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08____TrendFeed Inspiring design with potential to be influential.

26____Applauding Designs/ Rahul Chakraborty UI/UX Designer throws light on why digital design is as important as ever.

12____NewsFeed A quick take on the recently concluded events, exhibitions and workshops which explored a new dimension of design. 16____SpendThrift Thoughtfully designed stuff, you can acquire. 18____Connect to the Government/ Tasneem Syed Designed an app that will speed up the process of procuring government documents. A blessing to all those who are eventually sent back due to some missing documents after spending hours in queues. 20____Service at your fingertips/ Leo9 studio Redesigns the interface for Timesaverz, a provider of doorstep services for every household. 37

22____Starring the Frustrated Designer/ VKAN Studio Did an in-house project presenting digital posters showcasing the struggle of a graphic designer.

30____Concepts that Click!/ Lollypop Design UX/UI studio takes concepts beyond the screen to make them come alive. 36____Browsing Bulgaria/ Krasi Stoimenov Bulgarian UI/UX Designer in a conversation about his digital design views. GYAAN 44____New World of Web/ Appiness Interactive Arun KS from Appiness Interactive, explains the new web design trends and how useful they are. 48____Law of UI/ Lollypop A Bangalore based UI/UX design studio, shares the basic rules of user interface. 52____Wheaten Portraits/ Ramesh Baheti Shares his technique behind the natural and eco-friendly portraits. DESIGN PLEASURE 56____Electric Taxis/ Taxi Fabric Story telling fabrics that will brighten up your journey!

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Concepts that Click!

Generation now needs technology which keep them engaged, one needs to provide them with concepts that reach out devices and influence their lives. Lollypop UX/UI studio thrives on this ideology and creates designs that provide memorable user-experience. It’s not about screen size but conceptual skills. From TV screens to computers and now our phones, the canvas of design is becoming smaller yet technical and conceptual skills are becoming vaster. All future concepts are defined based on the user experience and the interface design. It’s important to rapidly progress and adapt to Human Computer Interactions (HCI) from the next generation’s point of view. For example, a 6-yr-old is very much hands on with an iPhone than a 50 yr old. Our next generation has digital embedded into their DNA which pushes us to create cutting edge experiences with interactions on digital platform and they expect nothing less, Now looking back at television and PC’s they are simply yet another solar system in this universe >



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Mar/Apr 2016

Anil Reddy Founder/Creative Director

Surya Annamaneni Marketing & Sales Manager

With 15 years of experience infused with creativity and professionalism, Lollypop design is India’s first dedicated UX/UI studio. Creating digital experiences that focus on user engagement, they are based in Bangaluru and New Delhi and work for both national and international clients.

01 02 03 SurGEON LOGBOOK APP. This app designed for surgeons to help diagnose patients more efficiently where ‘minimal efforts’ and ‘maximum usability’ were the foundations.


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BrowsingBulgaria Krasi Stoimenov is a Lead UI/ UX designer at Lottotech, Belgium. After completing a degree in marketing, he reconnected with his hobby and has supported high-profile international digital communication campaigns for Danone, Unilever, Coca Cola, Heineken to name a few.

The tough get going when the going gets tough. This is a phrase that relates to the story of Krasi Stoimenov, a Bulgarian UI/UX designer. In a country where competition is tough, there is no time to rest. His designs reflect his constant effort and advanced skills. He speaks with Creative Gaga and takes us all through his design journey. CG: Tell about your design journey and how it evolved over time to arrive at digital? KS: As a kid, I loved drawing but never had enough time to actually draw or paint as much as I wanted. As years passed, I had completely abandoned my hobby of drawing and moved on to graduate in Marketing. And one day, all of a sudden, my neighbour introduced me to an amazing program- Photoshop CS4. It was that moment where I knew this was my calling and that I could do better. I started using online tutorials to grasp the programme. It was tough, I failed initially but constant hard work paid off and I gradually started mastering the skill. But it’s never enough. The digital world surely keeps you on your toes and there is always something to learn. CG: Your designs are practical but mystical at the same time. What are your design inspirations? What are various factors in your daily design life that determine the fate of your designs? KS: Inspirations are everywhere, from the buildings surrounding you to the colour patterns before you. The internet is a vast ocean of inspiration and the best part is that it`s easy to find the right one for your project. Designs are determined by their purpose >


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Mar/Apr 2016


03 01 02 03 LottoTech. This mobile and app designed for a lottery company provides an

interactive and fun experience for users.

