo Rey

We will add art, drama and technology programs.

school that opened in Chicago in 1996. Fr. Foley planted the

We will need more Work-Study Job Partners. And we are

seed in Philadelphia, gently but firmly, and thereafter

planning some exciting upgrades to our facilities.

never missed the chance to needle, “When do you think Philadelphia will join us?”

students who could not otherwise afford a private education…


All of us remain committed to our mission, “…to serve

Opening Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School was about

and…to nurture and challenge them to recognize and realize

gathering a broad and diverse community of supporters that

their full potential.”

began with Fr. Foley’s encouragement and continues to this day.

Our mission appeals to a broad and diverse group of supporters who are committed to confronting a crisis that is

Opening was enabled by the endorsement of the Oblates

devastating our entire community. Our basic tools are

of St. Francis de Sales, the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate

collaboration, creativity and unconditional love of

Heart of Mary and the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Opening

the students. Because of your support, we will help hundreds

required the vision and faith of leaders like the Henkels,

of children every year to escape poverty and to earn

Maguires, Nerneys and many other Angel Investors who are

a life of dignity.

listed on page 5. Opening required businesses to actively engage in the nurturing of teenagers who need their support.

All of us at Cristo Rey, and especially the students, are proud

Comcast, Independence Blue Cross and 20 others led the way

and grateful to include you in our community of supporters.

in year one, and today our Job Partners include most of the leading organizations in the Delaware Valley (See page 3).


Our plans for Cristo Rey Philadelphia attracted talented and committed people who were excited to build the dream. Employee #1, Flannery O’Connor, began as a volunteer

John R. McConnell

and then promoted herself to Start-up Manager, then to

Founder and President

Admissions Director and now, her dream job: Theology Teacher. The leader of our Principal Search Committee, Michael Gomez, selected himself! And then he built a faculty of superstars – talented, hardworking and committed to our mission.

Upper Darby




Other Christian



Buddhist & Muslim




African American/Black










FEEDER SCHOOLS Archdiocese Public




“The college prep classes and Work-Study Program are preparing me for college and






the real world.”




Not Reported


MALE 40%




MEET DAVID David was in eighth grade when Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School’s admissions director came to speak to his class. “I knew I wanted to go to Cristo Rey when I heard




I would be working. It sounded interesting, definitely different from any other high school around here,” David said.

David worked at Towers Watson, a consulting firm in Center City Philadelphia, last year and now works at Liberty Property Trust. “I boast to my cousins all the time that I have a real job,” he said. David’s work has included binding books as well as more technical work such as fixing printers and troubleshooting computers.

I boast to my cousins all the time that I have a real job.

From a young age David knew he was talented at solving problems and working with his hands, which has helped him succeed at his Work-Study jobs. “When I was younger, my uncles would come to me if they had a problem with their computer and I would fix it,” David said. “One day at work, some of my coworkers were having trouble creating a mirror image on PowerPoint. They were looking for a button that would do it for them, but instead I just did it manually. I thought outside of the box and fixed their problem.” David credits the faculty and staff of Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School with helping him to succeed on the job on an interpersonal level. “They taught us how to interact with the people at our job,” David explained. “I learned how to put the age difference between me and my coworkers aside.” David learned that work doesn’t always have to be serious, too. “I know when to be serious, but I can also joke around,” he said. “Everyone I work with is really nice.”

The four remaining days of the week that David is in class, he is a model student.

He has received first honors, perfect attendance and the Insignis Award. Insignis is Latin for “remarkable, noted, prominent, or extraordinary.” Students who earn the Insignis Award have zero detentions, perfect attendance, “Exceeds Expectations” or higher on their Work-Study timesheets, and First Honors with a GPA of at least 3.67.

Outside of school and work, David participates in his church’s youth group, enjoys playing Frisbee, and is learning how to play guitar. “My family says I’m musically inclined,” David said. “But, I’m having some trouble going between chords, so I have to work on that.” He isn’t sure where he wants to attend college, but he thinks he wants to study engineering because of his knack for repairing things and providing solutions to problems. Although it is about an hour commute by subway from David’s home in South Philadelphia to Cristo Rey, he says it is well worth it. “I’ve definitely grown and matured at Cristo Rey,” he said.





MEET JAYLA Jayla was in eighth grade when her friend told her about Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School’s Open House. “I really wanted to come here because we would be the




founding freshmen,” Jayla said. “It makes us special.” Jayla also looked forward to fun things that came with being the founding freshmen like choosing a mascot and creating after-school activities that interested her class.

Jayla lives in Southwest Philadelphia with her parents and two brothers. Every weekday, she gets up at 5:30 a.m. to make the hour and a half trip on public transportation to go to school at Cristo Rey. Math is her favorite subject, but science is where she gets her laughs. “Sister Janice always tells jokes,” she explained.

I’ve also learned how to be responsible, organized, and I’ve learned how to work to deadline, which helps me to finish school assignments on time, too.

