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Creede Repertory Theatre 2 o 1 4 | o u R 4 9 Th S e a S o n

Real true people creating before

your eyes


This is live In 3D

Each performance unique, because it has to be You see it hear it once and it is gone

forever Shared only with those next to you in the dark Sparking authentic human connections because

We are alive. table of contents Sh ow Schedule . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 - 7 ThiS S eaSon aT a glance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Pr ogra mS for KidS aT a glance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11

mo re ab ouT o ur PlayS and Pro gramS . . . 12 - 2 9 uPcoming aweSomeneSS . . . 31 -35 SuPPo rTing crT . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 6 -53 The com Pany . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54 -82

www.creederep.org 719/658-2540 creede repertory Theatre, inc . is a not-for-profit organization Production photos by John gary brown . with a 501(c)(3) status with the internal revenue code . Program design by roShambo: marketing + creative . all donations are tax deductible .



welcome: our 49th year! 25 12PM

Mainstage tour




12PM Mainstage tour 1:30PM Pants oPens* 30 5:30PM nat’l small Print show oPens 7:30PM romance oPens* 7:30PM romance*


30 7:30PM romance oPens*


12PM Mainstage tour S ATU1:30 R DAY PM Pants oPens* 5:30PM nat’l small Print 24 show oPens













lake city Friends of crt Party

22 6PM

m o n d ay s a r e d a r k





lake city Friends of crt Party

m o n d ay s a r e d a r k







1:30PM Pants*




1:30PM Pants* 7:30PM annie



7:30PM annie


20 7PM romance talk* 7:30PM romance* 27

26 storytime* crt orchestra at tommyknocker 26tavern

6 1:30PM annie 7:30PM romance*


m o n d ay s a r e d a r k



1:30PM 7:30PM 13

1:30PM romance* 7:30PM annie 12PM

20 7PM 7:30PM

1:30PM 7:30PM 27


11aM Mainstage tour 1:30PM liar local discount 7:30PM romance* 1PM 28 1:30 7:30 11aM Mainstage tour 1:30PM liar local discount 7:30PM romance*




12PM Mainstage tour 12PM Mainstage tour 11aM Mainstage tour chat back 1:30PM liar 1PM storytime* 1:30PM Pants* 7:30PM annie 7:30PM annie 5:30PM liar talk 12:3 1 3 4liar 5 10:30PM boomtown* 10:30PM boomtown oPens* 6PM 1PM 12PM Mainstage tour annie 1:30PM romance* 12PM Mainstage6tour aM Mainstage tour 11 PM crt songbook* 7PM chat back 1:30PM liar 7PM liar talk 1PM storytime* 1:30PM Pants* 11 12 7:30PM liar 8 7:30PM annie talk 7:30PM annie9 5:30PM liar10 PM liar 10:30PM boomtown* 10:30PMtalk* boomtown oPens*liar6talk 7:30PM annie 1PM 1:30PM Pants* romance 7PM 11aM Mainstage tour crt songbook* 7:30PM liar6PM 7:30PM liar 1:30PM romance* 10:30PM boomtown* 1:30PM romance* PM company cabaret* 10:30 7:30 PM annie 7PM 12liar talk 1PM 8 9 10 11 7:30PM liar 7PM 7:30PM annie 1PM Pants* romance talk* 7PM liar talk 11aM Mainstage tour dessert club liar 7:30PM liar 1:30PM romance* 10:30PM boomtown* 1:30PM romance* 15 16 17 18 19 10:30PM company cabaret* 7:30PM annie 7PM liar talk 12PM crt Volunteer 7:30PM liar 1:30 PM annie 1:30 PM the kid show 9 aM Friends of crt 11 aM the kid show* appreciation dessert club golf tournament oPens* 7:30PM romance* 12PM Mainstage tour luncheon @ rio grande club 1:30PM annie 7:30PM annie 7PM 15 liar talk 16 17 18 19 7:30 PM liar 7:30PM liar 7:30PM romance* crt Volunteer PM boomtown * 10:30 chat back 1:30PM annie 1:30PM the kid show 9aM Friends of crt 11aM the kid show* appreciation golf tournament oPens* 7:30PM romance* tour luncheon 22 23 24grande club 12PM Mainstage 25 26 @ rio 7:30PM annie annie 1:30PM the1:30 kidPM show liar talk 7:30PM liar 1:30PM the kid show* 1:30PM annie 1:30PM Pants* closes* liar 7:30PM romance*11aM Pants* * 10:30PM boomtown 7PM liar talk 7:30PM annie 7PM liar talk 12PM Mainstage tour chat back7:30PM annie dessert club 7:30PM liar 7:30PM liar 7:30PM romance* 22 23 24 25boomtown* 26 10:30PM 1:30PM the kid show and Wolf! the kid show* 1:30PM annie 11aM Pants* 1:30PM Pants* day camps: teen scenecloses* 7:30PM annie annie 7PM liar talk 7PM liar talk 12PM Mainstage tour 30 club dessert 7:30PM liar29 7:30PM liar31 7:30PM romance* 10:30 PM boomtown* 7:30PM crt songbook* 7:30PM Mining through Poetry, stories & day camps: teen scene and Wolf! song* 29 30 31

1PM romance talk* 1:30PM romance* 5:30PM illuminated: a gala 27 benefit for crt 7:30PM Mining through 1PM romance talk* Poetry, stories & 1:30PM romance* song* 5:30PM illuminated: a gala benefit for crt


2 1:30PM romance* 7PM liar talk 7:30PM liar 2

m o n d ay s a r e d a r k


1PM liar talk 1:30PM liar 7:30PM annie


7:30PM liar oPens

day camps: story People andoPens dance! storytime* PM liar 7:30 crt orchestra at tommyknocker tavern


1PM liar talk 1:30PM liar 7:30PM annie 20


day camps: story People and dance!

7:30PM annie

1:30PM romance* 7:30PM annie


1:30 7PM 7:30





7:30PM annie

1:30PM Pants* 7:30PM annie

1:30PM annie 7:30PM romance*

1:30 7:30

7PM romance talk* 7:30PM romance*

local discount


Pants* Mainstage tour



7:30PM Making it: John green concert* 7:30PM Making it: John green concert*

11aM 12PM


oPening night dinner 7:30PM annie oPens

oPening night dinner 19 oPens 7:30PM annie

1PM storytime* 7:30PM annie 25discount local


Mainstage tour

local discount

1PM storytime* 7:30PM annie


7 Pants*

11aM 12PM



18 1:30PM Pants*



12 1PM


6 7PM romance talk* 7:30PM romance* 12 discount local


1:30 7:30





7:30PM romance*

7PM romance talk* 7:30PM romance*








Mainstage tour







m o n d ay s a r e d a r k


m o n d ay s a r e d a r k




7:30PM crt songbook* day camp: teen scene

day camp: teen scene





small Print w oPens

3 1:30PM romance* 7:30PM annie



1:30PM Mildred 7:30PM liar


10 7PM 7:30PM

1:30PM Mildred 7:30PM liar

m o n d ay s a r e d a r k



1:30PM 7:30PM 17

7:30PM annie


7:30PM annie

7PM 7:30PM 24

1:30PM hope* Mildred talk 7PM 7:30PM Mildred 24chat back


1:30PM hope* Mildred talk 7PM 7:30PM Mildred chat back1PM liar talk 28 1:30PM liar 7:30PM hope tage tour 31chat back* ocal discount





chat back*







id show*

tage tour

nce* 26

Mildred liar


12:30PM hope talk* 1PM hope* liar 7PM 7

12:30PM hope talk* 1PM hope* liar 7PM




Mildred liar






Show TicKeTS: reg . Performances boomtown Pants on fire The Kid Show


$35 $10 $16 free

4 6:30PM hope talk* 7PM hope*

10:30aM liar talk 11aM liar

m o n d ay s a r e d a r k



adult actors’ lab

tage tour



12PM Mainstage tour 1:30 PM Mildred SAT UR DAY 7:30PM liar 10:30PM2 boomtown*

adult actors’ lab

liar talk 1PM 1:30PM liar 7:30PM hope

tage tour

tage tour


7:30PM Mildred oPens

12PM Mainstage tour day camp: teen scene 1:30PM Mildred PM liar 8 7:30 5 6 7 9 10:30PM boomtown* 7PM crt orchestra 1 PM liar talk 7 PM liar talk 1:30 PM Pants* PM Mainstage tour 12 Pagosa springs day teen scene 7:30camp: PM liar 7:30PM annie 1:30PM annie center for the arts 1:30PM liar 7:30PM romance* 10:30PM boomtown* 7PM 9romance talk* 7PM 5 Mildred talk 6chat back 7 8 7:30PM Mildred 7:30PM romance* crt orchestra local 1PMdiscount liar talk 7PM liar talk 1:30PM Pants* 12PM Mainstage tour Pagosa springs 1:30 PM liar 7:30 PM liar 7:30 PM annie 1:30 PM annie center for the arts 12 13 14 15 16 7:30PM romance* 10:30PM boomtown* romance talk* 7PM Mildred talk 7PM liar talk romance talk* Mildred talkromance*12PM Mainstage tour 7PM chat back1PM Mildred 1:30PM Pants* 7:30PM 7PM liar talk local discount 7:30PM liar 7:30PM annie 1:30PM romance closes* 7:30PM Mildred 7:30PM liar 7PM Mildred talk 10:30PM boomtown* 7:30 PM crt orchestra 12 14 15 16 7:30PM13Mildred lake city arts 7PM clubliar talk Pants* 1PM romance talk* dessert Mildred talk 7PM 12PM Mainstage tour center 7PM liar talk 7:30PM liar annie 1:30PM romance closes* 7:30PM Mildred 7:30PM liar22 19 talk 20 21 23 7PM Mildred 10:30PM boomtown* 7:30PM crt orchestra 7PM liar7:30 talkPM Mildred 7:30PM annie 7:30PM hope oPens*lake city arts 7:30PM crt orchestra 12PM Mainstage tour dessert club center 1:30PM annie 7:30PM liar concert 7:30PM annie closes 19 20 21 22 23 10:30PM boomtown* liar talk 7:30PM hope oPens* 7:30PM crt orchestra 12PM Mainstage tour 7:30PM annie liar concert 1:30PM annie 26 27 28 29 30 7:30PM annie 7:30PM liar 1:30PM liar 7PM Mildred talk new closes 11aM Pants closes* 11aM headwaters PM boomtown* hope talk* 7PM Play10:30 Festival* 7:30PM Mildred 12PM Mainstage tour 7:30PM hope* 7PM liar talk 1PM hope talk* local discount 7:30PM liar 1:30PM hope* 26 27 28 29boomtown closes* 7:30PM30Mildred 10:30PM liar 1:30PM liar 7PM Mildred talk 11aM Pants closes* 11aM headwaters new adult actors’ lab 7PM hope talk* Play Festival* 7:30PM Mildred 12PM Mainstage tour 7:30PM hope* 7PM liar talk 1PM hope talk* local discount 7:30PM liar 1:30PM hope* 10:30PM boomtown closes* 7:30PM Mildred adult actors’ lab

m o n d ay s a r e d a r k



1:30PM romance* 7:30PM annie

ance talk* ance*



m o n d ay s a r e d a r k



rt club



* stage tour



7:30PM Mildred oPens





stage tour s oPens*



chat back

5 6:30PM liar talk 7PM liar

6 11aM Mainstage tour 12:30PM Mildred talk 1PM Mildred 7PM 6 hope*

3Mildred 4 5 6:30PM liar talk 6:30 10:30aM liar talk Fall curtain PM begin hope talk* 11aM Mainstage tour tiMes 11aM liar 7PM hope* 7PM liar 12:30PM Mildred talk 10 11 12 13 chat9back 1PM Mildred 7PM Mildred 10:30aM liar talk hope* 12:30PM hope talk* 7PM 6:30PM Mildred talk durango 12PM Pants arts center 11begin aM liar 7PM Mildred 1PM hope* Fall curtain tiMes 7PM hope* chat back 6:30PM liar talk 7/9:30PM boomtown 10 11 12 13 6:30PM hope talk* 7PM liar durango arts hope* 6:30PM Mildred talk 12:30PM hope talk* 10:30aM liar talk 7PM 12PM Pants durango center arts center 11aM liar 7PM Mildred 1PM hope* 7PM hope* 16back 17 18 20 chat 6:30PM liar 19 talk 7/9:30PM boomtown 6:30PM hope talk* PM liar 10:30aM liar talk 6:30PM hope talk* durango 6:30 6:30PM hope talk* artsPM liar7talk 7PM hope* 11aM liar 7PM hope* center 7PM liar closes 7PM hope closes* 7PM

chat back

6:30PM17 Mildred talk Mildred closes 10:30aM liar talk 7PM 6:30PM hope talk* 11aM liar 7PM hope* chat back

6:30balcony PM Mildred talkStudent 7PM Mildred closes (11-22)

$33 -

$20 $10 $16 free


19 6:30PM liar talk 7PM liar closes

child (4-10)

$11 $10 $8 free

grouP TicKeTS: grouPS of 10 To 19 - Save 5% & grouPS of 20 PluS - Save 10% em ail: sarah@creederep .com for more information .

bringing The whole family? all ages are welcome at Pants on fire and The Kid Show! children four and over are welcome at all our season shows . Please be aware that some shows are intended for adult audiences . refer to our box office staff for recommendations .

TiX : 719/ 658- 2540 w w w .cr eeder eP .o r g

20 6:30PM hope talk* 7PM hope closes*

2014 C a l e n da r leg e n d The lasT romance annie geT your gun The liar The secreT affairs of mildred wild hope and graviTy panTs on fire BoomTown day camps “ * ” denoTes all shows and evenTs aT The ruTh “dark” is TheaTre speak for “closed”


season at a glance

2014 at creede rep

{ The Plays }

See schedule for dates and times .

> annie GeT your Gun music & lyrics by irving berlin / book by herbert & dorothy fields as revised by Peter Stone rated g / June 13 – aug 23 The feisty love story of annie oakley and frank butler set against the backdrop of buffalo bill’s wild west Show . irving berlin’s timeless score includes “you can’t get a man with a gun,” “There’s no business like Show business,” “i got the Sun in the mornin’” and “doin’ what comes natur’lly .” Join musical theatre’s sharpest heroine as she shoots for the stars, hits her target, and lives scrappily ever after .

> The liar by david ives / adapted from the comedy by Pierre corneille rated Pg / June 27 – Sept 19 Paris, 1643 . a charming young man has only one flaw: he cannot tell the truth . he hires a servant who cannot tell a lie, falls in love with lucrece, whom he thinks is clarice, who is secretly engaged to his best friend . nor is he aware that his father is trying to marry him off to clarice, whom he thinks is lucrece, who actually is in love with him . his increasingly-more-ridiculous lies add up to a sparkling romantic farce, brilliantly adapted for today .

> The secreT affairs of Mildred Wild by Paul Zindel rated Pg-13 / aug 1 – Sept 18 mildred’s life is ordinary . but her dream world, fed by the 3,000 movies she has eagerly devoured, is spectacular! when the outside world intrudes via her husband, his meddling sister, their hard-boiled landlady, or the wrecking crew sent to tear down the building - mildred meets each crisis with a hilarious fantasy drawn from her precious hoard of old movies . audiences will lose themselves in the touching, funny escapades of this kooky, lovable and enchanting heroine .

> The lasT roMance by Joe diPietro rated Pg / may 30 – aug 13 crT favorites John green, christy brandt, and annie butler star in this golden-years romantic comedy . ralph, an elderly widower, feels young again – all thanks to an unexpected second chance at love . relying on a renewed boyish charm, ralph attempts to woo the elegant but distant carol . up against carol’s reluctance and his domineering sister’s meddling, ralph embarks on the challenge of a lifetime, and regains a happiness that seemed lost . 8

> hoPe and GraviTy by michael hollinger rated r / aug 22 – Sept 19 from the author of 2012’s Ghost-Writer comes this compelling, contemporary comedy about fate . The lives of nine characters are intertwined in ways they cannot fathom . from an impossible elevator accident to an unlikely hotel hook-up, chance encounters lead to surprising connections and one momentous leap of faith .

> PanTs on fire a totally made up musical for kids all ages! rated g / may 24 – aug 30 ever wondered what would happen if you could control a play? come find out in this hour-long improvised musical created from the ideas of kids in the audience . it’s your adventure . we just live in it .

> BooMToWn explosive improv comedy rated Pg-13 / July 3 – aug 29 back by jocular demand . armed with only an audience suggestion and their fertile (a nice way of saying twisted) imaginations, these hilarious, inventive, and often bizarre actors perform an unscripted show inspired by you!

{ Behind The curTain series } See schedule for dates and times .

> desserT cluB - $15 The play is over, but the fun is not! Socialize with the cast and technicians in the lobby after the show . includes one drink and decadent dessert by actor/chef John arp .

> Pre-shoW Talks - free want to know more? Join us before select performances for juicy insights into the show you are about to see .

> chaT Backs - free Stick around after the show as actors and technicians answer your burning questions and share fascinating stories .

> BacksTaGe Tours - $2 (reservations required) it’s a whole other world back there! crT’s managing director reveals the tricks of the trade, crT’s colorful history, and much more!

at a glance

> coMPany for dinner - by reservation

make your night out extra special when a crT company member joins you and your friends for a meal before the play . contact elizabeth@creederep .com .

> adulT acTors’ laB aug 26-31 - $195 work with crT professionals on a full-length play! contact renee@creederep .com want to organize a special behind the curtain opportunity for your group? contact Sarah at 719/658-2540ex233 or sarah@creederep .com

{ sPecial evenTs } > 14Th annual naT’l sMall PrinT shoW may 24 / 5:30pm / mainstage lobby / free This juried exhibition contains over 100 small prints from fine artists across the country . whether you collect or just appreciate, come celebrate this miniature medium .

> crT arT PosTer unveilinG + oPeninG of The lasT roMance may 30 / 6:30pm / The ruth / $50 Show + reception (open bar) be the first to see the 2014 crT season art poster and purchase a framed print by framer extraordinaire, chere waters of frame Shop: creede . attend the unveiling and imbibe with your favorite artists from creede and crT . all attendees are entered to win a custom framed print of the 2014 art poster .

> 40Th annual oPeninG niGhT dinner

> crT sonGBook July 4 at 6pm / July 30 at 7:30pm / The ruth / $50 back by popular demand! a stunning and intimate evening of song with the crT orchestra and the musical theatre stars of the company . This special event includes an open bar .

> The 2nd annual coMPany caBareT July 10 / 10:30pm / The ruth Standard $35 / cabaret Table Seating $100 The 1st annual one was awesome . music, dance, trapeze, standup comedy! if you missed it, don’t feel bad . you’ve got another shot . The crT company takes over The ruth for one night of prohibition-era fun .

> The 3rd annual friends of crT Golf TournaMenT July 18 / 9am Shotgun Start / rio grande club, South fork / $150 Support your favorite theatre while spending a day on the green (or in the rough) . call for more information .

> illuMinaTed: a crT fundraiser Gala July 27 / 5:30pm / rio grande club, South fork $250 ($200 early bird) a momentous fundraising event for creede repertory Theatre . unlike anything you’ve ever experienced, Illuminated will surprise you, move you, and take dazzling entertainment to new heights . dinner, open bar, and an auction of covetable items . your support directly benefits crT’s award-winning programming .

> MininG ThrouGh PoeTry, sTories, and sonG

June 13 / 5pm / community center / $100 break bread with us before the opening of Annie Get Your Gun! Join crT for a delicious catered meal at the creede community center and an open bar after at the crT mainstage . call for reservations .

July 29 / 7:30pm / The ruth / $15 Join the creede historical Society for their 5th annual celebration of mining through poetry, stories, and song . all proceeds benefit the creede historical Society .

> crT orchesTra aT rails and ales June 21 / 7-9pm / alamosa come party with the band and enjoy the region’s best beers . and oh yeah, trains!

august 21 / 7:30pm / crT mainstage / $30 crT’s amazing musicians in concert . See these young instrumentalists (and special guests) before they are famous and you have to stand in line at carnegie hall .

> MakinG iT: John Green in concerT

> The 3rd headWaTers neW Play fesTival

June 25 / 7:30pm / The ruth - $25 actor, songwriter, playwright and crT favorite John green in his one-man show about fame, love, and occasional run-ins with the mafia .

> crT orchesTra in concerT

august 29 / 11am to 4pm / The ruth / $25 every new play has a journey . you can be a part of it . attend readings of 2 new plays, as they aim for the crT stage . more on page 29 .



programs for kids at a glance

Take a class day caMPs

flex your creative muscles alongside professional actors and artists . each camp culminates in an informal showcase for family and friends .

