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Early learning in leaps and bounds! NOW ! OPEN

Our Centres:

and Montessori educational programs,

Learning Centre - Wellard

Maragon Early Learning provides: • Qualified teachers and dedicated educators. • Inspiring environments to cater for distinct

Maragon Early 8 weeks to 5 years;


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Maragon Early Learning Centre - Yokine 8 weeks to 5 years; 9201 9171 Maragon Early Learning Centre - Mirrabooka

learning experiences. • Age appropriate literacy and numeracy programs. • Natural playgrounds designed to promote

8 weeks to 5 years; 9345 0332 Princeton Pre-School - Stirling/Osborne Park 2 to 5 years; 9207 3567 Maragon Early Learning Centre - Balcatta


2 to 5 years; 9204 2976

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to find out more visit us at or call 1800 627 2466 or 1800 MARAGON.


Blending the best of Reggio Emilia










10 LITTLE CHARMERS From patterned pieces to eccentric bold artwork, fashion for babies has never been more inspirational.



SOPHISTICATED LITTLE LADY With tones of grey, light pink, black and white, there is an abundance of sophisticated fashion for little ladies this autumn.





READY TO RULE Mix and match with camouflage and navy and let the boys be boys with attitude to rule the world.

WOMEN STYLE ON-TREND AUTUMN ESSENTIALS With three simple essential pieces, Soft and feminine florals paired with masculine distressed denim bring a fresh approach to autumn styling.


ON-TREND AUTUMN ESSENTIALS Street style for men is now more popular than ever and with style from another era being influence for new fashion trends.



20 KATE RITCHIE, IS MUMMY AND ME Kate Ritchie opens up about Radio, Writing, Raising daughter Mae and the courage that comes with it.

REAL LIFE SAVING IZZY Isabella Crosby fights a rare, life-threatening disease that has ravaged her liver and a transplant may be her only chance for a future.

HUMAN INTEREST 30 PARENTING WIMPS Australian author and parenting expert Michael Gross advises that parents should remember clever techniques must be aimed at crafting a child’s success, not at increasing parental convenience.


24 CAT TALES  Funny Mummy Ari’s resolve for collecting strays is challenged as her son yearns for a pet.



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Join Buddy with his friends, in the Australian Premier of Dinosaur Train, as they ride the train and embark on ‘A Rainforest Adventure’.

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34 ZACCARIA CONCERTS Get ready to hop on board the Dinosaur Train as it prepares to come to Australia for the very first time.

36 68

HEALTH 36 SUSPICIOUS MINDS Ann Marie Bradstreet casts light on a shadow of male vulnerability, as a school dad is labelled ‘suspicious’.


42 PORTION SIZES Test your knowledge on portion sizes and understand the effect increased meal sizes have on the intake of unnecessary kilojoules.



SCHOOL’S IN Our comprehensive guide will assist you in considering your children’s education



58 LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION Our guide provides options for engaging your children in dancing, singing, acting and more.


FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME Explore sporting options for your children with the help of our extensive guide.


Kate Ritchie by Marie Ramos Photography

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ARI CHÁVEZ COLUMNIST has had work published in Australia, England, Japan and Singapore. She has a delightful toddler, Gabriel, who was born with coffee in his veins. She is currently completing her first novel as part of a PhD project.

ELISE PAPAMIHAIL FASHION & STYLE is Mummy to Chloé and Olivia and is a passionate stylist and fashion writer, embracing the latest trends without compromising on timeless style.

ANN MARIE BRADSTREET WRITER Is a mother of three who has been contributing articles to Offspring Magazine for the past two years. A background in the Arts and teaching, coupled with a passion for family and community drives her to wax lyrical about issues close to her heart. She writes fiction in her spare time.


Offspring | winter 2017 | perth

GARY AUSBRUCH ACCOUNTANT/COLUMNIST is financial controller for a Perth-based mining company. He has had columns published on the challenging subject of the lighter side of accountancy, and has written for SBS TV. He is married to Sue and has two young children, Ella and Sebastian.

NICOLE COX JOURNALIST has worked in print and online media for 15 years in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. Now she has the most adventurous job of her life - mum to energetic toddler, Matteo. Nicole says the flexibility of freelance journalism allows her to combine her two loves, motherhood and writing.

CLAIRE ARMSTRONG JOURNALIST of 10 years across a range of mediums and publications from mining and financial to bridal and pregnancy. She has a passion for all things parenting and a love of sharing stories about the parenthood journey. She is also a busy mum of three beautiful girls and is a trained post-natal doula.

DEVON PLUMLEY MIDWIFE believes her work is most satisfying when she can empower a woman and her partner to birth their baby naturally; and the new little human being thanks his mummy with a squeal!

KATE BULLEN DIETITIAN runs au and is mum to three young children. Kate has translated her love of all things online to providing expert nutrition coaching online – it works well for anyone who is busy! Kate’s passion lies in making healthy eating simple and enjoyable.

BROOKE EVANS-BUTLER JOURNALIST has written for home improvement, bridal and women’s lifestyle publications, but says Offspring enables her to combine writing with her new favourite hobby, being a mum to her boys Caleb and Jonah.

JANE MILLINGTON INTERIOR DESIGNER has over 15 years’ experience in all facets of the design industry including Interior Design, Styling, Sales and Business Development. Jane specialises in colour design and styling of children’s bedrooms and nurseries with her biggest fans being her two children, Samson and Liv.

COLLEEN WILLIS TRAVEL WRITER has roamed the world for many years on her own and with her husband and daughter, Rebekah. During this time, Colleen has been a teacher and an award-winning travel advisor for Australia and overseas. Colleen will guide you through family travel the way she knows best!

TANIA CONNOLLY JOURNALIST Tania Connolly is a freelance writer who has been published in a variety of magazines. Her passion is people and sharing their inspirational journeys. With a husband and two teenagers life is hectic but she wouldn’t want it any other way.

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EDITOR’S NOTE autumn/winter 2017

Superwoman Syndrome Despite Depression now having a colossal army of recruits, it is the loneliest place in the world. In my experience, this is a result of Superwoman Syndrome and something only healed by Love, understanding and self-acceptance.


wonder who noticed we skipped an edition? In nearly eight years of publishing Offspring Magazine, to simply not produce an issue was a big deal. It wasn’t just a blip to my staff either who rely on a regular income. The reason? A Big. Fat. Meltdown. I shouldn’t understate the reality … that’s what got me into strife in the first place … glossing over things. Celebrating 2017 New Year’s Eve and the ensuing 11 days in Royal Perth Hospital’s mental health ward was a Superpowered meltdown. Otherwise known as BREAKDOWN. So I won’t skirt around, in a misguided attempt at Superwoman heroism. Mind you, I was never under any such delusions of grandeur, but I guess trying to meet some self-imposed, perfectionistic ideals of running a company and having aspirations of becoming a Mary Poppins-style mother Celebrating (albeit in her forties, and single…) - and Managing with LIFE - was trying to utilise 2017 New Year’s Eve superpowers I simply didn’t inherit. As my and the ensuing 11 days therapist points out, “Doing a 60% job is in Royal Perth Hospital’s Doing Great”. Flagellating the self for failing at mental health ward was attempts to live up to an ideal which saw a Superpowered a Good Mum BAKING not BUYING Coles meltdown”. $10 cupcakes; Or, that my kids could become maternal orphans for spending more time at their dad’s than mine during press deadlines; contributed to the malady. I did have real pressures. Being a single mum is tough – emotionally and financially. I personally find the burden of having to Provide the hardest part. As well as not having that special someone to confide in the stresses of each day. The isolation and load is taxing. I had also been running flat tack for a while, 8

Offspring | winter 2017 | perth

expanding Offspring during a relentless and fastpaced era of communications changes, in a cutthroat industry, while adapting to life as a single parent, in a new town with no family or friends. Isolation exaggerates everything. It has been grueling, lonely and stressful. Background: Several years after launching Offspring Perth, I packed up my then-five and two-year-old children and husband, and moved interstate to launch our Sydney edition and then earlier last year launched Offspring Melbourne. The digital side was somewhere in between, and of course the requirements for that area are expanding all the time. The timing was unusual though. It could have happened earlier, like years before. Depression can be like that…sneaking up on you while you’re convincing yourself you’re ‘doing fine’. I thought I was doing everything right: I took time off work. I was running 6km every day. I meditated two hours a day. I had regular counselling sessions with a great psychologist. Had invested in a personal library dominated by Hay House Publishing; I think I could write a PhD thesis on positive affirmations! Hell, I even gave up alcohol. No mean feat given it was the Festive Season. But, still, I could not keep the Black Dog at bay. I lost all interest in life. Including eating, I weighed 45kg. I wanted to escape the pain. It was excruciating – in the gut, it was physical. I prayed to God for help. And help came. I was lucky in that I had tremendous reprieve relatively quickly, and without medication. I was prescribed Prozac and told I would be committed to a life-long dedication to a medication and counselling program. It would be about ‘managing’, not ‘curing’. As someone who hates to be

My daughter’s special card she made me when I was in hospital.

labelled or confined to any dogma, this prognosis irked me, and I resisted. One afternoon, two days before I was due to be released back into to the Wild, er, world again, and five days into the administered anti-depressant regime, and hungover from Temazepam as the only means of sleep while battling mental train wrecks and sharing a dormitory with three other emotionally-fraught, insomniacs, I had a whim to do what, any rational, and very, very desperate person, seeking Hope, might also do. Go see an alternative healer. It was in arcade in Fremantle, I met Yvette. Yvette could relate. She read my soul. She could feel my agony without me saying a word. She understood my pain and offered help. She cared. Yvette referred me a Body Talk healer, Brenda, and while I didn’t know anything about this practice, I was too exhausted and hopeless to care, judge or enquire. What the hell? I’d take a gamble on anything to relieve the pain. Placebo will do. I went and saw Brenda and WOW. I went to sleep that night and awoke the next As my morning to have ALL PAIN REMOVED. therapist points THE DEPRESSION HAD GONE. out, “Doing a And it hasn’t returned. I am not advocating against traditional 60% job is medicine. This is very necessary for many, Doing Great”. but for me I had tried several times over the years and it hadn’t worked. This time, I received help and love from a couple of women in a way I needed that was not prescribed by traditional medicine. I think this was what helped me: understanding, compassion and love, which they were able to translate into a specialised form of energy healing. Sounds miraculous, and it was. And I am extremely grateful. I am grateful to the whole experience, not just the healing, but the events and people that surrounded that event. I am also grateful to now grasp the damage this ridiculous Superwoman notion causes. Not just the angst and pressure we put upon ourselves, but to those around us. My family, friends and staff suffered too, but were there of course when I was ready to come back, and get back on with things. Ironically, in my bid to ‘have it all’, I felt I had nothing. I had forgotten the real stuff: Real relationships and acceptance of myself being just good enough, plus putting a bit more attention into the internal realm, rather than just the external. So, Superwoman can superzoom off into the ether. Superordinary will have to do. I think if my loved ones are happy with that, then I will have to be too. Thank you to my amazing staff and beautiful family and friends for your love, support and patience. It’s good to be back! xxx

Kate X

If you, or someone you know, is experiencing Depression please contact Beyond Blue 1300 22 4636. perth | winter 2017 | Offspring


By Elise Papamihail

Dollcake Vintage $53

Acorn $49.95

Bonds $14.37


Sookibaby $28.95

Elves in the Wardrobe $15.95


utumn time means cuddling up the newborns and bubs in just enough beanies and booties to keep them warm, and lose fitted onesies when it isn’t so cool. From patterned pieces to eccentric bold artwork, fashion for babies has never been more inspirational. We also love a good educational toy to kick start their play-time.

Marquise $44 Wilson & Frenchy $69.95

Tiger Tribe 10

Offspring | winter 2017 | perth


just as good in winter

3 Nights

3 Nights

5 Nights

Midweek from

Weekend from

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By Elise Papamihail

Bardot Jnr Clarks $74.95

Scotch & Soda collection

Eenimeeni collection

Alex and Ant collection alexandant.myshopify .co




Bardot Jnr


ith tones of grey, light pink, black and white, there is an abundance of sophisticated fashion for little ladies this autumn. Military blazers paired with pretty lace dresses are super cute and stylish. Girls also love shoes, and whether your little one is more princess pink or edgy hip-hop, sneakers go with everything!

Country Road $59.95

Country Road $89.95 Witchery $99.95


Offspring | winter 2017 | perth

Witchery $99.95 Adidas $83.95

Scotch & Soda $99.95

LL F F BI 5 O OD $ 2 FO UR


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By Elise Papamihail

Witchery $89.95

Witchery $59.95 Witchery $99.95

Nununu $34.95

I Dig Denim $139.95 Eenimeeni collection


Scotch & Soda $209.95

Band of Boys $50


ilitary blazers, combat boots and hoodies bring a strong look to autumn fashion for boys. Mix and match with camouflage and navy and let the boys be boys with attitude to rule the world.

Rock your Kid $44

Witchery $34.95

Clarks $99.95 Indie Kids by Industrie $54.95 Akid Band of Boys $50


Offspring | winter 2017 | perth


The revolutionary role of ultrasound in the betterment of a woman’s life


stablished in 2012 by Dr.

