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By Caity O’Brien and Ellie Stonell


South House MRS FRETT WRITES... I’m sure the girls in South will agree that this term has been so busy that it feels as though at times it’s been hard to stop and take a breather. The Upper 5th and 6th Form came back straight into modules and mocks and Matrons did a flourishing business in lavender bags and bath bombs! I have decided to invest in some relaxation tapes which I will relay throughout the house on loud speakers during the next set of exams!!! It is always a hard term to get through. The post-Christmas blues, where everything seems dark, gloomy and wet has even affected Frodo and he moped around for a while. It has been a fantastic term for South girls and I am sure you are all looking forward to a well deserved break. Have a very happy Easter and I will see you next term. Tuesday 26th April at 5.30pm for boarders and Wednesday 27th April at 8.10am for day girls.

FRODO WRITES… What are my thoughts living for a second term in a mad house of intense female emotion? Ladies, you have GOT to cut me some slack. I am after all, firstly the token male in South! (You cannot count Dan who abandons me every morning at 6am and the other Frett boys who are just never here- I could do with their advice, as coping with the female psyche is stressful!) I am also a dog, in case some of you haven’t noticed. You leave your food out, I think “Hello, how sweet of them”. It’s what we dogs do. I have perfected my ‘sorrowful, nobody-feeds-me’ look. I can also clear a room faster than any other creature, apart from a skunk. I just don’t know what all the fuss is about. It could have something to do with exams whatever they are, but the mornings are now lighter; I can see where I am going in the morning and I no longer fall in rabbit holes. Now you are all on holiday and I shall have to sit and pine by Matron’s door until you all come back. I’ll miss you and remember I am here for you if you need a hug. You can tell me your secrets and I’ll never talk. Happy Easter.

South House

MUSICAL TALENTS IN SOUTH Merriman Concert Orchestra: Ellie Ayling blew us away with a stunning rendition of a piece by  Eric Coates with a full orchestra behind her. She commanded the stage with confidence and showed  that her offer from Royal Welsh College of Music is well deserved.   Superstrings lecture: given to both music scholars and scientists within the school exploring the  link between science and music.   Helen Wareham Competition: Ruby Joy wowed us all with her  rapid Rachmaninoff and flew into the final, there were excellent  performances on the piano by Chloe Allison and Olivia Moxey . The  juniors were dominated by south with Hattie Allison coming 2nd and  Ellie Morgan 3rd. Ellie Ayling got through to the next round in the  singing competition, beating fierce opposition. Harriet Trundle's  sweet singing secured 2nd place in the juniors. In the woodwind Ellie  got through again and this time was joined by Chloe Allison who was  so successful on her two instruments she is now allowed to choose  to play either clarinet or recorder in the finals. Hannah Lock’s flute  playing won her 2nd place in the juniors. Congratulations to all those  Southies who took part in all the competitions including: Soyoung  Choi, Phoebe Bagge, Sophie Marr, Louisa Golden, Ellie Morgan and  Teresa Yoon.   Verdi Requiem: which took place on the last Sunday of term  saw Cranleigh Chapel Choir and Cranleigh Choral Society join forces with the Merriman Concert  Orchestra. A huge production of some marvellous music which had an enormous impact on the  audience.  Southies are always at the for front of singing, we know this from our lyrical lines in chapel and  morning callover. But, have also proved that we are innovators with Louisa Golden, Olivia Moxey,  Rosie Singleton and Paddy Cahill (honorary Southie!) setting up a new student based choir with has an  emphasis on modern music. Three weeks in the choir boasts 40 members and is getting support from a  widespread section of Cranleigh students not normally seen as the forerunners of Cranleigh music (Go  Glee Club!).   But who said that is was just the students who have come out tops with our music?! Mrs Frett  has graced the stage of St Nicholas Church. It was said that roses were thrown, hats were raised and  smiles were all round. To be honest the Southies knew in their heart that we had a star in our mist  when the introduction of Happy Birthday was brought into the callover routine.   All in all some amazing achievements which have been squeezed into a very small amount of  time.  By Louisa Golden    

South House

HOUSE CROSS COUNTRY Very soon after we returned from half term 25 girls from South took part in the house cross country against West. So many pupils and teachers turned out to support and the atmosphere was great. In the junior run South managed to obtain the top four places with a win for Olivia Hartley and second place taken by Ella Flavell in astonishingly quick times and overall South won the junior section. The seniors was won by Milly Windus, soon followed by Mia Milne and although in total West won the seniors we managed to win overall. A huge thank you must go to those girls who volunteered to run despite not being too keen! All in all, the girls all ran extremely well. Another win for the Southies!

ZAMBIA 2011 Please support the Zambia 2011 trip by joining us on Sunday the 1st of May for a 20 mile walk (although there is a 10 mile option for those who cannot manage the full length!) and it would be amazing if we could raise as much money as possible so please donate and join us on the walk! SouthHouseCranleigh

By Millie Crane

MISS MORLAND WRITES… Starting as Resident Warden in South this term has been an illuminating experience. One of the first things to strike me was how wake-up resembled working on a farm. Since as a young girl I had aspirations to be a farmer, this of course has been nothing but a bonus. The girls are obviously still ravishing and beautiful as ever in the morning, don’t get me wrong. However, upon waking, the grunts that emanate from bodies curled up in duvets with various limbs splayed all over the place are more piglike than human. Furthermore, the general stuffiness and dare I say it, smell, that can build up in the dorms over night also tend to remind one of a sty. There have been several other perks to the job. I have loved getting to know the girls better and having them over to my flat; one of the highlights was watching a few L6 laugh so hard at a photo of me on my wall that one of them was actually Rolling On the Floor Laughing (I didn’t realise that really existed). Jokes aside, the girls have been great : so welcoming and fun to be around; thanks to you all!

