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Photo of founding company for 1966 program cover

SHOW SCHEDULE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6-7

OUR TOWN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25-27

THIS SEASON AT A GLANCE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8

AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29-31


MORE AWESOMENESS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33-39

GOOD ON PAPER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13-15

SUPPORTING CRT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41-52

GUYS AND DOLLS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17-19

THE COMPANY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 53-82

GHOST LIGHT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21-23

www.creederep.org 719/658-2540 Creede Repertory Theatre, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization Production photos by John Gary Brown. with a 501(c)(3) status with the Internal Revenue Code. Program design by RoShamBo: Marketing + Creative. All donations are tax deductible.



Season Art Poster

841_841 3/23/15 5:28 PM Page 1

Fifty Golden Apples by Stephen Quiller

$50 / 24” X 36” / 100# MCCOY SILK, PH NEUTRAL COVER

FIFTY GOLDEN APPLES This season’s painting is special; it has strong color, life, energy and emotion and shows the relationship of Creede Repertory Theatre and the miracle of 50 years preforming in this beautiful but remote mining town. There is a story and symbolism in the painting. The old, wizened apple tree represents Creede and the community that provides the venue for the theatre to take place. There are fifty golden apples in the work that represent each season that the theatre has been in existence. The five sheep that are placed under the tree signify each of the five decades of CRT. There are also twelve wise and watchful ravens dispersed and perched throughout the tree. They stand for the original twelve 1966 company members that set the stage. – Stephen Quiller

Creede Repertory Theatre 2015 q Our 50th Anniversary

Creede Repertory Theatre: Stories From the First 50 Years

STORIES from the

FIRST 50 years

Edited by Steve Reed, Kay Lancaster, Gary Mitchell, Evie Rapport, Jessica Jackson, John Gary Brown & Christy Brandt. $40 / FULL-COLOR THROUGHOUT / HIGH-QUALITY PRINTING / 300+ PAGES OVER 350 PHOTOS / DIMENSIONS: 8.5 X 11 INCHES

All the hilarious, touching, and strange stories from 50 seasons of theatre in this wild town. This full-color book includes anecdotes and photos from over 100 actors, artists, and locals. The most entertaining and profoundly personal history of any theatre on Earth!

The CRT Photography of John Gary Brown


For 41 years, photographer and painter John Gary Brown has captured CRT and Creede in his stunning pictures. Very few theatres have a photographic history so complete and beautiful. His body of work captures the essence of this magical place and the evolution of CRT.

50 reasons...

Pssst! Hey you! Follow along down here for 50 reasons we (CRT patrons and alumni) LOVE CRT! 1) CRT is a place you can call home












[ MAY ]









5 7:30PM Paper*










7PM Paper TALK* 7:30PM Paper*


1:30PM Guys & Dolls

13 11AM 1:30PM 7PM 7:30PM

DINNER 7:30PM Guys & Dolls OPENS


6 7:30PM Paper*


1:30PM Guys & Dolls LOCAL DISCOUNT





1PM Paper TALK* 1:30PM Paper*

[ JUNE ]




Guys & Dolls Paper TALK* Paper*


1:30PM Pants on Fire OPENS* 7:30PM Guys & Dolls

20 1:30PM Guys & Dolls 7:30PM Paper*









6PM 7PM 7:30PM

26 50TH BOOK PARTY Ghost Light TALK

Ghost Light OPENS

11AM 1PM 1:30PM 7PM 7:30PM


Pants on Fire* Ghost Light TALK Ghost Light Paper TALK* Paper*




1:30PM Guys & Dolls 7:30PM Guys & Dolls

5 Paper* Guys & Dolls


[ JULY ]

1:30PM Guys & Dolls 7:30PM Ghost Light

19 1:30PM Guys & Dolls




Ghost Light TALK Ghost Light Our Town* LOCAL DISCOUNT CHAT BACK



1:30PM THE KID SHOW OPENS* 7PM Ghost Light TALK 7:30PM Ghost Light




29 1:30PM Guys & Dolls 7PM Paper TALK* 7:30PM Paper*

* denotes all shows and events at the Ruth. “DARK” is theatre speak for closed.


30 1:30PM Paper* 7PM Ghost Light TALK 7:30PM Ghost Light

4 10AM 4TH OF JULY PARADE 11:30AM Pants on Fire* 1:30PM Pants on Fire* 6PM Paper*

1:30PM Guys & Dolls 7:30PM Guys & Dolls 10:30PM Boomtown OPENS*



1:30PM Pants on Fire* 7PM Ghost Light TALK 7:30PM Ghost Light 10:30PM Boomtown*


1:30PM THE KID SHOW* 7:30PM Guys & Dolls 10:30PM Boomtown*

24 7:30PM Our Town OPENS*





28 7:30PM Guys & Dolls DESSERT CLUB

7:30PM Guys & Dolls

15 1:30PM Guys & Dolls 7:30PM Paper*


2 Ghost Light TALK 7PM 7:30PM Ghost Light

8 1:30PM Paper* 7PM Ghost Light TALK 7:30PM Ghost Light

7:30PM Guys & Dolls

26 1PM 1:30PM 7:30PM

Ghost Light TALK Ghost Light Paper TALK* Paper*

7 11AM Pants on Fire* 7:30PM Guys & Dolls DESSERT CLUB



11AM 1PM 1:30PM 7:30PM

1 1PM 1:30PM 7PM 7:30PM

7:30PM Guys & Dolls

31 1:30PM Pants on Fire* 7:30PM Guys & Dolls 10:30PM Boomtown*


1:30PM Guys & Dolls 7PM Paper TALK* 7:30PM Paper*




THE KID SHOW CLOSES* 1:30PM Guys & Dolls 7PM Paper TALK* 7:30PM Paper*

25 11AM MAINSTAGE TOUR 1PM Our Town TALK* 1:30PM Our Town* 7:30PM Guys & Dolls 10:30PM Boomtown*









1:30PM Guys & Dolls 7:30PM Our Town AT

11AM Pants on Fire* 7PM Ghost Light TALK 7:30PM Ghost Light



5 1:30PM Guys & Dolls 7PM Paper TALK* 7:30PM Paper*


11AM MAINSTAGE TOUR 1:30PM Pants on Fire* 1:30PM Paper* 7PM BRUSH WITH THE 6:30PM FOUNDERS’ LOBBY BLUES* DEDICATION* 7:30 PM Guys & Dolls 7:30PM Our Town* 10:30PM Boomtown* KU FOUNDERS

1PM Our Town TALK* 1:30PM Our Town* 7:30PM Guys & Dolls


16 1:30PM Paper*



7:30PM Guys & Dolls DESSERT CLUB





1PM August: Osage 6:30PM Paper TALK* 7PM Paper*


7:30PM August: Osage


Pants on Fire* CLOSES

Ghost Light TALK Ghost Light

7PM Paper TALK* 7:30PM Paper* CHAT BACK




August: Osage





August: Osage


August: Osage

August: Osage


Orchestra Balcony Student Child (11-22) (4-10)

$35-40 $33-38 $20 $11 $16 - $16 $8 $10 $10 $10 $10 FREE - FREE FREE




1:30PM August: Osage 7PM Our Town TALK* 7:30PM Our Town*

1PM 7PM 10PM

August: Osage Paper* Boomtown*


Paper* August: Osage

Paper CLOSES* Boomtown CLOSES*


August: Osage

Guys and Dolls Ghost Light August: Osage County



18 7PM 10PM

On the Mainstage et


17 7PM

22 11AM MAINSTAGE TOUR 1:30PM August: Osage 7PM Paper TALK* 7:30PM Paper* 10:30PM Boomtown*



16 1PM August: Osage 6:30PM Paper TALK* 7PM Paper*


6:30PM Paper TALK* 7PM Paper* 10PM Boomtown*

Paper* August: Osage


7:30PM August: Osage

7:30PM Paper* 10:30PM Boomtown*

9 1PM 7PM

Reg. Performances Pants on Fire Boomtown The KID Show

1:30PM 7PM 7:30PM



1:30PM August: Osage 7PM Our Town TALK* 7:30PM Our Town*

719/658-2540 or creederep.org


CLOSES 10:30PM Boomtown*





13 August: Osage

7:30PM Guys & Dolls


1:30PM Our Town CLOSES* 7:30PM August: Osage LOCAL DISCOUNT




7PM Our Town TALK* 7:30PM Our Town*




1:30PM Our Town* 7PM Ghost Light TALK 7:30PM Ghost Light


1:30PM STORY SLAM* 7PM Ghost Light TALK 7:30PM Ghost Light


1:30PM August: Osage 7:30PM Our Town*

12:30PM Paper TALK* 1PM Paper*




In the Ruth Good on Paper Our Town Pants on Fire Boomtown The KID Show

Bringing the whole family?

All ages are welcome at Pants on Fire and The KID Show. Children four and over are welcome at all our season shows. Please be aware that some shows are intended for adult audiences. Ask our box office staff for recommendations.

Ask us about our many discounts

Discounts for multiple show purchases, seniors, veterans, and active military and their immediate families.



welcome to our 50 season th



Guys and Dolls


Set in mythical New York City, Guys And Dolls is considered by many to be the most perfect musical ever created. Gambler Nathan Detroit tries to find the cash to set up the biggest craps game in town; meanwhile, his girlfriend, nightclub performer Adelaide, laments their 14-year engagement. Nathan turns to fellow gambler Sky Masterson for the dough, but Sky is busy romancing the straight-laced missionary Sarah Brown. Meet the shady denizens of New York’s underworld, as only the CRT company can portray them.

Our Town


Described by Edward Albee as “the greatest American play ever written,” this play (first staged at CRT in our inaugural 1966 season) is not-to-be-missed by anyone who loves this town as much as we do. Welcome to Grover’s Corners. This ordinary town awakens us to the powerful truth that being alive is a precious, ephemeral gift. Follow two families as their children fall in love, marry, and discover that life’s challenges are the gateway to life’s deepest meaning: to cherish the glory of every-day life.

August: Osage County


Winner of the 2008 Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award, this play is the perfect showcase for the greatest powerhouse cast of CRT veterans to date. A vanished father. A pill-popping mother. Three sisters harboring shady little secrets. When the large Weston family unexpectedly reunites after Dad disappears, their Oklahoman family homestead explodes in a tornado of repressed truths and unsettling secrets. This major new play is considered the best play of the 21st century (thus far) and unflinchingly—and uproariously— exposes the dark side of the Midwestern American family.


Ghost Light


This sparkling comedy celebrates the founding of your favorite theatre by reimagining that fateful summer in 1966. Instead of a full compliment of twelve aspiring artists, only one silver-tongued professor and three students make it from Kansas to Creede. This tiny company must band together with locals to breathe life into a dilapidated theater in the most unlikely of places. And if that isn’t enough, they must deal with supernatural intrusions from three famous Creede ghosts who are intent upon setting the story straight. Hold on to your seats, because the ghosts are re-writing history and it’s going to be a wild ride.

Good on Paper


In this laugh-a-minute romantic comedy, Peg is a lonely police-sketch artist who prefers the company of her many drawings of criminals to the real men in her life. But when her romance-novelist sister gives her a mysterious handcarved pencil, her sketches begin to come to life! Peg finally has the “perfect” man – because she drew him that way. Unfortunately, she also has an apartment full of hilarious criminals because she drew them, too. This modern Pygmalion tale asks the question: does love define or defy perfection? But also - how do you keep the good guy and lose the creeps?

Pants on Fire


Ever wondered what would happen if you could control a play? Come find out in this hour-long improvised musical created from the ideas of kids in the audience. It’s your adventure. We just live in it.



Back for its 9th summer, CRT’s improv comedy-makers will embrace maturity and perform only the most tasteful, realistic, and appropriate scenes. Just kidding. We’ll be the same twisted weirdos you know and love.


Dessert Club $15 / MAINSTAGE LOBBY

The play is over, but the fun is not! Share drinks and a dessert with the cast and crew after select performances of Guys and Dolls. Dessert created and sponsored by chef Marcus Sneed of Creede’s newest bakery Love & Sugar!

stories from the people who lived them!

Documentary Double Feature: CRT’s 50th and Big Burn

JULY 21 & 22 / 7:30PM / MAINSTAGE / $15 Two fabulous Creede documentaries in one night. Bev Chapman’s Big Burn about the 2013 West Fork wildfire followed by her new documentary charting CRT’s 50-year history, shown back-to-back.

Backstage Tour

4th Annual Headwaters New Play Festival

Pre-Show Talks FREE


$2 It’s a whole other world back there! We reveal tricks of the trade, the colorful history of CRT’s Mainstage, and much more! Join us before select performances for juicy insights into the show you are about to see. No reservations required, just arrive 35 minutes before show time.

AUGUST 28 / 10AM - 4PM / THE RUTH / $25 See page 23.

Our Town at Sunnyside Chapel

Chat Backs FREE

AUGUST 2 / 7:30PM / $150 / DRINKS AND APPETIZERS A very special performance of this classic American play in Creede’s historic Sunnyside Chapel. Experience the play as it comes to life around you in this breathtakingly lovely chapel.

Company for Dinner

Ghost Light: Local Guests of Honor

Stick around after select performances as the actors and technicians answer your burning questions and share fascinating stories.

Make your night out extra special when CRT company members join you and your friends for a meal before the play! Available any night of the season as long as you call soon! Want to organize a special Behind the Curtain event for your group? Contact Elizabeth at 719/658-2540 x229 or elizabeth@ creederep.com


15th Annual National Small Print Show

MAY 23 – JUNE 30 / RECEPTION 5PM MAY 23 MAINSTAGE LOBBY / FREE This juried exhibition contains over 100 small prints from fine artists across the country. Whether you collect or just appreciate, come celebrate this miniature medium.

Opening Night Dinner & Guys and Dolls

AUGUST 4 / 7:30PM (LOCALS DISCOUNT) CRT MAINSTAGE / $10-35 Were it not for the extraordinary residents of Creede, CRT would not exist. Join Christy Brandt in honoring some very special locals at this performance of Ghost Light.

The Founders’ Lobby Dedication

AUGUST 6 / 6:30PM / THE RUTH / FREE Thanks to a generous endowment gift, the lobby of The Ruth Humphreys Brown will henceforth be known as The Founders’ Lobby. Join us as we toast the founders in this celebratory event.

University of Kansas Founders’ Night

AUGUST 6 AFTER OUR TOWN / THE RUTH / FREE Join honorary hosts Forrest & Sally Hoglund and our KU supporters and alums at this fabulous Jayhawk celebration!

JUNE 12 / 5:30PM / CREEDE COMMUNITY CENTER $100 (DINNER AND SHOW) Break bread with us before the opening of Guys and Dolls! We’ll be celebrating CRT history with “French Spaghetti and Meatballs” in honor of early Creede impresario Carl Helfin. What’s the story behind this? Come find out! Meal catered by Arp’s and an open bar before the show at CRT’s Mainstage.

Brush with the Blues

Mining through Poetry, Stories, & Song

AUGUST 8 1:30PM / THE RUTH / $10 First, you’ll hear the stories of the dedicated locals who brought theatre to Creede and helped keep it alive. Last, it’s an openmic for all of us with great CRT stories.

JUNE 23 / 7:30PM / THE RUTH Join the Creede Historical Society for their 6th annual celebration of mining through poetry, stories, and song. All proceeds benefit the Creede Historical Society.

CRT’s 50th Book Launch Party

JUNE 26 / 6PM / MAINSTAGE / FREE Fifty years of professional theatre in a spectacular setting are captured in this amazing anecdotal and photographic history of CRT. Enjoy live readings, get your book signed, and hear the

at a glance


AUGUST 7 / 7PM / THE RUTH / $25 Rich Ormsby (blues guitar) and Stephen Quiller (watercolor) team up again in this back-by-popular-demand fundraiser. Steve’s painting is auctioned at the end of the evening.


Jubilee Street Party

AUGUST 8 / MAIN STREET / FREE After the evening performance of Ghost Light, stay with us for an outdoor celebration on Main Street with magical theatrical surprises, live music, drinks and 50 years of good friends.

2) Awesome education programs that give kids an authentic and empowering platform for learning


beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude.

The essence of all

Proud Sponsor of CRT

Since 1989 Thank you to our generous 50th season sponsor The Hoglund Foundation. The Hoglund family has been part of CRT’s family for over twenty years and trace their Creede roots back generations as part of the Spar City community. Forrest and Sally Hoglund, along with their daughters Kelly, Shelly, and Kristy, have been significant partners to CRT in many ways: as enthusiastic patrons, CRT board members, and generous supporters. Through their support, for over two decades, the Hoglunds have touched thousands of lives and are making an immense difference to Creede Repertory Theatre.

You can be part of our success too!

Contact Sarah at 719/658-2540 x233 for information on how to become a CRT Season Sponsor.



We believe that EVERY student has unique gifts and talents. Theatre is unparalleled in its ability to help individuals identify, explore, and share those gifts—and learn to celebrate the unique gifts of others.


Flex your creative muscles alongside professional actors and teaching artists. All Day Camps culminate in a performance lab for family and friends on the last day of class.

Imagination Stage (AGES 5-7) JUNE 16-20 / 10AM-4PM / $195

Want to act out? This high-energy camp explores the power of storytelling with your body, voice, and mind. Join teaching artists Mehry Eslaminia and Justin Barron for this theatrical exploration!

Skeleton Puppets

(AGES 12+) JUNE 23-27 / 10AM-4PM / $235

You are the artist and the stage is your canvas to create dynamic characters! Students will learn to design, fabricate and build their own skeleton puppets. Campers will experiment with materials and the elements of light, shadow, texture, color and character. Come play with master puppeteer Anna Paniccia and teaching artist Dylan Martin in this hands-on experience. All puppets in this camp will make their debut in The KID Show!

Improv Studio (AGES 8-12)

JUNE 23-27 / 10AM-4PM / $220

Join Tosin Morohunfola and Mehry Eslaminia for this fun story building class where you will learn the art of saying “YES!” This camp provides students with a deeper understanding of theatre and improvisation.

Song and Dance Lab (AGES 12+) JULY 28 – AUG 1 / 10AM-4PM / $220

Experience storytelling through music with teaching artists Emily Van Fleet and Justin Barron! From musical theatre to pop hits of today, campers will learn the fundamentals of acting, singing, and movement using music from a variety of styles.

HEY ADULTS! COME PLAY! Actors’ Lab for Adults (AGES 18+) JULY 28 – AUG 1 / 10AM-4PM / $250

Participate with company members, Bethany Talley and Graham Ward while they teach and explore acting through movement, text, and imagination. This class is designed for beginners and amateur actors with various levels of experience. Students will tackle scene work from contemporary plays, culminating in a performance lab.

at a glance



(AGES 12+) JUNE 30 – JULY 18 / 10AM-4PM / FREE!

Creede Repertory Theatre is proud to present the 2015 KID Show, BONES! Join us for three weeks of creative storytelling through movement, voice, and skeleton puppetry! Johamy Morales will be directing alongside Anna Paniccia, who is joining us from New York to share her puppeteer expertise! Young artists will have the opportunity to create, write, and perform an original theatrical piece. Come play!!


Kids of all ages are welcome at Pants on Fire and The KID Show. For kids 4+, see our play ratings & box office for family-friendly shows like Guys and Dolls and Our Town.

Pants on Fire: a totally made up musical for kids JUNE 19 – AUG 14 / SEE SEASON SCHEDULE

What would happen if you could control a play? Come find out in this hour-long improvised musical created from the ideas of kids in the audience. It’s your adventure. We just live in it.

The KID Show: BONES!

JULY 16 @ 1:30 / JULY 17 @1:30 / JULY 18 @ 11AM / FREE!

Young Audience Outreach Tour: Reading! And Other Superpowers / Leyendo! Y Otros Súper Poderes Special performance at the Headwaters New Play Festival AUGUST 28 / 10AM

> Camps fill up quickly, so register today!

SCHOLARSHIPS are available upon request. Siblings and participants registering for more than one camp receive an additional 10% off. For registration and scholarship info check our website creederep.org or contact Education Director Johamy Morales at 719/658-2540 x227 / johamy@creederep.com.





In a world that is increasingly impersonal, we will be champions of the communal, ephemeral, fragile, unpredictable experience of

watching humans tell a story.





I came to Creede when I was 18-years-old and spent two of the most formative summers of my personal and professional life there... Our deepest and most sincere congratulations to everyone who has been involved in the Creede Rep for these past 50 years, and to all those who have yet to discover all the glories that are to be found there, on and off the stage. We thank CRT for enriching our lives in every way imaginable.

Congratulations to the Creede Repertory Theatre for 50 Years of great performances! And a special message of gratitude for theatre’s educational outreach programs, which reach over 17,000 underserved students in the rural areas of the Southwest.

Although Creede Repertory Theatre is now officially middleaged (like me), it seems eternally youthful, like Shangri-La, that mythical, harmonious valley nestled in the western mountains. Maybe that’s because CRT was founded by young people, who are typically too naïve and idealistic to understand that what they hope to achieve is impossible. (Let’s hear it for naïvety, idealism, and eternal youth!)

It gives me great pleasure to congratulate the Creede Repertory Theatre for 50 years of artistic excellence and community vision. Not only are the arts a way to share our heritage and show us new ways of thinking and seeing, the arts are also a way to grow jobs and revitalize Colorado’s economy.


We are proud supporters of your 50 years of artistic achievement and community engagement. You have made this one of the nation’s finest repertory theaters since 1966.


world premiere!

the shows


Creative Team

Director Scenic Design Costume Design Lighting Design Sound Design Stage Manager Asst. Stage Manager



Peg Sandy Guy Rich Vincent


Stephen Weitz Amanda Embry Tamara M. Carruthers Mandy Kay Heath Jake K. Harbour Jim Mitchell* Rick Mireles

RATED PG-13 Good on Paper is produced by special arrangement with THE GERSH AGENCY, 41 Madison Avenue, 33rd Floor, New York, NY 10010. Good on Paper received workshops and readings at Cleveland Play House, The Playwrights Center, Ground UP Productions and the MacDowell Colony.

