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SUMMERTALES • January 2021


Multiple tours run daily weather dependant


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Bathers, hat, camera and a warm jacket/jumper

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SUMMERTALES • January 2021



SUMMERTALES • January 2021

Image courtesy of the Shire of Dandaragan

WELCOME TO THE TURQUOISE COAST It gives me great pleasure to welcome all our summer visitors to our wonderful part of the world at Christmas time. This has been a very difficult year for people all over the world and we have been relatively safe here in the Shire of Dandaragan. However, we have missed all our interstate and overseas visitors who contribute so much to our visitor economy. We have, through the closed borders, had a great influx of visitors from our own state which has been both great for business but has also had its challenges. We are, like everyone else in the state, unable to source enough staff to keep the restaurants, shops and accommodation operating as we would like. Even though this has been touted as a great opportunity for tourism, the downside is that customers’ expectations are sometimes not being met.

vantage points along the coast. The Shire of Dandaragan will be holding a launch of the North Head Radar Station History documentary and booklet on 21 January, from 2 to 3.30 pm. The event will be held at the Jurien Bay Civic Centre and will include a fascinating display of archived photos and WWII memorabilia. Phone the Shire on 9652 0800 for more information, or email cdo@dandaragan., we would love to see you there. Don’t forget the Community Markets on the Jurien Bay foreshore on 24 January, and above all, enjoy your visit here.

We ask you to keep this in mind when waiting for a coffee or not being able to get into your accommodation as early as you would like. We welcome you and need your patronage and hope that when some kind of normality is returned we will see you again. Meanwhile, please enjoy this unique part of the world and have a very happy and safe holiday. Make sure you check out the events that are happening throughout December and January. You’ll find them listed on the events calendars on and websites Most events are hosted by our hardworking community groups. Some are free to all, like the Australia Day Breakfast. Hosted by the Jurien Bay Progress Association, this year, due to upgrades at Dobbyn Park, the breakfast will be held just south of the jetty in Fauntleroy Park. There’ll be bacon and eggs on the BBQ. All you need to bring is your picnic rug, chair, plates and cutlery.

Leslee Holmes | President, Shire of Dandaragan PO Box 676 Jurien Bay WA 6516 Ph: (08) 9652 0800 Fax: (08) 9652 1310 Email: Website:

There will be plenty of activities for children and youth in January, with the Beach Mission activities kicking off from the 4th to the 8th. They have activities targetted at three age groups: 3-6, 7-11 and 12+. Phone Wayne (0409 116 997) or Esther (0420 221 699) for more information. In Cervantes, the Windsurf Challenge is being held from 3 - 5 January, offering over $4,500 in prizes. If you are not planning on entering, there will be some great spectator viewing from Thisty Point and other

SUMMERTALES • January 2021


Season's Greetings from the team at


SUMMERTALES • January 2021

TURQUOISE COAST VISITOR CENTRE The Turquoise Coast Visitor Centre has been helping visitors to our town and region since 2015. It is a fully-serviced, accredited visitor centre on the Coral Coast that not only has brochures but also maps, tour and accommodation bookings, gifts and tourist merchandise and displays and artefact’s from the region. Drop in and visit us during your stay or as you pass through the region. In the meantime, here are some of the most common questions we get asked: Can I make a booking for Sandy Cape campsites? No, Sandy Cape is filled on a first come, first served basis. There is usually space available except for long weekends and school holidays. Where can we fill up our caravan water tanks? There is a water tap in the carpark outside the Jurien Bay Town Hall (next to the tennis courts) or at the ablution block at Memorial Park (not suitable for caravans or large vehicles) at the end of Hastings Street. How far to the Pinnacles from here? The park is 44km south from Jurien Bay. It will take about 40 minutes to get there. Do you sell the souvenir gold coins? Yes we do, our coins are stamped with the unique Australian Sea Lion. Where can we buy National Park Passes? We sell day, holiday or annual passes or you can buy them at the entry to each park. Do you have WIFI? Yes, we do - it’s absolutely free and available 24-hours a day. Get your password from the Visitor Centre. Do you know anywhere that sells magnets/stickers/ hat pins/local produce etc? Absolutely, try the Visitor Centre, Jurien Bay CRC, Newsagent or Post Office, and keep an eye out when visiting galleries and tourism operators. There are some lovely items available that are unique to this region.

Can we see the Australian sea lions from the mainland? Not usually, and there is usually just a single sea lion if you do see one close to the shore. To see groups of sea lions, there are three boat charter companies in Jurien Bay and one in Cervantes with most departing daily. We can show you prices, inclusions, check availability and book for you. Can we explore the caves around here? Yes, the Stockyard Gully Caves are a 45 minute drive north of Jurien Bay and east of Leeman. You must have a 4WD due to the high clearance of some limestone rocks and soft sand on the track in. We have a brochure with a map and all the information you need. Don’t forget your torch. Do you have a map of the town? Yes we do. We have town maps, regional maps, State maps and more. Just ask us. What events are on during my stay? Come in and we can let you know what’s happening in Jurien Bay and around the Shire. Where can we buy fresh fish and lobster? Can we take dogs to Sandy Cape? Where can we stay for the night? Where are some great 4WD tracks? Can you fish off the beach or jetty? Where can we get a coffee? Is there an op shop? Can we camp on the beach? Can visitors borrow library books? Is there a car wash nearby? Can we have a campfire? Is there a caravan park in town? As you can see, the questions we can help answer are varied and different every day, but it’s an absolute pleasure talking to people about holidays and helping them make the most of their time in the region. Christmas and New Year opening hours are: Sunday 27 December 9am to 1pm Tuesday 29 December 9am to 4pm Wednesday 30 December 9am to 4pm Thursday 31 December 9am to 4pm Saturday 2 January 9am to 1pm Monday 4 January 9am to 4pm From Monday 4 January, our hours will be as per normal trading hours 9am to 4pm Monday-Friday, and 9am to 1pm Saturdays.

SUMMERTALES • January 2021





SUMMERTALES • January 2021

JURIEN BAY PROGRESS ASSOCIATION We live in a wonderful community and the members of the Jurien Bay Progress Association are pleased to have been able to serve our residents and tourists throughout the very memorable year of 2020! We’ve had three Chairpersons this year; Sue Lowe who did not renominate at the AGM but took up the position as Secretary; Lester Marston who has, with his wife Sue, migrated South and now I am willing to fill that position. I am privileged to have moved into the space vacated by Lester. Supported by a very able executive, our organisation continues to have a positive impact on the town. At the start of our year we identified a need for a new town lookout and Ron Hames got us started with consultation with the Shire. With the input of several other members and Shire Representative Peter Scharf, we have progressed to consulting with government departments. One litter clean-up has been held this year and from the look of what we collected it looks like the town is getting tidier. Litter was down, one of the few reductions we like to see. The Australia Day Breakfast was held and again sponsored by the Shire of Dandaragan. It was good – different. Besides some great food, Lester Marston who coordinated the event went all out and we had Greg Johnson with the added advantage of live music, as well as some great Aussie favourites. Corin Lynch was there to provide some romanticism in the way of ballads and poetry, and then we had some good old-fashioned games. Our Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats analysis after the event encouraged us to purchase two new six burner BBQs to add to the BBQ trailer and the existing BBQs at Fauntleroy Park.

success of this annual competition; it was held again in December 2020, thanks to Pam and Ron. There was no doubting that the second annual Family Fun Day was a great success. This was coordinated by Sue Lowe with Progress members making the event run smoothly. We had some very popular activities and some quieter, more thoughtful stations. The Shire, with TRONOX, granted us funds for equipment in 2019 and this will be used into the future. The Garden Competition inaugurated by Michael Sheppard eventually took off and had a good deal of success. Our thanks go to the Jurien Bay CRC for their patient development of this event. Many residents would be aware of the closure of the Lions Club and the subsequent uptake of their facilities, obligations and some activities. It wasn’t hard to say that these assets should stay in our town. Progress has since started running the Community Markets and the regular Garage Sales; recycling furniture and household goods. These are important activities for our community and very essential for the reduction of the large debt for the shed we also took on.

It has been a hard year but a good year for Progress. We have a few new members and we are blessed with enthusiastic members and strong ethical standards. We could ask for more civic minded citizens to join us, so we can move into 2021 with high expectations and a will to serve our community. Bevin Paxman | Chairperson

We held our Christmas Lights Competition in December and everyone was delighted with the

SUMMERTALES • January 2021


MANY PAWS & h s a W g o D Grooming Jurien Bay

...looking after pooches along the Turquoise Coast...

STEPH KRAKOWIAK 0405 811 228

Warm Hydrobath Washes Grooming Deshedding Clipping

Classes resume 4th January Check the Mindbody app for dates and times

Nail Trimming Jurien Bay * Green Head * Leeman * Cervantes

0459 472 326

Unit 5/12 Murray Street, Jurien Bay WA 6516 |



19 December to 30 January

8 - 11am

Visitors will be required to register contact details at the desk on arrival either by QR Code or written to provide tracing information should it be required

Please follow our COVID-19 Plan when you arrive


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SUMMERTALES • January 2021

GEOCACHING AROUND JURIEN BAY Firstly, what is geocaching? Geocaching is a treasure hunt with something for everyone. Using map coordinates and a GPS enabled device, (your phone, for example) you can find a geocache near your home, in the city, in the bush or in Antarctica. Geocaches come in all shapes and sizes too. You can find a tiny little one as small as your fingernail, or a huge geocache with exciting ‘treasures’ inside. It can be as easy or as hard as you like to make it. You can drive up to your geocache and spot it from the car, or you can choose to hike for miles up and down mountains in the sand in search of that elusive container. Now get out there and have some fun, but beware, it can be addictive! How do you go geocaching in Jurien Bay? Head to the Geocaching Australia website, www. • Choose a geocache - Click on Western Australia on the map, zoom in to the Jurien Bay area, then select a geocache. • Then - Choose any geocache from the list and click on its name. Enter the coordinates of the geocache into your GPS device or load the geocache into a geocaching app on your smart phone. Use your GPS device or smartphone to navigate to the geocache. Sign the logbook and return the geocache to its original location. Log your adventure online. What are the rules of geocaching? • Find the geocache • Log your name in the log book • If you take something from a geocache replace it with something of equal or greater value • Log your adventure online What do I need to go geocaching? • You will need a GPS device or a GPS-enabled smartphone so that you can navigate to the cache • To log your adventure online you will need to create an account that identifies your geocaching name • Access to Geocaching Australia is free and open so no payment is needed to go geocaching Where are geocaches hidden? Geocaches are hidden all over the world. Geocachers will hide caches in locations that are important to them as well as locations that may require a special skills such as tree climbing, abseiling or kayaking. Geocache locations are very diverse and may be at your local park, at the end of a long hike, underwater or on the side of a city street.

