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CONTRIBUTORS Manuel Acevedo Gail Albert Sarah Anthony Robert Arnot J.H. Aronson Tom Atwood John Back Jan Bell Patt Blue Michael Bogdanffy-Kriegh Allen Bryan Susan Cardona Richard Cavagnolo Anne Closuit Arabella Colton Marissa Contelmo David Cunningham Fabienne Cuter Karen Davis Lee Day Laura Dodson Ken Dreyfack Yale Epstein Emily Esty Deena Feinberg Connie Frisbee Houde Patrick Gallagher Beth Galton Yoram Gelman Steve Gentile Daniel Georges Frances Goodwin William Gotebeski Anna Grevenitis

Zach Gross Thomas Hackett Erik Hansen Dave Hebb Dave Higgins Bruce Hooke Nancy Grace Horton Sean Hovendick Jennifer Hughes Leslie Jean-Bart Kay Kenny Michael Knauth Alon Koppel Hildy Kronen Alyson Lecroy Juliet Lofaro Peter Loppacher Robert Lundberg Dorothea Marcus Brendan Mark Debora Marsden Elaine Mayes Dan Mccormack Meryl Meisler Leor Miller Leah Monsour Susan J. Murphy Jan Nagle Ruben Natal-San Miguel Julio Nazario Will Nixon Elizabeth Panzer Dan Pavsic Rob Perez

Susan Phillips Lauren Piperno Lucy Reback Fionn Reilly Megan Reilly Carla Rhodes Miriam Romais Bailey Ann Rosen Joseph Rovegno Seth Rubin Thomas Santelli Daryl-Ann Saunders Lynn Saville Jane Schachat Angela Schapiro Sam Scoggins Carla Shapiro Beth Shaw Ernest Shaw Kelly Sinclair David Sokosh Kito Sosnowitz Barbara Taff Ken Tannenbaum Richard Tomasulo Julia Vandenoever William Vrachopoulos Dawn Watson Sandra Chen Weinstein J.D. Weiss Ruth Wetzel Michael Yalamas Mike Andrew Yood Jiawei Zhao

ABOUT THE SHOW For over 42 years, CPW has encouraged its members to create new work and grow as artists. The 2020 Members Show is an opportunity to showcase some of the best work made by members in the region and beyond. This playful exhibition of over 100 photographs spans the full gamut of styles and techniques, embracing the plurality of creative voices within our membership.

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2 (Bronx, NY)


(Woodstock, NY)



Manuel Acevedo (b. Newark, NJ, 1964) is a Bronx-based multidisciplinary artist. Acevedo began his career as a street photographer in Newark. Over time, he broadened his media to develop a distinctive style that combines photo-based projected imagery, wall drawing, animation and text. Through these means, Acevedo amplifies the richness, complexity, and uncertainty of the urban landscape and experience. His work, including photo-based installations, public art projects, and proposals for utopian projects, intermingles contested histories of specific areas while addressing issues of gentrification, immigration, and ever shifting boundaries of space. Acevedo is a recipient of the 2019 Colene Brown Art Prize at BRIC. He has received awards and residencies from the Joan Mitchell Foundation, Visual Artist Network, Longwood Arts Project, Mid-Atlantic Foundation, Project Row Houses in Houston in TX, Museum of Art & Design (Artist Studios), and Studio Museum in Harlem, AIR.

I have a PhD from Johns Hopkins University in experimental psychology and later received specialty training to become a licensed clinical psychologist and, still later, a teacher of Jewish meditation. I have also written three books, one of which was a National Book Award nominee. I am a self-taught photographer and have lived in Woodstock since 1998. Photography has been a passion for my entire adult life, and everything I have done has become embedded in my photography. ARTIST STATEMENT I experience the universe as one single system, unfolding in spacetime since the Big Bang, with every part—even the smallest— dynamically connected with every other. And I try to photograph how beautiful and pulsing with Mystery it all is. I also try to convey that we are genetic cousins to every living creature on this planet, that all are kin. And I try to capture the sense of time passing, of impermanence even on the scale of eons. Finally, I try to capture the holiness of the Earth so that we will work to save it. WEBSITE www.gailalbert.com

SkyWatch Surveillance, 2020 Medium: Dye-based print on metallic paper Image size: 19 x 13� Edition: 10 + 2 AP 1

Dead, 2019 From the series: Timelines Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 13.625 x 17.125� 2



4 (Somerville, MA)

ABOUT THE ARTIST Sarah Anthony (b. 1991 in Syracuse, NY) received a B.F.A. in Art Photography from Syracuse University in 2013. Her work deals with gender, focusing on masculinity, family ties, pressures within male familial relationships, loneliness, love, romance, connection in the digital age, and intimacy. Along with her photography and collage work, Anthony also dabbles in poetry and video art. She lives and works in Somerville, Massachusetts. WEBSITE www.sarahanthonyphoto.com


(Woodstock, NY)

Skyward, 2016 Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 10 x 8� 4

Untitled #1 (Andy with Birchwood), 2017 From the series The Sons of Zeus Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 19 x 13� 3



6 (Woodstock, NY)


(Stanford, CT)



Drawn and painted all my life. First camera at 9, dark room at 10 “Go-fer” for F.S.Lincoln during school years. Cornell Art and Architecture, Columbia Arch. Rome Prize in Environmental Design, Guggenheim Italian Urban Design doing aerial photography. Interested in panoramic images and wound up doing panoramic drawings pieced together from photographs. Worked with a vintage 1906 Cirkut camera, but quickly superseded by the digital camera and Photoshop. Current project is a continuous Aerial Panorama of the Hudson from New York City to Albany and Back working with over 44,000 digital images.

Tom Atwood won Photographer of the Year from London’s Worldwide Photography Gala Awards, as well as first place in Portraiture. He won first place in Portraiture in the Prix de la Photographie Paris. And he was included in the National Portrait Gallery’s Outwin Boochever Triennial (Smithsonian Museum). His second book, Kings & Queens in Their Castles, was recently published by Damiani. The book won multiple awards including First Place in the International Photography Awards (book category) as well as a Lucie Award (book-other category). Atwood has a Bachelors from Harvard University and a Masters from Cambridge University (England).



For most of my working life have been interested in the problem of describing the landscape and urbanscape. First exposed to primitive vernacular Japanese maps through Bernard Rudofsky’s show at MOMA and then again at MOMA, a 1959 exhibit of Art Sinsabaugh’s panoramas. These were behind my thinking in developing my own ideas of description and imaging of the landscape. Growing up in NYC and access to aerial view points such as the Empire State Building started my whole fascination with Earth images from above. When I got into an airplane and later helicopters—Wow!

Kings & Queens in Their Castles has been called one of the most ambitious photo series ever conducted of the LGBTQ experience in the USA. Over 15 years, Atwood photographed more than 350 subjects at home nationwide, including nearly 100 celebrities. With individuals from 30 states, Atwood offers a window into the lives and homes of some of America’s most intriguing and eccentric personalities. Modern day tableaux vivants, the images portray whimsical, intimate moments of daily life that shift between the pictorial and the theatrical. WEBSITE www.TomAtwood.com/kings-queens

The Hudson Highlands from Stony Point to Cornwall-on-Hudson (West Bank), 2019 From the series: An Aerial Panorama of the Hudson from NYC to Albany and Back Medium: Digitally assembled inkjet print Image size: Developed dimensional length 72’’ (8.5 x 48 x 12”) 5

Anthony Barreto-Neto, Transgender Deputy Sheriff, Barton, VT, 2017 From the series: Kings & Queens in Their Castles Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 16 x 24” 6



9 (Barryville, NY)


(Bowling Green, OH)



Solo Exhibitions: Perimeter Gallery, Chicago IL 1993; J. Walter Thompson, NYC 1987; Burlington College, Pemberton NJ 1982; The Madison Art Center, Madison WI 1977.

My work reveals an intimate view of the natural world, reaching into the subtle beauty within a form. Each photo represents an opportunity to consider the subject, almost apart from its meaning or function. Whether it be the inner folds of a plant, a sand-swept dune, or a distant coastline, I reveal only as much as I cares to share. The pursuit of untouched landscapes has taken me throughout North America.

Selected Group Exhibitions: Hawley Silk Mill, Hawley PA: “Art on The Edge” 2011; “Photocurrents”; Providence RI: RISD Photography Alumni Invitational”; Paine Art Center, Oskosh WI: “Portrait of America” 1975 (traveled with the Smithsonian Traveling 1975–80.) Collections: The Center For Creative Photography; Bibliotèque Nationale de France, Paris; George Eastman House, Rochester NY; Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, Madison WI. Publications: yourdailyphotograph.com “Can Opener”; “10x10x10 Tieton 2012 Marquand Editions; Photographic Education Society, “Portfolio ’78 &’79 ARTIST STATEMENT Polagrams are one-of-a-kind, camera-less Polaroid images made as photograms. Because these images are formed in complete darkness, chance and intuition combine with well-thought-out procedures to create a whimsical effect. The results were unpredictable and sometimes surprising. Polaroid paper create it’s own serendipitous effects, sometimes mysterious. The figure provides kinetic energy and creates a context and connective meaning for the objects, inviting the viewer to create a scenario. Just as in real life, the same materials and actions, even in the same hands, yield different results at different times. WEBSITE www.JohnBackArt.com

My work is exhibited in galleries, published in books and magazines. I’ve garnered numerous awards, with the Ansel Adams award topping the list with my “Agave” photo. ARTIST STATEMENT Through long exposure photography, my images impart a dreamy, ethereal mood—one devoid of the influences of man. Black and white photography reduces the distractions associated with color imagery; and it abstracts the world that we see on a daily basis— one filled with color. I hope that my work instills a love of the natural grandeur of our environment, one that is in need of nurturing and protection. Images are printed using archival pigments on museum quality fine art photography. WEBSITE www.bellimages.com

Twilight at Point Reyes, 2018 Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 8 x 8� Edition: 40 9

Polagram No 44, 1996 From the series: Polagrams Medium: Polaroid Image size: 9.5 x 7.5� Edition: AP 8



11 (Kingston, NY)


(Beacon, NY)



USA Southern born and raised. Former Anti-poverty Field and Street Social Worker. New York City Photographer and Photography Educator. Worked for Life Magazine as Photo Essay Photographer. Founding Staff at The International Center of Photography. Retired Professor of Fine Arts at Kean University. MFA School of The Art Institute of Chicago. Author of “Living On A Dream: A Marriage Tale.” Currently based in the New York Mid-Hudson Valley.

Michael Bogdanffy-Kriegh is a self trained photographer living and working in Beacon, NY. Michael’s work has appeared in numerous exhibitions, including Flora, at Davis Orton Gallery, Hudson, NY; Welcome: Page by Page, an exhibit of artist books curated by Hannah Frieser at CPW in Woodstock. His first Solo Show will open at Woodstock Artist Association Museum in June of 2020.His photographs have been published in Shots Magazine, issue #129 and issue #130 (the annual portfolio edition), and The Eye of Photography. Michael is co-moderator of the monthly Photographer’s Salon at CPW.