Jayla’s affinity for math and science will aid her in fulfilling her dream of becoming a doctor. Her first Work-Study job was at UnitedHealthcare where she learned about the business of paying for medical care. Some of her duties included mailing, filing, and completing claim verifications. High expectations push Jayla to succeed. “One day, my supervisor asked me around 9:30 a.m. how many verifications I had done, and I only had about 50,” Jayla said. “My supervisor told me I needed to have at least 200 done by lunch, and I met the goal.” It’s this work ethic that got Jayla promoted to the third floor where, along with her normal duties, she researched agents and created maps. It’s not just about the work she did at UnitedHealthcare, though. Jayla also liked just talking to her supervisors and coworkers. “I’ve learned how to interact with adults

by working there,” she said. “I’ve also learned how to be responsible, organized, and I’ve learned how to work to deadline, which helps me to finish school assignments on time, too.” After a school year of discipline in the classroom and the workplace, Jayla says she’s much more mature.

For her sophomore year, Jayla is excited to be matched with a job at Pennsylvania Hospital continuing her education in the health field. She is enjoying social studies and getting to know the new teachers and freshmen. Jayla has also been looking at potential colleges. “St. Thomas University in Florida visited our school and said they would give us a discount on tuition if we graduated from Cristo Rey,” Jayla said. “So, I’m definitely interested in that!” Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School isn’t easy, but Jayla understands that you have to work hard to fulfill your dreams. So, to those who are unsure about attending because it seems difficult, Jayla says, “Come to Cristo Rey because it is a challenge.”

Angel Investors

The Host of Angels


Chappell Culpeper Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Richard I. Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Paul Connolly Deloitte Global Partners The Fabiszewski Family Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Fahey, Jr. Friends of Northeast Catholic High School Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Gleason Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Hagan Mr. and Mrs. James Kane, III Mr. and Mrs. John F. McGlinn II Mr. and Mrs. James P. Meehan Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Moran Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. O’Connor Mr. and Mrs. Timothy O’Shaughnessy Oblates of St. Francis de Sales Mr. and Mrs. James H. Quigley Mr. and Mrs. John J. Rooney van Ameringen Foundation Xtreme Bikers Association

Ad Altiora Fund Mr. and Mrs. Charles Adomanis Mr. and Mrs. Scott Akman Anexinet Archdiocese of Philadelphia Dr. and Mrs. Richard M. Behler Mr. Matthew Bender Mr. and Mrs. William J. Bole, Jr. Sr. Nancy Bradbury, IHM Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Brophy Mr. and Mrs. Gerald E Burns, III Rev William J. Byron, SJ Mr. and Mrs. Drew Calhoun Mrs. Janet Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Lee Casaccio Mr. William F. Connors, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William G. Corey Mr. and Mrs. Michael Deckert Mr. and Mrs. Louis DePaul Dr. and Mrs. Marcelino A. deSantos Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Dooner Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Drueding, III Mr. and Mrs. John Feehery Ferdinand Wheeler House Jesuit Community FM Global Ms. Linda Galante and Mr. John Colussi Mr. and Mrs. Erik Gilberg Mrs. Helen Gleason Dr. and Mrs. Michael Gomez Ms. Nancy Carty Green Ms. Wilhelmina Green Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Hagstrom Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hallowell Mr. Christopher G. Hanssens Hayden Real Estate Investments, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Caswell F. Holloway, III Msgr. John Jagodzinski Mr. and Mrs. Homi Kapadia Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Killmeyer, IV Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Lally Mr. Michael Laskey Mr. Robert Loreaux Mr. Jerry Maginnis McBride Insurance Agency, Inc. Mr. John Blake McConnell Ms. Katy McConnell Mr. Michael McConnell Mr. Brian McElwee Mr. and Mrs. Peter Morris Mr. and Mrs. Douglas H. Pyle Mr. and Mrs. Louis Ricci Mr. and Mrs. Lewy W. Scanlon Mr. and Mrs. Edward Scott Rear Admiral and Mrs. Joseph C. Strasser Mr. and Mrs. John Swanick Tucker Law Group USAA Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Christopher T. Valerio Ms. Portia Waller Mr. Brian Zumbrum




Angel Investors


$10,000 – $24,000 Mr. and Mrs. Peter Dooner Mr. and Mrs. William Fox Mr. and Mrs. Paul Geraghty Mr. and Mrs. John J. Grogan Mr. Matthew W. McConnell Jacqueline M. Morley, Esq. Mr. and Mrs. James O’Connor Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Ryan Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Mr. and Mrs. James J. Smart

“My children are blessed to have access to a great education and other children should have that opportunity and choice.” Kerry Henkels


$25,000 – $99,000




All of the students who ever attend Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School will be forever grateful for the generosity of the Angel Investors who established the financial foundation for launching the school in August 2012.

