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By the pupils. For the Community. LENT TERM 2013


Whilst most were shivering in the bitter English winter weather, 28 students along with Mr. Storey, Mr Manning and Mr Halstead and some parents and families all travelled to South Africa for two fabulous sunny weeks before Christmas. After changing planes in Johannesburg, we flew to Cape Town where we stayed at Seaside Cottages. These beautiful cottages held between four to six people and also had a kitchen, leisure area and bathroom. It gave us all a sense of responsibility and independence staying there. We ate at a nearby beachside restaurant called The Bistro—it was a very popular choice with everyone. We stayed at the cottages for the next six days and participated in a wide variety of activities such as sandboarding, wakeboarding, waterskiing, mountain biking, surfing and swimming with penguins. We also undertook the task of climbing up Table Mountain (which you can see in the background of group photo above)

This was a difficult challenge! When we finally reached the top we had parched mouths and exhausted legs, but we were able to see the magnificent view beneath us. The turquoise sea was glistening in the sun and a mosaic of houses littered the land. The scenery was breath-taking. Whilst we were in Cape Town we also visited an aquarium, a shopping mall and we also went on a peninsula tour of the beaches in the area. On Monday 17th December we ate breakfast whilst watching dolphins leaping in the sea—it was an unforgettable farewell to Cape Town. We then travelled eight hours by coach to Namibia where we were hit with a blast of forty-degree heat when the coach doors opened. Our time in Namibia was spent in minimalist style—no showers ,basic food and equipment rations and sleeping out under the astonishingly clear sky. We were given a plate, bowl, cup and cutlery and if we lost them we had nothing to eat from. We were also given two buckets— one for our clothes and another to hold sleeping bags, pillows and mats for two people. We also had a cooler which was filled with a supply of drinks that had to last each pair for the week. During the day we canoed down the Orange River and then set up camp for the night. We also had lots of fun in the river, jumping in rapids and Mr Manning and Mr Halstead even caught a fish! In the evenings we sang around a campfire and Mr Storey pointed out different constellations in the clear sky. After we returned to base camp we enjoyed an afternoon swimming in a pool (for a change!) and we were given certificates to show how far we had canoed. Sadly, we then had to return to Johannesburg for the long flight home to a cold Christmas in England. It was an unforgettable trip and none of our special memories would be possible without Mr Storey’s expert planning.

Prep School prepares to celebrate centenary By Callum J,6Ho In 1913, the first boys walked through the entrance to Cranleigh Prep School for the first time. A century later we are celebrating the centenary of our now co-educational school. During the Summer term their will be numerous events to celebrate the landmark. One of the main events will be the burial of a time capsule to be opened in 50 years time. It is planned that the time capsule will be buried under Perspex so it is on show to everyone. Also, it is due to be buried on the corner between the Roulston Centenary Building and the Couper building. In the school council we have been discussing what we should put in the time capsule and also how we should celebrate. Some ideas that came up were re-planting of the orchard and also letting off 100 balloons. Events that are going this Summer will include a centenary tea, and a cricket match to also celebrate Mr Howard’s 100 terms at Cranleigh. There will also be a centenary painting of Cranleigh Prep School by Mr McNiven. Our Speech Day on 23rd June will also have a centenary theme.

Cranleigh Prep School , c1925



An interview with ...Mrs Jolly Director of Sport at Cranleigh Prep School By Angus G. 6G This issue we decided to interview Mrs Jolly, Director of Sport, who kindly gave us these answers to our questions: How long have you been teaching at CPS? Where did you teach before you came here? I have been teaching here since 2002 , so now it is my 11th school year. Before, I had been teaching at Appleford school in Wiltshire, which is a school for dyslexic children.

What did you want to do when you were younger? Now, what do you prefer teaching, sport or science? When I was younger, I wanted to be a vet because I love animals so much. Now I don’t really know what I prefer teaching, they are both so different..

What do you like to do in your spare time? I like to do many things! I train for triathlons, walk my dogs, read, sew and play the saxophone.

Have there ever been any ‘mix-ups’ on match days? I think I can remember three: When Papplewick came with an unexpected 5thXI cricket team and Westbourne bringing unexpected rounders teams. There was also an occasion when Aldro were waiting for our 2ndXI football team and we were waiting for their team! Both of us were at the wrong place at the wrong time!

What other sports should we offer? Do we need any other sports facilities? We should introduce as much as we can fit in during term time. We have many facilities, but we could have a couple more hard courts for tennis and netball, and maybe some fives courts on ‘our side of the road.’