ARTIST STATEMENT I am interested in expressing the human dilemma of straddling the great chasm between ideal and reality. I make gestures with my camera and pen to bind together pieces of learned truth. My hope is that one day a greater truth will become known by my efforts. SEAN, Paducah, KY, is the image of adaptation to a severe form of Schizophrenia, a lifelong mental illness that Sean with his mother’s vigilant help, has learned to manage. These are his words to me after he kindly asked, “How are you?” i complained about some worry, thinking I was offering kinship with his altered reality. He gave me advice. WEBSITE www.pattblue.com

ARTIST STATEMENT My photographic practice is a meditative dipping into the cosmic hum, a stream of observations. From this stream I select, embellish (or not) and make assemblages which are not definitive questions or answers, just meditations. The Dark Matter portfolio contemplates manifestation and dissolution within the primordial “soul-fabric” of the cosmos. My sense is that there is far more darkness than light, far more hidden from view than manifest, at every level of existence. We are as moths to the flame as we seek bits of illumination to orient ourselves in the vast sea of darkness. WEBSITE www.mbkriegh.com

SEAN Paducah, Kentucky, 2008 Medium: B&W silver film/archival pigment print Image size: 18.25 x 12.625� Edition: AP

May 08, 2019 058 Beacon, NY, 2019 From the series: Dark Matter Medium: Archival pigment print on Bamboo Washi Paper Image size: 20 x 16� Edition: 2 of 5





13 (Saugerties, NY)


(Newburgh, NY)



My career includes teacher of art and film making, jewelry designer/goldsmith and for the last 35 years, photographer. Pictures from earlier series have been exhibited at The Smithsonian Institution International Gallery; JFK Center for the Performing Arts; Philadelphia Museum of Art; Delaware Art Museum; Art Museum at SUNY Albany; Samuel Dorsky Museum; Albany Institute of History & Art; The Hyde Collection; Houston Center for Photography; Blue Sky Gallery; The Light Factory; Photo Resource Center; Center for Photography at Woodstock; Kleinert/James Gallery; Gallery 1401, Philadelphia; The Print Center, Philadelphia; Muroff/Kotler Gallery; Albany International Airport Gallery; Soho Photo Gallery; Elena Zang Gallery.

Currently living in the Hudson Valley, I divide my time between Photography and Medicine. Past studies with Mary Ellen Mark, Sylvia Plachy, and Alex Webb have greatly helped with both vision and challenges in my work with portraiture and journalism. These endeavors have led to two solo shows, participation in several group shows, as well as a book, The Sky On Their Heads, photographs from Haiti.

ARTIST STATEMENT In Small Comforts, as in my earlier panoramic format Comforts of Home series, I am continuing to re-examine and reassemble my photographic life. These are figments where exteriors can intrude into interiors through windows and doors left carelessly ajar. Planes and perspective can conflict and contradict. Occupants are often ghostly blurs or a fragmented presence at the picture’s edge. Time becomes an active element as it shifts from past to present and future. These unsettling environments are fleeting narratives that intrude on a comfortable reality. WEBSITE www.allenbryan.com

ARTIST STATEMENT My photographic “voice” and exploration has taken me from post earthquake Haiti, to Grenada, to isolated rural counties in Maine, and here at home in Newburgh and Brooklyn. I believe photographs can be used for both humor and entertainment as well as activism and a tool for social change - to broaden my world and to broaden other peoples worlds. It is a constant adventure that has enraptured me, whether exploring new territories, telling visual stories, capturing a personality and a moment in time, and I hope learning something about myself in the process - and having loads of fun! WEBSITE www.susancardonaphotography.com

Blind Man’s Bluff, 2018 From the series: Small Comforts Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 12.5 x 18” Edition: AP 12

Lila’s Eggs, Pembroke, Maine, 2016 From the series: In The Far Downeast-Washington County, Maine Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 12.5 x 16.75” 13



15 (Mechanicville, NY)


(Brooklyn, NY)



Richard Cavagnolo a documentary photographer who works close to his home in upstate New York. He prefers to use medium and large-format cameras for a more contemplative approach to photography and to produce highly-detailed images. In his landscape practice, Richard’s images are both visually and conceptually compelling, reflecting his interest in social and geographic issues. His images have been featured on gallery walls throughout upstate New York and the Northeast.

Anne Closuit is a Swiss photographer based in Brooklyn, NY. Her work has been showcased in a number of solo and group exhibitions in the U.S. and abroad.

ARTIST STATEMENT Confessions of Time in Upstate America explores the social and geographic landscape of upstate New York. Many of the towns depicted in this series are located along the Hudson and Mohawk rivers and were, at one time, thriving economic and cultural centers. However, fundamental changes in our economy have eroded much of their local manufacturing and industrial bases. My intention with this series is to document these areas in upstate New York through a series of collaborative portraits and landscape images. WEBSITE www.rcavagnolo.com

ARTIST STATEMENT Anne Closuit’s photographs, mostly landscapes and still lifes, are a poetic quest of the intimacy of places and of everyday objects. WEBSITE www.anneclosuit.com

Moreau, NY, 2017 From the series: Confessions of Time in Upstate America Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 12 x 12� 14

Dried flowers never die, 2019 From the series: There is Here now Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 13.5 x 10.5� Edition: 3 of 10 15



17 (Saugerties, NY)


(Wallkill, NY)



I was an actress, and then earned an M.A. in Film Studies, but for many years since have devoted myself to still photography, traditional, black and white darkroom photography. I earned a Certificate of Achievement in Photography from Monterey Peninsula College, in Monterey, CA, where I had the good fortune of studying with Martha Casanave, Patrick Jablonski and Greg Mettler. I now live in Saugerties, NY and show at the Emerge Gallery there.

Marissa Contelmo b. 1997 is a fine art photographer based out of the Hudson Valley, New York. She works in both digital and film mediums while her images explore the female identity through personal experiences and consumer culture. She received her Bachelor of Fine Art in Photography from the State University of New York at New Paltz in May of 2019.

ARTIST STATEMENT I work in traditional, black and white darkroom photography. I like making pictures of many subjects, but high among them are people and animals; I was very pleased to be able to make this one showing my mother’s love of animals.

ARTIST STATEMENT During my adolescent years I surrounded myself with unrealistic images of beautiful women that focused solely on their external appearance found in magazines. Years later, I finally realized how unrealistic and damaging these depictions were. In THE GiRLS ROOM, I alter the common uses of feminine accessories and products to highlight the vanity and secrecy surrounding their use. Women are shamed into keeping these objects and the natural processes they control hidden. My work hints at the subconscious problems borne out of these unrealistic representations within contemporary advertising and consumer culture. WEBSITE www.marissacontelmo.com

BELLYBUTTON RING, 2019 From the series: THE GiRLS ROOM Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 20 x 16” 17

Mom with Flanders, the Siberian Hamster, Carmel Valley, CA, 2004 Medium: Gelatin silver print Image size: 9.5 x 7.5” 16



19 (Woodstock, NY)


(Long Island City, NY)



In 1968, David Morris Cunningham, born and raised in the Hudson Valley, bought his first camera and enrolled in his school’s photography class. He contributed to both the class yearbook and the school newspaper. After being apprised by his guidance counselor that photography was more a hobby than a career David opted for a degree in psychology. Six years later he graduated SUNY New Paltz with a Bachelor’s in theatre arts. David worked in theatre for 28 years followed by a stint as an event photographer. Currently residing in Woodstock, New York, he continues work on his varied personal projects.

Fabienne Cuter is a French visual artist based in New York. After her studies at the French National School of data sciences, she attended the Beaux-Arts of the city of Paris, the Ateliers du Louvre and was trained at Gonzalo Belmonte studio. In New York, she attended the Art Students League, FIT, ICP, Woodstock Photography, and Kingston R&F. She is a member of Long Island City Artists and Professional Women Photographer (PWP) organizations. She currently sits at the PWP board as the Business Development Director and was the PWP Exhibition Board Director from 2011 to 2013.

ARTIST STATEMENT The images I make are an attempt to create a visual haiku of the moments of beauty and grace I experience in life. They are the result of consciously slowing my pace and quieting my mind long enough to allow myself the opportunity to notice, discern, and to connect with things I might otherwise have overlooked.

ARTIST STATEMENT Most of Fabienne Cuter’s body of work is “objects photographic” created with encaustic or metal, mainly stainless steel. “Foggy Blues” shot on Driftwood Beach, OR is part of “my America”, one of her series on paper. “my America,” tells about her deep connection to American land. WEBSITE www.fabiennecuter.com

Foggy Blues, 2009 From the series: my America Edition: 2 of 10 Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 10 x 15� 19

Untitled, 2019 Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 10 x 10� 18



21 (Hudson, NY)


(Bearsville, NY)



Karen Davis’s photographs & books are in the collections of the Center for Photography at Woodstock (CPW); Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art; Lishui Museum of Photography, China; Houghton Library/ Graphic Arts Collection, Harvard University and installed at MASS MoCA. She is a recipient of CPW’s 2009 Artist Fellowship Award and is a 2018 Critical Mass finalist. Karen is curator/co-founder of Davis Orton Gallery, Hudson NY, now in its eleventh year. She teaches Portfolio Development and Marketing Your Fine Art Photography online for the Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester MA.

Lee has worked in a wide range of creative fields over the years— Photography, Multi-Media, Website Design and Management, Creative Writing, Technology Design and Consultation for Art Installations. Today, returning to photography work, he finds a tradition transformed by the digital revolution and is exploring how far he can push the algorithms of digital photography, and the logic that holds together the images’ bits and bytes.


Moments jam up against each other—staring from a train hurtling through the city. The physical world passing beyond the window is alike more to that jumble of screen impressions fixed in the palm of your hand alongside this morning’s first caffeination. Racing home while seeing and not seeing. As if in a distraction of jammed up thoughts thrown out by cloud-computed algorithms competing for attention—until finally cascade overwhelms sensibility, to abstraction.

Pictures of people on public display, whether personal, commercial or political, are all magnets for my attention. Some, behind protective shields remain as they were intended. Others, pasted or stenciled on exterior walls and poles have been altered by time, weather, or a determined hand. No longer the work of the originator alone, they become part of a public conversation. WEBSITE www.yesthatkarendavis.com


Japan–2019. Images are compiled with the iPhone’s panorama stitching algorithm without post-exposure compositing. WEBSITE www.lgd.photography/Galleries/Thoughts-1/Clipping/

He Fought for All of Us You Fools, 2019 From the series: Other People’s Pictures Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 12 x 18” Edition: 5 20

35°40’55.529” N : 139°26’42.359” E, 2019 From the series: Clipping Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 16 x 16” Edition: 7 5 @ Medium 20” x20” 1 @ Large 40”x 40” 1 AP 21



23 (New York, NY)


(Kingston, NY)



Laura Dodson is a photographer based in New York. She has been the subject of six one-person exhibitions, most recently at Kouros Gallery, NY and Gallery 7, Athens, Greece. Her work has appeared in numerous group exhibitions, including at The Clemente Center, Lesley Heller Workspace, and Elizabeth Harris Gallery in New York, the Godwin-Turnbach Museum in Queens, Five Myles, Sideshow Gallery and Schaffler Gallery in Brooklyn. Her photographs are in the permanent collection of the Contemporary Art Center of Thessaloniki and the American College of Athens. She has an MFA from Pratt Institute. She currently teaches Photography at CUNY Queens College.

A New Yorker by birth and a Frenchman by naturalization, Ken’s life has been divided between two countries, languages and cultures. As a journalist and commercial writer, Ken worked in the broadcast and print media in New York, Paris and Chicago. He has been seriously engaged in fine art photography since his return to the US a decade ago. Ken lives in the Hudson River Valley and serves as co-moderator of the Photographers’ Salon at the Center for Photography at Woodstock (CPW). Silent Stages, the first monograph of his work, is due for publication by Daylight Books in Spring 2020.


My silent stages are settings for narratives, like movie sets. They aim to spark viewers to conjure up a narrative laced with mystery and alienation. At the same time, they are artifacts from various stages of my life, visual traces of the sedimentary layers that have quietly accumulated over time, each atop its predecessors; they give voice and body to times, experiences and feelings I hardly knew subsisted within me. The subjects, settings, lighting and composition reflect the particularities of my life and sensibility. The are relics from a personal archaeological dig, a visual memoir of sorts.