MEET OMAR Omar first learned about Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School while in class at his elementary school. “My teacher showed us a video about Cristo Rey and




gave us information on how to apply,” he said. “I liked the fact that everyone who goes to Cristo Rey winds up going to college, and I thought it would be a good challenge for me.” Omar’s home is with his father, but he lives with his grandparents in North Philadelphia during the week to have a shorter commute to school. Omar takes school seriously and has excelled, receiving the coveted Insignis Award in his first trimester of school for excellence academically and at his work-study job.

The teachers here really care. They stay after school for tutoring help, and they won’t stop helping you until you understand it.

Although Omar’s accomplishments are due to his own hard work and dedication, he credits his success to the tireless efforts of the teachers at Cristo Rey. “The teachers here really care,” he explained. “They stay after school for tutoring help, and they won’t stop helping you until you understand it.” Mr. Murray, the theology teacher, was Omar’s favorite ninth grade teacher. “He makes class interesting,” Omar said. “Even if you come into his class in a bad mood, he makes sure you leave in a good mood.” Outside of class, Omar likes to play basketball with his friends at a local court, and he dreams of one day becoming a lawyer. This dream has started to take shape in the form of his Work-Study jobs at Cozen O’Connor last year and the District Attorney’s Office this year. Some of his daily duties at Cozen O’Connor included filing, doing inventory, and data entry. This year, he sometimes sits at the prosecutor’s table in court.

Jim Mulcahy, one of Omar’s supervisors at Cozen O’Connor, was very impressed with Omar’s work. “By the second week Omar was ready to be in charge of me,” Jim joked. Another supervisor, Courtney Mullen, recounted how Omar taught himself how to print nametags. Mullen said, “He takes initiative and gets the job done.”

Omar impressed his supervisors at Cozen O’Connor so much that he was hired to continue his job part-time over the summer break. “We have complete trust in Omar that whatever we give him he’ll get it done,” Mulcahy said.

Omar has connected the skills he has developed at work and has applied them to the classroom. “I’ve learned how to ask questions more in class because I can’t be afraid to ask them at work,” Omar explained. “My jobs have also helped me learn how to act and communicate with adults.” “I’ve learned how valuable education is,” Omar said. “I just want to get into college and chase my dreams.” Currently, Omar has his sights set on St. Joseph’s University as a potential candidate in his on-going college search. Omar’s father is pleased with what Cristo Rey has done for his son. “It’s hard for me to find anything I’d like to change because I’m so happy with the school,” he said. “It’s an experience you can’t get anywhere else.”


Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School gratefully recognizes the following donors for their gifts and pledges between July 1, 2012 and December 31, 2013 to help cover student scholarships and the school’s operating costs.

$400,000 and above USLI

$100,000 to $399,999 The Barra Foundation Comcast Maguire Enterprises van Ameringen Foundation, Inc.

PNC Bank RealMarq Corporation Republic Bank Mr. and Mrs. John Rooney Mr. and Mrs. William R. Stemper UHS of Fairmount, Inc. US Restaurants Inc.  The USAA Foundation Care2 Fund at USLI Visiting Angels Mr. Robert Walker  

$50,000 to $99,999 ACE Charitable Foundation Customers Bank Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fahey Mr. and Mrs. John McConnell Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Nerney Mr. and Mrs. James Quigley Recovery Networks, Inc. Sky Community Partners Tray-Pak VWR Charitable Foundation

$10,000 to $49,999 Mr. and Mrs. Scott Akman Carol A. Ammon Foundation Aqua America, Inc.  Mr. and Mrs. Scott Belveal Mr. and Mrs. Paul Connolly Decon Labs, Inc.  Mr. and Mrs. Peter Dooner  East River Bank  The Fabiszewski Family First Niagara  Mr. and Mrs. William Fox  Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Gleason Goldman Sachs Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Graham Hamilton Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Hanssens Hayden Real Estate Investments, LLC Mr. and Mrs. T. Roderick Henkels Howley Family Foundation  Mr. and Mrs. James Husted  Paul E. Kelly Foundation  Kildare Capital Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kind  The Patricia Kind Family Foundation  J.P. Mascaro & Sons Education Fund  Mr. and Mrs. John McGlinn Mr. and Mrs. Paul McGovern The McLean Contributionship  Mr. and Mrs. Michael Moran Mr. and Mrs. Peter Morris  Philadelphia Insurance Companies

$1,000 to $9,999 Anonymous 171 Lancaster Avenue Associates Mr. and Mrs. Charles Adomanis Ameriprise Employee Gift Matching Program Anexinet Mr. Andrew Avellano  Dr. and Mrs. Rick Behler Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Blume Mr. and Mrs. John P. Borneman Rev. William Byron, SJ Mr. Drew Calhoun Mr. and Mrs. John Cassidy Cherokee Construction Mr. Joseph Clearkin Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cohen Compass Ion Advisors, LLC  The Connelly Foundation  Mr. and Mrs. James Cullen Mr. and Mrs. William Davis  Mr. and Mrs. Francis Day Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dooner Mr. and Mrs. Robert Epstein  Eureka Growth Capital  Ms. Sammie Fletcher Gelman and Pelesh P.C. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Geraghty Mrs. Helen Gleason Ms. Nancy Carty Green Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hagstrom Mr. and Mrs. Don Hallacy  Dr. Karl Hausker Mr. and Mrs. Michael Heller  Mr. Jim Higgins Mr. and Mrs. Caswell Holloway Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Horn Mr. John Jablonski The Jesuits at Wheeler House Mr. and Mrs. Homi Kapadia Mr. and Mrs. Michael King Ms. Tonie Leatherberry Lunkins Ms. Susan Levin