New Gaps Find Their Feet By Genevieve G-R, 6G and Amy W, 6K Our new Gaps this year, Liam Van Aalen, Claudia Olds, Hannah Thomas and Bradley Love, have quickly settled in to the school routine. Claudia and Liam arrived in early January from Australia and Hannah and Bradley have come from South Africa. When they first arrived here, they all thought the school was big and Claudia said it was like Hogwarts! They came here in order to ‘travel the world and become more independent.’ They chose to come to England to be a Gap because we speak English and it’s close to Europe. They have found it easy to fit in here because ‘all of the pupils were very welcoming, friendly and fun.’ The gaps believe the best thing about being a gap is being independent, giving you a rare opportunity, and meeting new people.’ ‘Being a gap is a great opportunity and a lot of fun.’ They have lots of ambitions in life, for example to travel the world and to make a difference. We hope they enjoy their year at Cranleigh Prep School. Claudia, Hannah, Liam and Bradley

New FACES at Cranleigh Prep By Tomas M, 6G There are two new teachers in the Common Room: Mr Till joined the Science department in January. He plays Football, Fives, Cricket and other sports and has worked at three schools in London before coming here. He enjoys the facilities and staff but his favourite activity so far has been ‘Would I Lie to You?’. When he was younger he wanted to be a vet. Miss Blackmore joined Cranleigh Prep in November. She is the Form Tutor for Form 3W after Mrs Whitcombe went on maternity leave. She likes Cranleigh she says that ‘it’s a lovely school, the children are nice and they are good at netball.’ Her favourite thing at Cranleigh so far has been the Christmas dinner. Miss Blackmore has even met Usain Bolt!

LENT 2013


Mr Manning starts our centenary events with a 100 mile run in aid of ‘Sailability’ Charity By Reef M, 1Q My Dad is an Ultra runner. He runs races of a hundred miles or more. He runs non-stop for twenty-four hours or even longer. He doesn’t even stop to sleep! On Saturday, 2nd March he ran 104 miles in twenty-eight hours and twenty-two minutes and Mr Britt ran the last fifteen miles with him. In May, my Dad will be running one hundred and forty-five miles from Birmingham to London. I hope that I can run as well as him some day. (P.S. My Dad is Mr. Manning!) Mr Manning is raising money for the Sixth Form nominated charity, Sailability. You can sponsor him at:

Left: Mr Manning and Mr Britt at the end of the race. Guess who ran the farthest! We will look forward to following Mr Manning’s next ‘Centenary race’ in the Summer term. On Friday the 25th of January, the Fourth Form brought some delicious cakes and biscuits into school to sell at our Cake Stall during short break. The smell in our classroom was lovely, but distracting! At Short break we took the cakes down to the Dining room and we started to set up our stall. At the start of break, everyone rushed into the room and started to buy lots of cakes and biscuits. It was very crowded and manic and all the cakes seem to sell very quickly. William T and Isobel A seemed to have a plate full of cakes piled high! I am sure everyone was very full afterwards and as we were running the cross-country later in the day, I am sure that it gave everyone some extra energy!

Form 4 pull together in raising funds for the Arklow Orphanage in Sri Lanka By Freya J,4J

After we had cleared up we heard that we had raised over £320—this total was added to the total later in the day when the parents bought all the left-over cakes in the Chapel after the cross-country.. This gave us a total of £401; a brilliant effort to help us to buy a much-needed washing machine for the Arklow Boys Orphanage in Sri Lanka. Other pupils in Form Four have also been busy raising funds for our charity. Lex E sold lollies and raised £100 , Eden C made and sold hedgehogs and Peter M also raised £60 for the charity. We have also provided the boys with some much-needed new underwear this year and we are hoping to carry on our efforts to help them in the Summer term too.



How ‘ECO ‘ is the new building? By Henry M,5B On the 8th February, the Eco Warriors interviewed Mr. Wilson about the new Eco Building. We asked him lots of difficult questions to find out how environmentally friendly it is. The inspiration on for the design came from Mr. Wilson’s father who used to build game lodges in Kenya and with the help of Blue Forest, the architects, they managed to come up with the Eco-Warriors outside Roulston Roulston building. The lay of the land lent itself to a ‘treehouse ‘design. There are two layers of insulation - one is made from recycled glass The sustainable and cost-effective and the other is made from resin wood is taken from pine and spruce insulate with zero ozone depletion. trees and it has been pressure-treated The flooring is 100% recyclable to stop it from deteriorating. One and has an environmental A+ rathundred trees were used and the school is going to replace them with an ing. With tube lights reducing enavenue on both sides of the path down ergy usage by 30% and extended to Westcott. The struts of the building lamp life, the building is estimated to use only 14KW of electricity per are 80% recycled metal and the heatday. ing system is clever as it works like a fridge. It compares the outside and At a later stage we may be able to inside temperatures and heats the add a moss or sedum roof and wabuilding accordingly. ter run-off will be harvested for garden use. The rain water system