What sort of geocaches can be found around Jurien Bay? There are lots of different types of geocaches. Theses are some of the ones you’ll find in and around Jurien Bay, Cervantes, and Green Head: • A TRADITIONAL cache is a type of cache that has a single published waypoint which is the location of the cache. They are called “traditional” because the first caches were of this form. A Traditional cache is likely to involve a straightforward walk to Ground Zero and a search for the cache. • A VIRTUAL cache is a type of cache that has no physical container. This is usually done because it would be inappropriate to place a physical container at the location. Reasons for this include: • Area is of historical importance • Area of cultural sensitivity • It’s an environmentally sensitive location • The land owner does not want caches left there • There is generally no room for a decent sized cache • The MYSTERY cache (also known as an Unknown or Puzzle cache) is a “catch-all” type for caches which don’t fit the definitions of the other cache types. Examples are caches involving puzzles you need to solve to determine the actual coordinates, sending the cache owner a verification codeword found inside the logbook, performing some task at the cache location, or writing the online log in a format or with content that satisfies the cache requirements. Sometimes the hider may decide to declare a mystery cache just to add an element of surprise, or to remove any pre-conceived ideas about the hunt. • A WEBCAM cache is a virtual cache that has an Internet webcam. Finders are typically required to use the webcam to take a photo of themselves and post it in their log. • A TRIG POINT (also known as a Trigonometric Station) typically consists of a black disc on top of four metal legs or concrete pillar, resembling a navigation beacon. It is also accompanied by a metal disc, which is located directly below the center point of the tripod or on top of the pillar itself. Trig points are generally located at the top of hills or points of prominence in the landscape. Many provide unique views and challenges, with some being difficult to get to. Show us your geocaching finds by uploading your photos to our Facebook page #jurienbaygeocaching. SUMMERTALES • January 2021




Just South of the Jetty 8am - 12pm Brought to you by the




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SUMMERTALES • January 2021

JURIEN BAYVIEW REALTY At the start of 1998, Ian Kelly moved to Jurien Bay to manage and be the licensee for the first real estate office located in Jurien Bay, “Jennie Bryant Realty”. During that time, Ian established a new office for the business and grew the size of the business over the next three years.

next ten years, to continue to be the dominant Real Estate office in Jurien Bay. Jurien Bayview Realty have always tried to employ local staff and train them up in-house. They have worked with the school in the past with students doing work experience and traineeships. The business is advertised through local publications. Ian has regularly advertised in the Craytales for twenty two years. They also advertise on all the major real estate web sites, including their own web site www. The office window display uses LED picture frames with high visibility. The office faces onto Bashford Street giving it great exposure to anyone travelling to or through the town. In the past, Jurien Bayview Realty have advertised on TV and Spirit Radio with a daily time call at 9 o’clock for many years.

He then left that position when the business was sold to Ray White Real Estate from Moora, and he started his own business, “Jurien Bayview Realty”, in 2001. He commenced trading from the 5 sqm waiting room that use to be occupied by the dentist in an old house opposite the Shire building. The dentist had recently relocated to the Health Centre and it was the only vacant building available to trade from. The location was only for twelve months as the zoning was residential and the Council would not approve a further term. Some local investors purchased a commercial block and built the 2 storey complex at 34 Bashford Street, and Jurien Bayview Realty moved to that location in 2002. By that time, Ian had three other staff working for him and the business was well established and offered competition to the two other established offices that were operating in town. Later, Ray White Real Estate relocated their office to the new Shopping Centre, so Ian leased their former premises as well and operated from the two buildings. During the boom times, there were seventeen people on staff. He later leased premises on the side of 34 Bashford Street to operate the Property Management department from. For about nine years, he was a member of the Professionals marketing group until 2016, when he decided to return to being an independent agent and relocated into new premises next door at 36A Bashford Street.

Jurien Bayview Realty have sponsored numerous sporting and charity groups in Jurien Bay, Cervantes, Green Head, Leeman, Geraldton and Northampton. In regards to their sales history, they have settled over 1,700 properties during the nineteen years and have the largest range of properties for sale in the Pinnacles Coast region. They also manage the largest portfolio of long term residential properties plus over eighty five holiday homes, units and townhouses and manage commercial and industrial properties as well. They are unique in that they are an independent Real Estate office, owned entirely by local residents living in the Shire of Dandaragan, and they trade under a local name. There is no other office like them in the world. Over the twenty two years, Ian has been involved with all the land estate developments prior to their releases and has a knowledge base unrivalled, which is invaluable for clients who are looking at buying or moving into the region. He has been involved with the Government land releases in Jurien Bay, Cervantes, Green Head, Leeman, Badgingarra, Moora, Eneabba, Coorow, Three Springs and Mingenew, as the local agent for LandCorp. Over the next ten years Jurien Bayview Realty have planning in place to continue to be the number one agent in the Pinnacles Coast region and to employ as many local staff as possible, to continue to offer the best Real Estate service in the region.

Currently there are nine staff and they are looking at expanding further and growing the business over the

SUMMERTALES • January 2021


Jurien Bay Computer Services Fix your computer fast! Also serving Cervantes, Green Head, Leeman and inland

Call Jason

9652 2782 ✤ 0418 259 389 Home • Business • Sales • Service • Web Sites • Antivirus

• Retail shop with an extensive range of marine chandlery • Boatcode HIN number provider • Cray pot manufacturer • • Spotters Sunglasses • Cheap bait • Marine electronics • Penrite oils • Crayfishing gear • Safety gear • Waeco agent •

Lowrance | GME | Furuno | Garmin | Century Batteries

Ph:Mob:9652 1294 0428 940 789


11 Carmella Street Jurien Bay WA 6516 14

SUMMERTALES • January 2021

CERVANTES - THE PINNACLE OF THE COAST Cervantes is a great location oering a variety of activities and stunning natural wonders that will appeal to most people. Cervantes is internationally famous for the Pinnacles, and is also the home of the always popular Lobster Shack. Situated just 17kms south of the townsite of Cervantes, the Pinnacles desert is the major tourist attraction of the region. Attracting more than 500,000 visitors every year, the Pinnacles desert covers an area of approximately 190 hectares, is around 60 meters above sea level, and contains thousands of limestone pinnacles, some up to 5 meters high. Accessible by car or tour via a fully sealed road, the sightseer is advised to allow at least 2 hours to follow the viewing trail and access the lookout. Entry fees to the park are $15.00 per passenger vehicle (pensioner discounts apply), payable at the gate. Caravans and trailers can be left in the car park, as the 4km loop is not suitable. Pets, open fires, and camping are all prohibited within the park boundaries. Hats, sunscreen and water are essential pre-requisites for a visit to the Pinnacles, especially during the summer months.

Once you have eaten, head south of town to find Lake Thetis, one of the few places in the world to shelter marine stromatolites. Walk around the lake to take a look at these living fossils, which were formed by organisms similar to the earliest forms of life on earth. Stromatolites are built by micro-organisms too small for the human eye to see. Within the structures are living communities of diverse inhabitants with population densities of 3000 per square metre! The thrombolite-building micro-organisms of Lake Thetis resemble the earliest forms of life on Earth. The discovery of modern examples helped scientists to understand the significance of micro-organisms in the environment and unravel the long history of life on Earth. Today living examples of these once completely dominant organisms are restricted to only a few places. The Lake Thetis Loop Trail is an easy, 1.5 kilometre trail around the shores of the lake and provides opportunities to see and learn about these communities and the interesting environment that supports them. The first 300 metres of boardwalk, which passes the best examples of thrombolites in the lake, is universally accessible.

Once you have seen the Pinnacles you can head to nearby Cervantes for a meal. The Lobster Shack is the perfect spot to enjoy a feed of Western Rock Lobster. You can even tour the factory or go on a tour on a working crayfish boat. If the kids need to have a play, check out the new Shark themed playground near the Sports and Recreation Centre. The park was only opened in December 2018 and is worth the visit.

SUMMERTALES • January 2021


Local and West Australian Seafood Local Crays and Fish • Shark Bay Prawns and Scallops • And much more… •

Local Fishermen - Local Family Business Your support for local businesses benefits our community


SUMMERTALES • January 2021

THREE BAYS WALKWAY - GREEN HEAD Every place has its own distinctive features. Green Head’s ‘Three Bays Walkway’ is designed to let people immerse themselves in the landscape, experience its natural beauty, learn about the Aboriginal and European history, give them an opportunity to engage in repairing the coastal ecosystems and provide access for recreation.

The Three Bays of Green Head were created by an extraordinary limestone cliff escarpment approximately 2 kilometres long being eroded by the Indian Ocean. It includes the sweeping South Bay, the picturesque Dynamite Bay, and the charming yet peaceful Anchorage Bay. The white sandy beaches, rocky inlets and headlands, and rich limestone reefs provide an unmatched habitat of coastal heath land and nesting sites for a wide range of native fauna. The southern half of the escarpment forms the northernmost section of the Jurien Bay Marine Park, emphasising the importance of this unique coastal environment on West Australia’s truly remarkable Turquoise Coast. The wildlife is abundant with visitors being able to see sea lions and dolphins in their natural habitat. The walk along the cliff will allow the visitor to see, at close proximity, white bellied sea eagles (Haliaeetus leucogaster), ospreys (Pandion haliaetus), pacific gulls (Larus pacificus), crested terns (Sterna bergii)

and many other intriguing bird species. During the spring the coast is covered with wildflowers. To help the visitor better understand the area, the Three Bays Walkway is divided into sections each with its own unique sense of place.

Green Head’s Three Bays are in Yued country and contain ancient midden sites and hunting grounds, and formed an important environment for the livelihood of traditional owners. For thousands of years the Yued have seasonally visited the Three Bays to hunt and collect fish, other marine life and the natural foods of the surrounding coastal vegetation, and gathered in the cooling breeze to eat and access fresh water. The Yued have been extensively consulted to ensure proper recognition of the ancient Midden sites on the headlands and protection of the surrounding coastal environment. These midden sites are registered under the Aboriginal Heritage Act and during the consultation process the Yued have given full support to the project, engaging in important educative programs to raise awareness of the significance of the Three Bays and provide coastal management advice. In Yued language the name for Dynamite Bay is ‘Cuencandjaa’ meaning ‘mouthful of sand’. Most appropriate for the natural form of the bay. The earliest known European visitors to the Turquoise Coast were seafarers who visited while attempting to reach settlements in Indonesia. One of these voyages was by the Vergulde Draeck (Gilt Dragon), which in 1656, was wrecked on the WA coast and led to Abraham Leeman’s two epic voyages in open boats to Java. There is a belief that the Gilt Dragon met its fate at Dynamite Bay. A more recent shipwreck in the area was that of the SS Cambewarra which foundered in 1914 off Green Head and is commemorated in the naming of the northern headland of Dynamite Bay Cambewarra Head. SUMMERTALES • January 2021



Beer & Wine on Tap! Amazing Cocktails SEE YOU AT THE JBH!

H e a p s o f e n t e r t a in m e n t o v e r t h e X m a s & N e w Y e a r H o lid a y s lik e o u r f a c e b o o k p a g e f o r d e t a ils


SUMMERTALES • January 2021

DANDARAGAN & BADGINGARRA Dandaragan is about 1 hour from Jurien Bay and only 20 min from Badgingarra, making it a perfect destination for a day out if you are staying in the Jurien Bay area. Both Dandaragan and Badginarra are famous for their wildflowers, and there is still plenty to do and see in the hotter months. Dandaragan features some wonderful old buildings, such as Aggies cottage which was built in 1871. The cottage is used throughout the year to host community events. St Anne’s Church was built in 1888 as a school and church. Classes were held there until 1948.

Pioneeer Park features a rotunda depicting the history of Dandaragan since 1843. The park area is great for a picnic or BBQ. The local restaurant Redgum Village is also a great place to stop for a meal, if you dont feel like packing a picnic.

Yathroo Farm to build the original ford for ten pounds in 1870. The crossing was vital to the progress of the area so produce and stock could be transported to Guildford, north of Perth city, for sale. On the tourist drive enjoy stunning scenery including rolling hills, running creeks, marri trees, thousands of cockatoos and the unique flora of the Badgingarra National Park region.

The Vern Westbrook Walk Trail is located in Badgingarra, only 50 min from Jurien Bay. Located in Phoebe’s Reserve, 3.5km off the Brand Highway along North West Road, the trail is a three-part walk with seasonal wildflowers, heritage sites, community art and beautiful scenery. Along the way you can learn about the Yallalie Meteorite impact zone that occurred in the area 70 million years ago. The Iain Wilson Nature Trail is situated in the Badgingarra National Park. This 90 minute (2km) walk offers a wildflower display unique to the area including the extremely rare Badgingarra Mallee. For the avid walker, a 45 minute (1.5km) detour will reward visitors with magnificent views across the national park at the lookout. The best time to see the wildflowers is between August and November. The trail crosses fairly rugged countryside and includes numerous steep hills. Appropriate supportive footwear is strongly recommended and ensure adequate sun protection and drinking water is on board.

