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This is similar to the new house colour: a mix of East’s blue and

SOUTH HOUSE Michaelmas Newsletter 2010

Cubitt’s green.

By Emily Coleridge and Hetty Cunningham

MRS FRETT WRITES... As I’m sitting at my desk looking out at the snow, it’s hard to believe that term is almost over. It has been a roller coaster of a ride. I’ve loved every minute (well almost … showing parents into a room with a half naked 6th Form was not my finest hour!). I want to say a big thank you to the girls in South for making me and my family feel so welcome. There have been some huge highlights. In no particular order: numerous evenings with the U6th putting the world to rights (they tried to convince me of the merits of ‘The In-Betweeners’!), watching the L6th make canapés and muffins and singing raucously along to Abba , U5th deportment lessons (they far exceeded my expectations!), South Unplugged (what talent!), trip to Santa Fir in the snow with the U6th, going with the girls to the depot for the Samaritan Purse and seeing what happens to all those Christmas boxes, 4th Form pedicure session with the 4th Form prefects which turned into a sing-a-long, L5th social with East and Cubitt LVth and having to judge their attempts to make various famous Landmarks! Having supper with some of the 6th form and their boy “friends”; a most enjoyable experience! Watching the House Performance and various concerts and matches, Hamlet- I am bowled over by the talent in this house. Of course I need to mention what an overwhelming experience it was for all of us dealing with the death of a much loved friend, Tilda Curran. I was so proud of the outpouring of love and support my 6th Formers gave to the younger ones. The L5th were so brave and dignified and were an example to me and my colleagues. We are still coping with the aftermath and I urge you to continue to be kind to each other and be there for each other when life seems difficult. I am blessed with the most incredible team; Miss Greenwood who keeps me sane and laughing. Miss Peers, a huge asset, who sadly is leaving us as Resident Warden, but will be a 4th Form tutor, the tutor team, Ann and Claire, our matrons who are fabulous and my prefects led by Georgia and abetted by Livvy (you have no idea the wild plans we concoct when we meet!) I feel truly honored to be part of such an elite group of young ladies. From the bottom of my heart- thank you! Merry Christmas. God bless. Mrs Frett x


HOUSE PERFORMANCE The standard of the House Performance this year was higher than I have ever known it, and so it was only right that two members of The Flying Pickets, a professional cappella band, should be called in to judge. Cubitt:: We had to change our song at the last minute to ‘Raise it Up’. So Spirits were high as Cubitt was first up on the night, but despite our nerves everything went according to plan. We finished our second performance to a tumult of noise from the Cubitt supporters as we were the closing act in the second set of performances. We had only 5 sessions to teach the 4th form their dance, but they really rose to the challenge, and on the night performed their moves perfectly in time and with style to ‘We Are Your Friends’. They did us proud. When the results were in we all sat waiting with our fingers crossed to hear them. In the dances Cubitt secured 2nd place, followed by the part-song results which revealed that Cubitt had come 1st, meaning an overall victory for Cubitt! Definitely a night to remember. Special thanks to Annie Hodge, Paddy Fletcher and D Wassa for the 4th form dance, and to Paddy Cahill, Chloe Allison and Ellie Ayling for the part-song. By Zoe Clarke East:: This years’ East House Part Song, was amazing. We were lead by Oliver Metcalfe (who composed the piece brilliantly) and Tori Prew, who encouraged everyone to take part. We rehearsed daily, and although this was sometimes quite intense and difficult, we rose to the challenge. Unfortunately this year we lost out to Cubitt, however we feel we won in spirit. Rosie Singleton and Sophie Marr sung beautifully, and we all had a lot of fun in participating. By Tori Prew The fourth form were better than ever this year as they worked tirelessly on their routine to ‘Men in Black’. With minimal time to learn the dance they all did superbly and although on the night we lost, spirits were high as the dance went really well, as everyone was in time and had lots of attitude. By Livvy McConnell-Wood P.S. Well done to all the South girl performers and behind the scenes crew involved in the end of term Dance Show—what a great way to finish the term. SLG



Having learnt three new chants to boost the South House spirit, the South girls were ready to compete against West in the first set of house matches in mid -November. Both 4th form teams had great matches, unfortunately the L5th A team lost after a strong fight but the combined Lower and Upper 5th B team managed to win with a well-deserved victory . The U5th A’s were unstoppable with a triumph of 4-0. The senior B team brought back our best win 8-1, while the senior A’s lost 1-0 in a hard fought match. The final round had to move indoors due to frozen pitches and yet again the South girls showed fighting spirit and never-say-die attitude. The final result was that South won the Junior Cup and West the overall competition. Thanks to all the captains and Miss Greenwood for sorting out the teams and well done to everyone who played! By Katie Richards

This year south started off against the knowledgeable North house who had many previous victories under their belt. So with fingers at the ready the completion began with a buzz! With un-lady like speed our team of Zoe Clarke, Nina Beeston, Holly Gluning and Anna Forester answered some tricky questions. Unfortunately the final score was an overall victory for North but South showed enormous house spirit whilst participating.

