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Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of The KID Show

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TABLE OF CONTENTS Ruth Humphreys Brown ribbon cutting in 2011.

Our 57th Season | 2022


When the doors of the brand-new Ruth Humphreys Brown Theatre opened in 2011, it joined the historic Mainstage Theatre as part of the Creede Repertory Theatre experience. Both spaces offered a place to see live theatre amidst the spectacular setting of Creede, CO and the San Juan Mountains. The Jaycees, Jayceeettes, and founding company members were on to something when they came together to plan that first summer in 1966; and whether indoors or out, CRT brings people together through repertory theatre to experience storytelling at its finest. Welcome back! Thank you for sticking with us over the past two years. We truly could not have done it without you. Here’s to many more at your theatre, always.

Schedule . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 At a Glance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Mission, Vision, Strategic Plan . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 Steel Magnolias . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Always…Patsy Cline . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Native Gardens . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Sherwood: The Adventures of Robin Hood . . . . . . 20 The Royale . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 The KID Show: Music Box . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Headwaters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 Boomtown! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 Pants on Fire! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 Educational Programs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33 Supporting CRT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 Board of Trustees . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 53 Our Company . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54 Our Staff . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 75 In Memory . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 77

Follow us! @CreedeRepertoryTheatre @CreedeRep @CreedeTheatre Creede Repertory Theatre, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization with a 501(c)(3) status with the Internal Revenue Code. All donations are tax deductible. Production photos by John Gary Brown unless otherwise noted. Cover photo by Ramsay de Give. Program design by RoShamBo Marketing + Creative.

1966 Founding Company Members.

JAYCEE & JAYCEE-ETTE APPRECIATION DAY: SUNDAY, JULY 3, 2022 Diana & Phil Leggitt at the 2021 Jaycee Appreciation Day. (Photo by Nancy Leggitt)

Founding Jaycee members Paul Dunkel Jr (left) and Iris & Rocky Birdsey at the 2021 Jaycee Appreciation Day. (Photo by Kandra Payne)

Before the 1pm performance of Always…Patsy Cline

We remember the founding Jaycee members who passed away this year: Phil Leggitt and Rocky Birdsey.











7:00PM Steel Magnolias*

1:00PM Patsy Cline










7:00PM Steel Magnolias* LOCAL DISCOUNT


1:00PM Steel Magnolias* 7:00PM Patsy Cline


1:00PM Patsy Cline







7:00PM Patsy Cline


MONDAYS ARE DARK ( “DARK” is theatre speak for closed.)






7:00PM Steel Magnolias*



1:00PM Patsy Cline 7:00PM Steel Magnolias*

1:00PM Steel Magnolias*








1:00PM Steel Magnolias*

7:00PM Native Gardens OPENS



7:00PM Patsy Cline



7:00PM Sherwood*




1:00PM Native Gardens


7:00PM Patsy Cline


7:00PM Steel Magnolias*


1:00PM Native Gardens 7:00PM Patsy Cline

7:00PM Sherwood*




11:00AM Pants on Fire* OPENS

7:00PM Native Gardens 9:30PM Boomtown!*


1:00PM Sherwood* 7:00PM Steel Magnolias*


1:00PM Patsy Cline






1:00PM Patsy Cline 7:00PM Native Gardens

7:00PM The KID Show: Music Box*



1:00PM The KID Show: Music Box* 2:30PM THE KID SHOW



7:00PM Sherwood* 9:30PM Boomtown!*


7:00PM Native Gardens


1:00PM Patsy Cline 7:00PM Steel Magnolias*

7:00PM Sherwood*


11:00AM The KID Show: Music Box*



1:00PM Steel Magnolias* CHAT BACK AFTER


1:00PM Patsy Cline 7:00PM Native Gardens PRE-SHOW TALK


11:00AM Pants on Fire* 7:00PM Native Gardens 9:30PM Boomtown!*


1:00PM Steel Magnolias* 7:00PM Patsy Cline

1:00PM Sherwood*








1:00PM Patsy Cline


7:00PM Patsy Cline


9:30PM Boomtown!*


7:00PM The Royale*




1:00PM Native Gardens


7:00PM Steel Magnolias*



7:00PM Native Gardens


1:00PM Patsy Cline 7:00PM The Royale*


7:00PM Sherwood*




11:00AM Pants on Fire* 7:00PM Patsy Cline


9:30PM Boomtown!*


1:00PM Native Gardens PRE-SHOW TALK

1:00PM The Royale*



7:00PM Steel Magnolias*


TICKETS (719) 658-2540

There is a $3 service charge per ticket for all shows except Boomtown! and Pants on Fire! As a Blue Star Theatre, CRT offers a $2 discount for active military and veterans!


your theatre, always





$42 $25

$40 $25

$20 $20

$15 $15

$15 $15 FREE $40

$15 $15 FREE $40

Season Shows Mainstage Back Balcony (last 2 rows) Boomtown! Pants on Fire! The KID Show Headwaters Festival


$15 $10 FREE $20


$15 $10 FREE $15

schedule of shows TUESDAY 7:00PM Patsy Cline




1:00PM Sherwood* 7:00PM Native Gardens

7:00PM The Royale*




6:30PM GALA Fundraiser


1:00PM Steel Magnolias* 7:00PM Sherwood*

1:00PM Patsy Cline



7:00PM Native Gardens


MONDAYS ARE DARK ( “DARK” is theatre speak for closed.)



7:00PM Sherwood*



1:00PM Patsy Cline 7:00PM Native Gardens



7:00PM Steel Magnolias*



11:00AM Pants on Fire* 7:00PM The Royale* 9:30PM Boomtown!*

1:00PM Sherwood* 7:00PM Patsy Cline



1:00PM The Royale*



7:00PM Steel Magnolias* CHAT BACK AFTER


7:00PM Patsy Cline



7:00PM Native Gardens

7:00PM Sherwood*


1:00PM Sherwood* 7:00PM The Royale*



1:00PM Steel Magnolias* 7:00PM Patsy Cline


1:00PM Steel Magnolias* 7:00PM The Royale*


7:00PM Native Gardens

7:00PM Sherwood*



7:00PM Native Gardens


11:00AM Pants on Fire* 7:00PM Sherwood* + 9:30PM Boomtown!*



7:00PM Patsy Cline +


9:00AM YAOT: Casa Alfonsa 10:30AM HEADWATERS READING #1* 7:00PM Patsy Cline 9:30PM Boomtown!*

11:00AM Pants on Fire*


1:00PM The Royale* + 7:00PM Steel Magnolias* +



7:00PM The Royale* 9:30PM Boomtown!*


9:00AM YAOT: Casa Alfonsa 10:30AM HEADWATERS READING #2* 1:00PM Native Gardens 7:00PM Steel Magnolias* PRE-SHOW TALK W/PAM BERLIN


1:00PM Sherwood* 7:00PM Native Gardens PRE-SHOW TALK




1:00PM Sherwood*


7:00PM The Royale*


1:00PM Patsy Cline



7:00PM The Royale*







1:00PM Sherwood* 7:00PM Patsy Cline



7:00PM Steel Magnolias*

7:00PM Sherwood* 9:30PM Boomtown!*



7:00PM Patsy Cline





1:00PM Native Gardens CLOSES

7:00PM The Royale*


7:00PM Steel Magnolias*

1:00PM Sherwood* CLOSES


7:00PM Steel Magnolias*



1:00PM Steel Magnolias* CLOSES

7:00PM Patsy Cline CLOSES










All ages are welcome at The KID Show and Pants on Fire!. Please be aware that some shows are intended for more mature audiences. Ask our box office staff for recommendations or scan QR Code:

For additional information, please see CRT's complete list of Content Information and Trigger Warnings.

* Denotes shows in The Ruth. + Denotes ASL-interpreted performance.


Starting June 25, you can see 3 or more shows in one weekend! Save big when you see 3, 4, or all 5 shows. Ask about Multi-Show Discounts at the Box Office.


Please see our website for the most up-to-date information on COVID-19 safety and policies.


hello! Dear Friends,

Welcome back!

Welcome back to CRT! Like every person, organization, and theatre on the planet, CRT has been pivoting nonstop. We’ve done a lot of thinking, changing, and growing the last two years. Over that time, we’ve longed for the “new normal” to begin. I hope this summer is the start of CRT’s new normal. I plan to pause the pivoting long enough to stand still and take in this moment. Theatre is an ephemeral art form: no two performances are the same, and when a show closes, it only lives on in our memories. Thank you for remembering the importance of live performance and being a part of those moments today, and into the future.

I hope this old theatre seat is feeling comfy after three years vacant. If you are in The Mainstage, please take a moment to appreciate the new lobby floor and bonnie-blue curtains. If you are in The Ruth, I know you're enjoying those new LED lights and functional HVAC.

Our theatres have changed, from our updated lobby design and the new Cliffside Patio, to new theatrical curtains and LED lighting. We also have new staff members and a new five-year strategic plan. Our spaces have been shined up, but there was one key component missing­ —YOU. Thank you for sticking by us. In a way, these last two years have been a blessing because they have instituted change. It’s human nature to form habits with the mentality of, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Our new vision statement is: “CRT will be a haven for artistic excellence, belonging, and intrinsic joy.” We hope you will join us on the journey as we step closer every day. The line-up of plays this summer spans the twelfth century to today and touches every genre. But there’s a common theme. Each play explores what a person is willing to sacrifice for a goal or a dream, whether that’s having a child, pursuing a career, being the heavyweight champ, getting the land you want, or saving a kingdom. These plays examine what we’re willing to give up in pursuit of a dream. There is hope at the center of every dream. Two years of isolation have reminded me that we are better together. My hope is we will continue together in the years to come. Thank you for being here. Welcome back. We’ve missed you.

John DiAntonio Producing Artistic Director

Like settling onto the couch of your childhood home, I hope this moment evokes a mix of nostalgia and comfort (hopefully minus the menagerie of animals that lovingly attacks me as soon as I enter my parent's house; although it's Creede, so you never know!). To be an artistic home, or a home of any kind, is a lofty goal. I have only really known two places that feel like home in my life—my grandmother's house where I was raised and Creede Rep, where I have found the finest colleagues, fiercest friends, and most supportive community. I know this is a feeling shared by many who venture to 8,852ft in search of a different kind of theatrical experience—as an artist, student, or patron. At the time I write this, 2022 has seen the passing of two Jaycees — Phil Leggitt and Rocky Birdsey. The gamble they took on a group of theatre kids they'd never met enables you to be here today. Creede Repertory Theatre is forever grateful to the Jaycees and Jaycee-ettes who gave us an artistic home and made theatre possible in our mountain town. Their legacy demands that CRT prioritize making this a place of community and belonging in everything we do—from the art we put onstage, to the big "welcome back" you receive in the lobby, to the lifelong friendships forged during The KID Show rehearsals. In turn, it asks that you offer "home" to the folks around you in any ways that you can. I hope the story (or stories!) you see here today puts a smile on your face, maybe even a tear on your cheek, and ask you to think about the families we find, communities we create, and homes we can always return to.

Morgan M. Manfredi Managing Director



| Our 57th Season

STEEL MAGNOLIAS by Robert Harling Directed by Amanda Berg Wilson




Directed by John DiAntonio


Welcome to Truvy’s beauty salon in Chinquapin, Louisiana, where all the ladies who are “anybody” come to have their hair done. Aided by her eager new assistant, Annelle (Brittni Shambaugh Addison), wise-cracking Truvy dispenses shampoos and advice to the town’s rich curmudgeon, Ouiser (Annie Butler); an eccentric millionaire, Miss Clairee (Christy Brandt); the local social leader, M’Lynn (Kate Berry); and her daughter, Shelby, the “prettiest girl in town.” Filled with classic one-liners and hilarious repartee, the play speaks to the underlying strength—and love—of true friendship. Dramedy / Ruth Humphreys Brown Theatre


Packed with thrills, romance, laughter, and immortal characters like Little John, Friar Tuck, and Maid Marian, Sherwood: The Adventures of Robin Hood tells the enduring story of a hero of the people who takes on the ruthless powers that be. So get ready to duck a quarterstaff – or two – you won’t want to miss a moment of the swashbuckling fun! Starring Lavour Addison, Emily Van Fleet, and Caitlin Wise. Adventure, Romance, Family Friendly / Ruth Humphreys Brown Theatre




created & originally directed by Ted Swindley based on a true story Directed by Michael Perlman


The true story of the legendary country singer’s friendship with Louise Seger, a super fan she met at a Texas honky-tonk in 1961. The two corresponded until the star’s tragic death in a plane crash in 1963. Featuring twenty-seven unforgettable hits including Crazy, I Fall to Pieces, Sweet Dreams, and Walking After Midnight, this musical brings the story of one of America’s most celebrated artists to life, with down-home country humor and true emotion. Starring Emily Van Fleet as Patsy Cline and Caitlin Wise as Louise. Musical, Family Friendly / Mainstage Theatre

by Marco Ramirez Directed by Kyle Haden A KNOCK-OU T DRAMA

Jay “The Sport” Jackson dreams of being the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. But it’s 1905, and in the racially segregated world of boxing, his chances may be as good as knocked out. But when the fight of his life comes calling, Jay must face both his future and the shadow of his past. Inspired by the life of Jack Johnson, The Royale brings to explosive life the ultimate fight for a place in history. Drama / Ruth Humphreys Brown Theatre

20th Anniversary


GARDENS by Karen Zacarías Directed by Julia Rosa Sosa Chaparro


Pablo, a high-powered lawyer, and wife Tania, a very pregnant doctoral candidate, are realizing the American dream when they purchase a house next door to community stalwarts Virginia (Christy Brandt) and Frank (Stuart Rider). But a disagreement over a long-standing fence line soon spirals into an all-out war of taste, class, privilege, and entitlement. The hilarious results guarantee no one comes out smelling like a rose. Comedy / Mainstage Theatre

For additional information, please see CRT's complete list of Content Information and Trigger Warnings.


your theatre, always

The KID Show:

MUSIC BOX by Allison Quiller Directed by Renee Prince


Under the umbrella of World War II, Music Box is a coming-of-age adventure tale that follows Maggie, a young magician, who journeys into the strange and illusory world of a music box in search of her missing father. There, she discovers a land ruled over by the tyrannical Eagle Man, where she makes new friends, faces dangers, and ultimately must use her skills to save her father – and the world. Family Friendly / Ruth Humphreys Brown Theatre

See schedule for dates and times.

at a glance




May 28-June 29 / Mainstage Lobby / Free

Founded by the late printmaker Larry Basky in 2000, this juried exhibition contains over 100 small prints from fine artists across the country. Whether you collect or just appreciate, come celebrate the miniature medium!

BOOMTOWN! Improv Comedy Fridays at 9:30pm / July 1-Sept 4 / The Ruth / $15

Sixteen years of Boomtown improv! What does it all mean?! We’ve passed our drivers test! We’re revved up and ready to roll. Buckle up for an evening of hilarity and side-splitting laughter as these incredibly talented loony toons take you on a wild ride of improvisational comedy.

PANTS ON FIRE! A Totally Made-Up Musical for Kids Fridays at 11am / July 1-Sept 2 / The Ruth / $10-$15

Beloved by children and adults alike, Pants on Fire! is back! A completely improvised musical for kids and based on your suggestions, this hilariously magical show is sure to be fun for the entire family.


An Evening with Emily Van Fleet & Nathan Jones

July 19 / 7pm / Mainstage / $42

You know them from CRT musicals, Boomtown!, The KID Show, and their new podcast, Mess is More! For one night only, they’re bringing their messy marriage to the stage. They’ll sing some songs, tell some stories, and offer lots of unsolicited advice (like how to incorporate garbage cans into your wedding theme, and why you should never buy the blue sunflower seeds). Don’t miss this fun-filled musical celebration of relationships and self-discovery. For more messy fun, join us afterwards for a post-show hang in the lobby!

Aug 5 / The Rio Grande Club / $300 See page 10 for details.


Before the Aug 11 & Aug 27 performances of Steel Magnolias 6:30pm / The Ruth / FREE

Fun Fact: CRT alum and current board member Pam Berlin directed the World Premiere production of Steel Magnolias in 1987 that later moved to Broadway. Pam sits down with Producing Artistic Director John DiAntonio before two August performances of CRT’s production to share stories, chat about the origins of the play, and more!


Aug 26-28 / The Ruth / $40

Get a front row seat to the adventurous process of bringing new plays to life: readings of brand new work developed specifically for CRT stages.This year’s readings feature new plays by CRT’s commissioned playwrights Beth Kander (Hazardous Materials, To the Moon) and Michael Perlman (To White Plains, At the Table). This year, we’re adding a meet and greet brunch to close out the festival weekend at The Creede Hotel. Plus, see the world premiere of our bilingual Young Audience Outreach Tour: Casa Alfosa before it hits the road.


A Night of Stories, Songs, & Poetry featuring John Green

Sept 6 / 7pm / The Ruth / Pay What You Can

John Green has been on a search for enlightenment since he joined CRT back in the Sixties. Did he find it? Is he on the verge? Should he give up? Through stories and songs, John will playfully present his case, and let you decide. He will also introduce a new character, “Uncle Cannabis: Straight Thoughts From a Bent Mind.” As usual, he will be joined by several wonderful local performers.

BEHIND THE CURTAIN Deepen your connection to the plays, stories, and complex inner workings of live theatre through our FREE Audience Enrichment programs. Check our calendar for dates, or inquire at the box office.

Pre-show Talks

Pre-show Talks offer a comprehensive dramaturgical experience. In turn, you’ll appreciate and connect even more with our diverse repertory season. Arrive 35 minutes before show time for select shows.

Creating Steel Magnolias with Pam Berlin

Fun Fact: CRT alum and current board member Pam Berlin directed the World Premiere production of Steel Magnolias in 1987 that later moved to Broadway. Pam sits down with Producing Artistic Director John DiAntonio to share stories, chat about the origins of the play, and more! Before the August 11 & August 27 performances.


Chat Backs

Stick around after most Sunday performances as our artists answer your burning questions and share fascinating stories about the creation of the play.

Delve Deeper Study Guides

Don’t forget to pick up our in-depth study guides that accompany all shows in our 2022 season.

Questions about CRT’s Behind the Curtain programs?

Contact Associate Artistic Director Kate Berry at (719) 658-2540 or




From its Rocky Mountain roots, Creede Repertory Theatre serves as an artistic home to our rural community and beyond, through the creation of repertory seasons, dynamic educational programs, and compelling new works.




CRT will expand our artistic reach and national reputation through increased programming, strategic partnerships, and investment in our artists.



CRT will be a haven for artistic excellence, belonging, and intrinsic joy.

CRT will deepen connections within our rural community and beyond, creating an artistic home for all artists, patrons, and students.


CRT will support the economic prosperity of our region, grow as an essential community partner, and reach new levels of sustainability in our finances, facilities, and staff.


A Unique New Neighborhood In Creede

World Headquarters 114 North Main St. Creede, CO 719.658.0223



CRT is committed to creating a Culture of Belonging for everyone. Whoever you are, wherever you come from, whoever you pray to or vote for, whoever you love, however you look on the outside, whatever abilities or disabilities you hold in your body, we are committed to CRT being a place you can call home.

Photo by Ramsay de Give

The vision of CRT is to be a haven for artistic excellence, belonging, and intrinsic joy. We want all people to experience that haven and home in our Creede theatre community. When they do, we can create theatre of exceptional quality. Although our country often feels divided, this extraordinary mountain town gives us an opportunity to come together.

In 2017 CRT initiated an Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion committee made up of staff and seasonal company members, informed by the work done in society and the larger theatre world. In 2020 the CRT Board of Trustees initiated their own EDI committee in collaboration with the staff Chair. Both committees strive to explore and integrate practices that make our commitment to creating a Culture of Belonging possible.

Some of these practices include: • Providing free childcare for company members with children. • Implementing at least one ASL-Interpreted Performance of each of our shows. • Including safeguards in the rehearsal process for physical combat and intimacy. • Providing high-quality assisted listening devices for all performances. • Employing reduced bias hiring policies in our job searches. • Giving equal opportunities to individuals regardless of ethnicity, color, national origin, age, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, religion, height, weight, or veteran status. • Evaluating the stories we tell and the voices we elevate on our stages. • Welcoming different ideas and perspectives.​

The current committee chair is Brittni Shambaugh Addison, Education Director, supported by a team of EDI Deputies from various departments in the Seasonal Company. For any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to


STEEL MAGNOLIAS by Robert Harling Directed by Amanda Berg Wilson

“When I was a kid, a lady in the neighborhood had a large metal floral paperweight on her kitchen counter that served as a receptacle for change, keys…it weighed down the check for the milkman or the dry cleaner receipt…whatever. She called that thing on her counter ‘the steel magnolia.’ In her sweet drawl, she’d say, ‘Take a quarter from the steel magnolia and get us some ice cream.’ I found it interesting that the thing was neither steel nor a magnolia, but that’s what she called it. And the imagery stuck. Something beautiful made of very strong stuff.”

(top) Members of the original Broadway cast backstage (with audience member, Joan Rivers) in 1987, (center) the cast of the 1989 movie adaptation which starred a young Julia Roberts as Shelby, (bottom) the 2012 remake with an all Black cast that included Phylicia Rashad, Queen Latifah, and Alfre Woodard.

– Robert Harling Written nearly 35 years ago, Robert Harling’s funny and poignant play Steel Magnolias and its themes endure. Inspired by his sister’s death in 1985 of complications from diabetes, the play celebrates friendship, community, and how friends can help us grieve. Originally directed by current CRT board member Pamela Berlin in 1987, the show has since spawned two movie adaptations and countless theatrical productions. It also allows theatre companies like CRT to showcase some of its best female talent. CRT last produced Steel Magnolias in 1995 featuring Christy Brandt as Shelby’s mother, M’Lynn Eatenton. In 2022, she tackles the role of community leader, Clairee Belcher. Brandt says, “This is one of my all-time favorite plays. I think all the characters are so unique and funny and it will be an exciting challenge to inhabit a new one after 27 years!” The show also features CRT favorite Anne Faith Butler as Ouiser Boudreaux. When asked what she’s most looking forward to this summer, Brandt adds, “Of course working with Annie Butler is my greatest joy. I look forward to a summer of lots of laughs.”

Christy Brandt (center left) and the cast of CRT's 1995 production of Steel Magnolias.