> sTory PeoPle ageS 5-7 / $145 / June 24 – June 28 / 10am-12Pm

every good play starts with a good story . Join us for this collaborative story-making experience where we celebrate the brilliant ideas of kids!

> dance! – a creaTive MoveMenT exPerience ageS 8-12 / $195 / June 24 – June 28 / 10am-1Pm

This high-energy camp explores the power of storytelling through movement .

at a glance

come play!

see a shoW Kids of all ages are welcome to Pants on Fire! and The KID Show. for kids over three, see our play ratings for familyfriendly shows, like Annie Get Your Gun!

> PanTs on fire

a ToTally Made uP Musical for kids all ageS/ may 24 – aug 30

ever wondered what would happen if you could control a play? come find out in this hour-long improvised musical created from the ideas of kids in the audience . it’s your adventure . we just live in it .

hear a sTory >sToryTiMe


all ageS / free / June 12, 19, 26, & July 3/ 1Pm / The ruTh lobby

Join us for a captivating half hour of stories and songs!

> Wolf! - a PuPPeT Play ageS 8-12 / $195 / July 22 – July 26 / 10am-1Pm

let your imagination run wild! work with crT professionals to bring the extraordinary characters of Peter and the Wolf to life .

> Teen scene 6Th – 8Th gradeS (middle School) / $250 Per weeK or $400 for boTh weeKS SeSSIon 1: July 22 – July 26 / 10am-4Pm - circuS arTS & muSical imProv SeSSIon 2: July 29 – auguST 2 / 10am – 4Pm - PlaywriTing & Zombie combaT

> Teen scene 9Th – 12Th gradeS (high School) / $250 Per weeK or $400 for boTh weeKS SeSSIon 1: July 22 – July 26 / 10am – 4Pm - circuS arTS & muSical imProv SeSSIon 2: July 29 – auguST 2 / 10am – 4Pm - PlaywriTing & Zombie combaT diScounTS: financial aid is available upon request . register by may 1st and receive

10% off the tuition cost . Siblings and participants registering for more than one camp receive an additional 10% off . camps fill up quickly, so register today to reserve your spot! To regiSTer: renee@creederep .com / 719/658-2540 x227

registration forms are available on our website at www .creederep .org

Be a sTar > The kid shoW ageS 12+ / free / rehearSalS STarT July 1 PerformanceS are July 17, 19, 22, and 25 in The ruTh

create an extraordinary performance experience alongside members of crT’s professional company . This year’s The KID Show will conquer low-flying TraPeZe under the direction of John diantonio and caitlin wise . 11


BY JOE DIPIETRO ralPh: everything in life is so small—you get up, you have your day, you go to bed—small! but everything in opera—someone walks across the stage—they sing an aria! Someone opens a door— another aria! big emotions, big people, big, big, big! carol: life should be like that! “ m aTTin aTa” The mor nin g by ruggero leoncavalla Metianche tu la veste Bianca eschiudi I’uscio al tuo cantor! ove non sei la luce manca, ove tu sei nasce l’amor Put your white gown on and let your cantor cross the threshold! light lacks where you are missing, love is born where you are .

“ fin ch ’ h an dal vino” from mozart’s Don Giovanni Fin ch’han dal vino calda la testa, Una gran festa fa’prepsrar Se troviin piazza qualche ragazza Teco ansor quell la cerca menar, Cerca menar Cerca menar Senza alcum ordine la danza sia, Chi’l minutto, chi la fol lia, Chi l’alemanna farai ballar. Till they have got some wine and are hotheaded, let’s prepare a great party .



if in the piazza you find some girl, Try to make her come here with you . here with you here with you let the dance be wild, a minuet, a carnival frolic and an allemande you shall lead .

“e fra Q ueST anSie” from Pagliacci (Clowns) by ruggero leoncavallo e allor perché, di’, tu m’hai stregato Se vuoi lasciarmi senza pietà? Quel bacio tuo perché me l’hai dato Fra spasmi ardenti di voluttà? Se tu scordasti l’ore fugaci Io non lo posso, e voglio ancor Que’ spasmi ardenti, que’ caldi baci Che tanta febbre m’han messo in cor! why, if you must leave me without pity, why then, sorceress, have you ensnared me? why then, that kiss of yours in the abandon of your close embrace? if you forget those fleeting hours, i cannot do so: i desire still That warm abandon and that flaming kiss That kindled such a fire in my blood!

“e So nio ? o r ealTa ?” from verdi’s Falstaff L’ora e fissata Tramato l’inganno; Sei gabbato e truffato! e poi diranno. Che un marita geloso e un insensato! The hour is set, the betrayal planned . and you’re made a fool, a gullible fool! and yet they say a jealous husband’s a madman!




dir ecTo r ’S n oTeS : Christy Montour-Larson none are so old as those who have outlived enthusiasm. - henry david Thoreau Joan didion, whose memoir about her husband’s death, The Year of Magical Thinking, was asked by an interviewer, “do you want to marry again?” and didion, in her 70s, said “oh, no, not marry, but i would love to fall in love again!” who doesn’t wish to be in love? when people are “in love” they may feel as if they have uncovered the meaning of life . one feels complete and life feels whole . Studies have shown successful romantic relationships are beneficial for psychological wellbeing and physical health . however, our idea of love and “falling in love” changes as we get older . younger adults rank the importance of attraction and compatibility as the highest factor . older adults see honesty and companionship as being the fundamental driver of all other elements of successful romantic relationships . and since older people are living longer and are in better health, they are dating and remaining sexually active much later into life . “gray dating” is the fastest-growing segment in online dating, with one site reporting more than 1,000 new memberships per day and annual growth in revenue of more than 100% . as in many of his works, playwright Joe diPietro explores these themes through the lens of his new Jersey origins . The Last Romance is set in hoboken, new Jersey -- a small city directly across the hudson river from the towers of new york’s financial district . hoboken is distinguished in large part by not being manhattan . instead, it sits across a river from the wealth, sophistication, and hectic pace of gotham . This more humble province of the new york area evokes a sharply different image: the simple beauty of holding hands on a park bench . i feel the hopes and struggles of ralph, carol and rose in The Last Romance are ultimately ageless . diPietro’s play reminds us that at every age, we should take every chance for romance and seize life with a passion . love and joy are within our grasp . forget the pain of the past . don’t let regret hold you back . Sing . listen . laugh . walk . cook . Pet a dog . enjoy life . be like opera - big, bold, loud! You can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get old. - george burns

One Act No Intermission

Rated PG


Christy Montour-Larson+

Scenic Design

Amanda Embry

Costume Design

Anthony James Sirk

Lighting Design

Jacob Welch

Sound Design

Jake Harbour

Music Direction

Joe Montelione

Stage Manager

Jonathan D. Allsup*

Asst. to the SM

Jean Egdorf

CAST Carol Reynolds

Christy Brandt*

Ralph Bellini

John S. Green*

Rose Tagliatelle Young Man

Anne F. Butler Sean Thompson*

The premiere production of The Last Romance was presented by Dennis D. Hennessy and Richard Carrothers at The New Theatre, Overland Park, KS. The Last Romance is presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc., New York.

*** *Member of Actors’ Equity Association,

the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.





*** “She’s born before the civil war . She’s born in the victorian era . and she lives into the modern area, 1926 . So much changes during her life . She is a victorian woman . and yet she seems like a modern woman . She’s kind of both . . .all kinds of things are happening in america . The industrial age has come . we’re getting all kinds of new machines . we’re getting telephones and we’re getting sewing machines and we’re getting movies, and women are parading for their political rights . . . gender expectations are changing . you know, in the victorian era . . .women are supposed to be true women . They’re supposed to be pious and pure and domestic . They stay home . The husband goes out into the world .” Shirl Kasper, Biographer


“before annie oakley was hired for the wild west show, there were no acts that incorporated women . There were no narrative elements that featured women . . . annie oakley paved the way . The presence of a strong woman - that is, a western woman, a self-reliant woman - allowed the show to begin to experiment with narrative elements such as the attack on the settlers’ cabin, to make use of one of the strongest american narrative myths, the myth of captivity, and to allow women to begin to show themselves as strong, self-reliant, western, to begin to show themselves as capable of competing with and working with men .” Paul Fees, Historian & Senior Curator of the Buffalo Bill Museum from 1981 – 2001

annie oakley and her medals c . 1899


Peggy Longwood Lamb Phipps La Garita Ranch


One 15 Minute Intermission

Rated G

- PBS’ “American experience”


*** The wild west show also encouraged a certain view of events in that part of the country, one that was both romantic and militaristic . The show’s depictions of indians reinforced an inaccurate notion held by white americans . in cody’s wild west, the indians were always the aggressors - attacking wagon trains, settlers’ cabins, and custer’s forces . The reality was quite different - attacks on settlers’ wagons had been quite rare, and it was the whites who kept breaking treaties with the indians, not the other way around . cody himself maintained largely good relations with the indians in his show, including legendary Sioux warrior Sitting bull . but promoting the idea of indians as aggressive warriors had dangerous consequences in a country where the nebraska city Press had already suggested that whites should “exterminate the whole fraternity of redskins .”

PRODUCTION CREW Director Music Director Choreographer Asst. Choreographer Scenic Design Costume Design Lighting Design Sound Design Stage Manager Assistant Stage Manager Asst. to the SM Asst. to the SM Dance Captain


Annie Oakley Frank Butler Dolly Tate, Ballerina & others Buffalo Bill Cody & others Charlie Davenport & others Tommy Keeler & others Winnie Tate & others Pawnee Bill & others A Heap o’ Characters

Michael Perlman+ Joe Montelione Ryan Hazelbaker Bethany Talley Amanda Embry Anthony James Sirk Jacob Welch Jake Harbour Leigh’Ann Andrews* Jonathan D. Allsup* Maegan Burnell Devon Muko Kate Berry*

Emily Van Fleet* Sean Thompson* Kate Berry* John DiAntonio* Graham Ward Arusi Santesteban Ann Pittman Brian Kusic Amy Malcom Zlatomir Moldovanski Bethany Talley Caitlin Wise*


Wren Green as Nellie Oakley & others Alius Hess & Jennyfer Kemper as Little Jessie

WIlD WEST SHOW BAND Band Leader & Keys Trumpet Trombone Bass Drums

Joe Montelione Sean Bocinsky Arturo Salinas Sarah Ransom Jake Rollins

wild west show poster c . 1899

Annie Get Your Gun is presented through special arrangement with r & h Theatricals: www .rnh .com *Member of Actors’ Equity Association,

the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.

Chuck and Kay Harbert 15


One 15 Minute Intermission

dir ecTo r ’S n oTeS : nagle Jackson

*** world Premiere Produced by Shakespeare Theatre company, washington, dc, michael Kahn, artistic director; chris Jennings, managing director; april 12, 2010 The Liar is presented by special arrangement with dramatists Play Service, inc ., new york .

Rated PG


by the time Pierre corneille settled down to write “The liar”, his reputation was secure as the creator of neo-classical french tragic form and his masterpiece, “le cid” had entered the pantheon of dramatic literature . but, as he wrote in a preface, “ . .since i owe my early reputation to the comic genre, it would smack of ingratitude to abandon it entirely” . and so, in creating this farce he elected to go, as he put it, “from the heroic to the naïve” . corneille’s comedies are rarely performed nowadays, his rival, molière, having stolen his thunder, and also because they depend greatly on local references and idioms of the time – much the way ben Jonson’s do in comparison with Shakespeare . david ives does us a great favor in not just translating but adapting this play, exchanging the colloquialisms of corneille’s day for the colloquialisms of our own . So, what’s so funny about a psychopathic liar? well, nothing, but this play isn’t about that . i’m pleased that corneille used the word “naïve” to describe “The liar” . dorante, the young “hero” of the piece is just that: a young guy from the provinces getting his first taste of Paris, and it blows his mind . life was never this exciting in his hometown of Poitiers . (it’s a testament to the popularity of this play in corneille’s time that the expression, “un conte de Poitiers” – a Poitiers story – became a fashionable euphemism for a tall tale .) So, also, the elegant young ladies are toying with life and love . it’s all a divertissement, nothing they, nor an audience, should take seriously . david ives has taken this all a few steps farther, adding twins and surprise revelations in the final scene, none of which are in the original, but all of which go back to the ancient traditions of comedy . he has retained, moreover, the elegance of corneille’s speech using our english stage tradition of iambic pentameter – five feet to a verse line – as opposed to the french iambic hexameter, or six feet . (wouldn’t you know those verbose french would need another foot?) it all adds up to a joyous, youthful music, hopefully accentuated by your laughter .

PRODUCTION CREW Director Scenic Design Costume Design Lighting Design Sound Design Fight Director Stage Manager Asst. to the SM

Nagle Jackson+ Jon Young++ Tatyana De Pavloff Jacob Welch Jake Harbour John DiAntonio Jonathan D. Allsup* Jean Egdorf

CAST Dorante Geronte Cliton Clarice Lucrece Alcippe Philiste Isabelle Sabine

John DiAntonio* John Arp* Graham Ward Emily Van Fleet* Amy Malcom Zlatomir Moldovanski Arusi Santesteban Caitlin Wise* Caitlin Wise*

Understudy Dorante Understudy Geronte Understudy Females

Sean Thompson* Brian Kusic Ann Pittman

++ *Member of Actors’ Equity Association,

the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.



much like the one rented by mildred and roy, familyowned shops, restaurants, and bars with apartments connected behind or above the storefronts were common along the streets of greenwich village . home loss was not an uncommon problem during the financial crisis in new york in the 1960s and 70s . Throughout greenwich village, tenants who couldn’t pay the rent were evicted, and landlords chose to abandon their unprofitable buildings to the government, rather than pay property taxes and the costs to maintain them .



it’s no wonder mildred would be thrilled at the chance to escape to the glamorous beverly hills hotel! in addition to appearing as a location on the big screen itself, the hotel (which celebrated its 100th birthday in 2012) has been host to such stars as John wayne, elizabeth Taylor, dean martin, marilyn monroe, and charlie chaplin .

(left) a picture taken by renowned new york photographer robert otter in the 1970s captures the famous bleecker St . cinema frequented by mildred . The cinema operated from 1962 to 1990 .

One 15 Minute Intermission


Rated PG-13

PRODUCTION CREW (above, right) a movie opening at grauman’s chinese Theatre in the late 1920s was as flashy as modern film openings at the theater today . The pictured opening starred leading-man douglas fairbanks, and may have even been for the 1929 film adaptation of Taming of the Shrew, in which he played Petruchio--a role you might remember from last year as played by returning crT company member, John diantonio!


dir ecTo r ’S n oTeS : Jessica Jackson “The stars…the people they play in the movies . They tell me how to work things out . whenever roy and i were in trouble, if i thought long enough…they told me what to do . They gave me their…spirit .” Mildred Wild like most dreamers, mildred is irresponsible, ridiculous, and infuriating to those around her . but she’s also delightful, loveable, and utterly relatable . who doesn’t believe they were destined for greater things? we all have Technicolor daydreams . humans have the unique ability to gaze inwardly at their perfectly adequate lives and think: really? This is it? where’s the romance? The excitement? The handsome stranger and the delicious torment? we all resemble madame bovary from time to time . in James Thurber’s short story, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, the incompetent, ineffectual protagonist transforms himself into a steel-jawed military hero and an ice-water-for-blood surgeon . his fantasies are constantly interrupted by intruders from his dull, undignified life: exasperated wife, mocking strangers, condescending traffic cop . in his final daydream, mitty bravely stares down a firing squad . don’t be fooled by the cutesy movies inspired by this short story . at its core, walter mitty is not a story of hope . it’s rather brutal . but mitty’s counterpart – mildred wild – is a creature of hope . her fantasies are not only about escaping life’s disappointments . They give her strength . The movie stars she conjures in her celluloid imagination lend her their spirits . They are far more effective than any anti-depressant or group therapy . unlike mitty, mildred gains more than a temporary respite from the disappointments of real life . She gains the strength to pick up and move on . life may have conquered walter mitty, but it’s got nothing on mildred wild .

Director Scenic Design Costume Design Lighting Design Sound Design Music Direction Dance Captain Stage Manager Asst. to the SM


Mildred Wild Roy Wild Bertha Gale Helen Wild Carroll Chatham Sister Cecilia Miss Manley Rex Bulby Construction Guy

Jessica Jackson Jon Young++ Anthony James Sirk Jacob Welch Jake Harbour Joe Montelione Bethany Talley Leigh’Ann Andrews* Devon Muko

Rachel Fowler* John S. Green* Anne F. Butler Christy Brandt* Zlatomir Moldovanski Bethany Talley Kate Berry* Sean Thompson* Brian Kusic

Understudy Mildred Understudy Helen/Bertha

Amy Malcom Ann Pittman

The Secret Affairs of Mildred Wild is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, INC. The video and/or audio recording of this performance by any means whatsoever are strictly prohibited.

*Member of Actors’ Equity Association,

the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.

CRT Trustee Heritage Circle


Broken Arrow Ranch and Land Co., LLC




an interview with the author On the process of writing Hope and Gravity:

i wondered several years ago whether i might “recycle” some of my ten-minute plays by linking them with new pieces utilizing the same characters in order to produce a fulllength work . my initial impulse was a little lazy, though my artistic goals were high . when i started to assemble earlier scenes and new ones into a full-length play, i discovered that audiences appreciated a good individual scene but were most engaged by narrative connections i’d begun to make between scenes and characters . The play has now been presented in over a dozen different readings around the country . for each, i’ve thrown out old scenes and inserted new, played with the order of scenes and events, created and killed off characters, until, in the end, only one scene that predated the full-length play remains .

On the variety in his plays:

classically-trained musicians (i studied viola at oberlin conservatory) study form intensely . you gain an appreciation of each genre, and come to understand that they all offer different challenges and opportunities . i think most composers tackle a new genre with excitement and reverence, knowing that great masters have trod here before them, and hoping to both fulfill the form and also advance it somehow . i feel the same way about playwriting, seeking to try my hand at

many different forms, structures, scales, styles, and tones — as much to learn about the craft itself as to discover what might be possible .

On playwriting:

Theatre dares to promise that we’ll be more interested after sitting in our seats for two hours than we were when we first sat down . So we’re all aspiring to engage an audience of fellow human beings, to thrill them, educate them, move them, then release them and send them home, hopefully with a little piece of ourselves inside .

On miracles:

my interest in the miraculous is really an interest in mystery, and in the notion of “spirit” in its broadest sense . The more i learn about physics, biology, chemistry, cosmology, etc ., the more mysterious i find life to be — consciousness, creation, energy, the unseen connections between us all . The characters in the play long for miracles in a universe that too often feels random and chaotic, even deadly, and they sometimes seek a divine cause for an effect that is merely inexplicable . but they also all too often overlook the more common miracle that is right in front of them — the brief, human-to-human encounters that change the participants, in big ways or small, forever .


Sunny Valley Farms


One 15 Minute Intermission


Rated R

PRODUCTION CREW Director Scenic Design Costume Design Lighting Design

Sarna Lapine+ John McDermott Tamara M. Carruthers Jacob Welch and Mandy Heath Sound Design Jake Harbour Additional Original Music Tina Watson & Jake Harbour Stage Manager Leigh’Ann Andrews* Asst. to the SM Maegan Burnell


Marty, Douglas Peter, Hal Tanya, Nan Steve Jill, Barb

Hope and Gravity is produced by special arrangement with the Playwright and harden-curtis associates, 214 w 29th St, Suite 1203, new york, ny 10001 . Hope and Gravity was originally produced by city Theatre company (Tracy brigden, artistic director; mark r . Power, managing director) in Pittsburgh, Pa, may 3-25, 2014 .

John Arp* John DiAntonio* Kate Berry* Graham Ward Caitlin Wise*

Understudy Tanya, Nan Amy Malcom Understudy Jill, Barb Bethany Talley Understudy Steve Arusi Santesteban Understudy Marty, Douglas Brian Kusic Understudy Peter, Hal Sean Thompson*

originally workshopped and developed in the 2013 Pacific Playwrights festival at South coast repertory . developed at geva Theatre center, rochester, new york, october, 2011 . “Self help” (formerly “Truth decay”) was originally produced by Theatre exile as part of the Philly originals festival, Joe canuso, Producing artistic director, february 2007 .

*Member of Actors’ Equity Association,

the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.