The Dandaragan way is a scenic route to Brand Highway from Regan’s Ford. The road is lined with red gum trees and offers truly unique views which should not be missed. Regan’s Ford was named for Edward Regan, who was commissioned by Walter Padbury of

SUMMERTALES • January 2021













SUMMERTALES • January 2021

CHOICE BEDS & LIVING Gerry and Sandi started their business in 2001. They felt they could give better and more personal service than big businesses could. Their first shop was in Osborne Park, ‘Choice Beds & Furniture’. They later changed their name to just ‘Choice Beds’ and sold beds only as mattresses were still WA Made and it was important to them, and still is, to support WA business. When Gerry and Sandi moved to Jurien Bay they opened a ‘Choice Beds’ store but soon changed the name to ‘Choice Beds & Living’ when they saw a need in the community for linen, kitchenware and bathroom accessories. Do you have staff? How many? Apart from themselves we employ one casual staff member. How do you advertise your product/service? Advertising is done mainly through Facebook but also in the local Craytales Newspaper and through leaflets in post office boxes. Does your business help the community through sponsorships etc? It’s important for Gerrry and Sandi to give back to the local community. They sponsor the bowls and football clubs as well as giving donations to many local businesses in Jurien Bay and surrounding towns. They also provide prizes regularly for the Pick a Box at Jurien Bay Hotel. Do you have a website? At this stage there is no website for Choice Beds and Living. You can find them on social media and in the local Craytales Newspaper. They sometimes also drop flyers into post office boxes. They would love for more of the local community to pop in and see them! Even though they have been a part of the community for a couple of years they still get customers coming in and saying they have never been in before, and they are so surprised by all that the store has to offer. What would you like a potential customer to know about your business? Exceptional service is the norm for Choice Beds and Living. They like to go out of our way to find exactly what the customer is looking for. Their prices are very competitive with Perth, if not cheaper, and you don’t have the hassle and expense of having to get your furniture delivered from Perth. You can also see and touch the products so you know what you are getting. Gerry and Sandi see a lot of people selling things that have been bought online and it’s the

wrong size or not what they were wanting. There are a lot of online businesses making money by sending out low quality items and the money is often going to another country, but not Choice Beds and Living. They stock high quality wares and support Australian and WA business where possible. What products do you offer? Choice Beds and Living offer all furniture, beds and mattresses, lift chairs, adjustable beds, kitchenware, bathroom, linen and giftware. They do special orders for linen, kitchenware and caravan mattresses. What is your favourite product? That’s a hard question. There are too many items in the store to just have one favourite product and it’s always changing, so generally there is a new favourite product every two to four weeks. What makes you passionate about your business and when did you decide to be a small business owner? Gerry and Sandi decided to become a small business owner just after their youngest daughter’s 1st Birthday, so almost 22 years ago now. They love helping customers and giving advice on what suits their needs best, whether it be for a bed, pillow or a lounge suite. How long have you lived in the area, and what do you like about living here? Gerry and Sandi built a holiday home here seven years ago. They made the move to Jurien Bay two years ago. They love the very friendly people and the community spirit. They love chatting with the locals and it makes running a business more enjoyable when you have great customers. They also love the beaches and the peace and quiet. Tell us about yourself? What do you like to do on your day off? If they’re not at work Gerry and Sandi like to 4wd, go to the beach and travel around to see what they can find locally and supporting other small business in the town. Where did you grow up and go to school? Sandi grew up in Perth and Gerry is from Melbourne What do you envisage your business being like in two years? What are your long term goals? It is been hard work over that past two years, building the business up with stock to suit the needs of the community for Gerry and Sandi. They want to continue to do this and also have more stock and be finished with setting it all up. They would also love to see more customers. So drop in and say hello to Gerry and Sandi, see what they have and support a small local business. SUMMERTALES • January 2021


12 Roberts St Jurien Bay


Great Menu with delicious Chef Specials & Little C's Pizza's We recommend Table Bookings



WWW.SANDPIPERTAVERN.COM.AU OR PHONE 9652 1229 See you at the Sandpiper! 22

SUMMERTALES • January 2021

TICK TREAT YOUR DOG BEFORE TRAVELLING TO REDUCE THE RISK OF EHRLICHIOSIS Western Australian travellers are reminded to ensure their dogs are on a tick control program before travelling with them these holidays, to reduce the risk of their dog developing or spreading ehrlichiosis.

appetite, weight loss and bleeding disorders, contact your vet or 1800 675 888 for advice. Rapid treatment provides the best chance of recovery.” Travellers leaving the Kimberley and heading south are also reminded of the dog movement conditions in place to reduce the spread of ehrlichiosis to southern areas of WA. “Before leaving the Kimberley, ensure your dog is healthy, notify the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development at animalbiosecurity@, treat and check the dog for ticks and report any disease signs to a vet,” Dr Rodan said.

Ehrlichia canis is transmitted primarily by the brown dog tick (Rhipicephalus sanguineus), which is widely distributed worldwide and is present in Australia.

Ehrlichiosis is a serious disease of dogs spread by the bite of an infected brown dog tick. The disease was found for the first time in Australia in 2020 in WA and the Northern Territory. WA Chief Veterinary Officer Michelle Rodan said holidayers travelling with their dogs to northern WA should be aware the disease was established in the Kimberley and had also been found in the Pilbara, Gascoyne and northern Goldfields. “If you are taking your dog to northern WA, take steps to reduce the risk of ehrlichiosis in your dog by visiting your vet before travelling to obtain a suitable tick treatment,” Dr Rodan said. “Treat your dogs for ticks regularly, both before and after your trip, and check them for ticks every day, especially around the neck, head, ears, armpits, belly and in between toes. “If your dog shows any of the signs of ehrlichiosis, such as fever, lethargy, enlarged lymph nodes, loss of

WA Chief Veterinary Officer Michelle Rodan is encouraging travellers to treat their dogs for ticks to reduce the risk of ehrlichiosis.

“Travellers leaving the Pilbara, Gascoyne and northern Goldfields are also encouraged to follow these conditions.” Visit the DPIRD website at for more information about the disease signs and movement conditions. Infected dogs do not directly transmit ehrlichiosis to people, however in rare cases, infected ticks may transmit the disease to people. See the WA Department of Health website for information on human health implications associated with ticks, as well as prevention, removal and first aid advice.

SUMMERTALES • January 2021


JURIEN BAY SHOPPING GUIDE Forgotten to pack the bathers? Want to send a postcard? Looking for a gift to take back to thank the cat sitter? Check out the amazing range of products available at these stores.

1 Jurien Bay Post Office Post your letters, send a post card or if you are stuck for a gift idea, we have a beautiful range of gift ware to choose from. Jurien Bay Shopping Centre, Bashford Street.

2 St John’s Ambulance Jurien Bay Sub Centre We have a range of first aid kits at discounted prices, and our ambulance memberships are $55 for a single, $91 for a family. Memberships mean our services are free if you ever need an emergency call-out.

3 Seasport & Tackle -

1 Jurien Bay Newsagency Come in and see our great range of products, including souveniers, magazines and stationery. Purchase your Lotto tickets, with the chance to win the $30 million Megadraw on Saturday 2 January 2021! Jurien Bay Shopping Centre, Bashford Street.

We have a huge range of fishing, camping and sports gear at great prices. We also sell archery equipment, branded clothing, snorkel equipment and beach/ fishing footwear. Roberts Street (Pioneer Park), next to the bakery.

3 Jurien Ink We have a range of designs to chose from, or can custom design a piece for you. Don’t trust your skin to just anyone, have it done right here in Jurien Bay - no passport required! Bashford Street, facing Andrews Street.

1 Family Affair Cafe Our breakfasts are legendary, lunches are delicious and don’t forget our catering platters if you are having a function. Phone your orders through to us on 9652 1255. Jurien Bay Shopping Centre, Bashford Street.

Cervantes Liquor Check out our awesome range of beers, wines and spirits and cocktail mixers. Come in and see our special buys. Cadiz Street, Cervantes.

1 Tiges Surf Shop We stock a great range of women’s and men’s clothing, bathers, hats and footwear, sunglasses and surf gear. Jurien Bay Shopping Centre, Bashford Street.


SUMMERTALES • January 2021

5 Jurien Pet Meat Supplies We stock fresh, frozen and dried pet foods, fresh meaty bones and a range of toys and pet needs such as leads, collars etc. You will find us on Zircon Street in the Coalseam Drive Industrial Area.


6 Jurien Marine Supplies -

A great range of perfume and cosmetics for men and women, shaving kits, sunscreen and sunglasses, Scholl footwear, jewellery, re-usable coffee cups and much more. Corner of Murray and Bashford Streets.

We are open every day over the Christmas period except public holidays, for all your boating and fishing needs. Top brands including Spotters sunglasses, Boatcatch and Furuno. Makers of quality cray pots and stockists of fishing and safety equipment. Located at 11 Carmella Street, in the Carmella Street Industrial Area.

3 Jurien Bay Mitre 10 Our latest catalogue is available in-store. Come in and check out our great range of indoor and outdoor hardware, camping and garden supplies. Bashford Street.

9 Seashells Day Spa Dermabrasion, nails, eyebrows, eyelashes, facials; a wide range of cosmetics including La Clinica, Young Blood and Eco Tan. Online booking available 24/7, or book instore. Shop 4, 12 Murray Street.

3 Haven Boutique 10 Bay Glass -

We have beautiful jewellery, a lovely range of men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, body product packs and home decorating pieces. Located on Bashford Street next to the Jurien Fish Shop.

9 Sea Spray Art by Kiera Re-opening 2nd Jan 2021 Creating glow in the dark ocean art using mixed media , quality canvas ready to hang. Exclusive to Jurien Bay. Find the glow in the dark gallery Next door to Murray St Grill. Thur Fri Sat Sun 6:30-8:30pm

Helpful and friendly staff with almost 20 years servicing the towns of Jurien Bay, Cervantes, Green Head and Leeman. Glass and glazing, blinds, screen doors, security doors, aluminum windows and doors, shower screens, sliding robe doors, spare parts. Find us on Sandpiper Street, near Jurien Tyre & Auto.

3 Blue Lily Studio Because life is too short to have boring hair! We offer hair cuts, colouring and styling, and hair care products including shampoos and conditioners. Book online at your convenience. Follow our signs next to Haven Boutique on Bashford Street. SUMMERTALES • January 2021






9 10 3


11 7



SUMMERTALES • January 2021





Bashford street

• • • • 2

Jurien Bay Post Office Jurien Bay Newsagency Family Affair Cafe Tiges Surf Shop

• Jurien Pet Meat Supplies • Coastal Trimming • Jurien Signs 6



Cnr Bashford & Robert Streets

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • 4

Seasport & Tackle Jurien Ink Jurien Pharmacy Jurien Bay Mitre 10 Haven Boutique Blue Lily Studio Choice Beds & Living Meraki Cafe Freya Day Spa Thrift-Link Hardware Jurien Bay Quality Meats Lesueur’s Cafe Jurien Fish Shop Bay Bakery


Departs from the Marina 0458 905 432

CARMELLA STREET INDUSTRIAL AREA • Jurien Marine Supplies • Jurien Coastal Nursery • Jurien Garden Soils

Cook Street 3



Bashford Street 8


Bashford Street 1300 462 383 9

MURRAY STREET • Seashells Day Spa • Sea Spray Art by Kiera


SANDPIPER STREET • Bay Glass • Jurien Tyre & Auto

11 12


Bashford Street

JURIEN HEIGHTS PLANT & FISH NURSERY 101 Valley View, Jurien Bay Heights

SUMMERTALES • January 2021



JURIEN BAY SHOPPING GUIDE 3 Choice Beds & Living We stock beds, mattresses, bedroom furniture, towels and linen and a range of kitchen and serving ware. Come in and see our carefully selected product range. We are located on Bashford Street near Jurien Bay Mitre 10.

