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8 BABY FASHION NEW BEGINNINGS There’s nothing more exciting at the beginning of a new year than spending it with your newborn! These bright, bubbly outfits are sure to bring out sweet giggles and precious smiles. 10 GIRLS FASHION PRETTY IN PINK Summer is the perfect time to celebrate all things girly and cute. It’s no secret that little girls love pink. Why not dress your gorgeous girl in fresh floral prints and adorable fairy dresses? 12

BOYS FASHION CREATURES OF THE SEA Let your boys run free this Spring in vivacious bold colours that make every day feel like an adventure!




16 COVER STORY MEET OUR MUMPRENEUR! Winner of our Mumpreneur competition, Karenna Wood, founder of Your Fertility Hub, shares her secret to success and opens up about the reality of being a Mumpreneur. Her key message is that you can do it too, if you just try.


22 VIBRANT, SIMPLE AND DELICIOUS SUMMER FOOD Summer is all about stress-free entertaining. And any sort of get-together is incomplete without a scrumptious feast. We bring to you the best of summer recipes so that hosting becomes a lot more fun. 24 THE RESILIENCE PROJECT: OVERCOMING DARKNESS AND SHAME FOR YOUR FAMILY Educator, Hugh Van Cuylenburg, speaks to Offspring about the growing epidemic of mental illness and how the issue took a toll over his life as well. 30 A CLIMATE OF CHANGE A parental guide on how to help children dealing with eco-anxiety issues.

24 perth | SUMMER 2020 | Offspring

50 50

32 32 THE PURSUIT OF PERFECTION A Melbourne mum shares her journey about her eating disorder and her struggles of overcoming it for the sake of her family. 36 GENDER NEUTRAL PARENTING An eye-opening piece for parents on why stereotyping roles based on gender are passé, and how teaching kids to be gender neutral can help them grow up as more sensitive and confident individuals. 40

BRIGHTER WRITING We discuss the long of short of Dysgraphia and how an early intervention can help in child’s future growth.


53 BACK TO SCHOOL Our guide to help parents prepare and brace up for the post-school holiday mode. It highlights how parents can bring their kids back into their school routine after a relaxed school vacation. 58 EDUCATION FEATURE SCHOOLED UP! Here is our guide to selecting the most suitable education option for your children.

73 PHUKET: AN IDEAL FAMILY DESTINATION Phuket is a wonderful holiday destination for families with luxurious hotels, adventure activities and delicious Thai cuisine.

SPECIAL FEATURE GETTING READY FOR BABY Whether you’re pregnant with your first or subsequent baby, taking care of yourself and preparing for the arrival of your little bundle can be overwhelming. Here is our guide for helping your prepare for this special time.

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Karenna Wood

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Offspring | SUMMER 2020 | perth

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By NICOLE OHM Mum & Manager at Brownes Dairy

Now Brownes Dairy and The Wiggles have partnered to bring you the ‘perfect’ Yum Box addition: yummy and healthy little yoghurt pouches with no added sugar!


ll parents of preschoolers have one thing in common: not leaving the house without a lunchbox full of snacks to keep our mini humans happily grazing throughout

the day. We call this the Yummy Yummy Snack Box! And we know what a challenge it can be to find snacks that are the holy grail of being nutritious and natural, as well as tasty and fun!

pouch is naturally occurring in the whole milk and fruit only.  Australia has seen a steep increase in Lactose Intolerance & we have been regularly asked for a lactose free yoghurt solution. This range has been specially treated to remove lactose, giving your child the benefits and taste of dairy, whilst being gentle on the tummy.  Made by Australia’s oldest dairy! 100% of our fresh whole milk

“We have crafted these yoghurts to contain no added sugar and no sugar alternatives. The tiny amount of sugar in each pouch is naturally occurring in the whole milk and fruit only.”

comes from healthy cows freely grazing in the pristine region of WA’s South West. We source from 50 local farms that provide their cows with pasture feed options all year round, resulting in delicious dairy.  We’ve added prebiotics and probiotics. Probiotics are cultures which have been shown to aid in digestive health. Think of prebiotics as the food for your probiotics.  Thanks to initiatives such as REDcycle, our pouches can

Most of us at Brownes Dairy are parents and we live by the

be recycled by dropping them into a REDcycle bin at your

motto that if it is not good enough for our kids, it is not good

nearest Coles and Woolworths. There is no need to cut off

enough for yours. Dairy and yoghurt are an important nutritional

the spout or separate the lid. In fact, please secure the lid on

building block in the early years but not all yoghurt is created

the pouch so no yoghurt escapes.

equally. We recognised that whilst there are some products ticking some of the health boxes e.g. No added sugar, no one

 Loved by The Wiggles, need we say more?!

is ticking all of our ideal boxes. So, we set about crafting our ‘perfect’ yoghurt for little growing bodies. So, what’s so special about these new yoghurt pouches? Let’s take a look:  We have crafted these yoghurts to contain no added sugar and no sugar alternatives. The tiny amount of sugar in each

So, there you have it, the ‘perfect’ yoghurt for your little pre-schooler! Available in four Yummy Yummy flavours: Vanilla Bean, Strawberry, Mango and blueberry, only at Woolworths stores throughout Australia! P.S. Let us know what you think @brownesdairy

perth | SUMMER 2020 | Offspring

6 | editor’s note Editor’s Note: Summer 2020

Becoming a Mumpreneur

In celebration of Offspring Magazine’s 10th year anniversary, I honour all women juggling work and children, and acclaim Mumpreneur competition winner, Kareena Wood, of Your Fertility Hub, in recognition of this accomplishment.


tarting a business, with kids, is

cringed – I was embarrassed and felt

hard. It requires risk, courage and

‘unprofessional’ – a fraud. But I am now

and a website, and continue to evolve the

lots of effort, but can be deeply

grateful I could do both – work and be

digital entities.

satisfying. This issue marks 10 years since I

close to my little darlings. I appreciate technology for its

started Offspring Magazine, from our

openings to women to

one-bedroom Perth flat, which became

combine work with

my office, the home for our family of

motherhood. I enjoy

three and a storehouse for 750 boxes of

speaking with

magazines each edition.

clients who have

After, I launched Melbourne Offspring

While I find parenthood nourishing, working for myself has given me a sense of identity and purpose that I couldn’t achieve from motherhood alone. I truly believe being a mother is the most

We had suffered the fallout of the

children in the

important job in

GFC, so if I wanted to start a business, I

background –

the world, but work

had to do it on bare bones. I had an old

good on them

offers me a sense

mobile phone, my husband’s ancient

for having a

of achievement and

computer and a small desk I picked up at

go – they should

a garage sale for $100. I bought one new

feel proud, not

outfit for client meetings and Mum gave


me a comfy office chair for Christmas. I indirectly received great advice while editing an article in our second edition about a Mumpreneur, she was told: “Just get out there and sell.” I took this on board and resisted the

creative expression I couldn’t otherwise experience.

I was not looking to

And I was able to be

start a career or business when my daughter was so young. But Offspring came to me. It was literally a Lightbulb moment. The timing was crazy – it was bloody

home with my kids. In celebration of my 10th Year in business, and to recognise all women juggling work and family, I have given another Mumpreneur a leg up with a

temptation to fluff about with pretty

hard work and intimidating – but once

$50,000 marketing package. While the

stationary. Overcapitalising would add

the idea was planted, I recognised it as

worthy competition winner, Karenna

more risk and pressure.

a chance to fulfil a lifelong dream of

Wood, is a wonderful role model, this

creating my own magazine, and I had

edition is about recognising all the

loads of passion.

Mumpreneurs out there.

It was scary enough starting a business while being Mum to a sleepless 16-month-old daughter. I still carry guilt about not being as

Two years later I had my son, and in

I hope 2020 is a great year for you all

a couple of years moved the family to

and heralds the start of an amazing new

present to my daughter as I hoped. She

NSW to launch Sydney Offspring. Two

decade full of prosperity and happiness

was at home with me while I worked,

months later, our marriage ended, which

across all areas of your multi-faceted life,

requesting “Boob” at whim (often

presented its own set of challenges, but

in Being Mum.

while I was on the phone to clients!). I

worked out for the best.

Kate x

While I find parenthood nourishing, working for myself has given me a sense of identity and purpose that I couldn’t achieve from motherhood alone.

Offspring |SUMMER 2020 | perth



8 | babies style

BamLovesBoo Making Waves Singlet Onesie $34.95

BamLovesBoo Bamboo Palm Short Leg Jumpsuit $44.95

s g n i n n i g e New B

Bardot Junior Ocilia Ruffle Dress $79.99

Bardot Junior Lace Overall Grow $69.99

There’s nothing more exciting at the beginning of a new year than spending it with your newborn! These bright, bubbly outfits are sure to bring out sweet giggles and precious smiles.

Bardot Junior Chino Braces Short $59.99

Bardot Junior Abie Frill Overall $69.99

Huxbaby Freckle Jumpsuit $49.95 Boden Super Soft Leather Shoes $54.00

Huxbaby Monkey Short Romper $44.95

BamLovesBoo Sunshine Singlet Onesie $34.95 Offspring | SUMMER 2020 | perth

Courage to Lead

Centrally located in Tuart Hill, Servite College is a progressive Catholic secondary school for boys and girls with a rich heritage and diverse community. Servite personalises the learning journey for students by designing unique pathways to success.

10 | girls style

K N I P N I Y T PRET Bardot Junior Liesel Shirred Top $69.99

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Summer is the perfect time to celebrate all things girly and cute. It’s no secret that little girls love pink. Why not dress your gorgeous girl in fresh floral prints and adorable fairy dresses?

Huxbaby Golden Collection

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Huxbaby Golden Collection

Offspring | SUMMER 2020 | perth

Bardot Junior Fiorella Tier Dress $59.99

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12 | boys style

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There’s no better way to spend your summer days than at the beach! This collection of swim-wearand pool-side fashion is sure to bring out the little surfer in every little boy. Let your hair down and enjoy the sun whilst they run free on the sand.

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Boden Poolside Shorts $44.00 Offspring | SUMMER 2020 | perth

14 | books


Here are our top picks for young readers this Summer season.


Let’s Go! Series: Let’s Go! On a Rocket; Let’s Go! On a Ferry

Author: Rosalyn Albert Illustrator: Natalia Moore

Join two friends as they embark on exciting adventures in space and at sea! This fun and engaging series will help your little ones discover the pleasure of travel on board a ferry and up in a rocket, for the very first time!


The Painted Ponies Author: Alison Lester Illustrator: Alison Lester

Meet Matilda, she loves spending time with her Grandma Lucky and playing with her favourite painted ponies in their carved wooden wagon. Follow Matilda as she learns how her beloved ponies long to be set free. A beautiful story of friendship and unconditional love.

6-9 years

Bold Tales for Brave-Hearted Boys Author: Susannah McFarlane Illustrators: Simon Howe, Matt

Huynh, Louie Joyce and Brenton McKenna Challenging the typical fairytale narrative of brave and fearless boys as the courageous heroes. This ingenious collection of classic tales with alternate endings demonstrates how ‘happy ever afters’ can still happen, even when boys show their softer side. 14

Offspring | SUMMER Offspring | winter 20182020 | perth| perth

3-6 years

I see, I see

Author: Robert Henderson Illustrator: Robert Henderson

Spark your curiosity and challenge your view of the world with this fun and interactive story. This playful book ignites two readers in a conversation whereby each will see the page from a different perspective.

5+ years

The Tiny Star

Author: Mem Fox Illustrator: Freya Blackwood

Prepare to be moved and uplifted by this heart-warming tale of the love and grief we experience throughout our lives. A useful tool for parents and a source of comfort to those young or old who have lost someone special.



Author: Tristan Banks

Join Sima as she makes her escape from captivity. Separated from her parents, and in a frantic attempt for freedom, Sima seeks refuge in a school. When a boy named Dan discovers Sima, their resilience is tested as they face a dilemma; will they unite for the greater good or surrender to the laws by which they are bound?

“You allow little girls to be themselves with love and compassion”


FOR LITTLE DANCERS AGED 2.5 - 5 YEARS OLD... Your Fairy Floss dancer will be delighted, captivated and encouraged to enjoy the simple pleasure of moving with freedom, taking their first ballet steps, and being introduced to the magical world of dance and music….love in motion.

WITH LIMITED FAIRY FLOSS BALLET PLACES... To enrol your little dancer: contact Terrie on 0419 133 673

Locations: Bull Creek East Victoria Park Brentwood Rossmoyne


16 | mumpreneur

Offspring | SUMMER 2020 | perth


mumpreneur | 17



Karenna Wood, founder of Your Fertility Hub, is the winner of our $50,000 Mumpreneur Competition! Karenna shares her secret to success and opens up about the reality of being an ordinary mum and an entrepreneurial business owner. From an office in her shed, to chasing rogue prams down the street, nothing stops her on her mission to break the taboo around the silent heartbreak of infertility. BY CHARLOTTE NEWTON & PHOTOS  @ALEISHALIEBEZEIT_


our Fertility Hub is designed to get people talking about fertility. According to Karenna, infertility affects up to one in six families; she calls this the silent heartbreak.

