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Cubitt Newsletter Lent 2013 Housemasters Comments: CHDB

House Cross Country: W. Slynn Cubitt has a fine cross country history. The trophy has been in our cabinet for 16 years in a row now, and Mr Boddington was keen to keep it. Despite a late injury to our Senior Cross Country talisman, Henry Crinage, Cubitt were ultimately victorious. Notable performances from 4th former Harry de Blaby who finished 2nd in the Juniors, Matt Foster who came 1st in the intermediates, and to Max Hemming and Karthik Suresh within the Seniors, who came 2nd and 3rd respectively. Great spirit was shown by all, and it is important to note that it was the valiant effort of all runners, not just the podium finishes, that sealed victory for Cubitt house, yet again.

House Bouldering- Seb Haddock The house bouldering competition is not Cubitt’s strong point. A team was thrown together in a day and included; Seb Haddock, Max Hemming, and Dan Plewman, (none of us climbing on a regular basis). Bouldering is judged on points: 10 points for completing the climb 1st time, 7 for 2nd time, 3 for 3rd try, and then 1 point for eventually completing the climb. Particular mentions must go to Max who came joint 3rd with 120 points and Dan Plewman who got a great 84 points. However in doing this he came flying off the wall and, as a result, had to have surgery on his foot and is out for the rest of term- true commitment to the cause! Overall we came 2nd with 298 points which was an outstanding performance.

Cubitt has continued to have an incredibly successful year; trophy after trophy seems to be flowing into our cabinet and there have been some particularly outstanding performances this term which have made this Housemaster a very proud Cubittian. What is particularly pleasing is the wide range of success that we have achieved; from the stage with Ben Castle-Gibb and Ollie Clark leading the way in the school play, Theo Golden and Chris Oldfield setting the tone musically, the sheer number of Cubittians involved in county and national level hockey success as well as a record sixteenth consecutive House Cross Country title! The final week of term saw the second Cubitt house 6th Form dinner. It is a remarkable event and one which encapsulates the Cubitt spirit; year groups pulling together around the leadership and vision of some of the senior pupils. It was a hugely enjoyable evening and one which is becoming ingrained in the Cubitt culture. It truly is astounding the wide array of talents shared by the current batch of Cubittians. A huge thank you must go to our incredible team of matrons, cleaners and tutors for their energy, enthusiasm and dedication without which the house, quite simply, would not function. May I wish you all a very happy and restful Easter holiday, although the final words must go to those who return to face exams; please get the balance right between work, rest and play!

House Hockey: J. Gall The hockey competition was as competitive as ever; although with a host of first team players in our senior team, we felt confident of victory. A second half come back against Loveday , curtsey of Will Calnan' quality in front of goal, saw us come out as 4-3 victors. This was supported by a 7-2 win against East but ,squandered opportunities in front of goal, saw us held to a draw against North. However, this had now effect on the final outcome as the seniors won the overall competition. The junior teams were energetic and enthusiastic in their matches; the fifth form team led from the front by Wez Lord and Matt Foster came runners up in their competition after being held to draws against North and Loveday. The Fourth form team, containing strong players with the likes of Green, Burns, DeBlaby and Forster lost to North in what was the decisive game and again finished as runners up. Overall this led to Cubitt coming runners up in the overall competition.

Sixth Form Dinner: F. Johnston

Dates for the diary On the 21st April, the first Sunday of next term, Cubitt will hold its annual Charity day. This year sees us take on the challenge of a unconventional Biathlon; a cycle and football tournament. The day will finish with a BBQ at Cubitt at 1200 with pupils being free from 1300. All funds raised will be going to support the work of Beyond Cranleigh and you are all more than welcome to come and lend your support, as well as joining us for the BBQ finale.

Without doubt the highlight of the Lent term was the Cubitt House Sixth Form dinner on the 20th March. With the standard having been set at a seemingly unsurpassable level in the inaugural 2012 dinner Henry Crinage, Will Slynn and Ed de Blaby had the leviathanic task of reaching those dizzying culinary heights. And reach them they did. With the help of their mentor, school head chef John, these 3 sixth formers produced a diverse, colourful and most of all sumptuous menu. For their time, effort and audacity we are eternally grateful and thanks must also go to the 6 Upper fifth waiters who gave up their time to serve up the beautifully presented gastronomic creations of the budding chefs. It was an evening of exquisite badinage, of fine speeches from the new members of the lower sixth, (a tradition now set in stone) of canapés and a stunning Charlie and the Chocolate factory themed, Blumenthal-esque, platter of succulent saccharine delights. The plethora of techniques required to make this dish was awe inspiring and it provided a fitting finale to a wonderful and undoubtedly unforgettable night. We wait with baited breath and tingling taste -buds for next year’s instalment of what will hopefully be one, in a long line of Cubitt Sixth Form Dinner’s.