Caitlin Wise* Mehry Eslaminia John DiAntonio* Brian Kusic Logan Ernstthal*

ANTLERS RIO GRANDE LODGE AND RESTAURANT Bordering national forest on a secluded bend of the Rio Grande, Antlers is known for its premier trout fishing waters and offers cabins, rooms, and RV spaces to the public. At day’s end, come enjoy fine dining in a leisurely atmosphere at the Riverside Restaurant.

*Member of Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.

get there.™

FIRST SOUTHWEST BANK First Southwest Bank serves southwest Colorado in the San Luis Valley, Pagosa Springs, Durango and Cortez. We’re the bank with “capital ideas” to get you where you want to be. We can help you CMYK: C-100 M-30 Y-66 K-17 RGB: R-0 G-112 B-101 Web: 007065

CMYK: C-37 M-78 Y-79 K-45 RGB: R-94 G-54 B-44 Web: 5E362C

3) The Greeting Line – where you can meet CRT Celebrities! 4) It’s located in the most beautiful place in the whole wide world CMYK: C-100 M-77 Y-38 K-36 RGB: R-0 G-53 B-90 Web: 00355a


CMYK: C-65 M-51 Y-44 K-16 RGB: R-98 G-105 B-113 Web: 626971



eorge Brant calls Good on Paper “a reverse-gender take on the Pygmalion legend.” Here’s a quick primer on the tale of Pygmalion from Ovid’s Metamorphoses: a sculptor who can’t stand the imperfections of mortal women decides to create a beautiful statue. Soon he falls in love with his statue - because unlike real ladies, it is perfect. Things get a little creepy when he starts sharing a bed with the statue and buying it expensive gifts. Eventually, the goddess Venus brings the statue to life. What luck! Pygmalion is spared having to deal with all those imperfections that come with regular, non-marblederived women. Why are we still captivated, two millennia later, by the idea of a work of art transformed into a living being? Maybe because there’s a little Pygmalion in all of us. We’re all guilty of some permutation of the phrase: “he would be kinda cute if he got rid of that mullet” or “she would seem much smarter if she stopped using the word amazeballs.” But unlike Pygmalion, we don’t live in a world where friendly goddesses turn our marble fantasies to life. As George Brant writes in Good on Paper, “we look past [imperfections] when we have the luck to stumble across someone who understands us, accepts us in all our imperfections.”

He knows ‘tis madness, yet he must adore, And still the more he knows it, loves the more: The flesh, or what so seems, he touches oft, Which feels so smooth, that he believes it soft.


from Pygmalion in Ovid’s Metamorphoses, 1717 English Translation by John Dryden, Alexander Pope, and others

KIP’S GRILL Local favorite serving fresh juice margaritas, fresh baja tacos and wild game burgers. Enjoy our large patio and our 2nd story Sky Lounge with the best views in town!

DEL NORTE BANK As a mutual bank, Del Norte Bank’s philosophy is to be TRUE to the community with an honest approach as a LOCAL financial institution providing necessary BANK products to individuals and businesses to facilitate community success. True, Local, Bank.

5) You can let your imagination run free! 6) They run in ‘True Rep’ Style – a different play every night!



the shows

HERE’S A FUN CHALLENGE: How many plays, movies, and stories can you name that involve

inanimate pieces of art coming to life? There are plenty of works that are metaphorically influenced by the Pygmalion myth (My Fair Lady, Shaw’s Pygmalion, La Femme Nikita, Pretty Woman, The Shape of Things, Selfie), but they don’t count because we’re looking for pieces of art magically coming to life. Here’s our list. Can you think of others? MANNEQUIN turns into Kim Cattrall!

WEIRD SCIENCE nerds build their perfect woman

GHOSTBUSTERS II Vigo the evil painting

LIFE SIZE Barbie doll becomes Tyra Banks

A NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM pretty much everything

TALES FROM THE HOOD painting comes to life to punish white supremacist


via statue

DAIMAJIN Japanese horror classic…statue

becomes warrior

PINOCCHIO puppet to boy

On September 8th an EXTRAORDINARY thing will happen… ACT I

CRT’s 2nd Annual 10-Minute Play Festival

CRT’s company will write and produce several original 10-minute plays. The brainchild of John DiAntonio and Jean Egdorf, this evening of bite-sized plays is an opportunity for company members to experiment outside their comfort zones.


Special Headwaters Reading: The Kidney Plays

After losing one of his kidneys to cancer, playwright Jeff Carey (author of Lullaby Bay) dealt with this harrowing experience the only way he knew how: he wrote about it. Thus were born The Kidney Plays, four wildly inventive one-acts examining mortality, hope, and transformation in hilarious and unexpected ways.


To help us support the professional development and aspirations of our artists or to attend this event contact Elizabeth@creederep.com.

CREEDE AMERICA GROUP Creede America is a unique neighborhood that sits up on the mesa on the west side of the city of Creede. Great architecture, cutting-edge green technologies, and stunning views make Creede America the place to be in Creede.

TEXAS FRIENDS OF CRT Since its creation in 2004, the Texas Friends have generously sponsored eleven plays at CRT and have remained significant supporters of the vital work produced on stage at Creede Repertory Theatre. Cheers to a wonderful 50th anniversary season.

7) It’s better than Broadway. Just ask our friends from NYC ;) 8) Unconventional choices and outside the box thinking.


the shows

GOOD guys and dolls ON PAPER

GEORGE BRANTby frank loeSSer book by jo Swerling and abe burrowS by music and lyrics

Director Music Director Asst. Music Director Choreographer Asst. Choregrapher Scenic Designer Costume Designer Lighting Designer Sound Designer Stage Manager Asst. Stage Manager Asst. Stage Manager Dance Captain


Justin Barron Christy Brandt* Spencer Christensen Mehry Eslaminia John S. Green* Brian Kusic Lily Lancaster Millicent Marter Tosin Morohunfola* Bethany Eilean Talley Sean Thompson* Emily Van Fleet* Graham Ward Caitlin Wise*

The Mission Band

Jessica Jackson Joe Montelione Alexander Tom Ryan Hazelbaker Bethany Eilean Talley Amanda Embry Anthony James Sirk Jacob Welch Jake K. Harbour Jean Egdorf* Jim Mitchell* Devon Muko Tosin Morohunfola*

Piano Drums Bass Trumpet

Alexander Tom Jake Rollins Sarah Ransom Matthew Rossmann

ONE 15 MINUTE INTERMISSION RATED PG Guys and Dolls is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI). All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI, New York, NY. Tel: 212-541-4684 Fax: 212-397-4684 www. mtishows.com. The videotaping or other video or audio recording of this production is strictly prohibited.

*Member of Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.

PEGGY LONGWOOD LAMB Rusty Charlie & others General Cartwright Benny Southstreet & others Miss Adelaide & others Arvide Abernathy & Lt. Brannigan Harry the Horse, Joey Biltmore & others Hot Box Dancer & others Hot Box Dancer & others Nathan Detroit & others Featured Dancer & others Sky Masterson Sarah Brown Nicely-Nicely, Big Jule & others Agatha, Mimi & others


Creative Team

Peggy Longwood Lamb has been a part of the Creede community since 1939 when her parents bought their cabin at Spar City. She has witnessed this historic venue’s transformation from a movie house to its present use as the home of the Creede Repertory Theatre. Desiring to secure the financial stability of CRT, Ralph and Peggy Lamb established the Ralph & Peggy Lamb Endowment Fund in 1993, paving the way for the creation of the CRT endowment. The leadership and vision of Ralph and Peggy will forever provide a rich cultural legacy for Creede and its community of visitors. ANTLERS RIO GRANDE LODGE AND RESTAURANT Bordering national forest on a secluded bend of the Rio Grande, Antlers is known for its premier trout fishing waters and offers cabins, rooms, and RV spaces to the public. At day’s end, come enjoy fine dining in a leisurely atmosphere at the Riverside Restaurant.




anuary. Creede. Four feet of snow lies on the ground and only four hundred people are in town. The theatre is dark and cold except for the few heated offices on the upper floors. Boasting a few bruises from the weekend’s pond hockey tournament, the ten year-round staff members gather around the phone. It’s time to start the pre-production process for our summer shows. Members of each show’s “creative team” call-in from all the over the country for our first design meeting of the year: Guys and Dolls. We get a reprieve from our short winter days to dream of the summer sun as Jessica describes the artistic vision of the show. Then Runyonland it’s immediately to work! What Fugue for Tinhorns decisions have already been Follow the Fold made? What limitations are The Oldest Established there? How can we turn them to I’ll Know Bushel and a Peck our advantage? How do we jump Adelaide’s Lament from the lights of Broadway to Guys & Dolls the heat of Havana to shadowy Havana underground sewers? Should If I Were a Bell the band be visible or hidden? My Time of Day We have no fly space, no stageI’ve Never Been left wing (literally, it’s just a wall in Love Before over there), and we must be able to change from Guys and Dolls to Ghost Light in three Take Back Your Mink hours or less. The stage is only Adelaide’s Second Lament 800 square feet, so how much More I Cannot Wish You scenery can we have before we The Crapshooter’s Dance Luck Be a Lady run out of dancing room? The Sue Me creative team wrestles with these Sit Down, You’re Rockin’ questions over the phone and the Boat through e-mails until mid-May, Marry the Man Today when CRT’s summer company Finale floods into the sleepy town of





FIRST SOUTHWEST BANK First Southwest Bank serves southwest Colorado in the San Luis Valley, Pagosa Springs, Durango and Cortez. We’re the bank with “capital ideas” to get you where you want to be. We can help you get there.™


Share drinks and dessert with the actors and technicians of Guys and Dolls after select performances. Dessert by chef Marcus Sneed of Love and Sugar.

Creede, signaling the start of another bustling season. While musicals offer more technical challenges than most shows, they also have a larger creative team. The directors (Stage Director, Music Director, and Choreographer) and designers hatch plans so that everything is ready for our three short weeks of rehearsal and build-time. That seems like plenty, but remember CRT is a rep company. We’re also opening Good on Paper and rehearsing Ghost Light and Pants on Fire during that time! Just less than a week before opening, the sets, costumes, and lights are all loaded into the mainstage, and we start technical rehearsals. This is the true test of our hours of planning. Did we talk about how Want to see what tech rehearsals are like? Sit in on a rehearsal or take a backstage tour? Contact Elizabeth@creederep.com.

to get that platform offstage? How is Bethany supposed to change costumes in 4 seconds? Can we hear the singers over the band? Finally, we open. Except not finally. We have thirty-one performances to get through, all while rehearsing, opening, and performing seven other productions. And after almost every performance, we need to strike the Guys and Dolls set and erect the Ghost Light set, launder the costumes, and re-focus lights. So why do we even do this? Why don’t we run one production at a time or only produce small shows? In the words of founding Director Steve Grossman in 1966: If we run in stock, sure, we’ll be drawing flies by the end MORE FOR LESS! Want to see more of CRT? Upgrade to a 3 or 5 show package and receive a 15-20% discount off every ticket, including the one you already bought! Stop by the box office to see how much you can save.

BROKEN ARROW RANCH Anne and Dale Pizel, owners of Broken Arrow Ranch & Land Co, LLC are proud be a sponsor for CRT’s 2015 production of Guys and Dolls. Anne and Dale have owned and operated their real estate company in Creede for nearly three decades. During the ups and downs of being self-employed, they continue to support CRT as they value the light it brings to our community. Keep up the good work! CMYK: C-100 M-30 Y-66 K-17 RGB: R-0 G-112 B-101 Web: 007065

CMYK: C-37 M-78 Y-79 K-45 RGB: R-94 G-54 B-44 Web: 5E362C

CMYK: C-100 M-77 Y-38 K-36 RGB: R-0 G-53 B-90 Web: 00355a

CMYK: C-65 M-51 Y-44 K-16 RGB: R-98 G-105 B-113 Web: 626971

18 Font: Lato Family

HARDING DENTAL GROUP Dr. James (Jim) Harding, DDS, Colorado’s Dentist, is a loyal CRT supporter believing artistry is all around us and an integral part of great dentistry. Dr. Harding is an official medical provider to the US Snowboarding and Ski Teams as well as a clinical instructor at the world famous Las Vegas Institute for Aesthetic Dentistry. “Experience the Difference” South Fork • Alamosa HardingDentalGroup.com


the shows

LOVE WHAT YOU SEE? Most props, set pieces, and costumes on the CRT stage can be yours! If you love it, you can probably buy it! Contact Elizabeth@creederep.com.

of the first week. We’ll just have to run in rep. Running in rep is hard, but in a place like Creede, it is also necessary. What many people do not realize is that the repertory format is also an artistic asset. Being a true “repertory” theatre allows us a unique artistic approach to traditional shows like Guys and Dolls. CRT’s limitations are our greatest asset, and define our actor-based storytelling aesthetic. Guys and Dolls is usually performed with a cast of 25-35 actors, which is larger than CRT’s entire 2015 acting company. Like last year’s Annie Get Your Gun, our Guys and Dolls has to be different from any other company’s; it must capitalize on the versatility and inventiveness of a company with 50 years of rep experience. With our 14 cast members, director Jessica Jackson, music director Joe Montelione and choreographer Ryan Hazelbaker collaborate to create a highly theatrical and playful production. Movement and transformation become vital in creating the diverse and kinetic world of Damon Runyon’s New York demi-monde. Through all of this, we return to the same heart that inspired our founding company in 1966. A commitment to honest and inventive storytelling has been CRT’s defining aesthetic since its inception. With our hearts on our sleeves, we offer you Guys and Dolls, as only CRT can.

Scenic designer Amanda Embry starts with rough renderings. Eventually she hand-drafts (old school!) her working drawings so the scene shop can take her vision from the page to the stage.

“The script of Guys and Doll’s doesn’t give a lot of descriptions when it comes to Adelaide’s looks. This gave me the freedom to have a little fun with her looks. The director and I worked together to come up with specific colors and silhouettes for each of Adelaide’s scenes.” Anthony James Sirk, costume designer and avid hiker. See more of Tony’s work in Good on Paper, Our Town, and August: Osage County.

127 North Main

Creede, CO



MINERS AND MERCHANTS BANK At Miners & Merchants Bank we are proud to be your hometown, community bank. We invite you to experience an old fashioned approach to banking and promise to deliver uncompromising service that only a small bank can. Branches located in Bayfield, Durango, Lake City and Creede. Please visit us at prvb.com. Member FDIC.

TOMKINS HARDWARE Tomkins Hardware and Lumber has been located on Main Street since 1892. Under new ownership since 2011, Tomkins has increased offerings in both the hardware store and the newly built lumberyard. We carry everything that contractors and homeowners need for projects large and small and our professional staff is always ready to advise and help you tackle any project.


A Unique New Neighborhood In Creede World Headquarters 114 North Main St. Creede, CO 719.658.0223 www.creedeamerica.com

This play was commissioned by CRT’s Headwaters New Play Program on occasion of CRT’s 50th season. This is its world premiere.

the shows

Special 50th SeaSon commiSSion

ghost light by nagle jackSon

Creative Team

Director Scenic Designer Costume Designer Lighting Designer Sound Designer Stage Manager Asst. Stage Manager


Nagle Jackson+ Amanda Embry Tatyana De Pavloff Jacob Welch Jake K. Harbour Jim Mitchell* Rick Mireles

RATED PG-13 *Member of Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.


Ham Potter Irwin Stewart Florence (Flo) Huff Cookie Huff Marian Todd Daryl Young Percy Harlow Jocelyn


Poker Alice Soapy Smith Robert Ford

9) Two words: Christy Brandt

John S. Green* Logan Ernstthal* Anne F. Butler Bethany Eilean Talley Trary Maddalone Brian Kusic Spencer Christensen Sean Thompson* Emily Van Fleet* Christy Brandt* John DiAntonio* Graham Ward





Jenna is a former board member and long-time supporter of CRT. She believes strongly that CRT does powerful work in our region, and remains a strong champion of this unique organization. SUNNY VALLEY FARMS, INC. Sunny Valley Farms, Inc., a third-generation San Luis Valley agricultural family farm, is honored for the opportunity to support our local professional theatre company in its 50th season of bringing amazing talent to this mountain setting so dear to our hearts.


A group of CRT Board of Trustee members, past and present, have come together to support an ongoing play sponsorship fund to ensure the longevity of CRT. Current and former board members: support this sponsorship and the theatre you love by donating today!




hen honored with the commission to write a celebratory play for CRT’s fiftieth season, I faced an immediate conundrum: do I treat the actual founding of the theater company, or ignore it altogether and just write an upbeat play of some sort? The latter choice seemed somewhat cavalier, but the former brought up the ageold debate of historical accuracy versus artistic impact, the pompous boredom of an “historical pageant” versus artistic selectivity for dramatic effect. Added to which was the reality that “recorded history” is generally a compendium of perceptions, opinions, selected data and the historian’s bias. As I debated all this I had a Eureka! moment. That conflict could be the very dramatic conflict of a play. What if a group of players, arriving in a locale fraught with historical intrigue and color, decided to depict that history for contemporary viewers? This could be a very dry, academic discussion, unless . . . That’s when the idea of actual participation between the depicters and the depicted sprang to mind, and things started getting active, actable and comedic. It also brought into focus the theatrical experience itself: the Theater as

storyteller. Creede is blessed with more than its share of colorful characters in its past. (And in its present, I might add, as a yearly visitor.) It seemed a shame to miss out on the opportunity to depict the denizens of Creede’s glory years during the great Silver Rush of the 1890s. However, I didn’t want to ignore the whole reason for this fiftieth anniversary, the extraordinary founding of a repertory theater in a small town, which had the insight to realize the importance of such an institution - an audacious leap of faith. Still, plays are about people, and the characters I have attempted to create in Ghost Light are people I have grown to love as I have lived with them. For collectors of Creede lore and history, I beg your indulgence. If I have distorted and invented facts, it is “all for your delight” as Mr. Shakespeare once said, and he is the great exemplar of historical juggling. This play is what we call in the trade, “an occasional piece.” I cannot think of a happier or more auspicious Occasion! - NAGLE JACKSON


Excerpted from Creede Repertory Theatre: Stories From the First 50 Years by Steve Grossman, Founding CRT Director, 1966 Silver prices were low, tourism was slow, and the business district at the northern end of Main Street was badly deteriorated. Many of the storefronts were closed, including the dilapidated opera house. In the winter of 1965-66, the local business owners organized a chapter of the Junior Chamber of Commerce. These Jaycees, under the leadership of the young pastor, Jim Livingston, sent a letter asking for help in creating a summer theatre to regional colleges. One of those letters was posted on a bulletin board in the theatre department at the University of Kansas and caught my eye. I phoned Livingston, and the next weekend, Joe Roach, my college roommate, and I drove to Creede to meet the Jaycees. By the end of that day, we had shaken hands on an agreement: The Jaycees and an as-yet unselected troupe of KU students would establish a summer theatre in tiny, remote Creede, Colorado. I don’t remember if the question of our ages came up that day, but I’m glad it was a handshake agreement, because I was 19 and Joe 18 — neither of us old enough to legally sign anything. Joe and I thought that a rotating-repertory performance model — with different shows on successive evenings — might bring guest-ranch tourists to town more than once in Community Committed Agriculturally Driven


719-852-5181 www.mvcoop.com


MONTE VISTA COOPERATIVE 719-852-5181 www.mvcoop.com

the course of their stay. Early in June 1966, twelve theatre students from the University of Kansas arrived in Creede. Joe Roach, who played the title role in CRT’s first play, Mister Roberts, described those first days: “The first week was a nightmare. Mister Roberts was to open 10 days after the company arrived. Finishing touches had to be made on the theatre, a whole rewiring job done for the lighting system, scenery (starting from scratch) had to be built and a show rehearsed — all in 10 days’ time. Looking forward with increasing desperation to the opening on Sunday, every member of the company worked night and day (sleeping in two-hour shifts) from Wednesday until curtain time Sunday evening. Rehearsals began at 9 in the morning and ended at 5. Scenery construction began after dinner and continued until breakfast.” An old, tough-as-nails Creede pioneer named Mary Thom managed the auditorium for us. When she finally opened the door for the 8:30 curtain it was apparent to everyone why their entry had been delayed: The scenery, in full view on the stage, brightly lit, was clearly dripping wet paint. Off the lobby, in a small bathroom, a hand-lettered sign asked patrons not to flush during the performance because of the noise. Opening night, the auditorium was filled, and we set up folding chairs in front of the stage for the overflow. The atmosphere was excited and celebratory. In the words of Phil Leggitt, “I’ll never forget the first play they put on, Mister Roberts. We had never seen actual stage acting. Everyone was flabbergasted.” 10) They give people a chance.


the shows

headwaters new play program

Every new play has a journey. CRT is a crucial step in that journey for many plays. Our Headwaters program can provide an artist with financial resources, artistic mentorship, rehearsal and living space, and a network of actors for play readings and workshops. Many journeys culminate in a full production on CRT’s stages.

Headwaters has many facets WINTER WRITERS’ RETREATS In February/March of 2015, CRT partnered with the HBMG Foundation and The Human Stage to bring 10 playwrights to Creede for a winter writers’ retreat. HEADWATERS NEW PLAY FESTIVAL New plays are developed and given public readings at this exciting festival in August. Ghost Light was developed there last summer. This is a frequent step for new plays that arrive on CRT’s stages.

FULL PRODUCTIONS Ghost Light by Nagle Jackson and Good on Paper by George Brant are receiving their world premieres this summer. COMPANY DEVISED PLAYS Shows like Boomtown and Pants on Fire and The KID Show: Bones! were devised through collaboration among several artists in our company. Not all plays have playwrights. Some don’t even have scripts!

Most theaters will hire you as one thing, and one thing only.

10-MINUTE PLAY FESTIVAL A chance for our company members and students to experiment with original 10-minute plays.