“It’s still taboo,” she says, “there’s still a stigma and no-one

is talking about this. There’s research to show that those going through infertility have the same levels of stress, anxiety and depression as people with a terminal illness. It is that serious.” Karenna, 35, and her husband, Lee, emigrated to Perth from England in 2011. They now have three children: Isla (6), Ellie (4) and Jack (10 months). Her background in Childbirth Education, HypnoBirthing, HypnoFertility and as a Fertility Coach since 2012 has given her direct insight to the consequences of infertility. Karenna’s altruistic nature is evident in the very foundation of Your Fertility Hub, which came from a desire to support other women when they feel emotionally drained by this condition. Your Fertility Hub offers a free toolbox of resources such as

perth | SUMMER 2020 | Offspring

18 | mumpreneur Karenna has coached 121 women through Your Fertility Hub, which she launched in 2017, and says that receiving those pregnancy messages and baby pictures is “just the best”. Her passion is evident: “It’s so special and such a privilege to be with these women and I feel so close to the families that I’ve had the opportunity to work with. “And what’s so important is that infertility is a temporary situation. It feels permanent but it is temporary. There is a way to become a parent if you keep going. I am the luckiest person in the world to do this job and it lifts my soul.” Karenna explains, “It’s heartbreaking when everyone around you is getting pregnant but I’ve seen how dangerous it is when we compare ourselves with others. We need to be real, and we need to be vulnerable. That goes for all women.” The aim of Your Fertility Hub is

courses, meditations, real-life stories and a monthly podcast (downloaded 25,000 times). These

“I’ve seen how dangerous it is when we compare ourselves with others. We need to be real, and we need to be vulnerable.”

not just to help individuals but also to educate society at large to be more sensitive. She says, “People

are all designed to offer emotional guidance to women as they navigate the complexities of infertility. “Too often the focus is solely on medical reasons for infertility, but mental health and stress is so important in understanding this condition.” Her wealth of knowledge is evident as she discusses how stress hormones are produced in the same part of the body as reproductive hormones. “So, if you’re stressed,” she says, “your body goes into survival mode and thinks it’s not the right time to conceive — and it’s the same with birth too. Your body doesn’t do what it’s naturally designed to do.” Karenna is clearly fascinated by this link and she’s keen to get women talking about fertility as it’s an issue which so many still shy away from.

think it’s ok to ask women when they will hear the pitter patter of tiny feet. I’ve had clients literally run out of the bread aisle of Coles because they can’t bear that conversation.” It may come as a surprise to learn that Karenna does not have her own fertility story. She candidly reveals that she felt like a fraud when she first started out in this industry, “I felt like I wasn’t good enough. Everyone else had suffered through infertility and could share personal experience. I just couldn’t get out of my own head.” It was her sister that reframed the situation saying, “You don’t choose a heart surgeon because they’ve had heart surgery. You go to them because they have the knowledge and skills you need.” Learning from her many clients, Karenna has developed an abundance of wisdom in this area. She has found, “For me it works better because I’m not trying to compare my story and fit in with them. And it’s not about going backwards and dwelling, it’s about being positive and moving forwards.” Offspring | SUMMER 2020 | perth

mumpreneur | 19 This is a lesson that Karenna has put into practice in her own life. She has been supported by her husband who pointed out that everyone starts somewhere. She recalls his encouragement at the beginning, “He said, ‘There you are. You have one Instagram follower, now you have eight, now ten.’” Karenna now has more than 1,000 followers on Instagram. “So, for any mums out there who are thinking they couldn’t do what I do, don’t compare my middle to your beginning. Just give it a go, because you never know until you try.” Your Fertility Hub has grown from humble beginnings, “When I started out, I made a space in my shed that I literally had to climb into. It looked great on camera, but I was surrounded by boxes. Too often we see images on social media which aren’t real. I’m a hot mess most of the time, but you don’t see that part of it when you are comparing yourself to others.” “It’s hard with the baby as well,” she says. “The other day I’d done the school run and got the baby back in the car. Then I’m driving off and on a call with a

‘Tomorrow is a new day. Try

client in New York and there’s my

again.’” It’s in line with her

pram, rolling down the street next to me because I’ve forgotten to put it back in the car! Argh!” she laughs.

“I do have those crazy days where I just think this would be so much easier if I just worked in an office!”

Karenna says, “Juggling it all

philosophy for fertility treatment as she reiterates the benefit of building yourself back up and then moving forward. To do this in business, Karenna advises, “Find your tribe.

is a daily battle, basically. I work

You don’t have that water cooler

early in the morning and late at night. When I try to work when

chat, but it’s important to have a support network of other mums

the kids are around, it doesn’t work. But it’s about snatching bits of

doing the same as you.”

time and valuing my business enough to get childcare when I need

After a bad night with the kids, Karenna has a good cry in the

it, even if the business isn’t paying at that point. And to put effort

shower and then gives herself a slap before focusing on gratitude

into the stuff around the edges, like the social media, that isn’t

in her journal, “Writing changes how you think about things. And

necessarily the service that you offer but it’s important.”

being grateful for where you are right now means you are starting

With no extended family in Perth, being organised and using available tools helps Karenna to manage the day-to-day aspects of motherhood whilst running a home and a business. “I’ve got a two-week meal plan and I get the food delivered direct to my bench.

from a better start point. Just go outside and feel the sun on your face; notice the little things. Karenna is grateful that she gets to be there for sports days and swimming carnivals saying, “That’s what’s important to me. I do have those crazy days where I think this would be so much easier

“Infertility is a temporary situation ... there is a way to become a parent if you keep going.”

if I just worked in an office! Then I wouldn’t have to work late tonight and be kept awake wondering about Pinterest … but then I couldn’t be there in my kids’ lives the way I want to be.” Joking about the challenges of motherhood aside, it is abundantly clear that Karenna’s family is everything to her. And she wants to bring that joy to other women across Australia and the world. When considering the future of Your Fertility Hub, Karenna

That, and I use childcare when I need it. “Both my girls will be in school from February so it will be

smiles, “An App is coming soon. This will include a monthly membership where people get even more support and contact with

working around five nap times and how much work I can get done

me. The next step is gaining pre-registrations so that I can launch

whilst Jack is sleeping. I often get to the end of the day and I’m

the App.

crying because I’m over-tired and I feel like I’ve failed the kids

“I’ve got big dreams and I’m going to find a way to make them

because I’ve been saying ‘just a minute, just a minute’ all day and I

happen. I want to be able to show my family that you can do what you

think, ‘God, I could have done that better.’ Like all mums do.”

love, and follow your passion, even if it doesn’t work the first time.”

Karenna’s authenticity is tangible as she is honest about the

As Karenna forges ahead with attitude and passion, further

challenges of being a Mumpreneur, but doesn’t fall into self-

success seems imminent for her– and for hundreds more women on

pity: “I’ve got a little phrase stuck up in my kitchen which says,

their fertility journey. n

perth | SUMMER 2020 | Offspring

20 | food

Vibrant, simple and delicious

summer food One of the bests parts about summer is the food. Whether it’s the fresh fruits, vegetables, meats or cheeses, Summer’s all about stress-free entertaining. BY GABRIELLE CLARK


hese dishes are light, tasty and delicious and are sure to excite your tastebuds and there’s something for your breakfast lunch, dinner and dessert. Stay cool with an

acai bowl for breakfast and keep things light with a delicious and easy Spinach, Walnut, Mint, Strawberry and Feta Salad. Let the flavours burst with the Seared Salmon with Asparagus, Pomegranate and Basil Oil for dinner and tantalise those tastebuds with a passionfruit semifreddo for dessert.

ACAI BOWL Cool down this summer with an Acai bowl. This popular super food smoothie bowl is packed with nutrients and will hit the spot this summer. The best thing is that you can add in the berries of your choice and change the toppings to your liking. These smoothie bowls are quick, easy and satisfying for breakfast or lunch. Delicious! Ingredients (Serves 1) 1 banana, frozen 100g pack acai puree, frozen 60 ml cold water For garnish: mint leaves goji berries chia seeds shredded coconut toasted muesli Method 1. If you use a frozen pack of acai puree make sure you break it in a couple of places before you put it into a blender. 2. Add the frozen banana, acai puree and cold water into the blender and blend until smooth. 3. Pour out the smoothie mixture out into a bowl and garnish with mint, goji berries, chia seeds, shredded coconut and toasted muesli.

Offspring | SUMMER 2020 | perth

food | 21

Seared Salmon with Asparagus, Pomegranate and Basil Oil Impress your dinner guests this summer with this simple yet elegant meal, any night of the week. With the crispy skin of the salmon, the snap of the asparagus and pumping pomegranate this dish is sure to please. Quick and delicious. Ingredients (Serves 2) For the salmon: 1/2 red onion 1 green onion 1 pomegranate 4 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 6 asparagus spears 2 salmon fillets For basil oil: 1/2 cup packed fresh basil leaves, stemmed and washed 1 tablespoon water 2 cloves garlic 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt 1/8 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil

Method 1. To make the basil oil, place the basil, water, garlic, salt and red pepper flakes in a food processor and pulse a few times. Then add the olive oil and blend until smooth. Set aside. 2. Slice the red onion and the green onion thinly and set aside. 3. Cut the pomegranate in half. Hold each half over a bowl, seeds facing down and tap the skin with a wooden spoon, squeezing a little to release the seeds. 4. Heat a large pan with a tbsp of olive oil, add asparagus and cook for 5 minutes or until tender. 5. Using paper towel pat dry the salmon fillets then season with salt on both sides. Heat a pan over medium to high heat with 2 tablespoons of olive oil and put the salmon skin side down. Cook for about 2-3 minutes per side. 6. To serve, place three asparagus spears on a plate. Top with a piece of salmon skin side up and garnish with the red onion, green onion and pomegranate. Finish with a drizzle of the basil oil.

perth | SUMMER 2020 | Offspring

22 | food

Spinach, Walnut, Mint, Strawberry and Feta Salad This vibrant summer salad is the perfect no cooking

Passionfruit Semifreddo This frozen dessert is a fast and easy go-to summer dessert. With the texture of frozen mousse it is similar to

required meal. It can be an addition to your backyard

an ice cream cake but without the fuss and preparation

barbeque grill party or simply served at home. This healthy

time. Just take it out from the freezer, slice and serve.

salad is great for you to enjoy in the hot Australian


summer. Ingredients (Serves 10) Ingredients (Serves 4)

1 egg

For the vinaigrette:

3 egg yolks

1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil

150 gm caster sugar

2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar

400ml thickened cream

1/4 teaspoon sea salt

juice of 1 lime

1 tsp honey

pulp of 3 passionfruit, plus extra to serve

1/2 tsp Dijon mustard

300ml whipping cream, whipped to serve

For the salad: 6 cups baby spinach


1/2 cup walnuts,

1. Grease and line the base and sides of an 8cm x 22cm

toasted Small handful of mint,

rectangular cake tin with plastic wrap. 2. Using an electric mixer, whisk the egg, egg yolks and

taken off stem

sugar in a medium heatproof bowl until thick and

2 cups of strawberries

creamy. While continually whisking, place the bowl over

1/3 cup Greek Feta cheese

a saucepan of simmering water and whisk for 5 minutes or until mixture doubles in size. Remove from heat and

Method 1. T o prepare the vinaigrette, combine the olive oil,

set aside, allowing the mixture to cool. 3. Whisk the cream with an electric mixer in a bowl until

balsamic vinegar, salt, honey and Dijon mustard in a jar

soft peaks form. Add half the cream to the egg mixture

and shake. Set aside.

and gently fold it in until just combined. Add the

2. F or the salad, cut the strawberries into quarters and roughly chop the walnuts. 3. T o assemble the salad put the spinach leaves, walnuts, mint and strawberries into a large bowl and then

remaining cream, passionfruit pulp and lime juice and fold until just combined. Pour into the prepared pan and place in the freezer overnight until firm. 4. Turn the semifreddo out onto a serving platter. Drizzle

crumble over the feta cheese. Dress the salad with the

with the fresh passionfruit pulp, cut into thick slices and

vinaigrette just before you serve.

serve immediately with a dollop of whipped cream.

Offspring | SUMMER 2020 | perth


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24 | mental health



OVERCOMING D The Resilience Project holds speaking events and is a curriculum that is aimed at using gratitude, empathy and mindfulness to fight mental illness, with the program implemented in hundreds of schools Australia wide. BY APRIL SHEPHERD


f this book wasn’t written, my sister and I would have never actually sat down and had a conversation about our

relationship,” says Hugh Van Cuylenburg, creator of The Resilience Project. At three years of age, Georgia Van Cuylenburg had been playing alongside her brother, Hugh, when a man picked her up, took her out of sight, and sexually assaulted her. Her innocence of childhood taken in one fell swoop, and a wound that bleed into many facets of her life for decades, was brought to life. This trauma explaining why the darkness of anorexia had chosen her as it’s host, stripping her down to skin and bones. “I remembered it happening and when my sister told us as a family I went ‘oh right really’ I didn’t even say I remembered it, she continued to feel alone through that trauma, we never talked about it,” says her brother, Hugh. Hugh was inspired to create The Resilience Project and write The Resilience Project: Finding happiness through gratitude empathy & mindfulness. During his time researching his book, Hugh read a lot about vulnerability and shame. “Shame is what locks us up, and really makes it hard for us to be happy and feel well.”