3 Meraki Cafe We have a range of healthy snacks for vegan, Paleo and Keto customers. Great coffees and juices, licensed so you can enjoy a drink with or without a meal. Indoor and outdoor seating, dog friendly. Roberts Street (Pioneer Park), next door to the bakery.

of La d and king ok inrray

4 Turquoise Safaris -


We offer a full range of mechanical services and stock auto parts, solar panels and 4WD accessories, including spotlights, camping equipment and recovery gear. Sandpiper Street, next door to Bay Glass.

3 Thrifty-Link Hardware Let us take you on an adventure to Sandy Cape, Stockyard Gully Caves, Mt Lesueur, Hi Vallee Farm or the Pinnacles. We hire sand boards, stand up paddle boards, snorkel kits and bicycles. Phone 1300 462 383.

t n

10 Jurien Tyre & Auto -

Face, body, fingers and toes, massage, sauna, waxing and grooming. Gift vouchers available to gift that special someone a pamper session. Follow our signs from Bashford Street, upstairs from Blue Lily Studio.

8 Jurien Bay Adventure Tours -

g, ts and nline

Need to access Centrelink or Medicare while you are in town? We can help! You can also apply for or renew a fishing licence, book a ticket for TransWA, have your documents printed out or scanned and emailed, use our public access computers for government business and much, much more. Co-located with the Library and Visitor Centre at 67 Bashford Street.

3 Freya Day Spa -

Daily sea lion safaris, 4WD recovery. Light snacks and refreshments are provided on the sea lion safaris along with all snorkel equipment including custom made wetsuits, with Go Pros available for hire to record your iper experience. Phone 0458 905 432


7 Jurien Bay CRC -

SUMMERTALES • January 2021

We have ornaments and nick nacks, plants and pots in addition to our hardware, all at affordable prices. find us on Roberts Street (Pioneer Park), next to Meraki Cafe.

JURIEN BAY SHOPPING GUIDE 3 Jurien Bay Quality Meats In addition to our regular meat packs, we have a range of fresh produce, meats and meat products, sauces and condiments. Bashford Street (Pioneer Park), next to Lesueur’s Cafe.

Pots, plants and soils - we have a lovely range of plants suitable for our coastal climate, with new stock arriving regularly. Located on Boullanger Way in the Carmella Street Industrial Area.

3 Lesueur’s Cafe Try our barista coffee or choose from our menu. We have a range of homemade cakes, just right for morning or afternoon tea. Bashford Street (Pioneer Park), across from Haven Boutique.

3 Jurien Fish Shop We are conveniently located on Bashford Street, next to Haven Boutique. Come in to see our range of seafood and if you are out of ideas for meals, we have a range of recipe cards for inspiration, giving you fresh ideas on how to prepare seafood.

Indoor and outdoor blinds, custom made to suit your specific needs. Sailshades, annexes, auto and marine upholstery. You will find us on Gypsum Street in the Coalseam Drive Industrial Area.

5 Jurien Signs Vinyl and printed signs for cars, trucks, vans, boats, windows and shop fronts. Trophies, engraving, promotional items, uniforms, merchandise, picture framing and much, much more, we are located on Gypsum Street in the Coalseam Drive Industrial Area.

3 Bay Bakery -

5 Coastal Trimming -

11 Skydive Jurien Bay Quite likely the world’s most beautiful sky dive! Christmas/New Year promotions available now, grab a gift voucher for that special someone! Bashford Street, opposite IGA.

6 Jurien Garden Soils and Nursery -

Freshly baked pies and pastries, sweet and savoury, sushi, cakes, hot chips and cold drinks. Celebration cakes made to order, catering platters available. Roberts Street, next to Seasport & Tackle.

6 Jurien Heights Plant & Fish Nursery, Mini Golf -

101 Valley View, Jurien Bay Heights. We are closed until 1 January to finish off the mini golf course, but can open by appointment for fish and pond supplies. Mini golf will be open from 9 am to 5 pm from New Year’s Day through to the end of the school holidays. Phone us on 9652 1497.

SUMMERTALES • January 2021


Jurien Bay, Cervantes and Green Head Art and Gallery Trail Looking for things to do while you are in Jurien Bay? Why not take a drive and admire some of our unique artworks while enjoying the sights and sounds of this beautiful area?




Murray Street, Jurien Bay

216 Ocean View Drive, Green Head

Shop 4/6 Roberts St, Jurien Bay


SUMMERTALES • January 2021

Jurien Bay 1

DOBBYN PARK Mosaic Stepping Stones Timber Change Huts


FAMILY AFFAIR CAFE Pelicans of Kalbarri Cyclops The Drover’s Camp The Magnificent Seven Old Esperance Jetty Generations


JURIEN BAY HOTEL Gosia Taylor mural in the dining room







4 12 5

1 7 8



6 FEDERATION MEMORIAL PARK Remembrance Mural War Memorial Obelisk

2 7



COOK STREET Community Mural


JURIEN BAY BOWLING CLUB Gosia Taylor mural on water tank

10 TURQUOISE WAY TRAIL Footpath chalk art by Kiera Wuillemin



LESUEUR’S CAFE Stockyard Gully Cave Mural by Gosia Taylor


TRANSWA BUS STOP Chalk art by Gosia Taylor

SUMMERTALES • January 2021


Cervantes 2

2 14


7 12 8



1 4




10 19


18 23






Some of these art installations are on private property. We ask that you respect the owners of the property’s privacy.


SUMMERTALES • January 2021




CERVANTES ROAD ENTRY • Don Quixote Wind Vane • Information Board and Anchor • Fish Sculpture • A day at the Beach Art work • Welcome Sign and Craypot CATALONIA STREET/TAGUS STREET/ MADRID STREET • Plaques of Interest - Shipwrecks (on Lookout) (Tagus Street) • Men’s Shed - Men at Work & Blue Tree (Madrid Street) • Casper and Friends (end of Catalonia Street) ARAGON STREET • Europa Anchor • Float Trees • Zebra Crossing • Memorial Park


CADIZ ST- General Store • Historical Murals by R Smith • Historical Pop Up Museum & Display • Plaques of Interest - Tranquilo Park


BEACHFRONT • Mural on Toilet Block Wall • Plaques of Interest - At lookout


IBERIA STREET Cervantes Primary School • Sea Murals


CORUNNA ROAD • Fisherman • Pioneer Quarry Rock (5Tonne) • 1925 era Wagon Wheels • Ex-Bunbury Winch • Craypot with Tail • The Pot Family • Proptunias • Mooring Anchor from the Panulirus Starr • Heron on a Pole (Beach side) • Core Runner • Floatem Poles


RONSARD PARK (CORUNNA ROAD) • Fishermen's Lighthouse Memorial • Plaques of Interest


DRUMMOND WAY • Fence Mural


DRUMMOND CIRCUS • Penny farthing Bicycle • Windmills & Blowfly • Buffalo




EVRO STREET • Lighthouse


SANTANDER WAY • Mandelas on Fence • Float Tree


BROWN STREET • Gilgie • 120 year old Wagon Wheel ex Marble Bar


LANG STREET • Float Tree




PICASSO WAY • Craypot Garden


LERIDA WAY • Metal Blackboys & Kangaroos


CORDOBA WAY • Crayfish on the Step • Lighthouse • Float Garden • Ned Kelly • El Cordoba Bull






CASTILLA WAY • Elephant Letterbox • Yoga Studio


VALENCIA ROAD • Emu As supplied by Cervantes Historical Society December 2019

SUMMERTALES • January 2021


WHY JURIEN BAY? WITH SAMANTHA MURDOCK Highlights of 2020! Increasing Tourism, Infrastructure & Employment Opportuniti tie es • Covid didn’t stop Jurien Bay, our holiday homes, hotels, caravan park & overflow all had a very successful year • Our Foreshore is getting a major facelift, including a large youth precinct with major skate park. • Tenders are out now for the Jurien Bay Foreshore Kiosk/Café, finally somewhere to drink opposite the beach • We’ve secured funds to build a bridge over Hill River, so the Turquoise Way beach path will soon be constructed from Jurien Bay to Cervantes. Fitness freaks are going to love it… • Microbrewery planned to open early next year, which is going to be very exciting! • The RSL Function Centre is another step closer, will be built at the Federation Memorial Park, off Hasting St. • The new Catholic Church is under construction now on Bashford St. • The Mens Shed just built a 500m2 shed at the town oval, they do wonderful things around the community. • The Golf Club now has grassed fairways, they just spent $135,000 for a pipeline and they can now pump 50,000l/h through the solar bore, it also supplies the Shire for the community oval. • Sandy Cape increased their camping facilities with some new ablution blocks. • Job wise - there are loads of infrastructure out of town. We have a wind farm, solar farm, chook farm and mines in both directions. There is work around, if you want to work! Majority all within a hours drive. Increasing Medical faciliti tie es • We have a new Community Transport Bus, available to take clients to Perth for appointments etc. • We have a helipad at the medical centre now. A few reasons why I love living in Jurien Bay! • • • • • •

Fantastic, safe community. Jurien Bay is one of those towns where it’s big enough to hide away and keep to yourself or it’s small enough to get amongst it and be part of a thriving, growing community. 2 hour drive to Joondalup or Geraldton, an easy drive up the Indian Ocean Drive. No traffic lights or road rage. Relax everything is on Jurien Bay Time! Approx 2 degrees warmer than Perth. Not a cyclone area, we are just right. Beautiful beaches & islands, there is always a nice place to swim even if it’s windy. Growing town, with fantastic town planning, ie. Sporting facilities in one area, shopping precinct in another.

What can I do in Jurien Bay? • • •

Fishing, surfing, swimming, island hopping, snorkelling... Ride along the scenic beach path. Like adventure? Try skydiving, or take a scenic flight, plus we have several tour companies for fishing tours, paddle boarding, sea lion tours, sandboarding etc. We also have very dark skies, ideal for stargazing. Several day trip options! Going north you can head out to Stockyard Gully Caves, on the way back call into Green Head to play mini golf and swim at Dynamite Bay. Sandy Cape is always a great day out if you’re into snorkling & sandboarding. Take your camera and check out Leon’s Lookout and go 4WD’ing to check out the WW2 bunkers at North Head. Explore inland to hike Mt Lesueur and look at some wildflowers. Cervantes is always good fun, take a funny photo at the Pinnacles Desert and pop into town for a feed at the Lobster Shack.

What sporti tin ng opportuniti tie es or clubs does Jurien Bay off ffe er? • • •

Children - Jazz, Tap, Cheerleading, Acrobats, Basketball, Netball, Football, Hockey, Cricket, Tennis, Youth Group, Fitness classes, Table Tennis, Squash, Badminton, Playgroup, Daycare... Adults - Basketball, Netball, Mixed Netball, Football, Hockey, Squash, Tennis, Pilates, Gym & Fitness Classes, Golf, Lawn Bowls, Darts, Carpet Bowls, Badminton, FAB Fit (fitness for seniors), Yoga, Meditation and more... Community Groups - Lions Club, CWA, Community Arts Network (CAN), Mens Shed, SES, Central West Coast Senior Citizens, Regional Herbarium, St Johns Ambulance, Marine Rescue, Jurien Bay Progress Association, Fire & Rescue, Carer’s Support, Chamber of Commerce, Horse Club & several churches.

