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Hospitality & Tourism • Public Safety • Corrections & Security • Information Technology Volume 1, Issue 4 March, 2014 VOLUME 1, ISSUE 3

january, 2014

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Shinita V. Hishaw, Publisher, CPTIME Magazine


elcome to the March edition of CPTIME Magazine! In this issue you’ll find 5 women who are our role model representatives for Women’s History Month and the career fields displayed on the cover. Please dial-in for the upcoming conference calls! I have scheduled some of the calls earlier and will be drawing for prizes during the calls. Dial-in to win! Don’t forget to enter this month’s Contest Corner and send me a joke!! Lastly, we are preparing to congratulate our 2014 8th grade and 12th grade graduating readers in May. Please share this with your parents, teachers, friends, etc. (see pages 9 & 18) Now…Meet Career Coaching Girl, our new CPTIME Superhero! Read below as she introduces herself. Hi, I’m Career Coaching Girl, but you can call me “CC Girl”. You’re probably thinking something about superheroes having a superpower. And I bet you want to know what my superpower is. Well, here it goes…I bring the party to life!! Yes, it’s true; my job is to make your life feel like a party! So, come on, party with me!!! At a party, you have a great time, it’s carefree, filled with smiles, there’s dancing and music to your ears! That’s how your career-life should be. It should be something you enjoy! It should come natural and easy to you! It should make you happy to do whatever it is you do, every single day. Your iPod playlist should be like the soundtrack to your very own reality show, called LIFE. So, again, I’m CC Girl, and I’m here to bring the party to YOUR life! Dance with me and you’ll become “The Life” of your very own career party, where the music is your personal strengths, talents and gifts! It’s nice to meet you!

The CPTIME Team Publisher & Editorial Director: Shinita V. Hishaw Assistant Editors: Melanie Hishaw, Anika Williams Contributing Writers: Archuleta Chisolm, Shinita Hishaw, Lavina Randle, Loureva Slade Columnists: Shinita Hishaw, Jennifer Walton Creative Design: Michael Robbins Printing Services: Midway Press, Dallas TX

Behind the SCENES By Jennifer Walton


aise your hand if you like going on summer vacation. Sandy beaches, amusement parks, flying on airplanes or staying in hotels. There are so many people

who work very hard in the Hospitality and Tourism industry to make sure you have a safe and fun experience, including flight attendants, hotel managers, caterers, travel agents and so many more. Most of them use technology in their jobs to make things more convenient and faster for you. There are people in Information Technology who design those computer programs and websites to make online reservations at hotels, book flights and research sightseeing and entertainment activities. Hotel security, police officers, life guards and the like are important to your


Success Tomorrow Starts TODAY!

vacation as well (Public Safety, Corrections and Security). Hotel security will patrol the hotel grounds, life guards save lives and police officers can assist with emergencies, education and protection. All these people work to make sure you are safe from dangerous people, places and situations. These people work extra hard to make sure things run smoothly while you vacation. You may not see them, but they are there, behind the scenes making sure doors are locked, creating technology like programming key

cards for your hotel room, ensuring food is cooked perfectly and keeping your room stocked with enough towels. On your next vacation, pay attention to the little things and ask questions. Somewhere in the midst, you may find a profession speaking to who you are. ď Ž

Moments In Volume 1, Issue 4 March 2014


You Have The Right To An Attorney Pg. 6

Making Things Easier Using Technology Pg. 16

Say Congrats to Your Graduates! Pg. 9

Upcoming Career Events Pg. 19

Travel Reservations Here, There & Everywhere Pg. 10

Unlimited Income; Life-Long Learning Pg. 20

Meet the Role Models Pg. 12 Haiku Contest Winner Pg. 13 A Heart for Service and People Pg. 14

less Moments

Upcoming Editions Pg. 13

Contest Corner Pg. 18

Clues U Can Use Pg. 22

Just Enough So U Succeed Pg. 22


CPTIME is published bi-monthly and is a Career Planning Time, LLC publication. CPTIME is a free publication located in Tarrant County, Texas. We reserve the right not to publish ads that are deemed objectionable by management. For advertising rates or editorial comments and s足 uggestions please visit CPTIME assumes no responsibility for unsolicited m 足 aterials and r足 eserves the right to edit and modify all materials. Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of CPTIME. Contributors of CPTIME acknowledge that their submission becomes the property of CPTIME and may be used in all media, as they see fit. All rights reserved.