Mr. Robert Loreaux Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Malefant Mr. David Maynard Ms. Karen Mazer Mr. Matthew McConnell The McInerney Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Brian McNeill Mr. Robert McNeill Mr. and Mrs. James Meehan Mr. and Mrs. John Meehan St. Thomas More Society Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Nadolski  Mr. and Mrs. Kevin O’Brien Mr. and Mrs. Patrick O’Connor Mr. Jerry O’Grady Mr. and Mrs. Timothy O’Shaughnessy Mr. Louis Pichini Mr. and Mrs. John Pierce Progress Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Mark Randall Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Reilly  Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Silvers Mr. and Mrs. Kirby Smith Rear Admiral and Mrs. Joseph Strasser Mr. Joseph Tennant 

$250 to $999 Ms. Annemarie Agnew Mr. Mark Altmeyer  Dr. Eugene Andruczyk  Ms. Kate Antonacci Mr. Ronald Aubert  The Beer Yard Bench International  Mr. and Mrs. Frank Berry Ms. Kathleen Biemer  Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Boccuzzi  Mr. and Mrs. Andreas Boye Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Brophy  Mr. Frederick Browne Mr. Michael Conn Mr. Michael Connery Employees of Cozen O’Connor  Mr. and Mrs. Michael Daly Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Davies Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Decker Mr. and Mrs. John Diederich Mr. and Mrs. John DiIulio Mr. Kevin Donnelly Ms. Stephanie Douglas-Parkin  Ms. Deane Dray Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Drueding Mr. John Egner Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Etherington Mr. and Mrs. Lucas Etherington


This list does not include payments on pledges made by Angel Investors, recognized on page 5, who established the financial foundation for launching the school.


Mr. and Mrs. Russell Etherington Mr. Ted Francavilla Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Funk Mr. Stephen Gardner Mr. and Mrs. Larry Giacchino Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Gillespie Dr. and Mrs. Michael Gomez Mr. Bert Graham Ms. Margaret Havens Mr. Richard Hayes Mr. and Mrs. Steven Holtshouser Ms. Amey Hutchins and Mr. Dylan Steinberg Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hutchins  Msgr. John Jagodzinski  Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Rick Killmeyer  Ms. Christina Kind  Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lancaster Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lawson, Jr. Legacy Planning Partners Mr. and Mrs. David Loftus Mr. James Lyons  Mr. and Mrs. James MacDonald  Mr. and Mrs. Jason Manfrey Ms. Isabel Marriott  Mr. Thomas Marriott Mr. and Mrs. John Blake McConnell Mr. and Mrs. Gregory McIlvain Dr. and Mrs. Marc McKenna Ms. Nancy McNichol Mr. Charles Moffitt Mr. Evan Morris Mr. Lee Morris Mr. and Mrs. Robert Morris Mr. Tyler Morris Rev. Kevin Nadolski, OSFS Mr. and Mrs. James O’Connor Ms. Siobhan O’Connor Mr. and Mrs. Robert O’Hara Mr. and Mrs. Gerald O’Neill Mr. and Mrs. Matthew O’Reilly Mr. and Mrs. Michael O’Rourke Mr. and Mrs. John Oakes Overbrook Golf Club Rev. Thomas Pesci, SJ Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Rethore Ms. Denise Rosemann Mr. and Mrs. David Rosenberg Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Ryan Ms. Nancy Shaich Ms. Elizabeth Shay Mr. Walter Sheehan Mr. and Mrs. Luba Spikula  Mr. and Mrs. John Swanick  Mr. George Taite Tucker Law Group

Mr. Francis Gray Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Grossman  Mr. and Mrs. Michael Heaberg Mr. William Holtshouser Mr. and Mrs. William Higgins  Mr. and Mrs. Larry Hirsch  Mr. and Mrs. John Hurley Mr. and Mrs. Jack Johnson Ms. Mary Kakowski  Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Kelly Mr. Kevin Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Dean Kois Mr. Greg Latran

Mr. Lawrence Walker Ms. Portia Waller Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Walton  Mr. and Mrs. Martin Welch  Mr. and Mrs. Jerold Wright Ms. Gail Wygant  