and the urinals, from the clean water which is used for taps. The taps in the changing rooms will also have selfstopping valves to reduce wastage. There is also the possibility of compost toilets when this part of the building is completed. As with other classrooms, all have paper recycling trays which are emptied daily. The balcony floor is ‘grippy’ because anti -slip strips have been integrated in the grooves of the deck. There are also plans to put bird feeders in the surrounding trees to attract birds to the area. At the start of the Summer term there are plans to put a professional zip wire in the Copse as well as a wooden pirate ship and climbing frame. An additional 20-30 trees will also be added to the Copse. This new eco-building will be officially named the Roulston Centenary Building on 10th May 2013 when Mr Roulston, the former Master, returns to Cranleigh Prep School to formally open this new ‘eco’ teaching block.

What do the eco-committee do?


By William S, 3S

The Eco-Committee held a Poetry Competition in the first half of the Lent Term. Entries to the competition had to be an acrostic poem with an environmentallyfriendly message. The winning entry was written by Reef M in 1Q -a simple, but sensible message—USE LESS!

The Eco-committee meet every half term to discuss ‘eco-going-ons’ around the school. Each tutor group has at least one ‘eco-warrior’ and we had to write an article about why we would like to be selected as one to help Mrs Sharpe form the new Eco-Committee. Our aim is to make everyone in the school aware of the environment and to make everyone adopt a more eco-friendly attitude. During our meetings we discuss campaigns and competitions that we could run to raise awareness of our aims. Our first major campaign was ‘Switch Off’ fortnight and we are also running ‘Waste Week’ this term,. We are trying to reduce our food waste, our paper waste and to raise awareness of the things that can be recycled such as clothes and shoes. We are collecting clothes and shoes to be recycled and this will help us to raise money for Science equipment for the school. This term we also held a competition to write an acrostic poem with an environmental message. We judged all the entries and the eventual winner was Reef M from the First Form. Runners-up entries were Helen C (6 K), David E (4J) and Elliot S (1M). You can read Reef’s entry in the article to the left.

Use the shower, not the bath Switch off lights Electricity should be saved! Love your planet Energy saving is vital Stop littering Start cycling, not driving. Well done to Reef and all the other entrants who earned house points for their efforts.


LENT 2013

Form 2 posters with a powerful message By Naalini B, 2W Form Two made posters to show information about Global Warming and how greenhouse gases are melting the ice in Antarctica in order to raise awareness. Countries such as Denmark, with low ground, could potentially be covered in water if the ice melts due to global warming.

Pupils from Form 2W proudly display their Eco-posters

Our posters show what Global Warming is, what its effects are and some solutions to this problem. Some people are making Global warming worse, but does Cranleigh Prep have it in them to try and reduce pol-

Global Warming—A warning By David E, 4J Pupils in Form Four prepared and delivered speeches on a subject of their choice this term. David Evan’s Speech on Global warming was passionate and persuasive and is printed here for you to read. The topic that I am going to talk about today is Global Warming. Did you know that if we do not stop releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, then by the turn of the century, Bangladesh, most of Denmark, Iceland and Greenland will be under water because the ice caps will have melted? Since the start of the twentieth century the Earth’s mean surface temperature has risen by 0.8 degrees Celsius, with two thirds of this happening since 1980. This is called Global Warming. The main causes of Global Warming are Carbon-Dioxide from car exhausts, Nitrous Oxide from plant fertilizer, CFC’s from aerosols and Methane which is produced in animal farming. Although most of these are natural gases, human activity through industry and farming has increased their levels. All of these gases build up in the atmosphere which slowly creates a ‘blanket’ that lets heat in; but not out! There are some ways that we can use alternative energy sources to the ones that we are currently using and there are ways that we can ‘fix’ the already-released gases. We could use energy created on wind farms, solar panels and tidal wave technology to create electricity instead of burning fossil fuels and releasing carbon dioxide. If we also

plant more trees and stop deforestation we will increase the absorption of carbon-dioxide from the atmosphere. However, all of these are different: Earth-saving techniques will only be useful if every country and every person plays their part. In the Kyoto Agreement every country was meant to sign a ‘contract’ that made them reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases by a certain percentage. However, lots of countries did not sign this agreement because they did not want to waste their money on saving the planet. They would rather spend it on getting richer! Sadly two of these countries were the U.S.A. and China, two countries who produce some of the most greenhouse gases. So, is it worth doing anything if some countries are doing nothing?