If you are a multi-talented

TRIBUTARIES CRT’s belief in the power of theatre for young audiences is a huge part of Headwaters. Our Education Department commissions or develops an average of 2 new plays each year, such as this year’s Young Audience Outreach Tour: Reading! And Other Superpowers!

of the only theaters I’ve seen

artist or just have an interest in expanding your horizons as a theater artist, CRT is one willing to help you grow. So

The 4th EVER HEADWATERS NEW PLAY FESTIVAL AUGUST 28 / 10AM-4PM $25 (INCLUDES CATERED LUNCH) The History Room by Charlie Thurston Wish Key by Candyce Rusk

The fully-staged world premiere of our Young Audience Outreach Tour: Reading! And Other Superpowers (Leyendo! Y Otras Superpoderes ) by John DiAntonio, music by Richard Rischar


to be.

We need your help to bring these plays to life! Join our sponsors in supporting new plays by writing “Headwaters” in the memo line of your donation. Your gift will bring plays from the mind to the page and from the page to the stage!

- John DiAntonio, Playwright

Contact Maggie Schlundt

for artists who like to push themselves, CRT is the place



the shows

ouR toWn

by thornton wilDer mary anDraDe / pamphotography.com

Creative Team Michael Perlman+ Director Scenic Design Costume Design Lighting Design Sound Design Stage Manager Asst. Stage Manager


The Stage Manager Emily Webb George Gibbs People of the town

Amanda Embry Anthony James Sirk Jacob Welch Jake K. Harbour Jean Egdorf* Devon Muko

Logan Ernstthal* Caitlin Wise* Graham Ward Justin Barron Spencer Christensen John DiAntonio* Mehry Eslaminia Brian Kusic Trary Maddalone Tosin Morohunfola* Bethany Eilean Talley Sean Thompson* Emily Van Fleet*

RATED PG Our Town © 1938, 1957 The Wilder Family LLC. Copyright agent: Alan Brodie Representation Ltd. www.alanbrodie.com *Member of Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.




Chuck and Kay have actively supported the theatre through the years, with Kay serving as a Board member from 2002-2008. Long-time play sponsors and fundraisers, they believe that CRT is an integral part of the Creede experience. QUILLER GALLERY The Quiller Gallery features paintings by Stephen Quiller, capturing the spirit of the San Juan Mountains. The gallery also displays the works of regional sculptors and potters.

11) CRT gets to know its audience. They’re not just patrons – they’re friends!


“Oh earth, you’re too wonderful for anyone to realize you!”

-Emily in Our Town


ur Town is gracing the CRT stage for the third time in our fifty-year history! This timeless play, popular throughout the country since its 1938 premiere, has particular resonance here at 9,000 feet. In our roughand-tumble town of Creede, life is lived close to the heart. Just as the residents of Grover’s Corners are reminded of the broad expanse of time by the “old pleiocene granite of the Appalachian range,” our La Garita peaks gently remind us of our short but sacred time on Earth. Our Town calls to those among us who recognize the wonder that hides below the surface of every day life - and those people are particularly likely to be drawn to the anomaly of Creede, Colorado. CRT’s first production of Thornton Wilder’s masterpiece was in our inaugural summer of 1966 and the second was staged in 2001. This season, the play holds particular relevance as we try to capture the meaning of the fifty years of exceptional moments that have occurred here. How do we hold, celebrate, and honor those ephemeral moments that cannot be contained in words or images? With this gentle play, Wilder reminds us that all we have is this moment and all we offer the world is our presence and awareness. Director Michael Perlman brings to this production a profound sense of now. Instead of re-creating an imaginary past, Perlman transports us to the startling reality of the present. The props, costumes, lighting, and sound are all of this moment and direct our attention to the meaning of the play rather than the matter. Perlman’s META-THEATRICAL* approach provides emotional perspective. In Perlman’s words, “You can only figure out life by looking at the lives of others. Theatre is a way to see what we don’t usually notice.” This perspective is one of great intimacy, heightened by the IN-THEROUND* seating configuration. We cannot escape the fact that we are all in a room together witnessing a moment that will pass. * META-THEATRICAL

Performance that is self-aware. Essentially, it means theatre that doesn’t pretend to be real life.


When the audience surrounds a performance. Sometimes called arena staging. The Ruth has primarily been used in three-quarter thrust (audience on three sides). Our Mainstage, with the stage on one end and the audience on the other, is called a proscenium theatre.

CRT’s 1966 production of Our Town.

This play’s character list makes for flexible casting! The original Broadway production had 50 actors, CRT’s 2001 production had 22, and this season’s Our Town has 13 actors, just like the 1966 production! “In 1966, there were all 12 members of the theatre company in Our Town, plus Pat Livingston who lived in the community and volunteered to run the box office. She was Rev. Jim Livingston’s wife and they had two young children. People ordered tickets by calling her home phone. She also took care of the live goat for Mr. Roberts. She was known for baking pies and cakes and bringing them up the steps to the boarding house. We have the best of memories of her supporting acts of kindness. Great lady.” - Kay Lancaster, CRT Founding Company Member. If you want to know more about CRT’s founding, check out Stories from the First 50 Years in our gift shop.

CRT’s 2001 production of Our Town.

Trary Maddelone is the only company member to appear in both the 2001 and 2015 productions of Our Town! You can also see her in Ghost Light.

12) Its existence is unlikely – a professional theatre in a town of 400? Preposterous!



the shows

Honoring CRT’s Founders The Leavell family, long time owners of the 4UR Ranch, honored the past, present, and future of CRT with a gift to the endowment to name The Ruth Humphreys Brown Theatre lobby “The Founders’ Lobby.” This naming grant honors the inspired actions of the twelve intrepid University of Kansas students and the inspired locals who founded CRT in 1966. If you’d like to celebrate the founders and their CRT legacy, consider contributing to this honorary endowment fund. The lobby will be formally dedicated to the founders on August 6th at 6:30pm. Please join us as we raise a glass to the these visionaries and to Pete & Lindsey Leavell, Mary Lee Leavell Pinkerton, Jenny Leavell & Jay Smith and Family, and Brian Leavell for their generosity.

Our Town at

by Thornton Wilder

Sunnyside Chapel

AUGUST 2 / 7:30PM / $150 includes drinks and appetizers


Immerse yourself in the American classic as it steps off the stage and comes to life around you.

ANTLERS RIO GRANDE LODGE AND RESTAURANT Bordering national forest on a secluded bend of the Rio Grande, Antlers is known for its premier trout fishing waters and offers cabins, rooms, and RV spaces to the public. At day’s end, come enjoy fine dining in a leisurely atmosphere at the Riverside Restaurant.

RIO GRANDE ANGLER A locally owned fly shop, RGA offers the highest-quality fly-fishing equipment and apparel. We provide walk/wade and float trips on the Rio Grande and surrounding streams.

SAN LUIS VALLEY FEDERAL BANK Since 1899 we’ve been a strong supporter of our community. As a mutual bank we have no stockholders, which allows us to invest more of our success in our community. San Luis Valley Federal Bank


Nancy Albright • Broker Debby Dooley • Broker

RINCON REAL ESTATE OFFICE 705 S. Main Street 1.888.658.2900 1.719. 658.2900 www.rinconrealestate.com

the shows

august:osage county by tracy lettS

Creative Team

Director Scenic Designer Costume Designer Lighting Designer Sound Designer Stage Manager Asst. Stage Manager Fight Director


Beverly Weston Violet Weston Barbara Fordham Bill Fordham Jean Fordham Ivy Weston Karen Weston Mattie Fae Aiken Charles Aiken Little Charles Aiken Johnna Monevata Steve Heidebrecht Sheriff Deon Gilbeau

Christy Montour-Larson+ Robert Mark Morgan++ Anthony James Sirk Jacob Welch Jake K. Harbour Jim Mitchell* Devon Muko John DiAntonio

Jim Hunt Anne F. Butler Diana Dresser* John DiAntonio* Wren Green Caitlin Wise* Adrian Egolf Christy Brandt* John S. Green* Brian Kusic Mehry Eslaminia Sean Thompson* Logan Ernstthal*

TWO 10 MINUTE INTERMISSIONS RATED R August: Osage County premiered in June 2007 at Steppenwolf Theatre Company in Chicago, IL, Martha Lavey, Artistic Director; David Hawkanson, Executive Director. Steppenwolf’s production of August: Osage County opened on Broadway at the Imperial Theatre on December 4, 2007. It was produced by Jeffrey Richards, Jean Doumanian, Steve Traxler, Jerry Frankel, Ostar Productions, Jennifer Manocherian, The Weinstein Company, Debra Black/Daryl Roth, Ronald & Marc Frankel/Barbara Freitag, and Rick Steiner/Staton Bell Group. “Lay Down Sally” (Eric Clapton, Marcy Levy and George E. Terry) © (Renewed) Throat Music Ltd (PRS) and Eric Patrick Clapton (PRS) All Rights on behalf of Throat Music Ltd and Eric Patrick Clapton administered by Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp. All Rights on behalf of Throat Music Ltd administered by WB Music Corp. All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.

*Member of Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.


13) Because kids can make accomplished actors play caterpillars, elephants and cows in Pants on Fire



“I don’t know what it says about me that I have a greater affinity with the damaged. Probably nothing good.”


Tracy Letts

hen August: Osage County by Tracy Letts premiered in June 2007 at Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago, it took the theatrical world by storm. After only seven months it was whisked to New York, cast and all, and landed on Broadway. It won the Pulitzer, the Tony, the Drama Desk and every other conceivable award that season. Everything about this play is bigger than life; the size of its cast, the personality of the set, the length of the production, the depth of its heartbreak and the complexity of its humor. And a vitality that doesn’t let up from beginning to end. Letts has said his play is a family story. Many of the themes and characters are lifted directly from Letts’ own life. His maternal grandmother spiraled into drug addiction after her husband’s suicide. Said Letts, “After I gave my mom the play to read, her first comment was, ‘You’ve been very kind to my mother.’ Which is true. Had I portrayed my grandmother as accurately horrible as she could be, it would be too tough to take.” His father asked, “Why are you writing this?” Letts responded, “Well, Dad, these events haunted me my whole life.” To which his dad replied, “They have?” The American family is a topic playwrights have been drawn to time and time again. It is difficult to experience August: Osage County and not see traces of Eugene O’Neill’s damaging effects of family in Long Day’s Journey

Into Night. Or echoes of Arthur Miller’s odes to extraordinary tragedy amidst ordinary lives, such as Death of a Salesman. Or Tennessee William’s flawed and frustrated characters set within the heat of the South, like in The Glass Menagerie. Or in Sam Shepard’s plays – stories that show us that we cannot escape our culture or our family bonds. Once when asked why he wrote so much about family, Shepard answered: “What else is there?” To me, August: Osage County is also about THE American family: wounded and wounding. The ways in which we laugh together through tragedy. The ways in which we hurt each other. And the ways we support each other with a deep sympathy for our human failings. For despite the Weston family’s fierce vices and deep-rooted differences, they are bound tightly by blood, vows and a long damaged history. Some plays in Creede Repertory’s 50th Anniversary Season celebrate and honor the past. Some, the future. With August: Osage County we celebrate and honor the present. A play that speaks to how we live now with a family of artists who have devoted their artistic legacy to Creede, Mineral County and Colorado. It is an honor to give this play to you. - CHRISTY MONTOUR-LARSON



The play is named after a poem written by Howard Starks, which describes the death of a matriarch, her last moments with members of her family, moments in the family’s life and her burial next to her husband. The poem seems to be a meditation on the poet’s mother’s death, evocative of the Oklahoma landscape and the August heat. The last stanza feels very much like the landscape described by the characters in Letts’ play.


THE VALLEY COURIER CRT brings tourism dollars to the San Luis Valley. We support CRT because it supports the SLV. DOWNSTREAM GAS & MERCANTILE Downstream Gas & Mercantile is proud to be of service this summer. We work hard to keep our customers happy in everything we do. Stop in and check us out. This season, owners Bradley, Katlin, River and Stella Fullen are proud to sponsor August: Osage County.

Standing there, we look up from the dry clods and the durable grey stone,upwards, expectantly— westwards— where the clouds grow dark.

SAN JUAN SPORTS Open since 1974, San Juan Sports provides for all your outdoor sporting needs. As proud distributors of the finest outdoor products, San Juan Sports offers outdoor sporting equipment, clothing and shoes. Owners Michael and Amy McNeil, along with San Juan Sports staff, are proud to sponsor August: Osage County. Please check out our new website and join our mailing list at sanjuansports.com.


the shows


“I feel so grateful to have found CRT, and I feel so lucky to have been welcomed into CRT” - Actor Wren Green, 16 years old

Part I: Beginning

Wren’s love of CRT began five years ago in the mainstage theatre: “I had come up to see How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying at a time of great family stress. During those two hours, something happened - the experience of live theatre took me away, and it was wonderful. And then it got better. I joined The KID Show.”

Part II: Challenge

Wren points to her second year in The KID Show as being the time when she learned the most: “It was during my second year with The KID Show and the performance of John DiAntonio’s play, Alice in the Bookstore Palace, that Renee Prince challenged me to explore and understand my character. I learned how to trace the arc of my character; to question, “What would Alice run like? What is she running away from? What is she running towards?” By the end of the play, Alice was in a completely different stage of her life than from where she had started.”

Part III: Inspiration

Sitting in the audience, watching Alice/Wren grow, were Elise Backinger and Kent Strickland, two long-time supporters of CRT. “Something grabbed us about Alice in the Bookstore Palace two summers ago,” says Elise. “I was in tears at the end because of the beauty of the writing and the talent of the young people in the production. Wren Green played Alice with a lightness and maturity seldom seen in a young actor. Some time later in a board meeting it was announced that Wren would be appearing the following season in Annie Get Your Gun. Immediately, I thought a sponsorship would be encouraging to Wren and extremely gratifying to us. We could not be more pleased with how this notion worked out for all concerned.” Elise and Kent are also proud sponsors of August: Osage County and the amazing opportunity (and challenge!) it represents for Wren.

Part V: Gratitude

From Wren: “To Renee Prince, Thank you; I lept, and the net caught me. To John DiAntonio, Thank you for being my net. To Jessica Jackson and Ryan Prince, thank you for trusting me. To Elise Backinger, Kent Strickland and my mom, thank you for supporting me. To countless others, you made CRT feel like home. Thank you all.”

Part VI: Future

Wren is sixteen years old. Soon, she will be looking at colleges, making huge decisions, and continuing on her life’s journey. No matter where she goes though, CRT will always be with her. “I will take every bit of my CRT experience with me,” says Wren, “but the satisfaction of learning to persevere and to trust the creative process was more than I could have imagined.” Elise Backinger and Kent Strickland have no doubt that Wren is going to keep doing amazing things, and that CRT has given her tools to take her anywhere she wants to go. “We believe working on any and all aspects of a play gives one life skills.” Elise and Kent share, “Our hope is that Wren will continue with her gift and take the opportunity of CRT forward in her life. We are grateful to be a small part of Wren’s journey.” WE ARE CALLING ELISE AND KENT’S GIFT TO SUPPORT WREN’S WORK AND GROWTH AT CRT THE



Part IV: Fear

“The most influential thing that I have experienced at CRT is fear,” Wren confides. “Last year, during Annie Get Your Gun, I would be sitting in rehearsal wishing that the scene before mine would need more work and that we would run out of time and wouldn’t be able to work on my scenes. But then we would rehearse, and in a flash, it would be time to go. And then after opening night I was just so genuinely happy.”

RARE THINGS GALLERY OF TREAURES An eclectic gallery with a museum atmosphere, offering designer jewelry, antiques, fine art, woodwork, pottery, decorative arts, and wonderments of nature such as rocks, minerals, and fossils. Established in 1974, the gallery showcases one of a kind gemstone designs and horsehair work of the Inge Jewelry Collection.


the shows

Don’t be caught with your pants up. Keep this handy Boomtown schedule in your billfold. Or take a picture with your phone. Or memorize it. Whatever works. This is important to your life.



John DiAntonio Jessica Jackson Tosin Morohunfola Sean Thompson Graham Ward and more!


Adrian Egolf Brian Kusic Bethany Talley Emily Van Fleet Caitlin Wise



Tech Improviser Musical Improviser Scenic Design Lighting Design

Jean Egdorf Alexander Tom Elizabeth “Biz” Grim Mandy Kay Heath

WALL, SMITH, BATEMAN INC. Serving Colorado since 1974, this preeminent public accounting firm is guided by our mission to help our clients achieve financial success. We offer a full range of accounting services for individuals and businesses. SAN LUIS VALLEY FEDERAL BANK Since 1899 we’ve been a strong supporter of our community. As a mutual bank we have no stockholders, which allows us to invest more our success in our community. San Luis Valley Federal Bank

ANTLERS RIO GRANDE LODGE AND RESTAURANT Bordering national forest on a secluded bend of the Rio Grande, Antlers is known for its premier trout fishing waters and offers cabins, rooms, and RV spaces to the public. At day’s end, come enjoy fine dining in a leisurely atmosphere at the Riverside Restaurant. MDS WASTE & RECYCLE MDS Waste & Recycle was established in 1995. MDS services Creede, South Fork, Del Norte & Monte Vista. We offer Residential, Commercial, RollOff & Curbside Recycling Pick Ups.

FRI 7/3 FRI 7/10 FRI 7/17 SAT 7/25 FRI 7/31

FRI 8/7 THU 8/13 SA 8/22 FRI 8/28

10PM SAT 9/5 THU 9/10

FRI 9/18

TURNING ASPENS MASSAGE Turning Aspens Massage is owned and operated by Joanna Johnson, an avid supporter of Creede Rep! Jo has been offering quality bodywork to the Creede Community since 2001 and continues to offer enriching education for her clients and other professionals. !e Midwife, llc Heather Pollock Green





the shows





John DiAntonio, Jessica Jackson, Brian Kusic, Joe Montelione, Renee Prince, Graham Ward, & Caitlin Wise


Joe Montelione Chris Winneman Tamara M. Carruthers Mandy Kay Heath Dylan Martin Alexander Tom Jake Rollins


John DiAntonio Jessica Jackson Brian Kusic Tosin Morohunfola Graham Ward Caitlin Wise


Developed under CRT’s Headwaters New Play Program.

We are proud to devote the incredible artistic capacity of this company to creating shows like Pants on Fire. Live performance is unique in its ability to watch, listen, and respond to the audience. A cartoon may ask you a question, but it will never adapt to your answer. It is our goal that young audiences realize that their ideas matter and their voices can change the world. - Jessica Jackson

14) They’re not afraid to put a man in a dress



SAN LUIS VALLEY RURAL ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE San Luis Valley Rural Electric Cooperative, serving you since 1937, has been an ardent supporter of CRT for dozens of years. SLV-REC applauds the Theatre’s commitment to the arts and its patrons and is proud to sponsor Pants on Fire.






the shows

Johamy Morales and Anna Paniccia Dylan Martin Mandy Kay Heath Jake K. Harbour

Developed under CRT’s Headwaters New Play Program.

For 13 summers, professional artists have worked with local students to provide a safe, creative space to access their authentic voices, explore their unique gifts, and collaboratively devise a play that is exceptional in quality and innovative in form. Each participant is involved in every aspect of the play-making experience from first rehearsal to closing night.

This Year’s Show: BONES!

For three weeks students will explore storytelling through movement, vocal, and skeleton puppet work! Johamy Morales will be directing alongside Anna Paniccia, who is joining us from New York to share her puppeteer expertise! Young artists will have the opportunity to create, write, and perform an original play.

Meet Johamy Morales, CRT’s new Education Director! WHY ARE YOU PASSIONATE ABOUT THEATRE EDUCATION? My siblings and I are the first generation in my family to be born in the United States. Growing up as a young Mexican-American girl in southern California, I struggled not to become another statistic. Throughout my childhood I lived in a community where Hispanic women had a small window of opportunity to go to college due to lack of education. In 2009, I became the first generation in my entire family to receive a Masters Degree and I can honestly say that theatre kept me from becoming another statistic. Educational theatre opened a door of possibilities. More importantly it led me to my personal mission in helping, guiding, and mentoring others less privileged. I have seen and experienced the difference education and art can make in a young child’s life. Since I had the privilege of having an education it is my responsibility to share the knowledge with others. Let’s CREATE!

RECOGNITION for THE KID SHOW Second year running – finalist for the National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Awards, supported by Michelle Obama and the President’s Committee Recognized by Animating Democracy, a program of Americans for the Arts, for fostering social change through the arts SUPPORTED BY THE HITCHCOCK FOUNDATION AND SHEILA FORTUNE FOUNDATION

Join them in supporting Theatre Education at CRT — donate today!




the shows

Celebrating 32 years of bringing excellent theatre to schools throughout the Southwest! Each year this remarkable program tours a new play to over 20,000 kids in rural and underserved communities.




Developed under CRT’s Headwaters New Play Program.






This is the story of Nicolás, a young superhero in search of his inner strength. Along the way, he gets help from a colorful and hilarious collection of superheroes. Will Nicolás hone his superpower in time to defeat his nemesis, the dreaded Captain Cliffnote? Find out this fall!



Director Choreographer Stage Manager Set Designer Costume Designer Sound Designer Tour Manager Actors

Tosin Morohunfola Bethany Talley Dylan Martin Emmy Weldon Tamara M. Carruthers Jake Harbour Johamy Morales Justin Barron and Pancho Villegas


To support your community’s literacy endeavors, each student receives a free children’s book after our shows. For more information or to book this tour at a school near you, contact Education Director Johamy Morales 719-658-2540 x227 / johamy@creederep.com

A gift for the future!

Mary and Pat Sculley believe in the power of Education. “We are passionate about growing the reach of CRT’s education programs and having an impact on more children.” To ensure that CRT is able to reach over 20,000 young people through theatre year after year, the Sculley’s have committed to endowing CRT’s Education Programs. Thank you, Mary and Pat, from CRT and the young people who experience the power of live theatre!