Anjana Thottungal,

POGU is a specialist practice established by Dr. Anjana Thottungal with state of the art facilities with high end imaging capabilities using 2D and 3D/4D ultrasound technology

Perth Obstetrics and Gynaecology (POGU) offers comprehensive specialist ultrasound services in both Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Dr. Thottungal is a Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist with specialist training in Obstetrics and Gynaecology ultrasound. A very caring and dedicated team at the clinic delivers the highest

“From little acorns, grow mighty oaks” - development of the fetus captured on 3D images at POGU

standard of care to Dr. Thottungal has a special

• Early pregnancy scan / dating scan

interest in endometriosis and she

• First trimester screening & non-invasive prenatal tasting (NIPT)

patients in a friendly and professional environment. POGU has state of the art facilities with high end imaging capabilities using 2D and 3D/4D ultrasound technology.


was the first sonologist in WA to offer sonovaginography and assessment of deep infiltrating endometriosis for

• Amniocentesis and Chorionic villus sampling (CVS)

Dr. Thottungal uses 3D capabilities of the

patients with severe endometriosis.

ultrasound machine, in order to obtain

Endometriosis is one of the most

• Fetal anatomy survey and 3D/4D screening

higher accuracy in the diagnosis and to

common and challenging gynaecological

• Fetal growth and wellbeing scan

provide better details in her reports to the

disorders, affecting 10-15% of women

clinicians treating the patients. A small

in the reproductive age group. Common

sample of scans done in POGU is provided

symptoms include pelvic pain, pain with

to give you an idea of what you can expect

periods, pain with sex, bowel pain or rectal

from POGU services.

bleeding during periods, and infertility.

Role of 2D/3D ultrasound in the assessment of delayed fertility - What POGU can offer you


One of the common

• 3D pelvic ultrasound

reasons for major delay

• Saline infusion sonography (Sonohysterography)

and misdiagnosis of this condition is the

• HyCoSy

suboptimal primary

• Sonovaginography & assessment of severe endometriosis

assessment of patients with pelvic pain and suspected endometriosis. The availability of expertise in ultrasound diagnosis of the extent of endometriosis can be very crucial for early diagnosis and appropriate management.

Perth Suite1Obstetrics Level 1 and St John of GodUltrasound Medical Centre Gynaecology Ellesmere Lawley,WA WA6050 6050 52 WalcottRoad, St, MtMt Lawley, P:P: F:F: E:E:

08 086162 6162 1074 1074 08 087123 7123 4403 4403

perth | autumn 2016 | Offspring


Cotton On $19.95



Witchery $119.95

By Elise Papamihail

With 3 simple essential pieces, Soft and feminine florals paired with masculine distressed denim bring a fresh approach to autumn styling. LUXE Sass and Bide $425

SOFT BLOUSE Steele $169

Not only does a soft blouse look and feel ultra feminine, it’s also a practical throw on piece as an alternative to a basic tee or knit. Pair with denim or a pleated maxi skirt and finish with a pair of kicks for a causal vibe.

LUXE DENIM Always a winner! Skinny denim in a luxe dark shade enhance curves and lift to shape and sculpt. Distressed denim is still in full swing this Autumn. Pair with a soft blouse and a bomber jacket for next-level, everyday styling.

Anine Bing $199

LUXE Gucci $2,700

Atmos & Here $89.95

BOMBER JACKET Bandana $6 Levis $119.95


Offspring | winter 2017 | perth

One Teaspoon $140

Throw a bomber jacket over a simple tee for an updated Autumn look with a touch of edge. Floral bombers brighten soft layered shirt dresses and simple block colours add a chic look to denim.

Steele $299

We take care of things, period Period subscription boxes make your time of the month a little nicer Select your pack Select your delivery window Gift boxes also available

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CHECK Black and white checks have come into play this autumn as seen on the designer runways. Distorted patterns and obscure colours add a new dimension. For blue and white, wear with traditional beige and tan or for a darker style check, add black distressed denim and a leather jacket for a more grunge feel.

Industrie $69.95

Trenery $149 via

tch & Soda $219.95



Country Road

Aldo $130

By Elise Papamihail

From checks and leather to florals and denim, styling for men has never been more creative. Street style for men is now more popular than ever and with Chinos Country Road style from another era being influence for new fashion trends.

The Real Real $395

Bohemian Vegan Fashion $21

Jack & Jones $49.95

Nana Judy

HIPPIE GRUNGE A little punk and free-love spirit merged into fashion makes a big statement this autumn. Wear distressed denim paired with dark floral tees, metallic belts, scarves and faded denim jackets for a street-style inspired statement. 18

Offspring | winter 2017 | perth

LUXE Dolce & Gabbana $519 G Star $210

Footy Fundamentals aims to prepare our kids for the future. Footy Fundamentals is a carefully planned and structured toddler AFL program, which encourages your active toddlers to develop their fundamental movement skills in an AFL environment, using AFL equipment. Active parent involvement is required in all of our toddler AFL programs.

The progrAm works Across Three Age groups ToddLer kickers (2 yrs to 3 yrs)

mini kickers (3 yrs to 4 yrs)

kindy kickers (4 yrs to 5 yrs)

Toddler Kickers is all about exposing toddlers to the shape of an AFL football, and using big AFL equipment.

Mini Kickers are at the age of starting to learn the art of kicking a football, listening skills, and introducing some basic teamwork skills.

Kindy Kickers enjoy advanced obstacle courses to challenge their fundamental movement skills and participate in more teamwork games to encourage sportsmanship.

Get your active toddler involved in our toddler AFL classes held at Alkimos, Dianella, Ellenbrook, Joondalup, Subiaco, Victoria Park and Warwick The only AFL toddler program endorsed by the WA Football Commission Develop your toddler’s fundamental movement skills in at AFL environment using AFL equipment Footy Fundamentals • 9300 3611 • •

Kate Ritchie

e m d n a y m m u M s i Australian national darling, Kate Ritchie, whose roots in Home and Away, have lead to a high-profile career in radio and writing, chats with Ann Marie Bradstreet about managing the Spotlight and being Mum to her precious daughter, Mae.


ost Australians feel like they own a little

horror night’s sleep spent writhing with my three year

share in the life of Kate Ritchie. For 20 years,

old, I start by asking how she copes with work after

the nation watched her grow up in a record-

a rough night. With a degree of tongue-in-cheek,

breaking stint as the beloved character, Sally

she points out that her radio gig at Nova isn’t exactly

Fletcher, in the popular soap Home and Away.

rocket science and sleep deprivation probably aids the

One moment she was an eight year old with an imaginary friend called Milco, the next a grown woman with her own family, and the country was with her, every step of the way. An adaptable stalwart of the entertainment industry, from child

desired headspace for the studio’s afternoon antics. “It’s probably the perfect job for it. An awful sleep is not such a bad thing and a hard night with Mae (her daughter turns three in August) is nothing

star to AFI nominated actress and with a cache of Logies, two of

on dealing with Tim and Marty and their childlike

them Gold, she currently makes up one third of Nova’s highly

behaviour,” she says with a chuckle.

successful National Drive Show. Recently, Kate added the feather of author to her bow releasing

My mind drifts, she had me at “afternoon” and I yearn, longingly for Kate’s charmed life, where being

her first children’s book I Just Couldn’t Wait to Meet You. Although

drunk with fatigue is considered a strength. The myth

Kate has thrived in the spotlight, she reveals it’s not always been

is slightly dispelled as she lets on that it’s not so great

easy basking in it, yet continues to manage a lifetime’s attention

on a photo shoot as the face of QV Skincare: “I’m sure

with perennial grace. Sharing the story of her new book and strong

they don’t want me coming in with bags under my

bond with daughter Mae a discerning depth emerges from her

eyes,” she says.

endearing affability. Nervous and fearing I may sound lobotomised conducting my interview with Kate Ritchie off the back of a

I take a quick glance at the state of myself and piously offer thanks that school drop-off was my only public appearance for the day, no amount of airbrushing could rescue this, I decide, as Kate quietly concedes, Mae is, “a pretty good

Scribblings on scraps of paper evolved into a letter to her unborn child as a way to quell the anxiety and excitement she was feeling in anticipation of the birth. 20

Offspring | winter 2017 | perth

sleeper most of the time.” She is reticent to expound on the attribute for fear of tempting fate or driving those of us less fortunate over the brink. I note down “Sensible” as a useful adjective to describe

her later, I’m running on an hour and a half’s shut eye and have already cut my finger making lunches. Having concluded that sleep is not essential job criteria at Nova and parenting skills are deemed an asset, in light of her colleagues, Kate admits it’s hard to write when she ‘s tired, with that I can concur – where’s the coffee?! The recently published children’s book I Just Couldn’t Wait to Meet You, released by Penguin Random House Australia, is Kate’s first public offering as a writer. She tells me she has always filled notebooks and exercise pads with various tales in the hope of one day being published. She has been asked to write things in the past, fending off several requests for her memoirs, wondering if she should be offended and quite certain she’d need at least another 20 to 30 years rustling up enough grit for a worthy one, we both chuckle that it would be prudent to check out soon after dishing the dirt and Kate Ritchie states she’s not going anywhere yet. Kate began writing while pregnant with daughter Mae Webb, born in August 2014. Scribblings on scraps of paper evolved into a letter to her unborn child as a way to quell the anxiety and excitement she was feeling in anticipation of the birth. “It was a way to write down my feelings. I had a good pregnancy generally, physically good but it was a challenge mentally and there was fear attached. I was writing to silence that.”

Kate before Mae belonged to lots of people in some way and I wouldn’t change that for the world, for the lady at the supermarket to tell me she feels like my grandmother and is proud of me. Wondering if others felt the same, she decided to share her writing and, with the guidance of her publishers at Penguin, was partnered with illustrator, Hannah Sommerville, who captured all the tenderness of Kate’s words to create I Just Couldn’t Wait to Meet You. The collaboration resulted in a beautiful book about pregnancy, birth and a mother’s connection to her unborn child. Kids love hearing about their birth and the time spent in their mummies’ tummies and the book provides an opportunity for precious discussions. But Kate also wrote the book for expectant mothers who may be processing similar emotions to what she experienced. Through book signings Kate has connected with a range of people and says, “You don’t know what people are going through, what their individual story is and I have been so overwhelmed by the response. Everyone has been so warm and lovely, which has been important because the book came from a Photo: Marie Ramos Photography,

good place within me.” perth | winter 2017 | Offspring


story means to her and I’m responding to that in my writing.” When asked about Kate’s bond with daughter Mae, with husband Stuart Webb, she becomes pensive: “I do think that we are the parents and are meant to teach and guide her but Mae has equally if not more been a teacher to me. She’s made me more me than I’ve ever been.” When asked to elaborate, Kate reveals a sensitive insight into the realities of a lifetime devoid of anonymity. Kate describes being moved

“I’m thinking of taking

by a woman sharing her IVF story

her somewhere tomorrow

who bought the book in hope of

- just the two of us. Stuart

reading it to her child one day.

will be at work, it’ll just be

A nurse revealed she’d used the

us. Years ago, going out in

book as a resource, guiding young

public by myself and buying

teenage mothers struggling to

tickets to somewhere and

bond with their babies. “I’m really

exposing myself in that

proud of the book and it makes me

way, well, my anxiety

feel this is the way I was meant to

levels just couldn’t have

be published,” Kate says.

handled it but since Mae

Further collaboration with

has arrived, I just get on

Sommerville hasn’t been ruled out

with it. Being a parent is a

and Kate is being inspired by the

great leveller, everyone’s

books she’s reading to Mae. “I’m learning so much from the beautiful books I’m reading to her and she is teaching me so much, I see what’s she’s feeling and what the

lives and stories are so different but as parents we are all on the same team or at least we should be.” I read something Kate wrote about Mae being the only person to come into her life who has no preconceived idea about who she is; When Kate discusses this she is emotional, generous,

Mae and I are a team. I have my extended team, Stuart, parents, siblings but sometimes when she’s giving me a hard time I’m like ‘we’re doing this together, it’s ok, we’re in the same boat’. 22

Offspring | winter 2017 | perth

open and apologetic. “Kate before Mae belonged to lots of people in some way and I wouldn’t change that for the world, for the lady at the supermarket to tell me she feels like my grandmother and is proud of me, I wouldn’t change that, but to Mae I am just Mummy and she adores me purely because I’m her mummy, for all the right reasons, everything about her is so true and good, nothing is tainted, she has no agenda.”

Being a parent is a great leveller, everyone’s lives and stories are so different but as parents we are all on the same team or at least we should be.

“Mae and I are a team. I have my extended team, Stuart, parents, siblings but sometimes when she’s giving me a hard time I’m like ‘we’re doing this together, it’s ok, we’re in the same boat’,” she laughs, “one of my favourite parts of the book is the line ‘although sometimes you challenge me, I know we will be okay’. And she does challenge me, it’s meant to be challenging but hopefully, we come out the other side.” Kate’s writing aspirations reach beyond children’s literature and she tells me, “I’m working toward writing for young teens. I want to write fiction that makes young girls feel great, body confident, willing to try anything.” She states self-effacingly that she has a lot to offer in this genre and I wonder from what inspiration she will draw. Perhaps this will be the case for her daughter, Mae

more children,” she offers. “I don’t think

Webb, who shares her birthday and name with Mae

I’d make it to four though!” she laughs,

West, a fearless woman also willing to try anything.

“unless I to get a hurry–on.

When asked how she would feel if Mae wanted

“I am very grateful for everything

to be an actress, Kate says, “All I want is for her

my mum and dad gave me and it wasn’t

to be brave, I don’t want her to be crippled by

everything we wanted or big holidays,

feelings of low confidence or fear, right now she

it was simple things: Christmases

has no fear, you see that when she jumps

together, a loving childhood. We all

from the dining table into my arms or

have our moments but we turned

struts around the supermarket with my lipstick on without a care. It’s a good reminder of who we should be, I want to protect that.” I add “Fierce” and

out ok. So, as a result of how I was brought up, I think simple things are best. “When I was pregnant I just couldn’t wait to meet Mae and when she was born

“Passionate” to my

Stuart and I just couldn’t wait

list of descriptors and

until she was on her own two

ask Kate what are

feet and could climb up into

her important family values. “I have very fond

to bed with us. So, the most important things are the simple

childhood memories. My

things, when Mae climbs into

brother and sisters (Kate

bed with us and says, ‘Mummy I

has three younger siblings)

want a snuggle.’”

are all such great friends and I would love to have

Photo: Marie Ramos Photography,

perth | winter 2017 | Offspring


FUNNY MUMMY with Ari Chávez

Cat Tales Ari’s resolve for collecting strays is challenged as her son yearns for a pet.


here are children who love animals, and wish for nothing more than a lion on the bookcase and a crocodile

under the bed, and there are those who run screaming at the sight of a dog. It goes without saying that I have the first

kind of child. In very many spades. The other day, he picked up a feather and ate it – I know – and then told me he was now able to grow his own feathers and turn into a bird. He would soon fly far away from me, he confided. Far, far away. Despite my preoccupation with possible feather-eating-

skittish as a colt and as destructive as a hurricane. My own mother

diseases that the Child was no doubt incubating then and there, I

found me a great trial in this regard, clearly not wanting anything

was fascinated.

else to look after other than the four children she already had who

“What colour are your feathers?” I asked, wondering if he would choose to be a brightly coloured parrot, or perhaps a peacock.