My images challenge traditional ways of seeing by becoming stages where observation gives way to imagination. I begin with a camera and end with a fictional narrative. I am motivated by experimentation and transformation, by a vision where color, light, and the layers of time and space collide. I use photographic montage for the layering of alternate states, abstraction to emphasize an edgy suspension between reality and dream, and the element of water to provide a stage that is infinitely malleable and suggestive of the irrational. WEBSITE www.lauradodson.net


WEBSITE www.kendreyfack.com

Dinan Street, Shadows, Figure, 2019 From the series: Silent Stages Medium: Digital piezographic print Image size: 18 x 12� Edition: AP 23

Springfield, 2017 From the series: NOSTALGIA Medium: Archival pigment print on cold press paper Image size: 12 x 11� Edition: 6 22



25 (Woodstock, NY)


(Catskill, NY)



Yale has had 58 solo exhibitions in galleries and museums in the US, France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland, and has completed commissioned works in the US, China, and Taiwan. His work is in over 70 major domestic and international public and private collections—including The Biblioteque’ National in Paris, The Brooklyn Museum, China International Trade Center, Beijing, City of Chicago, US State Department, The Library of Congress, and Yale University. He was selected for a residency in the Visiting Artist Program at the American Academy in Rome, and received grants from The Pollock-Krasner Foundation and the Center for Contemporary Arts.

Emily Esty lives in and has been working on creating in the Hudson Valley for the last three years. Her next creative endeavors include buying a house, a bunch of power tools, and then building a darkroom.

ARTIST STATEMENT Travel provides opportunities to see with fresh eyes, and the camera provides the visual counterpoints that are not always obvious and often elusive, but always there in front of us. WEBSITE www.yaleepstein.com

WEBSITE www.emilyeesty.com

River Working, 2017 From the series: Tamil Naydu River Life Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 18 x 24� 24

Gather Quickly, 2017 Medium: Lumen print Image size: 14 x 11� 25



27 (Rhinebeck, NY)


(Albany, NY)



Photography is my artistic practice and a way of life. The camera has become an integrated aspect of my vision; the lens acts as a third eye. Through my photographs, I hope to communicate the essence or spirit of my subjects to the viewer. When I present my photographs, I am also sharing a personal narrative of my lived experience.

As a humanitarian photojournalist I strive to depict the spirit and sacredness of people and their surroundings. The cultural heritage and way of life of many people are often threatened by global events, war and industrialization. I focus on the nobleness of these people as they strive to keep their autonomy, culture and community alive. While each group maintains its own cultural identity many attributes, expressions and concerns of living are universal, creating a sense of brotherhood, a global village.

WEBSITE www.deenafeinberg.com

Finding Horizons, 2019 Medium: C-print Image size: 16 x 20� 26

Flowers for Sale, Chichicaotenango, Guatemala, 2018 Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 11 x 12� 27



29 (Richmondville, NY)


(New York, NY)

ABOUT THE ARTIST Beth Galton is a photo-based artist, with an educational background in the natural sciences and 30 years of experience as a professional photographer in the editorial and commercial world. Galton’s art work has been exhibited in shows throughout the U.S. and Europe and was previously represented by Marlborough Gallery in NYC. Most recently her work was seen at Cookbook19” at MOCO-Montpellier Contemporian,Wave Hill, The Center for Fine Art Photography in Colorado, Center for Photographic Art in California, Beth Urdang Gallery in Boston and was part of ‘The Fence’, a traveling outdoor exhibition shown in seven cities across the country. ARTIST STATEMENT My personal practice brings these elements of my history together, in an effort to re-imagine classic 19th-century botanical drawing, through organic forms, as means of investigating the relationship between art and science, the nature of time and the shortness and fragility of life. WEBSITE www.bethgaltonfineart.com

Better Days, 1982 From the series: Reunion Medium: Silver Gelatin Print Image size: 8.5 x 13� Edition: AP 28

Fingerling Sweet Potatoes from Union Square Greenmarket, N.Y., N.Y.; Propagation period: 12 and 6 days in East-facing window., 2011 Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 24 x 20� 29



31 (Red Hook, NY)


(West Saugerties, NY)



Fine art photographer since 2009; residing now in Red Hook, NY.


Steve is a fine art photographer and filmmaker living in Saugerties with frequent travels to Gramercy Park. Recent exhibits at Griffin Museum of Photography, CPW, Howland Cultural Center, Davis Orton Gallery, Emerge Gallery, Dorsky Museum of Art, and Intima Gallery. In Spring 2019, he enjoyed a solo show at Saugerties Library’s Crohn Gallery. He is a regular attendee of CPW’s Photographers Salon. Steve enjoys chocolate, Cabernet, an easy smile, yard sales, and thrift shops.



ARTIST STATEMENT Mostly black and white photography, contemplative images, finding shadows, curves and tones most interesting, and beginning to explore negative time.

Reflecting Sky 2 is part of a larger portfolio of original photography produced in camera at a natural swimming hole near my cottage in Platte Clove. All aberration, distortions, and anomalies are naturally occurring (not in post production) and printed as seen and photographed. As a subtle nod to Hudson River School artists with a natural added visual psychedelic element, I invite the viewer to safely fall into the soft fluid bed of the image and discover their ‘Walden’—look, reflect, hold, let go, transcend. WEBSITE www.imagesg.com

Negative Time No.2; Work Break, 2019 From the series: Negative Time Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 16 x 12�

Reflecting Sky 2, 2017 From the series: HERE IS MY WALDEN Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 14 x 11�





33 (Brooklyn, NY)


(Stone Ridge, NY)



Daniel Georges works in photography and sculpture in Brooklyn and Newburgh, NY. Shown widely including group shows at Artists Space, NYC; MIT List Center, Boston; and Castelli Gallery, NYC and one person at PSU gallery, Portland OR. Organized Shows for Franklin Furnace, NYC and Museum of Arts and Crafts, Itami, Japan. Received MFA from School of Visual Arts, NYC 1984.

Since 2012, my work has been selected for numerous juried shows in the Mid-Hudson Valley, including: the annual Photography Exhibition, Arts Society of Kingston (2016-2019*); Far-and-Wide, Regional Exhibition, Woodstock Artists Association and Museum (2015). GROUP SHOWS: Reflection, Wired Gallery, High Falls, NY (2019); Two-person show organized by WAAM at Oriole 9, Woodstock (2017); Jannotta Gallery, Smith College, Northampton, MA (2013). HONORS: *Best-in-Show, 2017 Photography Exhibition, ASK; Honorable Mention, WAAM (2012; 2017). EDUCATION: AB, Smith College; Continuing Education, NYU. MEMBERSHIPS: Active Member, WAAM; Center for Photography at Woodstock; Woodstock Byrdcliffe Guild; ASK.

ARTIST STATEMENT Using experiential and spatial immediacy developed in sculpture practice over many years, I use light and the photographic frame to find and understand intersections between our human mind-bodies and the world outside. WEBSITE www.maruda.us

ARTIST STATEMENT I am a seek-and-find photographer, working primarily in NYC and the Hudson Valley. With an eye formed by the canons of art history, I look for images that are ambiguous, abstracted, composite, layered—or just eye-catching and beautiful. Although my foundations are traditional, I enjoy finding images that tweak conventional expectations—depictions that appeal in spite of (or because of) a bit of decay or effacement and hint at the grit of real life. My pictures are, in effect, collages, composed of disparate elements that combine for an instant through the interplay of light, reflection, transparency, motion, perspective, time. Ephemeral moments all.

Abstraction (Tree Lichen), 2013 Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 11.5 x 11.5� Edition: 1 of 8 33

Shu Swamp Night, 2016 Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 21 x 17� 32



35 (Stone Ridge, NY)


(Brooklyn, NY)



Mixed media artist including painting, sculpture,photography, and music.

Anna Grevenitis came to photography late. Except for a few basic classes that got her started, she has been teaching herself the medium. Photography was therapeutic and based in self-inquiry, so she effortlessly pointed her lens at her family and herself. In her daily introspection, she searches for meaning with her camera. She is interested in photography as an act of establishing visual memory and engaging in social visibility, over time. Long term works have chronicled memories of her daughter and son, of people and places in her life, of herself. Documenting transformation is the focus of her process.

ARTIST STATEMENT Still mixing media as required, desired,and/or inspired.

ARTIST STATEMENT When my daughter was born, I was told that she had the “physical markers” for Down syndrome and a blood test confirmed the diagnosis a few days later. Today Luigia is a lively teenager, yet these “markers” have grown with her, and her disability remains visible to the outside world. As we go about our lives, I often catch people staring at her, at us. With this on-going series REGARD, I am answering their questions with a window into our reality: in each methodically set up scene, the viewers are plunged into the outside perspective via my direct return gaze. WEBSITE www.annagrevenitis.me

Catskill Collage, 2006 Medium: mixed media collage inkjet print Image size: 10 x 8” 34

“08-13-2017”, 2017 From the series: REGARD Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 13 x 19” 35



38 (Brooklyn, NY)


(Kingston, NY)



Zach Gross encapsulates his subjects’ work, unique personalities, and worldview in his eloquent portraits. Gross’s imagery is simultaneously theatrical and natural. He expresses his subjects’ creative selves without pretense or posturing. Gross’s own distinctive vision is sharp, worldly, and poetic. When working with subjects ranging from politician Nancy Pelosi to artist Leandro Erlich to playwright Annie Baker, Gross incorporates aspects of their public identities and creative processes into his portraits. His subjects’ thoughtfulness, ideals, and insights are evident in Gross’s images, which manage to merge peoples’ interior lives with their public accomplishments.

Tom Hackett is a self-taught landscape and aspiring fine art photographer who has been “doing photography” since he was a child. His work is often surreal, abstract and whimsical, occasionally comical. He combines opportunistic and staged images with textures, effects and other tools, primarily in Photoshop, to produce compositions with a painterly effect. For Tom, photography is a way of knowing, remembering and loving the world. To paraphrase Henry David Thoreau, Tom has been photographing all his life without knowing that it is not the pictures he is after.


It is a nearly universal experience that time seems to pass more quickly the older one gets. My hypothesis is that this occurs because we constantly compare the past hour, day or year with the entire span of our memory. As that span grows, the passage of recent time seems less significant by comparison. In recognition of this phenomenon, I have created an open series which I call “Surreal time.” The work shown here is the most recent attempt to convey this experience.



WEBSITE www.tomhackettphotography.com

Life perspective watch, with case, 2020 From the series: Surreal time Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 12 x 18� Edition: AP 38

Untitled, 2015 Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 21 x 14� 37



41 (Maynard, MA)


(Bearsville, NY)



My photography integrates a range of techniques and materials. I am interested in art that brings something from the inside out, rather than making observations of the outside world. It’s a process that demands a deep exploration of states of mind, mystery, and mythology. I have two daughters and four grandchildren. My wife and I live in West Halifax, Vermont and Maynard, Massachusetts where I am a proud member of a large community of artists.

Dave Hebb has exhibited regionally, nationally and internationally, most notably at Art Laboratory Berlin, The Dorsky Museum and the Kleinert/James Center for the Arts. His work has been published in print and online by numerous outlets including Aint-Bad Magazine, STRANT Magazine, Another Place, Empty Stretch, and The American Guide. He was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to Iceland and various residencies and grants including the NYFA MARK program. He holds a BFA in Film/TV Production from NYU and an MFA in Painting from Montana State University. He has taught college art and design at several colleges and online since 1995.

ARTIST STATEMENT “GE-OM-E-TRY”, n., the mathematics of the properties, measurements, and relationships of points, lines, angles, surfaces, and solids. Is there anything we see that cannot be broken into these geometric shapes? I begin my pieces with an original or series of photographs that I have taken. From there, I create additional shapes enhancing the image using Photoshop’s myriad tools. The evolution from start to finish allows me freedom to explore beyond the bounds of traditional photography. WEBSITE www.erikhansenphotography.com

ARTIST STATEMENT Dave Hebb’s work examines landscape, interiors and other constructed environments as a reflection of inner states of being using a range of psychological and metaphysical metaphors. WEBSITE www.davehebb.com

Ski Bowl Lodge Site, 2013 From the series: This Land is My Land Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 12 x 15” Edition: 1 of 5 41

GEOMETRY 37, 2019 From the series: GEOMETRY Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 17 x 22” 40



43 (Albany, NY)


(Plainfield, MA)



Over the years I’ve been a founding member and president of Photovisions, a cooperative photography gallery in Syracuse; a member and president of Associated Artists of Central New York in Syracuse; and a member of various galleries in the NY Capital District, Woodstock and New York City. I have had featured exhibits at Soho Photo Foundation in New York, Hobart & William Smith Colleges, Siena College, Monroe Community College, and Kent State University. I’ve participated in group exhibits in New York City, Syracuse, Chicago, Minneapolis, Middlebury, Quebec City, Garrison, and the NY Capital District.