Samantha Murdock M 0409 104 724 E W F Samantha Murdock Property Specialist


SUMMERTALES • January 2021

Successfully selling and achieving top results in Jurien Bay for over 15 years

YOUR GUIDE TO REAL ESTATE IN JURIEN BAY WITH SAMANTHA MURDOCK I have the perfect property for everybody in Jurien Bay. No time restrictions to build on any land development, blocks of all sizes and a large range of homes to view. Our Ray White office in Jurien Bay is open 7 days a week for your convenience. Given that we aren’t in the culture of open homes, if you would like to look through any of our properties, please call me on 0409 104 724 so I can arrange a time that suits. Beachridge Estate is located on the south side of Jurien Bay. Its innovative Building Design Guidelines with underground power/phone and deep sewerage are making these 700m2+ blocks very attractive. I have maps of the area and have highlighted everything we currently have for sale, available at Ray White Jurien Bay. At the moment I have blocks starting from $87,000 and some charming 3 x 2 homes starting from $369,000. Lookout Bay is an exclusive development on the southern point of the bay, all fully serviced. I’ve got an 800m2 oceanfront block on the market at $295,000 and a beautiful 4x2 home on a quiet cul-de-sac for sale at $485,000. Beachridge Villas comprise of 15 freehold strata titled villas. Only 2 available; both 3x2 for sale at $299,000. These brick villas are perfect for retirees, investors or young professionals. Room for boats/caravans. Original Jurien Bay is exactly that. Properties in close proximity to the town centre and beautiful beaches, majority still on septic tanks with no restrictive covenants, transportables are fine. Properties are generally priced higher due to the location, farmers and holiday makers usually prefer to be in this area. I have 1 block for sale, it’s an 867m2 block on Favorite Cl, on the market at $130,000. If you’re after a home, I have 20 Whitfield Rd a 3x1 with a fantastic shed on the market at $365,000, 21 Verticordia is a neat and tidy 4x1 at $360,000 or if your after a double storey, I have 11 Aquilla St, which is a 4 x2 with 2 living areas and large shed, on the market at $440,000. Call me to see more homes. Seafront Estate is majority 3 x 2 short stay strata units, surrounding by 2 pools, BBQ area and a large grassed area. Brilliant location opposite the beach right in the middle of town, so walking distance everywhere! The units are fully furnished and have secure parking. I’m looking for properties to sell here, if you have one you no longer require? Marina District comprises of larger beautiful homes to the north of town, complete with underground power, phone & deep sewerage with the Shire of Dandaragan adopting a higher standard of living. Properties in this area are generally more expensive again, and I’m desperate for properties to sell. I do have 1 home for sale, it’s a fantastic 4 x 2 home with a separate theatre & office with a great outdoor area and large shed. It needs to be seen at $495,000. Seagate Marina Estate is prime location in between the marina and ocean surrounded by amazing beaches. Freehold lots ranging from 325m2—625m2 in size. There are only 57 lots available with majority sold out. Lot 32 is the best buy at the moment, available at just $195,000. At these prices it doesn’t have to be a lotto dream anymore. Acreage we have 4 different acreage developments to choose from, all with their own set of rules and restrictions (all to look after your asset). Again I have highlighted maps to make it easier for you so give me a call. In between Jurien Bay and Cervantes we have Hill River Heights and Marine Fields, blocks starting from $165,000. Approx 10 mins east of town we have Alta Mare and Jurien Bay Heights, with 5 acre blocks starting from $99,000. I also have a gorgeous home for sale, Lot 136 Sulina Cres in Alta Mare. It’s a 4 x 3 on 12 acres with ocean views, shed and great wildflowers. Acacia Living Lifestyle Village it’s a lease for life scenario with 3x2 or 2x2 villas, all with full access to the community centre, comprising of a swimming pool, spa, library, hairdressing salon, gym etc…. Great location in original Jurien Bay, opposite the bowling club & golf club. If you would like to look through the facilities please give me a call.

Samantha Murdock M 0409 104 724 E W F Samantha Murdock Property Specialist I samantha_raywhitejurienbay

Successfully selling and achieving top results in Jurien Bay for over 15 years

SUMMERTALES • January 2021


To Hill River Honey d


ast R ien E




Jurien Bay Community Markets

8am to 12pm on designated Sundays. Usually the weekend of a public holiday. Has local stalls full of homemade products Co




Jurien Bay Quality Meats



A variety of fresh meat prepared everyday. Monday to Friday - 9am to 5pm 16 Saturday - 9am to 12pm 19 9652 2202



12 2 Jurien Fish Shop


Locally caught fresh seafood. Monday to Saturday - 8am to 4pm 0429 050 013









8am to 12pm on 3rd Saturday of each month. Local homemade products




Jurien Bay

Markets by the Bay

Bettyvan Deluxe Coffee

Fresh made coffees and cakes. Open most days 7-11am on Cervantes Rd Open Fridays 7-11am Jurien Bay Boat Harbour 0448 522 459 - or find our loca�on on Facebook!


Lobster Shack

From souvenirs to fresh lobster. Open 7 days a week - 9am to 5pm Phone 9652 7010 for factory tours, fishing charters and general informa�on.

Alta Mare & The Heights t Rd Eas n urie




Hill River Honey and Mead

145 Wren Way 10am to 5pm Monday to Saturday, 12pm to 5pm Sunday.

Sells honey, mead, wax, soaps and candles. Can purchase items at the Turquoise Coast Visitors Centre, Pinnacles Discovery Centre, Jurien IGA and Jurien Bay Quality Meats.



Westways Sandalwood Nuts

Roasted, Spicy, Sweet and Spicy, Dark Chocolate and Salted sandalwood nuts available for purchase at the Pinnacles Discovery Centre. For appointment, phone 9652 0860 or 0427 518 060



9652 2800 or 0449 735 722


Nambung National Park/Pinnacles 7


SUMMERTALES • January 2021

FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD There is no lack of places to eat in Jurien Bay, all offering something different and unique. Possibly the only thing better than the view in Jurien Bay is the food you can enjoy while watching it! Everywhere in town is family friendly and eateries offer a great selection of children’s favourites - there’s no shortage of chicken nuggets.


Family Affair Café is located next to Bankwest at the Jurien Bay Shopping Centre on Bashford Street. The staff at this charming cafe make everything on site including a great range of fresh baked cakes. Owners Sue and Ash make everyone feel welcome. The big breakfast is always popular and they only use recyclable take away packaging. If you order tea, take note of the wooden trays designed and made by the local Jurien Bay Men’s Shed.


Meraki Café is located next to the Bay Bakery on Roberts Street and offers real beachside charm. They offer an extensive range of fresh juices, smoothies and of course coffee. They have an extensive breakfast and lunch menu. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for new sweet treats. Drop in and say hi to Mark and the team, you won’t be disappointed.


The Jurien Bay Hotel, on White Street, offers an extensive menu of gastronomical delights covering everything from antipasto to Wagyu sliders and local Crayfish Mornay. The more traditional pub fare of steak and chicken parmies are offered alongside a brilliant range of locally sourced seafood, pasta dishes and the ever popular Wagyu burger is always a winner. The friendly team at the Jurien Bay Hotel are open for lunch and dinner. It’s also great place to spend New Year’s Eve, with a live band to rock the night away.


Jetty Cafe, as the name suggests is located next to the Jurien Bay Jetty near the caravan park. They are open for breakfast and lunch daily with a great range of food for all tastes and appetites. If location is everything then Jetty Cafe ticks all the boxes, located about 100m from the beach and next to the biggest playground in Jurien Bay. The perfect spot to have a coffee or a meal while the kids have a play.


Jurien Seafood is Jurien Bay’s fish and chip shop, located next door to the pharmacy. They offer a great selection of battered or fried seafood for you to enjoy. They have seating out the front to enjoy your meal hot and fresh, or better yet take them down to the beach and enjoy the sunset. The shop is extremely popular so it’s a great idea to phone in your orders ahead of time.


New to Jurien Bay and located inside the Jurien Bay Service Station and Roadhouse is Subway. Serving all the Subway favourites including fresh subs filled with your choice of fillings, the famous Subway cookies and Fit Chips. Jay and May eatery is still at the roadhouse as well - while you are in town try the Jay and May fried chicken. The Service Station and Roadhouse is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner daily.


Lesueur’s Café, near the BP service station, is conveniently located between Haven Boutique and the butcher. They have a wide ranging menu with great coffee and fresh cakes made daily to enjoy. The cafe is uniquely decorated with a mural by local artist Gosia Taylor and is well worth a visit.


Murray Street Bar and Grill, located of course on Murray Street, is a fresh and vibrant establishment offering a great range of tapas, steaks and burgers. This is simple food done to perfection. Their selection of delicious desserts are all made in house. Gluten free and vegetarian options are available throughout the menu. Besides the great food, Murray Street also has an extensive cocktail menu, making this a great place to unwind after a day of exploring.


The Sandpiper Bar and Grill is located on Roberts Street and is also home to Little C’s pizzeria. This family friendly bar is very popular with locals and tourists alike. The main menu offers a great mix of food to please most tastes. They have great weekly specials so make sure you check out the chalk board when you visit. Little C’s pizzas are extremely popular so phoning ahead on weekends is always a good idea. The menu has something for everyone with meat, chicken, seafood and vegetable pizzas. They also have a great range of dessert pizzas. You can order your pizza to dine in or takeaway.


Another new eatery to Jurien Bay is Petite Café at the Metro service station offering a range of Asian style meals, plus the usual quick bites, to eat there or takeaway. They’re open until 10 pm, perfect for a late night bite, and also sell Cold Rock ice creams. Eat, drink and be merry while you stay in Jurien Bay, and call the Jurien Shuttle to get home safely - 0457 289 202.


The Bay Bakery, located on Roberts Street, is ideal for a fast hit of indulgent delights. Everything is made fresh on the premises and nothing disappoints. They have a great selection of hot pies and sausage rolls as well as sushi and Chinese takeaway food. In 2018 they were award the title of ‘Best Hot Chips in Jurien Bay’. They also have a great range of cakes and sandwiches, perfect for a picnic.

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Leave it to Us 08 9652 1064 Stop Looking - $959,000 - Offers

Opportunity - $558,000 - Negotiable

Massive & Magnificent - $955,000

21 Eucalypt Way, Jurien Bay 4x2 If you are looking for that something special - here it is! Magnificent home, classy and very homely. Absolutely everything has been included and completely finished, from butlers pantry, powder room, theatre/games room, solar and double gge. You must come and see the views.

6 Aquilla Street, Jurien Bay 4x2 Well loved, spacious family home located in the marina precinct. Absolutely nothing to spend, this is ready for you to move in. Front lounge/office, open plan living, alfresco, fully reticulated manicured gardens, bore, large powered shed & solar panels. Quality home.

21 Bluewater Drive, Jurien Bay 6x3 + 3x1 Amazing 2 storey family home on prime land with kitchen, living and sleeping on both levels, plus balcony and views that will be the envy of your friends and certainly the place to be at sundown. This home offers plenty of flexible options and this home is very on trend. Viewing is a must.

Zendora Rise - $648,000

Marine Fields - $545,000

Brilliantly Flexible - Make an Offer

345 Zendora Road, Jurien Bay 5x2 Tranquility, space and ocean views. This home is ready for you to move in and just relax and enjoy your new lifestyle. Beautifully presented, large verandahs, ocean views, huge shed with shower/toilet/laundry facilities.

63 Homestead Loop, Jurien Bay 4x2 Set up high this home has amazing views. This home has generous sized rooms, various entertaining areas, country style kitchen, air conditioning, large shed, rain water tank, wrap around verandahs and dble l/up garage umr.

3 Twilight Drive, Jurien Bay 4x2 + Pool Simply move in, nothing to spend on this stunning home. Embrace a lifestyle of flexibility and space in this family home which has been designed and appointed with quality finishes and you won’t be disappointed upon inspection.

Opportunity - $545,000

Large Family Home - $440,000

Marina Location - $520,000

99 Beachridge Drive, Jurien Bay 4x2 Deceiving, you must view to see what is on offer, theatre room, office, activity room, dining, open plan living, fully decked alfresco, generous sized rooms, secure yard, large shed and opposite walkways to the beach.

20 Ward Street, Jurien Bay 5x2 Large family home with big features from open plan living, lounge/office, 5 extra large bedrooms, timber flooring, air conditioning, ceiling fans, 2 bath, 2 wc, alfresco, powered shed, secure yard and very low maintenance.

9 Karleen Lane, Jurien Bay 4x2 Perfect location with ocean views. Wrap around verandah is great for entertaining. Open plan living upstairs with views, this home is air conditioned, has wood fire heater, enclosed, reticulation, secure yard and more. Good buy.

Our coastal towns have seen an increase in demand and an increase in sales - if you are looking to sell your home, land or business…contact our office today for Professional and outstanding service.