I have, of course, become my mother. Once a collector of strays

“Grey!” the Child said, eyes sparkling.

and lost things, I now DO NOT WANT anything else that requires my

Ahem. A practical choice, grey. It seemed out of character. The

time, care, attention, money or organisational skills. I do not want to

child would, if he could, festoon our house with dinosaurs and

pick up more poop. I do not want to be woken at un-Godly hours for

cows and pigs and penguins. Tigers in the garage. Otters on the

food, cuddles, a heater, a blanket or just because. Nope, I do not.

roof. That sort of thing.

I stared at the letter, the longing in it. My heart remained

But most of all, the Child wants that most mundane of animals. A cat. Last year he brought home a letter from school, a letter to Santa, in fact, which he’d deigned to write for his teacher, whom he loves fiercely and who has a rather enviable Way with him. In sloping letters he asked for a cat like Slinky Malinki, no less, who would sleep on his bed, play hide and seek with him, and whom he would, unceremoniously, call Kitty. Obviously, this was terrible news. When I was young and stupid, I brought home a kitten and insisted on a dog, whom my parents had to look after when I went travelling. When I was older, and should have known better, I turned up with a ridiculous Labrador puppy, who was as 24

were, just quietly, a Packet of Headaches for many, many years.

Offspring | winter 2017 | perth

stone but maybe not stone enough. I called my husband,

“In sloping letters he asked for a cat like Slinky Malinki, no less, who would sleep on his bed, play hide and seek with him, and whom he would, unceremoniously, call Kitty”

and put it to him. At this point, I should mention that the crazy Labrador puppy I bought is still with us, but she falls apart if left alone for more than an hour, so we have had to hire a Doggy Nanny for her for when we are at work. “NOT A GODDAMN HOPE IN HELL!” he bellowed. “ARE YOU CRAZY??!! WE ALREADY HAVE TO EMPLOY A NANNY FOR THE DOG!!!” Right then. Quite. Thank God one of us is being sensible. I stared at the Child, all spider legs and innocence. “Did you write this beautiful letter to Santa?” I asked, heart sinking.


“Yes,” he said. “I want Santa to bring me a cat like Slinky Malinki. He will sleep on my bed.” “Hmmm,” I said. “I also want a goldfish,” said the Child, shamelessly. “The goldfish will sit on my bookcase and watch me while I sleep.” “That isn’t in your letter,” I said, worriedly. “I also want a rabbit,” said the Child, eyeballing me. “I will play with my rabbit outside.” I stared at the Child, and saw myself. This is a Bad Thing. “I think,” I said, “that Santa may have run out of animals this year. That’s what I’ve heard, anyway.” “No, he hasn’t” said the Child, his bottom lip jutting out. “He HAS NOT run out of animals.” I looked at his beautiful sun of a face, his bottom lip quivering, and sighed. “Let’s talk to Daddy about it when he gets home,” I said. “Daddy might have some bright ideas.” “Really,” said the Child, hopefully. “Really,” I said. HA! I kissed the Child’s soft head and told him to run outside and play. I grabbed an old shoe box, and tucked his letter to Santa safely inside for later.

Learn how to protect your little ones Illnesses and accidents can occur, no matter the precautions you may take. By learning first aid you will have the knowledge and confidence to help your little one in an emergency.


baby fi aid kit rst w every ith course

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perth | winter 2017 | Offspring




Twenty-month-old Isabella Crosby acts like an average toddler; babbling constantly, moving around at lightning speed and keeping her mother busy with her demands. However, a large scar, which snakes across her distended abdomen and around her back, indicates her life has already been far from normal. A rare, life-threatening disease has ravaged her liver and a transplant may be her only chance for a future.


sabella scoots across the timber floorboards on her bottom, pulls herself up by the edge of the coffee table and grins mischievously. Her 29 year old mother, Yani, watches intently. Her eyes are full of love but a sadness lurks in their depths.

Yani yearned to be a mother but thought falling pregnant would prove

extremely difficult, if not impossible, due to polycystic ovary syndrome. She buried hopes of ever holding her own child, until she conceived “a very amazing mistake”. She tells me how her dream pregnancy turned nightmarish. From 14 weeks she battled constant nausea; at 16 weeks her blood pressure began to climb; and by 18 weeks she weighed an extra 20kg. Diagnosed with pre-eclampsia, her blood pressure soared and dipped, causing her to faint several times. This resulted in regular hospital stays, increasing in length when her baby appeared to cease growing. Yani’s placenta also began to rupture so at 27 weeks, her baby girl was born via emergency caesarean. On 21st March 2015, 13 weeks premature, Isabella weighed just 750g. After her dramatic birth, a ‘very yellow’ Isabella spent 108 days in a Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Paediatric Gastroenterologist, Dr Madhur Ravikumara, who treated Isabella, confirms jaundice is common in newborns but should be investigated if it persists beyond two weeks. Isabella’s jaundice hadn’t dissipated and scans revealed issues with her liver. A needle biopsy showed Isabella’s bilirubin levels (pigments in her blood) were extremely elevated, revealing her liver was not functioning properly. Doctors confirmed she 26

Offspring | winter 2017 | perth

She buried hopes of ever holding her own child, until she conceived ;a very amazing mistake’.

suffered from biliary artresia – a condition where malformed

Seeing her tiny baby in a crib surrounded

bile duct openings trap bile, forcing toxins to build up and

by tubes and ‘beeps’ she says was, “probably

damage the liver.

the most confronting thing that I’ve ever been

Yani says once Isabella’s weight reached one kilogram surgeons

Real Life

faced with …”

performed the Kasai Procedure (a portion of the intestine is used

Dr Ravikumara states that the majority of babies born with

to surgically bypass blocked bile ducts to allow bile to drain to the

biliary atresia require a Kasai procedure but achieving bile flow is

gut). The surgery took around eight hours.

not always attainable and the liver may continue to deteriorate.

“I panicked the whole time,” Yani recalls. “We left the hospital

Yani believes Isabella’s liver was too damaged for the surgery to

because my anxiety got a bit too much. The nurses kept me in the

be successful, explaining her daughter already has cirrhosis and

loop about what was going on and then I came back and just sat in

portal hypertension (partially blocked blood flow

the waiting room … and waited … and waited, until she came out.”

increasing pressure to the portal vein, which can cause gastrointestinal bleeding). This is evident by the venous pattern on her swollen belly. Bulging tummies, explains Dr Ravikumara, are due to enlarged livers and spleens and possibly fluid accumulation. In her daughter’s instance, Yani views the Kasai as “just a preventative, it’s kind of

I think we’ve got to the point now it’s very factual instead of being emotion-based … It’s too hard. I think if I cry every time I get upset about it or something, I wouldn’t get up in the morning ...

like a Band-Aid.”

perth | winter 2017 | Offspring


Isabella undergoes regular blood tests to assess her bilirubin levels and ingests a “tonne of different medications” including vitamins (as her body struggles to absorb them) and a daily antibiotic to prevent infection. Fortunately, her premature birth hasn’t manifested in other physical or developmental health issues and for that, Yani says, “We’re so blessed. She’s an absolute miracle.” However, in August 2016, doctors advised Yani

The last two and a bit years have been the greatest years of our life but they’ve also been the most horrific years.

that “a transplant is inevitable” and will need to be done within the next 12 to 18 months. “I think we’ve got to the point now it’s very factual instead of being emotion-based … It’s too hard. I think if I cry every time I get upset about it or something, I wouldn’t get up in the morning ...” Apart from watching for yellowing eyes - the first sign Isabella’s liver is failing - Yani has purposely not researched the transplant operation. “It’s hard enough hearing all these words that no parent

She may need to remain in Sydney for up to six months depending on the outcome. Although medical costs, flights and living arrangements are met by the Government, Yani says the emotional strain of being away

from her support network, and the financial burden of losing one wage, will weigh heavily. With support from her husband, Joe, and an au pair, Yani returned to full-time work in January 2016, looking to seek solace in keeping busy. She admits working and placing Isabella into day care has been the “best thing” for their family, and her daughter has thrived. Interacting with others also gave Yani the impetus to become

should ever have to hear in their life … it gets to that stage where you

proactive in campaigning for a transplant facility in Perth, and to

just don’t cope, and I didn’t for a long time. [For] a long, long time I

raise awareness of Isabella’s plight - and those of other children in her

didn’t cope at all.” Yani’s voice quietens and tears glisten in her eyes

position - by fundraising for the liver foundation. “This is going to be

but she blinks them away and continues. “I think it benefits us this

our life. It’s going to be Izzy’s life. Why should another family have to

time not to know anything about it. I just sleep a little bit better at

go through what we, and families before us have gone through?”

night. I’m sure it’ll come and I’m sure they’ll start telling me about it in the new year. But until then, no, I don’t want to know anything.” Dr Ravikumara’s comment justifies her fears, “Liver


transplants to be performed on children.

She adds, “The last two and a bit years have been the greatest years of our life but they’ve also been the most horrific years.” She admits that if her pregnancy had run smoothly she would definitely

transplantation is a major undertaking, associated with significant

have planned to have more children. Although biliary artresia is

morbidity and even mortality. In general, the bigger the child, the

not hereditary there is no known cause and Yani is reluctant to try

better the outcome.”

to become pregnant again as Isabella requires so much attention.

To add to Yani’s distress, Isabella must fly to Sydney for

Currently she must be taken to regular appointments, follow a diet,

the surgery as no paediatric liver unit in Perth exists to enable

and Yani isn’t sure how much care she will need after the transplant.

Offspring | winter 2017 | perth

After everything she’s been through, [I hope she’s] a happy, healthy, compassionate, kind little girl.

“I wouldn’t want another child to miss out or to feel like everything is dedicated to Izzy and not to them.” Yani no longer relaxes with a glass of wine as she has chosen to give up alcohol, hoping that Isabella will notice and abstain as well. Before her daughter needs to worry about peer pressure, Yani hopes her toddler sails through the next 12 months “as unscathed as possible” and her memories of this time fade with her scar. “I don’t want her to grow up and remember being poked and prodded. I want her to grow up like any other kid. After everything she’s been through, [I hope she’s] a happy, healthy, compassionate, kind little girl.”

To help raise funds toward a liver transplant unit in WA, please contact The Liver Foundation of WA on +618 9336 3178 or

BURNS FIRST AID Burn injury can be life threatening, and even small burns can be dangerous, especially for young children. Quick, effective and appropriate first aid can reduce the depth and size of the burn.

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water for 20 minutes • NEVER use ice, butter, toothpaste or creams as these may make the burn worse.

SEEK immediate medical advice if the burn is: • larger than a 20 cent coin • on the face, hands, groin or feet In an emergency call 000

COVER the burn loosely with cling

wrap or a clean, damp lint-free cloth.

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Celebrated Australian author and parenting expert Michael Grose tells Chris Pritchard parents should remember clever techniques must be aimed at crafting a child’s success, not at increasing parental convenience.

Are we parenting a nation of wimps? “T

hat’s putting it a bit strongly,” laughs Michael Grose

brought up in a large family means children continually hone

when asked whether Australian parents are producing

conflict-resolution skills on their siblings, which is great preparation

a nation of wimps. “Mind you,” he quickly adds, “it’s a

for negotiating in the many social situations that children encounter

very fair conclusion.”

at childcare, preschool, school - and beyond.”

Grose has been doling out parenting advice for 30 years since

Big families are rare nowadays, he sighs. Children in large families

first conducting classes at Melbourne’s Monash Parent-Teacher

have more “emotional space” than those in small units to resolve

Education Centre, a facility attached to the Victorian state capital’s

problems without constant parental intervention and control.

esteemed Monash University. What’s more, he’s the author of 10

A lesson for parents: even with a small family, develop a “big-

books focused on how to be a better parent. The latest of these,

family mindset” to aid children’s independence and resilience.

Spoonfed Generation, How To Raise Independent Children was

Don’t be too ready to drop in and resolve situations. “The real art of

published by Bantam Australia in February.

raising kids to be independent is giving them opportunities to solve

Parenting may be natural - but for many people it isn’t easy.

their own problems - without parental involvement.” Being a parent

Potential pitfalls are numerous. Grose himself was fortunate. A

shouldn’t mean always being there, ready to butt in. Sometimes

father-of-three, he watched his own offspring blossom into “welladjusted independent adults who no longer live at home”. As Grose sees it, they’re solid evidence that he’s “practised what I’ve preached”. From talking to many thousands of parents over three

it’s better to keep out.

