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Creede Repertory Theatre

2013 | o ur fo rt y -eighth seaso n

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Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim Book by Burt Shevelove and Larry Gelbart

ACT ONe: our 48th Season M Essage from cat & j ess . . . 5 s easo n schedule . . . . . . . . . . . 6 THE SHOWS

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (PG ) . . . . . . . . . . . . . Pants on Fire (G) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . The Langauge of Trees (R ) . . . . . . . . . Around the World in 80 Days (G) . . Boomtown (PG-13) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . The Tamin’ of the Shrew (PG) . . . . . . . William Shakespeare’s The Land of the Dead (PG-13) . . . . .




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co ncerts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 BY STEVEN LEVENSON

kids camps & to ur sh ow . . . . 25 adult Educatio n . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 2 013 coLlectIb le art print . . . 28 gallery artists . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 0 crt in denv er . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41 headwaters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52

Act TWO: CRT SUPPORT y ear in rev iew . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 0 feel the lov e . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 43 DONORs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 4 friends o f CRT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 b oard of trustees . . . . . . . . . . 38 play spon sors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 of the

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ACT THREE: the company 2 013 company



Creede Repertory Theatre, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization with a 501(c)(3) status with the Internal Revenue Code. All donations are tax deductible.

Actors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Authors & Composers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Directors & Designers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Production Crew . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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y ear- round stafF . . . . . . . . . . . . 78 Production photos by John Gary Brown. Program design by RoShamBo: Marketing + Creative.

toast true rep

happened on the way to the

2 theatres, 7 shows, 18 weeks, 1 spectacular place

a funny thing

a comedy in one tiny scene SCENE: The second floor offices of a professional repertory theatre high in the Rocky Mountains. Inside one of the offices, we see Cat Augur, the theatre’s Executive Director, tall, elegant, and calm, typing away at her computer. Suddenly, a fast-paced knocking at the door...

Jess: And hopefully we’ll still be CRT 48 years from now. Although you and I will probably be dead.

Cat: Come in. Enter Jessica Jackson, Artistic Director, wearing something hideous. Probably with leg warmers. She carries dead roses. Jess: (tragically) The autumn magpies sing in a lower key, with dissonant notes sharpening their beaks into dissolute razors. Pause Cat: What? Jess: I miss Mo.

Jess: Say nice things at my funeral. Cat: I will. Jess: This theatre is 48 years old and has weathered so much change. But something about this place – its essence or spirit or something – always floats to the top. It rides atop the wave of change, like a seaworthy vessel, guiding us toward-Cat: The lighthouse!

Cat: Me, too. But he’s moved on and we’ve got a season to produce. Jess: It feels like Dad’s left. Like he said, fly little birds! And then got in his car and left us in charge of the nest. Where we must now pack our own sack lunches. Cat: You’re mixing metaphors. Jess: Mixed metaphors are the only kind worth untangling. Uncomfortable pause Cat: Why are you in my office again? Jess:

Cat: I hope not. I’ll only be in my seventies.

(picking at the dead roses) I was just wondering…it feels like so much has changed this year. But has it really? We’re still here, albeit in different roles. And most of the staff has been here forever….

Jess: Oooh, good. A bit expected, but appropriate. Cat: We are incredibly lucky, you and I. To get to do this. To be fortunate enough to spend our days thinking about this astonishing place. Jess: We’d better not foop it up. Cat: Can we say that in the program? Jess: Don’t worry; I’ll replace it with some nonsense word. Cat: Oh. Jess: I’m going to head on back to my office now. It won’t take me long. My office is next door to this one. Cat: I know that. Jess: (whispered) I’m doing exposition. (loudly) Onwards!

Cat: And our community is still here. Jess: Also, the artists that make our company great. Cat: And we still want to do the same thing. Make great theatre, in a spectacular place, for people we love. Jess: Amen. Cat: So, although there’s been a change in leadership…

She begins to exit. Cat: Don’t slam the— Door slams. A picture falls off the wall and shatters to pieces. Cat: Door. Blackout

Both: We’re still CRT. 5




AY /




Now showing: W E DN E S DAY




Welcome to our 48th year! Mainstage tour ruth tour*




m o n d ay s a r e d a r k

26 12PM 1PM



12PM 1PM 6PM

opening night Dinner 7:30PM Forum oPens







12 1PM



7 7:30PM Forum

8 11aM Pants* oPens 12PM Mainstage tour 1:30PM Forum




14 7:30PM Forum

15 12PM ruth tour* 7:30PM Forum LocaL Discount



22 12PM Mainstage tour 1PM Pants* 5:30PM Patterson art show oPens* 7:30PM trees* LocaL Disc.

7:30PM trees* oPens












nat’l small Print show oPens

12PM ruth tour* 7:30PM Forum

6 1PM


Mainstage tour ruth tour*

31 5PM








7:30PM trees*

28 5:30PM Davlin art show oPens

7 1:30PM trees* 3:30PM nat’l small Print show cLoses 7:30PM Forum 14 1:30PM 80 Days 7:30PM trees*

m o n d ay s a r e d a r k


2 11aM Pants* 7PM 80 Days taLk 7:30PM 80 Days

9 7:30PM trees*


Pants* trees* 80 Days 11

7:30PM 80 Days

17 11aM the kiD show* 1:30PM 80 Days 7:30PM trees*

23 the kiD show* cLoses

7:30PM Mining through Poetry, stories and song*

12 7:30PM Forum 10:30PM Boomtown*

18 7:30PM Forum

24 11aM

5 7:30PM Forum 10:30PM Boomtown* oPens

Mainstage tour



7:30pm Brush with the Blues*

4 12PM 1PM 6PM 6PM

1PM 80 Days taLk 1:30PM 80 Days 7:30PM Forum

11aM Pants* 7:30PM Forum

21 10aM trees* chat Back 1:30PM trees* 7:30PM creede arts council cD release concert*

3 7:30PM Forum

29 12PM Mainstage tour 1:30PM 80 Days 7:30PM trees*

7:30PM 80 Days oPens

11aM Pants* 1:30PM Forum 7:30PM Forum


Forum 80 Days taLk 80 Days trees*


the kiD show* 13

12PM 1:30PM 7:30PM 7:30PM

19 Friends of crt golf tournament @ rio grande club 80 Days taLk 7PM 7:30PM 80 Days 10:30PM Boomtown* 9aM


6 12PM 1:30PM 7PM 7:30PM 7:30PM

ruth tour*

oPens Mainstage tour

Forum 80 Days adam Bartley concert* 20

11aM 12PM 1:30PM 7:30PM

the kiD show* ruth tour*

Forum trees*

26 5:30PM Ferrari art show oPens

7:30PM shrew oPens

27 12PM Mainstage tour 1:30PM shrew 7:30PM shrew LocaL Discount

10:30PM Boomtown*


G U LY /








1PM 80 Days taLk 1:30PM 80 Days 7:30PM trees*

7:30PM shrew



1 Fundraising cabaret 7:30PM trees*

m o n d ay s a r e d a r k


11 7:30PM shrew

18 1:30PM Forum chat Back aFter

7:30PM Boomtown*

1PM 80 Days taLk 25 1:30PM 80 Days 7:30PM Dead* LocaL Disc.

6 11aM Pants* 7:30PM Forum

7 1:30PM trees* cLoses 7PM 80 Days taLk 7:30PM 80 Days

13 7:30PM Forum



27 7:30PM shrew

9:30PM Zombie street Party!*




chat Back aFter

Forum chat Back

12PM Mainstage tour 7:30PM 80 Days



17 12PM ruth tour* 1:30PM Dead* 7:30PM shrew

23 heaDWaters FestivaL* heaDWaters receP.* 80 Days taLk

4PM 7PM 7:30PM 80 Days 10:30PM Boomtown*

7:30PM shrew

80 Days Forum

10 10aM

7:30PM Dead* oPens

7:30PM shrew

1:30PM 80 Days Dead* taLk 7PM 7:30PM Dead*

chat Back aFter


21 1:30PM 80 Days 7PM Dead* taLk 7:30PM Dead*

ruth tour* 80 Days taLk

9 7:30PM Forum 10:30PM Boomtown*

7:30PM “songs of the american West” concert by Michael Mayes

7PM 80 Days taLk 7:30PM 80 Days

7:30PM Forum

8 7:30PM shrew

3 12PM 1PM 1:30PM 7:30PM

chat Back aFter

1:30PM shrew 7PM Fundraising cabaret 7:30PM trees*


2 11aM Pants* 7:30PM shrew 10:30PM Boomtown*


1:30PM Forum 7:30PM 80 Days


5:30PM kramer & 30 henderson art shows oPen 7PM 80 Days taLk 7:30PM 80 Days 10:30PM Boomtown*

24 10aM 11aM

80 Days chat Back Pants*


Pants* cLoses

12PM Mainstage tour 1:30PM Forum 7:30PM Forum cLoses

31 12PM

ruth tour*

1:30PM shrew 7:30PM Dead*





1:30PM 80 Days 7:30PM Dead*

m o n d ay s a r e d a r k







8 10aM 7PM

Dead* chat Back 80 Days LocaLs Discount chat Back aFter

15 80 Days 1PM 6:30PM Dead* taLk 7PM Dead*




4 1PM


chat Back aFter

6:30PM Dead* taLk 7PM Dead*




6:30PM 80 Days taLk 7PM 7PM 80 Days 10:30PM company cabaret*


7 10aM 1PM 7PM

shrew chat Back 80 Days Dead*

FaLL curtain tiMes Begin


11 1PM

80 Days

12 7PM


chat Back aFter








chat Back aFter

19 7PM

shrew cLoses

80 Days

O r chestra Balcony Student Child

$33 $16 $10

6:30PM 80 Days taLk 7PM 80 Days 7&10PM Boomtown


(Ages 4-10)

$30 $20 $11 $16 $16 $8 $10 $10 $10

14 11aM Mainstage tour 12:30PM Dead* taLk 1PM Dead* shrew 7PM

Durango Fine arts center

(ages 11-22)

Regular Performances Pants on Fire Boomtown


20 6:30PM Dead* taLk 7PM Dead cLoses*

21 6:30PM 80 Days taLk 7PM 80 Days cLoses

calendar LEGEND: A funny thing happened on the way to the forum Around the world in 80 days

GROUP TICKETS: Groups of 10 to 19 - Save 5% & Groups of 20 PLUS - Save 20% Email : Sarah@CreedeRep.com for more information.

the language of trees

Bringing the whole family?

William Shakespeare’s land of the dead

All ages are welcome at Pants On Fire and The KID Show! Children four and over are welcome at all our regular performances. Please be aware that some shows may be inappropriate for children. Refer to our ratings system or box office staff for recommendations.

tIX: 719/ 658- 2540 www . cr eeder ep . o r g

the tamin’ of the shrew

pants on fire Boomtown

* denotes all shows & events @ the Ruth “DARk” is theatre speak for “closed”


a funny thing

happened on the way to the


Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim Book by Burt Shevelove and Larry Gelbart

A Funny Thing Happened … John and Rebecca Green wax nostalgic about CRT’s 1971 production of Forum. Rebecca directed and John played one of the Proteans. Forty-two years later, John’s back as Erronius in CRT’s new production of our favorite musical farce.

CRT: So, Rebecca and John, any romantic stories from the summer of ’71? John: We became a couple in ‘71 after knowing each other as friends at KU for several years. I think it was the irresistible beauty of walking hand-in-hand up the canyon under those luminous stars - plus the glow of my perfect young calves in my toga. CRT: What was Mandy Patinkin (who played Pseudolus in the 1971 production) like as a cast mate? Rebecca: Mandy was great. Intense, focused and charismatic. He owned the stage in a way that drove the play and set the pace for all of us.

in CRT’s first production of


go to dinners and slide shows at the homes of the Birdseys and La Fonts and learn the history of Creede from these historians. CRT: Top three things that will never change? John: First, the connection to the audience will never change. There is still the same intimate interaction between the company and audience you don’t find in big cities. Second, there is a wonderful sense of community in the company that comes from living and working together 24/7. Third, there is still a purity to the work. No one in the theatre is there to be a star or get discovered. They are there to do good work for its own sake. CRT: Was it awkward or freeing to wear a toga? Or awkwardly freeing? John: It was awkwardly freeing. The joy of acting is to explore places “normal” people don’t go. Rebecca: The girls were all jealous of what firm and attractive legs the boys had, especially Paul Orwick who played Hero.

CRT: Quick! Top three things that have changed about CRT since 1971!

CRT: Any other good stories from 1971’s Forum?

John: The company has expanded from 12 to 89. We used to all help build sets, run the box office, etc. Now it’s more specialized.

John: Al Birdsey, a retired miner with a twinkle in his eye and a wicked old cowboy sense of humor, loved the theatre kids. He kept threatening to throw tomatoes at Mandy when he came to see Forum. He arrived one night to see the show. Rebecca and the house manager, Mary Thom, got his assurance that he had no tomatoes on him. The two kept their eyes plastered to the second row where Al was sitting with Marie, his wife. Nothing happened during the show. But, during the curtain call, as Mandy was about to take his bow, he must’ve seen Al’s hand reach into his coat pocket. As the tomatoes flew towards him, he ducked, and they splattered all over Cherie Payne, who stood right behind him. Cherie, our company cook who was playing the character of Gymnasia, was not pleased and afterwards told Al, “There is a better use for tomatoes than throwing them at Mandy.” > > >

Rebecca: The sets and costumes have become more elaborate and complex but the production values were always there. Greg Hill, Set Designer for Forum and B.J. Meyers, Costume Designer for Forum did an incredible job with the minimal resources we had to work with. We went for a cartoon look and the costumes B.J. created were painted and dyed muslin and Greg’s painted backdrop was, as well. They rocked in their collaboration. John: Creede was an active mining town during the early years. We all got to meet and interact with old mountain characters like we’d never met. Because there were only 15 in the company, it was easy to

spon sors:


Rebecca: The box office doors were always open during a performance. One time Chocolate, an Irish Setter, owned by Billy Leggitt (I think) ran through the open door. Before Mary Thom or Rebecca could stop him, the dog ran up the center aisle and jumped onto the stage. The actors reacted as if an Irish Setter belonged in the show and adlibbed some lines. Then Chocolate ran out the back door, which was also open. Yes, some of the town dogs made unexpected appearances to the joy of the audience. Live theatre!

*** Dir ecto r ’s N otes : Christy Montour-Larson Ancient Rome. Through conquest and assimilation it was one of the most powerful entities of the ancient world. In its twelve centuries of existence, ancient Roman society contributed greatly to politics, art, literature, architecture, technology, warfare, religion, language… (Whoa! That is not right. Our story takes place in a make-believe ancient Rome, based on the plays of Plautus, where slaves were fashionable, courtesans were plentiful, virgins were celebrated and eunuchs were in abundance. Let’s try this again…) Titus Maccius Plautus (c. 254–184 BC), is considered one of the greatest Roman playwrights. Most of his plots were adopted whole from Greek originals of the “New Comedy” period, which were known to be vulgar in conception and expression. (Nope! Still way too serious! This show is supposed to be a relief from all that. This is supposed to be a comedy, right? OK. Take three:) Comedy. The theatrical genre can be simply described as a dramatic performance that pits two societies against each other in an amusing agon or conflict. (What is wrong with me – did I just define comedy?! You can’t appreciate slapstick and farce that way! Maybe I have directed too many dramas lately… Oh gods of the theatre, send me guidance!) Hmmm. It appears putting A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum under an artistic microscope is futile because it entirely misses the point. Plautus understood this over 2000 years ago. He knew that it wasn’t the play that mattered: it was the laughs. What has resulted is two-thousand years of comic evolution that has allowed audiences to escape the tragedies of everyday life by laughing at stock characters that represent themselves much more than they care to admit. People like to see and produce Forum because it is a fun show—fun to watch, fun to sing and dance, fun to play, fun to design, fun to direct, fun to act—for everyone. We have done our best to divert you from all of those other things in your life that are raging just outside those theatre doors. We will be irreverent and bawdy at times, sappy-sentimental and outrageous at others. Prepare for puns, gags, lechery and raucousness. Just let your mind relax and ENJOY yourself. Comedy TONIGHT! (Amen!)

*** Originally produced on Broadway by Harold S. Prince Forum is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI). All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI. 421 West 54th Street, New York, NY 10019 Phone: 212-541-4684 Fax: 212-297-4684 www.MTIShows.com

INTERMISSION: One, 15 Minute

montour -larson

> > > In regards to Al Birdsey, Rebecca would open the box office in the mornings and would wave at Al when he was on his way to get his newspaper. He would drop in every morning for a chat and occasionally with a bouquet of sweet peas for the box office. His wife, Marie, was always baking chocolate chip cookies for us. Al even coerced Mandy into mowing his lawn. John LaFont and many of the locals and tourists would drop by on a daily basis to say hello and visit. They did buy tickets, too.

Rated PG

PRODUCTION CREW Director Christy Montour-Larson+ Music Director Joe Montelione Choreographer Diana Dresser Scenic Design Jon Young Costume Design Anthony James Sirk Lighting Design Jacob Welch Stage Manager Leigh’Ann Andrews* Assistant Stage Manager Jonathan D. Allsup* Asst. to the Stage Manager Jean Egdorf Asst. to the Stage Manager Devon Muko

CAST Pseudolus Senex Domina Hero Philia Hysterium Erronius Miles Gloriosus Lycus Courtesans Proteans

Logan Ernstthal* John Arp* Anne F. Butler Aram Monisoff Rebecca Hurd Patrick Du Laney* John S. Green* Zachary Keenan Andy Brown Kate Berry* Christy Brandt* Bethany Talley Caitlin Wise* Brian Kusic Matthew Silar Graham Ward

THE CRT ORCHESTRA Keyboards Trumpet Trombone Bass Drums

Joe Montelione Theo Van Dyck Joel Kilgore Robin Sherman Evan Saddler

The videotaping or other video or audio recording of this production is strictly prohibited.

*Member of Actors’ Equity Association,

the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.

p U e d a M y l l a t o T A ! s d i K r Show fo

Every show is diffe rent!

d show is base te u in -m 0 5 Each ce. in the audien s id k f o s e v . upon the li r than truth e g n a tr s is y all es, fiction re sic, But sometim t add the mu s ju e w – e r entu It’s your adv als, talking anim e th t, n e m e the excit se of weird. o d e iz -s n fu and a

Production Crew

The guy who made up the set: Jon Young The gal who made up the costumes: Tamara M. Carruthers The lady who made up the lights that shine on everybody: Mandy Heath The guy who mixed up some sounds: Jake Harbour Stage Manager (the lady who makes up the show from a top-secret booth in the back): Laura Berrios


The people who make up the story (and act it out): John DiAntonio Jessica Jackson Brian Kusic Graham Ward Caitlin Wise and more!

Music Joe Montelione

Created by John DiAntonio, Jessica Jackson, Renee Prince Stynchula, & Caitlin Wise


Pat & Kazie Hayes 11

How many buttons do you have?

We have Friends at all levels, but if you are just getting acquainted any donation of $15 or more to Creede Repertory Theatre automatically makes you a Friend and gets you a magnetic, 2013 friends button! Visit our Box Office, today!

For 39 years the Friends of CRT have worked diligently behind the scenes for our theatre. Each year countless hours are spent attending meetings, ushering patrons to their seats, gathering donations, creating unforgettable fundraising events and singing our praises to anyone who will listen. Much of this is unglamorous, but vitally important work that sets the stage for our success. Our Friends, our generous members and volunteers, our enthusiastic band of supporters, are the very fabric on which we are able to achieve the magical moments seen on stage each season. Our triumphs are your triumphs. Thank you, each one of you!

2013 FRIEND EVENTS: “Farm to Table” Opening Night Dinner May 31st @ 5pm Creede Community Center 7:30pm @ The Mainstage Opening Night: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum Bring your friends to celebrate the opening of our 48th season and experience the best of locally sourced food from the San Luis Valley. Call our box office for tickets. Event Sponsored in part by:

4UR Ranch, Farm Fresh Direct & Heavenly Scent Breads

AND 2nd Annual Friends of CRT Golf Tournament July 19th / 9am Shotgun Start Rio Grande Country Club, South Fork Support your favorite theatre while spending a day on the green (or in the rough). INFO: Sarah Wallace Sarah@CreedeRep.com719.658.2540 x233

Friendly Introductions


For the past two seasons, CRT has had the pleasure of working with videographer, Bev Chapman. In 2011, Bev approached CRT with a proposal. She wanted to create “behind the scenes” videos to illuminate how each play is brought to life. What could we do but give her artistic license and access to whatever she wanted? The first video was a look at 2011’s The Road to Mecca featuring interviews with Christy Brandt, Kate Berry, Logan Ernstthal, and director Nagle Jackson. Since 2011, Bev has created six videos for CRT. A new crop are currently in production for this season! Bev Chapman is an Emmy-award-winning writer and reporter. She is the recipient of three prestigious regional Edward R. Murrow Awards for her work in television news. Her documentary work is included in the collection of the Museum of Broadcast History in Chicago. Some of her most high-profile assignments took her to Thailand, Sri Lanka, Spain, Germany, Vietnam, France, Africa, Costa Rica, India, Switzerland and the Dominican Republic. Bev recently finished work on a documentary about the first man to summit Mt Everest twice. She’s also a passionate still photographer. CRT is honored to have Bev as part of our company. Her videos are insightful, articulate, and the perfect representation of what we do here each season. To see Bev’s CRT videos, visit our YouTube channel at youtube.com/ creederep or CRT’s website, creederep.org/more/video. We are constantly updating them as Bev provides us with new material, so check back often!




