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How Important is a Home Inspection When Buying a Home? A home inspection is important when buying a house in Orlando because many of the houses are bank owned and have been uninhabited for a long time. This makes getting a home inspection a top priority for potential home owners. A home inspection is important for potential buyers so they are not met with any surprises in the future. What Does a Home Inspection Include? Buying a house in Orlando can mean the buyer must do a few things before moving in. First the buyer must go through a home inspection process. This process can take a long time and occurs around the time of placing an offer on the house. If the home owners opt out of a home inspection, they usually find flaws in the house years later. In today’s day and age, a home inspection is mandatory before closing on a house. There are some benefits to getting a home inspection when buying a house in Orlando. Home Inspection Overview A home inspection is essentially an inspection of the house’s structure, appliances and foundation to make sure everything is in safe and working condition. Potential buyers that go through with a home inspection can rest assured that the home they are purchasing passes all the safety requirements which can bring peace of mind. Either the buyer or the seller can request a home inspection. Home Inspections Benefits One benefit of home inspections is that the buyer is able to renegotiate the price if the inspector finds something that is not working or is out of date. If the problems are too severe or the buyer does not want to fix them, they can also withdraw their offer with no repercussions. Another benefit to ordering a home inspection is that the buyers can see how much money they will need to spend on repairs or updates to the house. Paying the home inspector fee will save buyers time in money in future repairs. Costs of Home Inspections Getting a home inspection before buying a house in Orlando should be one of the most important steps in real estate. A home inspection will reveal problems and weaknesses before the buyers move in. Home inspections are usually paid for by the seller if the buyer requests one. If the seller will not pay for the home inspection, the buyer can always hire one. A home inspection can cost around $300 to $500 and if the seller thinks it will get the buyer to commit to buying the house, they will probably pay for it. Make sure that the home inspector has proper credentials since many home inspectors lack adequate training. The inadequate training could cause the inspectors overlook an important detail. House Inspection Troubles A home inspection can reveal a wealth of problems. Mold, wet rot and dry rot are the most significant factors that should help buyers determine their interest in the house. Leaky roofs are not good especially for those buying a house in Orlando since the city receives large amounts of rain. Termites are another serious problem that home inspections look for. Appliances are also checked out and buyers can estimate when they will need replacing and how efficient they will run. Chinese drywall, sinkholes and weak foundations are other complications that an inspector may find. Other Factors of Home Inspections For those buying a house in Orlando, they will need to be aware of structural weaknesses and potential leaks. The Orlando area is prone to hurricanes and large amounts of rain each year so it is important that these structures be sturdy and can hold up to unforeseen disasters. The roof is another area the home inspector will look over for possible

leaks or cracks. Getting the house’s structure or roof re-done can be an expensive procedure especially in homes older than 40 years. Home Inspection Consensus House inspections can be very detailed but if the biggest problem to the house is mostly aesthetic, do not let it ruin the housing deal. Cosmetic flaws can be fixed easily and for a relatively small cost. However, do not take structural weaknesses or mold lightly. Mold can sicken the home’s inhabitants and a house’s structure needs to be able to strong. Home inspections are also important so that buyers can be sure that is the house they want to buy and can become familiar with its inner workings. Attending a Home Inspection Most real estate agents recommend that the buyers should be present when the home inspection takes place. This is so the buyers have a firsthand account of what the inspector found and are not hearing it from a second source. Small details could be forgotten when the information is relayed. Buyers can also ask questions when they are present for the home inspection. For those who are buying a house in Orlando, it is a good idea to attend the home inspection in case of any questions or concerns. “As-Is” Houses An “as-is” house means that the house is sold the way it is with no repairs or updates installed. A house that is sold as-is will be cheaper but a home inspector should still be called. Potential buyers can have a home inspection done to the asis home but if it does not meet their standards, they can withdraw their bids with no consequences. Some contracts state the sale will go through pending a passing home inspection. Most houses for sale in today’s market are “as-is” sales. Short Sale Houses A short sale house means that the house is for sale for a lower mortgage price than the seller’s bank loan is worth. A short sale occurs when the home owner cannot pay their mortgage due to economic hardships. This is an alternative to foreclosure. Buyers can reap the benefits of a short sale because the asking price will be low. A short sale house will be sold in its current condition with no repairs made. Buyers are urged to have a home inspector look at the house before buying. Before buying a house in Orlando, always make sure that the house has been thoroughly inspected by a professional. A home inspection will reveal weaknesses and things that need to be repaired. When buying a house in Orlando, be sure to get a home inspector to look at the house so there are no hidden surprises.

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