“Sometimes you have to take risks, whether you’re an adult or a child, in order to have memorable experiences.”

decades, he reveals “one common thread: parents treat kids as if they’re three years younger than they actually are - and kids think of themselves as three years older than they really are.” He recalls the case of his own daughter. “When she was 15 and wanted to join a group going on a visit to Denmark I was horrified. I

smaller, children stick around longer. “Whether it’s free or cheap accommodation - to enable saving for a house or a long trip - or not having to shop for food, children often live with their parents well into their twenties,” Grose observes. These days, childcare centres

expose young children to socialising and learning opportunities - but small families make good parenting all the more important. “Kids who do best at childcare and school understand this ‘bigger

believed she wasn’t ready to travel without her parents. She, on the

family’ concept,” Grose says, adding that they do this even when

other hand, believed she was ready - and should go. It turned out she

they come from small families. “They learn when to wait, when to

was correct. Everything turned out to be fine.”

follow. When they don’t get what they want, they don’t fall apart or go

There’s always a risk of disaster, Grose agrees. “But sometimes you have to take risks, whether you’re an adult or a child, in order to have memorable experiences.” Most Australian families now have a maximum of two children.


While families are mostly

home and complain - that’s what we call resilience.” Grose notices parents often worry obsessively that they’re “over-parenting” - which he defines as “always being ready to make decisions for the child when decisions could just as easily

Often, adds Grose, there’s only one child. This is a fact of life in

be made by the offspring themselves and are part of the learning

current times and isn’t likely to change. As Grose explains: “Being

process.” Such parents agonise over whether others consider them

Offspring | winter 2017 | perth

“Parents treat kids as if they’re three years younger than they actually are - and kids think of themselves as three years older than they really are.” perth | winter 2017 | Offspring


Five keys to raising a well-adjusted child

n MANAGE a child visually rather than verbally. Have

rosters pinned up that include Mum and Dad, stating clearly whose turn it is to put out the garbage or whatever. Stick strictly to rosters so kids respect them. at home should be unpaid, not a way to earn pocket money. This shows kids they belong - they’re part of a family where everyone pitches in to do chores such as emptying the dishwasher and no-one expects rewards.


n DEVELOP self-help skills as a parent. This means taking time to work out solutions to problems that inevitably present themselves. Once you’ve announced your decision, stick to it. n FREEDOM is important. Give a child freedom to explore the local environment. Kids don’t routinely get sent to the corner store anymore - because there isn’t a corner store. There’s possibly a mall or strip of shops nearby. Tragic incidents get plenty of publicity - but they’re very, very rare. Not everyone’s bad out there. Walking home from school is a possibility for some. n MAKE time for your own interests. (Grose played basketball.) These give you something additional to talk about – so the child isn’t the focus all the time. You’re less likely to be an over-protective parent.

Source: Michael Grose, parenting expert.

“neglectful parents”. Worse, do friends and neighbours consider them “too strict” or “not strict enough”? Worry about “over-parenting” is common in Australia, Grose reveals. “Parents are often over- protective.” He recalls thinking of this in an Italian village where children were visiting each other’s homes on their bicycles. “That doesn’t happen nearly as often here in Australia.” Becoming a successful parent is a trial-and-error process, says Grose. “It means not obsessing about what other people think and then changing your approach. All children are different and if you want to raise an independent, resilient child you need to back off from being over-protective. “Always remember, it’s the child’s future we’re talking about - not yours.”

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Dinosaur Train on stage!

Get ready to hop on board the Dinosaur Train as it prepares to come to Australia, out of the USA, for the very first time in theatres across the country and it’s coming to a station near you!


oin Buddy with his friends, in the Australian Premier of Dinosaur Train, as they ride the train and embark on ‘A Rainforest Adventure’.

See Don, Shiny, Tiny, Mr Conductor, Tank and King, as they sing

creative curriculum.

and dance their way through the deep canopies of tropical trees

Dinosaur Train promises to be a colourful, thrilling and

whilst exploring and discovering all the beautiful plants, animals

exciting adventure for the whole family, larger than life and live

and different levels of the ecosystem.

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Company and Sparky Animation, is set in a whimsically realistic,

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Train now comes to life on stages around Australia in


June and July 2017, thanks

aimed at

to touring partners and


producers X-System

aged three to

International and

six. It allows kids

Zaccaria Concerts

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and Touring.

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discover new types


of dinosaur species,


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! E V I L

A Rainforest



Suspicious Minds

On this particular afternoon as the

Ann Marie Bradstreet, paddling in the shallows of investigative journalism casts light on a shadow of male vulnerability, as a school dad is labelled ‘suspicious’.


the footpath for school pick up, past my friend’s car, he caught sight of a police officer in his rear view mirror. Shortly after, his driver’s side window was tapped and he found his car surrounded by three more officers. After being prompted for identification

friend was parked outside our local primary school

and asked to justify his presence he

recently waiting to pick up his kids as he does every

questioned, in understandable panic, what

school day. He arrived at his regular bay nice and

was going on? He was told a member of the

early, unlike me who generally shows up after the bell, ducking

public had alerted them to a suspicious person

and weaving corridors against the exiting tide, jostled by

outside a primary school and his number plate had been

excited, emancipated kids and harried parents stuffing errant

given. The suspicious person was him!

objects into forgotten school bags, as I claw my way to my son’s


punctual parent population idled up

After a relatively reasonable, yet humiliating exchange the

classroom and his teacher’s inevitable disapproval. This dad,

matter was resolved and he left to collect his sons, albeit shaken

however, is a good time-keeper, it’s a noble trait.

and confused.

Offspring | winter 2017 | perth

When he told me this story he was emphatic

Real Life

After some thorough probing on my part a police

for anyone who may have seen or heard about the

spokesperson provided the following statement.

incident to be aware of his innocence. My response

“Police take all reports of suspicious persons

was to laugh, heartily; I even cackled until I saw his face sink

seriously and investigate appropriately.”

and mutter indecipherable disappointment. It didn’t take long,

Phew! Thank goodness I cleared that up, we can now rest easy

thankfully (empathy intact: check!), to realise he was devastated.

knowing that it’s appropriate to be accosted by no less than four

I’d laughed because it was Him! Let’s call him – Rhett. It

officers on the odd chance a person reports you as suspicious. I

was ridiculous to me that he’d been considered suspicious. His

don’t make light of children’s safety or dubious activity around

wife works long hours and even though he balks at the “Stay at

schools but I think it’s sensible to recognise that a dad waiting to

Home Dad” tag because he has a job and is half-hearted with

pick up their kids is not an emergency.

housework (I keep good company on that point), he does a large

To be fair, though, after some off the record chit chat with my

portion of the child care. He’s at school in that park - on time,

new contacts in Blue it was clear they were only doing their job

every day, except weekends – that would be weird.

and I concede innocent dads are not regularly targeted by police,

I’m angling toward an argument of comparison, bear with

not in my world at least - but there’s another story.

me. Rhett’s duties mirror mine, he makes the lunches, performs the minor miracle each morning of having his kids dressed - with shoes on even, prying them from the Lego pile and depositing them to class on time. Long before me, I might add, who feels it necessary to get creative at the front office with my excuses, “Why was your child late this morning?” the clerk enquires with minimal interest, poised over her keyboard ready to enter “Overslept” into the system and get on with her day before I foil her with, “There was a philosophical difference within the

A member of the public had alerted them to a suspicious person outside a primary school and his number plate had been given, the suspicious person was him!

family about whether or not the knobbly seam of a particular pair of socks was or was not a bearable cross to endure,” or “My son took a toilet break like an octogenarian with a newspaper just as we were about to leave the house.” I think she’s sick of me. Rhett doesn’t need to sign in late at the office, he’s a better parent than I in that regard but then, I’ve never courted the steely eye of the law at school pick up so I must be doing something right… right? Or is it, shock horror, that he just had the audacity to turn up too early and too male (whoops, I mean suspicious) for school that day? It proved a curious question for me and an anxious one for Rhett, as to why his presence warranted not one but four police officers to investigate. “Do I look dodgy? Maybe my car looks dodgy, does my car look dodgy? Maybe someone dodgy owned my car before I bought it, do you reckon?” he questioned. I didn’t have a clue about his last query, nor did I relish considering the unjust prejudices that people endure based solely upon some aspect of their appearance, but Rhett just looks like Rhett to me, a decent looking forty year old with a Mazda and a penchant for boardies and T-shirts, who, like the rest of us at school drop off, can often be seen clutching a morning coffee with the reverent tenderness you may normally bestow on a newborn puppy – nothing dodgy there. These questions continued to fuel Rhett’s anxiety, however, so in the spirit of hard hitting journalism I sought some answers. perth | winter 2017 | Offspring


He caught sight of a police officer in his rear view mirror.

ife Real L

What it did reveal, however, on further discussion with Rhett and other dads, including my husband, was a common fear of

to call the police while he waited for his children, it wasn’t funny.

being perceived as a threat or a perpetrator. On one occasion, at

A deep fear had been realised, one that he’d combatted against.

an indoor play centre, Rhett saw a child fall over and start crying

He’d been deemed a threat, thought of as a perpetrator, someone

and despite wanting to help her, he didn’t. He was worried that

who might cause harm. It was distressing and humiliating and he

his actions could be misinterpreted. Rhett felt conflicted at not

worried that mud would stick.

going to the child’s aid but said he often found himself in similar

“At first I was embarrassed and then angry that it’d happened

situations and his sentiments were reiterated in the anecdotes

and now walking through the school I’m really anxious about

given by the other men I spoke with. They relayed encouraging

people thinking – there’s the guy,” he explains.

their kids to call them Dad loud enough for others to hear and thus, hopefully, find them less threatening.

When Rhett says, “There’s the guy”, I ask for a slight exertion in imagination to consider a rumour mill in overdrive after

A 2013 report on Personal Safety by the Australian Bureau of

an unmarked police car with four officers spring into action

Statistics revealed 95 per cent of all victims of violence in Australia

at the school gate. “There’s the guy” could mean any number

report a male perpetrator. I dare to suggest that such statistics

of embellished assumptions. I believe rumours become more

hold a place within our cultural psyche

colourful in direct correlation with the gossip’s need to boost their

that gives weight to the vulnerability

ego by how much they know and are

described by Rhett. I admit to being that

willing to share. I heard unsubstantiated

mother eyeing the man hanging at the fringes of the playground, relinquishing my vigilance only when some doughy little toddler calls out for Dad. I considered the heavy stigma being carried by nurturing non-violent gentlemen and potentially, in future by my three caring sons. As a woman and a victim of violence, I’m not unfamiliar with strategies used to avert, avoid and survive (too many times in vain) the level of violence within our society. It is sobering, however, to understand that it’s not only women and girls who must brace against it. 38

When someone within Rhett’s community felt strongly enough

Offspring | winter 2017 | perth

“At first I was embarrassed and then angry that it’d happened and now walking through the school I’m really anxious about people thinking – there’s the guy.”

claims of “known paedophiles” being on school grounds. With that in mind I empathise with Rhett’s anxiety. “It was how it looked that bothers me. All these things are going through my head as to who called, why they called? There are people out there who’ll say ‘toughen up mate’ but it affects you,” Rhett shares. I suggest we aren’t in need of more tough guys. Good (punctual) Guys like Rhett, though, they’re in high demand! All names have been changed in the article to protect privacy.

3D and 4D images available for mums to be

1950: Queen Mother's Hopsital Glasgow 2017: Perth Obs & Gynae Ultrasound POGU

Cutting-edge technology is available at Obstetrics and Gynaecology Ultrasound at Perth Obstetrics & Gynaecology Ultrasound, Mt Lawley.


ltrasound technology in Obstetrics and Gynaecology has evolved very fast since the seminal paper in Lancet Medical journal by Prof. Ian Donald from Glasgow in 1958. Fifty years on, it is impossible to conceive of practicing Obstetrics and Gynaecology without the use of various ultrasound techniques. New ultrasound imaging capabilities are increasing the diagnostic power every year. High-tech machines are equipped with high-end software to master the different tasks. In Obstetrics, the normality and malformations are detected more precisely and in earlier weeks of gestation. In normal


Offspring | winter 2017 | perth

uneventful pregnancies, 3D/4D images brings prospective parents closer to the reality and create a strong bonding to their unborn child. In Gynaecology, the details and clarity of the images obtained, and the capability of 3D reconstruction, creates an entirely new platform for cooperation and decision making in the management of different gynecological conditions. The assessment of uterine anomalies, endometrial cavity lesions, tubal patency and extent of endometriosis lesions can now be established using ultrasound-based procedures.

Perth Obstetrics and Gynaecology Ultrasound (POGU) located at SJOG, Mt Lawley, has high-tech machines which are designed for day-to-day Obstetrics and Gynaecology imaging as well as advanced women’s health practice to obtain confident answers for complex women’s health issues. The expertise and the experience in detailed assessment of the pelvis and use of 3D imaging also helps in detecting pathologies more accurately on a routine pelvic scan. 3Dscanning is routinely done during all the pregnancy scans.

A Nurturing Approach to Early Learning Children are intelligent, creative and resourceful. Their unique talents must be nurtured and developed to give them the best possible opportunities for success later in life.

The orientation process is designed to provide opportunities for parents and children to form relationships with their educators and get used to new routines. Maragon’s highly qualified educators instill a love of learning and gently guide the children on a path of exploration, investigation and discovery. Continuous education and training is of paramount importance. At Maragon continual training has a strong focus on

Maragon Early Learning Centres have a unique approach to early

encouraging parents to collaborate on care needs and goals. This

learning and development. Maragon provides environments in

is a vital aid in settling the child into our care.

which each child’s potential has the maximum opportunity to

Maragon Early Learning’s newest, purpose built early learning and

grow and develop. Children attending Maragon Centres flourish under the gentle guidance and support of highly qualified educators who spark curiosity, playful inquiry, imagination and creativity. Maragon Early Learning Centres hold the value of children at the core of their philosophies, believing that children learn best through play.

discovery centre in Wellard, Western Australia, is a state of the art facility designed to keep children active, engaged and happy. Catering for children from eight weeks to five years, the specially designed baby, toddler and kindy learning areas are based on educational principles and include many features including an open interactive kitchen providing nutritious and delicious meals based on wholefoods.

