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Lent Term 2013 MRS FRETT’S COLUMN I’ve just come back from the Dance Show and am sitting down at my desk trying to write for the newsletter when for once in my life I am fairly speechless (it didn’t last long!). It was brilliant and I cannot believe how professional you all were. As I reflect on this short but action-packed term it is incredible to think that in eleven weeks we have accomplished so much. The first half, of course, was dominated by the South Play, ‘Arsenic and Old Lace,’ and I have to admit that, although the cast certainly added to the growing strands of my grey hairs, I had an awful lot of fun. There were some moments of sheer quality, such as Gabi Hill in her ever-changing Somerset accent in the role of the outrageous Bessie telling our respected Headmaster, “Move over, my lover!” As for the totally eccentric three Brewster sisters, played by Bea Stephenson, Cecile Zoet and Jess Morley, one never knew what they were going to say next or indeed if it was going to bear any relation to the script at all. Anna Forrester and I did sit in the dark in sheer panic as on one night we went from p3 to p8 and back to p6. Goodness knows if the audience had a clue what was going on! There was glamour, slap-stick, the law, the church, zombies and corpses dotted around a few boys for good measure, and lots of cross-dressing! However, if I now reel off the list of what else has happened, then you will understand that the phrase ‘action-packed’ is an understatement. We have had hockey Nationals (congratulations to the U14s who came 4th and the U16th who came 1st in the entire country!), modules and mocks - the most important thing we do here no matter what the girls say, house debating (we WERE robbed!), house chess (we won 4-1), house netball (where we won the juniors), Helen Wareham Music Competitions strings, voice and brass, house cross country (Christi Radkiewicz won the juniors), Junior Schools challenge (we almost could smell victory), DW canoe race training (lot of falling in freezing dirty Thames water!), Silver D of E training expedition (in arctic conditions), riding, South Chapel service (ably led by Imara with a special guest appearance from Bessie!), swimming and more work.

Southies are without doubt amazingly talented and shine in all aspects of school life. Their motto is to have a go, and rarely do I have to motivate them. They constantly surprise me and exceed my expectations, which is why I repeatedly say I have the best job in the world. I am so proud of each and every one of you - all 109. Thank you for making South so special. Before I get too mushy I do want to thank the other very important people in my life. What makes this house tick, you might ask? Well there are my dedicated team of cleaners - Val, Mollie, Lana and Mel who go beyond the call of duty and make this house look spectacular. My matrons, whose job description doesn’t even come close to describing what they pack into their day! Claire and Kim, you are both incredible and a joy to work with. My tutor team are superb and long-suffering (wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall in our tutor meetings?). I think it has to be said that working closely with me must be a challenge, and Miss Greenwood and Miss Sturdee do it with panache. There are many moments of laughter, strong cups of tea we have had, not to mention the times they have to finish my sentences, watch me try to ring the bell for Callover using the light switch and discuss at length how we can make this the happiest, warmest, kindest strongest house in the world! Have a great Easter. God bless, see you next term. Mrs Frett x P.S. Please see the school website for my Lent Term rap!

HEAD OF HOUSE Imara Gluning Although this term has gone at a ridiculous pace, it’s fair to say that everyone looks shattered. And honestly, who can blame us? We have had such a filled term what with South House Play, chess (shouts out to our captain Ella G), house cross-country, Nationals for hockey, DofE, DW, South House chapel and so much more. Us Southies know how to play hard, but most importantly stick to our infamous house spirit. Mr Griffiths said it himself how brilliant the atmosphere in our house is and that’s thanks to everyone who lives here. So, I hope that all of you enjoy the Easter break! You deserve it! Ok fair enough some of you may be working, but what I always say is that you are much better off doing 2 hours of hard, concentrated revision and then sleeping the rest of the day, then 5 solid hours of average revision whilst you are tired. One last thing, South eat more biscuits then all of the boys houses put together. Fact.