Jenna Ford 21

A Totally Made-Up Musical for Kids! Ever wondered what would happen if you could control a play? Come find out in this hour-long improvised musical created from the ideas of kids in the audience. It’s YOUR adventure. We just live in it.

Every show is different! Production Crew

TThe guy who makes up the songs: Joe montelione The guy who made up the set: ryan Prince The gal who made up the costumes: Tamara m . carruthers The lady who made up the lights that shine on everybody: mandy heath Stage manager (the lady who makes-up the show from a top-secret booth in the back): devon muko


The people who make up the story (and act it out): Kate berry John diantonio Jessica Jackson brian Kusic graham ward caitlin wise

Created by John diantonio, Jessica Jackson, renee Prince, caitlin wise & brian Kusic




CAST Kate berry Jessica Jackson amy malcom bethany Talley caitlin wise

John diantonio brian Kusic arusi Santesteban graham ward and more!

PRODUCTION CREW Tech imProviSer Jean egdorf muSical imProviSer Joe montelione Scenic deSign elizabeth “biz” grim lighTing deSign mandy heath



on theatre education

Youth and Theatre

be dramatic

i’m sure someone very wise once said that life is a series of rebirths . we all know this from experience, don’t we? life is the practice of jumping again and again from the nest . and for those individuals facing their very first jump – the young people in our community - we must understand that they are in the process of a complete transformation; it is that serious and that extraordinary . it is maddening and un-grounding and exhilarating and scary . we at crT believe that theatre is one of the most effective methods we have for helping young people through this process . here’s why: when we are deep in the process of transformation (just having emerged from our chrysalis, say, and not yet accustomed to our newness) we are vulnerable, imperfect, awkward, emotional, and full of mistake-making . we are “weak” in the eyes of the world . however, vulnerability, imperfection, emotional access, and mistake-making are eSSenTial for theatre-making – not just tolerable, but absolutely essential; they are the stuff of great art . The rehearsal room, then, can become a refuge for young ones; a safe space where they can experiment with their newness, free of shame and judgment . because, in theatre we understand that awkwardness is where honesty lives, that it’s important to practice instant forgiveness after mistakes are made, that we must not only fail but fail with gusto, that it is absolutely useless to blame our scene partners for anything, that no one is more or less important than anyone else in the room, that perfection is the enemy of art (and happiness), and that we are our best selves when we are playing! Then, after spending time in the safety of the rehearsal room, when they are ready these young people can step out on stage and practice the very courageous act of sharing their new voices and ideas with the world . and we, as a community, can say “welcome” and applaud them . - renee Prince

Adults and Theatre—Behind the Curtain Series

The tradition of connection between the audience and company members at creede rep is a long one . The greeting line, an anomaly in the professional theatre world, is many patrons’ favorite part of the evening! building on this history, creede rep has created the 2014 behind the curtain Series, a set of programs focused on bringing our patrons and our company closer together . we invite you to engage: take a backstage tour with our managing director, ask us questions during a chat back, or have a creede rep company member join you and your friends for dinner before a show . if you make your way up to the 2nd floor of our mainstage lobby, you’ll have the chance to learn more about some of our amazing company members . we employ people from diverse backgrounds in a variety of positions, but they all have one thing in common: they are drawn to creede rep because they find community here (as well as astonishing natural beauty) . our company is eager to share their hearts and learn from others . Just like other creede-lovers, these theatre creators are searching for authentic experiences in the most unexpected of places . we hope you’ll take this chance to connect with us! - elizabeth Zurn For a list of our Behind the Curtain programs see page 9.



headwaters: New Plays of the West

Creede Repertory Theatre

The Headwaters New Play Program is the embodiment of CRT’s longstanding commitment to new works.

the 3rd ever

> headwaters new Play festival See our 50th anniversary commission in development before it hits crT’s mainstage in 2015! auguST 29 / 11am – 4Pm / The ruTh / $25

every new play has a journey . you can be a part of it . attend readings of 2 new plays, as they aim for the crT stage . > crT’s 50th anniversary commission: Ghost Light by nagle Jackson > headwaters festival commission: I Love St. Lucy by John diantonio > catered lunch by John arp


crT’s belief in the power of theatre for young audiences is an enormous part of headwaters . actually, most of the world premieres at crT are for kids . The young audience outreach Tour has a long history of new works for young audiences . Since 2007, all tour shows have been commissioned new works . each year, around 20,000 kids in rural and underserved areas see a play that was created just for them . This year John diantonio (author of last year’s Viva Agua!) is writing Math-stronaut: Una Aventura Cósmica, with music by Joe montelione . The KID Show, an innovative play-making program for local kids, has adapted or commissioned 11 new plays . This year, caitlin wise & John diantonio have created an original play based on Puck’s journey in A Midsummer night’s Dream – all on low-flying trapeze! 29



50 thin



O a e cr



e, liv e t h







atre. al e h w t

looking forward to...

our 50th anniversary

next summer, crT will have been your theatre for 50 years . we plan to be your theatre for at least another 50 .

Your TheaTre. alwaYs. This unlikely theatre in the unlikeliest of places is proof that art and community can unite to do astonishing things . Join us forAnnIvERsARY a celebration of an unforgettable 50 years and the many remarkable years to come . CRT’s 50Th


1966 2015

> 50 Th anniversary celeBraTion

next summer, CRT will have been your theatre for 50 years. We plan to be your theatre for at least another august 4 - 9, 2015 50. This unlikely theatre in the unlikeliest of places is proof that art and community can unite to do astonishing > 50th Jubilee gala things. Join us> opportunities for a celebration of an unforgettable 50 years and the many remarkable years to come. for our audience to engage with alums and company members in exciting ways > alumni events and gatherings > crT StorySlam: a night of live storytelling by locals and early company members > Surprising theatrical events throughout the town > all the theatre you can see in one week 50th Jubilee gala > honoring the university of Kansas Theatre department > and morefor in theour works! Opportunities friends and audience members

50Th AnnIvERsARY CElEbRATIOn / Aug 4 - 9, 2015


to engage with alums and company members in exciting ways special alumni events and gatherings CRT storyslam: a night of live storytelling by locals and early company members surprising theatrical events throughout the town the theatre >AllGhosT liGhT you can see in one week > crT’s 50Th anniversary by nagle Jackson ... and more commission in the works! Book of sTories our specialmuch 50th anniversary

a look at the power of art to transform and rejuvenate all the lore and excitement and wild anecdotes from half a history . This new play celebrates the founding of crT by century of theatre in the mountains . on sale in 2015 . have reimagining that fateful first summer . Professor Stewart and a story to share? contact jess@creederep .com for more his tiny company must produce a season with untried actors, information . a novice playwright, and supernatural intrusions from three famous creede ghosts who are intent upon setting the story straight . In order to make our 50th celebration fabulous, we must connect with as many CRT alumni as possible.

CrT almuni FaCebook Group first peek: august 29 / headwaters festival

Our (CRT :company members, board members and KID show participants) help reconnect us to our roots onalumni the mainstage 2015 and the many artists and supporters who have contributed to our legacy. What’s the quickest way to find an 31 enormous group of people scattered to the winds over nearly half a century? social media of course! We created an open Facebook community called the “Creede Repertory Theatre Alumni” group and put out the


This remarkable program brings theatre to thousands of kids in rural and underserved communities throughout the southwest. Each play and accompanying book is an original CRT creation commissioned just for them.



t o ur 4 1 0 2

looking forward to...

young audience outreach tour

H T A M ! T U A N O R T S A Cosmic


ósmica C a r u t n Una Ave dventure/

ontelione sic by Joe m u m / o ni to telione n dian d Joe mon n Play by Joh a o ni to n hn dia lyrics by Jo

Touring to elementary schools throughout Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Oklahoma September – November 2014. This high-energy, bilingual (Spanish/english) musical celebrates learning (and outer space!) Join our colorful characters on an intergalactic adventure as they solve extraordinary, planet-spinning problems using their knowledge of maTh! To book maTh-stronaut! at a school near you, contact renee: renee@creederep .com / 719-658-2540x227 more information on our website and in our Tour brochure, located in the lobby!

last year’s show ¡Viva Agua! toured to

23,113 children! 33

2014 marks our 5th year of partnership with Denver’s acclaimed Arvada Center.

looking forward to...

CRT does denver!

r . atchison Photographer

Showing Creede Rep’s

THe LAST RoMAnCe by Joe diPietro directed by christy montour-larson

At the Arvada Center:

September 30 – october 26 Tickets: 720/898-7200 / arvadacenter .org

Since its opening in July 1976, the arvada center for the arts and humanities has grown to become one of the largest multidisciplinary cultural institutions in the western uS . The center offers year-round theater, concerts and dance; three art galleries; a history museum; and classes in ceramics, dance, music, acting and visual arts . The arvada center is nationally known for its award winning and critically acclaimed theatrical productions . The center features two performance venues, the 500-seat main Stage and 220-seat black box and offers four musicals and three plays annually . one of the most nominated and awarded theaters along the front range, the arvada center was recently honored by the colorado Theatre guild with the coveted henry award for outstanding Season for a Theater company .

Christy stars in The Last Romance, which heads to Arvada this fall.

long live

the Queen

crT congratulates christy brandt on 40 beautiful seasons . only a handful of actors and companies have a relationship this longstanding . it is testament to her power as an actor and loving commitment to this community . 35

meet the family... Our 2014 Board of Trustees rick Sloan

President fairway, KS and creede, co

ron yates

Senior vice President houston, TX and lake city, co

mary Sculley

vice President – board development dallas, TX and South fork, co

mort weir

vice President – development champaign, il and lake city, co

bill Smith

Secretary creede, co and boerne, TX

arlene Payne

houston, TX and Pagosa Springs, co

elise backinger

dick Powell

Salida, co

Tucson, aZ and lake city, co

Jim brown

Steve reed

denver, co and South fork, co

Santa fe, nm and creede, co

Terre Jones

michelle richardson

Santa fe, nm

creede, co

michael Quint

vice President – facilities iowa city, ia & one of these days, creede, co

Jerry devault vice President – finance St . charles, il and creede, co

gary Kring littleton, co

lindsey leavell

creede, co and denver, co

barbara Taylor

Silver city, nm and creede, co

bob Slater

President emeritus arlington, TX and creede, co

vision 2020 creede repertory Theatre’s board of Trustees and staff began planning for a new strategy for crT in february 2013 . many things motivated us to formally state our vision, mission and strategy, but the strongest feeling was that while we have built a strong reputation and identity over the past 49 years, we recognized that crT must continue to evolve and challenge itself to be relevant and successful in the next 50 years . as we worked through our strategic planning process over the past year, we analyzed our stakeholders interests (those of our patrons, donors, sponsors, staff, company, board, local businesses, and alumni); we assessed our internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as our external opportunities and threats; and, we explored what really motivates us each day . This resulted in us redefining our mission statement . 36

with our mission clarified, we turned our thoughts to what crT’s strategy should be to ready us for the year 2020 and beyond . The graphic on the next page was developed to explain the seven elements of our crT 2020 Strategy – all revolving around our mission . in addition to multi-year strategic action plans for each of these seven elements, our yearly operational plans will now be reviewed for alignment with our strategy in order to guide crT to continued longterm success .

cat augur, executive director Jerry devault, Strategic Planning Task force chairman rick Sloan, board chairman

Creede Repertory Theatre

Our Vision: CRT will spark authentic human connections.

The Seven Elements of our CRT 2020 Strategy

CRT Main Stage





h re

.. a nd


s t he S o u t h w e s t .

r o w n T he a t r e • 7 5 +E ys B

Our Mission:

e ag


os Ac r

As a cultural home for artists, residents, and visitors of the West, Creede Repertory Theatre will create a diverse repertory season of plays, new works, and dynamic education programs.




lem en



oo l


es • Denver Arv a


Ce n



Bring CRT productions to new stages.


W d!

e: her


Educate & develop current and future artists and audiences.


Lead the economic growth of Creede, the Silver Thread Scenic Byway region, and the San Luis Valley.

Produce plays and programs of exceptional quality.

Inspire our company in a safe & enriching environment & connect with alumni.

Provide a remarkable experience for patrons of all ages. Preserve and strengthen our strong organization: Staff Highly Competent and Dedicated

Company Members Skilled and Invested

Board of Trustees Engaged and Supportive

Donors and Sponsors Interested and Loyal 37

our generous sponsors all good ThingS gallery & gifT bouTiQue all good Things is a gallery and gift boutique that features original artwork by local artists, a clothing line by colorado resident autumn Teneyl, and a wide variety of fun, eclectic gift items . located in downtown monte vista, the gallery is nestled in the heart of colorado’s beautiful San luis valley . we are housed in a historic home originally built in the late 1800’s . To find us, look for The mansion bed & breakfast as you drive through monte vista on hwy 160 . we are just one block south!

anTlerS rio grande lodge and reSTauranT bordering national forest on a secluded bend of the rio grande, antlers is known for its premier trout fishing waters and offers cabins, rooms, and rv spaces to the public . at day’s end, come enjoy fine dining in a leisurely atmosphere at the riverside restaurant .

broKen arrow ranch & land co ., llc anne and dale Pizel, owners of broken arrow ranch & land co, llc are proud be a sponsor for crT’s 2014 production of The Secret affairs of mildred wild . anne and dale have owned and operated their real estate company in creede for nearly three decades . during the ups and downs of being self-employed, they continue to support crT as they value the light it brings to our community . Keep up the good work!

colorado creaTive induSTrieS crT is supported by a grant from the colorado creative industries, which was made possible through an annual appropriation from the colorado general assembly and federal funds from the national endowment for the arts .

creede america grouP creede america is a unique neighborhood that sits up on the mesa on the west side of the city of creede . great architecture, cutting-edge green technologies, and stunning views make creede america the place to be in creede . feel free to stop by our main Street office for more information or to take a tour .

creede communiTy fund “community helping community .” The creede community fund (ccf) is a sponsored project of San luis valley development resources group, a colorado non-profit corporation and a federally recognized 501(c)3 organization . The ccf is set up in response to the 2013 wildfires that significantly impacted the creede economy . donations will provide emergency relief in the short- and mediumterm for losses incurred by creede businesses . longer-term, ccf will provide funding for general economic development for creede .

crT TruSTee heriTage circle a group of crT board of Trustee members, past and present, who have come together to support an ongoing play sponsorship fund to ensure the longevity of the creede repertory Theatre, so it may dazzle and delight from the stage for years to come .

firST SouThweST banK first Southwest bank offers excellent customer service from an experienced staff . we respect your confidentiality and are creative in meeting your banking needs . first Southwest has been a strong supporter for many years and believes in promoting the arts and culture in the San luis valley .

chucK & Kay harberT chuck and Kay came to mineral county in 1999 . Through the years they have actively supported the theatre, with Kay serving as a board member from 2002 – 2008 . long-time play sponsors and fundraisers, they believe that crT is integral to the creede experience .

colorado TouriSm office The colorado Tourism office (cTo) was created in 2000 to promote colorado as a tourism destination . a board of directors oversees the cTo and is compromised of fifteen individuals from hotel, restaurant, attraction and other tourism-related businesses as well as colorado legislators . hyPerlinK “http://colorado .com/”colorado .com is the official tourism website for the State of colorado .

del norTe federal banK del norte bank is pleased to be a partner of the creede repertory Theater . as a mutual bank, del norte bank’s philosophy is to be True to the community with an honest approach as a local financial institution providing necessary banK products to individuals and businesses to facilitate community success . That’s why we’re the True, local, bank . enjoy the show!

The hiTchcocK foundaTion The eleanor and henry hitchcock charitable foundation is proud to support The Kid Show for the 2014 season . now in its 12th year, The Kid Show is created and performed by local youth in collaboration with crT professionals .

The hoglund foundaTion The hoglund foundation has been a significant partner to crT for well over twenty years . Personally and through the foundation, the hoglunds recognize the value of art in their community and are pleased to sponsor crT’s 2014 production of The liar .

Jim and irene brown irene and Jim brown came to the creede area in 2001 from champaign, illinois where they had always enjoyed repertory theater at the little Theater on the Square . The continuously amazing actors, staff and playwrights of the creede repertory Theatre and “The ruth” have elevated their love for this art form and appreciation for the power of “rep” to entertain, tickle the funny bone, and help us understand the traditions and history of the San Juan mountains . The browns have actively supported crT over the years with Jim currently serving on the board of Trustees .

John david lenTZ memorial fund See page 53 .

KiP’S grill baja-style Tacos, fresh-squeezed margaritas, hand-crafted salsas and wild-game burgers are all on the menu at Kip’s grill . we are locally owned and can be found on the corner of 5th and main St . in creede . our second-story Sky lounge provides an unparalleled panoramic view of town and we have live music and room to dance on our downstairs patio . Kip’s grill has been focusing on “Pleasin’ The People” for 18 years . we are thrilled to be sponsoring crT’s “The last romance” this summer . for daily specials go to http:www .facebook .com/kipsgrill

Krueger chariTable foundaTion The Krueger charitable foundation’s commitment has been instrumental in supporting the literacy component of crT’s young audience outreach Tour . Their gifts make it possible for crT to give a children’s book to each of our SPONSORS {CONT’D}



SPONSORS {CONT’D} young audience members after tour performances . we hand out close to 25,000 books each year because of the Krueger foundation’s generous support .

minerS & merchanTS banK miners & merchants bank is proud to be your hometown community bank . we invite you to experience an old-fashioned approach to banking . honoring history and dedicated to the preservation of our local communities, we are not your typical, everyday bank . we promise to deliver uncompromising service that only a small bank can deliver and look forward to building a long and lasting relationship with you and your family . additional branches are located in lake city, bayfield and durango .

naTional endowmenT for The arTS The 2013 young audience outreach Tour is supported in part by an award from the national endowment for the arts, art works .

Peggy longwood lamb Peggy longwood lamb has been a part of the creede community since 1939 when her parents bought their cabin at Spar city . She has witnessed this historic venue’s transformation from a movie house to its present use as the home of the creede repertory Theatre . desiring to secure the financial stability of crT, ralph and Peggy lamb established the ralph & Peggy lamb endowment fund in 1994, paving the way for the creation of the crT endowment . The leadership and vision of ralph and Peggy will forever provide a rich cultural legacy for creede and its community of visitors .

PhiPPS la gariTa ranch Since 1908, through five generations, Phipps la garita ranch has been a rio grande treasure . located seven miles south of creede, colorado, and surrounded by national forest, we offer luxury cabins and lodge rooms on 1,880 acres with exceptional private flyfishing on 2-1/2 miles of the rio grande, 3-1/2 miles of bellows creek and four lakes . other activities include horseback riding, hiking, swimming, mountain biking, canoeing and wildlife viewing . la garita is a wonderful place for family reunions, weddings, seminars, retreats, business meetings and private get-aways . Please visit our website at www .plagr .com for more information or call us at (719) 658-2239 . This season, in recognition of the crT’s significant contribution to creede’s artistic and cultural life, the la garita Staff and the Phipps family are proud to sponsor Annie Get Your Gun..

rare ThingS gallery rare Things gallery of Treasures: an unforgettable Shopping adventure led by enthusiastic, knowledgeable staff through intriguing collections of designer jewelry, decorative arts, pottery, woodwork, paintings, photography, unique furniture, antiques, rocks, minerals and fossils . representing inge horsehair Jewelry . extraordinary Treasure hunting since 1974!

rio grande angler a locally owned fly shop, rga offers the highestquality fly-fishing equipment and apparel . we provide walk/wade and float trips on the rio grande and surrounding streams . we are proud of our excellent customer service and friendly atmosphere .

San luiS valley rural elecTric cooPeraTive San luis valley rural electric cooperative, serving you since 1937, has been an ardent supporter of crT for dozens of years . Slv-rec applauds the Theatre’s commitment to the arts and its patrons and is proud to sponsor Pants on Fire.

ShuberT foundaTion The Shubert foundation is a national foundation based in new york city, dedicated to supporting the performing arts in the united States, primarily theatre companies and secondarily, dance companies .

Sunny valley farmS, inc . Sunny valley farms, inc ., a third-generation San luis valley agricultural family farm, is honored for the opportunity to support our local professional theatre company in its 49th season of bringing amazing talent to this mountain setting so dear to our hearts .

San Juan SPorTS open since 1974, San Juan Sports provides for all your outdoor sporting needs . as proud distributors of the finest outdoor products, San Juan Sports offers outdoor sporting equipment, clothing and shoes . owners michael and amy mcneil, along with San Juan Sports staff, are proud to sponsor The Secret affairs of mildred wild . Please check out our new website and join our mailing list at www .sanjuansports .com .

