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Sept/Oct 2011 the enthusiastic creative journal

Gopika Chowfla On Indian Design Language

Cognizant strokes of S. Nagesh

A viewfinder on travel with Ajay Jain



Good Vs Evil. Artwork by Nithin Rao for promotion at the gaming centres. Captures the never-say-die psyche of the gamers. Exhibit

08 TrendFeed

Inspiring design with potential to be influential.



Just concluded design events.




From the readers.


Designer stuff waiting to be acquired by those with an artistic vein.



56 A Fashion Shoot by Sonhal Nichani.

Exaggerated Expressions/ Nithin Rao The illustrator and caricaturist interpret the world around him by blowing up its elements.

26 Bleeding Gaddafi by S. Nagesh.


Brought in practise the power of design to bring citizens in conversation with their habitat.

The cartoonist employs his art to instil awareness with a pinch of humour.



Nature funk/ Jayesh Sivan

Delicate Dialogues/ Jitesh Patel

The illustrator draws from the nature to give it a funky make-over.

The lead illustrator of London-based Jai Studio lets nature and fashion interact in his creations.


Fantasy Streak/ Ishan Trivedi


32 Jungle in 3D by Jitesh Patel.

Fluid expressions/ Ritan Chauhan The illustrator chooses his designs to be fluid, drawing from myriad inspirations.


Design Pleasure


Wandering Viewfinder/ Ajay Jain

Mind Mapping/ Gitesh Gupta


Art Animalist/ Shounak Jog

The visual artist takes his love for animals to an artistic level.

Her big ideas come from experimenting with traditional design patterns.


The legendary designer reflects on the state of Indian design.

Explores the mind of a photographer just before the click and the visuals that talk about it.


Original Desi/ Roshnee Desai

Indian Design Language/ Gopika Chowfla



Concrete Conversations/ The Wall Project

Cognizant Strokes/ S Nagesh

The new media illustrator explains how unrestricted imagination yields fresh art.


51 Art Animalist by Shounak Jog.


Click Couture/ Sonhal Nichani

Insightful pointers for great captures from the fashion photographer.

The travel photographer observes uncanny frames in everyday sights he comes across in his trips.


Possible Platform/ Auto Design Hunt Glimpses of the shortlisted entries from one of the creative design contests of the country.


Figures EarlyRiser

Physical proportions of elements and emotional proportions like humour need to be calculated





creative_gaga Sept/Oct2011


01 Trumpet Nose. What a snoring nose can be. Part of an ad campaign for a Deep Sleep Clinic. 02 My World. My Way. Juxtaposes real people against an illustrated backdrop. 03 Drill. Caricature enhancing the drama that is present in the idea. 04 Musical Scooter. Employs the technique of juxtaposition. 05 Good Vs Evil. An art work to promote Pepsi at the gaming centres. 06 Fat Lady. Created for Mumbai Marathon: a typical Mumbai lady going for morning walk. 07 Obama. Humour exemplified through caricatures and exaggerations.




Vibrancy is the bait while wit is the hook. Vibrancy helps breathe life into any piece of art, so that it is never boring. It is like the bait that draws the audience towards your work. And humour is something that no one can miss. It is something people remember. Acting like a hook, capturing the attention of the audience. An idea is the brief. That’s right. The brief that comes from an agency already has the idea. And in a way, this makes the job for an illustrator easier because one knows where to start from. There on, an illustrator’s job is to improvise the

idea in terms of execution. To take the idea one step ahead, to find another language of expression, to make the ideas grow and blossom in full glory is what an illustrator is supposed to do. In design, one and one makes eleven. Composting different objects to create another object is what I always attempt to do. Juxtaposition is a potent form of creating an altogether new image that is not just an expression or exaggeration, but a new form of communication. However, juxtaposition is not a collage >

Figures GagaGod







creative_gaga Sept/Oct2011

09 Evergreen Dialogue! Mrs. Gandhi’s facesaving techniques over Rahul’s comments on ‘Hindu-terrorism’. 10 Who Killed Osama? Uncle Sam, with the help of Pakistan, the once shelter of the most-wanted man. 11 What is India Today? Done for TOI’s ‘A day in the life of India’ contest showcasing the present image of India.