DANCE AND FASHION SHOW The combined Fashion and Dance Show this year saw members of our UVth, LVIth and UVIth all taking part. The Fashion/Dance Show was of an outstanding standard, and it attracted a sell-out audience, raising over £3,000 for Tildy’s Trust. Exceptional dance performances came from two members of the Sixth Form, Sophie Lewis and Beth Andrew. A special mention must also go to the many other South girls that were involved in the Dance Show, of which there were over 20. Some of the dances were choreographed by Millie, Kitty, Anna and Cecile. A massive congratulation must also go to all the models that took part and helped raise an incredible sum for charity - you all looked great! Thank you to Ella Gurdon and Lara Hobson for helping direct and organise the whole show.

SOUTH HOUSE PLAY: “ARSENIC AND OLD LACE” It was certainly an entertaining production; one where nearly all thirty of the cast hadn’t a clue as to what was going on. Lines would be missed, made up and when in doubt; “shall we go and make a cup of tea…?” Nevertheless, luckily due to that, it made it the fast-paced hysterical play that had everyone in it as well as watching in laughter. Right through auditions, rehearsals and through to the live performances, there was not one moment where an outburst of laughter did not occur. Having the mixture of girls involved throughout the house gave the play its unpredictable drive and quirks, whilst realizing how weird we all were. A massive thank you to Mrs. Frett who put up with us all and inspired the three crazy grannies in particular.

HELEN WAREHAM The Helen Wareham Vocal Competition was on the 8th March. We had many entrants including Olivia Chesser (who also came 2nd in the Junior Strings Competition), Fayruz Megdiche and Eva Solt. Everybody sang beautifully with great passion and confidence. The evening went very well. There was a full audience and all entrants were praised highly for their efforts. The juniors were robbed of 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for South girls, however in the seniors Phoebe Bagge got through to the next round of the competition which is on the 26th April. Well done to everyone; a great effort all round.

SOUTH HOUSE CHAPEL South House chapel was organised for Valentines day. After a reading from Abi Doherty, Imara spoke on the topic of always needing friends at the end of the day to carry you through. The address came from an old woman from Somerset, Bessie [Gabi Hill], who spoke on the topic of her past romances, but importantly the importance of friendship. The prayers were led by two members of the Lower Fifth, Victoria Parker, and Maddie Lock. With a bit of humour and a few laughs the chapel was a raving success and everyone left with a large smile on their faces! A special thanks to Imara and Miss Sturdee for organising it all.

HOUSE CROSS COUNTRY by Christi Radkiewicz The annual house x-country run took place on a glorious Monday afternoon in March. Many spectators with painted banners set the scene this year. There was clear competition between South and West and the expectations were high from last year. Before we knew it, the whistle was blown and we were off. Running up the golf course hill, I think I can say this was the most painful part of the run—it seemed like an age before the end! It was quite close between me and another West girl, but then I felt a sigh of relief as I ran past the finish line, first, with lots of cheers of support. It was great to have won for the 2nd time in a row. Following not far behind us was a string of alternating South and West girls. This resulted in both houses scoring exactly 100 points each, although it wasn’t a clear win. South will eagerly await next year’s competition! Well done to everybody.


CHESS The chess team consisted of the mighty Amy Slade, the amazing Jemima Young, the witty Fayruz Megdiche, the fabulous Imara Gluning and myself, Ella Gurdon (el Capitan). We entered the room where the tension was nail-biting. We took our seats, opposite our opponents. There was no stopping us. With a victory of 4-1, South conquered West. Congratulations to everyone who took part.

