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Have Fun with the Inspiring Story! Vaibhav Kumaresh

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Future is What Your Kids Learn Today Pg 38

Dhimant Vyas

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What Animation is to India? Suresh Eriyat


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Your Dose of Inspiration

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Designing For Kids

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Featured Folks

A bunch of insights, techniques and inspiration from the best creative minds of the country.

Suresh Eriyat

Dhimant Vyas

Vaibhav Kumaresh

Sonia Tiwari

Avinash Jai Singh

Founder and Creative Director of Studio Eeksaurus

Animation Film Designer

Founder and Director of Vaibhav Studios

Visual Designer

Photographer and Illustrator


Vijaya Laxmi

Vineesh Viswanath

Ashwini Bharadwaj

Rohan Bhatia

Illustrator and Artist


Senior Art Director

Illustrator and Graphic Designer


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Contents Creative Gaga Magazine - Issue 46

Illustration 28

Animation 20



by Vijaya Laxmi


Lamput Poster

by Vaibhav Kumaresh

Happening Around! INSPIRING TRENDS Minimal is Here to Stay by Ashwini Bharadwaj

Pg 08-11


A bunch of thoughtfully designed stuff that you can acquire.

The story behind her art style.

Music to Eyes by Vineesh Viswanath Making art out of music.


Pg 12-13

by Avinash Jai Singh

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Animation 39


Pg 14-19

Animation Meets Learning! by Sonia Tiwari

Journey to becoming an artist with a vision.

GAGA GOD The Inspiring Story! by Vaibhav Kumaresh


From a curious boy to renowned animator.

VANTAGE VIEW Make Learning Fun For Children! by Sonia Tiwari

Pg 26

Guidelines for Visual Designers.


Creature Comfort USA Series

by Dhimant Vyas

Devata or Devi? Who Do You See? by Vijaya Laxmi

Pg 28-34

Visualise beyond the existing.


Pg 35-36

Animation – An Effective Mode of Education! by Suresh Eriyat


Changing the Education Scenario.

Creating Content for the Young Indians! by Vaibhav Kumaresh Understanding Advantages and Challenges.


Pg 38-53

The Seed You Saw in Your Child by Dhimant Vyas

A peek into an animator’s world.

Animation. Then, Now and Tomorrow by Suresh Eriyat The Past, Present and Future of Animation.


Pg 54-58

Twist of Art, Story & Photography! by Avinash Jai Singh

Short Film ‘TOKRI’

Translating stories into photographs.

by Suresh Eriyat


Pg 60

Animation in Education! by Dhimant Vyas Impact of Animation on Children.

Illustration 62


Pg 62-67

The Union of the West and East by Palehorse

Understanding the collaboration of cultures.

Designer Life! 15MM OF FAME

Pg 68-70

Experience. Feel. Capture! by Rohan Bhatia

Capturing the essential.

Imagining the Unimagined by Aditya Damle Going beyond the regular.

Kali Goddess

by Palehorse

Unleash Your Creativity by Omkar Shinde Exploring for the best.

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01,02,03 Creature Comfort USA series. Aardman animation studio, U.K.


Dhimant Vyas The veteran artist and animation film designer, an alumnus of the National Institute of Design (NID), has recently worked with Zynga games India. Also, worked on famous Shaun the sheep series with the leading academy award winning animation studio, Aardaman Animation Ltd., U.K.


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THE SEEDS YOU SOW IN YOUR CHILDHOOD Your childhood experiences, explorations and continued learning through life, greatly shapes the way we think and the career path we chart for ourselves. Veteran artist and animation film designer, Dhimant Vyas, is an example of this. He gives us a peek at his childhood and throws some light on the animation industry.


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Icon Watch


ANIMATION. THEN, NOW AND TOMORROW The animation industry in India has come a long way, and still has a longer way to go. Renowned animation film maker, Suresh Eriyat, gives us the ground reality of the industry today, and where the future lies. The Indian Animation Legend, E Suresh, has been a pioneer in storytelling and animation through films. He heads his animation studio Studio Eeksaurus and he was the first to launch clay animation commercials in India. Also, his short films, Fisherwoman and Tuk Tuk, and Tokri, both won National Film Award for Best Non-Feature Animation Film, apart from winning almost 60 national and International awards at various festivals with over 150 official selections globally


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Issue 46

Suresh Eriyat


The renowned Animator, has been a pioneer in storytelling and animation through films. He heads Studio Eeksaurus, and is known for introducing clay animation to India. Some of his well recognised work include the Amaron battery advertisements, the Bindu re Bindu music video, and Levis Slim vs. Slim.


01,02,03,04 Clay Animated Short Film called TOKRI. 04

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In Focus

Twist of Art,

Story & Photography Generating stories and translating them into photographs doesn’t seem like a cakewalk, but Avinash Jai Singh’s work makes it look like it. Illustrations supported with compelling messages and eye-catching colours and visuals appeal to the youth and engulf the audience.

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Issue 46


Avinash Jai Singh A regular small town boy who has an amazing sense of visual art and capturing moods from his camera. A photographer and illustrator by profession, his work showcases a beautiful harmony of portraits, colours and lighting, thereby depicting beautiful stories and emotions.

Many a times, the influences and the exposure one receives as a child, gives one a certain direction in life. Something similar happened with Avinash, a photographer and an illustrator from North India who carved his own path to success. He grew up in Panipat, the hub of textile industry, and his observations of the colours around him generated a love for visual arts and gave him a perspective to understand lighting, forms, shapes and portraits. Avinash was always fascinated by lifestyle magazines and his world changed when he started his actual learning process in a college in Delhi. Finally, he had his aha moment when he was on a trip to Kashmir doing a series on the lives of people, where he realised that photography was what he wanted to do all his life

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Profile for Creative Gaga

Creative Gaga - #46  

Designing for Kids! We all design for different audiences and always keep trying to figure out what they would need and how will they react...

Creative Gaga - #46  

Designing for Kids! We all design for different audiences and always keep trying to figure out what they would need and how will they react...