You Have The Right

To An Attorney By Shinita V. Hishaw

“You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you.” Most people are used to hearing this Daris Frencha on TV before someone gets arrested. However, Daris Frencha, Legal Advocate for LegalShield, gives people access to lawyers for the security


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of making intelligent legal decisions and to secure the handling of family assets. Below are 4 areas Frencha emphasizes the proactive need for an attorney:

Reviewing loan contracts – cars, homes and personal loans

Writing a Will, Power of Attorney and Estate Planning - protection in the

unfortunate event someone becomes ill or loses their life

Identity theft protection – for the entire family (children are currently the fastest growing victims)

Understanding business documents Terms and Conditions Agreements; business contracts.

Frencha discredits the myths that only bad people need lawyers and that waiting until you’re in trouble is the time to get an attorney.

Frencha discredits the myths that only bad people need lawyers and that waiting until you’re in trouble is the time to get an attorney. Wealthy people have legal counsel available for any legal decisions they make. Frencha provides affordable access to legal rights, for those who may or may not be wealthy, but still need to feel secure in any legal dealings. Even a traffic ticket is a legal issue. Frencha also has job security as an entrepreneur running her own business. She has flexible hours and no maximum on how much money she can make. She works wherever she chooses, although mostly from home. She spends a large portion of time meeting new people and explaining how legal protection can be available to them. She expands her business by

recruiting new associates who she mentors and trains. The new associates can decide if they want to work part-time or full-time based upon how much money they desire and how much time they’re willing to work. Those associates are also their own boss; Frencha only helps them learn and gives them advice for success. This career requires working consistently, discipline to work without a lot of direction, ability to balance time, willing to risk not having a steady paycheck, and ability to bounce back from disappointments. It is very important to like dealing with people, have self-confidence and work hard because you will not get rich overnight. Frencha says, “Making a lot of money and not having time is not really freedom. True freedom is having the money and time to do what you want, when you want to.” 


questions on

wed- apr 16 @ 5:30 pm

712.432.3066 CON FERENCE CODE: 538938 Success Tomorrow Starts TODAY!


( You Go ) NOB4UGO Just Enough So U Succeed - A Time For Inspiration

Know Before

College and Career Helpful Hints


ork experience can be just as important as education when it comes to landing a position in your future career. Now is the time to start seeking out part time jobs, volunteer opportunities and/or entrepreneur adventures for the summer break. There are laws that dictate the types of jobs you can hold at various ages as a youth, so be sure to research those first, with your parents. Working teaches you skills like responsibility, time management, working with others, spending vs. saving money and following instructions. There are many more lessons that can be learned depending on the job you get. Certain skills can be used in various jobs and those are known as transferrable skills. Transferrable


Success Tomorrow Starts TODAY!

skills are skills that you can learn now, and use later in your career. Can you identify skills that would be able to transfer to other jobs? Those skills are one reason getting a summer job is important. The more skillas you have, the more experience you gain, the better off you’ll be when you’re competing with other applicants for your future career. This is not only true now, but it’s true in college by doing something directly related to the career you want. So, don’t spend your entire summer at the waterpark on the slide when you could be working there. If you love animals, consider a job at The Zoo. If you enjoy the hottest fashion and latest shoes, apply in retail. Keep your ultimate career goal in mind if you’ve made that choice already. Or, think about what you enjoy and what skills you need to learn. Some websites to view for jobs are:

• • •

Best wishes in your job search! 

Are you graduating in May/June 2014?


You and your friends, parents and relatives can say “CONGRATS!” All 8th and 12th grade graduates are can have a 1-line ad in the May edition of CPTIME Magazine. For just $10 each, get a congratulatory 1-line ad in the next edition of CPTIME Magazine. Here are a few samples:

Congratulations Andre’! 8th Grade Class of 2014 at Handley Middle School!

Way to go Stacy! Dunbar High School Senior! c/o 2014 ~ Love, Mom

We did it Shanae! BFFs 4ever! Class of ‘14! Luv u gurl! Smooches!! - Jasmine

You’ve made us proud son! Our prince, Rick, is heading to Princeton! Love Mom & Dad

Congrats Crowley High School Class of 2014!!! #Winning – Best Wishes, B. J. (Class President)

All ads must be received NO LATER than May 2nd. Limit 5 ads per student. Ads must include the student’s first name (last name is optional) and who it’s from. Submit ads online at Must use paypal online and submit your 1-line wording via the comments page, INCLUDING the name and email address of the person who submitted the payment. All payments must be made by an adult over age 18.