Angie Hague 1/4 block 2015_Layout 1 2/12/15 1:40 PM Page 1



• ANGELA HAGUE Instructor Come and feel the space We are all artists in space, in feel, in form...





board of trustees

Endowment Campaign Priorities


Since 1966, Creede Repertory Theatre has been dedicated to telling stories that endure. Stories that transfix the imagination, capture the heart, challenge long-held certainties, and inspire action. Beautiful stories have been told on our stages for years, and there are many more to tell. Classic stories, contemporary stories, not-yet-written stories, stories for young audiences, and stories for new audiences. And most importantly, stories that endure. You have been an integral part of Creede Repertory Theatre’s success, and we invite you to set the stage for years to come. An endowment on par with other cultural institutions will allow CRT to maintain and enhance our programming. As a committed partner in our annual operating efforts, we ask you to join us in our effort to endow this important cultural organization and ensure that our theatre is here to inspire generations to come. With warm regard,

Catherine Augur, Executive Director Jessica Jackson, Artistic Director Morton Weir, Endowment Campaign Chair Richard Sloan, CRT Board of Trustees President

Our 2015 Board of Trustees RICK SLOAN

President Fairway, KS and Creede, CO


Senior Vice President Houston, TX and Lake City, CO


Vice President – Finance St. Charles, IL and Creede, CO

ELISE BACKINGER Secretary Salida, CO



Creede, CO and Denver, CO


El Paso, TX and Creede, CO

Denver, CO and South Fork, CO




Tucson, AZ and Lake City, CO


Vice President – Board Development Dallas, TX and South Fork, CO


Vice President – Development Champaign, IL and Lake City, CO

Santa Fe, NM

DIANE KNUTZON South Fork, CO and Denver, CO


Vice President – Facilities Iowa City, IA and one of these days, Creede, CO

GARY KRING Littleton, CO

Santa Fe, NM and Creede, CO


BARBARA TAYLOR Silver City, NM and Creede, CO

15) Love is all around! Countless romances have blossomed here. 16) They support new plays! They let us create!



John Arp – chef and proprietor of Arp’s — began performing with CRT in 2007 and has acted in 18 productions since then. During that time, John found time to attend culinary schools in Denver, Paris and Alba, Italy. His passion for acting is now matched by his passion for food and he is thrilled to open a restaurant a few doors down from what has become his summer theatre home. With the kitchen as his stage, John promises to bring wonder, excitement and a few surprises to each performance at Arp’s. This show is dedicated to Rhonda, who left it all behind to pour you some coffee and live in the mountains.

719-658-ARPS (2777) www.eatatarps.com DINE IN • TAKE OUT • GRAB AND GO • CATERING



Our donors have kept us going for 50 incredible years. To say thank you and to show our love, we offer unique, exciting, personal benefits at all levels of support.

SEASON SPONSOR $50,000+ • Friends of CRT Membership, complete with button • Recognition in Season Program • Two complimentary drink tickets to CRT concessions • One Season Art Poster • Complimentary admission to backstage tours • Unlimited free tickets to all of our plays • Invitation to sit in on a private rehearsal

• Private dinner with Artistic Director/ Playwright/Director/Actor • Invitation for two to all receptions and preview performances • Recognition as Season Sponsor in all print and web materials

PRODUCER $25,000 - 49,999

DIRECTOR $10,000 - 24,999

DESIGNER $5,000 - 9,999

• Friends of CRT Membership, complete with button • Recognition in Season Program • Two complimentary drink tickets to CRT concessions • One Season Art Poster • Complimentary admission to backstage tours • Two Season Flex Passes (8 tickets) • Invitation to sit in on a private rehearsal • Private dinner with Artistic DirectorPlaywrightDirector/Actor • Invitation for two to all receptions and preview performances

• Friends of CRT Membership, complete with button • Recognition in Season Program • Two complimentary drink tickets to CRT concessions • One Season Art Poster • Complimentary admission to backstage tours • Two Season Flex Passes (8 tickets) • Invitation to sit in on a private rehearsal • Private dinner with Artistic Director/Playwright/Director/Actor

• Friends of CRT Membership, complete with button • Recognition in Season Program • Two complimentary drink tickets to CRT concessions • One Season Art Poster • Complimentary admission to backstage tours • Two Season Flex Passes (8 tickets) • Invitation to sit in on a private rehearsal





$1,000 - 2,499

$500 - 999

• Friends of CRT Membership, complete with button • Recognition in Season Program • Two complimentary drink tickets to CRT concessions • One Season Art Poster • One Season Flex Pass (4 tickets)

• Friends of CRT Membership, complete with button • Recognition in Season Program • Two complimentary drink tickets to CRT concessions • One Season Art Poster



$100 - 499

• Friends of CRT Membership, complete with button • Recognition in Season Program • Two complimentary drink tickets to CRT concessions




CHOREOGRAPER $2,500 - 4,999 • Friends of CRT Membership, complete with button • Recognition in Season Program • Two complimentary drink tickets to CRT concessions • One Season Art Poster • Complimentary admission to backstage tours • Two Season Flex Passes (8 tickets)


want to join in the $1 - 99

• Friends of CRT Membership,

complete with button



Contact Maggie Schlundt, Associate Director of Development 719/658-2540 x231 maggie@creederep.com



Every donor is a friend!

Gifts to Creede Repertory Theatre April 1, 2014- March 31, 2015









The Hoglund Foundation Anonymous


$25,000- $49,999

Krueger Charitable Foundation


$10,000- $24,999 Antlers Guest Ranch Jerry and Karyn DeVault Ruth H. Brown Foundation Chuck and Kay Harbert Peggy Longwood Lamb Pete and Lindsey Leavell Mary Lee Pinkerton Schramm Foundation Shubert Foundation Bob and Dixie Slater Bill and Teri Smith


THANK YOU for getting us to 50 years!

$5,000– $9,999

Anonymous Anschutz Family Foundation Bieber Family Foundation Bob and Kay Carrel City of Creede, Virginia Christensen Trust Colorado Tourism Office Desert Sun Motors El Pomar Foundation First Southwest Bank Joan Green Jeffrey Terrence and Polly Jones Jim and Diane Knutzon Jane MacPherson Mineral County Lodging Tax Tourism Fund Panel Jim and Arlene Payne Quiller Gallery The RLC Foundation Pat and Mary Sculley Monica Shilling Rick and Diane Sloan Mort and Cecelia Weir Ron V. and Sandra Yates


$2,500 - $4,999

Avery and Cat Augur Elise Backinger and Kent Strickland Del Norte Bank Bob and Robin Brobst Broken Arrow Ranch and Land Company Jim and Irene Brown Jenna Ford Creede America Group Dr. James Harding Frank and Kathy Ikard Kerr Foundation Kips Grill & Cantina David and Margaret Knowlton Phil and Teresa Lack Larry and Pam Lewis Miners & Merchants Bank Monte Vista Cooperative Charles Nearburg Richard and Gwen Powell Chuck and Patti Powers Michael and Lanette Quint Rare Things Gallery of Treasures San Juan Sports San Luis Valley Federal Bank San Luis Valley Rural Electric Cooperative Sheila Fortune Foundation

Richard and Norma Small Jay Smith and Jenny Leavell Sunny Valley Farms, Inc. Tomkins Hardware


$1,000 - $2,499

Charlene and George Ameel Tim and Diana Anderson Steve and Mary Beckham Katherine Brennand and Chris Cummings John and Carlyn Bryngelson Harlan and Robin Butt James and Jean Carson Chris and Marjorie Corcoran Creede Community Foundation Susie Davis Doug and Ginni Davlin Thomas and Shirley Day Paul Day-Lucore Ray and Ellen Deaver Shelly Dee Tom and Linda DuBose Barbara Elliott Daryl and Alicia Grant Ric and Vicki Green Steve Hall and Bev Chapman Ed Hargraves Paul and Jennifer Harrison Warren Hemphill Dale and Beverly Hettinger Sally and Forrest Hoglund Holy Moses Gift Shop Ed and Paige Innerarity, Jr. Paul James Ron and Mary Sue Johnson Harold and Kay Kelloff Gary and Jolinda Kring Charles and Kay Lancaster Carolyn Lamb and Steve Reed Dr. and Mrs. Robert Larkins Maurice, Trary, Genevieve and Kieran LaMee Stan and Julie Lentz Jim Loud and Jan Crawford Jim and Dorothy Lynch Mineral County Gary L. Mitchell Gary and Beverly Moore Larry Morgan and Julie Kushner Manuel Zarate and Ann Pittman Don and Janie, Ben, and Anne Quint Charles and Jackie Railsback Lynn Russell Bob and Sharon Seago Rita and Roger Shenkel

Susanne C. Shutz Dyan Sublett and Alan Echeverria Floyd and Bean Sulser Tom and Jane Swanson Windsor Hotel & Restaurant

> LEADING ROLES $500–$ 999

Arbor House Inn Bed & Breakfast on the River Harry and Julie Augur Tom and Genny Basler Andre and Annita Bens Jean Bethke Judith Blanch Sheila Brown Tom and Pat Brummett David Buffington John and Boone Bullington Paula and Steve DiAntonio Keith R. Cerny & Debra Sowards-Cerny David Clark Creede Olive Oil Company Scott and Gretchen Davis Betsy and Bob Flynn Larry and Roz Gibel Ernest and Debra Gomez Fred and Carol Grover Joel Hart Becki and Keith Helmstetler Inge Foundation Amy Jackson Nagle and Sandy Jackson Sam and Wanda Keith Stephen Kiely Carol Krueger Patrick MacDonald Mariah MacLennan John and Betty Martin John and Barbara McClure Mary Jo Merkley State Farm Insurance Agency Mineral County Chamber of Commerce B.J. Myers and Bill Kuhlke Richard and Jane Nearing Randy Nicholson and Cary Bush David and Suzanne Nutt Off Broadway Richard and Catherine Ormsby Mandy Patinkin and Kathryn Grody Marta and Steve Quiller Richard and Jean Ramstetter Lori And Shawn Reed Ron and Jennifer Roberts Jonny and Cynthia Rodriguez


Creede Repertory Theatre’s 50th season is made possible through the generous support of the following sponsors: ANSCHUTZ FAMILY FOUNATION The Anschutz Family Foundation supports Colorado nonprofit organizations that assist people to help themselves while nurturing and preserving their self-respect. There is a special interest in self-sufficiency, community development and programs aimed at the economically disadvantaged, the young, the elderly and the disabled. The Foundation is also dedicated to funding efforts in rural Colorado.

COLORADO TOURISM OFFICE The Colorado Tourism Office (CTO) was created in 2000 to promote Colorado as a tourism destination. A board of directors oversees the CTO and is compromised of fifteen individuals from hotel, restaurant, attraction and other tourism-related businesses as well as Colorado legislators. Colorado.com is the official tourism website for the State of Colorado.

EL POMAR FOUNDATION El Pomar Foundation, based in Colorado Springs, is one of the largest and oldest private foundations in the Rocky Mountain West. El Pomar contributes approximately $20 Million annually through grants and programs to support Colorado nonprofit organizations involved in health, human services, education, arts and humanities, and civic and community initiatives. Spencer and Julie Penrose founded El Pomar in 1937.



> SUPPORTING ROLES $100 - $499


Anonymous Margaret Acton Susan and Al Adams Gary and Kit Aguren John Allison Sara R. Alt Paul and Rebecca Appel Adolph and Pat Assenheimer Adrienne Atencio Justin and Elizabeth Bailey Lee Ann Bakros Subra Balan Rebecca Balding Joel and Pat Barker Herbert and Christy Barnes Jeannette Barnes David Basler and Amanda Keen Basler Richard and Sherry Batman Kathleen Beeton John Beier Milt and Rene Benham Rita Bennett William Carden and Pamela Berlin John and Alice Berry Kenneth and Barbara Bishop Bill and Nancy Blackford Brian D. Blankenship Douglas Blondin Elaine Blumenhein Tom and Charlotte Bobicki Ray and Raena Borth Douglas Bradbury Melinda And Terry Bradshaw Rick and Carla Branda Laura and Mark Brandt Wynne Breeden Charles and Carolyn Brown Chris Brown Family Mr. and Mrs. William F. Brown Bill and Barbara Browning Richard and Vicki Brownrigg Mike and Barb Bruni David and Glenda Buhrmann Fred Bunch Lauren Bussey Will Burt Ed and Becky Campbell Elizabeth Caplan Kurt and Lea Carleton Jim and Molly Carpenter The Marc Cavit Family

Marie Celino Center School District Robin Charlesworth Kay and David Cherry Damian and Thea Cheshire Tom and Dorothy Childers John and Joann Churchill Carl and Marge Clark Coffee on the Fly Creede Chiropractic and Kinesiology Clinic Carrol and Susan Cross Anne T. and Henry B. Coker Oral and Kathryn Cooper Jack and Mabel Cotton Glyndal and Kathy Cowan Jan Coyle Roger and Lisa Epps Dade Bill and Cecilia Dail Marty and Darlene Danko Rudy and Andie Davison Kathy and Jim Dawson Britt Dean Rio de la Vista Ray Dellenbaugh David and Elizabeth Dennis Lucretia A. Flammang and Scott P. Deshong Warner and Helen Dewey Rod and Sandy Deyoe Bill and Lori Dooley Rita Odom and Clyde Dooley Susan Drummond Harvey and Kathy DuChene Christopher Durall Don and Leslie Dustin Wayne Edelman Christina Egolf Sue Ehrgood Kathy and Ken Ellison Darren Ellisor and Family Rick & Kathy Ellithorpe Di and Jim Erickson Logan Ernstthal Verdi Erwin Jonathan Ezequelle Joyce and Tom Faris Bill and Tami Fassett Chas and Bear Ferris Leland and Brenda Fillenwarth Brandon Fimple Kathy E. Fisher Marlene and Mike Fishman Vickie Ford Laurae Fortner-Welch Robert Foster Mike and Ann Fox Debbie Francis Susie and Paul Franke Glenda Franson Michael Freed Dick and Sigrid Freese Charles and Joyce Freuden David and Lael Fruen Friends from Albuquerque Peggy Friesen Don and Diane Fullrich Keith and Mary Gallistel Bruce and Linda Gardiner Dennis and Carey Gardner Julia and Michael Garratt Sarah Garrett Sidney and Caleb Gates


The Eleanor and Henry Hitchcock Charitable Foundation is proud to support The KID Show for the 2015 season. Now in its 13th year, The KID Show is created and performed by local youth in collaboration with CRT professionals.

Fred and Sharon Gauthier Bonnie and Leon Geis K.R. and Sherri George Dan and Peggy Gerlach Amy Getz Melvin E. Getz Judith Morgan Gharis Robert and Rhonda Glover Gaines L. Godfrey Melissa Walker and Les Goss Jeff and Debbie Green Ruthanna Hall Darrell and Jean Hamilton Lynn and Judy Hancock Bettie K. Hanse Betty Harper Mike and Stephanie Harper Mary Elizabeth Hartley Shirley Hathorn Richard L. Hay Gary Hayes William and Marlene Hayes Steve and Cynthia Haynes Bruce and Parry Heath Kurt Heldstab Richard Heldstab Roy and Linda Helms Hal and Loydene Helmstetler Wyatt and Karen Henderson Mary and Ann Henderson Williams Marilyn Henne Carl and JoAnn Hill George Hoffman and Lonnie Sweet Don and Rosemary Hollenshead Bob and Marguerite Holt John and Chick Hood Dave and Eloise Hooper Polly Houston Cheryll Faust and Hillard Howard Robert C. Howenstine Bob and Billie Huddleston Carol and Richard Hunter David and Lynn Hurst David and Lisa Hutson Rick and Teri Inman Jobie Irvine Joanne and Karl Irons John and Jan Ison Barbara and Carl Ivey Jeni Jack-Goodwin Jan Jacobs Brigit and Jorg Jansen Gary and Joyce Johnson Rheuben Johnson and Evelyn Gant Stan Johnson Charles and Carol Jones Cheryl Jones Jerry Jones Jane and Elwyn Jones John and Sara Joynes Judy and Ed Judkins Cynthia & Ed Kahn Kerri Kansas Diana Kelly Susan N. Kelly Jim and Cindy Keen Dr. Joe and Rosemary Kiehn Ellis and Marcy Kirks Courtney Klager Robert and Shirley Knox Douglas and Judy Knudson Arnold and Michelle Korenek Julie Kove

Jim and Christine Kraft Dave Krueger Daniel Kushmaul Brian Kusic John and Ann Kusic Ken and Hazel Kutac R. Scott Lamb Katherine Shand Larkin Beverly Larson Randolph Lawrence Sam Leake Patrick Leary Patrick and Martha Leary Barbara Leichty St. John Rebecca Lennahan Karren Little Jim and Denise Livingston Leigh Lobato Dorothy Long Gail Longfellow Bill and Lynette Lord Kem and Junko Lowry Dana and Bob Lozano Lux Consulting Group Paul and Susan Lyon Doug MacHatton Gordon and Lovina Mack Joan Markle Tita Louise Martinez Randall and Lyn Mason Timothy Mason Cecelia Matson and Jack Armitage Mr. and Mrs. Robert Matthews Bud and Sandy May Sam McAlees and Mary Hudson Lynn McCanse Dane M. Smith and Norma McClure John F and Susan J. McClure Jeremy and Emily Lentz McComas Family Samantha McCoy Richard and Marilyn McCullough Susan McCullough David and Elaine McDowell Wayne and Barbara McEndree Frank Fransioli and Eileen McGinnity Polly and Bob McLaughlin Allan and Clare McLean Natalie McLeod Cecilia McNeel Ted and Judy McNeilsmith Heather and Paul Medure Darren Melameth Paula and Jeffrey Menten Ann Meyer Bruce and Sharon Meyer Clifton Meyer Larry and Helen Miles Bill Jeffreys and Christina Miller Irv and Karen Miller David and Ann Millican Dan and Nancy Milski Dan and Ali Mitchell James Mobberley and Laura Moore Stephanie Moffett Hynds and Stan Hynds Monte Vista Rotary S.D. Moore Monte and Patsy Moore Brian and Jan Morris


Harold and Margaret Rominger Roena Rowe June Russell & Bob Ulrich Melissa Rivera Saake Linda and Gary Sandstrom Tom and Karyl Scarlett Tom Schrandt Beach and Lee Ann Snyder Barbara Kline Taylor Kim Hargraves Tyrrell and Todd Tyrrell Don and Ruth Ulm Alex Valdez Wall, Smith, Bateman & Associates David and Suzanne Wallace Edith Wilson John Wilson Patrick and Andrea Woods


Irene and Jim Brown came to the Creede area in 2001 from Champaign, Illinois. The continuously amazing actors, staff and playwrights of the Creede Repertory Theatre have elevated their love for this art form and appreciation for the power of “rep”. The Browns have actively supported CRT over the years with Jim currently serving on the Board of Trustees.

KERR FOUNDATION The Kerr Foundation, Inc., is a nonprofit charitable and educational Oklahoma corporation, established to identify and support 501(c)3 organizations, programs and institutions that provide new or enhanced opportunities for those within their granting areas, particularly the young.




Glenn Mortimer Lee Crone Moyer John and Janet Mulay Ed and Joan Mullaney Dot and Barney Mulligan Pat and Kay Murphy Jackie Murrah Dave and Zoe Myers Thomas Naegele Ken and Carolyn Nall Chuck and Tiffany Neal Ed and Mary Nettleton Mr. and Mrs. R. Sells Neuhaus Neal and Carolyn Newman David and Molly Niven K. Nixon Kathy and Jim Nolan JB and Chesta Norton Mary O’Donnell Kelli and Albert O’Leary Patrick and Brenda Oenbring Cory and Tami Off Hal and Dot Olson Norman and Connee Onnen Beth Ozyp Shelley Parham Sharron Pasma William Pasma Hunt and Charlotte C. Peacock Joan and Anthony Peressini John and Marti Peterson Scott Peters Family Frederick C. Horn and Melanie Pittner Anne and Dale Pizel Murry Polk Lisby and Dan Pollock Alton and Jane Pope Dr. and Mrs. John C Quicker Jan and John Ramsay Brenda and Dick Ray Jack and Caroline Raymond Damian and Michelle Richardson Kristy Hoglund Robinson Alan and Ann Robson Malcolm R. and Joan Rodger Dick and Mary Ann Rogers Sterling and Erline Roig David Ross Max and Alice Royalty

Pesha Rudnick Neil and Elise Rudolph Aline Gonzales and Joshua Saiz Jessie Salsbury Helen Scott Santilli Erik and Beverly Sandvik Chuck and Lucy Sargent John Savage Sherald Schaaf Betty L. Schaak Mike and Pat Schiff Kent Schlundt Maggie Schlundt Robin Schlundt Dan and Jan Schmidt Dorothy and Will Schmidt Joe and Laura Schneider Bob and Bonnie Siddons Jim Simandl Janet and Larry Sims Scott and Kami Sjoberg John and Martha Smith William Dean Smith Dean and Terry Snodgrass Carol Snyder Carol Spitz Karlene and Ed Spivak Ryan and Jeanette Splawn Edward and Donna Spray Bob and Arlene Stein Lynn Steinhagen Jim and Connie Stiegler Bob and Mary Stigall Herb Stipe Stout Hardwood Floor Co., Inc. Cheryl Streams Mike and Lynn Surovik Ken and Janet Taht Ann H. Tatnall Brian and Courtney Taylor Sandy Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Floyd and Karen Tempfel Nancy Tetenbaum Neil and Betty Thomas Tommy and Kathy Thompson Chuck and Barbara Tidd Bill and Clarice Tidyman David and Mary Tilney Gretchen Tinkle


The Krueger Charitable Foundation’s commitment has been instrumental in supporting the literacy component of CRT’s Young Audience Outreach Tour. Their gifts make it possible for CRT to give a children’s book to each of our young audience members after tour performances. We hand out close to 25,000 books each year because of the Krueger Foundation’s generous support.