TeXaS friendS of creede TheaTre These longtime supporters of crT include margaret acton, Tom and dorothy childers, Joan green Jeffrey, John and betty martin, glenn and betsy Pense, Kenneth and bernice ribe, erik and beverly Sandvik, bob and bonnie Siddons, bob and dixie Slater, don and ruth ulm .

TomKinS hardware and lumber Tomkins hardware and lumber, located at 127 n main and 105 wall Street, has been a staple business in creede since 1892 . in the past two years, while under new ownership, Tomkins has increased offerings in both the hardware store and the newly built lumberyard . Tomkins carries everything that contractors and homeowners need for projects large and small . a professional staff is always ready to advise and help you tackle any project .

virginia chriSTenSen TruST & The ciTy of creede as a means of celebrating the good times her husband emil spent in and around creede, virginia christensen bequeathed $3 million dollars to the city of creede . as beneficiaries of the charitable trust, the city helps support recreational activities in the town through biannual grants .

wall, SmiTh, baTeman inc . Serving colorado since 1974, this preeminent public accounting firm is guided by our mission to help our clients achieve financial success . we offer a full range of accounting services for individuals and businesses .

San luiS valley federal banK as a mutual bank, our employees understand their first responsibility is finding solutions to the financial needs of our members . This commitment has been the key to our success . we’re delighted to share our success with crT because we appreciate the cultural and economic enrichment it brings to creede and the San luis valley .

thank you! 41

f inish our story! Play Mad Libs with CRT! Fill in the blanks first, and then go back and read the story.

once upon a time, there was a _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _(adjective) person named _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _(person’s name) who spent his/her whole life looking for a place he/she could call home . he/she went to _ _ _ _ _ _ _(place) and only found _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _(plural noun) . he/she flew to _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _(different place) and thought it was too _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _(negative adjective) . finally, he/she found creede . creede was beautiful, it was rejuvenating, it was just what _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _(name used earlier) had been looking for . The best part? creede had a/an _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _(very positive adjective) theatre . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _(name used earlier) loved being transported to different worlds as he/she watched the plays . once they had a/an _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _(animal) on stage! The play where the _ _ _ _ _ _ (profession) pretended to be a _ _ _ _ _(noun) had him/her rolling in the aisles laughing . The final scene in _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _(name of a play) always moved him/her to tears . he/she was so grateful to have discovered creede repertory Theatre . it was a _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _(precious stone) in the rough . last year, _ _ _ _ _ _ _(name used earlier) found out that crT needed him! a _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _(natural disaster) was so close to creede that people canceled their trips . The town emptied out, but the theatre kept going, sometimes playing to houses of just _ _ _ _(very small number) people . creed rep needed help to make it through these _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _(negative adjective) times . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _(name used earlier) knew what he/she needed to do . he/she donated to crT . because of this generous gift, crT was able to keep its doors open and reach over _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _(really big number) people . “Thank you!! you’re our hero!,” the whole company exclaimed . and they all lived _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

(positive adverb)

ever after .

Just like _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _, you can make a difference to crT! (name used in story)

Donate Today Contact Maggie Schlundt: 719-658-2540 x231 or maggie@creederep.com You can also donate online at www.creederep.com


Creede Repertory Theatre is...

patrons served annually


an economic engine that has revitalized creede and the san luis valley NatioNally acclaimed educatioN programs reach

20,000 children i n 4 states

one-third of all productions are original plays Year by a Company • Year by an Actor Actress - Drama • Supporting Actress - Comic Role Comedy • Theater Person of the Year

B.e..st creede venues


{ Denver Post } •

shows in Denver each fall

an unlikely existence.................


8,852 ft pop. 400

With your support, crT can continue to inspire, proving that the unlikely is often

- the most worthwhile 43

join our CRT family donors

CRT’s family stretches far and wide and showers love on CRT. Without our family of supporters helping us grow, we wouldn’t be here, reaching nearly 50,000 patrons and school children each year. To say thank you, CRT offers its donors benefits at every level of support.

> UnderstUdy

> direCtor

Friends of CRT Membership

Friends of CRT Membership Recognition in Season Program Two complimentary drink tickets to CRT concessions One Season Art Poster Complimentary admission to backstage tours Two Season Flex Passes (8 tickets) Invitation to sit in on a private rehearsal Private dinner with Artistic Director/ Playwright/Director/Actor


> sUpporting role $100-499

Friends of CRT Membership Recognition in Season Program Two complimentary drink tickets to CRT concessions

> leading role $500-999

Friends of CRT Membership Recognition in Season Program Two complimentary drink tickets to CRT concessions One Season Art Poster

> stage Manager $1,000-$2,499

Friends of CRT Membership Recognition in Season Program Two complimentary drink tickets to CRT concessions One Season Art Poster One Season Flex Passes (4 tickets)

> Choreographer $2,500-$4,999

Friends of CRT Membership Recognition in Season Program Two complimentary drink tickets to CRT concessions One Season Art Poster Complimentary admission to backstage tours Two Season Flex Passes (8 tickets)

> designer


Friends of CRT Membership Recognition in Season Program Two complimentary drink tickets to CRT concessions One Season Art Poster Complimentary admission to backstage tours Two Season Flex Passes (8 tickets) Invitation to sit in on a private rehearsal


> prodUCer


Friends of CRT Membership Recognition in Season Program Two complimentary drink tickets to CRT concessions One Season Art Poster Complimentary admission to backstage tours Two Season Flex Passes (8 tickets) Invitation to sit in on a private rehearsal Private dinner with Artistic Director/ Playwright/Director/Actor Invitation for two to all receptions and preview performances

Can I get a postcard? You may have walked into the theatre and noticed postcards taped to seats, and wondered, “What’s with these postcards?” or “Why didn’t I get a postcard?” The postcards are heartfelt notes of gratitude that we give to our donors to let them know how much they mean to us. (They mean A LOT). If you donate $100 or more, you can get a postcard of your very own!

> season sponsor $50,000+

Friends of CRT Membership Recognition in Season Program Two complimentary drink tickets to CRT concessions One Season Art Poster Complimentary admission to backstage tours Two Season Flex Passes (8 tickets) Invitation to sit in on a private rehearsal Private dinner with Artistic Director/ Playwright/Director/Actor Invitation for two to all receptions and preview performances Recognition as Season Sponsor in all print and web materials

Learn More Contact Maggie Schlundt, Associate Director of Development 719/658-2540 x231 maggie@creederep.com


than our founders could likely have imagined 49 years ago.

he town

This summer, we give you the unforgettable story of Annie Oakley, the wit and h touching tale of love, loss, and discovery in one’s golden years. We will even share wi and Titania as told by Creede’s local youth on low-flying trapeze. It will be a magic through your support and continued generosity.


we must connect with as many CRT alumni as possible. nd KID show participants) help reconnect us to our roots buted to our legacy. What’s the quickest way to find an ver nearly half a century? social media of course! We eede Repertory Theatre Alumni” group and put out the members, some of whom hadn’t been connected to CRT er board member, company or KID show alum? Do you t of the group! ups/crtalumni.


We share with you—our friends and donors—the honor and accomplishment of 49 brave enough to encourage us to take risks, brave enough to support such an unlikely t to believe in our vision of what CRT could become. With warm regard,

Cat Augur Executive Director

Collect the latest Friends button toda

e wit and humor of French farce, the en share with you the tale of Oberon be a magical summer, made possible

CRT 2014




he latest button today!



> prodUCers

$25,000- $49,999

Anonymous Krueger Charitable Foundation The Hoglund Foundation

> direCtors

$10,000- $24,999

Antlers Guest Ranch National Endowment for the Arts Bob and Kay Carrel Ruth H. Brown Foundation Colorado Creative Industries Jenna Ford Chuck and Kay Harbert, Pfizer Matching Gifts Program Shubert Foundation Peggy Longwood Lamb Pete and Lindsey Leavell Bob and Dixie Slater Rick and Diane Sloan Richard and Norma Small Bill and Teri Smith Mort and Cecelia Weir Ron and Sandra Yates ExxonMobil Foundation

…to our FAMOUS friends. (Every donor is a Friend of CRT!) Gifts to Creede Repertory Theatre January 1, 2013- March 31, 2014

> designers

$5,000– $9,999

Anonymous Bieber Family Foundation City of Creede, Virginia Christensen Trust Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade Jerry and Karyn DeVault First Southwest Bank Susan L. Foote and Stephen L. Feinberg Jim and Diane Knutzon Little Tree Fund Miners & Merchants Bank Jim and Arlene Payne Schramm Foundation Susanne C. Shutz

> Choreographers $2,500 - $4,999

Cat and Avery Augur Elise Backinger and Kent Strickland Bob and Robin Brobst Broken Arrow Ranch and Land Company Jim and Irene Brown City of Lone Tree Creede America Group Barbara Elliott Hecla Charitable Foundation Stan Johnson Frank and Kathy Ikard Phil and Teresa Lack Larry and Pam Lewis Dave and Ellen Petrick Mary Lee Pinkerton Quiller Gallery Michael and Lanette Quint San Luis Valley Federal Bank San Luis Valley Rural Electric Cooperative Catherine and Steven Scott Rita and Roger Shenkel Sunny Valley Farms, Inc. Rare Things Gallery of Treasures Tomkins Hardware Valley Courier

> stage Managers $1,000 - $2,499

Charlene and George Ameel

“As a Colorado boy who had spent too long in New York City, Creede afforded a purity, grandeur, and majesty, that made me want to strive for the highest artistic achievements that I could muster.”

– Jeff Carey, Playwright


ment of 49 years. Thank you for being an unlikely theatre, and brave enough

a thousand thank yous...

Harry and Julie Augur Andre and Annita Bens Buddy and Virginia Bostick Todd and Frances Bratton Katherine Brennand and Chris Cummings John and Boone Bullington James and Jean Carson Keith R. Cerny & Debra SowardsCerny Tom and Dorothy Childers David Clark The Cohen Legacy Fund Kerry Coy Susie Davis Thomas and Shirley Day Ray and Ellen Deaver Del Norte Bank Tom and Linda DuBose Farm Fresh Direct of America Amy and Tom Fowlston Daryl and Alicia Grant Joan Green Jeffrey Ric and Vicki Green Steve Hall and Bev Chapman Ed Hargraves Pat and Kazie Hayes Warren and Liz Hemphill Dale and Beverly Hettinger Sally and Forrest Hoglund Holy Moses Gift Shop Ed and Paige Innerarity, Jr. Ron and Mary Sue Johnson Terrence and Polly Jones Kips Grill & Cantina Craig and Judy Knight Carolyn Lamb and Steve Reed Cristi Larsen Stan and Julie Lentz Lester, Sigmond, Rooney & Schwiesow Jim Loud and Jan Crawford Jim and Dorothy Lynch Jane MacPherson John and Barbara McClure Mineral County Mineral County Lodging Tax Tourism Fund Panel Gary Mitchell Gary and Beverly Moore Larry Morgan and Julie Kushner David and Suzanne Nutt Rich and Cathy Ormsby Phipps La Garita Ranch Marta and Steve Quiller Don and Janie, Ben, and Anne Quint Ripples Project Foundation Lynn Russell San Juan Sports Bob and Sharon Seago Richard and Norma Small Dyan Sublett and Alan Echeverria Tom and Jane Swanson Don and Ruth Ulm June Russell & Bob Ulrich

Andy and Gay Wilkinson Wilson Rio Grande Ranch Michael and Roni Wisdom

> leading roles $500–$ 999

Anonymous Jean Bethke Judy Blanch Off Broadway Shelia and Bill Brown Community First Foundation Creede Community Fund Paul Day-Lucore Shelly Dee Verdi Erwin K.R. and Sherri George Ernest and Debra Gomez Fred and Carol Grover Paul and Jennifer Harrison Renee and Micky Harrison Becki and Keith Helmstetler Inge Foundation Anne and Nabil Istafanous Nagle and Sandy Jackson Susan and Bill Johnston Sam and Wanda Keith Harold and Kay Kelloff David and Margaret Knowlton Carol Krueger David and Sherri Lachance Duane and Susan Larson Patrick MacDonald Mariah MacLennan Jim Blackwell and Joan Markle David and Elaine McDowell Natalie McLeod Kirsten Murphy Randy Nicholson and Cary Bush Pat and Brenda Oenbring Van and Anne Oliver B.C. Peck Dick and Gwen Powell PrintingForLess.com Charles and Jackie Railsback Lori And Shawn Reed Kristy Hoglund Robinson Harold and Margaret Rominger Mark S. Rye Erik and Beverly Sandvik Tom and Karyl Scarlett Elizabeth and John Steele Wall, Smith, Bateman & Associates David and Suzanne Wallace Wolf Creek Jeeps, LLC Jonathan D. Allsup and Elizabeth Zurn

> sUpporting roles $100 - $499 Anonymous Margaret Acton Gary and Kit Aguren Sara R. Alt

donors {Cont’d}



donors {Cont’d}

– Caitlin Wise, Actor Adolph and Pat Assenheimer Sigrid Baugh and Scott Bahr Lee Ann Bakros Rebecca Balding Roger and Linda Barker Randy Barnhart and Mary Lou Paulsen Norman and Laura Baron Tom and Genny Basler Richard and Sherry Batman Steve and Mary Beckham Brandon Beeson Kenneth and Barbara Bishop Blessings Inn Bed and Breakfast Tom and Charlotte Bobicki Jeff and Kathy Booth Ray and Raena Borth Bob and Marilyn Box Rick and Carla Branda Charles and Carolyn Brown Henry and Nancy Brown Bill and Barbara Browning Richard and Vicki Brownrigg David Buffington David and Glenda Buhrmann Fred Bunch Kenneth and Karen Burnett Glenn Burnham Lauren Bussey Gary and Kathy Bussing Harlan and Robin Butt John Calahan William Carden and Pamela Berlin Jim and Karen Carns J.V. and Frances Carr Steve and Susan Carter Kay and David Cherry Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation John and Joann Churchill Carl and Marjorie Clark Bart and Veronica Climie James and Joyce Close David Cohen Jack and Peggy Colby Chris and Marjorie Corcoran Jack and Mabel Cotton Glyndal and Kathy Cowan Paul and Garienan Cowles Jan Coyle Marty Crabdree Creede Arts Council Creede Chiropractic and Kinesiology Clinic Carrol and Susan Cross Mike Daeuble Bill and Cecilia Dail Marty and Darlene Danko Jennifer Darling Scott and Gretchen Davis Rudy and Andie Davison Kathy and Jim Dawson Warner and Helen Dewey Stacey and Reed Dillon

Dorothy Horrell Harvey and Kathy DuChene Don and Leslie Dustin Sue Ehrgood Mary Susan Eldredge John J Emery Di and Jim Erickson Logan Ernstthal Joyce and Tom Faris Cheryll Faust and Hillard Howard Leland and Brenda Fillenwarth Stan and Debbie Fimple Lucretia A. Flammang and Scott P. Deshong Vickie Ford Michael Freed Charles and Joyce Freuden David and Lael Fruen Keith and Mary Gallistel Bruce and Linda Gardiner Sarah Garrett Fred and Sharon Gauthier David and Susan Geiger Dan and Peggy Gerlach Amy Getz Larry and Roz Gibel Jessie Gilmer Robert and Rhonda Glover Gaines L. Godfrey Elena M. Goldstein Ann Graeber Michael E Grant Charles and Melissa Hall Lynn and Judy Hancock Sam and Harland Hauser Richard L. Hay Steve and Cynthia Haynes Marilyn Henne High Valley Community Center Carl and JoAnn Hill Jerilyn Joy Hirsch George Hoffman and Lonnie Sweet Don and Rosemary Hollenshead John and Chick Hood Polly Houston Bob and Billie Huddleston Michael and Crystal Hudson Paul and Carrie Hughes Steven Cole Hughes David and Lynn Hurst Lisa Hutson Rick and Teri Inman Joanne and Karl Irons John and Jan Ison Carl and Barbara Ivey Jan Jacobs Brigit and Jorg Jansen Cheryl Jones John and Sara Joynes Judy and Ed Judkins Cynthia & Ed Kahn Delaney Keating Jim Keen

Albert and Kelli O’Leary Sandra and Bob Oliver Norman and Connee Onnen Shelley Parham Robert and Karen Peake Jeanne G Pees Glenn and Betsy Pense Scott Peters Family Graham Phipps and Carol McEnroe Phipps Bill and Teresa Pippin John and Diane Quicker Sylvia Quint Jan and John Ramsay Richard and Jean Ramstetter Brenda and Dick Ray Doug and Nancy Reese Home Reflections, Inc. Doug Remley Rheuben Johnson and Evelyn Gant Ron and Jennifer Roberts Malcolm R. Rodger Richard A. and Mary Ann Rogers Sterling and Erline Roig Max and Alice Royalty Aline Gonzales and Joshua Saiz Chuck and Lucy Sargent James and Debbie Schiff Mike and Pat Schiff Maggie Schlundt Robin Schlundt Chris and Billi Dawn Schoggen Tom Schrandt Tom and Michele Schrandt Mary Schroder Patricia Seeberg Jerry and Brenda Sessions Bob and Bonnie Siddons Frances Siemens Marty Siemion David and Neva Simonton Deborah S. Singer Scott and Kami Sjoberg Tom and Karen Slade Carolyn Smith and George Mizner James O. Smith Dustin Sparks Vance Sparks Edward and Donna Spray Bob and Arlene Stein Dennis and Lynn Steinhagen Gene and Nita Stevens Bob and Mary Stigall Herb Stipe Stout Hardwood Floor Co., Inc. Mike and Lynn Surovik Barbara Kline Taylor Floyd and Karen Tempfel Richard and Leane Thornberry Jack and Catherine Threet Chuck and Barbara Tidd Bill and Clarice Tidyman


“Creede is king to Truth and Heart both in its people and in the performances. What a legacy and gift to the community. CRT is truly buried treasure – once it is found it gives and gives and gives.”

Arden Kenady Stephen Kiely Ellis and Marcy Kirks Rick Kirwin Courtney Klager Bill and Dawn Klein Allan and Jann Knapp Doug and Judy Knudson Gary and Jolinda Kring John and Ann Kusic Ken and Hazel Kutac Maurice, Trary, Genevieve and Kieran LaMee Charles and Kay Lancaster Libbie Landreth Beverly Larson Barbara Leichty St. John Karren Little Ronald E. Loser Gail Longfellow Kem and Junko Lowry Carlos and Dorothy Lucero Paul and Susan Lyon Glen and Tracie MacPherson Susan Magruder Donna Marcove John and Betty Martin Tita Louise Martinez John and Frances Marvel Cecelia Matson Robert and Melanie Matthews Jack and Carroll Maxon Sam McAlees and Mary Hudson Tony and Cathy McCann Lynn McCanse Steve and Linda McCormick Samantha McCoy Richard and Marilyn McCullough Wayne and Barbara McEndree Allan and Clare McLean Tim McNeel and Cecile Mitchell Ted and Judy McNeilsmith Paula and Jeffrey Menten Edward Mercer Irv and Karen Miller David and Ann Millican Chris Miner Dan and Ali Mitchell Kathy and Ben Montalbano Monte Vista Rotary Club Laura S. Moore Shelia and Gene Moore John and Janet Mulay Pat and Kay Murphy Watt and Jackie Murrah Chuck and Tiffany Neal Richard and Jane Nearing Barbara Francis Neff Diantha and Fred Nipple Kathy and Jim Nolan JB and Chesta Norton Rita Odom and Clyde Dooley Mary O’Donnell

“CRT introduced me to professional theatre in 1968 and opened my heart and mind in a profound way. The spirit of ensemble continues to spark something true and human in the audience.”

– John Green, Actor donors {Cont’d}


donors {Cont’d}

“I am happy that a place like CRT exists where, through collaborative efforts we can make a difference in the world and effect positive change within ourselves, as a company, for our patrons and the community around us.”