$100 to $249

Ms. Kathy Amick  Mr. and Mrs. Peter Armstrong  Mr. Doug Atkin Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Baccash  Blank Rome, LLP Mr. and Mrs. Bennett Boccuzzi  Mr. Thomas Leonard, Jr. Mr. Edward Boccuzzi  Ms. Eileen Lynch Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Boccuzzi  Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lyons  Ms. Lori Boccuzzi  Ms. Jane Mack Bofinger and Breslin Plumbing Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Madden, Jr. Boy Scouts of America – Troop 6  Ms. Diane Mallery Mr. and Mrs. Roger Brace Mr. and Mrs. Vince Marriott Mr. and Mrs. C.J. Breuer Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Matteis  Mr. Shaun Budnik Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McCabe Ms. Bridget Byrne Mr. Michael McConnell Ms. Janet Campbell Mr. and Mrs. John McDevitt Mr. Raymond Carr  Mr. and Mrs. Robert McEwan Mr. Lee Casaccio and Dr. Eileen Casaccio Mr. and Mrs. Francis McFadden Mr. and Mrs. Robert Colton  Mr. and Mrs. John McGovern Mr. Ian M. Comisky Ms. Helenmarie McLaughlin Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Conaway Mr. and Mrs. William McLaughlin Ms. Carrie Costantin Mr. and Mrs. John McNamara Mr. and Mrs. John D’Alessandro Mr. and Mrs. Steve McNear Mr. William Dalton Mr. Michael Meehan James Earl Davis, Ph.D. Ms. Amy Meehan-Ritter Mr. Christian DelGozzo Ms. Elizabeth Meyers  Ms. Geraldine DelVaglio  Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Michie Mr. and Mrs. Armand Della Porta Ms. Rebecca J. Miller Mr. Andy Derrow Mr. and Mrs. James Mordy Mr. Michael Dillon Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Moribondo Doylestown Tennis Club  Ms. Cindy Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Dunleavy Mr. John Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dunne Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Norris Mr. and Mrs. Charles Durkin Ms. Flannery O’Connor Ms. Sherry Durnan Ms. Jane O’Connor Ms. Rebecca Elias and Mr. Christopher Dodson Ms. Colleen O’Donnell Ms. Ellen Epps Ms. Colleen O’Grady  Ms. Peggy Fallon Ms. Kathy Ochroch Mr. Patrick Farrell Odyssey Reinsurance Company  Father Judge High School Mr. and Mrs. David Pace  Mr. Kevin Flanagan Ms. Rachel Pecker Mr. David Forman Mr. John Penders  Mr. Thomas Gavin “Cristo Rey and my Work-Study Ms. Suzie Gerber employer, Comcast, have helped me Mr. John Gilroy develop professional skills that Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gordon I will need in college and my Ms. Jane Greenspun future career.” Thaike

Up to $100 Mr. and Mrs. James Ackroyd Mr. and Mrs. Frank Albers Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Alexandra Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Amick  Mr. and Mrs. Mark Anderson  Ms. Caroline Antonacci Mr. Chris Antonacci Ms. Laura Antonacci Mr. Michael Armijo Mr. Jake Armstrong Avalon Senior Citizens Organization

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Azzalina  Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bakula Ms. Jean M. Barnes Ms. Elizabeth Barr Mr. and Mrs. Miguel Barrantes  Ms. Linda Bartosch Ms. Kristine Beaudoin  Mr. and Mrs. Richard Becker Ms. Tiffany Becker Mr. Matt Bender Mr. Daniel Blaine Mr. Justin Blake Ms. Sondra Blasenstein  Mr. and Mrs. Steven Bloom  Mr. and Mrs. Alan Blumenstock  Mr. Frederick Bockelmann Mr. John Bodenhausen Ms. Rosemarie Bonavitacola  Mr. and Mrs. James Borowski Ms. Laurie Boyer  Mr. Robert Boykin Ms. Katherine Brooks Ms. Rita Brophy  Mr. Daniel Brown Mr. and Mrs. Howard Brown  Mr. Stephen Brown Mr. Michael Bucci Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Burns  Mr. and Mrs. Robert Busby  Ms. Leigh Ann Buziak Mr. and Mrs. James Byrne Mr. and Mrs. John Byrne Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Byrne Mr. and Mrs. John Callaghan  Mr. and Mrs. Mario Canales  Mr. and Mrs. Louis Carlo  Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Chatterton  Mr. Guy Ciarrocchi Mr. Michael Clark Mr. and Mrs. Lee Cohen  Mrs. Patricia Collins Colonial Cleaners  Mr. and Mrs. Peter Connors Mr. Eric Conway Ms. Susan Cook Mr. Kevin Cosentino Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cosden  Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Cosica  Mr. Joseph Cox Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Coyle  Mr. James Crowe Mr. William Curran Ms. Claire Daly  Mr. Jim Daly Mr. Brian Davey Mr. Brendan Day Mr. Michael Day