14 your theatre, always



DIRECTOR’S NOTES Curious about how friendship alters the way we approach the difficulties of life, researchers at the University of Virginia conducted an experiment. One day, as UVA students traveled between their classes on campus, the researchers asked them to volunteer. Some of the students they asked were walking alone, others were walking in pairs. They Amanda gave each student a backpack, the weight of which Berg Wilson was equal to approximately 20% of that student’s body weight, then asked each to estimate the incline of a hill they would be tasked with climbing. The students who were alone estimated the hill to be much steeper than those who were prepared to climb it with their friend. Even more fascinatingly, the longer the two friends had known one another, the less steep they estimated the climb to be. The researchers’ conclusion: with friends by our side, the challenges of being human become less daunting. More interesting data from other experiments: people with strong social relationships have a 50% increased likelihood of living a long life. And: those who live in communities with more public gathering places have a greater level of public trust. Steel Magnolias is a 1987 play by Robert Harling, written upon the advice of a friend as a way to process his grief after his sister’s death. It began as a short story, one that Harling hoped would one day help his late sister’s son understand more about his mother. And what is the story that Uncle Robert wanted to tell his nephew? I think at its core he is telling a story of the fierce, indelible love between a mother and child and how that love is complicated by the child’s need to separate from her mother and become her own person. But more broadly, the play is also an exploration of that same thing the researchers at UVA set out to quantify: how precious our relationships with the folks in our community are—the children of our friends, the neighbor with whom we may have disagreements, the woman who does our hair. And how an everyday gathering space­—the neighborhood hair salon—can be a sanctuary from the exigencies of the outside world. At its foundation, Steel Magnolias is about the same thing all that data proves—how important our friendships are to navigating this life. This is the third piece I’ve been lucky enough to captain at CRT (after 2018’s 9 to 5 and 2019’s Pride and Prejudice), and all three have focused on the lived experience of women. As a feminist, a friend, a wife, a daughter, and most especially as a mother, I feel grateful for the way in which Steel Magnolias celebrates women in various stages of life—a newlywed, a mother-of-the-bride, an empty nester, a widow. But these specific women-centered stories are nestled in a universal truth—we need one another, y’all. As we emerge from these pandemic years characterized by so much isolation, I hope our production of Steel Magnolias will be a hilarious, heart-wrenching, heart-warming reminder.

One 15-Minute Intermission

CREATIVE TEAM Director Scenic Design Costume Design Lighting Design Sound Design Wig Design Dialect Coach EDI Deputy

Amanda Berg Wilson Lindsay Fuori** Erin Lavespere MacKenzie Mulligan Max Silverman Cassondra Takas Rebecca Bossen Alyssa Peters

STAGE MANAGEMENT Stage Manager Asst. Stage Manager Asst. Stage Manager


Truvy Jones Annelle Dupuy-Desoto Clairee Belcher Shelby Eatenton-Latcherie M’Lynn Eatenton Ouiser Boudreaux Understudies

Wilhelm Peters* Miranda Ray Olivia ZapaterCharrette Teonna Wesley* Brittni Shambaugh Addison Christy Brandt* Emily Bosco* Kate Berry* Anne Faith Butler* Jenni Harbour Caitlin Wise* Emily Van Fleet*

Steel Magnolias is presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc., New York. Originally produced by the W.P.A. Theatre, New York City, 1987 (Kyle Renick, Artistic Director). Content Information: This play contains some mature themes, big hair, and lots of town gossip. ** Terrence and Polly Jones Scenic Designer



ALWAYS... PATSY CLINE created & originally directed by Ted Swindley based on a true story Directed by Michael Perlman

“Patsy was the personification of the word original.”

–Ellis Nassour


Louise Everett Seger Zurbuchen was born May 31, 1932, to Fred and Ruby Everett in Jackson, Mississippi. Her father passed away in 1941 and her mother married Dick Alexander, a popular Gulf Coast musician and band leader, who helped to foster her lifelong love of music. At age 17, she was voted Miss Biloxi. Louise moved to Houston after graduating from Hinds Junior College in Raymond, Mississippi. Her first marriage was to Rex Seger of Houston, and they had two children. Throughout her life she was involved in dance, singing, modeling, and even became a nightclub owner in the Houston area. But it was her fast friendship and two-year correspondence with Cline that brought her fame of her own when her stories and letters were documented in several biographies, including Honky Tonk Angel: The Intimate Story of Patsy Cline by Ellis Nassour.

16 your theatre, always

“We’d just talk like you would with a girlfriend,” she said. “She’d tell me what she wore, how the audience received her performance, what was going on with her home life and personal life.” The book became the basis for Always…Patsy Cline. Louise passed away in 2004 from emphysema.


Patsy Cline was born Virgina Patterson Hensley on September 8, 1932, in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Ginny, as she was called then, wanted to sing and dance from a very early age. Along with her mother, Hilda Hensley, she sought out opportunity around every turn. Her perseverance, talent, and special ability to connect deeply with her audience, led her to be the first female solo artist inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1973. Before her ultimate death from a plane crash in 1963, Patsy had several brushes with death, all of which transformed her life in interesting ways. In a 1957 interview, Cline shared, “I had a serious bout with rheumatic fever when I was 13. I developed a terrible throat infection and my heart even stopped beating. The doctor put me in an oxygen tent. You might say it was my return to the living after several days that launched me as a singer. The fever affected my throat and when I recovered, I had this booming voice like Kate Smith*.” *Kate Smith was a well-known American contralto in the 1930s & 40s.


DIRECTOR’S NOTES Early on in the show you’re about to see, the character of Louise remarks that the first time she heard Patsy Cline sing, it felt like she was right there in her living room, singing the way she always wanted to sing. This is what great artists do—make us feel seen and known. They capture some part of humanity and reflect it Michael Perlman back to us, helping us understand our place in this crazy world. The past two years, I believe we’ve needed art more than ever—to inspire us, to transport us, and to make us feel seen as we became more isolated from each other than humans should be. It is such a great privilege to be the first show to welcome you back to The Mainstage here at Creede Repertory Theatre, and to have the opportunity to tell a story that has the power to inspire, transport, and make you feel seen in the way only singular artists like Patsy can do. Cline performing on crutches after a car accident.

CREATIVE TEAM Director Music Director Scenic Design Costume Design Lighting Design Sound Design Dialect Coach EDI Deputy

Stage Manager Asst. Stage Manager


Patsy Cline Louise Seger Understudies

Piano Guitar Bassist Drummer

Patsy was involved in a near fatal car accident and suffered major blood loss, a large cut across her forehead, and a dislocated hip. She wrote to Louise, “I was sure glad to get your two cards and letters [that] came with them and even tho I’m in bed and in traction, I hope you’ll be able to read this. Honestly, I’ve gotten so many calls, telegrams, cards & letters that I’m just stunned. I didn’t know there was so many people in this world that knew of me, but it sure gives me faith and a wonderful feeling to know how many fans & friends are wanting me well again…” Still on crutches, Cline recorded and then performed “Crazy,” which would become one of the defining numbers of her career.

March 5, 1963 Patsy Cline was killed in a plane crash along with three other Grand Ole Opry stars: Cowboy Copas, Hawkshaw Hawkins, and Randy Hughes; all on their way back to Tennessee after performing for a benefit concert in Kansas City. Though she was only 30 years old at the time of her death, her unique style, personality, and music endure.

Michael Perlman+ Andy Hudson AnnDee Alvidrez Rossina Lozoya Stephen Moss David M. Greenberg Rebecca Bossen Samwell Rose



June 14, 1961


One 15-Minute Intermission

Marcus Carroll* Kelsea Sibold Emily Van Fleet* Caitlin Wise* Kate Berry* Heidi Caran Snider Andy Hudson Alejandro Rowinsky Joey Aigner Dr. Bill Ricketts

Author’s Representative: Joan Kovats Business Management: Melanie Clark Original Music Director: Vicki Masters Band and Vocal Orchestrations: August Eriksmoen, Tony Migliore Legal Counsel: Clair G. Burrill, Richard Garmise, Sawnie R. Aldredge Musical clearances secured and used by permission. See page 74 for a list of music credits. Licensed by the family and estate of Patsy Cline. All rights reserved. Original cast album available on MCA. For licensing information on Always… Patsy Cline and all Ted Swindley shows, visit or contact Joan Kovats, (203) 978-0102. For merchandise, please visit Content Information: This play contains some mild language, depictions of alcohol consumption and smoking, and a good dose of Patsy Cline’s song catalog.




GARDENS by Karen Zacarías Directed by Julia Rosa Sosa Chaparro


Fought between the houses of Lancaster and York from 1455-1485, the wars were a battle for the throne of England. Both houses claimed this through their descent from Edward III. The series of civil wars lasted several decades but ended when Henry VII (House of Lancaster), defeated Richard III (House of York) and shortly after married Elizabeth of York, joining the two houses. The name of the wars refers to the badges associated with the two houses: the White Rose of York and the Red Rose of Lancaster.

The Forty-Seven Ronin Incident (or the Ako Vendetta)

In the early 1700s when Japan was ruled by the Tokugaw Shoguns, Asano Naganori (lord of Ako) was tasked with carrying out formal duties at the shogun’s court. He was continually disrespected by a pompous official named Kira Yoshinaka

18 your theatre, always

The Butleys and the Del Valles battle it out for two feet of land in their backyards, but disputes like these have been happening as long as people have had opinions. Here’s a list of some of the most well-known, bloody, and downright ridiculous. to the point that Asano lost his temper, drew his sword, and attacked Kira. He was sentenced to death immediately. Upon learning of Asano’s death, his fortyseven loyal samurai bodyguards (now reduced to ronin: a masterless samurai) took revenge. In order to catch Kira and the authorities off guard, the ronin waited nearly two years and then killed him in an outhouse in 1703.

The Hatfields & The McCoys

Perhaps the most famous of any known family feud in the western world, an argument between two Appalachian families over a hog started a decades long battle. Though drama and tension between the families had been bubbling since the Civil War, in 1878 Randolph McCoy accused Floyd Hatfield of stealing his pig. This set into motion years of lawsuits, murder, and death lasting until 1891. Images in order: Choosing the Red and White Roses in the Temple Garden by Henry Payne (1908), Ukiyo-e print depicting the attack on Kira by Utagawa Kuniteru, The Hatfields, Joan and Bette in happier times.

Joan Crawford & Bette Davis

Rounding out our list of famous feuds is one not quite so bloody, but no less vicious. Joan Crawford was already a star when Bette Davis arrived on the scene in 1930. Though there are many theories as to the start of their mutual dislike, one is that Davis’ first headlining feature film, Ex-Lady, was premiering in 1933. Crawford managed to overshadow Davis’ premiere by announcing her divorce from husband Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Ex-Lady’s robust publicity was reduced to a small paragraph in The New York Times review section, while Crawford’s divorce was front-page news. So began decades of petty comments, insults, pranks, and the upstaging of Davis by Crawford (and vice versa). They eventually worked together in 1962 on Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? where art imitated life and ultimately led Davis to quip, “The best time I ever had with Joan Crawford was when I pushed her down the stairs in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?”.


DIRECTOR’S NOTES Do you know your neighbors? Do you truly know the people near where you sleep, eat, dream? If you answered yes, you may be in the rare group of people that still do the neighborly thing. These days, I swear many neighbors only connect through their community Facebook group fighting in the comment section. My Julia Rosa fiancé and I just moved to our first home,​​ Sosa Chaparro and I don’t know my neighbors—with the pandemic I have an excuse—but it made me think about when I was a child growing up in the desert. Back then, I knew everybody in the neighborhood: the fights, the gossip, and even the romances. Life was different then: I lived in the desert, and social media was not a thing yet, so you had to go outside and play. The pandemic hit the world hard, so getting to know new people was not in the cards for me. In my isolation, I explored plants, finding ways to connect to something alive. Even though I lived far from the desert and could not travel to see my family, I could connect by putting cacti all over our home. My botanical exploration had mixed results—my fiancé called me a plant murderer (but there was no motive, your honor!). Plus, I only killed plants very high maintenance to keep alive. Aside from my plants, I have been desiring to get to know my human neighbors, but unfortunately, I didn’t meet them before the pandemic. So now, I feel a little rusty making connections, unlike our friends the Butleys and Del Valles. Being “neighborly” describes itself, but it’s hard to remember how to do it in practice. Creating a relationship with your neighbors can sometimes be a relationship of a lifetime—I’ve seen it with my childhood neighbors—or it could be a historical feud like the Capulets and Montagues…and maybe the Del Valles and the Butleys. A cordial relationship must be cultivated, nurtured, and cared for just like a garden. Neighbors can save lives. They can be the ones who give important information about your well-being to first responders. And our neighbors can provide day-to-day glimpses of humanity and care, like a smile in the morning. Did we forget how to be caring to those closest to us after so much time apart? I think about the Butleys and the Del Valles and how maybe they would have never connected if they lived in our world today. Both Virginia and Frank would have been at high risk for Covid due to their age. Fortunately, in the world of this play, Covid-19 does not exist. They can be neighborly and help us understand the metaphors for the state of the world, where land is fought for and claimed; but in the end, nature is resilient. Much like the desert plants I bought when we went on lockdown. Those tough cacti are still alive! All this to say, it’s worth getting to know each other. It’s human to have conflict with one another, but we are smart enough to find solutions. The heart of this play for me is the connection. Fighting is easy. The beauty is in the struggle that comes with acknowledging the problem and finding ways to fix it: to grow a neighborly connection into a flourishing garden.

One Act No Intermission


Scenic Design Costume Design Lighting Design Sound Design Dialect Coach EDI Deputy

Julia Rosa Sosa Chaparro AnnDee Alvidrez Rossina Lozoya Kevin Frazier Cece Smith Rebecca Bossen Matt Zambrano

STAGE MANAGEMENT Stage Manager Asst. Stage Manager


Tania Del Valle Pablo Del Valle Virginia Butley Frank Butley Ensemble Understudies

Marcus Carroll* Kelsea Sibold Emily Bosco* Matt Zambrano* Christy Brandt* Stuart Rider* Brandon Guzman Alejandro Rowinsky Kate Berry* Brandon Guzman Chris Van Winkle

Native Gardens is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals on behalf of Samuel French, Inc. Native Gardens was commissioned and first produced by Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park under Blake Robison (Artistic Director) and Buzz Ward (Managing Director). Content Information: This play contains some mature themes, depictions of smoking, and horticultural mayhem.

127 North Main

Creede, CO


San Luis Valley Federal Bank





Directed by John DiAntonio

A HISTORY OF ROBIN HOOD Though little evidence exists to prove that Robin Hood was a real person, his presence as one of our most well-known folk heroes dates back hundreds of years, and his universal appeal continues to this day.

A Gest of Robin Hood

One of the earliest known references to Robin Hood, this gest (an adventurous tale in verse) was paired with two other stories: Robin Hood and the Monk (see page 21) and Robin Hood and the Potter. They date back to the latter half of the 15th century, though some historians believe they were written earlier. Though later versions presented him as being of noble birth and a follower of King Richard, he was originally a yeoman (a land-owning servant). Characters like Friar Tuck and Maid Marian were added as the story evolved.

Adaptations for Children

In the early 19th century, the stories were first adapted for children by writer/illustrators. One of the most popular was Howard Pyle’s The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood. Pyle’s illustrated poems and fairy tales were quite successful starting in 1876. Merry Adventures was his first attempt at a novel and published in 1883. Some advancements included Friar Tuck’s first appearance, and the origin of Robin Hood as a heroic outlaw who steals from the rich to give to the poor. Howard Pyle's illustration of Friar Tuck and Robin Hood.

FAMOUS ROBINS Robin Hood - A Fox (Brian Bedford) and Little John A Bear (Phil Harris) in Walt Disney’s Robin Hood (1973)

Kermit the Frog as Robin and Fozzie Bear as Little John

Errol Flynn as Robin in The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938)

Kevin Costner in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991)

Russell Crowe as Robin, Cate Blanchett as Lady Marian in Robin Hood (2010)

Taron Egerton as Robin and Jamie Fox as Little John in Robin Hood (2018)


20 your theatre, always


DIRECTOR’S NOTES Welcome to Sherwood Forest! Sherwood: The Adventures of Robin Hood is a story we all know. A simple story about the formation of a community—an ensemble, a team, a band of merry outlaws—bound by a common goal. Sort of like a repertory theatre located in the middle of the San Juan Mountains for the last John DiAantonio 57 years. To quote Friar Tuck, “We need to turn back time to the moment when a band of outlaws, friends— outcasts, really—joined together here in Sherwood Forest to change the world, just a mite, one inch, one-one hundredth of an inch, that’s all that any of us can ever hope to accomplish—but we felt the need to fight injustice and want, and to make the world more kind.” After the fragility of these last two years, CRT is here to make the world kinder, one play at a time. My three-year-old son, Leo, has fallen in love with Disney’s 1973 version of the Robin Hood tale, in which Robin is portrayed as a fox and Little John a bear. Leo is particularly taken by the moment when Lady Kluck, a hen and lady-in-waiting to Maid Marian, stampedes into a group of Nottingham soldiers (a bunch of rhinoceroses) during the archery tournament. You won’t find charging rhinos or fighting chickens in our production, but I hope the feeling of magical excitement will be the same. For you are our denizens of Sherwood Forest. I hope you’ll join our community of outlaws to make the world more kind. Welcome.

Robin Hood and the Monk “This is a merry morning,” said Little John, “By Him that died on the tree; A more merry man than I am one Lives not in Christianity. “Pluck up thy heart, my dear master,” Little John did say, “And think that it is a very fair time In a morning of May.” “ Yet one thing grieves me,” said Robin, “And does my heart much woe: That I may not on solemn days To mass or matins go.

One 15-Minute Intermission


Director Scenic Design Costume Design Lighting Design Sound Design Fight Director Choreographer Dialect Coach Fight Captain Intimacy Choreographer Assistant Director EDI Deputy

John DiAntonio Lindsay Fuori** Erin Lavespere MacKenzie Mulligan Max Silverman Chris Van Winkle Teonna Wesley Rebecca Bossen Matt Zambrano Jenni Harbour Adam Lamb Samwell Rose

STAGE MANAGEMENT Stage Manager Asst. Stage Manager Asst. Stage Manager


Robin Hood/Ensemble Maid Marian/Ensemble Friar Tuck/Ensemble Little John/Ensemble Doerwynn/Ensemble Sir Guy of Gisbourne/ Ensemble The Sheriff of Nottingham/Ensemble Prince John/Ensemble Understudy

Wilhelm Peters* Miranda Ray Olivia Zapater-Charrette Lavour Addison* Emily Van Fleet* Matt Zambrano* Tony King Caitlin Wise* Chris Van Winkle Cameron Davis

Anne Faith Butler* Brittni Shambaugh Addison

Ken Ludwig’s Sherwood: The Adventures of Robin Hood is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals on behalf of Samuel French, Inc. Originally developed and produced at The Old Globe, Barry Edelstein, Artistic Director, Timothy J. Shields, Managing Director. Content Information: This play contains some mild language, macabre descriptions of death, depictions of alcohol consumption, copious bows and arrows, and sword-fighting in the style of Errol Flynn. ** Terrence and Polly Jones Scenic Designer





by Marco Ramirez Directed by Kyle Haden

BOXING: A BRIEF HISTORY With visual evidence dating back to ancient Mesopotamia, boxing has been around for thousands of years. It first appeared as a formal Olympic event in Ancient Greece c. 688 BCE. Romans took the sport even further into gladiatorial arenas, typically ending with the death of the losing boxer. As Christianity rose in popularity along with the decline of the Roman Empire, boxing as entertainment fell by the wayside for many centuries. Though illegal at the time, bare-knuckle boxing (without gloves) reemerged in Britain in the 1680s and grew in popularity though the mid1700s. It is supposed that more formal rules were enacted by fighter Jack Broughton after the one of his opponents succumbed to fight-related injuries. Broughton was known as the “Father of Boxing,” employing gloves to protect both fighter and opponent. Ironically, instances of brain injury went up after the addition of gloves because boxers were more likely to aim for the head, rather than aiming for softer places thus protecting their bare hands. Boxing began to gain respectability when it rose in popularity among members of English Aristocracy. Boxing athletes were seen as ideals of manliness and honor. In 1804 at age 36, Bill Richmond fought in his first professional fight and became the first African American sports celebrity. Born into enslavement in New York, Richmond spent most of his life in England. He spectacularly won fights into his 50s due to his unique boxing style and strategy. Both Richmond and later his protégé, American Tom Molineaux, helped bring the popularity of professional fighting from Britain to America. The early 20th century saw a rise in American-dominated world boxing champions, and its popularity shows no signs of stopping.

22 your theatre, always

Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson

The Royale is based on the life of Jack Johnson, who became the first Black heavyweight champion in 1908 after defeating Australian Tommy Burns. But it was Johnson’s win against former heavyweight champion Jim Jeffries that sealed his legacy as a boxing superstar.

Burns vs Johnson in 1908

A Creede Contender

Jack Dempsey

Jack Dempsey aka “The Manassa Mauler” became the heavyweight champion of the world in 1919. Dempsey was born in Manassa, CO, just south of Alamosa in the San Luis Valley, and grew up in Lower Creede ( Jimtown) around the turn of the century.


DIRECTOR’S NOTES “Society was in trouble, and Jack was just being himself.” - James Earl Jones, on Jack Johnson Sports have been integral to my view of the world. Growing up in Pittsburgh, you don’t really have a choice. The Pirates and Penguins Kyle Haden and Steelers (especially the Steelers!) are so ingrained in the fabric of our lives. We live and die with each play. And these games aren’t just entertainment for us. They teach us valuable lessons about who we are as people, and how we should live our lives. We’re taught from an early age that the field, or the rink, or the ring, are one of the few places in our country where true meritocracy exists. Here, it doesn’t matter where you were born, or how much money your parents had, or what color your skin was: all that matters is how you perform between the lines, or inside the ropes. Your performance proves your worth as a human being. And triumph on the field leads to fame, fortune, and immortality off of it. In reality, I’m not sure that that’s true. I mean, maybe the shifts in our society over the years have brought us closer to that ideal today than ever before, I don’t know. But it certainly wasn’t true for Black athletes over a century ago. I know it wasn’t true for Jack Johnson. Jack Johnson was GREAT. I’ve heard him referred to as a cross between Michael Jordan and Muhammad Ali. In some ways I wonder if Babe Ruth isn’t a better comparison. Like the Babe, it feels like he could fit in with today’s athletes. He had charisma and style and flair. He talked trash with the best of them. And he could back it up with his performance! Jack Johnson was an American original and deserves to be celebrated with our greatest legends of sport. Is it his fault that society wasn’t ready for his greatness, or didn’t know what to do with his brashness, his Blackness? Marco Ramirez’s play about Jay “The Sport” Jackson gives us a peek at what obstacles Jack Johnson faced on his way to becoming the heavyweight championship of the world, and how he might have dealt with them. As we’ve worked on this piece, the most fascinating thing for me is pulling back the curtain on a great athlete and letting us see him as a full human being, both flawed and fantastic. In this age of social media and cynicism it’s easy to make snap judgements, and difficult to get your arms around how complicated and contradictory human beings can be. But I think it’s what Jack Johnson would have wanted. “Just remember, whatever you write about me,” he said towards the end of his life, “that I was a man.” We remember, Jack. We see your humanity. We celebrate your greatness. And we’re excited to tell your story.