– Joe Montelione, Music Director

o p e n yea r r o u n d

Gretchen Tinkle James and Sandra Tonso Kim and Yen Touysinhthiphonexay Robert Treat Steven and Karla Van Treese Pamela & John Tumler Olin and Jessica Tunnell Sherry Scallan and Jim Turnbull Judi Price and William Ulch Allen and Judith Valentine Jack and Suzanne Valentine Tim and Jerrye Van Leer Jim and Jenny Van Ry Peter and Carole Van Straten Steven E. Vandiver Thomas & Susan Vaughn William and Jean Visscher Debbie Wagner Bettye Wallace Sarah Wallace Richard and Susan Walter Mike and Kay Warrick Kay and Jan Watkins Richard Watson and Brenda Ganoe Ed and Betty Wheatley

Jeannie and Steve Wheeldon Debbie and Paul Whitmore Steve and Peggy Willman Robert and Debbie Winegar Windsor Hotel Del Norte Frederick H. and Michele May Winston Rod and Marilyn Wintz Jane Wise Rod and Sandy Wisley Wolf Creek Liquor Aurilla Woodburn Joseph and Linda Woodford Patrick Woods Danielle and Jeff Worthen Ronnie and Anita Wright Tom and Denise Wright Kay Wyley R. Deane and Esther Wymer Steve and Valinda Yarberry Jon Young Randy and Helen Zaleski Nancy Zeller

> UnderstUdies $99 and under

We were delighted, excited, and blown away by the generosity of our patrons and friends last year. 340 donors gave $99 dollars or less, totaling $10,317.67! We want to give them all a big thankyou hug. CRT has the best fans!

> in-Kind donors

4UR Ranch Antlers Guest Ranch Cat and Avery Augur Harry and Julie Augur Sigrid Baugh and Scott Bahr Big River Music Chris Coulson Creede Baptist Church Cascada Bar & Grill Jo Johnson Randy and Debbie Knutzon R. Scott Lamb Nancy Leggitt Stan and Julie Lentz Mariah MacLennan Kate and RJ Mann Richard and Jane Nearing Randy Nicholson and Cary Bush Gail O’Connor

The Old Firehouse Cafe Ole Graham Phipps and Carol McEnroe Phipps Renee Prince Jan and John Ramsay Steve and Cindy Riley David Rosentrater Ashley & Drew Rust Bob and Dixie Slater Rick and Diane Sloan Bill and Teri Smith Erin Smith Dyan Sublett and Alan Echeverria Tommyknocker Tavern Valley Courier Chere Waters

> VolUnteers

These wonderful people take your tickets, show you to your seats, and do the unglamorous (but important!) work that keeps CRT running. SuAnne Aday Elaine Barber Tom and Genny Basler Bill and Nancy Blackford Wood and Kathy Bouldin Jan Coyle

“Because of CRT, the area has become multi layered, inclusive, and extraordinarily creative.”

– John Gary Brown, Company Photographer

Elk Co untr y tique a unique bou

Custom Jewelry by L&L Designs ElkCountryBoutique.com / 102 N. Main St. Creede, CO / 719-658-2210


– John DiAntonio, Actor/Playwright Agnes Davis Lara Davison Bill and Charlotte Denson Frank and Lorrayne Dubbs Robert and Peggy Goodwin Daryl Grant Kenneth Hardwick Diana Smith Jon and Angela Harshaw Connie and Mark Herbert Kathy Jennings Beverly Larson Linda Levesquq Christine and Duane Lietzke Jim Loud and Jan Crawford Mariah MacLennan John and Judith Mattingly Jim and Fran McKinney Jamie and Fred McLeroy Watt and Jackie Murrah Kathy and Jim Nolan

Jeff and Hallie Owsley Tom Oyler Charlotte Peacock Elle Saucedo Karen Scheer Ann and Rex Mobley Vickie Moore Josh Newman Kate and Troy Singleton Heidi Sloan Myrna Swift Barbara Taylor Judy Thomeczek Mary Tighe Betty Tucker Charles and Linda Utz Jim and Jenny Van Ry Jay Vaughn Chuck and Patsy Weems Ed and Betty Wheatley Richard and Roberta Williams

“Creede Repertory Theatre has been a phenomenal training ground for me as well as countless other actors, technicians and management. We work for the love of making people laugh and cry and look at themselves differently.”

– Christy Brandt, Actor

“I am so lucky that this company found me! CRT provides an amazing and unique theatre experience that is impossible to replicate. I absolutely love it here.”


“Most theatres hire you as one thing and one thing only. If you If you are a multi-talented artist or have an interest in expanding your horizons as a theater artist, CRT is one of the only theaters I’ve seen willing to help you grow. With CRT, I’ve had the opportunity to write, act, direct and even teach. And growing in any one of these departments will help all the others. For artists who like to push themselves, CRT is the place to be.”

– Cecilia McNeel, Patron Services Manager

> legaCy CirCle

Members of the Legacy Circle include those individuals who have made a commitment to the future of the Theatre through an estate gift. George and Charlene Ameel Elise Backinger and Kent Stickland Chuck Barnes David and Amanda Basler Phil and Jean Bethke Katherine Brennand Cody Cosmic Alan Echeverria and Dyan Sublett Melvin and Camille Getz Dr. Jessie Gilmer Becki and Keith Helmstetler Lynna Jackson Rhonda Jantzen Dr. Merl and Kathy Jennings Phil and Teresa Lack Drs. Ed and Minnie Lee Lancaster

Stan and Julie Lentz Maurice LaMee and Trary Maddalone Gary Mitchell B.J. Myers and William Kuhlke Randy Nicholson and Cary Bush Richard and Catherine Ormsby Mary Lee Pinkerton Barbara Roughton Bob and Dixie Slater Bill and Teri Smith Candice Tatum Kim Hargraves Tyrell and Todd Tyrell Don and Ruth Ulm Ed and Betty Wheatley Tristan Wilson and Peggy Pharr Wilson

> Creede repertory theatre endoWMent Anonymous Katherine Brennand and Chris Cummings Ken and Martha Bruner Foundation Bob and Kay Carrel Lin Driscoll and Associates Melvin and Camille Getz The Hoglund Foundation Mort and Cecelia Weir Michael and Roni Wisdom

> ralph and peggy laMB endoWed FUnd Peggy Longwood Lamb


in honor & in memory

JESUS BELTRAN Lisa and Sharon Bee

KENNY PAUL BENTON Sam and Harland Hauser PHIL BETHKE Jean Bethke JO-ANN BOOTH Jeff and Kathy Booth DOREEN EVAN PHIPPS BOYER Graham Phipps Carol McEnroe Phipps BETTY BRANDT Larry Morgan and Julie Kushner JENNIFER K. BRANDT Dorothy Gusdorf SYLVIA BROWNE Larry Morgan and Julie Kushner RALPH BULLINGTON J.V. and Frances Carr ELLIS CLAMPETT Stan and Debbie Fimple HUGH J. COPELAND Steve and Valina Yarberry PENNY COULSON Doug and Judy Knudson Phil and Teresa Lack ANTHONY COWLES Paul and Garienan Cowles RON DAVIS Susie Davis LYNDA EASTER Paul and Jennifer Harrison

GARY WAYNE HAMMETT-LAIR Gene Belmont and Teresa Lopez Creede Repertory Theatre Douglas Hammet-Lair Dianne and Eric Nielsen Linda and Gary Sandstrom Carol Spitz Robert Treat BOB AND JANE HABENSTEIN Charles and Kay Lancaster NADEAN HARSHAW Jon and Angela Harshaw

WALLACE N. “MACK” MCLEOD Natalie McLeod STEPHANIE MINER Lauren Bussey SARA MISNER Rod and Marilyn Wintz ANTHONY MONTOYA Anonymous MARGARET ROGERS PHIPPS Graham Phipps and Carol McEnroe Phipps DON QUINT, SR. Michael and Lynette Quint Sylvia Quint

MARK HOUSTON Michael Freed John and Chick Hood Polly Houston Jan Jacobs

ANN TUCKER RINER Scott and Gretchen Davis

DAVID DENISON KLAGER Courtney and Karol Klager

VIRGIE SCHAAF Sherald Schaaf

BILL KRUEGER David and Neva Simonton



JIM AND HOWARD LAMB Richard and Leane Thornberry

DR. ROBERT E. TAYLOR Barbara Taylor

JOE MANNING III Jim and Molly Carpenter

IN HONOR OF ALL WHO HELPED WITH THE WFC FIRE Anonymous JOHN ARP Sidney Gates CAT AND AVERY AUGUR Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation

THE EDDY BELTRAN FAMILY, WHO INTRODUCED US TO CRT Lisa and Sharon Bee CHRISTY BRANDT Jim and Karen Carns Michael Freed CHRISTY BRANDT AND GARY BROWN Harold and Margaret Rominger JOHN BULLINGTON Mr. and Mrs. R. Sells Neuhaus JOHN AND BOONE BULLINGTON J.V. and Frances Carr

SHELDON KUSHNER Larry Morgan and Julie Kushner

SHIRLEY LEAVELL Mary Lee Pinkerton

in honor:

TRACIE TEMPFEL Floyd and Karen Temfel JASON R. VANDIVER Steven E. Vandiver

JUDY AND ED JUDKINS Gary and Linda Sandstrom COURTNEY KLAGER Doug and Nancy Reese MAURICE LAMEE Dorothy Horrell LINDSEY LEAVELL Pete Leavell PETE LEAVELL Lindsey Leavell ALAN AND CLARA PHIPPS Graham Phipps Carol McEnroe Phipps MARY LEE PINKERTON Mike Daeuble RENEE PRINCE Cat Augur MARY SALIOPEK AND ELIZABETH STOUT, “OUR MOMS” Stout Hardwood Floor Co., Inc

KEN BURT Will Burt


JEFF CAREY Cynthia and Ed Kahn

RICHARD SLOAN Paul and Susan Lyon



ADRIANA ESCALANTE Ellis and Marcy Kirks FIREFIGHTERS Elizabeth and John Steele


in memory:

TOM SWANSON Kerry Coy DON AND SALLIE THOMPSON Robert and Debbie Winegar



STEVE HALL PrintingForLess.com

EMILY VAN FLEET Daniel Kushmaul


ZOE WORTHEN Danielle and Jeff Worthen

john david lentz memorial fund

John David Lentz was a much-beloved company member at Creede Repertory Theatre in 1992. After the conclusion of the season, he travelled to San Diego where he was enrolled in the Master of Fine Arts program at the University of San Diego. John completed his MFA requirements on April 29, 1994, but was killed in a random shooting in Balboa Park on May 1, 1994. Twenty years later, John is still sorely missed, but his friends and family continue to honor his life and love of theatre by sponsoring a play each season through the John David Lentz Memorial Fund. This summer the Fund has chosen to sponsor French farce, The Liar with hopes that more laughter and light hearts will be brought into the world.

Cat and Avery Augur Tom and Genny Basler Milt and Rene Benham Bill and Nancy Blackford Judy Blanch Ray and Raena Borth Shelia and Bill Brown Ron and Maureen Burtnett Carl and Marjorie Clark Kathalee Cottingham Barbara Elliott Mary and Keith Gallistel Sarah Garrett

Chuck and Kay Harbert Ed Hargraves Anne and Nabil Istafanous Ron and Mary Sue Johnson Jim Keen Stan and Julie Lentz Jeremy and Emily Lentz McComas Family Kem and Junko Lowry Dane M. Smith and Norma McClure Irv and Karen Miller Kathy and Jim Nolan

Rita Odom and Clyde Dooley Rich and Cathy Ormsby Alton and Jane Pope Erik and Beverly Sandvik Mary Schroeder Bob and Sharon Seago Scott and Kami Sjoberg Dane M. Smith William and Teryn Smith Floyd and Karen Tempfel


actors JOHN ARP* Geronte – The Liar Marty, Douglas – Hope and Gravity This is John’s seventh season in Creede. Productions include 80 Days, Forum, Taming of the Shrew, Land Of The Dead, Ghost-Writer, Drowsy Chaperone, Is He Dead, How To Succeed In Business, I Capture The Castle, The Bad Man, The Ladies Man, This Day And Age, Joy of Going Somewhere Definite, The Imaginary Invalid, Kimberly Akimbo, Leading Ladies, Urinetown, Pygmalion, and Everything In The Garden. Also in Colorado: Shadowlands, When We Are Married, Heartbreak House, The Great Wall, The Taming Of The Shrew, To Kill A Mockingbird, Othello, Garbo In My Eyes (Denver Center); The Mousetrap,1940’s Radio Hour, Lion In Winter (Arvada Center). He has performed with theaters in Seattle and Houston including seven seasons with the Houston Shakespeare Festival. Local awards include Rocky Mountain News: Best Supporting Actor 2004; Denver Post: Best Season for an Actor 2005, 2007, 2011, and Westword: Best Actor in a Comedy 2010 & 2012. KATE BERRY* Dolly Tate – Annie Get Your Gun Miss Manley – The Secret Affairs of Mildred Wild Tanya, Nan – Hope and Gravity Swing – Pants on Fire, Boomtown Kate is overjoyed to be spending her fifth season with CRT. Originally from Chicago, Kate moved to Colorado in 2009. Colorado credits: Local Theatre Company (Local Lab Play Festival), Arvada Center (Blithe Spirit, The Importance of Being Earnest, The Lion in Winter), Colorado Shakespeare Festival (Twelfth Night, Noises Off), Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center (Other Desert Cities), Theatreworks (The Seagull). Shows on the CRT stage include: Noises Off, The 39 Steps, The Road to Mecca, The Language of Trees, Slabtown and The Bad Man. Kate is a member of Actors Equity and SAG-AFTRA. CHRISTY BRANDT * Carol – The Last Romance Helen – The Secret Affairs of Mildred Wild Christy is amazed and gratified to be spending her 40th season at The Creede Repertory Theatre. She has found a happy home in the Creede community and has appeared in over 120 plays at CRT. Her most recent favorites include The Language of Trees and The Road to Mecca for which The Denver Post named her “best actress in a drama, 2011.” She is looking forward to a fantastic summer without forest fires! A few of her favorite roles at CRT include Kimberly, in Kimberly Akimbo, Nora, in A Doll’s House, Kate in The Cripple of Inishman, Meg in Crimes of the Heart, Virginia in Three Viewings, Marjorie in This Day and Age, Princess Puffer in Drood., Bunny in The House of Blue Leaves, and Winnifred in Once Upon a Mattress. She coauthored and performed in Six Women with Brain Death, a musical that ran for two decades across the country, and she has appeared in recent films, including Ang Lee’s Ride With the Devil, and The Sublime and the Beautiful, which was recently shown at the Slamdance film festival. She has worked at the Coterie Theater in Kansas City and the South Carolina Repertory Theater, but CRT has been her professional home since 1973. Christy is happily married to John Gary Brown, CRT photographer and well-known professional artist. They were married on the Creede stage in 1981.


ANNE F. BUTLER Rose – The Last Romance Bertha – The Secret Affairs of Mildred Wild Annie Butler STILL lives year round in Creede and is happy to return for another season at the beloved CRT. Some of her favorite roles from past seasons include Mrs. Mannerly, Toinette from The Imaginary Invalid, Dorothea from Eleemosynary and of course Dotty from Noises Off. She fully expects to add Rose and Bertha from this season to her list for favorites especially since her dog will be joining in Romance. She’d like to dedicate any laughter she might be instrumental in provoking to Chad, Jessica, Edie and Fetu! LOVE TO ALL. HERCULE FRANCOIS JUPITER DE BUITLEIR Peaches – The Last Romance Hercule Francois Jupiter de Buitleir AKA Hercules, was named after Creede’s cliffs. This dachshund-poodle mix currently lives year round in Creede. He is proud and honored to make his CRT debut this year in The Last Romance. Past credits include Curly Cratchit in the Creede Community Players A Christmas Carol. He is also an active member of ladies’ aid. JOHN DIANTONIO* Buffalo Bill Cody – Annie Get Your Gun Dorante – The Liar Peter, Hal – Hope and Gravity Performer – Pants on Fire Performer – Boomtown Director – The KID Show John is so happy to be back for his fourth season. At CRT he appeared in Tamin’ of the Shrew, Language of Trees, Land of the Dead, Pants on Fire, I Capture the Castle, The Bad Man, and Boomtown. Other acting credits include It’s a Wonderful Life (Theatreworks), Is He Dead? (Arvada Center), The 39 Steps and A Christmas Carol (Denver Center Theatre Company), Romeo and Juliet (Cleveland Shakespeare Festival), Midsummer (Cleveland Play House), Henry V (Shakespeare Orange County). John has written several plays for CRT, including Harry the Great (True West Award nomination), Saving Red, Alice in the Bookstore Palace, and ¡Viva Agua!. He directed The Geography of Adventure for the Youth Audience Outreach Tour. He graduated from the National Theatre Conservatory with an MFA in Acting where he met his true love and now fiancée, everyone’s favorite red head, Caitlin Wise. www.johndiantonio.com

What’s the weirdest non-theatre job you’ve ever had? “I taught the two-year-old children of Los Angeles celebrities how to play soccer.”

– John DiAntonio

MEHRY ESLAMINIA Actor – Young Audience Outreach Tour Mehry is ecstatic and honored to come back to Creede for her second consecutive Youth Audience Outreach Tour. She extends a special thanks to Jess Jackson and Renee Prince for this beautiful and wild ride. Mehry is

What’s something our audience won’t know from your bio? “My father is from Iran, and my mother from El Salvador. With that combination how could I NOT be in theatre?”

– Mehry Eslaminia

RACHAEL FOWLER* Mildred – The Secret Affairs of Mildred Wild Rachel Fowler is thrilled to be making her debut at Creede Rep! Her Colorado stage credits include Elijah with LOCAL; All My Sons (Denver Post Ovation Award), The Miracle Worker and Well at the Denver Center; Rabbit Hole (Denver Post Ovation Award) and Becky Shaw Curious Theatre; A Man for All Seasons, The Lion in Winter and Twelfth Night at the Arvada Center; Noises Off and Twelfth Night at Colorado Shakespeare Company; and The Mysterious Mr. Love and Tomorrow in the Battle at the Grant-Humphreys Mansion, which she also produced. New York credits include The Triangle Factory Fire Project, An Oak Tree, Treason and The Sea. Rachel has worked at many other regional theatres including Cincinnati Playhouse, St. Louis Rep, Playmakers Rep, Shakespeare Santa Cruz and The Old Globe. She has produced two off-Broadway plays—Cloud 9 and The Pagans in New York City-- and co-founded The Mile Square Theatre in Hoboken, NJ. Rachel received the 2012 Culture West Best Season by An Actress Award. Love to Karel & Grace! JOHN S. GREEN* Ralph – The Last Romance Roy – The Secret Affairs of Mildred Wild John first performed at CRT during its third season (1968). Favorite early roles include Destry in Destry Rides Again and Tom in The Glass Menagerie. Recent CRT favorites include being spit on by Christy Brandt in Drowsy Chaperone and having a heart attack in Harry the Great. John has performed on stages throughout the United States and Europe, doing everything from Neil Simon to Shakespeare. He won Chicago’s Jeff Award for his portrayal of George in Of Mice and Men directed by Robert Falls. TV appearances include All My Children, America’s Most Wanted, Early Edition and numerous TV and Radio commercials. Plays he has written have been produced at theatres across the country and in Paris. The Liquid Moon, published in New Plays from Chicago, won the Jeff Award for Best New Play and was subsequently nominated for the Pulitzer. He would like to dedicate this summer to his wife Rebecca.

What’s your favorite theatre experience? “Playing my sweet folk music in front of a hostile punk rock audience at CBGB’s in 1979 and conquering them with my music.”

– John S. Green

company bios

Denver based, with past credits including “Kate” in Appogiatura at the Denver Center for Performing Art’s 2014 New Play Summit (recently announced for their upcoming 2014-15 season); “Team Puppet” as part of DCPA’s Off Center at The Jones; “Agnetha” - Equinox Theatre’s Fronzen; “Lulu” - Ignite Theatre’s Cabaret; and Avenue Theatre’s Motherhood Out Loud

WREN GREEN Nellie Oakley – Annie Get Your Gun Wren Green is delighted to be making her mainstage debut with CRT after participating in The KID Show for the past two years as Alice in Alice in the Bookstore Palace and as Red in Saving Red. Wren was a top ten 2013 Colorado State History Day finalist in the performance category for her written and performed piece, The Kent State Massacre, 43 Years Later and Still Asking Why? She has attended the Missoula Children’s Theater program through school and Summer Camp. She also hones her jazz and ballet skills at Mountain Valley Dance Studio in Alamosa, CO. Wren is an honors student at Sargent High School and active in the school’s theater program. ALIUS HESS Jessie Oakley – Annie Get Your Gun Alius has appeared in the following KID Show productions: The Dragon on the Roof and The Gentleman Bug. When not doing theatre or making art, Alius can be found skiing on the slopes at Wolf Creek. JENNYFER KEMPER Jessie Oakley – Annie Get Your Gun Jennyfer has been in past KID Shows like Bugs and Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass. She has a deep passion for drama. A Creede native since the age of three, Jennyfer enjoys playing basketball, volleyball and track. BRIAN KUSIC The CRT Emcee Pawnee Bill – Annie Get Your Gun Construction Worker – The Secret Affairs of Mildred Wild Performer – Pants on Fire Performer – Boomtown Understudy Geronte – The Liar Understudy Marty, Douglas – Hope and Gravity Brian is so happy to be returning to Creede after a long, cold winter in Minnesota. This is Brian’s third season at CRT. Some of his favorite roles include Eben from The Language of Trees, Eric Weisz from Harry the Great, and performing in Pants on Fire. Brian also enjoyed teaching two CReaTe day camps and looks forward to teaching again this season. Thank you to the CRT, my friends and family, and thank you HW.