Judy and Ralph Trickey Kim and Yen Touysinhthiphonexay Fred Tucker Olin and Jessica Tunnell Pamela and John Tumler Sherry Scallan and Jim Turnbull Judi Price and William Ulch Bettye Wallace Jeannie and Steve Wheeldon Allen and Judith Valentine Tim and Jerrye Van Leer Jack and Catherine Threet Steven and Karla Van Treese Phyillis Vandehaar Thomas and Susan Vaughn Bob and Becky Vickers Phil and Carolyn Virden Debbie Wagner Steve and Jane Wardlaw Mike and Kay Warrick Richard Watson and Brenda Ganoe Tobi Watson Leo G. and Nancy Werneke James Whiting Debbie and Paul Whitmore Virginia and Ronald Wilson Wilson Rio Grande Ranch Robert and Debbie Winegar Christy Lentz and Paul Winterhoff Jane Wise Rod and Sandy Wisley Joan Wofford Kathryn Wolfe Ann Wolter Aurilla Woodburn Richard Worm Worthen Family Jack and Judy Wright Tom and Denise Wright R. Deane and Esther Wymer Steve and Valinda Yarberry Jon Young Randy and Helen Zaleski Nancy Zeller Mark and Sheila Zipse

> UNDERSTUDIES $99 and under

We were delighted, excited, and blown away by the generosity of

SHEILA FORTUNE FOUNDATION The Sheila Fortune Foundation was formed in 1998 by Sheila Fortune to promote the interests of at-risk youths by providing them the opportunity to experience and participate in educational activities involving the arts. The Foundation holds the philosophy that many youths from all backgrounds and experiences are gifted but need a medium and the opportunity to express and develop their talents.

our patrons and friends last year. 363 donors gave $99 dollars or less, totaling $9,010.64! We want to give them all a big thank-you hug. CRT has the best fans!


Cascada Bar & Grill Cathy Getz Elise Backinger and Kent Strickland Kathy Jennings Maggie Schlundt Maurice, Trary, Genevieve and Kieran LaMee Phillip Virden Ryan Prince Susan Drummond 4UR Ranch Cat and Avery Augur Paul Stone Chere Waters Adam Bartley Big River Music Jo Johnson Mountain Man Rafting Jan and John Ramsay Tommyknocker Tavern Antlers Guest Ranch Bob and Dixie Slater Diane and Jim Knutzon Quiller Gallery Rare Things Gallery of Treasures Bill and Teri Smith Off Broadway Creede Baptist Church


These wonderful people take your tickets, show you to your seats, and do the unglamorous (but important!) work that keeps CRT running. SuAnne Aday Elaine Barber Tom and Genny Basler Bill and Nancy Blackford Wood and Kathy Bouldin Jan Coyle Agnes Davis Lara Davison Bill and Charlotte Denson

SHUBERT FOUNDATION The Shubert Foundation is a national foundation based in New York City, dedicated to supporting the performing arts in the United States, primarily theatre companies and secondarily, dance companies.


Members of the Legacy Circle include those individuals who have made a commitment to the future of the Theatre through an estate gift. George and Charlene Ameel Elise Backinger and Kent Stickland Chuck Barnes David and Amanda Basler Phil and Jean Bethke Katherine Brennand Cody Cosmic Alan Echeverria and Dyan Sublett Melvin and Camille Getz Dr. Jessie Gilmer Becki and Keith Helmstetler Lynna Jackson Rhonda Jantzen Dr. Merl and Kathy Jennings Phil and Teresa Lack Drs. Ed and Minnie Lee Lancaster Stan and Julie Lentz Maurice LaMee and Trary Maddalone Gary Mitchell B.J. Myers and William Kuhlke Randy Nicholson and Cary Bush Richard and Catherine Ormsby Mary Lee Pinkerton Barbara Roughton Bob and Dixie Slater Rick and Diane Sloan Bill and Teri Smith Candice Tatum Kim Hargraves Tyrell and Todd Tyrell Don and Ruth Ulm Ed and Betty Wheatley Tristan Wilson and Peggy Pharr Wilson


We can enhance our quality and expand our programs if we can build and maintain an endowment that provides funding in perpetuity. These forward-thinking friends have given to the endowment fund, supporting all fundamental aspects of the Creede Repertory Theatre experience. Learn more on page 41. Anonymous Katherine Brennand and Chris Cummings Jim and Irene Brown Ken and Martha Bruner Foundation Bob and Kay Carrel Lin Driscoll and Associates Melvin and Camille Getz The Hoglund Foundation The John David Lentz Memorial Fund Terre and Polly Jones Gary and Jodee Kring Pete and Lindsey Leavell Mary Lee Pinkerton Dick and Gwen Powell Pat and Mary Sculley Rick and Diane Sloan Bill and Teri Smith Jay Smith and Jenny Leavell Mort and Cecelia Weir Michael and Roni Wisdom


Frank and Lorrayne Dubbs Robert and Peggy Goodwin Daryl Grant Kenneth Hardwick Diana Smith Jon and Angela Harshaw Connie and Mark Herbert Kathy Jennings Beverly Larson Linda Levesquq Christine and Duane Lietzke Jim Loud and Jan Crawford Mariah MacLennan John and Judith Mattingly Jim and Fran McKinney Jamie and Fred McLeroy Watt and Jackie Murrah Kathy and Jim Nolan Jeff and Hallie Owsley Tom Oyler Charlotte Peacock Elle Saucedo Karen Scheer Ann and Rex Mobley Vickie Moore Josh Newman Kate and Troy Singleton Heidi Sloan Myrna Swift Barbara Taylor Judy Thomeczek Mary Tighe Betty Tucker Charles and Linda Utz Jim and Jenny Van Ry Jay Vaughn Chuck and Patsy Weems Ed and Betty Wheatley Richard and Roberta Williams



Desiring to secure the financial stability of CRT, Ralph and Peggy Lamb established the Ralph & Peggy Lamb Endowment Fund in 1993, paving the way for the creation of the CRT endowment. The leadership and vision of Ralph and Peggy will forever provide a rich cultural legacy for Creede and its community of visitors. Peggy Longwood Lamb contributes to the Endowment Fund annually and also generously supports CRT through play sponsorship.

VIRGINIA CHRISTENSEN TRUST & THE CITY OF CREEDE As a means of celebrating the good times her husband Emil spent in and around Creede, Virginia Christensen bequeathed $3 million dollars to the city of Creede. As beneficiaries of the charitable trust, the city helps support recreational activities in the town through annual grants.

TCG Creede Repertory Theatre is a participant in the Leadership U: Continuing Ed program, funded by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and administered by Theatre Communications Group, the national organization for the professional not-forprofit American theatre.

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in honor:


SHELDON KUSHNER Larry Morgan and Julie Kushner

AL AND MARIE BIRDSEY Charles and Kay Lancaster

MARGARET MCCRONE LAMB Charles and Kay Lancaster


JIM AND HOWARD LAMB Richard and Leane Thornberry


HUGH J. COPELAND Steve and Valina Yarberry

DRS. ED AND MINNIE LEE LANCASTER Charles and Kay Lancaster


LAURA Anonymous

W. H. BEIER John Beier

JOE MANNING III Jim and Molly Carpenter

KATE BERRY Jessica Salsbury

GENE MOORE Donald and Diane Fullrich

JOHN O. BULLINGTON Mr. and Mrs. R. Sells Neuhaus

PATRICK MURPHY Pat and Kay Murphy


MICHAEL COYLE Jan Coyle NANCY CHRISTENSEN Kathy Christensen RON DAVIS Susie Davis MARGE AND EARL DEACON Charles and Kay Lancaster BOB EDWARDS Shawn and Carly Showman Gary or Janice Strub Debra M Clark Conservator Charles and Mary K. Potter Anita Swanson Fine Art of Family Dentistry, PA Floyd and Karen Tempfel Jan Jacobs LYNDA EASTER Paul and Jennifer Harrison ROBERT GARRETT Sarah Garrett GARY WAYNE HAMMETT-LAIR Linda and Gary Sandstrom PEGGY B. GREEN Joan Green Jeffrey BOB AND JANE HABENSTEIN Charles and Kay Lancaster BILLY C. HARDING Shelly Tarter NADEAN HARSHAW Jon and Angela Harshaw LIZ HEMPHILL Warren Hemphill LANCE HEWETT 1966-67 Charles and Kay Lancaster MARK HOUSTON Polly Houston HOMER AND NINA JACOB Martin and Laura Sinise DAVID DENISON KLAGER Courtney and Karol Klager IRVIN AND ELLY KNUTZON Jim and Diane Knutzon BILL KRUEGER Carol Krueger

SHIRLEY PAYSSE Rod and Sandy Deyoe DON QUINT, SR. Michael and Lynette Quint WADE RICHARDSON Warren Hemphill VIRGIE SCHAAF Sherald Schaaf GINGER SHIRA Jim and Diane Knutzon JOHN B. SMITH Joseph and Cynthia Rodriguez CHRIS AND JENNY STIEGLER Jim and Connie Stiegler

IN HONOR OF THE 1966 CRT COMPANY Charles and Kay Lancaster

KEN BURT Will Burt



Gary Mitchell


JOHN DIANTONIO AND CAITLIN WISE Paula and Steve DiAntonio Gary and Beverly Moore



NELL WYLEY Rita Odom and Clyde Dooley Doug and Ginni Davlin Charles and Kay Lancaster

STAN AND JULIE LENTZ Marlene and Mike Fishman

RUSSELL COWMAN Jacquelyn and Guston Browning

MARY THOM Charles and Kay Lancaster


MAURICE LAMEE Dorothy Horrell


RON DAVIS Susie Davis


MARTA KNUDSON Doug and Judy Knudson

JEFF CAREY Cynthia and Ed Kahn

TRACIE TEMPFEL Floyd and Karen Temfel

CHARLES WALDRON Ron V. and Sandra Yates

COURTNEY KLAGER Doug and Nancy Reese

OUR GRANDCHILDREN Beach and Lee Ann Snyder

DR. ROBERT E. TAYLOR Barbara Taylor

LEN AND GRACE VAN RY Jim and Jenny Van Ry

JUDY AND ED JUDKINS Gary and Linda Sandstrom

KENNY C. BURT Gary and Jodee Kring

WARNER AND HELEN DEWEY Ron V. and Sandra Yates


Gary and Linda Sandstrom ED HARGRAVES

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GARY AND LINDA SANDSTROM Anonymous Judy and Ed Judkins JEFF AND MARY LOU SCHLEDER Hal and Dot Olson RICK SLOAN Lynn McCanse RICK AND DIANE SLOAN David and Molly Niven Susan and Al Adams PAUL STONE Anonymous Richard L. Hay EMILY VAN FLEET Daniel Kushmaul



SALLY HOGLUND Debbie Francis


Marc and Vicki Cavit


in memory:


David Wallace


17) Thanks to John and Caitlin DiAntonio, they seem to fly on trapeze a lot 18) Their audiences actually turn their cell phones off



40 years of christy brandt Last year, we celebrated the 40th year that Christy Brandt has been sharing her incredible talents with CRT. It was also the 40th year her husband, John Gary Brown, has been the theatre’s company photographer. Many people gave to honor their work. Anonymous Michael Freed Jan Johnson Paul K Schulte Mary Somerville Graham and Virginia Taylor Mary and Ann Henderson Williams Tom and Denise Wright Ron and Sandra Yates Roberta Hemphill Kristy Hoglund Robinson Stephanie Moffett Hynds and Stan Hynds Darren Melameth Jane Wise

Cheryll Faust and Hillard Howard Pete and Lindsey Leavell Ray & Deb Rowden Rick and Teri Inman Richard and Jane Nearing Charles and Carol Jones Bob and Rae McMillan Doug and Stephanie Ouren Jerry L. Phillips Kenneth and Barbara Bishop Bill Jeffreys and Christina Miller Paula and Steve DiAntonio William and Marlene Hayes Ed and Joan Mullaney Tobi Watson

Stan and Julie Lentz Michael Nash James and Jean Carson Carol Krueger Jim and Karen Carns Terrence and Polly Jones Herbert and Christy Barnes Sam and Wanda Keith Gary and Beverly Moore John and Janet Mulay Judy Thomeczek David and Suzanne Nutt Peggy Friesen Beach and Lee Ann Snyder Harold and Margaret Rominger

john david lentz memorial fund

John David Lentz was a much-beloved company member at Creede Repertory Theatre in 1992. After the conclusion of the season, he travelled to San Diego where he was enrolled in the Master of Fine Arts program at the University of San Diego. John completed his MFA requirements on April 29, 1994, but was killed in a random shooting in Balboa Park on May 1, 1994. Twenty-one years later, he is still sorely missed, but his legacy lives on through the John David Lentz Memorial Fund at CRT. This summer, the Fund has chosen to sponsor Ghost Light. The Sandra Adkisson Charitable Trust Cat and Avery Augur Tom and Genny Basler David Basler and Amanda Keen Basler Milt and Rene Benham Bill and Nancy Blackford Judy Blanch Doug and Lura Brandt Tom and Pat Brummett Patrick and Beverly Dooley Barbara Elliott Kathy and Ken Ellison Logan Ernstthal

Mike and Marlene Fishman Mary and Keith Gallistel Jeff and Debbie Green Chuck and Kay Harbert Ed Hargraves Warren Hemphill Don and Rosemary Hollenshead Ron and Mary Sue Johnson Jim and Cindy Keen Robert and Shirley Ann Knox Maurice, Trary, Genevieve and Kieran LaMee Phil and Teresa Lack Stan and Julie Lentz

Jeremy and Emily Lentz McComas Family Margaret and Steve Martin Kathy and Jim Nolan The Ocampo Family Rich and Cathy Ormsby Anne and Dale Pizel Caroline and Jack Raymond David Ross Monica Shilling William and Teryn Smith Sarah and Larry Spellman Floyd and Bean Sulser

19) You can see their actors transform for many roles throughout a season – a sharp shooting gal one night, a French aristocrat the next.



Rusty Charlie and others - Guys and Dolls Various - Our Town Nicolas - Reading! And Other Superpowers (Young Audience Outreach Tour) Justin Barron is stoked to be making his CRT debut in their 50th season! Justin is a Kansas City native and recently graduated from University of Central Missouri with a BFA in Musical Theatre. Kansas City credits include: South Pacific and Guys and Dolls (Musical Theater Heritage), Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Musical (Coterie), and The King and I (Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre). Much love and thanks to Deanna, Mom, Dad, Jessica, Josh and Nana!


General Cartwright - Guys and Dolls Poker Alice - Ghost Light Mattie Fae Aiken - August: Osage County Christy is so happy to be at CRT for her 41st season. She has appeared in more than 120 plays at CRT and some of her recent favorites include, The Last Romance, The Secret Affairs of Mildred Wild, The Language of Trees and The Road To Mecca, for which she was named “best actress in a drama, 2011” by the Denver Post. A few of her other favorite rolls at CRT include Kimberly in Kimberly Akimbo, Nora in A Doll’s House, Kate in The Cripple Of Inishmaan, Meg in Crimes of the Heart, Virginia in Three Viewings, Marjorie in This Day and Age, Princess Puffer in The Mystery of Edwin Drood, Bunny Flingus in The House of Blue Leaves, and Princess Winnifred in Once Upon a Mattress. She co-authored and performed in Six Women With Brain Death or Expiring Minds Want to Know, a musical that ran for over two decades across the country and she has appeared in Ang Lee’s Ride With The Devil, and The Sublime and Beautiful, which was recently shown at many film festivals. She has worked at the Coterie Theater in Kansas City and the South Carolina Repertory Theater, but CRT has been her professional home since 1973. She and her husband John Gary Brown, CRT photographer and wellknown professional artist, were happily married on the CRT stage in 1981 and share a home in Creede with two other couples.


Flo - Ghost Light Violet Weston - August: Osage County Happy BIG Anniversary to CRT, from another ol’ gal. She beat CRT in age but not summer seasons: 2015 being her 14th. She feels especially blessed to do MOSTLY comedies, including The Imaginary Invalid, Mrs. Mannerly, The Last Romance, Noises Off, The Nerd and Snake in the Grass (oh, maybe not so funny). It has been a joy being part of this family and she thanks her instructors at The National Theatre Conservatory, her fellow castmates and directors, and especially the playwrights for creating a solid foundation of experience and advice on which to build a character. Hi, Uta! Annie has worked at many other fabulous theatres such as Denver Center Theatre Company as a student (Mrs. Wainwright in The Grapes of Wrath, Mrs. Cratchit in A Christmas Carol) but she still had to audition for those roles! Also in Colorado: The Arvada Center, The Lonetree Theatre, Colorado Shakes (Volumnia in Coriolanus, Mrs. Malaprop in The Rivals); Mizel Children’s Theatre; and the good old Germinal Stage, the old Changing Scene, you name it! Out of state: The Commonweal Theatre in Minnesota (5 years), and Montana Shakespeare in the Parks (Lady MacBeth!!). Otherwise Annie prefers to hide in Creede in the winter and lay around waiting for the next season. But she has a GREAT dog, Herc and cat, Mars, to keep her company. She couldn’t list everything, so plays or places not listed, please don’t be offended. She has been in A Christmas Carol at four different companies and still loves that story! God Bless You, everyone.


company bios


Benny Southstreet and others Guys and Dolls Percy - Ghost Light Various - Our Town Spencer was born in Wyoming but grew up in Lexington, Kentucky where he sang in choirs, got an early start in theater by playing a carrot and, of course, cheered on the University of Kentucky basketball team. Spencer has two Master’s degrees – a Master’s in Communications from UK and most recently an MFA in Acting and Directing from UMKC. In between stints at grad school, Spencer spent ten years teaching at different universities and community colleges in Kentucky and New York City - including the University of Kentucky, Fordham University, and the Bronx Community College. While living in Kentucky, along with performing with several theaters, he helped create a summer theater-training program for young people and ran a summer program for at-risk kids. Since restarting his acting career, Spencer has worked with Riverside Theatre in Iowa City, Kansas City Rep and the Coterie.


Guy - Good on Paper Soapy Smith - Ghost Light Various - Our Town Bill Fordham - August: Osage County Performer - Pants on Fire & Boomtown Author - Reading! And Other Superpowers (Young Audience Outreach Tour) John DiAntonio is thrilled to be back for CRT’s 50th Anniversary Season. John’s recent acting credits include: The Liar, Hope and Gravity, Annie Get Your Gun, The Taming of the Shrew, Language of Trees, William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead, The Bad Man, Boomtown and Pants on Fire (Creede Repertory Theatre), The 39 Steps (Lone Tree Arts Center), The Liar and It’s a Wonderful Life (Theatreworks), Is He Dead? (Arvada Center), Othello and A Christmas Carol (Denver Center Theatre Company), Romeo and Juliet (Cleveland Shakespeare Festival), Midsummer (Cleveland Play House), Henry V (Shakespeare Orange County). John’s play Harry the Great (True West Award nomination) premiered at CRT and traveled to the Lone Tree Arts Center in 2012. John received his MFA from the National Theatre Conservatory. (www.johndiantonio.com)


Barbara Fordham - August: Osage County Diana is so excited to be a part of CRT’s 50th season. She has appeared in close to 30 productions in Creede since joining the company in 1992. Favorite roles include Pattie in Kimberly Akimbo, Haley in Bad Dates, and Catherine in The Memory of Water. Diana choreographed CRT’s A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, Drowsy Chaperone, How to Succeed…, and Urinetown, among others, and she has directed five CRT shows. At the Denver Center, Diana appeared in Jackie and Me, The Giver, and Girls Only. Elsewhere, she has worked with Curious Theatre (where she serves on the Literary Committee), Arvada Center, BETC, Theatre Aspen, and Theatre de la Jeune Lune. Diana also is a realtor, a public speaking coach, and a teaching artist. She has appeared in numerous commercials and spent the month of October filming a principal role in the independent feature What We’ve Become. She is so grateful to Christy and Brownie for introducing her to Creede and for being the heart and soul of this wonderful theatre company. She can’t possibly thank Guy, Harrison, Mom and Dad enough, for their love, their support, and making this and every play possible.

20) Local kids can work with professionals to create deeply moving and profound theatre through the KID Show – now in its 13th year


104 N. Main 719-658-2443


Olive Oil Company


Take 20% off your first bottle of oil or balsamic with your CRT ticket

Karen Weston - August: Osage County Adrian is thrilled to be back home for her 9th season. At CRT, Adrian has appeared in many shows including: Unnecessary Farce, How To Succeed In Business, The Drowsy Chaperone, Fools, Leading Ladies, Quilters, Crazy For You, and Boomtown. Other theater credits include: Benediction, Death of a Salesman, Romeo and Juliet (Denver Center Theater Company); The Archbishop’s Ceiling (Arvada Center); Ambition Facing West (Boulder Ensemble Theater Company); Steel Magnolias (The Barth Hotel); God of Carnage (Off Square Theater); Of Mice and Men, The Twelve Dates of Christmas (Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center); The Graduate (The Edge Theater Company); Boeing Boeing (Theatreworks); Present Laughter (Miner’s Alley Playhouse); Tales Of The City (The Eugene O’Neill Theater Center). Adrian received her training from The National Theater Institute and Real Life. Adrian was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in the 2013 True West Awards and received a 2014 True West Award for her theater company, ScreenPLAY.


Vincent - Good on Paper Irwin - Ghost Light Stage Manager - Our Town Sheriff Gilbeau - August: Osage County Logan is overjoyed to be back at CRT for his ninth season. Some of his favorite roles here include Pseudolus in Funny Thing . . .Forum, Marius in The Road to Mecca, Jamie Tyrone in A Moon for the Misbegotten, El Gallo in The Fantastics, Ivan in A Beautiful Country, Mitch in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, and Merle in The Joy Of Going Somewhere Definite. Other favorite roles include; Polonious (Hamlet) and Toby Belch (Twelfth Night) with the National Shakespeare Company, Doalty (Translations) with Actors Theatre Kansas City, Frederick (Noises Off), Malvolio (Twelfth Night), and Vershinin (Three Sisters) with UMKC, where he received an MFA in ’08, Tito (Lend Me a Tenor) and Lazar Wolf (Fiddler on the Roof) with Theatre on the Hill. He has worked at Shakespeare Festivals all over the country including Colorado, Heart of America, Riverside and Utah.


Sandy - Good on Paper Adelaide - Guys and Dolls Various - Our Town Johnna Monevata - August: Osage County After two consecutive years of participating in CRT’s Young Audience Outreach Tour, (Mathstronaut & ¡Viva Agua!) Mehry could not be more excited, or honored to experience the home season first hand. Regional credits include Denver Center for the Performing Arts: Appoggiatura (World Premier) Colorado New Play Summit: Holy Laughter & Appoggiatura; Avenue Theater: Motherhood Out Loud, Ignite Theatre: Cabaret.