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mental health | 25



“My shame lied in my relationship with my sister,” says Hugh.

and been given the freedom to flourish, due to stigma, lack of

As Hugh showed his family the first copies of his book, he

resources and communication. Even today, mental illness is not

eagerly awaited their opinions and critiques. Georgia was devastated at what her brother had written about

treated the same way in which other life-threatening illnesses are. Mental illness is very common in Australia, with one in five


Australians experiencing mental illness

“She said, ‘when am I going to get that

in a year, meaning that 20 per cent of the

vulnerable side of you?’”

population is battling a disease that their

For Hugh, his book became much

family, partner and employer cannot see and

more than helping millions of Australians

might not even believe. Further statistics show indicate that 45 per cent of Australians

“50 per cent of all mental health conditions a person experiences in their life will have started by age 14.”

will experience a mental illness at some stage of their lives. In 2008, educator Hugh had been teaching young teens in Melbourne when his then girlfriend asked him to accompany her on a trip to India. In India, Hugh taught at an under-privileged school in the Himalayan desert area and with approximately 150 children enrolled, his job was to teach

who struggle with mental illness, it


became a tool for healing his broken

As he began to know his students better,

relationship with his sister, a shame he

many of whom were living in extreme

had carried for many years. Hugh changed his book last minute and worked on his

poverty, Hugh became inspired by his student’s happiness, gratitude and lack of mental health issues

relationship with his sister, deciding that his novel was to focus

that had become so prevalent in the Australian schools where

on human connection and the people that have moved him.

Hugh taught. Returning to Australia, Hugh took with him the

Today mental illness has become an epidemic, taking our youth one by one - an insidious disease that has crept into our society

local children’s insights, practices and wisdom, and he slowly created The Resilience Project.

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26 | mental health As many parents know, the most influential years of a person’s life is their childhood, with studies showing that 50 per cent of all mental health conditions a person experiences in their life will have started by age 14. During his time in India, Hugh noticed how the children were very grateful to be at school and practiced mindfulness every morning before their classes began, incorporating all this into his program for schools and youth, with the feedback having been phenomenally positive so far. After years of implementing this program, Hugh wrote The Resilience Project: Finding Happiness Through Gratitude Empathy & Mindfulness, releasing the book in November 2019. Since the book’s release, Hugh has had an influx of positive feedback, and is still as humble as ever; with a warm energy and healing nature, it is easy to see why thousands flock to hear him speak and line up afterwards, telling Hugh their troubles and how his words have helped them to heal.

Hugh describes the rise of social media as only showing ‘the greatest hits’ of life, and how damaging this can be for young minds. “We have had incredible feedback, I just saw this morning that it is Number One on audio books, which I can’t believe.” “I’ve had a few really beautiful personal messages from people.” Hugh recalls one recent message he’d received from a reader The Resilience Project began as a talk that outlined Hugh’s research and experiences with mental illness. Today, it is a school program and curriculum that reaches schools, sporting clubs and workplaces all over Australia and now New Zealand. In The Resilience Project curriculum and speaking events, Hugh explains how incorporating gratitude, empathy and mindfulness (shortened to GEM in his book) can prevent mental illness and provide happiness.

who had been feeling suicidal and after reading the book felt so grateful and positive about his life, telling Hugh how his words had saved his life. “Honestly if he is the only person who reads this book and that’s the only feedback I get, that’s a worthwhile six months writing,” Hugh says. On a mission to promote gratitude, empathy and mindfulness, Hugh tackles the tricky topic of social media and parenting in his book, describing the rise of social media as only showing ‘the


greatest hits’ of life, and how damaging this can be for young

n Go for a walk in the morning with your kids and focus

parents, who have found themselves with children inundated

only what’s around you and what you can hear – this is an easy way to start getting your little ones to practice mindfulness! n Eat dinner at the table as a family and ask your kids (and partner) what are three things that went well for them today? n Ask your kids to think about someone they know who is going through a tough time/has gone through a hard time and encourage your kids to write a letter to them to lift their spirits.

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minds. The Resilience Project: Finding Happiness Through Gratitude Empathy & Mindfulness includes a lot of tips and ideas for with technology and social media that teaches them validation is found through a screen. “The best way to help your kids is to start modelling better behaviour; you can’t say to your kids ‘stop being on your phone all the time’ then turn around and check your emails,” he says. The book is full of strategies to help parents put their phone down with one of the easiest to grasp, yet hardest to implement, simply being to leave their phone at home. Hugh states that this simple task can leave us more focused on others around us, increasing feelings of connection and togetherness, which

mental health | 27

are two big ways to fight loneliness and mental illness in this

block and focusing on what you can hear, an exercise parents can

increasingly busy and digital world.

easily make into family time. Hugh also suggests at the dinner

Hugh believes that the less a child is on a device the more aware they are to their surroundings and community, leaving more time to be grateful for the society we are lucky enough to have in Australia. As for fostering GEM into daily life, Hugh says it’s all down to practice and implementing these small practises into your families every day. For mindfulness, Hugh suggests going for a walk around the

table to reflect on the good in each family member’s day and to share what they are grateful for and looking forward to. “Look out for opportunities to be kind to people, you watch how happy that makes you and if you do it in front of your kids, that’s the most powerful thing of all,” says Hugh. “You will have an enormous impact on them because they’ll start to copy you, they will start to be someone who is kind to other people.” n

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28 | environment

A Climate of

CHANGE ety i x n A o c E h t i w d l i h Supporting a c

most worried, on a world level, about the environment. Some

As parents, it can be challenging to find ways to support children experiencing fears about the future of the planet, while managing our own worries about an uncertain future. Psychologist, author and broadcaster, Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, a specialist in parenting and child/adolescent mental health, in conjunction with SchoolTV, guides parents on how to best respond to a child experiencing eco-anxiety, irrespective of varying personal views on the climate change debate. BY ANN MARIE BRADSTREET


experts are calling for more research into the impact of climate change on mental health as the rise of eco-anxiety within our society grows.

What is Eco-Anxiety? Eco-Anxiety refers to the fear felt about the threat of ecological disaster, leading to feelings of disempowerment, helplessness and apathy. A brief report by Millennium Kids through the University of Western Australia, found 60 per cent of children surveyed, believed the Australian Government does not adequately acknowledge climate change as a serious problem and is not committed to tackling the issue. They also felt their personal actions to mitigate climate change were inadequate.

How to Respond Finding ways as a parent to allay a child’s fear on the issue without being disingenuous can be confusing, particularly when a child is very young. However, Dr Carr-Gregg believes early intervention is critical when addressing the mental, physical and

he Australian Curriculum on Sustainability addresses

emotional wellbeing issues which are now impacting our children

the ongoing capacity of Earth to maintain all life.

at a much younger age.

Primary schools are immersed in school gardens and

In a recent special report with SchoolTV, a resource used to

recycling initiatives. Teenagers across the globe are striking

support schools and parents in addressing the modern day issues

from school in protest to leader inaction on mitigating the

affecting today’s children, Dr Carr-Gregg outlines ways to best

effects of climate change. Extreme weather events such as

respond to a child’s eco-anxiety.

drought, fire and flood regularly dominate news reports and popular media revels in polarising debate. Our children are more environmentally aware than ever and with this awareness can come fear and anxiety, as children grapple with notions of disaster, with some experiencing it directly amid bushfires and drought-stricken rural areas. The World Health Organisation regards climate change as the greatest threat to global health in the 21st Century, due to results of extreme weather events. A recent survey by YouGovGalaxy for UNICEF Australia reveals that children are Offspring | SUMMER 2020 | perth

Building Hope Dr Carr-Gregg believes, as adults, we have a responsibility to give hope, and must be careful not to terrify children into a state of hopelessness, fear and panic. He encourages instilling faith that our society has the capacity to solve big problems, and by working together, taking positive action and maintaining honesty, positive change can happen. Parents are then best positioned to respond to the fear experienced by our children about climate change and the sustainability of the planet.

environment | 29



Under 5s This is a tender developmental stage and children need to believe the world is a safe and secure place. However, Dr CarrGregg recommends answering questions, if they are raised, in honest, yet gentle terms such as, “The earth does face some challenges but many people, our schools and leaders are working to solve them.” Dr Carr-Gregg explains, cocooning Pre-Schoolers from catastrophic thinking about the fate of the planet is very important and if they seek further reassurance, it can be helpful to focus on the environmentally friendly practices of the family. He says, “Help them learn to appreciate and care for their environment.”

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30 | environment

Positive Action Primary School aged Dr Carr-Gregg suggests being guided by your child’s curiosity at this age, to answer questions honestly, in accordance with your beliefs, being mindful to not focus solely on problems. Instead, emphasise positive initiatives being emission reduction and that human beings do have a history


of being able to solve, what has often been seen in the past, as


implemented worldwide. He says, “Talk about renewables,

intractable problems.” He encourages involving your primary aged children in Community Gardens, Recycling Programs and other initiatives which can give them agency over their future.

Deep fears For children experiencing extreme anxiety, Dr Carr-Gregg explains this can be diffused by encouraging them to talk. He says, “Gradually introduce them to known facts. Then ask them how they feel, before acknowledging that the ultimate outcome is uncertain. Finally, parents should agree to practical steps to make a difference such as cutting down on non-recyclable waste and by choosing food with a better climate footprint.”

Older children, are perhaps better versed on the effects of climate change than their parents and views may vary, however, Dr Carr-Gregg recommends dissuading narratives of doom. He encourages parents to welcome conversations around the issue but to keep reminding teenagers that many people are working together to help solve the problem. He says, “Big problems have been solved in the past by people working together.”

Solution Based Thinking Dr Carr-Gregg says, “The most important thing a parent can do to allay eco-anxiety, while still encouraging realism, is to tell children that solutions do exist and if we implement changes now. In the future, more people will be living in cleaner cities, eating healthier diets and working in resilient, buoyant economies. When a child sees a parent acting to make things better it shines an entirely different light on the problem. Young people see their parents as Superheroes and our actions speak louder than words. We can work to find solutions to serious problems without giving way to despair and impotence.”

Keeping the faith Dr Carr-Gregg’s special report on SchoolTV asks parents to look to practical and positive responses to their children’s fears about climate change and to implement positive action whilst acknowledging the positive actions of others. Hope is an essential component to not only assuaging anxiety but also in overcoming the problems faced by the world. Albert Wiggan, a Bardi-Kija-Nyul Nyual man from the Kimberley, and Conservationist of the Year at the 2019 Australian Geographic Society said, in his acceptance speech in November, it was time Australia and the world looked to Indigenous cultures for the answers on how to sustain the earth. He says, “I still have a lot of belief that we can turn things around in this great country. And we will turn things around. And we are going to instil the strength in our children who are out there fighting for their future and every single one of us, who are accepting these awards, are doing it for you. And we are doing it for you so you can maintain your vigorous conviction. And you maintain your faith in your future. And you maintain the faith of who we are as human beings.” n Offspring | SUMMER 2020 | perth

| 31

Single use plastics,


Face your waste, try to avoid the use of unnecessary plastic.


t is all about convenience, getting in and out of the shops as fast as we can. We just grab a tray of pre-packaged produce, no need to select individual items, talk to an assistant or give it much

thought. Meat, fruit, vegetables, chesses, cakes and biscuits all come on foam or plastic trays wrapped in clear plastic film. Convenience plastics ae also used for straws, coffee cup lids, disposable plates,

How much single use plastic do

cups and cutlery, drink bottles and plastic bags. Much of this

you use? Get a basket and place all

is unnecessary single use plastic. These use a lot of resources,

your single use plastic in to it, over a

energy and effort to produce. Often we only use them for a few

week or the month. You will probably

seconds before we throw them away. Very little of this single use

see it is a lot more than you thought.

plastic is recycled, most ending up in landfill and too much of it

Face your waste, try to avoid the use of

polluting the environment.

unnecessary plastic.

Better to avoid these in the first place. Buy loose and

For more waste saving tips

unpackaged, use paper bags or even better get a supply of your own reusable produce bags.

Did you know 20% of what you buy gets thrown out?

For ways to reduce your waste, visit

Follow us at

Face Your Waste

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32 | health

The pursuit of perfection “All bodies matter series”

Tania Sutton

Melbourne mother of four and body positive artist, Tania Sutton (44), shares how she escaped the shackles of the destructive eating disorder that took over her life. She recovered for the sake of her family. *Please be aware some readers may find this content triggering.



d, this was the name I gave to my eating disorder,” Tania recalls, “and for a long time Ed was my confidant, my best friend, or so I thought.”

Eating disorders creep into your life without realising it.

Tania remembers the promises Ed made to her in the beginning: “It starts out like a new friend, teaching you ways to make you happier, ways to cope and a promise to you that as long as you follow all the rules, you will reach some sort of enlightenment.” Eating disorders occur for various reasons, including genetic vulnerability, psychological factors and social-cultural influences. Offspring | SUMMER 2020 | perth

health | 33 Figures show the prevalence of eating disorders is rising rapidly; Beyond Blue reports one in four Australians know someone who has experienced an eating disorder. Tania struggles to pinpoint the exact cause of her eating disorder, but believes her need for perfectionism and sensitivity about her physical appearance were predisposing factors. From a young age, Tania felt a constant sense of anxiety; if she was unable to do something exactly right, this fed her belief something was fundamentally wrong with her.

Eating disorders can affect anyone, regardless of gender, body size, age and socio-economic factors. Tania describes an intense need to be accepted by others. “Anytime someone else was complimented on their physical appearance, it reinforced the idea I wasn’t good enough.” Yet, when she received compliments, especially in relation to her body size, it fuelled her desire to continue the behaviours that led to the compliment. As time went on, Tania struggled to separate herself from her eating disorder. The voice of Ed grew stronger, convincing

She stands there beaming smile There is laughter and cheer She is so content and happy Friends all around her She stands there panic stricken There is turmoil and torture She is drowning in poison All alone in a crowd She stands there as the same There are two people in one She is only known as one The other is a secret.