Professionals Win the Canstar Blue Real Estate Award We provide professional Real Estate services to Jurien Bay, Green Head, Leeman, Eneabba, Cervantes and surrounding towns.

Jennifer Walmsley Principal/Licensee/Sales Consultant 0407 471 377

Tammy Powell Sales Consultant 0457 074 382

Alison Perkov Property Manager

3 Cook Street, Jurien Bay WA 6516

08 9652 1064 SUMMERTALES • January 2021 38 E&OE 18.12.20

Leave it to Us 08 9652 1064 Large Family Home - $580,000 Offers

Opportunity - $330,000 PSAV

Marina Location - $499,000

2 Lily Way, Jurien Bay 4x2 Large family home boasts theatre room, massive open plan living from a great kitchen, master bedroom has ensuite & parents retreat, all bedrooms are large and there is plenty of storage throughout. Lock up garage under the main roof, dual access on corner block.

2 Eneabba Drive Freehold 2202sqm - Sands Tavern is a classic slice of Australiana set in the heart of Eneabba. Great business opportunity with heaps of potential. Restaurant, pool/ games room, new taps and lines, new roof, house and dongers for staff. Enquire for more information.

5 Maniki Gardens, Jurien Bay 3x2 Large brick family home with ocean glimpses from the upstairs balcony and loft area. Located close to the marina it is in the perfect location in a quiet cul-de-sac. Open plan living, air conditioned, enclosed and secure yard with great access to the large 9x8 shed. Call today for more info.

Little Blue - $297,000

Neat Retreat - $338,000

Bonus Granny Flat - $480,000

6 Elizabeth Street, Jurien Bay 2x1 + 2 WC Super neat and tidy air conditioned home on a massive 851sqm block. Plenty of room to expand. Large shed with toilet. Fully fenced yard with low maintenance, bore and reticulation. Perfect starter or holiday home.

35 Ward Street, Jurien Bay 3x1 Appealing home on a large 805sqm block. Air Con, ceiling fans and good sized rooms. Wide side access to large shed that boasts it’s own studio room or great games room. Patio and easy care gardens. Low maintenance.

6 Meelup Drive, Jurien Bay 4x3 Cleverly designed with fully self contained flat under main roof, separate entrances to both homes, giving privacy and independence. Air conditioned, open plan, enclosed yard, good side access to the rear. Make an offer...

Rentals Properties Needed

Large Family Home - $399,000

Reduced - $380,000

We have a high demand for homes and units to rent. Let Professionals Jurien Bay manage your investment property where we treat your home like it’s our own. Call our office to enquire about our guaranteed service.

9 Bremer Parade, Jurien Bay 4x2 Bright and breezy, large family home offers value for money. Open plan living, theatre room, double lock up garage umr, fully reticulated and established gardens. Side access to large powered shed. Time to have a look.

8 Little Lagoon Way, Jurien Bay 3x2 Comfortable family home. Independent & secure living style, open plan living, large rooms, air conditioning, alfresco, fully enclosed yard, rain water tanks, solar panels, good side access to powered shed & much more.

Our coastal towns have seen an increase in demand and an increase in sales - if you are looking to sell your home, land or business…contact our office today for Professional and outstanding service.

Professionals Win the Canstar Blue Real Estate Award We provide professional Real Estate services to Jurien Bay, Green Head, Leeman, Eneabba, Cervantes and surrounding towns.

Jennifer Walmsley Principal/Licensee/Sales Consultant 0407 471 377

Tammy Powell Sales Consultant 0457 074 382

Alison Perkov Property Manager

3 Cook Street, Jurien Bay WA 6516

08 9652 1064 E&OE 18.12.20

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6 Roberts Street

9610 9107 | 0488 301 077 @seasport.tacklejurienbay 40

SUMMERTALES • January 2021

SEASPORT & TACKLE Seasport and Tackle, Jurien Bay, is an outdoors wonderland covering camping, fishing, archery, snorkeling, spearfishing. Not only do they stock all the essential equipment for your favourite outdoor activity, they also stock sunnies, clothing, bait, toys, shoes, darts, bike spares, Bushchook merchandise, and Yeti products.

Guns at great prices. For the kids (and kids at heart) the store has archery, toys and water sports equipment. Their camping range will get most campers out of trouble. They also stock a great range of darts and accessories, bike tubes and tyres. The list just goes on and on. Seasport and Tackle have four staff working in the shop, who are all local Jurien Bay people. That is some good local knowledge right there! Alex is very passionate about his fishing and can help out most customers looking to catch anything from a squid to the elusive ‘big one’. He has been here since Shane took over the shop. His knowledge is exceptional for these waters and he’s very helpful to all. His favourite products are squid jigs and lures.

They sell major and famous brands such as Shimano, Penn, Led Lenser, Yeti, Crocs, Tusa, Daiwa, Salty Crew, Mako, Leatherman, Oztrail and more. Shane purchased the store over four years ago with 39 years of experience in the retail industry. Seasports has been a part of Jurien Bay for many years with previous owners. Shane was always dreamed of a tackle store of his own, after working at Campbell’s Protackle for many years. He enjoys helping people and gets lots of satisfaction out of seeing smiles when they purchase a new toy. Originally from Perth, Shane grew up in the northern suburbs and has worked in retail and as a sales representative. The opportunity arose to buy Seasport and Tackle in Jurien Bay, and he hasn’t looked back. He loves the life style here, on the coast. When he gets some time to himself Shane enjoys fishing and camping (of course) or just lazing at the beach. He recently married and will be here, in Jurien Bay, for good now. Seasport and Tackle has a great range in store with one of the biggest ranges of quality bait and tackle for every kind of fisherman. His prices on rods and reels are very competitive. They repair and make custom fishing rods and they also have a reel repair service available. Did you know they offer a delivery service to Perth? The store has snorkelling gear with an array of quality brands. Spearfishing is also catered for, with Rob Allen

Jack is the youngster in the team and, like Alex, he is very passionate about fishing. Spearfishing is his new focus. He is also very helpful and happy to give out advice. His favourite products are jigging lures and plastics. Cailum is fanatical about Ledlenser, archery and other gadgets. Come and pick his brain - he will help out and put you on the right track. His favourite products are Yeti and Ledlenser products, as well as electric reel combos. Shane dabbles in all areas, but he prefers to leave the technical stuff to Cailum. His favourite products are knives, Daiwa reels and camping gear. All the staff at Seasport and Tackle are here to help and make your shopping experience a good one. Remember we sell fun for a living. Word of mouth has gotten the Seasport and Tackle name out into the community but you can also find them on Facebook, @seasport.tacklejurienbay. They advertise their currently stocked items here. They also post peoples catches, so send your photos in. Feedback about the store is always positive. Seasport and Tackle are big supporters of the local community. They provide sponsorship and donations to many of the sporting clubs and organisations, including Jurien Bay Football Club, netball, golf, Men’s Shed, and schools. Do not leave Jurien Bay without visiting Shane and the boys at Seasport and Tackle. You won’t be disappointed. They have so much gear they almost need a second storey! SUMMERTALES • January 2021


FREE FOR HIRE ‘SANDCRUISER’ ALL-TERRAIN WHEELCHAIR Makes beaches and trails accessible for people with limited mobility Enjoy all the amenities Jurien Bay has to offer Bookings essential Contact: Jurien Bay Community Resource Centre 9562 2425

LIFELINE: 13 11 14 RURALLINK: 1800 224 636 MENSLINE AUSTRALIA: 1300 552 002 CRISIS CARE: 1800 199 008 ALCOHOL & DRUG INFORMATION SERVICE (ADIS): (08) 9442 5000/1800 198 024 PARENT DRUG INFORMATION SERVICE: (08) 9442 5050/1800 653 203 KIDS HELPLINE: 1800 551 800


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E-BIKES, E-SKATEBOARDS AND E-SCOOTERS - WHAT ARE THE RULES? Personal transporters, like Marty McFly’s hoverboard in Back to the Future, are not quite ready for the consumer market but small battery-powered devices like e-scooters, e-skateboards, Segways and e-bikes have the potential to revolutionise the way we travel.

crucial, particularly as demand increases. “Safety must be first and foremost and we need to give careful consideration to where and how PMDs operate to reduce potential conflicts with others sharing the same space. We know from a recent RAC member survey that pedestrians often don’t feel safe sharing paths with PMDs.” Macaulay says that during recent COVID-19 restrictions, Perth saw shared paths and streets come alive with more people walking, cycling and riding PMDs for exercise and recreation. “We really want to see the boost in active travel sustained as the new normal, but with increased activity we need to be even more conscious and considerate of other shared path users.”

In cities around the world, e-bikes and personal mobility devices (PMDs), like e-scooters and e-skateboards, are taking city pavements, bike lanes and roads by storm. In Australia, these small battery-powered get-arounds are becoming more visible, as commuters look for new and more efficient ways to beat congestion and save time and money. But in maximising their potential, we first must overcome a few hurdles around their safe and legal use. In WA, the Road Traffic Code 2000 specifies that e-scooters must only be capable of travelling at a top speed of 10km/h (when propelled by the motor on level ground) and the motor can only have a maximum power output of 200 watts. But despite this, many devices being sold in the State are higher powered, can travel faster and can’t be legally used on public roads and paths in WA. If a PMD can travel above 10km/h it could technically be considered a ‘motor vehicle’ under the current regulations. However, motor vehicles must be licensed and operated in accordance with the Road Traffic Code, so, a rider could technically be regarded as operating an unlicensed vehicle. E-bikes have a different classification and can travel up to 25km/h when propelled by the motor. KEEPING IT LEGAL Director of Future Mobility with the Department of Transport, Simon Grieve, warns that riding non-compliant PMDs anywhere other than on private property could land you in trouble with the law. Grieve says the State Government is working to examine ways that PMDs could be safely introduced in WA and are closely monitoring their use in other cities. RAC’s Sarah Macaulay says that refining the framework for the safe and legal use of new and emerging PMDs will be

E-BIKES E-bikes are in a different vehicle category to the smaller PMDs and can be ridden on shared paths, bike lanes and roads in WA. There are two main types of e-bikes defined under WA regulations: Power Assisted Pedal Cycles (PAPCs) and Pedelecs (which comply with European Standards). PAPCs are permitted to have a motor with a maximum output of 200 watts, while Pedelecs are allowed a motor up to 250 watts. They cost anywhere from $1500 to $15,000 and have a range of up to 150km. They’re relatively cheap to run, costing less than a $1 for a full battery charge. Riders must be 16 years or over to ride an e-bike with the motor engaged and all riders must wear protective helmets. E-SCOOTERS, E-SKATEBOARDS AND HOVERBOARDS In WA, e-scooters, where the motor has a maximum power output of 200 watts and the device has a maximum speed of 10km/h (when propelled by the motor on level ground), can be ridden on footpaths and suburban roads with a speed limit of 50km/h or lower with no dividing line or median strip. They can’t be ridden on one-way roads with more than one marked lane or after dark. A helmet is required when riding these devices in WA. E-scooters cost upwards of $1000 and can be fully recharged for well under a dollar. E-skateboards and hoverboards can be bought for a few hundred dollars. The hoverboards currently available to the consumer market are electrically powered balance boards on wheels. It’s important to note that e-skateboards and hoverboards are currently not defined under the rules that govern WA’s roads and paths, so if you’re thinking of buying one to use anywhere other than private property, contact WA’s Department of Transport first.

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Phone and Video Counselling for Regional Western Australians


No referral required

Lifeline WA and CBH are committed to supporting Western Australia’s grain-growing regions in times of crisis. As part of the CBH Regional Mental Health Program, Lifeline WA would like to extend our free phone and video counselling services to these regions. Lifeline WA provides counselling to families and individuals, before, during and after times of loss and grief. We welcome and encourage people from all backgrounds to access our counselling service and we actively work to be inclusive and provide a safe space to everyone. The free service can be accessed across Western Australia via telephone or video call.