South House

SCHOOL PLAY ‘THE SUICIDE’ Four South girls performed in the school play ‘The Suicide’ this term. I’m sure that everyone who watched will agree that Rosie Peters gave a hilarious performance as the flirtatious Margarita. Ellie Shaw made a wonderful cameo performance as the old woman in superbly realistic costume and makeup. Also, Zoe Clarke was fantastic excelling the dance scene particularly. Emily Coleridge displayed her diverse talent, making two appearances and Emma Collier was gorgeously brilliant as Raissa, the competing woman for the love of Semyon. A special mention must go to Anna Forrester who spent endless amounts of time working backstage for the production. Well done on your excellent and hilarious performance Southies!

DofE On the 4th of March, around 15 South girls from the Upper 5th departed on a 3 day trek around the Surrey Hills. They walked for 3 days in wind, rain and sunshine and fought through bitterly cold nights in tents, and of course came back with all the blisters to prove it! Fantastic experience to prepare them for the expedition in the Summer term.

South House

DW Four South Upper Sixth formers are taking part in 2011’s Devizes to Westminster kayaking challenge. Georgia Methley, Gabi Brown, Chrissie Hoolahan and Tori Prew have done an amazing job with weekly 6 mile runs and practicing paddling and falling in! If you would like to sponsor them on their 125 mile race please follow these links and all donations go to an excellent cause! BrownMethleyDW2011 prewhoolahandevizestowestminster

LENTEN ADDRESS During week 10 the Lenten Address team visited the school. Many of the girls remembered fondly Nouvella Kusi who came to be part of South for those few days. The talks were challenging and Mickey Mantle with his gentle and charming Aussie accent gave everyone lots to think about!

EXAMS As soon as the term began the Upper Fifth, Lower Sixth and Upper Sixth were thrown into exams. Although this was an extremely stressful time, the warmness of South House and it’s Matrons made the whole experience just that little bit better! Towards the end of term Module results for the Sixth formers arrived with the majority extremely pleased with how

South House

HOUSE DEBATING Five South girls united to form the debating team. Milly Windus and Emily Coleridge from the Lower Sixth, Ellie Sutherland and Imara Gluning from Upper Fifth and Holly Gluning from 4th form. We won our first debate comfortably, with Ellie Sutherland particularly excelling in her argument on university tuition fees. The following week we were against West and the whole house was desperate for South to do our best. Milly Windus’ excellent debating skills shone through as she gave an truly convincing argument on prisoners rights to vote which blew West away. The final was against North, who have always been an extremely strong house with regards to debating; in a close contest with South arguing in favour of military intervention in Libya, North managed to pip us to the post! Gabi Hill was awarded a prize for the best audience contribution.

FASHION SHOW The Fashion Show has been the brainchild of Tori Prew this term. She has been working tirelessly throughout the term in order to produce an amazing show for an excellent cause. Annie Hodge, Livi McConnell-Wood and Nina Beeston have also helped out with the event and many Sixth Form girls from South took part modelling and dancing. All in all it was an excellent show for parents and pupils and all the money raised went to an amazing cause.

SPORTING ACHIEVEMENTS WITHIN SOUTH To begin the term five girls from South; Emily Brock, Chloe Allison, Hattie Allison, Caileigh Faure, Ella Flavell set off to the National Riding Championships. Hattie Allison came in 3rd place for the Intermediate Show Jumping team as well as taking 4th place along with Chloe Allison in the Novice Indoor Arena Eventing team. The U16 A hockey team including 8 South girls managed to reach the semi finals of regional's. And also in hockey a number of South girls have been selected for Surrey teams this year,

AUSCHWITZ TALK South’s very own Louisa Golden and Emily Coleridge from the Lower Sixth gave a lecture about their day visit to Auschwitz. Their talk was an extremely moving experience for all who listened. Mrs. Frett claimed that it was ‘The best lecture she has ever been to!’ Thank you so much Lulu and Emily for sharing your experience with us.

We then has 5 Southies who took part in Surrey Netball tournament and they reach the final against GHS and were unfortunately defeated, however they all played outstandingly and this is a great start for their first year of Netball at Cranleigh. To end to the term the 1st Lacrosse team competed in Nationals, having a tough first day but managed to get into the 3rd division where they then finished in 3rd place. Well done to all South girls and their excellent sporting achievements.

South House

South Rap 2nd term in and the weather was no better Despite global warming it just got wetter. Started the term with mocks and modules Had to sit and revise and abide by the rules.

Lavender bags seemed to work their magic Exams came and went and weren’t too tragic. Matron’s room was busy with lots of flu The January rain made the house seem blue.

Then February came with Valentine’s Day We had a house quiz for those who wanted to play. “Forget the boys!” was the general cry. “They just make you sad and want to curl up and die.”

House Cross Country brought South House to its feet. Our honour was at stake as West we had to beat. Our Juniors and Seniors stormed past the winning post. The Victory was ours though we don’t like to boast.

House debating followed quickly- what a strong team. We didn’t take no prisoners, despite that being our theme. Loveday and West didn’t stand a chance, As South dominated and led them quite a dance.

Module results caused angst and pain, Though I tried to dull their misery with kindness- in vain! The day dawned early and nails were bitten to the quick. The majority were happy though a few felt sick.

So two terms have flown by and lots to show The Upper 6th are counting and can’t wait to go. Make the most of this school and don’t waste time pining, Enjoy every moment and quit your whining.

All that’s left to say is thank you to my team. Miss Greenwood, Matrons, tutors, cleaners- you reign supreme! Have a great holiday, happy Easter everyone,

See you next term, which should be lots of fun.