13 Helpful Pets. In solidarity with the pets who act as special friends in our lives. 14 The Colour of Terrorism. Home Minister P. Chidambaram committed a faux pas with the term ‘Saffron Terror’. 15 Ravanleela. The night-raid over the Baba at the Ramleelala Maidan.

12 The Diplomatic Satta. Despite the friendly invitation to watch cricket, our guests grabbed the opportunity to discuss Kashmir.




The less said, the better. It helps to keep the work clean and clutter-free. I keep my characters in a minimalistic tone. I outline my cartoons with brush strokes to maintain a consistency in my rendering style. I am partial to grey tones. As to the caricatures, a physical attribute is the best bet. Like Amitabh Bachchan’s height for example. The joke is in the illustration and in the few words that are chosen to explain the idea. Be inspired. Every artist evolves with each brush stroke, with each Ctrl+Z. One learns to render cartoons in colour or monotone with forceful brush strokes and create depth with minimalism. But what keeps the cartoons fresh is the influence of every new idea, every new style that one comes across. Be open to every inspiration that comes your way and let your art evolve with you <

Figures StudioScope

01 Jungle in 3D. Flower Works and Beetle jam in 3D paper styling.

illustration that ties it together by its rich culture heritage.

02 X-mas Card. A special Christmas card entirely in 3D.

04 Nature in 3D. Purple butterfly and tranquil peacock in 3D paper styling.

03 India. Celebrating the country through an



01 03 creative_gaga Sept/Oct2011

Jitesh Patel has studied Art&Design at UK and runs London-based Jai Studio. He specializes in illustration and art direction, drawing heavily from nature. His studio has worked for many international brands.





There is an inherent narrative in the world of nature. Blend it harmoniously with contemporary fashion and you get an interesting conversation to listen to. Jitesh Patel of London-based Jai studio talks about how he creates his fine-spun stories on paper.

Figures GagaWorthy 01 Girl Interrupted. A quick caricature done digitally to demonstrate the craft to students.

02 Gajni bana Nagraj. Artwork for a Raj Comics Fan Fair. Features Doga with Mr Green.




Imagination is something very personal and one can’t design according to the point of view of the audience. Successful art works the other way round. The art must be such that it gives the audience a totally new perspective. Where there is a character, there is a story. When you imagine a character, you imagine it in a particular setting and context. Knowing the concept is important as it brings out the right characterisation. How else will you know who is the villain or the hero? Hence, story and character are never mutually exclusive; they are both present to complete each other. Colours have a language of their own. We may not realize it too often, but colours have been communicating with us for a long time. The ‘Tiranga’, for example, where each colour stands for something to make the flag meaningful. Colours have natural associations and psychological symbolism. The fact is that people feel comfortable when colours remind them of similar things. Like a shade of blue triggers associations with the sky >

creative_gaga Sept/Oct2011


41 06


03 Pirate of Illustration. Tribute to a senior who taught me a lot of illustration. 04 Prankish Krishna. Character for childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s book bringing out the naughty side of kid Krishna. 05 Refugee. People bring new idols of gods and dispose the old ones. Where do they end up? 06 La fin. Illustration for a childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s book. Inspired from old paintings of masters for lighting the environment. 07 Catch Me If You Can. My two favourite Indian comic super heroes, Doga and Mr green. 08 Happy Holi. Greeting for the occasion for every fan of comics.



use make-up and hair styling to compliment the garment and vice versa. If you desire a provocative or seductive look, opt for dark, heavy make-up and over styled hair. Alternatively, for an innocent or natural feel choose subdued pastel tones, gentle make up and soft flowing hair styles. Unusual looking folk bring interest and personality to the piece, whereas female models with large almond eyes, big lips, small chins and symmetrical faces are deemed ‘more commercial’.