Tania to punish herself through undereating in order to equal out all of the perceived faults in life. “If I was thin, then I would be happy, people would like me and possibly love me.” The truth was, Tania was loved, but her eating disorder made her believe those around her were only pretending, “I felt like I didn’t belong in society, I was a failure, disgusting and unlovable.” Tania describes how weak she became, both mentally and physically. “Starvation has horrible consequences on the brain, I

didn’t have the energy to fight and my ability to think logically had gone out of the window.” She believes this is part of what

“Art became such an outlet for me … not only was (it) therapeutic, it allowed others to understand what I was thinking and struggling with.” makes seeking help so difficult, “My thought process was really obscure to everyone else, but to me it made perfect sense. I was convinced I could never get better, I believed everyone was out to see me fail and therefore if I gave up Ed and followed a treatment plan, I would have failed and I couldn’t do that.” Becoming a mother and seeing her body grow and change

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34 | health only emphasised Tania’s preoccupation with her appearance. Feeling incompetent as a parent reinforced to Tania that she needed to keep punishing herself. The use of restrictive behaviours and keeping herself busy became a form of self-punishment she believed would somehow cancel out her perceived inadequacy as a parent. Tania remembers trying to be there for her children and doing the best she could, but never being able to feel fully present. Tania describes her head as a “battle ground” which led to her being distracted and irritable. Tania greatly resisted treatment for a long time,

“I have realised my weight does not equal my worth.” deleting her therapist’s number on several occasion. She would lash out verbally at her treatment team and remembers one incident where her GP refused to allow her to see her weight. “I was furious because in my eyes this meant I was not allowed to see what kind of a day I was going to have; at that time the number on the scale would define a good or a bad day.” Tania’s eating disorder behaviours continued until something convinced her to make a change. Tania recalls driving home from an appointment; her daughter was going through a particularly difficult time, and despite Tania’s best efforts, she felt she could not be fully there for her daughter. The eating disorder voice grew louder and louder until it was screaming in her ear, blaming her for everything that was wrong. Tania knew her daughter needed her, but she was chained to her eating disorder. It was at this point she decided to seek help.

LOCKED IN A BUBBLE You have me locked in a bubble I can see what you are doing Yelling out for you to stop My efforts going unheard You have locked me in a bubble Sometimes I see a faint glow Mostly just darkness Trying desperately to find the light You have me locked in a bubble I want to trade places But I can’t find the key Please let me out.

her to be a better mum, “we had our fourth child after I had decided to not engage with Ed and I am able to play with him much more; I played with my other kids, but mentally I wasn’t there, now I am.” “The first time I went out in public after deciding to no longer engage in Ed’s demands, I was in a shopping centre with one of my daughters and I turned to her said, ‘Wow, it’s so bright and colourful in here,’ the eating disorder made my world so dark and dull. The world is literally more colourful without Ed.” Tania now has four children aged between five and 22 and uses her own experience to teach her children, “To question what they see and hear when it comes to societal beauty standards in the hope they will adopt a healthy attitude.” Tania no longer engages in eating disorder behaviours. She enjoys food and appreciates her body; she no longer weighs herself, as

“I couldn’t continue the same behaviours and be a mother at the same time anymore, I was exhausted and so was my family.” Although she could never find the strength to recover for her own sake, her family became the motivation she needed. Tania was fortunate enough to be referred to a psychologist and a dietitian, who each had a special interest in eating disorders and with whom Tania instantly connected. Recovery was tough, Tania recalls. “I had to relearn to trust my body and myself. I had to let those close to me, my husband and treatment team, be in charge of what I needed.” Tania credits her family’s support for helping her to recover;

“I had to relearn to trust my body and myself. I had to let those close to me, my husband and treatment team, be in charge of what I needed.” it no longer bothers her what size she is. “I have realised my weight does not equal my worth.” In choosing Recovery, Tania simultaneously unleashed her creative side. “Art became such an outlet for me and a communication tool, it allowed me to transfer the nightmare

“They helped me fight when I didn’t want to anymore, they

in my head into a two dimensional surface. Not only was that

loved me at my worst and stood by my side.”

therapeutic, it allowed others to understand what I was thinking

Tania says recovering from her eating disorder has enabled Offspring | SUMMER 2020 | perth

and struggling with.”

health | 35 Tania uses her talent and love of painting, drawing and printmaking to create figurative and portraiture art work, t-shirt prints and bag designs that spread mental health awareness. Tania recently had the pleasure of designing the logo for the ‘Body Positive Expo’ that was held in Melbourne; an event which united hundreds of people, sharing their own experiences of disordered eating and negative body image. Tania’s eyecatching logo depicted the individuality of all body shapes and sizes to celebrate their uniqueness. Recovery is something Tania is still working on. She makes sure she does something every day to support her mental health and reaches out when she is struggling. “Sure I have days where I don’t feel so confident in my skin or in myself but that’s because I’m human. Now though, my thoughts aren’t taken over by self-hate.” She also describes her relationship with food as being healthier than it has ever been: “I honour my cravings and listen to my body. I trust my body and I treat it with love as it is my closest friend.” Figures show fewer than 25 per cent of people with an eating disorder receive the care they need. Tania hopes her recovery

If you have been affected by any information in this article, please reach out to your GP, health professional or contact an organisation such as the ones listed below: H H H

journey and the messages she conveys through her art will reduce the stigma and encourage others to seek help. “Mental illness is not a choice, but Recovery is. It’s not always

You can check out Tania’s incredible and inspiring art work on her Facebook page, Tania Sutton Artworks, www.

easy to work through our struggles but if we push ourselves in a,

gentle and nurturing way we can come through the other side.” n

or follow her on Instagram, @tania_sutton_artist

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36 | parenting

Gender neutraL PARENTING Gender reveal videos are the latest social media craze for expectant parents looking for a fun way to disclose the gender of their babyto-be. However, an increasing number of couples, including many celebrities, are opting to forgo this trend in order to raise their children gender neutrally. BY LUCY BARRETT


n 2019, the leading children’s entertainment company, Mattel, launched ‘The Creative World’ doll range, enabling children to choose

from a range of skin tones, hairstyles, clothes and styling options. “Toys are a reflection of culture and as the world continues to celebrate the positive impact of inclusivity, we felt it was time to create a doll line free of labels,” says Kim Culmone, Senior Vice President of Mattel Fashion Doll Design. Is now the time to embrace the progressive initiative of gender-neutral parenting? So, what does ‘genderneutral’ actually mean? The term ‘gender neutral’ relates to avoiding the assignment of roles and expectations based on someone’s gender. The goal is to move away from stereotypical assumptions and encourage increased creativity and freedom for individuals to choose who they want to be.

Offspring | SUMMER 2020 | perth

parenting | 37 Why should we encourage gender-

more affection. Perhaps if we removed these gender specific

neutral parenting?

responses, we may encourage our sons to grow up unafraid of

Encouraging boys to only play with trucks when they really want to play with dolls, for example, conveys a message that

expressing emotions. Supporting children to express themselves authentically

their true desires are not valid. Growing up in an environment

and make choices based on what feels good to them could help

where a child feels they need to hide their true self could lead

nurture increased creativity and strong self esteem.

to problems later in life as the child faces an ongoing internal How can we create a gender-neutral

emotional battle. Many feel growing up in a gender-neutral environment increases one’s tolerance of others. An understanding that

environment? For many, creating a gender-neutral environment means

people can choose how to dress and which sports they enjoy,

no longer buying blue for boys and pink for girls and choosing

regardless of gender, can mean they meet diversity with

colours and images that do not enforce a particular gender

acceptance rather than judgement.


Some argue that a lack of diversity in the workplace begins

It may mean ensuring household chores are gender-neutral, encouraging children to learn

in childhood when gender is often assigned to certain hobbies and interests - girls dressing up as nurses and a boy dressing up as a builder, for example - conveying a message these jobs are gender

When boys cry, some parents feel they need to show less compassion to encourage resilience, whereas girls are often shown more affection.

it is not just their mother who cooks the meals and it is not just their father who takes the rubbish out. We could encourage children to play with all kinds of toys, have various hobbies, play a

specific. Increased exposure to the possibility of male nurses and female builders could

variety of sports and read an assortment of books. Enabling

enhance a child’s freedom when choosing a career.

children to see that girls also play football, boys can practice

The way in which we respond to our children when they are scared or upset can reinforce gender stereotypes. When boys cry, some parents feel they need to show less compassion to encourage resilience, whereas girls are often shown

ballet, girls play with trucks and boys play with dolls, for example, helps children develop a mixture of interests and skills. For some, raising children in a gender neutral environment can take a more extreme approach. In 2010, a Swedish couple

perth | SUMMER 2020 | Offspring

38 | parenting opted to keep the sex of their baby, ‘Pop,’ a secret to discourage stereotypes being placed on their child. Many are following this example and choosing to not use the pronouns ‘him’ or ‘her’ at home, opting for ‘they’, which is deemed more gender inclusive. Could gender-neutral parenting cause harm? Clinical Psychologist, Linda Blair, feels parents may be doing a disservice to their children. Linda argues that ‘between the ages of three and seven, children are searching for their identity, a part of which, is their gender.’ Children want to feel a sense of belonging and ‘fitting in’. Avoiding the assignment of a gender may make a child feel confused about who they are and where they fit in a society where gender roles remain prominent.

Supporting children to express themselves authentically and make choices based on what feels good to them could help nurture increased creativity and strong self esteem.

There is a concern that once a child starts school, their gender-neutrality may open them up to ridicule and bullying. Most children grow up in traditional households where gender is assigned at birth, which could make school years incredibly difficult for those who do not identify with a specific gender. Many worry that children will grow up without a strong sense of their own identity and will never truly feel they belong. This may impact on their emotional wellbeing as they grow into adulthood. What does the future hold? Many feel it will not be long before gender-neutral education systems are introduced. A preschool in Sweden has taken the lead on this, being the first of its kind to create a gender neutral environment, offering a variety of gender inclusive books, toys and sports; the use Offspring | SUMMER 2020 | perth

parenting | 39

Is now the time to embrace the progressive initiative of gender-neutral parenting?

of pronouns that

in a gender-neutral environment will

assign gender is

support their emotional wellbeing,

also not allowed,

others still worry it will create a

opting instead for

childhood of confusion. When one of

the term ‘friends’,

the largest doll making companies in the

‘they’ or the

world introduces a more inclusive doll

genderless pronoun

range, it is reflective of our ever evolving


society in which gender identities are

While some feel raising children

becoming more fluid. n

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40 | baby

Getting re Preparing for a baby is so exciting, but it can also be mind-boggling when faced with so many options. Offspring to the rescue! Here’s the only guide you’ll need to be ready for your new arrival … BY CHARLOTTE NEWTON

ves i r r a y b a Before b Maternity clothes are a must have. It won’t be long before undoing that top button just won’t cut it! Invest in good quality maternity bras — mastitis (blocked milk ducts) can be caused by ill-fitting ones. Take care of yourself using skincare products specially designed for mums and bubs. Book a maternity and newborn photo shoot. This is a great way to commemorate this special time in your life. Consider taking a plaster cast of your pregnant belly! It can be decorated and hung on the wall of the nursery.

Offspring | SUMMER 2020 | perth

baby | 41

eady for baby! Start thinking about the birth How you choose to give birth is a personal decision. If this is

pital: s o h r o f k ac What to p

your first baby, it’s natural to feel apprehensive. If you’ve had

n Paperwork –maternity

n Snacks and drinks to

a baby before, you may feel upset and anxious if your previous

notes, medicare card and

keep your energy levels

birth didn’t go to plan, or you may even be looking forward to

birth plan.


the birth! Many women say birth is a natural and enjoyable

n Old nightie or T-shirt

n Something to distract


– and maybe a dressing

you and help pass


the time - maybe an

However you are feeling, it’s normal. Take some time to research your options:

H Will you give birth in hospital or at home? Home birth is legal in Australia with a registered midwife or obstetrician.

H What pain relief options have you considered? No doubt you’ll

iPad loaded with your

n Socks – feet get cold

favourite shows.

during labour. n Lip balm - particularly

n Maternity and breast pads.

have heard about an epidural which is a spinal injection to

if you plan to use gas and

make your lower half numb, but there are other options like


n Old underwear.

“Everyone has a different experience of birth.Try not to get stressed if things don’t go to plan.”

n Your toiletries,

n Newborn nappies -

toothbrush and glasses/

disposable are best for

contact lenses.


n Hair ties.

n Baby onesies.

gas and air (laughing gas), pethidine injection (related to morphine) or using a TENS machine (to stimulate nerves in the lower back).

H Who would you like to be present? Most women choose to have their partner present, but some also choose to have another support person such as their mum, sister or close friend.

H How about a water birth? Many claim water birthing is relaxing and eases pain.

H Have you thought about hiring a doula? A doula is a (non-medical) trained professional who offers support throughout labour and birth. If you plan to go to hospital, get your bag ready early.

Travelling with baby You will want to show your baby off to the world at the first opportunity, but it is sensible to limit visitors and outings for a little while. You will

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42 | baby to choose a purpose made nappy bag as they often come with a portable change mat, bottle insulator and a zip-close pouch for storing your valuables.

Setting up the nursery Bassinet and cot Many babies spend the first few months in a bassinet close to mum. This makes those night feeds a lot easier! Another option is co-sleeping and there are cots that attach to the side of your bed if this suits your family. Make sure you buy a new mattress if you opt for a second hand cot.

be exhausted after the birth, and those first few days getting to know each other are precious – enjoy your little baby bubble!