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Travel Reservations Here, There and Everywhere By Loureva Slade



Success Tomorrow Starts TODAY!

Vicki Childress is a Reservations Supervisor for Starwood Hotel and Resorts Worldwide, Inc., which is the parent company for the W, Westin, and Sheraton hotels. Ten years ago, she started as a Reservations Associate and was promoted to a Reservations Lead a few years later. Childress was recognized for her outstanding work and promoted to her current position as a Reservations Supervisor four years ago.

Childress attributes her advancement in the organization to setting clear goals for herself, communicating those goals to her superiors, learning what was needed for advancement, and then exemplifying a stellar work ethic and being prepared for advancement opportunities as they became available. As a Reservations Supervisor, Childress supports a team of 30 employees and is responsible for managing guest expectations and quality assurance. She responds to emails from her customers, team, peers and global team here in the U.S., and in China, Japan, Ireland, and Canada. Childress collaborates with other supervisors and conducts daily meetings to motivate employees and inform them of the tasks for the day. At the end of each month she reviews employees’ calls and emails with them to make sure they are communicating in a clear, concise, and grammatically correct manner. She also conducts year-end reviews to evaluate employees’ work, which includes setting new goals for the next year. Someone in the hospitality industry can expect to start off making $10 an hour. Managers can earn upwards of $60 thousand a year. Although a degree isn’t required to enter the hospitality industry, having one makes it easier to advance. Excellent customer service skills, strong communication and interpersonal skills are also huge plusses for success in the industry. The dress code at Starwood is casual, however Childress dresses in business/ casual attire. She believes that the way

you dress reflects how you approach your day and makes a point to dress for the positions she wants rather than the position she is currently in. According to Childress, “you Vicki Childress stand out when you do the positive things that others aren’t doing.” Childress encourages students to thoroughly research whatever career and company you are pursuing. One of the worst feelings in the world is to be in a job that looks good on the outside but you absolutely hate it on the inside. Once you are sure of the career you desire, find mentors in that field, ask questions, and prepare yourself for success. 



712.432.30 66

CONFERENCE CODE: 538938 Success Tomorrow Starts TODAY!


Meet the Role Models Ms. Lumpkins owns an IT business providing technology solutions and will be available for a conference call Tues - April 8 @ 5:30 pm 712.432.3066 Conference Code: 538938 Ms. Frencha works for herself selling access to legal advice and will be available to answer questions Wed - Apr 16 @ 5:30 pm 712.432.3066 Conference Code: 538938

Ms. Hogan is a civil litigation attorney at an insurance company and will be available for a conference call Mon - Apr 21 @5:30 pm 712.432.3066 Conference Code: 538938

Ms. Smith is a large conference planner for a resort and convention center and will be available for a conference call Thur - Apr 24 @5:30 pm 712.432.3066 Conference Code: 538938 Ms. Childress handles reservations and customer service at a hotel and will be available for a conference call Tues - Apr 29 @5:30 pm 712.432.3066 Conference Code: 538938

Winner! Blacks fought for their own To give the rights they have in This country today.

the y o j n E ss, a p e i mov ! Teryn

By: Teryn Hallman 7th Grade, William James Middle School

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A Heart

for Service and People By Shinita V. Hishaw


he Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center hosts thousands of people every year whether they’re visiting the Annual ICE Exhibit, or coming for a convention. Larhonda Smith, convention services manager, makes sure those events are well planned and executed by employees, also called “Stars”. Smith communicates her upcoming event needs through company software systems that notify each group of their responsibilities to that event. She also spends a lot of 14

Success Tomorrow Starts TODAY!

time communicating via phone, email and in-person giving tours of the property and entertaining guests who are considering the resort. Smith handles convention logistics for large groups who need between 500-1500 guest rooms, which can also be as many as 5000 people at one time. She is responsible for planning meeting space, any exhibit needs, blocking Larhonda Smith

guest rooms, coordinating transportation and more. She manages conventions with the help of a team of about 20 people. Smith is focused on making her clients feel comfortable given the amount of money they are spending. She researches the history of her clients to understand them, realize what’s important to them and figure out where they’ve been and what happened in the past at other conventions. That research helps her minimize the possibility of having those same challenges. Smith says, “you have to have a heart for service and people, and want to see them do well”