Junior House Challenge: M. Foster

Music Review: C. LaFosse

After a controversial decision last year led to defeat in the final, this year Cubitt had a particular desire for victory in the Junior House Challenge. Having had a bye through the first round, in the semi-final we came up against a surprisingly confident East side. With the team consisting of Matt Foster, Josh Horwood, Theo Golden and Toby Chesser, we ruthlessly tore through the questions in the opening minutes to set the tone for what would be a comfortable victory, with Horwood’s impeccable knowledge of mildly effeminate Disney films proving invaluable. In the final we were up against last year’s foes Loveday. Hit by injury, we were forced to make some changes, with Ben Clarke stepping in for Josh Horwood and Cameron Scheijde replacing Theo Golden. Our strength in depth was proved, with each member providing ample contribution, leading to another faultless display of intelligence and knowledge and another addition to Cubitt’s trophy cabinet.

Another Lent term has passed, and, in terms of the Cubittians’ contribution to Cranleigh music, a heady nostalgia lingers again. Within the Seniors, our dear chum Horatio Cox braved the trials of the Helen Wareham Strings competition, and treated the audience to what was, in his own words, a “legendary performance”. Unfortunately, the veteran’s masterful command of the fiddle fell upon deaf ears, and this undiscovered prodigy was eliminated. Alongside Horatio, at the control panel of Cubitt’s musical Death Star, is seated Oliver Parker, a tremendous trumpeter. He too plunged into the depths of the Helen Wareham competition, doing brassy battle against some stiff competition. Unfortunately, our favourite cherub was also lost in the mire, and failed to qualify. However, keen to continue his campaign, Parker performed in two Lunchtime concerts, leaving pensioners reeling in wonder, and lodging a pang of judicial regret deep in the heart of MCP. Our Juniors were quick to restore lost honour, with 4th former Chris Oldfield competing in both the Vocal and Brass section of the tabooed H. Wareham competition. Armed with little more than a flugelhorn and a packet of sherbet lemons, Chris blasted the judges off their feet and scooped 1st prize! Hurrah! Dramatic sensation and 4th former Tobias Chesser followed suit within the Vocal competition, chirruping gaily and earning himself a 3rd place prize. In his wake trailed reviews such as “Superb!”, “Sensational!”, and “Rad.” Last but not least, we commend L5th former Theo Golden, the stalwart of Cubitt music. Not only did this sultan of swing chance his arm in both the Helen Wareham’s Vocal and Brass sections, he emerged serially triumphant, with the 2nd place prize in both competitions! An admirable feat, and a fine example for all other aspiring musicians. Bring on the Summer term! Stonesett Trophy: C. LaFosse

House Chess: H. Ward Friday 11th January, and it was that time of year again; house chess. Something I personally have waited for, for 12 long months. However not everyone shared my enthusiasm, nevertheless we found some other aficionados and felt confident we may actually win a round. That we did by beating East in the last round by a convincing 4-1 to claim 3rd place. The team consisted of Alex Clarke, Horatio Cox, Callum Osborne, Angus McConnell-Wood, Toby ‘Chess’er and I. With Callum being so passionate he made several complaints to the moderator Ms. Webb. Nearly getting one unfortunate 4th former disqualified. And that’s the chess, until next year when who knows a top two finish could be on the agenda. That would certainly be a Brobdingnagian feat.

