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Hello Creamsters! Welcome to our shiny and new February Issue #47!

high end retouching paola denyce badouin

One of the things that distinguishes and characterizes our magazine, is the fact that we are always looking to showcase the latest trends, styles, and looks. This time, we took a step further and invited an invigorating, up-and-coming, Laredo fashion designer for an exclusive styling photoshoot. For the past 4 years, Victoria Moreno has been realizing her dream as a Fashion Design and Creation major at the École Supérieure des Arts et Techniques de la Mode in Paris, France. Our collaborations with young and talented people, such as Victoria, are precedents to our continual search for those unique diamonds in the rough, taking shape and beginning to reveal their own clarity and shining color. We proudly bring you this incredible editorial collab inspired by science fiction and comic books; and like the best diamonds, it is beautifully outlined by rarity and singularity. Open both your mind and eyes, and prepare to let this fashion editorial take you on a sci-fi ride.

production + video assistant katya peña Cream San Antonio amely garza and dulce maría miranda

Interns grecia mariela ramos mariana ortega wendy gonzalez monserratt guajardo

Also, like most people, we wholeheartedly welcome February with our tender love and appreciation in order to appropriately celebrate the season. For this upcoming 2018 Valentine’s Day, we featured three lovely couples and a group of best friends. Together, they share with us stories of great love, enduring friendship, and blissful life moments… take on to reading these pages slowly, and make sure to take notes!

Writers rubén bazán iii, joe arciniega, michelle cook, victor hugo garcía, elyssa canales-villarreal, steve treistman and alejandro bernal

Like always, we look forward to meeting with you again… ‘til next time! Brace yourselves, for April is looming on the horizon and with it, another fabulous issue.


See you soon, and take care!

cynthia vallejo nancy macdonald veronica garza

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Cream Team No. 47

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Styled By Michelle


Is Marriage Still Worth It?


Falling In Love With Paris

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The Birth Of San Antonio Is Us Arciniega Eyes

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Editorial | Cream City Magazine

This is



The doors to this beautiful home were graciously opened for Cream City Magazine to lust over its ceiling-to-floor balanced fusion within forms and spaces. The upscale design, evident in both the interior and exterior architecture, gives us an insight into Laredo’s trendiest homes. An exclusive that promises to inspire the ambiance of your dreams.

Editorial | Cream City Magazine

Alejandro Garza Architect & Builder Founder of Heron Signature Living Inc.

I believe the combination of materials, colors, lighting, pool, and landscaping makes this house so special. The terrace is my favorite spot. Here, I like to sit and enjoy the view and breeze while listening to my favorite music; it also serves as an axis to the house, integrating the rest of the areas in our home to work and feel as a whole. The design of this space was inspired by a soft, contemporary, and elegant style while also taking into consideration the best use of the lot and its orientation. Together, everything seems serene, relaxing, and functional. Often, guests admit that while lounging, they feel pleasantly disconnected, as if they were somewhere else.

Sandra Garza Bookkeper for Heron Signature Living Inc.

In our home, two specific areas are my absolute favorite: the garden and its landscaping, and the pool area view from the dining room. I just love to see the garden thru the vast windows in the living room. For months, I researched types of plants that would encompass our ideal garden area. We wanted them to be a certain height, shape, color, and type. Although we were inspired by Texas native plants, our garden is also majorly influenced by the Oaxacan landscape after noticing its beauty during a vacational trip. I usually unwind to enjoy the view while having a cup of coffee or glass of wine depending on the time of day. These areas, like the rest of our home, are beautifully designed, inviting, and cohesive. While entertaining we have received many compliments regarding our home, but what we hear the most is that for the time people are here, they feel as if they have been transported out of town.

Editorial | Cream City Magazine

The Meet two dynamic achievers who contribute to the development of both Laredos. They are flying high on Cream’s radar.

Adriana Benavides Maddox Attorney

I always knew I wanted to be a lawyer. I dreamed of it since I was a child. During law school, I clerked at the Webb County District Attorney’s Office. After that experience, I knew my career would begin. After passing the bar exam, I returned to Laredo as an Assistant District Attorney. I began prosecuting domestic violence, felonies, and white-collar crime cases. Joe Rubio was an incredible leader as DA. I was also surrounded by strong women—leaders and colleagues alike. A civil practice with an emphasis in family and probate law naturally grew into what I do today. I now practice with my husband. I’m proud of who we represent and the work we do for our clients. My client’s gratitude is the ultimate satisfaction. Every day, they trust me to get them through their most difficult and important problems, and their gratitude sometimes spans generations. My past has shaped me into who I am today. I hope I continue to develop better judgment from experience, which is the most powerful teacher.

There’s always more to learn, more to do and much to improve.

It’s not always easy. You have to love it to do it. My advice for anyone trying to embark on a career like mine is to work hard and keep learning. When it becomes overwhelming take a break, and then start again. Also, read, read, and read more. Read cases, read codes, read opinions, read law books, read novels, read anything. The more you learn, the better you will be. Most importantly, be true. In the legal profession, you are only as good as your word. 8 CREAM

Elizabeth Villalpando Reed Attorney

I might have fallen into the practice of immigration law by accident, but I truly ended up falling in love with it forever. Once I started, it made total sense with my background. I am an immigrant myself, as well as a daughter of immigrants, which grants me a truly relatable bicultural identity.