Bruce Hooke is a photographer, sculptor, and performance artist whose work focuses on the human condition and the evolving human relationship with nature. While educated in ceramic sculpture at Cranbook Academy of Art and Wesleyan University, photography has been a central to his work for over 15 years. He lives in western Massachusetts, where the land on which he lives is an important part of his artistic practice.

ARTIST STATEMENT Each person, in one way or another, is a creator; we each need to leave a mark on the world. Maybe we’re a superstar builder, creating a skyscraper. Maybe we’re an anonymous drone in an office, decorating our cubicle with a family photo or a favorite cartoon. Or maybe we’re an artist, sharing our own view of the world. Whatever it is, these creative acts create artifacts of our existence, telling the world we are here, and reminding the world of us when we are gone. I am drawn to these artifacts, and have been photographing them for years. WEBSITE www.davehigginsphotography.com

ARTIST STATEMENT The classic B&W landscape photograph enshrines the wilderness ideal: the elevation of those places where human presence is at a minimum. But this sets up a dichotomy between the wild places and everything else. The former are where we find Nature. The latter are where Nature is not and where people are. But if any place where people are is deemed to be not Nature then it becomes much easier to justify abusing the vast majority of the earth’s land. Love of Nature and the abuse of nature go hand in hand. WEBSITE www.bghooke.com

Blue Pane, 2019 From the series: Artifacts Medium: C-print Image size: 16 x 16� 42 Nature: Nature, 2020 Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 18 x 9� Edition: AP 43



45 (Portsmouth, NH)


(Albany, NY)



Nancy Grace Horton is a photo-based artist who embraces both analog and digital techniques to create bold narrative fragments. Her series Ms. Behavior, Mad Women, Mr.Mrs., and Being 13 utilize gender roles as inspiration to provoke thought and stimulate discussion. Humorous, ironic, biting—her images distill the angst of both feminism and the Playboy era. Her work has been exhibited at The Danforth Museum, The Griffin Museum, the New York Photo Festival, the A.I.R. Gallery in Brooklyn, NY, the Robin Rice Gallery, NY, and numerous solo exhibitions and recently acquired by the Newport Art Museum for their permanent collection.

Born in Nebraska, Sean Hovendick spent half his childhood in New Mexico. He started his adult life as a paratrooper with the US Army’s elite 82nd Airborne Division, then received his bachelor’s degree from Eastern New Mexico University with a concentration in art, broadcast production and computer animation. After 10 years of industry experience, he earned an MFA in computer art from the Department of Transmedia at Syracuse University. Sean is currently a tenured professor and director of the Graphic + Media Design program, within the Department of Art + Design, at the Sage Colleges in beautiful Albany, New York.



My photographs are investigations of female gender roles as influenced by American culture and mass media. This body of work is a 21st-century extension of feminist concerns regarding the media’s portrayal of women. I am interested in the explicit and implicit power relations that are constructed and maintained by mediatized systems of representation. I intend my work to confront the viewer with their hidden preconceptions with regard to women’s constructed roles within society.

The photographic series ‘Lives of Men’ by Sean Hovendick explores male identity through documentary photography and recorded interviews. Since 2014, Sean has traveled to numerous towns across the United States to explore the reality of being a man in the 21st century. Each encounter inevitably reveals concealed truths that men typically don’t feel permitted to share in everyday conversations.

WEBSITE www.nancygracehorton.com

Jim, 2017 From the series: Lives of Men Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 16 x 20� 45

Independence, 2011 From the series: Ms. Behavior Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 17 x 17� Edition: 2 of 10 44




(Florham Park, NJ)


(New York, NY)



2017 2017 2018 2018 2018 2019 2019 2019 2019 2019 2019 2020 2020

Born in Haiti where he acquired his love for the ocean, Leslie JeanBart now lives in New York City.

“Glimpse”, Florham Park Library (Solo) “Culture Crawl”, *VACNJ Featured Artist, Rahway NJ Photography Forum, Watchung Art Center “Graffiti & Glam”, VACNJ Featured Artist, Summit “Open Orange”,Valley Arts Gallery, West Orange “Passage”, VACNJ Gallery Annex, Summit (Solo) “Open Orange” Valley Arts Gallery, West Orange Member Exhibition, VACNJ, Summit (Honorable Mention) Artful Bean, West Orange (Solo) “Abstract Reality”, Atlantic Gallery, Chelsea NYC “B&W: Sculpting with Light”, Atlantic Gallery, Chelsea NYC “Renewal”, Upstream Gallery, Hastings on Hudson “Chaos & Calm”, Upstream Gallery, Hastings on Hudson

*Visual Art Center of NJ ARTIST STATEMENT When I snap a photo, I’m given the chance to reclaim a sense of awe, curiosity, and sense of “other”. I’ll meander through the streets in search of “treasures”: a vibrant mini wall mural tucked away in an alley, a tiny hand print in cement, or a secret graffiti message scrawled on a hidden door.... I like play with scale, perspective, and context - an object can shed it’s old “self” and take on a new identity. I present a story to the viewer in hopes of creating a dynamic exchange that stimulates reflection, emotion, and introspection. WEBSITE www.conjureimages.com

He began exhibiting in NYC in 2001, but Jean-Bart put his career on hold when his mother was diagnosed with dementia in 2003, and became her daily guardian. During one of the most trying period of taking care of his mother, Jean-Bart started “Reality and Imagination”, his ongoing series of ten years. In 2011 Jean-Bart finally received round the clock assistance care for his mother and began again pursuing exhibiting his work. ARTIST STATEMENT Have always found great comfort in the ocean. The ocean has become the anchor for “Reality and Imagination”, my ongoing series of ten years. This series is visual exploration of the interaction between the culture of the host country and the culture of the immigrant who lives permanently abroad. I explore the relationship through photographing the movement of the tide and sand. The cultures automatically interact in a motion that is instantly fluid and turbulent, just as the sand and tide. It’s a constant movement in unison where each always retains its distinctive characteristics. This creates a constant duality. WEBSITE www.realityimagination.com

This Grand Show, 2018 Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 12 x 16” Wood Block Depth 1 and 3/4” 46

Unit_2, 2017 From the series: Reality and Imagination_A Unit of Two Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 5.25 x 15.75” Edition: 1 of 15 47



49 (Saugerties, NY)


(Woodstock, NY)



Received a BFA from Syracuse University, MA from Rutgers University, and MFA from Syracuse University. Painter, photographer.. Photography teacher for over twenty-five years at New York University. 2019 Honorable mention in photography, Margaret Cameron Awards, 2016 NJSCA Artist Fellowship for Works on Paper. 2015 Arthur Griffin Legacy Award, Griffin Museum, 2009 Honorable Mention in Fine Arts Photography Lucie Awards. Four-time recipient of NJSCA fellowship award. Numerous one-person shows, most recently in Hunterdon Museum of Art Clinton, NJ; Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester, MA; Casa Colombo, Jersey City, NJ; Davis Orton Gallery, Hudson, NY; Medellin, Columbia; Taipei,Taiwan; Lubbock, Texas & New York City.

Michael Knauth is a photographer living in Woodstock and primarily creating still life images.

ARTIST STATEMENT This is a very new body of work for me. In these years of troubled times, I kept thinking of the ancient Greeks and Romans- their culture and the fragility of democracy. I photographed the Greek & Roman statues in the Metropolitan Museum’s sculpture courts and placed them in photographs I have taken in various locations in the USA. The goddesses are avatars from the past, silently watching our descent into polarizing oligarchies as the earth’s climate is made vulnerable to our whims. WEBSITE www.kaykenny.com

Stone Goddess #5 “Swimming with Sharks”, 2018 From the series: Stone Goddess Medium: Archival pigment print (digital montage) Image size: 16 x 16” Edition: AP 48

Still Life via the Byrdcliffe Shop, 2019 Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 8.25 x 14.5” Edition: 3 of 25 49



51 (Catskill, NY)


(Canaan, NY)



Born in Israel in 1971 and currently residing in the village of Catskill in the Hudson Valley, I have been photographing my surroundings for most of my life. After a career in design I have, in the last few years, returned to photography as my main passion and focus for creativity. This time, through my experience as a designer, I’ve found that establishing a more strict methodology and project based approach to photography than what I previously engaged in has given me more discipline and, paradoxically, more freedom.

Throughout the last four decades working with both film and digitally, I have been playing with identity. Most of my photographs are staged, setting up and directing the image. Bodies as a form of expression are often headless or faceless . Hand-colored structured compositions in contrast to the figures they contain create a ground in which unsettling, emotionally jarring or even violent ideas can be expressed without the composition falling apart. Duane Michals quote is the most important idea informing my work. “Photography deals with appearances, but nothing is what it appears to be...I believe in the imagination...”

ARTIST STATEMENT This series, Ruined Ruins, reflects my interest in photographing places where some tension–ecological, political, psychological–is subtly evident. My observation often acts as a reflection on humanity’s activity that often goes unnoticed. This is especially true when I photograph in my homeland of Israel, where antiquities, politics, conflict and ecological disregard often intersect and influence one another. I work with medium-format, large-format film cameras or digital cameras to create long-term projects about such subjects.



This piece is part of a body of work I started three years ago when my daughter called to announce her plan to transition to a man. I asked her if I could photograph the transition, she was very responsive and agreed. I had no plan to show this work. It was a way of coping with and keeping a connection with her. She had been living on her own for the past 7 years. As the project evolved, though it was a departure from past work, it was a continuation of themes of identity and sexuality.


WEBSITE www.hildypincuskronen.com

Ruined Ruins #3—Beit She’an, Israel, 2019 From the series: Ruined Ruins Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 13.5 x 13.5”

Ryan #2, 2017 From the series: Alyssa Ryan Medium: Hand-colored, archival gelatin silver print Image size: 8.5 x 12.5” Edition: Unique





53 (Belle Mead, NJ)


(West Hurley, NY)



Alyson is an artist from Central New Jersey. She graduated from Belhaven University in 2016 with a B.F.A. in Visual Art. Her work explores the beauty in the mundane that goes unacknowledged and seeks to preserve stories and moments in time through analog photography. Through light and surroundings, she photographs in-between moments that, once seen, are not easily replaced or restored. Over the past three years, Alyson has been the studio assistant for Makoto Fujimura, documenting his process and work in studio. She is also the Collections Assistant at the Center for Photography at Woodstock.

After graduating from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts with a BFA in photography, Juliet dove into New York’s downtown art scene, shooting portraits and parties and even posters for punk bands. Her working style developed on film sets, where she developed a necessary efficiency for finding the moments where she could connect with her subjects. Today, she’s traded Limelight for upstate and motherhood where she continues to bring her expertise to portraiture for professional and personal use. The one constant is her enduring talent for making the connection that makes the shot. ARTIST STATEMENT Documenting our days helps us to remember them and the people we share them with, and it’s fun. I have always been a photographer. First as a hobbyist using the darkroom right here at CPW when I was a teenager, then a student at NYU, then a commercial portrait photographer. The constant in all of these photographic incarnations is my enduring desire to create images with power. Stopping power, motivating power, emotional power. The power to connect to the viewer. WEBSITE www.julietlofaro.com

Untitled, 2016 Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 10 x 7� 52

At the Lake, 2014 Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 11.75 x 11.75� Edition: AP 53



55 (Woodstock, NY)


(Yorktown-Heights, NY)



Peter Loppacher is a New York based architectural photographer and is currently residing in Woodstock.