Book your free counselling appointment today. To book an appointment, call (08) 9261 4444 or email

13 11 14 24 hours a day / 7 days a week


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Chat Online 7pm to 12am (AEST) / 7 days a week

FISHING IN JURIEN BAY Fishing is a popular activity in Jurien Bay with options to suit most people. You can cast a line from a boat, the beach, jetty or marina and you don’t need a lot of equipment- a handline off the jetty can prove to be quite successful if you are there at the right time. If you are only fishing from the land you don’t even need a licence.

Beach fishing is great in the evening with some burley. Herring and tailor are the most common catches from the beach, although whiting are also a common catch. Mulies are a great choice for bait, along with squid and prawns. As with most fishing it is a waiting game, but it gives you time to take in our stunning sunsets. The Jurien Bay Jetty is a popular place to fish from early in the morning until late at night. It is well lit and is a great place to catch squid, herring, tailor, skippy and whiting. Long lines off the end of the jetty have even snared a few snapper. Use plenty of burley and time your trip, with late afternoon into the evening being a great time to fish. If you are lucky enough you often see dolphins hunting the squid. Hand lines in the shallow water will also pay off.

The marina is a great place to try with plenty of people catching a range of fish and swimmer crabs. The picturesque location is a great place to spend an

evening trying your luck for a big catch. The marina walls are a good place to try for snapper or some larger predatory fish.

If you are lucky enough to own a boat or know someone who does, then you are in for a treat. Boat fishing is extremely popular in this region, where you can catch everything from dhufish to snapper, not too far offshore. You will need a current Recreational Fishing from Boat Licence. Applications for online recreational fishing licences and renewals are processed through the Department of Transport’s website or you can pop in to the Jurien Bay CRC on Bashford Street and we’ll be happy to assist you. We will be closing between Christmas and New Year, re-opening at 9 am on Monday 4 January 2021.

If you don’t have access to a boat do not despair, there are plenty of charter fishing companies in town. They can provide all the equipment and you also gain their local knowledge. Ask at the Turquoise Coast Visitor Centre for their contact information. Seasport and Tackle is also a great place to have most of your fishing related questions answered, and to pick up some bait. So throw in a line and try to catch a big one! Even if you don’t, the story about ‘that’ one that got away never hurt anyone. SUMMERTALES • January 2021


SNAKE BITES IN AUSTRALIA That bite of summer has well and truly come early this year and with that heat, comes snakes. • • •

3000 bites are reported annually. 300-500 hospitalisations 2-3 deaths annually.

Average time to death is 12 hours. The urban myth that you are bitten in the yard and die before you can walk from your chook pen back to the house is a load of rubbish. While not new, the management of snake bite (like a flood/fire evacuation plan or CPR) should be refreshed each season. Let’s start with a Basic overview. • There are five genus of snakes that will harm us (seriously) Browns, Blacks, Adders, Tigers and Taipans. • All snake venom is made up of huge proteins (like egg white). When bitten, a snake injects some venom into the meat of your limb (NOT into your blood). • This venom can not be absorbed into the blood stream from the bite site. • It travels in a fluid transport system in your body called the lymphatic system (not the blood stream). • Now this fluid (lymph) is moved differently to blood. Your heart pumps blood around, so even when you are lying dead still, your blood still circulates around the body. Lymph fluid is different. It moves around with physical muscle movement like bending your arm, bending knees, wriggling fingers and toes, walking/exercise etc. • Now here is the thing. Lymph fluid becomes blood after these lymph vessels converge to form one of two large vessels (lymphatic trunks)which are connected to veins at the base of the neck. Back to the snake bite site. When bitten, the venom has been injected into this lymph fluid (which makes up the bulk of the water in your tissues). The only way that the venom can get into your blood stream is to be moved from the bite site in the lymphatic vessels. The only way to do this is to physically move the limbs that were bitten. Stay still!!! Venom can’t move if the victim doesn’t move. Stay still!! Remember people are not bitten into their blood stream.

In the 1980s a technique called Pressure immobilisation bandaging was developed to further retard venom movement. It completely stops venom/ lymph transport toward the blood stream. A firm roll bandage is applied directly over the bite site (don’t wash the area). Technique: Three steps: keep them still 1. Apply a bandage over the bite site, to an area about 10cm above and below the bite. 2. Then using another elastic roller bandage, apply a firm wrap from Fingers/toes all the way to the armpit/groin. The bandage needs to be firm, but not so tight that it causes fingers or toes to turn purple or white. About the tension of a sprain bandage. 3. Splint the limb so the patient can’t walk or bend the limb. DO NOTS: • Do not cut, incise or suck the venom. • Do not EVER use a tourniquet • Don’t remove the shirt or pants - just bandage over the top of clothing. Remember movement (like wriggling out of a shirt or pants) causes venom movement. • DO NOT try to catch, kill or identify the snake!!! This is important. In hospital we NO LONGER NEED to know the type of snake; it doesn’t change treatment. 5 years ago we would do a test on the bite, blood or urine to identify the snake so the correct anti venom can be used. BUT NOW...we don’t do this. Our new Antivenom neutralises the venoms of all the 5 listed snake genus, so it doesn’t matter what snake bit the patient. Read that again- one injection for all snakes! Polyvalent is our one shot wonder, stocked in all hospitals, so most hospitals no longer stock specific Antivenins. Australian snakes tend to have 3 main effects in differing degrees. • Bleeding - internally and bruising. • Muscles paralysed causing difficulty talking, moving & breathing. • Pain - In some snakes severe muscle pain in the limb, and days later the bite site can break down forming a nasty wound. Snake bites in Australia - Continued page 47


SUMMERTALES • January 2021

Snake bites in Australia - Continued

Allergy to snakes is rarer than winning lotto twice. Final tips: not all bitten people are envenomated and only those starting to show symptoms above are given antivenom. Did I mention to stay still. Repost Ect4health. Note: Snakebite first aid can be very effective if done quickly. Bandage and immobilise the bite area and dial 000 for help immediately. In areas with poor mobile reception, dial 112

Tiger Snake (Notechis scutatus)

Western Brown Snake (Pseudonaja mengden)

Coastal Taipan (Oxyuranus scutellatu)

Avoiding snakes and bites - Bites mainly occur when the snake is disturbed or otherwise provoked. The safest way of preventing being bitten is by avoiding snakes altogether. Be careful where you put your hands and feet • Snakes like to hide where they can’t be seen, which includes holes in the ground, rock crevices, fallen logs or long grass. • Use a torch if walking at night as many snakes are active after dark.

Mulga Snake (Pseudechis australi)

Wear protective clothing • Thick clothing like jeans and boots offer an extra layer of protection against bites. Don’t pick them up or interfere with them • Almost 1 in 5 snakebites happen when people provoke the snake. If you see a snake, give it space to move away, or go around it. Let them know you’re there • Snakes can’t hear very well, but can sense vibrations in the ground. When walking in the bush, make noise and stomp your feet to scare off any nearby snakes. Please note that snakes are protected. Killing or harming them is illegal and isn’t necessary for anti-venom identification purposes.

Common Death Adder (Acanthophis antarcticu)

SUMMERTALES • January 2021


What we offer!

Photocopying Printing A5 - A1 Scanning Laminating A5 - A1 Binding Photo Printing

Government Booth Legal Aid Broadband for Seniors Tax Help Resume Assistance Job Help Jobs Board

1-on-1 Computer Sessions Room Equipment & Hire Computer / Phone Assistance Centrelink Agent Medicare Agent TRANSWA Agent Fisheries Agent Document Design & Printing Posters Brochures Bookets i.e. Funeral, Baptism Business Cards

If you would like more information about our services, please contact us: 67 Bashford St, Jurien Bay WA 6516 PO Box 384, Jurien Bay WA 6516 9652 2425


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NO HOLIDAY FOR SAFETY ON THE WATER THIS XMAS The importance of safety on the water has been reinforced as record numbers of boats and other craft head out to share our waterways over the holiday break.

weather before and during the voyage and access all the safety information they need, particularly when boating in a new location.

After a busier than usual start to the boating season in WA, the Department of Transport (DoT) today joined with Water Police to remind skippers they’re responsible for safety and should check the conditions, their vessel and equipment before every voyage.

DoT implemented the 30 Second Challenge, which tests if people can gather flares, EPIRB, make a radio call and don a lifejacket in 30 seconds, after detailed analysis of incident data showed improved accessibility to safety equipment could limit lives lost on the water.

DoT A/Director of Waterways Safety Peter Beattie said a greater number of vessels were expected on the water this summer following an overall increase in registrations in recent months which included a spike in new vessel registrations (40 per cent increase in July to September 2020 compared with 2019).

Tragically, in the last decade to July 2020 there have been 63 recreational boating deaths in WA, including six in the last financial year (2019-20).

“The registration data coupled with a 32 per cent increase in people sitting their Recreational Skipper’s Ticket (RST) in the same period means there could be more first-time skippers heading out on the water in both metropolitan and regional settings this summer,” Mr Beattie said. “We are advocating all skippers take the 30 Second Challenge and download the Deckee boating app to be ready for an emergency on board and safe on the water this holiday season.” After partnering with DoT, the Deckee boating app has new improved WA functionality allowing skippers to check the

“Skippers need to be responsible, taking time to complete the recommended voyage preparation guidelines every time they head out on to the water. Unfortunately, skippers who fail to do this put their safety and that of those on board at risk,” Mr Beattie said. “Spending time preparing for a safe summer of boating could save your life.” People can visit to find out how to take the challenge. Deckee is available now for free download from the App Store and Google Play Store. Visit Deckee to find out more.


Some of our members come from as far away as Geraldton and Mandurah, there is always a good time to be had at the club, come join in all the fun!

weigh ins and events. Competition fees $10 members $30 non members. Memberships also include end of year wind up dinner at discount prices. Follow and like us on Facebook @Cervantes Fin Fishers to keep up to date with all competitions and events. The Crew at Cervantes Finfishers would like to wish you and your families a Safe and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

To become a member of the Cervantes Fin Fishers club you can drop in and see Kitt at Cervantes Hardware at 69 Bradley loop, Cervantes, call 96527355 or email cervantesfinfishers@ for an application form. Everyone is welcome. We offer family memberships and single memberships. A standard yearly membership is $100 and a Family membership (2 adults and all children 16 years of age and under) is $180. It pays to be a CFF member as competition entry is reduced for all members and includes member only competitions,

UPCOMING EVENTS: • 24th January 2021 Members Only Competition – Weekend Before Australia Day (Sunday) • 28th March Members/ Open Competition – Labour Day Weekend (Sunday) • 4th April Members Competition – Easter Weekend (Sunday) • 25th April Members Competition - ANZAC Long Weekend (Sunday) • 6th June Members Competition – WA Day Long Weekend (Sunday) • 26th September Members/ Open Competition Queens Birthday Weekend (Sunday) • 20th November Cervantes Fin fisher’s Presentation Dinner and Drinks (Saturday Night)

SUMMERTALES • January 2021


ing Sandboard ling e k r o n S / SUP aves C y l l u G d r Stockya eur u s e L t M / Pinnacles ours T e g a t i r e 4WD H ours T g n i z a g r Sta e

t Hir Equipmen


1300 462 383


SUMMERTALES • January 2021

JURIEN BAY ADVENTURE TOURS A perfect five star rating on Trip Advisor and Facebook is not an easy task, but Jurien Bay Adventure Tours makes it look simple. Reading through the reviews it quickly becomes apparent that in the few short years Jurien Bay Adventure Tours has been operating, many happy customers have experienced some truly great adventures.

The Pinnacles are a sight to see by day but you really should check them out after the sun goes down. Stargazing at the Pinnacles is a magical tour offered by Jurien Bay Adventure Tours. A must for photographers.