With these beliefs in mind and based on widely acclaimed research, Maragon has set out to create a unique approach to

The Maragon early learning experience is available

early learning and development that blends the methodologies of

for children from eight weeks to five years at

the Montessori and Reggio Emilia educational programs.

centres in Wellard, Balcatta, Yokine, Mirrabooka,

Nurturing the child and creating a safe and happy place for them to be when not at home is a crucial step in transitioning children

and Princeton Pre-School with two new facilities in Baldivis and Doubleview expected

into an early learning centre from a home environment.

to open early 2018.

At Maragon Early Learning, parents are encouraged to participate

Enquiries are always welcome and parents

in an orientation process to support and prepare the family and

are encouraged to visit the centres and

child for placement in an early learning centre.

experience the Maragon difference.

1800 MARAGON or 1800 627 2466

Wellard • Balcatta • Yokine • Mirrabooka • Stirling • Doubleview • Baldivis


How much is too much? BY KATE BULLEN

Meal sizes have increased and consequently our bodies are getting consuming extra kilojoules that we usually don’t need. Take the quiz to see how switched on you are about knowing the right portion to eat?


et’s look at portions and how much we eat. Have you noticed that portion sizes of food have increased over the last few decades? The size of a slice of white bread has

increased by 11 per cent, blocks of chocolate are now readily

1. A serve of nuts is:

available as 350g giant blocks while 10 years ago the standard

a. 10g

block was 250g. Even the size of the standard dinner plate has

b. 30g


c. Unlimited as nuts contain good fats

When eating out, there is often the option to upsize your

a. True

a soft drink and there are those ginormous buckets of popcorn

b. False

at the movies – I don’t remember those when I was a kid!

3. A 600ml bottle of regular soft drink has around 16 teaspoons of

Unfortunately what our bodies are getting is extra kilojoules that

sugar and over 1000 kilojoules. This is equivalent to:

we usually don’t need.

a. 3 Tim Tams b. 3.5 whole apples

kilojoules (about one-third of an apple) each day for us to gain

c. 1 cup of ice cream

one kilogram of fat each year. It all adds up!

d. All of the above

It is easy to overdo food portions, so rather than avoiding the food, know your portions. Here are a few quick quiz questions to help you get your portions right:

Offspring | winter 2017 | perth

4. One serve of pasta or rice is: a. One cup b. Half a cup c. Two cups

Quiz Question Answers 1 b. 2a. 3d. 4a. 5a. 6c.

Research out of America shows that it only takes an extra 82


2. A muffin bought from a shop can contain 10 teaspoons of sugar:

takeaway coffee, smoothie or soft drink. Meal deals come with

MEATBALLS Ingredients: l

1kg lean beef mince


Ground pepper



1 red onion, finely chopped


4 teaspoons Dijon or honey


4 tablespoons


2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce

sundried tomatoes,


1 teaspoon tabasco sauce



2 egg yolks

Method: Mix all ingredients in a bowl and make into balls. Cook on a BBQ or frypan over medium high heat until browned and cooked through.

plain wholegrain bread roll. Soft drinks just don’t provide any value to our diet at all. They are high in sugar and kilojoules, and they are easy to drink too much of. Diet soft drinks are an option, but your health is going to thank you if you reach for a large water – still or sparkling. While on the subject of drinks, energy drinks, cordial, juice and sports drinks all fall into pretty much the same category as soft drink. They don’t offer any nutrition and can easily just add unnecessary extra sugar and kilojoules. Pasta and rice are very easy to over serve. One cup – or about the size of a tennis ball – is one serve. Instead load your plate up with green leafy vegetables such as rocket, broccoli or spinach. If you are cooking up a BBQ then this analogy of a meat serve is a good one to keep in mind – a deck of cards is all we need as a serve each day. Keep your meat trim and add flavour with marinades. Avocado is a brilliant summer food – but it is easy to overeat. Certainly a fantastic choice and I would rather you chose avocado over soft drink, but always a good reminder that eating that one quarter of an avocado is a portion. And I

quite like adding avocado to a greek salad – it’s a great flavour

5. A serve of meat is:

a. About the size of a deck of cards


b. The size of your hand c. The size of your foot

Here are a few tips to help control your portions: l

Share a meal – halve your meal when eating out and your

6. A serve of avocado is:

portion will be much closer to what it should be. And you will save

a. 1 whole avocado

money – another bonus!

b. ½ avocado c. ¼ avocado Nuts are a great source of healthy fat – but they are easy to over eat. Limit the amount of nuts to a small handful and bulk it up with some freshly popped corn or puffed rice. Store bought or even packaged cakes and biscuits often contain as much sugar as you need for the entire day. Choose a healthier option such as a punnet of berries, a banana or even a


Research out of America shows that it only takes an extra 82 kilojoules (about one third of an apple) each day for us to gain one kilogram of fat each year.

Use a smaller plate – we eat with our eyes

first. A smaller plate will look full, but you will be eating less. l

Skip second helpings – slow down your

eating and be more mindful of when you are feeling full. l

Don’t finish everything on your plate

– most of us have been brought up to eat everything served to us. Instead, eat slowly and stop when you are full. And enjoy!

perth | winter 2017 | Offspring


St Hilda’s leads the way in education What makes private schooling different?


The school focuses on early development and teachers are

hy go private? It’s the age-old question when selecting the

passionate about making sure every child gets the right start to

best school for your daughter or son.

their education. This focus can include complimentary speech

There’s no simple answer because every family is unique. To start,

there are practical considerations such as: location; family size; and if your career will take you interstate or overseas. However, like any major investment in our children’s lives, most parents end up making their school selection following a healthy debate about value, quality and opportunity. St Hilda’s views on the value of going Private are based on decades of educating children in Western Australia; preparing them to become outstanding individuals within their communities. “We find many parents are trying to decide where their child

assessments for Kindergarten, occupational therapy assessments for Pre Primary, and extra literacy and numeracy support for all years. Andrea says St Hilda’s is tech-savvy and provides the right devices free of charge to help girls learn, appreciating that students are now digital natives. “iPads, Surface Pro and interactive whiteboards help girls master technology and learn skills essential in a changing world,” says Andrea. “Within our extensive co-curricular program, students will find opportunities to extend themselves. Our sports clubs include

will get the best start to their education by receiving the building

netball, Minkey, basketball, water polo and fitness, along with

blocks that will allow them to keep achieving through school and into

speech and drama, debating, knitting, cooking and band.”

tertiary studies,” says Head of Junior School, Andrea McNally.

St Hilda’s helps parents manage their busy lives. The Extend-ED

“We start with a discussion on class size and support. Our

program at the school’s Early Learning Centre occurs mornings and

Pre Primary to Year 6 classes have

afternoons, helping parents manage early

a maximum 25 students, providing

starts and late finishes, with hours from

opportunities for one-on-one learning.

7am to 6pm. Holiday programs help when

Smaller class sizes means our staff

parents can’t be at home because of work

know and care for your child in a very


individual way.” St Hilda’s has full-time Education


school grounds, making life much simpler for parents.

One thing everyone agrees on is education is not a place for cutting corners

Assistants in Junior Kindergarten,

or compromising on value. Private schooling

Kindergarten, Pre Primary and Year 1 and

is about quality and the opportunity for

part-time Assistants in Years 2 – 6. There

children to start an adventure and make the

are Psychologists and Occupational

most of their formative years in preparation

and Speech Therapists who work on the

for the rest of life.

Offspring | winter 2017 | perth


Working parents find St Hilda’s Junior School is the ideal solution for combining a busy career and growing family. That’s because our highly regarded educational program is supported by after school care that starts at 7am and finishes at 6pm. We open the hours that matter to modern parents to suit either early starts or later finishes. Qualified St Hilda’s teaching staff care for your children outside school hours and make sure they are always involved in fun learning activities within our secure grounds. Older students also get homework support if you or they want it. A nutritious breakfast is provided for early starters, while those who stay later enjoy an afternoon tea.

To find out how St Hilda’s can help you better balance work and family life, contact Kate Parker on 9285 4100 or


School’s In Choosing a school for your child is a big decision – so how to you ensure you make the right choice for your child? BY BROOKE EVANS-BUTLER


ll parents want the same thing from their child’s school – for their child to be happy, learn and thrive in

a supportive environment. There are many wonderful government schools but there are many other options available, from schools providing a religious-based education, to schools

Why I chose a public school for my child For Mel Hearse, the choice to send her boys Max and Sam to her local government school was an easy one because she says they live in a great school district. “We plan to send them onto the high school as well as we are lucky enough to be in the school district for a high school with a lot of quality programs that many kids apply for out of district, so there was no need to get them into a feeder private school in primary school,” she says. “If we weren’t living here and guaranteed a spot at the high school, I would have explored more private schools but as we do, it became unnecessary.”

that have a teaching philosophy that differs from the mainstream. Do your research and talk to the schools and other parents to help make your decision – and remember that you know your child best so you will make the best decision for your child and family. We take a look at the range of schooling options available for your consideration.

GOVERNMENT/PUBLIC According to ABS Schools Australia, in 2015, 65.4 per cent of students in Australia attended government schools, while 34.6 per cent of students attended non-government schools. If you want to enrol your child into a local government school, you should note that each school has an ‘enrolment zone’, so you will have to check which school zone your address falls into. However, even with these school zones in place you do still have some choice when it comes to choosing a Government school for your child. If you wish to enrol your child in a government school that is outside of your local government school zone or district (for example, you might wish to enrol your child in a school that is close to a grandparent’s house or to your workplace) you can apply – but a place is not guaranteed. In addition to your options if you are considering government schooling, there are also independent public schools, which are government schools that have increased autonomy to make decisions at a local level. Like government schools, independent public schools do not charge tuition fees to parents or have selective enrolment processes.


Offspring | winter 2017 | perth

Why I chose a christian school for my child Karen Morton chose a small private Christian school for her girls Laura and Emily. “Although we do not practise religion at home, we do believe in Christian values and are happy for our children to learn about God. We love

the close ‘family’ atmosphere that our school has, and the smaller class sizes mean more individual attention for students. While we understand that there are always going to be some bad influences wherever they go, we think that in a Christian school they are far more likely to learn in a gentle and positive environment.”

INDEPENDENT According to the Independent Schools Council of Australia, in 2015, the Independent school sector enrolled 586,800 students – (that is 16 per cent of total school enrolments in Australia). The independent sector represents a large range of schools including Christian, non-denominational Christian schools, Jewish, Steiner, Montessori, Islamic and Community schools “For parents, the wide range of independent schools means they have more say on the type of education they want for their child,” says Valerie Gould, executive director of the Association of Independent Schools of Western Australia. Dr Geoff Newcombe, executive director of the Association of Independent Schools of NSW, says parents often choose an independent school because the school’s ethos and

Bored with ordinary items and looking for something special for your little ones?






@phawinkc perth | winter 2017 | Offspring


values reflect those held in the home. “This may relate to the religious faith or other cultural factors that are important to the family. For students, a significant element of an independent school education is the focus on pastoral care provided by many schools, which helps to develop a very strong sense of community and inclusion for students and their families.” “Many independent schools also provide a very wide range of subject choices or extra-curricular activities, such as music, drama and sports programs,” he says. “Another significant attraction of independent schools is that many are combined K to 12 schools –allowing a student to start and finish their entire schooling in the same school.” For information on independent schools, go to The Independent Schools Council of Australia’s website,

STEINER Tracey Puckeridge, CEO Steiner Education Australia, says every school has to meet the same curriculum requirements – the difference with Steiner schools is the way they teach.

Why I chose a steiner school for my child Karen Lacey spent a lot of time researching different styles of teaching and decided on a Steiner school for her daughter Chimaera for a number of reasons. For starters, the sense of community was something Karen wanted for her children. “We don’t have a very large extended family and after moving lost regular contact with most of our friends. The Steiner school lifestyle seemed (and has so far proven to be) almost like joining a family. It’s a holistic approach that is not just about learning, but a way of life in which cooperation and contribution is promoted and relied upon, freely given and never demanded. I wanted my daughter to grow up feeling like she is part of something bigger than just herself and her immediate family because I believe that tie, which exists for everyone but seems so rarely felt, is crucial to positive mental health and wellbeing.” Karen says this is particularly important to her because Chimaera is on the autism spectrum. In addition, because Chimaera is face blind, Karen felt that having a class teacher that stays with the child throughout their schooling instead of changing every year was a great advantage.

In the early childhood sector, experience is based on play in a Steiner school. The children do not use computers or iPads, but learn through imitation. All toys are made from natural materials and the space is set up like a home environment.

In a world where you can expect the unexpected to happen it’s important to protect the people you love the most. Peace of mind is priceless, visit our website to find out how we can help you. At Ann Little Insurance Brokers we believe in putting family first. We offer our clients and their families peace of mind through our unique approach of combining education and expertise with superior solutions topped off with unbeatable service.

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Tarj Pty Ltd ATF Ann Little Insurance Brokers Trust T/As Ann Little Insurance Brokers are authorised representatives of Synchron AFS Licence No 243313


Offspring | winter 2017 | perth

Why I chose a catholic school for my child Aimee Waller says she will be sending her son, Riley, to a local Catholic school. “We are Catholic and I like the community spirit of a Catholic school,” she says. “I am a Catholic school teacher as well so that helped make the decision.”

Pre-kindy programs “The curriculum is based on the developmental needs of the children in each year to engage the child at each stage of their development,” Tracey says. “A unique feature of Steiner education is that children will have the same teacher throughout their primary years,” Tracey says. “This creates the opportunity for strong relationships between teacher, student and the student’s family. One of the highest indications for excellent learning outcomes involves positive student/teacher relationships.”

In Western Australia, it is bec oming popular to enrol your child in pre-kin dy or ‘threeyear-old kindy’ programs. The se privately-run programs offer a gentle introduction to schooling and many parents believe they give the ir children a head start in their schooling life. Note: some non-government schools offer three-year-old programs, but your child attending this program does not mean you automatically hav e a place in kindergarten or pre-primar y at that school – you still have to ensure you put in your enrolment application forms.