THUR- apr 24

@5:30 pm

712.432.3066 CON FERENCE CODE: 538938

in order to succeed in a hospitality career. Smith has held several positions within the service industry and advanced to her current position. Many people start part

You have to have a heart for service and people, and want to see them do well.

time in minimum wage or tips positions like bellhop, front desk attendants or in restaurants. Others are hired into entrylevel management positions after college, at a starting rate between $29,000 and $35,000 per year. However, the income potential can be over $100,000 per year as an executive. Gaylord is owned by Marriott, therefore opportunities are available all over the globe within other Marriott properties. The work environment is open, fun and energetic, including sports challenges and incentives, potluck celebrations and business casual attire. However, Smith encourages anyone interested in hospitality to “master being humble”. This position deals with many cultures and backgrounds, gets the angry customers if anything happens, and works abnormal hours sometimes (including holidays). It is not an industry that allows the mentality “I have a degree” or “I am a manager” to seem like you’re better than anyone else or unable to jump in where needed.  Success Tomorrow Starts TODAY!


Making Things

Using Technology By Loureva Slade


hen a company is interested in increasing its online presence and earning potential, it typically reaches out to someone Sherry Lumpkins like Software Engineer and owner of Blue Symphony LLC, Sherry Lumpkins. Blue Symphony is an independent information technology (I.T.) company that builds and manages websites, computer software and mobile web applications. Blue Symphony works with ‘mom and pop’ shops, who may just desire a simple website, all the way up to international organizations, that often have more complex needs. Lumpkins handles


Success Tomorrow Starts TODAY!

all aspects of website preparation and maintenance, which frees companies up to focus on the services or products they offer to their customers. Lumpkins was recently hired by a basketball program that works with youth from age 5 to high school to automate their application system. Parents had been mailing applications and payments if they wanted to sign their children up for the program. Then someone had to manually log the information into spreadsheets, which was very time-consuming. Realizing automation would help make their workflow easier, the basketball program reached out to Lumpkins and she created software that allows parents to register their children and pay for the program online. The computer program gives coaches and parents an

opportunity to create a login and receive email notifications. Coaches are also able to download and update team information quickly.

Those interested in information technology should join robotics, science, technology, engineering, or math clubs.

Although Lumpkins usually works from home, there are times when she works on projects that require her to work from her clients’ offices. When she works from their offices, her attire fits the atmosphere of the organization. Lumpkins has a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. She has also obtained multiple certifications in various software programming languages to show that she thoroughly understands them. According to Lumpkins, I.T. is a very broad field. An entry-level web designer can earn a salary in the mid $20 thousand dollar range, but the earning possibilities can reach 6 figures, depending on your skill set and area of expertise. Although

a degree isn’t required to enter the field, it is definitely helpful if you hope to advance further, and faster. Those interested in information technology should join robotics, science, technology, engineering, or math clubs. Critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, patience, detail orientation, and people skills are also helpful skills for success. Lumpkins highly recommends doing IT internships while in college because they help you gain key experience that can open up doors of opportunity after graduation. 




@ 5:30 pm

712.432.3066 CON FERENCE CODE: 538938

Contest Corner Oh, U Got Jokes?! W

elcome back from Spring Break! I’m so happy to welcome the spring season. But even more exciting is April Fool’s Day! It’s my 2nd favorite day of the year. Can you guess why? IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!! No JOKE! In honor of my birthday, anyone who emails me a funny joke for my BIRTHDAY, will be entered into a drawing for prizes. I’ll publish up to 6 winning jokes in the May issue of CPTIME Magazine! The joke has to be clean (Rated G) and not derogatory to ANY group of people…AND it must be FUNNY… to ME! It may be funny to you, your friends/family, etc. but if I don’t laugh, it won’t win. I have to at least smile, chuckle or LOL for you to be in the drawing. You don’t have to make it up; you can get it from anywhere you like. You can also enter more than one joke, but you can only win ONE prize. You must submit it to by April 30th at 6:00 p.m. Got it?! OK... Make me laugh!!