Arvide/Brannigan - Guys and Dolls Ham - Ghost Light Charles Aiken - August: Osage County John first performed at CRT during its third season. Favorite early roles include Destry in Destry Rides Again and Tom in The Glass Menagerie. Recent CRT favorites include Drowsy Chaperone, Forum, Harry The Great and The Last Romance. John has performed on stages throughout the United States and Europe, doing everything from Neil Simon to Shakespeare. He won Chicago’s Jeff Award for his portrayal of George in Of Mice and Men. TV appearances include All My Children, America’s Most Wanted, Early Edition and numerous TV and Radio commercials. Plays he has written have been produced at theatres across the

U.S. and in Paris. The Liquid Moon, published in New Plays From Chicago, won the Jeff Award for Best New Play and was subsequently nominated for the Pulitzer. He would like to dedicate this summer to all those who helped bring CRT to life.

company bios



Jean Fordham - August: Osage County Wren is thrilled to be back for her second main stage production at CRT and for the 50th season! For the past three years she has been a part of The KID Show, including the shows Saving Red, Alice in the Bookstore Palace, and Suspended. Last year, she was in the musical Annie Get Your Gun. As a rising artist, Wren feels so grateful for the relationships and opportunities that CRT has inspired.


Beverly Weston - August: Osage County Jim Hunt has been a fan of CRT for years and is thrilled to part of the company this year. He has worked in Colorado theatre—as actor and director—for over forty-five years. At Curious Theatre, where he is an artistic company member, Jim has appeared as Ives in Charles Ives Take me Home, Morty in After the Revolution, and the Father in Eurydice. Favorite roles in other venues include “F” in Cock (Avenue Theatre), Copernicus in And the Sun Stood Still and Woolsey in Ghost-Writer (Boulder Ensemble Theatre Company—BETC—where he is also an ensemble member), and Kipps in The Woman in Black (Breckenridge Backstage). Jim recently understudied the role of Ralph in CRT’s The Last Romance (Arvada Center). He will direct his 10th Henry Awards Ceremony for the Colorado Theatre Guild and is the proud recipient of their Lifetime Achievement Award.


Rich - Good on Paper Harry the Horse and others - Guys and Dolls Daryl - Ghost Light Various - Our Town Little Charles - August: Osage County Performer - Pants on Fire & Boomtown After his first winter in Creede, Brian is so happy to see all of you people; it gets quiet here. Brian is back at CRT for his 4th season and is so excited to have found such a unique artistic home. To be a part of this historic 50th season is an honor and privilege. He would like to remind you all to see Pants on Fire and Boomtown, and thank his family for their love and support. Also thank you Cat, Avery and baby Ted.


Marian - Ghost Light Various - Our Town Trary returns this year for her 15th season. Her first summer at CRT was in 1988, when she performed in The Robber Bridegroom, Noises Off, and Mornings at Seven. She’s played many roles on the CRT stages, her favorite shows including Quilters, Everything in the Garden, The Miracle Worker, Enchanted April, and Picnic. A Colorado native and a graduate of the National Theatre Conservatory, Trary’s regional credits include work at the Denver Center, The Arvada Center, The Town Hall Arts Center, and Theatre Aspen, among others. Most recently, she appeared as Eleanor of Aquitaine in Thunder River Theatre Company’s The Lion In Winter. She and her husband, Maurice, raised their children in Creede, and she considers CRT and the Creede community her “Heart Home.”

21) The Young Audience Outreach Tour reaches over 20,000 children in rural and under-served areas. Most of those children will not see another play all year.



Director - Reading! And Other Superpowers (Young Audience Outreach Tour) Nathan Detroit - Guys and Dolls Various - Our Town Performer- Pants on Fire & Boomtown Tosin Morohunfola is a KU Grad and founder of the Multicultural Theatre Initiative, where he served as Artistic Director for two years, including producing four of his own original plays. As an actor: Off-Broadway: Lucky Duck at the New Victory Theatre. Chicago Credits: Pullman Porter Blues at The Goodman, Native Son at Court Theatre, An Issue of Blood, and The Gospel of Lovingkindess at Victory Gardens theatre, where he received the BTAA award for Best Supporting Actor. Previously at CRT: The Drowsy Chaperone, Harry the Great, Is He Dead? and The Presidents! He also directed the CRT originals Geek Mythology, Zeus on the Loose and The Presidents! at the Coterie theatre. Television: Empire (FOX), Chicago Fire (NBC). Films: Destination Planet Negro, Withered World: If Night Comes, Falling Apples, Mouth Breather, Rook, and he’s just finished directing his own short film, On Sight. Tosin is also a member of Those People Comedy.


Asst. Choreo., Feat. Dancer & others Guysand Dolls Cookie - Ghost Light Various - Our Town Performer - Boomtown Choreographer - Reading! And Other Superpowers (Young Audience Outreach Tour) This is Bethany’s 4th season with CRT. She was last seen as Viola in Twelfth Night with the Colorado Shakespeare Festival. Other credits include Berdine in Psycho Beach Party (THEATREWORKS), Sister Cecilia in The Secret Affairs of Mildred Wild and a Wild

West Actor in Annie Get Your Gun (CRT), Jordan (u/s) in The Great Gatsby (Arvada Center for the Arts), Maggie in Lend Me a Tenor (Vintage Theatre), Aouda (u/s) in Around the World in 80 Days (Arvada Center for the Arts), Marie (u/s) in Is He Dead? (Arvada Center for the Arts), Lorina in Alice and the Bookstore Palace and Tintinabula in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (CRT), and Frieda in Sunday in the Park with George (Playhouse 22). BFA Acting, Brigham Young University.


Sky Masterson - Guys and Dolls Harlow - Ghost Light Various - Our Town Steve Heidebrecht - August: Osage County Performer - Boomtown Sean is truly overjoyed to be returning to Creede for this 50th anniversary season! Incidentally, Guys and Dolls marks Sean’s 50th professional production; his regional theatre career spans across seven states and features everything from Shakespeare to musical theatre, from contemporary drama to – thanks to Boomtown! – improv comedy. Since appearing in CRT’s acting company last season, Sean has appeared in productions of Les Miserables (Enjolras) and Ghost: The Musical (Carl), both at The Media Theatre in his hometown of Philadelphia, PA. Sean’s performance in last season’s The Last Romance garnered him recognition as the ‘Best Supporting Actor in a Drama’ from Denver’s theatre blog, “Theater Colorado.” He is thrilled to be spending another summer with the wonderful people Creede attracts and to take part in celebrating 50 years of unlikely theatre in the magnificent San Juan Mountains. Feel free to visit Sean on his website at www.seanthompson.us.

Elks Trivia

1. The Order of Elks was originally founded by: a. Excommunicated members of The American Temperance Society b. A company of New York City thespians c. Retired pirates of the Caribbean

1 89 9


The Creede Elks Lodge Congratulates Creede Repertory Theatre On Their G O LD EN S E A S O N . We are proud to have been a partner with them in the community these 50 years!

2. The original name of the group that became the Elks was: a. The Jolly Corks b. The Golden Calves c. Charles A.S. Vivian’s Lonely Hearts Club Band 3. In addition to the thousands of dollars in scholarships given by local lodges (including the Creede lodge), the Elk’s National Foundation grants how much in scholarships annually? a. Five Million b. Four Million c. Three Million

Answers & More:


Lots of characters – Reading! And Other Superpowers (Young Audience Outreach Tour) Francisco couldn’t be more excited to be joining CRT’s 2015 season in Reading! And Other Superpowers. He is from Kansas City where he started his professional acting career with The Coterie Theater. Productions at The Coterie include: School House Rock, The Wiz, Once on this Island and Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day; just to name a few. Francisco has also had the honor of performing Off-Broadway at The New Victory Theater in Bill Russel and Henry Krieger’s New York City premier of Lucky Duck. Through the Coterie, Francisco is a proud member of the Dramatic Health Education Project, an educational program that talks to youth about HIV/AIDS and STD prevention and awareness. All of which are reasons he couldn’t be happier than he is right now. Francisco dedicates his pursuit of happiness to his 9-year-old son Aiden.


Sarah Brown - Guys and Dolls Jocelyn - Ghost Light Various - Our Town Performer - Boomtown Emily couldn’t be happier to be returning for CRT’s 50th season! She was most recently seen at the Arvada Center as Adele Rice in A Man of No Importance. CRT credits: Annie Oakley (Annie Get Your Gun), Clarice (The Liar), Janet (Drowsy Chaperone), and Fifi (Harry the Great). New York credits include Warsaw (NY Musical Theater Festival) and Alice, the Musical (NY Musical Development Series). Regional favorites: The Servant of Two Masters (CO Shakespeare Festival); Much Ado About Nothing, As You Like It (Lake Tahoe & Sierra Shakespeare Festivals); Big River (Arvada Center); and The Wizard of Oz (BDT Stage, Colorado Backstage Spotlight Award). Emily also appeared as a contestant on the MTV reality series, Legally Blonde: The Search for Elle Woods. She holds a BA in Musical Theatre from University of Northern Colorado. “I took a walk in the woods, and came out taller than the trees.” Thanks Creede!

company bios



Nicely Nicely Johnson/Big Jule Guys and Dolls Bob Ford - Ghost Light George - Our Town Performer - Pants on Fire & Boomtown From Boston, Massachusetts, Graham has performed four seasons with CRT. Former roles include Steve in Hope and Gravity, Cliton in The Liar, Robert Cecil in William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead, Passepartout in Around the World in 80 Days, Flo Ziegfeld in Harry the Great, and Jeffrey in Mrs. Mannerly. He’s also often seen in the improv shows Boomtown and Pants on Fire, where there’s no limit how far he’ll stoop for a cheap laugh. Other regional credits include Clown 2 in The 39 Steps (Lone Tree Arts Center), Dr. Sanderson in Harvey, Nick Carroway in The Great Gatsby, and Sergeant Trotter in The Mousetrap (Arvada Center for the Arts). He has a BFA in Acting from Brigham Young University, where the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival recognized his performance as John Merrick in The Elephant Man with the national award for Distinguished Performance.


Peg - Good on Paper Mimi and others - Guys and Dolls Emily - Our Town Ivy Weston - August: Osage County Performer - Pants on Fire & Boomtown Caitlin is thrilled to join CRT for her 6th season. Caitlin recently appeared in Hope and Gravity, The Liar, Around the World in 80 Days, Harry the Great, Is He Dead, Unnecessary Farce, Fools, and Boomtown at CRT. In NYC: Flirtation (Marvel Rep) and In Loco Parentis (ART/NY). With the Denver Center Theatre Company: Tom Sawyer, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, A Christmas Carol, Dracula, and Othello. At the Arvada Center: The Importance of Being Earnest, Around the World in 80 Days, and Is He Dead. At Theatreworks: The Liar. At CSF: Much Ado About Nothing and To Kill A Mockingbird. Caitlin Received the 2012 Best of Denver Westword Award: Best Comic Triple Threat, the 2012 Marlowe Award: Best Actress—Comedy, and the 2011 Denver Ovation Award: Best Supporting Actress, Comic Role. Caitlin received her MFA in acting from The National Theatre Conservatory. Follow her at unprocessyourfood on Instagram.

ACTORS’ EQUITY ASSOCIATION* Actors’ Equity Association (AEA), founded in 1913, represents more than 50,000 actors and stage managers in the United States. Equity seeks to advance, promote and foster the art of live theatre as an essential component of our society. Equity negotiates wages and working conditions, providing a wide range of benefits, including health and pension plans. AEA is a member of the AFL-CIO, and is affiliated with FIA, an international organization of performing arts unions. The Equity emblem is our mark of excellence. www.actorsequity.org

22) The Headwaters New Play Festival is going into its 4th year. And it’s awesome. 23) The sets and costumes are jaw-droppingly gorgeous 24) Many amazing careers started here. Mandy Patinkin, Adam Bartley…so many more! 25) They say YES to new, exciting, somewhat scary ideas.



Bassist Sarah, born in Chattanooga, TN, is a graduate of Tennessee Tech University, where she earned her BA in Music Education. She is currently studying privately with Steve Benne, Principal Bass of the Knoxville Symphony and Taylor Brown, Principal Bass of the Chattanooga Symphony, and maintains her own private studio based in Cookeville, TN. She plays upright bass full-time with the Bryan Symphony and the Tennessee Tech Faculty Jazz Ensemble while also subbing with the Chattanooga Symphony, the Huntsville Symphony, Orchestra Kentucky, the Sewanee Orchestra, and The Uptown Big Band in Chattanooga. In addition to working with multiple music festivals such as the Southeast Chamber Music Institute and the Tennessee Governor’s School for the Arts, she has also attended numerous summer music festivals as a student, including the Brevard Music Festival in Brevard, NC, where she studied with Craig Brown (UNCG) and Kevin Casseday (UF). This is Sarah’s 2nd season with CRT and she is more than excited to get back to work!


Drummer Jake Rollins is a freelance percussionist and drummer from Chattanooga, Tennessee. He has recently graduated from Tennessee Tech University with a BA in Music Education and continues to maintain an active performance schedule in the Cookeville/Nashville area. Jake has performed as a drum-set player with local jazz and R&B bands including his own group, the Just Friends Quintet, as well has having the honor of accompanying artists such as Scott Mayo, Gary Foster, and Vince DiMartino as a member of the TTU Big Band. He has also performed as a percussionist with churches around East Tennessee and, as a member of the Tennessee Tech Percussion Ensemble, at the 2012 Percussive Arts Society International Conference in Austin, TX. This is Jake’s second year with CRT and he is very excited to be returning.


company bios


Trumpet Matthew Rossmann is a freelance trumpet player and a student of jazz studies entering his 3rd year at the University of North Florida. Throughout his high school career he performed with top-level all-county and all-state wind ensembles, the Alachua County Youth Orchestra, and in several jazz ensembles participating in events throughout the state, such as the 38th Annual Festival of Winds hosted at the University of South Florida. Since his graduation from Santa Fe High School he has studied under Brian Osbourne and Julian Kaplan of the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra; Dr. Randal Tinnin, Chair of the Music Flagship Program at the University of North Florida; and Professor J.B. Scott, director of the top jazz ensemble “JE1” at UNF. Matthew proved his horn versatility by both doubling and recording trombone for the album “Darkness” with the “Savants of Soul,” a band based out of Gainesville, FL.


Assistant Music Director/Pianist From the Phoenix, Arizona, Alexander has worked extensively in community theatre as a music director and supervisor, performer, pianist and intensive instructor. Trained as a classical pianist, his repertoire advances past Brahms and Rachmaninoff to include the likes of Jason Robert Brown, Sondheim and Schwartz. This is his first year here at CRT as the AMD and is happy to escape the triple digits accustomed to Phoenicians. More information: www. alexandertommusic.com


Author – Good on Paper A Core Writer at the Playwrights’ Center, his work has been produced internationally by such companies as the Public Theater, Trinity Repertory Company, Cleveland Play House, City Theatre, Gate Theatre of London, Page 73, Studio Theatre, Unicorn Theatre, Traverse Theatre, Borderlands Theater, SF Playhouse, American Blues Theatre, Dobama Theatre, Red Stitch, Theatre 4, Premiere Stages, Trustus Theatre, Elemental Theatre Collective, Balagan Theatre, the Drama League, the Disney Channel, Factory Theatre, Debutantes and Vagabonds, StreetSigns Theatre Company, and zeppo theater company, among others. His scripts have been awarded the David Mark Cohen National Playwriting Award from the Kennedy Center, the Smith Prize, the Keene Prize for Literature, an NNPN Rolling World Premiere, a Scotsman Fringe First Award, an Off-West End Theatre Award for Best Production, a Theatre Netto Festival Prize, a Creative Workforce Fellowship, an Austin Critic’s Circle Best New Play Award and two Ohio Arts Council Individual Excellence Awards. George received his MFA in Writing from the Michener Center for Writers at the University of Texas at Austin and is a member of the Dramatists Guild. He is published by Samuel French, Oberon Books and Smith & Kraus.


Author – Guys and Dolls After studying to be a doctor and an accountant, Abe Burrows had a career in sales before becoming a successful radio scriptwriter and

writer/performer of musical parody numbers. His first Broadway libretto was Guys and Dolls, co-written with Jo Swerling, with a score by Frank Loesser. Among the musicals for which he provided librettos are Make A Wish, Can-Can and Silk Stockings (both with scores by Cole Porter), Say, Darling, and How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (which he also directed; score by Frank Loesser). His non-musical plays include Cactus Flower (wrote and directed) and Forty Carats (directed).


Author – Reading! And Other Superpowers CRT has produced World Premiers of eight of John’s plays! His first full-length play, Harry the Great, was part of the 47th season. It earned a True West Award nomination and went onto a run at the Lone Tree Arts Center. John has written three Youth Audience Outreach Tours: Reading! And Other Superpowers, MATHstronaut, and ¡Viva Agua! As well as three original plays for The KID Show: Suspended, Alice in the Bookstore Palace, and Saving Red. He received his MFA from the National Theatre Conservatory. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! www.johndiantonio.com

NAGLE JACKSON Author – Ghost Light See bio on page 22.

26) CRT is my family. 27) CRT has the BEST audience: People come to CRT because they absolutely want to be transported, elevated, and entertained. 28) It’s the best community of artists, leaders, and people I’ve ever found 29) I can be in-touch with my inner child.


City of Creede A Colorado Town Authentic.


home. Visit Town Hall: 2223 N. Main Creede, CO 81130 www.creedetownhall.com 719.658.2276

Main Street, Creede / 719-658-2526 Ron & Kay Fief, Proprietors


Author – August: Osage County Tracy Letts has been a Steppenwolf ensemble member since 2002. He was awarded the 2008 Pulitzer Prize for Drama for his play August: Osage County, which played on Broadway for over a year, following a sold-out run at Steppenwolf in 2007. August also enjoyed a sold-out engagement at London’s National Theatre and a U.S. National Tour in summer 2009. Other accolades include five Tony Awards (including Best Play), an Olivier Award and six Jeff Awards (including Best Play). Mr. Letts is also the author of Superior Donuts, Man from Nebraska, and Killer Joe. He has appeared at Steppenwolf in Betrayal, The Pillowman, Last of the Boys, The Pain and the Itch, The Dresser, Homebody/Kabul, The Dazzle, Glengarry Glen Ross (also in Dublin and Toronto), Three Days of Rain, Road to Nirvana, Picasso at the Lapin Agile and the Steppenwolf for Young Adults production of The Glass Menagerie. Other Chicago stage credits include The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial (A Red Orchid Theatre), Conquest of the South Pole (Famous Door), Bouncers

(the Next Lab) and his directorial debut at the Lookingglass Theatre with Great Men of Science Nos. 21 and 22. He also appeared in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? at Atlanta’s Alliance Theatre, directed by ensemble member Amy Morton. Television credits include: Homeland, The District, Profiler, Prison Break, The Drew Carey Show, Seinfeld and Home Improvement. Film appearances include Guinevere, U.S. Marshals and Chicago Cab.


company bios


Composer – Guys and Dolls One of America’s great composer/lyricists, Frank Loesser began his songwriting career during the Depression as a lyricist, contributing songs to Broadway revues and nightclub acts. Some of his film songs from his early period include “Two Sleepy People,” “Jingle Jangle Jingle” and “I Don’t Want To Walk Without You.” The first song for which Loesser wrote both words and music was “Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition,”

Slumgullion Gift Gallery Over 40 Years in Business

401 Gunnison Ave. Lake City, CO 970 944-2623




Author – Guys and Dolls Born in Russia in 1897, Jo Swerling was a playwright, screenwriter and vaudeville sketch writer. Mr. Swerling’s long career began as a reporter and feature writer in New York and Chicago.


company bios

written during his World War II service. His Hollywood work after the war included the hit songs “Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year,” “A Slow Boat To China,” and the 1949 Oscar-winning song “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.” In 1948 Loesser was approached by fledgling Broadway producers Cy Feuer and Ernest Martin to write music and lyrics to George Abbott’s libretto for an adaptation of the classic Brandon Thomas play Charley’s Aunt. The new musical, which starred Ray Bolger, was called Where’s Charley? and was a hit. This led to Loesser’s next show, the hugely influential and successful Guys and Dolls in 1950, also produced by Feuer and Martin, with a script by Abe Burrows and Jo Swerling. In 1956 Loesser wrote the libretto, music and lyrics for his next show, The Most Happy Fella, adapted from Sidney Howard’s play, They Knew What They Wanted. This impressive score contains over 30 musical numbers and makes extensive use of operatic techniques and forms, including recitative, arias, duets, trios and choral numbers. In 1961, Loesser wrote the score for the Pulitzer Prize-winning How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.

Author – Our Town Born in Madison, Wisconsin, and educated at Yale and Princeton, Wilder (1897-1975) was an accomplished novelist and playwright whose works explore the connection between the commonplace and the cosmic dimensions of human experience. The Bridge of San Luis Rey, one of his seven novels, won the Pulitzer Prize in 1928, and his next-to-last novel, The Eighth Day received the National Book Award (1968). Two of his four major plays garnered Pulitzer Prizes, Our Town (1938) and The Skin of Our Teeth (1943). His play, The Matchmaker ran on Broadway for 486 performances (1955-1957), Wilder’s Broadway record, and was later adapted into the record-breaking musical Hello, Dolly! Wilder also enjoyed enormous success with many other forms of the written and spoken word, among them translation, acting, opera librettos, lecturing, teaching and film (his screenplay for Alfred Hitchcock’s 1943 psycho-thriller, Shadow of a Doubt remains a classic to this day). Wilder’s many honors include the Gold Medal for Fiction from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and the National Book Committee’s Medal for Literature. On April 17, 1997, the centenary of his birth, the US Postal Service unveiled the Thornton Wilder 32cent stamp in Hamden, Connecticut, his official address after 1930 and where he died on December 7, 1975. Our Town is performed at least once each day somewhere in this country, with his other major dramas and shorter plays not far behind. Reflecting the renewed interest in Wilder, the Thornton Wilder Society sponsored the first international conference on Wilder in fall 2008. For more information, visit thorntonwilder.com.