Fourth form Cross Country: This year the fourth formers were as eager as ever to begin the 2 mile race around the school, a compulsory part of Cranleigh’s tradition! With a team huddle before the race and a pep talk from Mrs Frett, the South team sprinted off in style. The South team came second overall but were extremely cheerful afterwards as Olivia Hartley came first, Kimi Zoet came second and Katie Bowser came fourth. Well done to everyone who ran as we won in team spirit!

SOUTH HOUSE South Unplugged The talent this year at South’s low-key music event was higher than ever, with performers ranging from first performance to regulars on the stage. We had a variety of performances on the Guitar, Keyboard, Ukulele and voice. There is a lot talent in the L5th as we had strong vocal performances from Rosie, Cecil, Phoebe and Charlie. Ellie Ayling, Ellie Morgan and Olivia Moxey all showed off their talents on the Keyboard whilst singing. Also, Hetty on the Guitar with Sophie and Lulu singing started off the show wonderfully with their version of ’Dream Catch Me’. As well as this, performances from Emma on the Guitar, Rosie and Olivia McConell-Wood on the Uke created a cheerful atmosphere for this house-spirited event. With a final surprise performance from Mrs Frett to finish off the night, the fourth form were sent to bed. This is an event which is rated highly in South and part ‘Two’ will take place next term.

Have Southies got the X-Factor? This term we have had a healthy diet of lunch time concerts for both the Seniors and the Juniors and for some this was their Cranleigh Premier. South has also been prominent in the beginning stages of the Helen Wareham Competition. Millie Crane played her trombone with a comic flare leading to Mrs. Frett describing it as ‘awesome and amazing’ playing. In the Senior String Competition, Lulu Golden and Ruby Joy got through to the second round, with Ellie Ayling commenting that it was ‘thoroughly enjoyable and engaging performances, full of both musical and emotional playing'. Both will now go head to head with Sam McCagherty in the final and we look forward to their playing in the Summer Term . In the junior section Soyoung Choi played beautifully on the violin resulting in her gaining second place, and Emily Hill put in a fine performance on the cello, playing Bach with a fluid insight. Terri Yoon was joined on stage with Emily Hill, Souyoung Choi and Ellen Dixon (West) to play some magnificent Mozart. South talent also managed to be a part of East House music evening with stunning solo’s from both Phoebe Bagge and Rosie Singleton, and with many of the East girls again performing the partsong performance. Southies have been involved in many other extra curricular music activities, such as putting on a show in the Christmas Concert, in which the Orchestra, Wind bands and The Cranleigh School Piano Trio played. This was an amazing accomplishment which showed off 13 weeks of hard work. Talking of a larger scale Cranleigh Choir up scaled to Windsor Chapel to sing Evensong during which Ellie Ayling sang a trio with two boys and completely outshone them with her angelic voice! And last but not least, we must celebrate Chloe Allison's fantastic achievement in being selected to play with the National Wind Ensemble who are planning to go on a tour to the Far East. This underlines the many personal achievements of south musicians who have demonstrated that they certainly do have the x-Factor! By Lousia Golden

SOUTH HOUSE My First impressions of South.

PUBLIC SPEAKING This year we had another fantastic Public Speaking competition in which Hetty Cunningham, Gaby Hill and I all took part. Our talk this year was particularly relevant as it was on the much debated topic of University fees. Gaby Hill opened our talk with a particularly articulate proposal and introduction of the speech, Hetty then continued with power and passion bursting from her impressive collection of statistics and information about the Universities most of us are hoping to attend. Although we did not place all of south was very proud of our achievements and next year we will beat the boys! By Ellie Shaw

I was quite nervous when Mrs Frett told me I was going to a house with 101 girls (I thought she was barking mad!) , as I’m quite shy by nature, but I have to say the welcome was overwhelming. You are all so kind and I can’t thank you enough for leaving me treats everywhere. I love Matron’s room where the biscuit tin and bin are always good for a sniff. Just for future reference, I love apple cores, doughnuts and carrots (thank you so much Alice and Emma). Highlight of this term was getting my very first birthday apple and candle. Thank you too for my very smart collar (I love the Ugandan green, Katie, it goes with my eyes) and for taking me for walks. My canine verdict to South House: the coolest place to live in the world ...doggie Heaven. By Frodo Baggins (with a little help from Mrs Frett)


House Squash

This year Olivia McConnell-Wood and I took part in the house fives competition along with Millie Crane, Lucy Hartely, Bea Stephenson, Ellie Sutherland. Cecile Zoet and Phoebe Bagge, Kimi Zoet and Phoebe Street. Although unsuccessful we bravely took on the west team and fought extremely hard losing by only a few points in most cases. As this is the first time of playing fives for most of the girls who took part we were all very proud of our achievements and had a lot of fun! By Ellie Shaw

On the 17 of November at 5:20 House squash between South and West took place. It was a tight match, but unfortunately we narrowly lost. Participants were Emily Robinson, Bea Stephenson, Alice Eamey, Abi Swift and Chrissie Hoolahan. Chrissie won a tough match, and fought hard for her victory. South did very well against a strong opposition, and will continue to train hard to try and be the victor over West next time. By Abi Swift