Success Tomorrow Starts TODAY!

s t n

Attention e

r a P

Upcoming Career Events FREE Monthly 1-hour Work-Life Skills Seminars Empathy/Decision-Making/Strategic Planning/Initiative/ Accountability/Goal-Setting/Confidence/etc. Next:

Decision Making Initiative

Saturday, April 19 @ 3pm

Following: Sunday, May 18, @ 3pm

Location & Registration at

Unlimited Income;

Life-Long Learning By Shinita V. Hishaw


Tiffany Hogan

hat do you think of when you hear that someone is an attorney? Do you think of one of the many TV shows, a criminal offender or someone who likes to argue? Well, Tiffany Hogan, Regional Legal Staff Attorney at American Family Insurance is a civil attorney who doesn’t fit any of those categories. She goes to trials and court hearings and she also negotiates settlements for claims, communicates with clients, reads cases that have already 20

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been decided and writes many letters and responses. Hogan defends car accident claims, represents businesses being sued by customers, and also homeowners being sued by someone hurt on their property. Hogan was prepared for her position after working as an entry level attorney gaining

experience with research, legal writing and learning general court rules. She shadowed senior attorneys in her previous firm, who shared reasons behind why things are the way they are in the court system. Hogan encourages students to start reading and

Hogan advises students to find opportunities to speak in front of people and stresses that one must be very comfortable with him or herself.

writing as much as possible, whether in school or outside, because the job involves doing both, a large percent of the time. Hogan is part of a large Fortune 500 company but her office only handles cases in Kansas and Missouri. She has a paralegal and an assistant, and she spends about 50% of her time in court and 50% in the office. Hogan has an undergraduate degree in Marketing and Business and started her career in marketing. Her mentor suggested she go to law school and she was told she’d be a good trial lawyer. Although she didn’t think she would like it, she has been doing it now for five years. She earned her Juris Doctorate law degree (which is required for all attorneys), and then passed two bar exams to practice law in Missouri and Kansas. There are now 14 states that have agreed to a uniform bar exam which

allows attorneys to practice in all of those states. Otherwise each state has an exam to become licensed. Additionally, attorneys are required to continue taking classes every year to maintain their ability to practice law. Hogan advises students to find opportunities to speak in front of people and stresses that one must be very comfortable with him or herself, or do whatever it takes to become confident. She also says the income potential for attorneys is endless and depends on what part of the country you live, what size firm or whether you start your own private practice. 


MS. HOGAN questions on MON- apr 21

@5:30 pm

712.432.3066 CON FERENCE CODE: 538938 Success Tomorrow Starts TODAY!



By Jennifer Walton

have always loved spring time. Warm weather and the blooming of flowers and trees. Animals coming out of hibernation, stretching their bodies. Everything that died due to the cold weather is now coming alive again. Spring time represents change, new beginnings. It can also be a time to renew and refresh your mind as a student. As you continue to get older from month to month, year to year, it is always healthy to change the way you look and think about things. The school year is almost over and maybe you have not been doing as well as you would have liked. This is no time to get down on yourself, it is an opportunity to change your outlook. Challenge yourself to work harder and finish strong. Teachers tend to remember you these last few months the most, so make a greater effort to do your best and be on your best behavior. Think about

what you are proud of in this last year, what challenges you faced and how you overcame them and what you have learned and how you learned it. How have you changed for the better this last year and what goals can you set to improve for next year? Just like springtime, you have new ideas, goals and opportunities to spring forward. Stay focused and positive and watch them bloom. 

Figure out the way you learn best and use it when you study. Here are 4 options and examples you may want to use to prepare for upcoming tests and final exams.  It could be by hearing it explained to you.  If so, record yourself on your cell phone reading it and play it back over and over.  It may be doing it yourself and practicing until you get it right.  If this fits you, redo the sample questions or the homework questions you missed.  It’s possible you need to see it, such as reading something or having an example in class.  If necessary, make note cards and keep reviewing them one after another.  Perhaps you need to write it down.  Take notes in class and re-write your notes, formulas, vocabulary or terms until you remember them. Apply your learning style to each subject until you master what works for you. Good Luck!!

CPTIME Magazine Presents


Spell the letters of CPTIMEMAG in each box of 9 squares. Also, make sure the 9 letters go down each column and across each row. *Must only use each letter (except M) once per 9-box square, once per row and once per column. Success Tomorrow Starts TODAY!


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CPTIME (Career Planning Time) Magazine is a career magazine that highlights role models in various careers to help explore career options. P...

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