AMY MALCOM Various – Annie Get Your Gun Lucrece – The Liar Understudy Mildred – The Secret Affairs of Mildred Wild Understudy Tanya/Nan – Hope and Gravity Performer - Boomtown Amy is so thrilled to be joining the CRT family this summer! Currently she works as an actor, director and teacher in Chicago. Amy has worked with companies like First Folio Theatre, Quest Theatre Ensemble, Metropolis Performing Arts Centre and The Framework in the area and Milwaukee Repertory Theatre, Milwaukee Shakespeare, Riverside Theatre Shakespeare Festival and Great River Shakespeare Festival in the Midwest. Favorite productions include Macbeth (Lady Macbeth), A Christmas Carol (Minerva), Love’s Labour’s Lost (Jaquenetta) and Twelfth Night (Olivia). Shout out to her future husband-comeAugust, Dylan and her supportive family. aCtors {Cont’d}


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Proud to Support the Creede Repertory Theatre 115 N. main creede / 719.658.0685 www.thefardog.com follow us on

Baja Tacos, Fresh Squeezed Margaritas & More! / Corner of 5th & Main, Creede CO / 719-658-0220 / KipsGrill.com 56

aCtors {Cont’d}

“Opening night of every show I act in or direct. It’s a wonderful feeling to see all the hard work finally come together in front of an audience. It’s also interesting when there are costume mishaps. I’ve had plenty.”

– Amy Malcolm ZLATOMIR MOLDOVANSKI Various – Annie Get Your Gun Alcippe – The Liar Carroll – The Secret Affairs of Mildred Wild Zlatomir is thrilled to be making his Creede Rep debut! Regional credits: The Grapes of Wrath, Other Desert Cities, Romeo & Juliet (Asolo Repertory Theatre), The Aleins, Twelfth Night, Things We Want, Dying City (FSU/Asolo Conservatory), Bent. The History Boys (New Stage Collective), Bury the Dead (Carnegie Theatre), Three Sisters, You Can’t Take it With You (CCM). Until his departure from Sarasota, Zlatomir served on the faculty of the Ringling College of Art and Design. His one-man play “Is It Feasible?”, based on the short stories by Bulgarian satirist Chudomir, received rave reviews in Sarasota and will be taken on tour around the US and Bulgaria this fall. Proud graduate of the FSU/Asolo Conservatory for Actor Training (MFA) and the College-Conservatory of Music (BFA). Thank you to mom, dad, Lili, and Vlado. ANN PITTMAN Winnie – Annie Get Your Gun Understudy Clarice, Lucrece, Isabelle, Sabine – The Liar Understudy Helen/Bertha – The Secret Affairs of Mildred Wild Ann is thrilled to be joining Creede Rep this summer! Usually residing in Texas, Ann has performed with ZACH (Ragtime), Austin Playhouse (Stop the World..., Chess), HBMG Foundation (Foursquare, Shakespeare Scrooged), Georgetown Palace (Evita, Applause Award for her title role), Soubrette Productions (Assassins), and Trinity Street Players, which she founded and served as Artistic Director for three years. Other favorite roles include The Witch (Into the Woods), Amelia Balash (She Loves Me), Shelby (Steel Magnolias), Nellie (South Pacific), and Mrs. Johnston (Blood Brothers). Ann studied vocal performance with Betty Buckley and Adam Roberts. When not onstage, Ann is a writer and speaker whose specialties include theatre reviews, art and faith, Hebrew scripture, and women in religion. She also works at HBMG, an IT company for which she designs websites. Ann lives in Austin with her two dogs, two cats, one boyfriend and twenty-seven fish. Follow her at annpittman.com.

What’s something our audience won’t know from your bio? “Once, when leaving a cruise ship in Italy, I had to turn in all my luggage before de-boarding. Not a problem, except I did so without realizing I had packed all my pants. Yep, I de-shipped pants-less..”

– Ann Pittman

company bios

What’s your favorite theatre experience?

ARUSI SANTESTEBAN Tommy – Annie Get Your Gun Philiste – The Liar Understudy Steve – Hope and Gravity Performer – Boomtown Asst. Director – Young Audience Outreach Tour Originally from Cuernavaca, Mexico, Arusi grew up in a theatre family and began acting at an early age. After winning the first prize at the Mexican National Shakespeare Competition and performing at the Globe Theater in London, Arusi moved to the USA to study at the University of Minnesota/Guthrie Theater BFA Actor Training Program. He has worked with several companies in the Twin Cities, including the Guthrie Theater, Mixed Blood Theater and Teatro del Pueblo. He´s very excited to be making his CRT debut and to be calling Creede home for this summer. He is very grateful to his parents and sister for having always encouraged and supported his career as an actor. BETHANY EILEAN TALLEY Various – Annie Get Your Gun Asst. Choreographer – Annie Get Your Gun Sister Cecilia – The Secret Affairs of Mildred Wild Performer – Boomtown Understudy Jill, Barb – Hope andGravity Education Department Assistant This is Bethany’s second season at CRT. Bethany was most recently seen as Maggie in Lend Me a Tenor at the Vintage Theater and as an understudy for The Great Gatsby at the Arvada Center for the Arts. Last season at CRT she performed as Lorina in Alice and the Bookstore Palace, Tintinabula in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, and a terrified soul in Boomtown. Other credits include Frieda in Sunday in the Park with George, Princess of France in Love’s Labor’s Lost, Pinhead/Duchess in The Elephant Man, Elizabeth in Persuasion, Sophie in The Star-Spangled Girl, Jennie in Chapter Two, Louison in The Imaginary Invalid, and Cobweb in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. She has a BFA Acting with a minor in Contemporary and Creative Dance from Brigham Young University.

What’s something our audience won’t know from your bio? “I’m married to a maniac named Graham Ward!”

– Bethany Talley SEAN THOMPSON* Young Man – The Last Romance Frank Butler – Annie Get Your Gun Rex Bulby – The Secret Affairs of Mildred Wild Understudy Dorante – The Liar Understudy Peter, Hal – Hope and Gravity Sean is thrilled to be seeing the beautiful state of Colorado for the first time and thanks Jess Jackson, Michael Perlman, and the Creede crew for having him along for the ride this summer. Sean comes here fresh off a production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Sunset Boulevard in his hometown of Philadelphia, PA, in which he played ‘Joe Gillis,’ the role made famous by William Holden in the 1950 film. Other favorite regional theatre credits include Oklahoma! (as Curly, with Michael Perlman – director of this season’s Annie Get Your Gun); another production of Sunset Boulevard (as Artie, with Tony Award-winning Signature Theatre); Rodgers and Hart’s I Married an Angel; and gender-bent productions of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Much Ado About Nothing with Philadelphia’s popular Mauckingbird Theatre Company. Please visit Sean at www.seanthompson.us for more! aCtors {Cont’d}


company bios

aCtors {Cont’d}

What’s something our audience won’t know from your bio? “I was a very active competitive swimmer for much of my early life and even thought that I might try for the Olympics! Theatre sort of usurped all of that ambition.”

– Sean Thompson

EMILY VAN FLEET* Annie Oakley – Annie Get Your Gun Clarice – The Liar Emily is excited to return to CRT for her 2nd season! She was last seen in Creede cartwheeling, juggling, singing, dancing - and who could forget the drum solo? - as Janet in The Drowsy Chaperone (but I don’t want to show off) and as Fifi in the world premiere of Harry the Great by John DiAntonio. She also appeared at the Arvada Center (Big River, Do I Hear A Waltz?, The Second Tosca) and the Colorado Shakespeare Festival (Measure for Measure, The Fantasticks, The Servant of Two Masters, Julius Caesar). NY credits include Warsaw (NY Musical Theater Festival), and Alice, the Musical (NY Musical Development Series). Regional: Much Ado About Nothing (Hero), As You Like It (Phebe), & The Wizard of Oz (Dorothy). TV/Film: Clear Blue Tuesday; MTV’s Legally Blonde: The Search for Elle Woods. Emily received her B.A. in Musical Theatre at the University of Northern Colorado.

What’s your favorite theatre experience? “Harry the Great at CRT 2012!!! My favorite memory from that show was staying up to the wee hours with John DiAntonio, Steven Cole Hughes, Caitlin Wise, and my hubby, Nate, working on rewrites and tracking the arcs of the characters. I feel so blessed to have been a part of that journey!”

– Emily Van Fleet GRAHAM WARD Charlie – Annie Get Your Gun Cliton – The Liar Steve – Hope and Gravity Performer – Pants on Fire Performer - Boomtown This is Graham’s third season at Creede Repertory Theatre. In previous years he’s been seen as Passepartout in Around the World in 80 Days, Tranio in Tamin’ of the Shrew, Robert Cecil in William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead, Jeffrey and company in Mrs. Mannerly, Flo Ziegfeld in Harry the Great, and in the improv shows Boomtown! and Pants on Fire. Recently moved to Denver, he has performed at the Arvada Center for the Arts as Nick Carraway in The Great Gatsby and Sergeant Trotter in The Mousetrap. To date, his favorite role has been John Merrick in The Elephant Man, for which he won the Kennedy Center for the Arts’ Distinguished Achievement award in 2012.


What’s your favorite theatre experience? “One time I went on stage with my fly down. I was dancing around for about 15 minutes before I realized that not only was the barn door open, but the front of my yellow button-down shirt was sticking out four inches or so through the open zipper. There was no one who didn’t see it and they all let me know in the lobby afterward..”

– Graham Ward CAITLIN WISE* Isabelle, Sabine – The Liar Jill, Barb – Hope and Gravity Various - Annie Get Your Gun Performer – Pants on Fire Performer - Boomtown Director - The KID Show Caitlin is thrilled to join CRT for her fifth season. Caitlin appeared in Around the World in 80 Days, The Tamin’ of the Shrew, Harry the Great, Is He Dead, I Capture the Castle, Unnecessary Farce, Fools, Life is a Dream, and Boomtown at Creede Repertory Theatre. At the Marvell Rep in New York City Caitlin played Mitzi in Flirtation. With the Denver Center Theatre Company Caitlin has been seen in Tom Sawyer, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, A Christmas Carol, Dracula, and Othello. At the Arvada Center Caitlin played Cecily Cardew in The Importance of Being Earnest. At The Colorado Shakespeare Festival: Much Ado About Nothing and To Kill A Mockingbird. Caitlin received the 2012 Best of Denver Westword Award: Best Comic Triple Threat, the 2012 Marlowe Award: Best Actress—Comedy, and the 2011 Denver Ovation Award: Best Supporting Actress, Comic Role. Caitlin received her MFA in acting from The National Theatre Conservatory. Follow her at unprocessyourfood on Instagram. She is especially overjoyed to return to Creede with her leading man and now fiancé, John DiAntonio. Website: caitlinwise.net

What’s the weirdest non-theatre job you’ve ever had? “Digging up horseradish plants”

– Caitlin Wise


company bios


SARAH RANSOM Bassist Born in Chattanooga TN, Sarah is a recent graduate of Tennessee Tech University, where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education. She is currently studying privately with Steve Benne, principal bass of the Knoxville Symphony and Taylor Brown, principal bass of the Chattanooga Symphony. She plays upright bass full time with the Bryan Symphony and the Tennessee Tech Faculty Jazz Ensemble, while also subbing with the Chattanooga Symphony Orchestra as well as The Uptown Big Band in Chattanooga. In addition to working with multiple music festivals such as the Southeast Chamber Music Institute and the Tennessee Governor’s School For the Arts, she has also attended numerous summer music festivals as a student, including the Brevard Music Festival in Brevard, NC, where she studied with Craig Brown (UNCG) and Kevin Casseday (UF).

ARTURO SALINAS-AGUAYO Trombone Arturo is originally from Texas, but studies trombone performance at the University of Arizona. He plays with the UA Concert Jazz Band and studies under the acclaimed Moises Paiewonsky. Arturo has played in many professional jazz ensembles and even one summer gig for a cruise line.

JAKE ROLLINS Drummer Jake Rollins is a freelance percussionist and drummer from Chattanooga, TN. Over the past four years, he has been pursuing a degree in music education in Cookeville, TN at Tennessee Technological University while maintaining an active performance schedule in the Nashville area. Jake has performed as a drum set player with local Jazz and R&B bands including his own group the Just Friend Quintet as well as having the honor of accompanying artists such as Scott Mayo, Gary Foster, and Vince DiMartino as a member of the TTU Big Band. He has also performed as a percussionist in church services around east Tennessee, and as a member of the Tennessee Tech Percussion Ensemble at the 2012 Percussive Arts Society International Conference in Austin, TX.

authors JOE DIPIETRO Author – The Last Romance Joe DiPietro won two Tony Awards for cowriting Memphis, which also received the 2010 Tony, Drama Desk and Outer Critics Circle Awards for Best Musical. His other plays and musicals include I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change (the longest running musical revue in off-Broadway history); The Toxic Avenger and The Thing About Men (both winners of the Outer Critics Circle Award for Best Off-Broadway musical); the much-produced comedy Over the River and Through the Woods; The Art of Murder (Edgar Award winner for Best Mystery Play) and the Broadway musical All Shook Up. His drama Creating Claire debuted at George Street Playhouse in 2010. His work has received thousands of productions across the country and around the world. IRVING BERLIN Music & Lyrics – Annie Get Your Gun Irving Berlin was an American composer and lyricist, widely considered one of the greatest songwriters in history. His first hit song, “Alexander’s Ragtime Band,” became world-famous. Over the years he was known for writing music and lyrics in the American vernacular: uncomplicated, simple, and direct, with his aim being to “reach the heart of the average American,” whom he saw as the “real soul of the country.” He wrote hundreds of songs, many becoming major hits, which made him a legend before he turned thirty. During his sixty-year career he wrote an estimated 1,500 songs, including the scores for nineteen Broadway shows and eighteen Hollywood films, with his songs nominated

eight times for Academy Awards. Many songs became popular themes and anthems, including “Easter Parade,” “White Christmas,” “Happy Holiday,” “This Is the Army, Mr. Jones,” and “There’s No Business Like Show Business.” His Broadway musical and 1942 film, “This Is the Army,” with Ronald Reagan, had Kate Smith singing Berlin’s “God Bless America,” which was first performed in 1938. Berlin’s songs have reached the top of the charts twenty-five times and have been re-recorded countless times by singers including Ethel Merman, Frank Sinatra, Ethel Waters, Judy Garland, Barbra Streisand, Linda Ronstadt, Rosemary Clooney, Diana Ross, Bing Crosby, Rita Reys, Frankie Laine, Johnnie Ray, Al Jolson, Nat King Cole, Billie Holiday, and Ella Fitzgerald. Composer George Gershwin called him “the greatest songwriter that has ever lived,” and composer Jerome Kern concluded that “Irving Berlin has no place in American music - he is American music.” HERBERT AND DOROTHY FIELDS Book – Annie Get Your Gun The brother-and-sister team of Herbert and Dorothy Fields was part of a vibrant New York theatrical family that also included their brother, Joseph, a prolific librettist and playwright, and their father, Lew, the famous producer, actor, and director. Together, Herbert and Dorothy Fields wrote the books for eight Broadway musicals including three with scores by Cole Porter — Something For The Boys starring Ethel Merman, Let’s Face It! starring Danny Kaye, and Mexican Hayride — By the Beautiful Sea with music by Arthur Schwartz; Up in Central Park with music by Sigmund Romberg; and the classic Annie Get Your aUthors {Cont’d}





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aUthors {Cont’d} Gun with a score by Irving Berlin. Prior to collaborating with his sister, Herbert Fields (1897-1958) wrote the books for musical comedies featuring scores by some of the greatest talents of his day. He wrote seven musicals with Rodgers and Hart and seven with Cole Porter. Among his other collaborators were Vincent Youmans, George and Ira Gershwin, Sigmund Romberg and Arthur Schwartz. In a career spanning more than 45 years, Dorothy Fields (1904-1974) wrote the lyrics to such standards as “I Can’t Give You Anything But Love” (a timeless classic featured in the film A League of Their Own), the Academy-Award-winning “The Way You Look Tonight” with music by Jerome Kern, “On The Sunny Side Of The Street,” “I’m In The Mood For Love,” “I Won’t Dance,” “A Fine Romance,” “Big Spender,” “If My Friends Could See Me Now.” In addition to Kern, her great collaborating composers included Harold Arlen and Cy Coleman. Her final Broadway scores, written with Coleman, were Sweet Charity and Seesaw. In March 1971 Dorothy Fields became an inaugural inductee of the Songwriters’ Hall of Fame.

PETER STONE Adaptation – Annie Get Your Gun Peter Stone (1930-2003) was the first writer to win a Tony, an Oscar and an Emmy. With fifteen Broadway productions to his credit, he received Tony Awards for his books to 1776, Woman of The Year, The Will Rogers Follies and TITANIC (all four also winning the Tony for Best Musical). His other Broadway credits include the musicals Two By Two (written with composer Richard Rodgers and lyricist Martin Charnin), My One and Only and Sugar. With Erich Maria Remarque he collaborated on the Broadway play Full Circle and in 1999 he adapted the book for the Tony winning revival of Annie Get Your Gun. The author of more than two dozen feature films, he won an Academy Award for his screenplay Father Goose, the Edgar (Mystery Writers of America Award) for his film Charade (remade in 2002) and the Christopher Award for the screen adaptation of his own musical, 1776. Among his other films are The Taking of Pelham 1-2-3, Mirage, Arabesque, Sweet Charity Skin Game, Who’s Killing the Great Chefs of Europe? and Just Cause. His television credits included the acclaimed CBS series The Defenders (earning an Emmy Award) and the libretto adaptation of George Bernard Shaw’s Androcles and the Lion, with songs by Richard Rodgers (NBC, 1967; stage premiere, 2002). From 19811999, Mr. Stone was President of The Dramatists Guild, the national society of playwrights, composers and lyricists. DAVID IVES Author/Adapter – The Liar David Ives first came to wide notice in the theatre with his one-act plays, of which he has written over three dozen both for theatre and the radio. The greater part of them are collected in the anthologies All In The Timing (originally an evening of six one-acts that won of the Outer Critics Circle Playwriting Award), Time Flies, and The Other Woman and Other Short Plays. He has been included in the Best Short Plays series seven times to date. His full-length plays include Venus In Fur; The Liar (adapted from Corneille’s comedy, and winner of the Charles MacArthur Award for Outstanding New Play); The Heir Apparent (adapted from J-F. Regnard’s comedy); New Jerusalem: The Interrogation of Baruch de Spinoza (winner of the Hull-Warriner Award); The School for Lies (adapted from Molière’s The Misanthrope); Is He Dead? (adapted from Mark Twain); Irving Berlin’s White Christmas; Ancient History; Don Juan in Chicago; The Land of Cockaigne; and Polish Joke. He has translated Feydeau’s A Flea In Her Ear (winner of a Joseph Jefferson Award) as well as Yasmina Reza’s A Spanish Play, wrote the libretto of an opera (The Secret Garden, with music by Greg Pliska, which premiered at the Pennsylvania Opera Theatre in 1991), and has adapted 32 shows for New York’s celebrated Encores! series of American musicals in concert. He is also the author of three young-adult novels: Monsieur Eek, Scrib, and Voss. A former Guggenheim Fellow in playwriting and a graduate of Yale School of Drama, he lives in New York City. He is on the Council of the Dramatists Guild of America.