Helping people has always been my life’s ultimate goal, and being able to achieve this on a daily basis only inspires me to want to continue even more. The journey hasn’t been easy. I have had to relocate to the United States and reenter Law School to start all over again. Although it was somewhat devastating at first, the struggle taught me great lessons. I never gave up and always had a clear idea of my future path. My mother has been a perfect example of hard work and dedication, and my sister consistently proves to be a true trailblazer by stopping at nothing to flourish in her career. They both have served as my inspiration.

My worst fear is to be mediocre; I always like to challenge myself. My career satisfaction is embedded throughout the little things, like when people cry out of happiness after having been helped or when they hug me in gratitude. These moments not only allow me to feel my clients’ sincerity, but also the importance of my practice. My career has taught me that others should never define you; you can only define yourself. For anyone who is trying to commenceon a similar path, I encourage you to work hard and pay your dues. Do good by others and always carry yourself with humility; we are nothing without it.

Styled By Michelle Editoral

á la

French There are some styles I praise when it comes to the “it girl” factor. I love the west coast style, the bohemian chic, or the cool, and perfectly puttogether New Yorker. On top of my list however, is the effortlessly romantic, French girl. In the world of fashion, designers’ “trendsetter” muses come from the streets of Paris. From our idol mademoiselle Coco Chanel, to the modern Marion Cotillard; their je ne sais quoi is memorable and in most cases, enviable. So, what really makes these women so special? What better way to break down “Parisian Chic: A Style Guide” by Ines de la Fressange than with Valentine’s Day around the corner. A true French girl oozes romance and is known for her simple, low maintenance beauty while also making bold fashion choices. 10 CREAM

One of my favorite Instagram accounts for French style cues is @adenorah, In the true essence of a chéri – don’t be afraid of menswear. Inspired by the fusion of young school girl

and the popular 90’s plaid trend, I’m wearing a plaid set with thigh high boots and a sheer sparkly, long sleeve top with a cute bralette (for the curious eye). I wrapped a scarf around my neck; an essential accessory for the French gal.

not only because of her amazing feed, but her high waist bottoms are always a must! With her aesthetics in mind, I’ve paired a simple high waisted straight leg denim, and a one shoulder black bodysuit: simple yet elegant. Hardly any accessories, because less is more.

A French woman is so natural to hats. So, I’ve taken

this suede black cap and mixed the look with a pair of origami cut white shorts, and a classic gingham print, and black ankle booties. Also a pop of red with my go to leather jacket.

I’m sure when all is set and done, and we’ve dominated their art form, soon they will ask for le mexicain fashion tips. Then, we can give a lecture or two on mixing colorful, hand woven textures. BY MICHELLE COOK FOLLOW HER LOOKS AND READ MORE AT


Editorial | Cream City Magazine They don’t say “good shoes can take you to good places” for nothing! In this case, fabulous shoes and purses take us straight into some of the dreamiest closets. Stephanie Levy and her fashion sense remind us why killer accessories will always be a woman’s choice of weapon.

Stephanie Levy I saw them when I walked into the Gucci store and instantly knew I had to add them to my closet. They were so fun and different, and they match with pretty much everything. I ultimately fell in love with these because they are very unique, and plus, they make me seem taller! I’m 5’3”, so I love how tall these shoes make me feel. I would probably describe my personality and fashion style as daring, but fashionable. I love wearing different things many people would not wear.


To Have To Hold


Book Fair March 3rd

From 11am to 1pm 2715 E. Del Mar Blvd. Laredo TX 78041 • (956) 701.3041

The Ruben Index Editorial

Is Marriage Still Worth It? A

ccording to, nine out of the ten most popular dates to propose fall between mid-December and February 14th. It makes sense, given that this period covers many of the holidays meant to be celebrated with love. On my social media, these findings echo year after year. Even my wife and I are examples of this. I guess getting engaged on New Year’s Eve makes us a couple of walking clichés. The tenth most common date for marriage proposals is Independence Day. Ironic, given that on the 4th of July we heavily celebrate our divorce from another country. It is traditionally said that about half of marriages end in divorce. Research from the earlier part of this decade shows that divorce rates were on the decline, which was a statistic celebrated by many. It does make me wonder, however, if this trend exists because people are waiting longer to get married, or because people might not be marrying at all.

Divorce is an attractive option for those who decide that they are better off alone. The reasons behind divorce are as old as the institution itself - infidelity, money problems, lack of intimacy, and abuse. To get demographical, according to research, people who marry before the age of 25 are more likely to get a divorce than those who marry after. Those with a college degree are ten percent less likely to untie the knot – particularly when both spouses have at least a Bachelor’s degree. In a study done in 2014, it was found that Asian women have the lowest rates of divorce, followed by Hispanic, then white, then black women. Couples with children are also less likely to end the marriage. Having children, however, isn’t a solution for a troubled marriage. In fact, rates of happiness tend to decrease after people try to patch up their marital troubles with a child. Your parents’ marital status can also influence your own. People who saw divorce in their homes are more likely to see it as an option. They are also more likely to avoid marriage altogether since they grew up in a household where the core relationship didn’t last, therefore making marriage seem somewhat unnecessary. I often hear both men and women complain that there are no marriage-material candidates out there anymore. I also see people actively looking for singlehood. This leads me to believe that people are either lacking the basic skills to get married, or they simply don’t see marriage as relevant anymore. In 1960, 72% of American adults were married. This number dropped to 51% in 2011. Is a rise in women’s rights a factor? Has divorce become less taboo? Perhaps. However, some external forces may be at play as well. According to economist David Dorn, employability and marriageability are deeply intertwined. He and his colleagues found that in cities where manufacturing jobs began disappearing, so did the attractiveness of the men who no longer benefit from those jobs. The automation of many manufacturing jobs struck a blow to many men in the workforce. In 1990, almost 22% of American men worked in this industry. That number went down to 14% in 2007, and so did the marriage rate. Suggested is the idea that, in order to remain on the marriage market, men should begin to focus more on jobs that can’t be automated, such as those that require problem-solving, creativity, and other jobs that are traditionally feminine. However, stagnant BY RUBÉN BAZÁN III | 14 CREAM