Patron Services Manager Julie’s hometown is Winona, Minnesota. She graduated from Saint Mary’s University with a BA in Theater and Public Relations. She studied for a semester abroad at Rose Bruford College in Manchester and at the Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin. Julie has worked as a box office manager, props master, event planner and actress. She loves learning new areas of theater and her next goal is to gain more experience in stage management and youth theater directing.


Asst. Patron Services Manager Russell Wilson is so excited to be working with CRT for the first time as an Assistant Patron Services Manager. She has previously worked in patron services for Company of Fools, a non-profit theatre company, in Hailey, Idaho. She can’t wait to start this new position and is very much looking forward to experiencing Creede, CO for the first time.


House Manager/Patron Services Employee This is Brittany’s 1st season with CRT. Before becoming a part of the Creede family, she worked with CHARIS: The St. Louis Women’s Chorus as their Stage Manager, Edison Theatre at Washington University as a General Technician, and Stages St. Louis as House Manager. But even leaving such fantastic organizations, she is extremely excited to be working with the fun-loving and skilled team here in Creede. Brittany is looking forward to making life long connections this summer and continuing her journey in becoming an Events Planner. She would like to give special thanks to her friends and family who have always supported her and believed in her talents.


House Manager/Patron Services Employee Hailing from Georgia, Shawanna has been both a house and stage manager since she was an undergraduate. She has house managed contemporary and period plays, dance shows, musicals, and new works. She graduated from Valdosta State University in Valdosta, Georgia, with a BFA in Theatre - Production Concentration. She was originally a double major in both music and theatre. Shawanna has since moved to Savannah as a MFA Candidate in Performing Arts with a Concentration in Stage Management. When she’s not in rehearsal or working on a show, Shawanna is watching TV, listening to all genres of music, and catching up on some much needed sleep.


Patron Services Employee Alexx is a senior BA Theatre major with a minor in Arts Administration at Otterbein University in Westerville, OH. Her recent credits there include Take Five (Director), Are You There God? Heil, It’s Hitler (Director), house managing for several productions, and working in the box office. Alexx hopes to become an Audience Services Director someday. She is incredibly excited to be at Creede this summer. Thanks and love to Mom, Elizabeth, and Connor.


Patron Services Employee This is Molly Bea’s 1st season with CRT. She is a Graduate of Saint Mary’s College in South Bend, Indiana. While at Saint Mary’s, she worked on numerous productions for the Theatre, Dance and Music Programs. She also worked as an ASM for Notre Dame Shakespeare Festival. Most recently she was the Fall Stage Manager for Festival 56. She is excited by this new challenge to her career.

30) CRT inspires me everyday to be AMAZING 31) They once ended a classic play with a dance number to ‘Don’t Stop Believing’. I cried tears of joy.





ALAMOSA 906 MAIN STREET ALAMOSA, CO 81101 719.589.2257

Clinical Instructor






Director - Good on Paper Stephen is the Producing Ensemble Director of the Boulder Ensemble Theatre Company (BETC). He has directed the BETC productions Antigone, Fat Pig, The Sunset Limited, Gross Indecency, How The World Began, Bach at Leipzig, Seminar, The Santaland Diaries, Ambition Facing West, And the Sun Stood Still, and Stupid F##king Bird. Stephen also directed the Denver Center’s recent production of Jackie and Me. He is a frequent guest actor at the Denver Center, where he has appeared in productions of Tom Sawyer, King Lear, Richard III, Othello, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. He has worked at other prominent area theatres such as the Colorado Shakespeare Festival, the Arvada Center, and TheatreWorks. Stephen holds an MFA from the Acting program at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival as well as an MA in Theatre from CU-Boulder.


Director – Guys and Dolls See bio on page 82.


Director and Playwright - Ghost Light Mr. Jackson has directed at major theaters throughout the U.S. and on Broadway, (The Utter Glory of Morrissey Hall starring Celeste Holm, 1979), in Europe and was the first American ever invited to direct in the Soviet Union (1988). He served as Artistic Director of both the Milwaukee Repertory Theatre (1971-77) and the Tony Award winning McCarter Theatre, Princeton (1979-90). He stepped down from the McCarter to pursue his dual career as playwright and director. His play, Opera Comique, debuted at A.C.T., San Francisco and then played the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. with a cast including Eli Wallach and Brian Bedford under Mr. Jackson’s direction. In 2011 that same play had its European debut in Luxembourg and later joined the repertory of the State Theater of Turkey. His play, The Elevation of Thieves, won the Onassis Foundation International Playwright’s award presented to Jackson by the President of Greece in 1997, after which it debuted at the Denver Center Theatre Company, where he has directed 20 productions over the years. Nagle’s play, Taking Leave recently entered the repertory of The National Theatre of China in Beijing. Seven of his plays have been published by Dramatists Play Service and are regularly produced both here and abroad, two of them by CRT: The Quick-Change Room and This Day and Age. Mr. Jackson resides in Princeton Junction, NJ with his wife, Sandy. He was a Fulbright Fellow for theatrical studies in Paris, and holds an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from Whitman College. For CRT he directed last year’s The Liar, 2013’s The Tamin’ of the Shrew, 2012’s Ghost-Writer, 2011’s The Road to Mecca, 2010’s The Ladies Man, 2009’s The Imaginary Invalid (also translator), 2008’s Fools and 2007’s Everything in the Garden.


Director - Our Town Michael is thrilled to return to CRT after directing Is He Dead, Language of Trees and last season’s Annie Get Your Gun. He has also directed at Cleveland Play House, Trinity Repertory Company, Kitchen Theatre Company, Arvada Theater Center, Boise Contemporary Theater, Swine Palace, Maples Rep, Brown/ Trinity Playwrights Rep and the Brown/Trinity MFA Programs as well as workshops with The Playwrights’ Center, The Magic Theater and Young Playwrights, Inc. He is the Associate Director on Fiasco Theater’s Into the Woods at the McCarter, Old Globe and Roundabout. His assistant directing credits include the Public Theater, Roundabout Theater Company, and Fiasco Theater. Michael’s play, From White Plains, is the recipient of a 2013 GLAAD Media Award and was nominated for New York Innovative Theater awards for Outstanding Premiere Production and Outstanding

Full-Length Script. In addition, Michael’s one-person show Flying on the Wing was presented at the New York Fringe Festival, where it was the winner of Outstanding Solo Show. His most recent play premiered this spring at HERE Arts Center. Michael is an Artistic Associate with both Fiasco Theater, and Fault Line Theatre, and will be on faculty at the Brown University/Trinity Rep MFA programs this fall. He is proud to be a member of SDC, a Drama League Directing Fellow, and holds a BA and MFA from Brown University, where has also served on faculty.

company bios



Director - August: Osage County Christy has directed over 75 productions from Shakespeare to Pinter to musicals to the newest works in America. She is a multiple Denver Post Ovation and Colorado Theatre Guild Henry award-winning director, recently named top director by both 5280 Magazine and CBS4 Denver. She is thrilled to be returning to CRT for the 50th Anniversary Season, having previously directed The Last Romance and A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. A member of the Artistic Company at Curious Theatre Company, her recent directing credits include Charles Ives Take Me Home, Good People, Time Stands Still, Red and Nine Circles. Christy’s work has also been seen in Colorado at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts (Shadowlands, The Giver, Well) the Arvada Center (Cabaret, All Shook Up), Town Hall Arts Center (Always, Patsy Cline, Crimes of the Heart, Sylvia) and Phamaly, Boulder

The gift that keeps on designing! Terre Jones first came to CRT in 1969 as a young scenic designer. He would go on to work in theatres all over the country and, eventually, run a major performing arts organization. To honor his history with CRT and to support other scenic designers, Terre and his wife Polly have committed to endowing a Scenic Designer position at CRT. Their endowment gift ensures that CRT can continue to bring in the best designers year after year. Thank you, Terre and Polly!

32) I have left performances feeling profoundly changed. 33) Working for CRT is like going away to drama camp, but for adults.



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Director – Reading! And Other Superpowers (Young Audience Outreach Tour) See bio page 55.


Music Director - Pants on Fire, Guys and Dolls Composer - Pants on FIre Orchestrator - Guys and Dolls Joe is a national teaching artist providing master classes and performances throughout the United States and in his 5th year as music director for CRT. As a conductor he has worked with a number of artists including Laura Bell Bundy, Lea Michelle, Bart Shatto, Eden Espinoza, Kristoffer Cusick, Steve Tewksbury, Memphis Chamber Symphony, New Ballet Ensemble and the West Point Military Academy Band. He has been seen in the Broadway pits of Big the Musical, Victor/Victoria with Julie Andrews, King and I with Lou Diamond Philips and Forum with Nathan Lane. He has performed with the Jacksonville Symphony, Ocala Symphony, Alabama Symphony, Moscow State Radio Symphony, Erie Symphony, Bayreuth Festival Orchestra, Washington Symphony Orchestra and at Carnegie Hall with the United Nations Orchestra. As a commercial artist he has worked with Billy Joel, Tony Bennett, Audra McDonald, Amy Grant, Charlie Daniels, Mandisa and Ruben Studdard to name a few. As a composer he has written music for TCBY, the musicals Viva Agua and Mathstronaut, the play Harry the Great and the comedy Pants on Fire.


Choreographer- Guys and Dolls Ryan is thankful for the growth CRT allowed him to undertake in his career. He has been electrified by the energy that is Creede Rep. The artistry that he experienced while choreographing last year’s Annie Get Your Gun still baffles him and has pushed him harder to perfect and study his craft as a young artist. What’s so beautiful about the theatre is that it allows and strongly encourages the artist to develop the tools to delve deeper within his/her discipline. Ryan believes his artistry is far stronger because CRT allowed me to see the importance of storytelling. Thank. You. So. Much. Happy 50th Y’all!!! FAVORITE CREDITS with Pagosa Springs Art Center: The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee [Director/ Choreographer], A Chorus Line [Director/Choreographer], Tarzan [Director/Choreographer], Lend Me A Tenor [Director], Beauty & the Beast [Choreographer], & Spamalot [Choreographer]. This one’s for Jessica. Dreams. www.ryanhazelbaker.com


Puppet Specialist & Co-Director - The KID Show Anna Paniccia is an international puppeteer born in Columbus, Ohio. Her puppet-building career began while she was a student at Interlochen Arts Academy in Michigan. Since then her puppets have played the world over on stage and screen - from New York City to Las Vegas, Berlin, Prague, and Southeast Asia. Some of her credits include The Muppets and The Muppets: Most Wanted, Terry Fator: Live in Las Vegas, Bookaboo, Glenn Gould vs Glenn Gould and Das Helmi Puppentheater, as well as many independent

productions and projects. Anna is a graduate of Webster University in Theatre Arts. You can check out her webpage at www.annapaniccia.com. She is very excited to be in Creede, CO. She wishes to send a big thank you to her family and her love, Danny, for their support through her many adventures.


company bios

Ensemble Theatre Company and Theatreworks. Nationally, Christy has directed at New American Theatre, Rochester Civic Theatre, the Duluth Playhouse, Dark Horse Theatre and for Seven Devils Playwright Conference, where she sits on the Board of Directors. For 15 years, she has been an Affiliate Faculty Member at Metropolitan State University of Denver and often teaches at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. Christy earned her BFA in Theatre from University of Minnesota, Duluth, where she was awarded the Promethean Award for outstanding alumni and her MFA in Directing from Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University. She is a proud member of the Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers.

Scenic Designer – Good on Paper, Guys and Dolls, Ghost Light, Our Town Amanda is excited to be designing for CRT’s 50th season. She is an award-winning set and costume designer for theatre, opera, and film. Her most recent credits include CRT’s productions of Annie Get Your Gun, The Last Romance, and William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead. Cabaret (SCC music), The Palace (sitcom pilot), Little Shop of Horrors, The Servant of Two Masters, Is He Dead?, and the world premiere multi-media event He Who Gets Slapped (Scottsdale Community College), the Off-Broadway productions of Lebensraum (Harold Clurman Lab Theatre) and Yorktown (The Drama Garden Theatre). Other setdesign credits include, Long Way Go Down (Harold Clurman Lab Theatre), The Whipping Man (Luna Stages), Crave (Wingspan), Franny’s Way, Angels in America, Top Girls, The Cripple of Inishmaan (Stella Adler Studio of Acting), Le Nozze De Figaro (SMU), and Trojan Woman (Stages of Learning). Her film credits include The Sundance Channel’s Webby award winning political web series The Captive and the world’s first online game show, Red Carpet Run. She is currently the Theatre Arts Director and Design and Technology program director at Scottsdale Community College in Arizona.


Set Designer - Pants on Fire Technical Director Chris is excited to be a part of the 50th anniversary with Creede Rep. When not in Creede he serves as the Clinical Assistant Professor of Technical Direction for Arizona State University. This year he taught classes in Drafting, and Stagecraft along with independent studies and capstones. He also served as technical director for several productions including Hungry Woman a Mexican Medea, Romeo and Juliet, Void and The Hour We Knew Nothing of Each Other. In the past he has served as Technical Director in Kansas City for Seminar, Journey’s End, Devil Inside, Drums in the Night and Kansas City Swing. As well as Foxfire, Music Man, Honk! and Something’s Afoot in Marshalltown, IA. Chris was the Technical Director for Auburn University’s Theater Department, working on The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, Intimate Apparel, and Brighton Beach Memories. He would like to thank his wife for her love and support.


Set Designer - August: Osage County Rob is pleased to be back at CRT. He has designed for the theatre, theme parks, and museums. His work has been seen onstage nationally at Asolo Repertory Theatre (Sarasota, FL), the Repertory Theatre of St. Louis, Cincinnati Playhouse, Studio Arena, Cleveland Play House, Indiana Repertory Theatre, The Old Globe, San Jose Repertory Theatre, Denver Center Theatre Company, Alliance Theatre (Atlanta), Barrington Stage, Marin Theatre Company, Magic Theatre, and American Conservatory Theatre (ACT) in San Francisco. Mr. Morgan is on the design faculty at the Washington University in St. Louis. www.morgansetdesign.com


Set Designer: Reading! And Other Superpowers (Young Audience Outreach Tour) Emmy Weldon recently graduated with a MFA in Production Design & Technology from Ohio University. Her most recent work as a scenic designer was for the premiere production of Dauphin

34) We’ve got the smartest, coolest fans around. 35) Incredible opportunities for kids to work with professional artists.


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Costume Designer - Good on Paper, Pants on Fire and Reading! And Other Superpowers (Young Audience Outreach Tour) Asst. Costume Shop Manager Tamara is thrilled to be back this season as a costume designer and assistant costume shop manager. She has designed classics such as Wuthering Heights, Importance of Being Earnest, Blithe Spirit, and Othello, musicals and musical reviews such as My Way, Honk, Always Patsy Cline and Spitfire Grill, and the world premieres of Shadow of the Raven: Tales of Edgar Allan Poe, Robert E. Lee and John Brown: Lighting the Fuse, Southern Crossroads and Southern Crossroads: The New Orleans Adventure. She has been designing, shop managing, and building costumes for many years and thoroughly enjoys working at CRT.


Costume Designer - Guys and Dolls, August: Osage County, Our Town Costume Shop Manager Host - CRT Podcast Anthony is extremely excited to be returning to CRT for it’s 50th season. Over the last 3 seasons he has designed A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead, Annie Get Your Gun, The Last Romance, and The Secret Affairs of Mildred Wild. Anthony will also be hosting his 3rd season of CRT’S podcast, The Cast. When Anthony is not in Creede he lives in Sylva, NC located deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Anthony would like to thank his husband Chris for letting him spend 4 months out of every year in this magical town.


Costume Designer - Ghost Light Tatyana is a freelance costume designer and a make up and body artist as well as a member of the design group Runway Vigilantes. She studied theater and costume design in Theater Art College in Moscow, Russia where she was born and raised. She moved to the United States in the late 90s to the San Francisco Bay Area where she was creating costumes and make up for the fabulous performers of Skyana Entertainment. In California and New Mexico, Tatyana worked in film and theater, doing both costume and production design. Tatyana is delighted to join the creative team of CRT and, once again, spend a part of her summer in beautiful Creede, CO and celebrate the 50th anniversary of this wonderful theatre company! In the past four seasons she designed costumes for CRT’s I Capture The Castle, The Road To Mecca, The Drowsy Chaperone, Ghost Writer, The Language of Trees, Around the World in 80 Days and The Liar, and co-designed costumes for Is He Dead. Presently, Tatyana lives in Taos, New Mexico.


Lighting Designer: Pants on Fire, Boomtown, Good on Paper Master Electrician Mandy is a freelance lighting designer, electrician, CAD drafter, and all around handylady currently based in Memphis, TN. This is her 4th season with CRT! She loves spending her summers in Colorado working with such amazing artists and escaping the heat of southern summers. Mandy also likes milkshakes and fries.


Light Designer - Guys and Dolls, Our Town, August: Osage County, Ghost Light Jacob is pleased to be returning to Creede Rep for a 3rd season. Jacob is an award-winning freelance lighting designer

working throughout North America having designed over 225 professional productions. He recently made his OffBroadway debut with Conviction at the 59E59 Theatre. Favorite designs include Angels in America with Bas Bleu, Chess with Arvada Center, Red Hot Patriot with LIDA Project, The Syringa Tree with Alliance Stage, The Night Heron with Paragon, and Time Stands Still with Curious. Jacob won the 2013 Henry Award for Best Lighting Design for Kiss of the Spider Woman with Lake Dillon. Jacob is also a tenured theatre professor at Metropolitan State University of Denver. Jacob has his MFA in Lighting from Western Illinois University.

company bios

Island for Ohio University’s Playwrights Festival. Her other recent scene design credits include Ohio University’s Blood Knot, Sizwe Bansi is Dead, bobrauschenbergamerica, The 39 Steps, and My Attic Wife as well as The Monomoy Theatre’s Brighton Beach Memoirs, An Enemy of the People, and South Pacific.


Resident Sound Designer Co-creator - CRT Podcast Jake is thrilled to be returning for his 6th season with CRT! He received his BFA from ACU 07’. He has worked as a carpenter at Curious, Aurora Fox, and Mizel Center theatres in Denver 07’-08’. He taught at Lipscomb University in Nashville as their Technical Director 08’-12’. For the past two seasons he has worked as the Sound Department Head and Lead Sound Designer at CRT. He has just received his MFA from Northern Illinois University in Technical Direction.


Composer- Reading! And Other Superpowers (Young Audience Outreach Tour) Richard is a music historian and vocal director, having taught at Dickinson College, the University of Michigan-Dearborn, and Devry University. He has been composer/music-director for productions at Abreact Theater (Tongues), Millikin University (The Oresteia), Interlochen Arts Academy (Blood Wedding, Amadeus), and Playmakers Theatre (Tempest, As You Like It).


Illustrator - Reading! And Other Superpowers (Young Audience Outreach Tour) Celine is a recent graduate of Interlochen Arts Academy’s Comparative Arts program. She currently attends Oberlin College with an intended major in Cinema Studies and sociology. Celine has worked at the casting agency, Clear Talent Group in Manhattan as an intern during the summer before her senior year of high school. She also attended a one-week intensive studio art program at Interlochen Center for the Arts to develop her college portfolio in 2013. Celine has also taken classes at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York. She has worked closely with Yale film professor Sarah Lasely on a short film, and even wrote, directed, acted and edited her own short film in the spring of 2014. Celine is excited to continue her college experience, and can be found in the editing room as well as the drawing studio and science lab!


Company Photographer John Gary Brown has been CRT’s company photographer since 1974. He is proud to have created a voluminous photographic archive of shows and events, and wishes he could have started in 1966! Brown has an MFA from The University of Washington and has sold over five hundred oil paintings to museums, galleries, corporations, and private collectors since 1973. The University Press of Kansas published his photographic study of cemetery art, “Soul in the Stone”, and it was their best-selling book two years in a row. His photographs were used as illustration in “Gardens of Revelation” (Abbeville Press, 1995). Brown’s artwork has won numerous prizes in juried exhibitions, and The Institute of Arts and Letters in New York purchased one of his canvases. One of his paintings was awarded “First Prize, regardless of Medium” at Kansas City’s Nelson/Atkins Museum during their “Mid-America” Exhibition, which had three thousand entries. In 2013, Brown had

36) CRT is a SURVIVOR. It’s survived recessions, fires, floods, etc. And it’s stronger for it! 37) CRT makes everyone feel like they belong.



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Mon-Thurs 8am - 10pm / Fri & Sat 8am-11pm / Sun 9am-9pm

Gary & Tony, proprieTors 535 Grande Avenue / Del Norte Colorado / 719-657-3944


portrait studio for ten years and has traveled and worked in Europe and The Middle East since 1971. He is happily married to actress Christy Brandt.


Stage Manager - Good on Paper, Ghost Light, August: Osage County Jim is delighted to be returning to CRT and Creede ….home away from home! Production Management credits include Dartmouth Summer Repertory Theatre, Creede Repertory Theatre, KC Actors Theatre and Heart of America Shakespeare Festival. Stage Management credits include King Lear, The Tempest, Oleanna, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Amadeus, All My Sons, Twelfth Night, The Glass Managerie, Romeo and Juliet, M.Butterfly, The Misanthrope, The Seagull, True West, Richard III, Three Tall Women, Hay Fever, Hamlet, Julius Caesar, Inherit the Wind, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Comedy of Errors, Les Liaisons Dangereuses, and A Christmas Carol. Jim stage managed Translations, The Cripple of Inishmaan, Private Lives, Absurd Person Singular, Talley’s Folly, Fifth of July, Boston Marriage, The Seafarer, True West, The Birthday Party and The Collection for the Pinter Project, The Mousetrap and The Real Inspector Hound, Picnic, Long Day’s Journey Into Night and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead for the KC Actors Theatre, of which he is a founding member.