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NewWorldof Web

Good that you switched from your Facebook tab, ended that conversation on WhatsApp, took a break from endlessly scrolling through your Twitter feed or you are here probably tired of swiping right on Tinder with no luck. People are hooked to these websites and apps for not just the information it gives but also for the way it is being given. The UI/UX lead Arun KS from Appiness Interactive lists down some of the trends and his take on them.


Such websites achieve ‘stardom’ due to multiple reasons - be it the position of the ‘like’ or ‘retweet’ button, the easy photo upload options, the ability to switch from one section of the app/website to another or even the quick access to closing the app. Most of these apps and websites have now been existent for a few years and they follow the phrase ‘change is the

only constant’. They strive to live up to the current design trends or arguably set the trends themselves. The world of web design is similar to the fashion industry, if it is in trend and if you are not following them, you will be made fun of or even worse - you’ll not be talked about. Let’s understand these new trend one by one:

01 The Hamburger Menu. Arguably the most widely used (or overused) way to represent menu items. The web world in true sense has seen the rise and fall of the hamburger menu, once a favourite amongst all apps is now a way to hide information, which is less important. Although many criticise the use of hamburger

menu, there’s no doubt that it’s widespread use makes its function easily understandable for users. It creates a cleaner, neater and more aesthetically appealing website and it saves lots of space, but it is not the correct move for all sites.

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Mar/Apr 2016

Arun KS is the UI/UX lead at Appiness Interactive, a Bangaluru based high technology digital consulting firm, striving to raise the standards in the wide world of web. Started in 2012, their user-friendly designs have won acclaim for various brands. Also with multiple international design awards under his belt, Arun’s designs are highly appreciated in the industry.

02 Long Scrolling Over Licking. Many of the new age websites, utilize scrolling as the main method of navigation over clicking. Placing the important content above the fold is a myth now. More than that, almost everyone is accustomed to long scrolls thanks to mobile devices. This works very well for sites that want to lure users through storytelling, and you

can still mimic a multi-page site by breaking the scroll into clear sections. But blindly following the trend is not advisable. Several aspects have to be considered before choosing between long scrolling and clicking like the content, mindset of targeted audience, brand strategy etc.

03 Card Layouts. Once found only in a few websites like Pinterest, now card layout is slowly becoming the ideal way to represent information in a clean way. From e-commerce website to photo sharing websites card layout is the chosen way to showcase large amounts of content. With

responsive designs becoming a buzzword, card layout has become even more practical. The shape and size of the cards make it easier to fit and rearrange for different devices. These rectangular pieces of vital information are here to stay.

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Ramesh Baheti, a professional artist, graduate of Government School of Art, Aurangabad, has been experimenting with a unique art style of ‘Roasted Wheat Sticks’ to achieve his eco friendly portraits from the agricultural waste of wheat lids.


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Mar/Apr 2016

WheatenPortraits With not so useful wheat lids, the leftover of wheat grains extraction process, Ramesh Baheti experiment and achieve eco-friendly portraits of world leaders and famous personalities. Here, he explains his technique behind one of the portraits of Randhir Kapoor.

Step 1 Wheat grains when extracted from crop the wheat leads, are burnt away by the farmer, as these are neither eaten by the animals nor buried in soil for fertilizer. These wheat sticks/lids are taken in their raw form, which are later cleaned by hand with a lot of time and patience.

Step 2 In a cleaned full wheat stick you may get three or sometimes up to five different shades, so the sticks are cut according to the requirement of shade.

Step 4 Now a sketch is made on plywood or you can take glass, plastic or any other surface. Once the sketch is complete as per your desire, it is ready for pasting the sticks on it.

Step 3 Then wheat sticks are roasted in direct flame or oven, at different temperatures for different time periods to make the shades more prominent.

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