Mr. Timothy Day Ms. Diane De Hosson  Mr. David DeLizza Ms. Pamela Devine Mr. and Mrs. Joseph De Vito  Ms. Mary Diamond Ms. Meghan Doletzky Mr. and Mrs. Francis Dougherty Mr. and Mrs. William Dougherty  Mr. Darren Dwyer Mr. and Mrs. Holland Earle  Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Egitto  Ms. Kate Ericsson Ms. Stacie Evans  Ms. Kathryn Fallon Mr. and Mrs. Dick Feron Mr. Michael Feron Mr. Jerry Fillman Mr. Ryan Fillman Ms. Bridget Fitzgerald Mr. Jason Flanigan Mr. Jordan Fox The Frederick Family Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Furtaw Mr. Dennis Gallagher Ms. Marianne Gauss Ms. Colleen Gibson Mr. and Mrs. Larry Gill Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gillespie  Mr. Brenden Glackin Mr. and Mrs. David Glatt  Ms. Clara Grande  Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gray  Ms. Elaine Green  Mr. and Mrs. Jim Gross Mr. Mark Hammons  Ms. Marie Haney Mr. Riley Hansen Mr. Edward Hanson  Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hawley  Ms. Catherine Hayton Ms. Laura Heacock Mr. Kevin Heist Ms. Jackie Henderson Mr. and Mrs. Mitch Herzog Ms. Regina Hierholzer Dr. Alice Hoersch Mr. Peter Holston Mr. Matt Holtshouser Mr. Brad Hostetter Ms. Sarah Howe  Ms. Violet Hrin  Mr. Stephen Hull Ms. Lauren Hunter Ms. Sonia Huntzinger Ms. Sue Huntzinger Ms. Patricia T. Hyland



Mr. Garry Quell Ms. Elyse Raby Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Randazzo Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Rapchick Republican Committee of Chester County Mr. and Mrs. Louis Ricci Mr. and Mrs. James Roehm  Mr. Stephen Ryder Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Santel Mr. Christopher Savage Mr. and Mrs. George Scherbak Mr. DeMark Schulze Mr. and Mrs. Surinder Singh  Ms. Annette M. Smith Ms. Holly Stichka Ms. Anne Strasser  Ms. Mary Strimel Mr. and Mrs. James Swope Rev. John Swope, SJ Mr. and Mrs. Richard Taylor Mr. John Trumbore  Mr. David Vilushis  Ms. Jean T. Walker  Mr. and Mrs. William C. Walter Mr. and Mrs. Charles Waters Ms. Heidi Waters  Mr. Jim Wellinghoff Mr. Michael Williams Mr. Sam Winans Mr. Andrew Winslow Mr. and Mrs. Mark Woods Ms. Donna Woody Mr. and Mrs. Michael Yachnik Mr. Bill Yukstas ZogSports Ms. Megan Zug  


Mr. Michael Iacobellis Mr. Joseph Ingemi  Inside Edge Consulting Group  Ms. Gloria Jaccarino  Ms. Kristen Jasiukiewicz The Jensen Family Mr. Thomas Jimenez Mr. Thomas Jones Ms. Diane Joseph Ms. Melissa Joseph Mr. Michael Jumbo Mr. and Mrs. Warren Kampf Mr. and Mrs. Jim Kane Ms. Krista Kanya Ms. Lori Kauffman Mr. Brian Kearney Ms. Elizabeth Kelly Mr. George P. Kelly Ms. Kati Kelly Ms. Lauren Kelly Ms. Sandi Kempf Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Killan  Ms. Nancy Kindl Mr. Joe Kniaz Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Kolenda  Ms. Helen Korlas  Ms. Frances Kuber Ms. Julia La Roche Mr. Denis J. Lawler Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Layden Mr. and Mrs. James Leyden  Mr. Nathan Lebowitz Ms. Sally Loreti Ms. Joanna Lucca Ms. Carolyn Lynch Ms. Jamie Lynch Mr. and Mrs. Pat Lyons Ms. Yvonne Macolly Ms. Margaret MacWhirter  Macy’s Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Mahaffey  Mr. Howard Marcus Mr. Tim Marrer Mr. Christopher Marriott Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Matteis  Mr. and Mrs. Frederick May  Mr. Michael McBride Ms. Katy McConnell Ms. Charlotte McDaniel Mr. Michael McDevitt Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McGinley  Mr. Joseph McLoughlin Mr. and Mrs. John McNicholas  Mr. and Mrs. Tim Medina Mr. Michael Meehan Mr. William Meehan Ms. Grace Mehan

