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How does Seminole County Florida have the best Schools in the State? An important factor for many people when purchasing a home is the quality of local school systems. People who are interested in moving to Seminole County, Florida will be pleased to know that the schools in this area are among the best in Florida. Families who are considering any of the homes for sale in Lake Mary can buy with confidence, knowing their children will be able to receive quality education here. Location and Description Lake Mary, Florida is located in the northeastern part of the state. This city is considered to be part of the Orlando metropolitan area. It covers just less than 10 square miles of territory, and has a population of around 15,000 people. Lake Mary was named #4 in the nation among “best places to live” by CNN Money. Among the criteria used to assess cities on the list were the quality of education, public safety, recreation, and public facilities. The fact that this city rates so well is definitely good news for people who are interested in homes for sale in Lake Mary. Overview of Schools Several public schools provide education for students in Pre-K through 12th grade. In all, there are 37 elementary schools, 12 middle schools, and nine high schools found in Seminole County. There are also numerous private schools, five of which are located in St. Mary. The Seminole County Public School System provides information to parents who are interested in homeschooling or sending their children to a virtual school. Transportation is provided for all public school students, and bus stops are located near most homes for sale in Lake Mary. Elementary Schools Seminole County has six elementary schools that have been recognized for top academic achievement by Florida’s Education Commissioner. These schools are: Carillon Elementary, Lawton Elementary, Rainbow Elementary, Sabal Point Elementary, Evans Elementary, and Wekiva Elementary. Heathrow Elementary is rated a five star school for its community involvement, and has also been given an “A” rating by the state of Florida. There are a number of homes for sale in Lake Mary that are near these elementary schools, making it easy for parents to remain involved in their children’s education during critical developmental years. Middle Schools Six middle schools in Seminole County have been listed on the state’s “top 75 middle schools". These schools are awarded this designation based upon the academic strides made by their students. These top middle schools include Greenwood Lakes, Indian Trails, Rock Lake, Teague, Chiles, and Jackson Heights. Markham Woods Middle School has programs intended to help children with autism, hearing impairments, and speech impediments. Parents of children at these schools will have no trouble getting them to and from activities because there are plenty of homes for sale in Lake Mary close to both of these facilities. High School Seminole County high schools have been recognized by Money Magazine as being among the top 3% in the nation. This rating was given based upon the number of students taking either international baccalaureate or advanced placement classes. Lake Mary High School is an excellent example, as this school offers 24 advanced placement courses in areas such as English, Mathematics, and Science. It has also been named one of the “Nation’s Top High Schools” by Newsweek magazine. When these things are considered, it makes homes for sale in Lake Mary seem very attractive for families with teenagers who want to make sure they are well prepared for college after their graduation.

School Options Families who consider homes for sale in Lake Mary have an added bonus-the ability to choose which school to send their child to. The Seminole County school system provides residents with a number of transfer options for people who would like to send their child to a school outside their district. There are also a number of charter and magnet schools that residents of St. Mary can take advantage of. Charter and Magnet schools in the Seminole County school system are for those in middle or high school and are located in either Longwood, Sanford, or Casselbery. Private Schools People who are interested in homes for sale in Lake Mary will also be glad to know there are several private school options available. Ladybird Academy is located here and provides education for students through age 12. This school uses accredited curriculums, and has been awarded the Gold Seal award from the Florida Department of Children and Families. Legacy Academy accommodates children up to age 12, and the curriculum here includes foreign languages, music, and sign language. Lake Mary Christian Academy offers preschool and kindergarten courses, and tailors the curriculum for each child in addition to taking weekly field trips. Accommodations for Special Needs The Seminole County, Florida school system strives to accommodate students that have special needs. As such, students who have been identified as having special needs may be eligible for scholarships to help them attend one of the private schools in the area. In addition, students who are designated as “needing improvement� are authorized to transfer to another school in the district if that school is a higher performing one as rated by the state of Florida. This is good news for people who are considering any of the homes for sale in Lake Mary, yet have concerns about the educational needs of a family member with special needs. School Board The Seminole County School Board has also been nationally recognized for excellence. This board is among the top ten percent of all school boards in the nation, and was the first in the state of Florida to receive such a designation. One of the reasons for this ranking was due to the use of technology within the school system. The school board wants to make sure students are using technology in the classroom, and have spent over $39 million in the past five years to upgrade technology in the classroom. Making the right educational choices is as important as the purchase of a home is. People who consider the homes for sale in Lake Mary can have the best of both worlds because there are plenty of quality homes to choose from, and all these Lake Mary Florida real estate choices are located in one of the best public school districts found anywhere in the state of Florida.

How does Seminole County Florida have the best Schools in the State  
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