Sweet success on stage 4C give a ‘nut-cracking’ performance By Poppy F, 4C The Nutcracker Sweet is a humorous play by David Wood. The play is about nuts who run a fairground and two evil professors who are trying to catch them so that they can make them into delicious chocolates. The scenery was amazing! There were bright, glowing and colourful lights making the feeling of this fairground more realistic. All the characters acted very well and put great enthusiasm into their performances. Eden C who acted as ‘Gypsy Brazil’ was especially good. She brought a real Latin-American feeling to the play by retaining her superb accent throughout. The costumes were fabulous, from luminous green spiky wigs for the chestnuts to tutus and sparkles too. Mrs Everett did a fantastic job in creating them for us. The overall turnout was great and we had a packed audience. All the actors felt that they did their best on the evening. The play was also a hit with the parents. They gave 4C confidence throughout the play and helped them along the way. Overall it was a great performance and was worth all the time and effort. Now, it is 4J’s turn in the early Summer, then eventually 4S will perform before the end of June. Max B and Mhairi F as Ma and Pa Coconut Eden C played Gypsy Brazil with Lex E as Prof. Jelly Bon-Bon

The Boarding Buzz

Thanks go to Mr Hitchen and Mrs Everett for all their hard work and patience during the many rehearsals for this performance.

Form three humanities is tasty!

By Jess R, 6G and Amy W, 6K Boarding is a great experience for everybody to enjoy. There is a large variety of activities, from dodgeball to cookery which are all lots of fun. After a full day of work at school, we all go up to the boarding house and have a snack and drink. After our snack we get changed and go off to prep. When our 45 minute prep is over, we have supper (which is always very delicious!) Then, the activities commence. Some the activities on offer are badminton, football, I-pad playing, games, aerobics, climbing, archery, dodgeball, swimming, basketball, benchball, cookery, arts and crafts, ICT and plenty more... Every night is fun and we think that boarding will help us when we go to our Senior schools in September. The teachers are really kind and help you to have the best time possible.

Form 3 with Jo Marshall from Kokoh Chocolates On Friday 15th March, Form Three were treated to a talk on chocolate making by Jo Marshall who makes her Kokoh chocolate from her home in Ewhurst. This informative talk (and tasting session!) was the perfect conclusion to the Form Three Humanities topic of ‘Chocolate’. Pupils have been learning about cocoa production in West Africa and the importance of ‘Fairtrade’ to these communities.


LENT 2013 Lower School develop their poetry skills...

The Magic Box By Iris W, 1Q I will put in my box The tip of the pen touching the paper, The first mew of a cat, And a great white shark swimming away in the lovely, blue sea. I will put in my box A beautiful black bird as black as the night, A warm bed, unbearable to leave, And a waterslide higher than the moon. I will put in my box The yellow sun and silver moon, The luscious coral under the sea, And dolphins dancing here and there. I will put in my box A palm tree with fresh coconuts, A nice cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows, And a giant giraffe’s neck higher than the stars. I will put in my box A surfboard washed up on an island, Where the sun is blazing down so hard, And the sound of the sea makes me sleepy. My box is fashioned from Silver buckles, a gold lock and silver key, A brass finger scanner, And a bullet proof, glass lid.

Musical achievements this term By Amber M, 6 Ha It has been another very successful term in the Music Department. Congratulations to Nicholas E (RGS), Emma G (Cranleigh School), and Felix v S (KCS), who have all been awarded 13+ Music Scholarships, and to Alexander M who has won a 13+ Music Exhibition (Cranleigh). Also, a huge ‘well done’ to Francesca D’A, Jasmine D, Louis H Emma Grainger and Scarlet Lines and Kate W who were awarded were winners in the Woodwind and 11+ Music Scholarships. Brass Competition The House Music competition showcased over 300 individual entries again this year, with a huge breadth of age and experience. Mrs Beddison found it very difficult to choose finalists from such a strong set of heats, so each final involved high-class music-making. Winners this year were Scarlet L and Emma G (Woodwind and Brass), Edward T and Felix v S (Strings and Guitars), Maya M and Tabitha F (Voices) and Edward T and Nicholas E (Piano). Diamonds were the runaway victors in this competition with 162 points.

Record number of entries in Photography competition By Jessica R, 6G

I shall surf the highest waves, And taste the loveliest chocolate. A Kenning from Form 2... by Max D Loud shouter Good runner Mean spoiler Great swimmer Card swindler Cool dresser Astonishing liar A lot bigger Outstanding sister.