PIERRE CORNEILLE Author – The Liar Corneille (pronounced Cor – nay) was a French tragedian who was one of the three great seventeenth-century French dramatists, along with Molière and Racine. He has been called “the founder of French tragedy” and produced plays for nearly forty years. He lived from 1606 to 1684. For more on Corneille, see page for The Liar earlier in this program. PAUL ZINDEL Author – The Secret Affairs of Mildred Wild Paul Zindel was awarded the 1971 Pulitzer Prize for his play The Effect of Gamma Rays On Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds. The play also garnered the Drama Critics Circle Award, an Obie, and several other awards that season. He is also the author of And Miss Reardon Drinks a Little, The Secret Affairs of Mildred Wild, and Ladies at The Alamo, all presented on Broadway, and Amulets Against the Dragon Forces, presented at the Circle Repertory Company. Mr. Zindel is the author of a dozen novels for young adults, including The Pigman; Pardon Me; You’re Stepping on My Eyeball; I Never Loved Your Mind (selected as one of The New York Times’ Outstanding Books of the Year); The Amazing and Death-Defying Diary of Eugene Dingman; and A Begonia for Miss Applebaum (1989). He has written an adult novel, “When a Darkness Falls,” and several teleplays for PBS and the major networks. “Let Me Hear You Whisper” was originally presented on television starring Ruth White; it was also presented on Arts and Entertainment in a production starring Jean Stapleton and Rue McClanahan. Other television productions include Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking-Glass and Babes in Toyland. Films include Up the Sandbox, Runaway Train, and Maria’s Lovers. MICHAEL HOLLINGER Author – Hope and Gravity Michael Hollinger is the author of Ghost-Writer, Opus, Tooth and Claw, Red Herring, Incorruptible, An Empty Plate in The Cafe Du Grand Boeuf, and Tiny Island, all of which premiered at Philadelphia’s Arden Theatre Company. These plays have enjoyed numerous productions around the country, in New York City, and abroad. His musical A Wonderful Noise (co-authored with Vance Lehmkuhl) has received the Frederick Loewe Award for Musical Theatre, the “In the Spirit of America” Award from the Barbara Barondess MacLean Foundation, and a developmental production at Creede Repertory Theatre. His translation/coadaptation (with Aaron Posner) of Cyrano De Bergerac premiered in 2011 at the Folger Theatre in Washington, D.C. Other awards include a Harold and Mimi Steinberg New Play Citation from the American Theatre Critics Association, a Roger L. Stevens Award from the Kennedy Center’s Fund for New American Plays, a Mid-Atlantic Emmy Award, an Edgerton Foundation New American Plays Award, the F. Otto Haas Award for an Emerging Theatre Artist, three Barrymore Awards for Outstanding New Play, a Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Award, nominations for Lucille Lortel and John Gassner Awards, and fellowships from the Independence Foundation, Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation, and Pennsylvania Council on the Arts. Michael is an Associate Professor of Theatre at Villanova University, and a proud alumnus of New Dramatists. JOHN DIANTONIO Author - Young Audience Outreach Tour Co-author – The KID Show See bio page 54. CAITLIN WISE Co-author – The KID Show See bio page 58. JOE MONTELIONE Composer – Young Audience Outreach Tour See bio page 70.

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company bios

patron services

CECILIA MCNEEL Patron Services Manager Cecilia grew up in Flagstaff, AZ where she spent much of her time dancing and hiking. Since receiving her BA in Performing Arts, Dance with a Minor in Technical Theatre from Colorado State she has been working as a member of the Lone Tree Arts Center staff where she has enjoyed being a part of the box office and stage crew. She has a wide variety of experience working with performing arts and is happy to be a part of CRT! She is so excited to be back in Creede for another fabulous summer!

NHI VU House Manager Born and raised in beautiful North Carolina, Nhi received her BA in Art Studies from North Carolina State Universty [Home of the Wolfpack!]. She started working for NCSU’s University Theatre in 2010 as a summer stock usher and wardrobe run crew, and has been learning and loving every moment ever since! Recognized both backstage and front of house, she has enjoyed becoming friends with all the lovely UT staff and audience members over the years. Theatre has been the highlight of her career and everyone involved has become Nhi’s second family! She is so excited to join CRT this season and looking forward to the change of scenery in Creede. HANNAH LAKE CHATHAM Assistant Patron Services Manager Hannah is happy to be joining CRT this year for her second season with them as the Assistant Patron Services Manager! Hannah has her B.F.A. in Theatre with a concentration in Acting and a minor in Dance from Western Carolina University in the mountains of North Carolina. She just finished spending a year in Atlanta, Georgia as an actor in the Apprentice Company at Horizon Theatre, where she worked on new play development, took classes, and performed. Hannah worked at CRT last season as the Patron Services Intern and is happy to be back in this wonderful town for the 49th season!

IRIS PECHENIK Patron Services Iris is a musician from Troy, NY. She graduated from the Setnor School of Music at Syracuse University with a Bachelor of Arts in Music. Although playing jazz saxophone is her main passion, she also loves the outdoors. Iris is hoping that she can get some quality hiking and biking time in while she can this summer!

What’s the weirdest non-theatre job you’ve ever had? “For four consecutive summers, I worked at a minor league baseball stadium in my hometown. Go Valleycats! The job had a strange schedule, but I got paid to grill food in the sun and watch baseball, which to some is a dream come true. The perks seem pretty sweet now, but there was always the chance of getting hit by a foul ball!”

– Iris Pechenik NATIVIDAD UEHARA Patron Services Nati is proud to be joining the Creede Rep family for the first time! After earning her BA in Theatre at Alma College in 2011, Nati has worked for numerous theatre companies in Southeast Michigan as a SM, Props Designer, Administrative Assistant, Box Office Staff, and primarily as a Director (her passion). Most recently she won a grant to attend a theatre apprenticeship program in Greece, where she assistant directed a classic Greek play. She has also been directing for the Fireside New Play Festival at Performance Network Theatre this past season. Nati would like to thank the Creede executive staff for inviting her here this summer, and her wonderfully supportive husband for being the best partner anyone could ask for. She loves her buster with every part of her being, except for the part that loves the rest of her family.

What’s something our audience won’t know from your bio? “I used to have a very thick Southern accent and a pet emu named Tweety!”

– Hannah Lake Chatham

TESSA BRYANT Patron Services Tessa is a member of the patron services and box office staff at CRT. In the past, she has also served on the box office staff for Barrington Stage Company and Lipscomb University. She is currently pursuing a BFA in Directing from Lipscomb University and plans on continuing her education in graduate school.


What’s your favorite theatre experience? “Sitting in the Teatro Dionysus in Greece. To see where most of Western Theatre developed historically gave me goose bumps. It was so peaceful and so humbling to sit in the audience looking out at the stage with the mountains of Greece in the background. I felt like I was on the right path in life.”

– Natividad Uehara

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directors + designers + creative team

CHRISTY MONTOUR-LARSON Director - The Last Romance Christy has directed over 75 productions from Shakespeare to Pinter to musicals to the newest works in America. After directing last year’s A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, she is thrilled and honored to return to Creede Repertory Theatre. A member of the Artistic Company at Curious Theatre in Denver, her productions of Red and 9 Circles topped the 2012 award lists. Her other Curious credits are Good People, Time Stands Still, A Number, Rabbit Hole, I am my Own Wife, Trumbo: Red White and Blacklisted, Proof and Fuddy Meers. Christy’s work has also been seen in Colorado at the Denver Center Theatre Company (Shadowlands, The Giver, Well) the Arvada Center (Cabaret, All Shook Up), Town Hall Arts Center (Crimes of the Heart, Always, Patsy Cline ) and Phamaly, Boulder Ensemble Theatre Company and Theatreworks. Nationally, Christy has directed at New American Theatre, Rochester Civic Theatre, the Duluth Playhouse, Dark Horse Theatre and for Seven Devils Playwright Conference, where she sits on the Board of Directors. Her work has received multiple awards and honors from the Colorado Theatre Guild Henry Awards, Denver Post Ovation Awards, Marlowe Awards, Denver Examiner Awards and True West Awards. CBS4 Denver named her the top director in the local scene. She is an Affiliate Faculty Member at Metropolitan State University of Denver. Christy earned her BFA in Theatre from University of Minnesota, Duluth, where she was recently awarded the Promethean Award for outstanding alumni and her MFA in Directing from Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University. MICHAEL PERLMAN Director - Annie Get Your Gun CRT audiences are familiar with Michael’s work on Is He Dead and last season’s Language of Trees. A New-York-based director and writer, he has directed at Cleveland Play House, Trinity Repertory Company, Boise Contemporary Theater, Swine Palace, The Kitchen Theatre, Maples Rep, Brown/Trinity Playwrights Rep and the Brown/Trinity MFA programs as well as workshops with The Playwrights’ Center, The Magic Theater and Young Playwrights, Inc. Associate and Assistant directing credits include the Public Theater, Roundabout Theater Company, McCarter Theatre and Fiasco Theater. Michael’s play From White Plains was the recipient of a GLAAD Media Award for OffOff-Broadway Theater and for New York Innovative Theater awards for Outstanding Premiere Production and Outstanding Full-Length Script. In addition, Michael’s one-person show Flying on the Wing was presented at the New York Fringe Festival where it was the winner of Outstanding Solo Show. Michael is an Artistic Associate with both Fiasco Theater and Fault Line Theatre. Michael is proud to be a member of SDC, a Drama League Directing Fellow, and holds a BA and MFA from Brown University. NAGLE JACKSON Director - The Liar Mr. Jackson has directed at major theaters throughout the U.S. and on Broadway (The Utter Glory of Morrissey Hall starring Celeste Holm, 1979), in Europe and was the first American ever invited to direct in the Soviet Union (1988). He served as Artistic Director of both the Milwaukee Repertory Theatre (1971-77) and the Tony-Award-winning McCarter Theatre, Princeton (1979-90). He stepped down from the McCarter to pursue his dual career as playwright and director. His play Opera Comique debuted at A.C.T., San Francisco and then played the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. with a cast including Eli Wallach and Brian Bedford under Mr. Jackson’s direction. In 2011 that same play had its European debut in Luxembourg and later joined the repertory of the State Theater of Turkey. His play The Elevation of Thieves won the Onassis Foundation International Playwright’s award presented to Jackson by the President of Greece in 1997, after which it debuted at the Denver Center

Theatre Company, where he has directed 20 productions over the years. Seven of his plays have been published by Dramatists Play Service and are regularly produced both here and abroad, two of them by CRT: The QuickChange Room and This Day and Age. Mr. Jackson resides in Princeton Junction, NJ with his wife, Sandy. He was a Fulbright Fellow for theatrical studies in Paris, and holds an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from Whitman College. For CRT he directed last year’s The Tamin’ of the Shrew, 2012’s Ghost Writer, 2011’s The Road to Mecca, 2010’s The Ladies Man, 2009’s The Imaginary Invalid (also translator), 2008’s Fools and 2007’s Everything in the Garden. SARNA LAPINE Director - Hope and Gravity Sarna Lapine is a dramaturg and director based in New York. As an associate and assistant director, she has worked on Broadway in Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, Sondheim on Sondheim, South Pacific, Awake and Sing! and The Light in the Piazza. She directed the second national tour of South Pacific, and she is the associate director of the national tour of War Horse. Elsewhere in New York, Sarna directed a Lyrics & Lyricists concert at 92Y; Odets’ Waiting for Lefty at the Lee Strasberg Institute; and Tales From the Jazz Age: An F. Scott Fitzgerald Songbook at Café Carlyle. She has directed cabaret shows for Emily Bergl, including Kidding on the Square at The Oak Room at the Algonquin Hotel, NY I Love You at the Café Carlyle, and Till I Get it Right at Feinstein’s at the Nikko in San Francisco. She has also directed for The 52nd Street Project children’s theater company as well as readings at The Stella Adler Studio, New York Theatre Workshop, Ars Nova, Noor Theatre and The Araca Group. Her regional credits include Sunday in the Park with George at the Short North Stage in Columbus, Ohio, and The Year of Magical Thinking at the Intiman Theatre in Seattle. A recipient of the Marcie Bloom Fellowship in Film, Sarna holds an MFA in film from Columbia University. AMANDA EMBRY Set Designer - The Last Romance, Annie Get Your Gun Amanda is excited to be back for her third summer with the CRT. She is an award-winning set and costume designer for theatre, opera and film. Her most recent credits include CRT’s productions of William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead and Ghost Writer, Little Shop of Horrors, The Servant of Two Masters, Is He Dead? and the world-premiere multi-media event He Who Gets Slapped (Scottsdale Community College), the Off-Broadway productions of Lebensraum, (Harold Clurman Lab Theatre) and Yorktown (The Drama Garden Theatre), other set-design credits include, Long Way Go Down (Harold Clurman Lab Theatre), The Whipping Man (Luna Stages), Crave (Wingspan), Franny’s Way, The Cripple of Inishmann, The House of Bernarda Alba, Top Girls, (Stella Adler Studio of Acting), Le Nozze De Figaro (SMU) and Trojan Women (Stages of Learning). Her film credits include The Sundance Channel’s Webby award winning political series The Captive and the world’s first online game show, Red Carpet Run. She is currently the Associate Theatre Arts Director and Design and Technology program director at Scottsdale Community College in Arizona.

What’s your favorite theatre experience? “William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead has definitely become one of my favorite experiences. It was amazing to see the company transform into zombies or fight them. I knew the second we were going to use blood cannons that this would be an experience I would never forget.”

– Amanda Embry direCtors + designers + CreatiVe teaM {Cont’d}


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company bios

direCtors + designers + CreatiVe teaM {Cont’d} JON YOUNG Set Designer - The Liar, The Secret Affairs of Mildred Wild Jon Young returns for his third season at Creede Repertory Theatre. Previous designs: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way To the Forum, Pants on Fire, Is He Dead?, and Harry the Great. Jon is an Associate Professor of Scenic Design at the University of Oklahoma. Regional design credits: The Mystery of Irma Vep and Altar Boyz at Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma; You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown at Black Hills Playhouse; Mauritius, Faith Healer, and The Great American Trailer Park Musical at Unicorn Theatre; After Juliet and The Night Before Christmas at the Coterie Theatre; Dangerous Dirty Little Liaisons, The Woman and Santaland Diaries at Late Night Theatre. His design work can be viewed at Dscenicstudio.com. Young is a member of United Scenic Artists, Local 829 and earned his MFA in Scenic Design from the University of MissouriKansas City. JOHN MCDERMOTT Set Designer - Hope and Gravity Recent set designs include The Revisionist with Vanessa Redgrave and Jesse Eisenberg, Extremities directed by Karen Allen, The Singing Forest and Prayer For My Enemy with Olympia Dukakis and Jonathan Groff. Other favorites include The Psychic Life of Savages at Empty Space in Seattle, Three Sisters at Intiman in Seattle, Slipping at Elephant Theater in Los Angeles, Bright Light City at LA Theater Center, and Noises Off at Adelphi University. In NYC, Asuncion, Lady, Saved or Destroyed, There Are No More Big Secrets and 3C at Rattlestick Theater, Girls In Trouble at the Flea, Natural Affection and Lost In Yonkers at TACT. John is very happy to be working in Creede! Originally from Massachusetts most of his work is designing for new plays. John currently lives at the northernmost tip of Manhattan in the Inwood section surrounded by 200 acres of woods where he also works as the visiting Assistant Professor at Adelphi University on Long Island. LOGAN ERNSTTHAL Director - Young Audience Outreach Tour This is Logan’s 8th season with CRT. Favorite roles include Tyrone in Moon for the Misbegotten, Merle in The Joy of Going Somewhere Definite, Marius in The Road to Mecca, and Pseudolus in last year’s Forum. In Colorado, Logan has worked at The Arvada Center, Denver Center Theatre Company, Theatreworks, and Colorado Shakespeare Festival. He has an MFA from UMKC and helped found Alaska Shakespeare Festival. ANTHONY JAMES SIRK Designer – The Last Romance, Annie Get Your Gun, The Secret Affairs of Mildred Wild Costume Shop Manager Anthony is extremely excited to be returning to CRT for its 49th season. Over the past year Anthony has designed Zombies On Campus: A Slaughterpocalypse, an original play by D.V. Caitlyn; a 1960s version of A Doll’s House adapted and directed by Brenda Lilly; and Les Miserables directed by Terrence Mann at Western Carolina University. Last season here at CRT Anthony designed A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum and William Shakespeare’s Land Of The Dead. He is also the host of The Cast, CRT’s podcast that brings you an insider look into all things CRT. Anthony has also worked for Ball State University, West Virginia Public Theater, Main State Music Theater, Alabama Shakespeare Festival, Janiec Opera Company, Pensacola Opera, and University of West Florida. He would like to thank his partner Chris and his dog Soco for allowing him to be away for 4 months out of the year. TATYANA DE PAVLOFF Costume Designer - The Liar Tatyana is a freelance costume designer and a makeup and body artist as

well as a member of a design group Runway Vigilantes. She studied theater and costume design in Theater Art College in Moscow, Russia where she was born and raised. She moved to the United States in the late 90s to the San Francisco Bay Area where she was creating costumes and make up for the fabulous performers of Skyana Entertainment. In California and New Mexico, Tatyana worked in film and theatre doing both costume and production design. Tatyana is delighted to join a creative team of CRT and once again spend a part of her summer in beautiful Creede, CO! In the past three seasons she designed costumes for CRT’s I Capture The Castle, The Road To Mecca, Drowsy Chaperone, The Ghost Writer, The Language of Trees, Around the World in 80 Days and co-designed costumes for Is He Dead. Presently, Tatyana lives in Taos, New Mexico. TAMARA M. CARRUTHERS Costume Designer - Hope and Gravity, Pants on Fire, Young Audience Outreach Tour First Hand/ Draper Tamara is excited to be back for another season at CRT. Last year she had an opportunity to design Pants on Fire and ¡Viva Agua! as well as working in the costume shop as the draper/first hand. She has been designing, shop managing, and building costumes for many years. Some of her design work includes classics such as Wuthering Heights, The Importance of Being Earnest, Blithe Spirit, and Othello, musicals and musical reviews such as My Way, Honk, Always Patsy Cline and The Spitfire Grill, and the world premieres of Shadow of the Raven: Tales of Edgar Allan Poe, Robert E. Lee and John Brown: Lighting the Fuse, Southern Crossroads and Southern Crossroads: The New Orleans Adventure. She thoroughly enjoys working at CRT and is looking forward to another great season! JACOB WELCH Lighting Designer – The Last Romance, Annie Get Your Gun, The Liar, The Secret Affairs of Mildred Wild Co-Designer – Hope and Gravity Jacob is pleased to be returning to Creede having made his debut last summer. Jacob is an award-winning lighting designer working throughout North America. Jacob won the 2012/2013 Colorado Theatre Guild Henry Award for Best Lighting Design (small budget) for Kiss of the Spiderwoman with Lake Dillon. Jacob designed the world premieres of Sense at the Centre for the Performing Arts in Vancouver, BC and A Splintered Soul at the Odyssey Theatre in Los Angeles, CA. Other favorite designs include 9 Parts of Desire with Curious Theatre, My Name is Rachel Corrie with Countdown to Zero, The Syringa Tree with Alliance Stage, Chess with Arvada Center, and The Night Heron with Paragon. Jacob made his off-Broadway debut with Conviction at the 59E59 Theatre. Jacob is a tenured Associate Professor of Theatre in Lighting with Metropolitan State University. For more on Jacob’s work please visit his website at www.jacobwelch.com. MANDY KAY HEATH Lighting Designer – Boomtown, Pants on Fire, The KID Show Co-Designer – Hope and Gravity Master Electrician Mandy is a Lighting Designer and Electrician originally from Iowa. She has an MFA in Theatre, with a focus in Lighting Design, from the University of Memphis. This is Mandy’s third summer at CRT and she is thrilled to be back. Recent lighting credits include U of M’s Chess: The Musical, Fabulation, The Threepenny Opera, The Government Inspector, as well as CRT’s Alice in the Bookstore Palace, Saving Red, and Boomtown! Mandy has also recently done scenic design for Rozencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead and for her burlesque troupe’s Sissy’s Sircus Presents: Delusions of Grandeur. Mandy also likes to work for her local I.A.T.S.E. union as over-hire, and freelance as a pyrotechnician’s assistant. She would like to thank Jon for his unending love and support.

direCtors + designers + CreatiVe teaM {Cont’d}


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company bios

direCtors + designers + CreatiVe teaM {Cont’d}

What’s your favorite theatre experience? “I just love the people. There is a whole extra relationship with your co-workers. We are more than just a company. We are friends. We care for each other on a deeper level than most people do in their jobs. We are all poor, and we all love what we do. And a good beer will solve any problem or hard day.”

– Mandy Kay Heath JAKE K. HARBOUR Sound Designer/Sound Supervisor Jake Harbour is thrilled to be returning for his sixth year at CRT. Previous shows designed at CRT include Around the World in 80 Days, and William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead. He is currently working on his MFA at Northern Illinois University where he has designed Almost Maine, Not About Nightingales, and Look Homeward Angel. He was also the Technical Director for NIU’s production of The Underpants. Before he started graduate school, he worked as the Technical Director at Lipscomob University in Nashville TN (200912). He graduated with his BFA from Abilene Christian University in 2007.