views on traditional masculinity may hinder this approach, and women may be partly to blame. A recent New York Times article titled “Men Don’t Want to be Nurses. Their Wives Agree.” says it all. Research also shows that both spouses tend to be less happy and more likely to think that the marriage is in trouble if the wife earns more than the husband. Both men and women are coming to terms at an earlier age that our time is limited, and that we shouldn’t spend our time with someone if they’re not really going to benefit us. The four aforementioned reasons for divorce can now be easily avoided. You avoid infidelity and abuse by simply being alone. Women can financially take care of themselves now more than ever, which is way more than women could say 60 or 70 years ago, when marriage was an automatic step up for them both economically and socially. Lack of intimacy? There’s an app for that. You can probably find a sexual partner to show up to your house quicker than pizza. People don’t even have to marry in order to be parents anymore. So, given all of this, why marry?

We’re at a point in sociology where we may have to redefine the purpose of marriage and the expectations that come with it. No longer is marriage necessary, but it is worthwhile for those who are smart about it. I’ve said before that marriage is like the merging of two corporations: meaning, if both entities cannot sustain themselves individually, it is likely that trouble will lurk in the future. The personal desire to share your life with someone else is still strong because nobody wants to be lonely. From what I’ve seen, the healthiest of marriages now are enjoyed by those who are both emotionally and financially independent. Those marriages are a clear indication that people want to be with each other, as opposed to being with each other out of necessity. Will men’s attitudes towards work change enough to the point where they’re more marriageable? Will women still choose to marry someone who isn’t traditionally masculine even after the men have adopted this progressive view? Only time will tell. For now, we await the upcoming weddings of those who got engaged in the last couple of months. Congratulations to the newly-engaged, and remember that, while statistics don’t lie, neither do long-term matters of the heart. In the name of love, let’s beat the odds together.

Mommin’ Made Chic Editorial

Falling In Love with

Paris Marrakech), I quickly realized that sometimes a vacation really does mean leaving the kids with grandma. Nevertheless, the excitement of adventure and the curiosity to experience new things extinguished all signs of guilt and any fears of the unknown. Eddie of course, the man who has visited over 32 countries, had been to Paris a few times and insisted on visiting, even though he wasn’t a crazed fan.

A baguette later, there I was standing in front of the Eiffel tower (*sigh*) completely speechless, I felt it in my heart then and even now as I think back. I mean common’…what’s wrong with me? I’m feeling 15 and at a Backstreet Boys concert… minus the music, and the American boys, but totally mesmerized. It was then that I realized the true MVP of the trip was Eddie! Paris exists for girls like me. I wandered and I lusted, gazed at the sights, in the cultured nooks, Parisian fashion, fashion bloggers, French eateries, and the list goes on. Unknowingly, it was like every creative molecule in my mind had always somehow been inspired by this place. Having now acquired this needed wanderlust, I did what any secret “Instagram Blogger” would do…have my photographer/husband snap candid photos of me everywhere! Paris may be the city of love and widely recognized as one of the most romantic places in the world, but this week I was falling in love with the reality of the city itself.


think girls like me dream about Paris our entire lives. We lust over walks along the River Seine, about marveling at the city’s iconic architecture, and about falling in love with the most romantic city in the world. As I sit down to write this piece, I’m filled with inspiration, so much so that as I ponder over how I should direct my thoughts, I am at a loss for words. I’ve been to a few places over the years, but this is Paris. Yes Paris…you got me! Star struck, and in a desperate attempt to not sound entirely cliché, but will most certainly still fail, since cliché has become my reality.

Perhaps, like any Paris first timer, your heart will flutter with anticipation as you gear towards and then finally touch down at the Charles de Gaulle Airport. More than just my additional bag, which Eddie was “thrilled over,” I was carrying a bit of guilt on this trip. It had been about 4 years that we traveled without the boys. Last year, as I attempted to change a dirty diaper mid-flight, (over the Atlantic, in route to

I honestly wish I could pretend that I didn’t fall in love with Paris. I despise falling into stereotypes and detest feeling ordinary. But as Selena Gomez may say “the heart wants what it wants!” lol Cheesy? Paris, reminded me why I love travel, and will continuously encourage anyone to get out and get to know themselves. There are places that will spark unexpected emotions, dreams, imagination, and invaluable memories. I want this to be the reason why we travel and we fall in love not only with each other, but also with places that transform us. BY ELYSSA CANALES VILLARREAL

Arciniega Eyes Editorial

El Nacimiento

The Birth of San Antonio is Us


he sound will be unmistakable even from two streets away; drums calling and answering, some full-bodied and deep like heartbeats, others crisp and bright, militaristic snares marking time and pace. Additional percussive instruments will fill in, snapping castanets, chinking tambourines, and wood against wood to make music.

The procession will begin from the Spanish Governor’s Palace on the corner of Plaza De Armas and West Commerce Street downtown San Antonio. It will head through the parking lot of City Hall, and angle right, crossing Military Plaza toward the oldest part of the 18th century San Fernando Cathedral. As it makes its way through the corridor into Main Plaza, the sudden tightness of space will amplify the sound, revealing other instruments heretofore undetected. But as exciting as all that, it will be the sights then revealed that most dazzle those gathered between the Cathedral’s front doors and the Plaza fountains.