Robert Lundberg is an acclaimed music, street, and fine art photographer. Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, and currently residing in Brooklyn, New York, he takes his unique and candid style from the street into the world of culture. He has been featured in publications such as The Huffington Post, Paste Magazine, Vents Magazine, Do NYC, No Depression, The Patch and countless others including podcasts. In October 2017 his work was featured in Chelsea, New York at the Clio Art Fair, in 2018 he debuted his solo show Uncontaminated Sound at the Bowery Electric, continuing the series in 2019 at Arlene’s Grocery.

ARTIST STATEMENT In this series, I strive to combine the interest in structure, both in the natural world, and those created by humankind, into a new perspective and a reinterpretation that builds a structure of its own through the use of the digital medium as well as new printing processes.

ARTIST STATEMENT Uncontaminated Sound looks to explore the evolution of the artist’s (creative self inflection) in which he ventures out into a new world, or simply an “uncontaminated world” filled with unique sights, sounds, and experiences. By capturing a diverse range of cultural figures within the pre-performance space, the artist intends to transfer the interplay between “person” and “performer” within the frame of the photograph. Gaining unique access prior to performance has allowed the lens to capture habits, rituals, and expressions of a “professional performer” bringing forward to the viewer: that cultural idols are human just like themselves. SOCIAL MEDIA www.instagram.com/uncontaminated_sound

Digitalis, 2020 Medium: Dye sublimation print on HD metal Image size: 24 x 16� Edition: AP

Stuart McLamb, of The Love Language, backstage BSP Kingston, Kingston, NY, 2019 From the series: Uncontaminated Sound Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 18 x 14� Edition: 1 of 10





57 (Woodstock, NY)


(New Paltz, NY)



Dorothea Marcus is a lifelong art collector who recently turned her eye to creating her own work. She had a large solo show in April 2019 at the Old Glenford Church Studio in Glenford, NY and has exhibited at the Emerge Gallery in Saugerties, and in Woodstock at the Byrdcliffe Kleinert Gallery, the Lev Shalem Gallery, the Robert Angeloch Gallery at the Woodstock School of Art and the Woodstock Artists Association and Museum. Dorothea has studied with Jenny Nelson, Robert Ohnigian and Jenne Currie at the Woodstock School of Art. She participates in CPW’s Photography Salon.

Brendan Mark is an emerging artist out of New York, who graduated from the State University of New York at New Paltz with a BFA in photography.

ARTIST STATEMENT My photography and collages inspire each other and create a synergy that allows me to play with depth, texture, and color. My travels have often been fertile ground for inspiration. Morocco kicked it off, followed by Cuba, Maine, NYC and Japan. I prefer abstract imagery and geometric compositions. WEBSITE www.dorotheamarcus.com

WEBSITE www.brendanmarkphotography.com

Stained Wall, Fez, 2018 Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 16 x 16� Edition: 1 of 10 56 Untitled, 2015 Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 17 x 12.375� Edition: 1 of 1 57



59 (New York, NY)


(Denver, NY)



I love to photograph water in motion including the mysterious misty weather. The rougher and wilder the water appears, the more I attempt to capture those emotions. I will chase down a hurricane, or find an active waterfall, and love when the weather turns soggy over ponds and lakes, and rise early with the sunrise to capture the beauty of a mist. I will settle for photographing calmer waters but try to include the reflective colors surrounding the water that can always be visualized by the naked eye.

I have been an artist photographer for fifty-seven years. My art degree is from Stanford University, and I also studied at the San Francisco Art Institute. I worked doing assignments for seven years before beginning a teaching career that lasted thirty-four years, working at the University of Minnesota, Hampshire College, Bard College and finally NYU Tisch School of the Arts where I retired as Chair of my department. For the past twenty years I have been a full time artist, making books and showing my work in many locations. My most recent large exhibition was at SCAD in Savannah, Georgia. ARTIST STATEMENT I photograph wherever I am, and this way of using my camera has been my primary way of working for fifty-seven years. I am interested in the moment and seeing life as it unfolds. My camera accompanies me every day. I don’t wait for pictures but try to be ready when a potential image appears. Many of my photographs are from travel, and in 2019 I visited Seattle. The Seattle Center, the Geary designed Museum of Pop Culture and the Monorail were situations where pictures appeared as I was exploring. WEBSITE www.elainemayesphoto.com

Passage, 2015 Medium: C-print Image size: 19 x 15�

Geary Tram, 2019 Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 17 x 22� Edition: AP

58 59



61 (Accord, NY)


(New York City, NY)



I began photographing the nude while I was a grad school student and I have continued for over fifty years. I have explored varied cameras, techniques and photographic process to find new ways to make an image with the nude. I have worked with a pinhole camera now for the past twenty years. I shoot with 8 x 10 film and indoors my exposures required the model to hold still for two minutes.

Inspired by Arbus and Lartigue, Meryl Meisler began photographing herself, family, and friends. Upon retiring as a NYC Public School Teacher, she began revealing large bodies of unseen work. Her books “A Tale of Two Cities Disco Era Bushwick” and “Purgatory & Paradise SASSY ‘70s Suburbia & The City” received international acclaim. Meryl’s next book “New York PARADISE LOST Bushwick Era Disco” (2020) will make her first seem like fairytales. Meryl lives and works in NYC and Woodstock, NY, continuing the photographic memoir she began in 1973—a uniquely American story, sweet and sassy with a pinch of mystery.

ARTIST STATEMENT I use traditional 8 x 10 B&W film in a homemade oatmeal-box pinhole camera to create wide-angle distortions with the cylindrical focal plane. The familiar becomes unfamiliar, the ordinary extraordinary. By then replacing the black-and-white values with subtle hues through successive pulling of curves in Photoshop, I interact with and interpret the image. I photograph the model nude in her own home, apartment, or studio, surrounded by her possessions for two-minute exposures. A collaboration between model and photographer, the images attempt to reveal an intimate portrait of the subject. WEBSITE www.waamart.org/artist_page/dan-mccormack-figurativephotography/

ARTIST STATEMENT When Meryl started her teaching position in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn, the neighborhood epitomized urban decay. Carrying a point and shoot camera as she walked between the subway and school, Meryl captured the beauty of natural light and those who loved and thrived in the destruction. “Superette Botanica” was on Knickerbocker Avenue, very close to an area the police called “The Well” because it was a notorious drug bazaar and one of the toughest blocks in NYC. WEBSITE www.merylmeisler.com

Lenoir_R_03-22-19--07AC, 2019 From the series: Nude at Home— Pinhole Camera Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 9.74 x 11” Edition: edition of 25 60

Superette Botanica, Knickerbocker Avenue, Bushwick, Brooklyn, 1982 (printed 2020) From the series: New York PARADISE LOST Bushwick Era Disco Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 12 x 18” Edition: 2 of 10 + 2 AP 61



63 (Hudson, NY)


(Brooklyn, NY)



Leor Miller is a photographer, writer, and musician from Evanston, Illinois and is currently based in New York’s Hudson Valley. She received her BA in Photography from Bard College in Annadale-on-Hudson, NY in May of 2019. Using the control of staged self-portraiture and digital manipulation, as well as the element of chance that is inherent to the photographic medium, Leor’s work deals with themes of selfhood, mystical and ecstatic experience, the Other and the unknown, and the search for meaning.

bigbaby was born on May 7, 2018 as a “finsta” and has grown to become more heavily influenced by the visual and textual language of the internet. bigbaby lives on instagram as a constantly changing grid of square images: original iPhone images and collages, screenshots and screen recordings. She is best viewed on your phone.

ARTIST STATEMENT My work is based in the idea that there is something deeper than the physical world. That we are not just the stuff of our being– that beyond my fleshy casing, I am spirit, eternal, timeless. That, by nature of being human, we share an experience of the world, the experience of interior and exterior realities, and at the base of this, there is a universal experience of the ecstatic terror of being in a body, in the world, hurtling through space. WEBSITE www.leormiller.com

ARTIST STATEMENT @bigbaby_bigworld is an instagram project by Leah Renee Monsour. SOCIAL MEDIA www.instagram.com/bigbaby_bigworld

Liked by @warmest_hands and 6 others, 2020 Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 12 x 12” 63

Chance Encounter, 2018 From the series: “I become a beam of light.” Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 17.6 x 22” Edition: AP 62



65 (Saugerties, NY)


(Lake Katrine, NY)



Born in So. Florida, I’ve been a New Yorker since 1965. Moved with my husband to Saugerties in 1995 to create Cantine’s Island CoHousing, where we remain. Although always creative and aesthetically aware, I did not prioritize being an artist until the past 3 years. I’m making up for lost time. I work mainly in photography and photo collage, although I work in many other media, including sculpture, painting, drawing, textiles, poetry and theater.

Jan Nagle is a nationally exhibited multidisciplinary artist, writer, curator, and educator. Her work is held in several public and private collections, such as Light Work and The Burchfield Penney Art Center. She holds a BFA in Photography from SUNY New Paltz, and an MFA from SUNY Buffalo, and taught photography for many years, including full time faculty positions at Alfred University and Kendall College of Art and Design. She is currently Program Manager at The Center for Photography at Woodstock.

ARTIST STATEMENT I once dreamed that I was weaving photographs. I recently tried, and it has turned out to be delightful. Every piece is a surprise. This one is comprised of 2 photos of sunrise over the ocean. It is called “Homage To My Father” because he was a fabric designer whose genius was color, and he so loved the beach, the ocean and the dawn. The paper strips are unprotected, so the piece will be ephemeral, as are the dawn and each life. The silver thread evokes textiles and a charmed circle.

ARTIST STATEMENT Jan Nagle’s work is about place, and how it informs identity. House and Home is a series of medium-format, selenium-toned black and white photographs in which dollhouse furniture from the artist’s own collection are placed on the human body and photographed at close range, so that the body becomes abstracted landscapes, or rooms. Childhood notions of ‘home’ are symbolically relocated from singular, static, architectural structures to the corporeal self. This work literally embodies the proverbial phrase “Home is where the heart is,” by commuting the American dream from place to personal identity. WEBSITE www.jannagle.com

Cage, 2004 From the series: House & Home Medium: Selenium-toned gelatin silver print Image size: 15 x 15� Edition: 1 of 12 65

Homage To My Father, 2019 Medium: Mixed-media collage of inkjet prints, silver thread and silver-painted canvas Image size: 11 x 11� 64



67 (New York, NY)


(Kingston, NY)



RUBEN NATAL-SAN MIGUEL is an architect, fine art photographer, curator, creative director and critic. His stature in the photo world has earned him awards, features in major media, countless exhibitions and collaborations with photo icons such as Magnum Photographer Susan Meiselas. Gallery shows include: Asya Geisberg, SoHo Photo, Rush Arts, Finch & Ada, Kris Graves Projects, Fuchs Projects, WhiteBox Gallery, Station Independent Projects Gallery, LMAK Gallery, Postmasters Gallery Rome & NYC, Studio Bizio in Edinburg, Scotland and others. His work has been featured in numerous institutions: The New York Public Library, Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, Griffin Museum of Photography, Museum of Fine Arts Boston, African American Museum of Philadelphia, The Makeshift Museum in Los Angeles, University of Washington, El Museo del Barrio, Mint Museum, Museo of The City of NY and Phillips Auction House and Aperture Foundation.

Julio Nazario is a graduate of Mason Gross School of Arts, Rutgers University with an M.F.A. in Visual Arts and Queens College (CUNY) with a B.A. in Philosophy He is an artist working primarily in black and white photography. He was Instructor of Photography at the International Center of Photography in New York City for ten years and an adjunct associate professor at La Guardia Community College (CUNY) for 17 years. He served in the Vietnam War and was awarded the Purple Heart.