Jurien Bay Adventure Tours offer a variety of tours and equipment hire to cater for a range of activities. The tours, available by booking online or by phoning 1300 462 383, include Stockyard Gully Caves, Mt Lesueur wildflower walks, the Pinnacles at sunset and lobster factory and sandboarding, SUP and snorkeling at Sandy Cape. Tour operator Kass is the heart and soul of the operation. Her vibrant personality and exceptional knowledge of the region is priceless. A quick read of the online reviews show how positively Kass has influenced people’s holidays, with almost every review thanking her personally for giving people unforgettable memories. Kass is a mobile tourism ambassador and her unsurpassed networking skills means she knows what to see and where to eat and stay while in the area. To service customers, Kass is backed up by two 4WD charter vehicles - Delila and Betsy - both with their own unique personalities. With so much to see in a region this size and traveling on roads that change daily, using an experienced operator ensures you arrive safely and do not miss out on any hidden gems. The Pinnacles Sunset Tour is top of most peoples ‘must do’ list. Adventure Tours offers a unique tour package including a guided tour of the Pinnacles, revealing it’s mysterious creation, ending with a cheese board and sparkling wine at sunset. You will you fill your instagram account with unique photos as the sight of the sun setting over the Pinnacles is a life changing experience.

Stockyard Gully Cave is an ancient limestone cave system. The tour is both informative and exciting. Exploring the gully and its natural wonders is an awesome family adventure. Utilising Jurien Bay Adventure Tours to explore this cave removes the need for a 4WD. With so many of the highlights of our region revolving around the ocean, there is a unique way to enjoy the scenery whilst trying something new at the same time - stand up paddle boarding or SUP. As with many things in Jurien Bay, SUP’s are better enjoyed at sunset, when there is no better place to be than on the ocean, enjoying spectacular views. Taking advantage of the sand dunes in Sandy Cape is also made simple, with Jurien Bay Adventure Tours providing guided tours and/or equipment hire. Snorkeling the reef system is also popular and sets are available for half or full day hire.

Life is an adventure for the adventurous, so contact Kass from Jurien Bay Adventure Tour today.

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Beachcombing Basics

Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development

Over eighty percent of Australia’s population lives within 50 kilometres of the coast. With this in mind, it’s important that we learn about our coast, so we can also look after it! We have over 12,500 kilometres of coastline in Western Australia to explore, with almost half our coastline made up of sandy beaches. Other areas along our coast include rocky shores, estuaries, mangroves, mud flats and sand flats. When exploring our coastline, it’s always important to be prepared so you can make the most of your beachcombing experience. Here are a few helpful tips: • Wear sun protective clothing, including a hat and sunscreen.

• Be careful when picking items up – you never know what could be hiding inside, or what might sting you! • Help the environment and take any rubbish safely home with you – recycle or place it in the bin. • Take your camera to help you to capture memories of your finds. • Leave marine life on the beach where you found it – each plant and animal plays an important part in the environment. • Leave only your footprints…

• Take a bottle of water – it can get hot out in the sun! • Take a hand lens or magnifying glass for closer inspection.

Beach Pledge Before you head down to the beach – take the Beach Pledge! I will help protect the beach by using pathways. I will be careful where I walk, to avoid treading on plants and animals. I will discover many things on the beach, but leave the plants and animals where I found them. I will care for the beach by placing my rubbish in the bin and recycle where possible. I will remember my experience by memories and photos, and leave only my footprints. Beachcombers Education Kit, more resources like this can be found at –


SUMMERTALES • January 2021

CONDUCTING A BEACHCOMBING FIELD TRIP Conducting your own beachcombing field trip is as simple as following the steps below.



Beachcombing Field Guide Beachcombing Datasheet Clipboard(s) and pencils Camera Tape measure

Exploration time! Choose a goal for your participants depending on their level of understanding. EXAMPLE ONE: Using the Alphabet Beach Walk activity sheet, see how many natural and man-made items you can find on the beach.

Rubbish bags, gloves, tongs and sharps container. Hula-hoops (x3) – optional

EXAMPLE TWO: Ask participants to collect at least one plant, one animal (or remains of an animal) and one manmade object (or marine debris).

Magnifying glass for closer inspection – optional Sun protective clothing (including hat and sunglasses) and sunscreen Tangaroa Blue Ocean Care Society, Marine Debris Identification Manual – optional Tangaroa Blue Ocean Care Society, Debris Collection Datasheet – optional

For the purpose of this activity these broad terms apply as follows: • Plant – a living thing that has the ability to produce its own food, has ‘root-like’ and ‘leaflike’ structures, e.g. seagrasses, algae and terrestrial plants (e.g. spinifex, or branches and nuts from nearby trees). • Animal – a living thing, or the remains of a living thing, that cannot produce its own food. It has body parts developed for feeding and generally has external structures to assist in movement, e.g. cuttlebone, shell and seahorse. • Marine debris – litter or rubbish that has found its way to the sea, either from a landbased or ocean-based source. This includes man-made items such plastic, rubber, glass and fishing line.

OUTLINE When on location, before commencing your beach walk, consider the following: 1. Reinforce the various safety messages to your participants, as discussed in your preexcursion activities. • It’s recommended that participants wear suitable footwear on the beach and avoid bare feet (due to glass and other items which may be on the beach). • Do not pick up glass, syringes or other potentially dangerous items. • Do not pick up bluebottles, as their stinging cells can still be active, even when they are washed up on

the beach. Refer to Danger Zone fact sheet for further information about potentially dangerous marine life. 2. Define the area of exploration – point out sand dune vegetation, high and low tide watermarks, sea wrack or strand line if present, and other features. Advise students to stay off rocks and out of water. It may help to divide the beach into three zone using the beach profile: • Sand dunes – do not walk on the sand dune vegetation to avoid degradation. • Beach – follow the strand line (the line of algae along the beach at the high tide mark) to discover hidden treasures on the beach. Or sort through the sea wrack to see what you can find. • Swash zone – students should avoid this area unless the relevant water-based excursion guidelines are adhered to. 3. Define the exploration time permitted, e.g. 20 minutes. 4. Split the group into smaller groups with a parent helper – you may also like to ensure participants have a buddy at all times to assist with supervision.

EXAMPLE THREE: See if you can find: • the three different types of algae (seaweed). Beware: the sun does bleach the algae – changing the colour, which might confuse some participants; Conducting a Beachcombing Field Trip - continued page 51

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We need marine parks 54

SUMMERTALES • January 2021

Conducting a Beachcombing Field Trip - continued

• • •

a piece of seagrass; an animal or remains of an animal; and any man-made items.

Have a plastic bag available to collect the rubbish, but be careful of sharps. If participants are unsure of an animal or any items they find on the beach, they should ask an adult before they pick it up. Once the exploration time has finished, regroup participants to discuss what they have found at a designated location on the beach. Remember to complete the Beachcombing Datasheet – ‘physical features’ component, prior to the exploration time. DISCUSSION AFTER EXPLORATION TIME Identification and classification of items found on your beachcombing field trip are an essential component of your participants’ understanding and learning. After the exploration time has finished, use hulahoops (or draw shapes in the sand) to sort (or classify) items found. Choose the classification level appropriate to the age group and level of understanding of your participants. This can be achieved through a simple staged approach: 1. Classify as natural and man-made items. 2. Classify into plants, animals and man-made items (or marine debris). 3. Classify into relevant kingdoms (Animalia, Plantae and Protista) and man-made items. 4. Classify into relevant phyla and classes where appropriate. Using the Beachcombers Field Guide, identify organisms found and complete the Beachcombing Datasheet – ‘beach specimen list’. Once you have classified and identified your beachcombing items, discuss why classification is important. You may also like to include the following concepts in your discussion:

What impacts do they have on the marine and coastal environment?

You may also choose to use the Tangaroa Blue Ocean Care Society, Marine Debris Identification Manual and Debris Collection Datasheet to assist in looking at the marine debris found along the beach. COASTAL PROCESSES Coastal processes play an important part in shaping our coastline. There are some additional activities within the kit that you may choose to conduct with your participants, depending on your area of interest. Check out the Coastal Processes section of the kit for further information. At the completion of your beachcombing discussion, it’s important to leave all plant and animal life (dead or alive) on the beach, as it all plays an important part in the coastal ecosystem. Don’t forget to take the rubbish home and leave nothing but your footprints behind! EXTENSION ACTIVITIES: The effects of site choice on beachcombing Complete the beachcombing field trip at different sites – compare your findings. Discuss if the type of coastal habitat (and adjacent habitats) and/or manmade features have an effect on your beachcombing experience. Seasonal impacts on beachcombing Complete the beachcombing field trip at different times of the year, at the same site. Observe and record how the beach changes over time. Discuss the diversity of organisms you have found on the beach – are some animals seasonal? Are the same levels of rubbish present all year, or does this vary depending on the season? How does the coastline change throughout the year?

HABITAT If possible, identify the various habitats where the coastal and marine life is found. • Are you walking along a sandy beach or a limestone rocky shore? • Are there any known or visible limestone or coral reefs, or seagrass meadows close by? • Have some of the items you found come from a terrestrial (land-based) habitat? HUMAN IMPACT Discuss the man-made items that you found along the beach. • How did they get there? • Where did they come from?

Information taken from Beachcombers Education Kit, more resouresources like this can be found at –

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n i n u f g n i v a H s k r a p marine What can you do in Western Australian marine parks? windsurf








fishing kitesurf crabbing


Clues Down

1. A type of canoe 2. Watching the antics of big marine mammals 3. Catching scaled creatures with a line and hook 5. Use a kite and a board for sport 6. Riding the waves

Across 4. Explore under the ocean using a scuba tank 6. Swim with a breathing tube and face mask 7. Use a sail and a board for sport 8. Catching shelled animals 9. Moving through the water using your arms and legs 10. Enjoying marine areas on a boat


SUMMERTALES • January 2021



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Answers: page 23

Marine parks have different zones for different types of activities. Sanctuary zones are special areas in Western Australian marine parks from which you can’t remove any marine animals or plants at all. Two of the above activities are not allowed in sanctuary zones. What are they?




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RAY WHITE - JURIEN BAY Ray White Jurien Bay are local Real Estate agents in town, located at the Shopping Centre on the corner of White and Bashford Streets. They handle all real estate business including property sales, rentals, residential, commercial, industrial, retail, and holiday rentals in Jurien Bay and Cervantes.

Ray White Jurien Bay is owned by Greg and Margaret Johnson. Greg has been a business owner for 45 years and is passionate about customer satisfaction. He and Margaret have lived in Jurien Bay for 30 years. They love the climate, environment and sense of community the town has to offer. On his days off you’ll find Greg gardening, playing his trumpet, fishing or golfing. Greg grew up in South Perth and went to school at St Columbus Primary followed by St Patricks Catholic College. They employ six staff who are experienced in sales, property management and holiday reservations. Individual personal service to theirs buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants is paramount to their success. They’d like you to know they are dedicated to providing a high quality experience with total satisfaction to all elements of their service. You can find all their properties listed on, Domain, REIWA and their own website Their marketing medium is the local Craytales Newspaper and other publications, printed flyers, window displays and through property inspections. Everyone at Ray White Jurien Bay is passionate about Jurien Bay and Cervantes and they love to promote the towns to potential buyers. They also enjoy giving back to the local communities by supporting the local sporting clubs and not-for-profit groups. In the future Ray White Jurien Bay envisage themselves as bigger and better with an increasing market share. Greg, himself, hopes to see and 58 SUMMERTALES • January 2021

experience a lot more of Australia. He feels he owes a lot to the local communities because they give friendship and involvement with so many wonderful people. Life is great!

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do” Steve Jobs

For personal, friendly service & honest advice, our Jurien Bay office is open 7 days a week!

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Employment Opportunity: we are expanding our SALES DEPARTMENT services within our region and have a position for a SALES REPRESENTATIVE for more details contact Ian Kelly 0419 969 244. all inquiries are confidential. Jurien Bayview Realty require more properties to SELL If you have thought of Selling, call us now for a FREE MARKET APPRAISAL. APPRAISAL To see our extensive range, Inspect our LED WINDOWS or Inspect all our properties for sale & rent online Fax: 08 9652 2066

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