On Saturday, March 10, 2018, the Canary Islands Descendants Association, in conjunction with other important historical and ancestral organizations in San Antonio, including the American Indians in Texas, the Rio Grande Native American Church, the San Antonio Founding Heritage, the San Antonio Living History Association, the Tehuan Band of Mission Indians of San Antonio, the 1718 San Antonio Founding Families and Descendants, San Fernando Cathedral, and the Main Plaza Conservancy, will present a “gift” to the city on its recognized 300th birthday year, its Tricentennial. The City of San Antonio, Bexar County and even the Canary Island government, the Gobierno de Canarias, have enabled this historic gesture for this historic time. “El Nacimiento, The Birth of San Antonio,” an educational entertainment presenting the rich history of the city’s founding pioneers through music, dance and drama, will be seen for the very first time. This thrilling presentation, which will begin with that impressive procession into Main Plaza, will allow those representing Native Americans, Spanish Presidio Soldiers, Spanish Friars, and the Canary Islanders, in their heritage dress and accoutrements, to share stories of their ancestors during the genesis of San Antonio’s Spanish colonial era.

The premise is that the founding of what is now San Antonio involved four distinct groups over a critical period of time, the Native Americans, who presumably arrived as much as 10,000 years ago, the Spanish friars and the Presidio Soldiers with their families, who arrived in the years leading to 1718, now recognized as the founding year, and sixteen families from the Spanish Canary Islands, who arrived at the behest of King Philip V of Spain in 1731. Competing realities, priorities and cultures created tensions and even hostilities among these groups, but did not deter the

progression that resulted in the founding of a city that is today the 7th largest in the United States. From the initial inhabitancy and cultivation of this land, through the establishment of missions and a military settlement, the naming of the river and the city itself, until the formation of the first organized civil government in Texas completed it, these groups of men, women and children, over time together, founded this city. One would think that by the 300th birthday of one of the preeminent cities in the world, a global destination recently named a UNESCO World Heritage Site, its founders would be universally known and fully recognized for their individual and collective impact. Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case. As the initial divide between these groups of true pioneers began to thaw, or at least to do so enough to result in intermingled families, their descendants became the better known Texas Tejanos, and from there into the 19th century, further expanded into the iconic ones of the Republic of Texas, and most famously in 1836, those of the Alamo. Monuments and movies punctuate history books, so the lessons of the beginnings of San Antonio have all too frequently fallen short by about 120 years. Not for long. In addition to the debut of “El Nacimiento, The Birth of San Antonio,” this Tricentennial year a bronze monument recognizing these founders is being planned to be prominently placed on the front grounds of the historic Bexar County Courthouse, once the site of the home of Juan Leal Goraz, leader of the Canary Island settlers and first Alcalde of San Antonio. This monument, the first in San Antonio recognizing either of these founding groups (much less all together), is being created by Laredo’s own Armando Hinojosa, renowned artist and sculptor of the famed Tejano Monument on the front lawn of the Texas State Capitol. Better late than never.

Joe Arciniega is a direct descendant of a 1718 Presidio Soldier and several 1731 Canary Islander families, and currently exploring his Native American roots. He is director and narrator for “El Nacimiento, The Birth of San Antonio.”


Betv Conventionally, time has been divided into a past, present, and future. For this instance however, we decided to get rid of such notion and embrace the philosophical view of eternalism, where every existence is said to be equally real. Just like a character stepping out of a utopian comic book, our main heroine is unabashedly herself and unafraid of bending the rules set out by society. By Victoria Moreno












Fashion Editoral | Cream City Magazine



Because Cream has always praised the stylish and upheld the bold, this collaboration with young fashion designer, Victoria Moreno was justly due. She’s chic, she’s creative, she’s brilliant, and she’s eclectic. Dare to dive into the awe-inspiring, multicultural esthetics created by this designer’s imagination. Current School: ESMOD Paris (École Supérieure des Arts et Techniques de la Mode)

Victoria Moreno

Previous Schools: •ESMOD International, Seoul, South Korea 2nd year Fashion Design & Creation 2016-2017 •ESMOD International, Paris, France 1st year Fashion Design & Creation 2015-2016 •London College of Fashion, London, United Kingdom (Certificate of Higher Education) International Preparation for Fashion 2013-2014

What interested you about fashion or what made you realize you wanted to study fashion design? I became aware of my interest for fashion on a trip to New York City that I took as an eighth grader. By the end of middle school, I had already spent most of my time longing for an idealistic future where I was able to express myself freely and eloquently. During an evening on that trip, while taking in the vibrant Fifth Avenue life, I became immediately attracted to the lifestyle. The idea of creating something, visually stimulating and beautiful, out of my own imagination was thrilling. What inspires your fashion style? Poetry, music, and fairy tales, are the kinds of things that touch my soul. My mood also greatly affects my style, and everything around me inspires me. As a highly sensitive person, I am constantly aware of my surroundings and I pick up on even the smallest of details that go unnoticed by a daily commuter. I try to see the beauty in everything, and I try to surround myself with the things I love.