South competed against Loveday in the House Debating Competition. At first, it was a very daunting task and I think we were all a little nervous. The team was composed of – Ellie Williamson (IV form), Ellie Sutherland U6, Emily Robinson U6, and Lucy Yeeles (U5). We had to propose the motion “This house believes that horse meat should be on the menu.” I’m pretty sure none of us agreed with the view but, during the 15 minutes we had to prepare we had to put aside our personal opinions on the subject. Ellie W spoke first, explaining that horses shouldn’t be considered different to other animals such as chicken. After that, I argued that horses actually contain a lot of meat, so would actually be very nutritious. Loveday tried to offer some ‘points of information’ which we happily rejected! Terri Yoon (South) won the floor debate with a comment about religious opposition to eating certain animals. Ellie Sutherland, confidently concluded for South’s arguments. Throughout the competition Emily was consistently creating new ideas to say, and also points where we could offer some rebuttle to Loveday. Despite our great team work, Loveday won. It was a fun event and I hope South can win in the future!


NETBALL The 1st netball team was captained by our very own Alice Eamey this term. They took part in the Surrey finals - ‘In our group we had some tough competitors such as Guildford High and Epsom who we beat on the previous Saturday. Winning 3 of our games, drawing to Epsom and losing to Guildford High, meant we came third in our group and narrowly missed out in qualifying for the semi-finals.’

This term the U16 hockey won the Nationals. Clemmie, Gaby and Eva from L5th, Kimi, Phoebe, Katy and Poppy from U5th took part. It was a great achievement and they are proud to be the first team of Cranleigh girls ever to win the hockey Nationals. We hope to keep it up throughout our Cranleigh school life. In response the whole house was buzzing with excitement. A fantastic achievement. We are very proud. The U14 A hockey team also had great success this year. Coached by MR B, the team consisted of a lively and extremely competitive bunch of girls, Jammy especially. They had an unbeaten season, but narrowly missed out on the top spot in the Nationals where they succeeded in coming 4th!



Katie Batchelor by Anna Forrester was involved in On the weekend playing for East after half term 5 Grinstead Ladies intrepid Southies 1st Indoor went out on the Hockey team. annual CCF 24 hour They were exercise. This inplaying in the cluded Ellie and National League myself (who were in Tournament (the charge of the whole operation (score 1 second highest for the girls) and three new cadets, Jemima, Fe and Eva. The league in the country) and got whole weekend consisted of patrolling, firing blanks (a first time for the L5th), attacks and learning how to cook ration packs and promoted to other useful skills. Despite premier league as many more boys there than they won the girls, I know everyone got as tournament. involved as they could and That’s the equivalent of the league Manchester made the whole weekend a united play in football - Well done! really fun experience, and I know the girls will have A NOTE FROM FRODO… learnt a lot from it! Ellie and I had an interesting time as Now I know you all Platoon Sergeant and Commander, respectively, and I know we complain about my various both found the experience a massive learning curve too! smells or dog scents, I like Thankfully it was dry all weekend, and well done to the L5th for to call them. Well I am a surviving the very very cold night, sleeping only under a basher versatile canine and have (for those non-CCF-ers, a piece of camouflaged tarpaulin)! turned over a new leaf. I now have a doggie perfume which is better than Lynx. In fact Mrs Frett has to fight off all the female canines in Cranleigh because they just can’t keep away from me! Also, courtesy of Kim, who is one of the few in my inner circle, I now have special biscuits that mean I don’t cause Matron’s room to suddenly evacuate for absolutely no apparent reason! Honestly, you lot are SO fussy. It’s a healthy, outdoor, doggie smell. You wait till you’re 70+. I bet you won’t manage to keep your odours to yourselves! Have a great holiday; get lots of fresh air, I’ll miss you all.

THANK YOU TO: South House matrons Claire and Kim.... You are amazing—what would we do without you? And the cleaners: Mollie, Val, Lana and Mel. We hope you have a relaxing Easter x

DEVIZES TO WESTMINSTER RACE And finally a massive good luck to all those involved in the four day race over the Easter weekend. Huge respect for all your commitment and hard training. You will be FABULOUS!

Written By Louisa Richards and Maisie La Costa