One 15-Minute Intermission

CREATIVE TEAM Director Scenic Design Costume Design Lighting Design Sound Design Wig Design Fight Director Dialect Coach Dramaturg EDI Deputy

Kyle Haden Lindsay Fuori** Alethia Moore-Del Monaco Bryan Ealey Max Silverman Diana Ben Kiki Chris Van Winkle Rebecca Bossen Ellen Valencia Alyssa Peters

STAGE MANAGEMENT Stage Manager Asst. Stage Manager Asst. Stage Manager


Jay Wynton Nina Fish Max Understudies

Wilhelm Peters* Miranda Ray Olivia Zapater-Charrette Tony King Lavour Addison* Teonna Wesley* Cameron Davis Stuart Rider* Alyssa Peters Chris Van Winkle

The Royale is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals on behalf of Samuel French, Inc. Center Theater Group/ Kirk Douglas Theatre, Michael Ritchie, Artistic Director produced the World Premiere of The Royale in Los Angeles, CA in 2013. Originally Produced by Lincoln Center Theater, in 2016, New York City. Content Information: This play contains strong language and mature content, including descriptions of self-harm, racism, and racial violence. ** Terrence and Polly Jones Scenic Designer

BOXING: The art of attack and defense with the fists practiced as a sport. (Merriam-Webster)



20th Anniversary

The KID Show:

MUSIC BOX by Allison Quiller Directed by Renee Prince


During her first season at CRT in 2002, Renée Prince got to know “a rogue band of girls from town.” Those girls were Hanna and Hailey Waters, Allison Quiller, Erin Powers (Schrag), Hannah Richter, Dani Lewis, Samantha Schlough, and Erin Hooper—all who frequented the theatre. Prince was inspired by their energy and wildness, so when the time came to create material for the (then) annual CRT cabaret, she asked if they wanted to put together a mime piece, and they said YES! Prince had studied mime at Northwestern University where she performed and taught throughout Chicago with the school’s Mime Company. The performance was such a hit that the Hitchcock Foundation asked if their organization could support additional educational programming; and just like that, the Creede Initiative (later The KID Show) was born! The first year of The KID Show was a full mime show called, aptly, An Afternoon of Mime. And because there were so many young visual artists in the cast, Renée recruited her brother, Ryan Prince, to “come to the mountains and make puppets for the summer.” Over the next few years, the team adapted beloved children’s stories for the stage using movement, puppetry, and tons of imagination from the students. They also began collaborating with Natalie Maynard, whose costume magic became a staple of the program. As that first group of students grew, they were ready for more challenges and eager to sink their teeth into scripted work, so the team of Prince, Prince, and Maynard commissioned Jeff Carey to write a play for the ensemble. Emilia’s Tree was their first collaboration with the beloved

Carey, who went on to write the musicals: Lullaby Bay and Scruff Turbo and the Children of the Future. Over the past 20 years, the program has adapted to serve the needs of an ever-changing population of Creede kids, but the basic mission has remained the same: to create an environment where young people can be seen, valued, appreciated, and encouraged to grow through the process of creating a fully realized, professional-quality piece of theatre. Students involved in The KID Show have been able to perform in brand-new musicals, promenade theatre, devised theatre, movement-based productions, shows on trapeze, futuristic Shakespearean adaptations, and so much more. As we reflect on the past 20 years, we are excited to see how The KID Show will continue to grow and change. We are grateful for Renée and Ryan Prince for seeing the potential and diving in fearlessly. After so many years, we know without a shadow of a doubt the magic that can happen when you trust that you can “leap and the net will appear.”

An Afternoon of Mime (2003)


24 your theatre, always


DIRECTOR’S NOTES Down the rabbit hole. Over the rainbow. Into the wardrobe. For 20 years, The KID Show has been a portal to an alternate space and time, a dream place, where the upsidedown-ness of the adult world is conquered by the imagination of kids – a place where swan bicycles flap their wings, blacklight mermaids Renée Prince swim the seas, and the only real rules are to be curious, love each other, and try not to miss your cue. Allie Quiller was a member of the first rogue band of KID Show participants in 2003. Since then, the unbridled wildness and laserfocused playfulness of kids has built, shaped, and sustained this program. In the not-much-makes-sense real world, the fact that Allie Quiller has returned to write The KID Show’s 20th anniversary play feels almost disorienting in its rightness. Like finding myself under a lamppost in the snow with a talking fawn. Music Box is written against the backdrop of World War II. When it was drafted, we didn’t yet know we’d be witnessing another war, that we’d be watching heartbreak and mass destruction perpetrated by another in a long-line of small-minded, closed-hearted tyrants. What world are we making for our children? In this knockout new play by Allie Quiller, the kids save us once again, and oh how I wish they didn’t have to. How I wish we could protect them. But until that day, I’m grateful that spaces like The KID Show exist. For the participants, yes, but especially for us. Because for a short time, we get to sit in a dark theater surrounded by our fellow human beings and witness the sparkling courage and clarity of kids. This production is dedicated to Jeff Carey whose fiercely singular point of view helped us break all the rules.

No Intermission

CREATIVE TEAM Playwright Director Assistant Director Assistant Director Scenic Design Costume Design Lighting Design Sound Design

Allison Quiller++ Renée Prince+ Jenni Harbour Genevieve LaMee++ Ryan Prince+ Natalie Maynard Bryan Ealey Sky Bradley


Sky Bradley

+ KID Show Founder ++ KID Show Alumna Developed under CRT’s Headwaters New Play Program.


Are you age 10+ and interested in being part of The KID Show? Register today at Rehearsals for Music Box begin on June 21 and culminate on the closing of the show, July 9.

The Ruth Humphrey’s Brown Theatre July 7 / 7pm July 8 / 1pm July 9 / 11am

Reserve your FREE tickets today!


(top left) The Tree Watcher (2021), The Rainbow Goblins (2005), (right) Ryan and Renée Prince

Now in its 20th season, The KID Show program provokes and empowers young creative minds to develop and produce a new play, while placing them in a professional environment and encouraging them to play!





In 2022 and beyond, the Headwaters New Play Festival will now focus on developing plays we commission specifically for CRT. Like our educational commissions (The KID Show, Young Audience Outreach Tour), CRT will engage one to two playwrights each year to collaborate with us and develop a new play specifically for our audiences and surrounding communities. This season, we kick off this new beginning with plays by Michael Perlman (From White Plains, At the Table) and Beth Kander (Hazardous Materials, The Bottle Tree). To learn more or to support new play development at CRT, please contact Associate Artistic Director Kate Berry at


By Michael Perlman

AUGUST 26 / THE RU TH / 10:30am

Irene and Deb live a quiet life together in a remote mountain town, far away from the troubles of the world. But when their niece Lily and her boyfriend Curtis arrive with some unexpected news, they bring some of those troubles with them for all four of them to face together. This heartfelt and funny play encourages us to discover how families are built, broken, and created anew. Featuring an all-star cast of Lavour Addison, Christy Brandt, Anne Faith Butler, and Caitlin Wise.

Mountain Octopus

By Beth Kander T. Jefferson Carey Memorial Playwriting Award Recipient

World Premiere of Casa Alfonsa


Cousins Bruna and Fernando belong to the third generation of a busy restaurant family. They spend their days together, doing homework in the kitchen and making Shirley Temples behind the bar. It’s a pretty good life! That is, until their beloved grandmother, Alfonsa, passes away. Not only was Alfonsa an amazing chef, but she was also the glue that held the family together. Now her grown children—Bruna’s mom and Fernando’s dad—won’t stop fighting. It’s up to the cousins (and of course, Alfonsa’s ghost!) to help the grownups navigate their grief, regulate their emotions, and keep the restaurant afloat. Casa Alfonsa is an upbeat musical featuring song, dance, and many, many puppets.

AUGUST 27 / THE RU TH / 10:30am

Mountain Octopus is a new play commissioned by Creede Repertory Theatre. One year after a tragic loss, a small town full of quirky characters gathers together to patch up what's broken. Nothing goes quite as planned...but ultimately each person finds something unexpected within their old familiar world or something that feels like home in a new and unfamiliar place. Funny and heartwarming with a touch of magical realism, Mountain Octopus will remind you of the simple power of a good story.


Join us for a Meet & Greet Brunch with our fantastic Headwaters artists on Sunday, August 28 at 10:30am at our new Cliffside Patio.

T. Jefferson Carey Memorial Fund & Playwriting Award

Jeff Carey

Honoring the legacy of Jeff Carey­ — playwright, longtime CRT company member and extraordinary person­—with an award to underwrite CRT’s investment in new work through support of a select playwright whose style, inspiration, and passion originate from that place of no comparison. Congratulations to Beth Kander, the recipient of this year's award, created in memory of Jeff. Thank you to all who continue to donate in Jeff ’s honor.

donors to the t. jefferson carey memorial fund & playwriting award Anonymous Amanda & Ben Berg Wilson Andrea Carey Kate Fallik Jamie Horton Stuart Handloff Beth Kander Sarah Klahn Bob Knous & Caroline Fisher





BOOMTOWN Explosive Improv Comedy


at the Ruth Humphreys Brown Theatre

CHECK YOUR MIRRORS! Sixteen years of Boomtown! Improv. What does it all mean?! We’ve passed our driver’s test and we’re revved up and ready to roll. Buckle up for an evening of hilarity and side-splitting laughter as these incredibly talented loony toons take you on a wild ride of improvisational comedy. *Boomtown! performances are starting earlier than ever before. With the new 9:30pm start time, you can be home and in bed sipping a warm glass of milk by 11pm! Book early, seats are limited!


Courtney & Michele LaZier Kirk & Charlotte Dooley Dragonfly Flats & Oleo Ranch

One 5-Minute Intermission


Brittni Shambaugh Addison Lavour Addison John DiAntonio Heidi Caran Snider Bethany Eilean Talley Caitlin Wise Graham Ward Matt Zambrano And more, less funny people!

CREATIVE TEAM Musical Improviser Tech Improviser Lighting Design

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A few seasons before Pants on Fire!, former Education Director Renée Prince and I had remounted the previous year’s Young Audience Outreach Tour show in the regular season. It was important to us that CRT have a show for elementary-aged kids. They deserve good theatre, too! Plus, it can be an isolating time for moms with young children. Your little one can sit through about an hour of live entertainment before they want to move their bodies and run around. I remember bouncing rudely and unannounced into Renée's office with an unformed thought: because of Boomtown!’s success, we had an acting company that was trained in long-form improv. Is that useful? Can we do something with all this improv talent? Renée and I started talking and somehow Pants on Fire! was born. I love what we created: an hour-long improvised musical for kids that puts their ideas on stage in real time. The kids determined our hero’s deepest desire, her obstacles, and the quirky, dream-logic solution to her dilemma. We encouraged the kids to speak up, contribute, and get physically involved with the story. I remember during the first season; we were terrified that we’d bring a group of kids onstage to play...I don’t know...radioactive spider monkeys...and they would take over the show and refuse to sit down again. But show after show, the kids proved that they understood their part. They understood story. They knew the spider monkeys must be defeated by our hero. They inherently understood the “Yes, and” rule of improv! Pants on Fire! gives them permission to change the story. Their ideas matter. What they say matters. – Jessica Jackson, co-creator

The original Pants on Fire! team (2013) Top row l to r: Joe Montelione, Graham Ward, Brian Kusic, Renée Prince, John DiAntonio. Seated l to r: Laura Berrios, Caitlin Wise, Jessica Jackson

SHOWS @ 11AM EVERY FRIDAY JULY 1 – SEPT 2 at the Ruth Humphreys Brown Theatre

One 5-Minute Intermission


Brittni Shambaugh Addison John DiAntonio Jenni Harbour Emily Van Fleet Graham Ward Caitlin Wise And more!

CREATIVE TEAM Musical Improviser Tech Improviser Scenic Design Lighting Design (top) audience participation, (bottom) 2014 Pants cast

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Come play and discover your inner artist through these exciting drama classes! Learning through theatre teaches students how to work together, problem solve, and use their imaginations. ACTION STORYTIME In this delightful offering for our youngest learners, students will have the opportunity to learn theatre fundamentals and problem-solving skills through movements, storytelling, and literacy. Every student will leave with a new book!

Session 1

The Prince and the Witch and the Thief and the Bears by Alastair Chisholm Ages 3-5 / July 12 /1 0am-12pm / Class Tuition: $40

Session 2

Dragon Post by Emma Yarlett Ages 3-5 / July 26 / 10am-12pm / Class Tuition: $40

PUPPETRY In this new and exciting offering, students will learn to create, voice, and animate multiple types of puppets. The final day will culminate in a performance for friends and family of an alloriginal puppet show! Ages 6-9 /July 12-15 /10am-4pm Class Tuition: $200 MUSICAL THEATRE Learn what it takes to sing, dance, and act for Musical Theatre! Our professional team of teaching artists will guide students as they work to become triple threats in this fan-favorite offering! Ages 9-13 / July 19-22 /10am-4pm Class Tuition: $200

BOOMTOWN JR. (IMPROVISATION) Do you love watching Boomtown! and Pants on Fire!? Then this is the camp for you! Say “Yes, and” to this exciting offering that teaches students fundamental improv skills. Ages 13+ / July 26-29 /10am-4pm Class Tuition: $200 ADULT PLAYWRITING Have you ever wondered what it takes to write the next great theatrical masterpiece? Work with our professional team of playwrights to develop a new play or refine a story that’s been in your imagination for years. Ages 18 + / August 2-5 / 5:30pm-8pm Class Tuition: $100


Register today to reserve your spot. Visit or give us a call at (719) 658-2540. To apply for financial assistance, please contact Education Director Brittni Shambaugh Addison at


The Studios at Bristol

C o m e a n d E x p e r i e n c e C r e at i v i t y














education 2022 Young Audience Outreach Tour

CASA ALFONSA Book & Lyrics by Diana Grisanti • Music by Emiliano Messiez Directed by Ismael Lara Jr. • Choreographed by Bethany Eilean Talley DIRECTOR’S NOTE As I write this note, it is a day after my Ismael Lara, Jr. Momo Nides’ (maternal grandmother, Leonides Nevarez Garcia) birthday. She would have been 79 years old, but ALS took her away from us in 2009. The most beautiful things about her were her infectious laughter and her love for sharing food. She constantly and graciously extended the invitation for family to commune around her table, to be fed with homemade tortillas and laughter. In a Mexican family, we often use food as a way to express love; it is very much a love language. This love is manifested in the hours, care, and patience it takes to prepare food and the gift of passing on the secret touch it takes to carry on the legacy of a recipe. In Casa Alfonsa, we are met with the loss of a matriarch. A loss that I’ve experienced and one that I fear every day as my fraternal grandmother, Abuelita Maria, soars through her 90s. Losing Alfonsa, aka Mamá Poncha, puts a spotlight on her legacy and the need to keep her alive through her Tortillas de Maíz. When one child loses sense of tradition and another is clinging onto it, the necessity to keep Mamá Poncha alive creates a sibling conflict that only the younger generation can heal. It is this younger generation that helps the elders understand the importance of forgiveness and what it means to keep the beautiful legacy of our ancestors alive. This is not unlike what I believe to be happening in our country at this very moment. We are in the hands of a younger generation, who are healing generational trauma and undoing the harm that has been caused before them in order to build a better future.


Director Book and Lyrics Composer Choreographer

Scenic Design Costume Design Sound Design


Tour Manager Tour Manager

Ismael Lara Jr. Diana Grisanti Emiliano Messiez Bethany Eilean Talley Lisa Duncan Jill Van Brussel Jenni Harbour Sky Bradley Storm Dolente


Brandon Guzman Angelika Menendez Felix Torrez Brenda Ortiz Flores Developed under CRT’s Headwaters New Play Program.


Dane G Hansen Foundation Krueger Charitable Foundation Clarence V. Laguardia Foundation National Endowment for the Arts Robert Hoag Rawlings Foundation

CELEBRATING 39 YEARS OF BRINGING EXCELLENT BILINGUAL MUSICAL THEATRE TO SCHOOLS ACROSS THE SOUTHWEST AND BEYOND! Creede Rep’s Young Audience Outreach Tour (YAOT) is one of the largest providers of educational theatre in the rural Southwest, serving over 31,000 children. YAOT’s mission is to bring high quality musical theatre to young audiences in rural and historically neglected communities by annually producing an original children’s show that tours throughout CO, NM, UT, AZ, OK, TX, and KS.

Literacy Empowers Our Youth!

To support your community’s literacy endeavors, each student receives a free original children’s book after the show. These books reinforce the themes of the study guide and play, while making reading exciting!



Our generous donors continue to amaze us as they embrace the mission and vision of Creede Repertory Theatre and partner with us to create wonderful, often life-changing, experiences for our patrons, our community, and our children. A few of the projects that you made possible in 2021:

To the Moon by Beth Kander A powerful, digital workshop production, To the Moon addressed domestic violence and streamed free of charge. Recognizing the prevalence of domestic violence and realizing that this play would reach victims in need of assistance, CRT partnered with local violence prevention organizations to provide support to both our artists and patrons. Headwaters New Play Festival An annual festival designed to enhance our network of playwrights seen on our stages, to amplify the work of CRT’s family of performers, and to continue our tradition of bringing new American plays to the CRT stage.

The Young Audience Outreach Tour Bringing high quality musical theatre to rural and historically neglected communities, The Young Audience Outreach Tour reaches over 31,000 students each fall.

New LED Lighting in the Ruth Humphreys Brown Theatre Installed in 2021, this new lighting system drastically reduces the amount of heat generated by the stage lights,


Contact Lori Heinrich, Development Director, at (719) 658-2540 or lori@ to learn how you can impact the future of Creede Repertory Theatre.

36 your theatre, always

thus allowing the HVAC system to maintain a comfortable environment for all, providing a much more pleasant theatre experience. The Cliffside Patio CRT’s new outdoor venue, adjacent to The Mainstage Theatre, offers beautiful views and endless entertainment possibilities!

Free Friday Day Camps A safe outlet for local school children of all ages, camps offer students the opportunity to participate and learn a different subject of theatre at each session.

The Tiny Tour CRT’s newest annual touring production reaches children ages 5 and under with theatre created just for their stage of development. Jacob Marley’s Christmas Carol Creede Rep’s highly acclaimed holiday play, our first winter show in 15 years, delighted audiences throughout December!

COME TOGETHER AND REMEMBER SOME OF OUR CREEDE REP FAMILY IN SPACES THAT WILL CARRY THEIR NAMES: Cheryl Burnet Costume Shop In memory of Cheryl Burnet, a 1967 company member and Legacy donor whose life was changed forever by her experience and who, in turn, offered a lifetime of support to CRT. The Cliffside Patio Made possible by The Milam Family with generous contributions from The Hoglund Foundation; Carolyn Lamb & Steve Reed; and Kent Strickland, in loving memory of Elise Backinger.

our sponsors Creede Repertory Theatre’s 57th season is made possible through the generous support of the following sponsors:

SEASON SPONSOR PLAY SPONSORS 1st Southwest Bank 1st Southwest Bank, a locally owned independent community bank with branches in Alamosa, Center, Saguache, Pagosa Springs, Durango and Cortez, puts loan and deposit customer dollars to work improving the social and economic landscape of rural Colorado. We are one of two Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) banks in Colorado and the only one serving the Four Corners region. Together with our 501 (c)(3) partner, the First Southwest Community Fund, we ensure our region’s entrepreneurs, small businesses, and not-for-profit organizations have access to the inclusive and equitable capital they need to grow and enrich our communities. Visit for more information. Always...Patsy Cline Antlers Rio Grande Lodge & Riverside Restaurant Bordering national forest on a secluded bend of the Rio Grande, Antlers is known for its premier trout fishing waters and offers cabins, rooms, and RV spaces to the public. At day’s end, come enjoy fine dining in a leisurely atmosphere at the Riverside Restaurant. Always...Patsy Cline, The KID Show, Steel Magnolias Broken Arrow Ranch & Land Company Anne and Dale have owned and operated Broken Arrow Ranch & Land Company in Creede for nearly three decades. Their diligence, experience and commitment to clients has helped many acquire their dream mountain property. Looking to buy or sell? Call the local experts! Anne and Dale are honored to continue their tradition of supporting the local community. Always...Patsy Cline

Creede Hotel & Restaurant The Creede Hotel, originally Zang’s Hotel, was built in 1892 and is situated on Creede’s historic Main Street. We are proud to continue the 130-year-old tradition of food and service to the Creede community. Our newly remodeled kitchen features regional and international flavors, and our outdoor dining tent has a stage that is often programmed with live music. We are located next door to the Creede Repertory Theatre for convenient pre-show dining. Jenifer Houston & Alan Busche The Royale Clarence V. Laguardia Foundation Young Audience Outreach Tour Colorado Housing and Finance Authority Colorado Housing and Finance Authority (CHFA) strengthens Colorado by investing in affordable housing and community development. Since 1974, CHFA’s financing has assisted Coloradans living and working in all of Colorado’s 64 counties. With relevant products and streamlined services, we can help Coloradans become homeowners, grow their businesses, or create and preserve affordable rental housing. CHFA also engages with communities to learn about unique needs, inform investment, and build capacity. Together, we work to realize our vision that everyone in Colorado will have the opportunity for housing stability and economic prosperity. The Royale Creede America Group Creede America is a unique neighborhood that sits up on the mesa on the west side of the city of Creede. Great architecture, cutting-edge green technologies, and stunning views make Creede America the place to be in Creede. The Royale Dane G. Hansen Foundation The Dane G. Hansen Foundation is committed to providing opportunities for the people of Northwest Kansas to enjoy the highest possible quality of life. Fulfillment of our mission is predicated on three specific goals: reverse the population decline, increase the economic opportunities, and strengthen critical community services. Young Audience Outreach Tour Del Norte Bank As a mutual bank, Del Norte Bank’s philosophy is to

be TRUE to the community with an honest approach as a LOCAL financial institution providing necessary BANK products to individuals and businesses to facilitate community success. True, Local, Bank. Native Gardens, Sherwood: The Adventures of Robin Hood Kirk & Charlotte Dooley Sherwood: The Adventures of Robin Hood Dragonfly Flats Dragonfly Flats is the newest luxury living accommodation on Creede's Main St. This newly renovated Victorian masterpiece has 4 separate flats that can be rented separately or together. Relax on the porch swing, rockers or bistro tables, enjoy the fire-pit in the backyard or step out your front door to the center of the dining and arts district. It's the ultimate luxury vacation spot and walking distance to everything! Dogs welcome. Native Gardens, Boomtown! Genny Basler Memorial Fund See page 43 The KID Show Chuck & Kay Harbert and The Rio Grande Angler Chuck and Kay have actively supported the theatre through the years, with Kay serving as a Board member from 2002-2008. Long-time play sponsors and fundraisers, they believe that CRT is an integral part of the Creede experience. Sherwood: The Adventures of Robin Hood Paul & Jennifer Harrison My family started attending CRT plays in the summer of 1977, which was our first year in Creede. My parents immediately fell in love with Creede and all it has to offer and soon purchased our summer home in the mountains. It has been passed on to me and my family, and we adore Creede just as much as my parents. All that to say, this will be my 45th season of attending productions at CRT, and I can’t wait for this season to open. Always…Patsy Cline


Hello neighbor! Welcome to Creede...