When and how did you decide Paris was the place for you? London already seemed like a dream come true. Paris however, felt like I was reaching for the moon, but that didn’t stop me from dreaming of walking down the Seine at moonlight or shopping at Dior on Avenue Montaigne. The more I thought of it, the more I became aware that haute couture (based solely in Paris) was what I loved and wanted to do. I had already been studying for a year in London, when it occurred to me…if I’d already come this far, the least I could do was try and apply for my dreams in Paris. So, I did and the rest is history. Fashion-wise, what is your favorite thing from each of the cultures you have experienced? Londoners are very eccentric and unabashedly themselves, more than once I saw an Underground passenger with a wild hair color or up-do, wearing a suit on the way to work. “French chic” exists for a reason, and Parisians with their joie de vivre make everything seem so effortless yet elegant. Koreans seem to be aware of the latest trends and possess the ability to make everything look edgy and cool; their aura is perhaps their most inspiring asset. How have these cultures changed or inspired your daily fashion style? London has taught me to embrace my individuality, and to be unafraid to stand out or be different. Parisians know there isn’t necessarily a need to sacrifice comfort for style, while still looking elegant. Koreans have encouraged me to experiment with fashion and clothes. Just because a trend or item is used a certain way, doesn’t mean you can’t wear it any other way or even make it your own. Sometimes, the most unlikely things can turn into something that works for you and looks good.


2419 E. Saunders St. #101

LOCATION (956) 568-2175

9413 McPherson Rd. (956) 723-5050

2402 Jacaman Rd. #12 (956) 701-3353

4205 Jaime Zapata Memorial Hwy #33 (956) 568-1980

Wine Society | Cream City Magazine

Join us as we wine down to disclose useful pointers and heartening recollections with some of Laredo’s most winesavvy. Do not fret, the venture to find your ideal seleccion promises to be fun!

Arancha VillaseĂąor Favorite Wine: I was born is Spain were some of the best wines in the world are produced, so choosing a single favorite is difficult. If anything, I think the Prado Enea Muga Gran Reserva would be one of my first options. Why do you like it? Riojas and Xerry Wines have always been the preferred wines at my house in Spain. Always, my parents have several bottles ready for me when I visit. For this reason, the Muga reminds me of endless conversation, summer nights, laughs, love, and infinite stories with my family and friends. What makes it special? The Muga Reserva is a very delicate and fresh wine. Its complex taste is that of red-berried fruits (such as blackberries), spicy notes of cinnamon, touches of toasted nuances from the cedarwood cask, vanilla pods and autumn leaves. This perfectly pairs with some of my favorite foods like aged cheese, but it is also equally perfect when enjoyed on its own. Just a single sip of this wine will undoubtedly transport you and transform your meal from a simple reunion to a high scale experience.

Editorial | Cream City Magazine

Love Celebrate

Love at first sight, or love worked for day and night; whichever the case, these Cream City couples spill relationship secrets worth gold during this special season. For them, it is Valentines day...every day. They inspire us to believe that genuine, and classic love may still lead to real happily ever afters.


Editorial | Cream City Magazine ryan noel reyes and alessandra chacon-reyes

Alessandra Ryan


How did you meet? We met in the summer of 2013 when we both started our three-year orthodontics residency. Each year, only four residents are accepted into the program, so it was incredible that the two of us ended up as classmates, only to meet and fall in love. We believe it was God’s will that brought us together! When or where was your first date? We often disagree on what/when our first official date was, but as soon as we met we were spending a lot of time together, both in and out of school. We began by sticking together and helping each other in the dental lab and asking each other for advice on our patients’ treatment. Soon, we were studying orthodontics together over lunch and in the evenings. It wasn’t long before we were spending time together, just to be together! If you could describe your relationship in 2 hashtags, what would they be? #MeantToBe #Soulmates

What has been the most romantic thing you have ever done for him/her?

Ryan: I think my favorite romantic idea came to me the night I found out that “The Nutcracker” ballet was going to be in town. I knew that she really liked ballet productions and I’m big on symphony, and this was going to be the first time the San Antonio Ballet was performing alongside the San Antonio Symphony. So, I bought tickets and woke up at 5am the next morning to find an actual Nutcracker so that she could find the gifts on her nightstand in the morning. All day, we were both excited to finish the work week and spend the evening together at the theatre! Alessandra: When I met Ryan, he told me that he had been to Japan on an exchange program and it had been one of the most amazing experiences. He emphasized that he had especially liked the food. So, the year we met, I looked up a Japanese restaurant that served teppanyaki to celebrate his birthday. (You know, one where the chef cooks with a griddle in front of you while doing tricks like throwing shrimp into his chef hat or juggling utensils.) It was memorable, and I could tell he really loved it!

What message or advice would you give couples contemplating marriage? Marriage is like having to do a school project in pairs in which the teacher lets you choose your own partner. You want to make sure that you pick someone who you know will work well with you and who also has the same goals in mind. You both have to be willing to give it your best and bring out all your partner’s best qualities. Bonus points if your partner happens to be your best friend!

lore fernández and luis ramiro gonzález

How did you meet? I first saw him at a wedding in Monterrey and thought he was cute. It wasn’t until the next day, at a restaurant: Arbolitos de Cajeme at Main Entrance, that I actually met him. Luis was with his friends and I was with mine. Because we had friends in common, we ended up at the same table and he sat next to me. If you could describe your relationship in 2 hashtags, what would they be? #EndlessLaughs #LoveGoingOut

What has been the most romantic thing you have ever done for him/her? Lore: I gave him a puppy. Our son, Apolo. He wanted a dog for a long time and I’m not saying this only because it’s him, but he is the best dad/owner for our hyperactive beagle. Luis: The night I gave her the ring has to be one of the most memorable and romantic nights of my life. I was both nervous and excited at the same time.