Life at Home During Times of War by Sarah Wallace War is a universally devastating experience for its participants regardless of their status as military personnel or military families. Whether they are veterans, people on the ground, or support staff like Denton in The Language of Trees, all give themselves up to this larger service. Injuries of war are shattering, be it sustained physically or emotionally. The commonality of war is its finality; each person having been through it is changed forever. In this play we look past questions of politics and patriotism to the struggle of a single family in a time of war. Military support organizations are often grassroots efforts, founded by the very people who have faced the gravity of war through the loss of a loved one or as survivors of conflict. They spring up organically, out of need, to serve grieving individuals impacted by this common experience. Although organizations such as these are not featured in The Language of Trees, we wanted to acknowledge the great service that they provide by highlighting one group that has helped thousands of families like the one in our play.

TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors) was founded in 1992 by a single individual, Bonnie Carroll, after the death of her husband Brigadier General Tom Carroll, in an Army C-12 plane crash. In the twenty-one years since its founding, TAPS has worked with more than 40,000 surviving family members, casualty assistance officers, chaplains, and others supporting bereaved military families. TAPS has helped more than 27,000 people since 9/11. TAPS is committed to providing compassionate care to anyone who is grieving the death of someone serving in the military, regardless of circumstance of death, relationship to the deceased, or geography. Services are provided free-of-charge. How many families are impacted by military losses in Iraq and Afghanistan? According to TAPS: Bereavement experts tell us that for each active duty military loss, there are 10 people, on average, significantly impacted by the death. They are mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, brothers and sisters, fiancĂŠs, grandparents, cousins, and other family friends and relatives.


CRT President’s Circle: 14

Bill Smith

Bob Slater

Randy Nicholson

One Act No Intermission

Dir ecto r ’s N otes : Michael Perlman

Rated R


In November of 2005 I was on a train riding up the east coast of New England. As I looked out the window at all of the cars and houses and buildings and boats going by, and at the beautiful fall sky, I was struck by what a small world it really is, and how similar the many people who populate it actually are. The reason these thoughts were going through my head was that I had just read a play by one of my great friends, Steven. The Language of Trees reminds me why I do theater - to tell stories that help us understand each other a little better and ourselves a little better. Since that train ride in 2005, whenever anyone has asked me what play I would like to direct, my first answer has always been The Language of Trees. I’m so grateful that CRT has allowed me to share this rich, complex and yet ultimately simple story about the ways in which we try to be understood, a story that makes us look out the window and think about the other people with whom we share the world and what we can do to make it better.

PRODUCTION CREW Director Michael Perlman+ Scenic Design Michael R. Duran Costume Design Tatyana De Pavloff Lighting Design Jacob Welch Stage Manager Jonathan D. Allsup* Assistant Stage Manager Jean Egdorf Asst. to the Stage Manager Devon Muko

CAST Loretta Trumble-Pinkerstone Kate Berry* Denton Pinkerstoen John DiAntonio* Kay Danley Christy Brandt* Eben Trumble-Pinkerstone Brian Kusic Bill Clinton Logan Ernstthal* Originally produced by Roundabout Theatre Company, Todd Haimes, Artistic Director, as part of Roundabout Underground at the Harold and Miriam Steinberg Center for Theatre. The Language of Trees is presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc., New York.

*Member of Actors’ Equity Association,

the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.

Quiller Gallery

“Anything one man can imagine, other men can make real.” - Jules Verne, Around the World in Eighty Days by Jessica Jackson Jules Verne, often called “the father of science fiction,” didn’t hit his stride until later in life. As a young man, he was a law student in Paris. Apparently, it was terribly difficult to live in Paris in the 1850s and resist the temptations of the theater. He earned his law degree, set up a practice, and promptly abandoned it for a career in playwriting. After a decade of struggle, he gave it up and became a stockbroker. What led him to the genre that he would eventually define is anybody’s guess. But there are many clues. He grew up in the bustling port city of Nantes. There he watched the comings and goings of countless ships bringing cargo from all over the globe. Packed tight in their holds was fragrant proof that the world was not big anymore. It was shrinking every day. In his adulthood, Verne and his wife travelled as much as possible - to England frequently, but also at sea on their boat. Verne loved the company of men of science – engineers who imagined fantastic futures where people could fly in winged machines or travel to the depths of the ocean in

pressurized vessels. He served on the board of directors of the presciently named Society for Encouragement of Aerial Locomotion by Means of Heavier-Than-Air Craft. Verne’s popular Journey to the Center of the Earth was inspired by the geological research of the 1850s that unraveled the age of the earth and its multiple ice ages. Verne lived in a time of great technological advancement – especially in transportation, engineering, and manufacturing. To a person living in Europe during the mid to late 19th century, it must have seemed as if all obstacles of nature could be conquered by science. Much of what he dreamed became reality: the electric submarine and the taser from Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea; the lunar module in From the Earth to the Moon; and even videoconferencing and skywriting from In the Year 2889. Although other authors compete for the title of “the father of science fiction” (H.G. Wells comes to mind), it’s hard not to get caught up in Verne’s hopeful vision of the future. He predicted a world whose mysteries could be solved by science—but whose mysteries were also infinite. For Verne, there was always an adventure to be had.


Chuck & Kay Harbert 16

Peggy Longwood Lamb

INTERMISSION: One, 15 Minute

Dir ecto r ’s N otes : Charlie Oates

Rated G


A year ago I flew to Europe. The first leg of my flight, from Los Angeles to London, was about 10 hours long. This same journey would have taken Phileas Fogg and his faithful servant, Passepartout, 16 days. We take our incredibly quick travel and relative comfort (reduced leg room aside) for granted. Sure, seeing the sunrise from 35,000 feet is spectacular, but being contained within a highly engineered and hermetically sealed tube removes us from the wide world that we pass through in a 10-hour trip. In the Victorian world of the 1870s, the “grand tour” of the exotic places on the earth was meant to be savored and experienced slowly and leisurely. Time was a luxury. For the privileged, there was time to take a year-long trip around the world, a portion of which was spent sitting on the deck of an ocean steamer in the middle of the Pacific, gazing across the horizon. Meeting up with friends and eating fish soup in Singapore, strolling a bazaar in Marrakesh or watching a parade in Hong Kong are all things you can do today, but the journey to get to any of those places didn’t take 10 or 15 hours in 1872. It took months. Victorian travelers settled into the taking of time and a rhythm that would drive most modern tourists crazy. Jules Verne created a character with the resources and wits to circumnavigate the world faster than anyone could conceive in 1872. The journey, however, doesn’t seem to interest him. He bears more resemblance to the contestants on The Amazing Race because it’s the will to win the wager he made in London that pulls him forward. The cast of characters he travels with and meets admire his uncompromising drive, but ultimately the only thing that makes him pause is a woman. He wins her heart not only by saving her but also by his single-minded quest to defy time, space and logistics. This woman, Aouda, wins his heart by making him pause to think about her, the world outside his mind and the emptiness of his obsessively structured solo life. Though this woman forces Fogg to consider his rigid, task-oriented existence, his achievement in Around the World in 80 Days remains remarkable and wonderful. It also asks us to consider whether speeding from place to place is worth it. Jules Verne’s story imagined what people and the technology of the day were capable of. If there were a sequel to the story, Aouda would prove to Fogg that having love in his life would drastically change his future trips. We can imagine the two of them leaning against the railing of a ship, gazing at the sunset, hoping that the voyage will last as long as possible.


Charlie Oates

Scenic Design

Mark Guirguis

Costume Design

Tatyana De Pavloff

Lighting Design

Jacob Welch

Sound Design Stage Manager Assistant Stage Manager

Jake Harbour Leigh’Ann Andrews* Maegan Burnell

CAST Phileas Fogg

Dustin Bronson

Passepartout and others

Graham Ward

Aouda and others

Caitlin Wise*

Detective Fix and others

John Arp*

Quite a lot of characters

Patrick Du Laney*

Produced by special arrangement with Dramatic Publishing, Woodstock, Illinois

*Member of Actors’ Equity Association,

the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.


CAST John DiAntonio Anthony Jackson Jessica Jackson Brian Kusic Graham Ward Caitlin Wise + more...

production crew Tech Improviser Jean Egdorf Musical Improviser Joe Montelione Sound EngineerPROVISER Jake Harbour Scenic Design Elizabeth “Biz” Grim Lighting Design Mandy Heath


18 18

of the



A comedy for the centuries by Elizabeth Zurn Researching Shakespeare’s life and work unfolds like a choose-your-own-adventure book. Despite the fact that Shakespeare was a ridiculously productive and successful actor/playwright, very little is known about his life, either professional or personally. This lack of concrete evidence, instead of tempering scholars’ attempts to build a complete picture of him, often causes biographers to assert their own favorite theory as fact. Did Shakespeare love his wife? Or was his relationship with Anne Hathaway a summer fling turned forced marriage? When acting, did he perform small roles like Hamlet’s father’s ghost? Or did he play his bolder female characters, like Much Ado’s Beatrice and Shrew’s Katherine? Could the uneducated son of a country glove-maker really write this well? Or was Shakespeare just a front-man for the nobleman Francis Bacon, the playwright Christopher Marlowe, or even Elizabeth I herself? The wilder the theory, the more seductive it is, especially within the context of the larger-than-life worlds of the Elizabethan and Jacobean eras. Religious suppression, international conspiracy, and the constant struggle for political power dominate our understanding of those periods. Add the romanticized world of the theatre, and you’ve got the perfect conditions for biographies-gone-wild. Scholars find themselves in the same predicament when attempting to identify what should be the most basic element



of any play: the playwright’s original text. Most of Shakespeare’s plays have a clear source text, a few early pirated publications around the time they were produced, and a printing in the Folio of 1623, which compiled 36 of Shakespeare’s plays. We do not know which, if any, of the publications were based on Shakespeare’s manuscripts. Shrew’s original text is particularly impossible to identify. Unlike most of Shakespeare’s other plays, no known source text exists for Shrew. This story first appeared in print as The Taming of a Shrew in 1594. The Taming of the Shrew was published in the Folio of 1623. If you skimmed those last two sentences, you may have missed the tiny difference in indefinite verses definite articles (a and the). The two plays have similar major plot elements, but differ greatly in dialogue and focus. Scholars have labeled A Shrew a ‘bad quarto,’ meaning we don’t know what it is, but it probably was not written by Shakespeare. However, the scripts are so similar that it seems there must be a relationship of some kind between this bad quarto and Shakespeare’s script. One popular theory is that A Shrew was pirated ‘as remembered’ by a few actors who had performed in Shakespeare’s The Shrew. Alternatively, it could be an early draft of Shakespeare’s, later revised to The Shrew. Even more intriguing, it could be an entirely different play written by another playwright that Shakespeare stole from to write his Shrew. While pretending to get to the > > >

INTERMISSION: One, 15 Minute

> > > bottom of this mystery would be fun, in the end we have to admit that we will probably never know exactly what words, or even what plot elements, Shakespeare originally envisioned for this play. Instead of spending our time tangled in questions of historical precision, we at Creede Rep focus on what we think is truly important about this play: it’s funny. We offer you Nagle Jackson’s setting of The Tamin’ of the Shrew, with some cuts, a creative new setting, and a lot of laughter. We hope you have a great time.

*** Dir ecto r ’s N otes : Nagle Jackson “The Taming of the Shrew”, though an early play, is quite possibly Shakespeare’s most psychologically complex and “modern” love story. This may come as a radical statement to traditionalists who know it as a rowdy, simplistic and sexist farce. It is often played as such - and probably was so in Shakespeare’s day – but as with any masterpiece, it is deceptively subtle and reveals itself more intricately the more it is played and examined. In its topsy-turvy plot, the “shrew” becomes the ideal wife and the darling ingénue becomes a perfect bitch. This is a typical farce construct, but in Shakespeare’s hand it becomes much more than that. Kate is not an angry shrew; she is desperate. Ignored and misunderstood by her tyrannical father and effectively put up for sale, she is quite alone in a rude and shallow mercantile society. Her only defense is offense. Along comes an outsider, Petruchio, a man of wit and imagination, independent and, yes, attractive, who can match her intellectually as no other man in this provincial town can. He is the only adult in the crowd and can see through her armor. He resorts to what today we would call “tough love” or possibly “shock therapy”, but either way, these two can’t take their eyes off each other. Kate is only truly stricken when Petruchio fails to appear on time for the wedding. However, as the renowned critic Harold Bloom has noted, this will be the happiest married couple in all of Shakespeare. I’ve set the play against an Old West background, the play being presented in a tavern during the last days of the Gold Rush. Shakespeare used a tavern also in his problematic and un-concluded Induction, which is rarely presented nowadays. I hope our tavern, in a small mining town, introduces the play in a familiar atmosphere, one in which, as in all those movie westerns, the macho hero is eventually tamed by the rancher’s beautiful daughter.


More Reads: For a reasonable accounting of Shakespeare’s life, check out Will in the World by Stephen Greenblatt. If you like ‘out-there’ theories, read James Forse’s Art Imitates Business. Look to Elizabeth Schafer’s Shakespeare in Production: The Taming of the Shrew for more information on Shrew’s publication and production history.

Rated PG

PRODUCTION CREW Director Nagle Jackson+ Scenic Design Rosario Provenza Costume Design Georgianna Londre Buchanan Lighting Design Jacob Welch Original Music Joe Montelione Stage Manager Leigh’Ann Andrews* Assistant Stage Manager Devon Muko

CAST Christy Sly Chicago Lu P.J.

Chad Afanador Anne F. Butler Joe Montelione


Kate Petruchio Dodd/Baptista Bianca Lucentio Gremio Hortensio Tranio Grumio Biondello Vincentio A Pedant

Kate Berry* John DiAntonio* Logan Ernstthal* Caitlin Wise* Dustin Bronson John Arp* Zachary Keenan Graham Ward Patrick Du Laney* Aram Monisoff John S. Green* Andy Brown

*Member of Actors’ Equity Association,

the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.

concerts & special events

Adam Bartley Live in Concert

[ the ruth - 7/13 – 7:30 PM ]

He’s back! A beloved CRT alum and regular on A&E’s Longmire, Adam lends his dazzling voice and infectious humor to us once more. You might remember how much you loved Adam in CRT Songbook, Forever Plaid, Swiss Family Robinson, Pan and Boone, and A Wonderful Noise. All proceeds benefit CRT. Creede Arts Council CD Release Concert [ The Ruth - 7/21 – 7:30 PM ] The Creede Art Council’s 2nd album is released! The first CAC Album, “High Mountain Collection,” was a big hit and sold out quickly! These compilations showcase the talents of our town’s many musicians. They expect this compilation to be just as popular as the first. And the concert is always a blast!

Brush with the Blues

[ the Ruth - 7/23 – 7:30 PM ]

Back by popular demand! The magical brush of internationally-known painter, Steve Quiller, joins forces with the folk/blues stylings of singer-guitarist Richard Ormsby. This combination of virtuoso painting and crusty blues climaxes in the creation of a breathtaking work of art, auctioned at the end of the evening to benefit CRT. Mining Through Poetry, Stories, and Song [ The Ruth - 7/24 – 7:30 PM ]

Join the Creede Historical Society for their 4th annual celebration of mining. This year’s theme: The Year of the Miner. This event will honor past, present, and future miners through poetry, stories, and song. All proceeds benefit the Creede Historical Society.

Songs of the American West: Michael Mayes in Concert

[ the Mainstage - 8/15 – 7:30 ]

Michael Mayes, baritone, and renowned interpreter of modern American opera will present a nostalgic evening of song from the recital and opera stage that will explore the rich history of the American West as interpreted by American Composers. Traditional favorites, as well as new compositions will be incorporated to pay tribute to this universally adored, often parodied, yet always interesting period of American history. All proceeds benefit CRT. Company Cabaret [ the Ruth - 9/5 – 10:30 PM ] The inmates are running the asylum! We’ve turned The Ruth over to our 2013 company for the night. We’re as curious as you are to see what they do with it. All proceeds benefit CRT (and the inmates get to decide how!) 23


the KID Show!

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Teen Scene - high school

> adapted by John DiAntonio / (ages 10 and over)

> >

Participants will design and create the set, puppets, and costumes, while rehearsing the play to be performed at CRT.


9th – 12th grades / $250 per week or $400 for both weeks Week 1: July 23 – 27 /10am – 4pm

Stage Combat, Improv Comedy, and Auditioning Week 1: July 30 – August 3 / 10am – 4pm

> Rehearsals start June 11th / FREE to participants > Performances are July 13th, 17th, 20th, & 24th in The Ruth. > Performances are free & all ages are welcome!

Work on a real live full-length musical!

Story People

Let your imagination run wild! Work with CRT professionals to create the extraordinary characters of Peter and the Wolf.Wo


ages 5-7 / $145 / June 25 – 29 10am-12pm

Wolf! - A Puppet Play > ages 8-12

/ $195 / June 25 – 29 / 10am-1pm

Every good play starts with a good story - this collaborative story-making experience celebrates the brilliant ideas of kids!


Move! - An Extraordinary Dance Experience

Join us for a captivating half hour of stories & songs.


ages 8-12 / $195 / July 23 – 27 / 10am-1pm

This joy-filled camp is for the kids that simply can’t (or won’t) sit still. Come shake it in this high-energy dance extravaganza!

Teen Scene - middle school > > >

6th – 8th grades / $200 per week or $320 for both weeks

- Low-Flying Trapeze / 10am – 2pm - Improv Comedy

Week 1: July 23 – July 27 / 10am-2pm Week 2: July 30 – August 3

Celebrating 30 years


> ALL AGES / June 6th, 13th, & 20th at 1:00pm

in CRT’s Ruth Humphreys Brown Theatre Lobby

o i R l E The River

of our Young Audience Outreach Tour! in 2012, we reached 18,984 students throughout colorado, new mexico, oklahoma and utah!

This year we’ve teamed up with Denver’s Su Teatro to create a series of bilingual (Spanish/English) plays that use Earth Science to explore and celebrate the rich mythologies, landscapes, and languages of the Southwest. The first play in this series, El Rio/The River, follows the journey of two sisters as they learn the importance of water in shaping the lives of immigrants, settlers, and native people. EL RIO/the river: the tears of la llorona: Book by Anthony J. Garcia / illustrated by mathew mcfarren Music by Daniel Valdez / Lyrics by Anthony J. Garcia & Daniel Valdez

for information about camps & tours: 719-658-2540 x 227 or Renee@CreedeRep.com A heartfelt thank you to CRT’s education sponsors: The Krueger Charitable Foundation / The National Endowment for the Arts / The Hitchcock Foundation The Cohen Legacy Fund / The Lone Tree Arts Commission / Hecla Mining Company / The Monte Vista Movie Manor


BIG KIDS, too Acto rs ’ Lab

Chat Backs

Work with CRT professionals on a full-length play! Labor Day Weekend from 10am – 4pm / $195 August 27 – September 1 Actors’ Lab is designed for beginners and amateur actors with various levels of experience. Risk-takers welcome! Fun guaranteed!

Pr e- Sh ow Talks


private parties Dinner with a CRT Celebrity? Private Pre-Show Talk, Chat Back, or Tour for your group?

William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead By John Heimbuch S a ra h@ Cre e d eRep.com


It’s a whole other world back there! CRT’s Managing Director reveals the tricks of the trade, CRT’s colorful history, and much more.

Around the World in 80 Days Adapted by Mark Brown from the novel by Jules Verne

for reservations: Sa ra h Wa ll a ce


Let’s talk about this play! morning people : we’ll meet at the Mainstage Lobby before grabbing breakfast at a local restaurant to hash over the previous evening’s play with special guests. night owls : stick around after select performances for a talk-back and wine.

Backstage To urs

Want to know more? Join us before select performances for juicy insights into the play you are about to see.


See schedule on page 6 for dates and ti mes.