Stage Manager - Guys and Dolls, Our Town, Boomtown Host - CRT Podcast Jean was born and raised in the mountains of northern New Mexico, but has been living in Denver for the past eight years where she works locally as a freelance stage manager and occasional dramaturge. When Jean isn’t stage-managing plays, she’s writing them! She has a BFA in Technical Theatre and a BA in English Writing from Metropolitan State University of Denver, and is currently applying out of state to pursue an MFA in playwriting. Even if she leaves the southwest, the Rocky Mountains will always be her home, and she cannot think of anywhere she’d rather do theatre than Creede. She is thrilled to be returning for her 4th season with CRT, her 3rd season with Boomtown (where her amazingly supportive, long-distance-tolerant husband proposed to her last year), and to help bring CRT’s Company Generated 10-Minute Play Festival back for its 2nd year in September!


Asst. Stage Manager - Guys and Dolls Stage Manager - Pants on Fire, The KID Show, Reading! And Other Superpowers (Young Audience Outreach Tour) Dylan Nicole Martin is a senior Theatre Design and Production major at the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) with a focus on stage and production management. While at Theatre UNI, Dylan has been Assistant Stage Manager for The American Way of Eating, a devised project based on the book by the same title; and August: Osage County. Dylan has worked with Sissy’s Sircus Burlesque and Drag Troupe for the last 4 years on the production team and as a

company bios

a retrospective exhibition at the Lawrence Art Center in his home town. His work was featured on the cover of “Architectural Digest,” and he provided photo illustrations in “Smithsonian” and other magazines including “Reader’s Digest,” “Fine Woodworking,” Men’s Health,” and “Santa Fean.” He operated a photographic

performer/choreographer. Dylan also was Assistant to the Director for Sturgis Youth Theatre working with students on the autism spectrum to aid their participation in drama classes and productions. She recently stage managed UNI Opera’s production of The Merry Wives of Windsor. Most recently Dylan was stage manager for a workshop production of The Great God Pan for Theatre UNI. This is Dylan’s first year with CRT and is excited to be making art and spinning poi in the mountains.


Asst. Stage Manager - Good on Paper, Ghost Light Rick is a second year MFA Stage Management student at the University of Illinois. He holds a BA in Theatre Design and MA in Theatre from the University of Texas Pan-American. His recent credits as stage manager, at the U of I, include: Polaroid Stories and February Dance 2015. His ASM credits include: The Tempest, Orpheus in the Underworld, and David Auburn’s Lost Lake (The Sullivan Project). Last summer he had the wonderful opportunity to intern at The Eugene O’Neill Theatre Center as a Stage Management intern for their National Playwrights Conference and Cabaret Conference. He is also a proud member of Alpha Psi Omega. Rick is excited to join the CRT family this summer!


Asst. Stage Manager – Guys and Dolls, Our Town, August: Osage County (rehearsal) Devon is very excited to return to CRT for her 3rd season! Originally from Rapid City, SD, she received her BFA in Theatre Design and Technology with an emphasis in Stage Management from the University of South Dakota. Most recently, Devon worked as part of the Stage Management team at Asolo Repertory Theatre in Sarasota, FL. She has previously worked at the Santa Fe Opera, Saint Michael’s Playhouse and Gulfshore Playhouse. Some of her favorite productions include The Language of Trees (CRT), Both Your Houses (Asolo Rep) and Avenue Q (University of South Dakota). She would like to thank her family and friends for their continual love and support.


Master Carpenter Kyle is very excited to be returning to Creede for a 3rd season! He has recently received his MFA in Technical Direction at Northern Illinois University. His most recent achievements include being TD for Marat/Sade, which was remounted in Turkey at the International Theatre Festival of Adana. He is extremely excited to be getting married to his amazing fiancé, Amanda, on the CRT mainstage in July! He would like to thank his family for their never-ending love and support.

38) CRT should really be CRC: Creede Repertory Community. Because that’s what you come for and what you leave with, an overwhelming sense of being a part of something. Finding a new family. One that doesn’t care where you go or what you do, as long as you come back once in a while. 39) CRT draws audiences made up of real people who really want to be entertained. 40) The theatre prides itself on something that is often lost: telling the story. 41) They attract incredible, unmatched talent. 42) I’ve never felt appreciation from an audience like I have in the little, magical town of Creede, Colorado.


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Paint Charge A Colorado native, Lisa couldn’t be more excited to return for CRT’s 50th, and her third, spectacular season. Lisa worked extensively as a theatrical technician and painter in Baltimore and Washington, DC before coming home in 2012. She spends the rest of the year slinging paint for the PACE Center in Parker and attempting to blog about beer.


Carpenter This is Madeline’s 1st ever summer at Creede Rep! She is a recent graduate of the University of Northern Iowa (UNI), where her peers gave her the title of “Tractor” to denote her duel status as technician and actor, while poking fun at her rural upbringing. Aside from her work at UNI, Madeline has also been fortunate enough to work on the summer seasons at the Orpheum Theatre Center and the Des Moines Playhouse. Madeline is thrilled to be joining the excellent company at Creede Rep as a scenic carpenter, and cannot wait to see what their 50th season has in store!

more thrilled to be here! Alex is a recent graduate from Metropolitan State University of Denver with a BFA in Applied Theatre Technology & Design with a concentration in Scenic Painting and Design. In the course of completing his degree, Alex has been working continuously with smaller theaters in the Denver area as both a scenic designer and charge artist. Recent design projects include Ludlow 1914, a collaboration of The LIDA Project and Theatreworks CO Springs, and Tyburn: The Deadly Nevergreen with Pandemic Collective. Alex has also worked as an assistant stage manager for Senior Housing Options productions of Driving Miss Daisy, Steel Magnolias, and On Golden Pond. No matter what the job is, Alex strives to be a beacon of inspiration, creativity, and collaboration.

company bios


Costume Shop LILY FEHLER

Carpenter Cory has completed his 3rd year of undergrad as a theatre design and production major at the University of Northern Iowa. He plans to graduate in spring of 2016. He is a board member of the local USITT and Alpha Psi Omega chapter. In addition he has worked at the Orpheum Theatre Center in Marhalltown Iowa, Sissy’s Sircus Drag and Burlesque troupe, and the Utah Festival Opera 2014 repertory season.

Stitcher/ Dresser A graduate student at Fashion Institute of Technology, Lily is thrilled to join the crew at Creede Repertory Theatre. Lily taught herself how to sew when she was 14 and spent three years working in the costume shop at the Theatre Institute at Sage. She is a graduate of Russell Sage College. Some of her credits include Lord of the Flies, In The Next Room (The Vibrator Play), On the Verge (or the Geography of Yearning), Cat in the Hat, And Then They Came For Me, and Spring Awakening. In addition to her work in theatre, Lily uses her solo work to experiment with costuming techniques and design, including goldwork embroidery. Lily would like to thank Lynne Roblin, her parents, and Edna Nieves for all their support!




Properties Master Trevor is very excited to be at Creede Rep this summer. This is his first summer here after spending the last two years in Kansas City where he is perusing his masters degree in scenic design from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Trevor is originally from Michigan where he got his BA in theatre production and design from Western Michigan University. Relax, and let’s have a great summer!


Properties Artisan Amanda Relaford recently graduated from University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign with an MFA in Properties Design and Management. She is excited to return to Creede for her 4th season, and celebrate CRT’s 50th season. She is grateful to CRT for letting her and her fiancé (Kyle Leinneweber, Master Carpenter) get married on the Mainstage this July. Thank you for being a part of their life and future!


Properties Carpenter


Stage Supervisor Born and raised in the cultural hub of Western Montana (Missoula), Trevor has wandered from state to state in search of a theatre to call home. This will be his 3rd time returning to CRT, and after living in Minnesota this past year, is more than excited to rejoin his family in the mountains of Colorado. As a freelance scenic carpenter, technical director, and changeover supervisor, there is no better place to call home for the summer.


Stage Carpenter This is Alex’s 1st year working at CRT and he could not be

Stitcher/ Dresser


Stitcher/ Dresser


Dresser (Fall) Jonathan is a recent graduate of Western Carolina University in theatre design. He is excited to be a part of the CRT season. Some of his costume work includes, Peter Pan, Rocky Horror, 42nd Street, Elemeno Pea and Les Mis.

Electrics and Sound LOGAN R. FOY

Electrician Logan Foy, of Memphis, TN, graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi where he majored in Theatre. He’s been lucky to work as an electrician on shows like Avenue Q, The Full Monty, and many others. Over the past two years, he’s worked as a designer for jazz artists like Doc Severinsen, Wynton Marsalis, and Arturo Sandoval at the Germantown Performing Arts Center in Germantown, TN. He is so happy to be able to come to Creede and take part in this historic season for Creede Rep.


Electrician Willow is ecstatic and very grateful to spend her 1st summer as an electrician here at CRT. She is currently pursuing a BFA in Applied Theatre Technology and Design from Metropolitan State University of Denver. During the school year, Willow is a workstudy carpenter for MSU Denver’s scene shop and she occasionally supervises high school technical theatre students for Saint Vrain Valley School District in Longmont, Colorado. Since beginning at MSU Denver, Willow has worked on every recent production,

43) Hands down the best people you’ll ever meet will be at CRT 44) They make me laugh harder than I’ve ever thought possible. Hahaha Boomtown. 45) CRT has a rich, quirky and unique history and they love to celebrate it! 46) Nowhere else have I been so moved by live theatre. They make grown men cry!


Adams State University theatre.adams.edu



Move freely.

Your Trusted Parner in Health


for SummerNITE, the Northern Illinois Theatre Ensemble and took their production of Marat/Sade to the International Adana Theater Festival in Turkey. She is very excited to be spending her first summer at Creede!



Sound Engineer Becca is a recent graduate of Northern Illinois University, holding two undergraduate degrees in theatre studies and communications: media studies. In addition to collegiate work in stage management and sound design, she has worked with several Chicago area companies including Organic Theatre and Oak Park Festival Theatre. Most recently, she was the production manager

Sound Engineer Eaton Saylor is from Lawrence, KS but is currently in Abilene, TX going to Abilene Christian University studying Technical and Design Theater. He has designed sound there most recently for Dead Man’s Cell Phone and V is for Violin. This is his 2nd year doing sound at CRT.

company bios

including Seussical, Arcadia, and Metamorphoses. Her other theatrical interests lie in Lighting Design, Scenic Artistry, and Stage Management. Someday, Willow hopes to have enough free time to travel by Stargate, taking her theatrical career with her.


Development Intern Originally from Prairie Village, Kansas, Sara is a senior at Cornell College in Iowa. Sara is receiving her Bachelor of Special Studies Degree in Directing Theatre for Social Change. She is honored to join Creede for the first time as a part of Cornell’s Fellowship program. Sara has been involved with theatre since she was six, recently directed Boy Gets Girl at Cornell, as well as acted in Cornell’s productions of Machinal and Fat Pig. Sara is looking forward to working on CRT’s landmark 50th season, and believes that it will be truly magical. She would like to thank her family, Cornell, CRT and Maggie for this opportunity.


Arts Administration Intern Hotbox Dancer and Others - Guys and Dolls Lily Lancaster is a junior at the University of Kansas with a Theatre Major and a Dance minor. Lily is overjoyed to have been a member of the Fall 2014 inaugural class of the National Musical Theatre Institute at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre Center! Lily was most recently seen as Maggie in Flora the Red Menace and as Donna in Richard and Robert Sherman’s Over Here! at the University of Kansas. Lily is thrilled to be a part of the 50th Season of CRT.


Development Intern Hotbox Dancer and Others - Guys and Dolls This is Millicent’s 1st season with CRT and she is thrilled to be working for a company she has long admired. An Evergreen native and a recent graduate of Cornell College, Millicent’s acting credits include Philia in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, various characters in Almost, Maine at Festival Theatre, St. Croix, Wisconsin, Birthwitches at Riverside Theatre in Iowa City, IA, Kate Monster in Avenue Q, Mrs. Kendal in Elephant Man at Cornell College. Thank you to my family for your support, Maggie for introducing me to CRT, and Cornell for making this opportunity possible.


Cornell College and Creede Repertory Theatre have a long history. Cornell provides excellent interns and fellows, who strengthen CRT while learning and growing from the intense, incredible experience of working at a professional theatre. Past fellows include current Associate Director of Development Maggie Schlundt and Charlie Thurston whose play Pink Moon and History Room will premiere at the Headwaters New Play Festival on August 28th. This year, Sara Cooper and Millcent Marter join the legacy of Cornell students working at CRT, as intern/fellows numbers 7 and 8.


For the first few seasons of CRT, the company was comprised almost entirely of University of Kansas theatre students. Founded by twelve students from KU’s theatre department, CRT’s history is forever entwined with the Jayhawks. Over the years, other KU alums have started their careers at CRT: Diana Dresser, Tosin Morohunfola, Candice Bondank, Mandy Patinkin, and Christy Brandt to name a few. Lily Lancaster joins us as the recipient of KU Theatre Department’s Loren Kennedy Traineeship.

47) They throw ROCKIN’ parties 48) They did a show about Shakespeare and Zombies. It was terrifying, historical, poetic, and bloody. 49) They have the most enthusiastic, wonderful, generous, kind donors in the world! 50) CRT is YOUR Theatre. Always.


IN MEMORIAL Time is brief, but memories are eternal. In 2014 – 2015, we said good-bye to several members of CRT’s family. Their spirited support of the theatre will remain in our collective memories forever. LIZ HEMPHILL 1933 – 2014

Elizabeth Hemphill (along with her husband Warren) was a long-time CRT supporter and summer resident of Creede by way of Sonora, TX. Mother of two, grandmother to five and great grandmother to three more, Liz was always front and center for CRT performances, bright-eyed and smiling. Warren and Liz were blessed to spend much of their time in Creede. They were active in the community and also attended the Creede Community Church. She loved playing cards, sewing, dancing and visiting with all those she loved so well. Photo: Liz Hemphill (center) with Warren Hemphill and Annie Butler. LANCE HEWETT

1947 – 2015 Founding Company Member of CRT, Founder/Artistic Director of Isle of Shoals Productions, Actor, Director, Friend.

Lance’s co-founders remember him as a man of many adjectives, preferably alliterative. There is a stream near Creede called Fern Creek, a name that Lance always found amusing to the point of absurdity. During the summer of ’66, “fern“ was one of several words that Lance would insert into famous songs to insinuate a meaning that sounded risqué. Another one was “creel.” Hence: I want to hold your fern…Put your fern on my creel…When we’re out together dancing fern to creel…The shadow of your fern. And so forth. But the secret of the laughter he drew out of people (no matter how tired and cranky) was in his impeccable delivery, creating co-conspirators in naughtiness by arching his brow and getting everyone to sing along. Lance was inventive, loyal, gifted, and kind. Photo: Lance Hewett in Creede 1967. MARGARET LAMB 1919 – 2015

A self-described “eternal optimist,” Margaret led a full and varied life. She was the matriarch of the Lamb Family (of Soward Ranch), who trace their Creede roots to the 1800s. She returned to Creede after attending the University of

Denver to serve as postmaster after the death of her father, who had served in that position. She was an essential figure in the Creede community, serving (among other things) as the secretary of the Creede school board for over 20 years and a member of the Ladies Aid Society, Eastern Star and Red Cross. She was a life long member of St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church and an associate member of the Creede Community Church. Photo: Margaret Lamb at Brush with the Blues 2013. WATT MURRAH

1939 – 2014

Watt and his wife Jackie made Creede their summer home for over eleven years. A retired judge from Texas, Watt loved fishing, hiking and the grandiose beauty of the San Juan Mountains. A dedicated volunteer at CRT, on any day of the week, you could be guaranteed to see Watt’s warm, smiling face and deep southern drawl awaiting you in the lobby. Watt was always ready to take your ticket, point you in the right direction and send you along with a kind and quiet word. NELL WYLEY 1921 - 2014

Originally from Del Norte, Nell was a pillar of the Creede community. She moved to the area in 1945 when she and her husband, Bibs, built Cottonwood Cove at Wagon Wheel Gap, which they owned and operated for 32 years. Nell was an early champion of CRT, sitting on the first Board of Trustees for many years. She saw the growth of the organization through the early days of building purchases and renovation, staff hiring and annual fundraisers, often raffling one of her famous hand-made quilts. After her husband’s death in 1978, she assumed his seat as Mineral County Commissioner and held that position for 11 years, becoming Mineral County’s first female Commissioner. She was on the board of the Rio Grande Water Conservation District during that same time and the Creede Community Church. She was a dedicated servant of Creede Ladies Aid Society for more than 50 years. Photo: Nell Wyley auctioning her quilt for CRT 2002.


Whatever It Takes.

Welcome To Tomorrow 719-852-3538 www.ciello.com

719-852-3538 www.slvrec.com

What's Your Next Act? We want to know.


Music in the mountains July 12 - August 2, 2015 Durango, Colorado Classical Music Festival & Conservatory





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our year-round team 1




over the past three years. Heather brings a diverse background to CRT as a Certified Professional Midwife providing care for planned home birth in the SLV, a BS in anthropology, and more than 15 years in small business management. The unifying theme in all Heather’s work is a passion for cultivating deep health in family and community through whole-hearted care of people – and joining CRT fits this mission perfectly!


Executive Director This is Cat’s 8th year with CRT, and her 3rd as Executive Director. Cat holds a masters degree from University of Denver and a fine arts degree from University of Illinois. She and her family live in Creede, and they can often be found in the mountains, fishing streams and hiking overgrown trails. Artistic Director Jess has worked with CRT since 2004 as an actor, director and resident composer. For CRT she’s directed The Secret Lives of Mildred Wilde, The Drowsy Chaperone, The 25th Annual...Spelling Bee, Sighthound, To Fool the Eye, and most of the original theatre for young audience pieces created with Jeff Carey and Steven Cole Hughes. She founded CRT’s Boomtown Improv in 2007. Original Scores for CRT: The Bad Man, The Joy of Going Somewhere Definite, Swiss Family Robinson, Billy Hell (for which she shares a Denver Post Ovation Award for Best Original Music with Ryan Prince & Kendra Kohrt), Meet the Beasts, Grimm Pajamas, Zeus on the Loose, Lullaby Bay, and Scruff Turbo. M.M. from The Boston Conservatory and B.A. (Government) from Harvard University. She is on the board of the Creede Community Foundation and serves as CFO of her family (Ryan Prince is V.P., the dog heads up security, and 3-year-old Penelope is Benevolent Dictator).



Facilities Manager 2015 will be Anthony’s 3rd season as part of CRT’s year-round staff. Originally from Texas, Anthony first came to Creede as CRT’s Technical Director in 2012. Before that he worked as Technical Director for Houston’s Alley Theatre and as Technical Director at the University of Houston. One year ago, a baby daughter named Birdie Rae joined Anthony, his partner Sarah and their dog Patsy. Anthony is now exactly where he wants to be: surrounded by women.



Education Director Johamy is honored to be joining CRT’s staff! She holds an MFA from The Ohio State University in acting, with a specialization in devising new works. Prior to CRT, Johamy directed the comparative arts department and the junior musical theatre program at Interlochen Center for the Arts. She has worked with the Seattle Children’s Theatre Company and the La Jolla Playhouse through their educational programs. Johamy is an alumnus from the Arena Stage fellowships program and the British American Drama Academy in Oxford, England. She has toured children’s shows internationally to South Africa and Mexico. Outside of the office, Johamy can often be found hiking with her dog, writing, listening to music, or eating her husband’s delicious food!



Business Manager Heather, aka Wren Green’s mom, joins CRT after witnessing the powerful impact of The KID Show on kids, families and the community


and loyal dog Oakley.


Production Manager Ryan is in his 8th year as a full-time staff member at CRT. He also worked for seven seasons as co-director of The KID Show. He has also served as props master and scenic designer for many shows. He received a BFA in sculpture from Alfred University in 2001. After college, Ryan formed a community arts group in Jamestown, NY, worked in several arts programs for kids of all ages, worked as an archeological field tech throughout the Southeast, and helped start a sign company in southwestern Illinois. Ryan lives here year-round with his wife, Jessica Jackson, daughter Penelope,







Company Manager Originally from the rainy city of Portland, Oregon, Cassie is delighted to join CRT for her 3rd season now as a year round staff member. Cassie has spent the last two years working for CRT as a Company Manager and Administrative Assistant. Cassie gradated with a BA in general theatre studies and business from Fort Lewis College in Durango. Cassie loves traveling, spending time on her boyfriend’s farm and enjoying this amazing town with those around her. Cassie is excited to be at CRT for its 50th season and to spend another year in Creede chasing her dreams and making extraordinary memories. Assoc. Director of Development This is Maggie’s 5th season at CRT, and her third as a member of the year-round team. She has worked administratively and artistically at theatres in Chicago, Iowa, and the Denver Metro Area and holds a degree in Arts Administration/Theatre Management from Cornell College. She looks forward to all the future holds, and is endlessly grateful to be living and working in this uniquely wonderful town. Public Relations Manager This season will be Sarah’s 7th at CRT. Originally from Louisiana, she received a BA in International Studies from Louisiana State University in 2008. Sarah is a third-generation southerner to make her way around these much-loved mountains. Outside of her responsibilities at the theatre, being a mother to her best girl, Birdie Rae, is her most important work. She is infinitely grateful to be bringing up the 4th generation of her family here in Creede with her partner Anthony.



Audience Development Associate In her 11th season at CRT, Elizabeth is eager to take on the new role of inviting CRT’s audiences to connect more deeply with our artists and our work! Originally from Illinois, Elizabeth received her BA in Theatre from Northwestern College in Iowa. She also holds an MA in Theatre from Bowling Green State University, where she focused on community-based performance. When not in the theatre, Elizabeth enjoys her service on the Creede Town Council and the Board of the Lower Willow Creek Restoration Company.

Quiller Gallery Established 1970

Paintings and Prints by Stephen Quiller • Capturing the Spirit of the San Juans Clay Forms, Wood Forms, and Sculpture by Southwest Artists

Fiy Golden Apples

Acrylic & Casein 40” x 32”

Congratulations to CRT on Fifty Great Seasons! Summer Season Open Daily Visit us at www.quillergallery.com

110 Main Street 719.658.2741 PO Box 160 • Creede, Colorado 81130

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