What is the one thing that he/she does that makes you go crazy? Lore: He cannot start dinner before first finding something to watch on Netflix. I usually take a bite before the food gets cold! Luis: That she has to take pictures of everything she orders before she eats. What do you think you’ll be doing in thirty or forty years? Lore: Taking care of each other and our family

needs. Luis: Traveling the world together.

What message or advice would you give couples contemplating marriage? To keep that person you can’t get bored with. In our case, there is space for serious conversations and plans, but also there are moments when we can’t stop laughing about the silliest things. We are certain this is one of the things that won’t ever change over the years.

Lore Luis


Editorial | Cream City Magazine

How did you meet? Patricio and I met at Dillard’s Department Store on December 5, 1988, during his shopping trip from Monterrey. I was working as a model in the perfume and cosmetic department. He approached me and after a very pleasant conversation, we exchanged phone numbers. If you could describe your relationship in 2 hashtags, what would they be? #OpenHearts #LoveForFamily

What have been the most romantic things you have done for each other? One night unexpectedly, he put on soft music in the bedroom and asked me to slow dance. Also, when we were newlyweds, I cooked for him a heart shaped chicken course meal and finished it off with a heart decorated, strawberry cake. What is the one thing that he/she does that makes you go crazy? Adriana: That he enjoys driving very fast, and that he speeds on the highway when traveling on road trips. Patricio: When she asks me to constantly take pictures to capture specific moments, even when we are in a hurry to go somewhere. What message or advice would you give couples contemplating marriage? We would tell them to place God

as the center of their relationship, never loose communication, and be honest to each other. Do not keep secrets or lie to each other. Do not let others intrude in your relationship. Place one another as a priority and do everything together, as best friends would. Pray, dance, sing, shower, and sleep together as much as possible. Always be kind and affectionate, and love each other without worrying what people might say. Notice the good within each other, and let go of the bad. Do not keep count of negative experiences, and learn to forgive and forget.

Adriana Patricio


patricio canavati and adriana benavides canavati

Editorial | Cream City Magazine

It’s aGirl Thing

Cream was able to sit and chat with three young ladies, who are perfect examples of a pure friendship that beats all odds. Although friends you may have many, it is the few and best that make your life plenty. These lovely girls remind us that whether side by side, or miles apart, best friends are always close to the heart.

Elka Knosel

Vilma Guzmán Arcega

Analy Rechy

How or why did you girls initially start hanging out? Analy and I are childhood friends, and even though I met Vilma during high school, the three of us just immediately clicked.

What always manages to crack you all up? Elka’s jokes and Analy’s comebacks.

What about your friendship-connection has made your bond last? Our friendship has lasted because we communicate very well, and we always have each other’s trust.

What is your favorite thing to do together? Probably cruising around, listen to music, and update each other on our lives.

If you could give your friend-group a name, what would it be? Sisters.

What’s your favorite thing about Vilma? My favorite thing about Vilma is that she is always up for anything and that she is able to live her life so positively.

What always manages to crack you all up? Because we all have very different humors, we are constantly making each other laugh.

What’s the secret/key to successful bff relationships? To be straight forward, always. To respect opinions, and of course to always have each others matter what.

What has been the most difficult struggle your friendship has overcome? The most difficult struggle for me is the distance. Since Analy and Elka study out of town, we don’t see each other often, but once we do, it is as if we had never been apart.

Where do you see your friendship in 20 years? I see us pursuing our careers alongside our families, and carpooling our kids to school.

Would you be able to successfully order food for each other without having to ask? Duh, we are bffs!!!

What makes your friendship unlike any other? That we have a very tight bond, and even though we might not talk everyday, it’s as if we had never stopped. What always manages to crack you all up? When Elka jokes around!

Where do you see your friendship in 20 years? In 20 years I see our friendship the exact same, except we’ll be working and dealing with our kids. What’s the secret/key to successful bff relationships? Communication, Trust, and Honesty.

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Heatlhy Body = Healthy Mind I

t is proven that working out can have a very positive effect on a person’s life. People sometimes go through with it only because their focus is “looking better,” but still, their body heals in other remarkable ways. Without a doubt, having the willpower to improve your body and mind, while also first-hand witnessing your body’s transformation is a very empowering and amazing feeling. I’d be lying if I said otherwise. Unfortunately, as great as the physical benefits may be, we tend to overlook the more important mental benefits. I believe that both our body and mind are one in the same. You cannot have a truly healthy body without a healthy mind. Having a regular exercise routine is the key to unlocking some of the most effective benefits. Here are only a few of the aspects in which you and your life will change...

• Drastic Reduction of Stress: Stress is the leading cause of so many problems in life like overeating, smoking, and anxiety. A person who is stressed will also probably be unhappy. • Memory Improvement: Studies show that adults who exercise regularly have a more extensive retention and recollection memory system.

• Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention: Regular exercise can lower the risk, or delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Sedentary individuals may be twice as likely to develop Alzheimer’s than those who exercised vigorously at least three times per week. In example, running has been proven to improve the functioning of the hippocampus, which is the area of the brain responsible for learning and memory. • Depression Treatment: The simple act of exercising increases serotonin levels in the brain. Why is this fact important? Well, it is known that low levels of serotonin are directly linked with clinical depression. For years, doctors have been prescribing 40 CREAM

exercise as a treatment for people who suffer from depression. In fact, exercise may work just as well as medication in some cases dealing with depression. The results are cumulative, too. The longer you exercise, the greater the drop in depressive symptoms. • Energy Boost: Basically, when you’ve conditioned your body into a better shape, every component and system in your body will run more efficiently. When it runs more efficiently, you have more energy; it’s that simple. Understanding that working out means more than exercising the muscles in your body will allow you to experience a realization. When a person commits to any form of exercise, they are committing to improving their life. Besides gaining muscle mass, you will gain a sense of wellness, feelings of achievement, and a journey that leads to accomplishment. Be proud of your body! Be proud of yourself ! Your body and soul are the only things you truly own. Take care of them, and they will take care of you. BY STEVE TREISTMAN

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Street Wear

Cream City Magazine estuvo presente en el “shooting” editorial de la nueva colección de ADR SUPPLY. Alexis Díaz, diseñador mexicano y creativo de la marca, nombró Icefalls 2018 como “Una explosión de colores”, que muy bien describe cada una de las piezas de la colección. Con distintivos tratamientos a la mezclilla, hace emerger singulares tonos y ricas texturas. Díaz nos sorprendió con detalles en estoperoles y cauchos de presión colocados estratégicamente en playeras y chamarras de variados cortes. Estos detalles tan interesantes, agregan fuerza a cada prenda. Colores como el negro, azul, blanco, gris y rojo, en sus diferentes gamas, son el común denominador. La marca es considerada como street wear para el hombre contemporáneo.

Y esto, nos viene perfecto a todos los que queremos lucir un estilo propio y diferente, ya que, con cada pieza de la colección podemos crear un “outfit” con un toque único. La marca también cuenta con su propia línea de calzado, ¡Así que podemos completar el “look” ADR SUPPLY, listos para conquistar!

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Benefits of Saving & Investing


aving and Investing, like anything in life, benefits greatly from early planning and implementation. The earlier you start a consistent and disciplined saving and investment program, the better the chances that you will achieve your desired returns. Think with the end goal in mind. Why am I saving and investing? How can I improve my chances to achieve my end goal? Will starting now help me get to where I want to be in the future?

Below are a few reasons why you should start a Saving and Investment program at an early stage in life: • Time is on your side – The earlier you start investing, the longer your investment time horizon will be. Investment time horizon is the total length of time that one expects to own an investment. Determining your time horizon will help in directing you to the investment strategy, and the amount of risk in your portfolio. By starting to save and invest at an early age your investment time horizon should be longer, which will give you an opportunity to weather multiple market cycles. • Compounding Returns – Have your money work for you. With a longterm investment time horizon, you will benefit from the reinvestment of earnings. Think of it as your money making more money.

• Stay ahead of inflation – Starting early and having a long-time horizon will give you the opportunity to invest in growth-oriented investments, such as stocks. Over the long term, these investments have generated returns more than inflation.

• Improves Spending & Personal Finacial Habits – Budgeting builds disciplined spending habits. Invest money that you can set aside and intend to keep invested for a long period of time. Start early and stay disciplined in your plan. You will see results over time. Contact us for more information or to schedule a consultation.

Emmanuel Guajardo

Financial Advisor

104 Del Court, Suite 300 (956) 267-8130

Fotografia: Jesus Villanueva Varela


Investment Advisory Services offered through Cresta Advisors, Ltd., a Registered Investment Adviser.

Victor Hugo en SMA Editorial

Moda y Carácter M

uchos son los motivos que atraen tanto al turista nacional e internacional, como a la nutrida comunidad local de residentes de todas partes del mundo, a esta ya tan afamada ciudad de San Miguel de Allende: Gastronomía, arte, festivales culturales, música, y más recientemente, una escena muy bien redondeada del siempre fascinante, y personalmente favorito, tema de la moda del cual trataré en esta oportunidad.

Una combinación de atmósfera de inspiración y mentes creativas permean cada rincón de esta ciudad, lujosas boutiques colectivas llenas de marcas orgullosamente mexicanas, ateliers prácticamente abiertos al público, eventos dedicados a la moda tal como lo es “Fashion Days San Miguel”, que año con año son ya destino para los amantes de la moda. San Miguel ha dado al mundo personajes como el diseñador de joyería Felipe Barbosa (de Felipe Barbosa Collections), asi como a la diseñadora Leticia Márquez (de la marca Lekuin) quien también produce desde San Miguel de Allende para clientes de Hollywood, del lejano Dubái y de París. Pero hoy, quiero darle espacio en esta columna dedicada a realzar todo lo bonito y novedoso de mi amado San Miguel, a una joven amante de la moda. Aunque está en los inicios de su carrera, ella posee un gran talento, que es requisito para sobresalir en esta industria: Mayela Licea Rodríguez, originaria de San Miguel de Allende, lanzó su línea de capas y zarpes inspirados en sus raíces y con una moderna influencia mexiquense. POR VICTOR HUGO GARCÍA | Instagram: @victorhugo956 46 CREAM

“Para mí la ropa es algo más que una prenda para cubrir el cuerpo. Es una esencia de la persona, es su carta de identidad. Es una dualidad del ser humano y la ropa. Me gusta las texturas, colores y el coordinar en forma original.” Mayela Licea

Para las noches siempre frescas de San Miguel de Allende, un poncho o una capa es pieza indispensable en un guardarropa. Las prendas de Maye Licea son atemporales, unisex y con texturas ricas pero a la vez ligeras. Te darán un “look” muy individual porque además son piezas muy versátiles de colores muy combinables. Por esas razones, para mí, muy bien vale la pena invertir en una pieza que te brinda múltiples opciones de lucirla y lucirte. En las siguientes ediciones les presentare a más mujeres jóvenes que han comenzado su carrera como diseñadoras con el pie derecho, que aportan empleo a artesanos mexicanos, y que sé que pronto estarán siendo parte de la gran lista de talentosos diseñadores que ponen aún más en alto el nombre de esta ciudad como un destino de vanguardia. Consumamos, celebremos apoyemos lo nuestro.