Rural beauty with big-city Internet



our sponsors The Hitchcock Foundation The Eleanor and Henry Hitchcock Charitable Foundation is proud to support The KID Show for the 2022 season. Now in its 20th year, The KID Show is created and performed by local youth in collaborations with CRT professionals. The KID Show Marti & Steve Kiely Grateful fans of CRT Steel Magnolias Krueger Charitable Foundation The Krueger Charitable Foundation’s commitment has been instrumental in supporting the literacy component of CRT’s Young Audience Outreach Tour. Their gift makes it possible for CRT to give a children’s book to each of our young audience members after every tour performance. We hand out close to 25,000 books each year because of the Krueger Foundation’s generous support. Young Audience Outreach Tour Oleo Ranch Colorado vacation cabins offer luxury, off-thegrid accommodations, completely surrounded by National Forest and Wilderness Area. The seven cabins range from 2-4 bedrooms. Hiking, private fishing, horseback riding. Stables available for guests. Along the Silver Thread Byway towards Lake City, approximately 35 miles from Creede. Native Gardens, Boomtown! Peggy Longwood Lamb Peggy Longwood Lamb has been a part of the Creede community since 1939 when her parents bought their cabin at Spar City. She has witnessed this historic venue’s transformation from a movie house to its present use as the home of the Creede Repertory Theatre. Desiring to secure the financial stability of CRT, Ralph and Peggy Lamb established the Ralph & Peggy Lamb Endowment Fund in 1994, paving the way for the creation of the CRT endowment. The leadership and vision of Ralph and Peggy will forever provide a rich cultural legacy for Creede and its community of visitors. Steel Magnolias Courtney & Michele LaZier Boomtown! John David Lentz Memorial Fund See page 43 Sherwood: The Adventures of Robin Hood The McShane & Sloan Families The KID Show

The Monte Vista Cooperative The Monte Vista Coop is owned and operated by members of the San Luis Valley, serving the essential needs of our members, with all profits going back into the communities. With a large pallet of agriculture products and services available, the Monte Vista Coop can be a useful tool to help you improve the profitability of your operation. We are passionately committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products, most innovative solutions, and services delivered with integrity and professionalism. Steel Magnolias National Endowment for the Arts Young Audience Outreach Tour Karen & Charles Nearburg Always...Patsy Cline Quiller Gallery The Quiller Gallery has had a partnership in the arts with Creede Repertory Theatre since 1970. We applaud CRT for the enrichment of thousands of children’s lives in the past 56 years. The KID Show Robert Hoag Rawlings Foundation The purpose of the Foundation is to assist non-profit organizations with projects that are designed to improve the lives of people who reside in The Pueblo Chieftain circulation area, all within Colorado counties. Young Audience Outreach Tour San Juan Sports Open since 1974, San Juan Sports provides for all your outdoor adventuring needs. As proud distributors of the finest outdoor products, San Juan Sports offers outdoor sporting equipment, apparel, and shoes. Also, check out our tee shirt shop, San Juan Sports T-Shirt Company (next to the Kentucky Belle Market), and have a beverage with us at Sunnyside Bar! Don’t forget to join our mailing list at www. As always – adventure on friends, but before you go out…come in! Sherwood: The Adventures of Robin Hood

SLVREC / Ciello SLVREC and Ciello: A powerful connection…are proud to support CRT. Applauding the theatre for its commitment to the arts and its patrons, CRT is a pillar in the Creede community. Steel Magnolias The Slater Family Always...Patsy Cline 127 North Main Creede, CO 719-658-2240

Tomkins Hardware Tomkins Hardware and Lumber has been located on Main Street since 1892. Under new ownership since 2019, we carry everything that contractors and homeowners need for projects large and small, and our professional staff is always ready to advise and help you tackle any project. Native Gardens Vacation Rental Collective, The Creede Collection The Creede Collection is a highly personalized vacation rental management company. Locally owned and managed by a 4th generation Creede family, we take pride in managing and renting properties in Creede and the surrounding areas. We unite owners and travelers in finding the perfect Vrbo and AirBnB style private lodging accommodation in one of the best vacation destinations in the West – the San Juan Mountains and the Rio Grande Valley! Visit us online at We look forward to hosting you! Mary Beth Miles, Sean Bannon, & Amanda Miles Always...Patsy Cline The Valley Courier Valley Courier publisher Keith R. Cerny, a CRT board member, and his wife Debra SowardsCerny are regular supporters of the theatre because of the economic impact CRT has on the entire San Luis Valley. We invite you to keep up on the news of the San Luis Valley at www. and follow us on Facebook. The Valley Courier salutes the staff and crew of CRT and looks forward to another outstanding theatre season. The Royale

San Luis Valley Federal Bank San Luis Valley Since 1899 we’ve been Federal Bank serving the banking needs of our members. We’re happy to share some of our success with our community, and proud to support the amazing work of CRT. Native Gardens


Hanna Waters

What are you up to these days? I live and work in San Antonio, Texas: writing and publishing a weekly newsletter called Feelings, Inc. on Substack; making charcoal and graphite drawings; experimenting with all kinds of casting and sculpture modalities (currently casting cow skulls in rawhide). Favorite memory of The KID Show? Oh my, too many to count. I remember when we witnessed our experimental black light work in the old black box theatre for the first time. It was magical and moving, I think we were all crying. Painting sets with T. Jefferson Carey. Weeks of mime camp. I remember everything; it shaped me as a creator.

Erin Schrag (Powers)

What are you up to these days? I am currently a mom of two wonderful kids and the lead Preschool teacher at the Creede Early Learning Center. Favorite memory of The KID Show? One of my favorite things about The KID Show is how much the kids got to truly invest in the show. We helped build the props, make the costumes, build the sets, and sometimes even have input in the script. It really made it feel like this was our show. The KID Show is a show for kids by kids and is a truly special experience.

Lyric Nicholson (she, her, hers)

What are you up to these days? Currently working at a daycare and a restaurant in the Boulder, CO area as well as getting together with friends to play music. Favorite memory of The KID Show? My most vivid memories of The KID Show are during the set/prop builds. I remember helping to create all the puppets we used as well as always volunteering to wash the paint brushes during cleanup.

Brooke Ophoff (Tiley) (she, her, hers) What are you up to these days? This summer I am moving back to southern Colorado from Norway where I’ve lived for six years pursuing my master’s degree and building a photography business. Favorite memory of The KID Show? I played a tree sprite in Emilia’s Tree with Hanna Waters and we were on-stage the entire performance, including when the gallery was filling up with people. One time a flower from my flower crown fell off and I gave it to a little girl in the audience. Several years later a woman stopped me on the street in Creede, saying she remembered me in Emilia’s Tree. The little girl was her granddaughter, and that girl slept with the flower under her pillow at night, carried it during the day, and brought it on the plane with her when she flew home—it was so special and impactful for her. And I loved that. Theatre has meant so much to me and it was amazing to give a little bit of that love and awe to someone else. Luciana Branda

What are you up to these days? I graduated from UNM in 2021 and have spent the last year working as a research assistant, reviving my long-dormant cosplay career, and basking in the glow of no longer being in school. Albuquerque is currently my home, but I hope to relocate overseas sometime in the next few years! Favorite memory of The KID Show? Even 14 years later, I still remember dancing backstage before every performance of Scruff Turbo. We thought the overture music was the coolest thing.

40 your theatre, always


where are they now?

Hannah Richter

What are you up to these days? Today I live and work in Arizona where I spend most of my time in my home studio creating art, projects, and treasures. Favorite memory of The KID Show? I have so many amazing memories from my time with The KID Show! The one that stands out the most will always be going to rehearsal. Walking into a room with a blank canvas and inspiring people. Creating some of the most beautiful and meaningful moments of my acting career. The KID Show instilled a sense of magic in the world that has stuck with me to this day.

Genevieve LaMee (she, her, hers)

What are you up to these days? I'm a legal assistant at a law firm in Carbondale, Colorado. Favorite memory of The KID Show? Doing The KID Show was one of the most formative experiences of my life. When I was seven years old, Jeff Carey was writing the script for Emilia’s Tree and he told my twin brother, Kieran, and me that we could be squirrels or birds in the next show. I requested the role of a butterfly. I walked across the stage but one time, bashfully flapping a butterfly puppet that I had made with the help of Renée and Ryan. I was in The KID Show for as long as I was a kid, and even as I transitioned into a young adult.

Blake Cestone (he, him, his)

What are you up to these days? I’m currently majoring in Theatre Studies at the University of Northern Colorado and am set to graduate this December! Favorite memory of The KID Show? For my character in BONES!, I had to wear a mask on my head, so I was forced to look at the floor the whole performance, including a bit when the cast performed the Electric Slide!

Kieran LaMee (he, him, his)

What are you up to these days? Currently I’m living in Manhattan with my girlfriend, Michelle. I’ve been working at an IT and Management consulting firm for almost a year. In 2021 I graduated from CU Boulder with a degree in Engineering Physics with a minor in Applied Mathematics. Favorite memory of The KID Show? In my first show, Emilia’s Tree, we painted a map of the land on the stage floor. Gen and I were only six years old at the time, so we were just learning to paint. I was enthusiastic about contributing though, and Jeff Carey’s wonderful Middle Earth stories had inspired me to depict an “Orc Camp”. When I started this project, Jeff reminded me that orc camps would mostly be behind the mountains, so I painted there. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized painting behind the set pieces served more than one purpose!


donors John David Lentz Memorial Endowment Fund John David Lentz was a much-beloved company member at Creede Repertory Theatre in 1992. After the conclusion of the season, John traveled to San Diego where he was enrolled in a Master of Fine Arts theater program at the University of San Diego. John completed his MFA requirements on April 29, 1994 but was killed in a random shooting in Balboa Park on May 1, 1994. In 2015, a five-year campaign was launched to permanently endow the John David Lentz Memorial Fund at CRT. Over the coming years, we will ensure that the Fund continues to honor John’s life, long into the future. This summer the John David Lentz Memorial Fund co-sponsors Sherwood: The Adventures of Robin Hood and The KID Show.

Donors to the John David Lentz Memorial Endowment Fund Tom Basler Diana Dresser David & Lynn Hurst Ron & Mary Sue Lentz Johnson Christy Lentz Alton Pope Bob & Sharon Seago

Donors to the John David Lentz Memorial Endowment Fund in memory of Genny Basler Tom Basler Ron & Mary Sue Lentz Johnson

Genny Basler Memorial Fund 1939-2017

The Genny Basler Memorial Fund was founded in memory of Genny Basler, a longtime Creede resident and lover of Creede Repertory Theatre. Genny saw her first show at Creede Repertory Theatre in 1993, the summer after her nephew John David Lentz was a member of the CRT company, and from the moment the lights went up, she was hooked. Genny and her family have been regulars in the CRT audience every summer. In the summer of 2003, she and her husband, Tom, retired to Creede and became much more than regulars – they became part of the CRT family. Genny was an early member of the Creede chapter of the Friends of CRT, and as President of the Ladies Aid Society in Creede, orchestrated many tech dinners to feed CRT company members. Her presence was always felt at CRT as a regular volunteer, patron, and friend. On June 19, 2017, Genny and her husband, Tom, were returning to Creede from the Valley when their car was struck by an oncoming car on Hwy. 160 just west of Monte Vista. Genny was killed instantly. A longtime supporter and friend of Creede Repertory Theatre, Genny was beloved by all, and her presence in the CRT audience will be forever missed. Donations made to CRT in Genny’s name will be entered into the memorial fund to help support future CRT shows.


e v r e s e D u


(719) 398-1010 orders@cupcakegirlsbaker

u s o i ! c i l e D

@cupcakegirlsbaker y




Gifts to Creede Repertory Theatre from January 1 - December 31, 2021.


Anonymous Small Business Administration


$25,000 - 49,999

Colorado Creative Industries Dane G. Hansen Foundation El Pomar Foundation Krueger Charitable Foundation Shubert Foundation The Hoglund Foundation United States Department of Agriculture


$10,000 - 24,999

Anonymous Clarence V. Laguardia Foundation Del Norte Bank Gates Family Foundation Robert & Julia Johns Mineral County Lodging Tax Tourism Fund Panel Charles & Karen Nearburg Joyce & David Robinson Ruth H. Brown Foundation San Luis Valley Development Fund Bob Slater William & Teryn Smith Talley Family Charitable Fund The Schramm Foundation

DESIGNERS $5,000 - 9,999

AbbVie Anonymous City of Creede / Virginia Christensen Trust Fund Jerry & Karyn DeVault Kay & Chuck Harbert Peggy Longwood Lamb

Pete & Lindsey Leavell Leo Gilbert Wetherill Foundation Jan Crawford & Jim Loud Outcalt Foundation Mary Lee Pinkerton Rick & Amanda Rodriguez Ann Sabbah San Luis Valley Rural Electric Cooperative Santa Fe Community Foundation Schwab Charitable Fund Sheila Fortune Foundation Rita & Roger Shenkel

CHOREOGRAPHERS $2,500 - 4,999

1st Southwest Bank Tom Basler Broken Arrow Ranch & Land Company Susan S Chapman Community Foundation of the San Luis Valley Kirk & Charlotte Dooley Paul & Jennifer Harrison Gigot & Eli Hudspeth Frank Ikard Terrence & Polly Jones Steve & Marti Kiely Jim & Diane Knutzon Gary & Jodee Kring Carol Krueger Van & Anne Oliver RLC Foundation John Rochester San Luis Valley Federal Bank Tom & Michele Schrandt Bob & Sharon Seago Rick & Diane Sloan Sally & Donald Smith Alan Echeverria & Dyan Sublett Valley Courier Morton & Cecelia Weir

STAGE MANAGERS $1,000-$2,499

Charlene & George Ameel Susan Andrews Anonymous Jean Bethke Bieber Family Foundation Judith Blanch Elaine Blumenhein Katherine Brennand & Chris Cummings Bob & Robin Brobst Jenifer Houston & Alan Busche Sally Mason & Derrell Capes Pamela & William Carden

James & Jean Carson Steve Hall & Bev Chapman Reba Copeland Chris Corcoran David & Meredith Creasey Ray Deaver Michael & Shelly Dee Elisabeth DesMarais Paula & Steve DiAntonio Don & Leslie Dustin Neal R. Fenter Amy Jackson & Tom Fowlston Stanley V Graff Joe Hampton Trisha Hayes Marlene F. Hayes Lindsey & Chris Hervey Dale & Beverly Hettinger Holy Moses Gift Shop Bob & Judy Homsher Sheri Hummel Inge Studios Ed & Paige Innerarity Joan Green Jeffrey Ron & Mary Sue Lentz Johnson Diana & Mike Kinsey Dr. James & Christine Mercer Kraft Dr. Dave Krueger Ladies Aid Society Charles & Carol Larimore Cristi Larsen Rod Limke Mariah Maclennan Lynn & Shirley Ann McCullough Kent Miller Monte Vista Cooperative Gary & Beverly Moore Larry Morgan & Julie Kushner Morgan Reginald Nesbitt Randy Nicholson Nimmer Family Charitable Fund Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program Stephen & Marta Quiller Quiller Gallery LLC Lanette & Michael Quint Charles & Jackie Railsback Julia & Ross Rathgeber Carolyn Lamb & Steve Reed Paula & Charles Risinger Joseph Roach Kristy Robinson Lynn Russell Clyde & Nancy Rutherford Linda & Gary Sandstrom Jim & Madge Schmank William Spicer Kent Strickland Texas Instruments Foundation The Denver Foundation Kym & Mickey Thompson Tomkins Hardware & Lumber Steven & Karla Van Treese

Jennifer Wilson Daniel P Wolkowitz Dean Yannias

LEADING ROLES $500 - $999

Anonymous Cat & Avery Augur David & Amanda Basler John & Alice Berry Duane & Lorelei Bussey Ed & Vickie Cannon Karen & Jim Carns Keith R & Debbie Sowards Cerny Mark & Lynn Chambers Jack & Paula Corder Rudy & Andie Davison Doug Davlin Paul & J'ne Day-Lucore Colleen & Mark DeSanto Bill & Tami Fassett Joe Ford Jenna Ford Yund Prisila A Foss David & Lael Fruen Lael Frumen Amy Getz Mandy Patinkin & Kathryn Grody Fred & Carol Grover Steve & Cynthia Haynes Paul & Shelly Henriod Tom & May Claire Hetzel Sydney & Forrest Hicks Carl & JoAnn Hill Bob & Marguerite Holt Pam Houston Robert Hume IBM International Foundation John & Jan Ison Gary & Joyce Johnson Kip's Grill Robert & Cynthia Koets Sherri & David Lachance Maurice LaMee Kay & Charles Lancaster Stan & Julie Lentz John & Katie Levisay Cecelia Matson Jerry & Suzi McKee Merritt McShane Carol Sutcliffe & Clifton Meyer Bill Jeffreys & Christina Miller John & Janet Mulay George Muncrief David & Molly Niven Hyde & Ann Perce Michael & Pamela Reese Spafford Robbins Ron & Jennifer Roberts San Juan Sports Rick Hasbrouck & Kaye Shedlock Janice Sheftel Leslie Shenkel


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123 main street open noon-10pm

Robert Spangler Kyle & Sara Sweet Barbara Kline Taylor Pamela Tumler Weisman Family Foundation Rena & Ronny Wells Jana Wilson Edith Wilson Jane Henriod Wise Valinda & Steve Yarberry


Lari Abraham Ruth Acheson Michael Horton & Sandra Allen Jonathan & Maegan Allsup AmazonSmile Ilene Americus David Anderson Hunter Angove Anonymous Lee Ann Bakros Emma & Michael Baldisserotto John & Terry Bannerman Joel & Pat Barker Paul Barnes Ross Barnhart Holly Basky David Basler Rob & Tracey Bean Steve Beckham PJ Bergin Margaret Biles Anne & John Blair Beth Blinebury Jim & Judy Bloom Kate Blount Linda D. Bowen Bob & Marilyn Box Laura & Mark Brandt Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Guston Browning Cindy & David Bruner David & Glenda Buhrmann Wayne & Tanja Burgdorf Harlan & Robin Butt Andrea Carey C. Douglas & Ruth Ann Carey Emily & Adam Cave Theodore Chapin Heidi Clark Community First Foundation Barbara Considine Robert Cooney Russell & Barbara Cowman Janice Coyle Susan & Carrol Cross Dan & Margie Cruse Bill & Cecilia Dail Darlene & Marty Danko Zora Dash Gretchen & Scott Davis Kit & Ariel Davlin Ellen Deaver Denver Municipal Band Judy & Gerry Dettloff Richard DiAntonio Daniel DiAntonio Donna DiAntonio

John & Caitlin Wise DiAntonio Robert Donaldson Jonathan Douglas Lizabeth Duckworth Susan Ehrgood M.S. Eldredge Barbara Elliott Thad & Deanne Elliott Bill Ellis Earl Ellisor Joyce & Tom Faris Cheryll Faust Brandon Fimple Terri Finley Kathy Fisher Vickie Ford Robert Foster Susan Franke Charles Freuden Donald & Diane Fullrich Bruce & Linda Gardiner Les & Katrina Garner Michael & Julia Garratt Sharon & Fred Gauthier Rob Gentile Larry & Roz Gibel Martha Glassmeyer Rebecca Green David & Ann Guell Patricia Haines Kim Haller Mr. Douglas Hammett-Lair Lynn & Judy Hancock Michael Harbour Janet Harrison Mary Hartley Headwaters Alliance Rebeca C Helmstetler Stephen Hill Steve Scott & Ted Hoerl Thresa Holmes John & Gloria Hood Bridget Houston Hyde Shari, Tom, Connor, Cole, Parker Hume Michael Hunt Margaret Hunt David & Lynn Hurst David & Lisa Hutson Greg & Patty Ingham Carole Seabrook & Jobie Irvine Julie Jackson Janis G Jacobs Thomas Jarom Pam Johnson Burt & Doris Johnson Diana Jones Tana & Patrick Joyce Ed & Judy Judkins Gregg & Kristine Kampf Jim & Cindy Keen Lisa Kelley Harold & Kay Kelloff Rachel Kelmenson Wanda L. Kelsey Karol Klager Sarah Klahn Robert & Shirley Knox Gerald & Melba Kooyman Tim & Susan Kroes Jennifer Krueger Jonathan Brand & Rachelle LaBarge

Beverly Larson Janice & Jim Leary Brian Leavell Glenn & Laura Leisey Christy Lentz Helen Lester Sarah Linn Nancy Loftis Gail & Bill Longfellow Patricia Lovelady Vince & Elizabeth Zurn Lujan Barb & Don MacDonald Steven Manson Mara Manus Julia Marsh Carolyn & Gary Martyn Robert & Melanie Matthews Kent Maughan Brian Mayer Greg & Claudia Mayer Mace McCain John F. & Susan J. McClure Marilyn McCullough Paul McCumber Cheryl McFarren Mary McGilvray William & Marlys Meagher Kitty & Jeff Melch Paula & Jeffrey Menten Thomas Meyer Sue Armijo & Roger Miller Jim Mitchell Estella Montoya James Mobberley & Laura Moore Sheila D. Moore Rollie & Fran Moore Christina Moss Patrick Murphy Dave & Zoe Myers Narrow Gauge Books Jane & Richard Nearing Charl Kay Norloff Denny & Sandy O'Brien Rita Odom Patrick & Brenda Oenbring Helene Paris Jeanne & Gerald Pees Al & Carol Perlman Virginia Petersen Marti Peterson Margaret Phillips Pikes Peak United Way Melanie Pittner John Pokrifsac Susan Pollard Alton Pope Diane & Wally Post Chuck & Patti Powers Renée Prince John & Diane Quicker Don & Sylvia Quint John & Jan Ramsay Caryn Relkin Steve Reynolds Antje Richter Robert Pope & Alice Robinson Christine B. Rodriguez Alice Royalty Pesha Rudnick Wright Elise & Neil Rudolph Mark Rye Michelle Salazar Jessica Salsbury

donors Anne Sandoe Tom & Karyl Scarlett John Schmich Jan Schmidt Chris & Billi Dawn Schoggen Pat & Fred Schonwald Mark Seaton David Seely Bob & Bonnie Siddons Scott Slater Christopher Slater Michael Slater Richard & Norma Small Julie Barickman Smith Gayla Sorenson Barbara St. John Nita & Gene Stevens Patricia Suellentrop Richard & Mollie Swift Ken & Janet Taht Abe J. Taylor Sandy Taylor Kimberley Temple The BP Foundation Richard & Leane Thornberry Charles Tidd Gretchen Tinkle Kim & Yen Touysinhthiphonexay Kim Hargraves Tyrrell & Todd Tyrrell Linda Utz Phyllis Vandehaar Polly Venard Mike & Meghan Vucetic Burt, Jean & Zoe Wagner Jane & David Waldie Melissa Walker Bettye Wallace Kay & Janice Watkins Sarah Weed Jonathan Wentz Debbie & Paul Whitmore William Stonaker & Patricia Wilson Elliott Daniel Wise Max Wisgerhof Joan Wofford Joseph & Linda Woodford Patrick Woods Richard Worm Ronnie & Anita Wright Dixie York

Understudies $1-$99 More than 430 donors gave a total of $12,639. Thank you!