Mr. and Mrs. Ruben Mejia Mr. and Mrs. David Melchiorre Ms. Lisa Merrill Mr. Donald Miller Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Mina Mr. and Mrs. James Molyneaux Mr. Joseph Monahan Mr. Eric Montroy Mr. Doug Monty Ms. June Moody  Mr. Dennis Mulgrew Mr. James Mullin Ms. Jessica Mullin Ms. Kathryn Musica  Ms. Annemarie Nagle  Ms. Margery Nathanson  Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Neufeld  Mr. Quy Dac Nguyen Ms. Lise Nielsen Ms. Roseann Noonan  Ms. Kelsey Norrett Mr. and Mrs. William O’Donnell  Ms. Mary O’Neill Mr. and Mrs. Bill Olphert Mr. Anthony Olson Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Ominski Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Pace  Mr. and Mrs. James Pallis  Mr. Mike Panasiuk Ms. Sophie Paolizzi Mr. Victoria Parente Mr. Mark Pharo Ms. Leah Pillsbury Ms. Jenna Pisani Mr. Ryan Pollock Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Pompei  Mr. Sam Poole Ms. Jill Poretta  Ms. Cathy Pray  Mr. and Mrs. Rich Pugh Ms. Laura Pyott Mr. and Mrs. William Raney Ms. Jiyeun Rha  Mr. and Mrs. Reverdy M. Rhodes, Jr.  Mr. and Mrs. John Rizzo  Mr. Tim Robeson Ms. Elaine Rodery Ms. Kathleen Rooney  Mr. and Mrs. Charles Roselle Ms. Joan R. Rosiak Mr. and Mrs. Michael Roszkowski Rutter Roofing Ms. Susan Ruzzo Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ryan Mr. Michael Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Sachs  Mr. Peter Sanford

Mr. Anselm Sauter Ms. Marlene Schleifer  Mr. Justin Schukraft Ms. Stephanie Scott Mr. and Mrs. Steven Sheridan  Mr. and Mrs. Brian Short Ms. Kathleen Simons  Ms. Alexandra Skoog Ms. Elizabeth Smith  Ms. Jessica Smith  Ms. Catelyn Sofio Mr. and Mrs. Mark Sofio Mr. Zach Spears Mr. Eugene Stack Mr. and Mrs. Bill Stanton  Ms. Meaghan Stanton Mr. and Mrs. Michael Stewart  Mr. and Mrs. Walter Straus  Mr. Edward Sweeney Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Sweeney Mr. Steven Tekirian  Mr. Casey Thomas Ms. Amanda Thompson Mr. Dan Tishman Mr. Neal Tishman Ms. Judy Torchiana Mr. Patrick Torrey Mr. Fred Trainer Mr. and Mrs. John Udovich Ms. Alison Ungerleider  Mr. Jeff Vaughn Mr. and Mrs. Melchiore Vernace  Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Visco  Ms. Jennifer Wagner Mr. John Wagner Ms. Kate Waters Mr. Alan Weissberger Ms. Bethany Welch  Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Wellinghoff Mr. Tom Welsh Ms. Jennifer Wessels Mr. John C. Whalen, Jr. Ms. Margaret Whalen Ms. Lori Wilkinson Mr. and Mrs. Harry Williams Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Winter Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Winter Ms. Carrie Woody Mr. Dan Woody Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Workman  Ms. Caroline Wyspianski Ms. Deborah Yauman Ms. Kelly Ann Yost Ms. Michaeline Young  Ms. Sophie Yurkoski Ms. Barbara Zarro  Mr. Brian Zumbrum 

ACE Charitable Foundation Ameriprise Financial Goldman Sachs Macy’s Foundation USAA Foundation

Scholarship Partners Mr. and Mrs. Scott Akman Carol A. Ammon Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Paul Connolly Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dooner Mr. and Mrs. William Fox Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Graham – Christian Massey Memorial Scholarship Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hagstrom Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Hanssens Mr. and Mrs. Michael Heller Mr. and Mrs. Caswell Holloway Mr. and Mrs. James Husted Mr. and Mrs. Homi Kapadia Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kind – Moe Glickman Scholarships Mr. and Mrs. Paul McGovern Mr. and Mrs. Brian McNeill Mr. and Mrs. Peter Morris Mr. and Mrs. Patrick O’Connor Mr. and Mrs. Clark O’Donoghue Mr. and Mrs. John Rooney

Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit Partners

Educational Improvement Tax Donors who gave through Credit Partners United Way Donor Choice: Anonymous ACE American Insurance AmerisourceBergen Corporation Decon Laboratories, Inc. Elliott-Lewis First Niagara Bank Gelman and Pelesh P.C. Hayden Real Estate Investments Kildare Capital J.P. Mascaro and Sons Education Fund Philadelphia Insurance Companies PNC Bank RealMarq Corporation Republic Bank UHS of Fairmount, Inc. USLI Visiting Angels

Gifts were given in memory of: Mr. Stephen Boccuzzi Mr. Robert Broadhurst Charles and Jane Dunne

Gifts were given in honor of: Ann and Jerry Agnew Sr. Nancy Bradbury, IHM Mr. James Burgy Mr. Robert Fahey Sr. Regina Flannigan, IHM Ms. Lorainne Gaasche Mrs. Helen Gleason Mr. Ken Kind Ms. Jill Mayer Mr. Michael Meehan Tom and Jill Nerney Mr. Rich Pugh Rev. Adam Rosinski, SJ Rev. Daniel Ruff, SJ Rear Admiral Joseph Strasser Mr. John Trumbore