Car restraint Newborns must be in a rear-facing seat which conforms to Australian standards. Consider having it professionally fitted and buy new for safety. You might like to hire a baby capsule since newborns grow so fast although some seats can accommodate newborns to four year olds. There are also capsules that lift out of the car and click straight onto your pram which can be very helpful when baby is asleep!

Pram Take your time choosing the right pram. Test drive them! Practice putting the pram up and down and don’t forget to check it will fit in your car boot. If you plan on having

Changing space Set up an area with a mat, fresh nappies and wipes, plus a nappy disposal bin for convenience.

adjust s g in l ib s der Helping ol It can be challenging for existing children to accept a new arrival. Choose how to break the news carefully. They may not be as delighted as you are. Depending on the age of the child, sharing a book about a new baby is a nice way to introduce the idea. Let children be involved in preparing for the baby. Maybe they could help paint the nursery, help wash their old baby clothes ready to give their

more children, consider a pram that can take a second seat.

new brother or sister, or even be involved with

Baby carrier

Once baby makes an appearance, consider

Babies love to be held and a baby carrier means they can be close whilst you still have your hands free.

Nappy bag

choosing a name!

getting a gift from the new baby to their sibling as a way to encourage a bond. Also, try to ask visitors to acknowledge the new big brother or sister before they fuss over the baby.

There are so many stylish options available. It’s a good idea

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baby | 43

Nappies There are lots of great re-useable nappies out there. They save money in the long run and are better for our planet - Win! Win!

Feeding chair and pillow A reclining glider chair can be your saviour if you are struggling through night feeds or to settle a distressed baby. A nursing pillow will save your neck and back too.

A baby monitor Put your mind at ease and invest in a monitor. Some have video option so you can see as well as hear your sleeping bub. There is also a heart rate monitor option which can help decrease the risk of SIDS.

Baby clothes

Cute outfits

Lots of people gift baby clothes so it’s up to you how many outfits you buy, but looking at baby clothes for the first time is particularly exciting. Enjoy!

It’s nice to have one or two little outfits but be aware babies grow quickly.

Feeding time

Onesies Size 0000 and 000 fit newborns. Buy more than you think you will need and get a variety of styles such as long sleeved and short sleeved. Some also have scratch mitts incorporated.

Formula and bottles Buy a couple of different formulas, bottles and teats - your baby may not like the first one you try. It’s sensible to have some



ittle Button Essentials

contain no allergens including:

was founded by Carla

• Gluten • Dairy

Dillon a Mother to two

• Eggs

• Soy

• Nuts

girls aged three and seven who

• Artificial Preservatives

have severe allergies. Carla

• Artificial Colours

developed ‘The Madannah®

• Artificial Fragrances

Cream Range’ so she had a safe, natural and low allergy product line she could use on her daughters’ skin. The 100% natural, 100% handmade Madannah Creams

More information about these products can be found at www.littlebuttonessentials. or Follow the Facebook page for latest offers.

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44 | baby

Steriliser This is the best way to keep your bottles germ-free.

Breastfeeding cover If you plan to breastfeed, you might like to buy a cover (a bit like an apron) for when you’re out and about. That way you can breastfeed anywhere without compromising your modesty.

Breast pump It’s a good idea to have a breast pump too - electric ones are the easiest. This way you can pump and have spare milk to use if you get sick and need to go on medication, or if you need to be away from your baby for a while.

Bath time Baby bath on hand even if you plan to breastfeed. Babies are unpredictable

Buying a small tub to put inside your bath or shower saves

and you will be more relaxed (and probably more successful)

water and makes bath time quick and easy, but you can also use

knowing you always have a back-up available.

your sink!

“Feeding time is a great time to bond with your baby – whether you choose to breastfeed or bottle feed.”

Toiletries Invest in good quality nappy rash cream, shampoo and body wash specifically designed for babies. There are a lot of harsh chemicals in some products.

Add an element of fun and whimsy to your baby's nursery decor with a mesmerising and enchanting custom designed and handmade Papper Bird Mobile Creation.

10% off all orders

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Top Tips You can often borrow baby items from friends or family - don’t be afraid to ask around. Search for second hand items online - you can save a lot on your big ticket items that way! Your baby will grow faster than you think, consider preserving those tiny fingers and toes by creating a plaster model from a kit. When they grow up, they won’t believe how little they used to be!

Other essentials

Baby thermometer

Muslin cloths

worse than being

There are many beautiful designs out there for this multi-use item. These can be used to swaddle baby, drape over a pram for shade or even to mop up baby vomit - it’ll happen!

There’s nothing up in the middle of the night trying to decide if your baby has a fever.

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46 |

Nappy rash and your baby’s skin!

Sudocrem Healing Cream is a soothing emollient cream that helps to assist with the management of minor skin problems, including nappy rash and mild eczema. Sudocrem provides barrier protection against irritants coming in contact with your baby’s skin. What is nappy rash?


appy rash is a common occurrence amongst all babies and the application of Sudocrem will assist in managing Nappy rash. Even the best cared for babies may

n When starting on solid foods n After antibiotics, which can upset baby’s digestive system n Drinking cow’s milk for the first time n Eating acidic foods such as citrus, tomatoes and strawberries

experience the rash as your baby’s tender skin is delicate and can be irritated by urine, faeces, humidity, detergents, soaps, alcohol and chemicals in lotions and oils.

How to recognise nappy rash Nappy rash symptoms can vary from a shiny patch of red skin, scaly skin, spotty, bright red skin if the rash becomes

Is nappy rash serious? The extent of nappy rash can vary greatly. The burning and itching feeling of nappy rash may cause baby to be uncomfortable, irritable and restless. While it may be sore for baby, the good news is that it is usually not serious.

secondarily infected.

How to prevent and treat nappy rash

When is nappy rash most likely to occur?

n Change baby’s nappy as soon as possible after soiling

Nappy rash is most likely to occur if nappies are not changed often enough or if the baby has diarrhoea. Friction caused by the nappy rubbing against baby’s delicate skin and washing detergents not thoroughly rinsed out of reusable nappies can also contribute to the development of nappy rash. There may be no obvious reason for nappy rash occurring in your child. Some babies have more sensitive skin than others and may be more prone to the condition. The most common cause is when the skin becomes inflamed after contact with the chemicals in urine, faeces or both. However, there are certain times where babies are more susceptible to nappy rash, such as: n During teething n Changing from breast to bottle feeding

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n Carefully wash the nappy area using warm water and cotton wool n Use a fragrance and alcohol free baby wipes n Allow some nappy free time to let the skin breath n Change the nappy before putting baby down to sleep n If a reusable nappy is used, wash in a mild washing powder or detergent and always rinse nappies well. The application of Sudocrem will assist in easing the symptoms by soothing, healing and protecting skin and help keep your baby happy! If the rash persists, speak to your doctor or healthcare professional. Always read the label. Use only as directed. Visit

Australia’s #1 Nappy Rash Cream CHP30869-1219

48 |

Would you know what to do if your tiny one requires First Aid? By doing the St John WA Tiny Tots First Aid course, soon to be parents, existing parents, grandparents and caretakers can gain the confidence needed to respond to any infant or toddler first aid emergency.


ust ask yourself: if your infant or toddlers was choking, would you know the quickest and best way to remove the

well as a range of other illnesses and injuries.

blockage? Or if they stopped breathing, would you know

Courses are available across the Perth metropolitan area,

how to give CPR to such a tiny human being until paramedics

as well as the Goldfields, the Mid West, the South West and

arrive? How about putting an infant into the recovery position?

Wheatbelt locations.

Seconds are valuable in a First Aid emergency, so every parent

People completing a Tiny Tots First Aid course will receive a

or caregiver should know what to. It can be the difference

St John Accredited certification and there are no pre-learning

between life and death.


For just $50 and only 3.5 hours, this course ensures you know how to manage choking, anaphylaxis, bleeding and burns, as

You can find out more and book by visiting au/tinytots or call 9334 1233.

Choking, allergies, asthma‌ Would you know what to do? Learn how to help your precious toddler or infant in an emergency with a St John Tiny Tots First Aid course. Essential for parents, grandparents and carers, you’ll learn skills that can save a life, including CPR and responding to choking, asthma, fever, allergic reactions and more. Course Cost: $50 | Duration: 3.5 hours For more information or to make a booking search Tiny Tots First Aid, call us on 9334 1233 or visit Offspring | SUMMER 2020 | perth

10% OFF for all Offspring readers Use discount code: TINYTOTS10 Offer valid until 15 May 2020 and cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount or offer.

Overcoming barriers to healthcare

Keep the Flying Doctor flying. Donate today.

50 | literacy


WRITING Help your child sound smarter

Children who struggle with literacy can improve through parental help and a different approach to their learning. BY EMMA SAURUS


Wiltshire, both 2014). The outcome is that if your child is not developmentally ready to gain those crucial foundational skills of reading and writing in Pre-Primary — and my son was not — teachers in later years are unlikely to have enough time available to help your child catch up. It will be up to you to recognise that your young’un is struggling and provide the targeted help they need to get up to speed. Helping your child is completely doable. If you’re skilful, it

y memory of Year 1 is learning the alphabet, writing

can be a fun, bonding activity. If your child has struggled to the

a lot of wavy shapes (“You mean you wanted them between the lines? Geez.”), and using scissors with

my tongue out. Today, by the end of Pre-Primary, the Australian Curriculum expects children to write three-letter words and “experiment with capital letters and full stops”. My peak Pre-Primary experiment was, “How long can I get away with speaking only in neighs and eating without using my hooves?” From Pre-Primary to Post-Doctorate, your child will be

Any improvements you make to children’s literacy skills will have positive flow-on effects throughout their academic and professional lives.

assessed through their writing. In almost every subject, they will be required to demonstrate their knowledge on paper.

point that they have become despondent about writing, or flat-

There has been a global early-education panic as studies show

out hate it as much as mine did, it can become a bribing activity.

that children who lag in language skills in the early years tend to

Whatever works! It’s worth it. But the keyword for gaining

fall further and further behind their peers.

cooperation is “let’s”, as in “Let’s do a writing game together.”

At the same time that literacy requirements are being shunted

Here’s an exercise that can be used from toddlerhood. (I have

into earlier grades, the new overstuffed, micro-managed

even used it with children preparing for the Gifted and Talented

Australian Curriculum requires teachers to cover more topics

exam.) If your child cannot yet write (or hates it), you can do

than can fit into a school year (according to the Australian

the writing for them. Some children prefer to be absolutely

Primary Principals Association, “The overcrowded primary

clear about what is expected of them before they begin. You can

curriculum: A way forward”, and the Australian Government’s

demonstrate it for them. Before long, they will will be taking the

own Review of the Australian Curriculum by Donnelly and

pencil out of your hand.

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literacy | 51

CURIOUS CAPTIONS You can’t become a great writer without knowing how to

Say, “Let’s put these words into a sentence.” Read the list out,

compose a strong sentence. This activity teaches planning,

and try speaking a few variations. Write out the child’s preferred

descriptive vocabulary, and even introduces the idea of


revising and editing. Choose a picture — a photograph of family, a picture from

Talk about what was good about the sentence. Praise any powerful words. If the child wrote it, praise them if they

a magazine or the internet — and say, “Let’s write a caption to

remembered capitals and full stops, or if they spelled words

describe what’s in the picture. What do we see?”

correctly. Don’t worry about fixing any errors (though you could secretly note spelling mistakes for later teaching); this exercise is about encouraging expression. If your child is still interested, you can say, “Shall we make it even fancier?” You can add relevant vocabulary. (“These birds are called flamingos.”) You can add description and invite your child’s contribution. (“They’re dancing elegantly.”) You can add


imagination. (“What could they be thinking or feeling? Maybe this one is a daddy flamingo and he just got home from work. Or maybe this one is saying, ‘Get out of my way!’”) Write the new sentence under the first one. The more over-the-top you make it, the more enjoyable it will be. If you want more suggestions from your child, find something good and useful in whatever they offer. Older children are often asked to analyse images in English exams; this activity can prepare them. If you use advertisements, it can also help your children begin to understand how some images attempt to manipulate the viewer. Any improvements you make to children’s literacy skills will have positive flow-on effects throughout their academic and The child might say, “Birds.” In a list off to the side, write down ‘birds’, and prompt for more information. “How many?” “What colour?” “What could they be doing?” You might end up with a list of words including: two, pink, dancing.

professional lives. Powerful writing helps teens sound smarter in essays and exams. It allows young adults to write compelling job applications. It lets employees make client presentations more impressive. Enrich your child’s writing. The investment will pay off their whole life long.

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52 | literacy

LETTERS OF COMPLAINT If your child has difficulty remembering the letters of the alphabet, has trouble physically writing the letters, cannot holding the pencil with even pressure (giving faint, wiggly letters), or simply cannot recall spelling patterns after lengthy study, this requires a different kind of intervention. American special educator Dianne Craft ( has developed a program that can be undertaken at home to address these issues. I used them successfully with my son, who was diagnosed with Dysgraphia in Pre-Primary. His writing was like giving birth: slow, painful, and messy. When the occupational therapist gave her pronouncement, I thought, “Great, a diagnosis! That reassuringly fancy Latin label must mean that experts understand his condition and how to treat it. What does dysgraphia mean? ‘Difficulty writing’? I told you that when we walked in!” Months of occupational therapy exercises did not make a difference. One month of Dianne Craft’s method led to significant improvement. My son no longer meets the technical criteria for dysgraphia. If you are experiencing similar issues, please feel free to contact me if you’d like to discuss your situation: n

Aroma products Candles Bath & beauty Crystals & gem stones New Age

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Emma Saurus helps students of all levels sound smarter. She is based in Perth. Look her up at

Coming online 02/02/2020

Jewellery Health Mens clothing Home & Giftware Womans clothing

school | 53

Back to School

As summer comes to an end, the task of realigning your child’s routine for school can cause trouble, whether your little ones are starting kindergarten, or if they’re heading back to school after the long summer holidays.