Supporting our community just makes common sense. Some pretty important things have become rare these days. But not at Community Banks of Colorado. We still believe in supporting our community which is why we’re proud to support the 2022 season of the Creede Repertory Theatre. Community Banks of Colorado. Where common sense lives.®

29889 US Hwy 160, South Fork | 719.873.5562 CONNECT WITH US


CREEDE REPERTORY THEATRE endowment We can enhance our quality and expand our programs by building and maintaining an endowment that provides funding in perpetuity for CRT. These forward-thinking friends gave to CRT’s endowment, supporting all fundamental aspects of the CRT experience. If you are interested in contributing toward CRT’s endowment fund and building a sustainable future for the theatre, contact the Development Office at (719) 658-2540 (Opt 2, Ext 1).

Tom Basler Amanda & Ben Berg Wilson Diana Dresser Kate Fallik Stuart Handloff Jamie Horton David & Lynn Hurst Ron & Mary Sue Lentz Johnson

Beth Kander Sarah Klahn Bob Knous & Caroline Fisher Peggy Longwood Lamb Christy Lentz Ann Sabbah Bob & Sharon Seago

Creede Repertory Theatre’s


Members of CRT’s Legacy Circle include those individuals who have made a commitment to the future of the Theatre through an estate gift. George & Charlene Ameel Elise Backinger & Kent Strickland Chuck Barnes David Basler & Amanda Keen Basler Phil & Jean Bethke Katherine Brennand Cheryl Burnett Cody Cosmic Alan Echeverria & Dyan Sublett Melvin & Camille Getz Dr. Jessie Gilmer Keith & Becki Helmstetler Lynna Jackson Rhonda Jantzen Dr. Merl & Kathy Jennings Phil & Teresa Lack Drs. Ed & Minnie Lee Lancaster Stan & Julie Lentz

Candice Lindh Maurice LaMee & Trary Maddalone Gary Mitchell BJ Myers & William Kuhlke Randy Nicholson & Cary Bush Richard & Catherine Ormsby Mary Lee Pinkerton Michael & Lanette Quint Barbara Roughton Bob & Dixie Slater Rick & Diane Sloan William & Teryn Smith Candice Tatum Kim Hargraves & Todd Tyrrell Don & Ruth Ulm Peggy Pharr Wilson & Tristan Wilson Ed & Betty Wheatley

ralph and peggy lamb endowment fund Desiring to secure the financial stability of CRT, Ralph and Peggy Lamb established the Ralph and Peggy Lamb Endowment Fund in 1993, paving the way for the creation of CRT’s endowment. The leadership and vision of Ralph and Peggy will forever provide a rich cultural legacy for Creede and its community of visitors. Peggy Longwood Lamb contributes to the Endowment Fund annually and also generously supports CRT through a play sponsorship.

The Christina Award

In honor and memory of super fan Christina Egolf, each year CRT recognizes and celebrates our most ardent and loyal patrons with The Christina Award. This honor recognizes patrons who went above and beyond in the areas of show attendance, volunteerism, charitable giving, and more. We will recognize these amazing people before the 7pm performance of Always…Patsy Cline on Friday, July 29.

For their support of CRT during the 2021 Season, this year’s recipients are: Christina Egolf (right) with daughter Adrian

The City of Creede, Shelly Dee, Jane & Richard Nearing, Kent Strickland


Main Street, Creede / 719-658-2526 Ron & Kay Fief, Proprietors



in honor of Anthony Aldwell Jennifer Marsh The Amazing Folks Who Run CRT Amanda & Ben Berg Wilson The Amazing Kathryn Grody Isaac Grody-Patinkin Sweet Wonderful Aria Michele Julia McCorvey Actress mom - Nancy Barden Holly Stadtler Kate Berry Jennifer Dettloff Jessica Salsbury Kate Berry & Family Judy & Gerry Dettloff Mary Louise Berry & Thomas Kinsella John & Alice Berry Judy Blanch Mary Anne Lefevre Christy Brandt Karen Carns Christy Brandt & John Gary Brown Tom & May Claire Hetzel Bill Jeffreys & Christina Miller

Evie & Michael Rapport Dr. James & Christine Mercer Kraft Annie Butler Gary & Beverly Moore Jeff Carey Bob Knous & Caroline Fisher Carolyn & Gary Martyn John & Katie Levisay Russell Cowman Guston Browning Toni & Ginni Davlin Doug Davlin Shelly Dee Spafford Robbins Caitlin Wise & John DiAntonio Jane Wise Paula & Steve DiAntonio Gary & Beverly Moore John & Caitlin DiAntonio & the rest of the amazing people involved with CRT Daniel DiAntonio Jean Egdorf Dreher Charl Kay Norloff Midora DuBose

Richard & Leane Thornberry Mr. & Mrs. Bill Ellis, Jr. Kathy Fisher The Fantastic Team at Creede Rep! Anonymous KID Show Participants Anonymous Kids of the Cast Dave Krueger Karen Hall Kate Fallik Forest & Sally Hoglund Diana Dee Mark Houston Bridget Houston Hyde Sean Matthew Johnson Pam Johnson Beth Kander Helene Paris Risa Herzog Rochelle Magid Mr. Gary S. Kring Ann Eastburn Denver Municipal Band Sheldon Kushner

Julie Kushner & Larry Morgan Cathy Ledeker Jane & David Waldie Jane Ambrose Martin Lizabeth Duckworth Estella Montoya Sara Goroski "Our Theatre, Always" John & Alice Berry Monica Sallaway Miranda Feldtman Kariana Sanchez Andrea Merlo Gary & Linda Sandstrom Judith Judkins Diane & Rick Sloan David & Molly Niven Stone Alesha Jenks Elise Thomson Barrie Thomson Edith Wilson Cristi Larsen

in memory of Melissa Meyer Adams Tom & Norma Meyer Sandra & Pauline Adkisson Mariah Maclennan Elise Backinger Pete & Lindsey Leavell Larry Basky Holly Basky Genny Basler Don & Leslie Dustin Shirley Knox Genny Basler & John Lentz Tom Basler Mary Ann Beavers Joel & Pat Barker Betty & John Brandt John Gary Brown & Christy Brandt Henry Brandt Cary Bush Tom & May Claire Hetzel Randy Nicholson Ken Carpenter & Mike Rierson Anonymous Jerod Chisholm George & Kathy Chisholm Hugh Copeland Valinda & Steve Yarberry My service dog, Creede Sue Armijo & Roger Miller Devon Beth L Arnold Kellis Dooley

Kirk & Charlotte Dooley Rex & Linda Easter Paul & Jennifer Harrison Bill Evans Neal R. Fenter Donnie Ferguson Amy Onofre Ann Morton Frohn Sonya Morton Mangan John Geter Leo Geter Ed Hargraves Kay & Charles Lancaster Kim Hargraves Tyrrell & Todd Tyrrell Mark Houston Sally Mason & Derrell Capes John & Gloria Hood Jenifer Houston & Alan Busche Janis G Jacobs Pat Schonwald Clifton & Mary Jane Jenkins Darrel Jenkins Jan Johnson Shirley Knox Candee Keen Cynthia & James Keen David & Courtney Klager Karol Klager Bill Krueger Carol Krueger Jordan ( Jordi) Lamb

Carolyn Lamb & Steve Reed John David Lentz Stan & Julie Lentz Rita Odom Alton Pope John David Lentz & Genny Basler Ron & Mary Sue Lentz Johnson Kim Lewis Kenneth Lewis Charles Donald Lundergan Jessica Peterson Joe & Norma Manning Jim & Molly Carpenter Marjorie Chris Corcoran David McGilvray Mary McGilvray David "Pappa" McGilvray Nicole McGilvray Anthony Montoya Estella Montoya Amber Muko Devon Muko William J. Norris Rebecca Green Lorna Ogden Carol Hertz Bill & Emily O'Grady Kitty & Jeff Melch Alice Palmer Robert Pope Joyce Pemp

Stephen & Susan Drinkard John A. Pritchard Earl K, Jr Steers Janie Quint Shirley Fick Don & Sylvia Quint Michael & Lanette Quint Mary Cay Russell David & Molly Niven Dixie Slater Jim & Judy Bloom Peggy Stall Barbara Gysel Paul Stone Karen Carns Julie Jackson Anne Torrance Tom & May Claire Hetzel Charlie Utz Linda Utz Criselda Villalon Prisila A Foss Doug Wasson, CRT 1969, 71, 72 Kay & Charles Lancaster Bob Wieczorek Jennifer Moreland Furman D. Wise, Jr. Karen Northrop Becky Yarberry Steve & Valinda Yarberry



Mac &

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Home of Creede’s ORIGINAL Fried Pies!

111 Wall St, Creede • 719-580-9959 Limit one coupon per purchase. Code: CRT



To all our CRT patrons, Thank you for the tremendous support you have shown CRT over the last two years. You have literally kept our spirits up and our offices open. Because of you we are having a full season this summer, on The Mainstage and in The Ruth, and we could not be happier. Please take the time to look at our facilities with fresh eyes. Notice the new floor in The Mainstage lobby, the new lighting in both theatres, and all the other efforts that have been made to make this season shine. It’s the 20th Anniversary of The Kid Show this summer too, so be sure to check out the second-floor exhibit in The Mainstage to get a better understanding of the extensive work the Education Department at CRT does. Along with all the staff you already know and love, you might notice a few new faces. I hope you get the chance to meet our newest staff members: Lori, Jake, Jenni, and Bethany. Finally, welcome back to live theatre at Creede Rep. We really are better together! With gratitude and love,

Kristy Hoglund Robinson

President, CRT Board of Trustees

Our 2022 Board of Trustees Kristy Robinson President (she, her, hers) Dallas, TX and Creede, CO The Hoglund Foundation Trustee

Bob Johns Senior Vice President Arlington, Texas and Lake City, CO President of The Kitchen Source and Manufacturer’s Representative for Wood-Mode Cabinetry. Joe Ford Vice President of Board Development South Fork, CO Network Funding Mortgage, Texas & Colorado Elizabeth Zurn Lujan Vice President of Finance (she, her, hers) Alamosa, CO Owner & Producer at Vinrock Media, helping businesses attract more customers with video marketing Rick Sloan Vice President of Fund Development Prairie Village, KS and Creede, CO Founder of The Sloan Agency, an Independent Agency Larry Morgan Vice President of Facilities Danbury, CT and Creede, CO Former Director of the Health Fund for the union of the City University of NY faculty

Jim Loud Creede, CO Vice President of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (he, him, his) Safety Management Consultant at James Loud Consulting David E. Creasey Vice President of Education Houston, TX and South Fork, CO Private Wealth Advisor and Senior Vice President Investments UBS Financial Services, Inc Jen Houston Secretary of the Board (she, her, hers) Creede, CO and Oklahoma City, OK OKC Festival of the Arts Committee Chair; community organizer Pam Berlin New York, NY and Creede, CO Theater and Opera Director

Susan Birdsey Grand Junction and Creede, CO Owner of Ramble House and Creede Guide & Outfitters; K-12 Public School Educator Keith R. Cerny Creede and Alamosa, CO Publisher, Valley Courier, Div. Mgr. News Media Corp.

Eli Safayan Hudspeth (she, her, hers) Pueblo and South Fork, CO University Professor; Small Business Development Consultant Amy Krueger (she, her, hers) Creede, CO and Boston, MA Owner of The Mac Mine; The Krueger Family Foundation Trustee Karen Miller Nearburg (she, her, hers) Dallas, Santa Fe, and Creede, CO Art Curator Isaac Grody-Patinkin (he, him, his) Creede, CO Health Equity Lead and Prevention Coordinator, Silver Thread Public Health Glynn Polter South Fork, CO Retired; 30-year high-tech career; Former Owner Mountain Lighthouse Joyce Robinson (she, her, hers) Creede, CO Former software programmer/ analyst, Systems Research Laboratories, Dayton, OH


PLAYWRIGHTS & COMPOSERS Robert Harling Playwright – Steel Magnolias Robert made his directorial debut with The Evening Star for Paramount, which he also wrote for the screen based on Larry McMurty’s novel. The Evening Star reunited Shirley MacLaine and Jack Nicholson in a continuation of one of the most beloved and acclaimed movies of our time, Terms of Endearment. Robert graduated from Tulane University School of Law, but instead of taking the bar exam, he opted to become an actor in New York. After years as an actor, Harling was inspired to write the highly acclaimed stage play Steel Magnolias, based on events from his personal life. Harling then adapted his original play into the popular film of the same title. Mr. Harling has become a much sought-after screenwriter: other credits include Soapdish, which was based on Harling’s acting experience and starred Sally Field, Whoopi Goldberg, and Robert Downey Jr., and First Wive’s Club for Paramount, starring Bette Midler, Goldie Hawn, and Diane Keaton. Beth Kander Playwright – Mountain Octopus, Headwaters New Play Festival T. Jefferson Carey Memorial Playwriting Award (she, her, hers) Beth is an award-winning author and playwright. The granddaughter of immigrants, her work explores how worlds old and new intertwine. Previous work with CRT: Hazardous Materials (2019 Henry Award for Best New Play or Musical) and the online docudrama To The Moon. Her scripts are published by Stage Rights/ Broadway Licensing, with newer works available on the New Play Exchange. In addition to plays, Beth writes novels and children’s literature, with two new books debuting in 2023. Beth has a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Michigan and an MFA in Creative Writing from Mississippi University for Women. She has served as the Host Playwright for Ashland New Plays Festival in Oregon since 2017. A proud parent-artist, her two kids are her favorite characters. She’s thrilled to be returning to CRT, a true artistic home. Beth is represented by Allison Hellegers at Stimola Literary Studio. More:

54 your theatre, always

Ken Ludwig Playwright – Sherwood Ken has had six shows on Broadway, seven in London’s West End, and many of his works have become a standard part of the American repertoire. His twenty-eight plays and musicals have been performed in over thirty countries in more than twenty languages and are produced throughout the United States every night of the year. Lend Me a Tenor won two Tony Awards and was called “one of the classic comedies of the 20th century” by The Washington Post. Crazy For You was on Broadway for five years and won the Tony and Olivier Awards for Best Musical. His latest play, Dear Jack, Dear Louise, won the 2020 Charles MacArthur Award for Best New Play of the Year. He is a graduate of Harvard and Cambridge. For more information, see his website at Michael Perlman+ Playwright – A Better Place, Headwaters New Play Festival See bio on page 55 Marco Ramirez Playwright – The Royale Marco Ramirez has had plays produced at Lincoln Center Theater, The Kennedy Center, The Humana Festival, The Old Globe (San Diego), The Bush Theatre (London), American Theater Company (Chicago), Soulpepper (Toronto) and Center Theatre Group (LA). Honors include Helen Hayes and Drama Desk nominations, the Outer Critics Circle’s John Gassner Playwriting Award, Juilliard’s Lila Acheson Wallace Playwriting Fellowship, Lincoln Center’s Le Comte du Nouy Award, and TCG’s Edgerton Foundation New Play Award. Marco is also a WGA and Emmy Award-nominated TV writer and producer, where his credits include Marvel’s Daredevil (Netflix), Marvel’s The Defenders (Netflix), Sons of Anarchy (FX), Orange Is the New Black (Netflix), and Fear the Walking Dead (AMC). Ted Swindley Playwright – Always…Patsy Cline Ted is internationally known as writer and director of the popular musical, Always...Patsy Cline. He is the founding artistic director of Stages Rep in Houston, Texas. He was also named to the Esquire Magazine’s register of outstanding Americans in arts and letters. Mr. Swindley was the recipient of the Los Angeles Dramalogue award for outstanding direction of Carnal Knowledge by Jules Feiffer. Currently,

he is president of Ted Swindley Productions, Inc., a theatrical licensing and consulting company, and continues his thirty-year career writing plays and musicals, consulting and mentoring playwrights, as well as directing plays for various theatres throughout the U.S. and abroad. Mr. Swindley is an active member of the Dramatists Guild of America and Stage Directors and Choreographers. Karen Zacarías Playwright – Native Gardens One of the ten most-produced playwrights in the US, her awardwinning plays include The Copper Children, Destiny of Desire, Native Gardens, The Book Club Play, Legacy of Light, Mariela in the Desert, and The Sins of Sor Juana. She is the author of ten renowned TYA musicals (including Ella Enchanted: The Musical) and the librettist of several ballets. She is one of the inaugural resident playwrights at Arena Stage, a core founder of the Latinx Theatre Commons, and founder of the award-winning Young Playwrights’ Theater (YPT), cited by the Obama administration as one of the best arts-education programs on the nation. Karen’s awards and recognitions include: 2018 Washingtonian of the Year, Washingtonian Magazine; 2019 Sine Fellow for Policy Innovation at American University; 2019 Lee Reynolds Award, The League of Professional Theatre Women; 2021 United States Artists Fellowship award.

DIRECTORS & CHOREOGRAPHERS Amanda Berg Wilson Director – Steel Magnolias (she, her, hers) Amanda is Artistic Director of The Catamounts, a Colorado company dedicated to theatre for the adventurous palate (thecatamounts. org), and a freelance theatre artist specializing in site-specific, immersive, feminist, and boundary-pushing works. As director: 9 to 5 and Pride and Prejudice (Creede Repertory Theatre); The Wild Party and Between Us: The Whiskey Tasting (DCPA OffCenter); God’s Ear, Failure: A Love Story, Rausch, Men on Boats, United Flight 232, and Land of Milk and Honey, among others (The Catamounts). As performer: Sweet & Lucky (DCPA Off-Center), Detroit (Curious Theatre Company), There is A Happiness That Morning Is and Beowulf: A Thousand

Years of Baggage (The Catamounts). Select awards: 2014, 2016, 2018, and 2021 True West awards; 2017 and 2018 Henry nominations (Best Choreography and Best New Work.) Next up: Assistant Director on Theatre of the Mind with DCPA Off-Center, a new immersive theatre piece by Mala Gaonkar and David Byrne. Julia Rosa Sosa Chaparro Director – Native Gardens (she, her, hers) Julia is an El Paso, TX and Ciudad Juarez native now based in Brooklyn, NY. Since graduating from The University of Texas at El Paso, Julia has focused on projects that resonate with the Latinx Community. She participated in Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s FAIR Program and served as the Assistant Director on Mojada: Una Medea in Los Angeles at Oregon Shakespeare Festival; Native Gardens and Antigone at Cleveland Play House. She has worked on Spanish productions in the USA, including En el Tiempo de las Mariposas and Marisol at Cleveland Public Theatre, and Valentina y la Sombra del Diablo at Julia de Burgos Cultural Art Center. She was happy to be a part of the DirectorsLab Chicago 2019. In 2020 Julia had her playwrighting debut at ReUnión rEvolucion, A Latinx New Works Festival, with the Radio play El Toro y la Niña. She has been the vocalist and lyricist for the musical duo Lúnatic along Maic Corral. John DiAntonio Director – Sherwood Performer – Pants on Fire!, Boomtown! See bio on page 75 Kyle Haden Director – The Royale (he, him, his) Kyle Haden is excited to be returning to Creede, where he directed the awardwinning world premiere of Hazardous Materials in 2019. Other directing credits include The Chief (Pittsburgh Public Theater); The Realness, A Brief History of America (Hangar Theatre Company); Hamlet, The Winter’s Tale (Island Shakespeare Festival); and The Tens (Actor’s Theatre of Louisville). He was a 2018 Drama League Directing Fellow and is a member of the Drama League Directors Council. On stage, Kyle has performed at regional theaters nationwide, including the Oregon and Colorado Shakespeare Festivals, Arvada Center, Guthrie Theater, Shakespeare Theatre, Chicago Shakespeare Theater, as well as various theaters in New York, Pittsburgh, and

Chicago. Kyle is an Artistic Associate and the former Artistic Director at the Ashland New Plays Festival. He is an Assistant Professor of Acting and the Senior Associate Head at Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Drama. BA: Wake Forest University, MFA: Columbia University. Michael Perlman+ Director – Always…Patsy Cline (he, him, his) A director and writer, Michael returns to CRT for his eighth show, after previously directing Is He Dead?, Language of Trees, Annie Get Your Gun, Our Town, She Loves Me, Barefoot in the Park and Dear Jack, Dear Louise. He’s directed at Goodspeed Opera House, Trinity Repertory Company, Cleveland Playhouse, Boise Contemporary Theater, Juilliard School of Drama, and the Brown/Trinity MFA Programs as well as workshops with The Playwrights’ Center, The Magic Theater, and Young Playwrights, Inc. Associate Directing credits include the Public Theater and Roundabout Theater Company. Michael’s plays include From White Plains (GLAAD Media Award) and At the Table (Jeff Award for Best Production of a Play). Michael is an Artistic Associate with both Fiasco Theater and Fault Line Theatre and has worked at PlayMakers Repertory Company and The Guthrie Theatre. Michael is a proud member of SDC, a Drama League Directing Fellow, and holds a BA and MFA from Brown University.