ARTIST STATEMENT International art fair representation includes: Outsider Art Fair, SCOPE, PULSE, Art Chicago, Zona Maco, Mexico, Lima Photo, Peru, Photo LA, and Filter Photo Festival in Chicago Ill. His photography has been published in a long list of publications, highlights: New York Magazine, The New York Times, The Huffington Post, Time OUT, Aperture, Daily News, OUT, American Photo, ARTFORUM, VICE, Musee, ARTnet and The New Yorker. In 2016, Ruben’s Marcy’s Playground was selected for both the Billboard Collective and website for Apple. His photographs are in the permanent collections of El Museo Del Barrio in NYC, The Center for Photography at Woodstock, NY, The Contemporary Collection of the Mint Museum Charlotte, North Carolina, The Bronx Museum for the Arts, The Bronx Documentary Center, School of Visual Arts, NYC, The Fitchburg Museum of Art, Massachusetts and The Museum of The City of NY. SOCIAL MEDIA www.instagram.com/rubennatal.sanmiguel/

ARTIST STATEMENT My work reflects my experience of reality. As a human being I have multiple experiences, each based on location and time. The size of the image reflects the depth of the experience. The black and white/color images reflects intensity of the experience. WEBSITE www.julionazario.com

Round Out Creek, Kingston, New York, 2019 Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 11 X 14” 67

3 Muslim Girls (Sundown), W174 & Jerome Ave Stairs, The Bronx, NYC, Oct-19 From the series: ‘’ Women R Beautiful ‘’ 2020 Medium: Dye sublimation metal photograph Image size: 12 x 12” Edition: AP from an edition of 3 66



69 (Kingston, NY)


(Accord, NY)



Will Nixon is the author of “The Pocket Guide to Woodstock.�

Elizabeth Panzer lives in the Hudson Valley where she works as a harpist and photographer. Musically, she found her voice in the music of contemporary composers. As a photographer, her recent work embraces images captured with a scanner. If there is a common thread, it would be the deep identification she feels with delicate beauty combined with the need to express herself within the context of today. Finding a place for the sound of a harp in a world where we watch wars on TV is not unlike reinterpreting the beauty of a flower in a digital environment. ARTIST STATEMENT This series is an exploration of texture and density. It features flowers from my home and garden. As I create the image, I work to amplify the movement suggested by the shape of the individual cuttings, drawing the viewer into the image without the benefit of gravity or context. Depth, often non-literal, is created through the variations in transparency and dissolution of focus. My images invite the viewer into a private world, recognizable, though far from natural, built rather than found. The final image is constructed many layers to make a unique whole. WEBSITE www.ElizabethPanzer.com

Untitled, 2019 Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 12 x 12� 68 Nasturtium Op.3, 2015 From the series: Reverberations Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 20 x 16� Edition: 6 69



71 (Wantagh, NY)




Dan Pavsic is a New York based emerging artist who graduated from The State University of New York at New Paltz with a BFA in Photography. His work utilizes a variety of photographic based practices to explore the role of images in twenty-first century America. He wants the viewer to draw connections between their lives and his; blurring the distinction between ‘self’ and ‘other.’ Playing with information, context, and ideology has allowed Dan to develop a style that is emotionally honest and true to a moment in time.


WEBSITE www.danpavsic.com

(Kingston, NY)

Horses, 2019 Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 16 x 16� 71

Untitled, 2019 Medium: Photo-based Collage Image size: 9.5 x 7.5� 70



73 (New York, NY)


(Bearsville, NY)



Susan Phillips is an artist who resides in NYC and Woodstock, NY. Her mediums are photography and collage. She has exhibited in both locations, as well as throughout the US, and has works in corporate and private collections. Photographs were selected for the 2018 Autumn edition of “Art Ascent”. Ms. Phillips was the featured artist in the “Fat Canary Journal”, April 2019. She is the Gallery Coordinator of The National Association of Women Artists. “Arte Studio Ginestrelli”, Assisi,Italy invited her for a Photography Residency in July 2019. Her photographs are currently showcased in “The Catskill Mountain Region Guide”, Feb 2020.

Lauren Piperno, photographer/educator, lives in Kingston Township, NY, continues photographing her neighborhood. Permanent collections include MoMA-NY, The Brooklyn Museum, International Museum of Photography-NY; Museum of Fine Arts-Houston, TX; Helmut Gernsheim Collection-CH; Bibliothéque Nationale-FR; Galerie Agathe Gaillard-FR. Features include Photo District News; Smithsonian; Philadelphia Inquirer; American Photography; Metropolitan Home; Interview; Le Nouvel Observateur; MANNLÍF. Honors include FSA Documentary Photography Conference, FDR Library; American-Scandinavian Fellowship, Maryland State Arts Council Grant. Co-author “Masked Culture, Greenwich Village Halloween Parade,” Columbia University Press. Piperno’s educator credits include Parsons; Ramapo College; SUNY New Paltz; ICP; CPW; Bard LLI.

ARTIST STATEMENT My portfolios deal with observations of city and country life, and the beauty to be found in simple places. Streets, Rain, Graffiti, Pond Reflections and Store Reflections name a few. I look “through” wet surfaces, where all becomes ephemeral—a surreal, alternate reality. I search for mundane subjects—those often overlooked by people rushing by: street abstractions formed by the effects of traffic and erosion; artistry in torn papers and restructured surfaces; oxidized rusted surfaces; reflections in store windows; randomly displayed flowers and food; ice patterns. I hope viewers can appreciate these in a fresh way. WEBSITE www.susanbphillips.com

ARTIST STATEMENT “Seeds & Their Vessels: Something More Immortal Than Stars” There may be “something more immortal than stars.” This quote, from Walt Whitman’s poem “On the Beach at Night,” speaks of how, even in our darkest hours, a faith in the eternal, endures inside us all. It was from this “something more immortal” perspective that I began making digital, camera-less photos of seeds and their vessels while working in the Catskill Mountains (2013-present). It was my way of paying homage to these striking silent, sleeping arcana — protective pods and their precious cargo, and to bear witness to that which is eternal. WEBSITE www.laurenpiperno.com

Yellow Peppers, 2016 Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 23 x 29” Edition: 1 of 10 72

“Dried Lily Petals, Stamin, Anthers’ Pollen & Pistils,” 2018 From the series: “Seeds & Their Vessels,” 2018 Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 10.5 x 8” 73



75 (Woodstock, NY)


(Saugerties, NY)



Lucille Reback is currently working on her senior thesis at Bard College. Working primarily with the view camera, Lucy lives and works in Upstate New York.

London born, living in upstate New York, Studied at London College of Printing. Works published in i-D, LA Times, GQ, New York Times. Vogue.com and locally Chronogram magazine. Published book in 2018 called Kolkata Calcutta.

ARTIST STATEMENT This piece is part of my ongoing senior thesis project. WEBSITE www.lucillereback.squarespace.com

ARTIST STATEMENT Although working professionally as a portrait photographer, I see myself primarily as a documentary photographer with a big focus on the effect of time on things. WEBSITE www.fionnreilly.com

Unititled, 2019 Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 20 x 16�

Shropshire Lane With Cows, 2019 Medium: Gelatin silver print Image size: 10.6 x 16�





77 (New Paltz, NY)


(Mount Tremper, NY)



Megan Reilly is a photography student in her last semester at The State University New York at New Paltz.

Carla Rhodes is a wildlife conservation photographer based in the Catskill Mountains of New York, USA. In 2019 she was the winner of the Smithsonian 16th Annual Photo Contest Readers’ Choice Award. Her photo was chosen out of 48,000 international entries and received the highest percentage of 25,000 votes. Her ultimate goal as a wildlife conservation photographer is to document her subjects with respect and empathy. As a result she hopes to educate viewers on her subjects, tell a story and arouse emotions which ultimately will evoke inspiration and change.

WEBSITE www.honeypie.online

ARTIST STATEMENT A sunbeam falls upon the face of a white-tailed deer fawn in the Catskill Forest Preserve, New York, USA. WEBSITE www.carlarhodes.photography

Tree, 2019, 2019 From the series: Current Thesis Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 11 x 14� 76

Spotlight On Innocence, 2018 Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 13 x 19� 77



79 (Saratoga Springs, NY)


(New York, NY)



Miriam Romais is a New York based Brazilian-American photographer and nonprofit professional. As an awarded artist, her work has been exhibited in museums and galleries throughout the U.S. and abroad, including venues such as El Museo del Barrio, The Museum of the City of NY, and the Smithsonian Institution as part of the nationally traveling exhibition, book, and HBO special, Americanos: Latino Life in the U.S. As a curator, she has created exhibitions for Aperture, Light Work, SPE, and dozens for En Foco. Inc during her tenure as director and Editor of Nueva Luz photographic journal.

Bailey Ann Rosen was raised in Buffalo, New York. Early interest in the visual arts manifested in studying film making at SUNY Buffalo. Later, after diverting to another career, she moved to San Francisco to study photography. She lived there for twelve years, enjoying sharing an art studio and exhibiting her work. She is currently based in New York City, affiliated with the International Center of Photography, and continues to practice photography.


I bring combination of photography and bookmaking to my work, that stems for a background in film making. My initial excitement about a subject or scene sometimes results in long term visual narrative, I work using multiple formats and processes that include analogue and digital printing as well as alternative processes. At times the subject dictates the process, or the enjoyment of the process itself may dictate what is created.

While street art can be associated with the rebellious act of trespassing, it is often a reclaiming of public space, involving an offering as well as an act of vulnerability, validation and celebration –– an art form traced back to Mayan and Aztec scenes. My fascination with the meaning and temporality of murals, inspires me to help preserve what can easily disappear or become vandalized,. Images of fences, garage doors, or the aluminum siding of homes take on new meaning when layered with painted expressions of deeply felt political action, spirituality, rebellion, playfulness and love – these murals assert the voice of the painters, and in many cases are a reflection of the collective hopes and dreams of a neighborhood. Architectural details or landscape are purposefully included to evoke a sense of place, affirming that art is part of daily life, not merely confined to museum walls. WEBSITE www.romaisphotos.com


Freckles, Playa Del Carmen, 2019 Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 12 x 12” Edition: 1 of 3

Mom’s Room, 2005 From the series: Buffalo Sky Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 13.5 x 10.5”





81 (Glen Head, NY)


(Kingston, NY)



Joseph Rovegno is a New York based photographer born in 1995. He compulsively takes photographs on the streets of New York City for many years on film. Recently his work was featured at PH21 Gallery in Budapest and Praxis Gallery. Additionally, he just published his first photo book, “001.”

Seth David Rubin, American, was born in 1968, in Portugal. He started making pictures at age 11. He graduated from Bard College, and received a Masters in Fine Arts from Yale. Rubin’s work has been shown at Gallery Kayafas, Boston, Yancey Richardson, New York City, Altman Siegel, San Francisco and The Photographer’s Gallery in London, England. His work is in museum collections of The Addison Gallery of American Art and The Worcester Museum of Art. Seth David Rubin currently works as a freelance photographer and teaches photography at Ulster Community College. He resides in Stone Ridge, NY.

ARTIST STATEMENT This work deal with eternal images of religion and existence. Printing the images in the darkroom and sequencing them together using stitching allows me to take the context of the original images and bring them into a new light. WEBSITE www.joero.net

ARTIST STATEMENT In my early work, I worked with mud and I would transform figures and photograph them. Recently I photograph with homemade lenses made of found glass and glass assemblages. Side by side, I can have some recognizable descriptions in my photographs and some that can be very abstract. I’m interested in how glass can shape what we see and how malleable my subject can become. Like a painter or sculptor that uses their hands, my technique is manually optical and it enables me to compose using my imagination. WEBSITE www.sethdavidrubin.com

Untitled, 2020 Medium: Gelatin silver print, mixed media Image size: 20 x 16� Edition: 1 of 3 + AP 80

Harold Burgess, 2019 From the series: Pieces Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 20 x 16� Edition: 1 of 10 81



83 (Delmar, NY)


(Brooklyn, NY)



Thomas Santelli balances his commitment and dedication to teaching with the personal need for making and displaying his fine art photography. He continues to maintain an active, diverse and ongoing exhibition record. Most recently he has had work included in the 2017 Exhibition by Artists of the Mohawk-Hudson Region, Albany Institute of History and Art, Albany, NY, and The Best of 2016 Photography Exhibition, The Photography Center of the Capital District in Troy, NY. A few other national exhibitions include the Wellington B. Gray Gallery, Greenville, NC; the George A. Spiva Center for the Arts, Joplin, MO; the Silvermine Guild Galleries, New Canaan, CT; and the New Image Gallery, Harrisonburg, VA.