171 Lancaster Avenue Associates Aqua America, Inc. Cherokee Construction Comcast Cozen O’Connor Customers Bank CVS Caremark Eureka Growth Capital Hayden Real Estate Investments Maguire Enterprises J.P. Mascaro and Sons Education Fund Philadelphia Insurance Companies Ransome CAT Recovery Networks, Inc. Sky Community Partners ”Everyone at Cristo Rey Tray-Pak Philadelphia is passionate UHS of Fairmount, Inc. about improving the lives US Restaurants Inc. of students. There is no VWR International greater mission.“ Melissa McGlinn

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Akman Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Decker Mr. John Egner Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Gillespie Mr. and Mrs. Roderick T. Henkels Mr. and Mrs. Paul McGovern Mr. Robert McNeill Ms. Jane O’Connor Ms. Siobhan O’Connor Mr. Louis Pichini Mr. and Mrs. John Rooney Ms. Myrna Soto Mr. and Mrs. William R. Stemper Mr. Lawrence Walker

Gifts In-Kind: 12th Street Catering Abington Friends School Mr. Thomas Brophy Mr. Frederick Browne BTG International Inc. Cadence Cycling and Multisport Mr. Joseph Clearkin Cozen O’Connor Daymark Realty Advisors Decon Laboratories, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Doring Mr. and Mrs. Brett Drexelius Ms. Rebecca Elias and Mr. Christopher Dodson The Haverford Trust Company Kershner Office Furniture Mr. and Mrs. Rick Killmeyer Mr. and Mrs. Bob Larney McShea Law Firm Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ostrem Mr. and Mrs. Travis Peyton Philadelphia Insurance Companies Saul Ewing Mr. and Mrs. John Schanz Mr. and Mrs. Ted Smith USLI Ms. Marikate Venuto Verge Yoga VWR Charitable Foundation Tiger Woods Foundation



Matching Gift Companies


July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012 was the planning year to prepare for the opening of Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School in August 2012. Gifts and initial pledge payments to the Foundation Capital Campaign were reserved to cover planned facilities preparation costs and planned operating deficits in the first three years before the school reaches full enrollment and full employment for all students. The school is on track to achieve, by Year 4 (FY2016) when the school is at full enrollment, a balanced revenue/ expense model as summarized below.


Year 1 Planning Year 2012-2013 2011-2012

Gifts and Pledges


Work-Study Contract Fees





Tuition and Fees



Other income













EXPENSES Program Expenses












Total Expenses





Change in Net Assets





Less Capital Spending





Change in Net Assets Adjusted






REVENUE/STUDENT AT FULL CAPACITY $12,000 Work/Study Revenue $7,200

Fundraising $3,500

Family Contribution $1,300


Reserve $300 Programs & Support $1,600

Facilities & Operations $1,800 Personnel $8,300

LEADERSHIP TEAM MS. JESSICA PENA Director, Great Schools Fund Philadelphia School Partnership

VICE CHAIRMAN MR. ROBERT FAHEY Executive Vice President CB Richard Ellis

MR. KEN KIND President van Ameringen Foundation

JACK PIERCE, ESQ. Partner Saul Ewing

MR. JOHN MCCONNELL Founder and President Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School

MR. JOHN ROONEY Partner Deloitte

MR. SCOTT P. BELVEAL Vice President Goldman, Sachs & Co. JAMES CULLEN , ESQ. Partner Cozen O’Connor DR. JAMES EARL DAVIS Professor of Education Leadership and Policy Studies Temple University SR. JOHN EVELYN DITROLIO, IHM Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary MR. STEPHEN GLEASON President Kairos Real Estate Partners, LLC MRS. KERRY HENKELS Mother of four children

MS. MELISSA MCGLINN Mother of four children MR. MICHAEL MORAN Executive Vice President Towers Watson REV. MICHAEL MURRAY, OSFS Oblates of St. Francis de Sales MR. DAVID NEU President AmerisourceBergen Drug Corporation MR. TIM O’SHAUGHNESSY Chief Financial Officer Archdiocese of Philadelphia

JOHN MCCONNELL Founder and President MICHAEL GOMEZ, ED.D. Principal ROBERT FABISZEWSKI Director of the Work-Study Program LORI BOCCUZZI Director of Pathways to Success in College

MR. JOHN SCHANZ Executive Vice President and Chief Network Officer Comcast Cable

NANCY GREEN Director of Development

MR. SEAN SWEENEY Partner High Roads to Hope

ANNA WINTER Coordinator of Marketing, Public Relations and Executive Administration

REV. JOHN SWOPE , SJ President Cristo Rey Jesuit Baltimore MR. JOHN WHITE President and CEO The Consortium SR. ROSE YEAGER, IHM Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

MARLENE LALLY Business Manager




CHAIRMAN REV. KEVIN NADOLSKI, OSFS Oblates of St. Francis de Sales



5218 North Broad Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19141 215.219.3943

2012-2013 Annual Report  
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