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54 | school

7 essential items to h ave on th e FIrst day of school:

For many young students, buying a fun pencil case and filling it with stationery of their choice is one of the best parts about heading back to school. Be sure to equip your kids with all the necessary stationery including: n Lead pencils n Pens – black, blue and green or red n Coloured pencils n A ruler n An eraser and sharpener

1. School Shoes


5. Pencil case

e sure to take your children school shoe shopping a few weeks in advance to the start of the school year. This will allow for your child to select the shoes that are most

comfortable. It will also give them time to get used to them after

n Highlighters n Protractor n Scissors n Glue stick

a summer of flip flops and sandals.

6. Packaged healthy snacks

2. Lunch boxes

allow them to choose what food they like. These can include

After using a lunchbox for a whole year, it may be time to buy a new and fresh one for your kids. Letting your children be part of the lunchbox and water bottle selection can be fun, as they can select lunchbox designs they love!

3. Sticker labels Kids are notorious for losing for losing anything and everything! Ordering sticker labels with your child’s name and even year group ahead of the start of Term One is the perfect

Taking your kids shopping for healthy snacks for recess will popcorn, roasted beans or peas, rice crisps and oat bars.

7. Raincoat It is important for your kids to carry a lightweight rain jacket to school each day so that they are protected in the case of rain.

Kindergarten For children starting kindergarten, this can be an

way to make sure your child’s belongings are labelled properly.

extremely exciting, but also nerve-racking time. While it is

4. Name tags

important to lay a foundation for some independence, such

Purchasing a unique name tag for your child’s backpack, sports bag and library bag is extremely useful for students when it comes to finding which bag is theirs in a sea of identical school bags. Name tags can include their full name, grade and an emergency contact in case the bag is lost.

W O N K U o Y D DI

as allowing children to pour their own cereal, making their bed or helping you choose their recess, it may be beneficial to do a practice run of the first day of school. This will help establish a functioning morning routine. Firmly establishing the new morning, bedtime and homework routines in advance to your kindergartner is vital so that they may transition as smoothly as possible.


00 an 300,0 More th ergarten tart kind s n re d il ch year. alia every in Austr

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school | 55

prim ary school: Talk through expectations and goals with your children as they start the next year of primary school. As your child progresses through primary school, ask them questions such as: n Will you participate in extracurricular activities?

n How will you navigate new friendships? n What are some things that you want to change from last year?

Recount the difficulties they have conquered in the past and brainstorm additional strategies for how to approach them in the future. By talking through various scenarios, you can equip your child with confidence ahead of time.

inning 11th November As the summer holidays come to an end, tion

it is essential to reaffirm daily schedules, as

cating well asGlobal understandingCitizens your child’s goals, fears

er for our Day Fridayabout 22nd November andOpen areas of excitement the upcoming at 11:00am ut aboutschool our relocation to our new campus at Doubleview year so they may start the year with g enrolments now for the new academic year confidence, motivation and organisation!

Educating Global Citizens Find out about our relocation to our new campus at Doubleview. Taking enrolments now for the new academic year July 2020.

22 Kalinda Drive City Beach WA 6015 ph: 9285 1144 N/A 22.05.17 MJ 417019 SK511 revA

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56 |



tuck On You, the original Australian personalised products company, turns twenty-five years young in 2020! To celebrate, Stuck On You is introducing a brand-new

range of super fun and super cute designs that can be stuck on almost anything needing to be named in 2020.

INFANT & PRESCHOOL AQUATICS SWIM & SURVIVE PROGRAM Swim Mechanix 390 Wentworth Parade Success, WA 6164

Fire Engine Fun Children’s Parties, Kindy’s, Family Gatherings etc. Fireman Kevin will bring his genuine 1960 Fire Engine to your event!

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education | 57

Be Inspired. The International School of Western Australia is a boutique-sized, coeducational, non-denominational, Kindergarten to Year 12 school that offers holistic education to students.


his education at The International School of Western

country to country, as well as enabling direct entry into any

Australia (ISWA) is characterised by an experience of

university in Australia and around the world. ISWA is the only

excellence and student voice within an internationally

school in Australia that offers the prestigious US college AP

minded, open-minded and culturally minded community.

program. Also unique to other schools, ISWA offers a careers

At ISWA, there are students from all over the world, as well

counselling program that facilitates global tertiary pathways,

as an increasing number of local families. With many students

helping students gain entry in many prestigious universities

enrolling from all over the state, ISWA is rapidly becoming

both locally and internationally.

the school of choice for local families to provide a holistic

ISWA takes pride in the strong academic results students achieve in an inclusive

education for their child. The school teaches the Australian Curriculum in Years Kindergarten - Year 10 with the International Baccalaureate (IB) pedagogy. For years 11-12, they offer either IB Diploma Program or the

ISWA takes pride in the strong academic results students achieve in an inclusive and encouraging environment.

Furthermore, they place an emphasis on languages and are proud to host an array of bilingual and multilingual students and staff that highlight the value of

US Advanced Placement Program

international, open and cultural

pathways. By offering the International Baccalaureate program in

and encouraging environment.

mindedness. As language learning is a focus of the

all year levels from Kindergarten to Year 12, ISWA promotes

school, students graduate with a skill set that is a valuable

inquiry-based, transdisciplinary learning which places

asset throughout their lives.

an emphasis on curiosity, creativity, critical thinking, and

The growing, energetic, and enthusiastic international

community service. What differentiates ISWA from other

community of students, teachers, and parents all work

schools is their ability to offer students competencies

together to provide a balanced learning environment that

of change readiness and critical and creative thinking.

nurtures inclusivity, inquiry, and responsible risk-taking.

Students look forward to, and recognise, the possible

From informal music education in early childhood through

pathways available through receiving a true international

to the wide variety of co-curricular activities, all school

education, opening them up to a world of opportunities.

endorsed learnings underpin ISWA’s principles in supporting

The academic pathways offered in Years 11 and 12, the IB Diploma Program and the US Advanced Placement

the cognitive and social development of students. At the International School of Western Australia,

Program (AP), are both locally and internationally accredited

students are inspired to become educated global citizens.

programs that enable students to transition seamlessly from

For more information go to

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58 | education

Deciding on a school for your little ones can be daunting! With so many options, all with their own pros and cons, it can be overwhelming. So how can you weigh up which is the best option for your child? BY APRIL SHEPHERD


hoosing the most suitable school for your child can be a big decision. In addition to finding an education style that fits our child, as parents, we also want to ensure our kids’ learning environment is safe, fun, stimulating and nurturing. Offspring

GOVERNMENT/PUBLIC: For many parents, the local public school is their go-to, close to public transport, in their local community and often where past family members have attended. Government/ public schools are a popular option in Australia. Government schools have a guaranteed place for a child if the school is in their local catchment. However, if you would like to send your child to a public school outside of your area, there is not a guaranteed spot. For your child to attend a Government

Statistics from the ABS show that in 2018, 65.7 per cent of Australian students were enrolled in Government schools.

school they must attend an interview with the principal and there

explores some of the benefits of the education options available in Australia.

is a voluntary small fee. Most public school’s fees cost between $50-300 and payment plans are sometimes available for lowsocioeconomic areas and families.

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education | 59

religious: Religious schooling is a popular option in Australia,

independent/private: Independent and private schooling is an umbrella term

with Catholic schooling

that covers all independent

being the second most

and private schools, such

popular choice by

as Catholic, Steiner and

Australian parents after

Montessori schools.

Government and public schooling. This is shown in ABS statistics that state 19.7 per cent of Australian students were enrolled in Catholic schools in 2018. There are many different religious

If parents decide to choose a private school for their child, they must allow considerable time to apply for various schools as no places are guaranteed, also extra fees and tuition prices must be considered also.

schools in Australia, such as Catholic, Jewish and Baptist, providing more options for parents who want their child to be schooled in a religious environment. Religious schools require a meeting with the

For many parents, Private education is a great way to find a school that can tailor to your child’s spiritual and learning needs.

principal, with all students accepted at the discretion of the school.

In religious schooling, it is most likely families of the church that are accepted first, however many schools do not require your family to be a part of their religion.

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60 | education

STEINER: Steiner schooling or Waldorf schooling follows a curriculum based upon the teachings of Rudolf Steiner, an Austrian philosopher and social reformer. Steiner schools have been operating in Australia for 60 years and are growing in popularity, with statistics from Steiner Education Australia showing that 87 per cent of parents are happy they chose to send their children to a Steiner school. Steiner schooling is a holistic approach to learning where the children are discouraged from using modern technology whilst at school. At Steiner schools the teachers stay with the same class not just for one year, but for the student’s entire time in primary school. Steiner education focuses on moral growth and aims to let their students learn artistically, spiritually and practically, cherishing childhood. As with many private schools your child’s entry is dependent on the school itself and fees apply. For more information about Steiner schooling go to: www.

Steiner schools base their learning largely on communication and forming strong bonds between child, family and teacher.

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education | 61

MONTESSORI: Montessori is an education program that focuses on developing the ‘full human being’ and providing education that is an aid to life, based on the teachings of Dr Maria Montessori, a physician, anthropologist and teacher. The Montessori schooling program focuses on children taking their time to complete their schoolwork and having their own independence to work at their own pace. There are many programs available, starting from as young as 18 months old to adulthood, with the aim of providing a whole life of support for their students. As with most independent schools your child’s entry is dependent on the school itself and extra fees apply. For more information about Montessori schooling go to:

The Montessori schooling program is growing in Australia, with over 300 schools and centres nationwide.

Nurturing Potential


earning and care go hand-in-hand

Together, we can lead

at St Stephen’s

School. While teaching and learning are at the forefront of the School’s holistic PK-12 model, students are nurtured throughout their school years, with access to pastoral care, service learning, career and industry opportunities. As a Christ-centred, student-focused and community-based School, St Stephen’s recognise that success looks different for each individual and can tailor pathways to ensure each student finds their niche. The School is a solid academic performer, yet the traits students learn such as teamwork, humility, leadership and compassion go beyond the classroom. They are encouraged to imagine, be curious, to question, which fosters transferable skills and a deeper understanding of the modern world. Find your place in the St Stephen’s community – one that cares for, achieves and celebrates all. More at

Find your place in a community that cares, achieves and celebrates all. Call (08) 9243 2100 or visit


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62 | education

Things to think abo ut consider while you se arch for the perfect sch o ol:

 W hat is most im portant to you an d your family? This could be religion, community, or ev en how structur ed you feel your ch ild’s education should be.  Have a budg et for your child’s scho oling fees, uniform an d other related costs an d try to stick to it!

COMMUNITY/AlTERNATIVE/OPEN LEARNING: Community/Open Learning education programs and schooling is often referred to as alternative schooling, where the school commonly creates its own curriculum. These schools are

 Consider trav el times and the area/com munity the school is in.

very small, independent and often hold a close- knit community, sometimes running out of community houses. These learning facilities are targeted at all ages but are especially valuable for children who have different interests or a learning style that doesn’t fit into mainstream curriculums.

Learning Through Play – there’s no better way!


n 2018, Australian experts advised that 15 hours in a three year old Preschool greatly supports a child’s learning and development in the lead up to Kindergarten. Before being

saddened at the thought of our beautiful toddlers facing an imminent loss of childhood bliss – let us introduce you to playbased learning. Balanced with child-directed and educator guided play, a quality Early Learning Program closely aligns with the Early Years Learning Framework. Play builds children’s communication (speech, language & listening), cognitive development (imagination, problem solving, math & science) and relationships (social skills, friendship & resilience). Find out more about securing your child’s place in a play-based pre-kindy program near you by visiting www.

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education | 63

HOME SCHOOLING: Home Schooling is now a viable schooling option used by many, not just families living in remote areas. Home Schooling allows parents to spend more time with their kids and tailor their learning to suit their child’s needs. Each state has its own registration processes, with Home Schooling open to any child aged 6-17 years Australia wide. To register, one must have their child’s birth certificate and have made a

Lots of families choose to home school for various reasons such as bullying, disabilities or even their child being gifted. learning plan or rough lesson plans to include. Home education is different to distance education, which follows the national curriculum and is supplied to parents, primarily used by families in remote locations who can’t access their nearest school easily. For more information about home education go to your state’s registration and qualifications authority.


Something different that makes a difference for those struggling with phonemic awareness, dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties. Little, new readers fly ahead of others with this reading program.


hildren with excellent literacy skills enjoy school and the learning process more than children who don’t. Reading for Sure’s combined explicit teaching of sound

blending, word knowledge and comprehension helps students who find reading and literacy difficult. The special teaching texts and methods taught by highly trained tutors, in tailored one-toone lessons, make reading easy. This excellent program quickly progresses students, on average,

Are your child’s current poor literacy skills standing in their way? One-to-one tutoring with our special program will help, and quickly. Reading for Sure is the something different that your child needs and will really make a difference to their education.

one month gain for each hour of tutoring. Students with

Call 0429161918

dyslexia, learning challenges, those struggling with normal reading instruction or beginner readers all become successful happy readers with Reading for Sure.