719 -6 5 8 -254 0x233

season art poster ARTIST: Peggy Morgan Stenmark, Beginnings COLLECTIBLE PRINT: 19.5” x 24” (offset on Endurance Velvet with a Dull Aqueous Coating) To purchase this collectible print: > visit us at the Mainstage box office > or visit www.creederep.org 2013: Creede Repertory Theatre

Our 48th seasOn


Painting full time since 1999, Peggy Morgan Stenmark is a nationally known, award-winning Colorado artist, specializing in watercolors and acrylics. Her work has appeared in numerous juried art shows throughout the country, including the American Watercolor Society’s annual show in New York City. Her paintings have been featured in both Watercolor and Watercolor Magic magazines, and are included in the book Creative Freedoms. In 2007 she was chosen as one of ‘The Ones to Watch’ by Watercolor Magic magazine. Her style is characterized by bold colors and strong, graphic design. Peggy is a signature member of the American Watercolor Society, the National Watercolor Society, the Rocky Mountain Watermedia Society, Western Federation of Watercolor Societies and the Colorado Watercolor Society. She is represented by The Gallery at frame shop:creede, in Creede, Colorado. Her work can also be viewed on her web site at pmorganoriginals.com.


gallery artists al 13th Annu mall National S Print Show

The 13th Annual National Small Print Show / Opens May 25 Mainstage Lobby Gallery This juried exhibition contains over 100 small prints from fine artists across the country. Whether you’re looking to collect or just appreciate, come celebrate this miniature medium. The National Small Print Show is a Creede institution hosted and presented by the Creede Arts Council. For the last thirteen years the National Small Print Show has been judged by an array of regional artists whose talent and artistic integrity have contributed to the success of this long-running show. This year, the Creede Arts Council presents a National Small Print Show Judges’ Retrospective in the Mainstage Upstairs Gallery. At once a celebration of artistic achievement and a salute to the heritage of the Small Print Show, after you take in this year’s smallprint submissions, come upstairs to view the judges’ work on display.

Sue Patterson: Heavy Metal and the Junkyard Dog / Opens June 22 Ruth Humphreys Brown Theatre LOBBY Colorado-native Sue Patterson lives in Alamosa. Sue has been creating scrap- metal sculptures for the last year, in addition to being a watercolor painter. After a twenty-five-year teaching career, in which she taught all levels of art from kindergarten through college, Sue is now devoting her energy to her own work and arts advocacy. In 2009, Sue was honored with the Colorado Art Education Association’s Elementary Art Educator of the Year Award. Her work has been accepted in juried and invitational shows, group exhibitions and one-woman shows throughout Colorado. Sue’s work may be seen at All Good Things Gallery in Monte Vista, The Maverick Potter Gallery in Salida, CO and Inn of the Rio Grande in Alamosa.

Toni Davlin: A Retrospective / Opens June 28 / Mainstage Upstairs Gallery Born in 1917, Toni Davlin earned her degree in Interior Design at the University of Colorado. While there, she was able to study under and later collaborate with Muriel Sibell Wolle. In her mid-twenties she came to Creede, CO and began artistically recording the old mines and cabins in the Creede, Bachelor, and Sunnyside areas. Toni was also interested in historic preservation. Along with her husband Chuck, she founded the Creede Museum, which was housed first in their old garage. The museum lives on today and is currently housed in the historic Creede Railway Depot. She was also responsible for the renovation and restoration of Saint Augustine’s Episcopal Church. Her last artistic endeavor was the restoration of the train depot at Wagon Wheel Gap. Toni taught at Graland Country Day School, helped manage the LaGarita and 4UR Ranches, and took up weaving. One of her works is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

Debra & James Ferrari / Opens July 26 Mainstage Upstairs & Downstairs Galleries Debra was born and raised in Ohio and studied graphic design at Kent State University. Debra won her first art award for an abstract painting when she was 5 years old and has never stopped drawing, painting and creating throughout her life. Ferrari started D.S. Artist, Inc. in 1997 and painted fine art murals for some of the top interior designers and architects in Southwest Florida. Hundreds of her murals and paintings adorn ceilings and walls in private residences in Florida. Her murals and paintings have been featured in numerous magazines and books. In the fall of 2011, the Ferraris moved their studios to Pagosa Springs, Co. Today, Debra classifies herself as a “Western Oil Painter.” Her paint horse named Montana inspired her to create equine paintings. Ferrari exhibitions and collectors include Jon Bon Jovi, Broadway Gallery, Space 39, Naples Art Museum Studio Walk & Saks Fifth Ave. James was born in New York and grew up in Florida. He started welding while he was working on his Bachelors of Fine Art degree at Florida State University. Today, Ferrari works with many different types of tools and welding equipment to create his metal sculptures. Having an incredible eye for detail, James is a skilled sculptor, engineer and designer who has created many works of art for private, corporate and celebrity clients and collectors. His horse sculptures are rare and highly collected since he incorporates authentic Ferrari car parts into his sculptures. James was named one of the “Top Up-and-Coming Contemporary Artists” in 2009 by New Art International magazine. Ferrari exhibits in numerous galleries, has been featured in a WGCU PBS special and published in numerous magazines and newspapers. Ferraristudios.net

Jeff Henderson / Opens August 30 / Mainstage Downstairs Gallery Jeffrey B. Henderson was born in Louisville, Kentucky and raised in Henderson, Kentucky. In 1997, he fell in love with the mountains of Creede where he currently resides. Jeff worked as a carpenter with Brian Anderson on the famed “Boat House” of Creede, which was featured in Architectural Digest. His first artistic works were wooden bowls given as gifts to friends and family. Jeff started his business Morning Woodworks in 2004. He works mostly with Bristolcone pine. It is known as ‘living stone’ because of its incredible density and weight. By counting the rings in each piece of wood, Jeff can estimate the life span of the tree. Some local finds date back to around when Columbus landed in the Americas. Jeff partnered with CRT in 2011 to create the wooden table that took center stage in The Road to Mecca. During his exhibition, The Mecca table will be on display in the lobby of the Mainstage Theatre. He sells his work at Rare Things Gallery, as well as other cities around the U.S.

Joyce Heuman Kramer / Opens August 30 / Mainstage Upstairs Gallery Watercolor artist Joyce Heuman has been painting for over 20 years. She received her BFA from University of Colorado, Boulder. Her work has won honorable mention in national and online competitions and many remain in private and public collections throughout the U.S. She relocated to McElmo Canyon near Cortez in 2007 and recently served as the Artist in Residence for the Anasazi Heritage Center. Recent works in watercolors come from her love of the landscape and history in the Canyon of the Ancients, Colorado and the canyon country of Utah. She is constantly in search of the new image, new perspective and new information that can change how she sees her world. “As a studio painter, I am drawn to watercolor’s liquid nature and am tuned into the earth elements providing a show of infinite inspiration.”




“He that undertaketh the story of a time, especially of any length, cannot but meet with many blanks and spaces which he must be forced to fill up out of his own wit and conjecture.” - Francis Bacon, The Advancement of Learning, 1620

An interview with the author, John Heimbuch CRT: We’ve received more enthusiastic questions about your play than any other in our season. How did the idea to combine Shakespeare’s theatre company and zombies even occur to you? JH: I was at a party in September 2007 when a friend suggested I should write a play about Shakespeare vs. Zombies - what a great concept! Of course, being a serious writer of (somewhat) discerning taste, I immediately thought it was the dumbest idea I’d ever heard. I love Shakespeare’s writing, but zombies were silly and overdone, and I couldn’t see how to make them work together without campy results. Over the next month, I often told people about my friend’s idea and much to my surprise, everyone seemed really excited by it. At the end of October I finally figured out how to make it work! By framing the story around the Francis Bacon authorship debate and the pandering antics of Will Kemp, the script became a commentary on the values of high

art vs. populism, artistic vision vs. pandering, Shakespeare vs. Zombies… and a great way to make fun of the friend who suggested the idea (who happens to bear a curious similarity to Francis Bacon). CRT: You played Will Shakespeare in the original production. As a playwright, what experiences of your own influenced how you wrote that character? JH: We mostly think of William Shakespeare as a playwright now, but he was also an actor and a company member of the Lord Chamberlain’s Men. I also hold the titles of actor, writer, and company member for Walking Shadow Theatre Company, and as I began to research this play I felt a great sense of kinship toward Shakespeare – especially after reading James Shapiro’s excellent biography A Year in the Life of William Shakespeare: 1599. That book really gives a sense of the issues Shakespeare faced in his daily life and how those events were reflected in his plays. This inspired me to echo many aspects of my own theatrical life within the play, including some of my own > > >


Sunny Valley Farms 32

> > > frustrations as a writer and a few hidden references to Minneapolis’s theatre scene. As a result, Shakespeare’s lines often held a double meaning for the audience when I spoke them. Playing Shakespeare allowed me to lampoon my own lofty artistic ambitions (and receding hairline), and remains my most joyful theatrical experience.

One Act No Intermission


Rated PG-13

CRT: So…lifeless hoards afflicted with an “imbalance of the humors” are trying to claw their way into a theatre. What exactly are you saying here, John? JH: Sounds like a successful marketing campaign, doesn’t it? CRT: Do you often find yourself writing about the undead? JH: I suppose I do! I’ve written adaptations of both Dracula and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, and I co-wrote a five-episode penny dreadful for the stage called London After Midnight, which had all sorts of ghoulish creatures in it. While I don’t consider myself as a horror writer, I’m also not afraid of dabbling in different genres if an idea strikes me. I’ve also written about highwaymen, time travel, penguins, and punk rock… I guess I like telling stories about honest emotions under extreme circumstances, and fantastic elements are a great way of doing that.

the dancing dead a ZOMBIE STREET PARTY august 25 9:3opm


Director Jessica Jackson Fight Choreographer Geoffrey Kent Scenic Design Amanda Embry Costume Design Anthony James Sirk Lighting Design Jacob Welch Sound Design Jake Harbour Make-up Design T. Jefferson Carey Stage Manager Jonathan D. Allsup* Asstistant Stage Manager Maegan Burnell Asst. to the Stage Manager Devon Muko


(in order of appearance) Will Kemp Patrick Du Laney* Kate Braithwaite Caitlin Wise* William Shakespeare John DiAntonio* Richard Burbage Dustin Bronson John Rice Anthony Jackson John Sinklo Chad Afanador Francis Bacon Logan Ernstthal* Sir Robert Cecil Graham Ward Queen Elizabeth Christy Brandt* Doctor John Dee John Arp* Soldier 1 Zachary Keenan Soldier 2 Aram Monisoff Afflicted and others Andy Brown Brian Kusic Kate Berry* Bethany Eileen Talley

William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead is presented by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.

*Member of Actors’ Equity Association,

the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.

The video and/or audio recording of this performance by any means whatsoever are strictly prohibited.

is ma de po ss ib le on as se th 48 ’s tre ea Th ry rto pe Re Cre ed e fo llowing sp on so rs: e th of t or pp su us ro ne ge e th h th ro ug ALL GOOD THINGS GALLERY & GIFT BOUTIQUE All Good Things is a gallery-and-gift boutique that features original artwork by local artists, a clothing line by Colorado resident Autumn Teneyl, and a wide variety of fun, eclectic gift items. Located in downtown Monte Vista, the gallery is nestled in the heart of Colorado’s beautiful San Luis Valley. We are housed in a historic home originally built in the late 1800’s. To find us, look for The Mansion Bed & Breakfast as you drive through Monte Vista on Hwy 160. We are just one block south!

ANTLERS RIO GRANDE LODGE & RESTAURANT Bordering national forest on a secluded bend of the Rio Grande, Antlers is known for its premier trout fishing waters and offers cabins, rooms, and RV spaces to the public. At day’s end, come enjoy fine dining in a leisurely atmosphere at the Riverside Restaurant.

BIG RIVER MUSIC: Big River Music’s new store opened on Main Street in April of 2010, and we are thrilled to be a part of the thriving Creede art community! Big River Music is proud to sponsor Boomtown and would like to thank CRT’s patrons for their support of the performing arts and Creede.


FOUNDATION: Since 1937, The

Boettcher Foundation’s mission has been to invest in the minds and mortar of Colorado. We do this by awarding full four-year in-state scholarships to the state’s top highschool seniors and by providing capital grants to Colorado nonprofits.

Jim and Irene Brown: Irene and Jim Brown came to the Creede area in 2001 from Champaign, Illinois where they had always enjoyed repertory theater at the Little Theater on the Square. The continuously amazing actors, staff and playwrights of the Creede Repertory Theatre and “The Ruth” have elevated their love for this art form and appreciation for the power of “rep” to entertain, tickle the funny bone and understand the traditions and history of the San Juan Mountains. The Browns have actively supported CRT over the years with Jim currently serving on the Board of Trustees.


CHUCK & KAY HARBERT: Chuck and Kay came to Mineral County in 1999. Through the years, they have actively supported the theatre, with Kay serving as a Board member from 2002 – 2008. Long-time play sponsors and fundraisers, they believe that CRT is integral to the Creede experience.

PAT & KAZIE HAYES: Pat and Kazie Hayes have lived in the area for almost fifteen years and have always supported the theatre in some way. The Hayes Family feels that it is important that the community do what it can to make sure that CRT is able to continue to provide the quality live theatre that it has worked so hard to create. THE HITCHCOCK FOUNDATION: The Eleanor and Henry Hitchcock Charitable Foundation is proud to support The KID Show for the 2013 season. Now in its 11th year, The KID Show is created and performed by local youth in collaboration with CRT professionals. THE HOGLUND FOUNDATION: The Hoglund Foundation has been a significant partner to CRT for well over twenty years. Personally and through the Foundation, the Hoglunds recognize the value of art in their community and are pleased to sponsor CRT’s 2013 production of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.


(See page 50)

KRUEGER CHARITABLE FOUNDATION: The Krueger Charitable Foundation’s commitment has been instrumental in supporting the literacy component of CRT’s Young Audience Outreach Tour. Their gifts fund the tour directly and purchase thousands of storybooks for students in under-served elementary schools where the tour performs. The next three seasons of the Young Audience Outreach Tour, focusing on earth science, will serve as a special tribute to Bill Krueger’s memory. Bill was a geologist with a passion for earth science and education.


a grant from the Colorado Creative Industries, which was made possible through an annual appropriation from the Colorado General Assembly and federal funds from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Our mission is to enhance the quality of life in our community by being a catalyst for economic growth and stability, while providing financial products and services along with first-rate client care. With additional branches in Lake City, Bayfield and Durango, we always have community at heart.

CREEDE AMERICA GROUP: Creede America is a


unique subdivision that sits up on the mesa on the west side of the city of Creede. Great architecture, cutting-edge green technologies and stunning views make Creede America the place to be in Creede. Feel free to stop by our Main Street office for more information or to take a tour.

El Pomar Foundation: El Pomar Foundation, based in Colorado Springs, is one of the largest and oldest private foundations in the Rocky Mountain West. El Pomar contributes approximately $20 million annually through grants and programs to support Colorado nonprofit organizations involved in health, human services, education, arts and humanities, and civic and community initiatives. Spencer and Julie Penrose founded El Pomar in 1937. 34

FIRST SOUTHWEST BANK: First Southwest Bank offers excellent customer service from an experienced staff. We respect your confidentiality and are creative in meeting your banking needs. First Southwest has been a strong supporter for many years and believes in promoting the arts and culture in the San Luis Valley.

Young Audience Outreach Tour is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts, Art Works.

THE OLD FIREHOUSE: The Old Firehouse Restaurant and Bed & Breakfast is located in the heart of downtown Creede in a quaint historic building. New owners Charles and Brenda Maze would like to invite you to come enjoy some of the best food in town, ice cream, drinks, pizza or a place to spend the night. Go to our website www. theoldfirehouse.com to make reservations in one of our four Victorian style rooms. Now providing specialty catering services. Stop, Drop and Roll into The Old Firehouse for an amazing experience. sponsors {cont’d}

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PEGGY LONGWOOD LAMB: Peggy Longwood Lamb has been a part of

SAN JUAN SPORTS: Open since 1974, San Juan Sports

the Creede community since 1939 when her parents bought their cabin at Spar City. She has witnessed this historic venue’s transformation from a movie house to its present use as the home of Creede Repertory Theatre. Desiring to secure the financial stability of CRT, Ralph and Peggy Lamb established the Ralph & Peggy Lamb Endowment Fund in 1994, paving the way for the creation of the CRT endowment. The leadership and vision of Ralph and Peggy will forever provide a rich cultural legacy for Creede and its community of visitors.

provides for all your outdoor sporting needs. As proud distributors of the finest outdoor products, San Juan Sports offers outdoor sporting equipment, clothing and shoes. New owners Michael and Amy McNeil, along with San Juan Sports staff, are proud to sponsor William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead. Please check out our new website and join our mailing list at www.sanjuansports.com.

PHIPPS LA GARITA RANCH: Since 1908, through five generations, Phipps La Garita Ranch has been a Rio Grande treasure. Surrounded by national forest seven miles south of Creede, we offer luxury cabins and lodge rooms on 1,880 acres with exceptional private fly-fishing on 2-1/2 miles of the Rio Grande, 3-1/2 miles of Bellows Creek, and four lakes. Other activities include horseback riding, hiking, swimming, mountain biking, canoeing, and wildlife viewing. La Garita is a wonderful place for family reunions, weddings, seminars, retreats, and business meetings. Please visit our website at www. plagr.com for more information, or call us at (719) 658-2239. In recognition and appreciation of CRT’s significant contribution to Creede’s artistic and cultural life, the Phipps family is proud to sponsor Boomtown: Improv Comedy this season.

QUILLER GALLERY: The Quiller Gallery is honored to have partnered with Creede Repertory Theatre in the arts for more than forty years. The gallery features water media paintings and etchings by internationally known artist, author and teacher Stephen Quiller. Also on display are sculptural and ceramic works of the four noted Colorado artists Gail Frasier, Jocelyn Russell, Sam Saunders, and Cloyde Snook.

RARE THINGS GALLERY: Rare Things Gallery of Treasures: An unforgettable Shopping Adventure led by enthusiastic, knowledgeable staff through intriguing collections of designer jewelry, decorative arts, pottery, woodwork, paintings, photography, unique furniture, antiques, rocks, minerals and fossils. Representing Inge Horsehair Jewelry. Extraordinary Treasure Hunting since 1974!

RIO GRANDE ANGLER: A locally owned fly shop, RGA offers the highest quality fly-fishing equipment and apparel. We provide walk/wade and float trips on the Rio Grande and surrounding streams. We are proud of our excellent customer service and friendly atmosphere.

BOB AND DIXIE SLATER: Bob and Dixie came to Creede in ’93 to escape the summer heat of Texas. It turned into summers of great theatre and good friends. Bob served as President and Chair of the Building and Capital Campaign for the ‘Ruth’ over a ten-year period of board service. TEXAS FRIENDS OF CREEDE THEATRE: These longtime supporters of CRT include Margaret Acton, Tom and Dorothy Childers, Joan Green Jeffrey, John and Betty Martin, Glenn and Betsy Pense, Kenneth and Bernice Ribe, Erik and Beverly Sandvik, Bob and Bonnie Siddons, Bob and Dixie Slater, Don and Ruth Ulm. TOMKINS HARDWARE AND LUMBER: Tomkins Hardware and Lumber, located at 127 N Main and 105 Wall Street, has been a staple business in Creede since 1892. In the past two years, while under new ownership, Tomkins has increased offerings in both the hardware store and the newly built lumberyard. Tomkins carries everything that contractors and homeowners need for projects large and small. A professional staff is always ready to advise and help you tackle any project. VALLEY COURIER: Believing that fine entertainment is hard to come by in rural America, the Valley Courier takes pride in carrying the message of CRT to Courier readers across the San Luis Valley and is proud to sponsor The Language of Trees. Visit us at alamosanews.com. VIRGINIA CHRISTENSEN TRUST & THE CITY OF CREEDE: As a means of celebrating the good times her husband Emil spent in and around Creede, Virginia Christensen bequeathed $3 million dollars to the City of Creede. As beneficiaries of the charitable trust, the city helps support recreational activities in the town through biannual grants.


WALL, SMITH, BATEMAN INC.: Serving Colorado since 1974, this preeminent public-accounting firm is guided by our mission to help our clients achieve financial success. We offer a full range of accounting services for individuals and businesses.

mutual bank, our employees understand that their first responsibility is finding solutions to the financial needs of our members. This commitment has been the key to our success. We’re delighted to share our success with CRT because we appreciate the cultural and economic enrichment it brings to Creede and the San Luis Valley.

UNION CREDITS: Creede Repertory Theatre operates under an agreement between the League of Resident Theatres (LORT) and Actors’ Equity Association and the Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers.


AFFILIATIONS: Creede Repertory Theatre is a constituent of the Theatre Communications Group (TCG), the national service organization for nonprofit theatres. CRT is a member of the League of Resident Theatres (LORT), Colorado Theatre Guild, and Creede/Mineral County, Lake City, South Fork, Pagosa Springs, and Alamosa Chambers of Commerce.

San Luis Valley Rural Electric Cooperative, serving you since 1937, has been an ardent supporter of CRT for dozens of years. SLV-REC applauds the theatre’s commitment to the arts and its patrons and is proud to sponsor Pants on Fire.

