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Tips for Landscaping your Garden Windermere real estate property owners may want to begin landscaping their garden in order to inject their personal style. Landscaping a garden can be a frustrating task. Sometimes the weather does not cooperate or working outside in the heat can be very stressful. Listed below are some helpful tips for landscaping a garden. Work with what is Available First, take stock of what the yard of your Windermere real estate property already has and how it can be changed to update the yard. For example, an area with many wildflowers would do well to have more flowers in that same area. Make a wish list of what should go in the garden. Also, create a list of likes and dislikes pertaining to what will be grown in the garden. Draw up a “need” and “wish” list and buy only the things are needed first. With the money left over, buy the things that are wants. If small rocks or boulders are available, use them to form a barrier between the garden and the rest of the yard. Borrow Ideas Inspirations for gardens are anywhere and everywhere. Look around for ideas by taking a walk to other neighborhoods and observing the gardens. Windermere real estate properties have a wide selection of homes with great gardens so ask the realtors if they have seen any interesting yards. Keep a notepad and pencil handy so that the likes and dislikes of each garden can be written down. Defining the dislikes of each garden is an essential step to creating a garden that is something the home owner will like. Flip through home and garden magazines and blogs and look at the pictures they offer. Plan it Out First Windermere real estate homes come with extraordinary gardens, though the landscape may need to be updated. Ultimately, the garden should be a reflection and complement to the owner and house’s style. A cottage style home would look better with a flower garden as opposed to several rose bushes. Sketch a design of what the finished garden would look like including plant placement and fencing. Figure out which plants would look best in contrast to the house and how much time is needed to keep the garden looking nice. Have a plan in mind first before working in the garden. Keep it Cheap and Simple After saving money buying a piece of Windermere real estate, there should be some left over to re-landscape the garden. Create a budget for garden accessories and plants. Stick to the budget as closely as possible. A landscaping designer is always a helpful option but their services can be costly. Try visiting a local nursery for planting tips and design tricks. Be careful of cheap plants; just because they are low cost does not mean they are the best. Check to see if the plant is in good condition before buying it. Buying plants off-season is another way to get quality plants for a good price. Choose the Best Plants When picking out flowers, choose ones that are easy to take care of, ones that complement the house and will be able to thrive wherever they are planted. Some flowers need maximum light to grow while others only need a few hours of sunlight to be happy. Most plants will come with a tag that details all of its planting and care instructions to help decide the best place to plant them on your Windermere real estate. Potted plants are another a good option because they do not need to be replanted and can be moved anywhere in order to get more sunlight. Potted plants can be used to line a walkway or to create a boundary for the garden. Divide and Conquer the Garden

Divide the garden of your Windermere real estate into separate parts for different functions. For example, one section could be for growing vegetables and another part could be designated for flowers while another could just be for open space. Be careful not to overcrowd the garden as this could discourage plant growth. In order to keep the garden pristine, purchase sturdy gardening tools to work with. Although the price may be higher, these tools will last a long time. In the long run, more expensive and well-built gardening tools will cut down costs. Trading tools with a neighbor is another way to use quality tools on a budget. Fertilizer and Compost Options In order for a garden to thrive and grow, it may need a boost in the form of fertilizer. Use high quality fertilizer to ensure that the plants are getting the nutrients that they need. An alternative to fertilizers is a compost pile. Compost is basically organic material that is broken down and is rich in nutrients. Compost material can be used as fertilizer, too. Banana peels, coffee grounds and apple cores can all be added to the compost pile. A compost pile is not the same as a trash heap so only organic material should be put in the compost. Some Windermere real estate properties could already have an area for the compost area in the yard so check with the real estate agent first. Garden Fencing A fence is a good way to keep gardens private or to divide the garden and the yard. Homeowners can build a fence themselves and lumber is quite cheap. If a fence is already present, repaint it to make it brighter and more appealing. A wire fence also works well and keeps pets and other wild animals from eating the plants. Consider using a wire fence for a vegetable garden as the contents will be more enticing to an animal than flowers. Windermere real estate agents can help home owners choose a home with a pre-installed fence or help them find a company to help. Houses that are sold by Windermere real estate agents come with exquisite gardens and the home owner may want to add their personal touch to it. Landscaping a garden does not have to be burdensome or expensive. With a few simple tricks and helpful tips, anyone can re-landscape their garden with beautiful results.

tips for landscaping your garden