Daryl-Ann first picked up a camera to document the NYC punk scene eventually becoming lead photographer/ PE for two alt music publications. She studied at ICP in NY, assisted/ managed photo studios and established her own studio to work with editorial and corporate clients. Saunders’ alternative process work garnered an MPA Kelly Award and an Alice B. McReynolds Award by Salmagundi Art Club. She exhibits frequently, her work is in corporate/ private collections, her photo-text project “Pioneers of Bushwick” was funded by NYC Dept. of Cultural Affairs/ NEA and she continues several bodies of work related to urban life, etc.

ARTIST STATEMENT Many of my images spring from an interest in the so called “ human condition.” References to anatomy, biology, superstition, medicine, mythology, religion, sexuality, and psychology have become recurring themes in my work, and I often attempt to connect them to my own concept of self image. The “physicality” of the human form, with its various representations and interpretations, is endlessly fascinating to me. “I have in my possession an angel’s wishbone valueless, I gather, without the certificate of authentication which can only be signed by a bishop. I treasure it, however, and almost religiously love the sweet feel of its curve between thumb and forefinger deep in my jacket pocket, the way I’m fondling it now.” Christopher Reid WEBSITE www.tomsantelliphotography.com

ARTIST STATEMENT My photographic life started with black/ white film and many hours in the darkroom. Reluctantly, gradually, I adapted to digital media. This current series, “Alchemy: Mark-Making”, reintroduces into my art-making process the physicality of darkroom work and the tactile interpretation of experimentation, serendipity and chaotic control. Exploring my original tools—photo papers, chemistry, light, darkness—I use different substances and chemistry on photographic papers to create camera-less images or “chemigrams”. The subtle hues and tonality can be fugitive i.e. fade over time so they are scanned and printed with archival pigment inks onto paper and/or canvas. WEBSITE www.bit.ly/dasChemigrams

The Discovery of Anesthesia, 2019 Medium: Toned gelatin silver print with multiple varnishes Image size: 15.25 x 11.25�

Quadrant, 2018 From the series: Alchemy: Mark-Making Medium: Archival pigment print of Chemigram Image size: 12.5 x 9� Edition: 13 + 3 AP





85 (New York, NY)


(Tivoli, NY)



Fine-art photographer Lynn Saville was educated at Duke University and Pratt Institute. Saville prefers to photograph cities and rural settings at twilight and dawn, or “the boundary times between night and day.” Her photographs are published in four monographs: Acquainted With the Night (Rizzoli, 1997); Night/Shift, introduction by Arthur C. Danto (Monacelli, 2009); Dark City, introduction by critic Geoff Dyer (Damiani,2015) and Lost: New York (Kris Graves Projects, 2018). Saville’s photography is represented by the Yancey Richardson Gallery in New York and is in the permanent public and private collections. She lives in New York City.

I have always taken pictures. My graduate degree is in Art and Ceramics and studied photography. Clay and photos are passions. I teach Clay at a College. I was in charge North Manhattan Parks for 26 years, neglected, beautiful and at times frightening. I have always documented my work...landscapes, pots and the lives of the people that intersect mine.

ARTIST STATEMENT The Cityscape and Solitude As a graduate student at Pratt, I began photographing cities at dawn and twilight, focusing on iconic sites but was also drawn to out-of-the way places where the city, depopulated for the moment, seemed to dream its own dreams. In such places I find a refuge for meditation, a silence at the heart of the bustling metropolis. There, recording timeless moments, I feel as if I had peeled away layers of the city’s busy-ness, as well as those of my own persona. Through the outward-looking lens of the camera, I am also gazing deep into myself. WEBSITE www.lynnsaville.com

ARTIST STATEMENT I photograph often to document disparity but also illuminating the beauty delight, disturbance, shock, sadness and joy I see in individuals and landscape and to preserve small farms and good food.

Afternoon Delight, Goshen, Vermont 2017 Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 12 x 18� 85

Jill in Newburgh, 2018 From the series: The Cityscape and Solitude Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 9.75 x 13� Edition: 6 84



87 (Woodstock, NY)


(Hurley, NY)



Angela P. Schapiro was born in England, educated in France and is a former film producer and advertising executive who now makes her home in Upstate New York. Her work is widely exhibited and published both here and internationally. She has received numerous awards, including several Margaret Cameron Award for Women Photographers.

Sam Scoggins (b. 1958, Toronto) is a graduate of the London College Of Communication (1980) and was awarded his M.A. from the Royal College Of Art (1983). Following a 10 year period in academia at Canterbury Christ Church University, Scoggins pursued a successful career as the Creative Director of a Web Design Agency and as Managing Director of an Internet software development company. In 2007 Sam Scoggins relocated to the US and has refocused his career on his fine art practice, which incorporates a conceptual and aesthetic interest in the intersection of environmental concerns with landscape photography and experimental film.

ARTIST STATEMENT Henry Miller wrote: “one’s destination is never a place but a new way of seeing things”. These words resonate with me and inspire my photography and my need to capture all the beauty around me. We are in an era when anyone with a digital camera or smart phone can take a good photograph, but the true Art of photography is far more complex than that. Much of my artistic work continues beyond the initial image that is captured. I strive to create work via enhancement and manipulation of imagery until it satisfies my artist’s eye.

ARTIST STATEMENT This series is grounded in the lineage of the botanical cyanotype, but its subjects are plants that are invasive in the Hudson Valley. Because of human activity, these plants were all introduced, either deliberately or accidentally into an area where they had never previously existed and have thrived, out-competing the native plants, and thus reducing biodiversity. I began to use elements from the environment of the plants, such as water from the Hudson River, to interact with the Cyanotype chemistry, thus creating an expressionistic feel to the work that alludes to the horror of our destruction of the biosphere. WEBSITE www.samscoggins.com

Giverny #1, 2018 Medium: Aluminum substrate print Image size: 16 x 24� 86

European Water Chestnut (Trapa natans), from The Hudson River at Saugerties Lighthouse, 2019 From the series: Invasive Species of the Hudson Valley Medium: Cyanotype on Yupo Image size: 24 x 18� Edition: 1 of 1 87



89 (Chichester, NY)

ABOUT THE ARTIST Carla Shapiro is a photographer and educator based in the Catskill Mountains of Upstate New York. Her photographic projects explore loss and longing, memory and nostalgia, womanhood, aging, and the human condition, often situated in the rural and natural landscapes that surround her home and studio in the mountains. She frequently employs the use of alternative photographic equipment, processes, and materials, such as platinum printing, the wet-plate collodion process, pinhole cameras, and specialty papers, all of which have the effect of creating unique and tactile works. ARTIST STATEMENT Paradise California burned to the ground in 2018. Eighty-nine souls perished, eighteen thousand buildings were incinerated and around them were trees on fire. Residents filmed the fires on their phones as they escaped, praying, and crying. I watched countless hours which were as visually stunning as they were catastrophic. I photograph the trees on fire – from my television. I photograph, print in platinum/palladium, deface with sand paper, rescan and print them as inkjet prints. These images reflect, not only the tragedy and loss, but the life cycle of trees themselves; their grandeur, their uncertain survival and their inherent beauty. WEBSITE www.carlashapiro.com


(New York City, NY)

Untitled, 2019 From the series: Paradise Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 22 x 22� Edition: AP 88

Life Interrupted, 2015 From the series: My Breast Cancer Journey Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 15 x 10� 89



91 (Woodstock, NY)


(Shady, NY)



Ernest Shaw has been making and exhibiting art since the 1970s. Originally working with large-scale welded steel, granite, and bluestone sculptures, he has also produced a large body of paintings and drawings. And recently, as Shaw began to probe the nature of the self as well as his own mortality, he turned his attention to photography. Featured in galleries and museums throughout the US, Shaw has exhibited at the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, Tanglewood, and the Williams College Museum of Art. His work is included in the collections of the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, the Indianapolis Museum of Art, and the Ulrich Museum of Art among numerous others.

Kelly’s photographs have appeared in Chronogram magazine, the Hudson Valley Guide, Black & White magazine and the Catskill Mountain Region Guide, as well as at the Wilder Gallery in Catskill, NY. In 2017, she was commissioned by Catskill Waters to take images of the Little Beaver Kill. Her waterfall image taken at Platte Clove during her Artist in Residency appeared on the cover of the Spring 2018 edition of the Catskill Center’s newsletter.

ARTIST STATEMENT Three years ago, in my fifty-year-long career as an artist, I turned to photography, exploring our place in the order of things, the nature of “self”, and mortality. The No-Self photodrawings combine photography, drawing, and painting, revealing not only what the artist sees, but how one sees, what informs from within his or her mind, and without. Constructed and deconstructed, these works are “complete” when visual appearance and the creative processes are resolved and focused. Self-portraiture involves a surface-oriented observation, hinting at the roiling currents and emotions below. These portraits are an homage to our human predicament, and the belief that art is a balance to chaos. WEBSITE www.ernestshaw.net

ARTIST STATEMENT Following in my mother’s footsteps, I began taking black & white photographs in high school and continued the study of photography while at SUNY Purchase. I recently discovered color photography since switching over to taking digital images, but black & white remains my passion. I love being in nature and take my camera with me on my daily walks. I photograph the stillness of nature and attempt to capture the exquisite beauty inherent in the details. I’ve recently begun a series of portraits of women in their 50s. WEBSITE www.KellySinclairPhotography.com

Untitled, 2019 From the series: No-Self Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 22 x 17� Edition: 1 of 8 90

Bear Medicine, 2019 From the series: In Our Fifties Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 13 x 13� Edition: AP 91



93 (Claverack, NY)


(Brooklyn, NY)



David Sokosh holds a BA in Photography from WCSU. He received a 20x24 studio grant from the Polaroid Corporation and was included in their permanent collection. A study of the relationship between power lines and architecture was published as the book “Provincetown Lines”. His reportage series “Gay 90’s” at Underbridge Pictures in DUMBO Brooklyn was part of the Magnum Festival. His tintypes appeared in the New York Times accompanying “This Just in from the 1890’s” Represented by Carrie Haddad Gallery, Hudson, NY Included in: “Time Lapse” Shelburne Museum Sokosh lives in Claverack, NY.

Originally from Woodstock New York, Kito has spent one semester at SUNY Ulster for photography. That led to an internship at CPW and then to milk studies where he has started freelancing as a lighting assistant after completing his time at milk.

ARTIST STATEMENT I am part of the renaissance in hand-crafted photography, on an intimate scale. Using the mid-nineteenth century technique of wet plate collodion, I create unique photographic pieces on metal. My still life series “At Home” includes period objects, things I love, some of which have been in my family for generations. This work brings these wonderful, seemingly distant items to life again for the contemporary viewer. “Nine Thanksgiving Wishes” is a collage of nine tintypes, each of a different turkey wishbone. The bones were left to me by a friend who collected them over a decade of Thanksgivings. WEBSITE www.davidsokosh.com

ARTIST STATEMENT This work is to capture the visual correlation between the underground punk scene and its influence on future fashion.