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64 | education

Christ Church offers rich early learning His life-long learning journey begins in their Early Learning Community.

Pre-Kindergarten to Pre-Primary

Igniting a lif love of lear

• Teaching and learnin designed for boys

• Learning experience resilience, empathy

• Rich academic progr

• Nature-based learnin

• Before and after sch


ituated in Claremont Western Australia, Christ

Throughout the year, the boys visit ‘nature’s outdoor

Visit Church or contact Admissions 1555 for details. classroom’ and enrolment embrace teachable moments by the banks Grammar School’s Early Learning Communityon 9442 (ELC) offers a rich educational program specifically

of the Swan River. In the early years, this is about discovery

designed for boys between the

and exploration that promotes

ages of three and five.

Building good men Boys in the ELC engage in learning Boys in the ELC engage

language development and

CRICOS 00433G in learning that promotes

the boys discuss, ask questions

resilience, empathy and wellbeing, with enjoyment and engagement significantly influencing how they learn.

that promotes resilience, empathy and wellbeing, with enjoyment and engagement significantly influencing how they learn.

higher order thinking skills as and think deeply about these discoveries with teachers and peers. The ELC program is rich and vibrant and includes specialist

Connection with the outdoors and nature is essential during childhood, especially

programs such as Mandarin, Music, Physical Education,

for boys.

Drama and Dance.

Visit or call Admissions on 9442 1555 for enrolment details. Offspring | SUMMER 2020 | perth

Pre-Kindergarten to Pre-Primary Igniting a life-long love of learning • Teaching and learning specifically designed for boys • Learning experiences promoting resilience, empathy and wellbeing

• Rich academic program • Nature-based learning by the Swan River • Before and after school care available

Visit or contact Admissions on 9442 1555 for enrolment details.

Building good men

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66 | education

Servite College: preparing students for workplaces of the future Servite College undertakes a dynamic building plan that includes refurbishment of existing facilities and construction of new buildings across the campus.


entrally located in Tuart Hill, Servite College is a progressive Catholic secondary school for boys and girls with a rich heritage and diverse community.

Servite College personalises the learning journey for students by designing unique pathways to success. The College recognises that the spaces in which students work, live and learn have a profound effect on how they feel, behave and perform. Servite has embarked on a dynamic

and physical spaces to create a learning environment where every student succeeds. The foundation of the building program was the redesign

building plan that includes refurbishment of existing facilities

of the flagship Alexis Building to promote the collaboration,

and construction of new buildings across the campus. A

synergy and inquiry that are critical to the delivery of future focused learning skills and programs.

series of staged developments will include a Learning Diversity Centre and Sporting Precinct, specialised areas for The Arts, Creative Industries and Technologies, and a Professional Learning Suite for staff. The master plan will provide students with outdoor space for learning and socialising in

Servite College seeks to balance its heritage, values and best practice approaches to teaching and learning.

the Western Courtyard Marketplace, maker spaces, multi-functional performance areas and venues for hospitality. The College searched nationally for a leader in learning space design that reflects future-focused pedagogy and has partnered with award-winning architect Kon Michael, from Swanbury Penglase Adelaide, South Australia. Students, staff, families and the local community, have joined the conversation with Swanbury Penglase as the College seeks to balance its heritage, values and best practice approaches to teaching and learning. At Servite, staff are conscious that classrooms must prepare students for the workplaces of the future, with flexible spaces

The spaces include writable walls and windows that make critical thinking and learning visible. Since 2016, these spaces have been an arena for innovative teaching practices that are not easily implemented in more traditional classrooms. Teaching areas in the Alexis

building encourage Socratic-style debates with a high level of interaction through discussion. Conversational spaces furnished with stools and small coffee tables are especially suited to small group work, discussion and brainstorming. The spaces offer opportunities for groups of students to experience both teacher-guided and collaborative work with peers and independent study. A walk through this space showcases learning at the College as students are truly engaged in their learning and teachers are facilitators and guides who ensure students achieve their personal best.

for collaborating locally, nationally and globally with others.

The College regularly offers private family tours of the

This is an exciting time to be part of the Servite community

campus in action and accepts enrolment applications for

as the College embraces and combines virtual, pedagogical

each Year level. Everyone is welcome at Servite..

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education | 67

Students shine at Frayne Located close to the CBD, Ursula Frayne Catholic College is a place where justice, hospitality, excellence, compassion and respect are practiced daily.


rsula Frayne Catholic College offers a thorough education, where students are supported from Kindergarten right through to Year 12. Having

areas, where produce grown in the

four sub-schools for Preparatory, Junior, Middle and

vegetable patch is cooked in the

Senior schooling years enables each teaching group

kitchen facilities and the river flows

to better target educational programs to meet the

from the classroom to the creek bed

developmental needs of the students. This begins

designed for water-based experiments.

with the dedicated team of teachers and Education

Opportunities to question and discover are

Assistants in the Preparatory School, along with

enabled through sand, water and sensory play,

Specialist teachers and Support staff, who continually

and gross motor skills are further encouraged on the

strive to make learning fun, meaningful and engaging for all

playground equipment in the nature play area.

students. On the Balmoral Campus, Kindergarten and Pre-primary students are accommodated in an Early Learning Centre (ELC), purposebuilt for their formative years. The ELC blends indoor and outdoor

For more information about the College visit www.ufcc. and take the first step towards empowering your child’s life-long learning journey.

Balmoral Campus Open Day justice hospitality

Wednesday 27 May 2020

excellence compassion


K - 6 Campus

7 - 12 Campus

66 Balmoral Street East Victoria Park Perth WA 6101 Tel: 08 9470 0400

15 Duncan Street Victoria Park Perth WA 6100 Tel: 08 9470 0900

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68 | education

Casa Mia Montessori educates the whole child Casa Mia Montessori School supports children to be contributing citizens of today’s world.


ocated in the centre of the historic town of Bassendean, tucked into a curve of the Swan River, Casa Mia Montessori School’s identity is strongly linked to Dr

Montessori’s first Casa – Casa dei Bambini or Children’s House. Hence Casa Mia – My House. Casa Mia recognises that the children are influenced by things around them and interact with everything socially, emotionally, with language, creatively, physically and mentally. For ease of communication, Casa Mia names this process ‘educating the whole child’. Educating the whole child is necessary to give them the opportunity to reach their full potential. The children, staff and parents of Casa Mia Montessori School work collaboratively to create a dynamic learning environment underpinned by the values of: Individual Responsibility – Always pursue a personal best in all areas, Be truthful, Be fair and just, Strive to be open and accountable, Be consistent and reliable and Keep learning. Community Spirit – Build a cooperative and supportive school community, Create a stable environment, Celebrate and respect diversity of students, staff and families, Care for the environment in which we live.

Casa Mia Montessori helps children develop a strong sense of self ... essential for developing trust in their own judgement and the confidence to think independently. Offspring | SUMMER 2020 | perth

Principal, Janet Laing, states, “Our learning program involves the whole community of children, parents and staff. The community work together to provide a harmonious, nurturing environment where all students can develop a high degree of integrity, a sense of purposefulness, individual responsibility and a sincere sense of respect and concern for others and the world. We welcome new families to enjoy a tour of our school.” Casa Mia Montessori helps children develop a strong sense of self which is essential for developing trust in their own judgement and the confidence to think independently. These attributes are essential foundations for successful outcomes in study, work and life. How does Casa Mia know this?  Their NAPLAN results exceed the national averages  50% of their graduates gain entry into specialist programmes in high school How does Casa Mia achieve this? •T eaching is tailored for each child—each child has their own individual self-regulated and self-paced learning programme. Your child learns in a way and at a pace that is matched to them as an individual. •T he teacher guides and assists each child to ensure that their work complies with the WA curriculum. •A s the student’s confidence and knowledge develops, individual teaching and mentoring ensures that each student is not only well prepared to meet the WA curriculum, but to exceed it.

To book a school tour telephone 9279 2209 or email

Join Casa Mia Montessori Learning Community 1-12 years

Education in Harmony with Life A playgroup with a difference - a qualified & dedicated guide for parents and children. Your child can start at 3 years of age, 5 mornings a week. When your child turns 4, they start the transition process of attending 5 full days. Natural play spaces to encourage creative learning. From 3 years of age: a specialist performing arts programme; French programme with native speaking teacher and a specialist sports programme. Before school care from 8am until school starts.

TO BOOK a SCHOOL TOUR email telephone website (08) 9279 2209.

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70 | education

Bold Park built on Reggio principles


ne of the original Reggio Emilia inspired schools in Australia

and a leader in this outstanding educational field for 20 years, Bold Park Community School continues to be celebrated for its progressive and collaborative approach to child-centred education. Bold Park Community

Natural love of learning at BanSkia Montessori


anksia Montessori School runs a quality driven Montessori Program for children aged between three and six years old.

The motto, ‘Happy Hearts, Brilliant Minds’ is reflected in the day to day running of the school. Maintaining a Montessori philosophy of self-discipline, self-motivation, concentration,

School builds on its Reggio

empathy, honesty and integrity,

foundations, employing

the children at Banksia

qualified educators for its Wilderness Playgroup, an Outdoor Provocation Specialist as well as seven Arts Specialists focussing on years 1 through 9, to support and enhance the Nature Pedagogy and Project Based Learning that occurs at the school. With learning environments that promote reflectivity, ingenuity, imagination and problem solving, Bold Park Community School is a school of choice for a truly holistic education. (Playgroup and PK – Year 12). | 08 9387 5050 |

Montessori develop a natural love of learning. The materials within the classroom are carefully structured in a sequence, leading the child towards a deep knowledge and a solid foundation for later learning. Following the Montessori method, the mixed age classroom allows the child to develop academic and social skills at his or her own rate.

Curiosity starts here For 3-6 year olds Give your child the best start in a small and nurturing environment

Enrol now Phone 92755997 or email to book a school tour

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OUR TOMORROW Government Funded Courses (for local students)

Early Childhood Education Courses CHC30113 Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care#^ PIT~ Course Duration: 27 Weeks (Intensive Course) Concession Course Fee*: $737.20 Career Opportunities: Childhood Educator Assistant, Preschool Assistant OPTION 1 CHC50113 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care#^ PIT~ Pre-requisite entry requirement: Completion of CHC30113 Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care Course Duration: 28 Weeks (Intensive Course) Concession Course Fee*: $1,818.30 OPTION 2: CHC50113 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care#^ PIT~ Direct Entry NO Pre-requisite Course Duration: 55 Weeks Concession Course Fee*: $2,862.30 Career Opportunities: Childhood Education Manager Outside School Hours Coordinator

For more information, contact us on:

Telephone Email

: 08 9227 1797 :

Click on the QR code for the location of our campuses West Perth Campus

Mirrabooka Campus

Note: ^ Please note course duration does not include any holidays, where your schedule includes a term break/holiday, this time will be added to your overall course duration. # This course includes mandatory Work-Based Training, which is organised by Stanley College * The Student tuition fees are indicative only and are subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment. Additional fees may apply such as Student service and resource fees. Prices quoted are calculated at the concession rate unless otherwise specified. Eligibility criteria apply. Prices as per the VET Fees and Charges Policy 2019. ~ PIT: Priority Industry Training

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Study Early Childhood with Stanley College Stanley College offers career options in Early Childhood Education and Care in the 21st Century BY SHARON MCGREGOR, ANDREA LEAL AND CHANPREET KAUR


During the early years children are at a stage where their neural connections are being formed; therefore a supportive and caring environment will make these connections stronger.

arly Childhood has had the spotlight for the last 20 years with myriad of research surrounding why it is important for children and families. In the past, this

field was seen majorly as “babysitting” or “just playing with children”. Nowadays, we have gained more recognition nationally and internationally with the focus being on early childhood education and care. What is Early Childhood Education? According to the Australian Early Development Census (2019), the early childhood period is the most critical period in a child’s life as this is where the children begin to learn about their environment and the people around them. The Center for the Developing Child at Harvard University (2007) stated that during the early years, children are at a stage where their neural connections are being formed; therefore a supportive and caring environment will make these

partnered with various centres to provide services and assistance should educators need help in facilitating their programs and activities in the service. A career in early childhood is for someone who is seeking to immerse themselves in a versatile career. How do I get started? Stanley College - RTO 51973 | CRICOS Course Provider: 03047E, offers courses that will support you on your new learning journey. The two main courses we offer are: •C HC30113 Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care •C HC50113 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care A Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care will

connections stronger, thus helping the children become

provide you the basic knowledge in childhood development

more successful and competent in their society.

as well as building relationships and care strategies for

Why choose a career in Early Childhood Education and

young children. A Diploma in Early Childhood Education and

Care (ECEC)?

Care will take you to the next step in your career by learning

The early childhood industry is constantly evolving. As our population grows, the demand for the services of the early childhood services also increase. Currently, the government

about management and leadership as well as maintaining a safe working environment for staff and children. For more information, please contact 08 9227 1797

has put a spotlight on the funding and resources in various

and speak to one of their admissions officers to begin

early childhood programs, including early childhood

your career in Early Childhood Education and Care with

centres. The Department of Communities (2018) has also

Stanley College.