DESIGNERS & CREATIVES AnnDee Alvidrez Scenic Designer – Always…Patsy Cline, Native Gardens (she, her, hers) AnnDee hails from San Elizario, TX and has earned her M.F.A in Scenic Design at Texas State University. Recent scenic design credits include Macbeth, El Nogalar, and In Arabia We’d All Be Kings. AnnDee has previously worked as the Scenic & Properties Designer for Creede Repertory Theatre where she designed Dear Jack, Dear Louise; The Tree Watcher; and El Guayabo /The Guava Tree. Rebecca Bossen Season Dialect Coach (she, her, hers) Rebecca is a North Carolina-based voice coach, playwright, and performer. Dialect coaching credits include Pride and Prejudice, Miss Holmes, The

our company Syringa Tree, I Capture the Castle, Drood, Pygmalion, Sweeney Todd (Creede Repertory Theatre); The Weir, Stuff Happens, The Royale, Heisenberg, Skylight, Blue Sky, The Heretic, Ruined, Good (Burning Coal Theatre); Sweeney Todd, Parade, Titanic (Elon University); Constellations (Bartlett Theatre); The Curious Incident…, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, One Man Two Guvnors (Raleigh Little Theater); Skin in Flames (Stage Left Theatre); Escanaba in Love (Circle Theatre); and the film The Game of Their Lives. She has taught voice classes at Northwestern University, Act One Studios, Raleigh Little Theatre, and many other institutions. She holds theatre degrees from Duke University and Northwestern University, as well as an Advanced Certificate in Voice Studies from London’s Central School of Speech and Drama. www. John Gary Brown Company Photographer (he, him, his) “Brownie” has been CRT’s company photographer since 1974. He is proud to have created a voluminous photographic archive of shows and events and wishes he could have started in 1966! Brown received an MFA from The University of Washington and has sold over 500 oil paintings to museums, galleries, corporations and private collectors since 1970. The University of Kansas Press published his photographic history of cemetery art, titled “Soul in the Stone” in 1993, and it was their bestselling book two years in a row. His photographs were used as illustrations in Gardens of Revelation (Abbeville Press, 1995). Brown’s artwork has won numerous prizes in juried exhibitions, including “First Prize, regardless of Medium” at Kansas City’s Nelson Atkins Museum. One of his paintings was purchased by the Institute of Arts and Letters in New York. He is happily married to CRT actress Christy Brandt. Brian K. Ealey Lighting Designer – The Royale, Music Box (he, him, his) Bryan is a Houstonian, second-year MFA Lighting Design candidate at the University of California San Diego, and a Board Member for NobleMotion Dance Company (Houston). He holds a BA in Drama from Prairie View


A&M University (Texas) and has worked in venues across the country such as The Fox Theatre (Detroit); Madison Square Garden and Alvin Ailey Theater (New York). He worked as an Audio Engineer and Lighting Designer at House of Blues – Houston; Lighting Director for River Pointe Church in Richmond, Texas; and Associate Production Coordinator at Stages Theatre (Houston). Before starting his education at UCSD, he was the Dance Technical Director at Sam Houston State University. Kevin Frazier Lighting Designer – Native Gardens (he, him, his) US credits include The Warehouse Theatre and Glow Lyric Theatre (SC); Actors Express, Synchronicity, and the Aurora Theatre (GA); Cleveland Playhouse (OH): Merrimack Rep (MA): and the Peterborough Players (NH), where Kevin has been in residence since 2011. International credits include Teatri Metropol (Tirana, Albania). Educational credits include Lafayette University (PA), Furman University (SC), and the Gainesville Theatre Alliance (GA). Kevin is an Assistant Professor of Design at Wake Forest University, and he is beyond excited to design west of the Mississippi for the first time! Thanks to his family for their love and support. Lindsey Fuori Terrence & Polly Jones Scenic Designer Scenic Designer – Steel Magnolias, Sherwood, The Royale (she, her, hers) Lindsay is a New York based Scenic Designer. She is thrilled to be returning to Creede for another season of Rep! Lindsay has designed for companies including the Irish Repertory Theatre, Central Square Theater, Hangar Theatre, Music Theatre of Connecticut, Gloucester Stage, Fresh Ink Theatre, Odyssey Opera, Intermountain Opera, and more. Lindsay was nominated for an Elliot Norton Award (Boston) for her work on Parade (Moonbox Productions). She received a Henry Award from the Colorado Theatre Guild for her work on Hazardous Materials (Creede Repertory Theatre). Lindsay especially enjoys collaborating on new works. She has served as a panelist for MassOpera and OperaHub’s New Opera Workshop. Lindsay holds a BFA from Boston University.

56 your theatre, always

David M. Greenberg Sound Designer – Always…Patsy Cline (he, him, his) David is a composer and sound designer from Fort Lauderdale, FL by way of Knoxville, TN. He received his BA in Theatre from the University of Tennessee and went on to earn his MFA in Theatre Sound Design and Technology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. A member of the Theatrical Sound Designers and Composers Association (TSDCA), David serves as the Resident Sound Designer/Sound Supervisor for Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival and DeSales University. He is excited to finally work with Creede for the first time and seeks to add an enriched sound to the world of the show. David’s primary focus is composing original music and content for plays and dance concerts and creating dynamic soundscapes for musicals. His recent works include A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Charlotte’s Web (Pennsylvania Shakes); The Velveteen Rabbit (Children’s Theatre of Charlotte); and Guys and Dolls (Arkansas Shakes). Erin Lavespeare Costume Designer – Steel Magnolias, Sherwood (she, her, hers) Erin is a costume and scenic designer with a background in costume crafts, fabric dying/distressing, and illustration. Her work experience includes employment as a university teaching assistant, one-person wardrobe crew, scenic/costume design assistant, & craftsperson, with experience in millinery, thermoplastics, and puppetmaking. Erin graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a BFA in Drama & from Texas State University with an MFA in Design. Her design credits include everything from opera (L’Enfant et les Sortileges) and musicals (Spring Awakening) to comedies (Hand to God, Noises Off) and dramas (The Survivors/Los Sobrevivientes, The Yellow Inn). You can see more of her work at: Rossina Lozoya Costume Designer – Always…Patsy Cline, Native Gardens Rossina loves costuming. She has explored all aspects of the costume world: stitching, cutting, draping, being a first hand, being wardrobe, you name it, she’s done it. From dressing Walkers in Fear the Walking Dead to creating prosthetics for Texas Zombie Wars. Even though all of these have been amazing; designing is where her

true passion lays. She loves taking odd and ordinary materials and turning them into wonderful creations. Recent designs include Seussical, El Nogalar, Bunco State, and Oedipus the King while completing her MFA from Texas State University. Susannah McLeod Associate Production Photographer (she, her, hers) Susannah is thrilled to be back at CRT after performing in productions such as The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, Zeus on the Loose, and Sweeney Todd. This summer she’s back in a new capacity, working as Associate Production Photographer alongside the amazing John Gary Brown. Susannah is based in Denver and runs a photography business, McLeod9 Creative (www. Susannah has taken photos for numerous theatrical productions around Denver, including five seasons as Digital Media Director for Benchmark Theatre. She continues to work as an actor as well. Some favorite Colorado credits include: The Other Josh Cohen (Denver Center Theatre Company); Goodnight Moon (Denver Center Education); The Humans (Curious Theatre Company); Life Sucks (Aurora Fox); Sunday in the Park with George (Arvada Center); and Fun Home (Miner’s Alley Playhouse.) Follow @McLeod9Creative on Instagram for updates! Alethia R. Moore-Del Monaco Costume Designer – The Royale (she, her, hers) Alethia is a West Coast-based freelance costume designer/stylist designed for film, television, theatre and opera. She has designed for numerous world premieres, including Hazardous Materials at Creede Repertory Theatre. She has also worked internationally in Singapore on a pre-Broadway run of the musical Judah Ben-Hur. She also worked for four seasons at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. She received her M.F.A. in Theatre from University of California, Irvine, and her B.A. Theatre with Emphasis in Costume Design from Southern Oregon University. MacKenzie Mulligan Lighting Designer – Steel Magnolias, Sherwood MacKenzie’s work both as a lighting designer and electrician has taken her to venues and theatres across the United States. She has designed a wide variety of shows from concerts to musicals and believes there is no one way to design lights. Recent design credits include

Hair, Oedipus, Men on Boats and the 2021 Summer Concert Series at Cain Park located in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Before moving to Texas to pursue her master’s degree, MacKenzie worked full time as an electrician for the Barter Theatre and as a resident designer for the Barter Players, the Barter Theatre’s children’s troupe. Design credits with the Barter include the world premier and tour of Clementine the Musical, Alice in Wonderland, Amelia, Book of Mamaw and James and the Giant Peach. Stephen Moss Lighting Designer – Always…Patsy Cline (he, him, his) Stephen is Lighting Designer for Lipscomb University’s Entertainment & Technical Services Department. Selected theatrical design credits: Mamma Mia!, The Sinatra Legacy (World Premiere); Always…Patsy Cline, Frankenstein (World Premiere); The Battle of Franklin (World Premiere); Spamalot, The Elephant Man, The Glass Menagerie, The Cash Legacy (World Premiere); A Christmas Carol, Smokey Joe’s Café (Studio Tenn); Bright Star, Godspell (Lipscomb Theatre); Twilight Of The Gods (Blackbird Theater); Matilda, Mary Poppins (Act Too Pro). Other credits include concert and event design at the Franklin Theatre in Tennessee, featuring artists such as Ricky Skaggs, Kenny Loggins, The Bacon Brothers, Michael McDonald, Bill Medley, Art Garfunkel, Wynonna, and Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers. Video work includes TPAC 40th Anniversary Celebration, Valerie June “Smile” music video, and a Paul Thorn TV special. Stephen holds a B.A. in Theatrical Design and is a past recipient of the USITT Rising Star Award. Cece Smith Sound Designer – Native Gardens (she, her, hers) CeCe is working on her first show at Creede Rep. Her recent Sound Design projects include Eddie and Dave (The Catamounts); Sojourners Project: Busing (IDEA Stages); Queens Girl in the World (Aurora Fox); The Lonesome West (University of Denver); The Music of Black Nativity, Secrets of the Universe and Other Songs (Aurora Fox); and Flame-Broiled or the ugly play (Local Theatre Company). She holds a B.F.A in Theatre Design and Technology from CU Boulder. www.cecesmithdesigns. com

Max Silverman Sound Designer – Steel Magnolias, Sherwood, The Royale (he, him, his) Max is a composer and sound designer originally from Boulder and has lived and worked in New York City for years. Covid brought him back to his Colorado home where he joyfully joined the theatre community in Boulder/Denver, while continuing his work in New York. NYC: Atlantic Theatre Company, MCC Theatre, Theatre for a New Audience, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Heartbeat Opera, Epic Players, Actionplay, MRT, Inproximity Theatre, New York Deaf Theatre, 5th Floor Theatre, Encores! Off-Center, Columbia University, American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and Juilliard. International: Hoodoo Immersive, Berlin and CLB Berlin. Regional: Williamstown Theatre Festival, Trinity Rep, Hartford Stage, Penguin Rep, Cara Mía Theatre, 4th Wall Theatre, Quintessence Theatre, Cape Cod Theatre Project, Arvada Center, The Catamounts, Local Theater Co., Cherry Creek Theatre, Theatre Or, and Princeton University. Max has written music for podcasts, advertisements, and short films. Cassondra Takas Wig Designer – Steel Magnolias (she, her, hers) Cassondra is from Grand Haven, Michigan. She is very excited to be joining the Creede Repertory Theatre team. Previously she has worked with Norwegian Cruise Lines, Tuacahn Center for the Arts, and Des Moines Metro Opera. She is passionate about people and art and is thankful to have found a career serving both. Ellen Valencia Dramaturg – The Royale (she, her, hers) Ellen is a dramaturg, director, producer, and part time lecturer (Rutgers University). She is on the dramaturgy team at State Theatre New Jersey and has worked in artistic engagement at the Tony Award® winning McCarter Theatre Center. As a director Ellen was the Producing Artistic Director of Hub City Theatre Festival where one of her favorite projects included To Be Young Gifted and Black, she also worked on Eureka Lewis’ Justin’s Side (produced in partnership by Oregon Shakespeare Festival and Blackboard plays), has been on the directing team at the Tony Award® winning Crossroads Theatre Company for Beyond the Oak Trees,

our company Holiday Jubilee, and Walter Moseley’s Breathe- a workshop. While at Crossroads she also served as producing associate for Rohina Malik’s Mecca Tales. Ellen holds a BA in Theatre Arts and Africana Studies from Rutgers University and recently become a part of the MFA Dramaturgy program at Columbia University.

ACTORS Brittni Shambaugh Addison Steel Magnolias Pants on Fire! Boomtown! See bio on page 75 Lavour Addison* Sherwood The Royale Boomtown! (he, him, his) Lavour is beyond thrilled and grateful to be a part of the 2022 Acting company. He was previously seen in the Arvada Black Box season in Animal Farm and Sticky Fly. Other Credits include An Iliad (Creede Rep), Strings (Long Wharf Theatre), Macbeth (Idaho, Tahoe, Oberlin Shakespeare Festival). Sending love to my inspiration and the real-life Robin Hood - Brittni Addison. You are strong, courageous, beautiful, sexy, and the best partner and mother a person can ask for. I love you to the moon and back. Love to Aria, Siobhan, V.A. Kate Berry* Steel Magnolias See bio on page 76 Emily Bosco* Steel Magnolias Native Gardens (she, her, hers) Emily Bosco is so grateful to be making her Creede Rep debut this summer! She is a proud Colombian-Italian, New York-based actor and singer, and holds an MFA from UNC Chapel Hill’s Professional Actor Training Program. Favorite credits include Pride and Prejudice (Greenbrier Valley Theatre); Sense and Sensibility, Everybody, Dairyland (PlayMakers Repertory Company); and Seared (Gloucester Stage). She is a proud member of Actors’ Equity.


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Other passions include dogs, hiking (she thinks she came to the right place!) and being the world’s best Auntie to her niece and nephews. You can keep up with her on Instagram at @embosc and at Love and thanks to her family always. Christy Brandt* Steel Magnolias Native Gardens (she, her, hers) Christy is delighted to be returning for her 48th season. She has appeared in more than 130 productions at CRT including Helen in The History Room, Kimberly in Kimberly Akimbo, and Miss Helen in The Road to Mecca (Denver Post Ovation Award). Her role as Marilyn in Ripcord three summers ago was one of her most treasured experiences here. Christy coauthored and performed in Six Women with Brain Death. She appeared in Ang Lee’s Ride with The Devil and a recent release called The Sublime and Beautiful. She has worked with Maples Repertory Theatre, The Coterie Theatre, Unicorn Theatre in Kansas City, and the South Carolina Repertory Theatre. CRT has been her professional home since 1973. She has been happily married to photographer and painter John Gary Brown since 1981. She would like to thank all the Creede Rep audiences for supporting her all these years and for being faithful fans of live theater! Anne Faith Butler* Steel Magnolias Sherwood (she, her, hers) Anne celebrates 21 years in Creede this year as well as 19 seasons with CRT! CRT credits include Abby in Ripcord, Violet in August: Osage County, The Wicked Witch (alongside Hercules as Toto) in The Wizard of Oz, Rose (alongside Herc as Peaches) in The Last Romance, and Madame Aigreville in The Ladies Man (no Herc) as well as the Co-Host for 2021’s Cabaret (alongside Herc’s aunt, Christy Brandt) at the Creede Hotel, and Scrooge in last year’s holiday production of Jacob Marley’s Christmas Carol (alas, no Herc). In Denver she has played at Curious Theatre, Arvada Center, The Aurora Fox Arts Center, and Colorado Shakespeare Festival. She was also with The Commonweal Theatre Company in Minnesota for 5 years, and Montana Shakepeare Festival. She holds her master’s degree in Acting from The National Theatre Conservatory. She dedicates this season to Hercules François Butler, her

beloved pup now for 14 years. Cameron Davis Sherwood The Royale Pants on Fire! Boomtown! Cameron is ecstatic and honored to be making his CRT debut. At other theatres: Donalbain in Macbeth, Stokes in How To Catch Creation (Oregon Shakespeare Festival); Belize in Perestroika, Father Kenny in A Man of No Importance (Oregon Center for the Arts); Tom in Actually (Black Swan Project); Your Best One, I Can Go, Dance of the Fluxons, Knockout Mouse, Even Flowers Bloom in Hell, Sometimes, Certain Aspects of Conflict in the Negro Family (Ashland New Plays Festival); Oedipus (Isolation Theatre); Our Utopia (Bag&Baggage Theatre). Education: 2019 BFA Recipient, Southern Oregon University Brandon Guzman Native Gardens Casa Alfonsa (he, him, his) Brandon is super excited to be returning for his second YAOT tour/season with CRT. After having the incredible chance to play Emi in El Guayabo/The Guava Tree last year, he is ready to take on the challenge yet again. While on break he has refreshed himself by taking time to spend with his family. He has also been performing/working with a local church choir in his hometown. He cannot wait to go out on the road again! Tony King Sherwood The Royale (he, him, his) Tony is a skilled actor, writer and Afro-creative from Charlotte, NC. He is approaching his 3rd-year as graduate student at the University of Connecticut where he is pursuing an MFA in Acting and performs as retained actor for the Connecticut Repertory Theater. He has a passion for creating riveting stories based in surrealism and expressing the universality of the black experience. Previous credits include Food for the Gods (Frank), Little Shop of Horrors (Voice of Audrey II) and Pericles, Prince of Tyre (Thaliard/Escanes) @ therealtonyking Angelika Menendez Casa Alfonsa (she, her, hers) Angelika is a New

our company York-based Latinx actor/producer who graduated with her BFA from Emerson College. She is thrilled to be working with Creede Rep to tell such an exciting and heartwarming story! Recent credits include For Carmen in San Sebastian, Do You See... (The Rev Theatre Company); Rita in Before We Focus on Others (Teatro Chelsea); and Paciencia in Policarpa (ATB). She is also an ATW Springboard NYC alum. Many thanks to her family and friends in Miami and Boston for their love and support. IG: @angelikamenendez | Brenda Ortiz Flores Casa Alfonsa (she, her, hers) All the way from Mexico City, Brenda is a versatile actor and athlete who came to the USA to pursue a career in the theatre. A joyful storyteller and a runner. She enjoys playwriting and loves to shed her appreciation for movement. Recent credits include Vanessa in In the Heights at Mill Mountain Theatre and Mimi in Rent at Act 3. Proud Ball State graduate and thankful to her family, her husband, and god who continue to give her love and guidance. Stuart Rider* Native Gardens The Royale (he, him, his) Stuart first appeared at Creede Rep in Charlie Thurston’s The History Room and was back the following season in Arsenic and Old Lace and General Store. He’s been dreaming about getting back here ever since. As Frank in Native Gardens and Max in The Royale, that dream comes true. Two Great plays! This past fall Stuart reopened Hartford Stage in a production of Ah, Wilderness! and was blown away by just how happy Hartford audiences were to be back in the theater. He cannot feel more fortunate to have that same opportunity with the wonderful audiences in Creede. Welcome Back! Alejandro Rowinsky Native Gardens Guitar – Always… Patsy Cline Alejandro is a Floridabased guitarist who has performed at Walt Disney World Orlando and toured extensively throughout the country. Other venues include the Venetian Las


60 your theatre, always

Vegas; Blue Note Tampa; Artscape Festival in Baltimore, MD; Taste of Polonia Festival at the Copernicus Center Chicago; Isis Music Hall in Asheville, NC; and the Straz Center for the Performing Arts in Tampa, FL. He played the role of guitarist/muleteer in the musical Man of La Mancha, as well as in tv series and commercials including the HBO series The Righteous Gemstones, a GMC Buick commercial, and the film The Eyes of Tammy Faye, to name a few. His original compositions are a blend of classical guitar and electronics. Felix Torrez Casa Alfonsa (he, him, his) Felix is ecstatic about joining Creede Rep for the Casa Alfonsa Tour! Being a part of a bilingual show is an honor and he cannot wait to dive into this story about family and culture. Felix is a recent graduate from the University of Wisconsin Stevens-Point with a BFA in Acting. He will be relocating to New York City come the new year! Favorite credits include Jack Kelly in Newsies (American Gothic Performing Arts); Baker in Into the Woods (UWSP Theatre & Dance); Sam Fletcher in Josh Taylors Prom Date (Golden Touch Productions); and Tired Sal in Clown Bar (UWSP Theatre & Dance). He would like to thank his family for their constant support! Emily Van Fleet* Always…Patsy Cline Sherwood Pants on Fire! (she, her, hers) Emily Van Fleet returns for her 7th season, having performed in six musicals, eight plays, some improv, and several special events. She directed The Wizard of Oz (2018) and Directed/Co-authored the 2016/2017 The KID Shows, Rodeo & Juliet and i(Mac)kers. She performs frequently at the Arvada Center in the Black Box Repertory Company (4 seasons), multiple musicals, and recently directed A Midsummer Night’s Dream and the radio play, A Child’s Christmas in Wales. Additional credits: Indianapolis Symphony’s Yuletide Celebration (8 seasons), Colorado Shakespeare Festival (3 seasons), DCPA’s OffCenter, Little Theatre of the Rockies, Lake Tahoe and Sierra Shakespeare Festivals, and more. Emily co-hosts a podcast with her husband, Nathan Jones, which celebrates relationships in all their messy glory. Come see us

LIVE in Mess is More: The Musical! on July 19 at 7pm and then follow us (Facebook: @MessyMarriagePodcast Instagram: @MessyMarriagePodcast). Chris Van Winkle Sherwood Season Fight Director (he, him, his) Chris is very excited to be joining the Creede Rep company for his first summer. He is an actor and fight director living in Denver and working along the Front Range. Chris moved to Denver to pursue acting and movement after graduating with a BFA from the University of Michigan. Recent acting credits include Romeo in Romeo and Juliet and Claudius in Hamlet (Piknik Theatre); Glenn Cooper in Rumors and Fred/Young Scrooge in A Christmas Carol (Breckenridge Backstage); and Romeo in Romeo and Juliet (Peak to Peak Players). Recent choreography credits include Fight Director in Romeo and Juliet at both Picnic and Peak to Peak Players as well as Stunt Coordinator for the feature films Last of the Grads and Red Winter. Instagram: @chrislikesmoving Graham Ward Pants on Fire! Boomtown! (he, him, his) Graham is returning for his 11th season at Creede Repertory Theatre. During that time, he has played Jeffrey in Mrs. Mannerly, Watson in The (Curious Case of the) Watson Intelligence, Peter in The History Room, George in Our Town, Nicely-Nicely in Guys & Dolls, Cliton in The Liar, and Jack in Dear Jack, Dear Louise. He has also performed in 10 seasons of Boomtown!, and is a co-creator of Pants on Fire!. Graham was a member of the yearround staff of CRT in Development from 2016-2018. Regional credits include Harvey, The Great Gatsby, The Mousetrap (Arvada Center for the Arts), and The 39 Steps (Lone Tree Arts Center). In addition to theatre, Graham is a livestream producer and Content Manager at Ghostlight RPGs (, where he plays the ne’er-do-well Bram Borden on The Contraband and hosts a variety of roleplaying game broadcasts. Teonna Wesley* Steel Magnolias The Royale Choreographer – Sherwood (she, her, hers)

our company Teonna is excited to be performing and choreographing in her first season with CRT. She was last seen in KC Rep production of The Royale and is thrilled to reprise the role of Nina. This Kansas City native is always movin’ and grooving’, so if you see her dancing feel free to join in! She’s a graduate of the New York Conservatory of Dramatic Arts, and a Certified Medical Assistant. Teonna wants to thank her Mom, Dad, Sister, and Grandmother for all their love and support on this journey and CRT for such and amazing opportunity. Caitlin Wise* Always…Patsy Cline Sherwood Pants on Fire! Boomtown! (she, her, hers) Caitlin is thrilled to join CRT for her 12th season. She’s appeared in Dear Jack, Dear Louise; Barefoot in the Park; Miss Holmes; Kind of Red;The Syringa Tree;Private Lives; Our Town; August: Osage County; Hope and Gravity; Harry the Great; and Unnecessary Farce (CRT). Other credits include Flirtation (Marvel Rep); In Loco Parentis (ART/ NY); The Christians, Tom Sawyer, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, A Christmas Carol, Dracula, and Othello (Denver Center); The Importance of Being Earnest, Around the World in 80 Days, Is He Dead?, and Good on Paper (Arvada Center); Wild Honey, The Game of Love and Chance, Girl of the Golden West, and The Liar (Theatreworks); Much Ado About Nothing and To Kill a Mockingbird (CSF). Caitlin received her MFA in acting from the National Theatre Conservatory. She is honored to call Creede home, married John here, and welcomed their children Leo and Sebastian into the mountains. Matt Zambrano* Native Gardens Sherwood Boomtown! (he, him, his) As a Denver-born Latino Actor, Writer, Director, Improviser, Teaching Artist and Mime, Matt is thrilled to be making his CRT debut this year. He has worked all over the country with theaters such as The Shakespeare Theater of D.C., Milwaukee Rep, Utah Shakes, Colorado Shakes, Orlando Rep., Philadelphia Theater Company and The Denver Center. He


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is a company member of Broken Box Mime Theater and Recent Cutbacks, as well as The Story Pirates, where he voices “Smitty” on the wildly popular all-ages Podcast. He has also written and performed several solo shows that have held premieres at Theater Row, The People’s Improv Theater, and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. He received his MFA from the National Theater Conservatory and has used what he learned there to become a professional Dungeons & Dragons Game Master and Zoom Santa. Visit www. for more info!