Nine Thanksgiving Wishes–2, 2014 From the series: At Home Medium: Wet plate collodion on aluminum Image size: 18 x 12.25” 92

To plea for convenience, 2019 Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 11.5 x 8” 93



95 (New York City, NY)


(Catskill, NY)



Barbara Taff is a multidisciplinary conceptual artist and award-winning designer who brings a sense of timelessness to her sculpture, drawing, photography and visual designs. While working as a sculptor and mixed media artist, Taff applied her creative vision to print media and design. She became Illustration Editor at New York Magazine, Associate Creative Director at UJA-Federation of New York, Principal of Studio 8 Design and Creative Director of IIE. Taff wrote and illustrated, The Best Colors. She has art degrees from State University College of Buffalo and Pratt Institute. She lives in NYC and Fleischmanns, NY.

Ken Tannenbaum’s formative years were spent seeking independence through his creativity. Making good on his goals, he assisted in studios and a career solving NYC creatives’ image puzzles was born. It spanned decades, working on myriad projects in many industries. Always a challenge, always refreshing, his image making changed radically creating more personal work after 9/11 when his son was attending grade school in Tribeca, three blocks from the tragedy. During this period, he purchased a 19th century farmhouse in Catskill, moving several years later on a bet that it was just what he and the family needed…and it was.



Spring Drift is based on the theme of abstract reality. This 3-D montage is produced as a lenticular print. It represents my latest artistic exploration to push the boundaries between observation and imagination. I see art everywhere and use photography and digital drawing tools to transform the hidden imagery. I strive to bring to the viewer a new experience. Being inspired, I notice that life presents gifts with unlimited possibilities for healing and renewal. I find it deeply satisfying to be able to use my art to connect with my environment in such a profound way.

My interests are mostly narrative in nature with an occasional nod to humor. The images are often conjured, but can be born from serendipity. I sketch an idea to remain aware as it comes…for easily it disappears. I often dwell inside a theme called Commentary & Other Quandaries. What assignation I make comes as I view a print, when I’m often surprised by the result; it’s as if I’m seeing my thinking for the first time. Surely concerned with composition, in many it’s the form and beauty that matter most. The gallery conversations are often as gratifying as the work. WEBSITE www.kentannenbaum.com

Spring Drift, 2019 Medium: 3-D lenticular print Image size: 20 x 20� 94

Man Walking in Snow, 2013 Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 10.75 x 16.5� Edition: AP 95



97 (Glenmont, NY)


(Boulder, CO)



Most of Richard Tomasulo’s work explores individual ambition and fantasy, as expressed through personal possessions and their deployment. The emphasis is on class values.

Julia Vandenoever was born in New York City and raised in New England. She received a B.A. in Art History from Smith College as well as attended the SALT Center for Documentary Studies in Portland, ME. Julia currently lives in Boulder, Colorado where she is a fine-art, editorial and commercial photographer. Julia’s work has been shown at the The Center for Fine Art Photography, Southeast Center for Photography, Colorado Photographic Arts Center, and Pictura Gallery. She attended the Eddie Adams Workshop as well as received a Community Support Art grant through the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art.

ARTIST STATEMENT The submitted image is from a nascent series of architectural fantasies, constructed specifically for studio photography.

ARTIST STATEMENT Home is defined as the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family. This definition shifted when my identity as a daughter and sister both disappeared. Even though I am still a mother and a wife, I felt empty and unrooted. Rather than a place, home is a feeling of comfort, love and protection. Still Breathing, is my rediscovery of being at home. It is the story of who I am and where I’ve been. And it is sorting through the grief for what I wanted as a child and finding acceptance for what is. WEBSITE www.juliavandenoever.com

Architectural construction #1, 2017 Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 12 x 18� Edition: 1 of 10 96

Grayson, 2017 From the series: Still Breathing Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 16 x 20� Edition: AP 97



99 (Poughkeepsie, NY)


(Hastings on Hudson, NY)



Born in 1993 in the Bronx, NY, William was surrounded by art at an early age. The son of an art teacher and a marble worker, he felt an innate drive to create as a child. William graduated from Marist college in 2015 with a double major in Philosophy and Studio Art; by this point his work began to critically examine the surrounding world. Issues of gender, mental health, the performative nature of interactions, the decay of the planet, and death runs in veins through everything he shoots.

After twenty-five years as a professional dancer, Dawn Watson shifted her artistic practice to photography. Nature serves as her muse, her subject of concern, a source of solace and healing. Her work has been featured online in Diffusion X, Lenscratch among others. Her photographs and artist books have been exhibited the Albrecht-Kemper Museum, A Smith Gallery, Davis-Orton Gallery, Center for Fine Art Photography, Photo Place Gallery, Ph21 Gallery, Tilt Gallery, Tang Teaching Museum, Vermont Center of Photography, solo exhibitions at the Griffin Museum of Photography, the Los Angeles Center for Photography and the Rhode Island Center for Photographic Arts.

ARTIST STATEMENT I consider authenticity and identity in the work I make on the street, notably in my series Casino, where I explored Las Vegas. I work to grasp the identity of a location by photographing the people and things I encounter on the street. I worked with my peers to photograph the things that made me ask questions. WEBSITE www.wvrachopoulos.squarespace.com

ARTIST STATEMENT My work is inspired by my deep connection to nature. Years as a dancer and choreographer has influenced my art-making, and fueled my interest in how we inhabit both our interior and exterior worlds. As an environmentally conscious artist, I use photography and artist books to explore our changing environment. I am drawn to the process of both becoming and diminishing—not just in life’s flourishing peak compositions, but in the inevitable process of decomposition. Each stage has intrinsic beauty as it transforms shape and content to reveal a different truth. I use photography to make sense of our off-kilter world. WEBSITE www.dawnwatson.art

Ashokan Dreams, 2019 From the series: Morphology Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 9 1/2 x 7 3/4� Edition: 10 99

Casino, 2019 Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 11 x 14� 98




(Lake Forest, CA)


(Woodstock, NY)



Sandra is self-taught and inspired by Sebastião Salgado and Magnum Photographers. Sandra’s work focuses on documentary photography emphasizing human condition in social identity, culture, and minorities. She has dedicated long-term projects on women, minorities, and American pop culture. Sandra has lived and worked in Washington DC and internationally while working with American Agency. Upon returning to Southern California in late ‘90s, she worked in technology and finance before she found passion using photography as her medium of art. Sandra has received numerous distinguished awards including National Geographic Magazine, featured at the Annenberg Space for Photography, and exhibited national, and internationally.

Originally from Brooklyn NY. JD Weiss has been a resident of Woodstock NY since 1986. JD attended Queens College and St John’s University. Studied at the Manhattan School of printing, receiving certifications in silk screen printing, and cold type composition.

ARTIST STATEMENT From a vivid dream that I had: “This flint came cloudy the mind Where crystal streams make their continual road Free falling I fly Into the Blue” WEBSITE www.SandraChenPhoto.com

Awards 2018: The Ann Helioff/Benjamin Hirschberg Award, Woodstock Artists Association. 2016: Second Place Black and White Exhibition, New York Center for Photographic Art. 2015: Juror’s selection Portraits Exhibition, New York Center for Photographic Art. 2015: Juror’s selection Curves Exhibition, New York Center for Photographic Art. 2014: Leilani Claire Award for Outstanding Photography, WAAM 2014: Juror’s choice, Woodstock Artists Association. ARTIST STATEMENT Open spaces of field, lakes, and oceans reflect our fears, hopes, dreams, and fantasies. After all, the reality is that there is no out there without the perceptions (and the thoughts/emotions attached to them) that each individual brings to these spaces. It is this relationship we each have with nature that is explored throughout my images; often dream like, and surreal, open to each individuals interpretation. I use 6x6 medium format film cameras that produce images with both depth and subtleness. Sometimes, I combine multiple frames taken at the same location, for a more complete impressionistic experience. WEBSITE www.jdweissphoto.com

Into the Blue, Nov-17 From the series: Into the Blue Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 15 x 15� Edition: 10 100

the other window, 2019 Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 18 x 18� 101



103 (Stone Ridge, NY)


(Hurley, NY)



Pools are icons of summer recreation. My photographs of pools remove the laughter, splashing, and scent of BBQ’s. The beautiful blues evocative of respite and cleanliness, contrast against narrative scenes that hint of disturbances. The images prod the viewer to reflect on isolation, vulnerability, and survival.

Originally born and raised in New York’s Hudson Valley, Michael earned his BFA in Professional Photographic Illustration with focus on Fine Art Photography from Rochester Institute of Technology. He has worked in many branches of the photography world as a professional photographer, assistant, retoucher, and instructor.



I view the process of looking closely at water as a form of mediation. In photographing pools, I am immersed in the moment and my surroundings. I look to unearth or capture a perfect shot akin to a hunter or archaeologist. I have to be still so the water will hold reflections clearly. I have be aware of each location’s different reflections, shade, liner, and orientation to the sun throughout the seasons to plan my shots.

Waldeinsamkeit—the feeling of being alone in the forest.

WEBSITE www.swampphotosbyruth.com

Through the earliest times of my life and into present day, the Catskills have been my refuge. Quietly retreating into those mountains gives me the structure I need to balance myself. I’d never realized what an important aspect of my life that was, until I left it behind for urbanity. I’ve struggled, heavily, to find that which keeps my mind at ease. The images in “Waldeinsamkeit” are my visual wanderings, the attempts to find balance, the search for some semblance of peaceful familiarity in the gray landscape I’ve placed myself into. WEBSITE www.michaelyalamas.com

Harry, 2020 From the series: Pool Noir Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 12 x 18� Edition: 1 of 10 102

Eastman Kodak South Parking Lot, 2014 From the series: Waldeinsamkeit Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 10 x 15� Edition: AP 103



105 (Albany, NY)


(Brooklyn, NY)



Mike Andrew Yood (b. 1961) is a self-taught photographer. He has been greatly influenced by photographer Alec Soth, through a tutelage and artist Harvey Breverman, for whom he interned. Mike holds a Bachelor of Arts from Allegheny College. He completed a unique program for students with dyslexia at American International College in Springfield, MA. Mike is a graduate of Syracuse University College of Law. His work has been juried and exhibited nationally and internationally in Buffalo, the Hudson Valley of New York State, and in Toronto. Mike currently resides in Albany, NY with his wife and their cairn terrier, Mac.

Jiawei Zhao is a Chinese-born visual artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY. In 2018, Jiawei received his MFA Fine Arts degree from Pratt Institute. His work is in the collection of the Kala Art Institute, where he finished a residency in 2019. His work has been selected continuously for the 56th and then 57th Annual Juried exhibition at the Masur Museum of Art. Jiawei has recently participated in residencies at MASS MoCA and ChaNorth. He and his work are selected to participate in The Other Art Fair Brooklyn, which will be held in May 2020.

ARTIST STATEMENT The Place is home—a source of comfort and safety. For the artist, Place is an area without constraint that allows for unbridled creativity. It is the artist’s responsibility to seek, find and challenge that place within a chosen medium. He approaches his photographs much like a composer drafts a sheet of music, by directing and shaping the image. Seeking balance in both time and space, he invites attention to the anonymous figure in its varied environments, opening pathways to dream sequences and personal narratives. Each photograph captures a moment of mindfulness in a search for Place. WEBSITE www.mikeandrewyood.photos

ARTIST STATEMENT My photo-based art practice stems from that personal experience, which I have moved or transferred among many different types of places and spaces since my childhood. In other words, I moved from a small town to Beijing, and then I moved to Wisconsin, Texas, and finally New York in the order. Those sudden changes of places prompt me to create a perfect space of both comforts and feelings of security in photographic space. Inspired by the French concept “flaneur”, I Confuse temporal and spatial relationships, all of my artwork is two-dimensional photographs, which are taken of photographic installations. WEBSITE www.jiaweizhao.com

Searching (Winthrop Beach at Low Tide, MA), 2016, 2020 Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 19 x 27� Edition: 1 of 10 104

We tried to paint a comfortable house by Chinese watercolor, 2020 Medium: Archival pigment print Image size: 20 x 15� Edition: 5 + 2AP 105

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