SHUBERT FOUNDATION: The Shubert Foundation is a national foundation based in New York City, dedicated to supporting the performing arts in the United States, primarily theatre companies and secondarily, dance companies.

SUNNY VALLEY FARMS, INC.: Sunny Valley Farms, Inc., a thirdgeneration San Luis Valley agricultural family farm, is honored for this opportunity to support our local professional theatre company in its 48th successful season of bringing amazing talent to this mountain setting so dear to our hearts.

Creede Repertory Theatre does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, handicap or age in accordance with federal law.

thank you! 37

Meet the family...

Our 2013 Board of Trustees

Bill Smith President Creede, CO

Michael Quint

Bonnie Asplin Del Norte, CO

Iowa City, IA & one of these days, Creede, CO

Elise Backinger

Michelle Richardson

Diane Knutzon

Vice President - Board Development South Fork, CO & Denver, CO

Rick Sloan

Vice President – Facilities Fairway, KS & Creede, CO

Salida, CO

Creede, CO

Mary Sculley

Jim Brown

Dallas, TX & South Fork, CO

Denver, CO & South Fork, CO

Mort Weir

Vice President – Development Champaign, IL & Lake City, CO

Ron Yates

Vice President – Finance Houston, TX & Lake City, CO

Jenna Ford Secretary Center, CO

Jerry DeVault

Barbara Taylor

St. Charles, IL & Creede, CO

Silver City, NM & Creede, CO

Bob Slater

Terre Jones

President Emeritus Arlington, TX & Creede, CO

Santa Fe, NM

Lindsey Leavell

Creede, CO & Denver, CO

And, welcome to our newest board members: Gary Kring Littleton, CO

Arlene Payne Houston, TX & Pagosa Springs, CO

I love the magical way... ...CRT touches our hearts and minds, promotes the arts through education and enriches the lives of young and old alike through quality theatre experiences that only get better each year! - Jenna Ford ...CRT has taught me that there is little one cannot achieve if given the passion and drive. I have watched this theatre grow for more than 30 years into a wonderful, giving, well-run organization... - Michelle Richardson 38

in 2012 we . . . Took to the skies

Fell in love

Wrote a novel

es and John Arp Steven Cole Hugh in Is He Dead? Chaperone Cast of The Drowsy

Got political

Morohunfola Tyler Horn and Tosin in The Presidents!

e Stynchula John Arp and Rene in Ghost-Writer

Learned some manners

Flexed our muscles


raham Ward Annie Butler and G M in rs. Mannerly

. . . and it’s all thanks to

the Great Tyler Horn in Harry

Only 55% of our operating budget comes from Ticket Sales. The rest comes from the generous contributions of individuals, foundations, and businesses.

We can’t do it without you. There are so many ways to give : Annual Fund | Honorariam or Memorial | Endowment | Sponsor a Seat in the Ruth Humphreys Brown Theatre Play Sponsorship | Headwaters New Play Development Program | Education Programs Young Audience Outreach Tour | Planned Giving | Matching Gift Programs Make a difference today : contact Maggie Schlundt at 719.658.2540 ext. 231 or maggie@creederep.com You can also donate online at www.creederep.org!

Far and Wide

and Alaska

From east to west, from north to south, our amazing donors team up to make great theatre possible at 8,852 ft.

CRT Does Denver!

{ 2013 marks our 4th year of partnership with Denver’s acclaimed Arvada Center } Since its opening in July 1976, the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities has grown to become one of the largest multidisciplinary cultural institutions in the western US. The Center offers year-round theater, concerts and dance; three art galleries; a history museum; and classes in ceramics, dance, music, acting and visual arts. The Arvada Center is nationally known for its award winning and critically acclaimed theatrical productions. The Center features two performance venues, the 500-seat Main Stage and 220-seat Black Box and offers four musicals and three plays annually. One of the most nominated and awarded theaters along the Front Range, the Arvada Center was recently honored by the Colorado Theatre Guild with the coveted Henry Award for Outstanding Season for a Theater Company.

R. Atchison Photographer

see around the world in 80 days at The Arvada Center October 1 – 27 Tickets : 720.898.7200 / ArvadaCenter.org

Feel the Love Donating to Creede Repertory Theatre will enable us to reach nearly 50,000 patrons and school children through our theatrical productions and young audience outreach tour. CRT loves its donors and offers benefits at every level of support:




$15 - $99

$2,500 - $4,999

$25,000 - $49,999

Friends of CRT Membership “Inside Scoop”*

Recognition in Season Program Friends of CRT Membership “Inside Scoop”* Two complimentary drink tickets to CRT concessions One Season Art Poster Two Season Flex Pass (8 tickets)

Recognition in Season Program Friends of CRT Membership “Inside Scoop”* One Season Art Poster Two Season Flex Passes (8 tickets) Invitation to sit in on a private rehearsal Private dinner with Artistic Director/ Playwright/Director/Actor Invitation for two to all receptions & preview performances

Supporting Role $100 - $499 Recognition in Season Program Friends of CRT Membership “Inside Scoop”* Two complimentary drink tickets to CRT concessions

Leading Role $500 - $999 Recognition in Season Program Friends of CRT Membership “Inside Scoop”* Two complimentary drink tickets to CRT concessions One Season Art Poster

Stage Manager $1,000 - $2,499 Recognition in Season Program Friends of CRT Membership “Inside Scoop”* Two complimentary drink tickets to CRT concessions One Season Art Poster One Season Flex Pass (4 tickets)

Designer $5,000 - $9,999 Recognition in Season Program Friends of CRT Membership “Inside Scoop”* Two complimentary drink tickets to CRT concessions One Season Art Poster Two Season Flex Passes (8 tickets) Invitation to sit in on a private rehearsal

Director $10,000 - $24,999 Recognition in Season Program Friends of CRT Membership “Inside Scoop”* One Season Art Poster Two Season Flex Passes (8 tickets) Invitation to sit in on a private rehearsal Private dinner with Artistic Director/ Playwright/Director/Actor

Season Sponsor $50,000+ Recognition in Season Program Friends of CRT Membership “Inside Scoop”* One Season Art Poster Two Season Flex Passes (8 tickets) Invitation to sit in on a private rehearsal Private dinner with Artistic Director/ Playwright/Director/Actor Invitation for two to all receptions & preview performances Recognition as Season Sponsor in all print and web materials

For more information:

Maggie Schlundt, Development Associate 719.658.2540 ext. 231 / maggie@creederep.com. *Pre-show Talks, Tours, and Chat Backs


A Thousand Thank Yous... GIFTS TO THE CREEDE REPERTORY THEATRE 01.01.2012 > 03.31.2013



Boettcher Foundation Brian and Rosemary Egolf El Pomar Foundation Friends of CRT : incredible group of dedicated supporters! Krueger Charitable Foundation

Bieber Family Foundation Ruth H. Brown Foundation City of Creede, Virginia Christensen Trust Colorado Creative Industries Jenna Ford and Skip Haws

$25,000 - $49,999


$5,000 - $9,999 All Good Things Gallery Anschutz Family Foundation Antlers Guest Ranch : Hosts CRT each year for our season opening celebration! Bob and Robin Brobst : Our Friends and champions in Pagosa Springs! Bob and Kay Carrel Jerry and Karyn DeVault First Southwest Bank Ford Farms, Inc. Jim and Diane Knutzon : Denver Friends & life of the party! Phil and Teresa Lack Peggy Longwood Lamb Pete and Lindsey Leavell : Friends President & tireless advocates! Mineral County Lodging Tax Tourism Fund Panel San Luis Valley Federal Bank Schramm Foundation Pat and Mary Sculley Rick and Diane Sloan Tom and Jane Swanson : CRT’s Lake City satellites! Mort and Cecelia Weir


$2,500 - $4,999 Andre and Annita Bens Katherine Brennand and Chris Cummings City of Lone Tree Isabelle Clark Creede America Group Johnny Depp : Movie star and Lemonade Stand Fan! Desert Sun Motors Barbara Elliott


$10,000 - $24,999

Pat and Kazie Hayes Sally and Forrest Hoglund Jim and Charlotte Jackson Mariah MacLennan Cheryl McFarren Miners & Merchants Bank Joe Montelione Jim and Arlene Payne Dave and Ellen Petrick Mary Lee Pinkerton Quiller Gallery Rare Things Gallery of Treasures San Luis Valley Rural Electric Cooperative Sunny Valley Farms, Inc. Tomkins Hardware and Creede Gifts & Gas Don and Ruth Ulm Valley Courier David and Suzanne Wallace

Stage ManagerS

$1,000 - $2,499 Lee and Sheri Archer Avery and Catherine Augur Julie Augur Elise Backinger and Kent Strickland Mr. and Mrs. M. N. Bostick Todd and Frances Bratton Broken Arrow Ranch and Land Company Jim and Irene Brown Jim and Jean Carson : Pagosa Friends for years & smiling faces always! Catholic Life Insurance Keith R. Cerny and Debra Sowards-Cerny: San Luis Valley Friends – they give as a pair! The Cohen Legacy Fund

Chuck and Kay Harbert, Pfizer Matching Gifts Program The Hoglund Foundation Shubert Foundation Bob and Dixie Slater Richard and Norma Small Ron and Sandra Yates, ExxonMobil Foundation Bill and Teri Smith

Chris and Penny Coulson Susie Davis Thomas and Shirley Day Ray and Ellen Deaver Tom and Linda DuBose Farm Fresh Direct : Opening Night Dinner sponsor for 2 years running! Joan Green Jeffrey Daryl and Alicia Grant Ric and Vicki Green Hecla Charitable Foundation Becki and Keith Helmstetler : Our South Fork Friends & party hosts! Warren and Liz Hemphill Dale and Beverly Hettinger Holy Moses Gift Shop Paul and Carrie Hughes Frank N. Ikard, Jr. Inge Foundation Ed and Paige Innerarity, Jr. Ron and Mary Sue Johnson Terrence and Polly Jones Sam and Wanda Keith Harold and Kay Kelloff Diana and Mike Kinsey David and Sherri Lachance Carolyn Lamb and Steve Reed Stan and Julie Lentz

Lester, Sigmond, Rooney & Schwiesow Larry and Pam Lewis Jim Loud and Jan Crawford : Fabulous Opening Night Dinner servers! Jim and Dorothy Lynch Jane MacPherson John and Barbara McClure Gary Mitchell Larry Morgan and Julie Kushner Jane and Richard Nearing Kathy and Jim Nolan : They tear your tickets, almost nightly! Sandra and Bob Oliver Van and Anne Oliver Richard and Catherine Ormsby Mandy Patinkin and Kathryn Grody Chuck and Patti Powers Don and Janie, Ben, and Anne Quint Michael and Lanette Quint Charles and Jackie Railsback Kristy Hoglund Robinson Lynn Russell San Juan Sports Bob and Sharon Seago Sandy Simmons Dyan Sublett and Alan Echeverria Tricia Suellentrop

What do I love most about CRT? Besides the wonderful entertainment provided by CRT, it’s the incredible people: on the staff, in the company, on the Board, and those who support CRT in so many ways. They have all enriched my life while providing energy, knowledge, and much more I would never have been able to experience.

- Rick Sloan

food beer wine spirits espresso

Proud to Support the Creede Repertory Theatre 115 N. main creede / 719.658.0685 www.thefardog.com follow us on

A thousand Thank Yous {stage managers} Wayne and Judith Wedel Wilson Rio Grande Ranch

Leading Roles

$500 – $ 999 David Alley Bonnie and Marty Asplin Ann and Mary Beltran Jean Bethke Big River Music Jim and Joan Blackwell James Bohnen Sara Braverman Shelia and Bill Brown Tom and Pat Brummett : Our Friends in Creede & impeccable event hosts! Tom and Dorothy Childers Carl and Marge Clark Doug and Ginni Davlin Bruce and Linda DesChamps Amy and Tom Fowlston Larry and Roz Gibel Ernest and Debra Gomez Fred and Carol Grover Steve Hall and Bev Chapman Pam Hamilton and Steve Levy Ed Hargraves Paul and Jennifer Harrison Renee and Micky Harrison Joanne and Karl Irons Anne Istafanous Amy Jackson Nagle and Sandy Jackson Matthew Jeffery Carol Krueger Maurice, Trary, Genevieve and Kieran LaMee Duane and Susan Larson

CRT is the emotional glue of Creede and this region in the performing arts. Enriching, challenging, a great legacy, and economically beneficial. Some real achievements here through the years! - Bob Slater 46

Truman and Judy Lusk Patrick MacDonald David and Elaine McDowell Natalie McLeod Mara Manus and Mark DuBois B.J. Myers and Bill Kuhlke Randy Nicholson and Cary Bush David and Suzanne Nutt : Kansas Friends & spectacular Nutts! Tom Oyler Lee and Virginia Petersen Phipps La Garita Ranch Richard and Jean Ramstetter Rancho Creede June Russell and Bob Ulrich Marilyn Stanley Sharon Thompson David Tonso Sarah Wallace Cindy Walter Richard and Susan Walter W. Wayne Wicks Ryan, Matt, and Bev Wilcocks Jonathan D. Allsup and Elizabeth Zurn

Supporting Roles

$100 - $499 Anonymous Abbey Lane Gallery Margaret Acton Joe and Barbara Afanador Gary and Kit Aguren Charlene and George Ameel Ameraway Graphics Jodie Anschutz Ted and Lynnette Baer Sigrid Baugh and Scott Bahr Justin and Elizabeth Bailey Roger and Linda Barker Tom and Genny Basler Frank and Mary Lou Bassett Richard and Sherry Batman Steve Baxter Mary Lee Beauregard Steve and Mary Beckham Milt and Rene Benham Al and Jeannie Biernat Susan E. Bjorkman Judith Blanch Elaine Blumenhein Tom and Charlotte Bobicki Jeff and Kathy Booth Ray and Raena Borth Laura and Mark Brandt : Denver Friends! Charles and Carolyn Brown Henry and Nancy Brown John E. and Leslie S. Brown Richard and Vicki Brownrigg David and Glenda Buhrmann John and Boone Bullington : Houston Friends & exceptional party hosts! Glenn Burnham

Dean and Kaye Burns Lauren Bussey Gary and Kathy Bussing Harlan and Robin Butt William Carden and Pamela Berlin Jim and Karen Carns Kenneth G. Carter and Christine C. Carter Steve and Susan Carter Al Chaney Robert and Linda Clark Bettye Clement : Denver Friend & constant supporter! Dr. Ron Clodfelter James and Joyce Close David Cohen Anne T. and Henry B. Coker Mary Elizabeth Corbin Chris and Marjorie Corcoran Jack and Mabel Cotton Glyndal and Kathy Cowan Jan Coyle Van Criswell Carrol and Susan Cross Bill and Cecilia Dail Marty and Darlene Danko Scott and Gretchen Davis Rudy and Andie Davison Paul Day-Lucore Ray Dellenbaugh Warner and Helen Dewey Don and Leslie Dustin Christina Egolf Sue Ehrgood Verdi Erwin Helen Lou Monter and Family The Peters Family Joyce and Tom Faris Bill and Tami Fassett Debra and James Ferrari Larry Ferris Leland Fillenwarth Stan and Debbie Fimple Kathryn Finley Lucretia A. Flammang and Scott P. Deshong Harry and Patricia Fluck Leslie and Jim Fluharty Elizabeth Flynn Vickie Ford Kristal Fortune John and Susan France David and Lael Fruen Mary and Keith Gallistel Dennis and Carey Gardner Sarah Garrett Fred and Sharon Gauthier K.R. and S.D. George Dan and Peggy Gerlach Amy Getz Judy and Gene Gharis Billy Glass Robert and Rhonda Glover Gaines L. Godfrey Elena M. Goldstein

J. Michael and Diana Goodart Robert and Peggy Goodwin Thomas H. and Margaret M. Grace Bill and Sally Grammer Janice Green James and Donna Gregory Gary and Jennifer Hammer Hank and Bettie Hanse Betty Harper Sam and Harland Hauser Richard L. Hay Steve and Cynthia Haynes Bruce and Parry Heath Paul Herchman Bob and Bonnie Hite George Hoffman and Lonnie Sweet Don and Rosemary Hollenshead Bob and Marguerite Holt John and Chick Hood Frederick C. Horn and Melanie Pittner Polly Houston Cheryll Faust and Hillard Howard John and Beverly Hudson Richard and Linda Humm David and Lynn Hurst Carole Seabrooke and Jobie Irvine Carl and Barbara Ivey Jessica Jackson and Ryan Prince Jan Jacobs Gene Johnson Jan Johnson Stan Johnson Drexel and Kathleen Jones Cynthia Kahn Kay Hutchinson Memorial Fund Jim Keen Ellis and Marcy Kirks Courtney Klager Allan and Jann Knapp David and Margaret Knowlton Gary and Jolinda Kring John and Ann Kusic Ken and Hazel Kutac Libbie Landreth Jens and Debbie Lange Beverly Larson Barbara Leichty St. John Rebecca Lennahan Duane and Christine Lietzke : See Christine in our lobby each summer, tearing your tickets! Gail Longfellow Ronald E. Loser Kem and Junko Lowry Glen and Tracie MacPherson Marguerite Maddalone Susan Magruder Scott J. Staley and Anita M. Marcussen John and Betty Martin Tita Louise Martinez Dr. John A. and Frances Marvel Mary Jo Merkley State Farm Insurance Agency

A thousand Thank Yous {supporting roles} Frank and Ellen Novotny Mr. and Mrs. Robert Matthews Kelli and Albert O’Leary Bud and Sandy May Mary O’Donnell Michael Austin Mayes Gary and Marilyn Ochsner Sam McAlees and Mary Hudson Pat and Brenda Oenbring Don Richmond and Terri McCartney Norman and Connee Onnen Steve and Linda McCormick Randall and Linda Palmgren Samantha McCoy Glenn and Betsy Pense Wayne and Barbara McEndree Pauline and Fred Pettinato Marc McGaffigan Graham Phipps and Carol Jerry and Kay McKee McEnroe Phipps Tim McNeel and Cecile Mitchell John and Lacy Pickering Susan McNeill Queen Bee Enterprises Ted and Judy McNeilsmith John and Diane Quicker Paula and Jeffrey Menten Don and Sylvia Quint Larry and Helen Miles Brenda and Dick Ray Irv and Karen Miller Doug and Nancy Reese Pat and Glenn Miller Damian and Michelle Richardson Dan and Ali Mitchell Rio Grande Enterprises, LLC Jan Mitchell Ron and Jennifer Roberts James Mobberley and Laura Moore Malcolm R. Rodger Shelia and Gene Moore Dick and Mary Ann Rogers Julie Mordecai Sterling and Erline Roig Brian and Jan Morris Karla and Mark Roquemore Mountain West Insurance Carter Rose John and Janet Mulay Barb Roughton Watt and Jackie Murrah : Max and Alice Royalty Dedicated smiling faces, Ashley and Drew Rust and ushers extraordinairre! Mark Rye Dave and Zoe Myers Erik and Beverly Sandvik Chuck and Tiffany Neal Chuck and Lucy Sargent Barbara Francis Neff Mike and Pat Schiff JB and Chesta Norton

Dan and Jan Schmidt Chris and Billi Dawn Schoggen Mary Schroder Rita and Roger Shenkel Susanne C. Shutz Bob and Bonnie Siddons Marty Siemion : Our Denver Friend! Jim Simandl James and Sandra Simmons Scott and Kami Sjoberg Bob and Peggy Smith Jay Smith and Jenny Leavell William Dean Smith Dean and Terry Snodgrass Edward and Donna Spray Elizabeth and John Steele Bob and Arlene Stein Stout Hardwood Floor Co., Inc. Floyd and Bean Sulser Mike and Lynn Surovik Ken and Janet Taht Barbara Kline Taylor : CRT Board member & ticket taker! Mr. and Mrs. Floyd and Karen Tempfel Neil and Betty Thomas Tim and Cathy Thompson Chuck and Barbara Tidd Bill and Clarice Tidyman Gretchen Tinkle James and Sandra Tonso Kim and Yen Touysinhthiphonexay

Creede Repertory Theatre productions

open my mind, touch my heart and make me laugh! An opportunity to help this organization grow is priceless. - Mary Sculley

Steven and Karla Van Treese Glenn and Betty Tucker Pamela and John Tumler Olin and Jessica Tunnell Sherry Scallan and Jim Turnbull Twin Pine Motor Sports, Inc. Two Rivers Realty Judi Price and William Ulch The Van Ry Family Phyillis Vandehaar Steven E. Vandiver Thomas and Susan Vaughn Dr. Tom and Polly Venard

A thousand Thank Yous {supporting roles} William and Jean Visscher Burt, Jean and Zoe Wagner Debbie Wagner Wall, Smith, Bateman & Associates Bettye Wallace Dan Wampler : Lake City Computer Solutions

Understudies $99 and under

We were delighted, excited, and blown away by the generosity of our patrons and friends last year. 305 donors gave $99 dollars or less, totaling $10,577.54! We want to wrap them up in our arms and give them a big thank-you hug. CRT has the best fans!