MUSICIANS Joey Aigner Bass – Always…Patsy Cline (he, him, his) Joey is from Golden, Colorado. He is studying double bass performance at CU Boulder, class of 2025. This is his seventh year playing bass, and he’s loving it more and more as time goes on. He also knows how to juggle and ride the unicycle, so he has a lot of experience performing in front of people. He’s also a singer and actor, so this job in CRT is perfect for him. He played the role of Beast in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and played bass in Sondheim’s Into the Woods. His parents have been and are supportive of him 100% through his journey, so big shout out to them. His professor, Dr. Paul Erhard, helped him get this opportunity and has been a fantastic mentor to him. Enjoy the show! Andy Hudson Music Director – Always…Patsy Cline, Pants on Fire!, Boomtown! Pianist – Always…Patsy Cline Teaching Artist (he, him, his) Andy Hudson is a musician and theatre artist based in New York City. Past work at CRT includes music direction for Little Shop of Horrors, Peter and the Starcatcher, Utterly Devastating, and two seasons of playing with Boomtown!. Other regional work includes shows at Forestburgh Playhouse, The Little Theatre on the Square, Red Mountain Theatre Company, Oregon Cabaret Theatre, and The Great American Melodrama. He is also the composer and lyricist of three new musicals for young audiences, and the arranger and orchestrator of many revues and cabarets that have been performed in theaters across the country. He is passionate about theatre education and has led educational camps and master

classes for students aged five to seventy. He’s so grateful to be back for another beautiful summer in Creede! Love always to Mom, Dad, Dan, and Brian. Dr. Bill Ricketts Drums – Always…Patsy Cline This is Bill’s first time performing with the Creede Repertory Theater. He is a longtime Texan, born and raised in San Antonio, but now resides in Rockport, Texas. He enjoys the retired life where he says, “You can choose the work you want to do.” Bill has been in music all his life either as an educator or performer. He has performed the drum/percussion books in many theater musicals and theater productions during his life including Annie Get Your Gun, Guys and Dolls, Amahl and the Night Visitors, Leonard Bernstein’s Mass, Grease, Hair, Little Shop of Horrors, The Nutcracker, Oliver, Nunsense. In December of this year, Bill will be playing drums in the musical, Annie back in Rockport, Texas.

STAGE MANAGEMENT Marcus Carroll* Stage Manager – Always…Patsy Cline, Native Gardens (he, him, his) Previous Credits: Bachelor: The Unauthorized Parody Musical, Love Actually? The Unauthorized Musical Parody (Right Angle Entertainment); Miracle: A Musical 108 Years In The Making. Flyin’ West (American Blues Theatre); Alias Grace (Rivendell Theatre Ensemble); Corduroy, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Musical, Magic Treehouse: Showtime with Shakespeare, Ken Ludwig’s ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas, The Wiz, A Charlie Brown Christmas, School House Rock Live! Skippyjon Jones & The Cirque De Ole (Emerald City Theatre); Peter Pan: Wendy’s Adventure to Neverland (Nashville Children’s Theatre); A Christmas Carol, 2666 (Goodman Theatre); and Prowess (Jackalope Theatre). Wilhelm Peters* Stage Manager – Steel Magnolias, Sherwood, The Royale (he, him, his) Wilhelm celebrates his first season with Creede Rep. He is a Chicagobased Stage Manager. Four seasons with Raven Theatre, there, include such credits as The Last Pair of Earlies (World Premiere); A Doll’s House, Sundown, Yellow Moon, The Undeniable Sound of Right Now, Crumbs from the Table of Joy, and Nice Girl. Other Chicagoland

our company credits include A Recipe for Disaster, Twelfth Night and The Language Archive. He is a proud member of the Stage Managers Association and Actors’ Equity Association. Miranda Ray Assistant Stage Manager – Steel Magnolias, Sherwood, The Royale Stage Manager – Pants on Fire!, Boomtown (she, her, hers) Miranda is glad to be back in Creede again for her third season! When she isn’t exploring the San Juan Mountains during the summer, she is out wandering the United States. Current writing projects include a Lovecraftian audio drama, Monstrous Strange, and this bio! Kelsea Sibold Assistant Stage Manager – Always… Patsy Cline, Native Gardens (she, her, hers) Kelsea is a Boulder, CO based stage manager originally hailing from Frederick, CO. Her regional credits include A Midsummer Night’s Dream and The Odyssey (Colorado Shakespeare Festival); Above Below (Broken Box Mime); It’s A Wonderful Life (Breckenridge Backstage Theatre); Guys and Dolls (Macky Auditorium); Kinky Boots (The Arvada Center); and Spring Awakening, The Laramie Project, and Gallathea (CU Theatre and Dance). Kelsea is currently in her final year at the University of Colorado Boulder pursuing her BFA in stage management. Olivia Zapater-Charrette Assistant Stage Manager – Steel Magnolias, Sherwood (she, her, hers) Olivia is a non-equity stage manager. Professional theatre management credits include serving as the touring stage manager for El Guayabo/The Guava Tree at Creede Repertory Theatre, Production Office Assistant at Steppenwolf Theatre and Stage Management internships at The Goodman Theatre (We’re Only Alive for A Short Amount of Time, The Winter’s Tale). She graduated from Northwestern University with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Psychology and completed the Theatre Management Module. Northwestern stage management credits include: The Cherry Orchard, Machinal. She is


eternally grateful to her parents and grandparents for making this career possible.

PRODUCTION Mo Bentz Properties Artisan (they, them, theirs) Mo is a props artisan, ranch hand, and visual artist from Scio, Oregon. They are happy to return to Creede for a second season with CRT. Mo has a degree in Theatre Fabrication from Cornell College. In the past they worked with theaters across the country as a props artisan and designer, scenic painter, and puppet builder. The pandemic took them back to their family’s ranch, working in the fish hatchery and groundskeeping. Favorite projects include Frozen Jr. at Northern Stage (props master), Esai’s Table for JAG Productions (props master), and The Rocky Horror Show at Cornell College (puppet designer). Mo sends thanks and love to their siblings, friends, and cat Merlin. “Love is the genesis of everything.” Kayla Brooke Stitcher (she, her, hers) Kayla is thrilled to be spending the summer working to create theater. If you love talking about plays and musicals, you should check out her podcast, Doesn’t Anybody Ever Get It Right?. Megan Burns Wardrobe (she, her, hers) Megan has just finished up her first year at Colorado Mesa University as a double major in theatrical design and graphic design. This is her first show with CRT, and she couldn't be any more excited to be here. The arts have always been a huge part of her life and she's so thankful for the opportunity to continue her journey growing as both an artist and person with the help of her fellow artists here in Creede. Cory Calvo First Hand Acting Costume Shop Manager – Always...Patsy Cline, Native Gardens (he, him, his) Cory has a variety of skills involving management and costumes. Throughout his time at the University of the Incarnate Word, he worked as a stitcher for many shows including Much Ado About Nothing and Tartuffe. But more recently, he has been an Assistant

Stage Manager for the Classic Theatre of San Antonio and the San Antonio Youth Ballet. He is glad to resume his work in costumes as a First Hand for Creede Repertory Theatre. Vee Council Carpenter (she, her, hers) Vee has studied dance at Keshet Dance and Center for the Arts all the way through high school. In college she discovered a love for the technical aspects of film and theatre. She’s worked on film sets around Abilene Christian University, where she majors in Theatre and minors in Film. She also works as an ACU theatre foreman. Vee hopes to use her knowledge to write and direct her own TV shows. Lillian Fehler First Hand Acting Costume Shop Manager – Steel Magnolias, Sherwood, The Royale (they, them, theirs) Lillian is a theatrical costume technician from New York City, specializing in hand embroidery, fine vintage repairs, historical costuming, and cosplay, and has a Master of Arts degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology. During their career, they have worked as a lifeguard, an objects conservator for the Hispanic Society of America, and for a cruise ship entertainment production company. Lillian also specializes in early 20th century medical history, the history of women in medicine, and World War I history. They are thrilled to return to Creede Repertory Theatre for the first time since 2015. Find Lillian on Instagram @albinoshadowfire or via their website Karan Gosai Sound Supervisor River Hetzel Deck Carpenter/Run Crew (they, them, theirs) River is very excited to be a member of the Creede Repertory Theatre family! River has always had a passion for theatre that was ignited by growing up around CRT. River is from Littleton, Colorado originally and is a current University of Northern Colorado Theatre Design and Technology major but will be taking steps towards studying fine arts with a focus in painting alongside theatre in the fall at Arapahoe Community College in Littleton. You may recognize River from their performances in CRT’s KID shows Abandoned Way Out West

our company and Derring Do. River is so grateful to be able to work for the theatre company that inspired them to make their own art. Preston Hunt Electrician (he, him, his) Preston is a rising junior from Oklahoma City University pursuing a major in Lighting Design and Technology. It is his first summer at Creede, and he is so excited to spend his summer making theatre in beautiful Colorado. Thanks to his parents for supporting him and his crazy schedule, and thanks to his mentors at OCU for inspiring him to create amazing art. Lauren Knight Wardrobe Supervisor Adam Lamb Properties Carpenter Assistant Director – Sherwood (he, him, his) Adam is a soon to be graduate from Stephen F. Austin State University with a BFA degree in acting and directing. Even though this is his first opportunity to officially work for CRT, Adam had the opportunity to work on several KID Shows at CRT when he was younger. He’s very excited and grateful to be a part of a wonderful company, and to help create stories that matter. He hopes you enjoy the show! Kyle Leinneweber Technical Director Scenic Designer – Pants on Fire! (he, him his) Kyle is very excited to spend this summer as Technical Director and Scenic Designer for Pants on Fire! He has held various positions at CRT, including Scenic Carpenter (2013), Master Carpenter (2014 & 2015), and Lighting Associate (2021). After last summer, Kyle stayed at CRT as Facilities Associate/Associate Director of Production. He was also the Acting Technical Director for CRT’s Tamin’ of the Shrew (2013), and The Secret Affairs of Mildred Wild (2014). Before the pandemic, he worked as Assistant to the Fabrication Shop Manager at Upstaging Inc., where he helped facilitate the construction of scenic elements for concerts, events, and trade shows all over the world. Kyle has an MFA in Technical Direction from Northern Illinois University.






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Willow McGinty Lighting Supervisor Lighting Designer – Pants on Fire!, Boomtown! (they, them, theirs) Willow returns this summer for their third season at Creede Repertory Theatre. Last here in 2016, they’re ecstatic to be back in town. Willow earned their BFA in Applied Theatre Technology and Design from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2017. Since then, they’ve worked as a stagehand and lighting designer all along the Colorado Front Range as well as a recent show in Los Angeles, California. Their design credits include A Million First Days, My Name is Rachel Corrie, and The Jungle Book Jr. Seth Nelson Sound Engineer (he, him, his) Seth is looking forward to spending the summer with Creede Repertory Theatre. He has recently obtained his Associates Degree in Electronics Engineering Technology. He obtained the rank of Eagle Scout in April 2020 and is looking forward to spending his free time enjoying the outdoors. Amanda Relaford Props Supervisor (she, her, hers) Amanda earned a M.F.A degree in Properties Design and Management from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2015. Her professional credits include Assistant Properties Coordinator for The Ring of the Nibelung, produced by The Washington National Opera at The Kennedy Center for Performing Arts in 2016. She has had the pleasure of working as a Props Artisan at The Aspen Music Festival, and a Puppet Builder at The Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta. Amanda also served as the Properties Manager for The Paramount Theatre in Aurora, Illinois from 2016 to 2018. In 2021, she designed the sets for both Red Riding Hood and An Iliad, which were performed outdoors. She is overjoyed to be back in Creede and is thrilled to be joined by her husband, Kyle Leinneweber, whom she married on the CRT mainstage seven years ago. Samwell Rose Wardrobe (they, them, theirs) Sam is a mountain-born, mountainraised theatre artist who recently returned to Colorado after spending eight years making art in Portland,

OR. Sam has an expansive background in theatre, including as a performer, teaching artist, deviser, director, producer, and playwright, and is excited to serve on wardrobe crew for CRT’s 2022 season. They have worked with Northwest Classical Theatre Collective, Portland Actors Ensemble, Oregon Children’s Theatre, Denver Center for Performing Arts, and Spark Theatre, among others. They have also written, produced, and performed two solo shows: Baba Yaga and Manifesto. Sam is also passionate about using storytelling and community-building to inspire sustainable and joyful activism, and they spend their free time volunteering for Fandom Forward. Tiffany Stone Stitcher (she, her, hers) Tiffany is a rising senior at Otterbein University pursuing her BFA in Theatrical Design and Technology with an emphasis in costume construction. At Otterbein, she has worked as a draper for The Tempest, Something Rotten, and The Heidi Chronicles. Additionally, she has worked at Cortland Repertory as the Stitcher/Wardrobe Intern. She is a Texan at heart and carries it with her to every state in which she finds herself working. She would like to thank Creede Repertory for this opportunity. Jesse Wade Assistant Technical Director (he, him, his) Jesse is the Assistant Clinical Professor of Technical Direction at Mississippi State University. This is his first season in Creede, and he loves that he is able to work in the mountains with great friends!

EDUCATION Sky Bradley Sound Designer & Stage Manager – Music Box Tour Manager – Casa Alfonsa Teaching Artist/Child Care Provider (they, them, theirs) Sky is overjoyed to return for their 5th season with CRT! Originally from Iowa, Sky received their BA in Design and Production from the University of Northern Iowa. Following their graduation, they spent the year 2020 renovating and creating digital art with Theatre Memphis as their assistant technical director. Past design credits include She Kills Monsters, The Aliens, The Christians, and To Touch the Moon a TheatreUNI devised project. They are thrilled to be back in their favorite

our company mountains and would like to thank their partners and friends for their unending support! Storm Dolente Tour Manager – Casa Alfonsa (they, them, theirs) Storm is thrilled to be coming back for their second summer with CRT’s education department. Last year, they worked on last year’s KID Show: The Tree Watcher as an AmeriCorps member, as well as assisted with drama classes and summer camps. Storm has worked on a few different shows on the East Coast, primarily as an actor and a costumer. Some past favorites are Once on This Island, Little Women, and Oz. Lisa Duncan Scenic Designer & Book Illustrator – Casa Alfonsa (she, her, hers) Lisa originally hails from just south of Denver. She studied stage design at Arizona State and has worked for the Colorado Shakespeare Festival, Baltimore Center Stage, the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, and Parker, CO’s PACE Center. Since 2013, she has served as CRT’s Scenic Charge for six seasons and recently designed and illustrated 2021’s El Guayabo/The Guava Tree. Lisa and her husband Roger also operate local art collective/media studio Alpine Eagles. Diana Grisanti Playwright – Casa Alfonsa Teaching Artist (she, her, hers) Diana is a playwright and educator whose work has been produced across the country. At Creede Rep: Derring Do, directed by Brittni Shambaugh Addison, and El Guayabo/The Guava Tree, co-written with composer Emiliano Messiez and directed by Ismael Lara. Other plays include Lawbreakers! (a fast and furious history of women’s suffrage) (StageOne Theatre); Bowling for Beginners (Vanderbilt University); The Patron Saint of Losing Sleep (Actor’s Theatre of Charlotte); River City (National New Play Network); and The Starkweather-South High School Physics Club First Annual End-of-Year Lock-In, or Ghost Party (Cleveland Play House). Currently she is at work on Vanessa in Bed, an audio-play for Audible Theatre. Diana teaches dramatic writing at Ball State University.


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Jenni Harbour Assistant Director – Music Box Sound Designer – Casa Alfonsa Performer - Pants on Fire! See bio on page 76 Yasu Ishida Magic Consultant – Music Box (he, him, his) Yasu, Master of Fine Arts in Theatre for Young Audiences, is an award-winning magician, director and storyteller, and a graduate of the Chavez Studio of Magic (the world’s most prestigious magic school). He beautifully imbues the essence of traditional Japanese culture into his magic and storytelling. He has enthralled audiences all over the United States, including performances at Disney Summer Stage Kids in New York and the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington D.C., the world’s largest festival of Japanese culture outside of Japan. He was nominated for the RAW Honolulu Performing Artist of the Year, and a recipient of the Jim Rye Fellowship from the International Performing Arts for Youth and the Elizabeth and Don Doyle fellowship from the American Alliance for Theatre & Education. magicstoryartist Genevieve LaMee Assistant Director – Music Box (she, her, hers) Genevieve has always enjoyed telling new acquaintances about her magical childhood growing up as a theatre kid in the high mountain country. The daughter of former CRT Executive Artistic Director, Maurice LaMee, and actress Trary LaMee, her history with the company goes way back. The KID Show, which she is thrilled to assistant direct this summer, was her first venture into performing at the age of seven back in 2006. Though she works in the legal field most of the year, she could not pass up an opportunity to return for the KID Show’s 20th anniversary. Some of her favorite shows from years past were Alice in the Bookstore Palace, Lullaby Bay, Saving Red, and Scruff Turbo and the Children of the Future. Most recently she returned to the stage as Lauren in a Thunder River Theatre Company production of Circle Mirror Transformation. Ismael Lara, Jr. Director – Casa Alfonsa (he, him, his) Ismael is a Mexican director currently residing in Chicago. His mission is to uplift and examine the work

of artists who identify within the Latine diaspora. Selected credits: Last Hermanos (A Red Orchid); In His Hands (Northwestern); El Guayabo/The Guava Tree (Creede Rep); Tomás & The Library Lady, The Displaced (Northwestern); Lily Plants A Garden, The Thing I Hold (Hangar Theater); And All the Dead Lie Down (ConCon); The Elephant Man (French Creek). He’s developed plays with CPT at Entry Point, Playwrights Local, Creede Rep, Kane Rep, Rec Room Arts, The Lark and National Queer Theatre. Assistant credits: The Leopard Play, or sad songs for lost boys (Steep, World Premiere); I’m Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter (Steppenwolf, World Premiere); The Chinese Lady, Junk, Christmas at Pemberley (Milwaukee Rep). Ismael is a recipient of a Drama League Fellowship and the current Artistic Fellow at Northlight Theater. Christina Lee (she, her, hers) Teaching Artist/Child Care Provider Christina is a Montessori Adolescent teacher from Corpus Christi, Texas, where she lives with her two children, spouse, and five dogs. She has been involved with theatre since childhood, and to date has worked on over one hundred productions and directed upwards of twenty. She has taught numerous camps and classes for all ages. When not in the classroom or on stage, Christina is an active volunteer at Keepers of the Garden, an urban learning garden designed to teach children and families about growing good food and growing good humans. She could not be more excited to spend the summer sharing theatre with y’all! Natalie Maynard Costume Designer – Music Box (she, her, hers) Natalie is proudly returning to CRT as the Costume Designer for her 9th Kid Show. The Rainbow Goblins marked the first KID Show for Natalie as Costume Designer. She went on to design Emilia’s Tree, Lullaby Bay, Scruff Turbo and The Children of the Future, The Story of Babar, The Gentleman Bug, Saving Red, and Alice in the Bookstore Palace. This is Natalie’s 11th season at Creede Repertory Theatre. She feels honored about returning to CRT, the place that helped her grow as a young theatre artist in the Costume Shop. From 2003-2012 she worked as an Apprentice, Stitcher, First Hand, Dresser, Designer, Draper and Shop Foreman. Natalie lives in Louisville, KY with her sweet husband

our company Brent and a herd of four cats. She has worked as a Draper/Patternmaker for The Louisville Ballet, Montana Shakespeare in the Parks and several local Fashion Designers in Louisville KY. Emiliano Messiez Composer & Music Director – Casa Alfonsa (he, him, his) Emiliano is an Argentinean composer and pianist based in New York City. With a versatile and personal sound, he is the composer of Bordello, a musical awarded by the National Alliance of Musical Theater (NAMT) and the Broadway Bound Theater Festival. He also composed El Guayabo/The Guava Tree, a musical commissioned by Creede Rep in 2021, and is the orchestrator of Ghost in the Machine, the new musical by Janine Robledo. He is the pianist of the Broadway and London hit Forever Tango and directs his own orchestra Típica Messiez, a 10-piece Tango Orchestra. He is educated in classical music, jazz, tango, rock and Latin American rhythms and performs in venues including The Lincoln Center, The Metropolitan Museum of New York and The Houston Opera Theater, with some of the world’s top musicians including Paquito de Rivera, Diego El Cigala, Dino Saluzzi, Concha Buika, Raul Jaurena, Fernando Otero and Pedro Giraudo, among others. Renée Prince Director – Music Box (she, her, hers) Renée is the Executive Artistic Director of VOICES, a nonprofit based in Carbondale, CO which amplifies underrepresented voices and stories through original community-based theater projects. She is the former Education Director of CRT and arrived in these beautiful mountains at the age of twenty-two for her first season as part of CRT’s acting company. She founded The KID Show with her brother Ryan Prince twenty years ago and is over-the-moon excited to be directing Allie Quiller’s stunning new play Music Box. Recent directing credits include Circle Mirror Transformation by Annie Baker at Thunder River Theatre Company, the Women’s Voices Theater Project – a devised show for VOICES, and Cassidy Willey’s solo show As Close As I Can, which premiered at the 2021 Denver Fringe Festival


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and which Renée helped develop. Renée holds a Bachelors in Theater from Northwestern University and a Masters in Theater Education from the University of Northern Colorado.