For information on Steiner schools, go to have to be Catholic to attend a Catholic school, but enrolment

CATHOLIC According to the National Catholic Education Commission, more than 760,000 students are attending Catholic schools in 2016. Ross Fox, executive director of the National Catholic Education Commission, says Catholic schools are very inclusive. “In recent years the fastest growing student groups in Catholic education have been indigenous students and

priority is usually given to Catholic students. However, Catholic schools are very inclusive, so ask your local school about their enrolment procedures. According to Ross, Catholic schools focus on the development of the whole child. “They are more than just test results,” he says. “Catholic schools strive to meet the unique needs of every individual student.” “Catholic schools are animated by the mission and tradition of the Catholic Church stretching over more than 2000 years,” Ross adds. “In their work they exhibit a deep commitment

students with special needs,”

to Christian values, the

he says.

example of Jesus Christ and his

If you want to enrol in a Catholic school, you must

teachings. This means Catholic schools, among other

contact the individual school to

things, often display a deep

put in an application. Submitting

commitment to social justice

an application does not guarantee you placement, and you will usually be asked to attend an interview. You do not

and prioritise the needs of their local community.” For more details about Catholic schooling, go to perth | winter 2017 | Offspring


Why I chose a montessori school for my child Eva Schmalkuche was a Montessori student herself, so with fond memories of her time there, it was a simple decision to send her son Jaxon to a Montessori school. “I like that the class sizes are much smaller with a mix of ages, so the older students help the younger students,” she says. “Their philosophy is attractive because it allows the child to choose what they want to do, and they learn


materials in a prepared environment, and allowing children to work to their own capabilities adds to their

The Montessori philosophy is different to ‘mainstream’

concentration and self-esteem, and encourages them to

education, with an emphasis on independence, by providing an

think creatively and independently. “Montessori has been around

environment of activities for children to use at their own pace.

for over 100 years and it is proven to help the whole child in a

Christine Harrison, president Montessori Australia Foundation, says Montessori thinks about the whole child.

holistic way,” she says. She recommends parents go to a Montessori school to see for

“Our view of education is as an aid to life – to help them grow

themselves the philosophy in action and to see how Montessori

from childhood to maturity. Each child is individual… and we

can benefit their child. Christine also says there are also

encourage each child to follow their own path of learning.”

Montessori long day care centres with programs for babies and

Children are in classes of ‘multi-age’ groups. For example, children aged three to six years will be in the same class. Christine says children work to their ability with sets of

Australia’s premier tree ropes course experience


ith parks in six locations around Australia, Trees Adventure is an exhilarating thrill-seeking adventure made for all ages starting at four years old with a variety of challenging courses that will have all the family swinging, leaping, climbing and flying through the forest! There are low courses if you’re looking to stay closer to the ground or high courses for braver souls. Zip between the trees on flying foxes, while cargo nets, rope bridges and wooden obstacles offer physical challenges high above the ground. There’s even an airborne skateboard! Birthdays and group bookings welcome.


things other than the curriculum including sharing, socialising with older students and responsibility.” “There is a lot of misperception surrounding Montessori – but it’s a fantastic grounding,” Eva says. “Why not give it a try? Parents considering Montessori should not fear something that is not main stream – the Montessori community is open for discussion and is very welcoming.”

Offspring | winter 2017 | perth

toddlers, which may appeal to parents of younger children who want to get a taste for the Montessori philosophy. For more information go to


A great way to find out about a school is to go see it in the flesh. ‘Open days’, conducted by some schools, offer an opportunity to view its resources and meet staff. If you can, talk to parents of students already attending the school that you are considering. Of course, not everyone is going to have the same opinion of a school, but speaking to a few parents is a good way to get a feel of the school culture. Go to the My School website, au – This website enables you to search profiles of schools, as well as statistical information and resources and performance indicators.



There are so many school options, so you ensure you do your research and ask lots of questions to ensure you make the best decision for your child.

Parents are the first educators of their children – so why not consider home schooling and extend this important role to their everyday schooling? Stuart Chapman, director of Homeschool WA, says parents chose home schooling for a number of reasons including: • Bullying. • Not being happy with the academic progress of their child at

school. • Concerns about behaviour. • Concerns with the culture of the school. • Deciding to home school their child with a learning difficulty. Stuart says there is a lot of support available for parents wanting to take the plunge, however, they need to consider the time they can commit. “Home education involves a huge commitment on (the parent’s) behalf,” he says. “In some cases they will need to drop, reduce or reschedule work commitments, and they need to come to grips with some negative attitudes from family and friends who may question a parent’s ability on being able to educate their child.” However, he says the advantages are many. Although some people

when choosing a school. If the best school choice for your child is the government school across the road from your house, then that will be very convenient! If your preferred school is further afield, you will need to take into consideration travel time and public transport (if required). • The school’s uniform requirements. • If your child has a special interest, such as music, sport or languages. Ask the school what programs they offer. • The school’s policies on homework and bullying. • The cost. The expense of uniforms, fees or additional costs can vary greatly between schools so it is best to find out these details when enquiring about enrolment to ensure they fit within your budget. When you put in your application to a school, you may need the following:

worry about the opportunity for home schooled children to socialise with other children, Stuart says home schooled children learn better

• Your child’s birth certificate • Proof of address • Court orders (if applicable) • Emergency contacts • Immunisation records

social skills because they interact with children and adults of different ages instead of only their same-age peers in the school yard. There are also advantages to the child’s education, including the opportunity for increased parent/child interaction and ensuring your child gets lots of one-on-one attention. “A parent is a highly motivated educator,” he says. “A teacher is a paid employee who will never make the sacrifices a parent will. Parents will always make the extra effort.” For details, go to or the Home Schooling contact in your state.

Some things to consider include:

• Location. As in real estate, location is very important

If your child has any medical conditions, allergies or special requirements it is important to tell the school.

Note: If you want to enrol your child into a private school, call the school for their enrolment requirements. Also ask how far in advance you will need to submit your child’s enrolment application – some parents will put their child’s name down at prestigious or in-demand schools when their child is a newborn!

Why i chose home schooling for my child Nancy Van Ross decided to home school daughter Mackenzie when Mackenzie developed Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). She now also home schools her son, Pheonix. “Initially the adjusting period was quite intense as I had a young baby who wasn’t keen on sleeping at the time, however after a couple of months things really

started to fall into place,” she says. “Our family loves the flexibility of home schooling and how it caters for each child individually. If parents are considering it to take the plunge my only advice is to let your children be your guide, work at their pace and with their interests. We love the home schooling lifestyle and are thrilled we took the plunge.” perth | winter 2017 | Offspring


The Importance of Nature Play R

esearch has confirmed that unstructured, outdoor play is fundamental to childhood and helps children develop to their full potential. Researchers at the University of Western Australia have recognised that natural playgrounds, more than the typical pre-formed playgrounds, provide children with greater opportunities to develop grossmotor skills. Children who use the natural playgrounds also demonstrate improved cognitive function, increased creativity and improved interaction with adults.

Nature play spaces: allow for the overall physical development of a child l provide children with opportunities to make decisions, resolve conflict, l

create and execute ideas l help children to learn to recognise, assess and negotiate risk and build confidence and competence l encourage imaginative play which helps build curiosity and creativity l reduce children’s stress and inattention through a connectedness with nature. At Aranmore Catholic Primary school, the Pre-Kindy, Kindy and Pre-Primary

students are able to enjoy the many benefits of nature play in a state-of-theart natural playground environment created by an award-winning designer. And children of all ages at Aranmore are connected to nature beyond play as they nurture and care for the school’s sustainable garden, planting new crops and care for established plants. Enrol your child today to give them the start they need: or call 08 9444 9366 and remember, school boundaries do NOT apply to Catholic schools and non-Catholic families are also welcome.

Play-based learning at MLC P

lay is central to Methodist Ladies’ College’s Early Learning program, which starts in Playgroup for babies and toddlers from six months. At three they can join the fun in Pre-Kindergarten followed by Kindy. Girls can then go on to Pre-Primary and continue at MLC on its Claremont campus until the end of Year 12. Play-based learning, both indoors and outdoors, continues throughout a child’s learning adventure at MLC. The school’s rigorous academic curriculum is complemented by cocurricular and Outdoor Education programs throughout the primary and secondary years, ensuring that each student receives a holistic education, as part of MLC’s unique Thrival curriculum.

Discover your MLC learning adventure at our next Advantage Morning*. *See our website for details. 356 Stirling Highway Claremont WA 6010 T +618 9384 4000 E W CRICOS Provider Code 00441G


Offspring | winter 2017 | perth


Award-winning tuition at Begin Bright




egin Bright is an award-winning School Readiness and Primary Tutoring Franchise. Their programs are uniquely designed by qualified educators in alignment with the Australian curriculum. They run school readiness, primary tutoring and school holiday programs for children aged 3 to 12, comprising different levels according to the child’s ability. Begin Bright works with children to support areas of need and help to develop a love of learning through positive support and fun learning activities. The lessons are taught in an engaging manner, using concrete materials and supportive games to ensure a brighter start to learning.

School Readiness Primary Tutoring Holiday Workshops

Call now with code BBTRIAL for your free introductory class

LOCATIONS ACROSS AUSTRALIA NSW: Ryde, Gymea, Harrington park, Padstow, St George, Cronulla, South Hurstville, Engadine, Maroubra, Bondi, Burwood, Marrickville, Hoxton Park, Liverpool, Bella Vista, Shellharbour, Maitland, Kingscliff QLD: Burleigh, Tugun, Sorrento, Mackay VIC: Doncaster, Leongatha, Preston, Croydon, Frankston, Berwick WA: Bicton

Call 1300 234 462 Franchises Available Now


Early Childhood 18 month Olds - 5 Year Olds

“You’ll wish you went to school here.”

Join one our enro of lment tours fo r 2017/20 18

Engage Inspire Wonder

Step inside and take a look at your child’s future 54

Offspring | winter 2017 | perth

(08) 9387 5050

Whole child learning at Bold Park


he philosophy of Bold Park Community School [BPCS] holds at its core the right of the child to participate in a learning environment which promotes mutual respect, shared learning, reflectivity, creativity, imagination and problem solving, and participation in the life of the community. The school’s innovative educational philosophy seeks to consider the whole child not in isolation, but in the context of a community of learners. Join BPCS on the 13th of May 1-3pm for their open day or June 14th for a School tour. More information can be found on their website.

Why choose a boys’ school? B

oys and girls learn, grow and interact differently, and Trinity College believes education should be customised to their unique needs. The College strives to provide an environment and curriculum where boys will flourish and succeed. Trinity offers a diverse selection of learning opportunities both inside and outside the classroom, including Christian Service, Visual Art, Drama, Dance, Sport, Leadership, Space Science, Aviation and an award-winning Music program. The campus benefits from its unique location on the Swan River, allowing Trinity to offer students a variety of water sports, nature activities, outdoor education, and plenty of space to run and play. Find out more at

The ultimate destination for an authentic boys’ education 9223 8121 |

Contact us today for a better education tomorrow

Faith. Academic. Culture. Sport.

perth | winter 2017 | Offspring


Perth individual Montessori College P

erth Montessori School recently changed its name to Perth Individual - A progressive Montessori College. As Western Australia’s leading Montessori educator, the college initiated the name change to better reflect its individual blend of Montessori-inspired education, personalised teaching and comprehensive high school experience. “The name is already gathering momentum and has struck a cool chord with many students who now affectionately refer to the college as ‘Perth Indi’,” says Deputy Principal Ian Michael. “The college prides itself on providing individual education, teaching and learning environments and focuses on building successful individuals rather than expensive sporting facilities.” Offering a dedicated team

of passionate educators, Perth Individual continues to tailor personalised education for 200 students from kindergarten to high school in a boutique learning environment. Perth Individual is one of the state’s most ethnically diverse colleges, celebrating individual learning and cultural differences.

The college has a detailed student profiling process to help personalise education planning for all students and to identify their individual talents. Perth Individual also offers a greater student to teacher ratio in the classroom enabling the Montessori director/ teacher to give personalised attention to individual students. For more information or to register for Perth Individual’s next College Open Days on Saturday 10 June, Thursday 22 June and Saturday 2 September 2017 call Alexsandra on (08) 9362 3186 or visit

Individual Education. Individual Teaching. Individual Thought. Individuals making great communities. Perth Individual (formerly Perth Montessori School), is our state’s leading Montessori college. Perth Individual tailors Montessori inspired education to suit individual students. This helps students realise their individual talents, pursue further studies and graduate with an invaluable point of difference in today’s competitive job market. Perth Individual celebrates ethnic diversity and offers personalised kindergarten, primary and high school education in a boutique learning environment. Come and join us at our next Perth Individual Open Days on Saturday 10 June, Thursday 22 June and Saturday 2 September 2017 at 9.30am. Please call Alexsandra on (08) 9362 3186 to confirm your attendance. 150 Burswood Road, Burswood WA 6100 Conveniently located near Victoria Park and public transport Phone: (08) 9362 3186 Fax: (08) 9362 5181 Email:


Offspring | winter 2017 | perth


100 years of quality education For over 100 years, Christ Church Grammar School has been taking boys on their educational journey.


n 2019, a new purpose-built Preparatory School will open, consolidating all school classrooms under one roof, offering a unique form of engagement specifically designed for boys at Christ Church Grammar School. Incorporated in the new building will be the Early Learning Centre (ELC), catering for boys between the ages of three and five. Early learning is a time for discovery where boys gain self-confidence through new experiences. Christ Church has highly qualified staff who are with the boys every step of the journey and who learn from a curriculum based on meaningful interactive play in a natural, caring and educationally stimulating environment. The program is uniquely designed with key areas: the School’s philosophy, thinking and

“Christ Church celebrates and values all that it means to be a boy.”

learning, and embracing teachable moments in nature’s playground. The literacy and numeracy skills program is incorporated into play-based activities, igniting a love for learning and challenging boys to explore their potential and share thoughts and ideas. The program for the early years includes Mandarin, physical education, music, drama, library, information technology and visual arts. Boys attending the ELC program will enjoy days filled with purposeful play, fun and being with friends. Running simultaneously is an age and stage appropriate learning program, designed especially for boys allowing them to express their personality and uniqueness.

Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten opening in 2019 At Christ Church Grammar School we celebrate and value all that it means to be a boy

Applications are currently being accepted for Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten 2019 For more information please contact Admissions on 9442 1555 or email CRICOS 00433G

Follow us perth | winter 2017 | Offspring



Lights, camera, action

Most children delight in taking part in some sort of performing art, whether it is dance, drama or music, but did you know it is good for their wellbeing? And there is plenty you can do to harbour your child’s enthusiasm without the need to enrol them in formal classes.

Finding a teacher BY CLAIRE ARMSTRONG


driving force behind many parent’s desire to encourage their offspring in performing arts isn’t

to create starlets of the future or precocious brats, it is about stimulating the body and mind and the wrath of emotional, social and educational paybacks including:

Confidence – Performing in front of an audience whether it

be parents or peers will help a child get comfortable stepping out of their comfort zone, allow them to make mistakes and learn from them and give them a voice to speak up for themselves.

Team work - Through the arts, children work together,


• Have the radio or CD playing during the day instead of the TV. It will encourage you and your child to sing and dance along. • Construct your own musical instruments such as shakers, drums and cymbals from pots and pans, household and craft items

Concentration - The ability to listen, retain and

share responsibility as well as accept responsibility, problem solve,

contribute involves a great deal of focus. The ability to

experience empathy for others and learn to compromise to achieve

concentrate for extended periods in an artistic setting will not

a common goal. By learning collaboration kids begin to see their

only assist when it comes to school work, it will also encourage

contributions have value even if they don’t have the biggest role. It

creative thinking and help a child be able to think on their feet and

is also a great way to make new friends with similar interests.

‘outside of the box’.

practice, patience and persistence. On the journey to success

performance is astounding, dating as far back as ancient Greek

children learn that receiving constructive feedback is a regular part

philosopher Plato who said, “I would teach children music,

of any arts instruction with a goal to improve skills, not personal

physics and philosophy; but more importantly music for in the

attacks, which will prove a vital skill in later life. Once completed,

patterns of music and all the arts are the keys to learning.”

Perseverance – Learning an instrument or dance requires

the sense of accomplishment will drive perseverance in the next endeavour. 58

Word-of-mouth is always a great way to start looking for a teacher is any art form. Check with your child’s primary school to see if they offer a music program. Check the qualifications of the teachers and find out costs, expectations and ensure they match your child’s desires, some will be more casual and others will expect participation in examinations and recitals. Ask for a free trial class and the ability to hire instruments before committing.

Offspring | winter 2017 | perth

The link between performing arts and improved educational

With so many benefits, how can we most effectively engage our children in these activities?

Wales this year, was designed to entertain and inspire kids to make positive, healthy choices


Queensland and launching into New South

for themselves through dance, puppetry, magic and song. “There is nothing more important than our children’s health, well-being and happiness. Nothing more valuable than their sense of spirit.” McColl says. Dancing has recognised social and psychological advavntages to a child’s

Dance D

ance is active and a great way to improve fitness, body awareness, motor skills, strength, posture and flexibility.

“Dance, laughter and exercise trigger the release of endorphins

development from problem solving and critical thinking to developing resilience and empathy for others. Another wonderful attribute of dance is its suitability to a wide range of ages, interests and abilities. Many dance schools offer classes from toddlers to adults. “Dance can cross all social and cultural barriers,” McColl says. Dance classes focused on enjoyment and movement are perfect

which help reduce stress, prevent illness and relieve pain. It is

for younger children where technique, routines and costumes are

proven that people who exercise are happier, and that goes for

not so important. For older children looking for more structure

children as well,” former fitness instructor and founder of the

and the opportunity to become involved in concerts, there are so

Happy Feet Fitness program Donna McColl told Offspring.

many options including: ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary, acrobatics,

Her program delivered primarily through child care facilities to around 10,000, 2-5 year olds in Western Australia, Victoria,

cheerleading and hip hop. Talk to your child about their interests, visit a few studios and


Spring 2015

Nat Bass chats family & fashion

WIN tickets to The Wiggles!

Special feature

Having a Baby?


Birth story real life

Tips for vegies & kids


01 PERTH COVER.indd 1


Kids & meditation

30/09/2015 19:13

Also published online at

Spaces are limited so call us now on 02 4326 1178 or 0415 267 414 or email



Australia’s largest parenting media

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Drama D

rama puts children in exciting, funny, thought-provoking and interesting circumstances to expand their view of the

world and the people within it. It is not just limited to stage shows but encompasses circus acts, illusions, puppetry and theatre sports. “Not every child that takes drama will become a famous actor, but they will walk away with the tools to speak in public and speak up for themselves. They don’t have to be the best, they just have to be involved,” Australian Performing Arts Centres Association (APACA) Executive Director Bronwyn Edinger says. There is a healing power in drama. Edinger describes the success of an initiative by the Bell Shakespeare theatre company, of which she is a former General Manager, of providing theatrical opportunities to those of social and geographic disadvantage, including remote indigenous communities and juvenile detention observe a class or two and ask about trial options. Local dance

facilities, who would otherwise not experience the power and

schools will often advertise in parenting and local papers or can be

magic of Shakespeare or live theatre.

found online listed according to locality.


• Y  our little one doesn’t need to attend a formal dance class to start moving, there are plenty of free online tutorials to follow, computer games specifically designed to get you dancing in your lounge room. Or just put on some music and jump around!

“The programs, like drama itself, are designed to develop life skills including decision-making, empathy, conflict resolution and self-confidence. After taking part in the program there is a notable improvement in behaviour and school attendance, interest in education and feelings of self worth,” Edinger says. Drama, like dance, is suitable to a range of ages and abilities from three years through to adults. Many primary and high

Construction of the All Abilities Play Space will begin on the Nedlands Foreshore in early 2017. Phase one of construction will see the majority of the play equipment and the perimeter fencing installed. Other key features are to be installed in later phases. The All Abilities Play Space will be an inclusive, inter-generational play space for use by all in the Perth metropolitan area. Once built, it will be a large scale, innovative, state-of-the-art play facility that is purpose designed to meet the play needs of all, regardless of their age or ability.

For more information, visit


Offspring | winter 2017 | perth

schools offer a drama program and some local youth centres provide opportunities to be involved in regular theatrical

Performing isn’t for everyone so don’t push too hard, there are other ways to expose your child to the wonders of the art form:

productions. Otherwise, ask for recommendations of a good drama club.



Not keen on the spotlight? • A trip to the circus - there is nothing quite as awe inspiring as aerial acrobatics.

• S  et up a box of dress-ups and props to help children create imaginative scenarios, include a large sheet

• A dance performance - seeing classical ballet at the theatre or a local dance school’s concert is a lively and colourful experience.

to use as the stage curtain. • C  reate your very own sock puppets. • I nstead of simply reading a story

• A balloon twisting, puppet or magic show; the illusions will captivate your child’s imagination and open them to the possibilities within performing arts. Activities like these are easy to create at home and occasionally local c ouncils and libraries run demonstrations or workshops.

with your child, why not role play and act it out?

• A  concert - there are many touring music acts specifically designed for young ones especially around school holiday times. • Local community events - whether it is the local choir, carolling, a drama production or a idol contest there are often opportunities to see an array of performances in your own community.

KIDS’ GYM Birthday Parties! Celebrate your child's next birthday at Riverton Leisureplex. Self-catering available or have us cater for you, so you can enjoy the party while we do the work!



Zoom down the waterslide and splash in the pools. Includes Party leader for 1.5 hours. (Maximum 20 kids)

HOURS School Term

 Catered

Mon to Fri: 9am - 1pm


Sat & Sun: 10am - 3pm

Explore the four levels of the Kids Gym playground. Party room included. (Party leader not included, maximum 40 kids)

School Holidays Mon to Fri: 9am - 3pm Sat & Sun: 10am - 3pm

 Plus = Catered  Play = Non-Catered

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Music R

esearch indicates that the earlier music is included in a child’s development, the better. This does not need to be

limited to structured lessons. You can sing with your child at home, play music and expose your child to live performances. Music educator and conductor Richard Gill believes physical education and arts education should book-end the Australian curriculum, with music being at the forefront, as early as possible in the life of a child. “The impact this type of education would have on children, with respect to creative thinking, imaginative problem solving, resulting in classrooms full of engaged and interested minds with the capacity to think, perceive, analyse and act upon ideas, would turn the educational decline on its head,” he said during a speech to the Collegiate of Specialist Music Educators. Vicki King, Artistic Director at the Australian School of Performing Arts, says, “The educational value placed on music and song seems less of a priority in Australian schools compared to some European countries, which is a great shame. And sadly, parent’s singing to their children from infancy appears to have also declined somewhat in the past 20 years. Life seems so

music with a child, unstructured musical play is so important

much busier, plus lots of people don’t have the confidence to sing

because that is where children’s inspiration will come to life

even if it is at home with their child.

because they aren’t having to sit and learn the notes, they are

“You don’t need to be a wonderful singer or musician to share

simply enjoying the experience.”


tractor-train rides . bouncy castle bottle & bucket feeding . playground bbq facilities . merry-go-round






Offspring | winter 2017 | perth

doesn’t have to be a prodigal musician to get involved either, King suggests a group participation activity such as a choir or a band is a great place to start a child as it removes the pressure and stresses associated with solo performances. “For many of our senior students the Australian Girls Choir provide a beacon of light in their otherwise chaotic lives. A place to park their brain for a while and ignore homework and the politics of home and school life. Music gives them enormous stress relief, comradery and confidence,” King told Offspring.

Most formal music lessons start between the ages of five to nine, group classes are recommended for younger children. The Forte School of Music gives these ages and instruments as a guide:


Your child

choosing an instrument • The piano is highly recommended as a child’s first instrument, it can be played as soon as a child can reach the keys and has enough strength to press them down. Recommended age: 5+ • The recorder is a common choice in a school setting. It is cheap, children can play it easily and it provides a good introduction to making music. Recommended age: 5+ • Stringed instruments often come in smaller sizes specifically for kids. Some children can handle a violin from the age of four. Recommended age: 5+ (violin); 9+ (viola and cello) • Other wind and brass instruments should not be attempted before your child’s permanent teeth come in because of the pressure on the teeth when they are played, the actual size of the instrument, the lip strength required and the “puff” needed to make a noise. Recommended age: 8+ (flute, clarinet); 9+ (saxophone, trumpet, trombone, french horn) • Drum and guitars tend to be a big favourite among kids. Recommended age: 7+ • Singing is something that can be enjoyed at all ages, but it is best not to start learning formally until 9+ years.

*Mention this ad upon booking to receive a bonus 11x14” print*

The specialist in Newborn, Maternity, Birth & Family Photography.

Phone: 0412 557 881

Have a parenting question? The Ngala Parenting Line (previously Helpline) is here to help. Now for families of children aged 0 to 18. Call 9368 9368 or 1800 111 546 for country callers 8am to 8pm, Monday to Sunday

44 Allen Road, Forrestdale, Western Australia 6112 e: p: 9397 1100 f: 9397 0230 PO Box 3214, Success, Western Australia 6964



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SSES A L C a m a r D Olds For 3-5 Year

Get in on the act! dramatic EASE INCRplay EEM T S E F L SE movement creative story telling

Northern Suburbs

Fun Drama Classes for 3 – 5 year olds!


hy drama? Children love drama and parents love the results! Fun and exciting drama classes are held weekly by the Helen O’Grady Drama Academy in many areas around WA. The Academy’s enthusiastic, qualified teachers make sure each child has a great lesson, including speech training, lots of dramatic play, creative movement, music making, books, story-telling, dressing up and heaps more! Kindy Drama Classes are held for 3-5 year olds, and the Academy also runs programs for 5-8 year olds, 9-12 year olds and teenagers too! Classes fill fast, so call 9242 4722 or visit the Academy website: ACT NOW!

songs language skills confidence Greenwood

Ph: 9402 8744

Western Suburbs Leederville, Scarborough, Wembley

Ph: 9402 5849

Rockingham / Mandurah Greenfields, Cooloongup

Ph: 9593 7194



Eastern Suburbs Morley

Ph: 9378 4332

Southern Suburbs Kardinya

Ph: 0414 689 261

classes also held for 5 - 17 year olds throughout perth

We are proud to be a family owned and operated Dental clinic with a focus on all aspects of General dentistry. We have an extensive list of services including Preventive care and exams through to Cosmetic Dentistry, Implants and Invisalign. We are preferred providers with HBF, BUPA, MEDIBANK, GMF and SMILE. We also treat DVA patients and Medicare-Child Benefit Scheme patients.

To book an appointment today call us on

9225 6564 or book online at 28/60 Royal Street EAST PERTH WA


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Australia’s best child talent Bettina Management works with Australia’s BIGGEST FASHION AND LIFESTYLE BRANDS across all industries.


ettina Management works with Australia’s BIGGEST FASHION AND LIFESTYLE BRANDS across all industries. After 25 years in the industry, they have developed long standing relationships and earned access to industry platforms that give the highest exposure for their talent. Representing talent from 3 months to 16 years, they hold complimentary personal interviews to ensure they handpick children of engaging temperament and with unique looks. Bettina Management has an expansive client list and as a reputable agency, they have a constant demand to supply a healthy and varied portfolio of children to the thousands of casting directors, photographers and agents they service. They pride themselves on their distinctive professionalism and prompt service that allows them to service their talent and clients to the best of their ability. If you would like to see your little star in campaigns for some of Australia’s biggest fashion and lifestyle brands, contact them to book in for your free interview and information session.