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travel | 73

Phuket: an ideal family destination

A perfect blend of adventure and rejuvenation, Phuket is home to some of the best sun-kissed beaches, therapeutic spa centres, amusement parks, safaris and cable rides, making it a highly sought family-friendly destination. BY PATRIKA MALIK


he northern part of this island city is known for its tranquil environs with attractions like Koh Phi Phi, Phang Nga Bay and Patong Beach, while plenty of

sun-kissed beaches welcome you down south. And that is not all. Phuket’s terrain also encompasses verdant jungles and panoramic mountains and cliffs with mesmerising vistas. The city’s tropical climate is usually suitable for year-round travel as it never gets too cold here. However, November to February is the best time to visit this bustling city when it remains cool and dry. It gets a bit hot after that until May. Monsoons are quite wet and if you can brave the rains, the months from May to October would be the best. Explore Phuket’’s best water parks Located close to the international airport, the Splash Jungle Water Park lies within a private resort property on the pristine sands of Mai Khao Beach. Home to various exhilarating water

Insta-friendly attractions

 Get clicked with the mesmerising marine life at Phuket Aquarium.

 S oak in the beauty of the colourful flora at Phuket Bird Park.

 P huket Trickeye Museum will give tourists enough selfie opportunities with its amazing interactive 3D paintings.

 A cultural extravaganza at Phuket Fantasea Show is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness when in Phuket.

 B aal Teelanka is known not just for its maze but also for its quirky design, making it a trendy Insta destination.

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74 | travel Thai cuisine is not just food for the locals here; it is a celebration in itself. And that love gets reflected in its popularity worldwide. A Thai meal is a combination of four major seasonings – salt, sweet, sour, and spice – giving it its beautiful aroma which the world craves for. Be it the beaches, high-end restaurants or streets, the city’s every nook and corner is a great place to savour Thai food. Beach Calling slides, kids’ aquarium and other attractions, this water marvel is a must-visit place for kids and adults alike and is open for all. One of Phuket’s largest children’s clubs, Rawai Park Kids Club, is a perfect blend of wet and dry play areas. From pools and water slides to ball pits and carousel, the park is a complete family-friendly extravaganza.

Phuket travel is incomplete without its pristine, sun-kissed beaches. Right from night clubs and bars for parents to fun activities, restaurants and shopping for kids, Phuket beaches have it all. While children enjoy some surfing at various surfing centres at the happening Kata Beach, parents can bask in the sun at sun loungers lined up there. Another great family-friendly seafront is Kamala Beach, which

Get ready for some adrenaline rush

not only offers therapeutic spas but is the host ground for the most iconic Phuket FantaSea

Patong Go-Kart Speedway is a dream destination for all motor racing enthusiasts. Situated at the doorstop of Patong Hill, the attraction boasts of a 750m-long race track with adventurous curves and extended finish lines. Housing trendy bars and restaurants, this place is also a great hangout zone for non-riders. Perfect for kids and grown-ups, the speedway has a variety of kart options with altered speed options.

Family-friendly day tours from Phuket

 E njoy a fun canoe ride while exploring the limestone

Show. And lastly, families can have a fun-filled picnic session at Karon Beach with activities like parasailing, volleyball and much more.

caves around Phang Nga Bay.

 G et on board a speedboat to admire the serene environs of Phi Phi Islands.

 P artake in a snorkelling activity on a day trip to the majestic Racha and Coral islands.

 E mbark on a boat ride to enjoy a fun-filled picnic to nearby Khai Nok and Khai Nui islands.

The island offers another heart-pumping experience for globetrotters at Flying Hanuman Phuket, which is a great way to admire the wilderness of the surrounding environs here. Featuring platforms, sky bridges, spiral stairways, sky rail and a 20-minute nature walk, the attraction allows travellers to explore nature from close quarters. And if that is not all for an exhilarating experience, a tour of Phuket ATV will surely seal the deal. Spread across 350 acres of rugged terrain with rubber trees, beaches, mangroves and jungles, the centre is a fun place where families can explore the picturesque region on a four-wheeled bike. Relish scrumptious Thai cuisine A melting pot of various cultures including Buddhists, Indian, Chinese and Muslims, Thai cuisine is a blend of several aromatic flavours.

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Family Happinest Offer

Book yo familyur getawa Phukeyt in !

Our Mรถvenpick Family Happinest promises families an exceptional travel experience Book our Family Happinest Offer and receive 25% discount on a dedicated family room which comfortably accommodates two adults and two kids. Your family will stay together, guaranteed. Kids up to 6 years eat free and youngsters from 7 - 12 years get 50% off in our restaurants. Book now at

Stay connected with us! Mรถvenpick Resort & Spa Karon Beach Phuket

@movenpickkaronbeach @movenpickphuket

76 | travel

An ideal

family choice

Movenpick Resort and Spa

Movenpick Resort and Spa in Phuket ticks all the boxes for a satisfying and enjoyable family holiday. BY KATE DURACK


et in the family-oriented precinct of Karon Beach, Movenpick Resort and Spa is a wonderful choice for families holidaying in Phuket and is one of my favourite

resorts to visit with children. The location is ideal, with a beautiful beach, and many dining, shopping and entertainment options, all within close walking distance. The hotel caters for all families’ needs with a Kids Club, four swimming pools and six fantastic restaurants offering a very high standard of food. Additionally, the resort provides daily water activities and a complimentary Chocolate Hour – A Movenpick original feature – which includes a selection of chocolate sweets and treats. The standard of accommodation is exceptional.

The resort provides daily water activities and a complimentary Chocolate Hour – A Movenpick original feature.

We stayed in a Two Bedroom Family Suite which was perfect for a family, set amongst the lovely tropical gardens and very closely situated to the main family pool area. In fact, it was the best hotel accommodation in which I have experienced with my two children – so spacious, well facilitated and in a great position opposite the Little Birds Kids Club. It has a large screen TV in the family area and in each of the bedrooms, which includes a good range of family-friendly channels, including Nickelodeon. We were able to use the hotel’s XBox too which the kids enjoyed and suited me when I felt like an afternoon siesta. This accommodation is massive with a large living space,

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travel | 77

adjoining bunkbed bedroom, a King and Twin bedroom, each with

included a large variety of international cuisine at Pacifica, which

their own generous en-suites. This space easily accommodates

also offered a-la-carte Thai and western lunch and dinner.

a family of six. It has three mini bars which all included complimentary tea and coffee facilities. The family style accommodation is positioned close to the The Little Birds Kids Club, for children aged 4 to 12, which offers many creative and stimulating activities for the children including

OrientAsia serves the most scrumptious Thai food, as well as an array of other Asian fare. It was fresh and delicious, and the décor was tasteful and authentically Thai, creating a delicious local experience. The hotel’s Mint restaurant offers a cool, fun, evening vibe with lots of yummy share plates, oven baked pizzas and refreshing

Movenpick Resort and Spa has six fantastic restaurants which serve amazing cuisine across a variety of International styles ranging from Thai to Brazilian.

cocktails, in an alfresco, balmy, setting opposite the beach. My favourite dining option I experienced while in Phuket, was at El Gaucho Restaurant – Movenpick’s Brazilian restaurant, which offers churrasco – where we were able to choose from a succulent selection of grilled prime cuts, served straight from a skewer at our table. It was a fun and special experience, and the meat was cooked perfectly. Another unique feature offered at Movenpick is the Chocolate Fondue experience at Café Studio. I have never encountered

soap making, candle making, tie dyed t-shirt creating. We spent many hours relaxing around the fabulous main family

an experience like it. It was creative and extensive, including a large range of fruits and baked treats with melted chocolate and

pool area, which features a large free form swimming pool, swim

Movenpick’s own signature ice-cream. It has to be tried to be

up bar and water slide, as well as daily water activities.


There are an additional three public pools on site and some private accommodation offers its own plunge pools. Movenpick Resort and Spa has six fantastic restaurants which serve amazing cuisine across a variety of International styles ranging from Thai to Brazilian. We enjoyed a delicious buffet breakfast each morning which

The Spa at the resort is very special. Aromatic oils, gentle music and comfortable furnishings create a soothing ambience and my Thai massage was exquisite! The staff at Movenpick are delightful – warm, friendly and helpful. Staying at this resort was a wonderful experience for me and my children.

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78 | travel

Family First

at JW Marriott Phuket

JW Marriott in Phuket is a fantastic choice for a family holiday, offering a magnitude of activities and dining experiences, all to a five-star standard. BY KATE DURACK


W Marriott in Phuket is set on Mai Khao Beach, which provides a fresh, ocean breeze throughout the grounds of the hotel, and is ideal for walking along its long stretch of

sand. The resort is exceptionally well-facilitated with six restaurants, a large gym, spa, three swimming pools and a huge array of activities on offer. A highlight for me and my children was a personalised cooking class offered by a top Thai chef at the hotel’s Ginja Cook Cooking School.

included tie dying t-shirts and

We made juicy, delicious, prawn cakes, a fresh and spicy chicken noodle salad and warm, rich duck red curry. It was fun and a feast, while learning some useful culinary skills. We also visited the local

JW Marriott Phuket has created some appealing Wellness Packages, some of which are tailored specifically for families.

fresh food markets with the chef, which was novel and educational, as we learnt about local ingredients and cooking techniques. The kids club hosts many activities; my children’s favourite

a pirate treasure hunt in which they followed a map around the hotel locating lollies. The hotel offers a large range of accommodation styles, with classy and attractive furnishings and décor throughout. We stayed in a Deluxe Terrace

room, which is one of the smaller accommodation options on offer, and it was ample for me and two children. I slept in the King bed and they slept on a Queen size futon which was converted from a sofa in the children’s sitting area. The range of health and wellness activities on offer was particularly impressive. My 11-year-old daughter and I did a singing bowl meditation class which was a good way to destress, bond and nurture ourselves. JW Marriott Phuket has created some appealing Wellness Packages, some of which are tailored specifically for families. The food at all the restaurants was excellent. My personal favourite was Ginja Taste, at which I enjoyed the best Thai food I’ve ever had, with the soft-shell crab the best dish. The menu and range of flavours offered at this restaurant was expansive. The Kabuki Japanese restaurant was a total hit with the kids! It offered an entertaining Japanese Cuisine Theatre experience – complete with a chef doing a personalised Teppanyaki-style - live cooking show for us, which was humorous and animated. The food was fresh, delicious and plentiful.

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80 | travel


at The Chava Resort

The Chava is a quiet, relaxing and intimate resort that is ideal for families wanting a safe, comfortable and friendly getaway in Phuket. BY KATE DURACK

dishes. It was all fresh and extremely flavoursome. I enjoyed a fantastic Thai massage in the comfort of my bedroom, which was great as the kids watched TV while I could properly relax, since travelling on my own with the children restricts the opportunity to venture out of the hotel alone. The accommodation was magnificent. We stayed in a 2-bedroom suite which was luxurious and huge! The suite took up a generous 160 square metres of floor space, which included two large bedrooms, two generous bathrooms, including a massive bath, a large flowing living, dining space and open plan self-contained kitchen. Many families like to have chefs come into their room to prepare a meal for them in the comfort of their own living space which is a fun and novel idea, and the kitchen and living space cater well for this.


he Chava Resort is a gorgeous boutique hotel on Surin Beach, Phuket, which offers an intimate, friendly feel, making it very suitable for families.

I particularly noticed how warm and friendly the staff were.

There were three TVs – one in each of the bedrooms and another in the lounge area. The living space also offers a large balcony with an entertaining area which overlooks the pool.

They provided a lovely, personalised experience. The free-flowing pool was a great hub to hang out and relax with the family. The food was sensational, and dining was ambient, around the lush tropical pool setting. The menu was not limited by the hotel’s relative size; the range of dishes on offer was extensive and a very high quality. We sampled a range of delectable items from the restaurant, including a tasty seafood basket and the local, Thai signature

The accommodation was magnificent. We stayed in a 2-bedroom suite which was luxurious and huge! Offspring | SUMMER 2020 | perth

82 | travel

Classy experience


The Hyatt Regency in Phuket is a stylish, beachfront resort in Kamala Beach. BY KATE DURACK The Hyatt Regency is a high-quality resort offering an exceptional standard of accommodation, food and service. The design is very modern and stylish, offering a luxurious experience. It is beachfront, offering expansive, uninterrupted ocean views from all vantage points throughout the premises. The hotel is well situated for relaxation, in the peaceful setting of Kamala Beach, yet is close enough to Patong (10km) for those who want to take advantage of the popular shopping or nightlife on offer. In fitting with the sleek, upmarket look and feel of the Hyatt Regency hotel throughout, the accommodation is also modern and stylish. We stayed in a Two-bedroom Regency Suite, which is

In fitting with the sleek, upmarket look and feel of the Hyatt Regency hotel, the accommodation was modern and stylish.

contemporary and very spacious. It includes a King Bedroom, a Twin bedroom, lounge/dining area, and huge balcony with outdoor dining/living space and ocean views. This is ideal for a family of four, with loads of space in its 97 square metre floor plan. A favourite part of our Hyatt Regency experience was access to the Regency Club, which offers complimentary breakfast, drinks and delectable cocktail hour, inclusive of a plentiful spread of delicious cocktail food and refreshing drinks. The Regency Club also has an infinity pool, which was lovely to enjoy while watching the sunset with a glass of wine and appetizer. And positioned close and handy to the Club is the hotel’s Kids Club, enabling parents quality adult time to enjoy the Regency Club or the nearby Sunset Grill restaurant, which offers fine BBQ grilled steak or fresh local seafood, in a romantic setting, also with full uninterrupted views of the ocean at sunset. The pool area is huge, and complete with a bar setting and large restaurant very close by. The buffet breakfast is of a high quality, offering a huge assortment of Western and Eastern fare, ranging from cakes and pastries to curries and dumplings.

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