Rebecca Gibbs in Our Town, a Hot Box Dancer in Guys & Dolls, and more. A special thank you to Graham, Edie, Eilean, and CRT for their commitment to parent-artists.

Ryan Prince Scenic Designer – Music Box (he, him, his) Ryan is a sculptor, teaching artist, and Dad. He is thrilled to be back in Creede to work on the greatest show ever! Ryan helped his sister Renée start The KID Show 20 years ago, starting a 12-year relationship with CRT. He designed/built props and sets, worked as the Facilities Manager, and then finally as the Production Manager. Ryan is currently the Public Programs Manager at the Aspen Art Museum where he gets to learn about significant contemporary art with kids of all ages.

Jill Van Brussel Costume Designer – Casa Alfonsa (she, her, hers) Jill is delighted to be making her design debut at CRT. A graduate of Purdue University’s MFA program, Jill is Associate Professor of Theatre Arts at Colorado Mesa University where she designs, directs, and teaches all things costume. Favorite designs include Godspell, The SpongeBob Musical, Fiddler on the Roof, Hay Fever, Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed, Cabaret, Mr. Burns, A Post-Electric Play, Our Town, and Macbeth. Away from CMU, she most recently designed Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812 for Iowa City’s Riverside Theatre. She directed and designed Pride and Prejudice, as well as an all-female production of 1776, and recently wrote and performed her own one-woman show: Why Do I Own a Thong (and other existential questions).

Allison Quiller Playwright – Music Box (she, her, hers) Allison began her creative career with the inception of CRT’s KID Show in 2003. After graduating from Interlochen Arts Academy with a focus in creative writing, she studied writing for film and television at Vancouver Film School in British Columbia. While in Canada, she worked as a writer and puppet maker for Idle Minds Sketch Comedy. She then worked in film and television in Los Angeles, including on The Lone Ranger’ and Godzilla before a stint as Art Department Coordinator for ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars. Upon moving back to Creede, her first documentary feature, Paul Freakin’ Stone (that’s who), won the Gold Medal Award for the Atlanta International Documentary Festival in 2014. The documentary KID Show won multiple awards at the Action on Film Fest in 2019. She is proud to continue her collaboration with CRT and is humbled by the opportunity to write this year’s The KID Show. Bethany Eileen Talley Choreographer – Casa Alfonsa Performer - Boomtown! Teaching Artist/Child Care Provider (she, her, hers) This is Bethany’s 11th season with the Creede Repertory Theatre. Most recently with CRT she conceived and directed The Tree Watcher and appeared in Utterly Devastating and Boomtown!. CRT choreography credits include: El Guayabo/The Guava Tree, Little Shop of Horrors, and The Wizard of Oz. You may have seen her onstage as Greta in General Store, Cookie in Ghostlight,

PATRON SERVICES Krystopher Baklarz House Manager (he, him, his) Krystopher is ecstatic to return as House Manager this season. He was last in Creede during the 2019 season house managing Peter and the Starcatcher, Ripcord, Boomtown! and other shows throughout the season. He has been involved with house managing many productions at Point Park University where he recently graduated with his MBA degree. Krystopher would like to thank his friends and family for supporting him so much throughout his life. Matt DeMond Patron Services Associate A native of Freeburg, IL, Matt first found theatre at a young age, attending productions at St. Louis Municipal Opera Theatre (The Muny). He spent many summers vacationing in Creede with his extended family and enjoying shows at CRT. A graduate of Baylor University with a B.A. in Economics, Matt has spent several years serving clients as a financial advisor/broker. Currently taking a brief hiatus from finance to explore data science projects, Matt is excited to enjoy the summer in Creede with family and friends.

our company Meredith Felix Patron Services Associate (she, her, hers) Meredith is from Lansdale, Pennsylvania and working towards her B.A. in Theatre at Susquehanna University where she is heading into her final semester. She is very excited to be joining the Creede family this summer and see what new skills she can learn! Since a young age Meredith has known theatre is her passion and this love has only grown since being in school. Her previous experience includes House Manager for the Susquehanna University Theatre Department, Education Intern at Florida Studio Theatre, and Stage Manager for a collection of Climate Change Plays. Throughout the past few years Meredith has also been performing in many plays including The Last Summer at Bluefish Cove (Donna), Trifles (Mrs. Peters), and Escaped Alone (Sally). Along with theatre Meredith also loves spending time with the people she loves (including her dog), traveling and taking time to relax outside. Franny McLarty Patron Services Associate (she, her, hers) Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Franny grew up visiting her family cabin in southwestern Colorado every summer. It was on one of these summer trips that she first saw a show at the CRT – she was instantly enamored. After graduating from Western Washington University with a BA in Urban Planning and Sustainable Development, she wanted to work with a community arts organization and craved returning to places near and dear to her heart to live and work – hello Creede! Alyssa Peters Patron Services Associate Asst. House Manager (she/they) Alyssa is a native Texan who recently graduated from Oklahoma City University with a master’s degree in Nonprofit Leadership with an Arts Administration focus. This will be her second summer season with CRT working in Patron Services. She’s excited to spend the summer in Creede doing theatre as well as working with old and new CRT company members!


our company Heidi Caran Snider Patron Services Manager Performer - Boomtown! (she, her, hers) Heidi is thrilled to be returning to the breathtaking Creede, CO for CRT’s 57th season! You may remember her from last season’s Utterly Devastating cabaret or as a guest performer in Boomtown! Her previous stage credits include Papa Ge in Once on this Island, Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady, and Muzzy Van Hossmere in Thoroughly Modern Millie. Heidi is excited for future projects and looks forward to working with like-minded individuals who share her passion for storytelling. Visit for more info!

Why do some of our staff, company, and Trustees choose to list their pronouns?

* Members of Actors Equity Association, the Union of professional Actors and Stage Manager in the United States.

Actors’ Equity Association

Creede Repertory Theatre operates under an agreement with Actors' Equity Association, the union of professional Actors and stage Managers in the United States.

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We are proud to support CRT in its 57th season, the performing arts and our mountain communities.

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Music Credits

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74 your theatre, always

AUGUST 26-28

featuring new works by Michael Perlman & Beth Kander Experience new plays!


2022 CRT YEAR-ROUND STAFF John DiAntonio

Producing Artistic Director

(he, him, his) John DiAntonio was appointed Producing Artistic Director of Creede Repertory Theatre in 2019, guiding the organization through the pandemic when the 2020 season was canceled and producing CRT’s firstever outdoor season in 2021. DiAntonio has a passion for developing new work and was fundamental in the creation and development of the Headwaters New Play Festival at CRT. His play, Harry the Great, was the first play workshopped and produced through the festival. John has acted in nearly forty shows at CRT and before coming to Creede he worked for twelve years as an actor, director, and playwright in New York, Los Angeles, and Denver. DiAntonio has had ten original plays produced, including five that have toured around the Southwest. He grew up in Pittsburgh, earning his BA from Case Western University and his MFA from the National Theatre Conservatory. He and his wife, Caitlin, have two sons, Leo and Sebastian, and make their year-round home in Creede. / (719) 658-2540 (Opt 2, Ext 6)

Morgan M. Manfredi Managing Director

(she, her, hers) Morgan was overjoyed to return to the CRT staff in January 2020. She previously served as the Production Manager of American Family Theatre, Company Manager and Associate General Manager of Bucks County Playhouse, and Associate General Manager at the Tony Award winning McCarter Theatre Center. She was a participant in Cohort 2 of TCG’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Institute, representing McCarter. Morgan is on the boards of the Creede Chamber of Commerce, Creede’s Colorado Preschool Program, and serves on the Silver Thread Byway Committee. Originally from Fresno, CA (where the raisins come from), Morgan holds a BA in Theatre from CSU Sacramento and owes her career to the amazing visual and performing arts programs of Clovis Unified School District. Morgan met her husband at CRT in 2011; the pair have a three-year-old son and a menagerie of furry critters. / (719) 658-2540 (Opt 2, Ext 7)

Lori Heinrich

Development Director (she, her, hers) Originally from Texas, Lori grew up visiting Creede each summer. Married to a now-retired military spouse, Lori had the opportunity to live from

our staff

coast to coast and work in corporate, non-profit and public-school settings and has experience in grant writing and management, accounting, public and donor relations and event planning. She and her family were thrilled to make their final move in 2018 and establish roots in Creede. Lori has a deep love for Creede Repertory Theatre and has enjoyed watching her children build new skills and confidence because of their involvement in CRT’s education programs. In her spare time, Lori enjoys hiking, making music, knitting and spending time with her friends, family and pets. / (719) 658-2540 (Opt 2, Ext 1)

Brittni Shambaugh Addison Education Director

(she, her, hers) Originally from Sneads Ferry, NC (home of the Shrimp Festival!), Brittni received her BA in Theatre from Wake Forest University and her MFA in Directing from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Brittni has had the pleasure of teaching, directing, and performing across the country, but is beyond grateful to call Creede home. As an educator, she believes strongly in the power of Arts Integration and is focused on exploring the “who, why, and how” rather than the “what.” She previously worked as the Education Associate at Cleveland Play House and the Artistic Associate at the Honolulu Theatre for Youth. Notable performing and directing credits include Players Theatre NYC, Great Lakes Theatre, Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival, Cleveland Public Theatre, Ensemble Theatre CLE, and Beck Center for the Arts. So much love to her rock- Lavour, her joy- Aria, and her naughty puppies- Luna and Dudley. / (719) 658-2540 (Opt 2, Ext 2)

Bethany J. Andre Marketing Director

(she, her, hers) Originally from Wilmington, Delaware (home to a screen-door factory!), Bethany grew up moving all over the country. She received her BA from Purdue University with majors in English Literature and Composition and minors in Psychology and Women’s Studies. Working in both corporate and nonprofit organizations, Bethany began her career in marketing at Butler University and added global marketing experience during her time at Allison Transmission. She has experience generating print and digital content and managing publicity, advertising, merchandising, and customer service. She was just passing through Creede nearly 5 years ago and loved it so much she decided to


stay! Bethany loves theatre and is so excited to get back to gathering together to enjoy these shared experiences at Creede Repertory Theatre. / (719) 658-2540 (Opt 2, Ext 4)

Jake Harbour

Director of Production & Facilities

(he, him, his) Jake Harbour is a Sound & Scenic Designer, Music Composer, and Technical Director. He has worked for many prominent theatres in the Denver and Atlanta area and has been nominated for 4 Henry awards and one Suzi Bass award. Jake has 12 years of university experience teaching classes ranging from Sound & Light Design, Scenic Design, Technical Direction, as well as carpentry and welding. He holds his MFA in Technical Direction from the University of Northern Illinois. / (719) 658-2540 (Opt 2, Ext 8)

Kate Berry

Associate Artistic Director

(she, her, hers) Kate first found CRT as a member of the acting company in 2005 and is now in her fifth year as a fulltime staff member. She manages Audience Enrichment programming and the Headwaters New Play Festival. She is inspired by new play development and has appeared in several new play festivals around the country including CRT’s Headwaters Festival, Local Lab in Boulder, and

Ashland New Plays Festival in Oregon. Colorado Credits: Arvada Center (The Lion in Winter, The Importance of Being Earnest, Blithe Spirit), Theatreworks (Wild Honey, The Seagull, Psycho Beach Party), Colorado Springs Fine Arts Theatre (Other Desert Cities), Colorado Shakespeare Festival (Twelfth Night), Lake Dillon Theatre Company (Dancing Lessons), and Curious Theatre Company (Charles Ives Take Me Home). Favorite CRT roles include Elsa in The Road to Mecca, Eliza in The (curious case of the) Watson Intelligence, and Sherlock Holmes in Miss Holmes. Member of AEA and SAG-AFTRA. / (719) 658-2540 (Opt 2, Ext 5)

Jenni Harbour

Education Associate

(she, her, hers) Jenni is grateful and humbled to be part of Team Education at CRT! She is a teaching artist, actor, and director who earned her M.F.A. at Northern Illinois University (which included a summer intensive at the Moscow Art Theatre). She has taught Theatre for the University of West Georgia, Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp, Hardin-Simmons University, Young Audiences of Abilene, and the National Center for Children’s Illustrated Literature. She is passionate about creating access to arts education for all learners and introducing new students to Shakespeare. Huge gratitude to her husband, Jake. Adventure is out there! / (719) 658-2540 (Opt 2, Ext 3)


Megan McHugh Company Manager

(she, her, hers) Megan is the Company Manager at Creede Rep this season and is so excited to be spending her first summer with the company! After attending shows in Creede for years, it’s a dream come true! She grew up in north Texas and attended the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, receiving her BA in Theatre Arts. After graduation, she interned in Company Management at Williamstown Theatre Festival, and was back in Texas through the pandemic. Megan is so very glad to be back in the theatre world and wants to thank her parents for being her biggest supporters.

76 your theatre, always

Sean Thompson

Marketing & Development Associate

(he, him, his) Sean is thrilled to be working with CRT in this new capacity, behind a desk! You may remember him from the acting companies of 2014 and 2015 (Guys and Dolls, Annie Get Your Gun, The Last Romance) and from his one-man concerts over the years. Over on the East Coast, where he spends most of his time, Sean is thrilled that the theatre industry is back up and booming. His performing credits include shows on Broadway (Sunset Blvd. opposite Glenn Close), off-Broadway (the world-premiere Penelope at the York Theatre), and on tour across America (‘Raoul’ in the original US cast of Love Never Dies). Sean is so happy to continue his relationship with CRT in this new way and is so pleased to welcome you all back for an adventurous season!

in memory

Rocky Birdsey 1945-2022 Founding Jaycee Member

Rocky was born a third generation Creedite in 1945. Rocky spent his childhood running the mountains around Creede with his buddies, David “Jake” Powell, Mike McClure, Stanley Kolisch, and Tom Payne to name a few. They spent their days exploring the mountains, fishing every creek, and this helped him grow up to be an incredible mountain man. In 1963, Rocky married his high school sweetheart, Iris Ruth Sword. They had their son, Rocky “Shane” Birdsey in 1964. Like many of the men in Creede at the time, he worked at the Emperius Mine. He and Iris were active with the Jaycees and enjoyed working with Carl Helfin on the old melodramas presented at what is now the Creede Repertory Theatre. In 1966, the Jaycees brought students from Kansas to see if theater would work in Creede, and lo and behold it did! 1966 was also the year Rocky and his brother Norman were in a mine accident. Norman did not survive, and Rocky was severely injured. He went on to work at the Emperius Mill before beginning his 40year career with Mineral County Road and Bridge. Rocky was a quiet man and loved being a member of the Creede Community! He did so much for Mineral County without anyone even knowing. There were many times Rocky saved Creede from spring floods. Every spring the ponds above Creede would fill up with debris threatening to flood the flume and flood Creede. He would drive a loader into the ponds above Creede and remove barriers so the water could run through the flume instead of flood the town. It was incredible to watch him in the pond moving debris. We would all hold our breath hoping the loader wouldn’t turn over, hoping he could move the obstacles before the water rose too high, and he managed to do it every time. It was our own form of theater every spring! Rocky passed peacefully at his winter home in Arizona surrounded by family on February 27, 2022. Rocky’s family is incredibly proud of the legacy Rocky left, as is the Creede community. Rocky would be embarrassed by any accolades so we will leave it here: Rocky was the epitome of all the good things about Creede. Thank you for honoring him by honoring Creede. –Susan Birdsey

Phil Leggitt

1941-2022 Founding Jaycee Member “So, a guy walks into a bar…” That’s how a story typically starts right? Well, not the story of Phil Leggitt. His begins with: “a miner dressed in a clown outfit, who just happens to be the local sheriff, rides a horse into a bar…” Phil wore many hats in this community. That of a young, outgoing boy, one-of-sixteen children, in a family searching for that silver lining in a place called the Amethyst Vein. Phil’s community involvement began early. He developed a knack for chit-chat and personal connections. He then traded in his ball cap for a cowboy hat. There was not a mountain range or river valley that Phil hadn’t set his eyes on or touched with his own two feet. But the hills can get lonely for a social man and with that, Phil branched out and began working for the local ranches in the area. He made a reputation for himself and soon became the head wrangler/hunting guide for the Cottonwood Cove and 4UR Ranch. He was a dedicated miner who took pride in working hard. Yet, in true Phil fashion, he also held the title of a prankster. This is where riding his horse into the bars of Creede during the 4th of July dressed as a clown began. If there was something that Phil felt would benefit the town, he was all in. It is this passion that he had for the place he called home that motivated him to become so involved in the community. Part of that involvement was with the Jaycees, who were instrumental in starting the theater. He was proud to be involved with the beginning of the present day Creede Repertory Theatre and would tell stories of how everyone pitched in for the 'theater kids', getting them settled in rooms, rebuilding the stage in the old theater, and feeding everyone. With the newfound fame Creede was getting, Phil set his eyes on what he knew best: being an ambassador for the people of Creede. So, with a raise of a right hand and a tilt of that ole cowboy hat, Sheriff Phil Leggitt was born. He wore that badge with honor for 24 years. Locals say that Sheriff Phil was a legend, the face of Creede. He may not have been on the CRT stage, but he was the lead role in this little town we call Creede. I tip my hat to you, while I hang yours up for the last time, Dad. Bravo to one hell of a performance. – Nancy and Diana Leggitt


Jordi Lamb

1992-2020 The KID Show Participant 2005 & 2006 Jordi was a ray of light. Jordi was a sunbeam. I was lucky enough to work with Jordi during the first years of The KID Show, and it is such a privilege to have known her as a child. It is a privilege to carry memories of her old-soul eyes, her understated sense of humor, her silliness, her sweetness. And her light. I remember how much I loved being in her presence. How she carried a grounded warmth inside her like a little sun. How she warmed a room just by walking into it. I remember how game she was to dive into the creative process of The KID Show – even the totally weird parts like paper mache-ing goblin

Devin Powers

1987-2021 CRT Company Member 2001 The KID Show Participant 2004 & 2005 Devin Charles Powers passed away on November 28th, 2021. Devin began his journey at CRT in 2001 in Our Town as the paperboy. Devin found many creative ways of contributing to The KID Show. He performed in The Minpins, the second-ever The KID Show, and helped build many of the puppets in The Rainbow Goblins” Devin loved performing and was a very talented musician. He has also appeared in performances of Cabaret at CRT and A Christmas Carol with the community theater. Devin will be greatly missed by all who knew him. – Erin Powers Schrag When Devin and his family moved to Creede in the late 90s, we sparked a friendship based on a shared love of projects and creation. As a result, my middle childhood years were dominated by time spent on Devin and Erin’s family ranch and a revolving door of other friends. We always had a project going between the time-specific practice of waiting a whole day for a song to download on Napster. These projects were never started and abandoned like most childhood ventures, but instead

78 your theatre, always

masks and building tiny knight puppets out of cardboard and masking tape. I remember the little glance she would give me once in a while during dress rehearsals; wearing her goblin costume or puppeteering tiny knights, she would look at me with an expression that asked, “Can you believe we’re doing this?” And I couldn’t. I couldn’t believe it. We got to spend our time creating moments of wonder and play and magic in a world that is constantly breaking our hearts. Jordi’s dad Scotty shared with me that after her death, he received so many notes from so many people including “Jordi was a very bright light in a very dark place.” She was indeed. Jordi was a ray of light. Jordi was a sunbeam. We miss her. – Renée Prince

endeavors that spanned multiple weeks of our long, golden summers in Creede. We built a (OSHA approved, I assure you) zipline from a heavy plastic baby swing, carabiners, and nylon rope. We designed and constructed a complex, sprawling fantasy board game that one had to play standing around the dining room table. We built obstacle courses for ferrets and even wrote a pretty good chunk of a sci-fi screenplay, the premise of which I still believe has legs. We made movies, too, including a “Blair Witch” style horror film and a Dixie Chicks music video. There was a slight stretch of sand on the riverbanks that we decorated and declared ‘Tiki Beach,’ which became our annual escape to the tropics. Cooking was another experimental art Devin loved. I remember wrapping jalapeños in bacon for the grill and deciding whether it would be better to deep fry a strawberry or a banana. Devin was the creative driving force for all of this. His great love was music, and he wrote haunting, gentle songs on his guitar. The music shadowed him throughout his life. When the need for doing projects was replaced by the complexities of young adulthood, his guitar remained an outlet and tied him to a world that was good. Devin was a friend, a confidante; he loved deeply and was loved by many. Rest in peace, good buddy. – Allison Quiller

Paintings and Prints by Stephen Quiller w Capturing the Spirit of the San Juans Clay, Bronze, Glass, Basket and Wood Forms; Gemstone and Horsehair Jewelry, all by Colorado Artists

“Late Autumn Reflections, San Juans”

36” x 24”

SUMMER SEASON — OPEN DAILY PO Box 160 w 110 Main Street w Creede, Colorado 81130 w 719.658.2741



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