1300 888 611 e: w: t:

“over 20 years experience in the entertainment industry”

Australia’s leading model & talent agency for kids Having discovered and developed many little (and big!) stars over the years, we take as much delight in seeing our talent in print and on screen as they do. Our talent has featured in TV commercials, TV series, feature films, major ‘Hollywood’ films, catalogues, billboards, magazines and more!

Does your little star love the camera? Contact us today and mention ‘Offspring Magazine’ to book in for a complimentary personal meeting. Our experienced staff will explain what makes the industry ‘tick’ and can give you feedback about potential opportunities for your child.

Contact Us: 1300 888 611

Expansive Client Base

Making stars since 1992

Melbourne | Sydney | Brisbane | Perth

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he normal price of Jungle music lessons is around $19 per lesson and when you go in to the classroom, you’ll see why. Forte has wonderful resources; every tool required to make sure your child gets the best possible music education. Only Jungle music addresses the nine key elements of early childhood development. Be sure to listen to the music used, it’s truly world class. Real instruments have been recorded, they are not electronic. The vocalists and all aspects of the music you will hear playing is truly genius. All the teachers are fully trained and equipped to ensure your child is inspired to explore their love for music in a nurturing kind environment.



he David Academy of Performing Arts (DAPA) loves helping kids discover the joy of performing arts through Singing and Musical Theatre and understands that performing arts is singular in its ability to develop the whole person. When you choose DAPA you are choosing training of the highest quality - a school genuinely dedicated to the success of its students. The Academy has produced several award-winning students and many of our students have seen success win-ning lead roles in WA theatre productions. DAPA has trained thousands of students in Vocal Technique and Musical Theatre in Perth and overseas, sharing in their triumphs and joys as they blossomed in to the stars they were meant to be. For more information visit

Discover the joy of music

and find out how music can make your child smarter, happier, school ready, more confident and capable!

Free Trial Lesson in any class Book NOW for all ages from 6 months Jungle Babies, Tots & Friends 6 - 18 mths - 2½ yrs - 3½ yrs

Applecross Canning Vale Joondalup Success

9364 9788 9256 3170 9468 3240 6161 7900 66

Offspring | winter 2017 | perth




magine your delight as you watch your little dancer’s confidence blossom. The Fairy Floss Ballet experience will inspire your child’s unique creative expression whilst engaged in their enchanting dance experience, with beautiful ballet, magical music, mime and song. Infused with moments for your child to learn basic ballet steps, classes will explore how the body moves, through the magic of play. It’s not just about the movement, but also how your child is relating, growing in confidence, and being supported in this growth. Your first step to creating loving childhood memories begins at Dance Creations. Learn more at or contact Terrie on 0419 133 673.

For little dancers aged 2 1/2 to 5 years old Inspire your child’s unique creative expression and see their confidence blossom whilst engaged in their enchanting dance experience. Create loving childhood memories filled with beautiful ballet, magical music, mime and song. Locations: Bicton | Bull Creek | East Victoria Park | Brentwood, | Rossmoyne

With limited Fairy Floss Ballet places, to enrol your little dancer go to: | Contact Terrie on 0419 133 673

44 Allen Road, Forrestdale, Western Australia 6112 e: p: 9397 1100 f: 9397 0230 PO Box 3214, Success, Western Australia 6964



Fire Engine Fun Children’s Parties, Kindy’s, Family Gatherings etc. Fireman Kevin will bring his genuine 1960 Fire Engine to your event!

Attention Perth parents and pregnant ladies You need Parent Parcel in your life!!! The ultimate parent directory

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For the love of the game There are so many reasons parents want their children to take part in a sport – after all, being physically active is important as part of a healthy lifestyle and of course it is fun! So what sport is best for your child? We look into some popular options to help you make the decision. BY BROOKE EVANS-BUTLER 68

Offspring | winter 2017 | perth

Swimming It is an exercise that is good for all ages and provides a workout for the whole body - and with our hot summers and access to indoor swimming pools year-round - swimming is a wonderful sport to consider for your child. Swimming lessons can teach children how to swim and about water safety (although it is important to note swimming lessons do not replace the need for parents and carers to always supervise children around water). Swimming can also be a good option for busy families as there are various ways to participate. You can enrol your child for lessons through private lessons at a swim school or at a local pool or leisure centre held after school, on weekends or in the evening. Many schools run swimming lessons at the local pool (or at the school if they have a pool), or many swim schools offer vacation swimming programs during the school holidays.

your child to have fun, learn


about water safety and be

If your child has lots of energy to burn, Little

Another option if you want

Athletics might be the perfect choice! A

active is the Surf Lifesaving

modified athletic program for children,

Nipper program. The program is aimed at children

more than 100,000 children participate in

from five to 13 years old and

Little Athletics across Australia. Suitable

is offered at surf lifesaving

for children aged five to 15, children get the

clubs around Australia.

opportunity to try sprints, hurdles, relays,

For details go to

shot put, javelin, high jump, long jump

and more. Little Athletics encourages children of various abilities to come and


achieve their personal best. Check out

Gymnastics helps develop coordination, confidence, posture, agility and strength and is a


great boredom buster!

Multi-sport exercise programs offer exercise

Gymnastics Australia offers a ‘KinderGym’ program for young

programs for young children that enable them to

children, right up to programs for adults, including trampoline gymnastics (now, how much fun does that sound!). Check out Gymnastics Australia Another great option to consider is Jungle Gym – a fantastic

get a taste of various sports in a fun and age-appropriate way. Jungle Sports WA have various programs – from Jungle Cubs for toddlers, which focusses on developing coordination and ball

facility in Perth offering fun classes to introduce your child to

skills and for older children- Jungle Soccer, Jungle Rugby and

gymnastics from the age of three years – such as jumping on

Jungle Multi-Sports, which gives kids a taste of a different sport

trampolines, swinging on Tarzan ropes and more through their

each week, including rugby, AFL, soccer, cricket, basketball,

age-appropriate and fun obstacle course.

netball, hockey and more! Sports are held indoors, so the kids can

Contacts: Jungle Gym, Gymnastics Australia,


For details go to



Swimwear for Ladies & Men right through to 7XL 20+ Famous Lycra brands Hats, Towels, Bags, Sunnies Ladies Gym & Leisurewear Maternity & Mastectomy Duchamp, Kita Ku, Sportswave, Leisurewear & lots more!!!


participate year round.

olours NEW c ITA & K N U S F TRUNK FUNKY REE GIFT F r Ask fo while stocks last



or over 20 years, Skids Swimwear has REALLY looked after Families with a HUGE range of chlorine-resistant swimwear and sun-protection, plus leisurewear and accessories. For all the latest styles and friendly service, call in to see for yourself at Skids Swimwear.







Australian Martial Arts and Fitness Academy, www. KMA Champion Martial Arts,

Ready Steady Go Kids is a preschool sport and

exercise program, suitable for children from two and a half to six


years old. Children are introduced

Netball is a non-contact team sport, suitable for children from

to soccer, tennis, basketball, hockey, golf, AFL, rugby, athletics, cricket and T-ball – so there

age five up to adults. Although very

is little chance they will get bored! The program is held indoors so children can take part year-round, and there are many locations throughout the country. For details go to

popular with girls, boys are welcome and encouraged to play as well. Your child might be shooting goals or playing in an attack or defence role depending on their position. Netball is a great game to encourage team work and fitness.

Martial Arts

Go to Netball Australia, for more information.

It’s easy to see why many parents enrol their children into some form of martial arts – not only is it fun and good exercise - it


develops self-esteem, confidence and respect and teaches safety

Basketball is a wonderful way for children to learn ball skills and to burn off some energy!

skills. Some parents will find the life skills that children learn through martial arts very appealing – and some kids just love it for the fun! Contact your local martial arts centre to see what

As an indoor sport, basketball can be played year-round and children of all abilities are encouraged. ‘Aussie Hoops’ is a program to

programs they offer for children. Many offer programs for

introduce children from 5 years old to basketball in a fun,

children as young as three years old.

modified program.

Check out: Kanga Karate,

Go to Basketball NSW for details,

Catch, weave, chase, run but most of all have FUN!

Little Rugby Perth offers pre-school children a fun-filled first introduction to non-contact rugby

Perth Central Suburbs: 0466 606 890

Perth South Eastern Suburbs: 0451 226 891

Perth Eastern Suburbs: 0481 115 147

Perth Northern Suburbs: 0409 888 503

Perth Rockingham Area: 0423 623 633

Perth South Western Metro: 0447 661 999

Perth Central & North 0466 606 890

Perth South 0447 661 999


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Soccer If your child loves kicking a ball around the backyard, soccer might be a perfect fit. With the approach ‘Play not Push’, Little Kickers offers four fun modified programs, suitable for children aged from just 18 months up to seven years. For details go to

AFL If your child is an Eagles or Dockers fan, they have probably asked to play football. However, before your hair starts to turn grey thinking about the rough and tumble; check out NAB AFL Auskick. The program introduces boys and girls to Australian Football and aims to encourage a healthy lifestyle. For details go to

Cricket There is a reason cricket is known as a ‘gentleman’s


ANZ Tennis Hot Shots is played at more than 2000 venues around Australia.

game’ – it highly focusses on the importance of teamwork

A great introduction to the game is through the

adulthood. Indoor cricket is also an option, which is a fun, shorter version of the outdoor game, which uses a softer ball suitable for the indoor court.

To find out more go to

and sportsmanship, as well as physical activity, so is a great sport for boys and girls try.

may continue playing at their local club into


MILOin2CRICKET program, which introduces girls and boys

If you have a budding tennis player on your hands, ANZ Tennis

from five to eight years old to the game of cricket.

Hot Shots is a great way to introduce them to tennis, with a

There is also the option of joining a local club to play club cricket. Local cricket clubs can become like a family and a child

modified game using lighter racquets on a smaller court. For more information go to

Swimming – great exercise and safety skills S

wimming is great exercise for all ages, providing a low impact workout for the whole body. With hot summers and plenty of indoor pools to keep you warm during winter – swimming is a perfect family activity year-round. Swimming lessons are a great way for kids to keep active and learn essential water safety skills. Many learn-to-swim centres offer lessons for infants through to adults and have availability over mornings, afternoons and weekends. Once proficiency in swimming has been achieved, many kids and adults choose to join a swimming club where they can continue to develop their skills with qualified coaches. For information on swimming programmes for all ages and abilities to

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Supercharge your child’s sporting potential

Ready Steady Go Kids: Best National Pre-Schooler Activity


We are Australia’s largest multi-sport program for 1.5–6 year olds! • Learn the basics of 10 sports • Low child/coach ratios • Physio-designed, structured & FUN! • Over 200 locations nationally Franchise opportunities available


Offspring | winter 2017 | perth 1300 766 892

erm 2 enrolments are now open for Ready Steady Go Kids! Covering 10 great sports: Soccer, Tennis, Hockey, Rugby, Tball, Athletics, Basketball, Golf, AFL & Cricket with a gross motor focus. All classes are indoors, with small class ratios and loads of FUN! The program is structured and progressive so it keeps your child learning new developmental skills in every class. Ready Steady Go Kids was voted as the Best National PreSchooler Activity in 2015 & 2016 in the Whatson4kids awards, so why not book yourself a FREE TRIAL and see what all of the fuss is about!

Jump! Into Winter swimming classes T

here are many benefits to swimming in autumn and winter. Swimming lessons throughout winter build skills to keep children safer around water in summer. Swimming in the rainy months is also great exercise at a time when children are often indoors. It boosts immunity too! At Jump! Bibra Lake the water is heated to 33 degrees. Lessons are quieter in winter so there’s a great choice of classes available. With warm drinks and hot showers available, there’s no better time to swim! The AustSwim accredited centre offers classes from age 3 months up to pre-squad level.

Send your kids to UWA these school holidays! G

et physical at UWA Kids Sports Holiday Program, an action-packed program that aims to encourage kids to have a go, get out there and get moving. Led by qualified and experienced coaches and instructors, the program aims to provide children with a highly supportive environment that nurtures a healthy lifestyle, positive social interactions, leadership qualities, development of motor skills and sportsmanship. UWA Kids Sports Holiday Program is a registered child care program and parents/guardians are eligible for the Child Care Benefit (CCB).

To enrol, or for more information, go to sport.uwa. or call 6488 2286.

Autumn Program �onda� ����rida� �� April�

To enrol or for more info go to or �all ���� ����

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Sport gets kids active and engaged W

e believe sport should be part of every child’s day and is a vital part of a well-rounded and long, healthy life. Based on that premise, KidSport is a partnership between the Department of Sport and Recreation and local governments giving eligible kids aged 5 – 18 the chance to apply for financial assistance towards sport and recreation club fees.

They can receive up to $200 per calendar year towards club fees and there’s no limit to the number of children who can register in one family. Being active is not only fun, but it improves kids’ coordination and balance, helps them sleep better, improves their social and life skills and creates a greater sense of mental wellbeing. The Department’s Brain Boost research points to physically active children being smarter too. Exercise has biological, psychological and social benefits – it improves memory, behaviour, motor skills, concentration and reasoning ability. Importantly, active children are more likely to mature into physically-active adults.

“Playing sport is more than just turning up to training or playing a game – there are so many other bonuses,” says Ron Alexander, Director General of the Department of Sport and Recreation. “Regular daily activity for kids helps rates of obesity, creates a greater sense of wellbeing and can help divert young people from crime and anti-social behaviour.

Sport grows around volunteers

Without volunteers there would be no clubs, no teams, no coaches and no oranges at halftime. Thank you for making sport and recreation possible. @dsrwa


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Offspring Perth Autumn/Winter 2017 issue  

Australia’s favourite family lifestyle magazine.

Offspring Perth Autumn/Winter 2017 issue  

Australia’s favourite family lifestyle magazine.