Mike and Kay Warrick Kay O. and Janice R. Watkins Connie Watts Christine Weaver Leo G. and Nancy Werneke Paula Jo Miller and Lowell Wiles Jeff and Liz Wilkin Frederick H. and Michele May Winston Tom Winterton Wolf Creek Jeeps, LLC Wolf Creek Liquor Joseph and Linda Woodford Patrick Woods Ron and Anita Wright Deane and Esther Wymer Steve and Valinda Yarberry Nancy Zeller Sue and Henry Zurbrugg

In-Kind Donors

4UR Ranch : Opening Night Dinner sponsor for years! 8200 Mountain Sports Abbey Lane Gallery All Good Things, LLC Antlers Guest Ranch Arbor House Inn Avery Augur Tom and Genny Basler Best Western Movie Manor Big River Music Susan E. Bjorkman Michael and Rachel Bouchard John Gary Brown and Christy Brandt Tom and Pat Brummet Cafe Ole Creede Baptist Church Creede Beadery Creede Chiropractic and Kinesiology Clinic

The Legacy Circle : Members of the Legacy Circle include those individuals who have made a commitment to the future of the Theatre through an estate gift. George and Charlene Ameel Elise Backinger and Kent Stickland Chuck Barnes David and Amanda Basler Phil and Jean Bethke Katherine Brennand Cody Cosmic Alan Echeverria and Dyan Sublett Melvin and Camille Getz Dr. Jessie Gilmer Becki and Keith Helmstetler Lynna Jackson Rhonda Jantzen Dr. Merl and Kathy Jennings Phil and Teresa Lack Drs. Ed and Minnie Lee Lancaster

Stan and Julie Lentz Maurice LaMee and Trary Maddalone Gary Mitchell B.J. Myers and William Kuhlke Randy Nicholson and Cary Bush Richard and Catherine Ormsby Mary Lee Pinkerton Barbara Roughton Bob and Dixie Slater Bill and Teri Smith Candice Tatum Kim Hargraves Tyrell and Todd Tyrell Don and Ruth Ulm Ed and Betty Wheatley Tristan Wilson and Peggy Pharr Wilson

CRT Endowment : Anonymous Katherine Brennand and Chris Cummings Ken and Martha Bruner Foundation Bob and Kay Carrel

Lin Driscoll and Associates Melvin and Camille Getz The Hoglund Foundation Michael Wisdom

Ralph & Peggy Lamb Endowed Fund : Peggy Longwood Lamb


The Creede Hotel Creede Olive Oil Company Danny Fox Adrian Egolf Elk Track Bed & Breakfast Far Dog Bar & Restaurant Frame Shop: Creede Glen Hegedorn Home Reflections, Inc. Joanne and Karl Irons Jeff Johnson Lynne Killey David and Margaret Knowlton Pat Knowlton R. Scott Lamb Stan and Julie Lentz Loverings Gallery The Mansion Bed & Breakfast Mariah MacLennan Jane MacPherson Kate and RJ Mann John and Judith Mattingly Mountain Lighthouse Mountain Man Tours Gail O’ Connor Off Broadway The Old Firehouse Outdoor Depot Graham Phipps and Carol McEnroe Phipps Queen Bee Enterprises Marta and Steve Quiller Quiller Gallery Jan and John Ramsey Rare Things Gallery of Treasures Rio Grande Angler Fly Shop Rio Grande Club and Resort Harold and Margaret Rominger David Rosentrater San Juan Dental Hygiene San Juan Sports Silkwood Wines Bob and Dixie Slater Rick and Diane Sloan Bill and Teri Smith Dyan Sublett and Alan Echeverria James and Sandra Tonso Valley Courier David and Suzanne Wallace Chere Waters Ed and Betty Wheatley Jonathan D. Allsup and Elizabeth Zurn

in honor & in memory... in memory :

Sandra Adkisson John and Meg Adkisson Jim and Renee Adkisson James Adkisson and Mariah MacLennan Jon and Jan Ball Reese and Lisa Beeman Ronnie and Karel Cason Rosie Coppedge David and Laurie Dresson Kenneth and Dolores Hyde Martin and Gayle Jones Dorothy Nieman Jack and Lisa Parr Phil Bethke Jean Bethke Carolyn Lamb and Steve Reed Charles and Kay Lancaster Steve and Marta Quiller Al and Marie Birdsey Charles and Kay Lancaster Thalia Carter Sam and Harland Hauser

Lynda Easter Paul and Jennifer Harrison Bob and Jane Habenstein Charles and Kay Lancaster Tim Hogue Linda Helms

Tracie Tempfel Floyd and Karen Tempfel Townes David and Suzanne Wallace Len Van Ry Jim and Jenny Van Ry

Joe Manning Jim and Molly Carpenter

Charles Waldron Ron V. and Sandra Yates

Herbert Kennedy Cheryl McFarren

Wallace N. “Mack” McLeod Natalie McLeod

Rev. Emory and Mary Wallace Sarah Wallace

David Klager Courtney Klager Martin and Lucille Klinger Helen Lou Monter and Family

Jil Rosentrater Marty Siemion

Bill Krueger Carol Krueger

JOHN DAVID LENTZ MEMORIAL FUND John was a company member of CRT in 1992. Prior to receiving his MFA degree from the University of San Diego, John was killed in a random shooting in Balboa Park, San Diego, on May 1, 1994. Friends and family have chosen to honor John’s life and his memory through their ongoing play sponsorships at CRT. While in the MFA program at the University of San Diego, John appeared in a production of The Taming of the Shrew, playing Petruchio alongside great Shakespearean actor, Richardson Eston. In memory of that performance, and John’s love of Shakespeare, the Fund is delighted to sponsor The Tamin’ of the Shrew for CRT’s 2013 season.


John and Dutch LaFont Charles and Kay Lancaster

Chris and Jenny Stiegler Jim and Connie Stiegler

Dr.s. Ed and Minnie Lee Lancaster Charles and Kay Lancaster

Mark Houston Michael Freed John and Chick Hood Polly Houston Janis G. Jacobs

Ron Davis Susie Davis

Tom and Genny Basler Milt and Rene Benham Bill and Nancy Blackford Judy Blanch Ray and Raena Borth Shelia and Bill Brown Tom and Pat Brummett Gary and Kathy Bussing Carl and Marjorie Clark Kathalee Cottingham Patrick and Beverly Dooley Barbara Elliott Mary and Keith Gallistel Sarah Garrett Chuck and Kay Harbert Warren and Liz Hemphill Don and Rosemary Hollenshead Anne and Nabil Istafanous Ron and Mary Sue Johnson Jim Keen

Sheldon Kushner, Betty Brandt, and Sylvia Brown Larry Morgan and Julie Kushner

Stan and Julie Lentz Jeremy and Emily Lentz McComas Family Don and Sue Loudon Frederick and Nancy Lowe Kem and Junko Lowry Irv and Karen Miller Kathy and Jim Nolan Rita Odom Rich and Cathy Ormsby Alton Pope Bob and Sharon Seago Mary Shroeder Scott and Kami Sjoberg Dane M. Smith Bill and Teri Smith Carol Snyder Floyd and Bean Sulser Floyd and Karen Tempfel Jim and Jenny Van Ry

Thomas Clark Slocum William and Mildred Slocum

Kay Hutchinson Memorial Fund Katie Pepper Irene and John Hutchinson

in honor : Cat Augur Kristy Hoglund Robinson

Kalyn Hemphill Jim and Roberta Hemphill

Harry and Julie Augur Mark DuBois and Mara Manus

Courtney Klager Doug and Nancy Reese

Mary Beltran and Ryan and Matt Wilcocks Johnny Depp

Rachel, Michael, and David Kelmenson Sara Braverman

Jo-Ann Booth Jeff and Kathy Booth

Margaret Knowlton Kathryn Finley Connie Watts

Christy Brandt Charles and Carol Jones Karen and Jim Karns

Margaret and Dave Knowlton Mary Lee Beauregard

John and Boone Bullington J.V. and Frances Carr

Mo & Trary LaMee Marguerite Maddalone

Robin Clark - Happy Anniversary! David Clark

Mo & Trary LaMee and Renee Stynchula James Bohnen

Johnny Depp and “The Lone Ranger” cast Ann and Mary Beltran Ryan, Matt, and Bev Wilcocks Adriana Escalante Ellis and Marcy Kirks Gusti Escalante Ellis and Marcy Kirks Brandon Fimple Stan and Debbie Fimple Steve Grossman Charles and Kay Lancaster

Kate Berry Mann Barbara Henson Gary and Linda Sandstrom Judy and Ed Judkins Ray and Jean Sharp Kevin and Gaye Lynn Huddleston Mary Salopek and Elizabeth Stout Stout Hardwood Floor Co., Inc. Jean Swanson - Happy Birthday! The DeVault Family Tom and Jane Swanson Kerry Coy

headwaters: New Plays of the West

Creede Repertory Theatre

The Headwaters New Play Program is the formalization of CRT’s longstanding commitment to new works. Headwaters aims to make the journey a fruitful one :


first draft

first reading

tenth draft

Thank you to Jim and Irene Brown for sponsoring this year ’s Headwaters Festival


CRT’s belief in the power of Theatre for Young Audiences is an enormous part of Headwaters. Actually, most of the world premieres at CRT are for kids. The Young Audience Outreach Tour has a long history of working with playwrights, and since 2007, all outreach tour shows have been new works. Each year, over 18,000 kids in rural and underserved areas see the tour. This year, CRT is teaming up with Anthony Garcia and Daniel Valdez of Denver’s Su Teatro to create a series of bilingual plays that use Earth Science to explore and celebrate the rich mythologies, landscapes, and languages of the Southwest. 52

The KID Show, an innovative play-making program for local kids, has adapted or commissioned 10 new works. This year, John DiAntonio, has created an original adaptation of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.

Johnny Depp & The Lemonade Kids In June of last year, three resourceful kids from Carrollton, Texas (Mary Beltran, 12, Ryan Wilcocks, 13, and Matt Wilcocks,16) set up a lemonade stand in downtown Creede to raise money for CRT. After just two days, they had raised over $500 for our Education programs! Fast forward a few weeks: it is a quiet monday morning at the Theatre, as mondays are our “dark” days. Now, imagine our utter elation when we tear open a check from none other than Johnny Depp himself! You see, Mr. Depp had been in town shooting “The Lone Ranger” and had caught wind of Mary, Ryan and Matt’s lemony venture. He was so impressed by their ingenuity and selflessness, he promised to match their gift to CRT and then some. Please join us in thanking Mary, Ryan, Matt, and Johnny for their generosity. You are, as Tonto would say, our kemosabe.


Chad Afanador Christy Sly - The Tamin’ of the Shrew Sinklo - William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead Chad is overjoyed to be returning to the CRT for his 11th season. You may remember him from The Drowsy Chaperone, The Joy of Going Somewhere Definite, The Memory of Water, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, Our Town and many others. Chad is relieved to return to the sun in Mineral County after spending the winter with the Oregon State Beavers. His hobbies include hoarding VW vans and long-play records, as well as hiking, cooking, petting Fefu the cat, and sitting still. He has begun to explore the world- wide- web and his favorite “website” is Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting. He would like to thank his wife, Jessica, for so many things, including allowing him to play in Creede this year. He would also like to thank his parents and, his acting teacher Dale Moffitt. John Arp* Senex - A Funny Thing . . . Forum Detective Fix and others - Around the World in 80 Days Gremio - The Tamin’ of the Shrew Doctor Dee - William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead This is John’s sixth season in Creede. Productions include Ghost-Writer, Drowsy Chaperone, Is He Dead, How To Succeed In Business, I Capture The Castle, The Bad Man, The Ladies Man, This Day And Age, Joy of Going Somewhere Definite, The Imaginary Invalid, Kimberly Akimbo, Leading Ladies, Urinetown, Pygmalion, Everything In The Garden. Also in Colorado When We Are Married, Heartbreak House, The Great Wall, The Taming Of The Shrew, To Kill A Mockingbird, Othello, Garbo In My Eyes (Denver Center); 1940’s Radio Hour, Lion In Winter (Arvada Center). He has performed with theaters in Seattle and Houston, including seven seasons with the Houston Shakespeare Festival. Local awards include Rocky Mountain News: Best Supporting Actor 2004; Denver Post: Best Season for an Actor 2005, 2007, 2011, and Westword: Best Actor in a Comedy 2010 & 2012. Kate Berry* Courtesan - A Funny Thing . . . Forum Loretta Trumble-Pinkerstone - The Language of Trees Kate - The Tamin’ of the Shrew Afflicted - William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead Originally from Chicago, Kate has worked for many theatres around the Midwest including Chicago’s Remy Bumppo Theatre Company, American Theatre Company and Oak Park Festival Theatre, the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company, Riverside Theatre in Iowa, and the Boarshead Theatre in Michigan. Colorado credits include Blithe Spirit and The Importance of Being Earnest (Arvada Center), Twelfth Night and Noises Off (Colorado Shakespeare Festival), The Seagull (Theatreworks in Colorado Springs), and most recently Other Desert Cities (Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center). CRT credits include Light Up the Sky, Noises Off, Slabtown, The Bad Man, The 39 Steps and The Road to Mecca. She’s a proud equity member. Christy Brandt* Courtesan - A Funny Thing . . . Forum Kay Danley - The Language of Trees Queen Elizabeth I - William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead Christy is delighted to be back at CRT for her 39th season. She has appeared in over 120 plays in Creede and directed Reggie and The Riddle of the Differcus, You Caught Me Dancing, and Mousetrap. She also co-authored Six Women With Brain Death and appeared in Ang Lee’s film Ride With The Devil and an Independent film called The Sublime and The Beautiful filmed in Lawrence, Kansas. She worked at The


Coterie Theater in Kansas City and the South Carolina Repertory Theater. Some of her favorite roles include Miss Helen in The Road To Mecca for which she won Best Actress in a Drama from the Denver Post, Kimberly in Kimberly Akimbo, Kate in The Cripple of Inishman, Meg in Crimes of the Heart, Virginia in Three Viewings, Marjorie in This Day and Age, Princess Puffer in Drood, Bunny in House of Blue Leaves and Winnifred in Once Upon a Mattress. She is very happily married to John Gary Brown, an artist and photographer for CRT. Dustin Bronson Phileas Fogg - Around the World in 80 Days Lucentio - The Tamin’ of the Shrew Richard Burbage - William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead Originally from California, Dustin moved to Minneapolis to study at the University of Minnesota/Guthrie Theater BFA actor training program. Dustin is currently based out of Minneapolis, where he has performed extensively. Some of Dustin’s credits include Jim in My Antonia (The Illusion Theater), James Watson in Photograph 51 (Minnesota Jewish Theater), Whit in Of Mice and Men (Park Square Theater), Damis in Tartuffe (Pioneer Playhouse), Judas in Kingdom Undone (Theater for the Thirsty) and Derrick in Tiny Disasters (Guthrie Theater). Dustin has also toured the country doing educational shows at colleges with GTC Dramatic Dialogues. Dustin is thrilled to be making his debut at CRT and calling Creede home for a while. Special thanks to Mom, Dad, Kelsey, Jason, Katie, Brigid, and all the teachers and friends who have helped him along the way. The best family and friends a guy could ask for. Go, Vikes! Andy Brown Marcus Lycus - A Funny Thing . . . Forum Pedant - The Tamin’ of the Shrew Afflicted - William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead Singer – Special Fundraiser Cabaret Andy couldn’t be more delighted to return to the CRT for a fourth season after touring the YAOT show last fall, The Geography of Adventure. A Tennessee native and perennial vagabond, some past favorite roles include The Baker in Into the Woods, Paul in Barefoot in the Park, Dirty Bob in Lumberjacks in Love, Clifford Anderson in Deathtrap, Frankie in Forever Plaid, Gooper in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Sandy in Duck Hunter Shoots Angel, Toad in A Year with Frog and Toad, Jacob Grimm in Grimm Pajamas, and most recently C.S. Lewis in Freud’s Last Session. When not onstage you might find Andy running, serving, cooking, or sampling craft beer. In the words of Flo from The Geography of Adventure, “Who does that?!” Many thanks to the powers- that- be for bringing him back to the artistic Shangri-la that is the CRT stage. Excelsior! Anne F. Butler Domina - A Funny Thing . . . Forum Chicago Lu - The Tamin’ of the Shrew 2013 marks Anne F’s 12th Season with Creede Rep - affirming the old-timer status her skeletal system has been hinting at. She has enjoyed many fun roles at CRT such as the title role in Mrs. Mannerly, Toinette in The Imaginary Invalid, Dottie in Noises Off, Madame Aigreville in The Ladies Man, as well as everybody’s supposed favorite, the Cop in Rumors. Anne holds an MFA in acting (Master Thespian!) from the National Theatre Conservatory in Denver and a degree in fine arts from C.U. Boulder. Her prior credits include working at the Denver Center, Colorado Shakes, Montana Shakes, Arvada Center and many more. Love to her little family, her big family and this gorgeous place, Creede.

actors {cont’d} John DiAntonio* Denton - The Language of Trees Petruchio - The Tamin’ of the Shrew Shakespeare - William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead Performer - Boomtown Performer - Pants on Fire The KID Show - Author John is excited to join CRT for his third season. Last year, John wrote Creede’s mainstage play, Harry the Great, which traveled to The Lone Tree Arts Center and was nominated for a True West Award: Best New Work. He also wrote the children’s show, Saving Red, and directed the touring show, The Geography of Adventure. At CRT, John appeared in I Capture the Castle, How To Succeed in Business, The Bad Man, and Boomtown. Other credits include Is He Dead (Arvada Center), The 39 Steps, Othello, and A Christmas Carol (Denver Center Theatre Company), Romeo and Juliet (Cleveland Shakespeare Festival), Midsummer (Cleveland Play House), Henry V and The Tempest (Shakespeare Orange County). He graduated from the National Theatre Conservatory with an MFA in acting. John studied at the British American Drama Academy in London, and received his a B.A. in theater and psychology from Case Western Reserve University. Patrick Du Laney* Hysterium - A Funny Thing . . . Forum Actor 1 - Around the World in 80 Days Grumio - The Tamin’ of the Shrew Will Kemp - William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead Patrick is thrilled to be returning for his third consecutive season! Previous CRT roles include Aldopho in The Drowsy Chaperone, Dutchy in Is He Dead?, and Jane/Edgar in The Mystery of Irma Vep. Favorite credits include the title roles in Macbeth, Tartuffe, and Floyd Collins, Pinchwife in The Country Wife, Jud in Oklahoma!, Hunter in Title of Show, Bottom in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Friar Laurence in Romeo and Juliet, and Smudge, Frankie and Jinx in multiple productions of Forever Plaid. Patrick holds an MFA in acting from the University of Missouri, Kansas City, and is a founding member of the Alaska Shakespeare Festival. As always, for A and T. www.patrickjdulaney.com Logan Ernstthal Pseudolus - A Funny Thing . . . Forum Bill Clinton - The Language of Trees Dodd/Baptista - The Tamin’ of the Shrew Francis Bacon - William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead Logan is excited to be a part of CRT for his seventh season! Favorite roles here include James Tyrone Jr. in Moon for the Misbegotten, Merle in The Joy of Going Somewhere Definite, Marius in The Road to Mecca, El Gallo in The Fantastics and, of course, Muskrat in Lumberjacks in Love. Other roles include Lennie in Of Mice & Men (Co Springs Fine Arts Center), Sir Toby Belch in Twelfth Night at (Arvada Center), Kolenkhov in You Can’t Take It With You (Theaterworks), and two seasons at The Colorado Shakespeare Festival in Boulder. He has an MFA from UMKC. Logan dedicates this season to his dad, who loves to laugh! John S. Green* Erronius - A Funny Thing . . . Forum Vincentio - The Tamin’ of the Shrew John first performed on the Creede stage during its third season and early years, then returned last year, appearing in three shows, including the world premiere of John DiAntonio’s Harry The Great. John has performed on stages throughout the United States and Europe, doing everything from Neil Simon to Shakespeare. He won Chicago’s Jeff Award for his portrayal of George in Of Mice And Men directed by Robert Falls. TV appearances include All My Children, America’s Most Wanted, Early Edition and numerous TV and radio commercials. Plays he has written have been produced at theatres across


the country, in Paris and at CRT! Twilight Serenade was published by Dramatic Publishing Company. The Liquid Moon, published in New Plays From Chicago, won the After Dark and Jeff Awards for Best New Play and was subsequently nominated for the Pulitzer. He would like to dedicate this summer to the memory of his dear mother. Rebecca Hurd Philia - A Funny Thing . . . Forum Singer – Special Fundraiser Cabaret Rebecca is very excited to be making her debut at Creede Repertory Theater. Born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, she has worked with various companies in the Twin Cities such as the Guthrie Theater (The Master Butcher’s Singing Club), the History Theater (Hiding in the Open), Jon Ferguson Theatre (Super Monkey), and Stages Theatre Company (The Wizard of Oz). In 2012, she became a YoungArts National Finalist and Silver Award Winner in Musical Theatre and Spoken Word through the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts. She is currently studying at the University of Minnesota/Guthrie Theater BFA Actor Training Program and is looking forward to starting her junior year this fall. Anthony Jackson Arts Administration Intern John Rice - William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead Performer - Boomtown Off-Off Broadway: Elizabeth Meriwether’s The Mistakes Madeline Made (Wilson), Moises Kaufman’s Gross Indecency: The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde (Lord Alfred Douglas); Creede Rep: How to Succeed... (Finch), I Capture the Castle (Thomas), Boomtown; Regional: ...Spelling Bee (Leaf), Into the Woods (Rapunzel’s Prince). Proud Emerson College BFA graduate. Executive Director of NYC theatre company The BASiC Theatre Project (www.basictheatreproject.com). A huge thanks to Creede, BASiC, friends, family and Jax for the continued support. www.anthonywjackson.com zachary keenan Miles Gloriosus - A Funny Thing . . . .Forum Hortensio - The Tamin’ of the Shrew Soldier 1 - William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead Singer - Special Fundraiser Cabaret Zach lives in Minneapolis where he currently studies acting. This being his junior year at the University of Minnesota/Guthrie Actor Training Program he feels very fortunate to be working with such an excellent group of theater makers in this beautiful landscape. As a great lover of Shakespeare, Zach is thrilled to be playing Hortensio in Shrew. Zach enjoys biking, singing, and spending time with his friends and family. His most recent roles include, Paul in All in the Timing and Macbeth. A big thanks to Lindsay Yach for always being supportive and putting up with his shenanigans. Also to his parents, Tom and Martha, for all their help and love over the years. Zach hopes that you enjoy the show as much as he has enjoyed working on it. Brian Kusic Protean - A Funny Thing . . . Forum Performer - Pants on Fire Eben Trumble-Pinkerstone - The Language of Tree Performer - Boomtown Afflicted - William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead Brian is returning to Creede for his second season with the Creede Repertory Theatre. Last year, Brian appeared in Harry the Great, The Drowsy Chaperone, and Boomtown. Brian’s favorite roles include Einstein in Picasso at the Lapin Agile, Buddy in The Diviners, and Space Monkey in Boomtown. Brian would like to thank his friends and family for their love and support, and thank you H.W.