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Income Tax Season

Filing your Income Tax when buying a house Tax season is one of the GREATEST opportunities when thinking of buying a house; allow me to reveal all of the secret reasons why.

1 2 3

By law, when buying a house you have until April 16th of 2018 to file your Income Tax Return or file an extension. If you are buying before the mentioned date, you don’t have to provide your lender with 2017 Tax Returns.

Of course, you can use your tax return to buy a house. You can even contract a property and get your loan “approved” while waiting for the tax return to hit your bank so you can close. You can get together with your CPA to file your income tax so your lender can use it for qualifying on your home loan. Sometimes, when your income is variable (selfemployed, 1099, bonus, commissions &/or overtime), the lender will have to average the past 2 years to set a monthly income. If the average of your tax return income analysis from the past 2 years is low, you can file your tax return in order to increase your average income. Then, you would be able to qualify for the sales price you want.

When using income to qualify for a home loan, we as lenders will always need to validate it first. If we get pay-stubs from the borrower, we need to validate them with the employer (Written Verification of Employment) and with W-2’s & Tax Returns. Also, we are required to obtain a copy directly from the IRS (W-2 Transcripts & Tax Transcripts).

Piece of advice: Tax Season should also be Home Buying Season. Throughout the years, I have been able to get ahold of this process and I feel confident regarding the ins and outs of the system. So, if you would be interested in any further explanations, I am always glad to help!


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featured artist

Kevin Philippe My name is Kevin Philippe and as a full time illustrator, my expanding scope of practice includes stock illustration, logo design, book cover design, poster design, book illustration, animation, vector drawing, photo editing, etc. As an artist, I depict ebony, chocolate-dipped, sunkissed, high melanated, copper-tone, moorish Black Women, who have a healthy relationship with the sun and the universe thanks to the particle of melanin within them. Melanin is one of the best gifts from the Creator, and the fact that the Original Woman posses this pigment is a reflection of the dark matter that holds the expandable universe. Melanin gives color, melanin is beauty, melanin is life. I believe that a person with prominent amounts of melanin in their organism was needed to absorb the intense sun rays in order to survive and propagate humanity

title of your art piece: one with the sun

Digital illustration About the artist: I am an artist and illustrator living in Laredo, TX. When I was in middle school, my younger brother started to copy anime characters into MS Paint to play them in fights. I eventually got hooked with his idea of fun, and started to create original characters to fight my brother’s pixelated creations. Although my brother grew bored after some time, I still continued playing with MS Paint until I was in college. It wasn’t until after a semester in the nursing program that I switched my major to fine arts with a focus on illustration. Since then, I haven’t looked back; it was the best choice I’ve ever made. 50 CREAM

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The Big Reveal Cream Magazine was invited for a glimpse of the finery which will be worn by the couple portraying Martha and George Washington at this year’s Colonial Pageant, the 78th celebration of the city’s grandest event. The Society of Martha Washington personalities who unveiled these costumes were, Tami Dorsett Summers and Timothy Guy Shipton. Her multi-dimensional gown and his military-inspired attire, showcased tradition and originality. They will share the stage with 15 beautiful debutantes and their elegant escorts.

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Sandra Powell & Oliver What type of pet do you own? Orange cat. What’s the name of your pet? Oliver. He is 7 years old, and I have had him since he was just a kitten. When and how did your interest in this species spark your interest? I have always liked cats since I was a little girl. My mom gave me my first kitten when I was just five years old. Ever since then, I have been a cat lover. Of all of the cats I have ever had as pets, Oli has been the one that I have become most attached to. Do you own any other pets? My husband and I also have a dog. His name is Bruno, and he is a Jack Russell Terrier. What does your pet mean to you? Oliver means everything to me; I have never had a deeper connection with any other pet. It is really nice to come home after a long day to his sweet company. What type of special care do you have for your pet? Oliver has spent all of his life indoors. One thing that is unique about Oli, is the extent array of clothing we buy him throughout the year. Unlike most cats, it seems he actually likes wearing clothes and doesn't mind getting dressed. Once a month, we have him professionally groomed, and the groomer loves it when Oli finally visits. Also, he eats very healthy and takes regular visits to the veterinarian. What is your favorite activity with your pet? I love spending my down-time with Oli. Whether it is taking a nap with him or watching TV, he does not leave my side and lets me pet him the entire time. His laziness tends to rub off ! Tell us your favorite anecdote with your pet. A few years ago, my mom and I could not find Oliver. After looking for hours, we thought he may have run out the front door. My husband Zach, who was my boyfriend at the time, had always made his disliking of cats clear. However, that day while he was trying to comfort me, he finally admitted that he actually really liked Oliver! Moments later, we found Oli in the garage. That has been the only time Zach has ever admitted his love for Oliver. Could you give us some tips for when choosing a pet? Let your pet choose YOU! My mom and I had gone to the animal shelter and were in between choosing two kittens. I could not decide, so my mom walked across the room and placed them on the floor in front of me. Oliver came running straight to me! I did not have to pick which kitten I wanted, Oli chose me. 54 CREAM

Cream City Magazine No. 47  
Cream City Magazine No. 47