creative_gaga Sept/Oct2011

Pose the difference. Posing can be a tricky point to master but browse through the latest men’s and women’s magazines to target a few inspired suggestions as well as getting a grip on what is currently fashionable. Using ‘broken down’ poses or poses that require angular body shapes can add interest and edginess to the piece as well as help elongate the body length. Mastering controlled-lightings is tricky. A studio is an ideal place to perform a fashion shoot because

Experimenting with lights and angles create an array of effects that reinforce the message


photographers can easily control lighting and stabilise conditions. If you are shooting in a studio environment remember to meter all areas of the scene to avoid unwanted shadows. The use of a separate light meter rather than the one in your camera offers a more accurate reading. Home-made studios are workable solutions. If you canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t afford to hire a professional studio and all the pricey equipments there is a way you can cheat at home.

Clear a space in a room that benefits from large windows and peg a white sheet, net or fabric across the window. On a bright sunny day you can have yourself a homemade soft box, ideal for flattering and even lighting. Lights and angles form the magic combo. When shooting in low light or into the sun, you may require an extra light source. If all you have is flash then rather than shooting straight on, set it to bounce off a nearby reflector, wall or ceiling. Experiment with angles to create an >

Exhibit GagaWorthy

Possible Platform 01

It isn’t innovation if it follows a brief guided by the market forces. It isn’t business-sense if innovations stay back to drawing boards. F-Cube, an innovation-to-market platform attempted to bridge this gap with an automobile design contest. The entries, with their creative and innovative excellence only proved the initiative right.


The recently concluded hunt of futuristic automotive concepts by F-Cube Lounge attracted more than 50 entries from across the country. The hunt was open for students, working professionals as well as freelancers. The objective was to nurture product innovation by creating a platform for aspiring Indian product designers. Fresh ideas came to life through the journey of conceptualization, prototyping, production and market stages. Here is a peak into the shortlisted entries. 01 Caterpod. This concept is worth featuring in a futuristic Hollywood movie or a theme park ride. It’s an Automated Rapid Transit Vehicle aimed at urban campuses or as feeders to public transport systems. The wheels are concealed under the body that moves it on fixed tracks. The pods can move together like a train or can split up and be on their own. (Bimal Rajappan. IDC, IIT Bombay)

02 creative_gaga Sept/Oct2011

Exhibit GagaWorthy

02 In-Rapido. In-Rapido is a PMV (personal mobility vehicle) for the urban population. It has a unique style of getting in and out of the vehicle which makes it occupy lesser parking space. The DLO is designed to give a complete view to the driver. Belongs to fantasy, grounded in science. (Harsha Kogod. IDC, IIT Bombay) 03 Sports Car â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Red. A red sports car never goes out of fashion. Add to it the benefits of aerodynamics and energy efficiency; you get a futuristic toy any speed-monger will drool at. (Sunil Kharat. Auto Designer @ Hyundai)



Exhibit GagaWorthy

11 Quest for Antimatter. Zoom off to 2145. Meet the fantastic travelship, Antimatter. Mother ships and associated destroyers take you way into the future with altogether different mobility and transportation requirements. It is not just a representation of the fantasy but a dream for reality as well. (Anand C R. PG, Transportation and Automobile Design, NID) 12 Gentoo. An environment-friendly mode of personal transportation, the form is inspired from a cute gentoo penguin. The technology takes from Peugeot egg-car, GM’s P.U.M.A, Toyota’s I-Real and Honda’s U3-x. The gentoo uses self-balancing technology and it is powered by lithium battery. (Ramesh Kanth. Digital sculptor @ GM) 13 14 Ranatran. A multi-seater that can be used in various loading modes like 2P, 4P & 6P. At the core of this concept is a PMV (personal mobility vehicle), which, in this case, can be obtained by the single press of a button. These PMV cases are easy to stack after use as well. (Harsha Kogod. IDC, IIT Bombay) <






creative_gaga Sept/Oct2011

Creative Gaga - Sep/Oct_2011 (Preview)  

With some of the best illustrators to political cartoonists, this issue covered independent Indian Design language...