What’s the weirdest non-theatre job you’ve ever had? “I built a replica cellblock for a real murder trial.”

– Jake K. Harbour JOE MONTELIONE Music Director Joe Montelione is a national teaching artist providing master classes and performances throughout the United States. He has been on faculty at the University of Florida in Gainesville, FL and Rhodes College in Memphis, TN. As a conductor he has worked with Laura Bell Bundy, Lea Michelle, Bart Shatto, Eden Espinoza, Kristoffer Cusick and Steve Tewksbury, Memphis Chamber Symphony, New Ballet Ensemble and the West Point Military Academy Band. He has been seen in the Broadway pits of Big the Musical, Victor/Victoria with Julie Andrews, King and I with Lou Diamond Philips and Forum with Nathan Lane.


He has performed with the Jacksonville Symphony, Ocala Symphony, Alabama Symphony, Moscow State Radio Symphony, Erie Symphony, Washington Symphony Orchestra and at Carnegie Hall with the United Nations Orchestra. As a commercial artist he has worked with Billy Joel, Tony Bennett, Amy Grant, Charlie Daniels, Mandisa and Ruben Studdard to name a few. He holds degrees from SUNY Fredonia, George Mason University and the University of Southern California.” RYAN HAZELBAKER Choreographer – Annie Get Your Gun What a difference a year can make!! For the past 8 years, Ryan has performed in ten different states and toured in Italy. Recently, he was given the chance to choreograph on a whim and now Ryan has been bitten by the choreo bug. Professional choreography credits: Spamalot, 13, The Wedding Singer, The Full Monty, Winter Wonderettes, When Santa Met Sally, and the Allenberry Murder Mystery Weekend. Directing Credit: Boeing Boeing, Songs For a New World, Romeo and Juliet, Disco Knights, and Othello. Ryan dedicates his work to Tim and Laura Moore. Thank you for your belief and your spirits. They both push me to accomplish more than I ever thought I could. And, of course, to Jess: thank you for taking a risk on me!! JOHN GARY BROWN Company Photographer John Gary Brown has been CRT’s company photographer since 1974. He is proud to have created a voluminous photographic archive of shows and events, and wishes he could have started in 1966! Brown has an MFA from The University of Washington and has sold over five hundred oil paintings to museums, galleries, corporations, and private collectors since 1973. His photographic study of cemetery art, “Soul in the Stone” was published by The University Press of Kansas, and it was their best-selling book two years in a row. His photographs were used as illustration in “Gardens of Revelation” (Abbeville Press, 1995). Brown’s art work has won numerous prizes in juried exhibitions, and one of his canvases was purchased by The Institute of Arts and Letters in New York. One of his paintings was awarded “First Prize, regardless of Medium” at Kansas City’s Nelson/Atkins Museum during their “Mid-America” Exhibition, which had three thousand entries. In 2013 Brown had a retrospective exhibition at the Lawrence Art Center in his hometown. His work was featured on the cover of Architectural Digest, and he provided photo illustrations in Smithsonian and other magazines including Reader’s Digest, Fine Woodworking, Men’s Health, and Santa Fean. He operated a photographic portrait studio for ten years and has traveled and worked in Europe and The Middle East since 1971. He is happily married to actress Christy Brandt.


stage management LEIGH’ANN ANDREWS* Stage Manager – Annie Get Your Gun, The Secret Affairs of Mildred Wild, Hope and Gravity Leigh’Ann is so excited to return to Creede for her second season! Previous CRT credits include A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, Around the World in 80 Days (also performed at the Arvada Center), and The Tamin’ of the Shrew. Leigh’Ann is a recent graduate from the University of Iowa where she earned her MFA in Stage Management. Favorite UI credits: Dancers in Company, Makeover, Iowa New Play Festival, Dance Gala, BookWings with the Moscow Art Theatre, and In the Next Room. Favorite professional SM credits: New Dramatists (Makeover), Dallas Theater Center (To Kill a Mockingbird), Casa Mañana (20+ productions), and Trinity Shakespeare Festival (As You Like It, Macbeth). Leigh’Ann also holds a BFA in Theatre Production and Design from Texas Christian University. She is a proud member of Actor’s Equity Association and always thanks Jordan for her encouragement and support! MAEGAN BURNELL Assistant to the Stage Manager Stage Manager – The KID Show Maegan is back for her third season here at CRT and couldn’t be more excited. Originally from Michigan, she has a B.F.A. in Technical Theatre from Central Michigan University and an M.F.A. in Stage Management from the University of Missouri – Kansas City. Previously, she has worked for the Kansas City Repertory Theatre, Kansas City Actors Theatre and the Unicorn Theatre in Kansas City, MO. She is currently the stage manager for the children’s show at the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities. She would like to thank her family and friends for all their love and support. JEAN EGDORF Assistant to the Stage Manager Stage Manager - Boomtown Jean was born and raised in northern New Mexico but has been living in Denver for the past seven years. She works as a stage manager for theatres across Colorado and finds time do a bit of scenic painting and dramaturgy on the side. When Jean isn’t stage managing plays, she’s writing them! She graduated with a BFA in Technical Theatre and a BA in English and intends to pursue an MFA in playwriting in the near future. She is thrilled to be returning for her third season with CRT!

What’s your favorite theatre experience? “My favorite cue I’ve ever called in a show was a visual cue to trigger a sound effect when Renfield has his neck broken in Dracula. Nailed it every night.”

– Jean Egdorf

DEVON MUKO Assistant to the Stage Manager Stage Manager – Pants on Fire Devon is very excited to return to Creede for her second season! She has worked previously with Gulfshore Playhouse, Santa Fe Opera, Saint Michael’s Playhouse and Black Hills Playhouse. She would like to thank her family and friends for their continual support.

company bios

production team

NATHAN J. HELDSTAB Orchestra and Events Manager, Young Audience Outreack Tour Manager Nathan is beyond thrilled and honored to return to CRT this season. He joined the company back in 2012 as a stage manager for Mrs. Mannerly and Ghost-Writer. Nathan went on that fall to join the national tour of Billy Elliot (Child Wrangler) that closed August 2013 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. That fall he was asked to join the stage management team as the production assistant for the first national tour of We Will Rock You. During this time he met legends such as Ben Elton, Robert De Niro, and Queen’s own Brian May and Roger Taylor. Thank you, patrons, for keeping live theatre vibrant and close to your heart. Also, thank you to my family and friends that support me every day to follow my dream and believe that we as a group can make a difference. Enjoy the show!

What’s the weirdest non-theatre job you’ve ever had? “Working at a hockey arena in northern Minnesota and getting to drive the Zamboni.”

– Nathan J. Heldstab

COURTNEY LAUREN HONAKER Production Assistant Courtney Lauren Honaker is currently pursuing a B.F.A. in Stage Management at Oklahoma City University. She has previously worked with Oklahoma City University, Arkansas Young Actors Guild, Oklahoma City Children’s Theatre, and Lyric Theatre in Oklahoma City. This is her first year with CRT. She would like to thank Sarah, Katherine, Nathan, and Hunter for their continued love and support. She would also like to thank the Yelvington/Morton family for everything.

scene shop CHRISTOPHER WINNEMANN Technical Director Chris Winnemann is a 3rd year M.F.A. candidate in Technical Direction at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. This year he served as Technical Director for the co-production of Seminar at the Unicorn Theatre and Journey’s End, which took place at the National WWI Museum. In his first year at UMKC he was Technical Director for Devil Inside, Drums in the Night, and Assistant Technical Director for Kansas City Swing. Prior to attending UMKC he was Technical Director for the Orpheum Theater Center in Marshalltown, Iowa where he worked on several shows including, Foxfire, Music Man and Honk! Chris was the Technical Director for Auburn University’s Theater Department working on The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, Intimate Apparel, and Brighton Beach Memories. He also served as the Assistant Technical Director for the Arizona Broadway Theatre. He would like to thank his lovely wife for her love and support. KYLE LEINNEWEBER Master Carpenter Kyle is very excited to be returning to CRT for a second year. He earned his B.F.A. in Technical Production and Design from Point Park University in Pittsburgh, PA in 2008. He is currently perusing his M.F.A. In Technical Direction at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, IL. Some of his favorite shows have been Tamin’ of the Shrew, Art of Murder, and Dark of the Moon. Kyle would like to thank his loving and supportive family for all they have done for him. prodUCtion teaM {Cont’d}


Adams State University


WHERE BANKING IS A PASSION PLAY. Banking is our passion. Please tell us yours.

www.fswb.com | 866-641-FSWB -EMBER &$)# s !N %QUAL (OUSING ,ENDER


prodUCtion teaM {Cont’d}

LISA ALLEN Scenic Charge A Colorado native, Lisa happily returns for a second inspiring season in Creede. Lisa worked extensively as a theatrical technician and painter in Baltimore and Washington DC before coming home in 2012. She now slings paint for the PACE Center in Parker and freelances around south Denver.

What’s something our audience won’t know from your bio? “I’m an avid beer enthusiast and am developing a blog to catalogue those experiences. Some of my favorite Colorado brewers include Odell in Ft. Collins, Tommyknocker in Idaho Springs, Three Barrel in Del Norte, and Ska in Durango.”

JORDAN KELLY ANDREWS Stage Supervisor Jordan is a graduate of TCU with a BFA in Production and Design. She is the Stage Management mentor at The University of Northern Iowa and a member of Actor’s Equity Association. She has worked at WIshingStar Productions, The Dallas Theater Center, Casa Manana, Lyric Stage, Amphibian Productions, Circle Theatre, and The Trinity Shakespeare Festival. She is excited to join CRT this year and would like to thank her wife Leigh’Ann for her support.

company bios

PHILIP CULTON Scenic Carpenter Philip is a senior BFA Acting major at the Western Carolina University School of Stage and Screen with a diverse technical background, specifically in scenic construction. It’s his first year here at CRT and he’s looking forward to being a part of the process.

AMANDA RELAFORD Properties Master Amanda is so happy to be returning to CRT this year, and looks forward to an amazing season.

What’s your favorite theatre experience? “I got to ride an elephant in the 4th of July parade last year. And I had a large part in making that elephant. Truly an amazing experience.”

– Amanda Relaford

– Lisa Allen

prodUCtion teaM {Cont’d}

We hope you enjoyed the show!


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company bios

prodUCtion teaM {Cont’d} LISA HALDEMAN Properties Artisan Lisa is a student at Northwestern College (Iowa) and a theatre major with a special focus on scenic design. Having a special interest in technical theatre and construction, she has designed several shows and worked as a props master in and outside of Northwestern’s theatrical department. She is very excited to be working as a props artisan for Creede Repertory Theatre. Small projects are a passion of hers, because they allow for finer details that are not always captured in large scenic work. Her future goals include furthering her theatrical career by attending graduate school for scenic design

RACHEL SPANNER Props Carpenter This is Rachel’s first year with CRT. Rachel has most recently worked in the scene shop for the University of Oklahoma as an undergraduate assistant. She has also stage managed with University of Oklahoma (Contemporary Dance Oklahoma, Young Choreographers Showcase, and Miss Evers’ Boy), Arclight Repertory (Much Ado About Nothing) and Lyric Theatre Company (Babes in Toyland). She is currently a stage management candidate at University of Oklahoma.

costume shop SHELLY TARTER Wardrobe Supervisor Shelly is returning for her third season with CRT, where she will serve as the Wardrobe Supervisor and as the Assistant Costume Designer for Annie and Mildred. Shelly’s past work at CRT includes Wardrobe Supervisor/Dresser in 2012 & 2013, as well as the Costume Designer for the Young Audience Outreach Tour: The Geography of Adventure. Shelly has a BFA in Design/ Technical Theatre from Abilene Christian University with a focus on costume design and a minor in Art. Shelly has recently worked many areas of costume with ACU Theatre, Austin Shakespeare and the Abilene Shakespeare Festival. Some of her favorite productions include Around the World in 80 Days, William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead, Design for Living, Aesop’s Furry Tales and Eurydice. Shelly is looking forward to another beautiful season of laundry, design and hiking. Also, much love to her supportive friends and family. JENAVA BURGUIERE Wardrobe Supervisor Jenava is a costumer from St. Louis, MO. She graduated in May from the University of Oklahoma with a BFA in Drama with an emphasis in Costume Design. Her theatrical design credits include Carousel, contemporary Dance Oklahoma, and A Chorus Line at the University of Oklahoma. Her professional theatre credits include: Dresser, Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang and 42 Street at Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma. Her film credits include: Costume Designer: B&E, How to Hide A Dead Body, The Posthuman Project; Co-Costume Designer: America; Wardrobe Supervisor: The Long Drive Home, and Running Dear. She received


the Meritorious Achievement in Costume Design Award at the 2014 Region 6 American College Theatre Festival. Jenava is extremely excited to join Creede this summer and to be away from the heat and tornadoes of Oklahoma. SARA LINDSEY Stitcher Sara is a bit of a gypsy originally from south Florida. She studied Theatre Arts at Wake Forest University (2013) with an emphasis in costume design and technology. Her professional costuming credits include: Oil & Water (San Francisco Mime Troupe), The Laramie Project (WFU), and stitcher/wardrobe for I Love A Piano, Miss Saigon, and How to Succeed (Riverside Theatre).

electrics & sound SHERIC HULL Electrician A recent graduate of Northwestern College with a BA in Theatre, Sheric is so excited to be joining CRT for his second year. As an aspiring lighting designer for the theatre he takes all challenges head on. His love of live theatre, dance, and music has only grown as he was gotten to dive deeper into the world of design while in school. He hopes to design all over the world someday. EATON SAYLOR Sound Engineer Eaton is a junior at Abilene Christian University, where he is the Scene Shop Foreman and studying Design for the Theatre. His most recent work there includes designing and running sound for Les Miserables and Footloose, and designing the lights for 100 Saints You Should Know. Eaton is originally from Lawrence, KS and began working in theater when he was 16. He is hoping that eventually his work in theater will help others to gain a passion for the arts in a way that we can all enjoy. COURTNEY LA ZIER Sound Engineer/Board Op Courtney is an accomplished guitarist, music teacher, and owner of Big River Music in Creede. He plays with Creede’s favorite local band MoJones. He has been known on occasion to moonlight as Boomtown’s musical improviser. COURTNEY EVANS Electrician/Light Board Operator Courtney is honored to become a part of CRT this summer as their electrician/ board operator. She is an upcoming senior at Florida State University and hopes to graduate this spring with a B.A. in Theatre. At FSU, Courtney has held numerous positions while working with the Florida State School of Theatre, and her most rewarding positions have included being the Master Electrician for the main stage show Winnie the Pooh and Lighting Designer for the Student Theatre Association’s production of Debbie Does Dallas: The Musical. She sends her love to her friends and family all the way back in Florida, and thanks CRT for this exciting opportunity.



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Having stage managed over 25 productions (around 600 performances) at CRT, Jonathan’s stage managerial credits include all of the musicals (except two) produced at CRT since 2005. Show credits include Harry the Great (Lone Tree Arts Center), The Road to Mecca (Arvada Center), 25th Annual Spelling Bee, Sweeney Todd, Mystery of Edwin Drood, Urinetown, Crazy for You, and How to Succeed In Business. He also managed the design and construction of CRT’s Ruth Humphreys Brown Theatre. Jonathan teaches stage management and theatre career development workshops and classes at colleges, universities, and festivals across the mid-west including Fort Lewis College, Adams State University, and Metro State University in Colorado. While being a proud member of Actors’ Equity Association, Jonathan is more proud to be married to theatre scholar and CRT business manager & dramaturg, Elizabeth Zurn, and to share their house in Creede with their dogs Stagehand and Q.

Zeus on the Loose, Lullaby Bay, and Scruff Turbo. M.M. from The Boston Conservatory and B.A. (Government) from Harvard University. She and her husband, Ryan Prince, welcomed their daughter Penelope in February 2012. She and Ryan fell in love backstage during their very first show at CRT, The Spitfire Grill, as he handed her props before she frantically ran back out on stage.


Renée first began working with CRT in 2002 and has appeared in numerous productions on the CRT stage, most recently as Myra in Ghost Writer. Renée has been a teaching artist for fourteen years and cofounded The KID Show in 2003 with her brother, Ryan Prince, in an effort to include local children in all aspects of play production. Renée is a tireless arts education advocate and serves on the Creede School Board. She holds a Bachelor’s

CAT AUGUR This is Cat’s seventh year with CRT and her second as CRT’s Executive Director. Along with ten years of non-profit experience, Cat holds a masters degree from University of Denver and a fine arts degree from University of Illinois. She lives in Creede with her husband Avery, and they can often be found in the mountains, fishing streams, hiking overgrown trails, and cross-country skiing with their two dogs Emmy and Lula.

Jess has worked with CRT since 2004 as an actor, director and resident composer. For CRT she’s directed William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead, The Drowsy Chaperone, The 25th Annual... Spelling Bee, Sighthound, To Fool the Eye, and most of the original theatre for young audience pieces created with Jeff Carey and Steven Cole Hughes. She founded CRT’s Boomtown Improv in 2007 and is one of the creators of Pants on Fire. Original Scores for CRT: The Bad Man, The Joy of Going Somewhere Definite, Swiss Family Robinson, Billy Hell (for which she shares a Denver Post Ovation Award for Best Original Music with Ryan Prince & Kendra Kohrt), Meet the Beasts, Grimm Pajamas,




This season is Sarah’s fifth at Creede Rep. She took a protracted route to the world of theatre after receiving a BA in International Studies from Louisiana State University. Originally from Louisiana, Sarah is a thirdgeneration southerner to make her way around these much-loved mountains. Last fall, she became a mother to Ms. Birdie Rae and marvels at her good fortune to be caretaker of such a special soul.



Originally from the rainy city of Portland, Oregon, Cassie is overjoyed to work at CRT for a second season as Company Manager. In the “off season” she remained in Creede to work as CRT’s administrative assistant. Cassie graduated from Fort Lewis College in 2012 with a BA in general theatre studies. While at FLC she spent most of her time as a stage manager and is thrilled to have been able to chase her dream of being a company manager and to have landed in such a beautiful place. Cassie spent the summer of 2012 working as the company manager for the Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival in Center, PA. She cannot imagine doing anything more joyous with her life and is excited to discover everything the future has to offer.





This is Maggie’s fourth season in CRT’s Development Department, and her second as a member of the year-round team. She has worked administratively and artistically at theatres in Chicago, Iowa, and the Denver Front Range and holds a degree in Arts Administration/Theatre Management from Cornell College. She looks forward to all the future holds, and is endlessly grateful to be living and working in this uniquely wonderful town.


2014 will be Anthony’s second season as part of the year-round staff at CRT. Originally from Texas, Anthony came to Creede in 2012 as CRT’s Technical Director. Before that, he worked as the Technical Director for Houston’s Alley Theatre and as the Technical Director for the University of Houston. In October, a baby girl named Birdie Rae joined Anthony, his partner Sarah and their dog Patsy and he is now exactly where he wants to be: surrounded by women.


ELIZABETH ZURN degree in Theatre from Northwestern University and a Master’s in Theatre Education from the University of Northern Colorado.


Ryan is in his 7th year as a full-time staff member at CRT. He has worked for eight seasons as codirector of The KID Show. He has also served as props master and scenic designer for many shows. He received a BFA in sculpture from Alfred University in 2001. After college, Ryan formed a community arts group in Jamestown, NY, worked in several arts programs for kids of all ages, worked as an archeological field tech throughout the Southeast, and helped start a sign company in southwestern Illinois. Ryan lives here year-round with his wife, Jessica Jackson and 2-year old Penelope. He is also a ceramics artist and serves on the board of the Creede Early Learning Center.


In her ten years at CRT, Elizabeth has worked in both stage management (Sweeney Todd, Noises Off, Crazy for You) and the front of house. Now in the Business Office, she also enjoys her work as Headwaters Dramaturg and Audience Enrichment Coordinator. Hopefully you’ll have a chance to join her for a Pre-show Talk or Dessert Club this season. Originally from Illinois, Elizabeth received her BA in Theatre from Northwestern College in Iowa. She also holds an MA in Theatre from Bowling Green State University, where she focused on communitybased performance. She is honored to serve this wonderful community as a Town Trustee for Creede. She enjoys every day of this adventure in Creede with her husband, Jonathan D. Allsup, and their two dogs, Stagehand and Q.