actors {cont’d} Aram Monisoff Hero - A Funny Thing . . . Forum Biondello - The Tamin’ of the Shrew Soldier 2 - William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead Singer – Special Fundraiser Cabaret Aram is thrilled to be making his Creede Repertory debut. A native of Chicago his recent roles include Oedipus in Oedipus Rex with The Arc Theatre, Leon Czolgosz in Assassins at the Viaduct Theatre, and Kent in King Lear with The Framework Theatre. Regionally: As You Like It, Christmas Carol, River Rat and Cat, and War with Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park; Into The Woods and The Boyfriend with Allenberry Playhouse; Comedy of Errors, Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Romeo and Juliet with Mainestage Shakespeare; and Fanny Kemble with Powerhouse Theatre. Aram received his MFA in acting from The Theatre School at DePaul and a Bachelor’s of Music from The Lawrence Conservatory.

Bethany Eilean Talley Courtesan - A Funny Thing . . . Forum Acting Mentor - The KID Show Afflicted - William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead Understudy - Bianca/The Tamin’ of the Shrew Understudy - Aouda/Around the World in 80 Days Bethany is originally from Copley, OH. She is excited to be spending the summer at CRT after joining the company as an understudy in Is He Dead? at the Arvada Center for the Arts in the fall of last year. Recent credits include Frieda in Sunday in the Park with George, Princess of France in Love’s Labor’s Lost, Pinhead/Duchess in The Elephant Man, Elizabeth in Persuasion, Sophie in The Star-Spangled Girl, Jennie in Chapter Two, Neighbor/Chorus in Blood Wedding, Louison in The Imaginary Invalid, and Cobweb in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. She has a BFA in acting with a minor in contemporary and creative dance from Brigham Young University.

Melissa Rivera Actor - El Rio (Young Audience Outreach Tour) Melissa is delighted to be working with Creede Repertory Theatre this year. Her favorite regional and educational roles include Wendla in Spring Awakening, Mimi in Rent, Logainne in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, Despina in Cosi fan tutte (SIU), Angelina in Trial by Jury (SIU), and Mae Jones in Street Scene (SDSU). She appeared with Lyric Opera San Diego in their production of Iolanthe and was assistant choreographer for Fiddler on the Roof at the Diablo Light Opera Company in California. She participated in the LAByrinth Theater Company’s intensive ensemble in New York where she studied with Philip Seymour Hoffman and Stephen Adly Guirgis. She recently earned an Masters of Music in Opera/ Music Theater degree from Southern Illinois University, and holds a BM in voice and a BA in Spanish from San Diego State University.

Graham Ward Protean - A Funny Thing . . . Forum Passepartout and others - Around the World in 80 Days Tranio - The Tamin’ of the Shrew Robert Cecil - William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead Performer - Pants on Fire Performer – Boomtown This is Graham’s second season at CRT. Last year’s roles include Jeffrey and company in Mrs. Mannerly, Flo Ziegfeld in Harry the Great, and Thorpe/ Riviere/Charlie/King of France in Is He Dead?. He also performed in Boomtown Improv, where he frequently pulled faces for cheap laughs. Graham is from Boston and has a BFA in acting from Brigham Young University.

Matthew Silar Theatre & Community Intern Protean - A Funny Thing . . . Forum Singer – Special Fundraiser Cabaret Understudy –Various/The Tamin’ of the Shrew Matthew is thrilled to be spending his summer with CRT. He is currently a senior at Abilene Christian University, working towards his BFA in acting and directing. Collegiate credits include [title of show] (Hunter) and Emma (Robert Martin). When not performing, he spends a majority of time stage managing. ACU credits include 42nd Street, Footloose, and The 39 Steps. In 2011, Matthew co-founded the 24 HR Musical, a benefit performance/event that works to merge the theatre arts with local charities in an effort to bring about change through the performing arts. (www.24HRmusical. com) In 2012, he directed 24HR’s production of All Shook Up. Matthew would like to thank Jessica for this wonderful opportunity as he moves towards his goal of running a professional theatre of his own someday. Ephesians 4:2.

Caitlin Wise* Courtesan - A Funny Thing . . . Forum Aouda and others - Around the World in 80 Days Bianca - The Tamin’ of the Shrew Kate - William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead Performer - Pants on Fire Performer - Boomtown Caitlin is thrilled to join CRT for her fourth season. Caitlin appeared in Harry the Great, Is He Dead, I Capture the Castle, How To Succeed in Business, Unnecessary Farce, Fools, Life is a Dream, and Boomtown (CRT). Caitlin played Mitzi in Flirtation (Marvell Rep in New York City); Tom Sawyer, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, A Christmas Carol, Dracula, and Othello (Denver Center Theatre Co.); Cecily Cardew in The Importance of Being Earnest (Arvada Center); Much Ado About Nothing and To Kill A Mockingbird (Colorado Shakespeare Festival). Caitlin received the 2012 Best of Denver Westword Award: Best Comic Triple Threat, the 2012 Marlowe Award: Best Actress— Comedy, and the 2011 Denver Ovation Award: Best Supporting Actress, Comic Role. She was an Irene Ryan winner in 2005. Caitlin received her MFA in acting from The National Theatre Conservatory.

Actors Equity Association Actors’ Equity Association (AEA), founded in 1913, represents more than 49,000 actors and stage managers in the United States. Equity seeks to advance, promote and foster the art of live theatre as an essential component of our society. Equity negotiates wages and working conditions, providing a wide range of benefits, including health and pension plans. AEA is a member of the AFL-CIO, and is affiliated with FIA, an international organization of performing arts unions. The Equity emblem is our mark of excellence. www.actorsequity.org

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authors Larry Gelbart A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum | Book Gelbart, a Chicago-born writer and producer who achieved success for his work in radio, television, film and theater, began his professional career in the late 1940s, before reaching the age of twenty, writing for such radio shows as The Eddie Cantor Show, The Maxwell House Coffee Time with Danny Thomas, Duffy’s Tavern, Command Performance, Jack Carter, The Jack Paar Show, The Joan Davis Show and The Bob Hope Show. By the early 1950s he had begun writing for television, including The All-Star Revue, The Red Buttons Show, Honestly, Celeste, The Patrice Munsel Show, Caesar’s Hour and The Pat Boone Chevy Showroom; his television work in the 1960s, ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s includes The Danny Kaye Show, The Marty Feldman Comedy Machine, the long-running and hugely successful M*A*S*H, Barbara Streisand... and Other Musical Instruments, Roll Out!, Karen and the award-winning HBO television film, Barbarians at the Gate. In addition to A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Forum, his work for the theater includes the plays My LA (1950), Sly Fox (1976) and Mastergate (1989); and the musicals The Conquering Hero (1960), One, Two, Three, Four, Five (1988) and City of Angels (1989; which won six 1990 Tony Awards, including Best Book of a Musical and Best Musical). His film work includes The Notorious Landlady, The Thrill of It All, The Wrong Box (co-written with Burt Shevelove), Not With My Wife, You Don’t, The Chastity Belt, A Fine Pair, Oh, God, Movie, Movie, Neighbors, Tootsie and Blame It on Rio.

Burt Shevelove A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Forum | Book Burt Shevelove was born in Newark, New Jersey, graduated from Brown University and received a Master’s degree in theater from Yale. While at Yale, he wrote lyrics for a musical version of Plautus’s Mostellaria and later became the resident director for the Yale Dramatic Association. After serving as an ambulance driver in World War II, he began a career as a writer, director and producer for radio and television, working with such stars as Judy Garland, Red Buttons, Jack Paar, Cyril Richard, Nancy Walker and Victor Borge; his work won him Emmy and Peabody Awards. His Broadway career began in 1948 with Small Wonder, a revue for which he wrote material, co-produced and directed. He also directed a revival of Kiss Me, Kate (1956), Hallelujah Baby! (1968), No, No, Nanette (1971; he also wrote the book), The Frogs (1974; written with Stephen Sondheim and performed in and around the Yale University pool) and Happy New Year (1980; he also wrote the book). He co-wrote the film, The Wrong Box, with Larry Gelbart. Burt Shevelove died in 1982.

Stephen Sondheim A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum | Music & Lyrics Stephen Sondheim, one of the most influential and accomplished composer/ lyricists in Broadway history, was born in New York City and raised in New York and Pennsylvania. As a teenager he met Oscar Hammerstein II, who became Sondheim’s mentor. Mr. Sondheim has received the Tony Award for Best Score/Music/Lyrics for Company, Follies, A Little Night Music, Into The Woods and Passion, all of which won the New York Drama Circle Award for Outstanding/Best Musical, as did Pacific Overtures and Sunday In The Park With George. In total, his works have accumulated more than sixty individual and collaborative Tony Awards. “Sooner Or Later” from the film Dick Tracy won the 1999 Academy Award for Best Song. Mr. Sondheim

received the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1984 for Sunday In The Park With George. In 1983 he was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Letters, which awarded him the Gold Medal for Music in 2006. In 1990 he was appointed the first Visiting Professor of Contemporary Theatre at Oxford University and was the recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award in the 1993 Kennedy Center Honors. Mr. Sondheim is on the Council of the Dramatists Guild, the national association of playwrights, composers and lyricists, having served as its president from 1973 to 1981. In 1981 he founded Young Playwrights Inc. to develop and promote the work of American playwrights aged 18 years and younger.

Steven Levenson The Language of Trees | Author Steven Levenson’s plays include The Language Of Trees (Roundabout Underground), Almost Stuck, Girls Day, and Becoming Sammy. His work has been seen and developed by Roundabout, Ars Nova, Ensemble Studio Theatre, New York Stage and Film, New Dramatists and Brown/Trinity Playwrights Repertory Theatre. A graduate of Brown University, he has also received play commissions from Roundabout and Lincoln Center Theater.

Roundabout Theatre Company The Language of Trees – Original Producer Roundabout Theatre Company (Todd Haimes, Artistic Director) was founded in 1965 and has grown from a small 150-seat theatre in a converted supermarket basement to become one of America’s most significant producers of theatre. This not-for-profit company, with more than 44,000 season subscribers, is committed to producing definitive productions of classic plays and musicals alongside new plays by today’s writers, ensuring that audiences and artists alike have access to highquality, professional stagings of important works of world literature. With three distinctive homes, the American Airlines Theatre, Studio 54, and the Harold and Miriam Steinberg Center for Theatre/Laura Pels Theatre/ Black Box Theatre, Roundabout has the unique opportunity to showcase these works in a venue perfectly suited to enhance the production. Since moving to Broadway in 1991, Roundabout productions have received 150 Tony nominations, 135 Drama Desk nominations, and 154 Outer Critics Circle nominations. Production highlights include Anna Christie (Tony, Drama Desk, and Outer Critics Circle Awards for Best Revival), She Loves Me (Outer Critics Circle, Drama Desk, and Olivier Awards for Best Revival of a Musical), Nine (Tony, Drama Desk, and Outer Critics Circle Awards for Best Revival of a Musical), Assassins (Tony and Drama Desk Awards for Best Revival of a Musical), Intimate Apparel (Outer Critics Circle and Audelco Awards for Best Off-Broadway Play), Twelve Angry Men (Drama Desk and Outer Critic’s Circle Awards for Outstanding Revival of a Play), The Pajama Game (Tony Award for Best Revival of a Musical), and Cabaret (Tony, Drama Desk, and Outer Critics Circle Awards for Best Revival of a Musical), one of the longest running musical revivals in Broadway history. Since 1995, when Roundabout expanded its repertoire to include premieres of new plays, the company has produced works by such talented writers as Brian Friel, Paula Vogel, Richard Greenberg, Lynn Nottage, Beth Henley, Harold Pinter, and Jon Robin Baitz. The Man Who Came To Dinner, the first production at the American Airlines Theatre on 42nd Street in 2000, and the star-studded production of The Women in June 2002 have been seen on channel Thirteen/WNET and other PBS stations nationally. Beyond its work on stage, Roundabout is recognized as a national


authors {cont’d}

leader in audience development and offers a comprehensive program of initiatives, including the Social Series, the Early Curtain Series, the Wine Series, the Gay and Lesbian Series, HIPTIX (targeting young professionals), and related humanities events and publications. Roundabout launched Access Roundabout, a program which offered over 22,000 dramatically discounted tickets during the 2007-2008 season. In addition, through arts education programs, Roundabout reaches more than 7,000 New York City public high school students and their teachers each year. With a focus on in-depth programming, these activities range from partnerships with two New Century High Schools (a NYC Department of Education Initiative) and professional development for teachers to in-school yearlong residencies and student matinees at its Broadway and Off-Broadway theatres. Through national tours, live broadcasts, education and outreach programs, and its work on three stages, Roundabout touches the lives of millions of theatergoers, students, and artists across the country.

Mark Brown Around the World in 80 Days | Adaptation Mark Brown is an award-winning writer and actor. His plays include Around the World in 80 Days; The Trial of Ebenezer Scrooge; China, The Whole Enchilada; Poe: Deep Into That Darkness Peering (co-written with Mark Rector); and The Little Prince (co-written with Paul Kiernen). As an actor, he has appeared on stage, screen and TV and worked with such people as Tom Hanks, George Clooney, Dick Van Dyke, Jeff Goldblum and the Rally Monkey. Brown lives in New York City with his wife, daughter, and dog and dreams of living in a chateau in France.


William Shakespeare The Taming of the Shrew | Author Pretty much the greatest playwright of all time. Also fought zombies although some historians dispute this.

John Heimbuch William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead | Author John is a writer and director based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. His original plays include William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead, The Transdimensional Couriers Union, Squawk, Drakul, Or the White Whale, S. Gunter Klaus and the Story Before, 10-Speed Revolution, and The Lives of the Most Notorious Highwaymen. John is the Co-Artistic Director of Walking Shadow Theatre Company and lead vocalist for the steampunk-themed rock band Bad September. He can be found online at www.johnheimbuch.com.

! d i a s well

John Gary Brown { affectionately known as Brownie }

For 39 years, the plays of CRT have been photographed by John Gary Brown. The other American

theatres that have this kind of continuous photographic archive of nearly every production, concert, event, and company shindig can be counted on one hand. Brown’s photographic study of tombstones, The Soul in the Stone, published by Kansas University Press, is a best seller. Widely acclaimed as an abstract landscape painter, Brown has sold 500 paintings since 1973. His work has been featured on the cover of “Architectural Digest” and in “Smithsonian.” Brown won “first prize, regardless of medium,” in the Nelson Gallery”s “Mid America” exhibition, which had three thousand entries. Shortly after that one of his canvases was purchased by Omaha’s Joslyn Art Museum. Brownie and Christy Brandt were married on the CRT stage in 1981.

“ It is truly impressive that Brown has been a working artist and oil painter his whole life. So few people have been able to make their living as an artist their whole lives.” - Christy Brandt 61

directors, designers & creative team DIRECTORS Christy Montour-Larson Director : A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum Christy Montour-Larson has directed over 75 productions from Shakespeare to Pinter to musicals to the newest works in America. A member of the Artistic Company at Curious Theatre in Denver, her recent productions of RED and 9 CIRCLES topped the 2012 award lists. Christy’s work has also been seen in Colorado at the Denver Center (The Giver, Well) the Arvada Center (Cabaret, All Shook Up), Town Hall Arts Center (Crimes of The Heart, Always, Patsy Cline) and Phamaly (The Diviners). Nationally, she has directed for Theatreworks, New American Theatre, Rochester Civic Theatre, the Duluth Playhouse, Dark Horse Theatre and for Seven Devils Playwright Conference. Her work has been honored with Colorado Theatre Guild’s Henry Awards, Denver Post Ovation Awards, Marlowe Awards and True West Awards, including nominations for Theatre Person of the Year in 2009, 2011 and 2012. She earned her MFA in directing from Rutgers University and is an affiliate faculty member at Metro State University of Denver.

Michael Perlman Director : The Language of Trees A New-York-based director and writer, Michael has directed at Trinity Repertory Company, Boise Contemporary Theater, Swine Palace, Maples Rep, Brown/Trinity Playwrights Rep and the Brown/Trinity MFA Programs as well as workshops with The Playwrights’ Center, The Magic Theater and Young Playwrights, Inc. Assistant directing credits include the Public Theater, Roundabout Theater Company, McCarter Theatre and Fiasco Theater. Michael’s play From White Plains was nominated for a GLAAD Media Award for Off-Off-Broadway Theater and for New York Innovative Theater awards for Outstanding Premiere Production and Outstanding FullLength Script. In addition, Michael’s one-person show Flying on the Wing was presented at the New York Fringe Festival, where it was the winner of Outstanding Solo Show. Michael is an Artistic Associate with both Fiasco Theater, and Fault Line Theatre. Michael is proud to be a member of SDC, a Drama League Directing Fellow, and holds a BA and MFA from Brown University.

Charlie Oates Director : Around the World in 80 Days At Creede, Charlie Oates has directed The Mystery of Irma Vep, The 39 Steps and Mrs. Mannerly; wrote and directed A Beautiful Country and Ladder to the Moon and coached the movement for Pan and Boone. Recent directing includes Save You, Hate Me at RAW Tempel in Berlin, Flush at Theatre Alfred in Prague, Leonard Bernstein’s Mass for the La Jolla Symphony and That’s Baseball for the San Diego Repertory Theatre. Charlie teaches movement in the MFA acting program at the University of California, San Diego, and has served as a movement coach and fight choreographer for such theaters as the La Jolla Playhouse, The Old Globe, Cincinnati Playhouse, San Diego Rep, Chautauqua Theatre Company and the Denver Center Theatre Company. Charlie has been a guest artist in many leading actor-training programs in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Senegal, Sweden and China.