Entries in the categories of ‘Patterns’ and ‘Faces’ from Victoria A and Amber M This term Mr Simpson organised a Photography Competition which was open to all pupils and there were over a hundred entries in the three categories. The categories were the British seaside, Pattern and Faces. Prizes were awarded at Final Assembly after a showing of the winning entries. House points were given for the best three entries in each category with extra points for the overall winner. Mr Simpson said, “It is great to see the interest in photography is growing.”



Cranleigh braves arctic conditions for house cross-country By Dillon S, 6Ha

The 25th of January was the day of House Cross Country this year; it was on a snowy, bitterly cold and very wet Friday afternoon. Whilst the First and Second Forms had a hard but gentle run of 1km, the senior years had more difficult treks. Third and Fourth Forms ran 1.6km down a slippery slope whilst Fifth and Sixth Forms ran a hard race of 2.5km and our final sprint was up a steep and muddy incline. The winners were: Tom C and Bea E for First Form, Will P and Matilda H for Second Form, Mark W and Heather A won in Form Three, Toby R and Phoebe T won in Form Four, Piers B and Daisy C were winners in the Fifth Form and finally Finn E and Issy P won in the Sixth Form race. Diamonds were the overall house Cross-Country winners for 2012-13. Cranleigh also entered other Cross-Country races such as one at Eagle House. This Cross-Country race was difficult but the U10 and U12 Boys teams managed to come second in both of their races. The U8 Boys came 5th, the U9 Boys placed 6th. The Girls teams also did very well; the U9 team came 4th, the U10’s came 7th, the U11’s came 5th, the U12’s came 4th and the U13’s came second. Despite two of the U13 team gaining injuries, the Eagle House CrossCountry went very well. Cranleigh also entered the Highfield Cross-Country and the U12 and U13 Girls did exceptionally well as both won their races at this meet.

Jacob H (Hearts) and Piers V (Diamonds) race for the line FIVES: Fairly unknown, but still well played Just recently, Cranleigh Prep has played three tournaments in just a matter of days, as well as playing, and winning, various matches in the previous months against schools such as Sunningdale and Cranleigh School. The first tournament was the U12’s Nationals at Eton, led by first pair Jeff O and Louis H. I am sure this tournament was a great experience for the whole squad and it was a great achievement for them to progress to the last 16 before narrowly missing against a strong Sunningdale pair. A few days later it was the Prep Schools Championships, where four U13 pairs entered, including first pair Callum J and Thomas H making the semi-finals of the plate against tough schools like Highgate, Summer Fields and Sunningdale. Two days later, Mr. Halstead took two U13 pairs and three U12 pairs to Harrow for the under 13 Nationals, with Callum and Nick M-T making the quarterfinals, myself (Jordan C) and Nick E making the last 16 and making the final of a further plate, and Jeff and Louis making the semis of the same plate as well. I would like to thank Mr. Halstead for all his efforts towards promoting and encouraging us to play the game of Fives.

Blood, sweat and tears... We’ve had it all this rugby season By Jordan C, 6Ho This year, Cranleigh have had one of the most successful seasons for a while now, with the 1st XV, 2nd XV and the U10B teams all gaining unbeaten seasons throughout the regular season (excluding tournaments), and Harry Barlow becoming a fantastic Captain of the First team. Usually at the start of the season we play St.John’s Beaumont in the Upper school and St. George’s Weybridge in the Middle and Lower schools, but this time we faced Aldro, winning 7 of the 10 matches that afternoon. Further on in the season the 1st XV the team played in the Hall Grove tournament, finishing second after losing to Danes Hill, after previously drawing to them in the group stages. Towards the end of the season though, both the First and Second teams beat Danes Hill on our own turf, and also every team defeated one of the biggest schools, Hurstpierpoint. Well done to everybody who played so well this season and to our coaches too. The Buzz is printed on Recycled Paper

SPORTs success this term Daisy C is holder of the Surrey Backstroke title for her age group. Amy T and Isabel P represented Cranleigh School in the U14 National Finals where they finished 4th. Harry R and Toby R are ranked amongst the top players in their age groups. Freddie E, Piers B, Rory C and Harry G have all been selected for Surrey County Hockey teams. Harry G has been appointed as U13 Surrey Captain. Oliver C is in the Hertfordshire Hockey squad for his age group. The U13 Boys Hockey team qualified for the Regional finals in their age group and finished in fourth place. James G has been accepted into the Salix Cricket Sponsorship Scheme. The U 13 Girls Hockey Team have won their Regional final and have now qualified for the National Finals on 10th May. U11 Boys Hockey team has qualified for Regional finals which will also be held next term. U12 Girls were South IAPS Runners-up in Netball.

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