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FACT SHEET Natural Resource Management - Get involved! What is natural resource management? Natural resource management is about using our natural resources - like our soils, rivers, plants and animals - wisely, so that they stay healthy and we can keep using them in the future.

Bird monitoring is a great way of understanding the local environment better. Photo source: Dionna Newton

Get involved in Landcare activities Photo source: Anna Wind

What can you do at home? • Put native plants in your garden • Have quick showers • Recycle and reuse waste • Walk or ride to school • Walk your dog on a lead • Keep your cat indoors at night

Why get involved? In North West Tasmania there are plants and animals that are struggling to survive. They need our help to look after their homes and habitat (areas where they live).

Native animals like bandicoots require protection Photo source: Dave Watts

There are great activities invovled in Coastcare to help protect animal species including penguins. Photo source: Anna Wind

What can I do? There are lots of actions kids can do to help with natural resource management. For instance you can: • Join an NRM group • Monitor plants or animals • Plant trees or other habitat • Protect areas • Create new homes for animals • Join in clean up activites • Write to local newspapers

Get involved and help protect native flora reserves. Photo source: Christine Moore

FACT SHEET Natural Resource Management - Get involved! How you can get involved Go online for more information Birds Australia - Tasmania www.birdsaustralia.com/the-organisation/tasmania. html Cradle Coast NRM - Shorebirds monitoring program www.cradlecoastnrm.com

You can help build new homes for penguins Photo source: Cradle Coast NRM

How do I know if I am successful? There are so many actions you can do to make sure you look after the natural environment. Three simple questions can help you decide if you have been successful in your everyday actions or in a special project: • Is this good for the economy? • Is this good for the community? • Is this good for the environment? If you answer yes to all three questions then it is likely what you are doing is good natural resource management. Further information For more information about helping with natural resource management contact Cradle Coast NRM. There are trained facilitators who might come to your school to help your whole class make a difference to the future of North West Tasmania. Facilitators can also help you with grants or activities. They can also provide information on joining a local NRM group or starting a new group with your friends and family. Good Luck!

Our natural resourcres. Photo source: Martin Finzel

Clean Up Australia Day www.cleanupaustraliaday.org.au Coastcare www.coastcare.com.au Community Garden www.communitygarden.org.au Frog monitoring www.frogs.org.au (Frog Watch or local Herpetological Society) Landcare www.juniorlandcare.com.au National Tree Day www.treeday.planetark.org Tasmanian Field Naturalists www.tasfieldnats.org.au Apply for funding grants www.nrm.gov.au

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Natural Resource Management - Get Involved  

Natural Resource Management - Get Involved Fact Sheet

Natural Resource Management - Get Involved  

Natural Resource Management - Get Involved Fact Sheet