Nagle Jackson Director : The Tamin’ of the Shrew Mr. Jackson has directed at major theaters throughout the U.S. and on Broadway, (The Utter Glory of Morrissey Hall, starring Celeste Holm, Mark Hellinger Theater, 1979), in Europe and was the first American ever invited to direct in the Soviet Union. He served as Artistic Director of both the Milwaukee Repertory Theatre (1970-76) and the Tony Award winning McCarter Theatre, Princeton (1979-90). He stepped down from the McCarter to pursue his dual career as playwright and director. His play Opera Comique debuted at A.C.T., San Francisco and then played the Kennedy Center with a cast including Eli Wallach, Ann Jackson and Brian Beford under Mr. Jackson’s direction. In 2011, it had its European debut in Luxembourg. His play, The Elevation of Thieves was awarded the Onassis Foundation International Playwright’s award, presented to Jackson by the president of Greece. Seven of his plays have been published by Dramatists Play Service and are regularly presented both here and abroad. Mr. Jackson resides in Princeton Junction, NJ with his wife, Sandy. He was a Fulbright Fellow for theatrical studies in Paris, and holds an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from Whitman College. For CRT, he directed last season’s Ghost-Writer, 2011’s The Road to Mecca, 2010’s The Ladies Man, as well as 2009’s The Imaginary Invalid, 2008’s Fools and 2007’s Everything in the Garden.

Jessica Jackson Director : William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead See bio on page 78.

Anthony J. Garcia Director : Young Audience Outreach Tour Tony is celebrating his 41st year with Su Teatro this summer. Since 1989, he has served as Executive Artistic Director and resident playwright at Su Teatro. Most recently he was named Denver Post Theatre Person of the Year for the purchase of the Civic Theatre and the tremendous artistic work of 2010. He is also a Livingston Fellow of the Bonfils Staton Foundation. In 2006, Tony was a part of the inaugural class of United States Artist Fellows and was later a US artist in residency at the Island Institute in Sitka, Alaska. He also received the Denver Public Library Lena L. Archuleta Community Service Award, Escuela Tlatelolco’s Champions of Change Human Rights and Social Justice Award, and the Metro State College of Denver Martin Luther King Jr Award, all in 2006. Past awards of note include City of Denver Mayor’s Award for Excellence in the Arts, the University of California Irvine Chicano Literary Award, Colorado Council on the Arts (CCA) Literary Award for Excellence, and the Swanee Hunt Individual Leadership Award. Under his leadership, Su Teatro is also the past recipient of the Colorado Governor’s Award for Excellence in the Arts and the 2009 recipient of the Denver Mayor’s Award for Excellence in the Arts. Tony is an award-winning playwright who has authored more than 30 plays, many having been produced across the country. He is a former TCG Directing Fellow, and has directed at the Arvada Center, Central City Opera, San Antonio’s Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, among others, along with his extensive work with Su Teatro. Most recent works include Chicanos Sing the Blues, Enrique’s Journey, Todo lo Mexicano, and The Last Lamented Night at the Rainbow Ballroom.


directors, designers & creatives {cont’d}

DesignerS Jon Young Scenic Designer : A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, Pants on Fire Jon returns to Creede Repertory Theatre after designing Is He Dead? and Harry The Great last season. Jon is an Associate Professor of Scenic Design for the Peggy Dow Hemelrich School of Drama at the University of Oklahoma. Regional designs include Falstaff, Iphigenie En Tauride, Sunday in the Park With George, The Odyssey, RENT, The Three Musketeers for University Theatre, Altar Boyz and The Mystery of Irma Vep at Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma, You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown at Black Hills Playhouse, Mauritius, Faith Healer, The Great American Trailer Park Musical at Unicorn Theatre, After Juliet and The Night Before Christmas at the Coterie Theatre, Dangerous Dirty Little Liaisons, The Woman, Santaland Diaries at Late Night Theatre. His design work can be viewed at Dscenicstudio.com. Young is a member of United Scenic Artists, Local 829 and earned his Master of Fine Arts in Scenic Design from the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

Michael R. Duran Scenic Designer : The Language of Trees Michael, a native of Denver, is pleased to return to Creede. Michael has worked as actor, stage manager, scenic designer, playwright and director in theatre and film for over thirty years here and across the country. As scenic designer, Michael has designed scenery for every major and community theater in the Denver metro area. Michael served as the resident designer for the Helen Bonfils Theater, Steamboat Repertory Theatre, Stagewest, Backstage Theatre and The Shadow Theatre Company. Scenic Designs for Creede Repertory include Cowboyily, To Fool the Eye Snake in the Grass, Everything in the Garden, Urinetown, Irma Vep, The Drowsy Chaperone, Mrs. Mannerly and The Bad Man. Michael is presently teaching and designing at Abilene Christian University in Abilene, Texas.

Mark Guirguis Scenic Designer : Around the World in 80 Days Mark has designed sets for many professional companies including San Diego Repertory Theatre, TheatreWorks, Firefly: Theatre and Films, and Rogue Machine Theatre Company, Playhouse on the Square, and Circuit Playhouse. Selected design credits include Side Man, Dinner with Friends, Jekyll and Hyde: The Musical, Urinetown, Frost/Nixon, August: Osage County, Present Laughter, The Wild Party, Romeo and Juliet, Big River, Rent, Charlotte’s Web, and Next to Normal. He is currently head of undergraduate design in the Department of Theatre and Dance at the University of California, San Diego.

Rosario Provenza Scenic Designer : The Tamin’ of the Shrew Rosario has designed many Shakespeare, classic and contemporary plays for Nagle Jackson and is happy to be serving as his set designer for Tamin’ of the Shrew. He has been working as an art director in film and television for the last seven years. He recently art directed Little Rascals for Universal Pictures. He served as production designer on Saint John of Las Vegas, Bartleby, Tao of Steve, Soundman. In 2005, he was responsible for the exhibit design of El Camino Real International Heritage Center (New Mexico State Monument). He served as Artistic Director of Santa Fe Shakespeare Company, 2002 – 2003. He has designed for numerous

regional theaters including Denver Center Theatre, Milwaukee Repertory Theater, Geva Theatre, Sacramento Theater Company, New York Shakespeare Festival, Los Angeles Theater Center, Playwrights Horizons, Portland Stage Company, Yale Repertory Theater and the off-Broadway Astor Place Theater. He designed the world premier of Eugene Ionesco’s Variations on the Same Theme at the Guggenheim Museum in New York. He worked as scenic designer from 1989-91 on Late Night with David Letterman. He is a graduate of Yale University’s School of Drama.

Amanda Embry Scenic Designer : William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead Amanda is excited to be back at CRT this summer. She is an award-winning set & costume designer for theatre, opera and film. Her most recent credits include CRT’s production of Ghost Writer, The Servant of Two Masters, and the world-premiere multi-media event He Who Gets Slapped (Scottsdale Community College), the Off-Broadway productions of Lebensraum, (Harold Clurman Lab Theatre) and Yorktown (The Drama Garden Theatre), other set design credits include, Long Way Go Down (Harold Clurman Lab Theatre), Crave (Wingspan), Boeing Boeing, Rumors, Franny’s Way, The Cripple of Inishmann, The House of Bernarda Alba, Top Girls, (Stella Adler Studio of Acting), and Trojan Women (Stages of Learning). Her film credits include The Sundance Channel’s Webby award-winning political series The Captive and the world’s first online game show Red Carpet Run. She is currently the Associate Theatre Arts Director and Design & Technology program director at Scottsdale Community College in Arizona.

Anthony James Sirk Costume Designer : A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead Costume Shop Foreman Anthony is excited to be returning to Creede for his second season at CRT. This past year he worked on Pump Boys and Dinettes, Once in a Lifetime, Drowsy Chaperone, and designed Rashomon for Western Carolina University. Anthony is grateful for the chance to return to Creede and the opportunity to design costumes for A Funny Thing Happened on the Way To The Forum and William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead.

Tatyana De Pavloff Costume Designer : The Language of Trees, Around the World in 80 Days Tatyana is a freelance costume designer and a make-up and body artist as well as a member of a design group called Runway Vigilantes. She studied theatre and costume design at Moscow Theatre Art College in Russia where she was born and raised. She moved to the United States in the late 90s to the San Francisco Bay Area where she created costumes and makeup for the fabulous performers of Skyana Entertainment. In California and New Mexico, Tatyana worked in film doing both costume and production design. Her credits in film include music videos and short films (Good Luck Mr.Gorski, Agnes Day, Old Mexico) as well as a pilot for the children’s TV program/stage production Fickle Forest Fairytale. Tatyana is delighted to join the creative team of CRT and spend a part of her summer in Creede for the third time! For the past two seasons, she designed costumes for CRT’s I Capture The Castle, The Road To Mecca, Drowsy Chaperone, GhostWriter and co-designed costumes for Is He Dead?. Presently, Tatyana lives in Taos, New Mexico.


directors, designers & creatives {cont’d}

Georgianna Londré Buchanan Costume Designer : The Tamin’ of the Shrew Georgianna returns to Creede having last designed This Day and Age, and a history of favorites since 2003 including The Mystery of Edwin Drood, Fools, Quilters, Life is a Dream, Leading Ladies, To Fool The Eye, Urinetown, Pygmalion, Sweeney Todd, Light Up the Sky, Slabtown, and Hamlet. In Kansas City, she is the resident costume designer for Coterie Theatre, and designs for the Unicorn, Kansas City Actors Theatre, and the New Theatre Restaurant. She is married to actor Martin Buchanan, whom she met here in Creede, and they delight in their young son Felix.

Jacob Welch Lighting Designer : A Funny Thing…Forum, The Language of Trees, Around the World in 80 Days, The Tamin’ of the Shrew, William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead Jacob is pleased to be joining the Creede Rep family. Jacob is an awardwinning freelance lighting designer working throughout North America. He recently made his Off-Broadway debut with Conviction at the 59E59 Theatre. Other recent designs include Chess at the Arvada Center, Noises Off at Lone Tree, Time Stands Still at Curious, and Kiss of the Spider Woman with Lake Dillon. Jacob is also a tenured theatre professor at Metropolitan State University of Denver. Jacob has his MFA from Western Illinois University.

Mandy Kay Heath Lighting Designer : Pants on Fire, Boomtown, The KID Show Master Electrician Mandy Kay Heath is originally from Iowa and is very excited for her second season with CRT. She has a BA in Theatre Design and Technology from the University of Northern Iowa. She is an MFA candidate in Lighting and Scenic Design at the University of Memphis. Recent lighting design credits include U of M’s Momentum: Dance, The Government Inspector, The Threepenny Opera, ALD for Arabian Nights, Theatre Memphis’ A Christmas Carol. Recent Scenic Design Credits include: Sissy’s Sircus Presents: Time Machine(Current), Into The Jungle (2013), and Future Lovers (2012). Recent ASD work includes U of M’s Medea.

Jake Krave Harbour Sound Designer : Pants on Fire, Around the World in 80 Days, The KID Show, William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead Sound Engineer Jake is glad to be back for his 4th year at CRT. He graduated from Abilene Christian University with a B.F.A in ‘07. He is currently getting his M.F.A at Northern Illinois University. He has worked with such theatres as Denver’s Aurora Fox, Curious Theatre, and Shadow, as well as Fox Run in Rockford IL. He taught at Lipscomb University in Nashville TN from ‘08-‘12 as their Technical Director. He would like to thank Duchene, Stastny, and O’Reilly for quieting the Blackhawks fans. Also, love to his supportive family.

Matt Mott Scenic Designer : Young Audience Outreach Tour Props Master Matt is a third-year scenic design MFA student at the University of MissouriKansas City. Matt, a Colorado native, earned his undergraduate degree in scenic design from the University of Northern Colorado. After earning his BA, Matt had the privilege to work with such organizations as Aspen Opera Theatre, Little Theatre of the Rockies, the Unicorn Theatre, and the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. Some of his favorite productions have been El Viaje de Beatriz, Don Giovanni, God of Carnage, and The

Salvation of Iggy Scrooge. Matt is excited to have worked as the scenic designer of Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson at the Unicorn Theatre in Kansas City, and as scenic designer for Burnt by the Sun. This is Matt’s second summer with Creede Repertory Theatre and he is very excited for the opportunity and to be back in his home state.

Tamara M. Carruthers Costume Designer : Pants on Fire, Young Audience Outreach Tour Draper Tamara is happy to be returning to CRT for a second season. She spent ten years as the resident costume designer/shop manager for Wayside Theatre in Middletown, Virginia before moving to Creede last summer. Her work includes classics such as Wuthering Heights, Importance of Being Earnest, Blithe Spirit, and Othello, musicals and musical reviews such as My Way, Honk, Always Patsy Cline and The Spitfire Grill, and the world premieres of Shadow of the Raven: Tales of Edgar Allan Poe, Robert E. Lee and John Brown: Lighting the Fuse, Southern Crossroads and Southern Crossroads: The New Orleans Adventure. She is excited to be back in the Southwest and looks forward to an exciting summer.

creative team John Gary Brown, Company Photographer For the past 39 years, John Gary Brown has been photographing all aspects of the summer repertory theatre companies. The resulting voluminous body of work is magnificent. To have this visual history is rare indeed and represents one of the great treasures of CRT. Brown’s photographic study of tombstones, The Soul in the Stone, published by Kansas University Press, is a best seller. Widely acclaimed as an abstract landscape painter, Brown has sold 500 paintings since 1973. His work has been featured on the cover of “Architectural Digest” and in “Smithsonian.” Brown won “first prize, regardless of medium,” in the Nelson Gallery’s “Mid America” exhibition, which had three thousand entries. Shortly after that one of his canvases was purchased by Omaha’s Joslyn Art Museum. Brown, who is married to actress Christy Brandt, has a BA in art from Wichita State and an MFA in painting from the University of Washington. He and Christy live in both Creede and Lawrence, KS.

Joe Montelione, Music Director Joe is a national teaching artist providing masterclasses and performances throughout the United States. He is also professor of music at Rhodes College in Memphis, TN. As a conductor he has worked with Laura Bell Bundy, Lea Michelle, Bart Shatto, Eden Espinoza, Kristoffer Cusick and Steve Tewksbury, Memphis Chamber Symphony, New Ballet Ensemble, West Point Military Academy Band and is the resident musical director for the McCoy Theatre in Memphis. Other conducting credits include the USC Chamber Winds, Star Theatre Pops Orchestra and the Capistrano Performing Arts Center Orchestra. He has been seen in the Broadway pits of Victor/Victoria with Julie Andrews, King and I with Lou Diamond Philips and Forum with Nathan Lane and performed with the Alabama Symphony, Moscow State Radio Symphony, Erie Symphony and Washington Symphony Orchestra and at Carnegie Hall with the United Nations Orchestra. As a commercial artist he has worked with Billy Joel, Tony Bennett, Amy Grant and Charlies Daniels to name a few. He holds degrees from SUNY Fredonia, George Mason University and the University of Southern California.


directors, designers & creatives {cont’d}

Diana Dresser Choreographer : A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

Hanna Waters Puppetry Mentor : The KID Show

Diana has appeared in close to 30 productions at CRT since joining the company in 1992. Favorite roles include Pattie in Kimberly Akimbo, Haley in Bad Dates, and Catherine in The Memory of Water. Diana has directed five CRT productions and choreographed ten, including last season’s The Drowsy Chaperone. This season at the Denver Center Theatre Company, Diana appeared in The Giver and understudied Other Desert Cities and Grace, or the Art of Climbing. Other Denver Center credits include Girls Only, The Taming of the Shrew, and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Diana is a teaching artist with the Denver Center Theatre Academy, a publicspeaking coach for ARTiculate: Real&Clear; and a regular performer with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra. Other theatrical credits include the Arvada Center, Curious Theatre, Theatre Aspen, and Theatre de la Jeune Lune. Diana is the very lucky mother of two great boys, Guy and Harrison.

Hanna, a Creede native, is so pleased to be joining the CRT for her eighth season. She worked seven seasons before completing her BA in Fine and Studio Art at Colorado College this past May. Hanna appeared in the original The KID Show at twelve, and continued to build, play, and act in its various creative iterations until 2007 and 2008, when she accepted the position as a props carpenter for the professional company. Currently, Hanna is a burgeoning artist concentrating on oil painting and large-scale sculpture. Hanna thanks her friends, family, and B.K., and simply cannot wait to loiter around the CRT once again.

Geoffrey Kent Fight Director : William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead Geoffrey is the resident fight director for the Colorado Shakespeare Festival (Three Musketeers, Treasure Island, Macbeth, Julius Caesar) and the Denver Center Theatre Company (Romeo & Juliet, King Lear, Richard III, 1001). Other credits include Cymbeline and Titus Andronicus for the Orlando Shakespeare Theater, Les Miserables and Lion in Winter for the Arvada Center, Carmen for Opera Colorado, R&J for the Aspen/Sante Fe Ballet and The Lieutenant of Inishmore for Curious Theatre Company. He is a former president of the Society of American Fight Directors and teaches for the University of Denver. www.thefightguy.com.

Jeff Carey Make-up Design : William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead Dramaturgy : Headwaters New Play Festival Jeff has worked with CRT since 1993. His plays Pan & Boone, Emilia’s Tree, (with music by Jessica Jackson) Lullaby Bay, Scruff Turbo and The Children of the Future, Meet the Beasts, Grimm Pajamas, Zeus on the Lose and Swiss Family Robinson have premiered here. He has appeared in Noises Off, Broadway Bound, Crazy for You, To Fool the Eye, and Fools, among others. He designed Pan & Boone, The Spitfire Grill, Slabtown, (with Ryan Prince) Crazy for You, Enchanted April, Billy Hell, A Wonderful Noise, and Swiss Family Robinson. In 2007 Jeff received the Achievement Award scholarship from the National Theatre Conference in conjunction with CRT’s award for Theatre of the Year. Jeff is a Colorado native, graduate of NYU, the National Theatre Conservatory, and his work has been seen across the country, in London, and Russia.

Natalie Maynard Costume Mentor : The KID Show This season marks Natty’s eleventh consecutive season at the Creede Repertory Theatre. In 2003 Natty began her career at the CRT as an intern in the costume shop and immediately fell in love with the community and its theatre. Since then she has worked as a draper, stitcher, wardrobe supervisor, costume shop foreman, and costume designer. This season marks her ninth year as the costume mentor for The KID Show an amazing collaboration with the young people of Creede and a handful of young professionals working at the Creede Rep! A resident of a 1993 Subaru Station Wagon, Natty has built costumes for Actors Theatre of Louisville, The Opera Theatre of St. Louis, The Santa Fe Opera, The Virginia Stage Company, The Governor’s School for the Arts, The University of Texas at Austin, and The University of Ulster in Northern Ireland.

Beatrice Vena Costume Mentor Assistant : The KID Show Beatrice is excited to join the team this summer. A recent graduate of Hendrix College, she spent the last year working as a Costume Design Journeyman at Actors Theatre of Louisville. There, she had the opportunity to design two sets of Ten Minute plays and serve as design assist on a variety of shows, including those featured in the Humana Festival of New American Plays. Beatrice’s first introduction to theater was at age seven when she was cast as The Squirrel in the Arkansas Arts Center Children’s Theater production of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. She vividly remembers how important it was to have encouraging “grownups” around her, and is so thankful for the chance to create that type of community with her friend and mentor, Natalie Maynard. Beatrice is delighted to be returning to her children’s theater roots, and oddly enough, still remembers her lines as The Squirrel to this day.

Daniel Valdez Composer : Young Audience Outreach Tour Daniel Valdez, best known for his roles in movies La Bamba, Zoot Suit, The China Syndrome, Which Way is Up? and Born in East L.A., has returned to his roots in live theater. The actor, musician, composer and vocalist left his home in San Jose, CA, in 1966 at the age of 17 to join his brother (Luis Valdez) in forming El Teatro Campesino. On picket lines and at rallies in support of Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers, Daniel honed his musical and theatrical skills through “teatro,” a genre of street theater. In addition to his acting credits, Valdez also wrote some and arranged all of the big band music for Zoot Suit; and was producer, researcher and driving force behind La Bamba. After many years of working with El Teatro Campesino, Daniel left to pursue his musical career, writing original music for films, plays, and his continuing concert performances. Through this process of work Daniel created an innovative multi-media form of theatre. The Oratorio was born! Using his composition skills and theatrical and musical knowledge he created a new way of presenting history. Daniel began evolving this form of theatrical history presentations in Denver, Colorado. He continued to develop this form of story-telling in Pueblo in 2006, with the creation of Song of Pueblo. Oratorio of a Mission Town marks the third oratorio in this series of work. It is based on the history of San Juan Bautista, CA. In 2010, Daniel embarked on a new project entitled Sun Serpent with Jose Cruz Gonzales based on the Conquest of Mexico. Currently, Daniel is working on a two-year residency with Su Teatro, in Denver Colorado. He is collaborating with Tony Garcia on several projects, and original material as well.


production crew COMPANY MANAGEMENT Cassondra Rhafir, Company Manager

Laura Elaine Berrios

Events Manager, Stage Manager : Pants on Fire, The KID Show

Originally from Portland Oregon, Cassie is delighted to join the CRT family. She recently graduated with a degree in General Theatre Studies from Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO where she spent most of her time as a Stage Manager. Cassie was delighted to spend last summer as the Company Manager for the Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival. Her love of theatre developed at a young age and has deepened and grown over the years from an apple in a supermarket in her first grade-school play all the way to Company Manager. Cassie has gladly worn many hats in the world of Theatre. She cannot imagine doing anything more joyous with her life.