Debating: A. Clarke The year 2013 has already been host to many a momentous event: the election of Pope Francis I; the nuclear tests conducted by North Korea; the instigation of Cyprus’ €10bn rescue plan. It is safe to assume, however, that all of these happenings will pale in the pages of history in comparison to Cubitt’s long deserved victory in the house debating. Enjoying the benefits of last years efforts, Cubitt first opposed a surprisingly strong Loveday team in the semis, the motion ‘this house believes war is useless’ seeing a closely contested fixture. Featuring the erudite Chris Oldfield, the loquacious Cameron Scheijde, the moderately competent Alex Clarke, and the encyclopedic Charlie La Fosse, Loveday, the uppity swine, were eventually deposed, sent trotting back to High Upfold at quite a pace. Next, however, came a truly titanic grudge match. Having fought North in the debating final four years in a row, Cubitt were yet to win. Tactically swapping Horatio Cox for La Fosse after observing how he dispatched the theologians that visited Cubitt the week prior, the team felt confident that rainy March noon. Again as the opposition party, the two sides collided over whether ‘this house would lower the voting age to sixteen’. After many a hefty blow was thrown, the outcome was unclear, something only frustrated by Mr Brookes’ cryptic concluding words. As he finished, however, and with the audience cartoonishly leaning forward in their seats, it was confirmed that Cubitt was the overall victor. Handshakes, cheers, and pats on the back swiftly followed, with whiskey flowing freely in the Games Room that night.

‘What we do in life echoes in eternity’

If anyone is unfamiliar with the Stonesett competition, allow me to shed some light. It is an opportunity for boys of all ages, and of all shapes and sizes, to form thematic teams such as “Nerds”, or “Props”, grace the hallowed Astroturf ™, and engage in a vigorous activity loosely based around the sport of “hockey”. Cubitt’s team captains included Alex Clarke, James Trower, Charlie La Fosse and Tom McKenna, who each took a band of merry Cubittians under their wing, wielding sticks and unleashing war cries. Our notoriously light-hearted approach (choosing players based on entertainment value, as opposed to talent) resulted in copious mouthfuls of the bitter taste of defeat, however the green spirit remained unflagging. Memorable moments include the likes of 4th formers Max House and Tobias Chesser, felling towering 6th formers with majestic swipes at the ankles. In fact, some teams even battled their way to victory, with Alex Clarke and Lewis Bedford scoring their fare share of goals, as well as an intense 4-3 triumph over Captain Kim’s North side, a match which shall reside long in the memory for many years to come. House Football: T. McKenna

‘Tis Pity’: O. Clark The school play, “Tis Pity”, saw two of Cubitt’s 6th form thespians take to the speech hall stage. The play itself contained some rather touchy subject matter, and as such it was a very difficult show to pull off, requiring a solid ensemble performance. Leading from the front was Ben Castle Gibb as the evil servant Vasques, who was very convincing in his sinister role. His Spanish accent was superb, and really helped to convey his character further. Ollie Clark played the brooding Giovanni, and conveyed his pathological jealousy, even in his silent acting, convincingly. These performances contributed to an overall memorable school play, destined to go down in the archives.

Yet again Cubitt entered the House Football tournament as underdogs. Our first round draw put us up against an extremely strong East side, which had more players in the 1st XI on the pitch than we did in the 1st's, 2nd's, 3rd's and 4th's. However, we did not let this intimidate us. A long range effort from Charlie La Fosse, from inside our own half, put us 1-0 up for the majority of the first half until East fought back to equalise. The match had penalties written all over it, until a last minute goal from East meant they were to go through to the final. Despite a large penalty claim in the dying seconds there was just not enough time left to bring it back to 2-2. However, given the circumstances we were not disappointed with this result in the slightest. Next came the 3rd and 4th playoff. Two 'Hernandez esq' tap in goals from James Trower meant that we comfortably beat Loveday 2-1. Special mentions must go to Henry Crinage for his electrifying pace and skill on the ball, and also to Callum Osborne who may let the ball pass him, may have let the player pass him, but never both!

Many thanks for all the sideline support, and to those who actually dared to play, subsequently risking life, limb and dignity. You are all, truly, Cubitt legends.

House Water polo: G. McIntyre We went into house water polo as the underdogs as Cubitt are not renowned for their swimming. None the less, we were going to give it our best shot. In the team were; Gregor McIntyre, Lewis Bedford, Will Gumpel, Angus Burns, Zach La Costa, Kit Fowora and Matt Forster. We were up against North in the semi final and to our surprise we beat them 4-3. It was a great team performance with Gregor and Angus getting 2 goals each. That meant we were against Loveday in the final. Unfortunately, we couldn’t replicate the performance against north and we lost 6-1.