Laura is delighted to be spending her first summer here at Creede! Her recent stage management credits include KC Swing, The Lady from the Sea at the University of Missouri- Kansas City. Other credits include Stage Manager Being Alive, inTENsity (Fishtank Performance Space), That Funny Mask Show (Hyperion Theatre Company), Assistant Stage-manager on Othello, Cymbeline and Macbeth (Shakespeare Dallas), Production Assistant on Number the Stars (Coterie Theatre,) and Antony and Cleopatra and A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream (The Heart of America Shakespeare Festival).


Schedule Manager, Assistant to the Stage Manager : Around of the World in 80 Days, The KID Show, William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead

Leigh’Ann Andrews*

Stage Manager : A Funny Thing ... Forum, Around the World in 80 Days, The Tamin’ of the Shrew Leigh’Ann Andrews is thrilled to be joining CRT for her first season! Leigh’Ann is currently a graduate student at the University of Iowa, pursuing her MFA in Stage Management. She most recently served as Production Stage Manager for the Iowa New Play Festival. Before living in Iowa, Leigh’Ann worked as a stage manager in Dallas/Fort Worth at the Dallas Theater Center (To Kill a Mockingbird), Casa Mañana (Favorites: Hairspray, Evita, Sweeney Todd, The Sound of Music, and Les Miserables), Trinity Shakespeare Festival (As You Like It, Macbeth), Jubilee Theatre (The Bluest Eye), and Circle Theatre (A Very Merry Unauthorized Children’s Scientology Pageant). Leigh’Ann holds a BFA in Theatre Production and Design from Texas Christian University and is a proud member of AEA. As always, Leigh’Ann thanks Jordan for her constant love and support!


Maegan Burnell

Maegan Burnell was part of the company last summer and is thrilled to be back! Last summer she was on the Stage Management Team and worked on The Drowsy Chaperone, The Presidents!, Saving Red and Is He Dead?. Maegan was born and raised in Michigan where she earned a B.F.A. in Technical Theatre from Central Michigan University. She recently graduated from the (UMKC) where she earned an M.F.A in Stage Management. Her most recent KC credits include Stage Manager for The Cover of Life and Drums in the Night (UMKC), Assistant Stage Manager for Billy Bishop Goes to War (Kansas City Actor’s Theatre) and Production Assistant for The Salvation of Iggy Scrooge (Unicorn Theatre) and August: Osage County (Kansas City Repertory Theatre). She would like to thank her family and boyfriend for their continued love and support.

Jean Egdorf

Assistant to the Stage Manager : A Funny Thing…Forum, The Language of Trees Stage Manager : Boomtown, Headwaters New Play Festival Jean originally hails from northern New Mexico, but has lived in Denver, Colorado for the last seven years. She is one year away from finally completing her degree at Metropolitan State University of Denver, where she is doublemajoring with a BFA in Applied Theatre Technology and Design and a BA in English Writing. She is thrilled to be returning for her second season with CRT. When she is not stage-managing plays, she is writing them! She is an awardwinning playwright, and after completing her undergrad, she aspires to pursue an MFA in Playwriting.

Devon Muko

Assistant to the Stage Manager : A Funny Thing…Forum, The Language of Trees, The Tamin’ of the Shrew, William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead Devon is very excited to join the team at Creede Repertory Theatre this summer! She is from Rapid City, SD and recently graduated from The University of South Dakota with a B.F.A. in Theatre Design and Technologies with an Emphasis in Stage Management. After graduation, she worked as the Assistant Stage Manager at Gulfshore Playhouse in Naples, FL. She has previously worked at The Santa Fe Opera, Saint Michael’s Playhouse, and the Black Hills Playhouse. Some of her favorite productions include Avenue Q, Spring Awakening, The Drowsy Chaperone, and I Am My Own Wife. She would like to thank her family and friends for all of their support over the years!

Trevor A. Muller-Hegel, Stage Supervisor Born and raised in the arts capital of Montana, Trevor discovered his passion for theatre in high school where he starred and directed in his own forty-minute kung-fu play. Upon attending college he became a scenic technician and began to apply himself in a completely different direction. He loved every minute of it. This is his second summer with CRT and is more than happy to be returning after his year in Las Vegas, NV.

McCall Davis Sanders, Stage Technician

Kyle Siegel, Master Carpenter A recent graduate of the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, Kyle is thrilled for his first season at CRT. After working as a stagehand for the Santa Fe Opera in 2010 and 2011 he became enamored with the Southwest and recently moved from his hometown of Boston to Santa Fe. Ecstatic to be working in another beautiful setting crafting exquisite scenery, he looks forward to many kindred spirits and myriad experiences in Creede.

Kyle Leinneweber, Carpenter Kyle is very excited to be working for CRT this summer. He has worked as a carpenter for Point Park University, Kent State University, and Northern Illinois University. Kyle Recieved his B.F.A. in Technical Theatre from Point Park University. He is currently going to Northern Illinois University to earn his M.F.A. in Technical Direction. Kyle would like to thank his friends and family for their undying support.

Bethany Reinfeld, Carpenter This is Bethany’s second season at CRT. She will be starting her second year of graduate school this fall 2013 at UW-Madison for Technical Direction. She is excited to be back at CRT and in Creede. She is looking forward to working with new and old faces and seeing the Lone Ranger on the big screen this summer.

Lisa Allen, Paint Charge Lisa delights in returning to her home state of Colorado after spending seven years as a theatre technician in the Mid-Atlantic region. She has painted for Ford’s Theatre, the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, and Baltimore’s CENTERSTAGE, amongst others.

Zeke Hafenrichter, Props Carpenter This is Zeke’s first time working with a professional theatre group after graduating from the University of Illinois with a BA in Scenic Technology. He started off in Aerospace Engineering but found it too stuffy and needed something that fulfilled a more artistic part of himself so he switched to Theatre. Always looking to get his hands messy with a new project, he is very enthusiastic about CRT’s season this year.

McCall Sanders is proud to be part of the crew at CRT this summer! McCall grew up in New Braunfels, Texas where he was involved in theatre all throughout middle and high school. He volunteered for CRT during the 2012 season as stagehand and spotlight operator for their production of Is He Dead? and Harry the Great.

Amanda Relaford, Props Carpenter

Alexander Winterle


Stage Manager/Tour Manager : Young Audience Outreach Tour Alex is in his first season stage-managing for CRT, and he is very excited to be a part of this dynamic and original team. Alex comes from Farmington, NM, working in the summer for Sandstone Productions, and San Juan College the rest of the year. Alex is an adventure enthusiast, and loves activities from mountain climbing and whitewater rafting, on one end of the spectrum, to Theatre and Music, on the other. He possesses a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Oregon, and an Associate of Arts in Outdoor Leadership from San Juan College.

SCENIC SHOP Paul Anton, Technical Director Paul is proud to start his first season at CRT as Technical Director. He completed his first year in a Masters program for Technical Production at Florida State University and graduated with a BFA in Technical Theatre from Auburn University in 2008. He has worked professionally at Alabama Shakespeare Festival, Auburn University, The Lost Colony, and FELD Entertainment Inc. Paul hails from Alabama, but he is excited to be exploring beautiful Colorado this summer! He would like to thank his wife Vicky for her support and his dogs, Chance and Reese, for a daily laugh.

Amanda Relaford is pursuing an MFA in Properties Design and Management at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. This is Amanda’s second season with CRT and she is thrilled to be back and looks forward to an amazing summer.

Clara Jean Kelly, Stitcher Clara Jean Kelly is a recent graduate of Western Carolina University where she worked as a costume shop assistant. She has never traveled to the area before but is excited to start her first season in Creede.

Lisa Marie Eash

Wardrobe Supervisor : Repairs & Wig Maintenance This is Lisa’s Second Year at Creede, but this time she returns with a B.A in Theatre from the University of West Florida. At the University Lisa has designed Costumes for The Importance of Being Earnest and Bat Boy! The Musical. Her Wig and Make-up designs include A Servant of Two Masters, Christmas Carol (x3), and Brigadoon. Outside credits include Wig and Make-up Design for Mobile Opera’s 2012-2013 season, two summers at Brevard Music Center as a Stitcher and Wardrobe Supervisor, and a Stitcher/Dresser at Pensacola Opera. Lisa is thrilled to be coming back to Creede to resurrect the wig and make-up department of Creede Repertory Theatre!


production crew {costume shop}

Shelly Tarter

Wardrobe Supervisor : Costume Maintenance/Dresser This is Shelly’s second season with CRT, where she served as the Wardrobe Supervisor for CRT’s 2012 season, as well as the Costume Designer for their Young Audience Outreach Tour, The Geography of Adventure. Shelly has a B.F.A. in Costume Design/Technology from Abilene Christian University in Abilene, TX, along with an Art minor. Most recently, Shelly has served as Wardrobe Supervisor for Austin Shakespeare’s production of Pride & Prejudice and Assistant Costume Designer for their production of Design for Living. Shelly’s Costume Design credits include: The Geography of Adventure, Just One of Those Things, Eurydice, Aesop’s Furry Tails, Lady Grey (In Ever Lower Light), and Othello, with featured design work in Shakespeare in Hollywood and Titanic. Shelly would like to thank her family for their faith in her. Shelly is honored and proud to be a part of the CRT family once again!

ELECTRICS AND SOUND Jon Schneider, Electrician Jon Schneider is excited to start his first summer at CRT. A former attendant of Adams State University, Jon has had a passion for theatre his entire life. His favorite productions to work on were Offices by Ethan Cohen, and West Side Story. Jon would like to thank his family, friends, and incredible wife for all of their support throughout the years.

bringing ife! l o t e r t a e h t

production crew {electrics and sound}

Sheric Hull , Electrician Sheric is from small-town Iowa where he began his work in theatre as a judge for the Iowa State Speech Association in 2010. He currently attends Northwestern College in Iowa working toward a BA in theatre and plans to work toward his MFA in Technical Direction or Lighting Design. Sheric has worked as a lighting technician at Northwestern since 2010. He worked as Lighting Designer on Some Five Women (A Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival Participant in 2013) an original play by fellow student Shelby Vander Molen, The Winslow Boy, and Fiddler on the Roof. As Master Electrician on Mama D, an original play by Jeff Barker, as well as seven dance shows for Northwestern’s RUSH dance concert, he has continued to grow and enjoy the world of lighting. His other passions include working on cars and making short films.

Keely Wright, Sound Engineer Keely is a Northwestern College, IA graduate with a BA in Theatre and a passion for theatre technologies. With a fierce love for good stories, she has designed for over fifteen productions, mainly in the areas of sound and projections. Notable productions include A Comedy of Errors (2013), The Cradle Will Rock (2012), and Waiting For The Parade (2012), as well as several premiere plays and adapted scripts. She is based in Orange City, Iowa, with her boyfriend, Brandon, and her kitten, Scotch, with hopes of entering an MFA program in the very near future. This will be her first season with Creede Rep, and she is indescribably looking forward to the experience.

THE CRT ORCHESTRA Joel Kilgore, Trombone Joel began playing trombone at age 12. He studied for three years with his primary teacher, Steve Hammerschmidt. Joel is currently in his second year studying at the Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore Maryland where he is pursuing a Trombone Performance Degree under the direction of Jim Olin, Co-Principal Trombone of the Baltimore Symphony. He has also studied briefly with Douglas Wright, principal trombone of the Minnesota Orchestra and Tom Ashworth, trombone of the Saint-Paul Chamber Orchestra.

Evan Saddler , Drums

attended the Boston University Tanglewood Institute and Chosen Vale Trumpet Seminar where he was privileged to work with some of his biggest influences in trumpet performance, including Hakan Hardenberger and Edward Carroll. Theo is also grateful to his peers who have constantly pushed and driven him to be a better performer. Theo is currently a student of Ray Mase at the Juilliard School.

PATRON SERVICES Cecilia Mitchell McNeel, Patron Services Manager Cecilia grew up in Flagstaff, AZ where she spent much of her time dancing and hiking. Since receiving her BA in Performing Arts, Dance with a Minor in Technical Theatre from Colorado State. She has been working as a member of the Lone Tree Arts Center staff where she has enjoyed being a part of the box office and stage crew. She has a wide variety of experience working with performing arts and is happy to be a part of the CRT front of house! She is so excited to be back in Creede for another fabulous summer!

Jenna Kate Karn , Assistant Patron Services Manager Jenna Kate is very excited to be returning to CRT for a second summer as the Assistant Patron Services Manager. She has just returned from a semester abroad in London, England and is very excited to be back in the mountains of Creede. A New York native, she is in her final year of study at the State University of New York at New Paltz studying Theatre Arts with a concentration in Performance. Thanks to everyone at CRT for letting me return and especially to the FOH gang!

Nick Moen , House Manager After house managing the winter season with Curious Theatre Company in Denver, Nick is happy to be back for his third season with CRT. Nick hales from Wisconsin and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts, from the University of Wisconsin- River Falls. Although originally an actor, he also enjoys working in all areas of a theatre production. In his free time, you can find Nick exploring the backcountry right here in Creede’s San Juan Mountains. He’s even been known to answer to the name “Ranger Nick.”

Evan Saddler is thrilled to be joining Creede Repertory Theatre as a percussionist for his first season. Originally from Dubuque, IA, Evan currently lives in Nashville, TN and studies at Vanderbilt University. A graduate of Interlochen Arts Academy, Evan is involved in many aspects of percussion including solo, orchestral, chamber, and jazz. Evan hopes to continue pursuing his passion for music and the arts by creating a diversified career as a performer, educator, arts advocate, and entrepreneur. He looks forward to a fun summer of exploring the outdoors and performing with CRT!

Loren Ankrom , Assistant House Manager & Patron Services

Robin Sherman, Bass Player

A native of the Creede/South Fork area, Heather has had the joy of calling this place home for the last eighteen years. Heather recently graduated from Creede High School where she had the honor of being salutatorian. She plans on attending The State University of New York at New Paltz this fall to study acting and business. Heather is very excited to join CRT for her second season.

Robin Sherman is a young jazz bassist and composer who is currently studying music at Florida State University and is the recipient of the 2010 Coastal Jazz Association Scholarship. He is a graduate of Savannah Arts Academy where he was a member of the Skyelite Jazz Band for two years, and the 2009 GMEA All-State Jazz Band bassist. He has performed with jazz artists Teddy Adams, Howard Paul, Scotty Barnhart, Leon Anderson, Quentin Baxter, Mark Sterbank, Paul McKee, Bill Kennedy, Bill Peterson and many others. Robin has had the privilege of private study with Ray Williams, Teddy Adams, Rodney Jordan, Delbert Felix, Marcus Roberts and Richard Davis.

Theodore Van Dyck, Trumpet Theodore Van Dyck, 19, was born in England but has resided Brunswick, Maine since he was seven. He started playing trumpet at age 10 and quickly developed keen interests in all aspects of the instrument. While in middle school he won the Maine All State Jazz Festival 1st place soloist award two years running, and the Downbeat Outstanding Soloist award. During the summer of 2010 Theo attended Interlochen’s summer program where he was principal trumpet of the World Youth Symphony Orchestra and in the summer of 2011, he

This is Loren’s second season at CRT, after working in Patron Services for the 2012 season. Loren is working on her BA in Theatre Arts at Adams State University. She had originally set her sights on the stage, but has since found her passion for Stage and House Management. At Adams she serves as the House Manager of the Theatre Department. She’s every excited to come back to Creede and see what’s in store! She knows it’ll be a fun summer!

Heather Brophy , Box Office Intern

Hannah Lake Chatham , Box Office Intern Hannah is a recent graduate from Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, North Carolina with a BFA in Acting and minor in Dance. She is very excited to start her professional career here at Creede Rep as part of the Box Office & Front of House team!

s e n e c s e behind th team!


Our year-round team 1

Catherine Augur executive Director

This is Cat’s sixth year with CRT and her first as CRT’s Executive Director. Along with ten years of non-profit experience, Cat holds a masters degree from University of Denver and a fine arts degree from University of Illinois. She lives in Creede with her husband Avery, and they can often be found in the mountains, fishing streams, hiking overgrown trails, and cross-country skiing with their two dogs Emmy and Lula.


Jessica Jackson

Artistic Director

Jess has worked with CRT since 2004 as an actor, director and resident composer. For CRT she’s directed The Drowsy Chaperone, The 25th Annual... Spelling Bee, Sighthound, To Fool the Eye, and most of the original theatre for young audience pieces created with Jeff Carey and Steven Cole Hughes. She founded CRT’s Boomtown Improv in 2007. Original Scores for CRT: The Bad Man, The Joy of Going Somewhere Definite, Swiss Family Robinson, Billy Hell (for which she shares a Denver Post Ovation Award for Best Original Music with Ryan Prince & Kendra Kohrt), Meet the Beasts, Grimm Pajamas, Zeus on the Loose, Lullaby Bay, and Scruff Turbo. M.M. from The Boston Conservatory and B.A. (Government) from Harvard University. She and her husband, Ryan Prince, welcomed their daughter Penelope in February 2012.


Jonathan D. Allsup Managing Director

Having stage managed over 500 performances at CRT, Jonathan’s stage managerial credits include all of the musicals (except one) produced at CRT since 2006. Jonathan stage managed in Chicago, Washington state, and Washington D.C. before moving to Creede full-time in 2007. He also managed the design and construction of CRT’s Ruth Humphreys Brown theatre. Jonathan teaches stage management and theatre career development workshops and classes at colleges, universities, and festivals across the mid-west including Fort Lewis College, Adams State College, and Metro State College in Colorado. While being a proud member of Actors’ Equity Association, Jonathan is more proud to be married to theatre scholar and CRT Business Manager, Elizabeth Zurn, and to share their house in Creede with their dogs Stagehand & Q.


Renée Stynchula Education Director

Renée first began working with CRT in 2002 and has appeared in numerous productions on the CRT stage, most recently as Myra in Ghost-Writer. Renée has been a teaching artist for thirteen years and co-founded The KID Show in 2003 with her brother and creative partner, Ryan Prince, in an effort to include local children in all aspects of play production. The KID Show is currently in its 11th year, and Renée is excited to be directing this year’s production of John DiAntonio’s new play, an adaptation of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.


Renée is a tireless arts education advocate and serves on the Creede School Board. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre from Northwestern University and a Master’s in Theatre Education from the University of Northern Colorado.


Ryan Prince , Production Manager

Ryan is in his 6th year as a full-time staff member at CRT. He has worked for seven seasons as co-director of The KID Show. He has also served as props master and scenic designer for many shows. He received a BFA in sculpture from Alfred University in 2001. After college, Ryan formed a community arts group in Jamestown, NY, worked in several arts programs for kids of all ages, worked as an archaeological field tech throughout the Southeast, and helped start a sign company in southwestern Illinois. Ryan lives here year-round with his wife, Jessica Jackson, baby Penelope, and loyal dog Duncan.


Elizabeth Zurn


Sarah Wallace

Business Manager In her nine years at CRT, Elizabeth has worked in both stage management (Sweeney Todd, Noises Off, Crazy for You) and the front of house. Now settled into the Business Office, she also enjoys her work as Headwaters Dramaturgy and Audience Enrichment Coordinator. Hopefully you’ll have a chance to join her for a Pre-show Talk or Chat Back this season. Originally from Illinois, Elizabeth received her BA in Theatre from Northwestern College in Iowa. She also holds an MA in Theatre from Bowling Green State University, where she focused on community-based performance. She enjoys every day of this adventure in Creede with her husband, Jonathan Allsup, and their two dogs, Stagehand and Q.

public relations manager

This will be Sarah’s fourth season at CRT. Originally from Louisiana, she is a third-generation southerner to make her way around these much-loved mountains. While she misses the cuisine and her family in the south, she happily traded humidity for turning aspen leaves. Sarah graduated from Louisiana State University in 2008 with a BA in International Studies. “My father was very sure about certain matters pertaining to the universe. To him all good things - trout as well as eternal salvation - come by grace and grace comes by art and art does not come easy.” – Norman Maclean


Maggie Schlundt Development Associate

After working in CRT’s Development Department for two rewarding summer seasons, Maggie is excited to have joined the year-round team this year. She has worked administratively and artistically at theatres in Chicago, Iowa, and the Denver Front Range and holds a degree in Arts Administration/Theatre Management from Cornell College. She looks forward to all the future holds, and is endlessly grateful to be living and working in this uniquely wonderful town.


anthony contello Facilities Manager

Anthony is excited to join the year-round staff at CRT. Originally from Texas, Anthony came to Creede last season as CRT’s Technical Director. Before that, he worked as the Technical Director for Houston’s Alley Theatre and as the Technical Director for the University of Houston. A proud Houstonian, Anthony misses his Texans football team but looks forward to living here in Mineral County.

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